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music. !;
xor ni i:mi:nis
.ecri'l "f tba Wagant concerts, tinder trie I
i of Mr. Waller Danrosek, lot Ibe beneit of
Mtfriaedlc Dtopraserj and Hospital took place ?
a Mu-- l'1'11 F?*teiUay aneraoon. The andlenco
l: "liiost'__ as.mni si tba room would !a..i, ana
"'* "elision lTt'ii_l't min v tributes of upplause to
" mwsa-k, uko eanineted wtth obvious earnest- ,
*?? ,(1 u ? ,;... orchestra waa also ia excellent .
_____Bk SB4 "' sonority aird liilill.ii.ee or tone lu'
* . !,'*,?. wen- thrilling. Tim-, waa soaae per
ZrUiLxxL-, in tb- readlnps. however, Wile:, pre- ,
teri tl-*-' f?u ****** "' ,Vl l:'r*'"1' fragments fis.ta
Lan naBlfesi. and the aft-Sent ,.r Wagner had
ni ev. '-i <?? f'"' Ma* ?"lli'i'?,"?? ?? ,l!-' nghtheartetl.
">C with viii''' abridgments "i Un irtertloos Vere
t**' ... iui ,: pieces wi * nude tip wholly from
__f_nt Atoms ind 11 ,-it- prelude, wklch constitute \
?** jj-^dy "Thc Nibelung*! Kin?," ami Ike solo
li<0ers wlo esn in* compUaienled for earneatnesa and ]
tadeavor, "f not for a gnat awaaan ol '
*"s' vvrc Martha lam I.a ni. LffllM Ulaavett, j
^c^'miM.'c-^"-''1'^1"' ''";,:l tackatone Myers, ,
Twstin. .Vo.-.'-vi:1" i;:,! rl ''"?'? '>?"""?? -fha last
Jna [kreo concerts i- aft down rot I i-marra** alter
fp\ .-.lill popular concerts at the Lenox Lyceum
? coate '" an end on neal Sunday evening, when
ta arogranin-o "i;1 '"' <1'vid"<! between eampoaltlsba
?gerikoveii md Wagner. The boIo lingen will be
Jj ? j?;?.-,:, Mci'. Emma Juch, Haste Tkvary, B.
nttwne. I- VI. Ism and Emil Saenger, and lhere will
y , chorus to sing the Flower Ulrlt' music from
SmnUBl." ciiip??l "f the foUowteg latUes: Miss
,,,,? ida !''':?"? M,:l" r""':' R,,'Wr' MlM ***** >,:,n'
''""y... pira M. Hertel!-, Mm,*. Elizabeth Nortli
Hl Hit! Miuuie Walsh, Miss Mella Upsen, Wm
Hui'.r* Go-dnwn. Mi-s Uttered Emanttel, Mlsa Ray
mooir.ii.Ki. Miss sarah Lavin, sopranos; Mlsa Uer
de May *?'"'"? Miss 1; '*? s'-'':"- Mne. Clyde Draaa*
md ">li*s Lucy ( -l"'-:i'. Mme. Adele I'al.lwln, Miss
SiMaarer, conti I ???? complete progtaamn
i*-**9**'" lv, i-p.-!?,.-._
. .,,?.,. ."Leonore No. 3"
0^v'u. ?-iii I'-?.:,_?"
iii-..-''' "?'? '?'?.sUl ^"'l'l'vay
Vf,o*.; ..ii- ?
H-ii-G^"- ,.,.. ?_wa_aer. '
?.inhrtii* ? -v??.< Ell*abe*_i, "Dleh Tb'rt- Halle*'
rJiaa'1 .in! !-? ; '" ?'?'" " ?" ,"'%l' ?'"J r' ;,r>
'",,, uts fi.-in A t ll. arranged by Anton s-.a,
lefcnwr ii ??? (,r*"'l Hu*-'1
SanBuiii ? -? rt .--it-imd's niiine Journey, ,b,
Tr'n FUIICI '1 M ''??!)? .., _,. . _
"P-rilf-'"- . ...ll. vcr .-it..' Sena
Banket Qiaene snd Henri Msrteaa vin appear at
yr Pan-:?-*t h'- ronrert on Banday night, lae lormer
^tne a iel ol Mik Bongs, orchestrated by Dr.
VUH'Ts .-'aiif'ml, b.-ides an :ilr froai "St. P-iiP
,Bd (..ruin:; and -retch Mags, the latter playing
B**asttte by Gardn u:d Vteuxtemps's Polonaise.
A one rt is to bo given by t.ilmore's Hand, nt
the Acart'-tny ol Mnsle, next Sunday .vening. Ta**
win BB-farann who will appear aro: Minc. Ka.s
cbo?*t_* Mne. Bchul.i Spengler, MIL. Mari" WbaV
B-ian Hr. P - ? ' iw'^. Mr. i. W. Zimmermann nnd
cicnor C.mpo-ell'*. Mle" ious from tbe follo*_1np
ojwi, win bc giv.-n: '?Martha," -ll lrovatore,*'
^ --Tl" Huguenots."_
Mr. F.. Futii'i- Hyde. PWaK-fni of Ihe New-York
rhiluarinoiiir Soclely, h.-s been elected a fellow of
tke l/._d'!i Phtlharmon-C Society. We believe Mr.
Hyde U the lir-i AmerlcaB to l*e 'luis bonotad.
Ike n-w-Y ak Sympiion*/ Society, Wait r Damraseh,
eondnet*"". sill -"I*'-' .* ? concerts at thc- Chicago Ex
position lr* May._^_
peeliv. por THE riir.-siiiN*. omcik
WMhlnpton, Fe>. m.?Tiie loUowlag letter has. been
ritressel to Vice Prerident Morton, wbo hus see-Pled
the banquet tendered at tba Arlington on Monday
erentng. F. brurin 27 :
?t'n'.t.-d btatei ..nate, Walkington, D. C., February
16, WSA.
"The Hon. L- vt p, M Tton, Vit .? rr.-.idcnt.
-sir: The di*. luir_- <>f the imr-ortaiit duties ln
tMent to your great oSce aa Praikianl ol the Senate
oi ihe Dinted Btatei for the las! font yean have
braugbt us in e;o*e asiocntion wllk yon.
-Voar eoastant tolrneas i::.il Ugnal ability have
teaminded our respect and conManco, and your
uitorm toart-iy a;.u acvarylng kindne-s have- anon
ar jegrird and permnal affection. ?
"Desiri:./ .. evMence our kindly feeling toward
yn to take pea. pleasure in tendering you a bon?
net at Um Ai_ii_v>n Hotel, lu this city, on the
to*, ln-.-ant, a* e ot 1 ;-..
'?Very ,.:ii: r.-lv your friends."
Tho letter ls Ugaed by every member of the
StTAXv except six, wa. an- akseat.
Mrs. Gastav Ki.-.-i aatertalned the T-_ursd_y Bren*
MgOak at ber house. Sn. ia West Mv. cnUi-st., last
t:l.~:.t. The Bmtben who were out la gool number
ha.1 tho pkasan ol Brtiriag bo tl e renarki nf Josi pk
Jefler.-tiTi. vin taik.-d of affnii. pertaining to Un stage.
AmoDg those preieat a-en Mr. aid Mia. C. A. Poet,
Mrs. F. H. Joaea, ex-iadfi Howlaad, Mr. anl >:.s.
CC. Dcaama, Mia. w. r. Modgett, Mlaa Dlodgett,
Mr. and Mr-, a. >. ileum, tha Mtaati Hewitt, Dr.
md Mr.. F. P. KlaalcBtt, Mr. aad Mn. -i. ll. ('boat.*,
Mr. and Mn, Itward t.-'i-r. Colonel aud Mts. ^.
V. K. . ru.**r, Mr. anl Mts. ll. (.. rim].
n*n. Mr. a,.d Xn. j. A. ckanter. the Minta
Chillier. Mm. ; h.,. i.:?,,s ?, Ml^ jtjrv (ur..v,
**mm out Mr . c. F. Chandler, w. j. h. Orakam,
?? Dunham. Dr. and Mr-. !:.-.?...,.,,, yj,-. uua Mn
W, E. I.'(dge, Dr. and Mn. W. H. Diaper. Mi*.
J** M. ip,m. Min Hoyt Mr. and Mia. lt. M.
Hunt, Maa s. Fat-das, Mr. and Mn. J. w. Milter,
!_"______! ^i'1"'--. Rtns -ophle Mintara, -Mr*. B.
n? Ls , ?cKrv',,'r- ll"(- M? Ralnsford, M* and
tu. _nlp -.''"">'" '"? Mr- :""1 M>-*. .1. Kenned* Tod,
?L W-r. Booaeren and Mr. and Mn. r.
IRE TRUSSER jr ry nott sot AORRR.
The jun- in the Milt of Mi.. Basan Jack agata**
m. Jeanette M. t,.,,.,,,., ,? ,,.,(iVP]. m (MJ __ m]jUf
fl*** ^**'? -?rvlcea In tho American Opera Con
?____JT_!__! at '" "',1",:k '"^ ??tag, and at u:30
tcioca returned and annoanced thal lae n,-mber?
wuw not sptet upon a Verdict. Justice Patterson
?ncharped th-,.*,. The trial had tasted Bevan] dnvs.
Tlie pr,,,-,edi;.,, of Mi#. (1.1V 0<,r.-i-t.-tt in th** taktog
msjuu -rap, of evidence, the ramming ap af the
***** ai"* tin- (harp- of Justice Patterson. Elihu
?Mt, wh? appeared for Mrs. Thurber, laalsted that
?j testiaionv pointed plainly te thc ted that bis
__f '?'?'" simply um patranesa af Mr. Lncke. en
teakaaat-DUtrlci Attorney WeUaaaa ns atrongrr
?^t*red ,,,.,, . ? ?..???,.,. ohamei clearly that Mrs.
Daioer aai the real manager af ths company and
th*1 '-'"k" ?"? only i. r agenl
-? ..... i>,?j i.,-r ;i_eni.
Min Patterson -niti that either ride af Ita casa
PH be proved by tba tatters whick were (ptro
***"? tan Jock, kc isld, wan entnied to b.-r pay
jn lome one, and he i-n ;: lo the Jurv t,, deter
?_.*t-"'-r or not Mrs. Thurber vas tin* r.-*
H-s!bl<* Bart*.
]fbn Jacob ,\ .-<.r -.vas the foreman of a jurv In tho
tat oft!;- m.id, Kate Company against Loali Muller,
* ' '--rll amount, b?fore Jud**. Fita-lmons, In ike
??ty i"ourt, yesterday. Muller did not defend the
'**. arid it went again*. Iii:,, by default. When lt
SrtnUhed. Mr. A I rr i*-., iv.si ?l BO for lils serviles,
?mix he took, wilting out m receipt for the um..nut.
-talon. Feb. 2'!.. Lady Henry Somerset, pw-Mini
?tte britiKh Women. Temperance I'nlon, desires
-"Marge the ev.utive commutes BBd mah- lt
N*'*?it?t,,ve r,f ij,,. whole country, that committee
T*h?- been fer ye?r- u .on of clo*-.- oatnatattaB eon
PM to London and lt*, environs. Ldy Henry ls
***** ** Piper called the '? Wonii'li'.s Herold." which
!P-*-*t for.h her views mid be an exponent of Un
---man policy 0f the worM'a w. <.;. t. i .
*?-? D-awiiig.rooni Clab hell it- regular monthly
r***i tam evenin * r t Sh irry'-i. . baaaallat Ma*-* ra-ken,
P Ita CalienHy .1 the etty of new-York, tellwsai
* KMrcs, 0? ??r.du.-at.oiin: piag.an Dcriag Un Inn
**ner of _ Century." HU B-dreaa was ill-tti-a'd ly
Ml ''dg" *??* Davt. nnd IT.ils ll. H_,t_*,tK. Arnon* thf*
rw*ir|t' ??r. Mr.. v. n i ,\]r,. Xsah Darts, Mrs. Billi
? "Csv.*. ||r. ;_,! _Vm oiirovsky. Mr. ani .Mr..
****> glwan Ii. Aiu- ..,,,. Ml., Appleton, Mw. D.
^?<r >lor-.-,i,t yr.. . erndiiis v. d-- For.-.st. Ml s Chat**
""?^?-IMr. und .Vra. J. VV. B__-,!,v.
a. Cm'k* ,,0<',mj:'!l- ;' ,"'- Ptaalat, aaa>-aisd la a isaierl
,c, u,''"'-' "SH last iilvl.t. Klveu. a. M wis nnnonti"-!.
atBcku f*'""" "r saWaa faada n ? inv ?>?: Mi analcal
utoiiV0*' *'nce K ?* n"' tal-Bdad thal he shall aa-*ai la
-~"*-? l>^._e?tly till .? a tmm,t 'JUc jmm? uHl-t
'ay-d Srharwenki'a ???.. *. ???????
J ?h<'bU. and i _ Vcri__Senen Ta. en." a watti
i a,a Jln-W, ..AlblIfI1 Utf th( nri
'-'.ll. There '""M,? ,,V M'""!t' *** ??- *?".
11 a-d wm, m, ,"/' ,,r ' ?" ' "*iek wa. m. niv
ta rawer, t,. \t , :'r,,'"?*'- "?? ?mi Mst-* I in
-a.,.? LL? r1;"1-1' "amaai Min I
?? "1',..m.. Xavier Kolker, t-,,?? -. f|u?t-v
". ????H..!,.. una Mi.. i.?af ,?,,,, ?,?,..,???,?,,,.??.
*?? Ctahard l.,_,ts! ,.*>*. ofNo. ? -j,,, -...
?* .'t .at re. eptlon yesterday .nen, on, on. ol ,
.,,,", J****-*-' *? ""Mal ir, ia airing by
n*. Robert Graham, Mrs. wuitem Fanskawa. Mr
"-1"* MIsb fcUla Moon, Mi., hr.w_.er u*Z, r,-,-..
? now :o? Mba Ago*. Whinny, Mia, u,,? ??:
'nj* Min Hand Ailee nmke. Mr*. Lon abery'a gucsi ?
'?; Hiterialaed with tb. baajo nude
?dtaaea Leach, who have been much In di
*** ?^??tly. Among those present were Mn.
""P- I- Lou, Mr-. .Hiles Levnril, Mn, Van Darer,
tm ._,? Ditter, Mn. Charioi tl.ii.i-. m,-. iiu,- Ml.
;; '" ??I'lii'in. Mi. and Mr-, vf. Edgar nhepard l; k
"chards, Mi-s MlneUe Alexander. Urs. ll. i. Burnett
te. lie,,,., ravi , Mi-. George II. bramwell, Kinsley
?Lu:..:.... Dearg, yinga., Charie. G. Boyd anl B:uart
Mr. anil Mi*. .1. ,i. Wysong, ,,r No. 80 Bast Thirty
';u.iii st.. gave a dinner party last night. Amons
tatt gnesta were Mr. and Mrs. W. Watti (.herman
dr. and Mrs. Forbes Leith, Mi. and Mn. W. A. Durr
Vier Marie, Mr. aud Mrs. Nickolai Hah, Dr and
'li*. Woodbury, and Mr. and Mrs. g_uha Dur, jr.
Miss ii- Force! and Min Callender will give another
f their agreeable musical receptl-ns to-night, al their
iome, No. 7 Baal Seventy-second-at., when several
irtlsis of prominence ail] perform.
There waa another meeting of ths Thursday Biding
Inn, at Dtakcl'a tait night. The manoeuvre! were
mer*-lim., .h.. memben rode in ungle rn,., then
an abreast and so on anti] they crossed the rina
hlrty-two abreast. Among Ute members present
rew Mis. Kittie Living-tone, Miss Lillie Graham
Ilsa Margaret Bacon, Min Katherine Grant, Min
-"ilise ireland, Mia, Augusta Davie.. Mlsa Constance
ichleffeHn, Miss Daisy Merson, Miss Houghton, Miss
aura r.iw.,rc... M,-. a,lrt Mr. ,?_ ? carnoefcan, Mi -
VcsterveJt, Mi-.s Am.a Bail th, Schuyler _chleffelln
irnddim Ham,Poa. .bark's Van Rensselaer, H. Liv'
ngston Center and M. A. Wilks.
A cancan wm bo -riven on tbe night el Man ii xx
n th,- Hoiei Waldorf in aid of Bt. Mary*! Frc* Hos*
rttal for t hiidren. Ttl! concert li being arranged
tv Mn,. lUchard Irvin, uhr* will liavo ihe aid ol
warty one hundred women prominent in society.
.here win _,* ,,,, dancing. Wolff mid Hollmea will
.lay, nnd oilier aril-ts will lalic par:. Tickets may
)*? obtained flinn Mn. Goodridge, No. C50 Flftk-ave.;
Hrs. Jiinics Itarrtama, N<>. -l: Weal Ftlty-etghth-et.'j
Hrs. Daniel Lord, Jr., Ro. _ Eiisi Mntk-st.; Mn.
trtknr Welman. Ka. 16 Flfth-ave., and Mrs. irvin, at
u-r house, No. Fi Wast Tl.irtyslM.i-.t.
a talk <,n "Egypt Baal and Present" was given last
netting by Mn. H. T. Holbrook, at Mme. Van Nor
nan's Wes! Ead-ave, and tovsoty-dnt-sL Tbe ipa
?lons parlors wars well filled wltk people prominent
n the literary and Metal circle, of N-v. "iori.. Mrs.
Holbrook apoke fluently, without avlea, and ea*
braned her aak|act with many amadng anecdote!
if travel and Egyptian Bte. Mlsa Bara Humbert
tang, u Constantinople" will ba the lub.ert of her
leal talk to be given in two weelu in tlie parlor-, ol
ieneral Ewing at Yonkers.
Mrs. John c. WcsterveM wUI give a breakfast of
wea.y four coven a. th- Ladles' . iub on Msrrh -2.
iler garsts will all be weil hi.own women, man] ol
ii.-m memben of the dub. a nmiiral entertalnmenl
sill al-o br given to the members of tks ?.lub on March
1, before the breakfast.
The iiiiniirii aaesUng of (be executive committee
4 tbs Cnlted states National Lawn TOnali Aasocte
loa was held fast avsatag st tba Uoffmaa Houae.
Henry w. Slecam, jr., ol Brooklyn, the president,
Airs in th*- (hair, and th-n- wen Blas present Dr.
lames Dwi,:,!, of boston; Joaepk T. Wkittelaey, <tf
ffew-Havea; Vatanttne ti. Hall. *,f New-York; Joaepk
.. Hails. <.r PUladelpkta: OBver .**. Campbell, of
Brooklyn, and Ctarenoe Hobart, of Mew-York. Tfelva
lundrcd dollan wai appropriated to buy a challenge
.up repn -cntitii* the Fulled Btatei ekanptoaahlp at
dulles, te replace thal won for tha third and llnal
fear ai Newporl last rammer bj the .hampton, ''liver
?;. campbeB, and other pities. Tha nett cup will be
if solid diver in*! ?.??iU ii*"t aboal P500. Valentine
;. Hall and Clarence Hobart wen appointed a "om
niti.-o lo buy the prizes, which will be played for nt
he Newport Castes next _umm**r durn,,; thc* week
Mgtatttaf August 23.
Tbe toumamenta which have been nrr.inc***. for
MXl summer and eanctioned by tbe assectaUoa ur-:
Match 14-Tnplcal ekanptoaafclp loataanint at st.
AagwiUaa, Wa
Ma: k i-:-<'i?*n tounanen. nt Tampa r.av. n-v.
Mir'ii BB?Opea tauraaanal at Magi -. Fte.
May B-liitc-r-,-bt.l_.st!'- tournament af Harvard Cal
vend.y lt Canbrldge, .Mas-.-, vr Princeton I'nlrenlty at
ri, N. J., and Yal- li,!.,:-.tv ut N* u II i\ *?!!,
May SS?Open tournament of Un Morrl! Part. T?nni?,
i nb ll N-" ?Tort.
Mav Ki?South ra State, ekaatpl-Mk-p laaraamea^ ?'
.i.-, | open tournament st Arid Tt-nali Oak, st
\ '.t-v.iK, Kew.Bnilaad ekaa-plaoahlp lapiaanaat, at
Ncw-llav a. ' Baa
June is?Open tout roana, al tt'* Kew-Tark Timi,
Club; open to*.:-.ni ni af lite .1 r-.v City Teanla Club.
Jaaa 80?."ailed Bttea ehanplaoahlp taui i obi twoana
Btagtea, d-'.!'!*-! and miset dooblaa), a. l*hlladelp^
J_M '-'U Open tci:na:ii<:it "f the Ro*l I '?? 'r'"
mi oiub; nrinnea iMmaneatol tha ttetgkkaekaad Tiaan
Club at vv? ttewtsa, Mass.
j?ii- n-Opea touiaantat et ?i*" Tioca athletl I
a At Phlladelpkn; ^ea naraameot of ti"* Anp ??
aui- Club, at Saratia- !.:?_-. B, Y.
jaaa M Middle team rinantaaaklp toaraaanal at
Or-ii.--. N .!?
July ?-*J])*-:t to'J ma inc nt of tho Hy-'" I'-?-K reaau
Club st Kaaaaa * uv. Ms.; lavlutl-a naraaiaeBl af th,
Tuxedo Club at Tus*de Pat*! Weetera ehamplonahli
i/?irt._in<?.t at < :.i* '?>'-'?: I'-"'1"'' * "a*1 "'-""I-""*-' ?? ;" 'r''-*
nan. at, Ban BalBel, I al.
i?'v in .lavMaUoa louraaanat et me wm i,-*m
Count, vim.. **'.-aletnsnr. tt- v., ttomJenay rfcamplBa
si.ii. nuaanaal at Baakrisbt IM. ?> I Crt k - * lah apei
naraanea. at Sba Eataknteekn Teanli ? lab, at Kew.
Y-r?; Wn.tr- Paaasylvaalaa etanplansklp nuraaawnt
at SttSBBB, i'-aii- -_?___
.Inly 17 OpSB SMUaaanat ef UM Lonewood (riki
Club, at T.t_.,:i.
july 24-Ciiib-a Banes i-iianipion-'iii) loaiaaneat lana i
double-). ?t CWeago.
Inly :;i Uew-Tarh Bam efcanp-aaaalp taamanan. a
Baratoga; '?""-' ?**** tkanptaaafclp teataaanatat fieatk
AUgun 7 OpW teiinrmi-nt of Kebo V'tll'V Tcnnl'
Cfah at i"i- Harbor, Ms.; -pea la-HBansat al ste I--'
Country Club at Bostaa.
Ai'-" -t ll ?":-:, t.tiinaineiit. of UM Rt limier 1-M'H
dat bi HS* iii.i."!. Ma.; apea nnrnaan nt n tM Katta
tl ar til I'.-r Casino.
Augaat IB* I'-'Uic Korthwest-n ekanpieasblp naraa
n,*-:.t at i aeoma, Wa. k,
Aumist 8S 1 -n.t. -1 Stat-% ekMBpiSB-klp toirtiriin'-.i
(Taan-i ataglea] Bl newport Castes; Vtemtern Penasylvsa
len ehsmplonshlp toama-BSBt at AMesaa, Pani.
Bep. 'lober a Peela! Cobbi ehanp__nihlp nomaneal a
Sari Rafael, .'til.
Oetsber 10-tetertaHeg.an ehaaapiiaaain loaraanem i
N.-\.-!l:**v-ii, ( 'inn
?ynrnsa, M. v.. r.b. S3. Ihe Qnod Army encamp
n..tit today elected aateen f-r Hie eomlag year
Major J. T. Cleary, of Bachcater, waa Bnaalmousli
,;,' -ii ' omiii.'iiid,-:- a. A. U. Depart netti Of Kew-Yoi*
otb.-i- iMcera wara etoeted a- foUows: neater rloe
oaauaaader, AX J. Alhtoaon; Janlor rle-_-rama?odei
glfaa Owena; chaplain, th- B*v. w. B. Helm* medica
dir-ter. Dr. .'? I-- BAAS. Ths i.'indldaic* who Bren
el cted vere (lulv itislullcd. catii BUBlBg Wt el gaea
ndd't- s,
Tba Women's Belief Corps ipent the afieraoon aai
nady evening In the electlpn ?totAman. Mn. .ion
ot ii,,,.,, waa rtecied president; Mn. Haker. of Jaaw
town *enl i vice-president; Mrs. McLuckle, Joni
vloe-pre*-ldent; Mrs. Bmith, ca Brooklyn, Ires urcr.
Whether Ocargi l'tuntiiln polson.-d U-BB-M WW
pu*, or wkotfcer ha Had from Balami seana; i-.
awttas af ti'iubi. For nearly !??*?"<>' rsara ta ta
baan essptayed ns s baokkeeper by a. a. Vaatlne, I
Broadway, ar*'. Mtupted i Ittte kail bsdroom oa Ik
third floor of No. 1BI Knsi Sixth -t. Late on Wednei
tag mni.i hs went la bis loom, as ii mal. Veaterda:
when the -Millwall entered Un roan ike brand Bli
Dint- m tad daad. The jpn wai tnrnai kaU on. sa
it wai at iir-t believed that hs l??-t eommltted ratd*
Pal Dr. aVnat, <>n an evamlaatlon >.f Ike kody, de
,-lded Han <! -iii was daa to k* art di* ss , in im
Mew- ks wm conirmed by Dr. Waskbara and Depat;
Coroner Cona ay,_
TU- cabl-lions- ,,f tbs Wcst-rn 1 nl*-n Telegrapl
Companv at .'..mmnnlpiiw, .lera-y Mtv. wa* daattaya
by tiru last n'ghl, and builneii wo_ iBtagrafted.
ii;: BITS that in; axowa nutiiin". in res.. i
?;? ? i nt: t nv tn \i.!i.i. me ak.'ni
Per a man of Big Chlel Richard Croker*! reputed
InlHIIgei t >?. be dliplayed a remarkaPli Ignorance al on!
public again yeaterday. The etty charter am. ndm. I
I'lll-, which have divided Ihe Dean ratio memben of
the Legtalaton Into two hosllle cai ps, had not re?
ceived bl* attention, be aatd, and ai Ikey related, as
!.-? was Informed, wholly lo other cities, he saw do
reason for looking Into them, neither rouM he iee
any reason for Kcw-Yorii DemoeraU getting mixed up
with matters which did not concern them. Asked if
h.* did nut think tbal ta-*- measures, artdtrarilj alter?
ing the runner, ol Albany, Buffalo and otker ctUt ,
v.fie ri ,.. ? , in'erference arith home n.i'*. i >r a hick
Tammany Tull had been ao pentatenl an advocate,
Mr. Croker salli:
-I don't can io talk aboal th. matter. Then bas
been ti.., inn, !i :.iii. already fn.- Ita good "f tta
Demo, nile party."
Mr. Croker, who had arrived from bli Southern
nilt !..?? nlghl belora, put in a laisj dnj yesterday.
ll- wa- down at bis ji.i ,,i, office iii Tiimnuuy Hall
early, ;,;.ii tackled a larg* i'i'" ?' let ten and papen
which had bi-cn accumulating ulna he tarted _n his
pleasure tour three week! ago, A'kllc o ? i
the targa and mall fry of the Wlgmm dropped In
on liim. and he beta a tort of levee unUl li wai time
for .-' na tor Hagan's funeral, which be with oilier Tam
many leaden attended,
Ile aenl with ii"- funeril procession from tba church
to the ferry, and th. n drove to ibe Hoffman Hoase,
where bc t,...iv luncheon wltk Lieutenant Uovernor
-heehan, Kenn tor Cantor, Corp ration Coomel Clark,
Speaker Baiter, Joan D. Crimmlns and Police Cam
missioner Martin. .\::er luncheon Mr. croker re?
turned io Tammany Hall, witera he opened nore
tatton .-uni talked wltk numerou, Wlgwan leaden
and 'tlieis wiro rame to congratulate kin *.n bi. tafe
return lo Kew York, ll- was rioaeted a part of tka
iline willi Mayor Gilroy, Senator Cantor, Commission
cr Daly, Bpeaker Suitor, Police Superintendent Byraea
and mw moat of ike Tammany district leaden,
Although ibe roane which Tammany Hall I- to take
al Albany ngaedlag Ike mil Murphy plots against ibe
Interior eitlea waa undoubtedly discussed during the
div mHIi the Lieutenant Go vernor, tbe Speaker of the
Assembly, Senator Cantor and other memben of Un
Legislature, Mr. croker, whenever Ipproacked on tko
subject by reporten, kepi ap Uta <-am,- ridlealoa ? talk
about n ti baring i-.-.-u the MIL tn question, and aol
knoalng enough aboal them to ventura an optakn aa
to tbeir muminc .*. He reiterated the story ol tri- fear
that too ninth disc'is ion mlghl bring dlvliloo te tbe
ranta sf tbe DesMcratlc party, for wklch tken waa so
g.i naaon whatever, Mr. Croker'* *: Iton simulated
ins wa*.., aad when approached pretended tbat then
bad been na dtaewatan whatever about tea revolt al
in spite of Mr. Croker*! attempt! to adikad in
qnireri there waa a deep-aroted impfc, lon u-t even?
ing thal his men at Albany wanM have bntracuona
t.. j.iin in laying tbe Snapper anaawrai on tta UoU
if their jes.neiter.. did no. withdraw them.
"Croker tanaot afford to i.*., mto uni nu-i.t agatnn
koaaa rule even il be mated r ,* - iM ana ol
bli lupp-rien Mat evening. -He kaowi thai tha
braak wltk HUI baa gol lo come, bal Croker thinks
ii,,it it i. j,., .,?,:, yet. w li' ti tba Ume univ., r i
d;a.*.i'ii ti." Uno b" wanta lo tain Bdward Marpky,
jr., w,i!i mm. li- i, reasonably mm ol Btnchan
BOW, brit he Wallis to delay tl.e open ipUl lint il ta < Mt
bi'iiij, away lbs tan -tor *?:? i "
Mr. Croker revealed kia deep eated purp* '? ' Bd
bv the in* oann, Admlnlstntlor when . .? i *.? ?..
i_iv whal ?'? ? llmaghl ol Mr. llevebiinl'a . Hil net,
??Tue * ?blnet i* nil right," !,?- -n.i. "in _eterUng
lt Mi. ' Wvelan i ha oolj exert i ?*! '
rlgh.x. lt wa* ih? proper thing fur Win lo i.'lcci men
tor Iris . i su
- 11,,-t al "it .!;.'.-? lire ha tu ''
?? Judi *-.- ir.-,'. He ls an abb
i have beard notting during my travel! In Ihe hoith
to indicate lhal ne ...i. .a--.m.fm io in, Dei, ?
,.; i ni uer tlon. 1 think ll ? > p*-d appointment.'
Mr. Crokei dined I I ? Ith Maj or (.,:: it
. !,t-.i.,-, No. .' >\ ?
Bnt i.
OP 'lin: KEXT ADM] M-T.'.V'!!"N.
Boston, Feb. S_ (Special >. i r. tha gea
tb :n ,'i ? ? I" led by 1 l-elect < ad to tata
i.'.e portfoUo of Attorney-General, ki been bi
pm lice at tbe bar i"r mora than thirty yean, lt i
andentood that Mr. Cleveland hi - aol often ire t Mr.
Olney, lint men wkoee opinion he ? ilut I gi
InBueneed bun ? awwhal ta bl choice. Then,
Mr. Olney had antagonised no one. D- n "Jo
reporter, who railed *.-i bkn today, Mr, olney said!
"l cannot * tv anything albeit the maller, it ,, Mn
ply thia: 'Pr ea Went Cleveland baa ? ? n Bl to confei
upon me tta kottor al tko appatetmenl ".' Attorney
il. in linnie n l,<- lakes bli own lt k. Ita
ther than Uni i rannol ? ty n I
"And do yon kara tke inference thal you an ri n
Blderiag the qui itli n >,r ;,. ? ? ptai
"Mot nt .-.ll not at all. Il .. vb" dr 1 n, u
thai ri. iden. Cleveland *!"??- a , publ >_ il- appoint
mend n . il !i<- kn >wb tluit < Kid. 1
h.,].- \.,i .tin _n i? . in Qed when I have got through.
J ha*', all 1 'en '- ?
Mr. obey In. been one nf tl.,- mo -
lawyen. In Boston, lill Income, ii i lld, eice.di
f_O,000 ii fear, li i a t raUway lawyer Uni he
bas been partlcatarl) neted, although hit nbltlt] ?
barri ter hat been n** gnlaed In al depurtmenl ..f kl
i : lon, Mr. Olnej I- ill lr, the toll p ? ion ni
Ilia pol ? lilith.- pby-leal trcnjtHi. II.
u ol good height, -mooth haven face snd i
complexion, nilli Ugh! mn mette, "No,*1 be auld,
? lhere i- rn, |i-rim!i ,,f m* li ? Usn!, and I thins
thai, on Ibe wh. le. i am f>ri mate ihol it I*, ->.'' Mr.
'?lie. bu a n delightful home "ri romnionweullk-at ,
: :?! be lia ;i wif- and IW married daughtei
Tbe -election by Pi wident Heel (levehwd of RI karl
Olney, ol bosteu. _? Attorney-ueneral, Ulrred the
imaginative rlUtrn lo wonder a *i lo ipr* ila'e upon
. t bi 'l v.:. refore *?! lt ill, An t i lanai on wai
gtvea bj Joseph ll. . b al ? la t even it.- In i ii ? ?
worts: -I j,.-' un- Mr. Cleveland .,- D| ,| :i good
iiinn fran New England sod th* p lUuti *?. Attora')
O. rn ral was ibe only one i-f:, ii. chose Mr. Olnej
and be nada ao ml lake Ih re."
Mr. Choate knows Mr. Olney, and !.?? freely adml.i
that bo better aetoctloa fer tin place caaM kara
keen nada. Hs add tbal Mr. olney was a brother
of Pete* ii. Olney, thai be received Ute deg*..t
Master *.f Atti al Brawn l'nlverslty in !-??;, and
tba degree ol Bachelor af Laura al Harvard In ls&a.
lb- wus about lilt"." I\ y. ir * old. anil li.rd I,.-, ii a cor
poralton lawyer in Bostnn, quietly punning bis pn*
fi --lull for Illili) vcrar*. Mi fir r,s bl, polilli were
concerned, Mr. Cboalt did not know what they really
were. Ile wai a naUve of Mn a hu -t'*, and >to *i
high in lil * ic-eil prufi-alon. Mr. (*h__te .'a* In
nu .nu loath to approve Mr. ."levelnnd'i rhol. -, di
mni ii-,,iii Hie political BflBtattona ol Mr. Olney.
Denvsr, Peb. an.?A .ii patch i * " i'i"- Bepabtti in '
from Cb. J rune ay, ;
A. C. I- rkwltk, Den * it, a rillaen of Evan I* n,
aid Ike Wi alt hie i i.i iii iii V .Onill.g, sill be a I lilted
Stale -s'l'lim- :or in- next !?'? yean. ni. *cl.*cti.in
i., timi ,,iii?-.- wm wino in.'< d by i-vi-nnr Osborn Hil.
evening, n become nen irj to app'tnl a .?.-nut<?.
on .-.'' mil ti ihe Led lat ure adjourning without
electing one. The leading randMati were A. L.
Ken .ind John Charles rr.omp-_n. They and Iheli
siijijioii-i-s lend.* - .( i harp ic ling thal Ibe Hov
en, ,|- ii, ii,-,ii io nu:,.' tin- [rail trouble by ivc-too).
in/ I,Si. ol I li',n. I'.-. I,willi and Nev. are lim.
friends, ihe former haring been behind Kew all
through Uk Senatorial contest. Oenere I Thompson'
friends ar.- l,i a ra..-. He wai sithI.i iii- rote of an
.let n ii "f Un* joint la Hot. His defeat wa. due lu
ih-- ino. le ry "f a Dem '. rat.
Tie- nea Senator I* n genuine Wm.erner. Il- I i
held only iwo ..lin-*. having tuen on the Ka.lonal
WorMV Pali .' ??iiiiii*-.-!..'! unii a member nf lh.
lir-i Town .on,nil of Cheyenne, ll- cnn- lo tM
place thirty yenn afr... working hi- passage acrot
th.* pialai _:i. a ball leam, ll- idenUtled blmsell
wiih ib- community i,-. i,iuj',iii_ it nr?l bottle and
opening a grocery, When the nllway cnn- and
went on, he went with lt. and waa a rici ana
before he --ttl-d lu Evanston, i thriftv town nen
the Itali line. Then- he owns th- taral bani,, herd.*
of rattle and tracks of range, coal nine nc cosl an*!
timb'-r liiinis. H.- I,,-.-,d- (rotten on ibe finest tarni
In the roountsins. Beckwith wan born lt, Kcw-Yorl;
daly yrmrt ago. i>ui was in Mi "url situ ;* parti
of trappers ?'* Bfteen.
isaac BothseblM, win for toarteea yean had carried
nn n drygoedi taalaeii at Ko, IS Uspenaid-at_, fem
terday endsd id- troablea with a rope. Al Ba. '.'?:?'
Baal I'lftv lirst st. Pe liv,.! wm, bb. wife and f**ut
inti,- 11.11 ii ic ii. riial for nearly a week bad beea ono
ti:?.d tn ii- Im-u by riekness raid ta ta Inetttable.
ii,, lind, however, tr.--?n ao IndlcaUon <*f an tatenilon
to take bis life, and when yeatetday bi* wife tefl bhm
fi j.-., downtown ! ? . ll-erf ir Uv bmlc htt ("''.'?'
ll,, ara! nat .i agate satll aarly ta the eventi
ni.,,, ti. young' on domon, going to kta room,
round bim tanging bj i moe rrom th- n**t jorm*
i?-,i Th- hedy wi-, cold, and .'.- bul evidenUj bsen
dead for about two h un. 'ilx.- d,ai ana tal'1 **4 l'
several n> brew aoctattaa,
Rnfaa Ha;.!, di ii :,? a a'eloek yeaterday afterhaoa
n .vi i. Dip rll. Wltk Mn iit lils
).-ds!dc, wera bli wife, Ma taree ckUdran, aad Dr.
. ..... Darlington, who hm talthfaUy attended Mm ta
ri. long inness. Tin- eaaea *f bis ieatk waa keast
allure, Cue i" Pifgfei'i dlarain and ronpgcatei attk
JgW <*xf*\
H j;__> -ts-* \
in affection of lin* liver. Mr. Hnlcli had been
Iroabled with kidney dUeaia for many yean, and
...ns iii lor nveral monita before Mi death. As
moq aa ihe sever,* weather of Jaaoary set in in?
prudent rxposun for, ed him !,, tal;.' |o h|. l-l.
..Ullin the bul three weeta ii- bad bom anny limes
it death's dom-, bm the (.ireful attendance of Dr.
Darlington prolonged bis Bte. The faneral will ta
inducted al bi* home by Ike Rev. Jacob S. Shipman,
f i lui i Du,i.-.un Episcopal Church, Boulevard an!
seventy i.i-t *t., al 2 p. m., 00 Saturday, and the
bartel will be al Woodlawn.
Buln, Hale, waa 1 he ot Ihe moa! ic-iui- s,ine af tke
genentlon ol -peculston whick ls bow paaslng away.
neals] and cordtal in his manaen, be early ramed the
nu-nf-I mi- Rnnw" f..r u- patroolMng Hndnen and
biuiT good nature, Illa whit- aratatcoal and akita
neckUc a nyia nf dr,--* to wttoh he was extremeli
partial ta aammer and wini, r aUta were its tamma as
me e. eBtridttaa "f attar w-U-known men. Warm
hearted and eonvtvtal, ha nada fri-mis akers eth-r
ipecutaton ands enemies, sad perhaps it was this
leaton of his temperament which led to some ol ike
riclnltudn of tartan-! through which he rn rt Tri Ker
while Rufus Hatch yean bbs was 1 power In me uta
linn, i.e raper! need snag apt and downs tn his
iiiiaiui . un.i a, fe betgbl of bis prosperity lt i
1..1 Uni ta.000,000 would be a gincraua **si!mate of
iu* waaltk. Tta nmney uni ba made waa freett aajent.
bul in <v,tv atrraa ot nt- he showed mi optlnlna and
"nerve" that eadted admiration. Fond .,f wit. loktns
mid repartoe, ba loved to pm ,-mv arguaaroi or pa
comment upon .-mv iltaaUoa ta badfal -r rplgram
rt .m. lom. -rr. 1- Umtmm* wa. narmt backward i.i
e\pr>'- inc Ms elena lu hoM and geaeroua Imagery aad
tba column! of Ike newipapen In tbe later roan of Ms
Ufa frequently received .'.Ls contributions In letten "r
Intelvlewa, Aa eatertetotog talker, ka w-.iS aenenUt
?1 ? Ible t" person! arba Bought Lis opinions.
Mr. Hat, a fl 11 born lu Wells, York County, Milne.
ia -i. i-:;_. Tke taadly nan fr-a, Bngtand.
ana bran .1 nettlina la Maine cad iii- other nanlalns
In C innet lieut. Prom the Kutta. 1 Mate nm ? of the
llatcbca removed ta 1 ?? Mohawk Valley, K, Y.. when
li waa BUta non than a beatle., and later ikej
marx 1 n I 11 Wt t. Tka aaceetry of tbe Uni wife ol
the dead operator coald he traced through tbe Mohawk
Valley to Connecticut, aad her malden name v.-ii.s not
d I.-.- : ,-r marriage. Th" Malu Hatch tamil*/
w. re w.ii ind, tanners, but Buftu standoaed atrl
ire itt .in early age, going to w"rit in a country
il Kennebunk, Me., arkea only torrin yean aM
Ia l-.i I,- wei Weat, Settltag li it* Ilford, l'.l. D
I : ? ? ap r'e nee la tba grain
bu lue T ?? bmen lt. those dayl wera aol di
Ing ol ..-:?! "i,'i..'i ii,-, .iti when Ihey brought their
? ..r- .ml , a :!d re-1 .11 nil of ll
? ? v . int <! it bone in Barrow. Young Hat '1 ok
: j-: -ni ,ri from his employer to undertake
il- for Ihe fannel ? on conrail lon lt thrir r,*k nnd
ed il iv bad wo pain Badu hroogbl from
1 I co go, iten filled " KufnH Hatch, Ooauataston Mer
? ', ? firm.-rs tilled (ken wl'lt Cereal! lo I
.;i ?"..?? \.r 1 d* m.md was developed, fha young
?il in kia enterpri 1 .md ffnally ta te
I to Chi ago.
Mr. Hatch wai on- of the Ibandcri of til** Chlcajri
1 oard ? il trade. n<- became a member ol Un firm ol
\: : -ag 1 1 ?? . abb h taOrd .it tke < loee of the
-. *\ ir, : pr!.f wheal coltapilng fran fi *'?
? ~2 cents a bosh-i, Mr. Hatch 1 njmad Un debu
? if tbe brm. and mls_.*queotly paid ihem od with lu?
ll: partner, Arnatrong, wai tta orgHBli r
,.f il..* p. lal ..ir lervtae, ;m*i died la ti.mptoj ol
Oovernment. ll aral In Chlmgo 'v;it Mr. Hateh
. Uh scott data).1 Kenn Ramp, 1 ho la bis daj
the VanderbUl of ita raliway world. Appre
? ti..- brilliancy and 1.aneaa ..f Mr. Hateh, Mr.
Keep luted hun ta u.e siini; brokerap buatneai ta
Wall Street ia ItWB. Ha wai ona <tf tbe or**?al_en
,.f tba Open Boara, ot Brokers, and fnr tome Ban a u
ta* ? r wii,,-- duty it wr, 1 I,, iii.ii.'* iii- dally ". ill"
? A -forks, Wkett tb*' "pct. Hoard wa* consolidated
win, ne Btock Excbangi Mr. Itetett hid th- oppir
tnniiv 1,1 r. fii.se election b> t!,-; pr- ktency of th- in
tt Hutton. Il wa- in I-''.- that In a !r-a:end"ii 1 "deal"
in Chicago mni northwestern Mr. li.iui, f-ncU.-d tba
,f ?,i, lortane. Mr. Keep waa tborougkly ac?
quainted wuh iii- resoorcea and posslbUltl_a of tta
1 :,i- 1 go ..nd Korthwt tern, and bs .md hi friend! andi
1 lortune out <if th- devalopncnl of tb- property
Mr. Hateh oondncted tbe "d-al" a* broker for Un
Keep combination .ind at on- time scgalrad about tbe
entire capital si"k ?.f the compaay. m. lang a; ba
remained an active .peculator, Mr. Itetek aaa partial
lo opcratteni lu ti.i. itock, benaan <*r it- thoroagh
famlllartiy with Ita prapeily. ti,- sh...ss ,,f Un
Sorthwei.ern "corner*1 ertatalstad Mr. Hatch'! rrp
ni,'inn ai one of tn- leading operaton -f WaU .-tre.-t,
mid f"r yean Ml name wai mentioned In th- Hal
wita Jay 1 m.lld, Daniel Bret* mid o'.Ji-r lead'-rs of
peculation, m tb"**' days the Btoch Bschange r*
in il:n.I open uu'il _ 1> ni., and at 8 nr !* ?>. m. ft riot
-peculation was coot murd at ftallagbefs, the bead
qaarter*. in Weet TwentT'foortk I. mr fradan after
regular board boai .
ih- iir ! partner .'di> ? oetetn wita nufus 11.it. u
a v.'nii stn 1 wen Jeana M. Betover and William
I.. 11,ne ii. In 1673 tl.no ne'ii [efl lin* linn, bu: tha
1..nu- "Rates Hatch a Ca." wai kept nit. In IS70
Mr. Hatch waa compeD-d toni pend. It waa la IS73
lhat ta iii*-! entered tba hoard nr Blueten of the
p.ni!'.- m..ii steamship company, a. h. BtoekweU,
?a bo v..1, ll * pn Mont, was nt , rllirntt tl rift, r a blt,' bull
rampatga, and .1. B. H..aataa wai B_sde president.
1:11 li ..f Mr. Hatti, lu hi. operation., ia I'ai itlc Mall
w.re Henry linn, .iniin Roach .-md other wealthy
nen. -tillie Rates' aaa an-te managing director
,,r tin- Pacific Mall, mid h- devoted ktaueU tn idver
iisliift.be ?? wtiiid. rfni future" of tbe company. Coder
ii. Bdmtnlatratton tha .teamen <liy *.f Takta and 1 u*
,,f pekin wen built, al Hut Ume Ike largest steam
.easel ,,i ilelr bini in tta world, rxeepUng Ita Oreal
Kastern. Pond of dteplay aad good-frllowsMp, Mr,
Hatch smnged lor Ike trial royags ol the nt>- ,?
Toklo from Kaw-Yark to Kewport, aad aatoog tke
party lhal ta draw together wen PresMettl Uninl and
nan] memben ol ld* I'abtnct. Altttougk ntcceaifnl
in hil i'm ni*- MaU and subsequently ta bl* inion
Potilie speculatloa . Mr. Hatck'i reaourcei had been
. , .-.v-it-iy (trained lu tta 1st Otaks panie of i_7:i
lhal Un"* year- biter In* was toned bi fall. Mr.
Hatch mn ids obHgatteaa berotaalty ta tta panlek]
lilacs. Ha OttCS -aid thut li' pine I wi b thr.pi-irt* r.
,,f 1,1 weal.k before Ike banks were kneed to aaapend
-iieiie paymett.a ile addid: - if 1 iud koowa what
ihey wen going lo do earner, l waaM tara <iui! before
ti,,-in ali. bal they had 'Hie drop' oa an mid 1 caved
In. 1 (il!ni fall actually until I*.!!, aRkOUgh m.
h.s of i_.:i wera dlrccUy hoi.mabie tar Uni fall
In Hie year foil,.wing kl! suspension tta firm
pl Rnfui Hatch .v <0. asms again la life. nUb .innis
Anthon) ead J. B. Iteaatea ns partner:,. in is-n
Hie twa teal limned men c-tii-d fn,iii tlc* house and
m,-. Hatch piadaally anni dowa agata by the opera*
Hon Of ;':i ii'l'l "dr> rot."1 Ho .-old hie ,se.,t in the
-.lock Exchange In 1BB&. but ta did aol lon all ol
m. Baaactal pteatlga until a lew yean later, it b
.'uniwhat eUtlOUS Ital While Mr. Hutch was BO "I
ponent of Ike original ichesse sf tha Bortkern Pu-iii.
Bi ilrond, rldlesBng it ta a clever panpktal pabHihed
in 1871, aii-r 1 i.t'ter Kfctt made bte famous ipeeeh
.a ii,,* ??/.-iiitii rlty Of Un aaaaR-d ?a-,'' li wai
through bis t*.I'!-.-, ii ni with that proper ty iona ton
years i;.i*r tint ti"- Inal strobe ami given le bi*
fortune. in ISM he was indi.-,, by Henry VUtard
iq inti real hlmsril ta tta northern ii, ic- project.
ii- oirantutton by Mr. Hatch of the Yellowstone
1 .irn Improvement Company lotlowad. lt l- atti
Uni tt.Hui -" ol thai enteii in aaa Ute revenge
nf a 1 nmil.' nt Union general, ul whom Mr. Hank
bad, with bl* recklessness, -pollen willi pi. tun-iu"
atkpaiageaaent, Lut isa icai anna was Ui. .-Rio
"f Mr. Mllurd's enterprise in september, 1B83. ."tinks
uren tumbtteg, and lbs achenes that followed the
??blind pool"of Mr.YUtaid in Oregon Tramcoottuantal
wen crumbling when th- opening nf the eulin' Hue
of th,- .\,.r;h."n Pn.ult by iii" drivlna of tbe golden
spike w.-.. cek-brated by an iitentelioo! excunkm.
ii.1e.-n davs before "iii-!" Rufua" had rondueted a
party windi included anny men of foreign nobility
ind wi alni on a " triumphal" excursion lotta Yellow
!? ne i irk. sii,,e liuii ume Mr. Hatch leis baan
In Wall Street only In a small way.
All,Mr.- l!:e minor Clltelprlses with wbleh lin- dc ld
operator wns connected were iii- Iron Steamboat
Company and a cattle nlslng company ol TCxsa,
owned inr-. iv bj Bngliih rapttaUsts. Mr. Hatch
srai Beted fer bis frenqnit connection wtth unrr.
men ti designed to btoeKmta enterprise! of E9ig wp
???iit-. Hi- in"*! ie. efl connection of tbe sott
wm as the Instigator of Ihe Wllttami Htl-r iti >n. which
frilled tn prevent ike con_o*WaH ii "f Un Western
t ni ni and American I'nlon Telegraph companies,
Mr. Hatch was active in yachting mattel-, and
be wns nlwayi fond ot church * ii lr mode, l'o:- yean
h- inn. ti. ..liv provided for tl.e inn.le of ChM't
i iute*tni.-. Epltcopal i iiir.-b. nt mirty-ltfthSt. and
Flfth-ave. Wlien i young man tn Beckford, ill, be
wns Intel-rated in Ihe imi*,, 'f the Pint I'r-sbvt": I it,
Church, m,d .hm ehnrch now posac?ie* a +1.j..?o:)
?i.,n that ami presented lo ll by Mr. Hatch after
t;e Acquired bl* Uni -"irtune, to replace the old
mrlodtau lhat was used wlien lie aaa them iii hi"
early days.
Mr. Hatch wns iwles iiiiirrt"d. lils first wife,
i-i whom ta wsi Wedded Pr i -".'!. wai Ml-- Charlotte
r. Hatch, a deicendanl ot tbe Hatch fi ml ly Bul
?rifled in Connecticut and nfterwnrd In th-> Mohawk
Valley, N. Y. sha ? Ihe motlier of two boys?
i:mii. Na tra, Jr.. and Albert?who an n-*w young
men In un-lne*. in Hil. elly, and ..ne daughter. Corn,
win, married William E. Kimball, a drygoodi ni>-r
hant, md who j. now a widow, living in Pasadena,
Cal. He married hil second wife iu l^Ttt. she was
Mi's Marv iliiiv, Hie daughter "f tile old omni')-!,,;-'
of Ibe ."neili,- Mall fleet, she mrd four children, two
boya and two girls, .survive tl... dead opentor.
.unions \N'i> educators at luxcheok?a
Posion, Kel). 83 (Spei iiii,.?TH** book pubHahen of
Boalon entertained iweral hundred guests at an
?authors' and pubHshen' luncheon11 at the Vendome
Iran, is until 3 o'clock today. The reception wai
.?hen to the members of the Departaunt of Superin?
tendence of the Katloaal Education AssoctsUon, now
in motton liere. Among ile guesta wera Dr. Oliver
Wenden Holmes, T. B. Aldrich, J. T. Trowbridge, Mar
gam P. Deland. Thomas Wentworth Higginson, H.
k. scudder, il Butterworth, Ario Bates,
Louise chandler Moulton, gan* Dean Prae?
tor, Mr*. EUtabetb Stuart Pbelpa Ward, Barak
un.e Jowett, Abby Morion Diu_. Charin francla
Adams, Mrs. lames T. (Trida, Justin Winsor. F H.
Cnderwood, Pnehteata Blot, of Harvard. Cnpen, of
Tutu; Btaafer, of Wellesley J Andrews, of Brown:
rtatra, of Amie'i t, and Walker, of Un Maaaachusetti
institut.* of Technology; Edna D. Cheney, Curtli
Uuttd, Mr?-. Mary A. Livermore, Cfcoriei Carleton
Collin, Profeaaor Andrew., of Cclumbta CoUoge, and
Profnaor Charles Eltot, Korton.
Mr. Hoaghton, of Houghton, Mlflln .. Co., andr
the address of welcome mid bitrodnced Dr, Holm's,
who ando a pieaeanl ipeeeh In reply, and .lsd
ny reading ihe toUowlng .ersee, wldch he >i:d were
nut Iii estatenea talon I0_20 o'clock t-.ny:
Taaehar of teacher*, nara Um nd.
No',lest Uint, u,,: l- na .tl- caa = ??!-.,
Illili ni. Ionia - i. trrr.,,]'.':. i-,,,nnt.
Ta aral ii. 11 gasid t xe tm r-u fount
That f's-ds the r.1 r ri*n betas .
... eran* th. lem vu,, it,,,j Hm! lill*
_ taannad silvery rlppllag rilli
In e\t rtviJ. nr-,.- go v ?
Rich i* the barren iwn tue iie!d?
Ttel baaalooai Katun kindly yield*;
iuit f_ir r gnwtte enrieh tts .-oil.
l'lntil*.iod (l->-;i bv thou,-ht nnd wearied toll
lu leaning'* brosd 'i 'main.
aui mhott the leaves, th* Bowen, ti.': frails,
Without your watering a. tks nsta
T" nil sask braat inn. plain !
Wei, ult,,'! Tb** author's brm -t friends.
Taut va., ? Un wi* a bi et it "i leal*,
ttl you 0.- |l ?nv n i -I ', -? ind*
Tb" pattern care, tim guiding bands,
Through ail Ike Bil I
Tao kaawlag areB ita tunn'i i.-d,
Y"nr preseleo. wUdoai tow* Uu n A
Ta (ire ii,.- v an sn bora.
Tke closing lesaton *,t the KaUonal Behool Bopertn
lendenU' Asaoctatton wu brid ta Haul
locton Hall today. Henry .-abbi, Editor "f "Tba
Iowa School Joornal," pmented the topic "Grading
ol Country School*" and Addison B. Poland, State
rftfperintendenl "f Kew-Jeney, pxptalnrd the era l-l
qraten *>f Kaw-Jeney rural nboofai, a dU aston
followed la which WUUam r. Harris. I'nited Statei
rommi-ataner "f BducaUon; state Fuperlntendenl Pat*
tengUl, of Michigan; Henry Saab, State Baperintead-nt
.f infants, and Mr, Balds i",, part. Another paper
?at r*ad ky i>- ?'? WaUer, Jr.. tate Superlnte. I ni
of Paaasylvaata, on "Tba supervlatoa of Coantry
boals." Following tkl paper waa 'ii" -i- Baa "f
rs, wkleta resulted aa tattam: President, Dr. D.
i.. Rlekta, of Mlaneaota; rice-president, Warrin
Basion, of Kew-Orlaaaa; ecntary, P. Trendier, of
Youngstown, ohio. Also a committee ot fourteen on
plan ".' study and of supervision "f city icbooli wai
(tarted wltk William H. Maxwell, ni Brooklyn, chair?
The Wsnaa'i Pian nub of Kew.Tark City will hara
,i I-:., ht at iii- dali.a March 14. Tka following :'-"
?mt.i Um Bittali ?h .. terrica* hev. beea neurcd:
Man, Laura BchrtaMi Mapleson, Mme. Kste Rolla, Bass
David. M:.*s Blaaeh Taylor, Min Maggta CHna, Mi-s
Mini,lo Reawaed, MMe Badla v. Milne, MU* KetUe
Hooper. Mt*s Kathryn Kidder and Joaepk Haworth.
Cat-Bel Robert O. lagtnall sill gita au ?!dr, aa.
Mi.s a. ii. Puter, -f Ka, _ BulSaek Plies, Boston,
died yesterday from geaenl debtltty .md o.j ,i?p. Uer
im,re ami til- hone f,.r ui.viv yean ot Wllluua Wama,
.-I had Bl i ??'?' l ? ?*- eonrtilui l nany nagi eettb
rttiea, Mi?. PUher wa- t.f an ol i tie am al faadly aad
dam nf titra Plater, Boa Mrs. Meeter, who is hr
only rarririas da. r and li repund to ba the skien
u. ii--* now ii vim, in mis country.
('haib's BturfUa, who playi Um part of ms lame
nailer in "Tte Malllgaa Uaarde* Brit" bi Barrlaaa'
tin atr.', was Uaabls _. appeal ia-t dight, i'.nd lt.. )ila.
waa uikeu by Richard Quilter.
Civil .fu-tlie Cold. v-V, Who for th.* last w-el. has
been linallie !*i attend to Mi otkctal dutln, is ivln.
lerloualy ni al ids boan, Bo is Colntnbta-st. He
was reported tata la*t night, however, to be slightly
The Columbia .'oll-p* Dr.tmailc club gave a most
lueeessfu] entertainment la*t night ia n,,. Kanbattea
Athletic, rial, Theatre In aid af tee Children'! city
Hospital of St. John'a OuHd. The theatn waa Bttad
with aa enthnstasUe and representative aaaemblage,
which thoroughly enjoyed the two pieces placed on tke
boards. Tke Bra! was "The Wooden Spoon," in
operetta, "f which thc tattowlng was the cast: I*at*to,
r, retired baU-flgbter, Berry AvertU; Ines, btadaughter,
Mrs. i iiai'*e. lieib.-rt Clarke' Mariana, ber duenna,
Ml-s Bspenntha Oaittgues; a:,hit,,. Marquis D'Alvarea,
dtagttlsed a.* ;i beggar itudent, Charles Herbert darke.
lids wa. followed Iv "A Dr- Rehearsal, OT Tb..
Philanthropic Fairy and tbe Protean Pumpkin,"
whick fairly brough) down the boase. The cast wa i n
follows: Mtaa ,i "ii*), principal cf Plato Plataa a ad
(tay. Mortimer Kennedy Hags; Amy Fibba, afterward
Cinderella, John B. Bnrier; DemoB'henn Bacon, rta*
cutten mas,er. Joseph Q, Lamb; lara Wilkins, after
ward tb.* Prince, WUUam P. Wall: Madr-mdseUe Bpi*
nurd, French gavemess, (iib-* A, lufhtor; Bank Ann,
Ike greedy giri, William l". Wo *i-; Sopkronlsba ffptvtaa,
the romanUc Mri, Melvin il. Dalberg; Hnmpte, tte
talking ,:iii. Emlen T. Ut tell; Martha Higgin! and
tarry Jackson, afterward *i>:.i'f-.u listen, David w.
A rm* ir-mi,'. Jr., and Rogers ll, Baron; Mi-. Prudence
pinchbeck, a .?kdtor, Prancls Orrin Montagu-Smith;
Rosa Jeonlngs, sftsrward fairy g-xtmother, J. Elmer
.innes; .-ennui, Bertram De Lancey Drake.
xx, tnt riiit-d yeaterday that Potter rainer, of Chi
.?og.*, had beea usioii by Mr- Cteveiaad naeeept tu- Ans.
trtaa M'.'-i-n. and itel ii- had npnaied hi* wini.
to aet"|)t th- rifer. Mr. l'n'ri.-i was .*,-,-u at Uri- 1'ilt.n
Av-iiui* ii-t-i yeaterday by n Tribaaa npartar ju-t aft*r
lu. i turn fr ? Mimekuictta nnd ,"i<t, bedna Ma depar.
tar,* for Waaktagtoa, sad ta *ald lhat there was al>-?
luteiv aa fotinti-.tiirfi for the npart,
"i do nut lataad t,. accept tte Aaaariaa mi*s!.in," 5.i!d
h", "and tut reaaaa 1- lit.ausi* || was n-v.-r mf, r-l t.
mo. i would nut taren tay tanlga adntaa anyhow.
i am iioo iaahlarg f-r any public aatra, arni ahaU tera .iii
I can do to t-k" tare of niy l.usui. ss la C'hK?t;o durliir.
thu World's l-'alr."
The Club..
lint-Is and all firsf-fla 'I daders, eaetpi IteM controlleil bv
u trust, *"ii "Sdnlral." the univ st.-i, tty klgtagndi
rlgar. tu-. _
Delila ( oiii|.iiu?'s Kalin, t of Beef.
?eeaaaaaaded n a "ni-iiti-ai)" la piara of alcohol.
The bcii. Cudaky'i "Ital" nranu Extract of I'.-cf. it
BflTC, keUghtful and nutrltlou*. Your K'ocer kl i>*
When babv wm utru. we p?v* tier Canon*.
s.Ih-ii Kh- wi. a t'lilld, nh,- rrleil fur (.'astoria.
When ita became Mis-, sh- ClUBI to la-ttorl*.
Whoa ah. had .luldxcu, sn* gave thew c**u>r__
_-*TY-FILLD-On Tl.ursr.ay, Februarr 23d, 1803. al
\\>-i|sboroiich. Pb., bv ih" nev. 0. Y. ? hainbe'layne, aa
*l-i. 1 Iv the Rev. Aa H. Plate, I). I)., of Ithaca. Kos_
moiid Alinc-tv daughter of 'Ihonia* II. Field, to ? lareuce
llougbton Es y.
t.i NTAIN-I'Ki'.UY-On WedMBSay evening, lebmarr
22, IX'. A. lt II." le.,|-:,e?* ?; ii,.. , .!? *| fit.er. S'l. tfjj
I. .."Hid?t.. Itrt'Oklvn. bv tie Kev. L"wl_ I-'naell,
Cirri- M., du,nhl r of ll.a. tny l'-iry, Ij liauk Luk-ih)
HAWLEY?LESTER-Ofl Wednesdav. lebrtiarv -2. 1603,
bv th.- Rev. *.. Wyman -. I,>.*,-. as*i*i d t,v ti,- dev. J.
Savior, Ml*. Anna' I. Latter, nf White Halal, K, V.,
to Mr. Charin II. Bawl y, ,>i Msaetettar, Vt.
'aixter cmaVB-Ob Pebraary r... at BanenrMSj
K. i . b} the Rev. tte Isa L. I >.*i, bdward M. l's.ntut
t, Maud ? i have.
iEDoWK K-ORIPPITR-Ia Beana, oi the nth of tate
.it st. Ari'l'-W. fiiiiii ,. i,c ile bc Mr. Br<?n_,
rector, as-i-t.-d bv the Kev. Mr. Kldaor, Ra-in-i Merri*
p t.iitirn and John Bunter sedgwick, of Xew
IT fllist Alll'!.Mi:r.-i)i Wt tin. -dav. february Hit. at
in- Madwou Avenue t'l-r.. v - la i . hui-tt, l.llrabcth,
N-,i-|..-" . i.v t.? Kev. Jame M. Koa lae. Kath-rln*
Hurling larpeater, diogkter ni Eduard H. Uarpaaicr, n
Wil.lam A. luuli.*, b"t.i .,f 1.1 .abet!,, K. J.
Notices of mantegna anns no indorsed with tan
cine und aaaraas.
Ul Eli.
'..VIMY- Al M r.i Brook, loan., P br arv 20th, Ji rdin lt.
n.tiicy, aged >" | eara.
Fuueral from Ute reaid nc* nf Cherin Ballsy, Mb* Urook,
I'onn., Sunday, t_-.itr? lint., 12 ?> i p. m.
N> v -Haven train leavt i Urana t eatraI D. im*. at 7 HO a. m.
Harlem R. R. 0:13 a. m. Chwae -sr. M m.nm Xor*
vtalk f.,r Danbury, whet ? i mvej mea* a .11 be in waiting.
BATT1K rn- Rev. Stephen ii. Dania, cst i merita* el
lin!-; thin.h. Jeree* Civ, ut kl* lan h'-ig-ikc, ou
i inn .-uv. Um 2M ii.st.
i .',??: , .c.-'-- al Chris. Church, corner A-iituttoa and
' lar-itiini ave... Je Bey tit.v. al b o'clock on saturday
I'.einiiv,. and frlcndi rcap^ttully Invited.
Interment a. tl, ? i-onvenl r-, .t .ii ? bunny.
-OMSTOCK?Mrs. Geo giana Kipp I Manari*, aria of ma
late I): I) C. i'i'iii?itn ii, i-f pneumonia, i'liui-aday, Ba
marv ted.
Knneral from her lat- residence. N'o. Ci Lealagtm ave., oa
sun .i\ morning, at l'j o',- ...k.
Intel men. i rivals.
L'ONNETT?A. s..u,ii Orange, K. J . Pebraary -_d, l**!**.
Daniel II. i oiiii-ti. l.i 0,- Both y- ir of ni* age.
Funeral from thc residence of h ?. mn, Unsent v. Cou
nett, sc lintel Road, South firing", N .... Saturday,
lehman- SMh. ",' tte arrival of tr.i!n wklck lei vee
. hrl*tep_*-r and ililli, Ha. .i. 10:10 a. m.
URAXDALL-On VVcdiieaday, l-tlruaiy 2.'1. Charin
? rand ill, In the 70th J -'Mr of hrs igi
Funeral aervleea al 4-.au p. m. Vtltaj, Btu. nut. al
his reid, inc _.l Wt *t '.'J I -t.
DEAN -Al I'i ?u.iklvn. N. V.. ?n T',*!iv, Ll marv -in.
Jan -s J. li, nn in hi* i sn, v. ,i
lire-.il rrom the r-sl-l-n.f his br*..h-r. I-'ru.X \V.
Deaa, I08*. -linton.*-., Brjohlyn, 1 iidi.y, i'.truary
.-Hit. at 10:80 a. m.
\- \-Uu\iii papen ptcaaa cojiy.
UALBRAITH-AI her 1st* naMsuw, OB West SOU.....
N'"A.y,,ik. , ri I "I mar. .'.tl. I__r_ et pneuai-Uli, _.J_a_
!,?;!! Wooee, widow ,t! Thompson Moon Ualbtaltk.
Funeral -- . lee* private,
Interment at Carfiric Penn.
Ponnaylvanla ar.d Ohio pipers Biran copy.
mah.tn-Al ber lat*- readme*, I.MS Lcxington-ave..
Amt- ll. Italght, in bel 00th te.tr.
Ina ral Saturday, February 24th, from tho tcntaal Tartt
[Uptlat ( hui li, .**:til..'.., at 12 attora.
HATCH?Al bl. into M?tdeae*, Ifl Bpartea Puy.il, og
tear! failure, in me 'i-t yeal of hi* ago, Kum-. Hatch.
Mot! ?? of fun. ral b* tearier.
Landon anti Xcw.KuglaBd papen ptaass capp.
LEA RT "u Vfx lne_dar, Febtuirr Kt. ISSS, winiam t\
Leary, elden eon of M.nv a and tue late Mure. Leary.
Funeral from h.* late realden ?-. 218 Weat r_'7tt*-?t.. **n
Sal ir ia-, morning, il lu o'ei* t enee t-. .st. Jo?eph's
Church, comer IJ',-!,-t. ,i-.'l V...;:..ne . ttl,,".- a -elena
requiem n.a--* Will 1' -T-r, Ibe th ip-' "f lr!' **tiiL
Relative*, fri. nt'.*, ate! memben af tba Masai Morrl- t _m>
Cl, St. BO, I I'- H.. BM Invite.I ti, att-i:(l.
LEARY?Ob Wedneadar, Pebraary S3, at lils late ic*U
dence, no FKth-ave ,?? |, ???un on .t Arthur l.?"i-v.
The funeral eervle-a it li lm hil a. st. Pl re ;<.-.* (_ittedml_
Flfth-ave. snd (SOth-t., ra Moally, l'ebw-ry Silk, al
1" ri m.
lt. |. requested that no SOWS * te MBA,
[/ORD?On iii'11-..iv. I i, uary SSd, Uletard Lord, in ttta
T.???)-. v ar of hi- .:?-.
IfoUi - ri funeral herealtei
PLATT?Oa w.-i'r.-tty. February '.'."i i-.:f Alan, tataaS
?oa al Irani, il. ina CB-OliB! Lim.lesion 1*1 ill.
I't-rt? ral i
sri;r.itins "? pa-nary '.-Jd. Btrak r... ?ue of Kamuel
\V M. '1,111*
Funeral on Saturday, tHh int, ut il p. iv . fiom bor lute
i - t.??;.-. corner che r- reel stn? *:.*.. Elltatatfc, K. J.
Interment a: ta- canveaiea.f t'e ,,, , ?
.-?I 'HA I'S- Jeruitie Xutlian, , id- *t un of cathan and Lina
Sum:.*, lu tlie i;t.n \ al u, !,r. ice,
Funeral Hom remine Doth-El, llfta-avs. and 7ith-_!., to- ?
dat, Friday, at ii a. n.
williams-i-i February ?-Md. at t:ie caada Usaaa, 17
Lstayettc pii . ol mining U? Lspialn iH*bert Wltlaaaa.
late commander ,.f tbe Mallory tea! inna '-.stauj ol
-; ,'\.,* '? i-i ii - Seth J ? .ti ?
Intel n ent, Essea, t m ,.
VOl'NO?a. stewartt. K. -i . on Tu-sdsr, Pttteaair '.'lit,
[i .. rounge*. toa of euasn V, and ita late Hoary
?t ic, in th- 2'H\\ year of bil xtav.
Fudi ra] 11 iv-.it..
Special _\"or,ic_3.
A.- I'il.li Avenue Arl <->llcrie?.
No. 3;;,; PIM A tanas.
rico l'.x hi I I Ciel, Day and Lt min;.
A Very Valuable Coileetloo
belonging to
of Bnaklya,
int'itidtiii* gkaan aaaaajtaa by
I'.cl'i.l'ITr.LAU, K.VLMMLKLIt,
(,,;:ot. l'Asixi,
c.vzix, noL'SSBAV,
DIAZ. \*_LL*_X.
To be sold by um Con,
KR. .s. p. AVERT, JU., wm antM la do maniiai
mont of tte Salo. _
ok ir. I its a CO., Maaaana._
"A Noinli'.e ( ollecliou."
li's liiiU'llal t.K-ll..tu MaJOUy'l Auiba?.aajr
at l',-:..ti. i Maa.
THOMAS E. KIRBY, A irttn i
ii l-'.jst -J.'tis', Mallina Bonan, smth.
A \\ ,ll-l\iioiMi I'll,,,,,ur,,,,!, Unitary l?r Sale.
I n tlc ,ii,,:n.ci. lier-.is. ,. l?i- ii"-, in my
iibiisiiiiicii., 1 am dBliced to j-'i^- my -alt a
it, 1 ?;ii ti,-i??-.' u ?- , i ,* I'nl ;i Kquare
ualnesa for fourteen yeon from ?25.000 t-#:?_
lt I- I'.ife.-tiv e(i*ii|i;.*'! f'-r j lu.- bualuesa,
! tenui reiaoaable. ROCKWOOD, ino liio^d
OWiaa t,, ttl* ,n,,:n.ci* lier-.is. al !"i-ii"-, in my up.
Iowa eaubllahnieiit, I am (Aliced t? rive n,y Kile atiei*
t.,,ri tu it. 1 ?;ii therefore ie,I m> I'nlon K/juar* Ual>
i-i--. ii'i-in-? r ,r r. urteen yan* froai a>_-000 to #:!.'..ood
a J ,'j .
I' i ?? iii!
way, N.
~?-i-:>? .luir hakKi-.Ni.ii Fi tTTT haTss hair
a.U Dr --...- ' . ?-? Pan,tuff. Dr ? rirl-t- ia _ b.-.il mJRn,
l'.isliilU.e Nuilee.
(sin,uid lie icad dalli by all in:-rested aa |haa|H may
occur at any time,
Lotter* for bu elga eountrlea ae*d not bc ip lal v ad.
t!r---.-,1 i,,r dUpatek bv ai.v particular ateamer, >rx,v*ji|
when it i- dealt <1 to send d.i|)ll.a'.e- Of '.n,:i!,,_ aad ton..
i.lal document* letter! not aperlally addresasd tang
ti r.i by the f..-'c*t \'**-i. aval abbi.
Fofl Igu inalla foi t>>- week cudlna February -?"? "Ul
,-??- (uruniptljr Iii all easesj at thi. ul-,;,',-, a. folloni:
sa ilili!.*. i-At A a. n. fm France, .?inertia*, luly,
-lulu, Portugal ind ruraejr 1.1 .. - n Xoimaaai*. via
l!,\r, : a. 0 I, m. f-t I ahL,. Rio Janeiro and La I' I.-*
I,,ni,mi,s. ila IU* Janeiro, i-*r -. -. liol bela (letteia mini
l,,. directed "Pet Holbein"); it 0:30 a. bi. i*-ii|>i)ien.entory
il /ii a. m.i i-i I ump., per *. a. Aurani*.
\ . Qui ii lion n : I- tr,, r ? urns' lt- dir ,-t, d ? p-r
Vuraaia" . at 10 a. *n. lUppliiaeBtar.i 12 n,.)
fur Europe, per s. i, New .York, vu obutbauiBtni
.it io SO *?? m foe N-tii-r ji.ti- ,11 *. per s. v Weraaa
ilun, via Rotterdam (letter* wu*, i.- 'ii i ted "ae' -Verfcao*
aaa) ' : at ll a. st far Bestlsiid ti.r.-. i. per i. i. iii,lilia.
via . ti ti. .uti I-, -? -? ??".?"?,,".. , -'"-'- '". i.iin-r t*.
loinhlan puru must Iw* Cn-, td "pei Philadelphia"); *? I
p. m. for lauwa, Uouaive-r st. Marc, Pot. d- Pall and
i ap.* lin.ti. |>-r a. a. Delaware; at, _ j, ni j(ll H|i;,./[,.n?
per *. a. Hanan, fi-on, New-Orlcaaa,
s, NPW vt 'I p. in l?r c.,-la Rica, via I.iinen i_r
-. .. I uvlial! .rom N'-? t ::,-,!,. ; it | |, ,?. fof TruxlffiT
pef I. ?. s. l'l/./ati. from N'eH-or!' Int : Bl 3 p. RI. fur Blu?".
heida, per a. * An-*, froai Kew-Orleane al B .?o n n_
fur ,*t. I'lerie-Mltiti. lun |ht iteamer f,.,in ll:,||fax
Mate hw th,* So.'..tv Ulanda, pei -hip *,a!llee ,tnm
sm Franelaeo), *-lo*e here daily up to F.-bruarv '2nn_.
at 6:80 p m. Wall* f-r Au-tr-ilia, Nen Z-aland*
I las allan, FIJI amt samoan l-iai.d. t?.r ?, ,. Monowai
ifi,,in sin Kr mci *??". iles,- here dally up to February
?-.'.-.ut at ti no p. rn. lur on arrivul at Haw-Yarh of a a.
Etruria with P.riti-ii mal la r r .vaatealia). Mail.* f,-,r (Maa
and Ja; tn per i. - Vets trmm Ban Franelaeo), cloie her*
dniir np t<* Pebnary *S0Ui, at 0 ::.*> p. m. Mill* for
the Hawaiian l-!aniis. per t. ?. Australia On ni Saa
i rm.,, a .1 *?? ber* dalry ap ta March *'.?th at o .ta
p. m. Malla for .Irina and Japan via YaarNVFT (?])?.
elallv a-idr-.'-d enif) dow at thia urti,-,, dallv at 0 HO
p. m. Mall- for N'ewfuundlanil, bi- rill to HSlilbS and
ti., ii." bv iteamer, ,!.,-? at ti'i* eater d.,!lv a' m .io p
Bi, Malla fur MI(|Ui*li.ii. ly nil to Ho-too md th?nc*a
by Kramer, cloeo al fhl- oiii.e daile at san p. m. Malla
fur i "it.ii. bv nil to Tamra, i'la., aed th.-nce br t.*ain"f
,-ailiin- Mum! iv. Thur-int. and Baturder* elna at
thia tilll.-e il illv nt '-' SO a rn Halli fur Mexico, overland,
unl-M aperlallr addressed f?r diviat,-,-. bv ?t<_mer, elan
at thi- ,.i*i.? da'ly a. :i roo ;?. m.
TrniM-Pai-tnc mall* ar- furn*.-led to ?'an KianMa-o daile
Bad Ul* aehedaln -if cb-lnp I- iir-atu-.-d on th** |iri|BMB.
Hon ,f gelr unlnteminf--. nve-laad irr-'t m s:,n Kata
- -cn. Malla from t'"- Frit arr'vina on tl. a. s.,n Fran.
riaeo on the day. of nail log of iteamera are d!*;_it, hod
thence the sane dav.
rel mall 'lu-. ??? e, |i. ni. previous day.
'.V1"*. "Upi !"ii"-rit:i v malla ar. ni-"ted on the elora ol
the Knallali. Kr-n-h ind Oerman f.te.i.er? nt lh- nour of
,,.-,? nt lunn'emenHry malla a*, ih- i',.,tom,-e. wh'eh
remain o|M>n until wtt'iln ten tr.lautei of the hour nf sallina
ut -t-i-. -I.
Poitofllcc. Xew-York. A*. Y.. FeLruar/ 17. ISOS.

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