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Washington, F.-b. SSv?Tbe " confidential" circular of
Chairman llarrtty, of the DeBSSCtallC National Com
roitice, to lind out how Deinocia'.lc Roprcontatlves R,
the ne\. Oangrem ataad on Hie silver oneati n, bm
provoked a .ood deal of comment among numbers of
ihe House to-day. lt may be remarked, ni the out
(Ajt, that the ollicers of tho Rlmebillic League could
-ro'bably have given Mr. Hardly H,l* Information H
? l^v would have confuted to do so, nnd thus have
OOmmA bim a pond deal of trouble. For nearly three
months the silver nun have been engaged, om only lu
making a BRRVUm to aaauriutu Ike stems of Iks Bop
resentsllves elect to the LI I Id Osugrem on Ike silver
question, but also In doing missionary \\Vrl. among
then*. They know where every man stands who could
be persuaded to commit himself, and upon those who
have declined lo do so, every po-sinle iiitluenee has
b.-n and ls belnp broucbt to bear In behalf ,of five
coinage. All the advantage to be gained by being tlrst
lu the field has been obtained by tba free coinage
To return to the comments upon what one Demo
craiU' Congressman styled llarrlty's "bad break.'' Mild
We of the most active nnd prominent anti silver
Democrats In the House to a Tribune correspondent:
"if Mr. Harrlty should write me n letter of that
sort I would reply that If be repeated the Impertinence
j would bc stronply Int lined to vote for free colnnpe.
I consider that he ls meddling willi that willoh ls none
of bl. business.*'
Another Democratic Representative, who ls a. posed
to free colnaffo, and wbo.se efforts In behalf of Mr.
Clevelsnd's nomination and election were probably as
active and potential as those of any mau In Congress,
?As chslrmsn of the Nntlonal Committee, Mr. liar
rlty was the last man who should have Beni out such
i, circular. It ls wholly beyond and outside the mope
sf Ms legitimate dulles as chairman, Indeed those
dutie-* have been pcrfoimod, except as lo malters re?
lating t>. the calling of Ike next Rational convention:
sud, therefore, the natural and. In (Bot, the only fair
lnterpreta lon to be placed upon his cir. ular ls that an
attempt ls to be made to cooroo the n. lion Ol Demo?
cratic RopMOcnlutlvee in tke next Congram."
He continued : "I nm sorry to say that this clr
eular ls BGd the only indication 1 have observed of
S disposition fo amita ll appear tbat there will be
sn eflort on tlje part of the Executive during the lu
eemln. Administration to coerce tbe legl.latlvc branch
sf the Ssueenment, I bop? that I am mistaken, but
I have heard thine*, said by some Of Mr. (loveland's
advisers, which Strongly Imply lhat such is the In
tentlcn, if not the parpose. Such an attempt would
he undemocratic nnd. If persisted in, would provoke
B rebellion In the ranks of tho party which would
lestroy tho usefulness and Influence of the Admlnis
When such c.mmcnts aro heard from men who
havs been and nre strong friends and supporters of
Mr. Cleveland, and who fully sympathize willi bis
views on tbe silver question, it ls ca.sy to Imagine
th* fooling- of Democratic Representatives who, have
been opposed |] Mr. Cleveland and his antt-eUvet
opinions. Ikey r.ot only feel Indignant and reseal
lui on account of the InUimeddling of Chnhnaua Harri
ty, tut they lt:-|ist that bc I* acting simply as an
Kat cd Mr. Cleveland -io buiido7c members of the
kgj-iitlve branch or the Government." They also
Insist that Mr. Harrity had no huMnoss to write and
circulate such a circular as chairman of the Rational
C"_imittee. and that he would not have done -so
except in ebedleneo to a wuneel or iaggett!nu from
the Pnauteat-oteet.
?Why ls this Information BOUghtt" asked one of
these Representatives, who immediately proceeded lo
aciwjr his own question as follows: -lt ls piala
cnoo|!i te tn-. Ever since this Congress aeaembled
the "air has boen full of IntlmattOUO moro or lem broad
sad emphatic that mein!**!-, if the House "f l-*T'i'
tentatives who fail or refuse to support Mr. Cleve?
land^ satt-sSver pSttey need expect, no fa vms at
ta* hands el the hseoadug Admlatstratteu; in otbm
words, that th* lr recommendations for .fib lal npp int
nxnts wRl te iTr,,on*d or dlsreparded. This circular
BO. Only c-'.f.rm-- these intimations lu my tnlinl, but
lt toes a step further. It Indicates, In my oplnb B, BB
Intention or purpose to use the patronage of the Ex?
ecutive to coerce or Indue.* members of th" Legislative
Department to s ip'.iort tho anti .liver ju,lbj* of the
Incoming Administration. TI,** mggeattee ls a loath
some one, and the purpose, if lt e.\l-.ts, ls a dsatafdly
one. I do not bt-llov.- that such un attempt will suc?
ceed, but that the effort to carry lt out will reset
against lu authors, r-o tut a. 1 am concerned, I know
tost tb! people (,f niv district will promptly resent
suv attempt to coen.* t!..-;r Representative, mid I !>??
li?ve the -.ame l*, trm li, regard to every other Con*
gross district. If Mr. Harrity and the moil who an
prompting him believe trial the people as a whole are
to he controlled by Ihe distribution of the official
patronage at the dl-p.t.jl of Mr. Cleveland and his
Administration, they will lind thom.'Ivs grievously
mistaken, in my opinion. Tbe country ls toe big to
I* bulldozed or briud by any National Administra?
Among the names in me n>t of Representatives
whose .landing on the liver tjuesUon appears to be
unkTiow-, t(( Mr. Harri!v and the person! la whose be?
ted, ho ls actlnp-whit h ll-t ls appended to the -ton
fldential" clrcnlar-ls tho nan,.' ? ; Charles F. Crisp, <>f
Georgia. It ls strung.' tba. Speaker Crisp*! views In
regard to the silver question should be a subject of
loubt In the mind of any intelligent Democrat. He?
ll ! friend and advocate of free coinage; be voted for
lt st the last session on a motion upon which the
House was Lot a tte, b, order that there should be no
doubt as to where he stood ; mul he would vote for
lt to-day If his vote wen- needed. Jadge Crisp ls a
man whose opinion:, in recard to public qaeallous are
based on dear mid well fletlncd convictions, and be
never lacks lbs courage to express th* m.
Washington, Feb. 2n.-The President sent to Ike
Senate to-day th? following nominations:
Benton HahehiHt, of Michigan, lo be I'nited Rates
Circuit Judge for the sixth Judlcbil Circuit (to suc?
ceed Judge Jackson;.
J. E. Cochran, of Nebraska, to be Consul of tho
United States at San Salvador.
H. R. Lewelllyn, of itali, to be Judge of Probate
In Hie County of San Pet** in Ihe Territory of I'tuh.
Henry W. Raymond, of New-York, to be examiner
If claims for the Department of .State.
Mr. Hanchett lives lu Saginaw, Mich., and lins
long been recognized os one of Ute U-adlnp attorneys
ff the State. He was known to the President and
lo the Attorney -General by reputation, but neither
ri them enjoyed hi3 panoual aeqmdntanoe. ai
ihsuph be BUS been fro7|uently named In connection
with offices of various character. Mr. Hanekett bm
Steadily dsclined political preferment, lils only posl
Ron of this sort being Bud of Republican Pies. bi.Hal
elector lu lSTO. When Mr. Stockbridge was making
a tamp-lgn for renomination to thu Senate Mr. Hun
?bett wa* brought forward by the opposition, bul
vHhdrew by Iho Hmo Mr. Stockbridge*! case began
to grow doubtful. Ho also declined _ proffered ap
priBtUMUt to the .Supremo C-Urt of Michigan, whl'h
va- tendered to bim by Qavetnm Luce. Mr. Haachetl
RBI inot n candidate for tl'* place, but on tlie col,
bary Indorsed T. .1. O'Brien, of Grand Rapids, who
was on avowed candidate ior the appointment. A
Angular feature of th** case ls tnnt both Ike Bona.
tors from Michigan and es*8enntot Palmer, President
Ot the Workl'* Fair, ludo, ..*d Mr. (Vbrien. Mr. Hnii
theit is about fifty-five years old ami in robust health.
?Washington, Feb. i!3.-Tlie WlU-skey Trust lnvestl
mtlon was continued to-day. ll. L. T*-rrcll, of New
York, a director of the Distilling and Cattle PUedtel
Ooaipany, tcstilled that ab*'ut n year ago an atti nipt
?as made to oigunl.'. tho American Distributing
Company, which made uppll'atlon to thc DtaMRIng
?8d Cattle Feeding Pmftuy for the exclusive privilege
?f dlbtrlbuttnp its products east of RttebUTg. Ike
glan was entirely ii!,undoned In, December, but the
A-ierican Company cntlnuc! Independent of the Dis?
tilling and Cuttle I".*ding Company.
Berman Endomann, a New-York chemist, t<*stlf.eri
that he had examined home of the essences and es
nutlaJs olia used in compounding spirits. Some of
wein were poisonous, nnd would cause death if a
Ublnpoonfuf of Hiern was taken. He could not say
sea dangerous tiny wen* In the quantities used, bul
taeoght that their cont linn *d use. would be detrimental
?o health.
Washington, Feb. CI.?It appears that the nomlna
?ton of John V. F. Findlay, of Maryland, to be nrbl
teaior for the fnlted Slutes In the matter of .'lillian
claims, was rejecled by the Beanie Tuesday, When the
lent nnd secretary wei. confirmed. The rejecllon
?ta not made public for the reason thot. under the
roles 0f ,|,,. _,.?.,.,, ,( wllj ^0 ,n or_cr, until two
?ucceedlng executive sessions have been held, for a
"?oilcii |q t_ made to reconsider, one such session
*** held yesterday, and lt ls possible that such a
teston may be nude st the next aesslou. Mr.
K?er Know Thi.f
The Old Dominion CtgantM ls th* best
In thc* market. Tea f%a BhiMgngk. ne.
',,. wit iK ******.******** ut **? cndlllon of
V i'?vI . .'. '" ?*} "' _* ('"(' ,0 ,l:" OPPOSIUOII Ol
h-,v >, . lv7',':','^',V n,,,Wn? Mwauoas .Hort
? nave the vate reconsidered,
Washington. Feb. 'Jib-The official correspondence
I regard to ti,.* resignation ,.f Secretary of state
tater is u follows:
tl. 1993.
Deaartmmt of state. Waektagtaa, Feb
'o tho l'ic-id -nt:
I kersey lea-tet ny reslgusUm ss Secreter, of suite
> lab! ettect .ni the _3d inst., u< embie m.* t? eater
1. UlP ***** ?t agaat *,f tue United Wetei b-feee Rm
nounal of arbltr.it:.,., t? .?,?,..?. at j...,,,, t) wtll,.u ,??,
ea bum bentefen aauetated mc in tims dkaelviai
ie- ntattaaa which kave _o laUnately asTnrlii.d ne with
on, I keg to menlfest |? a ,? .t sine -re und keans manner
ay appro, union of thc oonBdeuti you hnv. i-taeeed ta m.
nd to wtsk fur you u lons Ufo ,.f continuous Binflllnsn
"d amara, john ay. foster.
teSMttve Mansion, WaahtagteB, D. C.. Fell. _3. 1S'.i3.
leasrahtegean vt, Peeler. Be-reterret sum*:
I have your letter of th- 21s. lustam, tensorial vour
es-gaetlsa u ti,., oftice of Secrete*, of Btnta t.. luke oUatt
his dme. i om sorry that elnunataucei win aol petasll
mu to romain lu tho dlacharga of the duties 0f your ofiitc
nun tho expiration of my lem; bu. 1 reeegalm the
u.t. thut ss ageat of the i'nited intra in thc Rehilag
cs arbitration you eoa .nader a nperter public aentee.
I thcrifoie aeeept your mlgneUau, and In doini* m n
Aves um feat Btausan _. tesUfj n Iks blah and suceeartul
kemcter of your work ta tee RMta Department, v?ur
cnn has bCfU ?hort, but lt has connected vtmr name witt
"iii.- great diplomat!.- events. u,ir perseosl aad edktal
eteUeua nave bern ot Uie most graUfytag end nUsfactory
keracter, and yum will nrrj witt you mv lilith n-uaid und
iy most ageettaaate wtakaa, Men slucenlr yours,
Assistant Secretary Wharton will be Acting Beere*
nry of State until tko end ol Mr. Harrison's tenn.
The United stales Minister at Fails hus reported
o Hi** Navy Department by cable that tbe Retiring
>ea tribunal of arbitration met Ut Fails to-day. Ul
ecordanee with the terms ul tbe treaty, and adjourned
intil .March -ii'..
At -l o'clock Mr. Feater started for New-YorR,
rheum on Batnrday, In company with Mr~. Foster,
h-natee Morgan, one ol H.,- arbitrator, fur the Fatted
?tates, several attaches nf the Mate Department de
ulled for duty lu connection wira the ArMtruttoU, and
,viral personal friends, he will sail lu ike Rew
.Ort. for Europe lo take charge of thc *??" ult .-ii Slate*
nee before Hie Behring See Arbitrators.
The counsel for the I'nited Mates. E. J. Phelps,
I. C. Carter and ll. W. Hlodsett, ox ped to sall
m Saturday, March 4. In Hu* Noruiantile for Havre,
n addition to Ibo argument! these gentlemen will
Millie* ... tl-.** arbitrators, lt ls understood tb,*r,* will
ilso be presented a brief for tbs lulled --talcs pre
irirt-d by Frederic R. Coudert, of New-York.
Washlngn.n. Feb. S3.?The Panama -Purtle Mall In
reatlgatlon waa resumed to dav ead tbe PactSc Mall
?nd <>f tho Investigation waa taken ap, Mr. I.,-sis.
rapt.Btatlve td Ihe Metcbante' Trrifli.- Aaaoetettea, al
'aUfornte, which proposes to put on h Rae ofeteaasen
n opposition to the PaoMta Mail Oonpaay. teatlSed
ihat there Tin.i leen a c..inpact between the liana
?ontlneiitai radroada and lue PaetSc Mall Bteaauihts
'otnpnny. The railroads paid the pacific Mall a sub
ddy and reserved the ripiit le say what thuara af
frelghta ih steamships -liould carry mid also llxcd Ibe
rat", te be charged. The management of the BaelRc
Mail ana absolutely In the hands of th** Trans,onti
nenin! Aaeodatteu, m far u rates and buMaeaa were
?omened. HM recollection was ii;at Hie only ripht
the iteaaMhlp company reeerved was thal it abauM
leal directly with tbe public aft. r ratn were Ixed.
rhe elicit of tbe Sgroement was also to keep up the
fr?-i_!it rat.-s on stow-gaaUg Merchandise Brewed <',ii>
Horn by illpj-t-r ships. For fifteen v.ar-, more or
l.-ss, ih.-re imd been an unSeeataadlag between 'ti,*
rMppm people aad V.n rattooade.
Mr, storer asked If lt were true that merchants In
ih** Interior wera sometimes rnmp.*ll*?l ta Bee theta
freight go (bar through te H,<- coast from tbs BbbL
paving Hie through rate. Rnd..hrn te have it shlaaed
Ut k to them al a high temi rate Instead al hiving Hie
freight deUvered on C.* through trip. Witness ,1*1
tbat wns true to some e\:.':'.
Mr. Geary naked abai guarantee Hore was that ih<*
tampany wltneaa r- pr.nted, whteb bad aucceeded
lo the agreement the PadSc Mail Oompanv totmeriy
iirui with tbe Panama Railroad, would aol bereefter
iiit.r into au Bgreemenl *?it'* ihe Transcontinental Ai
., 1.1., tli.si and eeeoe to be a competitor.
The with"-*- replied, "Setf-lntemL" H wm tamed
by the merchant, to pet lower riles, nml Iii*- new tum
pany would lack the Incentive to sell us out that the
PactSc Mall had. lb-did not think tke feuaumRsU
load aught to be ande free to ail, imd nil agreements
-topped, Ile would nut recommend te his rampant
to go Inlo the *(heuie nt all without Hie I'.in.itii'.i Rail?
road agreement. There was not enough business to
_,, around if lt were opened to all, aad a regular ser
\ c. in hts Jodgumit, could not !,e kent ?? i? under
free amt open competition. Witness understood thal
tba PactSc Mail wa- a Government suh-ddlsed lino.
Mini tbat Hk- road- in the Transcontinental Associa?
tion had roto:vci uovernment aid. lt was iru*- that
tiieir s'-cj-e! agraeannt sought to prevent the people
fl oin gett|i_; Ihe l.eii.-tit ,,r full .petition.
Mr. Leeds said that he bed made a calculation "f
Hie burdens paid l,v the popio of Calif"!tua for
Irnnaportatlon wlUiln the state only. The pros,
annuli carnlnps of the BoathelU Pacific Kallr.md ah,lo?
in the State of California amounted to 100,000,000, at
i'm lier hoad of population.
Washington, Peb. 2.'i (Special).?-When Chairman
Herbert of the Committee on Naval Affairs entered
the luiii of Hie Hourn of Bepressntetlvei be was wei*
earned with a warm, not to say enthusiastic greeting
His appearance lr, the rear cf the ..nil was Hie signal
for appteaae among the memketa who iirsi eaagkt a
glimpse of him and lt soon spread tbrOUgk tho House
and was taken np In thc gsBettea, lt was a demon
stratton of sincere regard and eengtatulattou which
any man might well be proud of and WkMk would
have nioved a more Impassive man. Mr. OutkWaltS,
Of UlilO, who was speaking OB (lie conferenco report
UH the Army Appropriation bill, at once yielded the
floor to Colonel Herbert, who. In a low tone, trembling
with emotion, * _press**d ihls thanks for the warm
proding whlcl, be hail received trott his associates,
Irrcsp'-otlve of party.
A flood of letters and telegrams poured In upon
Colonel Herbert during tho day and hundreds of
friends called at Ms committee room to offer con?
gratulations in person. An,oap Ike totten which bo
reorlved was bm which be read with peeuMar Im
bi. t and prizes most highly. It was from Admiral
Jouett. Ul tbe Navy, and reads ns follows:
? first, 1 wish IO congratulate Un country; second,
the Navy, nnd third, yourself, npo'i vour nomi nat len
lotte Naval portfolio. This broad gau_e appoint
men! obliterates the sectional and war csttaiigemcn!
?md lt elves the country and the Navy a mun familiar
with Ita needs of the country and one who nuder
-,and . the best Interests of the Ravy, insures honest
and economical admlntet ratten and the continuance pf
th. -new Navy.' and lust allow BM to congratulate
you personally."
Washington, lah. en.?In iho senate the Military
Academv Appreprlatteu bill was taken up and ps-'-ed.
The House bill, for Hie reopening and ad]neta_ent
of tb** accounts of OeotSI **? ****** ***** Mtatetot
to Bogota New-Uranada. was laid ltefoti Hie Senate
for reference io th*' Comaatttee au Foreign Relations;
but Mr. Sherman said thal tliat eOSMUBteO bud already
lUuMdarid Hie Maltee favorably, ond asked that the
bill bo sud "pon it-* paamaa. That eeune was muan,
and tho bill was passed. Rs venerable, b.netlclary
being preaent in the dnmfcer ot the Barn und bowing
his tlutnks.
The l'enslon Apptoprlali-ii bill was reporled from
ibe oonunlt.ee on A*nnrmMkmt exactly ns it mased
the House, und was placed on thc BB lender, to be
called up io morrow._^_
Wu.lilug'on, Feb. ?_:_.-The Sundry Civil Appropria?
tion bill, with Seiiat*" amendments-, tn laid before Ihe
House and referred t> th*- CUmudttoO on Appropria
Hons. Mr. Stead gave a slgnltlcnnt suggestion that
tko Committee on Appropriation* ahoiild r<*nort lt back
st us early a day as possible, ns he Intended to have
th*. Senate, amendmenls fully und fairly discussed In
Committee of the Whole.
Mr. OntkuaMe called up ihe conf. rome report on ihe
Army Appropriation bill. Il was adopted.
On motiou of Mr. llltt a bill was Bossed for the i-c
Uef of uoorge W. Jones, tote United Wales Minister to
.'ev. ...re nada (now tho I nit, a Benlee Ul ..nomnbii
Ir, Jones, vho wns H,e disi United States Beuatet
rom Ike state of iowa, was p, the House WkRe Ikal
<_!>? wr.s considering his Measarr, and winn n?.
i"ni;.r announced thai lt had beea agreed la, lu*
1."nd retained bb. hearty thanks to Mr. Hilt for hi^
iicce.-sliil i (Tort.
[nv TRUMRAPR to tiii: TniB__F..]
Wssklngtea. Feb. S3.-C_alnnan Hclmau evidently
on era u bitter and stubbon light over the bond
imeadMCnt to the Sundry < Iv.l bU nnd be today
>ffer.-d u reaotutton, whick was referred io tho (om
mtteo on Rules, ptOVldteg that after four hours'
tobato tho aasendanot shall i.*s brougnt t.. ? vate in
Be Home, and that u vate shall then be taker,
ipon ,i motion to non concur In Ihe other 20.1 Senate
laaendmente te the bill. Ii win be observed that
his ,s a closure reaolutton which if adapted win
..event nSbaaterfng. Th.-re ts excellent groan 1 for
h.* opinion ihui this resolution will not be favorably
?opened from Hu* Committee on Balm until it shall
lave become evident from the pll)ll*odlB|i la tho
louse that tho bond amendment can be dl-psel
?f lu no other mininer.
It ta not wholly impossible that a plan which ls
"nvonsl by Mr. Sayers, ? Democrutlo member of
he Appropriations Committee, may bc adopted. It
s lo send all amendments to a committee of con
'creiire nnd-r a pledge from ti,e donee eoufenen
tbat they will report a llmgreeneut as to th. bond
uncndineiit and mi agreemenl n* ta nil oti?r items,
ts far as prafllrahte. If lt I. then fo.,,,,1 Itnpra -
bailie t? uer e upon the loud am nlm-iit, Hie House
s to peas under .suspension ?? fte nij,M a ,,ju ,..,,
?todymg the other Items agreed te la conference sui
throw upon tba BrnsM the rasj 01 M-btRty of pa Mag
,r reject inp lt.
Members of the IIouso who are appaled to Hio
tend aaseudnent Hill deelare thal they d-. no P,-?
[xiso te che any chances t? rsgard la lt, and thal
they win lilli,',,.*,.,- ()) th). ,.,., ,l(lllr )(f lie se^ , n |0
prevent a vote upon the question or eonenrreme.
As to tbs oilier amendment! the general oplnl.
lhal ther,.. will be no dim.mtv ii, reaching au agree
mehi. The net amount added by the Senate te tbe
total amount carried by tho MR as ii Bussed iii,.
_!___? V,*:!'?.,";-"? ****** ''"' Mgtegate a- .t aa
lands M...'.-.......,. wi,l,h is by a v tal mun,.,: t_c
largest sun, .v.-,- wried by a sundry civil lui,
ii?- ,111 was referred lo t,?. Appropriation* Com
millee to-day and Hut committee dnld.-d 1,. rec.11,
tnoiid non-concurioiiic lu all tin- dt-nata amandmeiiU,
Washington, Feb. _:i (Spectal).-The Senate em
bodied today WtthOUt obj, ell,,,, |? ,,,.. DtpteBU.Ie
.nd Consular Apyrapetettea UH a aenslble and long
leslred provision affecting the muk of Aaw-riran
llptenatlc representatives abroad, whick heretofore
has eucouatered fatal oppoattlon from the more
lemafogle iteteaaaea ut the Capltot. According to
U.e terms of this prov.-bm ti,,. Pre_Meat May rai-.'
my 1 nlted siat.s Minister ahmed to the grad.* of
?Mbeemdor, wiie? n.,. eoantry to which u- 1, arand
Uni anaouneee li- kntoottea le send a dlptomstlr
npresentatlvs of that raab kere, The pracUcal ad
raatagea it, the w.,v of trauauetlng business under
_liith th.* American mlshrters st London, Parla, ber
lin and oil., r Europe.,,, capitela have lagered beean ??
nf their Inferior diplomatic nab have long beea w.ll
ui.der-.tooti in Congrma Ral the d.-ir.- te aiake .,
display of "JeSenoatea dMpBrtty" at v.v ripen e
af c<ii?iiion MUM kai led In other y,-.:rs t? ibe r?
|ec!ioii of every nta-an breagbt forward lo t.\e
American Mlatsten In Europe 0 tank li, k'"pl,ig
win, the Importance and dlgnRy ?.f th-ir ni
Mr. Fl,nub was al,!,, le preveat Ibe adoption two
vears ago of ni, ani*'!iiiineiit lo the Diplomatic bill
1 r.-uting rmnanlei lu England, France, t*ermany and
Buada. Tbli year the prop., itloa ami put la a
more Indirect and pravldoual war mid proved accept
abb* to everybody ta Ibe Senate, ll ls t.. be boped
that the amata eoutetnei trill lusts, on retaining
Hie ameualmenl la eonfereaee comaHtee, aad thus
noun tts enectateat late law. Tua text ..f ihe pro
ftatef ls s. follows :
"Whenever Hu* Froid, nt -lmll be ndvl ed thal tay
foreign government li represented or is about te be
represented la Ibe United State! by aa anbasndor,
envoy extraordinary, aunlster pU-nlpotentlary, min
bier'resident, special rnvoj or rharg" d'affalrra, li?
ls nut hurl fd in bis discretion to direct Hut Hie rep
resenfaUva of th- Cnlted Mat .ov.-iiiiii.-,.!
.1,1,11 be_r the uine designation. This provision shall
lu DOWlse affect tit** duties, powers or salary of nek
reprcurntsttve." _ _
Wsahtngten, F*-b. c.i.-The igttattoa against Ihe ran
fleatlon ?.f the Hu--lr.-i extradition treaty, Wtgeb lound
. ipr.mon bete yeaterday, Beean i" la directed
against a condition -.f nings whteb dom aol esbt.
Official declaration bas o-n muds Uni las irra.i
i,n- slready been raUfled by th- bx n ito, wltb nn saw mi
Benl n.r.t the representative *,f tbe Ru- ia:.v
-ri,nt'iii iipr-.-d to in ndvsnrc ni ll idoptton, so teal
the only formality yt rematelag te be observed prk*
to Hie proctenstton of the trraty is !',.- exchange
?r rattflcnttens. Thi--. R i^ e>pected, will take pine
nt st. IWtonbari within tin- aesl mouth.
ri,e amendment in queettea cavers .he eatradltton
or p.noni charged with attempts apea tko ii*"*- "i
nieiuliers of il,.* royal la?B| <*r louds "f govern*
neat, leetretary Poatet aeeured Un eonsenl of ii"
Ruasten Oavernaaanl te nn amendment similar In
tarma io a ptovtatoa m ibo treaty *tf exirodltteo win,
lj.-lplum. Which hus been In hees moro IkSR toS
rents, and reads as follows:
a., attempt agaluat the bf-** of the head ol
eitVr Oavaraaaeat, *.r agateat thnt ot any
mtSnber ot b's family, when sm h attempt rom
1 c. the, .ot *.f Hiker murder ot ..s-as.i,,.-.
lon or of polsouteg, ttrntt not h.* rna*
.i,|.red u political otlei.ee, or un act connected will
tack un offence." ________
Washington, Feb. C.l.-In the Senate bi day. (kl
Legislative, Executive and Judicial App-oprigMon I'll
was taken up. As passed by Ike llaam, 11 ai*i*ro
printed SM,031..4S; IR reported to Hie Senate, SSI.
W>,<*. 8?fi-an Incense, of BB&1AR0. l*BBt year's bil
apiu-o^uted S_1.B00.133. Ninety three pogo, of lh.
1,111 had been got throUgb w1tl,t.ut giving ri-** to an]
dlscn-slon; but tkeU IkB amendment wm neebo
which pitiposos to strllt** ont the provision Insert.-:
by th*- House to as.lty, the .Maltby Building. Bed
almost exclusively oe npb-d bv tension-, to th- Depart
mont of the Ini-rlor. snd wktck abm peopoam to np
propttete mVAABB) for the rent of buildings for Ilia
Bepurtanm. ai, s-Mudunul was arepoaed by Mr
Voorkem tecrumtog 'hat amount to 143,300, Tte
opinion was egpteeaod by Mr. Vest that the Huns,
provision was correct, and that th" Maltby Hulldini
should 1.0 turn.si oct io the, Interior Department a
was ori-sinaliy toteud-i. Al Hm- etose <>r tho dlaem
sion, Mr. t.oethem'a ani'-ndiiK-iit was agreed to. an,
iho House ililli BS I" 'h.- Maltby building was strucl
An amendment Increasing au item f..r snir-Monn
of iperial ngoiiis ,,f Hie Department nt Labor, .md fo
expense! eonneeted with un- mvestigatteu of "tn
slum* ??f ci^es?, irom -M7,.V>0 to (07,000, gav- rim fa
a lin Barina in wkteh Hie laveetlgatloo ?>f "Ike slums
w?s severely criticised i.v Senators McPkermu sw
Veal us a matter about which Congram hat
no leriedtetten. Mc (.orman u'..o appooa
the Increase as unnecessary, and Mr. slicrmai
advised tho Beuatet lu charge of Ihe bill (Mr. Dawn
lo let the mutter go- To thai Mr. Dawn raueeeted
Mr. Kyle, who originated Hie Investigation, de
fended that work us one whteb xvould pro..f lUUMUU
value. It would BUVB an lui|iorlrin! horning, he Said
on tho immlgrall'in question. Hi" sweating svitem am
ila* -unitary coudiUon o, niunlcipaliii'a,
^.ir. Hawley argued Ibal Gaagnaa had nothing to d
with the sweating tsTst.-ui or willi tho sanitary ton
dillon of cities; and Interference with them bv Om
pram waa a piece of taupmUaenm.
Mr. Call argued that the Investigation was botk COB
stiiuiional and Importani. Ti-rrlt<irially OBUgm
hud no J uri -Ht -t tun over tl.e subject ; bul so far ns th
conditions nf the slums of gent cities were tl,.* r.I
of Mattsaal srllon. lt had Jurisdiction.
Ali uni.-ndmeiit was reach.si lapsakUg m much (1
whin is known m tbe Howman Art ns aatkattem lb
committee of either House of Congress lo refer sj,
claim lo the Court of Claims. In support of lb
amendment a t.itil.* ws.s submitted showing Unit lh
House Committee on Wsr Claims hud transmitted ta th
Court of Claims since i_hi no less than MBr Hain
snd thfit there were TAOh claims pending hi tha
court In ISM. Arguments nguliiM .he sniendmcr
were nmde bv SeuaUir -Hunton. Hour and Harri:
Mr. Hoar made a point of order against the ameudmcr
Addressing a Married Woman
Under which name should
a married woman be ad?
dressed in a letter?by her
husband's Christian name or
by her own baptismal name ?
A pertinent query answered
in a notable article
By Frances Hodgson Burnett
Rebecca Harding Davis
Julia Ward Howe
Amelia E. Barr
Mrs. Burnett
Mrs. Van Renssalaer Cruger
Mrs. Henry Ward Beecher
Mrs. Burton Harrison
Mrs. Admiral Dahlgren
To be published in one of the early numbers of
The Ladies' Home Journal.
Send One Dollar for One Year to
The Curtis Publishing Company, Philadelphia
a. ronersi le?tsls.
\ !???? l resident and lh
Tli ? point \in - sustained t", t'
siiiendmt nt sss excluded.
SERATOR I'.' ll rr. thinks THE P OPl t.i sr*
teeaMngtca, Feb. SR.?Ree m oecorr-neei in tee
w.*.t ......n t,, indicat. ii,.,i the Detooerata alli Save
enoiifb merni., r tn Um Bes. Hei.aie Ul roorfBiiIxe ibal
b'slv Wilie.ut out*,!,- :,li|. _.||l, ll tbat ail RlOoU
beeoan nero irjr, ll |. pretty areli ?etil-d Un. th.
I'opuii.t Krna.ora will vote tsllh tke Democrats. Ben
alor l'e!|.|- nilli.' -aili a -!a!,-!ne||l I .tin. .
"1 rcr-.ii-l li ri- ni de ty |0 put .,1,-tru'lions In
the rigkl ol way to which I rep-nl Ute Uemoem.e to
li* emin.,! i.v ic. ..ii ,,f ii,,, popular \-r.ii. t In tte
recent election, ll li, c, in Int ,,\wi < .i ???, 1 would ie
I-.nd Bay Briton on our purl arbleh would prev?*n tti
n.iii|i!'-ie -upi-.m.ii *. ,.f ii,,. Demounts a, aawt*e. i
'Milli in,- Uemoem.lt party ought mw t,. have i-uiii-.?
i,-|i.i!i lbil.lv foe lb.* t.oveinrneiii and for all leglsla
il.m. .,i Ibu! lliev iniv sUeW ;,, ii,,. . ,,,,ut, \- Wbel lb-*}
propoes to do m..! ibal we any |adm H fniriv."
but win tu.- rapugBte v?.t. wau ike Bamocmtt in
ibo mormalmttea <.f ibe .**eirii.- if tn.ii- v.ues become
.i\ I. eflart tini raorganlm.loa!? wa. Biked.
? i tiiinK not:,iu-.- *ii nil be pul m iii- aay of He
DeBBonata .-.. as ro cripple.then. I aaaM m.bei
? ? tee Demo, lats lu eartytag ona od n.cir part)
ncc .!??-, eitel lu.iii- protected agalasl lt. if it w.i
in i.p*r.i-|i|.in ii, my Judgment bs io arba) ought to !??
don., lian i_ preveul ikea, lr. giving i.e-ir wort.
I.. I.ie p. -p]f
it i. rmi: debate on tiii: indian* uir.r_
Ml'.. HATCH OPPOSES li willi Tin. anti uri 1 OR
Waablngtou, Pete S3.?-la tbe Heine in-day Mr.
H.-I moved ti,at ti.? Hoase gu Into Committee of the
U !."!.-. tor ll.ii-eo-raM.i general aji;,i-t.pri:il ion
lilts. Ibis moilun w.i- antagonised bc Mr. I lat rb,
?it..,, arl bi I tbe < on ldmtli-n ",' Ibe Anti upUon M I
but Mr. I'-.-!', mot,"ii prevailed ?? ? . i ._. naya, '??
and i'i-- ' "H. bl-Mil' ii "f tbe Indian Appropriattoa bill
Bras >?? uui'si.
Mr. Holm.ni in, v. I *u reduce Hie number of Indian
.'Utii'- fr-.tn titiv ? i_.r.t iotwentj i\. bi iamendment
was "etui"" Iv <i'|-" td by ne ml-rs fr.,iii t!i>* Rortb
w. .lem states, who pndlricd tit.it mach action uouM
I. i.,t ,u nu in.ii.iii , iiii,!. ak.
Mr. Mock late ntvored "ir. Ilolann't amenknent,
.ii.ti denounced th" Idea i' ti Congress coate not tb.
wi, ii wm rtgbt "iiii".! brim tinea!'ie it i.v ii," indian
agent! will, an Indl.it> war.
Mr. timpson Joeulariy suggested that the eoantry
wu. safe, liia-inti'li :i> Hu' militia of Hie -.-rile of
K , . .,. was being pul "ii a war looting.
Mr. Holman'- motion wm r.j< '? I.
a patel of erdet waa m.nb- against Hie propoelU _
In lu" bili approprlatli _ -?", .-.non for t'e- payment of
aires rs of lurer, t tu 'le- ' Iii, Ui-aw- band of lii.lian.s.
Pendine .i dei.ion, iii.- committee lase,
?? ?
TIIKY will t.ivr. nil-; DRTROIT A PUNCH BOWL
r.b. S3.?'Porty riUaem of Detroit,
? iperlul
introit rall-d on Be. toiaiy Tracy this murnini; sud
reqacitid him to pane e day when Un rouuutttoa
may Walt upon huh and mal;.* foriual peBBentatlBa of
the tt-.tliiK.nlal. nnd lt i. probable tbal the r-.-cret.irv
will Set some day ne\l Week for the function. rhe
punch bowl ls un etebumte utfulr and cost 13,000.
THE TREATY is A "H.I) 0_f.
na. d\\tf_-'s PBOPOsmoR to tut tut.
iT.iNtT.rs-, on THE THRORB.
SraaMagtou, Px h. 13.?Messrs. Tburstett, Hastie,
and Hurter, antebers of Hi" ipeetal llawaRsn annexe*
lion C'linml-sl ,n, have deicrmliietl to remalli lu Wash
mgtoo j ii ii t ii the Beasts dlapoam of tke treaty of an*
aeaatteu now- pendiag bef_re h. ii had ben Ibelr
lutenMoii bi tefl iron Baa naaelseo f* r Honolulu ot,
Mardi ll, but within tho lu.t few .days they* have
.hanged n.-ir Brinda.
Th" naring io Ute (.nlted st.it.-^ of the Pilaeem
RatetenL in company with T. li. Davies, uko hus
been lupervtslni her .'im.iii ,n i.u England, is variously
eemanated upon, it 1. reported thal Mr. Davies.
setl!r_ OB behalf .f Hie Princess, prop .-eil to Minister
Lincoln in London i? seeept a protectorate on thc
pint of Hie United States for Hu- Prtnrcas, Quean
LHIaabslanl'i delan t.i the throne lo bo Ignored in
ta.e tho aropoetlteo tu accepted.
T.< Dr. Mott .-inlth. Hu- Hawaiian Minister in Wash
Ingteu, it is mid. Mc Davies mule a itudter propml
Hon, all boag! s niiwli.it mort extended. This wa.,
it ls t-utd. Ikal thc Culled Stetea ikouM establteb tbs
Ptlaeen on tho llnoae ,r IteeraH auder a ptoteetemte
nut! a regency for a lem, of three v. irs, at the n
pl ratl 'U of Ulai petted a new arrangement to be made
for Hie (-.vetnindi! ol the Island, -ntl-factory to thc
Halted -into. Mr. Davie, snggeeteg that B. II.
Dole, Hje I-testdent cf tbe pre-cut Pr ivlslonal tiov.ru
ti,"!it of li .wail. aboaU b>< Un regent under th.- ur
run.ctiient tint be s-tiggest.d.
It l-l -aid Hint Ibo action nf Mr. Davies In bttUgk_|
the Prince*:-- to tho tnlfej ,-tufes was uilien ur.~.iln.t
Hu* S-SBBfl of tor fib nds, bot! In ISM country and
lu Hon -.lulu, but that Mr. Davies iu eonnanteatioos
upon Hu- subject ha-- .-xpressrd lit .pinion rnffT ;,
vi-it to tbe . nit.-*, stabs t,y in,, prince*! could not
lull of imilRlBg In benoit te her cause.
Iii Ike linn-.' lo.Inv Mr. I'm lor, presented tm
reference ti the Commit!.n Foreign Affairs a reso?
lution requesting the Presldenl to lay before rbi
Haws th.- proposed Ireaty win. the Hawaiian Istendi
ai,.I all corn-pond',icc In connection therewith.
RITTOl.l) IN I'l.UN Willies 11V \ \ATI\T. CITIZEN
OP TIIF. I M.A Nil-.
To the Editor of Tho Tribune
Mr: The Hsuallan monarchy, whirl has Ollsted
from tko Hine of BaaWbaanba I In ISIS, has corni
tn BU '-nd. D appears to have eal Itself BR by Hu
roots. Tlc propre.s of corruption lu the pallico btu
been rapid during the lat two reigns, but wc did no!
IiImU Hu- throne would deetrey Itsell so suddenly and
During Ibe latter part of the nari ea of Hie Legis?
lature, which wa. prorogued January 14, bribery al
tke merni >t became com moo, mach of lt manifestly
??manaring from the palace, Tbe law bas Hil now
[in,lill,ii,tl ih>* Importation, possession, sale or use of
opium. Owing lo Um teegtetenry of the Marshal, bu*
men ?? i|uaiiililcs of opium have bee,, imagated lute
Ibe htugdeaa. iii.* Karabal, diaries WUaen. a
foreigner *.f Tahitian and Baropeaa blood, hus beet,
Ibe spec-tal tevortte nf Ibe ex-Qaeen Liliuokalani.
Though ihe Ba nbs I ls nominally appointed by tbe
Attorney Ueneral, Ibe Queen by hw personal Inlnenc
delermluedly kept Wilson In otlice. in opposition te
ihe will of every pany in tba nation. Threagh
bribery a un passed the Legislature ttcenatng Ike nu
poriailon and sale ol optun. Tke Qaeea was pe
Ht Inned by man} to ..-to UUs infamous bill, but
lli-t.:ul of doing Hits she lurid,? ha.le tu StgB lt. lier
Income from nlary und crawn lands wus about
B10O.000. lt l- aalvemlly believed thai this ab*
turdly largo revenue for tee rater of H,ls little aattoa
of 1K1.IMKI people WHS lavishly ll-., tl US ll (oriMlpt loll
fund to buy up venal leglsla tem and for other equally
dishonor.ible iis.s. Through lirlberv the Legislature
voled ont a CUblnc! whb I, il,,. Belton tru*ted and
v\iii. h tee yileen luit.-d. Next, by still more neb
bss bribery, a bill to license a lottery like timi of
Louisiana was passed, tboegh new pennons agskni
it wen* sent iii t? tli? LegtolB-UIS from aU the Islunds
ihan w.-re ever before directed against any Bingle
measure proposed, Bvery palptl la Ibe land spoke
Bgalml H : e\.-ry Christian society petltteued against
lt; tke < 'number of <o,ninene tnr.de solemn pcatml
agalnsl lt?all lu vain. Tbe bill, which was co?
ildered deed oalng le the universal opposition to lt.
wi?s suddenly revived and paaaed, strong petUlon
mos Ikea Inmediately made te tka Queen lu veto lt.
she treated Hie pelltloll With Could,ip! alld BteSe llUSto
Hu- -.un" gay i? sign tills intemoaa Lottery i-ill, which
bsd been iii--itl by tbe use nf most scandalous means.
-in- did 'hi* knowing perfectly that tke anesate weald
be coosldered Inimical and Insulting to the Cnited
Slates, tin.- m.-inber of ike Legtatatare was oil, nd
.1 salary ol ?*l? >..k>?> a year or gOO.OOO worth of stock
In tbe Lottery rompany if he would latraduee Hie
bill and vole for lt. Ile refund tho bribe. Those
nu command tue beet warcei ol Information say the
Lottery bill was engineered and pushed through tbe
legislature Irom Ike palace. It ls commonly reported
that tba Quma was offered a bribe of .100,000 or
moro to l:i-ure Hu- peasage and rignteg of the Mil.
she, l?.\lnc by bribery anti in contempt of constitu?
tional method! procured a Cabinet arbleh she believed
would be entirely submissive to her will, prorogued
the Legislature Saturday noni,. January 14. Be other
Leg!-talnre was to be chosen for two yours. Tbe
Queen seemed 10 hH.e (biaga completely iu her own
bands, with no possible means of legal or constitu?
tional redrew for two years. We were hound baud
and toot by lottery, opium, bribery anti a servile Gab
(net, to Ix* delivered to the devils of gambling und
debauebery. t.ood elttteni were almost In despair.
that very Batarday afternoon tho Queen drew up
nil her soldiers li, the palin , mounds und MUMUOUed
h-r Ministry. Tkey found lier seated st a table In
tho Hine Boom, stfll In tho magnificent apparel of
Hie nullullie and sparkling In a coronet of diamond..
?she told Hiern she lind dei hied lo abolish Hie mteUag
COB-Btatlau and te proclaim a hew one Immediately,
lier new constitution proposed among other things
to disfranchise over one-fourth nf the voters and the
owners of niuo tenths of the private property of Hie
blunda tO titsillsb tba elected upper House Of the
Legtstotun and te substitute for lt one whose mem?
bers should be appointed by herself. As Hie two
Honan rota together, this would msRp make the
whole Legislature the mere creature ot her will. She
demanded that ber Ministers should then and Ihers
-Ign ber bogas constitution and us.1st her In proclaim?
ing ll ta the people.
Tbe Ministry, though I abm. Ik Bt enough, simply
did not tiaro sign this constitution, knowing well what
stern and Irresistible opposition ll would instantly
awaken. The would-be despot stormed, commanded,
threatened mob violence BUd shook her list In vain.
Ohs had "lily been penni!tod to ascend the throne on
Johann Hoff *? in statu quo."
All-'}.' TT oflOB .'oiiic-s to our aid to express our
meaning. " I*?>ok lo the left, my little dears,"
as tho showman .said, "and yon trill USS I
grasshopper.' Thu RUUSbuppur is stun-times
called 11 cornemke. Tu crake* is to lionet. Tbe
nautilus is ihe national carriage of thp seas,
and Cupid is ajmbulie of snection. Johann
llnlT is no braJtfMt. lint he mav, perhaps, be
allowed t<> bu proud of the (Rd that there kure
been corrie*! over every known mean in ge?
ography millions of bottles of Johann Hoff's
Malt Extinct, which his proved an Ineatjaanble
boon to whole c<l "Hies ol sufferers, who apenk
willi affection of the benefits confemd upon
mankind bv this gieat Uetnmn beverage. Any
one. for inatnnee, who knows what Ihe torture
of dyspepsia is. will estimate at its ..roper value
a pleasanl cordial which will give live minute*,'
ease Johann Hoff's Malt bitnet doo* more
thu this, ll will put ihe malady cnlirely to
(fight, ami lay th.* .(.initiation of a new digestive
system. To have no appetite, and when you
liiivc. to he afraid t<i eat. to l.:iow that as
surely as voa put anything in your mouth acute
agony will result. i*> be followed by nights
iiiwm nights of reutlessiiem | to be able lo re?
lieve, ami to cure this BUSOnRte other ills arising
fr, m 11iHln.1tritinri is the lawful boast of Johann
Huff's Malt Extract. Beames of imitations.
The gt miine must have the signature of "Jo?
hann Hoff" on the neck of every bottle. Kisner
__ Mendolson Co., Sole Agents, New-York.
) There's Life in it, I
Health in lt,
Joy in lt. I
Tbs Delicious, Kparfcli__ Table
Drink. A -pet nie for Dyspepsia. Ia
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Mll'l sll stomach Ills.
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-The "Roche-Mr." Every Lum. ..rn-muled. UVm
,,ii>- thoti-aiui designs to select Irom. M-uv/aetend Vf
edward MILLER ft CO., io A Xii Ccllafi Piacs. R- T.
solemnly laking oath to uphold tb** constitution whick
she wss now milking every effort te destroy. That
constitution, which was Ibe gmirunlee ot tbs rights
snd liberties of the people, was al-o the foundation of
her sutuorlty. In bar frantic ai tempt to destroy lt
sic tut anny the basis of her throne, absolved the
people Irom their allegiance and committed one el
tho most treasonable .nd revolutionary acts possible
for a queen.
All the world knows tbe r. -ult. The cttliens rem
In a body mid appointed rn committee of safety, who
appointed an executive euroli of four snd an
advisory council of fourteen. Justice h. B. Dole.
formerly one of the Judges of the Supreme Coori, tl
the wisely i lin.en President of the Provisional Gov*
eminent, lhere bas been no loss of life; there are
nu disturbances and no riots in uuy part of the
We await In <|ii!ctii*-ss nnd hopeful expectation tba
ans,,er if the I iite.1 Hates lo our proposal of unloa
with tana. VVe now expert to be delivered tram
Hu* lottery, from opium, from bribery, from tbe gen*
emily defiling Influences which emanated. Ilks rn
pcsnieiiilal miasma, fruin the palace and flltereS
through till classes of society. Will not America, ta
whom we chiefly owe our civib/.atlon. Cbrtettealty,
comm-rce and industrial prosperity, generously hobs
out her hand to welcome in* inti her sisterhood sifl
statest We ure on a direct lin,* from the Nicaragua
ional to Japan and China, and from -San FrsncUioo,
Oregon or Washington tu the great English -Binnies LB
the south Pacific li bas became tke custom for nra
tsh and European Powers to take . .relbia eosaeadon el
ulm i.*t er 1. lands they multi s.-l/.e lu tels oceaa.
Ameicu has pursued a very different comae. Thft
wise and muttons American Minister, Br. stevens*
did not allow American marines t? bu landed on aug
soil HU the committee ad .._Mv a -kui him to do BB tnt
tl,e protection of American Rte and m-Opertp. He dig
not recognise the now- Oovernnent till, by the paean-*
sion of the OOS0llilB.nl buildings. !be archives andi
th.* troasurv, if was Ike d** facto i .over unsent, having
control of the capital and th.* Uland.
Tbe Provisional QoviwneUl hm no*** been aclmo**r|?
.dg.-d by all tee foreign Powers having representattvm
here. The Queen hue U*en d.|_._ed. the Hawaiian
monarchy abrogated, the papp. I Ministry and tka
Marshal distnl-sed. the Lottery bill repealed, atm
Hawaii asks te be bonomHv united to ber treal
neighbor. THOMAS L. OULIClt.
Pain. Muni, llawallrm Islands. Jan. 31, l.b_.
San Francisco, Feb. 'il.?Th** Occ'dentel and Ort*
antel Company steam, r Baltfl sailed for Hoof Kong
and Yokohama via Honolulu at lt o'clock this sitar*
noon, sh- did not carry any I'nited States troops fag
Honolulu, us lt was rumored she would.
Pittsburg. Feb. C.l.-In the case of the Edison Cona*
pony BSntaat the Westinghouse Electric Company,
for the purlc-e "' deteimining the lights of tha
latter company to manufacture the atopper lamp,
Jtidg>> Acheson, of tho Hulled Slate! Court, today
rend au opinion that the fStstlaU wns not one te
be determined eu a motion for a preliminary ta*
Junction, but Hint the difference In the construction
of Hie lamp ls such that a decision should only fol*
tow after the taking nf testimony In tbe usual munner
and after trial. Tbe next step In Rio litigation will
be the taking up of the petition of tho Westinghouse
Company asking Hie Court to restrain the rd laen
Company from bringing suits against customer! ed
the Westinghouse Company.
New-York Genteel best route to Cleveland. Detroit
Chicano, Cincinnati, m. Louis snd all mints Weat. .'.

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