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At'ATir.MY OK Ml'SIC- -9?The HlacR Crook.
AMBER*! Tlir.ATKi:-8 l.'i-Tyrolean.
AM Killi AN KINK ART sod 1-71Y-lena Exhibition.
1U.!.)I" Till ATI'.I". - :." A Society Fad.
C_JUt?01R Ml sIC HALL-10 s. m. until 10 p. m.
Tlie Xiurv iVullc.y.
Casino B:l_?tnadap Manta.
001.1'Mil l's Till.A i RE I Tl,e New Saith.
DALY'S Tl illlATni.-ll. Linton Mrttlii" . 1", T.v. Uti
FDl-.N MOSER Th* World In Wax.
CM. HU; TH!.ATRi:-8 15 Ihe Olrl I I.eft Behind Mt
Finn avkxi k aiit oiLIi-iRll-. Ray snd Eveutag
F,ec Rsaibltiaa.
ilPTH a vim r. ritriTRR S ll lataltoili Ruedaan
and Ls Lm uudieru.
OAROi n TltriTR t Tbr Mianlibaabi
.RAMi OPERA H'H'SF-8- ihe DlMMed HretLk-r.
HAlXI'.AN's '.Ml-ATUR *> -Mnllig.ui OuatdB* BUR.
?ARLRM "IT.P.a HOUSE -fl l.'i-Clo'lai.a.
HI.KKMa.W s THEATRE-*! I'.-tri nd PrRa.
tO (M.MlOtVII.
ROSTER a Bt * L'S fl Vaudertlte.
LTCEtTri TUCaTEE-8 ilb-Aaaerieaae Abroad.
Madison SQOAKE QARDEX?S a. BS. ta 10 p. m.-D-i
Banjo Concert.
Palm Kies rilK.viT.E-_ .O-Kady Winicr-n"..'* Fan.
MMfAARR 'jiikait.k-s.i_- fba flpattenaa.
b*_P ! "' A1 u -" "'? I'robat '
TlOltT PASTOR s -.-.-.Vaudeville.
14TH STREET THEATR] -4 ih- Marriege Bpeetn
^__g .i
Jnb.x io -Abtifrliscmcnie.
_?-_*. lift. Ta.-. Co;.
Amuxement- .n ,-o Instrnctlous. . .. . l-n
Aiuiuui.i-einenis .....w 3 Legal Nonces.. . 2
Bankers and Brokers! 1 4 Lost and Found ... 8 xi
Business Chances.... 0 .*> Mairlagi-a v Dc,th-. ,' U
Business -.haiii-e*.... ll _ Mlsicllsneiuis .12 8-0
Bust,io*. Xutit-r*. 0 | ti media,.coin '.) .">
DiMitetid Notices ...n 4 Now Publications. 8 1
Dr ssinaking . U 5 Ocean Meanies.10 ti
li.ni -ti, situation* Proposals . 8 i
Warned. o tia item h-tate. m 3 i
Exciir_i.,?B .ll . iiailroads . s D-d
lilian.ial .ll SA Miles hv Aut-tJoii. . .11 .".
For Hale.. V. ;, -,,.., i.,; Routes. 7 U
Help Wanted.II ..steamboats . . 0
llorac* eit-1 Carriage* u 4 Teachers . ??* 'i
Hones and Carriages! l 4 I Winter Resorts. w 4
Hotel! ... Tl .", Work Want' 1. '.* _*u
Bueinros ^'oiiccti.
Keep'a Dress Shirte to Mc__iure : C for $0. None
better st soy price. OOO ar.d blt Broadway, New-Ysrk,
and 82. Cliesuiut-at.. Philadelphia. _
1 vear. 0 mos. I nio*. 1 mo. copy.
Psllv. 7 days a week.. BIO 00 WOO ti.'.O Bl-.' .
Dully, without Sunday. . 8 Oo 4 00 1! 00 00 Ben.
Bania. _>ib_ne.. son loo 00 .... tnt.
Weesir Tribune. 100 . ? cte
fc.mi.Weehljr Tribune.... 2 00 . f cw.
Tribune Aiontlilv. 2 ot) .28'.ts.
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CITY POSTAJH.-The law requlr** that s 1 cent no-ttpe
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er .-tenl-Wc, kly Tribune", ...aile! for local delivery in
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2",4 8t!i-av"., s. e. cor. of CUd-st.
119 Oli-avo . corner 12th-?t.
192 ( oltinibti?-sve.. nesr Wes. C8th-st.
100 West 42!--t . i;**ar rm,-a ve.
'20 West 14th-st.. near .".th-ave. '
257 Wes. tit -st.., between 7th and 8th aves,
Itt 4th-?ve., corner lith-st.
1.8,48 Adare., between Tnth and 77th ats
1.323 Sd-a ve., between 7.",:h and 70th sts.
l.PiM 31 ase , near i*lst--t.
1,708 lst-ave.. near UOth-st.
TOO 8.1-Sve., corner 47ih-st.
5*,t Mare., aw Bast a.thst.
.2 Avenue A. between Ttd and 4th sta.
17 (anal-st. and 157 DItIsIoo-sV
140 Chn-.h-st., lietwi-en Wirr.-n snd Chambers sts.
00 l.iberty-.t.. nen Ilrondwnv.
32"i Blee,-ker-st. near Cbrl'topiv-r-st.
1.S0 F^ist 47th-at., crner 3d-ave.
2., Fast 42d-st.. near M?fll*r>n-*vc.
g.0.11 Mara, between 112th and 113th sts.
?eV^^tnrkDmla Zxilxxm
Foreign.?Mr. As lilith pr*-*-?rited in til? lions.*
of Common.-) a YWlsh Dtoeatabllnhaeeiit bill, wbloh
pae-ttl its Iir.t reu.iing; ;. BMrtlon to rej*'':t il w:i_
lost. 3i*i to 'iti. ?i?? The Behiina Sen (otn
inisxioti of Arbiiratitin held a lonna! m"< tinj* ia
Paris and adjourned until Match _'i. -sss A
motion Bnpported by <*x-Pr.-iiii<'r*? t'nspi and
Piuiini for lb** investigation of tl,** banh i^'-;i*? <I .i-?
^va^ reje.-t *d bp Um Italiaa Chaatbet or Depu
ti?ra. i-i? Eleven Sicilian brigands, were BWtenoed
to IMflta] servitude for life.
Congress? .Holli brunches in 8<*<sjon. ???
Senate: Uta Diplomatic anil Military Academy
Lilla were passed; the J.e.'i-lntive bill waa dis?
cussed, r =_= llo'is.*: Colon*'! Ib-rberf was cheered
as lie entered tbe House ; tlie Iinlian Appropria?
tion bill was taken np agaiad a vain Rttenipt
to call up the Anti-Option lull.
DoRMSfl-S.-? Covernor AW-rfs v<*tci-d tlio tliTee
racing bills pas.-xsi by tho New-Jaiae. I.'^is
Liiup'. : ?__ (ioverrmr Osborn, ol Wyoniin^. ap
point*-.! A. C. Ueckwith I'nit.-I State. Senator. -__=
Tho return of the Hawaiian Connnis_it>iieis to
Hawaii fal delayed till tho treaty is acted on. =_3=
Tho Gate City Hank af Atlanta, Un., eloeed its
dour.-: Redariae*adefalcation la$70,000. lin*
iv-aujii" Merennlile Company af St. Paul, a liy
?jaada concern, Balled arith ItabUitiea af ^100,000.
City and Suburban.?Charles FsiBBRg re*i'.'ii:*d
from th** pit'-itieii'-v af Near-York and Mew-Eng
bud. ??--:- Final awanls uiadf at the <!",' show.
=u=: Stephen C. IR ami W.ill. I BOted forger, was
caught. ??:- A Hwituller attempted ta kil', a
ahoo dealer ut Mndteon-ave nml then kill.nl hi;u
n-lf. nasas The lee -,r>'at!\ Interfered arith tiafli-r
in th** bay. I.nins Hatch and Arthur Lear.
died. - s Stock- i!'-cliii*'*l almost from tl,** apea
iug, ami last prices were generally the krwest Hi'
tlio day. Tb** liquidation hus not been oom
plated. M'tii'-.v *ui call ruled a! ."< j?*r ??ont
The Weather.-Foi-'*-.st i,,r ta day! ( loudinesa,
ptrv-ibly willi a 1 ic li t ahatm early nt the day;
cleariii's' l?y "r before noon ; cooler at bight. Tem?
perature yesterday: Highest. *'Hi d.'jtre.'s; lowest,
24; average, 81 l-s.
Yestertlay's art ion In tho Senate regR-dittf
ainlias-ndtirs marks adt.itltfl gain, since with?
out a s_Rgj-fl nhjecti lil .in Bin.iiiilm.ail wus mnde
to tho Cods11lar and Diplomatic dill providing
that any Amtti.-an minister abroad shall be
raised, to the rani, of B-tthnaaador uh.-in vt-r the
ooiuitry lo which he is accredited announces
its intention of *****wl?ng an ainl.assa.loi to Waah
iuglon. The J lons,* ought lo lintl it BBS* to
a<--cpt tins amoiidmcii!, especially as not a
dollar of additional expense is involved. Tho
prestijjo of the I'nited Stal.-s has suffered in
foreiffli capitals fr,in the exlstiRfl RlffRRgRRMBt,
Another lirst-class jtidicial apjiointinent has
been matle dy |*i*flsldRDt Hainson, wh:> .vestor
day nt>minat*<l Henn.n Hancliett. of IlieblgRR,
ae Circuit Jttdffl of the Si.xth (Miouit, to siie
ttel Justice Jackson. Mr. Hanchctt is one of
tho leading hiuyeis of his State, anti is well
littcd for a jii'lui.il jnist. .\Hhott>*h a pron*
inent citizen, he has never deon a canditlnto
fer office, and. so far ttXBB seeking this Jiidj-e
ship, ho had indorsed another man for tho
place. The Sixth Circuit emdiaces Kentucky.
MicliiRan, Ohio and Toliness, e.
Tho testimony given \esterdav in the Brorrk
\gn Fire Depauinent mve?tigaiu7n dy a f.rincr
tutnider of tho department la extremely infcer
Bsting and valnadlo as throwing light npon the
degree to which political influence has pene?
trated the seivice aider tho adminisliation of
Commissioner tonis, or eonrse this witness's
te-tiin<>ny will need corroboration, bul ii may
do said that it confirms in a striking uay tlie
popular belief respecting tonis anti his meth?
ods. If liieni"!! tell the whole truth, tli. .V will
le- in danger of discipline in one fora or an
Other. A certain giiaianloo ought t ' de -.'lien
ihem thnt they will not de made t<> sillier for
any diselostifes they may fnrnlah. Cannot tho
Investigating oomaisslon arrange this?
? ? ?
Ir is a satisfaction to record that a pans of
Sicilian dandits have met their desertd and lhal
tho Italian Government is proceeding again*,
these raacala with courage and spirit. Eleven
brigandB were sentenced yesterday to liena!
servitude for life. They aro all BDcfa ROtori BU
desperado's thai tho utmost precautions were
po eena Rrj i<> keep them safely during the tiial.
Tho crime which they committed was a most
atrocious one. and lhey richly deserve tho
punishment meted out. t > them. It will strike
terror to the benita cf other bligRRdfl who in?
fest tho region where th, sn miscreants have
done their rillanous work.
The Republicans in the Assembly arc in a
hopeless minority, nevertheless they have a
most imp. nani duty to perform. Thal their
leaden realize this was shown at the caucus
hedi on Wednesday evening, when il was de*
cidetl to give every dill a careful inspection
and. of comae, io put forth every effort to de?
feat unworthy measures. The majority will
dear a good deal of watching. One thing
strongly urged at the caucus waa thal all the
Republicans should be in their seat, eery day
during the remainder of ihe session. Thia is
of ihe utmost importance, and it is to de hoped
that every ilepudlican will act upon the sug?
gestion. ___________________
Mr. Cleveland has announced his Cabinet.
six of the eight Departments have Becta as?
signed to men who. if they are not simply
personal friends of Mr. Cleveland, are certainly
not representative members of his party, and
of tho six none except Messrs. (.Ire-ham
and Lam ni have had the smallest
experience in handling great public
affairs, or have occupied any place of
National distinction. From the Democratic
point of view, as expressed in the Chicago
platform declaring for Free Trade lune ami
simple, Mr. Carlisle's selection for tlie Treasury
is to de commended. Ile has been known
hitherto only as a legislator. Ile has never
hedi executive ofliee i ither in his State or under
a Federal commission. But his distinguished
Abilities are beyond question. Gentle, fair and
moderate as his disposition i-, he does not lack
firmness. He is a Democrat through and
through, a stout partisan, judicial and sincere
in temperament, incorruptible in character. If
he develops the poBsessiun of executive ability
he ought to make an Ideal manager of our
linancial affairs ace rd ing I > the principles t >
which he. perhaps more than any other of his
party, has succeeded in committing tbe c nin?
The choice of Mr. Herbert fr the Navy
Department is niuo to be praised without qnal
ification. No man in the country nnderstandi
iho business of tbe Department better than
he. excepting, of course, the Secretary who
will andee uay for him, Bul his succession is
an assurance thal there will be no change in
iho enlightened policies which have given us
alread. so powerful a Heel of warships, and
have rendered our shipyards and gun foundries
so thoroughly competent to make the Navy
what ii sh ul*l dc. There ought to be n<*
partisan sides of ihe questions involved in re?
building iii" Navy, and so far as he is ron
eerned there have been none. Ho baa petri*
otic,illy and most effectively suatnined Presi?
dent Harris n and Ueneral Tracy in tli ? spit n
ilid work ihey have dune, and in continuing
it he may count on the same heany and g*-ii
i rous spirit of helpfulness from Republicans
that has so highly distinguished him.
The principles of selection thal have led
Mr. Cleveland to muk*' Mr. Hoke Smith Secre?
tary of ih** Interior are inexplicable. The
Interior Department is bj far the most difli
culi. tn manage of all tho branches i f the
Executive office. lt contains the Pension
Bureau, the Indian Bureau, the Land Ofllce,
the Patent Ofllce, the census Bureau and i
ho*t of other diatincl divisions of government.
Its affairs relate nu -tl,* i > Ihe West, and deal
wiih surreys, irrigation, land lau., railroad
granta, Territorial administration and Indian
affairs. To pick up an unknown person from
a far Southern Slate, who has never had to
do with the public -eivite anywhere, who can?
not know even the neiicilly anything ab wt thc
raaf interests of the Interior Department, and
to set him doun in such an ofllce is an au?
dacious and iinjiistitiai'le proceeding. It is a
cruel reflection on Ihe eminent Democrats who
in Congress nnd In other branch*** of the sei?
vice have so fully Qualified themselves for this
peculiar trust, and it is naturally received by
them with derision and irritation. Almost a
bad is the appoiotmenl of Mr. Bissell to be
Poatmaster-General. Mr. Ili-sdl stands for
nothing in policies cr affairs, ami is known
only as a person in whose society Mr. Cleve?
land spent his bachelor days in Buffal'. In ita
demands upon experience, knowledge of the
country and if politics and npon high-, liss
ability the Pt si ollie- is second only t > the In
teri'!? Department and the Tietteury. It should
have gone to a l-omociat of the first type,
known and respected throughout th*- country.
If ih.-ie waa room iu the Cabinet for thc
appointment of one who uns in an especial
degree the President's friend, ii was < \
bauated when Ihe War Departmenl was as
signed to Mr. Lam nt. !!*? |_;ss,ss.'s, jf not
uiu!< iilit tl qualifications foi a Cabinet office,
something, at least, so like ihem thal n** ob?
jection will be mada t i hi- choice. He <? -rtainly
kn us men and affairs and is thoroughly re
apected. Nothing much is to be said for or
against Mr. Morton, of Nebraska, or of Mr.
olney, of Massa.hns. tt., dm experienced Dem?
ocratic I* athis from Dem icratic States are noll
entitled 11 feel that the selection of such men
is a slight upon themselves. <?f course it dom
not follow from ide fact nf a man's doing gen*
nally unknown that ho is incapable, dui 'Sj!I,
?cores io choose fr un, whose chanel -rs and
adilities have deon proved ami approved, Sooh
departures from the sound pttnoiples which
have gene-til* guided Preddentt ia making np
their Cabinets are certainly full of risk. The
appointment of Judge Gresham is unique. The
stato Dej art mont is not necessarily a political
.,'flice. and, perhaps, if it amie, Mr. Gresham
would de qualified io hold ii in a Democratic
Admini-tration. His political principles have
seemed io nndeigo numerous and rapid chang's
dining ihe last four \ears, and whai lu* be*
Haves Just now is difficult ta say. He is an
adit* lawyer, and as Seen tary of State his func?
tions will de laigely those wliich he is mtti
ia 1 iv ami dy long npetienes (Ratified to per?
Aa Mr. Cleveland's Cabin**., and op the t
theory that ho is to de tho Hoyoiiim"nt, it is
possible thal this is a good Cabinet a* ?
Democratic Cabinet, and tin ide theory that
the. President i- a trustee and in executor for
the carrying out of lixod party principles, what?
ever else ii may nun <"it I ? be, ii is ??"!
Some of our Democratic antagonists pti-i-t
In regarding the transfer of the New-York aud
tho Paris t * the Americaa flag as a triumph f ?
the principle nf free ships. If they were more
undid riiey would d.-s,tide it accurately, as
The Trihi re has done, as a broad-minded
compromise la the interest of American ship
ling and the auxiliary navy. The Inman Lino
was receiving a subvention for the privilege
of reserving those ship- f r naval use by tho
British Government The Ocean Mail act
ffered a substitute for ihis foreign subven?
tion. Tbe chief obstacle io the transfer of
the line t<> iho American flag was the $8,000,
000 of capital invested In these ships. With
these vera ls aimil t <l t ? registry an equivalent
tonnage could do constructed in American
yards ami advantage do taken of the (bean
Mail ac!. Tho conditions of the jut diem made
a compromise timely and wise. By a con?
ditional relaxation <>f the Registry law work
was provided lor American shipyards, a trans
atlaniie. line was brough! limier the Hag and I
powerful auxiliary navy was created,
If is ? characteristic attitude which Demo?
cratic partisans have taken respecting shipping
interests. When constructive legislation is re?
quired in view of the systematic protection dy
maritime Europe of its merchant fleets dy boun?
ties, liberal mail payments ami naval subven?
tions, these objectors an- strenuous in opposing
ii. "All that is necessary/1 they say, "in
oi-.ier io rc-; re American shipping is ihe re?
peal of ihe antiquated Registry statutes." They
point to ihe Hag OV? the New-York as a proof
of what will happen all along the coast if the
law de repealed. They tl i no! pause to con?
sider whether ile* Inman Line would have
given up tho British sndvention if tho Ocean
Mail mi had not been passed, nor whether it
is not an advantage t<> the country to have a
Hoot of splendid merchant ship- bulli at the
Cramps' yards, They do not explain why the
Braxil Line did not suet.ed when it chartered
a fleet of foreign-built slops or why it was
compelled to fall bark upon th" Subsidy fyi
as a la-t resort. Their only cry is " Free
ships"; .and the logic of lhat Cly is this : ihe
only uay in which Ihe commercial mai ni" cm
de restored is through the encouragement <>f
foreign shipbuilding ami the destruction of the
American shipyards or their <? nversion into
beggar!., ri pair shops,
Nothing could be more disingenuous than the
Democratic plea that the dedin, of the Ameri?
can commercial marine on the high seas has
been caused by Protection. The Prol ction dy
which ii wa*, duilt up in twenty years to a
tonnage exce ding in 1 N10 whal it waa in l K90
wus withdrawn during the period from IRIS
io |g*?o. Tin coastwise and inland Hoets have
been protected from 1788 tu l,03 and they
have prospered. The marino in foreign trade
wa. brought under free-trade conditions n
sporting ocean fr Ighting, and n ha- declined
fr rm lack "f protection. England when the
Hags weie equalised iud.**! | ited f", thc previ?
ous discriminations <>f i:, navigation lawn ..
system of indirect pr lection by bounties, mail
subsidies, naval subventions and Insurance
ratings. In thai way il catablished the su?
premacy of i's merchant Beet with the aid of
iho Alabama raids and tie' .ubstituti *n "f Iron
for timbi r. Under ide same condition! of free
trade in ocean freighting the American H.-i
in foreign trade ha* declined because its wei
fan* ami prosperity bare not been promoted
nor n.s resources dovelopcd bj tho sine Eng
lish policy of enlightened self-interest. With
th** Inman Lino txmverted into an A_aerican
enterprise dy ihe operation <>f ihe Ocean M.ii!
act, there i- a belated application of the p ilicy
whit h baa been employed dy every European
maritime Power,
The disgraceful course which tbe Populist
leaden in Kansas are -fill pursuing -hows in
a clear lielit tho ital quality of linn ulm have
deon obtruding themselves as superior t . most
,f their fellow citi/.en--more patriotic, more
hone.t. mare enlighl ned, m re unselfish. These
pomona bnve pretended lo I.*' borrihnd by th*
greed and venality and tyranny nf the old
parties, and profoundly sensible <>f the misery
which they have inflicted on the gnu mass
if the people. Ii ia impossibl. tn exaggoi it.
th" vehemence with which their alleged beliefs
ind policies have been emin lated. The plat?
form which 'ley adopted in N'ational Conven?
tion a' Omaha la*i July is a marvellous <? tn*
.lomorat on oT wails, curses an I p]i doe*, lim?
ing asked the people I i understand that they
arete In a state nf utter -h.un ? and uni led
ii*-*, it introduced the new party as the only
iiop*> of rescue and resuscitation, the blessed
agency for restoring th*- rule of equal rights
?imi privileges and bringing duck prosperity
uni honor,
This is what the new party was proclaimed
lo d" li-t summer. Turning from the counter
reit to the genuine article, wt u has been c\
iiidit'-d iu Kansas this ninter, the contra**! is
-.-cn to de sufficiently \ivid. In Omaha thc
Populists were eager to crush unlawful powei
ind i > pul t. nih. h ai 'i and ju-lii o ia control.
lu Topeka Ihej hate been determined to steal
i Legislature, and having l-cgun the execution
tf a plot I*, thal end thoy have been willing i i
?airy it out ami gel thc ii nit- ?f jt |,\ pillage
ind murder. Tins i* not sunnis.' I,nt fact se it
mil acknowledged by all. lt will be nm m
teied whenever a Populist spok<-S_aan declares
hal the country is rushing to destruction and
tilers lo -ave it.
Governor Wens of New-Jersey has vetoed
he mischievous racetrack l.i ll- which had I, en
assed d\ the Senate and A?a**mbjy in pmsu*
ince of a cm nipt Dem eratic bargain. Thr
I'mitrM-'. da* already made tbe facts public
oncoming the conspiracy between the man
iv i- of tin' Democratic campaign in Nen
leis, \ last year and the representatives or
he winter racetracks, lt is evident thal Now
ferney ls now- afflicted with the worst Legis*
atnie in h.-r history. No legislative majority
\iih any . nscicnec or setf-respeel would have
untented tu ajfve over the State so completely
o the w ust clans of gamblers as the Demo
ratio majority in both Houses ai Trenton
roted to do. Hut what better could be ex
meted from a Legislature ia which "Gloooes
er*1 Thompson, founder, owner and -Mnage.
d the vilest cesspool in tho State, is six COR*
pieoous ami Influential a figure, ami in which
rh. ni|isni's racetrack start r is ti,,. Speaker
d ih*- Assembly?
<i i,einor Worts in Ins veto mrBflflgcs points
.ut dearly the *'.il purposes of these Inde*
ensible lulls, which are intended i> lill the
uaio wiih (Hoiicsi is nni Guttenburgs, t > en*
Mirage aad diffuse ti,,, worst -*.ut of gambling
ni the iin.-t extenaive Beale all over .\, *?
elsey, and to salution by the protection 0|
ho lau tho Irneing of host, of unwary dupes
by gangs of swindlers. Tho Ives Pool aet in
this State is a modest and harmless measure
in comparison with the outrageous dills which
Governor Werta has vetoed. This act permits
dotting only on regularly recognized racetracks
oh regular racedays between May 18 ami Octo?
ber 18, and does not all w any association to
ian. with dening for nene !han thirty days in a
year. The New-Jersey bills proposed to per?
mit any Association to irca arith betting <>n
every day In Um year, except sundays, and
aimed to promote winter racing with all Ita
abuses. The.-,- dills al-<> sought to protect
gambling on races ai any ami all tine's in all
paits of tho state by lightening the penalties
against bookmaking. The result of such legis?
lation as thi-* would be to set np a Gloucester
or a Guttenburg in every county in the state,
to make pi of om ional gamblers a favored and
protected elass bi New-Jersey, and to lill all
the towns and cities from th'* Hudson River
to Came May with temptations to vicious in
dulgiiie. i i dishonorty and fraud. No honor?
able person can flame an apology for such
dills as these.
Mr. Cleveland's troubles thicken, (ino can?
not help deling a profound sympathy for tho
man who has andr Hakea to manage ihe Dem*
oeratie party upon its return to power after
thirty two yens of exclusion from the respon
labilities of government. Prom March, 1888,
io Mm di. 1888, Mr. Cleveland and his friends
could hold ofliee, lint could not mike laws.
Now full responsibility i* placed upon them,
ami diey begin i i quarrel at once, Even in
iho present Hon.e. more than two Lhirds Dem*
oeratie, the coming President can get nothing
done that be wants, ami the prospect is that
it will force up..it him an extra BCSSi >n which
he is especially anxious io avoid.
Mr. Carlisle excites ih" alarm and strath
of Demociatie manufacturers dy calling on
unpractical theorists of the Reform Club
io make a tariff for dim. On the
silver question a so-called compromise
was concocted at a .-mall meeting a' Mr.
Carlisle's house which displeases everybody.
Th*' fie,* silver men will fight it to the death,
because it would stop purchases of silver en?
tirely f' r sixteen months, thc time required to
coin bullion on hand, ."sound money men op?
pose ii because it would add enormously to the
load "f useless coin in the Treasury, and would
provide for indefinite issues of silver c**rtiii
catea. A malo-.hilt bo palpable seems likely
io git little rapport, though it* origin i- rap*
I.d to Indicate that Mr. Cleveland insti
gatcd it.
Jlemorratfl wle. believe in their tariff platform
aie griming every day more distrustful of Mr.
Cleveland and In- closest advisers. Colonel
Watterson, o_ "Tin- Louisville Courier-Jour?
nal," ciics out for the immediate npro ting of
every .e.tj.-.. nf protect j.'ti in the tariff. Hut
'Tlie Cincinnati Enquirer," the foremost l>ein
ocratio journal of Ohio, haring vary ch so re*
lationa to viv powerful interests, declares .:*
Ul .!,, * ' '*? rill lr _ '!! I ll r lip. :, ll ?? I ort,' rv wi,lr ,
amid nii'.iiiiirii" Um par.] r. pomlM- i-r thrm. Mr.
i I- \. ii,!, i minti srcui -<t of H. iii n* \< r pr po ???!
.? :. fflh . '!!.?? lt. rn .:??*. has lc Vcr pr ; I ?!
t>, run til.- | l.,iip!i*lirii.- nf destruct! n t!ir"iip!i anv ni
..-ir in ii.iifn, tiiMM- lndo*triM, bat vouM mourner,
'" '? r .,'.''. . l.l.i.V-- t!,--lr I" !:? B< Mit e.
Then th" mme Journal talks ,,f the "!>*?
morney -f Mr. Cleveland's ichool." Th" ri ft
between t!i" two Democratic factions i- crow?
ing deeper and aider every day, ami threatens
t.. become a rupture when tin* tariff theorists
tend ia th. ir lull i > a Democratic House,
Aft. r all tlc exertions of thc representativ. *
of Wall Street interests and Mr. Cleveland, th"
11.mot i.itir House baa thus far refused to do
anything a'.I liver purchases, and it is
threatened that tbe three-per-ceirt-bond au?
thorization -hall be defeated b_ filibustering if
ne "-s.n. The filibusters are already trying
lo iti ingle tin- Anti-Option dill, ami their
example will de followed I*.* ide fr.liver
men. With only a fen days remaining of the
present Congress, and several Important ap?
propriation dills m danger, it 1 >"ks as if Mr.
Cleveland might be compelled io .all an extra
session immediately after March I. though he
has been thoroughly aware iha! ii -would em?
barrass him exceedingly. His fenn ,(f official
resp risibility has p ,t yet begun, and yet his
troubles anti difficulties are already lerioui
enough t > account d r many sleepless nights.
Tl,., w..i*t ,,f it f,,r him ts that they all come
from the dishonest professions <*j the dang, r ;;*
tendenci. s . f his own party.
lt is confidently believed thi! Tlie Weekly Trii>
iin.? h;.s f,,r .-*,in,* tun,' past enjoyed the lar-rnrt
bona lille circulation, paid up for one year, anions
BCtUal sill:*, rd'Ts, nf any weekly in fin* I nm-1
stat.-- is.in,i ft,,!,, ti,,. ,,*??.,. ,,f % daUy, Thrre
nt', m. ihuii t, several exeeHeol weeklies of a lit
erarjf rharaefer which hate enormous cirrulitlons
'Hi.:n'' nit referred t". 'Iht atatemeni includes
.imply tin* political and secular weeklies lamed
from tl." ofllce ni -ladies.
Whiic n* lifil ? eonaei|iienee tn tin* general r* ider,
tli,* * ii.-nl .ii.,n ol a paper is nf th.- deepest Im?
portance to advertiser**. Tin- auceesa nf The
vV<--k!\ Trillin:.* ls .In.* f,. c..-,.-ral fri.-fs. lt js :,
-perLally prepared newspaper of treal merit.
If romes elose in the heit of tin* tusss
if the Au .-rn .iii people, has tit'Vi't siii.'lif
ie deceive them, aui lien never betrnyetl
ih.-ir int.-.,*.-tts li*, contents are lull of both en
tertainment ;,;,,| instruction, its apeelal .11
? i",i- ,,t tin* int* r?"sts of l ii ion vi-t.-i m.-. nnd "i tha
real riuestlons ..f tin* Tariff ami .'nance in lan*
rilled every *.ii" ian understand, .oul its
ailllnsnew to I"! Hu* oilier side I* ? heard in its col?
man**, have endeared it ft. th" people; ami tts s-.ir
..... .-|,.'?-iai!\ during the last tu,, ream, ha- I, ,.n
ihciitiini'iia1. Vii lllustmtiofl of its fairness may
,<? sren in Hie iscsiie ni I', I,tu ny ?.'.', ju which ap?
ical- un article, aeven columns ia length, from the
?cn ni Senator stewart, of N'evada, mi tim Prerx
niii.-i.e ..f Silv.-r, tins Deficit, being th" lu-t gun
n a Joint debate between tlc* Senator, ha,kel br
the silver men, ami Kuewell <;. II.m. ducked t>\
:cpiii'iii-ta authorities, mi that Important tupi,-,
Mr. linn- laking the sound money sui..
During tin- I'li-hi'leiif lal ca iii pa ly ii th,, . jr iila
ion "f Tli" WeeRlj 'I ultu,ie tai. np f? 300,000 a
?.e.-h. All ,,! ll," ,-amp.lirra aubarrlptlofM expire,I
.h.utly aller ll.lection, and lin* circulation ol
lin- Weekly rribune, by actual conni ni tin* amil
na lists, January 18, 1803, wa.- as follows:
-, in,.-, linn,a,
s a J. ??;
..lu vs:,.
ll -mil *li::.
_ .17
J li'.
:i ?67
I 14*2
nilli.-, tl. tit . LU***
?hii. . 17411-1
ttl mr. . *'. I'll
Hires . 7 7*.*.l
..*??, . l?? ??-?.-?
iii.ti .< ima
Il.lil.aii .. ? ?
I trill
W .1*1,rn I,,ii
ni-io. t ?f Columbi.
w. .t vi inila
SorOt i.in,lin i .
Ko Oi < eli, ,i .
'2.x l-l
)!/,? a
I i" ul.i .
Mi-i-.i . ,-,;;.'?
l."iil-1.ii a . ^7 1
K'tiH" _V . _ 47K
''?*???- . I. 17
0 ? .'? vrk:iii-:iM . . . ;???,?
? '?"?" Ti iuimm .? . i |77 i
721 Ml* '.nil. '.<IH j
.'>,"'?'?; California . . _.. ||
190 Mn. Kl. Cl
i.e. i aaaSa . i'la
J ' I'-rt'lKll . |.11 ,
s , Total .l7?TlH I
. link,.lu.
iiiitn, TVrrltory.
tem \|-,|,-.. li
Willi Blight lliietiiathiirs, i-ni-cl Itv .?\pira
h ns ainl n icwals. The Weekly Tribune is hold- |
tg ihi* great business; ami at the rate at arbleh ,
lillis ure earning in there is every prospect of u
irctili.iim ot 1'.o',ii'iii or '.'On,non before many
TUstR*, ---- couii>*^-<'ii of p.iiti nu. hana dds aub- '
scriptions for one year. Whatever rlSWI other
may have as to the general future of the weeklj
an nipa pt i. Tba Tribune sees no proof that UM
day of the weekly is past. Tliere is an immense
lield for B good paper, and 'Ute Trihnne leads it*
emiten,pi>r:iries in oecupyblg if.
'Ih" poopV who take The Weekly Tribune arc,
In th" main, the reading class, tbe most intelli
gent tuen, with their families, among thc I inn?
ers, mechanics ami villagers nf the United States;
hut they also Include many thousands of (he r**si
tl.'iits nf Jari_o cities, who are d>*alers in agrieul
tura! products, and must have the superb mar?
ket report* of this paper (these reports being BOB
sitlcr.'il official by dairymen and others), tot regu
lar BBS iu Hie purchase ami sale of thc goods
they handle.
Theta Bra many casi's on record in which a
single well-prepared ami well-displayed adver?
tisement in The Weekly Tribune brought so much
business to th** advertiser that be was actually
compelled to withdraw his advertising because
h.* contd not attend to the orders which th.i
vertislng brought .Lim. of eonrss every adver?
tiser cannot expect a response like that; but the
(Bel remalna, all thc same, that The Weeklj Trih?
nne is undoubtedly not only the best political
weekly in tho United States, tho most accurate,
trustworthy and Instructive, but the one in which
it wi'tl pay th" hona-lide advertiser the best to
announce bis offers in thc public. Every Issue i
read by nearly it million people.
The retirement nf Secretary Foster from thc
St.it,* Department in order to take part in thc
Behring Sea arbitration leave*, a temporary
vacancy which will be filled by the Assistant
Secretary. Th., terni of th** outgoing Secretary
has been short, but h" hus succeeded admirably
in conducting many complex diplomatic IflU Still I IIS
All members of the service have felt tin* impress
nf his Ugh Intelligence and forco of character.
Few Secretaries of State have left the Depart?
ment with a bettor record for industry, courage,
comprehensive ?'r.'isp of great questions of inter?
nal ional law and uneiring discernment of the
forces of American opinion.
A good many cili/ens of this town misfit with
advantage io theraaesves .'.ntl their neighbors en
tn thc dog snow and l"am manners from well-bred
Trays and Hovers.
Som** of thc Senators at Albany think that be
fon nnv further appropriation for World's F: ir
purnojM is mad" the State I 'minni?inners should
give a detailed account of their c\p*>nditure-i np
to the present, and of the way in which the unspent
part of last year's appropriation is to be laid out.
Th" cotnmlsaioners, however) n**ert that it will
h.* B_)Wim to (list-lose, their fill 1. plans at this
time, lest other States Hhotild t.-U.** advantage of
theta lo our hurt; and their r-tntement of thc
case asama to have sound reason in if. Hence
tia* demand for a bili nf parttculars dues not
appear in he in order just bow, although th.*
details of tire commissioners' work might with
propriety, jierhap., be laid before a legisla?
tive committee. lbs legislature in considering
the World's Fair sppropriation M-OUld display a
liberal spirit. The i?'Opl.. of the St.it,> will sup?
port it in such a policy, for thc important" nf
maintaining th" dignity iud prestige <>f New*
Y'.rk nt tli" World's Fair is universally rc<>
It i- rumored that Governor Flower has reached
th.- oonrlosion that ch-irter tinkering'?for D**mo
'Titi- ravenue only - has gone about far enough.
Considering tbat in lu* annual message nf lui
year li" i un- . if strmi^' fur home rule, and made
a vigorous prnt?-*t against charter tinkering, thew
i. tio rc.isnii why the report should not be
"Th" New-York Tonr-s" remarks thal American
?Upbuilding is "hampered by toxin! th" materials
n ti--" if it will refresh it* memory by re
'.?rna. to tie* McKinley aol it will Bud that all
materials n- lulred for th" construction and re?
pair of merchant ships for tbs foreign trade can
').> Imported duty free. It also declares: "ff
tassels ar., largely built abroad af lir-f flier.'
alli I'" repairs f , lie n,ad<? herc and th" bttsines.
will Ix. built up until it is found thal --Inp.
?an be built here as well." There is free-trade
pntriotbsa anti common sense for you: Hy thc
?epral ,,f th" Registry taws the buatneas nf the
Imrrican .shipyards would bp taken stray hom
tiela; bu' "Thc Times" consoles itself with the
-eftecttan that they could Bad a few od I i tba
n repairing foreign-bulk ships, and in that way
inu!Iv succeed in building ships themselves.
.? thing could Kt* innn' preposterous than the
isaumptlon that this -Treat industry "an ho built
ip hy destroying it or leaving ci-r enough of it
n enable foreign ships to bc repaired iu Ameri
..i, ports. _
Th*, tactics of ex-Queen Liliuokalani- envoys
m. a frank confession thnt the deposed serer
i_n <>f Hamil is an advocate of annexation. It_
niv opponenta, indeed, are that snu.ll and .picer
lique nf Ftritannixed Democrata Hut is the
oming Pieaident tn bc one of these. Is he to
?come their lei let?
'lin. members *.f th" Demecwtio ring in Jersey
'itv overreached themarives when they aeeured
h*> passage ?f a law axtending tbs term ol th.*
iayor from two yearn tn ttve. 'lids waa done in
in* interesj nf Allan I,. McDermott, wi.\p<*ct..(|
,. mai;" bimaell Mayor last year. Tin* result,
oarever, was tn make Mr. Waneer Mayer fnr tba
?ngthened term, greatly io tba disgust of tho
???I,' prats. Tiicy ar*> now th'sirmis nf reducing
be term to two yean sgaln, though, of cniir.se,
ny law now- passed would imf affect tbe RepuUi
nu incumbent Mayor Wansee has faur years
tore to M-iv", and ibu nu that tim" ih" respects*
I.* elem.'nt in Jersey City shun ld become sn areli
it',.ii.-1 with good government that it ought to
*? ini|_is*.ili|c lor tl.e Corrupt rang to get tba upper
ami again.
-?. .. -_
Fishermen who Bah with n"ts In the fredi
at.-ts nf thi.s Sin.* will I... Interested in pm
"cling* which an- ai out to k* instit uta] iti
Mitch.-ss County, "lh.* Iii: Imui Republican" i"
crts thai State Game and Fish Protector Ken
.-.iv is after s number uf Dutehras Bsbermen
Ito took tish with a net last December In the
.appinger Creek. His purpose ia to proeeed
-ailis' Hiern to recover from each a flue of $100.
" has already made several arrests.
- I'l,.* New Yuh- Bviming Post" apaaka <>f Uie
'i-.i-fiy law as "Republican legislation." Thnt
* rather good for au Infallible Journal. Tbe
anal Democratie epithet applied to tin* navigation
iws is "antiquated," and it ought tn have
am.-I our neb li'mr to look back a bus diatanee
t I:,,- Independent.ra. Tin- patriotic leglsla
>rs who lui air up ih** commercial mann*' a i entnry
,t> hy establishing dlseriminnllng Imposts and
mnage duet were not willing to hare au amort
in buy a foreign slop and th<-n enjoy them
rivileges. Tiley protected the shipbuilder by
miling the conditions nf registry nd that tin*
ercbanl Beet ahould be American from stem te
ern. *vi clearly was the duty of protecting
ie shipyards recognised that thin statute wi?
tt repealed when the Hags wa.aaallsed and
ea trade in freighting proclaimed between IBIS
nd 1850. Tho K'epiibliean party lias dona a
nod deal fur tbe country, bnt it was ant
Ireetly responsible for the work ur tbs earliest
merican Administrations.
At ih" recent banquet of the Rochester Cham*
?r ni Commeree, John Crerar, Q. CL, af Hamilton,
ulai in. responded to th*, toast, "Our Interna
mial Tiad" Relations." In the cout.v of las
I'eeh Mr. Crerar, while conceding timi some
unii,uno Canadians an now living |n the United
?it's, sud that 50 per cenl ol the number are
favor of annexation, earnestly contended thal
a, tic.illy speaking, there was m> ., ntimant of
ni m.it in i miali, it will etrilte thc average
na, wc uk" it, that in nan Mr. Crerar la oor
i-f ic his Mew- this IO pn cent? 200,000 penplc
utit have uucoiumonly little iailiienco muons
j "?-???
. those whom they hare left at home and wit
it ta presumed they ?till have rel-tlp^
Ti.,, laagbter of ...mes Russell i^-.,, m I
d"'""< **\ "?? i.rs nome,,, c.S'*2' **nm*
I* sold. Elmwood wns left ,n ,"',.*' ***-. bk
urns? h *io( k,8a,,y ^-^te^Sajg
Baaea P. Anthony declares that she ... .
to remain an old inala* by n.)i|cln_ ? .V '
llirotiirl. ,i \\,?- V?,.x....a _ ? " BB
thfOngh a Ncw-KnglaiKl grave yum . JT **l
BSBBtaaffy recurring Inscription, "g-c-J J! '? ??
"rv Bf A?, relict of the lat,, Z--*. _,? *? ?*?
there tonk a to.-ntal Ironclad oath to r_w', "'** tai
ui.miirrl.Ml n.tli-r than have li.r ^.fT"""1 *????
tortature g,.n..raUo?a simply _'s %?;, *^g
Among thc rataaMe present! sent to th. ??__.
memory of his golden Jubilee were those of th/Z*
Qovanasant Among them are two m.JLT*
raadalabra of gilded bronze, with high lii.TslT"*
vases. Thee will he placed |n the Vutlcaa a1
Church or .St. Joachim, which I^o xiii aZ? ***
his patron saint ihe Government "ntt_?,l*
porcelain vttm from the Sevrei fnrtorv r *B)
K'bvre de Behafne presented ti,., gifts m hu JgJK
S.-< irately and Mrs. Klklns and Secretary .jt*
Rash will remain in Washington until s,lmnur Vo?
tary Ttaey will eventually come to New-York tn.!!
with Mrs. wumirdin., but it U not yet '-*-?Fl
how soon ibis removal mill be effected. Xiic__?
tu ry of state. Major John AV. Foster and his ?.?
Mart for Earope without waiting fe,\i.j\**
I'rompily after Ilia! date Secretarv Noble'au2 *?
old Lome In St. bonis, Secretary .hariet t*ti **
back to Foatorla.Ohio, and Attorney, i.n__T.*f__N
resumes bis old life in indianapolis. Postm,,...^11*
er.,1 and Mrs. Wanamaker and lamilv ?m i? '*
Mureil 8 for . |c|.-?u-ly nip ?, ,,,?.,.""' Jg" U
throagb Florida, Mexico and California. i__ *___
return Ka.st nome time In June Ikey ?____*_**
iibroad. ' '"?' SI S.
Thc sculptor, n. II. Park, who reproduce! u^
Kaban, santana ia silver for tha Maataaa au-n
at lb" World's Fair, ls to execute a statue of p,l
Marquette, th.* early explorer of the rorer ___
region, which Wisconsin means to send t0 __Te____
at WaaMngton. He also baa u commUUm uk ?___
of President Harrison. a ***
It ls enid that a Frenchman lins succeeded ta
pelting B very (rood quality of .ilk ttUU uplderi. U
twenty -even days ha obtain,si tnor? than 4.f)00 rtrtt
of sine from a . i*'? lea *.f apMar found in hmmRmm
But th.-n* ls no commercial value In the e_perln*o_
owlm? to the fact that when a number of spider-, _-.
tSfrtfcer they cannot be prevent-d from catln| ,-,C|
otli*-r up.
Mrs. MsaaovBio?Theyewrichm art people who doa.
know who their grandparent! mero.
Mis. RochoU?OB, yes, they do, but they hope di
ono el_o docs.-(Ilanp. r's. bazar.
Ac-onllng to "The Hartford Times," there ar(
MUM old men In Hartford, llubl'iird Hollister _
now- nearly elplity-elght years oki. yet he taker ran
of the hones, barn and stable as effectively a5 eY?r
Dr. David Crnry, 1.1 Seyms.t., ls aov in his gg_n
elphth year, yet bo Pms oat With the Fox-Hunter-i
? 'lui) ot t'li-loiiully and bags a f"x or two on Tileott
Mountain. ]>.-.-,.,.ri NorgBa hVUAt, ls,5 Maln-nt, li
also eifrlity-i-'pht, atid he -till drives about, more or
L-s. There art* In the town a number of other old
people of ttg-ty-elgbt nr atong lhere who ke*p to.
Mably lively for tliat aga.
Mrs. Kaflhantca ItttampaaatlyV-1 see ye are uUnF
In w-iisiiii;' agata, stn. ItePraodee.
Mrs, M.-Pi..udee (whose husband ha. los* a pa*1n|
jobi- Bare it's only ta amuse th.- _M_i_n. They
wmits th" windi,s cover**! with -ttniii. so they oas
nake ptetarea <m thlm.?(Xew-Tork Weakly,
'?Tb- iml.ilc Ledger Abnaaae*- for IBM ls, is
usual, u htimc 1-tKik Ut Trim ne aaa* B iresstiry ol
iiif..riii:i!lon on lacal -lid general subj, ,ts and even!*,
Thu I- tbe twenty f Birth Banoal laa.f MT.HMM
alma nae, which ts praaeetcd ears feat la the- __>
nrritH-n tn-Tli.* l..-!_ r." lt 1- furr.l-li-d free ol emt
ri!,tl BOM are Bold.
Dont irv I" carry all jrour relltrinn in yinr hea?
ll ls lu,rd tO fas! :*l BOBBI _lth B-OBH wi o never
innke nil t.-ik*--.
li ttl.es n root a llf<?-tln." to Had out what other!
s.e at B ("lui"*'
Ile abo wi'Uld b" strone la BUnl waflt have faoti
lh- iii-iii who never praises bis wife deserve! to
hare a poor on.:.
wiint aoaae people cull i>niden,<* is often wiiat
others cull mennne- .
The devil s'lonts bard at th<? BMO who makes aa
honest tux r-tuni. . '
If ymi luid to po to beaven on th- testimony ot
your drt-stnukcr, could you do lr" ._..,_.
' if ."m.- men would pet nearer ta 'li" .**>?'?* 9Rf
wnoMal have t>> Butka mi ninth aolae ia .__.._.?
(Bam'i Horn.
lt i? -md that tnosf ,.f tli.* gaeal 'ereii:-* o-ikl
planted in thia eoaatry are to be bani la tba Hate
of Deja**rare. a awgatlrenl Bpanial mk, elttht
feel tn aiaaieter al th.* bust*, was rs-entry .ut do*?
near Geotfetowa lu thal Wate. a -tt*k tl 'imt-er
was aqaared (tom it ilxty fc-t long and two feet
m.net -l dt.Ti't s.e how you caa narry -x tuan lila
the rount, who i- marrylns iron ur.ly for jr ar aaoay.
Marie Ile does nut pul ir in thal traf. M
-ay. ii*- i. marrying ny noney only lot m-.-tli.-ia*
(ion banner.
A Dakota imper say
I- ? little disagreeable,
bai:ati:i crop.
that fhou.Tli the dr.-p r.9W
lt I.- a Hood thing for tn
??Here. btv*. HtOp thal dgbttag.*1
-We ain't tlpluii-'. mister; we're pinyin; Doma
cr.it*.-' .
-Whafi do yea mean, then, by ?.r:.t.,mc earn
other, and pulling h-ur aad kkktng eack oiiwra
shins '" , ,,,? ?
He is a Clerrlaad Peaaociat and I'm inr HUI.*
-iT. mis Btntngs.
Tka MtM-taats Ulatorleal Bodety in* j'i-t i-*n**-l a
interne entitled - The Mhalialppl giver aai Itt scuk?."
lu thia talana t_<- BtttSMte naree ol tba river ls **??
riiirct to !"? in a pnriiiiiiv inclosed basts -aaSaBBai
many p"uds. lymg -bacdy aoatk sf tata Itasn, **
Blatant from l's bead aboal tkrea mil*-*. 1'"'' i'1 P"*"
Ural iiti.i popular parpone. tketasara, I**'**' UmtBg
ronttnua n t..- kaoara ns tha aaaace al tta mmiESt
Tke Wale al Mlnmaota kss se; apart As wgha it-***
Lake Itasca a* a -state BBtk,
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rt.-t! also. Was ii a good match"'
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? Min.. the Emperor of Austrta."--(l__*'isr-i i***'
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arming tin Hawaiian treats.
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be restrained. Mr. Bnllk l* a ver> *?i'-**?S____
and If li-.* a* well by the Interior l>''P?r',,^|
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Cabinet officer.
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.hip lui. its limitations, over which 1! ls mm
step when tba nciM-lon is B worthy SSW.
Prom The Knox vi iio Jannel. ta
-Honolulu is nearer io WaaMagtoa ttaaAJJg
la," cn- the linn, i.rp- ll. Hales, e.X f.-ai'ii **''"*
to Samoa, il ran also be reached from ^'ba?
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From Th" BsaBN Advertiser.
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his worth and his nilsfoitun** merit.
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