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ri VA I. A"'
nrrtiy ""?"? *** '" ''""*** Boewefl P. Plower
A ,,r of Rea Vork, passed gown tke stole ea tte
**\\\mt of Madl'oa S>iuara Garden at 1 nYi,_ i
____ttay ?',,ri."? ar'11 **** *** ,,f ',"' d"^ *****
*---vjl-.rT v'"'" '"' 1'':'<l""1 ,1"' hanekm oocupte.
he terri-I". Who sh-pl With "tie eye mid MM .ru
li \p p.lV,. vni to a,, exclaanUon temlitar to ih,
^Morl-ns of this epoch and te tke politicians at
JJay. te s hold voice he cAclalmed:
-j,, -aamtton maned may noi have boen so peat
that eecasloned by Mr. Flower's remark at Al
" but n wa- quite satisfactory to the portly man
~. r tenief awoke wltk a start and optntd
c^mor thal rapidly lilbtl tie Garten. Tho UggSl
* t0ol. up Ihe refrain, and Hie din was .imply
with 'mr. r.ri.i.r.oi....
gleous. No ri'.* riH>*\srod, and th? hubbub tinnily
lt was Afters' Pay at tho Garden. Miss Rohan.
Kcompanlod by Augustin Haly, was an early visitor,
md one abe enjoyed the dogs Immensely. She fan*
dei BBtttcukurly Hie romantic looking deerhounda
tod the aagrlflcenl Gnat Dunes. Mr. Duly found
IO favorite b, a retriever, but also et pressed admlra
jjon of the venernble Harper, king of the bulldogs.
..liss Wal-h, "1 the '?Aristocracy"' company, I'.n
-.reii l'-nilly with tho toy doge, arlecUng Tootsie
li Der pet. but Tootsie was cross anti snappish.
Bntett Kele; \oi.hi not see anything but n black
tod tan. iii- -? "I 1*? wanted lo wear lt in his over
cost arah*.. Mt- Bapar, th.* English judge, declared
tia sko*.' t" be deficient in thc terrier clausee. lie
a neiit -
A party of Englishmen, headed by Hr Walter <>gll
r-y ind J. F. RnsseU-lIdwtend, of Beghroke Hourn,
Cxford, ehl.ed the dog., and wore greatly pleased
sith the exhibition of pointers nnd Betters, though
they did not think Iks tiu-vs.^ wore extraordinary in
some people ham boen bitten owing to their own
loollMiaess, but they have kept their own eonnaeL
A handsoine yo;: - woman nt unbounded courage
runt up to ol'- Harper and made thi. lillie speech:
*You nasty, ugly old brut.*; I don't like you a
bit; yon monn thing 1"
?btrnphaslied them nanika with lier taper fincer,
?sd i-e toawns oM bulldog made _ rtctous snap that
took off the t-:irt w ber glove. **he bm not snosei lo
I itt 'D Sn -Vow since. A dainty approached a toa
lerner, i atied bim nteer i ashly ra the hoed, and
wis bitten bi ? i,sequence, lie concealed Iiii emo?
gene, pit on his glove nnd walked -lowiv toward a
seclude*: romer ol the Harden, mere, unobserved,
s< he thought, ne took ???! xix glove t" examine the
mend, i ??? bi ,i trlcl :-<: fi mi it. He heaved a
kigl: and d ; . ? ? . _iy t., have t..e wt,lind cauter
ire!. Lri rt ?, i - ,-s.,. ,..,,,. .nil;,... Don-* (Torry the
tess. Th* ? lng Ui no ? ??? ol Item are
huumtn, \irious.
Aa uei;,. ? re In the basemenl ai -i o'clock Riled
Ike tenden ?Hli smoke. Hie sigh! of which .m-'l
nabed ? l [.-,:,??? .-,, j .,-. tn.. .;,?? j,, iM,.t-. The
i!i.l':e?.- wa? p ..ii.j.-r,y on ti..- scene, and Uie v.-ntiin
to., w. r ?..;.? ..; ; .. , hors, acted dls-i_o.lv. nv .ni?
ki, a p in . and everything ir....si oft pleasantly.
fh.' English ectter Club 'ailed to holli if. annual
mating, _- lhere -t.i- no quo um pu?->??>t. This hus
-**11 in '.- lui fo yetis, ii I. mu rertelii when
?___! ' ?? 'her, a Ihe rutoi ol
uk- clan rer|uin that ii quorum .Itali consist of ton..
sll in-!.,.<r..
.Jj nw ey prize . which amount to sn.-.ooo. win
JV"11* ' toy, nd ihe mps _m other plat*- will be
teaman to tue winner-.
. __,aTeatenicr t-omphi md lo the management thal
mau : ||i.e the liow !-. ,,,i.ih?-e waru.'! no yaller
JS* f' ' ? ? i ' ti prise for tn- bcd -yaller
ook mil be offer I n xx yeer, with .lame* W. Morrl*
K_? imge. Mr. Morrl-. \ |N selected because ho
kUOWs iK.t.nng cf -y.-ill-,- dog ."
.Tara!tendance yesterdav wai not so large as that
ujwe__e_l_y, \ - ;, |ar((l crowd ??:,. pra***n. al all
noars. "*, \\,.,j?,...),., ij..,-.- w-.re ten persons to each
;,'_? ";' ??!? *i:ni.>. 14,000. This was en*
BBB atti fceton t- ali i corned.
??,!,'.". ,:"""'1 '!'?'? "? I'i"'"-*"!' Hampton wore us
*****A *? u
mAt** **" ?no*b*r good attendance M people in
th. ,.?,? ""1"'* "'"' ":"' Interested .'n dogs during
SJ . '?'"'? '?'-"' ib**re was. on account of
m,r7 ,'"''I'"'??? sim-ihing of a falling oif *.f fhe
mm fssWonabl.. people. Among ihose presenl were
?rs. Lari... r , ?... vh,, v,,r,. , |, .M?nf,,| Karmen, ot
**m velvet, trimmed wlih br*.un fox fur. and a
_?,*?""?, : " ' ' 'l-r ll* witt, n black velvet
ana a,..-,, *,.,. i fonel and Mrs. De Laneey Kane,
i. Brnwn.-:i Hurnham. Mr. mn! Mrs. c. Albert Stevens,
C"*fe u!:" *m* form riv Miss Mav iM.-irtv. Wear*
int i plum -cl,, clnib dress and n black velvet coal
m mt; Mr. and Mn. Edward Msnlee,
JM<J ('arri.. webb and Ml * Louise Webb.
san in brown trleon. trio.rt with teown
12*1 Mr. snd Mrs. Harry Alexandra, the Misses Ulbert,
**ir. ind Mr-. :...i.- bramwell, Mr. anl Mrs. I.?-.*.!_
i*k,'f- lb' Ml* - ' Ibv. Mr-. P. R. ?! in. . J. < '1
?nl)r*\* ; \|ri ,.| v,.. i i; Haltey. '.. De Fores!
gm. Ki.i ird Holier. Mr. snd Mr*. Eugene tl.uk.
ff*. Bdttti Uro per. '.ii-rt Prancklm. M. \-t ?r will.-.
?M-nat. letu ? rr Miller. Mira Mollie Wld.nej
PA. haUft. le e.,-IIPne of f ? <_ ll I ' |, .C I ' lot ll elli
^"?cd with l'r. wt, braid rm*! trim___l with nble;
***? Beberi Usborne lu black reive, snd noble: A.
Pt Dtm.aii. i'. v. s. Crosby. If. Maitland K-r-v,
PttBope ..'-irtrr-t. De Forest Manlee, C, P. Have
*J*T*v. i ,n*i?;i 1',,-vce. John Lbs. leo I. Jr.. William
A AhN.ti. i?..;ri-. \li,-nt. Vf. :-ilitvHiil Al!-,i. Mi
,**? Campbell. Mr.. Jordan L, MU I, Jr.. In a. bea*
?*U f-.tiiin,. of -:,_'? green anl ptirpb* b-nah-. Em
m f**.i,|.:,. i|--r*med wl'h han-ls .,; sabto; Mr and
?"W. L. Kenn., ian. J. A. I la verney er, Jr., Llspenard
"'**** .-.11-1 ii. | - (iran I . ann ii
_,!__ fo'lowiiu- prli-*-s. in addition t> those already
-"?teaed. Iinve 1.---I1 sward* I
r_S_ S*'neds I'or tb* b?I exhibit o' four r.-u-.'ii
*H d?_-. vv , Uelik; i ,r th, lc-t eshlbtt *'! fo*?r
"WfiaU-i tl...-., Melrusc K.un-i- ; fi, the hest
5-**'U-aii.i, ?i m.ooth-to.,u*. dos over twelve monta.
Z; -J- ?! ires tu i. . i a 'Ame Ican-bieS
j*?->t_..<.,t.-Q- bitch ow, twelve ic-,,i,.. i-.. n. Moore'*
7*** Al'on ; f ? tl, ? beat Aii.e'it.i i-liie-1 io i.lc ,, it'-'l
71 'o-r tweli ? monti,-, I.. 1! Moote'a
2ffn?; fnr tlc Ix-.t A,,...-, ,.- ?',it i toni, i-.ciit ,i hi., a
"^ tn el te mi.ntli*. i.r:,ii.,rv K'tiiicls1 Parda; for tin*
BJ. Renard* in te* -bow, W. C. Releira Pnneeei
?''"?'i'.-: for tl.. Ix*' i .,,_!:-,, it-tl rt>.p. W. t. Reich's
K'*'i> foi the I,- : roigh-coitel i.ti, W
***mrt iTim-c. piorenre; lor the t_-st _mooth*eo,ted
***-.B. H M ni, ? Alon, ir.: lor lil- b- -- smooth
_?"7 'lt li r H, Moot-'* l.nlv Alt ,n : tlie Wctiiilii
_g yap |<_ iht ?.. -t \,i,..r|,ni, l.ted ,*st M-in-jr'l uli-tl la
___ma ead born itu Mai i I USO, i: ti. Moon'i
Bel. "-,"?' f"r tl'- lest kenn.! of l,ltrtie? Dm li'-. Ren.
Li?"*' lie't ))ilr of routli-eost d St. TUrn rrt* shows
Ptlnr^\7i" '"vh|l*ll"r. w* C. it-Uk's Slr Bedlier- ond
^mtmUmmUmmtm-rtt th- best mroet ot Mowle aa Hull
Ei" ,,b.v tte- hum exlilt,il.,r. Jolni Marehall'i* TtOJ
*^L*t ?"'l l'tiii- Hal.
***.' Iht best cxlill.t ,,f fou? Min Jamed Bow.
den- St'~''J '''" 't rahlMl of four pal. Jamed Bow
fab'h. b",t I"IR 1" Ul'' *how' **??*' u Cry<>r'
moS!*r****f~Vne th*- h.st exhtb't o' four rlach.httnrt
IsehihT. aA- Msnlee; the . h.tlengo mp for the be.
^BP_a|! ESwrne, A. Mini,.-, la,,
lounil. T. '-Vnr lh" I"*' exhibit of four Anerlcjn fox
Eusi'iu, ,J\ " ''?- '?*??<>'"-? f"r th- l-t cxlill.lt et f""
Rina Va ?? I;*dnor HlJ"'
Jjnn a ?&*?*?*,
h*lndl_'I?."'?'" Kennel
Malu. . h '') o|(**n <1-.?<<. .Jame* a. lawrence'. Porrls
PmLSSJhS b_*t solid-colored dog In oih-ii BteBI. IL
eott,, Vul! " w*n**l: lot ? ? i,e* t -o!H.-__-,..,| bitch In
doe oi-isVv y B- f?*rsiige's Juno: for the be*.t hsrleqnlri
IT to. iw ln "I*0" C,M' Jsir,es A. Ijiwrenre'i, Alexsnder
Ba' EL"* best pupni* dog. Msrtin Hahate'i Ps*ha; for
wm .mm puj-py bitch. Martin Usbnlc's Flora; for ths
iiii lt of four Oren Ranee.
Ute __?t brlnlle ito,* ill open
Honer.-, Her,,: f.r
Dog Show
Messrs. Tiffany & Co. sug?
gest that money prizes awarded
at the Dog Show may be con?
verted into appropriate souve?
nirs selected from their lar^e
assortment of silver prize cups,
dog collars, etc., always in
Do^ collars, harness and lead?
ers made to order.
Tiffany & Co.
Union Square, New York.
best <-K-.it i>a?e in ..,,,?? ,t.hr,.,. ,,rj,,,. n ,. .,_ ? ,
do- i, in,: '"_".'?". ","'?;??'? ;""1 p*:d" tm** h-.sti.uii.
. . V. ?now, i,,iu i, k,.(,,,,. .- i.??.,di, - the iwt .?
cup lor the bon build., li, thc snow (ol ,?\
tl.e winner of Un- l\. K t,?],:,v , Whe_ v fi ??, ? .- v. '. "
Ke'.r'.^v'r1 f"r ?"'? ""STAmeri -n TC pSppy. inw ,
fi.. t ___, .?_?' T" ' '"" "Amerieau Field"cup f? -..
! .-v^TTT,:.:;, ,;;....;;;:;:;..;-,;,;.:?.
J_T-"-r"";--,' ''""""?i*_:"?;_:;_":??.,_?
medal t?i- tn- best amerl.an.bred don \ ? i,n\.J
? KeCL.D??n:nI_r '"" "?' ^?l?*?a*tef?d I.,, h. ".,.,:
,J, \1 , ' l',r"V- ": "': :,:,; ?'?? -ht hest d*>_ in thc
Men class. Hench Kennels' i..udsit; ,_,- ?i?. ,,,..*, ' ? ,''}
?i me oi.ii i-iaea ].. k. Austin's Rosie' ror ri,,. h_i
nappy, ifjwi.; Keaneu. Argonaut: fo. th! bit .fud dog
bulldogs (two pr!/... uiwia Kennell' f?r
der el t.|?. Hllitiei nt ,,, .... r j^Y
breed?! f. .,, (l,,'. -?????- ? ?.s, i?r i,
E. A. Woodward; for Rte breeder tf tn, B2-FAmeria
t,r<d builder or bitch [opposite in sea from ttn> winner nf
le -'.V: cl all Held" ".J.. OrU-U Keilli. U; lol Ul
hen bulldog i-ii""n bv the ??n*-i who had never before.
exhibited , itenshaw ta. Jones'a Derby May; lo. the 1, -t
bulllog .Ii.omi by a Weste.n aer.nel, lllwi. ii. in'.'
Kin-.- Ludl loi the bea. shown bj a kennel ,,f ibe Middle
strit'.. r.,in_i! Keine .' I. ? n-.f'r'h* b-st shown fioni
New-Logliind oi Southern >?.,:>?- a. B. ..reave.'. Us d.
some Hun: foi the second best dig ,,f esme ., \ a.- wi,ncr
..i l'_.h trophy, Ulwis K.;- ,;: g Lud loi i
bulldog, < ? ? :! I'l' ie li - I.tmn.
>l.-*l_.-i.? the bes. exhibit of lour mastiffs I. L.
Winchell; WesUnlnst i ihs eng* - foi Un l,--t rnisUfl
J. L. Wind . - B< sufort'i ].!t,-k
Prl.: allvei challenge-cup for the i '.I American bred
it ,-t If, -I. I.. Winchell'! I ? . ??;? - l; , k |?. ? , *n>
I.ip I"! th I.- ? . .Stilt, I. 1, Win,.',.;!'. Itesi,.
i ? Black rei; ? .liver -hallen__ cup l-t the I. -t
bi. n. .1 I. Wile I, U'? 1*, .ufo - - |i|g H'-s: fol the '?? -t
|,r?,_ blt*h. .1. I. \. ? |. I'i )'. . F.nglllh il'-ti'T
Club's .... ?? ire ? up, .1 I. vs n I. ,'? i: , .fart's Black
Prince; dialling.ji I".- the best mastiff "f ppo.lt, sea
fi"in winner of hut cup, w. Wade's Lsd. colen*; for
tl?* best dog, .1 L. Win I, ll'* ll, .ni nfs \'..,w Prince;
fn: the i.?-? bitch, W. Wsde'l I.r'dv Coleus.
I loodh ??'.: <i- iii thi li -? exit lt ol Iou bli..abound..
J. L. Winchell foi the les. bloodhound J. L. Wh I
Deerhounds I" Un !'*t exhibit ?,r tour deerfcounds,
John I.. Thayer: for tho o?m dog J. r.. Thayer's Hi l-,d**
Warrior; fo, t,,e i.-.t bitch, I I Thayer'a Hill-id
K n. ? :, foi thc I*-t d .il,,,un,l (ol el the i _. . .1 1
Thayer*? li: l.lde v.. ola rh ill. i.e . up fer the hc.i
d",-iht,'icrt. liiinrohm Kennels' Olga.
Rosslen ?? a, '.n,l_ l _: ti., h. -* -.x'l'l' -.f f ,'.r Itu
nd*, ll vv lin tu ion Ut* i. -! 0 ?-?
II. W. Hunt.!..??? . - . coes; foi tl.i Mien. H. W.
llnntnicttn'- / ? ri. c ? ,.|i fal the best R - .in
wollbeund, II. w. fi . ti loi - -rgos*
<?? - * ho ? *!- I o. tt,. i.i
Art!,n- W. 1". ?? . . ? -t i lt. ,,. ,i v. r
Southern Beauly Monro* -I il!.i ! i the t, ?:
greyhound \ w Pu be. _'-. ll. ? ,r i: I. ? ?
th*- le_. (rrevhooitd A. W. Pu.bcck'i ll , I Bright.
I- . i - Poi the l, -t exhibit ',.... h. mp.
lead Vex i ' : ? ? ?? lill of rou, nield tn_:
t do ? -ii ?! i
... the ',- -t
in ii rrom :!,- -otc dos t.".:-" W Level 'i Wild Lily;
Im -? ie.,-. -. [ghi '? [si lol of
Kc,i foi the bee! beavy-w'-lghl hit*h ll*-nip*>l I I..in, ?
\V noll n i.am- foi lin li -t I .lc !!? mp.
:[? ,| I , '- ll'lk- Of I!" -I, fill th. '? ? Iht
1 .. Inn ??- I.i i ? c. -, Mike, fi i ti. ? l? -t
point, r, ll. -i.i Mead la-. D fl! ' lor th< !?? -t
dog in ? ?? , ? .,- bal Heath \
l-'.ni'i:-', .'it. r Fi ? *! x i ? ?-.' ,hil t four 1
-tt i-. Roekl.iBbai Kennel.: | iit of foul
t, : ! -I . ' ? Rids Kennell . f,,r th ?
i. it -? id rn i I'."-- ? I*- fo ? '
Brood ? ' ',. ll? :r'ft Kern Dorina: t"t the breeder
of th. i lion i (ft K nil'-;-" Glendon snd
Sheldon; for tlc I, -t Lnrll.h -et. r. It.?l han Kennels'
. , in ten. /. ? I ?:? t ? !?;? * In Uie .t
j,n/. - I'...- . rofl K, nn, !- Do ? I.
Ill-li -'1-,-r. Fut tte I,? - - ? I r^-rr I : i*>, lette! .
rink Urove KenneU; foi the !-???. Irish -et. r, S-mluole
I'eiiiii I-' Tim.
<,,,i<!',n - tor.-IT,i Ihe lH--t exhibit Of ("ill ?
letters, lu. >. fl. Dixon ?llvr vase fw tiie beal .-ordon
ii iii v,' ?. Hillings', lung i ii
i\. ; -, mi, ;. i .,; the i --t exhlh t of foul field -.panie!.,
Itlrhard I ?-?-i- -Ion : Ihe t i'll,.in ( i|. fol Hie l.*?( bitch,
ll. P. K< S-li r'u Ht 'I r I Itul | ' for the 't ll' I' :
,\. i.. I -tc'. Judes; foi the best bitch, lt. ll. !-.??
- A, fi el ,S|-e ? ?
I'oekci -i.- I if the t*. -, exhlbll of four rocker
spaniel., i,-,.;."? It'll -iif-i rup for beal Anieilrsi.-krel
cocker ?pOlllcr, Anent m.I Modern SnsnW li --i.li.-i'
I.,-.. mat!"ii irophv for the i,,-,t .tud do, lirsnl Locke.
KenneU.' Brsnt; foi thi I <--t bra. t nf i-ocUrr- .:-n
,-l._. KtH?- Mountain Kennel*' Midd., snd Mis* Wag.
,..,... .-nc: cup fn tr," be.l PO, kel .panie! Ile l.-l?",li
in.,i,i , ,, ,: ? Kellin -' Brentford II d Jacket and Btantford
lied Ititi na Unod: foi tn- be.) cocker .paulet, Anneal and
M..I rn ."*),.ii.."1 Kenn-,.' KaaClM-tl-U foi UK' Ik*.i bls.-B
Tn--, Anet, nt j',tl Modern S] :mi*i
pointen., Uootpetead Ft loi tie best
Kl:.:: ol !<? lt, '?'? .-'? W. 1. Dae li A
rocket I,It'-h lu <?!> n Class, Ancient and .Mc, in *s|,alil?l
Kennel.' I'.' ,!l/:,t:.n t"i the bee. black rockci 1.It'll iii
pu pp. ria-*, An lent anti Modern Kpaol : Rennels'
leo ./.>?
Hough ? ollie. I "t th* i eal ? slut it of lour rough i olll* .
J. I'lcrpoiit Morgsn; .llvet IrophJ f'.i tlio la'.. Amerlesn
bred collie, J. I*. Morgan', lloalvn Wilke, ttl* pr - '!? m'
, ,,,, foi ti. l.e-t .,,!,!? . .1. I?. M.,I..n's Itosljn Wilke*:
.munal collie tt.-.|-t..,. s lo. rollie, l-om In the UjilUd
st.,t. - incl - iin.i i-i. tn ?-'? i i.nk it Car.well'i N'anc) Ie-.
secf-lli I I' M, .'ir * ll.'ilrnk lil.orit: third. JI. IV
M ,i..iii'. ' . r-'-i".'i le.lc'i-k l.l.n . fourth, I lank lt. Car*.
well'a I,. I I dgel lol the I'?-1 il, i rr, in open rlaaa,
ll,.-, ,,-? , i , In uii-n i )?? 'trefoil; f'.i ile I.e-'.
rollie bitch in tie Ol' -rt 'l-l-- I."mk ll, I ri.' - tt . -'. I' . \.nev
I.e.- . lei tie hest rollie ,n il," ieee, ,1a*- IranK lt.
C i-tt.ii- N'sm-i Lee; medal ter lie- besl collie. John I'.
( mmln-liain'. lilli.
I-,,,!:,, .or ti"' !."-' exhlbll ol fout ;m,',|Ic-. h. .;.
; Tr-vpr for thi h-s. poodle, L. A. Biddle's I
i., ,*h Pox Terrier* I ni I .?? i est ? ihi ? of foui f.,\
,, . |,,. john I Phi. I I'i 'I' le -I f"\ t'UI.-r. Ill'intnii
Kel.' UIOII'U.II Vi'ter II; foi fie be*l m tlc- .,,-?
,. , John I. ' i ? ? ? M's* I'oil't for th I ? ii ?'. ?
.,, , ,1V ria - III " ?"'? Kennel?' Blemton ?*? ?? ;*i"r for the
I, V bra . >.' fox ! tm- John B. Thayer'. SUr-den'.
Klug snd Mi- Dollar: e.hslleoirs run for the bel t'.x
?/?trier ii!<n,-..:i Kennels' f.|*mton Vlctoi ll -tud doa
.,.,,. |. ,v pi,I1,, rfu ?!' v.: . , l ,,,, ,,, i w i,r.n
RI*kv.' ti"! f-,:- flr-t. and John .!'. rhay r'e ili':.-l-.
| | ;,.?| ;|j '!.!?:,. >, , : , tl< -1 bu n '"" ' foi I'"' ' -
m..i I,I- ? fo\ !? cr in "!? n i"i|,|it wi novice
,1-,. . r. *, W. Huih ifurd'. Wsrren rip Top; Tn the
i.--t f.x terrier lll.-nrlon Kennels' Hloii ton v-.-wr. ll
i, i |?,| ,,, ir.*! |.j rm. >.f John h. Thar* r'? tl".".
,. . ??. ? h. ni -i id line'- Suffolk Ri
Wi," lin, ci Foi Terri**. I * the '? ? . exhlbll of four
vi: |, ,i-. I fox terri r. H . :- W. Kn.lth r roi the he t
terrier ll W. sn."ir- M-tet I'jm ri for i ' -t ie,
,f t-rl-i, ll. W. smltic f"t ni" be . Amerlean ul
,, r , , , , . i, ,c ,],,.,? n,e,i ?',,n--'-. H"in|. tent Farm'a
Suffolk I'l Iv. . .
1,1-h terrier I-'-., the )>-t exhlbll ot font terriers,
Wall r.l. omsto* k : for Hie bes. larrier, W. I. < on,.'., k'*
"iVlsek.aiid.tan nreler- For the l?*-t btu** af terriers,
H i,,;,,. Kennels' Ri OTpetd Sultm snd Monarch: f-r
,?. I..., iou excluding UM' winnot rn lh" <*hallen," ;ii \.
Frank Y l> le's ISallsbury: f> r the bes! hitch (ex IndlnB
,i,',. \ei ,,?? I- the challenge elass), llocnelle Kenneiv
M.-.r-i",., k Malden. . . . . ,
Whit.- iri,-..i'-ti terrier. For ihe be?| brace of terriers,
frit,.,. I. K.-iiio i", ?,'- Bpi Ino and N'-'iii".
Dani!' D'nnvonl terrier* For the b< I brace >,f t.rri r*.
Redilnetnii i"ii!"'s For the ben hnee of <? i
' William ll. Russell'; Christ., is Ca.ol sud Kwee. ?
s,-,,fi ', terriers Foi the be.l brace of lerrleis, u.inki.
denne*; for Um ben exhibit ol hm lattten, Wankle
''''./n!''Lui,-,- I", tic beal brace el terrlera C. H.
-niiti, Barnaby Rude* n i Islay.
Vorkshir terrier, inr tic best exhibit al four terriers,
Ferdinand Sean. _ .
|,,v terr'"-- -nth., titan ^,,rk.hl^' and under -? ?,,
potintl- loi-tin- lest terrier, Plusburg r. _.'-rm i 'a-. Ter.
Kena ls- Lady clyde. ...
TO! spaniel* I or ti,,- bea. chili', of four t..\ spaniel.,
Mr- i.riiniiid Benn; for thc best t"> spaniel Mrs.
|. illunie! S'-nn's Km.' .,f tte t leirl-.vs slh.r ruo foi ll,"
, t."-t nriir of Prince Charl'-* spaniels, Mis. .. i-llnaiid Serin .
' (h.- si i.ii.t Ptlicc Todo. ....
I Italian i_.cv_ouiiil_ - Vat th.- beal r.r_*-.- "f Itali m irv
' honni. Joseph Lewli's Bprite sod Bortoe.
MiwelkUMOtta- i'.t tte tesl doa in tte rolseellaneooa
els.*, Georg. B. Thomas'i Whippet, Rostoa Model.
Many af the hennH clubs de-roted te ipertal ir d
' of d'v*. ii'-n their anana! B-eettaci fcatetdaj te ean
aeettea with the do? show af Mudls.*, Squar. tiir
! den. Tho English Better CWh held aa axeeaUva
nieetlni; in tbe afternoon, at which P. Lortl
lard. Jr., prcsld-d. Conimlltoe ivp..rts icero
rend and iicepted, and O. E. Bbf_ter anti
C. U Wright were elected to te_BlhanRhj lu
the dub. Th*- a atari faa Ooedea Batist Ctah hall a
Bteettng in Ute Beaning, anea the fbUowtaj f,f!ic.r.
wen ? l-ced .I..,,,,,-. B. Ut seen, pta Ident; Hr.
?'. K. M. laidley, mc pp-, loin : |.. .x. Van /nnd-.
-'?t r.t.-try and Irraaurer, snd wini.,,,, B. i *. ,-.
l-IUlngs, Dr. .1. .1. ooodana and ll. !'. Rnltfa \
?"nive committee. At .-, meeUng ..f Ihe i*?i , r
''lui, nt America, whJeh wai also held in ti, .- ...,
lng, James L. Anth my was -I -i -i pie , ? i
Wlie, rtce-nreehtent, and r. E. Eduard*, ..- r ,,,-,
and treasurer, it wa. ?.,).,, dectdx) Uni tbe .iii,
should offer a number ni -p.-.ir. prlie I r p i ter
al Un bench ibow *.f Hi" Tor ;it. Kenn l cub. which
"in i" I. 11 "ti September ia aid rollo Uni ?
A protracted merlins "i Ibe Rational Greyhound
Club ff America waa atst.hi in th- evening. The
offlcen elected let year h ld orer thu season. They
?'"'": S. Q- Pope, president ; li. w. Hartington,
secretary, and c. ii. f. Drake, tro;_-.urc.. i
nigh! thi-.e director, and four riees-preeldenti Were
elected for a term "f three <???*? **? ...-...
Wlllbims, Angus! Helm ni
A. c. Pane. J. ii. Wat* tn.
Whitton, vic-.pri-id.'in..
Thej uer.*: Roger
and W. Wade, director
Dr. N. Rowe and L. c.
amoxrer snow por tim. carder -lorg uri
or ivritiis.
Tho hark of tlie ermine tribe which lins filled t>?.
Madison gquu. Oarden amphltbratn b.r sererul
Hays will i,v to-morrow be a thine ..f ti,.. ,.?.,. The
iu-i.-e dogi having had ibelr tiny mast perforce yield
lh- ti.-id t,, feathered randMatea f.,r prl/..- h.umrs.
ll1" !""'il ??.mri exhlhltton *>f th,- RewYorh Pbnl.ry
and l'i_,.ii Association wRI ba held rn the amphi?
theatre anti reataurant of the Mndhum Square Garden,
beginning on Tueeday next and continnteg nutt] Butur
day. Marci, 4. There are _.|-J-, entries. ,,?< ,|?.
tiitnl number ?f Midi to be ,,i, exhibition will be t,,,*
far from .>..y>o. i? addition t? ti,., regular premiums,
a large number of ?pedal pixes, tanging tn value from
RS t.. pioo ar- ofTercd. I,, ii,,* poultry rlasses there
will I,,, represented Rrahmas, American Standard .ind
ru, FeatB-red Cochtna, tangshan*, Wyandottes, Leg
horne, lb,miali., .nm*- COckS, HamburgB, Dorkings,
stnnriia.. In,Iii,n -ames, and gum ul other fowl.
The pigeon depurtmenl promten a handsome dis?
play, orer Tun entries, representing mora than fifty
varieties, baring i.a received. The Urges! number
entered in one dan I* thal of Hi- fantails, there being
nm .iitii. .
Large entries bare been sent in bv w. k. Van?
derbilt, ubm Georgia laeHn, .ian,.-. Ponytb, Owego,
R. V.: Aril,ur burden. Colonel A. Ii. lill'.m. fen
taga, R. V.; l'HM?na.-r WtUtema, Tnuiii'.n. Ra *.;
Prank c. Hare. Tn,-,,!,,re a. Ilavemeyer, Tin,,Hiv
Tredwdl, Hast WlUUton, L. I.; W. Haywood, Ruthsr*
ford, R. J.j ,r. p.. Hives. Annandale, W. -i ; ii ii
tin,-!,-. Indianapolis, ind.: h. w. Uouhleda. .1 M.
Kipp...Fairlawn. X. J., and (leorgc W. Mitchell Kr
i.ii. rona.
In tli" centre cf .ho huge hall will be a large foun?
tain, ami in the basin, will he a. ll... K ..f Iwdle -unii.
!,' hj John I). Rockefeller. .\ monster iw ul ia tor
mtnlnlng hamhi egg. win hatch chickadee!, and dnck
lings, while the shoe i. in progress ih" annual
n.tiiiL*. i.f tl,- Am. ric.ii Columbia Association,
Mii'-ii.-riii Jacobin Hub ami th" New-S'ork stale
Poultry A .".i.itb.u wm h- h.-ld.
Tin annual aaeUoo nil of fox ton.,:, hy I. \ w
Rntberfurd, when den loeb ie anny iir./e. it ti," w .-.
mintier Kennel < lab's ici<*ii -ii >w. ?in take place ti.,.,
sfteriiicn it i M e*eteeh al tv- Amen aa Hot
change, Ra inn Broadway. Thlrip-ooe dogi .ml
thirty-two bitcbei will bc - ld by Itu Bm wltl ?
T!:e,e dncs .rp adVfrtivd t-i ly. rai e\hi!,lt rwli at tie
Hors' Exchange all d? ? . . ... , .??
telej ir, ic* 'a.--i by u.e ?torm. tii?v ai.i ti t neck
then anni leu yesterday aftetueaa ih_ -ai" win ia*
le bl a- Bdeertleed, heworer, M.. .ift-i "?,ti. The d,.c*
will be exhibited t-.-tlav.
'Ihe arboleaale drug nen of t.iis and other lan
Ct!les ni-,- up in arm- Bgalnal '!. ? pn- lg! < i '..?
laddnch Pun K'-cel lill now before Congress. It
bi been populnrly up].I tba! Ihe MU would
sffeel tn*- -ul- ol palen! medklnn la tbti and other
-t.it... How mliteken tl,I ldc, I- eua I- leen from
tbe remariu of Renjaadn J. Pall blM, ehalmna ol
?mmlttee on Legislation sppoteted hy Un Ra
tiona! Wholeeal* Dn % i I ' K i inti n, wh i va leen
I,-, u Tribune reporter yeal* rd ,. i
i MIL If P I .: '!: i - UJ. ??will us
. to prevent the nb i '-r*- porfatte*) "f I n
preparation! known -. patent medlctate, ann]
poison* undei um* la te
peet Ihe p-.'.'ll will be _ ? protected than b
I... -i ire '! ?? I *' IOU a "1" in'ent inedl'll." V* 11
?i,,r. it alma "air at the nrtettad manufacture bf re
? , of tncdlci i ? .
pbarmacopoete. h .io-- not proiet patlenl tram
i di honesty of ll druggists who, in
? c. ir own interest, alli ad Iterate ni*(ti
tines, and in rasea where a phj , lan ???? prescribed
,.f ., par.lt ular mt dlt ir ?-. aili -.uh
lt pl n e. Nor ?
. I.- ,.f goods lu U.I* Bl >??. bul
? m ill .-i to ol er '?' ??
Now, on the face -A lt, Ihi oppn RI at I* ab ind. Tba
National Government dan md Interfere with Un*
State larra on tbe rabject. Thin in New-York Ibe
. . | n p null i - on ?- lo th. sta-".
tnit-iie New-York fctele be becomes r*
j, ,|| [hie ? ? Ibe Sell* na] < loi ornment. -?
far i tub UH i ? one* rm d, th ? wholi tl- druggi l In
u,i end "'i"-i- tin.- mn i duke himself fanilttar with
. pharmacopoeia af ever. Stele bul bis own. Ve.
one lated ground b.r the eal lenee of the Mil I
i.,\:\ of Mate laws on thc abject. Cen anything be
Biore farcical or ridiculous I ftae whole measure l s
.ham, Intended t., please a certain lection ol rarmer
ebo object te deafoarg-rine becaa t li U preferred by
,,... ? people te rancid butter; bnt Ihe furm-r. even if
, in, pet ?.f ibe Depurtmenl ..f Agriculture, U
noi pcliillv ,|uallli'-<l t" Judge *.f tee merits of this
bill lu ,- tar as ii retain t.. the Bale <>f <!rti_-_:i-t-*
medicines, whatever he maj km.v. et !<>"<i predacta.*
Amen, the ai '" ia.inns opposing this Mil moy be
counted Ibe Manuteriuring Llie-ulsl ' tesodatten ol
il,,- I'nited Stale!, Ibe Um- Tran' Section *>' Ihe Rew
York Hoard of Trade, thc Philadelphia Drug tte
, ibv Roaton Druggists Association, tbe Bal
i,.I-,- Drug Exchange, the Rew Vork Drug Ex-bana*-,
the I'hlladelphla CcRege ol Wiarmacy and ftie Amer
linn I'.iiiiti.ai-* mb iii Aa "i :_ii ui. iii th- summer, of
objection* I" I'H-h"I by the Rational Wbdesah* Drug
-I. i ? ,\ ,? iailon, i' l aM Uni tbe Puddorh bill "li
, pince ,,f minc, es ari * ht - legldatton, .nd I i rt
dm- i,< any aponlaneoui ti-m.uni on Un peri of the
-An annlyidi ol ihe bin.- saiti ,-i drng_i I yt ' r
tey, --1. .ws in.ii only _be drugi tandi i or bnuded
,_,, r mic r< i* gnixed by Un I'nl.ed -tu,--, or i I i
nburmacopoete ar standard work, are liable lo exam
liiitilon rim- .intel!!:*, llnci.ire ol mix vinni., inn.
..,,. ..,,1,.. aruicii, nen',-.", i, ii,?;.,:,mt snd other druy.
, .-ii. under tin- pi--M-!";,- "f Us* ac., while .ur. ni di
lim* however Uijnrte'is, ma) I* manufactured freolj
,,,,. -;.- t, ur int* r*.'" *" iinwrin, provl Rd li ls**_w
?, title which l "?- n * dew mi**- IN prohalile In
;.,,,. -, non *'. "f Ute bin i'i-"'.lie. Hut iH'n_- siniii
|?. d-ue'I I" be rc.,!'-rat'?! il When -dd mel-r .,r
l,v :, name uo. rt i i-gnlx*-d ir, ibe liiiiH -i.,"- |-l_ir
iiicupoi 11. I iii which i- fe, ml iii . '.'!,. i- p i ,i m
,,.,. 11 i,r oiher siaiidard work, lh.*j differ nia.e.ially
rr,,!,, ihe -"rm lord "' ,; "'? "h- ''"?""' ' I"II|M ? ??
;,, ti,,. ie>l I Jd ?!..?--ii Iii -.:i-i ut rh. 'I'hls
rend"is ibo Amerirun manufacinring chemist snd
bluiMnail.l llilili' !,, e'-uvl'M i m.' li* ."iif'.im
,,, ||?, ; reli n pl irm ic >p?? ls or oilier wotks or ler-ts
,i,:i1 de ma) 'a'-" hud ne ha., m maning, and Ute
nuihorii) ol which be may proper!) believe lo be
john McKesson, of the Arm "f RcKesson d Robbins,
.aid: "Ol coarse tt'erj nilli of i "inn.un sense, in ?.r
, ?, ,'f ii, - bu in*! .i" gi l_e Ihe ?''? urdltv "f Uils
measure, li will lend lo i lol ol u-?'?? - Interference
mni tu the end bi ompll i nothing. I-- ld * Hil-. H
i, \ jnipl I'-r-'l le ' ?' ';"? -in.it 'UOU milOb,' ol', in
other wold-, provoke blackmail."
Wilmington, Dd., Feb. 23.?Prier T. R. Smith, pay
Rig Idler *.f the Pint Ratbmal Rank *.f this dty, I i
..?lf cont.tl einl.e/./b r lo Ibe :ni",riiii nf rr ,5.000, nml
Qe i now in ebargr ol tbe United States Marshal and
will bare a hearing la-aiottuw aiornlna. Ile pleads
Ibal Iht* money wai ipent on bb bmlly. Ibe hank
baa it oaplUd t,f ?600,000 and :i smrplns "f P1R7.000.
siniiii I* l,.>.i<l.i. for -rico*)*) in n lecurlt* i impany.
Iian"_ Rxamlner Stone says tbe ''imk I. -,,ii,i.
Row-Orleans, Feb. .:*. Tbe I.mai ch-, pliye*,
Kn.aunt 1 Leah r. i- slaving ben Bg.tba n'U'Sl *'f ,-'*'
Kew-Orieani Cbeaa, Checker and Wbtel Cab, Ile
cMuptelai !iin.-ti> of Um twatannt he received al
iia\ un. Ile played Mvend gaana agates, local
pmyen here ead woo then, nil.
t'rl-li'hl iMtl.i rtl-pite'i t? Tli*- ChlOBBO Trilmne.
fi- hai i, en i i; '-ni se.-i-un tor terr.-,pi-i*. Dar
Int tbe last month ihe bunton have found aiany
th*tl*rinds IU Ihe riirit-.il* -. Ill" templn. u-urillv
Ile dorms ii I in the winter, but have hean fruaca oul
of their botes bv the extreme cmirt weather. During
mic nf til" cnldeel day. Hil- wla.ei i dealer iw.l
placed -nine terrapin* In n tub Of .cite,- ,,, ii,se Bob
uni the water and terrapins fr, _e Inti, s redid block.
Hie dealer thu wed Hi*' terra pi iw out. and th'-y wet*
not hurt in th* les-t. One < rMl-M linn has handled
10.0UO t.-i_i,in_ ibis season.
il.AI Hie
MSW DON t li Hf f,K>.
;nr taunaarn io thi: rnunm_.t
Washington, i-i,. -.m.-iii,. Hydronapfak Whee i
rompUlng .1 wreck chart, ulm win ibow ibe drill ,.r
derellc- in i!, Hank Allan tlc Ocean during the Bve
penn Ram ).-: tl> ;..,, Ull ??.,,,.,._ ;, ;, ,,?. nm
time in the history ot il,,- iiftiti th_| .,,,-h _ charl
hu* been prepared, and ll wttl be ?f gnat value to
shippen in bowing the direction aretha bare i.n
teken dnce tee \* -.-is were lost mg _?. general
tend.?ncj cf ali ,,f ii,,.,;, t? drift in a northeasterij
direction across ti.,- track nt Rarrjpein itcamrn,
when there i- Un greutest naumai nf tram, and
mutate mos. Baanga i. Babb, m occur t? steamers
hoaad either way.
Th.- greater numbet of wred.s have occurred ulong
the R. w Ekigtend ooatt and in ridntty al cape
Hatteras, while along Che Kew-Jeney and Ylrglate
'?"??? ttl Hi,.- cCbrt I- dotted will, murk. Indicating
hundreds nf derelicts looting in the path <>f eaaatwtoe
ttaflte .rmi a coastanl anaace tn shipping bound up
?r'd down tin- Atlantic. Around th- Bermada then
ure a tesea Booting iteemen ami Mteoonen directly
in H.-- lim- nf ,,,m.ree from Ure tilla- ,,! Good Hep"
end South American ports, and which ibow Utile
tendency to move more l_an a few- hundred miles a
jeer. OR i le Florida .mi-' Which, year, af?,,, was
regarded as th.- mus? dangeroua with ti,* ?*.x.<.jitioi.
.-I Unit.ni., fewer wteeha have occurred than tor*
merly, du.- in ;i greatjneemra io tha excdldnt Bghl
system wlit-i luis been povlded in Iii,- year*. Twenty
yean ago there were a- many wreck! nit thi- coast
yearly as off Hatteras, and a.. captain! bound round
1" tbe Galt iTwayi pay,- it ?.s W!de a berth as the
weal -I- nnd circumstances would permit.
iii" Uland ??! Martinique I- almual rarroanded with
dereUcts ,,r all -..h.. which burs clung tenaciously
in lim* vicinity duce Hi" greet cyclone a few yean
aaa, whkb wrecked every rend lu Hie harbor mil
ibrew i,univ nf ili.-ui high niel dry nu Hi.- shore.
About nv,nty mn.if jim,.,..,. th.*-.* ai,- i?, lesa Ulan
Bf.j \.*-i. goaling around bottom up or rise nearly
submerged, ?? bs tu make ii.dingly difficult 'or
inn lue. - t,, -,.,. ii,,.,? except ,,? ? V(.,.y ,.*,._,,. ,,.1Vi
before the) are el. aboard anti often ton hue tu
change ibelr course t.. averil (bera, '"?ff tbe Maine
I '..? anti arniiid Nova Scot il derelict! an- thick,
.I-1 In Martha's Vineyard Sound and around M. ,
cbuaette Hay Ure already large li-i i* being cnn lunlly
Increased b) ii,.- io*. ,.i .chuoiier rmi occasionally a
ii..- * lian ibowi i\ dotted lin-- Hie tendency nf
nil wrecks dong tbe ttlantte , ?.. I ai tor louth aa
ih.ntl.i !.. h.- in a northeasterly dlreeUon ond toward
h. ? i.nif stream. \\ inn one. ? d. n Ik l I in the
warm witera nf the itream lt generally dosi latlh
along northerly and fij--n nearly tine east until many
of them, if ihey remain Intact, I ?_? ap on the hore
of Ireland rn- in ?!,.- ru north nf Scotland. Those
near lb. Bermudas usttally t_i>>- a seethes terly dire
linn nnd ultimately land In th - . ? ?m. where
they -pin round nnd round and ...-ld,en agate gel "'rt
nb- ii icundrirb . 'itu- hi* been pnrM utarly true
of ti,- schooner Wyee '?? s.ir_.-nt. which baa eettpsed
ail prevteus recorda in days afloat and mites travel "ti
in the ii.tni-v ,,f ir," riydregnphic Office. Tbe charl
bows ?'.'- > uddenUfled abandoned reaadi -cn float?
ing in th.- North Atlantic during t!.'- ii*-*- yean fran
i*-t to l-'-'i, "f viii* h number elghty*tyo wore seen
iu tbe hr-', eighty-one la 'lo- -.c-nd. 140 in tbe
'iiird. ni in ti,.- fourth, md lat. year*! r.-em-d
ecHpsed ..ii prevteni record! win, i"'j. october iii*.
Rerember .n- nwn .o hnve been the most dl-sstrous
... ,,f ? ? v, ar tn shipping.
I . ? ""lh ' - fm ''"I" ''" the r-ports
,,* v >i- floating I """rn np. tl n*ta| halla without
mads and - '? eeeadl urila u._ '- itandteg,
? ;?? .,.,. ri.-, bul ti"' aatebnihlng 'h.- Identity.
',lu-rr m.- many reporti "f knawa derettrta i:"t n ??
n^ed'bi ''' ? making ihe report, but windi
Were evldentl) tea known derelict, because of Hie
. . mg position e.ii. iii- foregoing list aa.
i.. ki ? Iherwl ?? r.-p wted. Th. "fl,
, ..,..,i ti.-,! whoa levetal r- poria -.f un
,.,l vc- eli a:- l >r Ute MUn tun-- aiul place,
it i- Hie same one.
i . ? ? ?,.- net Sergent ure per
'! important to ihowtng
i der. ii-' ttards on tho ?i.!i ?
fi. \...ei tu ernched Match Bl, I BUI, nee' I'11'
,?,-,., ,,,-d !,, h ?? '""ii drifting about tbe Atlantic
in the . - '? it Bange i - a midway
, .,i the W< ' lull..- -ind th- Agorea. In h-r
rama te within -'?'? mik "
,,i,. ti,,-.-, t ...ii a lan! Ihe Hull stream
,- tart* i ir. ? ctntae tetratd Ireland. Ia Julj
la i ihe .hanged bee fouree and wa- -c-n whirling
ar .-md in i ? Bea. ? tere ????? remained f xt
- . -? ,, ? rt p ried December 0, |u I
,,ii ti.nislde ol li eddles, little mon 'han a -in-ii
i,.-,j i.it. it i. i~_~,1 dieted tbal Uris ressd ba -
,.r, i in ' er " i i derlngi i ter 11,000 n-li.--, an i has i.n
afloat cw te) . and nen ky paning -hips thirty-four
r:,,. Ai r Vt. I Whl', i- aaotbet
... e| arti ;, record foi miles she lia- travelled and
ida* ;,,. ' i been i d-relU-t. She wa- abandoned
March 13, i---. wai li ' reported Janna-) SO, i?--.*.
, i Bp ,,, ti, ii ume b id g me orer 5.B00 mil"* of
esler, -ii- may I ' ? Ming ila I* d) about lu
ti,- tra, k of vi ? ls. ic B< il looaer with i i.I
r,.i Mid i the i'\i'i v.. Hun!, trrecked to Novemlier
?f (be ame y< r l he last bi lid of i er, i year l it* r,
the was in ."-"I ""b r niel Ifkt ly t" last omi Ume
longer. t'|i i" thea she bud traver ed I.-"'* mil* i.
I ii.- ship -?? .xi!..m. waa In*.! al ?, In *i - - - and nine
teys after ? us Bbandoned, and when Issi seen
si'.- imd nun!.- ihe remarkable dtlfl ol USO mlle . The
hip Maryland, wrecked to I--", covered ninety mites
?li,,, nw : 'in ls ?rl iy "tall ll gathered by Ihe
llydrogrnphlc Ofllct ina an avenge annui.1 lolsl I"**
,,I _.tf_ vi -I-, ultu l-'i'ti'i liv*, in tl," commerce
,,? |}|,. world. Th* ? Un ? '? ?' tdne *.f v.I- and
,,, ?. 1,,.| |. about .altin mei. I ll HI. I',.- illrir! gTUplll
,. iu -!.','.*, i i. 11.," - ???,. I- Ihe OW vessel* werr
wrecked on Ihe AUai.lli. I, '"-? ther v. I th lh,
|. -ni.m. of 33d abandoned wrecks, nf whit li V
i|ueiill) repon* 'I and liav
tn rm lnt,;r.--Hub msniloi.
'Aila kn. *u tb r> ll. ls msk
:'? ? \ ears, or rm .i\ en ?
i.,i.|.. boa lhal Hie av
Ililli) un ? ? ii Uni! lt ls
Ixl* -ii d'croUd
th, ii- .iiii' imekM ploit
I.,,. t;.'", unknown rn,il i ??
.. total "1 I'.T ililli':,- fl ?
.-..?ri :, month, i ie
rage life ol . di n li. I I si oul
? Id.til lhat lhere ;ire :it lea I
nilly alton! lu Mil- region.
ll,- Intemullo ml v irlne i _uf< re. whli ii mel
, i? \\ iHhliiRti.ii in l ?-?-. di en--'I Ihe danger to ??
.,,,.i ,,,-.,],. i-t ,,r derelicts In the North Atbititlc. which
m.,Inlv .'H.'',i it ? nil '!.r, I .,' the I mi.-.1 Slules.
;,,,d the ii- i :,,t. ip ri "i Ihe I nlted Kialoa <le|
<_r.,|. . wai :
ii c o|mi corm* ii\ recommended thal a steam
., . i ,,f limit -*)' l'"i lil-plii- cm.-lit i- built, which
.|,,|| |?. ,? ,,.-, lr,liv Ulled for llld ml.ll *? I to the
, , \;,,. ,.f i.,i, ni' tlc ,,. ? ,u In bad w< nlht r fur Hi ?
?mri.' ll ' "-? I'!' "'' "''"I'-'-I " tb ? ll.il-IIIL* wi-.-. _
-hi,I derelict*, rn- bringing I hem Into port, m li l*e*.*...*|
lo i"- i iifT ni d.*r Hi' .iii-' ''"n ot ann ntl.I In the
jfnw I ? i> 111 iii'-'i* and lhat pirtirnlar uttenilon be
ju,ld tn her strength mid In the ?* rengUi, -i/.- > i
; ? |, , ,. ,- ?( lt, i '. il ?, ..vl'.r In Ihe fi. t lhat Ihe
...Vice ni adi vessel nre re.|lllred prim-'pill') ju-.
after i storm when tl. i nre -mi runflln-i hi tl rt
when li*> onr| li niiM ' ik" Ihe sea, Spei , il
,,,. i..u ||, ||?. hull :?? I"'" I CHI :i'"'it|lt ut b.In.- sub
j,.-, in rx ugh wc ither sud hen. \ -? i -. nnd on .iii i
.,f having frequent!. In l*vw v. ,..-i- -uhtnergc,. 1'or
ti inti,.i r< mi extra Utting for lowing shouM be
Xn :i|>|.t-"i.ii i???!! ic- ever I.n made for nrh i
l?,,i and Ihe '???'? d-y "' " ' growing each rear.
?| i.ni. i. ? m ni In.itrol nf the Coven, m -it
now- br d-ti"\l!i-* derellels I.iv.il -I,lp. which
ran ni siwa) be bad when i n. lr serrlres are mosl
THE ciiiy xn ' v tS POLITICS.
Prom The rsm Franclsro Call,
When in!' ivie*-."I about Ihe matter, Jee lin did
not expre i de.-M.-d wUltngne-,M lo talk al Brat
hm muli. ' mienied In ? , ,-.v the pictures ,,f the
nlhci-i-. and . iv>- ih.ir nani--.
- *? ,,ii m ? . sid ila ma i ul affslr*, " we have been
striving for n long Hine to nm-mmmati. Hil. uni,,
lukins, and noa lt hu b",n ace mpllahed."
-Yon are nni a native un, ll", nr.- you?" ans
ri. k.al.
?-.Nn: I am H"t, lei' l have lak.n i great ded "f
Int. r.- t !:: pei -c, lg t , "i . miration. We have
nppllcd lu the lirand Parlor for i charter, ind Ihe
maller i* now pending.''
-I?u ,.,i ii ink Hal yi u x*ill gri the dl.sn.-n nil n ."'
ara's inqnlred. ,
- W .?!!. I I ? rr thal Iii. re I- billi r bpposlHon tn mir
.-duii-inii lm,. ii," order." in- answered, --n romes
from rac- prejudice, ol c.mr*?e. Wc anticipated very
.imi _ oppn IHo.i, hos '-\,
-Mipia...' -."ll ure not sdmitted, Went tl,,-,, * -
??We thall _" ahead anyway. Ti. re are at bad
?ji ).m mi native ' -eli' ?->? In I'illf r:iia and We can ,rente
parlor-) in Ihe .arkins port* 'f ihe -tin,. Rnd also
organize ? grand parlor. <*f course non.* Inn native*.
win be admitted.
?tn ibta n. .vern.nt au have seVarul nMecti in
vi.??. L'nder "ur by-tea each member pledge), hlm
setf in assume tie full rlghta nf all-piane,. ,iUa citizen
.Mp In ibe t'ntted Btatee.
? i hotograph snd records of Uriba ure i.. i?.
kept bv eic1! parlor, sn that when members go t,.
I.Int lands and return tiu-lr IdenUt. .ann..! be
>i -,.n ? ?: ri:u* w* will comply wtth the provtdnns
>.f tin- amory MU ind Bflbrd protection to (hines,.
I-,rn tn iiii- roon
"Pretty soon you "ill be putting np -nine ,,f your
ni.<mi?'rs for legislative and other poeltloni aili you
nm ?"
Jee lb. hiuii'it bi I" snawnwd:
"Thnt win ron.i later, in a taw yean you
nay are ia Assemblyman "r two. ? Benator ana a
dupcrriior rrom Cbteatowa. Things ara rt-volutlun
U.u_ Ju_t nuw.* (
BOW AT (III. A ' >.
Ithaca, X. ?., Feb. 23 fgpeetel).?The neeepinnce o
tlie lavltattoa flan th. Chicana Navy hp ihe Cam
bri.!.-.' t'ntverrity crew al Baatand te row at tta
Werid'i Fair regatta was nndonbtedly duo to tte
extensive ebrmpondence between Conned era linger
iniin. nt Cornell, and Camhridga OBlvndty ringa tutti
lad lannrr
Aa Cornell will also row In Un same regatta, I
will be Intemtlng to know nt tho condition as w.i
BS Hie fleal makeup nf the unlvcr-lty crew. Th,
adi known Banana, Cherin K. Oenrtaey, who hm
bed charge nf Hie crews since IBRR, la again at bb
pod. Tli" candidates fur the university crew, will
their wetgbte, heights mid ages aro as follows:
Nan- Weight. Height. Ace
r Mc! ot . . , i;u .vi .1
i. i. i.ii-on, 'Ol. ...MO .V10'2 RI
fl.C. Trey, '9.-,.Kl". s.H *4
i | Hager, '!?.*, . 17. "i.in 2'.
W. <; Kmni. 'Ol .IR. ",.10>3 2'
i. it. W*_lttermore, lt. Q.17: 0.1 fl
'.. i'. arttberbee, '_'_ .17_ ."..ll. 21
lt. L. .h.|_\ 'OS. 170 no '.'-T
I'. W. Kelly, 'fla. 170 ...10 _.
0. E.-Wagner. .tM .100 u.o ?.t
P. x. Robbins, '.'"?.i'd ?*)'.? li
1. av. Collina, '!'?". .iv.' M -(
W, B Sanborn, ?'.-.">.170 1.11 2C
A. c. Freeborn, '.">. ... 1_0 ..iou
ll. I!. Doggett, 'Ut.IM S~\ :.
1 . .1. Ban, !?:! .170 5.11 21
A. W. Marston, e,,pt_tn of Inst your's university
crew, who luis been training nil winter, stopped ;i
few- davs apo, and will not try for a seat lu th*
boab, Of (h.* nbnve candidates your tOgmpOBdOUl
knOWI ..n good nuthnrliy that the llnal mulieup ol
ihe crew will be as billows; No. 1, Shape'. 2, With
,rh.e; :i, Wbittermoro; 4, Rrana; ?"., Hager; 8,
Troy; 7, nilson; stroke, Hull. At present these
men ara rowlncr In the best form upon the machine.
ind if a ehange i- necemry when they gel upon th.
water, it will la? done tn trim tho boat. It ll
certain lhat Hall. Qllsan. Troy, Hager, Kmuz am!
Wltherbea will have seats In the university boat
WhiUermore ls n dcnbtful utan, because he ts th*
only one <*f the candidates thnt has never rowed li
a shell, although he is qrite,en athlete, holding n
lc tines th.. Western ehamptenabtp in both higi
and tow hindi'-, and also nu annteur iwlauatai
rec.,ni. ile is taMng :i graduate course nt Ceraetl
linvlng . ir. red np bom boland Stanford l'nlverslty
If h- mw-s ik well In the bout as he duos on tin
machine, he will rarely oblate a -ont In th.- boat
Ol Mi- oiiur competitors, nubbins. Sanborn, <'<>i!im
nial Hrirr stimd tba best cbences nf gening nate u
anything sbouM !iapp"ti in anv nf the above righi
Kelly, ''.'ll. win. was captain nf his freshman crew,
and who has abu rowed nu tho last two unlver.Hv
rrews, li a _i,od aemnan, itu! lacks tlie necessary
A- fnr the personnel of the men picked, T. Hull
pulled No. ?', on tho -:i4 freshman ir>-w, and -trolled
the university lust your, ile rows tn fair form
dthough v. ry much Inclined to u rapid Btruka, which
keeps the other men hustling. He also has ?
tendency to rush 'h.* ittde. Mr. Hall ls from Wash
Ington, Canada, ami I* the bed man for Hie position
ol itroke. F.. 0. oilson. of Machins, Me., ls n 'lil
m m. aha lusted No. 7 on lils freshman crew, nnd
'h.- ni,., in ii,., udvenlty boat last year. In
rOWlBg he lines nut heep | he |>;,<k gtfulgbt enotl-ll,
nt,,I he n!-,, eriggln his iboaUen on tho stroke.
II. C, Tmv, nf Ithaca, was captain of the 'ft.' (reata
mun cr, tv. and pull,al an oar at No. fl with telling
edtoet in- chid fault 1. Hut rf raiting bli ihouMen
ii Hie flnlsh. F. c. Hager, <>f Buffalo, n. y.. is
another ona ot ins. yeer*! frettenaa trew. He
hem!- |,|. badi foo much mid drop! his hands at thi
flbish of Hu- -frolic, which r*-lilts |q feathering the
nar under the water. Another Canadian is w. ...
Kriin^. nf Berlin. w|m w.i. .trolie nf the ".ti fresh?
man crew. He put* much energy ami -mp Into his
work. \- fm- <?_r_c p. Wltherbea, nt Fort Henry,
N. v.. bli watermanship may be regarded as faun?
ie--, but ther.* ur.* minor defects tn his rowing, one
?r which is that be bondi tbe arm mi the itroke.
Mr. Wllherbee, who baa recently been elected captain
ot this,pear*! football eleven, gained renown last
fill. a. half ha, lt 1,11 the t,-U|,. for lils bull-like
plungU through 'ho lin,-. Ile lia. but lately con
ented tn tow. anti win he of great lerriee to Mr.
Courtney, a- he is a bard, teanl-Bttoai worker.
R, 1. .-iiii.. nf Milwaukee, ix a Hm- oenmea, but
f" 1 th. i-s under tba apter, the result ef not haring
mv lanh to practice lu during the winter. The
coxswain wiu nndonbtedly be R, R. ^berman, 'or>,
il W itertown, R. Y.
Although ihe crew is rowing in fair term on the
machine*!, there ar,- many toalts to b>- corroc nd, one
>t wiii.ii i. uni, ino recover I- uni qulek enough, nnd
1,1 ati.-mpt tn improve lt only mdt! In sliding tho
ral bach to*, ted. Coach Courtney i* not io coull
lent ibis \ear aa he aaa tod year, because th** ni<**i
ni-.* compelled tn pull away un machines, white ninny
il 'h.- burger <? 'liege- bare rowing 'auks in which
the tm n Income atctutomed te Bte bout and mu.-ter
be leg a ak. Here al Cornell tberg la bm little
ima It thi- imp irtitnt work after the lee go's oul
if ti,,' Intel and the rae.'- In June, and ihe Cornell
treen nr.- Ultu nrerely handicapped.
speaking of the freshman crew, Mr. Courtney .aid:
?It 1. iii" pooresi lol d candidate! that we kare
in r 1. ni. nml Columbia will surd) defeat us Uri!
rear." H I- nil they could flo to row a stroke -it
u.mtv live per iii ante mut keep together. lin
reshnisti * iiiidi'hitc* are now ai foUows:
?,,..,. Weight. Height. Age.
IV. Ile,arl .I7" ?*' '?'-- Ul
/.. \\ . WI" lr. i'l .HM ?'.'?' Il
ll I.. K. -:,?'*. , aptain. lt''", 5.10a r.i
VI W. Rue 17" 5.10 lr.
lt. li Usn I-"i. ?'" ?:?:,-? I*
lt listhcwa 1*{ BfS
! ? t.? - LL IaV ._
1.. P. '*ullford .IM ?.}0 5]
P. lt. Fal* . }? i-l "- -
I.- I. I>?vl; . '.' ??J? r?
,. A. K< srbery.??? I-*1 '.' . '-'
? , Blade .'. ISS 5.10 lr*
,; K Dyer. . I"-' ??? ?*
Tbe nen arho will bold ptocn to tbe boat aro:
\,, 1 ,,.iif,id; i. ..inland: a. Fair: -l. lilliginni.:
', Kbiiw f Davis: 7. Mathews; stroke, Howard,
liullford i- bi-'- a i ri'iti. ?? wind, for he uw-s hi- bick
fn.i,,,,i ,,i iii. hip., which win result, li* Ihe water,
in nutting 1,1- oar m I.s. deep. Wbetend bend hi*
,.,, I. iii-i before lie begins Ihe stroke. K.ilr has a
I end ency m ru_b Hie -lid.- too much, besides mimer.
m. other faults. Kingham pull- too high on the
itroke, bringing tbe mindle ..f tic nar almost
tM i level willi his head. I'nptjiln shaw ls nam on
t?. mich and drops ll- ihonldera on Ihe tinl-h of
Hie ti, I,.'-. A grenl fnult of Darli ls thal he don
mi pul hi* bini, Into the itroke, while Mathews irv.
lo Md his own -Ifni," b.r Ibe -larboard -ldc How*
nd kiel,. Ihe slide nv iv. and I. tn,, quick In all
,!. movements.
H |. hard t,, i--ll just what rates the Cornell crew
.viii birnie In ni- year, except Hie International
it ri.lcngo. whlclt D'*' 'i.r.. decided t" enter. \i
,,.,..,.,,? Commodore llagermnn kt lu Iloston nrrang
ng races, bu! wini whul crewi li not known.
Rochester, R. v., Peb. m (<-perld-.?Th, question
if dividing the Rpbicopal Din..co "f Western Rew
fork, alway. :i topic of inter. *t in thal diocese, ls
mm.* un in an ictlve form again, mid there are ta
.,.,ii,,ii. Hui! it will be conrammat-d at tbe n*'\t
nceUng of ih- ii.ni Connell, to Beptember. For
. years ii has been evident Hun the aorh of tbe
iorrse i. i.nereus even for i young and rigorom
ilnhop, ind "r rouree, -lill more so for Mahop Coxe,
rho, while nd feeble, ls beginning lo tri lae burden
f yean. About u year ago, In fact, he a.ked the
; , , f ,;? relief; bul Ihe round] at tha; tune Idled
o do anything. Ihe pdnl al Issue being whether ,>
Ive mi a i ? an! lo the lilsbop or to divide the ,ii,? ,?-,..
There i- n tirang fecllhg In the dlor.se .-ur il:i..
ivii,_ .m ladtteni ptebop. esptdaUy as l; ls felt by
,,i,,. ii.r a maa wtw would !?? acceptabte te tba
itsbi p mlghl noi '"' deslr <i by the diocese t,, mc
eed Mm. in nil* .-itv OMpectelly tin natiaaenl I*
, ii-ii\ to in 'i' "f -ilvi-i"ii. hecauae lt would nedi
ii making Rochratet Ho ???? * nv of tin* new diocese;
ml for mnny yean Rochester has fdl ih.-n ii wodd
-iil.e ju , a* good I "--(-'.ty a- HulT.iln, If not
Biter. Indeed, then i'i;- beea eontiderable rivalry
ii a friendly way between the Rplscopallani et Ihe
_,, iiti.*s. xv Hi. ii baa tended in enst. ili,;i tbe man*
neut lu favor ri division. It |. said Hist there wonlil
I,- ii , linfield!\ to ruldaa un adcuuatc Rplseopal fund
ni- tbe support d the new Msbop aamas tbe wedtby
iplscopellam ot Rechrsler and Ita arighberhood; be
Wes which, tb*- uaw dim-".,- would h. entltl.Kt to u
T'l-raia .liar.' of tbe Bteaeft Kl bcofiiil fund of the
1 .ce.,..
The diocese as now constituted conddi of flftaaa
iiii-ities. ..f .-.illili it is probable Ind leven?Uv*
I-.-.ton. Monroe, Ontario. . imbr. sienb-n. Wayne
,i Tate ''ml.! comprise Ihe aew Hi*.,.*,* -,f Ro-ii
ste:-. The growth of ih ? Rd*copa! Church l.i ibe
toeeec during the ted feu tram aaa been marked,
ot only In the two principal cities of Hi.fbi lo und
locheatrr, bal to Un daaliai towns. The tvpe d
!hurehnanihlp, though not rttaatlstie, is high: nnd
ls mobiibi" iii, t ir i new di.,.-.-..- ls created tts bishop
ill be au t uiiie -.i lh v CJUatvliuiau frum New-Vork
To the F, dltor of The Tribune.
slr: Tho ezptanattun gtv**n bv th,* BUSS of the
lb volution ut their hannant, Wcdno.-di-y night of theta
fiillure to tillite with the **. A. IL. last week will as?
tound every Son of th.* Ani.iican Involution. There
ar* mnnv lioimrnble men ta the private membership of
tho >sons of tue K.-voiution. Gag H le* p.ss|t,le that
they will sustain a board of officers, who fltemselvei
ilellheratelv make uni,ni :i flat failure, mid who now,
hy a siippre-.iin od tho truth, ant to ihrow the blame
on oilier shoulders * The adham of Ute -***>tis of the
li-v. lulim say the two aadettea did not tum BuaBRBB
tbe Nm* of the American Reveaattaa waaM not submit
Dn-lr leearia of membership to Inspection. L't me
m. ntl it: on,* or two facts which ure not referred tn in
thal sfnt. mont.
The plan of union was diT?wn up bj- a eommltt'e of
-even g. A. lt. men .ind tn, S. R, men. They labored
over lt for four months. The s. R. men absolutely
had their own way lu QM c inference., and everything
ihey wnnicd wns put toto the pinn of union. The
pinn was reported to th- two conventions his! week.
It .provided, among >ther things, that wh-n adopted bf
holli aadettea the two societies should meet In Idjt
convention ?? IMMEDIATELY TIIKHl-'AFTKR." rea 'Ilia
tho new eaaatltatlon, eleri oilier rs and srtjonm. The
Sons of the American Revolution wanted to amend tba
tu-w constitution nnd sent Word honorably and squarely
lo th,*- *)thor society. Frederick s. Tnllmndge, presi?
dent of tba New- York sons of tin* Revolution, came
down ai tbe head of ii committee and made a long and
earnest .ps eh. -fating that the S. it. hud v,ted Un lita
new constitution and Imploring the s. A. R. t*> waive
Its d.sire to an.nd that document anti adopt lt without
tmendaaent. Ile said, among other tilings:
??'Ilils mool lng. as wo understand lt. ls to adopt
or rejee! thia constitution : and If there ls anything
Inparted about it i"t lt he andr ri_-hi al Beena future
Mate. Bal when en nre Just upon tho eve of uniting
under the same roof, with our hearts healing almost
as ono, don't lot us for a trilling objection leave
and part to-nijjbt. perin ps to meet no more. . . .
r.vr.itv PO-MIRLR OROURO was *.*.nf: OVEI Pf
THOSE COHFEREMCRR. That report was made and
adopted unanimously. Away with debate I Away
With am* txlmonts | j,,.| t!,e future take care of Itself.
i.et u. unite, with ono aaan ami on** coaatry."
Tills lone speech was accept,-d rs menning whnt
lt said. Mr. Trilmadf. tefl the rama- and Um s. A. R.
convention Immedtetdy compiled with his wish, .md,
at a groat BBCtiflCa of Hs own feelings, wrilvod I:, right
to ami'iid. adopted the Coastituttoa mid plan verbatim,
ind amt word 'D thal effect to Ita) Bona tl Rte Revo?
lution. Mr, Tallin: dre sent back Word that "we will
I," down tn I've minutes*1 to po Into Joint convention,
unite. Complete tbe business and go home. Did they
do that .' Ro) Wbat did th.-y d,, '
.lust batata fl o'clock, when daylight wns almost
gone, and after neurie Ixvo hours' delay, when every
one was expecting the other Wi lety to appear for
the Joint convention. Boan g. R. men entered the S. A.
R. convention. Relieving thaf th" B. R. convention w-ia
coming, tho B. A. R, rose to their feet lu a body
anti began lo applaud, some one railed out, -Too
previous, gentlemen; lake your seatst" The new?
comers were a new committee from the S. R. conven
Uon. Tiley took the floor and in behn If of their soeletp
WITHOUT INION for two months, and'meanwhile
lue lists of membership of both societies to bo revised
by a special r?!iitnt:ten_-a pr-c-edlng for which no
committee could poaathly have any authority, tho
constitution Jut adopted by boh bodies itself leav?
ing th.- ledatoa apoa qualifications f*.r membership,
afcuduteiy to the Ktate aadettea, This proposition
was regarded by th. ri. A. R. convention as a direct
break of totth, aa veiling some pnrpn*e not nnnounred,
and as a movement to gain nn advantage of some
--rt. which tho B. IL did not have Hu* honesty and
? i'inge ti avow. The B, A. lt. men Indignantly and
unatilm y-isly, reru.?el to conddaP the new prop isltioa.
fbey sent a committee to remind tHo s. R.. 'lint th$
nt rn move was rontrury to agrnrarent and uncalled
fr. and ta lmpl'tro Ihem to rot ede. The s. ll. refused
positively, whereupon Hie ?-. A. R. adjourned, feeling
that they hud i.ii tri.-ked and betrayed.
Row, Who ls te blame for the failure of union!
Lei im mar, believe, f..r a moment, that the s. a. R.
.ir.- aRald id -how theft records: They now hax-e a
magnificent nnd absolutely unimpeachable id of rec?
ords of proved eligibility to membership, largely the
meru ot Dr. Oeorfe browne Goode, sf tbe Smithsonian
In.tltuiloii. They are fiot afraid to . how then. But
they 'believe lu honorable dealing among gentlemen j
In ellinging not. after one'i word has been given; and
In the keeping of a covenant sotemnly entered into
with u Rster society. I will nd Impute a motive te
th,- oilier .ide, balli must lm sdemnly affirmed that
Ihe faiini*e nf iijiion lei. week rests ibsoliftdy and
excluslvriy upon the sons of the R_?votutt_-B. The
s. A. R. would not care to i's.,.,-t this, were lt not
flint an utterly incorrect account ls given by Mr.
Tailmid-.-'- -. , Hiv :i - ft wild actually occurred.
The s. a. R. must nd eomptela about *?nlateareaentta
timi-," when their own conduct on this .-ind other
,,c a-l,ms exposes them to the abedutety truthful
charge, am.mg honorable men, nf dlscoarieep, cou
rea I men. of Hie tnrii and anfalrnesa.
Rew-York, Feb. m. IS03, HF.NRY HALL.
To tito Editor of Th? Tribune.
r'r: Ai Justice and simplicity shm-ld go hand In
hand. penult me to remind -'Simple Jan*'." who In
today's Tribune, objects to dog. being nadnd while
babb, go nnwasfaed, that, the premises b.-tng wrong,
the con lii-fliii- aro usually tho same. Having a
jni_u.pental mot "poodle"), aa one of tho guesta
al ibe maligned reception, my observations may not
I,,- witt: mr Interest to bet BBd others.
The hostess i-i a wt man of many duties, nobly nnd
unselfishly perforated, beneath whose rad luis already
blossomed '.> womanhood a daughter, u--t her own.
ind in win .? abelttt to-day an adopted MB ls ltelng
reared, one of the gue-t- had wit li tier a daugurer
abo shares lier beautiful home by adoption, nnd a
thirtl gaari li tin* fo-ter motlier of three orphan**!
children. With one exception, Hie remainder of Hie
fiunpaiy arere'itiangen ta nat, bal judging by thia
per cen., "the protdypn of Hom CopperiteM" wero
in a hopeton minority; and win not -simple Jane"
iickn.iwbilge tbat mi" mav CUR. tlie luxtirv of a dog;
while a ladted imf me tarted! Ute adoption of -hil*
dr. ii to ta fed. clothed and > bleated I
.* lamons cynic once -aid. -The better I liiiiiw
men. the moro I Ilk*- dogs"; and when a writer willi
Irue feminine ra (loci nat ion treats her sub).-ct as
hysterically ss she does Ignorantly, I turn tar cern
pnnnvidilp, like Matt New Arnold with lils beloved
Uetet, t.i my canine friend with the
Ll't'ild. me ; Behalf ere,
Prom wi. |.it;i,-,i,- .mil-fed springs
Seems surging tee VirdHaa err.
Tin* sense sf tears In sim BU things,
New-York, Feb. 10, IS03.
To th.* F. d I t o r of The Tribune.
-ir: Api-npo. nf tho pi a* lal a.lmr-sloji on the part
of intelligent flnanden lhal tha proposed laana of
bondi tot goM would b" only a temporary expedient,
it i- intending to toqutre to anal ezteet, to cse the
benda wen* Issued, tba Tteesurj araaM heeean the
parehaaer d its own gold Instead <tf Ikal coming
flinn "ther sour,... How large | propotttaa of -Ixe
inve.tors in the n*'W banda would lal..* greenbacks
or sliver bullion BBtoa te one end of Hie Treasury
and .lier.- g,| th. pwCtom metal to ex. hangi- for bondi
a. Ihe other end! .fudging fruin the disposition te
linld ntl ti Iiild. and Ran the wnv lt I* tnk*Mi from
the Uovmuaeal for export, lt is f.,ir ta preeaan that
moat of then woaM .-ulnpt thi* md bed <>: getting the
honda. The obvlattea ?*f tills by dirc-t arrangement
willi the banks would necessarily bo of a very f.m
porary character Indeed. PractleaHp, tin bond, would
be open te liive.tiiionts of pip.r mnnev. and. after a
.hurt time ;it beat, the percentage of gobi secured
w.mid bo no greater Una thai now coming in at the
Custon House, and this lia* shrunk to almost nothing.
Charin Lanb'a Chtaaaunl plan of burning a home
dnwn to toad a pig supplies nu cemented parallel
for this mode of t.llef, aud. a. a p. riiiriuent policy, lt
ls .limul as practicable as a anl lifting him ?if up
by his baatatfape. sun, if large hteeha of gold motu
located from tha brink vaults and a special ngree
in,nt made wRh the benevolent ma ingot s not to rellU
them Immedtetdy at O eve rn anni rxpeaee, a breath?
ing april raigbl be gained. Hut, ir ti,|. wei,* not
quickly taken advantage of for the naiad of rhe
pn .ni Uiver law, the I'nited Slates w,uld And It-oif
-1,-rutiiv Increasteg tts interest-bearing debt ft.,- rta
simple -ai.e of having a dream of gold going, like an
endless chain, to and out ol the Troasurv. And the
law that dliueti that greenbacks ihaO he le-daaaafl ai
fa*t ns redeemed would, if obeyed, help this son of
thing ahmg greatly and continue lt ea king as the
people wi,i,id stand lt. Ail of which gan t., -how to
wi,ai a ridlenlons situation roraprombiea with anana nd
finance and wrtii ignoi-.int <>? THibnnwl ?tatoeana
have brough! thia groat Ration, though the tad re?
in:.Ins thal hut for I boee com pro mises we might now
be on a sliver bn-i... AMOS W. WRIGHT
New-York. Feb. 18. IBM,
_ _. JSan F'*-'*'i**'o. Bbb, 23. l_-3.
Tuesdiy .To-dav. Tu , lui 0-di_,
Aita .io .li Medena .i'm i'l
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Podle Consol ... .O', .O'.; *? 11 a .e .l.fO SS
C.?ll-r .*.'. .6. i Sierra Nevada . ..j .35 IBS
Con Cal t Vs SHS ZOO; tuon consol.1.10 1.10
.' ,,.M, I'm ni. i .M I I'tab.14 .I-.
tiould 4 lurry... ._.*, Uti Yellow Jacket ... .OB ti
limit: U Nor.MM.l_J0 1_M

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