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? - bf sound properties.. The feeling in opposition tc
Ibe continuance of Mr. McLeod as one of the re
celvers of the Reading properties is growing
fleadily in Wall Street circle**. There is anser,
too, Cleated hg the bouab. herd in some quarter!
of the ability of Mr. McLeod to retain bis hold
nana Bending, und <>f his friends io maintain un*
Impaired the scheme af union of tho Ikiston and
Maino. ami New-York and Now-Kngland, which
led to the downfall .if thc Bunding pr<>|. *rtio_*:.
It is bettered by well*inf01 med persons thai
piooeodings an* Imminent m tts attempt tr
Brents Ibe retirenv nt ot Mr. IteLssd from th.
receivership. From what direction any action o:
this kind may eome may not yet lie declare*
ofliciully. Bumoia in Wall Street would not 1>
quelled ly Hie refusal of members of Drexel
MerSUa <__ Co. and Spey**r it Co. to disoti-s tht
. it nation. The po.-ition of the last namtrl linn, ii
is consider.*.! in Raundu] circles, woukl full.,
juslify any steps in the line of attempting a dis
placement of Mr. McLeod as receiver. While per?
fectly secure in its loan to the Beading nun!,
last Janna****, the reputation of ino tatt for con?
servatism wauants the deduction that it would
lend no fudltlles to a company that, like Read
inc, must have been extensively invoived in it.*
finance- long before th" open confession of "in?
solvency. No banket can explain tim Recd foi
a receivership mi February lt if the linancial
gbewing oi tb** Beading Company as submitted
to the stockholders by President McLeod on
January 0 were true. The glowing statement ol
the affairs of the company mud" at that time Wai
followed bp the beginning of payments of int'-rcs!
on all th" gjaeses of pie lorene,* income bonds on
february I, and yet within lem than three weeks
niter the payni"i,is were begun there was a de?
fault, with a receivership. That, under the cir?
cumstances, a man should be appointed ga
BqnidatOt of a property who, as its lending man?
ager, w;i_ certainly responsible for th" complica?
tions which have produced this bankruptcy, is
an incident that surprises and pren alarms th-*
conservative instinct, rf the country's centre of
capital. The fading thu! Mr. McLeod Should bc
deprived of a'J power in the future direction of
tli" Beading's .'.flairs is only equalled by tho be?
lief that his removal would be of distinct ad?
vantage to the sentiment in linancial circles.
Ths affairs ol the Northern Pacific Railroad
were only secondary in Wall Street discussions to
those of tho Mending and the New-York and New
England. There were no new developments re?
garding tho property. The reply of Brayton
Ives, president of the Western National Bank, to
the letter of Fdwin H. Abbot, president of the
Wisconsin Central Company, issued in reply to
the feport of tho stockholders' inve*-ti.ating com?
mittee, was the subject of considerable tulk.
None of lt shed further light upon the question of
mismanagement involved in the committees re?
port, and the loiters of the two were looked upon
as being in tho nature of a personal controversy.
Mr. Ives refused to discus* the situation further,
but his friends say that he was forced reluctantly
to Lleue his letter because of the attack made
upon him by Mr. Abbot. Hie conclusions of the
investigating committee, and the appeal for
proxies, to be used at the mooting for the de?
termination of tho question of the sale of Its St.
Paul and Northern Pacific assets by the Northern
Pacific are considered matters that are above
personal controversies. The officers of the
Noi them Pneific Railroad yesterday said that they
? had not yet prepared their statement in reply to
the rcp'rt of the in vost fating committee. Henry
Clews, chairman of the comniitlee, said:
In tba report issued by the slick!,older*' in
Vesticating committee, wo distinctly point out
why tho preferred, stock ceased to be dividend
"'ij.iylft-. and tlie "principal Hiing that occasioned
that disaster was the lease (,f the Wisconsin
Central. We also .-ct forth tlie fuct that the
leased line is now in a position wher? it his
finally become .elf-sustaining; at any rat*, tint
lins beeh tho case lor the last four months; there?
fore the troubles .hat the Northern Pacific road
li.-.s had to -ontend with are of the pueB, and the
securities which have gone down to the present low
prices have certainly more than discounted
th*, wor. t possible eonslruclion that can be
put on the company's present condition. We dis?
tinctly siat.i ihat with honest snd intelligent
inansiremont t'.iero is good ground for believing
ti.at Hie road will eventually justify tho hopes of
its projectors ami seward ihe patience of its long
suffering and sorely tried stockholders. I certainly
cannot recommend selling the ?eCUllttet of the
company at the present time; in fact I do not
LosItutS to say that I consider the preferred stock
cheap at present price--, and a desirable purchase.
lbw lt must be remembered that each 10b shares of
HI thi9 preferred stock represent $10,000 of the
ytw original 7 ;<-10 per cent bonds issued at par, the
ngalla of which went into the construction of the
iTad. lhere is also held against this preferred
stock $0,300,000 in bonds iu trust, which is
equal to 8 per cent. Those, therefore, that buy
the stock at 40 now nre virtually getting it at 3?.
The stock market opeued yesterday weak and
excited. The bears were active in raiding every
weak spot, and yet there waa no excitement
commensurate with the extent of the decline in
values. The total transactions for the day were
.._. near)-/ 570,000 shares. Tho leading stock in
point of activity was American Suifir Relining.
in which the dealings a<?arregated 133,000 sharia.
The price fell to US 1-2, and closed at 110 l-l,
against 123 3-8 ou Tuesday night. The, n.*\t
mont active stock waa Bending, in which the
trading ambuntcd_to nearly 110,000 shares. The
first price was IR, against Xii 7-8 at Tueadsv'a
dose, and af tor sale*, at 27 3-4 thea Vt-* * rally
to 2tt 1-4, followed by a fresli fall to SS 1-4.
The coal stocks were !W*eak in sympathy ami
fell 4 per cent fo; Delaware, lackawanna and
Western and lielaware and Hudson. Nw-York
and New-England fell over 3 per cent, closing at
37, tho lowest lignfe of the (lay. Northern
Paeifio preferred opened down 1 1-2 per cent at
43 3-4, and in the last hour plunged down rapid?
ly to 40 l-4a40 1-2. The news of the labor
troubles on the railroads at Chicago led to an
assault on tho Granger stocks, decline*, of over 2
per cent being recorded in Rock Island. St. Paul
and Chicago, llurlingt'-n nnd (Quincy. The bears
wei. tho most active toward the end of tho ses?
sion, and pru'*"* genera I',y closed near tbe lowest
points. The" bulls said Hint their enemies had
overdone tltcir work and threatened to reverse
* the engine to-day.
Then* were no arrangements made for gold
shipments yesterday. Il is understood, however,
.hat a moderate amount may be shipped to-mor?
row, and shipments on next Tuesday are pre?
dicted by bankery usually well-informed.
Philadelphia. Feb. S3 ("Special).?The condition of
Renttlng's finances. In wlilcti so much Intorc-t ls felt,
still remains a mutter of spocuhitlon. No official llglit
. ? has yet been shed upon lt. The r.-e.-lvers ure hurd
at Work, but with sll their Industrious efforts they
have not yet been obie to Issue even a prellnilniiry
statement, of ihe company's affair**. It was expected
that some Information would Im* given out to-day, but
.-, this expectation was not realized, and this evening
? people who are close to the receivers say that severnl
Says will pass before a statement of any kind, beyond
* tbe brief drcalar Issued on Tuesday, will bs ready.
Whe.i?Hked the reason for this delay, they answer that
Judge Puxson Intends to make a thorough Investlga*
Uon of everything Inf ore h. will say a word or sign a
paper for publication. He ls engaged In such sn ex?
amination now, and he ls proceeding In that sys?
tematic, methodical manner characteristic of one
eminent, as he ls, lu Hie legal profession. It ls be?
coming more and mon- Hpp_r.ht Ibal Judge Poison
ls a great deal more than a mere legal advl.er
In this receivership. At Hie time of his appoint?
ment many people took lt for granted that
he was to be little nure than a figurehead or that,
at most, his services would practically end when his
profes*'on ul advice had Wen given. It seems, how?
ever, .bat this ls a mlstuken view. The Judge ls n
strong Tush. He ls strong lu Intel),yt and strong In
character. Hts energy ls unbound.-; his power ol
leif-insertlon ls unquestioned. He dominated tbe bu
preme Court bench by sheer force of superior men?
tality, snd lt ls ^commonly suld that he performed
more than half the lsbor connected with ll. A?
stated ut the lime of his appointment, he |?, ft huslnes*
man as well as n lawyer. In fail, ks hus kai
varied experience He lcnrned the primer's trade
When a boy in the san_e office with lunn rd Taylor
and Judge William Huller, of the Knited Stales Youri
here. As the editor and proprietor of u wide-awake
gauntry newspaper, be frequently tells his friends, he
AT Tin;
spent some of tho happiest days of lils successful
Among his most remarkable achievements In bast*
hess life ls Die ndmlnlstrntlon of Hie .layne estate.
(*ld Dr. Jayne, of proprietary nvdlcln,* tease, betel's
he dl"d, twenty five or thirty year.*, ago, appointed the
.ludKO ns his executor. The Im-ln. -s mid jn-ortrtv In* -
been mnnnped hy Ulm ever since and so WOU nmnnp.sl
thu-/ millions of dollars im protils huv been nu.de for
Hie heirs, It ls said Io be the mn-t remarkable In?
stance on record it, th** way of mrei'iful management
hy un SOKaater. In addition lo this, tl,.* Jud,:,- hu.
lnrp* railroad Interests, |. wealthy, nu- been for years
one of Mr. Drexel'.-, inoht lutbuate friends und has Ute
fienS-SB. . of Iho stroii^st element In the tiiiaiulal
conimunlty. Der,nine li UM penorallv felt bf thtl
element lim! bc was tho Ideal mali for Ihe trying l**>sl
?lon ha was selected Instead of I' ?tmaster-General
Wanamaker, who-e friend, made ap carnet eruivass in
his behulf for this place. Ho ls ll,.' <" ntr.-il ggSM of
the receivership nnd lids, hi. Meads --ny. will bs
demon struted lo the .nii.-fiictlon or dlsaattS-actton of
ali concerned within a lew days or weeba. Here ki tit"
way one of those pentleaMU tnlk"d to-day :
??This receivership ls not (join? to be su.h a tem
porary atfriir ns some ol Hie newspapers would make
it appear, it la poinp to las! a k*ng Ilise montbi.
yes, years. There i,-ports about iBUUedlatC i-.wganlzi
tlon ure all premature; I reorganlaalloh may bo
effected, but not for some time, no! tintil one clear?
headed man hus made an hive- ligation and arrived at
a thorough, uufnRs andersteadlng regarding every
dollar's worth of Reading*! property and Indebtedness.
I refer to Judge fbxsou. H? ls going throng- the
whop* business und until ho hus gnished hi- work
thor,* win be no retirement of income bondi or taausnee
of prefer!-.d stock in exchange for them or anything
else. Jaggs Ibxaoa ls in couunand, i teU jrou, sud
people will suv sn liefore another month. Mr. Mc?
Leod will continue to matinee th** ralb-oadtog of Rend
Inp, ami Mr. Wilbur will do tlie same for Um Lehigh
Valley, for ihey are bo;h capital managers; bat the
man who ls c*<inK lo entangle Reeding'! Snanc ?-. it
they cnn be antaagted, nml devise plana <>f icorgaa
izaiion and then carty ant thees plana is Judge nixson."
Friends of e.-.-Freslderit McLeod, however, do not
admit for a moment the tolerance wliich these te*
murks SBggest, lhat he ls not any limper in lite suddle.
He ts st l'.l In control of Reading, they assert, anti.
What ls more, the action of Mr. Paraoni and his friends
today in Boston shows he will capture ihe Rew*
F.npland Railroad at the March BMUttag as sure aa
fate. Said enc of Mr. McLeod*! Monds op tills point :
" Nc-w-Enttlrind ls ours, awl Milang cut, prevent Mr.
McLeod's election as Mr. Parsons'* auccesaor. There
ls no doubt on tills point. Mr. McLeod's Row-York
friends are standing firmly by bim. Tiley believe In
him still, and think that his defeat ls only ni, Ind*
dental experience on his onward march to Ultimate
victory. When he espttttea New England, ns le will,
tlie lido will turn In his favor, see If lt doe-n't. Why.
the hist time 1 wns In Now-York, Mr. Worm-sr, Who
ought to know whereof he speaks, tobi me tint Ml I ?? 'I
wns on** of Hie ablest railroad men he ever mo!."
it wus officially announced by ths Rsedlag r.s.ivers
Hint th" pay cars containing tho overdue wage! of
the empl'iycs were sent out today, and the dis'ri
butlon of the nioner would bc completed ut once.
Officials of Hie Lei,! ch Valley .oin jin nv deny tlc
report that this road hus lagered since lt bal been
lu Keadinp's hands. Th* stock rose here th!, morn
Inp on purchases for Investment to mi, bal Ihe I"..;
hammered lt. down again to -|-. from which lt rallied
to 4?* .".-4. The rumor thnt the rental paid bv tlc
Reading lo Hi" Lehigh Yaller would be scaled down
was nenin denied to-dnv. Til" con* "lit of some of
the Lehigh directors to ih" proposition, 1* wai t
poi!".!, has boen lect.red. !f .'mv such
tempi.ted the ."clent of th*' proponed
n mutter f?r conjecture.
? ti b con?
duction ls
Co-lon. Feb. 2.1.?On application of Thom '- C. Platt,
of New-York, Justice Rebon, of lbs t*l lied state.
Circuit Court, has appointed A. A. McLeod, K. M.
Paxaau and E. p. wilbur snxllarT r.Ivors, lo have
barn of afl the property of the Philadelphia and
Readin? Railroad end Coal companies
.V bond of *..*>0,tK_. will be given.
in tl i State.
mr. M'LFoD'**. Lfrxntior*! private cab.
Chienpn, Fob. 23.?There is -ia;, ling In lbs Pullaaan
shop*, subject io .he order of ex-ftestdent McLeod, of
the Beading road, one of the nm-t magnificent private
cars ever built In lids roon!ry. Tin* cir. which wu.
ordered by Mr. Mi Lend severn' moil!'- ago, aral Com?
pleted Just about the tim" Ihe crash clime In th,
i!'-ndlhp-s eSatrs. lt c^t la tbs neighborhood of
UBOAhtO, ami is titted up in the most laxurloni ityle.
This peteOS on wheels wus to liave been put in Use
th)*, month, bnt arks! di-po.iti'.ii niii be made "i li
now i.y tbe Sradlag Company, la rtow of the demoral
iietj condition of its again, is ii _ known, li i
prooable, however, that sb Mr. McLeod bai i""n
named as one of the receivers of the system, th** *ur
will be u.-ed by him while Beting in th.it csp***clty.
??a .
Topeka, Kan., Feb. 23.-The Maximum Freight bill
passed th" Populist Hous.* this morning bv a rote
of (.; to nothing. Senator Household, r. chairman
of tho Benste Railroad committee, mya it I* better
than tho Senate bill and wm bc acceptable to the
Upper house. Th" bill UUikey ? c?t In Hie prc. nt
freight rates of from 25 to iii per cent, lt (livid,-,
the .-tate Into thr'-e districts, each dlstrirf to have
three com missioners, and makes Hie office elective.
The commissioners must live tn their resp, etlve dis
tricia, but sre voted for bv the peopli, at tli'* whole
State. E-oeiiotis are lo be held every two years.
Poughkeepsie, ft, Y., Fob. 23.-James Vf. HtneMey,
of this city, hos purchased the City Railroad, together
Uttk Its franchises, which Include branches to Wup
ginger's rails and Rfw-Hambnrg Mr. Hinckley w?s
aleeted president, and chose hts own board of direct?
ors. Tho fhaUgteg of the motive j,ow,r fi om ,
to electricity on tin' Muln.st. line will be hsf n as
soon as Ihe frost ls out of th'* ground. Tlio eon-.inn
Hon of the branch roads will also bo bepun al thnt
Hartford, Conn., F*-b. 23.- Ilga BMrnteg tl,.* il n e
took up tho resolution autberlMng Hu* Now York,
ReW-HaveU and Hartford Rulboud Ounpunv to In?
crease its stock le SlOO^OOOjOOO. Judge Wood, Hie
chairman of Ibo Judiciary Committee, criticised the
undue haste shown it, trying io rush ibe Rutter
through, ii waa tinnily decides to make the reeo
lattoa the ipeelal order ol ttl*' day for March I. Mr.
Hotohkiss oir'-red aa amendment to the .-ir.-.-t that
?abeu Hi*' rood shall have barned SU3.000,000 of -tock
lt shtill make the mtes of tere uniform on .-ill branches
of the road. Thtr umi-iltln,' nt Vua ordered lo be
printed. _
Chicago, Fell. '-NI.-The COSBBSUes BB I'lilfniui Tialu
Rules t,f thc Ani'-il'su Hallway AliarlBtloa met In thp.
city tn_?y. it has eada. esasMsraUss esrta|a psepaaed
modlllcatlons in the Headers oiric of rule-, anti RM
dellherstloiis will probably extend over Rsa days, 'll,'
iiii-inb-TH of the con,u,lite- pro-sent ot lo-day's Hastes
?eve: Rooms pttceltn, seaortelsoaeal if te! PeaaarhraMls
Haas] J. tt. Baioaen, vtee^peessaaat of thc Ultaala Cen
tral : At,. S- Allen, m-.I.Uu. ncheirU iii;uia-'-: <,l Bbb Reek
i-ian., w. C. Brana, aeaetal ?seager "f Um Haaaihal
md st. Joseph; I. I-'., (lark, greer.] sepamHstsle t nf
tho Mlinenpoilh und St. I/ml.. ami W. II. . ,uiii,*.'f, a*.
7>tont gotiersl Mipeiint ntl-iit nf tie: Lake hh'iio. Tint
committee, will prepare a lOpett tt be ni bulleted to Um
Assoclstlun st its next meting.
Indianapolis. Feb. ?J.-T.e bill to wipe out tlie p,.
suranec system of the B*-BM*rlVaa!a lUiIlroad t'ou,jiaiiy
ss? r,:,1 the ihlrd time ui.fl ua-.'d in Un- I! .
Lakewood, N. J., IVb. 23.?Presldent-elert Cleveland
h?-i promised lo serotnpuny Mrs. lievelnnd to tba
(luirliy Concert at the Lakewood Hotel on Saturia.
night. MfB. Cleveland ls one of Hu* pntronewies nf
Itu* enlertiilnnient, which ls for t!,e baueSI of the
MsdlMu, Kxchang" ana DepoaHarp for Woessufs \\""ik,
New-York. This "Alli lie the had public a ppm ram e of
Mr. n.td Mrs. (tevohind In aadetg tOgelbet p*,lor to
the liiHwriinitlon PHI. nt Waahklftoti nu s.,nini.iy
upcclal Raina ''HI ls- run from Rea York nnd J'liilu
delphla. Among the artists who will appear nt the
iMitertnliirnen! are HcnH Marten, Ibe French violinist ;
Madame Rolla, thc pi.mn donna ; Madame < lim Paolo,
'?be cotilnilto, und Anton lleklUnp, the vlolom ellis*.
One thousand dollars worth of tickets have already
been sold. Mrs. (Icvi-hntd will linld a ltbe**Moa aft*.
th.* eniertalnrne.it.
Coininei ring sa'urday, February -J5, tba Peonetl*
rama lliUHona Company will esta Utah ii throug), com
tined cur service bctwec, New York and Drowns Milla
In Hie lines, leaving Rew-YorR l :'.<? |> m., arriving
irOwn*. Mills In the lines 4 :;i0 p. m. Returning, to
leave browns Mills In tbe lines fa HO m. m., uni\ _
^cw-York 11:10 a. m. ,?,
[nv rnuwnsra to the muting.]
Wuabtagioa, Peb. SA.?Os February :. a dbrpsteh
sent from Chicago wus pahMebed tam aa* oal Iho cim
try alleging Hint there were fictions In the I'rifhnllo
hierarchy, anti Cardinal Qdhbona uaa aecaaed ol cou
iptrteg to -prevent ti,*- Vatican fr**m knowing the
real opinion <>f tin* arehbMloga in ihe I'nited Stetea
on the ptopoacd eateatlsBsneut ada peraumenl Apoa
tale ivi-'gaii'-n ls 'his country. Ha waa Munged
In this diapateh Wltk withholding a letter from ihe
Papa which it wTts iBserted would, if ii had beea fer
warded lu d,,,- season, have Infarased tha i'.*pe that ai
Apostolic Delegate was not ueedii in the f'nit.-d state*
nt the preeenl lime. The story wa- sustain.-tl by I
lui" construction put ?i_in thc letter Bent by car?
dinal Olbbani to evert arehbMMp la Ihe country, a
few .lays leter thc Cardinal and ArohMabop forrhpu
Joinilv authorised a wtatement Sectoring thc story to
!?? without foundation both a- IO tin* Stets and Its
upiv Indnuetkmo. Archbtahop corrigan, attn ms
dardina] Gibbons bad beea deputed by the archbtibops1
COnteeBUCO in -New-York to write io th\ Pupa concern?
ing certain matters, wus csp, i-lally Indignant Bt this
grosi .imputation upon tbe Cardinal, and unaly re?
pudiated tho icandaloai pubRoatlon.
Tbs itetemeat nuuio by authority of tii.-?e eminent
prelate! i itabhsbed al once the telsity <*f lbs charge.
Thc "hoi.* Catholic hierarchy waa sraadaHsrd that u
private an*! personal letter lo a tew BrcbMabopa In
thi; country could he obtained for publication and
m.nie Hie bu.is for inch ll milllcloiis a.-.mit upon tl: '
character or thc writer of the letter, wi.,, la held bf
i,is associates lu nub esteem as to be tin* most
eminent nf ail th" prelate! or the Catholle Church in
the I'lilt'-d Mab-.. 'Flu* Mend! of the Cardinal at
once In.United ,nea-,ires to BSCertelfl who wus the
saonymoui aathor of tin* charge ami bow lt wus he
imd influence to us,* each ft widespread agency to in?
jure Hie Cardinal'! reputation.
Abeardly false ss tie- dispeled wus known l<* be, lt
revested iho fad lhat only some on,, prominent
rimolin ih" twelve art i bishop.-, could Save Inspired H.
nml oily Stun a person as Wai billin:,!" with
occurrences at and Hi.* participants in She New-York
conference leal November could have written the ?iis
patcb. The ArrhbWhcp of St. Paul, Monsignor Ire?
land, was particularly annoyed nt tin- pubUcatioa of
tl.-.* story. Ii had be-n sent out from C_rt_ago. Ike
same place where the siory of ths conspiracy ag:.inst
bin, and Arcbbl*__OP SatolU lind Hs origin. Il ls not
known what steps ho took to discover the euther, bul
a few da] - Biter lbs Investigation aai begun a tele?
gram wsi received at the Catholle Rhlvefalty, eon
fldcntlally Informlag Monslgaor batolll thai ll nus
certain the guilty person weald bs found ant
?? T'e Northwestern Cbroalrte." ibo Catholic organ
of Archbishop lr*lund el BL I'nnl, In the test Bamber
received herc, under th" lc ruling -'Tli" St. Louis Cn
sptrary," snnonncei that the proofs ht regard lo this
Western enterprise nc- in posse.-ion al "The fhmnl
rle." Refertog to tbe story, Ihe pupr says rdltorteUy
(hut lt ls simply liifiinuuis, whetlter done liv m*'n In
high ste!loni or in low stet-SUe, to mnk" faaasUleul
ii-e el Ihe public press lor 1 hr* purpose el adsrepre*
lenttng snd riRfylng public m.-n. When ihla happens
In eontroverslei bearing on religious aerations, when
the vb iims ar.* m.-n el poalitoa end trust ta the
Catholic ( :.ur. ?!:, vien l!,.- resell of tbe I-c. Il am!
lying i- t. i-.t ? -.iii in ide "f the Chareh, sall
ci.-inly severe condemnation rannol ls* meted ont lo
Ihe cullie persona, li," one tor" for snrh a irving
crime |s to expeae the anthon I" public epprabriam I
.uni iiiis w.-'s don.- arith admirable sm,-s n f.-?r
r.e.'_ BRO In Ihe ceo of ll," furnell* i ol,spin. \
? ami 11 ie it Betalii, lbs Apostolic Delegate,
and \i-' ..'?! hop Ireland.
Reference 1 then ando te tbe fn* t Ibal another
campaign "f lying bai since been Instituted, thU
llme willi Inteul tu Injure ti," < srdlna] Arrbbbbop of
Rainmore, and thsl private j*, r-* ri.-t] letters b
official rhnrrh matter were addressed b) bim te Ibe
evi r.,l An il i ? ops of Ihe tutu try. One of Ih. ?
pr., md by Ibe .*'li..r of a "ctll'-d < othello pup. r
liv connivance, of which '??'? In llcal ogtefad -The
Chron-cle" i* noi ready tu * ty, ted n I anderstood
lier- thal tl.e exact tafo.aia.tea has been forwarded
? ,, !;? rn,-, Ti " article tte n put oe t.. say i
"The edttot r? r*-i:?-. t,, Bvea la St. Louis. Thi
pep-* h.* .-.iii. I- The th ur. ii Pn-gre i ?? Car
*!iii:,i'. letter wns ir, : upon the waves of pub
Ile opinion fr* m Ctdrago, areompanled by lying eon
mont**, the purport if which ansi te attach *?> Uti
b-iicr meanings it never bad and te Iratfar. il
Cardinal aa relit, of holding haeh from Hg ll i*
luii.er totermafl m whirl be sbauM have given to
him nt .rn <ni!i.r dote, and which, if received,
might have prevented ii'" Bppotntmeol "f M aslgnoi
sat.,Pl ns Ap Delegate, "f roune tbs pu'lt
ration "f the i- Uer ai *i romaienti a
i 'i .enterprise' had been roategbM Tha Vfrot
eaeght the fever :.?<! plunged win, eqaal reehl.
ri.-- s bito Iles nod dismal fullurc The pr n.fs In r?'
gnni to this 'Western enterprise' ure ta om p
Th" author of the dispatch i also san to le th
miter of a i umber nf urti'le- atteddni Hie schntefitla
1 rtinoslllofu and li ts ls* n Idenlined wRn tl" opp nents
nf the Faribaull school plan from tt-s Inception, wi,.it
further in il'ii will be taken. If _n>. ic make tbe
alleged nu! or *,f the attach on Cardinal (-Ud-ons re?
sponsible fn- hi- sci o hoi bow known, n ls under*
!..,.!. however, that all Ihe evidence and sllktevlti
e,i:ii,ii-iilng H," t o,|,i i n. -. ,f Archbishop Ireland'!
declaratl n. have been (Orwaraed to Rome,
Washington, Peb. SR. tl 'lo- ascend <i?\-. session ??f
ihe Americas Rhnetellle I.*aga.? ihLs Buming tba Com*
i,,H!ee an Reeolnttena med! a report denouncing the
d' monetlastlon t,f idlver and drmaudiag the Rae und
Uhllinlled coinage of *II\t-r ul Iii" pu-cn' ratio ol IM to
l; ti -i,euron,g u.e recent attempt to r> i*.-ui ike act ol
l-'.nt. the m. r, ur*- non- pending before congie ? ta
authorise an additional lanae of Ooveraawmt bonds.
Tli- report give rile io eonauteraUi diacaaatan, but was
Snaily adopted ananhnoosly.
ii, th- nu, moon *e ion, it. p. Kop,, readtda.e ..f tba
pDpoBati for Governor el Atobaaia, te a sh -r. ad?
dress, Indorsed the Blass of the convention. Henry
jom-s, of Atlanta, Oa., d -dared thal the Presldenl elect
hud a.larger following in H.is Congram than bs would
have in the n.-M.
" natta Jen.:, of devada, captained tire Bruiseli
conference, ol which h" arni a delegate, ile aald thal
ld j> r ciiit if ihe population of London eras living
upon chart!y, and yet tha Rngltsh Oonuuiaslenen saned
tho Catted States <bl.gnit s lo egree la their estimation
of the value of stiver nnd nd..pt the policy tb.it
'brought aboal this wretched eondltlon. Tbe proposition
now before ( ongr. m te l aa mora bonds, he aatd, was
a deceptive trick, li meant dmply lhat tbe banks
wanted to Control Hie rlrculall',l, iiictlluiii of th)
(on mi n. M. of Virginia, Ihe candidate for vi.
Presldenl en the people's party ticket, tnhsequenfly
spoke, cril-ristng the Pre Ideal eject f">- trying Bi de?
feal Uie election of candidates before tbe various Bte*.
Legislatures, abo represented ibe wishm of lbs pt-oiile
on Hu- .-liver ip, h'l"! .
it ema mid ye terday that a tew arttrii in tills
city, who had siibmlllcil pelnttBgB to the Julies of
?election f"r painting* al Ike World's Colemhtea F.s
poMUoa, ind expreaaed tbeaMetvei us eteaatiaSed un
nc ,,nnt of Um rejei'llon of some or fill of their wi,ri,
by thnt body. Thomas Vf. Wood, president of tbs
Nulli,uni Academy al Design, said yeaterday thal while
Be hud the greateBt feapaS for the ItMBvMual m.-m
hera of tba Jun-. he had felt ikal
painter! ,f fcemely and fnmiilnr Amertean iHbJeebi
would stand no show. Ha had, bwiefiae. decided
to send none of his plclnrcs. |J. pelion Janes,
chairman of tbs committee ea paintings, which
coniroi. the eeteettea el ptoturee, snid te a raparter
Inst nlghl: "A number of UtU-kaowil p.-ilntcrs join
Issue wm, our body Th'-y w,y, I,, effect. Why did
uot you decide te accept a certain number af paintings
from every aramber of the Academy ol Design, nnd un
otp,al sambar from every member ol lin- Society of
A merl ran Artists 1 Thal would bare giv.n ali of us
n CheBeO.1 Our me,,il,< rs reply. 'Ii, un International
lojii..! b co,i,millee like ours must Mouther nil per?
sonal feelings, and ha sternly Bevan in it_ judi_i_,i
action.' ?
Willliim M. Cbuae said: "I do not see how our
committee can he denounced by member, of ihe
Academy, for all the members of li wen* members of
[kal body. When you ionic to ,i(t Hie mutter d rWU
flier.- are lew if _n> men really dis-aiisth-d with tho
work Ol the Jury. Tho best picture- hsvs b-en In?
variably s"l*"'ted by our Jury. Mr. Frd-rle Iteming
ti n, unfortunately sent univ one of his pictures to
the Jury. It wus found to be below ll,,- finndnrl
und wa. VMed cit."
Thc Hod ern In rs lid
Ha* tastes meal, ir io Hy. ,,, hlBglBg with o_ier laiOllai
A remedy inu_t b- p!.*,-?n?!y sr.cpt_tilc In foiin, dum,
wholesome in eemaeslttea, truly hmeSrisi in eiiect und
entirely free from sven i.lij.ciluunbl. tjtullt) If r._lly
Ul hs cen-uu s BUrsfctaa; if . ,.t,.t.p_tel le* u-e. tho
geatls family Itudvi bjriy. g* ?Q? m m~ mm uxm
"Hunyadi" Waters.
Pnratrrsphs have r.-ently appeared In
Borne Newspapers here statin* that a New
York firm of mineral water dealers sre the
lessees In America of the Hunyadi Wsters of
Ruda Pest, and respectively sole spent* in
the I'nited Slates for the famous Hunjadl
bprlntrs of Hungary.
These statements sre ARSOLITEI.Y false,
snd the Intention with which they sre made
la obvious.
Defore any Hunvadl Writer wns practically
known In the Fnltel .state-i, Thc ApolUnaris
Company, limited, of London, wldelf and
rik c.s.tully tateedUaed Ihe Hunyadi Janos
Water, the Proprietor In Bnda Pest of ths
Springs hiving entrusted to them, for s term
of years still unexpired, the sole ssle of th.!
water In England anl In oil transmsrine
pim os. Htinvartl Janos Water having be?
come very popular, quite a number of other
Waters ore now offered f"r sale, tinder nam?s,
of which the wrtrd Hnnyadl forms part, snd
In bottles, snd with labels, .loach- resembling
In appearance nnd rnlor thoss long used for
Hunyadi Janos Water.
Tli" word " HunTidl" hanns* become, e
(jeneric name for Hungarian Ritter Waters,
good, bad, or Indifferent, The Apollinaris
Company afllsed to the botllas ot HutiysfU
Janos, th.* Hengariaa bitter Wuter of which
they have still the sole snlo, a small Yellow
Label with their Rod Diamond, the object of
this Trade Mnrl; being ONLY to Indicate to
the Public lh.lt the bottle so labelled lt fold
by Thc ApO-buntta Company, Limited.
Consumers, who d-tire lo secure lh** Hun*
garton l'IIt-r Waler sild bv The Apollinaris
Compsay, are requested to w that the bottle
bears ihe Red Diamond and th?v stu
caution*** against such ?bv*lu!eltr false state?
ment! ss thone contradicted heroin.
JV_*. P.cnv-r st.. New-York,
Sols Agents In Ihe I'nited states and Canads
of The Apollinaris Compe*iy. Limited, London.
The -ale of the s.uith Rlkkera, Westmrnater, Manton
and BUvel I.rilie .St.?'k Furms ceo si ga meei of btgblj hr'*
IrotlBrs begee at ll'e'eloch yeaterday Nre noon ?' Tattei
.nils. l'lfty-iifth-.L ind heveath-ave., la thi** city- Th
let! BB>fed were SUBerlOf tn any llt.it hive h'-er, foll
tills var. Many bargain. Wei! seemed l>* lo< si breeden
Meabars wes greatiy adadied by th** haeaeaMa presenl
II" |t .rant fifteen hnnds two Itches l,!,th. and I- B
evenly p oport inn-4 that h>* looks 1* ss thin BA sae. J II
shull-. anti J. bunn Walton WSN lh- i-nnt-nllni* hltld.i
rur Um trotter. Mr. Walton Mealed She for St-ttMS
He Beted fur Major s Ptehtsim. Af(-r Rm *a;v Mr
RleMteM paraeeSad Majei Dkkteeoa to rctera aha at ai
advaaea M 05,100.
M., ,i._r- ubi foaled "ti Msreh 20, ISSS. He Las :
*. . ,! ,.f tiltS, BMd! a- a tiir"'.'.-_r."!rt. Ile i- :? -oi
of Ragle Bird. 2 -M. a high-bred Wilkes, ead Lady Msud
2 IN1,. In hts Kins BoWl IM Mead i-f Uambi -'"ni tn
,: ic ss, MambrlM Chief, Morgue aad ''.ny- lt
bis pedlgrel ate tb.* booms of ?i\ pradeeteS dams eic
RUr. -n pradueteg #ir?s. sn .f his saeortera he*
re. tl. fr ... 3 lt* 4 to 2 SS. AS a ..caning Moul.ar
ireMed bainoaard t*> a earl a ouait" ls o ..>',. Aa t
i>., t ? ii ,.: i ie Hotted ot. el-tea different tra-i-f, liv ol
rUamtM aad ab kinds ul Sillier, Iilti-n BdlSS, lu fl OD
? i t., 2 .j. .\* a two-j ai-i'i !?? bed Um aorld'i
IU,-;' . - , ? , , I *'. ? ir . !?! Mal
lion r.. ri and Um - -"t.i toatesl i?"??*..-. ;i
i,, "rd. la sb ci ala ;a t a. a rsi nate a br.__. o
Tba ~'iii,iiuiy nf tlie ?aic folio wa:
I. i .- , j zs, !? f . IBBH, by Marni- gen leay i D
I I ? - I , ? i ? .. _ . fl,SS A
- *i.' _ XS'., !? f. iss., i? Onward- Joala vs. I
v. it .,. i ,,, n, ? ur.
i_.it TeaotMu, bf f.. l__-?, bj Onward Ophelia M
J. I. I Inn. II.,.M. re-lllls . our . ..**).
l_u.ll. _ f. I"-*. !v QB ? ir i I ?* IV le . Jo.cpli
Ronhers, .- ii',, ir - IBM* by Ri tit Olrl?Lady
Mi : ii .nu \\ , me, ? Ity, -Mil O"0.
I'li.u' j vi", i_i. . . teas, ir Aaolyte Csthcdnl;
I lt .? ? -OO.
?-i . |SSS, br A. i-'irte -MuaetM ; I,
ii i- ?' ii ?? ' r.ville, ti,. ?:i IDS
\ ? .- i i* rb I,. I0H7, bi a siyto Bania c.ah- \
r i le id, niooiaoovlll- * sun . M.TOO.
i- * ? ? i ie bi ? . tass, by -*? ?? I i. ? i
Cosey, Mass ,.. "'.., *l OOO
I -.: ll I. n, ISUS, t.v liv i.ould-Ix.to; F.ureu,
Leish, Ouueabert, R* J. th.25.
II. il ,.f tie li. I br. f.. ISBO, I r II.'-i .
p.* i *. * ..vt. Mssstlloa, "ii.. S750
. ? rp : .1 Wllkrs, ti -. ISSI >v Aleyem Qui Viv*;
lam..'. HswlSOd, . le ?!. r. R Y . ?','?l
Xkkel i'll*, t,* ii IBSO. hi I'.-I WUhes-Alke; T
Rf. Mm r-.'-'l. Ran lille. NJ N7S
, , .. t . i--'*. * > \,. haaaad i * Ippon nt. M.
Koli*. Kit.,?-t..n. N r% utso.
i,t m b ' issi bi winiam i. ?Mara Mapee; l*i?c
a. H'TiH i, , ny, *.'.'*_
l.ii.v. i <? , ISSI bp Dected i niton Meld; Otto
W > I r.-. P.-nn , <'-?__.
IL., I'i ,.*.* I. ( ISSI, I'T Jv',* ?tcd-NI'-hel Flat,.;
ii si Halt, . t, (MB.
in.ri nllmltr rf .h. f , ISSI, by AlteaSeef Furl; loka
Morris, ? Hy, *___.
i . ."tta. th '. iioi. by Onward bralak; O. P. Far.
? ... ,. ?.-_?.,
Bola!! rb. ' ISSI, lr Onward-Ram-n*; C. Flnl ?
nu'-jddphla, I CO
a:.d iii. ? , ISSI by ai:non Romence; a. Jahn*
t. n gue.
-.,, Ml
h. .-.. iso!, by 0aarer1 Wonem; J. D
MiriM-ti '. c., isss, ', t ...it Darrell Blossom; J.
Murphy. BOCO.
Wn'l.,11. moo,
Sn.'- . h
lits. SI.'XKl
ii*- mis will dui lo-day, ii Unala-] ut li oMock.
Sn.'.' B-. '.. m.. IS.SI, by IIt'a---I.adT nvroti; J. H.
Shnlt-. Sl.otXi
1>I ' I, ,ll.\ I IMNS IN Till', I! .WDIf'AP..
The Beetotetl ai 'ti Ike Rutmrbaa "p t'. *i 11 ? sre as fol?
low!: i...ii.'-tt-1. Rlais.au, TarkvlUi Relte, M:*_ simon,
l-'.i i?!_jii". Oaadetabia aad i ','nnc. it Mean a_ if Mr.
Crake, nen pats. t. leaervi TetevtUe Belle for saalei
ra.-CH. It lu likely Uiat he will p'ir?'i.' '.'jmuirtnv la.*U'-?
wrltti h?-r **> that wln-ii fie ruin, she, wUl have i "rln,*],.'
ni- t..t.ii SeclaiaUoes f. r tin, Metropelitao an* Uatr-ris
ntffee, foertree out, \\r. Tamaauiy, LamBtigbler, Hun
'i>: '. i?r. HaabtBuck, Radioed, Meaburn, Blelpoer, Sfads
wena, Paradey, Caudelabn, sir Prancla, .Ionia st.
Michael and Mulloon ; IBr thc Tl-haggai! Bilda sixty. ,X\
ealriea, te*elvt out, afdaaly: Dr. Ilsabtemb, Lss-pRghler,
ba Tosca, Lo-onatehee, Ha-'iaiKi. Lads Vlsbn, Ajax.
Ceaswala, Blaiaises, t'srdafojr, Meadlcaa. nnd Addis, foi
tba Rowling itr,..:. Bfty-elgfct euMee, alae aut, BaoMly:
sir I rm.!*. Chiswick, i; iii lt. ,Sj?irt/in, Tho Itnntcr,
OleUMUt, Tom tV it-n?. Ite.fruliit ami Millili,-HI.
"sir I'raiirls. |ji_le lllid, Kim-It. Mt iull'-aiit and ReChS
have bern d-.-iar-d out of the Vaiaateet Hsadlrap
'lier- \- no dlflieiiltt- BBUclpelCd bf the olrl. lulu of
th.- r..,-.iri ,,. ?onus,i trasks timi ikara ?!,! i?t say
..ur. uv .,f karara "hen UM lefttheate Meson begtea Tha
-ii,. t ,,f Um iu* ii.i, MUa in n-u-j. I.. >? pe tea Reerd of
(on! rn! I. not lik'Iv lo hfl kliotvn iii,t.i ill PM ineinli. rs
of n?: baatd are preseal ut s meting of that body.
mitchi.i.i.'- wav OR luuiiiNi;.
Charita MRaheU, tito Ragllsk prlra Sghlm. yes. -day
pr-|?r'-,l au .o-y way Vt ?lld.* o*it of tho propeled haul.
witli Julius j. Oteheav Mitch'ip- bashdoara win set
surprl.v' Mem prapto shu. Rnnw Um /nu, for what ho ls
melly woiili. In i\ l#tt-r which bl l?in-d v--t-ril.iy he
had Dil. le my! "Now. If Mr Cofbotl tlili.k* m*.ri. of
kia tle'iln'ai eiiL-uge.nt thin h? il,.. , of lill. hBstnOM
wi.ii BM, tuid lefUeei in bbum in p con, 1 psuaaaa Bum in
orler iel le r'-r-.tler safBelvas llebll fer a Hui -_i .-i?ii
,,i ni- i', uai Cede, we iou mum Bmm in tan Halse
win r,? tlie laws go not pf Sh HUI te! hetdleg al monet f, r
t,uik,- si negen la each ? emlen <_. sun tim ;,. ,.,,,<?
with ibal aad la view, hui" raggeetad u BMettag al Rea.
Olia,*, al Bbl csrlie*l ilutc to linn,, dtaU-ly rBBBIimBlBU
the matler."
As ail sereegMMabi have hem mad,, to meet ami
.i^n aiti'i". .f agrtaanat la Caaaaa tenae tom, it nm,
leeks us if tie BagUek pugilist wiahed bi muUbm his
SghUag hy Word ol month, und lu no other Way.
? *_.
am u sn thi; a ni 1.1.nra.
C. h. nymr, bmsMmm nf tit,* iiri.iki.vn RaaaeaR (tab,
U ?efctefl all iiri-llnilnaiy avrunsci.ta for UM opciilng
of rm hsvhnii naaee st Eaatam Puru, ti- recited i
letter irom iiatii-i Stahaidaaa yaaterdey, und that cv*
cull" nt ptoym wilt !_? .I,i,k1 iii a tam dava.
The Mew-Terh atkl.Hi nub is makin,, emegaauma.
for au Art Ixmn gVktkUlM tn bs held at the elahheUM
In Iifty-llflliab on April 1. Ths m-x. bextag IIBIUIM.M
of thc flub will he held lu Ute ?/) nu,a,Hun on March ll.
TheM will _-? an >.i"?*rt_lunitiit for members st. the club
hmUU ti-lnorisev nu.',il
?nie pesassMM of rm Rsateeelaael RtoyeMag Leagua sro
liatd Bl work _B___Bg SMpeaBlteM for tie- BBUUaS MMSa.
lake m. waid, tin- aeuegn ot tho New-Yera Base*
la.ll Club, will try to Bftaagl gaaan with the llarvurd
Collete nine to he played at the Polo (.nolmd- In April.
Th.. Xsvler Ba_.*lMill . l?|, smjtt an sthbu.-. mu.hal and
dramatic entertilnnient at the ,-Itihhiaine la?t nWht.
The annual el-illoQ ol M,i, I'u.timo AtBlltll (Rab will
Iwt held "ii March T. ThMS ure two ticket* In tho OclJ.
and s lively election la iv i|,.,i ,i
John Lyne!,, ih- pgleeena on trial before CommlnMonor
Met lave for aafaUtttng s yonnq man, u thc oldtlitu*
pitciiT *tf th*- Metrapatnm t iuh. i.ynch deetorm .hot
he wan sstsult.-d by ?ov<rul fBUOf men, snd that ho
Mail out Mindly to defend hims* ir
"Urace" Pearce, the old-tloie sccoiutbaaemso, will um*
pin Ute preliminary gamrs a* the Polo Grounds. Ho ma
bo sppolnted a rcc-ulsr League umpire.
It neem* doubtful now if atty further effort will t
ma-Jo by the members of tho Manhattan Athletic Club t
save their club from dissolution. A mooting of the w-nj
and means committee was Held at the Hotel Bristol te
night and a majority of thone present deol.ed to dla.01*.
the committee, adml'tliip that further work could not hcl
Uh* situation.
Tho naotullm atoalld wan ss followa: "To the nrembei
of thu Manhattan Athletic Club: We believe that, by t!
resignation of M. C. D. Bord.n sud Thomas L. James c
Haste tl for the proposed fund for the funding of ti
debts of thc Manhattan Athlone Club, our usefulness i
a ways and BMaBe committee ls at an end. We ther
fore re Iga from the aald coninilttee, no that lt bc left ope
to the mcminn . of tho -lilli at largo to tako *ueh acttfl
In thc premises an they d-om BSceOMfy." The r*'.olt
tlon UM MaUdd by Megm! M. Eurie, chairman; H. .*
Maclean, ?? WS BBIf I il. JP. F. Cody and F. Bland
The BMiabera of the committee pr-*ent who opposed tl
refution wen w. W. Rryaa, 0. M. Maxwell and c. t
Mcculloch. _
It ls not at all Improbable that thc Ncw.Y'orlt Yach
Club will have an anchorace of Its own next season at I's
Ridge. At tin* Boat regatot neetlag of thc dub. w-hic
will Ik: heltl on March 2.!, this subject will probitly com
up for atoeasslsa.
Oen-rul CkeriM J. I'tln-, of-Uoston, has resigner! froi
Hie America's , up Committee it tito New-York Yaoh
Club au. J. Fredi'ric lc Tams liss Len appoint d In hi
place. Ex-Coeuaoden James H. Badth bus been mad
thurman of the eeaUBttSM. (Ont ral Paine, Uko -I
Archibald Rngo-a, resigned teraen of his conncclio
with boat building to defend tho America's cup.
MtancapOtlS. Rib. '2'A (Spe*lnl.i.-.Iohn S. Johnson, tl
eyellal and skater, of this city, will at tho close of M
eenteg btcyellag season gs to Norway and train for t!
irr-at lntcrnutlotiul IfeSMag r-u-cri held at Chr stTanla si
coru.iNu i'm thi waterloo cit.
Loudon. Fob. SSV-Tbe coursing for Hie Wsterlo
cup begaa isiteidaj ut Altoar, nour Liverpool, Hil
betag th- gfty.eerouth your of the eontest. The cor
ditton! arc SS follows: Tin* Waterloo Cup, of slxtj
low subscribers ut SSS ouch; the winner reoolv
?_0O; tho second, gSOO; two dnps, ?50 eael
?100; four dops, ?.10 cati,, RISO' right d"ps, H'i
oath, _ri*_); daleen dops, ?io each, ?ioo? ?i,imo
lin. Waterloo Fm..' nnd Waterloo Platt, ?.!(_.; tote
cl,(WM,. Three ru,ms wore hold yesterday, and Hil
inoriilnp tin- fourth nm took plat'.*. The winner
iii Hil-, run were ammeter, Patrick niue, Bullo
Furl, and Text uro.
-TIIF. DEPICXT oYF.lt $70,000.
Atlanta, ion., Feb. ?3 (Speclnl).-Tlic C'.xto Cit
National Hunk ,,f Atlanta today stirrendei*ed Ha bud
ness Into Iii- hands of Hu* Controller of Hie Cu.
laney and closed its doors. This BC8*M was ror
d. red eocene ly by Hu* SllSlllSlbBI "f Lewis Redwin'
ihe esatotant raahler, who bas left tli.* country, carry
Inp off SOOiOOO Iii cash. A further .|,<>rfap-_ I
031,000 wai shown In lils accounts, nedwin, va
n high liver, nnd BStd the fund- to k<vp up tl,_ pac
wir, ii hu. riow made him a fuptttve. The capita
-to, li of Ike bank wai ?680.000, with n suiplus o
gOO.OOO. The 1-nnk lind boen pas.ed favorably bj
ti- bank examiner on Satarday. lt his beru nso-r
tauted tint Redwtne imd made up the Bctfttow
balance by loans (ron ..ther henka which he piie.-,
ns .ne panics noney, retaining M io th.* other bent
after Ibe cxanlner had tr*,nc. The bank Inti de
posits on hrmd of SS-90,0-0, which ls now looked bj
awaiting the -low requirements of law. Pfcrotdeu
HUI. of Hie (.a!e city Rank, I- a sou of the lab
Mci i1w-tiler Hill, wlio din! n few yo.ir-s aro. I.*:tv1iu
u fortui.f gi,000,000, which wai divided anion,
stol ?i , hlklr**n.
President Hill says depu Hors will lie paid li, full
mn! will probably p. t a tr-T dlvld.-nu in thirty ilnys o
'ii per < '-nt.
Tit- Rational Parti bank ls the (late city Hank'i
Correspondent tu New York. B. K. Wrlpht, th- pre I
dent, nhl yeaterday thal be had received n tetegna
Hying lint th- Cate City Hank had failed. Id
??I was extremely mr prised. t?f course, i c.mimi
-av whether lt I* -n ot not, bnt the telegram mid lhat
tl,.- iMink would reopen In a tew day., ns tts agteeri
b.ii.\..i thal til- capital wus tataet. w- have boer
il corr, ipondent of thal t-nnk for the last lift, en nx
twenty yean, ocr since it keenan s Rational bunk
Wt ihlah ? pr-.it deni of it and <>f Lodowick J. him
its president. Rverythlng win !,.* nil righi if th.
capital i* Intact, as they bett-va lt t... w- never hutt
any trooM.* with tl,.* bank, and w.* iu'v.t Slaeounted
an) "f lt- drafts. It never a*!..-,! on for anv help, and
consequently wi,en i wns asked about a week ego t<
tell what I thought of u, I uld lt wsa perfectly ?u.f.
and reliable."
t "! NTKYMi'N.
(ob.I David H. . ii kcis. ex-United states Consul
at BeUgkek, Minni, hus ls.u.d Invltatlnns for nn "al
1.\U" o' bis bouse, No. -iii Wet One bundr-d-ond
nln..nib -t.. for Monday next, nt S p. m., to meet
Mahomned Atoxuaiet Bussell Webby who is u convert
I,, MahametanRuBL ami win lecture on ibo -Faith ol
Isl.nu." Colonel siikcls last hight bald to a l'rlbuni
?? Mr. Webb was formerly eaatotaat editor on The
ht, Louia Republican,'anti was appointed United Btatei
Conan! io Manilla, Philippi,ie tatouda, by President
.-loveland. He studied, white^here, very satelally
lb- rellgtoea bettoto of Ibo East, milking blflW. If thor
eaghly familiar With tl,.- lanpunpes,, customs and poo
iil* of bli < emulate, Alter Mach thought ho embraced
ibe Mahometan religion, and esme seven anulka ugo
reetgiM his ippatntment as Consul, ii*- then vt-.it.Hi
ti,e chief h"tt.i*i,iarlen *'f Mabometanlaui in India, such
ns Henri rc, Allnluibad, Agni nnd Delhi, and was In?
duced bv tl,.- loading Mahometans of ihit country to
con,.* huck lo lils neilYO Mad and spink of lh- Liltli
bc hus chosen. He ls u believer in the ethical pr!n
cipie of lalamten. lt w.ll be his parpoae te explain
the principles of tii it religion, and thereby try to ie
move Ui.- preconceived prejudices estating In ibis
country aaa every other Christian country against
that r.'ll.ion. I lune Baked many of Hu- lesdina
nun of tbonghl lu Hils (Hy lo Bieel Min hore, ami
lh.- b-t mr.* and subsequent dl-i-u- lon U Ul probably rfc
a most Interesting one."
a report wu- pubRahed yeateiday to tba eiroct ihat
Mr. Croker Intended io take a hand tortkarltb lu rem
pelRag Ms etty pn Teni nun! to rican ike slmete. Hoik
Mayor Ottrey and Stree. Cleaning Oonuutaahmer liron
naii -uld ycsierduy that Mr. Croker had as yet elven
in. Intimation lo either of them Hint 1,0 was UU-_,tlsllc 1
willi Tamilian} stree! cleaning
Miss Edita Kiddell, of Xo. Till Pifth-ave.. who. tin-ler
th.- nine of Marv BeRth, was arrested in RM d-yioodi
Men .f Stem RtatfclW for shoplifting a week apo, was
dlsrhsiged from euoledy in thc Court of Sparta! he??ions
?fBBtSrdsy. tin* complaint hartog bam withdrawn. Mtaa
Kiddell wm louvily veiled anl .ultu* to court with her
physician Dr. Vf. OBI Wylie, at when private hospital,
No. tig We-t Feriv-tlnnl'st , .lie han Iki-ii BSVSnl times
ri | n'lent. Min wa* too I'l to Aland while In court, and
was iillowi*d to occupy a ic-rit whilo ihe bSSSBSBIg pupers
wen hemp Maand.
Tin* tueatal Vt leiepfc it. Keamy took place yesterday
tn inInp ut Calvary CkBIBfc, Fourth-avc. and Twenty.
Stet et. Thu ntvten usn eeadeetod br _he r.cuir,' tai
Rev Dr. H. Y. Bettettoe. A largo Beaten of friends
w,*r,> pneeal Tho burlul wus in thc Kcudo vault In
Triniiv Ckunkyard.
? that's the woy your
skin will tie, tt you'll
take Dr. Herce'i Oolden
Medical Discovery.
Pimpln, blotches, erup?
tions, and humors are
utterly banished by this
medicine. It take* a way.
more thoroughly ana
certainly than anything
else, tho blood poison!
or impurltiee that cause
For ovory Skin, Boalp,
and RcTonilou! nffeotlon, no matter how
it como, the " Discovery " is a direct, remedy.
It cleanses, builds up, strengthens, ami in?
vigorates every part of the lystem. Ko_on_a
Erysipelas, Halt-rheum, Tetter, Boils Car?
buncles, Enlarged (Hands, and tho wont
Scrofulous rtorea and Hwelllnua aro com?
pletely and uermanentlv cured by it
T'.ilike ordinary spring medicines, tho "Dla*
covery " works equally well at all seasons.
Fraeflcally, it's sold on trial, lt it ever
fails to benefit or cure, you have your money
bock. \ ou *>ay only for the good you pet
No cheap substitute, urged by a tricky
dealer, though it may be better for him to
nil, can bo 'rJu?t rn good " for you to bu/.
What Gan Coticura Oo?
Ask thousands of tortured nnd dUflr^-j
little babies throupbout the land. *??
thing that Is cleansing. purifying tna j^JJT"
fylng for the skin, s"alp and blond of |_fans!
and children, the CX'TICTRA RK ._
DIEM will do. They nftmd ins-tsnt rt_!I_
permit rest and sleep, nnd point to s tprnZ
rure In the most agonizing of itching ,,
burning ecr.emns. They clear the s_a^
the most distressing sealy, crusted, -tmtr.
sud blotchy humors. They cleanse th- J?L
ot dandruff, sci.le.s and crusts, and mian
th.* bate. They purify tho btoad of _,in?u
scrofulous nnd hereditary humor.. _Q
from ti simple blemish lo Ike wont out) ot
Scrofula they aro equally successful. _Tfn
thlng about those groat skin cures, bloM
paritton and humor remedies laayMn coes,
d-nce. Tiiey ure abaolmeiy pure md may
be v-iva on Uie youngest Infant. They ?L
Ba*neahto to the most reined ead squint-,
l'hoy aro speedy, economical and ?_!__?
Cures mud" In childhood are almost xaxtml
ably permanent.
Sold everywhere. pr!ce : C'TICI'lU, JO ,
SOAP, tte.; RRROLVERT, si.
n**gU*ad by rOTTSR DRlr; AND CHEM.
IC AL CORi'ORA'i'H.N, Huston.
"All about the Skin, Sc-rUp and Hair," ss
pages, 300 SiBnill, milled free.
Solid Silver,
New ideas mid designs are being
constantly added to our celeoratod
line ot* Sterling ware. It merits and
enjoys au international reputation.
Reed & Barton,
37 Union Square, \. Y.
The funeral of genatet Bdwmd Pentad Rim,
bold at Ste Roman Garnette Cbureh of the Ej_p_iny,
at Seeead ave. nnd Tweaty-gnt-st., at ll _. m., ye**/-.
Say, w.-is ntt.-n.i.'.t by n larger Buntet et wen __,*-?
m,-n In political life thru, ls usual In the raic nf on
of the mab of state acne tot. Hun was aim a
totlab display of fl..:al tributes. TM. wis no doubt
d!U' larj-.-ly to hl.s pnsOUal popularity ss sell u ts
ht, Botttteal nramlnei. Abmss Hu floral pi*-_i
wore a Minta tun chrilr, from thc S'.-tto Senate, -(.af!
Ajar," arith tke words, ?? Dar IfaShand.* from the
widow; a birz** aneboe from tho Tammany Hall leu*
.ml Commltt.-. ,,f the Xllth AiieMbty District; a
br,u. ii column, ala feet hl^h. Rum tba Anas-imU
? 'bib. and crosses, wr?*nths and pillow/*. The pell
iterir. rs nam U-nteuaut-Oaeetum Mothes, **'<*
"tllroy, ex-Mayor OmuL I afpatatloa C uti-el C!_rt*
and s. i,nt,,rs McMahon, Boes-h, Abeam, llunkluud
Cantor. At tho liqettM mass the Rev. Dr. -ewe
J. 1 ri'tidifgust una eriehmuL und li" um assisted by
the Revs. Meaata, John P. Lanarpn, i>uiiei c.
Ouaasan aud Mni Detargy. The music nat of aa
utebmate ?n*i hnpreeeh.mtseier, tbs repdSs c-'*
i_*ing BUfamntad by dauan bea _te choirs of at,
Ann's mid St Btapkeu*a ehasukea, and ?'.hs under
tb** direction of Fced.rl.k Davis, organist. Beside!
Ibo larpe umukm sf Ieee] psStlrtim and tiie paa-tam
of th.- Anuwanda (Sub at me funeral, uer** sere sin
present twmtv-e|pht fheiiit_**-s ot lbs senate snd nxtj*
'.ne ru.nilM-rs '<>! tn** Assent-ty. Ibe burial took plies
ut Celrary Cemetery. , ,. .,_
Ifler a ron terence arhteb Mr. Utobit BBB -""RB
Tammany leaden yesterday it was saajuaeal that
the Ume for ihe primaries to *'.?( dilimtn te US
Tun*many Hall Senate Convention to nominate Mr.
itmgssfs sneeessor *..<">.d be beM te-Swrrew vtssm.
rind ttwit the onivntln would assemble Rte '-"?>
Fu_t Flfty-Uth-iL on -Vu lay erentng. The MS*
lion of the city eamuorinp Hie "l-l IXth teams ins?
till t under the form,-: appen teaa-tat will b? nara
upon to lill the vacancy. Thi* tobra in Hie nw"?
rae. of Thlrd-a-e.. between Fourteenthi aad ?Bf
sixth st-., mid ramprises th- *ll With, J\IU-.
XXtb snd XXlid Assembly Dlitrirti. The ?'.*><">?
wm cst the teapayen (ron *?.'."-<' ? *> SM ino.
Inspect<?<_, poll rterk_ sod ballot dorks must be ap?
pointed bv the Mb-- rommlssionen ?**. earb tmurn
district, and polllnit places nm-t l*e prodded thc ssms
ss at a penernl election, mhi* Tammany lawyers
think that ?.- C** eleettoB Must tube pis-.* under tte
old apanrtlenment ? _re?h regtetndsu win be n**c?*
aary. T!ie le.-.der lnsl.t?-l yeaterday that no MM xs
vet' pirko*! out for Mr. Hagaa'i larcener ritmrai
le-latCf or Tammany lender sf bis district, the MRU,
nov. flower OBMBS A special BLSCTSS*
Albany. F-b. IS flSSimm Flower to-day l-?ucd SM
following peuatemnttoni
?State af New-York, BbmuBiS Chamber.
Wheres*. A *.aean,-y rxi-t. iu (l? tBUt M State Senate!
for thc IXth Senate MaMet of thc -tate ,.f New-York, la
eaaeaajUMMa al the death o: Rdwerd p. Regmi
Ther. fore, Ry virtue of the authority neted In me, B
special cl**,.tlon l? hereby "n! tad n be brid la tnt tm *ke
-4ld IXth Ililli! DtoMRIj *' the MBH wai .-onitltut-a
prior to April X>. !>?'."_, on TueaSafi th" -l?t tar ot Msrcb
nest, for the purpose of rhoonliif a RnaMS In the plsc. ol
Mihi RgWBSd V- IIa?a,i. BS-SSUSeU, WlMM t**"n of odtce bo?
pan on tho Ut <_sy of Jaunarv. IgBB, snd will ***I>***' ?
the Hist day of Uccnniber, ISSI.
Strm un*lt?r my bond ami tlie piivy seal of tiie Stat'1, si
the OagteM In tlie city et Albany, thi* 2-"d dV ot Vt0*
ruarv, in HM year of our bard, ISSS,
ny ttic Semen, T. s. .villiams, PitraM StauuRP
ureaktagt-n, i'd.. c_ Tti" sr,,--, wtrtrk eas eested Ij
the Ml--l_-lp|tl Vail, v tills ,n..r:ilii_ hu- iva* led SM Umt
take ngtoa, anaauyuuled by UgM nows le lbs nm nsBau
snd local MUSTOn In thc ohio Vallee ami Rew-T-SR
Stilt,-. r.Ur wcithcr I iitinii,0 in all "'-h. r tlUtri.U.
Tho baronne r has fallen rapullv (US. of Iks MtedaiSSS
and risen on thc o.vtern slope tt th" geeky M> niits M aad
fallen to the we.-tward. but fBUtlUU-S bl'-iv M " ,h!
I-s.-illc .-...i-t. lt ls warmer In all illMrl-ts eau nf th)
Mls.ls-lppl. tho teniiK'Miture lm\birt rl-en fenn 1? M "n
iagtm ta tiio geesben Rt?te_ and _M ohio TaHaf. B 1:'
ullphtlv colder fr.n Texan northward .? RaXota. Th!
Intllt ntlons ar" that fair wwUler will prciall StMSKf
thMt.phiiUt the Soiitneni BB. ? runt esntrsl isll?v? rt*****.
with --iifh-u- c..o!.r Borthweotetly wleda. Bkeaeiaan
InUi.at.'U fr ReW*l_afl_Ud snil Uie Jlltltil ? AtUntlT pms*.
tut MVOWs for the lake regions, Mle**?t bv .l-a-u**
?cather. _
For New-J"upland. Il.ht snow or rsm, MBimd tm
"loaring lu RM BMUki ??>'ith.*rly wind-, -vhlftlns ta
weeterly; warmer, followed by ctsiler durlnp Frldsv nlfhV
For F__st.'rn N'-w-Vork. KasU-rn F,-iinsylvsii?. Sim
Jemey and Delaware, shower- to-night, I Ici-ln. 1" ?"?
early MBIUtegi fair In thc afternoon; w-?t*rly winda;
cooler Krlday nlpht.
For Maryl_ml and Vlrplnls, fair; coaler.
For Westeiii New-YtrS. snow. ?_____,
For Western Fenn .Hanis. Ohio nnd We*l *l'Fxl*}
mow or iain to-nlpht, cesrutg Fi way iiiorntni I ?"!?-*?
For Flin 'ls sud liitli.ii.s. fair.
In thi* dlstram a conilnuo-s MUM RfStSmttJAB
rhaiiiss lu piu_surs, M Indies^ by Tit f'l->??? J JJ!
ricpiding bsromotcr. Ths broken line temmum ?? "-^
p.ru-uie m ebssrvsd at Perry', .'harms...
Tribune DSbM, Feb. it. 1 s. m.-II wss cloudy W-St
of the tlmn yi. terdav. with north_mterly OmnPln! "?
Imthwesterly sud southeasterly Hasses, The tAS*pmm*
turo ranped _otw,s*n _. and 3tl de?e-o*. -*o ivariag!' ?? y
lelng 7?_ lower than on th" pOTttmmRSA d^T USS V ?
snd '_*, higher .han on Wedae_dny. Brtwe.o ?ianis?
sud midnight Ute rin ??? _ degr**?*. nrfl_.h|y bu
In sud near this .Hy t**-<1?y there >|IJ_g'gye.g
cloudine_?. jmssiblv with s Usht shower eirly ? WK***
toliow**d by tUwlii'. by er bttore uoou i ?*?l?f ?>-***?

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