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Ths Twiilcht t lui, bsd Its USS! dinner last evening
St the St. Denis Hotel. The subject fnr discussion was
??Should Criminals Un Punished cr Reformed P* After
much discunslon cn the port of Ibo men. lt wss tinai-l
mouely agreed that criminals should be both punished and
r**ft>n?i**d, or jsmlahcd. and thereby reformed. aW.I lu the
binds of the club ejieskers amounted tn th-- sn. thlte
Tbs meeting was a pleasant one. She sgmften mete
C. L. Wood-ridge, W. I'. Round. G. L. Ricard, J. JI
JeBO-Oa, S. C. T. Dodd, thc Rev. T. M. North. < .!,,!,, 1
C- W. Fuller, Dr*. Albert Sha rv and M. L. llolilbrook.
g. 8. Packard presld cd.
The am_gmoent of Lionel J. Noah, the law vcr, for
torgery, was continued yertndap in thi) lunka Poib
Oom rt be*)r* Ju*t!'-e Ryan. No etlditloiiol testimony "av
introduced, and Mr. l*urdy, Mr. Noah's counsel, ask-d
that tbe cose bc di ton! sics] on th-- ground of teSUte !< nt
evidence. The Justice dculcd thc u-oti.u aud h,',d UM
pdscuar in SS.WO ball.
Tbe Lincoln Pioneer Con**- pave Bl sn'.nd snntjs! r,
?option sad ball Inst evening in Tunmsny Hall. The
mill wes a sufeesf. In every way. There wan eeasM
able disappointment on ace.nt of tin- akama! of Whit*
mid Van Cott. the major of the corp*. Mr. Van Cou
was prevented from attending by the serious Hines., of his
mother, Mr-, .^.ellue Van .'ott. An,on, Kio gaSBSj
peeasot wee. e-Kes-mblyrron teena L. Van Allen it- i
Alfred Ut. Conkllnc, and Ssngl OtBgny, suj ?iluu-iidcnt
ot the Fernilee.
lbs committees In charge of this successful ball were
ee_ip_se_ of th* following: Hampton B, flatlljr. S. ll.
Sean, Beimel Baster, J. W. SohsoiTcr, BaaM Tapssrt,
Hugo Rswua, dewe M.lrslson. Rang! Wonk I Dono
sea. I. I. BjBQarUu, h. r. Bteenteed, w. OetUae, John
D. Doeker, g. j. M. Ginni*, John Coe. David Oteaep, Rea
mao Roqua, J. V. ShBgam, Xi. Reynolds TRYhUBI. Sf. St.
CMt Hsmilto... J J. .McMonagle, s. M. Raynor John
in Ute Georee W, Vsnderbllt BBBmf In ihe buibiins
ol tbs American Fine Ans Socletv. ere to Iht sen a
noznber ot magnificent specimen* of gold la tnt r boxe*?
Inna for perfume or medicine, a tall square .tand with
Uie Baast qusllty of XashlJI decorated in rained B_n. ,
eablnst of Sne gold lacquer with ornamentation on Na*t!ii,i
greond. This Important p'oi-e. toueth-r with i l_-_e bowl
with silver UUUntlag, sot the squsre perfume box. arc
parts of sn els_ora<.< narri-.,' ?ct of thirtv four Bteaan
ando for the Prince of Kawana ss s pre-cut tn t:,e p-inre
of Katsunia nu his msrr'aire lo Kuwana'a tlriM-ia-.. All
thetM pieces bear the fan,tit crest of thene prln-e..
A number <f JBgHBOn S***OfSl trmke ag another Inf-rent
lng exhibit, la Japan toe ..-.mr,] plays an iCp'-.rtvt
part. Large sums of money arc paid for thc best NaSaa,
I iii.M.
M vriMINT WAR ON *.!. 'I* I."Ten
w n cm R-inris s.
[nv u.i.i.i,i!ii ii t*> im TUtunm 1
Trentoi:, X. J., ico. SR.?ttev.tnnr Wirti, as waa
gener.-iilv expected, reto *i lb. I'stkei rsctel bills
to-_ay. A fear ml,iii^.s after lb* opening of .he
Home Private Beereln v McMastera appeared with
the anmage. (-peaker Flynn ordered ll te be ipread
upon tbe Brinnies. Mr. HatrMnion. Republican, "f
Mercer, altered a resuluttoa pruvldlni tko! the lions,,
si. as u Comntttm ol ihe Whole on Tuesday ne*.t
to eonslder ike siibjo, i. Tbe r< solution aaa defeated,
17 to ?_-. Those v? int.- in tte* negative wen- Mc si-..
Carroll, Chamberlain, Clark, Cayla, Cramer, Daly,
Dltmar, Diver, Dapnv. nerrigan, I lonee, Kearns, li.
F. Kelly. T. M. Kelly. Leaning, Lawless, uivaney,
Parker. Bkeppai i. -?on;. Strahan, saui-tout, Taken,
IBampaon, Fine, Warn, Wright and Beerier.
The ana-a-ge arm ihen Ind ovei-. as required by the
Plate, Constitution, fur one dav, ond win l.e taken up
lu tho lion, fee Baal action tom.not*. Referring
to the Stet "f tbs three Ulla, No. -!'!>, the Governor
To tbs (, . ra| Umtati t,;-.
I herewith i tura t. lb' ?> ae:al AaenWy, ta which
Boase it erigin:tel, B.ll N , -'?>'?>. "r i Blt enj-ttltts
thereto b l'-!!- Jated
Bill Ra t'.?ti provides tba! Beards ot Chosca Free
holder, of any .aunt**' o. the governing todj el aa] mao!*
clps; dlv.M.i.i ot titi- Stale . 1 ,r n term noi ,-\ ? ellng
flvo yta-.-. Ile OBS! th,- ii rm,tc, icc- ..( i , -tri !;. .ind ree
uno thereof foi tho ruiiiilni , ra, ii : 0. UOttl g of lc:.'
for any pu:-* ai -ia!. pl.> other tilings, imd thui
tt shall be unlawful io maintain or un a rac croom la
Uils State wlthoui such Bcocso. The raualng, nontag
si;tl paclm; of harms foi imrs. s et pri7-?? nt faiis or
e^hlbitione of any agrlcainral or ether eerpontcd soclelr
Ih not now uali t.f.i! in in.- Mate. !' baa b-eeoif ri
leadliis featuic. ond. 1.1 n.rrty peisons, the fhii-f stteaeUOB
at thc sarto* - State n:i*i eooat) aerteullural falls and ? x
bibltlor.s h'Vil yearly tlir*i(;liont tee Mate
PeacUealli tk-i ra-mu* ..f horsrs fer prim oi parses
may bi nmrd*d as generally **crmlvlbtc sn.1 u." ;
of the pai'sna* of DUI No ?'.*'.? would bs subatantlally
to r* i^ier ntii.i-.vfui. aaleas s license xv obtained what
Ia nov lattfni withont ? ,1 eos Tl. sftei n llrcnss
vould be KQelred for ail places wh n prim oi parses
might i*<> ogeffd to 1^- teateaded f?>r by tee nndugi
pacing or Heating et horses, if lhere tan, the raanlns
pa-lr.g or tr.ittinc of h..i*??< as uaw i? rni.tt-J le deeaie]
objoctloi.i.b'.*. Hill Re, SM sltould le snrroved s? t iitllne
n lindi and r^yr-"-.. ti.bJcrUouabls praeUce. Standlag
alone and wttho-it r fee b a tr, aMeariBut lasklatlaa, tee
bill, to my vi-1!*', fiirnisle-i no eecasloa for seii,,*i? ob.'-' -
tlon. Rill No BS ls, however, but pan and perm of
a lehwur rmbotli'-d in two otb r Assemtly ! ills, namely,
Nos. 300 anl 301. which nre al-o returned without ex
e<utlve apitroval and for nmeaa Si>t?:arlnrj In th* veto
neaaagn te. roof.
I am eoaotealntd to nttehSM mv ai>pro\al lien !>:!! No.
Ia lils consideration of bil! No. DOO, the Gavetnm
The object nf w?id bill ls to permit and lecali*" tt-ttln?
ind particularly tbat f rm ni bottiiuf t-: n;>-tl "heokanktel,"
at horse raes arima the aatntm tnrleean of the gnusds
of sny teeenune of unv aiibaan.nl mien m neat in
torponvd body in tlil- suite
1 rc'jard tho pepeeed lesls'.-tion os in Boodie! w.th
Bod prohibit,ll bv that clause sf the St.ite CoOsUMUSfl
which provides aat "no lottery shall he aethorttcd lc law
of this State, and nt ticket hi any lattery aol a lUinrlf'Vl
liv law of this Stato shall bo bought or s-,lii wilbla U_h
^tAte.*' Purthcrmoro, if n >t babb- to th* ceasUtattonel
Objection, the prv,pn?ed legislation ls not. tn inv opinion,
lo harmony with the aaSgMaaed psgalsi nathamt or
accordant with Bound public p -io y
Rccognl/lng tie tlifli'riliv, if int thc ImpeSf.Milty, ot
tntiiely snppres*ln? tin* practlte of betUng at iaca* aid
other events, thc advisainiity ot regeeeUvB leglriattoa la
refcrea.co thereto may falrlr bc a nibjett of ilse Us 4m.
Sui"h BglflaUoe might prove wisc and brueUrlal, ?* la
dealing with ths ii(1i,?r tralltc. bm the bill in geeettea
while limltlnc betdiif t,. the ra. Ins itt..o.-ur.- ami t.. r.e-.-?
Cay* and upon rai-c-ra ks within suth teeleeura '" ???
Intents and paipesn meets the anett.a uniin.ited. in
that no mull.loo ol tune or rthQfWln is bapoaed. Tim
DtStter le, therefore, not d'alt witli as a pruttl'C to be
suppressed, restrained ?r togoWeS, but rather as on? to
he protected aud ,*ntour?L'ea. 1 ao not tl,mk Utat a |UBpw
way to d-.*ai win, tin- subject.
1 shall not advert t.. tlie alleged d"morallzlng agaitl
to society snd Hie tedtVteUBI attfimtng upon and raenlt
Inc fr_m legalit-sl or lllo;al l?*-ttiiig. Those en qties
lions that address teaanBvm to tho '.monal seusateiattm
Ol each legislator.
Pbs the reasons etated. I decline to approve thc bili.
Of bill Na 301, Goveinor Werta _ays:
Ths effect of tho aaaaagl al said bill URI be to prevent
any geiean n aavaamMaa "-oim or carrytag on n
U-enaed nee teack ta? provid'-d fer in Av*-tnbly Bill N'o.
290) trom being Indletet as a k""per of a dlanllllj hoi*'
etc. Should ftaaauSty hSR Rm. "va and soo boconr,-,
laws, tho psossg. of Assembly Bill No. 301 ls s'.togitli.'i
?useless, bfcould Nas. -'.Tt and 300 not become laws. RU]
>"o. soi (tf apamBm) would provid-* vary tognpntteaatt
aud laadequate pe-iaiti-t.
I I Uierefbro withhold my signature fi om the bill.
The i*eprosentadv<* of the Law and Order League
have almost given up hope of being able lo stop tho
passage of the bills ove. Hie Governor's veto. They
Intend to employ counsel at once le take the Bmtter
into court. They e.\po,t to liavc bill No. 300 de?
clared unconstitutional, and Uiey wm apply for In
_un.tio_i_ tn put ii stop to me bolting und l_,.kmakliii;
Ut Gloucester and Gu.tenburg. Th. I41W and Ordn
peo-jile are just begtente| to g"t tbfdt ire up lu earn.et.
bald one ot iheru to-day :
"We are not discouraged, and we will never give up
the betlle against tke terri!,* Itilrjuiues in camm n
and llud.sou. We wig light until we erasa mem,
ruhUc sentiment ta on our bide and alwava win be.
Legislatures may give ns the cold shoulder, nay stop
their ears when -wo come knocking at their dean
to be heard, may make law. for the benefit of tbe
gambtere a-id blackleg* and blackguards, but one dav.
and that IB th** nour future, nan more stringent
agsln*t gambling thai, nnv now- upon the statute book!
?td. be passed. Thc disgrace of this winter will be
wi|s*d out snd atoned lm. The honor of Rear-Jersey
dcm_ndt< lt, and true Jersey mon are now, as ihey
always have been, loyal te the Interests of Ike state,
and they win soe to it that Hies-) vicious enactments
ene Molted out.'1
Freohold. N. J.. Feb. IR Conn.J I-tOO*CUtoe Kins
to-dsy applied to the cum at this place for an order
to taine summons to the Monmouth Park Racing As
eootetton to appear in court mid answer the indict
moot od maintaining a nuisance and viol-it lng the
law in allowing pools to be sold at Mn Monmouth
rnrk racetrack. The court Issued an order wiri* li Ls
returnable on Thursday. March i*.
a priam of royal blood w-oun nuBMn hhantl tacky, it t?
?a,d, if a year's Income would purchase .he ptsdurt of
tlt_ t'ost swcrdstclth. Tlie eena! of thc irak",-- who
muted to pei fe tt lee Un taraloa and naspertug mt iword
I li b. ure known fioin th" teeth toomey on. Th" q-i:nil?
li. . <.f tito wert el the early artlsaai an aaeseellei even
in later periods, it i- arid, Tin* JBpeaem believe th-it
the epltlts of their BBfOStOrs eame to th'ir ail Uhm ham
mering and um hine nek blades.
?ihath vim; arscrakces from a semi
DtspatrlMa ai bb atararini tbaraetet have rrcenily
been pubHehed In regard io Hm* transfer to an Awitai
company nf ibe concession grant,st by ibe Dominican
Government to a Hutch syndicate ol bankers, beaded
by Mr. Westcndorp. against a loan o! uboul g7jOOO,000,
Thai ayaSteete had obtained tke privilege ol pocketlni
the prnceed.. ,,f Hie Cu.toni linil-i* dulles and o! nI>I"? 11ll
te| revenue ofltaen, ami lt ans reported tbal .".(hi.mai
acres of lend bad ?l*-n been elven to (fee syndicate.
I me doab! e\isi. in resp,><t to Ibe latter statement.
However, lt ls rertaln that in American esnpsny bm
be, ("nc lbs owner of lbs rights BBd privileges cull
reded to tbe Dutch hanken. ll ans nuaoted Imam
ililli.Iv Ilin* Hie people i,r Snot, Domingo were ill*
snii-iixt with rite arrangement and threatened lo over?
throw it. author. Hi,-ld,mt HeaiVUUa. Ibis mav be
possthle aa a result of tl,.- lear that Ike American
company may think it necessary In Introduce new sn']
.safer methods In the levying of dulles snd di-charge
some of ibe present native ,>lli,-,-r-.
lt was atm said ibal European Powers, especially
Spate, wimbi protest against Ibe Intrusion of the
?.mollerin company a.* ? menace to Ike independence
of Sanio iionir ... mil le Ik tranqulllltv of Cuba and
other Burapcan colonies in the Wesl ladles, n ls
therefore mo-i gratifying to Bee Ibis International hug
l'.ti dlapoeed ot by "Lat Rovedadea," au aatborteed
and temtaflktal organ of .Spain tn Uria eltv. After
having referred, in highly patriotic and pn* spanish
lentlmenta, lo tho e_apB<ebea exchanged la regard lo
tho Santo Domingo affair between Ibe Captain-General
ol .'nba nnd the Minister of Cotonin Bl Madrid, - Ins
Novedadn " sa. -:
- According te an Infonnatfofl reeelved here, and
-'ill i,ene according i*t tbal fumtshed te our Govern
nen! i-v thal ol saut.. Domtnao, Iht <.I a ol Banana
I*:iv ls not a la, t : and. In regard le Ihe revenue COB
vent lon, thi.- has only a purely private character, and
Itt In in*.or oi i syndicate which. If Its deelnrations
ar*' truthful, |. merely pursuing commerctel aim-. Tbe
relations of ti,,-? _-rndlra.e wt.a Ibu luimlnlcsn Goren.
lieut, in en tar as they are pu Mle ly known, remain as
formerly explained in precratng numbera. We shall
not dwell upon 'hem, and will conclude tv expressing
id., hope lhal the Madrid Gevernment ls st this hour In
po-sesskin of tho proper amiiaunn or gaaianiees lo
be experted from lue Government _.' Washington."
Iii,-., views liave Ih-011 COI roborated bv ri Ililli"
Washington dispatch. The Spanish charge d'Affalre*
i .ill si npcn .ho .eorotni-v ol s;_t.. and wns Informed
thal the Government of the I'nited States knev
I'othlng 'ilin lal about tl," Domloieaa eeuoeesi^n t*.
un American company, which was a purely private
affair. There wns no mund, therefore, for Hie in
Ilma.lon lhal the I'tiHed states was intcrl.-rltig with
tanto Domingo in any way.
Som*' of thc rcT'der- nf Tito Tribune in Ibis eltv have
ln'eiy expreased their glsesttatertten with the quality
ol w'l-ril flour now frequently obtained from firs' rtesi
grocers, They (anrptete .tint their bread i* not al
all up ta tho standard to which Hw have bee,, BC
eustomed, and are anxious to learn the cease. This
taiBOn ls recorded a* one of the tn,>-t lUCcesaful for
flour making ever known lu Urta country. There w-,is
an abuaSanl and a remartubly uuB-ripeued harvest,
and mine's huts bad m* difficulty in turning out even
Ugh qualRy Irand- by anv of the grinding preceeaea.
in ihe opinion of experts, therefore, them siiouid i*e
noreeson why rouqrislnti skouM rome fran consumera
of t\\xv qualities of flour or of Ike cheaper tamil]
graft, s.
There have boen Sum when bayon saffend from
tbe deception of choice brandings being placed on thc
scraped booda of Inferior barrell af flour, but Ihe
(l.-titiotis -t *:iciis ar* no longer to be teared. The
rigorous mies and tratckfalnen of tke haloes Ks
(hang*' committees have made their u-c vi:
Imp >s?,bl_.
a Tribune npoi-lci bas mode itifiuirie.s upon ike
causes of complaint among flour Reelect on '. hBBgO,
who are pcaettml, well-informed men, and also aanag
many well-known grocers. All admitted Uni Hie
flour of 1hls aeBSOB should !>*? Found or (Baillee!, rs.,me
?aid thai lhere might have beea BriBtakfi la tko
lioinc preparation of the bread. Others lUggested thal
tbe haber bad perbapa not given ihe ft,mr auBrlenl
trial. BUR otken te.lmated tbal a chang,* of Utekea
Irelp in som,- tOOtt might show ? variation of -kill Iii
bread-making a prominent family baker tkoogh. tha.
the p.,.verity of tim winter might have n tearing np"ii
defective i-rej.aratlon of bread for the oven. II" said:
'? T'n-re hu' been nu unusually lone term of ntii
weathet and boumwlvee o.- tkelr esslstenti stay noi
mm given attention te Ihe nnbeoken temperature o*
wann!li needed for Hie proper raising of dough. Any
irregular temperature Ls detrimental la Uria matter
and BhOUM oe noted. Poor bread n,'iv 0CCW aha In
ikla way; Mans of ibo seuri-ptafeaatenal eooka are
BO. aware thai Lard, dry winter-wheat (lour ls more
ea.silv fermented than Uie *..fi.-r. moister spring sort.
T.'il-'would make a difference In the quality ld bread
hr home use if .? '-irrcl o' -spring' should follow one
of -arteler.' Holli un- good, but lt ls w.ll i i km _
Which bus boen customs illy n-?*d und M btO that Hie
grocer or Hon: dealer deMven ll."
?? The irrooer, *av lhat they ultl eXBBdne Ihe flour
In their stocks and leam If there is any reasoa !'<r
tie- eomptelals which kavl been made.
Considerable talk was caused ymterday in Pmtestsni
Episcopal circles by the annOuneeUMnt tl_U tbs Rec.
Jesse Albeit Locke, who until last November Wu*
one of the e_sl_tfl_t? st St. John's Protestant F.p!I
copal Church it, Vartek-st., bad joined tiie Roman
tvhniie ckarck. No obum hud been ssttgned for
ills action, ile wont Vt F.nglnnd tesl December, imd
as.rocenUy as Christmas Doy ba millted in COOdUi Ung
th.* services in a Pro'estunt Episcopal CbUKk tu Lou
don. Thc news of bis chungo al fal tb was received
a few days ago by the Rev. Phillp A. ll. Rrown, the
rector of (st. John's. In Ms lotter Mr. I.oche rlmpi.
said that lie bad changed lils view, and bad Joined
ibo Befimn Oat bom Cbareb.
Mr. Lt eke was brought np In the Hap! Kt tel.k.
Ile was educates at Columbia college, from which
be was graduated with kenon, ll" Unveiled In But "ire
for s.me Hine, nnd then resolved to become aa Bpte
eopal minister. He simile,, ai tue General Theo
logical Seminary la this ei*y, ead was gradual.ci li,
l--.. Aft.-r ir.- natl Brea an eaatttant at st, paul's
Cathedral In Garden City, L. l., foi some line be tefl
tba! place to became an last-teal al St. lobn'a, winn
l.e bad p mal,i.*d ftir tbe last five yeera.
The Kev. Phillp A. ll. brown rate y.CSteldsy tint
be was too much Burptteed and ovemome te talk ea-iut
Mr. Locke'a rhaage <>f faith. Mo idded tbal while
be tl.ought that -'iiiiie powerful nu'*ld,- influence mid
been brough! to bee. upon Mr. locke, ne fen for som..
lime that Mr. Lo,!,, would sooner or later J*,in tiie
Roman catholic church.
Chic,go, Feb. S3.- .ult was begun io tlnv to break
tho will of Wllllum M. D'-iby, sr, of CktCagO. Mr.
I),'rby dl.-d last December, baving au mtete valva-d
at 13,000,000. Tke suit ls hmagki bf bat daughters.
Mr*, Gertrude s. WaSm and Mis. Fhurea |,. | leave,
akO Hillier the terms of Sn Will were lo reo.l.c
eely ti'io.ooo each, Ibe greater pan ut Un remaladf.
Bf tl.e eatate going to a third child, William M. Derby
Jr. M?ie than <_,.-???,.. rf) won't ol pmpetty wa
Imaaferted te his mn batar. Mr, Derby's di 'i
TIM* daughter, nllege Hun tl,,lr father- Urns Ut Ut
sound mind, and Uni Inproper influent ie ...ts rs
cried by lbs floored sol,.
Kdwarrt Thompson. IMrfrp-Sva years oil, wlio wa..
removed from the lodging-house Ra. io Pcii.i. us
Wednesday, us u 'suspect," was found lo bc <-uffer
lng frum typhus fever yesterday, and sen! to Noni,
BfUtUW Island. His ease was the only one of typha*
fever lo be found in the city since Pttdny. Two
deaths from tho fever were reported on RteebWeR*!
Island ymterday. Tbe victims were John lle'n.s uni
Da at el MeEoovcr, both <*f whom had been in tin*
workhouse und had caught the fever there.
Laura savage, twenty-one yc?rs old. of No. lift
We-t Tniuti mtamk at; Katie labuan, len yean old.
of No. 1114 Weeks uve., sud John Greene, thirty -
five year- old, of No. ;i_'_ Kast Tweatleth-t., wen
seiit to Berth brother island, auSartag (toa snail
pox, yesterday.
? m -
Nell McCtii-y, nf No. 174 < Ix rty->t., hi. heen mlnsinq
fsom his home sin-c tsunda.r. After |g rams from un le*
Uild the family that h" mi BUteg to visit his renate,
Jau,"s Wier, who lives st No. !8-"i Grorsie-nt.. QmaagOtat
Ile Old not return home on Peadar night, and his m*ii Rd<
ward tser.t to th* ronsln's hon-** m Monday. Tli" rnu.I'i
said that Met'urdv hsd lyrtx CAm on Sundav nlpht and
bsd left there at '.?:_) o'clock to go homo, .hal was the
last that ni seen ot McGurdf.
Ari: ur Uary, wau tot m"." than a (-mention bai
bera eouspicain In Rew-Yorb busbies- ami _octel
ciel--, died la'c on We..ia-, nlghl .'t hi* home,
Sa DO I'.f'h-av.'., fr.-in pncuB-Onla. Early In Jam;
au Mi. Leary had aa attack of lnflu*nu. after pu j
vioiisiy rulering from earBer altecki od Uta 6-tp.
Ile wai mpldly recovertag Irom th- more serious '
pba . of bl. ailment., abeu, a few day* ag... pneu
B-oata developed, lu hi* rahem-ied pliyslcal condl*
!,on he wa" ,,,,.ii,ie io willi.laud the disease, and lils
death mun suddenly. Ilin brother. Charl ? C. Leary :
hi- *, ni.. M's. Leary and Mrs. loka Berry, sad nts
iel, <?*_. Art taw Berry, formerly Mayor Hewitt'! pri?
vate lecretaty, w. re with lum whe, he died.
Mr, Leery waa born In IBOO. in Now York City. Ha
>t:t. :, -on ol Jasen Leary, hkua.ll a native of Rew
Voil; aad a arrB-knowu cl.bten. Tlie pnpnty now
occupied tv tb" H'-riini (Mfleet at tire ^aarantlue
station on Staten tetend wei at one lian owned
by mid w.is um home ,,f the ester Mr, leary. Tbme
'.'",,? tbs Hine. wh**ii Commodore Vanderbilt, ead
later, William li. Vanderbilt, the Asplnwalls and other
well known New York people liv. it mi ibe Island, nt
far trout the Leary home, and Hi"ir neighborhood
life waa Intimate an*l plea-ant. wm, ihe lapse ol
?rears and larrrasa of fortune, riii eame together into
tiie serial tuiT.-nt of tbe grosrtng meiropotta, .lames
Leary icing a eloae Mend nf ConatodJre Vanderbilt,
a. Ins .-.trthur, * -run* to bo ii 'I. BUd intimate
friend of William ll, ami bia son*.
Arthur i,;iry aaa educated in Ibe private -elmo's
of New Yolk. Ile wa- rill apt anti nady student,
and white developing a fond nee* tar -tandan! literature
be :il-t> revealed s laste b-r buslnr i and Inanctel
nlte-rs. Ait.-i- bruin, sri.I lu- entered the s* rvlee
of Barbe McRvera, ai tbal lime a promt noni shipping
merchant and president ol lae Nee Vork Marin.- ta?
tura nee. Company- Mr. Leary within a tew yean
became a partner ot Mr-. McRvers, nnd his genial,
amiable manners soon canted him to be a favorite al
Ibe old men haul'*, om ol bb .pedal (fiends being
Moyal Phelps. Afi.r lb. death of bis partner, Mr. |
b.-rny ranted on Ihe haslams successfully on lils own i
account. Ile aas elected prestdenl ot Ihe Nee Yorh
Mutual Marine In -arrirn ,- Company ns Ibe successor
of Mr. McEvers, Un Marah 31, l- "'-. Ibe Park Hunk,
now Hr" National Park Bank, arm srganU <l. sud si Ihe
lime of hi.* death'Mr. teary wss Ibe sir survl* Bl
member ni Ibe original board ol dire lora, and Ihe
sent r <i.1or In Ihe nra ? al board, ihe Beal In
. . .-iou being Rugrne Kelly and Kbenexei K.
Wright, pi,-bl. ni o'. Ike tunk. About twenty yean
ago Mr, Lear, w.i eterted vtae-prceldeal ol ll bank.
but only within Ute Inst two yean had be been In
dall) stteadanr-* at ti." olSre ??: Hie Insiltiiilon, ahere |
be relieved tl.,- president la Uie discbarge of Uie vi
Inert astng duties nt his {dace,
?several yean ago Mr, Leary as* Interested In ih<
t nurd Steamship Company, an Bnocta.lau wii'i* aral
broughl Bbont Ibroagh tke lari Ibal a daughter el Mr.
M Rvrn had married Edward I .i'l, wan mn mb
leojueuUy knighted bv Hie Queen. Mr. Leary's rae
aerUoo wiMi the rourpauy within n tam v-m- waa Itt
solved, but h" eantlnued la Ibe sMpplng business. A
lurgr sailing ve iel, u.e t leopatra, I .ooo lem bord n,
tin. bulli f t iiim ibonl] Bf.iv .be close of tte War ol
tlie Rebellion, ile waa 11.-'.st some lian agu pratt
den* of the New*York Mutual Ga Ugh! Company, and
a i spied tiini pitt ?? a bea kt died. Ile wa i also a dlrec
lor In Un* lillie .ls Cent ral B .ir,.u,i Company, Un Ri *
York Mutual Marine Insurance Company, Un Paclflr
M..ll steamship Company, tue MaBbet.aa Lift i serance
Compuuy, t'je LuiU:.ii,- taring Daub and ibe Third
Avenue Ballway company, lie was ab i ai
.,( Comm od ora Garrison ,. Ihe bili lurllon m-,, i ...i
.tm, rion of m.- Metropolitan Elevated RaUwa. Com
pany in this lt],
, ? ? abo knew Mr. Leery la bis I
tc r f, ;,, dbi Bell i".:* ? bi -i nerti I I idgw -al in -
net tlon sith larg* Inanrial underiaMnm and i- i
Always genial, kindly and grnerotia, ul ? Imuul is
of a Ulan iiai,nil-, sympt.ihe.1 a tl li and ever rn
a--.1,.-; ihe unfortunate, ... r* / I ? which
divide i Imi In. ss and i n bi - I i
and emoUonal good WAL Fre?|uenUy, wht i ci ?'?
I ne w.-r* bit Ighl io ..i- Bt.enll ii. Ile
urn Brid fran I '?? i" lo* - * I lead i telplns kai ti
lo those wno only n.-.-d.-J u. I, bs dan ? lo put
I hen on their fee. lg tin. Il im-Ii ni, de i
in sui a warka ol t kartty,
in tba tat ..ii ur,' ol ibe me ropol ? biluenre al
Mr. leary w.> potent. Us _.,. toni IdenUfled with
the oM <*r..u,'-r, v Park element, Ibe l o?.p. r*. t...
H.-wltt. .mt! ,.t . :.,,!, .,.,., r..i! rn links Harli I*
that which is paaatni away, and ameug tbe d*-;.
and the rising, the pennis ami il,.- -on- alni Sa UK ll
len "f Iii tine, Mr. I..> ti* .t . oi.- |... a.... ? i. .
And thu- lt came alo'ii* tba! bl I :? enc* v l*n
stutitl'. .ought Iii siicini gatherings, li I td .
bini. also, that ibe kindly Impulaes of bh natur*
were so itreng ihol he hesitated io ci. * in,*- mu In vi ti
tlo:i 1****, lie nigh, seem '?? -llgi.t ti..-** abo bad
liivi'ed i,!in. Re lived modestly for th. I.,-t (went)
reen in .i ra | hoes* el tr,,- ,,id fashioned dayi lu
Hf), .v.- . between 1 HU rt fen th nnd I'lfleeiilh -'- . Will
.?in unmarried I --r and brother, li- pen! bl, sum
rn*r h: Newport, und I* wi- lhere lr, the tau]
:.-ir.- thal be uss Steel conspicuous for hts hospital!
lu pollilci Mr. Leery w? a Democrat, and ?:??.
?l,,. Tweed expoeurei snd Hie reorganitatlon *.f lh*
Tammany Bocleiy In i-tj be ?r,* elected Ireasiirer.
He lOUghl lo olin, i,i?l declined tbs otb-r Ol Ilirit.V.
all,on, O-n, ibe Cou.mllor.blB ol Rea \"r_ ti",
which wat offered lo him bj Mayor smith Kir. jr
Ile was ii President ai eta* lorin i?- ??. ll* wai a irusiee
of tbe brooklyn Bridge for a yeur rs twa. Mr. I
wa- one of ti..- older mi mtiers ,,r tbe i'nlon ? lub, and
wu- ide, un.-a win, other octal organisations,
H.- was -i Roman Catholic and attended -,r.l..
ut Bt, Francis Barter Church, ll** al-o had ? pew
in -? Hn-riik's Cathedral, nie fniH-ral will Uki
plate ai tba * atkedral on Monday at n> a. m.
The Bee. Dr. Stepbea II. Ballin, ractor emnitui
of Cati t Prots teat Episcopal Church, Jeraej Cltp,
lied at bis home, Ocmo-ave. und FormtaL, yosi.-r
di.v, from bright's dlseg.e. Dr. Lattin was boin la
New-York seventy live years ago. When, t
Church wns established in claremont av.*, be became
Its llr-t rector, a position l,e retained unHl n few
yean ago, when be be ca bm rector emeritus, und tbe
Rev. John C. Hewlett became tke active tarin
Once chinch was originally rt .'nail, anprete.
fi.-uno building Bitten ike eongregattou en.grew the
lim*- ekurek Dr. Battta inuit a handiani .-.mice in
Arlington ave. st bte own io t. lie spent ff-ln.o*>.>
?a lt. mid when lt was completed he eoavrged th*
_:??? nd* and building to th?
one daughter. 1 he fun. ral
at tbe i .,'ircii on saturday ? i
i regatlon Ile tefl
. , will luke pla, ,
nt H O'Clock.
PmbakUl, N. v.. Peb. Ba.-Stepben .\',.-,:j. who
r twenty vats wa* an examiner el .Utlms in tbe
epartmenl of Ftnaam, In New-York city, died oa
'ednesday nigh! ut bu borne, No. SHS Bmlth L,
ifksklll. at the Bge of eighty-ts , yean. Ile
sinned fr ilil bis plate & few BtOOtkl ag). I Io Wai
i appolatel bp Andre. II. Green when Ike tetter
i. t nn'i ll,-,-, bi l-*7_. as an expert In printing and
iib nen. Mr, Angeli lind bsiij p? ,- ona! (neild.
nong tho older city ofliclnl-.
Danbury, Conn., l'.l, ga (gpet tal).?Jordan I
Hailey, wini died on Monday after i .short Rtneae, aui
bon, in Putnam County, N. V., about Ifty-aeven yean
ago. in ln.vi be went te New York Uty nm! catered
lb* employ of J. n. close ,t smith, wholesale clothb i .
lu laos be form.-.i i co-par.aerahlp with Silten M.
Hanan, and for mail] yean he .nnl"d t,n a prosperem
bnriuem lu lue Bowery, Ibm Ibe eeutre *>f the lion,
te| lind,* in Rea Vork. Ile wa i member ol the
mn Begimenl for <v\in peen, aad wai quarlcrmasler
?! tin- regiment during Ibe cotouelcj ol James il :..
Jr. Pm th,-., years be wai a* orteled with R. Hub
bard Milli r in tbe clothing business ir, Puarthave.,
N.-w "iori; City. Ainu! (uartcen yean ugo be formed
ri buln.- - connection with Brattan Brothers, ol Rew*
Norh, whteb wa. terminated by bli tba.h. During
tli'-.e Veals lie bete ti place ?f Trn-1 amt respOBStMllty.
iii- funeral service, aili be brid al Mira Brook, Conn.,
nt ll *30 p. lu. on Militia, .
R. S. si ITV KN.-*.
Bod-ester, N. Y., Fob. S3.-A dispatch iron Al
Ben, N. V? sa>s that K. ts. Stevena, ex-menber "f
t mgteaa, *iie*i at his boan ben Htls norning al I
o'clock. Mr. Kevern ?a* bera ls Attica in March
?27, IM4. Il" was admitted lo Ike bar, but aller
ward rnmged lu farming. Ile wa- elected lo the
XLVIIlth Ct-ngreat. .is a Democrat.
Beaton, Feb. 'J3 (Special)--Ooerge BneU, one ot
the heat anawa atubMeeta of Beaton, died csriy u,is
morning at lb, heme la the .Studio building after an
Hims., of several Weeks. Mr. Mell was born In
l.ondo.i. Knglaiid. in x>-2ix, and cam- to BOBtag In
1-4!'. Here le was universally esteemed, b-tUg n
.peclni favorite with pUBUg men. He Wm edaeated a*
i u airi'iltw t and was graduated from the in t|t??. ,,,
11 vii Bagtaeen la Lsnflen, where be rarelved (be
Telford Medii. Mr. fen. ii did mme reamitable w?.rk.
H.- was .me nf th*' icsding atcbtteeta betere the war
in Beaten. He built Matte flull, tfe bi. granite
bank building at Ra. SI Stab* m. and iiuinv other
buildings. He erected, In eURUetflou with his partner
James B. Grof-oraou, many tiilldiuus ou Bea con-at.
In tho ail|bk_eSi__S of Dartmouth-st. In USS he
ireelved tbe angel of tbe Huamae society sf Haem
chusetli for his exerttem In neening Mr. Clark, of
i,iel,ea, from drowatog la Janalea I' nd. Mr. snell
was weil known karang Un daba, heten|lng at Ike
Hmt* nf lils death ta the francrmt, the I'aton, .st.
r, ii.tpii, ii,- r.mv. ih-- r-i tern Vachl Cteb, lb"
T:t| \ t h. and Ihe Thursday Evening (bib. Mr. -?
belonged te Ihe Church of England, and attended
Church of the Advent In Boston.
Mr. "-nell
Captain ..il!>o:t william*, ono of Hie mosl popular
ami wbf'-ly known American sea rttptelns, died late
cn Tu.-dr.- nlghl in td! spsrimenti In Ihe tanda
Hon-", No. it Lafayette Place, Captain williams was
barn ifty-eeveu year* ul". In Bases, Donn., which wm
nt that Hmo a .shipbuilding town of eoattdenble Im?
portance. Ills tamil* wai ktenllSed with the ship?
building Industry. From tbe dapa of bis childhood
Captain William* knew almost ev,,yl!ilng lhere WSI IO
iw known shani mips. Sith inch mrroundlBSi it was
?or,imo v
WV ^R _*&
not strang* thal he should hove derided te "foti ???
Uh* en." When about slateen yi in oM be began bte
experience ii .i salter, -tripping . :i one ?'. 'leigan'
l im,I,.11 parhei 1.1.14pa< He became auster of
tho ahlp \iibi Prance, or thal lae, wh-tfi he wai
ai. it tweiitt liv yean *.;<t. Ai thal lime Morgan'-*
shi**- carried nu a lucrative passenger tnriflc briwern
No-.- v,.:k mid Looiou. Cantala WIlRams commanded
several ship* <*! Ibis line. Leter be mn Busier of
i,ri,.ll. Mintara 6 Oo.'s si,lp Hyi.Uh Rorb. Bat
in ? ' Ihe t ,;,( lin's ll*' ?"! Ike ? ss wu pt I I on
lil" .lui*- ..f Ihe Mallory Lin*. During Ihe iii-1 len
?e .: ..' ' ' . lureni] f.i- ? ot x ive.- v Uh Ihe M lilt !*)
Line Captelp Wilbani commanded Miling
plying b,:si-ii .\-w Y,>r!, and China, .lapin BBd India.
I., ibo ir;M t* n yean Ut wai rn i 1.1 ol "?>? varlou -
Ma i ry steamship- ""anning b-riween Rew-Yorb and
I |i u Ut wai m ci- - ot Uie i I Mp Bute of
i.? ,j.- .it tb* tour ,.' iu. death.
i epial * Vt IBI ti ?? - ma censed by cong
of iii- bralu which waa brough! on bj rxpooure
ll" arrived In Nee *,<>rk harbor **i'h n- il
rn, PCbruan *?. after -tr. aamuully <n ;._-i~-i'-i.- t;*
?ga. i...r- wai a denn fog and lb* weather wm
io I, aa ta aube ll nert .r. foi ike mutate t* ra
main on dutr eonstently for Udity-ete boara, n.. it
of the time oa lb* I ridge, i hi strain on 11- ? I
.?c. i,,;;e<i py n-e ,i ii,,- -i., reused congeal ,
of the brali
Captain Williams Wai one < f tke meat pepulai
American bm captains. AU .ha petrona *4 Ute
Moiton lina I ai '? I ?? hud hundred! ??'
frb nd* in tl.e Routh as well bi tn (ht Rerih. I* l
. . telle* he l, i (eW ? ?, . ... d Iht - (BC 'I !"
und.*ubt*-dlT . ot. ii "???! bi l peal i- --iilnrK.* *
Inn,t and .. He wi. I i ind b-r
on enviable repulailon an an
. .1 .1 In il, nf -"'i ?:
judgnn ni.
la - il Ess.'!
Ile leevi ? std Mit,
. .i , . ??. i . uUI bs ie '-l In J
? ?
F.I,w \i:D H li" '*''.
?'... -i . i ? i '. rd .-. i , elder
brother ?? -?? '" r Hoer nnd Judge lt xk wood Hour,
. , . thli < l.y last 11,- ii , f puk ? ts... in
l. . irveutl lh year. Ile rim' here about ri? week!
ai. i, hoping lo derlva beneflt from a mlldef climate
Bud wus onl] '.ti":, ly ill .' il ,i week. In ibe
day! of .be P ??'.-? ia i>: incl \
,.f california, ans on* ol ii,.* bus. a l*d lawyei
ther--. Ill I .i - al- , '"? I'-li'lt't, mal
I WI lt ttl lld ',! I'l if . .'. Wini
? ? -
D. li. CON REI i
D r CUni lt, en 'bi and well-known resident ol
Knuth Orange, ,!i-.i uddenly earl] ,? t*rduy morning.
il. tn etahn -,\ vcr old. Iii- mn, E. W Connell,
I B '?-? ll BIIOU :, lil mr m.,' ., I r.i ? : III lill t !t\ .
? ?
Kl i?- t Lol 1. I wi ..tb-, r- tr;. I t_e| Mt sf I
Iii i las. night st his hom* Rs ISS Gan Teal ??-. 'i bs
ol bis ,!? 'a was IC nm . ,l ;-?...<.? Its **a. born in
h.is ,iv in IBIS Ills teteer sse ans ot ll Beted pay
?|. lins of tl it tun* and tie- family ??? eui o' -he aid
?aaa of Mew \,,i.. IG received bli edocaUee lo tin
publ -? I.- il aa asrlj ags bi weted -a- ., ,. -rs la
% coma. *.e,ii u.ci butt's ntl, e aid Cnsllj le a,ne a rem
, ? . sci !..,* ht*a**!f' Pinera var- aga b r- *.r -.!
irttve work, bul bl went to bli MB s, at No. Ul
K.om-st . ,'v.r/ dav, sui by lils friends *>?*? known j
0|| Punctualtt] " Be wai tee ancle of Ptmtmtmte Brit.
lea, -fCataml md al Tfubtagne DUI nba la
nu tnt wu. ti,.. < asia , ii - ills funeral elli b.
b?it ?*. st Mark's Protestan. Episcopal Chunk on Mouda]
.it. Il a'cl :*
Cimr!"* Cnudall, of ti,- Costean Bertie*, dies at his
lom", -N" Kt Wen Twenty-thin '. i. Vt'*d ? la)
Mr. Craadill ?a* boin iii Median County la 11*9. ii,
blt nri_ rir I," eas n pobll bet I i I i tn Itel la
? ., ?? levis About twenty-seven yean s.'i i.-* taan t.,
Ibis rlty ta enter tn- Coatoina Bervtae uad i t
Barney, ii" reTmiaed in the norn," aatll lbs tv. rd
mIih--, will, I, m.,si in ll- i!_?ili ile mot pi*.i> i.i U fn,ii,
on.- pla,,, t, another until le bad r":n li" 1 Hi" chief etoth*
.hip f..r t.fm.U- ,f ev. ?* ot deposit* la Ibis j,la.-e lie?
ut* breugbt l:'t'? i oti.ii" ti with many buparnn, Cbmom
Ilin-- biol."is Aili ..ll,,-, li, lu lt. Mr tin,Jill ? i, u
faithf'il ucl ? "ic i"iit',,n. eSkll md I.a I n.a.v fi *.?,-!-.
ii ii,i U'-'iii, rei ci bl? heath, ii" wa. nveoty reen old
onrri'AP.v nuti s
Bartfetd, Ceua., Peb. SS.?-Dr. (taorge w. Avery, >.
UeU-knawu |.i,.si, ,.,? ,.f _n, ,,,,-, died Ibis mmnlir.- ot
peeHaaute ?<, tea sc* of ifiy-tii var.. i>,. \ ..? > ara*
in Row-Orison! a. an Ann,- surgeon nilli >..ieral Hut
lcr, a ,d 1,11,1 iieeh i? ta w ia, ti," nalury re foists tl.,-ti
effected. A ft. r tin) war l,_ iiiH.mcl In N, , OrlSSOS I..
practise. Leter ba r*-inr,,",i t,, Rartfard. Re belonged
to MVOftsI local. Mit- u'i'l Rallonel .Heal Mclotlea.
lii'i't, .*?'. v, t.i,. sa Barney ir... i?. *, proraln-tii
try ge sd., aierehanl ot ti,ls ,|iy, lng Hst i,|L.|,.
ITamtagtoa, Peb ::i Mo* Mary Manhall di Mitel*
_!?/, Rm a gi .,f Umbi Rugaue 'i ? Mltttewles, lied li t
Bight ut!.-r a lone lilli's- M,? \t.,, fe- ": inn I iti.l.t"!
? t Chief JuaU - Jena Marshall.
Betotogs, n. v., Feb. 'j::.- The Voaog Men'i Chrti
Man Aasorlattau "f tbe State of Rew-York to-day
began their iweuty-eeventa. annual aieeUng. The
-aeetlng wai railed to order al ?-' ::i<> p. m., and alli
couiinue through nu Bundey. On Ihe ea,Iv i.nlng
irate ?-'<_> drtega.ei arrived from Alhaay, aud large
nnmben came in daring Hr" day Bom all perta "f
lau Mni.-. 'li-.*' dei,pit,., vere ant al lite Irate by
ri,,- raeepUoa eommltlee, in rbarg* of R. k. Dwyer,
ind by Junior .niii.-r .ft!..- V. M.C.'A.. wbe -e.v-i
' gibb lo lb* vt-d.on, who were escorted to H,e
i'll si Metliodisl Chareh, whare they registered and
wereasttgncd te dwelRng pIhc. The convenUon wns
railed lo order bp sim,. Brcratery Uenrge A. Hui;
AH.-r ibe opening irrvlce nu eddr. -- wu<t made by Ute
itev. Br. Theodore L. Cay ter, of Brooklyn. Orga rou?
lton followed. Th" next number on Ihe programm*
?a* re|?irt - from aaaocia.tans and wa_ submitted i.v
A i-ijiiit (stat.* Secretary John P. Moore, nf Albany.
M. I.mi, F.i. '.*:t (Special)--Tbe beavlesl teRun
Hint has occurred in si. punt for yean is lhat af
lae Beaupre Mcrrannle Canpany, which ;i rigued te
Theodom Bemp Urie afternoon. The lobta win at*
gregate geoojXM), whSe lbs saaetu are om- half
Ibal aaeeunL Tke eiram I* tbe !,ui rollactteae of
tbe last two years. Tks rempuay ls eas sf tbs
iiio.t eaten Ive wbdcaale Irygeodi enneetua lu Ike
Weat l"p ta tko time it waa Inman ali I a yeal
ngo it eondneted hualnem as Beaapee, au. n | <...
The prtodpal nemhen al tba eunpanp ar*. Bruno
Heeaprr, president; Franh keogh, r!ee-a **-|lent; .1
^l Davis, Inaaurer, and Ibontaa B. Arnukl, secretary.
ibe aaaignmenl l* praenri, and there me nu prelrr
Iles:.,n, lib. 23.- Sf. K. Harrelt, the Speaker of (bl
Hami of BsprmiataUves, delivered in the Laajkdature
tkta afternoon a eulogy mi Ibo lalo Jam*- .;. blaine,
giving a 0OWte| aeeuant Ut the public Ute and work
of Uie dead -'ate_lii.ni.
I ll \ r RI EDS WATCHIS ..
Albany, Feb. S3 (Special).?A rsueui "f the Bepub
Hean fltesabera of Hm Aaaemhly wa, helli last algkt
in the Aaaemhly parter. Il wis caR***! at i'm ra
stan.,. ,,f t.o.i-go H. Malby. tin- BiBUbB-BB leader,
so that Hu* memben of tao srinertty ani hereafter
work logeiher mr ibe beal Interea.s of tbe prap"* of
ihe State, aa areli aa the RepabUean ptrty. There
are m.iny bill-, of gTOUl InpOrtaUCe now before th*>
Rare, -xxxT t u only by mreful eoattaemtten
and examined.*f Ihem In I ."? cmnarittee ranaas
ih.it ihe members of ibe BriBOri-y x-aix leam injthlag
ub*ui I tieri..
there wus an example <tf tate ymterSay, when
.. - iii'-ivioii'i Martin gol through a MR iltewtaa per
??ons agniast whom a dlvorca bm hew lecured '<i
marry again within a v.-ar. The bill originally
made Hie period two year.; bat an BHumSluettl wa.
Inserted in commutes reducing lt tu one year. Many
bills aro Introduced ilia: as tiny originally appear
are all righi, bm amendments are mari.' in rom
mi'tee i ii malu. i**em oftrntlmea moa! vtrioas in
tin-lr effect, l'o Impress upon the Hepubll-aii in<*m
bera of th"' vailons committee! il,cir duty to look
out for smli tricks as llils, was one of the reasons
for cslnag th: caucus.
.V thorough exaariaatlon of the billa IntroSared
by iho statutory Bevtel si Committee la tu be andu.
lu anny respects this Commteslon hm aearped Ibe
p weis ,,f iii,, membera or thc LeMsteture, .n.i th"
members mud in bills suppooed lo be ikuple codi
licalloiis of existing law-, l,ni which turu out tO ton
lain stnrllinr, i li ni'---. . Thi* I. true. Si l"nst of th.
i-:ieiii,,ii law. The Btetntory Revlatoa Commlistonera'
work nf Int year on thee laws wa- elven oul to
be n codification only of the law. ns (bey then
stood, but wh.-n examination of them was mode just
before the elecllon kui fall it wa. found that Ihey
bad i een changed mat, ri.ni-, iu anny instences.
Tba leaders ff Ibe minority in the Assembly are
auxlom abm that lhere ttteuM he a full attendanee
all nr lime ai all 'he naatene. Il i* espectaHy
necessary timi every RepabRcan shoaM io- i'i Ms
..-.,i .rn next Wednesday, whee ;i,<* iVrsonsl Regbitm*
Hog bill i* lo tom.* np, nli'l a pbsl'g" was isruted
tram the merni" r* thai they would h.- on hand.
iii" vartou neaaarm san adlai the iiu.i-t.-i-- of a
number 'il *i'ics were abo dlacaned, but no dc
ilston wa arrtved ai regarding them. T o int ni
sentiment was, however, thal 'h.-re .-tight to be a
Arm opposition tn lb* charters of all .Iti*-*-- win-ii
ir.- i" ..I authorities opp s,. it wa. *ni,| ker* to?
rt,iv lhai tlc- Democrats are considering tbe intru?
dion >u nf a UH gerrrmanderlng in* city of ('rica
?o that _ Democratic Common council eau he elected.
ri,- lull in- m.' vet leen drawn up. but s.unu.-l A.
_ ley, the ma. lillie hen of that eltv, bas been
urging h.
? <?. ?
Albany, Peb, S3.?Il was learned to-day ti,a- Jahn
c. Rttey, of Ptettabarg, the thief asaarioar "f t.i"
.? tte ti.ii Bervtce Commteatan, was te ba replaced
bj Thoma. Carmody, <?i rana Yan. Bath men are
Democrats. Tbe salary of Un chief aanminer h
commlmloner Dowling, "f tho state Bunna of
Labor Utallstlcs, to dav Informed -ix of lh" clerks in
,!-. department, including lh" chief * 1-rk, arba wets
nppointed i.v Commfaudoner Cbartea P. Peek, tbat ibelr
-?rs i?. would no louger be re.|uirod. Tlc two
,!.', i.i,:,In ur" R J. R.-ngan, of lloriii'llsvllle,
and WIRtam J. Bt* ope, of tell t itv.
Albany, N. V.. Feb. SS.-Oovernut Plower t*. tiny
1 Ibo foll'ir te|
Chapter .',:; Changing the name of tbe Shelter
f,,r Homeless Wemen lu Bjtufuse i" Ibe Shelter f>>.'
I nproterted t,ri.-. end regarding the commitments
ihi r* i"
chapter r,i Amending Ibe mi Inccrpuratlng the
i ii'.*, i*_|tj of I i'll ' Ne i Vorl
Chapter ? ?'. Auth*irtsing ih- i-ziensten of a mate
in i;,. (own ot Hales, Monroe County.
Chapter Wi.?Enabling ibe .obi -pring Cemetery
A .""< I.l'b'll "I I."" kport lo ,|, , |tl!le il,|:.l,,llt lu"'!*.
i . ic, ',: AppropiteUng P7.?!00 (or u swing or
bots, bridge ovn tba Brie c.nial at Cllntouat.,
-.\r:u u e.
..KKK E.
Topeka, Baa., Peb. ML?Demoemtle porittetana who
' ivs |ast rr turned from Wamtngtou ar.* satharity
f r Ihe itatemeni Ibal ex-Oavarnor <.>-or>ce ff. (Hick,
nf Kansas, wUI ba up??iiit*si _.. Commtntenm of tbe
t,, ncal i.,rid t?f!ice.
v .rv Purk. N. J., Feb. '-'?'! (Spe, lal,.- There ls
mingled ]"V anil dismay in each eamp RMttgbt over
ihe probable tats od the raca-ttacb bOta. While li
.. thought thal the bin., mav be i_i*--i mm the
t.ovi rnor'.s vet,,, ..lill the gamblers are worried about
rte action likely te he taken by the Law nnd Order
League ikouM ti,e kaaaaom t,-' aaa tow, ah
ibrough th.* county the ehurekea all take up ihe
Issue next Sunday, ihe Lew aud Order l-eague bru.
d"i,o much bard work to tiny iow_rd milking the Bun?
dey demonatraUon *?. eSecttve .v, to force the Leg
isbiture t., ncognlm the right of petition, if m, op?
portunity 1* given H.ern, tbe I.aw anil ord, r people ate
appeal lu Denton In greet force on Mouduy' should
tbej !?? Ignored, their leaden a-sert (bal they win
resort lo the highest judicial tribunal lu tho stat,
fm- ;i luol ->ulenient of th" question.
T'li work ri enroll n| Um RepuMlceni of Rreoklyu anti
Klogi County lm.- begun, untj.r the dlf*t-Mu:i of the l'OUNg
Kepubllcm Hub. Clreutars hara been sent t> Un mwtx
Kn,mu t" 1-- la -vn,|?iUi\ nilli tit" ,:.o\ eii.ent by Elmer
lotieaee, t'-..* mietaty la .hare,* of the work, witli a
,-.,? i _n. ,f t.t" patpem sf ibe work. It ts thought :int
a ni 10,000 Baum caa be ncoied Ib tin* way. sud t*.,h
t.'e-.-e us :? basis th>> work al aavaaslag at ry dragon dla.
fret lu the .nv rsa i>- carried fuinatd by awn who w,u
velnateet to *1. tee work. Mr. Jetenm **?i<l yeotoirisy
Hint, Ur boped n mm M,00S nam, > on the Iim In a molt
tin,,*, in. tbat a |ar|a aetebn of ItepoMlcaaa nat bow
Ole. itlll- -U WU!, any BfgaallsUM ian Ix, 1,1-e.ul,t Iii to'i'li
with Ibelr ,ei!?w Repuktteeas. Cherie* a. b'liieren,
presMrut "f Bm duh nlled attenUon te tte f*.?; Uni
this eras ti "t u SMvaanat la the int.ii bi nie rlab, btu
it I',, j,ul,ll, an movement in tb! l-eet niter*'-*, of t-V ;;irtv.
Men) n n,i .* "t tba loin: .1 * 'nannine had ex|-naaed
?tmia'lit wiih Ul* ii"\ I i. cul, anti lie Uprated to km
many prominent mell identify tliemtci.es with the bSM
to ki uk* ott ti," .burt arlgtea wbleh had seek tin- i*r:y
!,, ,t.. present level.
a sew uri mn: te mules dows
bot ii lin* bulkhead- of the new swinging bridge
ever Ihe Bhteaeearh Canal have tuattried into Ibe
renal, -butting ott ali means ol cementa!, ittea, except
tn railroud, between <;?>od uroaad ead sag Harbor and
Hie Hump;,ms In Long Island. Tho bridge was built
last neaw by tho Btate at a cost of over 110,000,
and was not ooinplet. .1. Tl,.* probabilities nr.* timi
ll will bc sollie lime boful't- Ve 1,1,1,.* Hallie U IB
SUllllSl. I
Puata Baaaa, Pbk, Peb. BS.- To Hugh O'Neill
fails ibe honor of raptarlni Un tii->i ??sliver king.''
otherwise known 'as a tarpon, oa this coate tHis
season. Arter n bani tough! battle, instiiie _,r Marly
IW0 h"iir-, lu Whteb honors seemed for B While
io be even between mun und ti.h, at last latefll
gen,,-, nerve and science prevailed, and Mr. O'Retll
had tba mUatecttaa of hmdlag a -? i**?i f.-.rt beauly'
s|\ feet four and a half laohec long, with n girth af
thirty hve Inches, nml weighing lld pounds. n
bwkad bu- a tims as If all hands would Ink,* au la.
voluntary Journey tu " Davy Jonas'! Looker.'' so givat
was thc ?? pull" of the etioru,1,1,, tish, but Ihey In al ly
reached land, when in,* tarpon _i*__ed from -tt-uggiiiii*
ali.1 tho weary won* at rest.
l.r tli" lemont af Ute C>yrlr.ii Society of this city Miss
.lean stunt Braun j,-.-,,. u reading last evening nt tlie ironic
?f Mrs I, n. Rwwa, st No. HO WtUt l-Vrtr .secon_.?t.
tiver 100 i*er.oits weie present, sud ever)* ono -veined to be
ptaSBte "nh the mtettBteaamt furnished by Mitts Bmwa.
Mn* read nvanl ntetttam from Edwin Arnold, Itohert
lu iWuta| lim! Austin HnbHo,,. During tlie Intervsl*. he.
tween her reading* -.onie of the children from tho Kyriati
Mellool hl.ll..
'fha object of Ihe Syrian Sot lety ls to promote the wei
fate of the syn un ce ininti,, Hy of this city, extending not
only lymgBtey ami ulU to tl,,- BBWly Stilled sud u?sl*ilii;i
rh* ni in llntlliiir einploynient. Uut by nieuns of au Hera
lloiiul R'ul neinti.nil IntttHnMiiii to prejisre them for the In
lelllgeat Iteehatge al Ibe duties 0f hasjcssUB ttttmuablp,
While tlc- members of the society seek prlmsrllv t, pro
n'..ie the mu*, rial \v,*lfuro of .'ie hyrlsn .ommuiiity in thia
i Itv they do not I,norn Its niorsl Mid r*bglous well being.
ganai the -neap who aunatted mi-? Brewa'i rmmag
last evenlns were Hr. Ameen P. Hartdttd. Pr. William M.
McLsury, Mrs. H. B. Liverloh, Mrs. ueorge Wood, Mr.
anil Mrs. Whittler. Hr. and Mrs. W. C. Campbell. Mrs.
RlebaSd SUck|s>o|.. Pr and Mee. A. Vf. Maynard, Dr.
anti Mrs sanders, I'tilllp Osborn-', tho Mis-,, iswrr, thu
?asee* I'stum, .Mina AU.e Psjui! sud Chsrs-a Cunning
OF THE WATERTOWN __BPtr_______t*aj
CktoSBB. ld,, a (special,.-,,. ?, Kohl?tt,*o_eai
Hie ttustem ol i.ovenior M. Kinley** estate wtjo_M
hem Urie evening from n trip to Cleve le nt ' whereh
imaged the im.-i letgMi of th* assignment JJ
Kohlsaai tells au Interesting story of the letter, im
"?ie. rams pouring in OB Hovernor MrRlnl_y bbbZ
lng sympathy uut substantial aid In hl$ tr*>u_il
"Some of ihe couunuutoattoM sent to Crovemor n
Kinlet," .aid Mr. Kohl-n..!. '..re extremely toilfJ^
sad pathetto. Kialla I was sitting in the p*.
talking In Mr. mid Mr_. McKinley yesterday morning
UM t.overtior's mall was brsight In. Pieing un th
'"'lens BbB-nt-lBdeH/, Hie Major began r?m,_j
mea*. V br .sad one I.*,.er I.I. eves tlXXeel 3
tears, and bre.kliig d >wn compVtely he handed tm
letter tn .Min. McKinley, who was dteply aifectes T
lt. Tba letter r-ml: '
"Dear Olwrnei' McKinley: I am only a lai_?t>
niau, .ixl Bare nothing bul xxn oi*. s wages xWAT*
upon; bal I teetom you a dollar. I am bbbs^b__!
a." 50,000 other tobo-tag ann in my Ste a&
win !.* wtlBag te d,. aa much. ' w wu<?
?Another beter, from Southern Ohio, read:
??1 have outs 1100 In tba t_<vlng.: bunk, r ?.,
you r_. but lt th*' balance will as-lst yoi i ?_!
send lt uli. ' ***?
?A lleuteauat in th" Navy wrof
-1 have 00,000 aa depute! in a bank of Common.
and my ired., ls good i,? >.-.__> M, t_? other i.Y_v.
all of whteb I beg you to accept: n ttdajwueS
your dlflieuHy. ' m ov*f
-A mun and lils Wife ule_rip!.el:
"We will Mud fsa W-.ooo, or more if -*c*sms.
to bdp you in pom pre-eui temi . "*miJi
"Bul lbs Incteegd *.i rind S. aa>et the r**ipi?n.1
more than uti Hie o'he.- aSen of uaaariann), n
*,(.vernor is eomptetely pro*'ral d by bli nk_Mn.
a:;d look, telly t.ii ycais older then he did i-ce,).'
ign. Bul Mis*. McKinley is b-aritig up u1*v {.
trouble bravely, .-von cheerfully. Toe 'iovern!*-*.
Mon.*.; am ruHytUI tO bl support, ead they afjj
see tbat avery real "f tire indebtedness b pad mm
Ibal Major McKinley rto ? nt rettie fio-n ptRBs v.u
He win not i tslgn tho Qovfiaarsht.s, a- was -* -?_,
laUanted. He wis ptnbabty ace pt in* a si-t n"*
Of om*' of Irt. weaRby friends, am] the Indebtedr-m
win men be (Uncharged. ib- t.* Umoabrii or sro.
pa.by whirl, gave been ont to Mr. McKinley he lm
ib-ply apprerial d. and they in,-.,- kelped io .Ue-_,'_
Ihe severity af tbe mina Iv."
Watertown, R. Y., Peb. m.- \. tba result 0!ij
eat) -rial mggeaUoa hp "The wt noaa Time," tb*.
l.lii.oin Leugne, tbe lending BeaubBean rr?.riis.:on
nf Watertown and tbeOonntyof JeSeraoa,heMtaaMtt
a meeting at wbteh a Bmvemeut wr>s .-farrel wilie!
it ls hoped w-in extend to nil patti "f tbe f**smtrv.
The Idea I- that tho B-pabRcaa dabs of the Ninon
sh.-ili solicit #1 sub-Crip.loos fnun thc blends of
Pro.ec.tea, ibe fund Ibu* mata] t, b- given to
Cn vernor McKinley, '-f ' ho. ?s i tetm.nl*_ f,r
p-i.t ntrieai to Hie Bepabttcaa p.nv, A. en ex.
Brenton of apntputhy iu bli tinnu."i4! aSSet ott nrg -,,
a provision agni! st his thr.ut.':,e<l r"!ip?m;nr iroa
political life lu <>r_*r n, ictrb-.e ll* tertian In bnsl
Hi- nw-ilng w;i i largely ati.mbd aad the propod
Hon ire* eiiihu-l.i.ilciillv received. 'hecks for
amounts larger iban a rt*.liar were ,,ifero<i, but wen
refined, ri," club hm appointed a t*.mniltte* whick
will receive voluntary suLacrlptloni but wm rot ?o
lb lt any. Appropriate resolution, were adopted.
where HOBOS USS.
To the Editor of The Tribune.
Slr: Noting Tho Minne*** report fd Hie ___n*_i
U!*-t*:.*f-_ of imvemor McKlnlov, i tblub any man *-tt_
sn Intero-t In his future BSef_lnen ha_ a rie-t to jpeik.
if iho report concerning ike eeutee <if Mr*. Mo
Kinlet.'s prep!rig, I legacy from h<*r fu'liT. snd th!
report nf Ma Intended nattai it into ti," Walter ajattto
- mde are tri;.*. Hiero ls a piaf** f< r v. rv plain fpesklng.
She pmpoam to <!>> u gr*-at wrong ii:. 1 -ri-'Uld be rej.
need ?h'j. The mon.-,- accumabited bv _*t frier
for the rapport of his children and grandchildren BM
ber hand., univ a- a s-, j.,- trust. Ike Iii* no rtlht
, lander, or waste, or throw lt away, lier ap*
p-ir.oit I bu t ai abe can rt.. ai rite pleaaea **iiii a trust
fund is one Of true- ..'If*-.!!! f.niM-l ?< wbleh affeot
v rv msny otherwise mund nlnd* I people, TUers
should ie rt protection of iseh iruati by tow, int I
think then I.. ta Mane men., In otter countries, u
bv iii** preach law. baaed upon c.- Cate Rapoleoa.
Ro doubt Mr*. M-KHiiov neem weU. dom aol lrein
<if dteboaeety or breach "f tra-*, but ih* ntebt *>!!
teaitder ter laherited fund i sn red mpaaslbUltt abb
reference to whatever good work nor husband m-v
vet have In Mm. She ha-s no richi bi contemn him 'o
l-irri from !Ai:'.i duUis. lo Ibe BW ??urning sf ruon.v.
She i< in danger of *i"in.* much banu i*i her prapeaaf
partnership with Walker tn lb* destructtm of the M.
Kinley refute. She Ls not and never was Walker"!
letr'ti'T n..r l!,dors.*r. How .rue || is that the c'U
rtren of this world ur** ariser In their D-tieratl"*. 'han
._Udr*U of light, nott bow often do good Cbgtettea
jssipi*- lici t, -ii gown it'd rertti ibe parable nt ti
unjust iteward! Yours, ttncerely.
Rew-York, Feb. CC. 1S03. IV. O. STODDABD.
Albany, Feb. Hil? The ronferci-ieo of IriegBtn rep*
resenting Ike Latheran Young People'i Arao-tettmll
the Stat.) held here to-day was not as well attend.!
as was expected, on account of tho IclegBica bebi|
Aeteyed te striving. i..o purpme of tke centenim
Was te arning" for Hie formation of a Slate as-_e!v
Hon with moti.es similar to that of the Young Poople'i
loctety of < hrl.ilaii Eudeatar, but ankh will conflin
llbolf to the work of tho Latbema Church. AltUBgh
monte for a general confet-.-n.e n be h-bl in Dill
or shout Decerattoa Dap, having for its ehJeSl tm
formation of such u state asaoctetteu, are being nude.
this win he tbe Inf State assoctettea i> be organlied
in the Latbema Church, rh- R'*v. E. E. Kllori. of
Rew-York, was cnoaen chairman, and the Rev. ll. 1.
llenachel, of BuRalo, lecrelary. Th* detegateS iaaf?
sent,-tl 'iiit.nt sixtv s h lettei scattered through th*bute.
New Orleans, Keb. 23 -Throughout the forenoons
Mealy stefan af people penni t.imugh H.* eeenrS
Cbsmhsr at the .itv ililli, wherein lay tho b_*lv et
Gent rr.i Beaaregard. The family of tba demi Qeeertt
arrlv,-,! nt Ce Imll .'arly this mornln?, Batt BUW re?
mained throughout the dav. Th*' lUnetsI proresslia
te Mstalfte Ol BU tory was one of Hie ni'-Jt lmpesliig
ever nea la thi. city. All Hie different O-Chene*
closed, and ao business of Importance was irsnsi<**ed.
All public buildings WVm Cloeed.
Klilimond. Va.. Feb. B8.-Cet'lium MoMnncy er*
d.re*t the bewlteeta to tire n mtnte sd mveuteta subj
ut Intervals of len rteutea ibis .vening, out "i
i,-peet to the meeson of General P. i*. Beeutesun.
Albany, Feb. KL?J. Newlon PtetO, jtrestd*nt of
the New York stau* Rar lam totten, hs* ?ajfrihUm
the following conntttee, Batter the miluttea ado*>',-d
i.y Un aeenctettoa, te wktcS is mfenad the nattte
of law rep.irting, tegisteUve mun -i. aaactmm* al
esmuam tow ratea la statutory (orsa, an*! aim -tedp
fniker's ail.IrrsN r*-liitlv,* t , moen'merits t,, il,* '<*d*
of procedwre: milan B. Ila-wbtowcr, i-i BBtiMII
Hatniltou Pteh, Jr.. lld Di*tr!.t: Joii*, ., !_n?nn. H;d
Di-irlot; Zerah s. Westbrook, 1Mb Watriet; fnah
Bte-UCk, Vih District: Charin A. CoBtea, vit_ im*
tel-1: Marlin Vt. Cook-, v ii tu Dtettte.: AdeSntt Mo*
VHI.b Dtotiltt. Tha preehleat i- abo a member if
the coumri-tee. Dttegatea te ike Aanrieaa u?r ???"
mctetten: winiam ii. Bobertaou, Jumb A. c?ntof
and Stephen H. t.rlswolil. Committee of Hrr_u*t***?'B'J
Bttd rooepttoti committee fur the next annual ni-.dn|S
Edwin A. Hertel!. AIIhiiiv ; Emery A. Chase, Catskill j
Howard Phipp, jr.. iwio-liiii; PlattkBn Coach, nnfTils;
Prank C. Ferguson, >ew-.urk: John u. Oteeaon, >*y
^ock: (.llbert li. Hawes. MinsW*-*U; Phillp BS
Johnatewu; Robert U. Scberer, Ateeay; FradR. ?**
lii.ins, Alban1, ; K. ll. YOUUnUB, Elintrn.
Application was made to Surrogate Ransom y****\
day for the revoeallon of tin* probate of th* will of
Mrs. MplU Clark QalaOB, which has l>eeu Hie n*1!*5*
of protrscied litfgattOU. At Ike hourlng before sot*
ragBtS Abbott two years sgo he nj tated th* bBbSUS
hob graphic will r Illili wu- pres-utetl, and ad miffed a
will beating tia!** af June .*,, l-css. Hy Its tera*
?l(X),OOU was loft to the soli In-law of the teststrtl,
Colonel Clirlstiras: a like sum to Inr ds<>ght***-ln "*?
Mrs. Whitney ; gf, 1.000 to persons not related to Wt,
and tba remainder of the estate to her grandchildren.
The heirs ar*' trying to retake the probate lo prevent
the g.*,*!.000 lu ISBBOtoO from being psld. An sppl*-*-**
Hon wus made yesterday In the proceedings for a cotB
mlsslon lo lake testimony lu New-Orlesns. R*
namma estate consisted of clulms BgBBtttt thst city.
Bf which ISSBjMS wu_ allotted sfler lltlgs'lo*** ?
ls said that tbe eatate bas shrunk to glU-.OOO.
PmmtURRRf arrivals at tbe hotels.
SUCSIBTIMIM fBSga Walter Q. tire-bain, of Chh
cago. PIPTB AVENfiV-Kx-beoretary John W. Pt?***'.
of Indiana; geaatet MO-MB \t- AlJrleh, of Rhode MUUU.
and Judxe MUBUtom Wurd, ot lielmont. B. Y ^?II**,
-Frederick Cook, of Rochester. URANn-Aldace ?
Waten, of Ching*. MORRAT rill*******2Z
Castle- A. BuaaaU, of CounerU'-ut. VICTOi;l'^nR_,
?. t>. Onaaean. of uraaMagtm, D- C. SflSttaen^
Judga Henry W lllodgetl snd John Newell, of ****
New-York snd fhlrsgo Limlt.-d of the >*>*'V
CruU-al-tesint aud best U-alu to the wesu ??

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