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yOL-TJI.N?? 10,904,
WALL S1 l_l*_i* l aui l a i ia).
T*ier? wa? a firlin.il in the Stork Fx.hanjp
? terday which upset more speculative ieheaea
tbftu stvtt been set en font inr many month*..
Jioth _**r ar"- hu'* 'U-tiona vvi-ro discomfited
tc iho day's developments. A tremeodoua lbnii
d?tion wa* started bj the attacks of Hi*> bean
it ibe 'opening of the Exchange, but before tho
*av ended there was nn o\t.*i:**iv-o covering of
ihort SBOtracta, whir!, carried mo.t priers above
tba financial quotations ol Thursday. The ipr
lit.*., tranaactiena were on a large Beale ami the
oet tmttt*- In value* wort- Important. Tho bear
party waa lueecsaful In accomplishing heavy de
f^aet, but then- wns u general rout of this
Ijntry before tho cloae. Prieo, r;,tl ,,p rap.
jflr on various favorable ramon, whtah could
Ht be confirmed.
T}lts ipeculative movementa at tlio Sto,k r*x
ehinee brought out no official statement from
th. mei- to whom investors m Philadelphia sn 1
Beading Beouriliea I*"-', tor protection. Nor ooah!
the -.torkh'ij lei- In New-York and New-England
md Northern Pacific And consolation in tin* of
ficlil atteraneee made or concealed. Thc setual
ilrnition of affairs in tito proportion that now
jaBBand public attention waa loft io tho prey
aj ajaealative operators. <>n t"|) of this condi?
tion e_tn- aa a depressing influence the four, that
oxist in flnanoial cireW respecting the cur?
rency probleme ct tli<? country. Th** boar fao
tion in tho stack market has b.*.n encouraged in
ita atti.-*'' n;i values by the possibility ,'t a so-.r>>
mag thc* silver problem. BBd thia so-vn-i to lu* the
potent argument relied upon by tho mon who
mils'- * prof-BSioB of depressing values to aid
them In o{T~'tins _f-pres_ion in securities in which
t_ey mtv be partii ihrly Interested. Lat*' in the
Rm a r;m i was started that a transaction hail
been completer! by which the -rea-nry could
command gold from Ihe city banka In case the
Givemnv-r.T decided lhal it was neoesaary to
isme bond** to protect the gold rewire, lt was
uid that a private banking eontraot had been
BuBt for the purpose ol assuring the delivery
of reid in return for the issue of bonda There
_??_ no inf".minion to be obtained in banking
circle- **n thia ;? lint, and then waa n t .news that
would lend countenance to Ute Idea that th**
Administrati ???) had ilecided to exerciae any
authority on thia point.
The foolish ramon respecting -. hr.nl lasue wen
baaed mainly npon tho fact that ibo fi.*.? c..ld In
the Trsasury had fallen to s little more than
|i(i|,nfl''i,"'. P,;! titan wen no engagements
cf gold foi export beyond $500,( i 0 takon from the
Sub-Treasury for shipment by the Fnnch steamer
to-day. It rna aald In weH-informe<l banking
circle* that on next Tn.'..lay at lo.,-t f 1,000,.I
gold w.ll it*- shipped. There is .i general expects
tion that nv.ro than thia sun. may bes-.nl abroad.
Tua ksrign exchange market waa strong yest-.
day, but there waa a repressing influence in tho
eupply of billa Whit li ar** reported to be based on
Merline loa m If then ha l not been a free sip
ply of bills of tin- character the derna, I for a dd
for ihipment by the steamera advertised at present
might have "Von lawr than now seems probal le
'Hie agntion remains unsettled whether iho ,-st>
bunks will ho willing t. transfer any further parl
ol their gold reserves to tho Sub-Treasury. If
they oho*-* to aak for the gold represented tv the
J.*aJ-_*ndei* eertiflcatee thnt were turned into the
ftiMre.isury two weeks ago there mighi he an
? Mronohment ;pon tho aont.ment'.l $100,000,(Hui
reserve. Thou are no Indications, however, that
any suCb action will h.. takon.
lhere were exciting Menca on Um floor of th*
6to"-k Exehange when tie stock market opened
yBSterday. Hut then was do panicky feeling in
ipite of tho heavy transactions. Fir-t prion vv re
low an*! then w-:,* -,,ino important decling* in
value*, but when I wees "f Importance wen
shown they were applied ta particular proper*
ties. The transactions of ti *? day amounted to
nearly 800,000 shams Tlie largesl dealings wore
i_ Philadelphia and Heading?180,400 abares?al
arana.- in prices from '_?* .'i-mi'.. 5-8 to 30 I-8a
SO, the lari price showing a net gain <>f nearlj !
per eent from Thursday night. The tra lins in
American Sugar Relining stoeh aggngatod mon
thin 177,000 -liri ?*. and after the i*ii ??* had been
currie', down .*> in 1-2 then waa a recovery to
IIB \- The sales *.f New-York and New-Eng
land amounted to about 128,000 shares, sud
prier* went down from 30 to 28 3-4a20, against
37 mi Tii'ir.- lay. The wh He mark"!, however,
In tlc hie tia line exhibited a panicky demand
f.o_i the bears, which 'arri.-'] prices rn most in
star'-- fai above Thursday's closing figure*,
Tl.-r.- wiro n. now developments respe I
Itt affairs of tho Philadelphia and Reading. Com
pany. Ti,*-r,- wen- eonfennces between leading
NBfesentatl et ol the Dnxel-Morgan Interests and
the Penneylv.inia Railroad, but the results wen
noi announced. Frank Thomson, vice-president
of the Pennsylvania Wail road Company, was at
the oflftee of Drexel, Morgun A: Co. Important
BWfenneea wen also held at th" office of Speycr
?& Co. From neither <>f thc two firms could any
off-Mai st;,*, mont be obtained. I? is understood,
Mwenr, thai the pressure i- growing aiainst
tiie bankera who have recently loaned moues to
help tl.,- Anani ns ol thc Reading Railroad t,
t-hsstsM action that will terminate Mr. Mcfjeod'a
MBit tlon with the receivership ol the company.
Thspre-a re ol Wall Stn-**! opinion ls strone that
tVre should he aome pronoun ed leadership lu
an glori -., ,].-,,! ,,. Mr. McLeod.
Then un* numerous rumor* In Wall Street *,f
a receiver*! in for the New-York ai i New-Englai l
nfiroad. The only foundation !"?) them was the
'?reak m th. price of the si -!.. Charles Parson*
laid that there was no truth in Ihe -tory that
*'>nn_et. ,1 him ot his frlende with anv move.
nj?*r.t ot tin- s,,rt. Mr. I'm-oiis al-o s:,:'l thal
ti* sondition -l the property waa auch i'iat no
possible ,.\( ?,.,. r0| ;,| |? (it ni.li."! for at, :i|i|>li<->
ti'>n for a receiver. Even if a enniiwtred attach
ilif-ul. h. marie against the credit of the com
pa!:y tin. Hnancial conditions would preclude tho
PoaAUIty ol oh taint ns a receivership on anv
?n?h ground-.
^?JBlelan-. OM >, Feb. -J-..- (iovern ,r :in?1 Mrs.
U'lhlev r.-tiin,,-, to Columbus la t evening. Iiiiirte
VtmmBnt McKinley'! islay in Clevelaikl lu- r*-"-lv.<1
* S**tX nunv telei-ram-- of ronrtelenee an*l pralie front
*W* l:i all puts or the countiy, Qepuhttcani ni'A
**Rtrots ,iiiir-. i? larrenderliie her prlraie ln
^:l!anie to m.-et the demand, upon her hiwbsnd.
?tr* M'Kmley -.ttbvi... thc roiiion-tiii)* <? o' .-ilmost
SB _ei n_,,r friends .ind relttlvi's. Both ' .o.i-it.or
?J Mrs. Mt Kinley fell .nally relieves! n(l.*r tloy
m don*- evirviinnt; |? 11,.-],- pawer lo ni'-t the ">,'l|
?"l^nv ineiri-,'1 ),-. tb. i.,*..? ,?,. ,?, Wallit-r'-. paper.
M':,t.r,.,?n] N- v ,,.,, ._,, i:,..,,i,,,i?i,. adopted bv
?S Unr'iin |..;,pil. ,,; lhi. <llv ?.,.. pveinn.'. .-ililli-;
? R'piibileriti clubs to I'l-cive .-..Iiinlniy rlol'ai- -al*
-^^P'liis t? r,,,y aoven>oi McKlnley'i llabiliti-S snd
IHHeh-Bl to a-.-fii.ilii in public life, vv,)-,- anxMil-'l *?
*.**? n*t*t*A that in.v !-? tani to lbs tmstert in
m.i!^,i':',",'' ??"?'?'?":'r McKinley hw p'ared Ike settle
mei it ?f Iii_; afraid |,?t..-,. -,f t? ti,.- IJovertior blmaelf,
thtmS* .^'*l"|l"i^ irlrj-in.llv pnrMrd. n waa
the"iw '"', "''' <""i" vv.iil.I nrvvenl a ref a*, tl ol
?** WE ostended.
.^ Kl?n*. Tai -j-L-on Vstnasiay algM. Inst
? Missouti. Kaiisa*. ami Te>,H. .,,.*,,,-,,- ll tin N,..
Zi**1* 0"t ti A,!.-,i) Hatton, I. I'.. :li:-'-,' (!,'-l"-ri'l SS
J*j***i the iceni md robbed him ol l?.70O.
in li ****** wl,? sppeanl on tb,- seene wera
5T___! ''ol<t l,p ,,it!r ****? ii"d *** '":,r,!K'd ;,t
In th'T1** ?f ,i'" t,urM3l!i'' ??'"?*> to o?io of tho Hosea
X_y___*f>< ,** W'h was roblr,*d of fMO. Tl.e robben,
flj^ merclied tbe men Ut t,l#. Kf<y.k vaMls, Wi,Pre
^^ ?*not ?merv WtcUeU, moiiuted and rode away.
BToxiajc mvi.-.itv in GATESHEAD
London. Fe',. ,| -.jhe Liberali have recaptured
Cirencester and have recured , largely increas*
majority in Gateshead.
AtCinnceater Harry L. W. Lawson, tho Liberal
oandidate, 1?, been elected by a vote ol 1,681 to
?J.H., for Colonel Cheater Mast*-, Conaerva
Jive. In the general election in July \ B
?Interbotliam, Liberal, waa elected by 4 *>07 to
4.034 east io, t olonel Master. Alter' the death
Mr Winterbotham another election waa held
in (-rober, which wns sharply contested. Colonel
MMter, who ? deocended iron, tho t\r>t mmher
of Parliament tor Cireneoater, who represented
that constitneney In tbe ti,,,,. ?f the N,,,,.-,
Armada, waa declared elected by 4,277 votes to
4.211 for Mr. Lawaon.
Tha Liberals contested tho election, both on the
ground that the ballots had not hoon correctly
counted and on the charges of corruption ami
bribery. The court found that iho charges of
corruption were nm sustained, hut ordered a nen
election on the ground thal a careful recount of
all the ballots showed au equ'il number for each
candidate. Mr. Lawson was thereupon renom
!";'"'cl l,v ?'"' I.raia and Colonel Master by
tii? Conservatives and Liberal-Unionists. Th*
new register showed a decrease ol tarty-.. ?-.,-?
voters, ti,.- total number being 10.04s.
Great interest was fell in the election on ar
count of itr* being held after iho li_n,e Rule
bill hn.i been fully launched. Mr. Lawson de?
clared himself in favor of Irish Hoi,,,* Rule, and
also drew attention to tho fael that Mr. Glad?
stone's Government proponed to devote ape. .1
attention t?> tho interests of the rural poor, and
to create parish or district councils and rive
the laborer access to the land on fair teran
?' '? tuit rent. Tho liquor-dealing intercut made
vigoroue efforts in support 01 the Conservative
candidate, who was also sustal.I hy all the
influence the landed gentry could bring to bear.
The victor) is thoroton regarded with -.rout bat
Lafaetioa by the Liberals, a. showing that the
aerteulturalists ot the Weet of England an im
to Mr. (Jlaiistoro _:U his policy.
The election held ai Gateshead to-day waa to
(111 the vacancy o.;nis.',r by the auccession ol Wall ?r
llenrv Janies to Hie peerage William Ulan Lib?
eral received 6,434 vofea; P. Rnlli iLlhei il
I nl"nisf . -,.:,iii; voles. 'I !:,?-,. figure* show an
Increase of the Gladstontan maiority from 203 in
the last general .-lo.-ti?.n t,. 81U. 'Mr. .Minn de?
clared himrelf on die platform for Home R ile bi .1
the Newcastle programme, an eieht-hom dav,
the tnxatn'T of ground values and the aboli?
tion of tho li-,im. of Lords as an hereditary
assembly. Mr Ra Hi declared himself a.ain.-t
Ho:tio Uule. and in favor of the labor poll,-y ol
tl ?? last Salisbury Administration.
Dahlia, Peb. Si. Mr. Hogan, the Anti Parnelllte
candidate, waa elecled to-day without oppoelilon lo
ti." nat In Parliament tor Middle Tipperary, made
va-ranl by the death ot John P. Mun-!.v. Anti-Par?
nelllte, \vb*> wus elected In July by a large majority
over Mr. ci.'.'.av, Parnelllte, ?
pa. noa at ms 1 li ' hom.
Parl*. F*-b. 24. M, Juli Ft itv baa been ?? :? ted
President ol the Sensie by a majority ol 14fl rotes.
Il l'-i> called .j. l'.-?--l*l*nt and Mme. Cann!
u/ter his riectl s v.*. announced In tbs Senate and
received their C-QgretalattOQa. rr<'-i(!*n; Carnot I.
rep rt ?! to bars exprrsied -p. Ul gt! ix . ..? thal
Instles bsd at last l"-.-n "lone to M. Perry.
M. Perry win ,*-iiv.-r bte inaagvral a*adn ' <>n Mon?
day, it i* expected t.. be conciliatory and cautious.
Should a .1.1,11.*-t .n-is occur belora november, M.
Perry would decline, probably, t,, form a Cabinet, as
?.e 1- reiervini ..ll hJ* itnngtb to preside oreg the
meeting <T the N:,tio:!;ii Assembly f..i the election -*?!
liei'i'iit. Seven.I Journal) remark 'br ii'- 1
ls now governed bj four Opportunist* Carno!, Itlbut,
< ailn.lr Perl r at i Ferry.
London, F?*U. ?.''.. The Parin rorrespondenl of "The
Time*" -nv-: "The choice ni M. Fem Insures Hie
ii-* -lee.lon ot FT-_ld.nl carnot, l-v.-n if he 1
?,i 1! ? position nt i-i.?-:<!.?!,'. vi. 1.1-,y 1..i dr* 1 11
ol obtaining H so soon. Ile run well .Rota to vimi
end rectlf) public opinion n peeling bim."
Purl.-, Feb, -4. 'iii, Court ol Causation v> >i - ;
? ?I tt- decMon njecttng the .appeal, heard y<
t.nliiv, ol Charin de Leaaepa, Marlua Pontane and
M. -ans-Lemy from the Indictment! charging the two
former with corrupting memben <*f tbs ? bamber of
Deputlea snd th-- Utter with rrcelvmi a bribe while
:, member ol the Chamber. Tbe court hoMa ti,-t h
Deputy ll ri public <*flit lal within t!,<- meal
tbe law, making li , crime lo eorrupl public ofBelals.
The trial of iharle*. *!?? E*.rm and Wi fell ?'?
fondant will iherefon proceed In the Asali.url.
The Court of Caaaatlon could not nave <i-. l*J---i
.,.'. rv!-., than tx al _* . foi il a 1 d thei I 11 *? voe
counter to it* traditional and settled line ol prece
den ti. Tbe question was whether or not an elec?
tive ?fleer vv^. amenable to the same laws a those
governing the ca iee *.! i'm- functionaries appointed by
the Oovernmen.. Thi ra* w 11 d. dded in ihe
?Sirmative, in 1--"',, when M. Michelin, an alderman
or m. inbor of Ihe Municipal Council of Perta, arai
Bhown to bsve received brlbee from Mr* Raiasxl lor
belplni the pa Mge of lome concession. The Court
ol Cassation declared nt that Ume tba! "whosoever
, --.-.I of r,n eb. tive iiirilitlitl*' aral In il.I* qu illly
takes an) parl lu Hie operations -?: Male, dejartmeiii
or eommune affaln ls. In ?,'.yes ot any Jurisdk
Hon, al olutt ly a pilbil. Pint Honers,'
Finis Feb. 24. a group of Denutle. resolved lo
day. In a meeting ai which M. Eugene Etienne
ber tor Oran, Algeria, presided, to arg* lhat the dov
-inm-ii' take energetic measures lo ann. 1 the valley
ol the Me-Koog Uiver. In Bonthcsstern Asta.
Thi* I- the litst and Immedlnte nsnl! ?.f M. Jule
POrry'a eb*ctl m to tb- Preildeney ol tbe s nate. He
ls the npnaentatlve In nan"- ?! tbe colonial poll r.
which 1- blamed by patriot* of ibe bes! type, who
regret lhat, Imtead ol keeping al home tb-ir noMlen
and their tres-mn, In order tn be prepared fi anj
contingency, sum.' French Minister* nie men and
money, without adequate motives, In doubtful ?
conquests. M. Perry, who won the nfetuiame bt "Ths
Tonqulnese.' tm*! vvb 1 wai e.petted hastily to karra
Ibe Chamber when b<- announced there, a Prime
Mini ler, lae lonqula disaster ai Bas Le, bai regained
bli prestige, al lees! among ll.id and conservative
,,,,-,,i. ,1 tbe benale. They have ehosen bim as
tbeir president, mainly, if noi solely, .1- u -.rot, 1
,..,.st vi carnot, who I* charged by them with brm
big .00 mud. Hie Radical .Ide. and because Hie)
ronstder M. Fem ihe best man lo promoie.be lnt.r*--is
of the . . 11?iv;,tl\.s. ami, bl* election un* Ipi
medln.elT token advantage ol by ihe tem Deputies
ansi un io exlend railiei tbnn curtail Ihe expaiH -ii ol
? . French colonial policy. Tonqnln ls not ye. fulli
pa. Med; and they wan! i" aanej ike Mr-Kong \si?
le, in the Sta.-'? Bmptn, Hm* rnnnln.* Ihe rl-lt ol
exiillns ihe lealnui angei >.f boih England and Chino,
which de-Jre" tb.it tbe months of the Me-Kong F.lv.-r
shall be free fnm nnv Eunpean I ni err entloi
M i'i', nae *v.i- naturally .-xpett*-<i ti, be ai Ihe
heed'of fl- L-t-,.ai* ot ultra-colonial French Deputies,
f.,r h.- bas conatonlly shown himself .1 1 uti- - * ''? M
i,-i\-. foreign policy, both on blt beaeh Iii Hie cJia-n
ber tintl when he ?n- l'n_er*Seentary al State 1 r
Colonies. In the French Cabinet.
pjul*. !??'?. 'J4.--TJic Clamber it Depollea lo-day, by
a stuto nt AAA t>. 41, pasaed Ihe bill prov id inc that a
lax sbnii b<- if-i*-<t '". I""" bsrislni oi! tin- Bourse,
as tsplatasd hy M. Itvari yesterday. Thc Chamber
thea reject.',i a proposal i<> Impose a las on Hmc
bargains lu prodaee aral menbandlae.
Puris-. Fd), at.-tie mimberi of '!|e Osort ->f ArM
tinl!--ti n-partlinc Behring Sea Onti t'xbiv an*! signed
tb- minutes ol l a terday*! pr eeedlngs.
Berlin, Foi*. ci.-This bring i)"- ilaty asc-nd birth*
dav' sf Cbaaertlor voa Osprtvi ibe Kshsar waa Um
Kal io .-ail at tba C-__MR_r*a nsMsBMS xo ssngnta
lato liim. TS* Kulmot ad-xessed Ul* OsaseRBf lu
terms ol Mun.te..,ri, an_ eapreand a wtib thal
Hf- mlghl be ipand fo.* many yean to
?be s.-.-v-i.-c of iu.. state. Then th*- Raper* perara.
i' ? ated !.. tl e . barn eHor a sword ,,r
mi sud iplendMrj Incraited with p
London, Te!., ci.-A tensed n has been r.rised in
Bara] .brie, bv tb* non-concumnce o* the i.-.rd- ?:
Ihe Admiralty in the acquittal of Vlce-Admtral Fair
'??*. of ihe British Mediterranean Squadron, and si
Commander David l,. Dickson and Captain A. P.
Hastings, ot tbe Ironclad battleship Howe, ot tbs
lama squadron, which atranded on Korember 2. ni
the entrance of F,rr,.i barber, Spain. I -imand-r
Dickson ami Captain Haitlagi wera acquitted ri
blame by .bc rourt-nurttal whleh tried them, aa
ths grjond thar xv.- riatis of pen il harbor un I -,
tbe II rai ver_ defective. li w?. charged .
Vice-Admiral Fatrfai tl.nt. auder al lbs
iquodran. it wai his duty ?<* ilgnai Ihe Itnw-e, uni
tl.nt lie tailed lo _Hv stein!-. _!tic,u.ti Um Howe wm
Immediately following Ihi flagship, and thal Iherefon
the iir-.nding waa <i',e to ali negligence. T!i<* i .in
nr,:!i,ii a ,. -;.,ij :if tj,,. n**,,, ,,, |,? a 1nrri, formality,
an i H." \ i .? Admiral vc- acquitted.
T:.o Lords of Ihe Admiralty, however, In the minnie
recording ibe statement thal they <lo aol concur In
the anding, atlril ute Ute Una itt to unskilful rn i ??
nimt m the part 4 Tlre-Admhral Patrfas, Comaumlei
Db 1,-iin md Captain Hastings, neglect ..f th,* dino.
ema given in repird t<> i-nrrenis, and oniWon to
'. i.??:!'?-* ai :, tim.' and in ,i situation 'when ll
w.i* an obvious .!nt> ,, ?',-.,??.? tb-'*.' precaui ms,
in,- nil ntl te ls rcgnrdcd as ;i severe rebuke for Vice
Admiral lair.ax. who hold* Ibe ran* of , _. a-.J
Es highly ratcrraed in Hie Navy and in aoclety.
? -my ?
Auckland, Feb. _??. Robert Louis Stevenson arrived
hen to-day un M. way io Sydney, in an Inierrew
with a reporter he i-'-pest^.i bi. atrlctures opoo lbs
Samoan officials, lie condemned Hie ngnlation made
bv i'i.- British Commissioner for ti,., preservation of
order, 'lb"--* regulstlons, Mr. stevenson Mid, wen
especially dlr.-ci.-si ?_nin*! ban-.-If. Mr. Stevenson
deprecated the disarming of th.- natives, vvh>. hs asM,
ought not to h>- lett utterly defenceless. The -,.le
rein<*dy f,.r Hie present unsatisfactoriness of Samoan
attain, !.?? thlnlis. la annexation of thc Uland by a
?.Teat Pawer.
Paris, Feb. 84,-While embarfctni nt Cabdi ht
Dover to-day, Marie Van /mdt, the sin_.r, fell on
the gai rway r,t,,i broke her ankle. Sba rel urned to
i. uar. .si,.- will remain for treatmi t.
-? *>
Copenhagen, Fei>. 24.?-The Financial Committee of
iii" Fol kithing b.-t- decided adversely ..n a pnpoattlon
io ^??!!.! a Danish corvette to attend th" naval display
it Xew-York in honor of Ibe Columbua annlvei niv.
TO SETTLE. Till, ht ssas i ONTEST.
i v--:' i" i*vv
Top.,,, gan., Peb, 21 a decision in t - fl
bri!., aa corpus ca ?. ??? ic'. wUI aeitle tha alain ol
r\ ' Hoi,-... mil b, banded down bv th" supr.:ii"
Court nt ti oil"',, tomorrow morning, fl l^ipa
lit ri. In the . "I.Vb -bill !!,:,! t!;e mutt will
:i,ni li has tai lurlsdlctlon Hian Ihey wm* be
fore ti'", ,-? v..i called for hearing, and t ?? Repub
,r. appr. .? ? Ive tb.'' in ii -till i" ' " ?
Should ni- I-- the derision, lt would make Ibe Dum
ll,, r- "iv; ? ./.,'! .1. ' I. . ' ', ll- I. - !.i
I.-, v. . iM (ai -1 l.i .sw
Th" consideration of Ihe neolstlasj -*?? deciure t!-..
natl of ti." tifiv six Populists vacant vs
by I.*- -'.i.i.i.-i-. Hi,ni- ti,!. mortii'.R unii' * aad her
tomorrow, beeac a I - Supnrae Conrt'a du. lou******
lee! < .i ? ' "i of i ? ? ?' announced.
I ? Dill RI" - "I " ' '!? fl .-'"1 ' - 'ill rtpr*''
prtatlng nfl ? OOO tor I ie Kai .- < vbii ll al Ihe w..rid'?
Fair. 'I . ? \"'. "-..I '.'.' f..r tbe lill t, I
lt, m.- aflrmallve role bell I four - ort ol a con?iltu
Hoi i majorltj. A re. i will i- mov. d.
?; . Pi.;.ali t ndmlnlstrati ,n I* pr* !? ii - I
complete overhauling of t:..- .*-'.,!.- militia, \',l R
publican olin'-r* *_i'.l be discharged and I
win ie- -iii.-i vin, tri. 'v i'i,... ? . _ > ???i'i obey
np!, r*. Thc Pbpuil I ' military tones a.-.- t."t le i. ?
,| t,, the Kan Kallon .1 1'uard, whl, h I t
mt -nt., i tblp "f less il -n i.-' <> men, int ? m i rt
f..r< ?? of sn. 1* magnlHidl never '?? ? i
? , . try, excepi in limes ?.f war. ls being formed.
Il |s estlm.it.-d nott full) _0,000 Populists mil be
Identllb-d willi Ihe new .v. tm ur. V|. ? an drilling
ill ,.wr Kansas today, no! "ita guns, bul In ' ???
i ,, inf . .-. snd '! v ?? m be *iriii"i srttl
guru wh, :. t ii v are ready f..r them.
El'l ri.!'. W RR POR IHE pO_.il I TO HO
(,!,i,,,t,, Feb. ii (Sperial).* Everything 1s quiet
- ii;,. L-l: road and many <>r Hm
of the -triker an being Oiled by Oem i .1
Manager Thoma . "ho sayi that he will have no
In getting all HW men n*s??? -irv. ll" denies
, report thai bs ienl i St. Loili for men, snd ij
ihnt Hie twen.y n.-*i wif* went lo w_r_ lo-day were
,U f-om ihil -itv. In many ot ib<- tower, between
ll,e Polk t. station lt,"l Tllrtvln-,' kt. mlii'T Otll Lil -
mn handbag ths levers, sad Lr*- aew med wen
ht-ing pi-iced -.it sr m.- .it'?i awltches. Then ins
;, (,,,- t.ii po mt of vtolenn beyond a few pewinal
, .,. inters, which dM noi mull lertousty. Th"
aram to have nome money at 'heir disposal,
,,;,i win, tbl . accompanied by a little persuasion,
Ihey wen ri!,'.,- t . _.-t a few at th- new men lo lean
thi-lr post*, si the varioua crossing! thc potlremen
have rm eosy time, for then ta no attempt rn int i
f,.,,,.-. 'lb'- prevalBng oplnlsn ameng rallnod men
ls iii.it the strike will tall, snd tbat none ol tbs itbei
Mganlzattoni will go ont.
-I- ahlng ot th" Ihrenlened sulk'* on tbe mllways
entering Chicago and Ihe clatma of employee thal
they ni" undcrpsld, sn ifl-rial ot tb" Chicago, MU
wau-ee and St. Paul road eablblted Bgures la-day
iliowing that during lh. even months "in! si Jana
uV 31, i-'i;. H.e payrolli *,f lhal company Increased
fl .075.200, ,-, compared with Ibe 1 rre.pondlng peri ad
pre, .ilin.- y, ar.
Thc st ri I.e of th" electric linemen ut Jackson Purl,
has noi slopped the wort., ?? quite ? number ol the
men remained al work, and mon have been added
1 force. _ _ _
Chicago, Feb, 24. in the Superior Coori to
Louisa fi lair naked in be legally rpamted fram Psnl
si Inn-, li win,m -be tin- married on EelTilalw 'S. Mrs.
si-inir alleges lhat she med her husband In Xew-Yert
ind that ,ri Pebraary, ISO!, Ihey became engag d and
mm lo have been married In Mav tait, bul lhal l"iiul
;. . puned Um wedding asveral tlm'-s until she Anally
rescinded her premise. Then lie began ta peneeule
her " tlint ibe b-n Xew Vork aud esme t" ? hlosgo
lo avoid bim. In January last be foBowed hes hen
ii,. n;,.i, tbreotened lo shoo! ber if ib. did aol merry
him sb- was frightened n by bi* thread that abe
mre-d again lo marry bim, tM* time to sara _? r in*-,
im) accordingly <m February 8 they awn legally
in -.,i one hour after Hov wen- married Pani left,
?nd now she asks t.> have tbs marriage anaaBed und
her miiideii nuine. Louisa sehnfTi-r. rest med.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Feb, _i The Democrats, rank and
i.i". ,! ibis city mai !i.n!:v' v. im ?rc ivre tram dltl-rent
,. rt ??' Ihe slat.- refuse h. ???- in h,- appolutmeat
nf A. .'. Lt" liwiib, the fin!,l ,;..iii-,-, in- Beaa.or, any
iiiin.: good, ni*--' aaj ibal vi:-. Beckwith doea aol
repnaeni a lenth part ot tin' Deawcnti of tbs State,
mil Ibu! be <o.il<! li"' 1>" Sleeted to nay oftli- "The
Leader," Bl H.ls atty, IBs Demscnllc organ of tbe
-'nt,-, snvs of the appointment: -'The appoHrtmsnt
by Governor Osborne yeHerday ol A. L*. Beckwith, ,f
Kvan-tivvi), h. I nit.-*! Btataa genatof ^?r .1 two-yean1
term, 1* a Mow .stntU-!ii between the eye. t,, tba Dem
ocratlc ma?aea <>'. Wyoming. Perhaps no appointment
will*!, rOUkl lutVt- ls . 11 ininte Ht t!ii-? rime ind illid'-r
existing condt.lona woaM b*- more dlstaitetal."
Ren-port, K. E. Feb. _?!. BaBetwtary WUBam c.
Wl'llti'V ba. .rib l"t his Trav. rs villa In Nat 1 ipati?etl
ii\.... which h" im- Bccnplad for tea ssassna, snd had
.i.-.iin t.-iiirii f,,r lbs coming suutumt. Ob seconnl of
ii, nomi neath .>f Mn. wininev tue es-aeenwry
will not COOM to N.wjmrt lld. year.
IBi T;ti-i;*urn to the Tni_i*?E.i
Ban rraii'-isen. I'd, 24,-Nothing that lias
<" md I,, re in yean lia- created io much excite?
ment sad popular Indlgnati n a* the .*?!.ling f"
day shout noon *.f John NV Mackay, .ho bonana
miliionaln, bv Willian C. Bippey, a half-insane
""'? Brining ?to< k -j.|Mor< k-i ? hag h"on known
on Pine-at. lot years, a:.,i wi,,, |. .rmi tn have
! t g !ortiii-,e in gambling on the violent Ouctua*
tious of tho Comstock mining stocks.
JOH", vv. M v | vv.
tPreta rm engraving la "Munsey** M?_ri, n--.")
Tho fl*'fails *.( fin* shooting BK peculiar, I'll!
thev show plainly Hie careful preparations made
by the assassin and his accurate knowledge of
Mr. Mackay'* babita. Rlppoy, who has been
DOtiood ftr several 'lay- to in- in a highly excited
oondittyn, yesterday informed se***e*ral -nomi**
that In* proposed lin- time fo s,,. Mr. Mackay
! and thal the iatt*-r would do well not to pat him
off any lonp.T. His tall; was regarded as idle
j rhfitt.-r, fm- he ie a i.Iv, played ont old atock
I gambler, vho ne .*r bad anv personal relation*
with anv *.f th*- bonanza millionaires.
Kippey, ti,,, assassin, who lin unconscious at tbe
I Receiving HospitaV 11--? -.I at No 1,221 Powell-et
in cheap lodgings I!** l.-ff hus home shout s
I s'elook this morning anl w-t'iit downtown. He
returned in hoar later in a deep ml.-nf mood
' end fe neigh hon say tl,nt as ii" passed down
l'ow.-ll-.st. he wus tearing *? his handkerchief
with lu* teeth and appeared to !.,? much w _-!..-. I
' uti o-.er aometliing. Ile remained in his room
I a hool twa hoir.s .md then started off ?! iwntown.
'Hie channa ure tlat t!:e Intervening tim.' wai
Spent in putting hi- effects in order ami getting
nady fm the, dwi be contemplated. From tho
P<-o|ile in th*- house n was learned timi the old
, man had been vcrv despondent of lat-* nml that
'? nearly ail lu- means hail been swallowed np in
! stock speen] ition.
1 liv Rtppry vv.is noticed r,ear the Ink I! i ?>
. Itt *s -first, am! when Mr M Bl kay 'aim* tlowu
, ? j',.- x ' i' lo Lick I'la* ?-, a I
nil**? i the r*Nir of the hotel. whio_ rona tl:
fi mi Rutter to Post st-, Kippey followed him.
Thoa* neat hy pu d ?... intention t<> tl,.- two men,
uh the all'-.' i- a ahorl CH . ?. t ?.-..--; t tl,,, two street.*
ami la much favored iv pedestrian! when tbe sun
i- Imf, sa it is always shady A momei t after
they licard tlu.-*- shots in? l In rapid - .salon,
and whoa ih<- smoke liftnl, the ,,; i mn-, with u
pistol in his band, was lying m the pavem*>iit,
while Mackay t-t.1 a few i.* beyond, look?
ing ut him curiously, line of tl.ye-witia.s
noticed -tu"'.<.- trout tbe hack *i Mr. Mackay's
coat, anti called his attention to it, ami this waa
the iir-tt Intimation the millionBin liad thal lie
had bern hit One bullet, the iii-', had hil
him i ri ir,-iv in the ha. ?* i th*** second mi -? I him,
owing to hie mat pnaeiico ol mind In - ??
to nt,.- aide the moment he beard the lint shot.
The tlurl shot wns directed by tba old crank
toward his own breast sad will prove fatal
Mr. Macks** tess promptly removed to the Palace
, Hotel, when Dr. .1 P. Morse, one of the moat
skilful itr.eona In Ran Fnnelacu, extract. I the
hallet, assisted by Dr. Kenney. Tim bullet en
tend to lin- riv-1_. of tlw spinal column, mi.-_iiw
it by only one-twelfth of an inch. Then it
turned toward the right mle, ploughing through
the hard fies'.,, and Inflicting an ngl. an I painful
wound, but, luckily, not coming in conto*! with
anv 'ital organ*. If struck ao (mne, and, when
extracted, it showed ii" sign ol use, not even
I bearing ? dent HsU ii struck the ba. h tM width
i of n pondi point toa sr I th*- left, death or pani) sis
1 would Iinv*- been Inevitable. As it i*. ol course,
ini.ahiitiation in ty tri Iii and lead to dangerous
1 conseo. nonces, but the doetora an hopeful timi ull
will le* Well, a- Mr. Vatva-. I Beall I- a* hart) a*
at) athlete's, ami lils well-known tetnpeni. Iii
eating and drinking will stand bira in good stead.
Mr. Maekay made the followlna statement:
"I his walking down 8utter-st., bound inr my
room to puk my valise, a* I intended to go ta
Vb Inls <i!y ihis afternoon. When I ranched
lick Alley I thought it vv mid l? ? short c it
to lix- hotel. I had hardly taken Iwo steps Into
I.i k Alley w-li.'ii I heard s pis1 1 shot. I pans. I
for i. moment, rather atartled, for I had not .s"".i
any om- in the alley when I entered it. anl till
no! nt first know from which ilinction the report
of th*- pistol cairne. Suddenly a voice esclaimed:
; 'Mr. Mackay, you have been eliot,' and looking
np I saw the gentleman who brought um to my
?? \o, I am not shot,' I replied.
14 'Vee you are,' li'- Insisted, lor I saw the
,in-t By irom your emit wheo tho bullet struck
?? I put my bawl around under my coal and.
sure enough, when I looked, my hand was cov?
ered arith bl ..ul. I then felt pain iii my back.
lt nil happened in a i.ni. and, turning hall
way around I raw my assailant stan ling at tbe
bead "f .lie aii.'.v wiih hi* pistol pointed st
tn,-. 1 th.-n hurried across to tl.ast olde ,,;
the alley, and BB I did s,, * aw the old man
put a pistil, as I thought, to his mouth, an i
Ure it again, He then reeled and fell, and I
nantiaued Bp the alley until ure reached Mr
Bonner's cart, and he drove me t.i the Pal iee
When Mr. Maekay was Baked if he knew the
Bann who hail shot him, he .aid : ? I never knew r
,i n,_?'i linnie,l Kippey. I had a good look at the
old man wini ahot me. an.! I a in rei tain I do ,
imt know hnu. I cannot .nv*- any nason fm
the astsaiil!.''
Demur, who ls connected arith a Boriat'a store
on Liek Alley, sms bb eye-witnem of the shooting
He aaa!stn! Mr. M_-_kay lo big buggy and ..*
nmv.sl hin> to the Palace Hotel.
'??I had ju?t trot ant of my buggy," Mid Mr.
Bonner, ''ami was about to po into my oAee
arbon I beard a lend report Looking down tho
alley toward Sutter-gt . I saw a mun with a white
iloueh hal (nd -ray clothes, a cropped but rather
straggling henrd, holding s smoking nvolvei kn
his right band. Il" eras nughly dressed. .V
short distance from him ama Mr. Maekay, whom
1 immediaicly neoffnised He had iii* right
hanti ttl ins back, ;i Utile above the kidneys, ll"
was perfectly cool BBd he walked Inward where
1 MB -t-inliiig, obliviona to the tact that his
vould-be murderer wm standing eloM hchindjiim
rlth ti nietol levelled at bini.
"It all happened like a nash. The rough-look*
n_ man 'Iii bot lire at his Intended victim a.sin,
mt, turning the weapon about, pointed it at his
?wu breast ami And. He whirled about in tho
itmet and fell to tbe pavement, Probably th.*
inly thing thal Mved Mr Ma'kay's Ufa was the
act that a wagon wm in tbe ntr****t, and in cross>
ng over, Mr. Mackay gol th*- "chicle between
ilmsell and the shooter, ._* Mr. Mackay up
iroached me, I went forward and aske-i him Ib
let into my buggy, I!" complied. anJ Jumping
u af-.-r l.i'ti, I Mired him if bo wa_ hurt. He
Irew hi* hand from behind his back, and it wm
avered with blood. Il" looked cheerful, and mid
hst he wu not much hurt, bm Mid that per
isps I had better drive to Pr. Keeney's ofllce.
Ye went then, but then wm bo one lu, so I
Irove to the Palace Hotel and assisted ihe milli in
nie up to his room on the tirst door Al his
equcat, I thoa went fi r lu- set retary, Bicbard
Dey. Tlie latter and I tin-ri wont to tho doctor's
.ih"*, but K.-.-n.-y waa still absent. Returning
o th.* Palace Hotel are found Mr- Maekay stand*
ii. In ins room, having beeu examine i by a
lurgeon. In rnponse to a iiuestion flem Mr.
Dey, Mr. Mackay mid that he WM all right, and
hat he had not been seventy hurt.''
Mr. Dey telegraphed Mrs. Mackay in Landon
ral to young Mr. Ma' kay in New-York, that Mr.
Jackey had been shot, but thar the wound was
mt consid.-it .1 dangerous. After the extraction of
he bullet, lie telegraphed again, giving the above
ta foment ol tlie patient, condition.
Examination revealed that the Mlf-lnflieted
bullet had entered bia 1**11 breast, passing through
he bodj und coming out just below the left
.boulder blade. Th*' bullet wm found just under
lo- skin. The old man bad white hair ami
?iom-i ut white bearii. In his trousers po"k"t
..a- found a .4-* callbn nvolver <?i the ?? bulldog"
lattern snd all cartridge! Intact. Also tn lils
tucket wus a purr*.* containing 20 cents anti an
?nvelopo containing a i?ai*?*r on winch wa.- written
Ei i. 1. Lincoln, Palace Hotel, end not Jet."
V letter addressed tu iii*' I. vu mi nor'' mid as
ullowa: " 1 "i. I for reUection. Tani |150,oo*i
?I sapphire i" i'la.--- mi the Jaded perron pl
ir- wile, A auliicient amount to have mved
,oo ,,t Ins paupeis ironi a eulcidal nr?*v". Just
hink ol lt. liisi-ril,- on his tomb."
Rippey was born in Cincinnati about Mventy
four var- ago. Two of his sons still live there
ind an- Mid to hold good positions Soon after
the war Kippey ninoved to Denver, ami after
iccumulating considerable property h<- came here
imi began spectilnting In minina stocks. It wa.
luring tho big bonanza days, when stocks were
?mu,un, and everybody was erny. He played
iienvii.\ iitui eoon lu.-t his money, amounting to
ii'H .?:**;".."no lb- conceived th*- notion that
lames c. Flood was responsible for his h*sses, and
itiout eight yean ago he ls-;an to haunt Mr. Flood's
iffier, ind attempted to a-t an Interview arith
he millionaire. Flood vtae oup ol' the hardest
nen I i ace, ?._ he kept a bodyguard and a sham
? ? . stand off i.nie like Kippey. Finally
lippey v.i-nt down to Flo.ni's country villa at
if en Io Par! . , limbed over tho fence and mad?
ns way inf'* ihe presence ot the mining magnate
a Ins garden. Il*- then owsentrd hn claim, snd,
? , ! . st" ry, Flood tn\>\ hun In- ou iht
ii hold Mackay responsible. Thi- stateraenl Rip
"\- said las lotted flown in ? notebook, and t few
lavs co he i.|-.,'*TT, .?1 this paper In the presen*v?
if Dr A A l!iri*-"ll. of Powrtl-at. Then betook
ip the search for Mackay, but was ncvei sm
???s-fil in duding him during Macksy's flying
? thi- citj .
". ii: GREAT FINA**,-, i i.e..
j ? vt ' ? , vj . ? ,- wai i in In Dublin, Ireland,
i stile iii",.' timi sixty-one v.-sr- ago. ii- came
rom i tardy Moe ol -cotebmen who tad settled In
he northern parl ol Inland, the kind of men who
lefended Londonderry la Its famoui siege. Ma
inmediate paten 11 wen poor, bul Ikey saved enough
no -v t, rome ta New-York when ths boy vu. nine
! , -t ibii-h.t! Ihemielves In this city.
i?'... years later Mr. Mackay <n.-*l and the nippon ,,f
? ? children fell upon the widowed mother. She
ivs woman, however, and wai nb'..- to keep
tl booka nulli i.? un -i i a.1
ommon rho I education. As a boy bi* playground
ras nb.iiK I',,il. Row iud "ii th.- ..i- of ib" preseni
?? -,?:!,..- building, which vms then n park.
Voung Mackay was apprenticed lo a -Mph illd-r
it. i- I,,- '.-ft iii.- school beach. In the yard when he
. i. i niau) -iii- wen bulli t > %, ??around tha
lorn i" . ul,f"ii,l,i." Tl,.- i-.-turnin.- sailors oft?n
slked . f ' .. ot Ihe "Golden State," und the
>ri ti lies io !"? mad. the Pacific C ant. Voung
lacka) listened lo ihe itoties, raushl Ihe "gold
ever*' and became one ol Ihe to Forty-nlnere." He
I not t first, iii* sn??? ?-i". wei ? srien
nd lr)lng. I!" wielded Ihe pl taxe mri *ii"v-.i for
?eai , wmeilmea as i day laborer on bl*
r.i n account, Mmetlmea for others. At
illn-s be Wai lUCky, iit times ll" V\.is
ii fort ti nate; bul he never l-ct bis codra 30,
nd bi* Ind-.mltnble will carried bim over every dil,*
ulty When unity yean old be tad mode and !>-?
fortune, bul he tad ni*'* acquired 1 knowledge of
very detail *-f Ine mining bii*in"**, wbleh ami to
ni," him 'ui-- "f the rich mea ol Ms lime, The
..lui workers with whom ii" ?n teed often 1,,-i*-.,.
i.ii" s.?ui acknowledged him aa a leMer. sud although
he) called bim "Puritan" al limes i-'.-mis" at bl*
in,|. rat" habits, tb.'v recognlred la- superiority.
Mi. Mucka) bli ruin uni.) for Nevada in I-*',*!. 11
ms one of tb" turning points in bi. career. While
trolling along the Mreeti ot Virginia-City ,, few yean
.-,1 with John Russell Voung Mi-. Mackay came lo .1
moklng cavnv in lh. ground, at the month ot which
\* indian u.i - slow ly *ri hiding.
-.ut ol Him b'!"." Mild ti" grenl tr- in ler, 1
ooh one hundred and tit'y millions of dollan la bull
It waa 1. f the famous - Bonanza
i*lo > ls -u bunill.ir HOW. 'I'll" di?
ll,nm- Comstock lode \tri- dm lo tl." t
r : 1 ??? .wirril' ?? ol Mr. Mai kny. A
im in n.i" operation ol iii" gnai
,.!.' Jami ? ".. l'uit'. afterward
Illili.'. vt !..)-??
very ot ihe
.<? ran kn wi. 1 - ?
v nels ted with
?? ll 11 in/. 1" min ?
Senator; William
t'llrlen and Jumes c. Flo si. Th.it pal ol
un.'* wis cnoimoua, In four yean Ibe mines poid
7D.00O.000 In dividends on their ifock. The four
.uni.'i.s regularly diva 9750,000 each month aa Heir
bares. Ul sis yean the Comstock mines yielded
lim.' than .-*:. Mi.'itiii.isiii in gold and silver on. Mr.
lu> lui. wus ibe largest stockholder In the nines,
wiling two-fifths of ti.mire property. lu mts).
i" mines began t*> show symptoms ol exhaustion,
;i!i,,ii.-!i I!..->- ni" stn worked with profit. The
llnliuuxa Kulga limboed thc 1 .mu ,,r ailtorula wuu
capital oi plo.i ot".("in with a part ol tl-lr gnat
-.'tilili. Later Mr. Mucka) .md Mr. Hood estabttsl .1
.. bunk ii N'evudn, \ htch Buffered an Immense lose
1 iii,- great "Wheal corut-r" oi lda7.
In l--*t. .Mr. 'bu kay f'rai tl a partnership with
mies Cordon Bennett and laid two cables across lin
I lilli tit'.'in. The) :,i" untb-r ;, management
iinwii as tb.. Commercial inl-le Compmiy, bm ::??
?11 dv owned b) m.' founders. The upai i,..
eran ibo new cable company :m<! the older mica
.*,. u memorable one, bul meccas crowned Ita
I.,: 1. .,( the .-; terprlslng m. u.
vir. Mackay for 1 note ol yean baa been one of
? . kn iwn ic . In Ihe I ulled Suites. In i*-;>
,? bini t." opportunity to become Culled Slates
?n.lim- ii un Nevada, but be declined thi honor, ...
1- business inten ta wen 10 vaol thal he could
iflor. 10 neglect them. In noeM yean he bus
vd much abroad. Mr Mackay, :.- i* v-eii-novm
nt in ...ti"!, iii Parti ind London, sud ber
niertalnments an attended i,\ tb*- b.-** people in
jighiiid and Franc. Hi h.>ii.,- lu London l. one
; f, most magnificent In the gnal ca pit il .
Mr. and Mr- Macha* have ona -"a. John VC,
[,u kay. jr.. who mme of age a few .eur- rip., uni
1 ..rnmini daughter, who 1- non tbe wi',. ol \,?x
rrdtpand Co'onna, Prince de Oab.iro, b u-loo ,,i ane
' in,- ui'.-t bininu* li"ii-e- ?f Univ. Tb- ea Queen
.:i'-.!i.-i. ol Spain, ashed for ths hand of mn-, m , -,,.,
? her favorite nephew, tb* Mat-in!- de Val . :,i|..
rince Phillipe de Rerben y liratanx* oleo made a
r,,|?,-:,i ,,f marriage. Roth offers wera 1 eject ed -,,
1-. Ni,,, bay hod fatten in lave erith u,,? i--'i',.,
)4r*. Mackay"! siller, mk- A<in Hungerford, who,
I... Mn. Mackay, I* au accomplished unman ls
tarried tn couti* Trtfner, of Borne, Mr. Mackay ls
i>*. ,1 for !il? _en-ro4t.. and lin- nNevi-d hundreds
r people in distress. The rellel luis been jrtven un
iteiitiitlotisly, however, and tem persona beyond I bon*
Unrested ever knew ol Hie Und aeta
l!,. nea - ol ita cowardly assault xx\mxx Mr. Mackay
:i* heard with expression! ol profound regret lu
t ry part ol tli" elly.
London. Feb. SM. vir.. Mackay recetvM a dh-pateh
om Ami-titn this evening, ?aylng tbal lier husband
ni been i& rt in san Fraarisoo. Another itapatrik n
ired a linie urter rn o'.-ii. u. said tbal th,- wannd
us not irrioua, and that thin vva.s no ueed of her
,l|i_ lo bau . 1 unii co.
Lakewood, N. J., Feb. 2..~)Ir. Cleveland announced
this evening that hi* prlv.nt. secretary would be Henry
T. Thurber, of Detroit. Mr. Thurber ls a law partner
ol Don M. Dickinson, lie u a young man. and haa
bad no Wnshinpton experience. H.- ls said to be U
level bended man, and to have hamed diplomacy
from association with Mr. Dickinson.
.Indee Walter ... Gresham arrived In Lakewood at
5 :'!0 p. m. to-day, nnd wus drlvn to the Cleveland
cottage. ll" villi bo Mr. ib'vclalid's gue,t until
tu morrow afternoon, when he will leave here and go
buck tn CMcsgo. K.\ Senator John ... Carlisle will
arrive from Washington to-morrow nmrnlng. and then
win be a talk aver Metters roansetrd with !_e incom?
ing .\*l'i)li,lsiratlon, but lhere will be no formal
Cabinet eonlerenes.
Colonel John p. Dickenson, secretary of the World's
(ol illistrin poaiariaaton, and Bradley II. Smalley, mem?
ber of ths National Commission, called on Mi. Clere
hmd Elis afternoon mid iirrntic-d for the pr<'s"*ntatloU
"f au elaborately engraved Invitation to open fte
World's Kali on May 1. Masses. Smalley and Dlcken
loo to|<i Mr. Cleveland Eiat they called on behalf of
tbs -I ol tit .'ommlitee on Ceremonies of the National
Oomndsstoa, and lire cm'ago Directory of the World's
<'"bimbil,n Exposition, and nsked bim to appoint a
time wben tho committee could v\ntt npon him at
tbe Whit" House ns soon after March 4 as convenient
ara presant 'he Invitation, which ls an elabontel)'
engnved altair. Mr. Cleveland appointed March 0
nt 1 p. ni, al Ihe time when ho would receive tho
rommtttee. .Messrs. Smalley and Dickenson lett town
this ev.uiine.
There wus a larpo gm hering of New-Jersey poli?
ticians at tba dinner to OovemOT WsrtS and his staff
tills evening. Mr. Cleveland wns invited, but sent
hts r-Trets wvenl days apo. None of the N"W-.!er_ey
ofllcials nilled Bpon Mr. Cleveland this evening.
Frederick Cook, ex-8eent_ry of state of New.
Yoii., came from Rsw-Verk iius aranlng and called
upon Mr. Cleveland.
Detroit, Mich., Peb. 24-Henry T. Thurber, of this
?itv, one of the law partner* of Don M. Dickinson,
received u telegram to dav offering to him the appoint?
ment of private secr-dary to President-elect Cleveland.
He ha- stfUltfA his Intention to accept. The ap
potatamnt caine to Mr. Thurber without solicitation
on the part of himself or his friends, and was ex?
tended m recognition ?f his atadnMs sgatpassBl for
'lie pince. Mr. .'lev.-lund liad known him for years,
and made the selection a* a result of thorough ac
cjiiniitaiice with Mr. Tlimlier's rjualitles and attain
manta, Ho has bern Witt Mr. Dickinson as a law
-tudeiTt and partner for eighteen years, has accumu?
lated a moderate (OCtUM and hus a professional in?
come of from slO.iitS) to ei-.OOO a year. The ties
bot ween ths pertnera, Dickinson, HsfsasOg and iiiur
ter, are of ti peculiarly affectionate nature, and when
tba telegram wi* i-ecolc-d there was a consultation
among them and M agreement that Mr. Tlinrber
inti -1 go, and that his place fir the firm should bo
kept for bim, and all bl* interssta ai home preserved
and protected in his shaenes.
When asked Whether ha could afford to go, be
-Imply *aid: "Afford to go.' There ls nothing to D?
considered except Mr. dsveUnd'a cali, i nope he ls
not mistaken lu bl* esnManes in and judgment of
ni", but he think., tbat I can BSrvU him and I shall
p >. I \tu,ui luther Lave mv children th? record that
lie inmmonsd me, that I secspted, and, above all, tha.
I in some measure f ultu led lu bis SSTVlM hi* ex
pei tn Hons of me, than to leave them a great fortune."
Mr. Thurber is thirty-nine years old. ills father
was 'be late Jefferson ... Thurber, e.v>peaker of ihe
Mbburrin lluii.s,., nnd for ninny years one of the
prominent llpures lu ths party in this Mite. His
brother ll tha K*?v. Dr. Thurber, of Farts. France.
ile i. a graduate of the i'nlv-er.it*,* of Mb hlgan, <rhere
),<? wu* a iias.sinn!e nnd friend ol Benjamin T. Cable,
of Illinois, alni hn? a vi Ide sepia bits noe with public
min throughout the country. He has visited Eng
laud .-uni the Continent frequently on professional,
business, and earlier fur the purpose of educational
training. Ile l.- distinguished among tho-.* who know
bim well f.,r bis exceptional edaptsblllty to his
surroundings, bu. knowledge of nnd lac! In his Inter*
nair**- with all sorts and condition! of men, and Ul
amiability and cheery temperament.
Don M. lib-l-iisun'. ..iii: -viv boya are a nart
of ni> life, and l would not give ap either of them
in nnv other demand than that of th.- chief Meglo
irate. ' Mr. _tev*>nson and I have agreed to hackle ts
H und do v?r. Thurber's vv,,rk as well ss our own.
Thurber always tl".* everything well. He ha-, un
exin .en*,- tact."
Mr. Thurber's wife is u granddsughter of the
Ute General Hugh lindy, of historic fame In twa
wars, rt!,tt i- one ol Ihe most accomplished and t>?
lov..1 lu Detroit loctety.
bloomington, 111., Feb. RS.?Araagcaacata are now
complete f,e- Vice President else. Btevemon'a trip to
tbe inaaguiatlon. Ile l* to be the guest ot ut
Illinois Democratic Hub, ol this <?;>, wliich )ia_
complcte charge of all alain ronnecteg with tho
excuraton. Hi* club haa ebartered a train which
will run over the Chicago and AU s to Chlesgs. n:-.d
from ib, ie :., Washington over ih- Baltlmon and
. ?;.!... ii viii! be .-..mp*) td of tour Pullmsu Meeytag*'
?;, s. a bog age car, ;i dining mr and Mr. m v- ns in's
pil vate esr. Thc party will be composed of Mr. and
Mn. Stevenson aud their <i.il-.lr.-ii. Louis <??. .'uilu.
Mnry nnd l.eiitt.i; Mr. sud Mr*. Jan. * >. Ewing,
M.*. Matthew T. 6C0tl und da ..gluer*. I.etitbi iud
Julia; Mt. and Mrs. John Stevenson, Mr, and Mr*,
i'. .1. limul, Ml** lUsnrfa Burnett, "i St. Louis, uni
Rob*rt E. Williams, Mr. -teven en'i old law partner.
lite irani will leave Itloomlugton at - o',-I .el. on
Monday uwruing, und will arrive lu Washington on
tuesday uitvinoou al i o'clo '??
M!'.s. t X wu ill i: gERVARTB BCCCEED IX
Mis Eli ta beth Haul on, ii handsome woman, t airly
yin. obi. wa* arraign**] In the Harlem Police Court
*. ? terday afternoon * n a charge ..f burglary, und waa
b"!.l ly Ju-itlre Burke lu BSOO ball tor further mar
umlnatlon. Tbe woman gave her _-i.ii._s as No.
: il Bast tm, i.untl-,-! mit t-.-.eii!'. s,., ?n i ,t. Har
i ? ipand -Iie aid. I- a cripple. Uffcen wet** sent to
lin- iiil'ir-**. but Ei.y tonnd the _ou.*e locked and
apparently deserted.
ibe i.iti<- charge against lac prisoner wu* the
breaking Into the honer, Ra. i'i:: West om--hangrst-*
oud twelit) Bftll lt., yesterday morning. Th* plaag
i. occupied !,v Mrs. Margaret Oas, who lakaa board*
??I-.. Mont ii o'clock Mn. Roag, a seanatnsas, whs
lives tu the ii.nts.', went lo her mom, whleh is on the
top Boor >,f ih* house, mid was Married t.> asa a
st ian,., amman then wltk two bundies of <-lot'Ung
parked ap and nady tor nanval. Two m u were
ilao In tl,*' room with her, Int when Mrs.
Rood grappled wltk ihe woman tba men mn
down '!??? Main sad made their eaeaps. The woemt
struggled *b-|,ei-ii.'v i" _??! sway, and ndpht ba va
-. bsd not Mrs. Hoop begun to si-renm for help,
i . cries ilsrmed Mr-. Cox and ber servants, To*
eether the) rushed npstulre und Joim-d In Ibe -n-ugele.
j ne Invader mad" a siiiniy defence, bul H Waa i.s.'les..
piigceman McMahon, who arrived rn Ihe hoase In
i re ?,. .-, 'all. placed ihe kobi in andef :in-e,t.
;. ? | indite wai found wearing apparel belonging
. ox arden In 'h.- !n,use. Fastened lo tl,- bundles
wai I cord, which bud ut* through a skylight in ths
i,*,r. it waa evidently lue purpose ,,i ute lungara
to dna th. i.un.ii.s up oa tbs roof mod rs move their
.lt tl'l.'lr Iel-Ute.
Kansai f-lty. Ba., Feb. J..-Mr*. Vb la K. Herri
mun. wife of Dr. Hf. J. Merrin nu, a wealthy resident
,f Racbeater, N. V.. bas been discovered in this city,
itvmg in a flat with Charin O. Ilerriaten, eaaata of
i,.-i husband, u* his aile. )irs. Herrlaua wa. i social
leader ls ICachestrr. Lasl October shs tefl ber home,
?-tci.-iUy to po f. Euro;,,'. At tbe ..ame lime Charles
a. ilerrfama dtsappeand from gar bi stet Dr. iierri
miin soon ,iis,, rend Ibal naaathlag ara* wrung, and,
patting deiet tlves to work, they found tin- pair In
Kimsiis City. The couple left Kansas city W.dn...
lay, but b-fOn th"V went n copi of her hu?l-!iiid'r_ pe
:ttion lor div one wus served Ml Mrs. llerrlmaii.
ro illfstrate tue bbs airsascr.
Beaton, r.b. '-'4 (ftpeclal).?AaODtee slBbanta festi
t-al ls being ana).p.*! bv th.- I. r-imi A:*t sttKi.-nta'
A -.ti iilbit.. lt will take -gan at the Museum of
im,- Art, aa ih- evening, of April _. The -ubject
?bo.en for Illustration ls tbe Meoelasance, The pr*
-..sion will. ,,f enins,-, be the event of Hie evening.
rh-- Ail Studi-iiis' Ass.-y-iati. n will ts'piesent the arts
iud craft.s of the Renaissance. The Tavern Club will
Uso be jue cut In - body lo Uiu.trute the tfmtet St
iio Umira?

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