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A r.. w pettit will li* raised In tli" <? uiris t,d:v
In Hm effort tn - award "i 1-570.000 foi
ll:'- ptgnl mid ri-.: cblt - ol the L*m? Island Water
Supply Company, aiade by Hie commissioners ni,
- ipi ,. Court. .Vn gffidavtl hat be.
served i Ibo . bb i for Ihe elly I i ibe effect that
Edvard W. Roa-< was dlsquslified Rom ervini * ?
.'.--loner on the .nun.! thal li- 1* .-. member of
ti"." Hoard ??.' F.'ii-.i .ti"',. The politicians owning ihe
..tn. I; *' Ihe >< u.'P'ii.y. vile tr;.ri m get 81._3O.O00
for v Hui., the <nv through Mayor Chaptn, soughi
io p. t theil price lor ihe propertj through the com
? Bon. The majority *'f the memben were ap
point**. In their Iniereat. bal atter Gi-oife ll, Her
man -.- ., found t' !"? disqueliSed through lack "f
;? ? irv, '.ni*, e. vi. shepard succeeded him, lh.
majority Bxed Ihe rri( ol B_.7O.00O, nnd Mot*.rs.
I ? ? ?? mid Emery retnsed !?? agree with Messrs, Eli*-.
liunl '.rn: Shepard, their associates, lt Was experted
tj...! :.:i effort would be made t" prevenl iii** confirm .
ii ii ..' the majority report when Ihe question <'>"'-t
cji lo-day, but Ihe effort in upset it on Hi" _r..in,.
of t).o disqualification ol Mr. Rowe wn. a surprise.
The ? thal his -'??:! !n Uie Rou rd ot Edina
. him roi service in t!i<- commission, i*
Bolt ri lo be ustnlned l,y tli" city cbsrter, but his
accept a ncr *,i money from iii- city treasury for hi*
may prevenl bl* serving
longer in h" Board .,f Educatl m, as lt would be eon
ir;;ry lo the tn vUlt li* t ; thc i hatter.
Another conference dil BeM In Oie Mayor's "fbi*
yesterday i:; regard n, Hi.mplalnts relative to
Belays and transfers ot passengers In the route ol
tl.. Cooey island .-md Brooklyn Railroad Company In
Jay. -mil:': and Ninth sts. Henry W. Slocum, Jr.,
ri,,-pr.-in,nt nt ibe company, snid thal th. fox
pany only transferred Its pat eugen In the winter
and p.v" i!:* m g continuous trip in summer. Tbe
(,lii]i.'iliy said Unv bad u legal rir-ht lo do Ihi*.
Owing tn difficulty In securing cara, aa nany could
not be nm ns eras desired this winter. \
Corporation Couti el Greenwood ;.'av" an opinion thal
tbe eoanpan] '.ni no r)_,t to transfer passengers.
Major P. IE MeNulty, P. E"th und George Dennis,
??presenting protesting property-owners, wanted the.
Corporation Counsel to bring an action agatnel ,r"
company to compel eontlnuona trips und to hort
tli" charter annulled If tl" leran were no! compiled
tilth. A --ii.-.-iiit... were given lhal the rompnny
von!, do ell in lt* ]."vv,-r to accomi.late t' ? public.
A few days ago a lunatic from tli- County In?
gana Asylum was taken before Judge ' lenient In the
City i en' In n -? Bit-Jacket. The Judge expressed
tttrprise and said thal ll waa the fir-; Um.
thing bad occurred In bb experience. Tbe man
answered questions pat *" Wm rattonaUy, bal the
office)- with him said bs was danferoaa. Tb* san
t-naptalne-1 of iii treatment mid abuse nt the ggylum.
Tl*** Jtid_.'' directed thal ii" be brought before him
aajaln In a few Says, i-it BMs was t'"t don,-, and
v. tit rda* ' ? li (|utri d nl*ou( Ihe i ase and ? 1 ll
dlrot'"1 the man to he product I. The records ol lb.
Cl-arltle* Depurtmenl show thai the man wai
Frederick Williams. lil* itory ol abase ls denied.
Mrs, May Delina, id Se. 218 Calye*. *!.. gecared s
t-arraai a few days ago for the mt***" ol ha hov
band, Frelertck. f"r having threatened to fnlie 1i*t
ll... xbe warrant wns given in charge nf Court
Officer McGrath, who weal to the Calyer-Bt. address
rm T!.iir-'Mv night, and I and Dehue sliting on a
Bt?p ot the stairs, guarding M* wlfr'e apartn.lt,
vii . Debus, who was Imprisoned, wag calling for
help. Tin- policeman look bis prisoner Into ciWoly,
?r,-i n. ?, release. ? e woman, She waa ls ? great
it,i. cf excitement, nnd loki the policeman Hw)
her baaband bad locked ber In tbe rooms for the
night in crier ihot she mlghl pray, declaring ihe.
),.- Intended io 'ir h r :?* duvllgiit. When nrrnlgncl
? iterda. before Justice Watson be waa ten) ii. Jail
itu t. n d ? _
John Fleming, an employe In th** McKesson A.
Bobbina chemical hetory in North EVeventb and
Berry ste., was arraigned yesteiday before Justice
Beetling in ihe Loe-ave. police court., on a charge
at bargMry. I'lemlng ami arrested on Tharsday Righi
by Policeman Jones, while ransacking the office nf
the firm, ll*- was detected by the watchman, Jacob
Haas, who pan to Ihe hum" <>f Ihe ?np"ritit* rule::,
*nil*mm Ratrp) of N". I"', IC -rth Rleventh-st. Mr.
Haupt telephoned tn Police Headquarters thal a burg
lar was |n ibe t Vhs. Tbe Hf*j Precinct eras t -lt
and ii patrol wa.-un Ulled arith officers wai gea. to
the factory. In tba mean Ume p-lincmnn Jones had
arrested Fleming and wa? leading bil prisoner Rom
tli?- b'.liltll.-c through n dull, hiillvvpy when they vv.-r*
mrt by two stalwart officers, who believed tbat Jone!
and li!, prisoner were n.-il. ol Fleming.
??You ur" our prisoners,*1 cried tbe P"!l'"_-.cn.
A liveiv icnffle followed and when tbe street wa*
reached th" mistake wag discovered. .lone, had
h"ld tightly t-, his prisoner, who tn- lodged ta g
cell In th" Fifth [f-einrt station. When brought
before Ihe magistrate he deni* I that be wag In the
'. try wirh evil InTr-nt, but wag h-kl n. await tho
ac-ti oi i of th - Grand Jury.
t:.o memben of the Episcopal Church of the \
r, i-i,:i In K'".'.-*. ir'a:- Manhattan av-", nave h*":i
excited over the disappearance of Mist Birdie Ball,
Iweaty year* old. tho contralto ol tbe choir. Mist
Ball llvud yviih h.-r parents at No. 153 Calyer I.
JPwa weeks aga ibe disappeared, ant!. I; ls believed,
waa accompanied by William Davis, ihe tenor o' tl.*'
<!.t,ir. D,vi, |. a man *.f middle age. They both
aft ".d-d u meeting <>r the choir two weeks ago and
let) ibe church together. Since then i."iih"r h - re?
turned lo the church. Davis I* employed lr. tb.
wholesale loy establishment of Ktroebcl .v Wllken, ni
Kn, HOI Broadway, New-York. Ile tin- attended to
bia duties dnilv. bot refnses lo tell why li" left Brook?
lyn so suddenly, ll" admits tiiat he married the
jroang woggan.
Bishop McDonnell wlU ordain four ttodents of st.
joan's Seminary, today. Th" ceremony will take
place ai tba cathedral, th" leading clergy trill
att'-nd, and tho entire body ol lemlnariana will
?Ing tba offices. The Bishop i* gradually taking a
strone hon on tn. r. ped and affection ol bia
people. Illa administration io far I* said *o !,<?
c e'ptable lo the prie :- nnd laity. Vacant parishes
have bean supplied with pastor! ol tneilt: henri'.
(iii diocesan difficulties have been straightened out;
a chancery office, manned by competent managers
nnd *:?'!l-. has been established for ihe prompt
transaction nf business, and a hundred Irritating legal
or ether contests have been settled. In the recent
rhum!) difficulties Bishop McDonnell hag pleased bb
Meadfl by keeping a ?n. rr .-r silence and a strict
nen tra lily. The feeling over hit appointment ha.
entirely <ii"?l out among that section of tho priests
vin desired a Brooklyn priest f,,i- Bishop.
Michael Qeorfro, an Italian poller, and Raphael
Martlfrlsso, living at No. an North Tenth-st.. played
a eame of cards ea Thursday night, n," itaket being
for ber. Tbe gamea weie carried **n until an early
ho-ir yeaterday morning;, Georgee losing
beavfly. .vt S o'clock, when tli" last mn ,,t beer
arrived, Ge. ed ll and drank lt. contents.
'ihi.* so swaged Martifiisso that be drew a etiletto
a!,-i ttabbed George* several Umeg In the If'ad and
face. Tl.- latter staffer*, to the stree! where he
f*.:i unconscious tn the -now- from t!.? los <?! Mood
H.*. vv.. found tem minnies taler !?*,? Policeman
McKee, who after having him removed to the Eastern
District Ho pital, weal In -'-are1* of Marttftdaaa, who
waa found roaeealed beneath a mattreas tn hi* bed.
norn. A) tt:- station three stiletto and two Jn<-k
knlve. were found In tl* possession. Ile "n* held
It J.s'l* Goettlng to await th- result of Georaeo'a
Jacob Bchlelcber, of No. 7:? Leosard-at., was ar?
raign* i yeBterday before Justice Watson aa a carp
of baattaf bli wif". Bchleteher bad bee. err. ted aa
t re. ether occasloni for a similar offence, mid each
t!';*" ': chet had refaaed :.? proaecute him.
Ne.'orda' Mrs. .-'Iii'leher til..! to withdraw Ute charge.
i ??? thc 'i..-.I (rab refused te alloa lt. When Ibe
r.i ? aa looh Ibe stand be trit-,1 lo give Ute Impression
lhal bhe deserved , i.v heating the h::d received.
Jail for J'.v" tin*-.
i iec.'ii.-k Decfcaafle, ..; .*..-. :-_ Btaff-at., *_?;:* ar
i Jgned yeaterday befara Jastlee Walann aa n ciiaaF''
nf paablnf bk lltpdailfBI... Mary Aruuuln. r.n a r*-(l
b*'t sit v". '/!." altofod affence eeearred yeaterday
?ci tbe yoang woawn was reported t,. have
tiaen hat iv ' med. Dackaagl ? told the u,:.,-! irate
? ? ;iri bad ran agalns! him while preparing
break) l. and In tbet way h.ni fallen apoa Ibe -tov".
Her clothing bad s.,v,,! her beet betag tataBy baraed.
Poekaafle was dlacharsad,
fynak Daffy v-.a. arralfaed in the court of scssIi.uk
yesterday ls plead to an indi.munt for murder lu tba
A cream < f tartar hnliiiis powder. Hilliest
cf all in leavening strength.?Idttest I nilen
States (iiirrrniiiriii I nod Report.
tir*t decree In shooting George Cunningham al Fort
Hamilton on January ii'i. Il" was remanded rm- trial
)t teas reported yesterday Emt th" sit,- f,,i- the nen
stott1 to i," opened by th" sons of Joseph Wcchslerand
Major P. II. McNnlty, formerly with Wechsler <v Abra
liam, would extend rrom Fallon st. n> Flatbnsb-ave
along Rock veil Race, where P. G. Williams ls to pm
up a bundine on property li" bas purchased foi
.*? 10,000.
A formal Invitation has been forwarded hy tbe
Brooklyn < horal Society to Dr. Dvi mk to attend th
prod net ion of i.i. 'Stahat Mater" In tbe Academy ..!
vin lc <>n Tuesday evening. Dr. nv,,mk cancelled hts
engagement i<* conduct on that occasion because mi*
Emma Juch l- lo -inc.
? -- *
inter oil gtate Athletic Asaoelatlen, Fifth Avenue Hotel.
Er, ..'.I'.ii lire tieperUneal lavcstigatloa.
Prefcsaor Blckmore'i lecture, Mu eura ol Natural ni
tory. 10 .*" :i in '
A. C, MW re:'. I '.re, Mr! rop^ltt-lll MnSeUBI ni Art,
ll ri. I"
Lecture by David tx. Slckele. rooper Caiea. s p. m
Cali ! Service Pub, No. i'i West Thlrty-fl-st-L,
**_o p. i .
i.n.-i'i Exhibition, An ? ; .in Pine Arts Society, Re. Hu
vv ? ; ? - th-sl
- Club Bieetlng, No. 1.T~T Bleedway, s p. at,
Concert in arl et l rt Usmllton St. john's Church,
Sherry's, 4 p. tu.
Nm. M. ie P Peabody*! li lure, No, . Calversltj
pb ? a i-, p. bi.
I.\"i Senate Dleti i lav in riv primary election, evca
Prefcsaor l". H. Btoddard'! lecture, Behool ol Padafegy
Wssklngion Square, noan.
The Grand Jury yesterday dismissed the charge ol
? preferred i gainst Lionel J, Noa! , t lawyer, by
Judge Marline In General Sessions In ll - course ol th.
trial of Colonel W. B. Hayes, Noah admitted an Ihe
witness -timi t,a! Im- lind ("riliM lo Mr;. Hayes's
per.on.'il acknowledgment of a signature when -li" wu
ta Florid:.. TU" (u*e 1* tu be Mihml!l'"l tu th" (.rand
.liny u .Min.
John Anderson, who did feats of <-tr>-r.pt!i In tlie
fJal.'y Mti-euni In th*- Bowery, wai entcn ed lo tlie
penitentiary for one year ta tlaaeral Sea-Inns jenter
day f.u abducting Jane In.!'.m.,. foarteen yean old.
A meeting In the Int cres! of ti,.- evangelisation *.r
France will be brid In tbe Fifth Avenue Pr. byterian
Chnrch, at Flfty-tlfth-st. and Flfth-ave., to-morrow al
4 p. m. i" Rev. Dr. John Hall will preside, and
)". Necker, vtco-prt ildenl of Ibe Evangelical Socleij ol
Geneva, aud tbe Rev. E. Dupuy, pastor ol t:i" Re?
formed Chnrch of Paris, wbo have Just come from
France, will speak, Brief address. * ,vi!i al ?> be n, ide
by -"in" New-York cltlxens wbo are Interested ta thia
moven ?
i ontralleT Myers will receive propo-nls until Mon
day a* 2 p. m. at bia ofllce In Ihe Stewart Building
f,,r ?800,000 :s p*-r cent city ttoch and bonds, con
slating or 1*250,000 additional water stock, payable
October 1, 1818, and 8*50.000 dock bonds, payable
November l. 1923. These bonds are exempt from .t
etty tax.
Police superintend"::! Thoma. Byrneg bai resigned
from the Municipal Civil Service Board, and Police
Il ip* lor v'.iiiiani McLaughlin ha* he-en appointed in
his .temi, iii bli letl t t" Mayor Ullroy hoped,
t.-ndent Byinea said that t.i* rea "i for re Ignli 2 wai
lhal he fiiriiu! li Impossible t" d'V..;.' any >>f bli tiru.'
to Ibe won, of t!,.- comml lon,
Th" Rev. Edwin f. Bolte win preach In the Ma
sonic Tempi" 10-morrow morning, iii- tuhjrcl viin
be "The Degradation "f Amusemei .,? | ..- trill
comment upon the attitude of The TrHuin*" in encoureg
Inf ri bl her itandard ol amusements !".r the pub i .
Mails rrom (Mna and Japan ol E." following di et 1
,han_h.ii. January 26; Hong Kong, January 28, and
Yokohama. February 7. ar" due in New-York Tuesday,
February ?_'-. Malls for China and .inpan will <-l?.s.
nt e." Posfoffice al t;::.'i j>. iii. on February 2tt.
rhe ia : leetur" in the yoong hi.-n's ooaree will I..
delivered to-morrow evening in the Charch ?
Divine Paternity by Rabbi UottheU, wbo v*ill speak
on ?? Ht llgtona Toleration."
Th*- Canadian Pacific Hnilwuy (.'om:at.v's iteamer
Fill'..-- of Ii,din sail.d from Hong Kong February 22
mr Vancouver, ie C.
At Aaaoclatlon Hall, Twenty-third it and Faorth
ava. to-morrow sfternoon nt :; o'clock then win )??
an iddress by ;:.'? Rev. George I, Wei. -.r. ai the
. . - rv ic si,1,,- trUl )?? sung by mi Hara Ham
bert, contralto. All vonni; men are welcome.
The woodyard ol the Charity Organisation Society,
which in- been snccessfuHy operated bs 1 l-ii...r teal
for many years, 1 lo i*- enlarged and made pan ol a
municipal lodging-house or "Wayfarers' Lodge." T !.?
are familiar icm - all wi.ive ftdlowed i... ...
velopmenl of organized rhcrtty. T:,, ?, are used lo
designate refuges lo which e.,. bomelesi nnv !?? re
ferred vip;, ? mranee tbat unlesi they nre criminal!
or professions] vagrants Ihey ran obtain f.""t and
lodging by working for them. They have been In
successful operriil,ni in Boston, Philadelphia and other
cities for some time, and could have hern oro* ni ted lu
New-York under Ihe Mimi.ipi.1 Lodging House act
ol i--f,. except for the pera) len) opposition of the
mv authorities to their establishment si public ex?
pense, and Ibelr Insistence lhal they 1 bout, be pro?
vided by private philanthropy.
The charity OrgBidzaHon baa Joined with other
societies in urging the elly BulhoriUei to ari ev-.-r since
? ie passage <.f ihe law, bat eRer slv years of vain
effort, and since the )?*?*' nt reiteration by tbe Cont
. >nm of lit.iii'i ? and Correction, of their opinion
that such lodging-houses should be established by pu!.
He enterprise, ti," society hat determined le arl for
lt-,ir. 1'iur l(,:.s have been li wed ta We t Twenty
elgbth-st. Part "( (li- premises am be occupied by
a lodging-house, which win accommodate 200 men, mid
Ibe res) by the woodyard. Applicants win be ri
cIv. il si anv hour Ol Hi" dav or Dight, Bundey! anl
holidays included, and supplied tilth meals and Inda
in;..s, tn return for s given amount of work, elthei In
ta*' woodyard adjoining or in lighter 01 rupatlon, ac?
cording to th'ir physical condition. The work boura
will noi be .-'i prolonged a* n> prevent men f: un
looking elsewhere r..r work, lt I- desired n*.t only t,.
prevenl nen able t" work from receiving rapport ?ii!i
out reuderinf an equivalent, bot also to encourage
them to Hud refalar eaaployment.
Every nun', before beinf allowed lu Ihe Bleeping
quartet will 1* eotapefled la ntl." a bath and have
Ma alethea dl_iafe_ted. sorer-si Important objects
win thug be Bocoroptttbed. StreH-begglng on tbe part
.,* able-bodied men should be etopped. They can nnd
forsi and lodging ?' anv hour "f iii" dav or night ir
they tri] wort int lt. Tl,.- work will br loo hurd lo
attract tbe unnnploycd te the 'itv. The deserving
can av.'iii the contamination ol the police stol lou.
The hath and dirinfectlon will prevent Ibe irena
nils I ill Ol tvphus ur other COntBglOUl diseaaCB. The
woodyard win have au abldim* home. In Which Bj
wnr.v ran i" enmrg-d nnd conducted erith freater
trs'ent a:."* e. onomy.
Thi value ol tin- uiupeit. Including the n?-w build
Inn I- aboal fOO.OOo. The society ,1. an option of
pun . sse snd 'lie rent hs* bean aaeumed by the mem
r,,?;-s ol th-, woodyard committee ai the society hat
no find- rn: lin purpose, it cannot )>. entirely sell
supporting. Animal subscriptions toward Un support
sro Hlrcidv i.s.i,-*-- to Hit- extent ol fl.50, An effort
ls 1*1 progress t>, Increase Ibe amount to 13,000.
Thomai A. Reilly, alneteen tens old, of No. 302
Baal Thirty fifth st., *t >ie right atDC dresses md
sl.lris from Ai.nie A. Statametg, g dreesmsher, at No,
.-..', Weet Twenty -fifth-*!... ,.n Deeeaaber 2d. One parn
I.el'>n geri tO Mn. W. C. Whitney and iiiiotlier ti Mn,
Qaerge J. Goold, .luipo Mint me in Gea aral Saeatona
yesterday sent*'need Reilly to tho ljlinlru BaflWaMy.
Thc State Hoard ..r Taxation cu: inned its session
in mis city yesterday, whea farther appeal* wera
beard. Three r docUoni were snnonnced. The val.io
ol ii, banding at Grcsrs nnd Montfmn*'rJ ??*- rented
:,. n Jewish lynagogue, wat ml down rrom ? l."?.000 lo
SO.OOO, and Ibe ns*__*smenl on ihe Weldon building.
nt Montgomery and Washington sta., was rei.I
Irom fl50,000 to #125,000.
The State exeeutlv" ? minnnie ? of tl," Y,,un- Men'i
I urta lian Assorts Hon hat de led Elkanah IDi ike.
rhnlrman: Edwin P. Holden, recording -? retary. and
Frederich M. Hoer, treasurer.
\tciu ?_ a. m. yesterday ihree men broke the show
window ol i.e ,!?_.'? A. Wheller, _ Jeweller, si No. -'?<?
vi,.riv: -E. and looh oul idxleen welches.. l.t. were
observed by patrolmen and captured ofter ? " ' ? ?
They gave Hie name of John smith, of Bayard ...
New-York: i."T_" .needen, of Sew-sl.. und John
Manning, ot So. dil Jobi.son-st. Thirteen a itches
were found In meir po I m. Manning I- _? vv, ii
known thief.
rn ?*
An acrtdeni .cenrred In Cranfwd yesterday morn?
ing which resulted In ihe death of i well kn *wn reel*
deni and the serious Injury ol another person. A
large quantity ?' mow and l " had gathered on the
slanting roil i f tl"- erm upm Hon- bbs _ nnd
threaten < tax g-r lo people passing elong thc Ide
walli below, 'lim.' day nlgl i tx small portion r M
fell striking a rhIM and lig ll} InJ irii it. WHIUm
t,. Redfern, wh*. haa a plumbing eton' ta Ihe block,
determined I i remove ih" ean*e -i <'??< - t bel ?' nnj
,,,.'. ? cot burl, in I y* '? rday Iw. alt i ils a i ?
,|,|? Dltiel. a- ",:*!"! " Ihe ...... which I I Xii
i,,,.-. reel from Hi" ground, and benn ;" remove lae
'i'i,'"v i :,,i only ci ralrly started when th" cnflr<?
mass began lo m. snd In i nu men) ihetwn
vt,'." .tv.-p- >l| theil r.-l an! Wei cn', i'd down Willi
il,,, snow n, the .-:.?'?? Bcd ? ' ' ?"'" ?"'' ' '
it ..,-.. bro), i, .""I he rn i. I. ii'I ' "'?''
be onlv liv, 'I i 1,, hour-. III- ;? ? ?' * ' uri I
beneatji Ihe sn* w, li ii when dui
i nve es. iped i ital InJ ir* ? Mr lr* die ii ? . ru.
Hm ;, rem ?-' re-.ld.-nt. i Hu- villa '-. nnd a ,- .. uHii,
me.,ii"T ? f th- M< llHidl i Bpi ' opal ' hun ll<
? : , wife and teven! t hlldi n.
tYESTFlEl 1)
Orrin Pearson, a wealthy former ol Wi H. lt.
walked from hts home lo Ih Wi Iflel I Pl ? ? -
day to lake a Iretn f * Nea Vorl ii cn) lo
iho ti,!,, t nflli .? si 'i . he " ?
window h" fell d" id from npoplex*, He rn
-.-v.ui veers -:i. i id h "I - ? ? er bc
ii;,.. He li B a _ ile and fo n x I ilklit n.
t. in . isl wn.
Th*. Minalton In Ihe (Juc* ? i ? _
Island < Hy, where *u rd e.. pi - ? ? en
lying si. l. for a tree_ wtlh lyphui f ?? i grew worse
yesterday. One of those ? ho ?? ? c III ? ll* i i id ''?'?
lin.niv burled Bnd iwo more pii-.n.-r were I h*k?n
down. Tlc fatal < a-- ws i iha of IM ? ? ?
.,r Long I i in i Hiv. Or en ind tx ed f *
thirty 'inv - snd wat ne ol the I
As soon a ? di ?! n ' mievl
the net ..in p i n\\ ? I I'ndcrtske t
buried ihe b dy. Dr. Hair-., af Long I ind i Bj,
gnu sru .st li ? : Igbt li. i! i: of ht* pall In Hie
illy, who, -,, for a- l* known, bad no cc
with the Jail or lu Inmates, e u tx
f-sr-d to be iv pim- f.-.er. in- would not who
iii,- peru ii '.. .
I .,.? Queel ' sn ly - pei
v .terday. Tin jr wi re ol ||*-i i ?..
-. ill c.' fr I- ?
it 1 ?
Hie jail.
Ill* Ol*M.ll ? . 1 .
ibe J ii. ??'!! i
? .
visors od I ? g td
|al| yard foi the i ? I I
JAMAI-W.-AI s neting nf t
I'., tr) llf -'I],, | , . -,; i In Js
lion nf l . ? ? ? '
ps lr: I
.- Of ?'?? I..,..:*!. . ,, ,
Wednesday next.
MEMBERS '?! THE p.vf.i. ; I iTIMATl TH IN tv
THK ? '?: vi - *i n K* r:v, ;
VII Ihe ? ? ? ' ? F pM !: ? ' '
with 'lie "\ ? ;? . nf Ml ste]
lillie. Bl N'o, 22 Willi
Tbe clerk to th* i
inn' cement i i
day. vii a, i rn sui ?
their pro| ? "
I- i "t lt,.;.
lh ? ..?? will be ihe (
in 'i bi ii*" i..-fi,i ? the 1st ? r pe " I Hex!
The ' omml ?l ? ?
thrir <!? Bund fi
I". Hmm ? ; I re elnni
petH about fl 10,00(1 i , , bm
I - ? 7j7 -7 f -r .-vp-1, . for Janus! i
ind M i . :
? Upi In ranted to
of ia- lhere was I the p ..pi ?
p*-. ! r the Enpid i; mill i uitul .
rUppti .?
FresMent Barker, of fb< a ml i io
kl i ' ' ott lol ? !:" rlty must keep . n i',' :
iravagant un for I his conn
:? ,!i. ,,!?.', ? -1..un i , ,,,
? ,i. md ?? ? thi bili-, conn i ring In. i
II nt li I- lim- lo ..ill a Unit In ttl L lm i ,
irred In vn-. li ,:,. r's v|.-? si d I
wa t nail) n ft md lo ( m iro||,: v.
i ???: i< lhal !"? make ., d< lulled i. port
' vj" ndlture ,,f the , sn ml tl si, ..:, | .. ? i, .,,
m. eilng of tbe I
' " ': ? vert authorized am rn ling t . f_0, I
' * pc for l h.' al ::??'. We t 'I inv cr h it. ? lil .,
,!'" " :|"1 ul Bdut ? ,t to buy. n .,.i .,|...
??ruiiiiiiui .-. '. .,! \... :i'j. |;?. ,,,,?... ,,. ., ' ,,,.
""??red lt lo thc Board several iniititli -. ? -i-,,,,,
hut i. ? sum wa i lough I ? ??, lil,I
|ir "??'??!"! !.. lake i* by rondemmiiiou pr ,,, ,in, ?'
' " iMJ*ard nf rhe . ,???? , n ,,( .pp ,| ,, _*?"
? i- - *o for iht ; ti, sud ?? .,,.,..
total up n. UM.tiliM.
Til- sale or i collection of rtehli ,.'?,?
belonging to Dr. L. ir. Koechrr, of Philadelphia, was
ended el iii" Fifth Avenue Am Hon Rooms, So. 2.1 ?
1 lilli-.iv., y, terday aftcrno n. ?? 1 hr Robbi,*1 bj
Bembrandt, ett bed by . . Wain,, r, bro n ,
k( i*.'"' ? ."i'l were : ?? i>.1 1, ?.
I "'""?' ? l ? Appleton, ia_. -f om cl . Fr
l ' hi, 130; -Apollo and the Mu . .1, , ,
Saarlse, I 86|Set, 8 isiMeon mu _ 12 s.m|MeeaH ie, ,
lin.II WA uti; to dav.
A .M-fiend) 11. !? ?,;?. . 1 -.u-i'i :i i', 11.?. r ,,.
P.M-Sandy Hook _ 2'.;tri/v. J-.ml .; , _? i! ;; ,,,.. ., 15
Veisei. j .?, _.ln?
Nironlc .Liverpool, Keb ll.White Kui
?'* udisnd . An'" er*,, Fob ll . Ked 'la
?-: ir" "i ?*>' 1. ? ... Ul ,,.'., 1 ., 11.v, , stat,
?v rrs in. I . 1, 1. . . .. s.i
AllRUstS Vl.'tOrll - el'l, |,,,|.'..., lei, |7 ,lc . Vi I
l'ir-.>..ne U ? , ?? I ', IS. .? -1 ,,
brsndls...ll unix ia, lu 11 ll ,,. 1, \,? r
i'i.,.).Liverpool, Feb ib .Lunsrd
SENDw . J I in;: vuv 20.
I.a Oieeogae , Ile. re, Fi b IS . Frrtx '?? 11 in
Ita y.. 1 .. idn 1. Feb ll
Francisco IE,ll 1 ci, .-, u ,,.,?
Reiser Wilhelm ll.iienee Feh 18 s ,, Lloyd
Alv- t,n .I'i rt Elili'il. Vi
Mohawk .Loudon, Feb 11. a inti
_ . _ Meas W.-el
V rite . Tine. Tor. elo-? alla
E. N'..iiii.iii,|,e. Er 'I rans. Havre ... il 00 am (i UO a in
Au inls ( unsi I Liverpool li .an a rn li " >?
vv, Ti.eridoii. Netb-Amcf Rottrrdein lu 31 a in 1 '", n
Yurebsu. NY 8 Cube, Mexican porti il un a in I OO o 11,
Alene aHha, lluttiitu |?ut. .... 11 00 1 m I 00 ii1 m
|-liils_e!|,hi 1 Bed I) Es '.'ii.v.i. ... 11 ., ?, 1 nu li ni
Pu,-' lev Trinidad i,r 1, 'In 1 . I" o ' in ?? HO n ll
Vlvilaneia. xvvni!.eJanero, vd' '" ,, .? 00| ??
Moravia. Hamh-Aaiar, Ilin.iur; .12:00 ni _ on p in
Kew.York American, h uti,uni;.'on li SOem I BO p rn
flfOSaela, -Bl Bra/11. Kt Tliomis E.' "0 in 2 00 S n
Preft, Dundee. Leith. . :< on n m
PUy of liri Pi Br .vpn ('alon . . ..10 ??' a m 12
Chillon, N v v V li porte Bl e. I OO p m 3 OOnm
rom or KEWnttaa t*niD\r, nu. ?.*!, is.,;i.
?Maggei FrauiTc t,iit), Hadley, Laaiea, Ibbgaary '.', ?iui
Ladies' English red
Street Gloves
with spear points and large
buttons, at
_?5 els.
Lord& Taylor
Jj..ad*.aj _. 20th Sis
Av to what -il! -ult th" iwijiu'.ir firer we're nv ir. tm h;it
? i i rtaelln -.
But we're uhooping" up tho now
Cutaway Men'.- Suits. They're ji ;_o
for sure. Wo have them in all tlio
IKiptilar fabrics, mostly Clay's Diago?
nals, cul \i'l'N long, willi any neal pair
of trousers?cut medium width?
112.00 for I coal anti vest anil **.-*?.00
for tho righi kind of trousers. Elegant
new effects.
Killer -radc- at ?20.00 fol lull suit.
Our make.
? ? ? sase.
v ? ? ? , ton Ihey ni" i? _n.,d sr,)
, the Mad tai whn-h your
ipeel te ) lay la Bpriag f>v*r
- i . 13040, TO'i jp-l extra
V. ? ? v - juc.. : ? . ???'?. -ut.
>'i ., ? ? 0:30 e
A. H. KING & CO.,
r.i. > \ i.v. w.
.'? I v i: i: . ;?
I vv J Hurst Arrived it the
I ?
-',,.: ll 1. ixl sr Februi
: ? :, I I*.. ... : - *.. Il-u l?i...ii in...
K i. ? i, ..",- ?;??,.
? i ? ? ? '? ? 1 . VI I Ul
I I - v - . .1 .'
ll v ? ? . ' .... vt. ri,
Arrived j!
-tc - 'E. tar, ? :? nf... g * isl.mair IO, Bt
I ll 1-- un'; j, ... uk, r. ro Jee I,
? I ,,t ti., Ital ,* I -'(' |, iu
I'S ? - . Hiv. ra, ll i .hi i I ? i r. irv .' .
iud pi ? ? illus 1 Cu
'1 I ? ITT ll,
ind I rs I.irlstall.
v ir ai
? ? ? lt, -, i ii roary 3, h
? Feyol io, |*ieres li.
.. v i , v i u. .vrriv-l
st th* | ? ? , .'.ii
' i bega * I-: ruery lr*.
h. i? ii ? Bar at 10:42
' . ? '. I!" I'- bf.,arv 21,
? . . . . I , .-..'. V, I"
v ?
? c Karennsh, arith nd-*, aid
?iii.vv, ,.i
ititi i ? West Point, Va,
I to I 1 ! lol ll ??'. s.i,,
M. Jil liol !l , - S lill ii. I V *| ort
.,...'? t ".. n inion .. ,
Kirk Eire i ii Ui ,. i i . .". in Nv m.!- r 10 vii
N ,- ? ? I ? I ll, t lill ll. I-' IO "I'l' ? , V. -* T Ol
1 ?
I- : , ? l - , . I. hound -..ii'ii
?.111'!' ' , [TOID |:,, t n for New.
I V! ,v.*r. fi..,n lt .-t.,n f,.r Si sr-Yorh
E. ?>??. t..-r. Norwich tot Seer.
t Brid ? ert, .VII ..v. f . , Bri Igcpor.
??..,".., foi N'etv.
f Xew-B ii;,.rd. Weaver, fmin Fall Uiver
i ii 'lill Iiav'.*, Elli BiVer f'<r N'cir.Ynrlt.
. - ... i Ill/on ) |?r N'.-ts-Yors
I Ho.um, shirley, Nore Uh i"r New
I..-ii ,. Whitney rnr B
,. i. tl p ii vv,'., l ... ' light | r. ere. . .:
I?Wind ne/thwest, on ly
( El .t KED
' I ll i\ En.Ii.*tv|, * Slid K>'r
li mini i i ll V , I i ii
' I ' ' .h. 1." , I : . ll'il--. Iii re A I ,,ri.'et.
-i ni .r 11,.| Ix Ut in , Kum ,, Ula Janeiro mil Itrihla
I 1 I ."ll*
'ei s v v Ji ii. boutbsmpton?Interav
t: i,,! .\ ,v isl
i l i.i,. I" itt. i hurl.??!,.n an 1 ta.-k-e>n\ill,-?
v. Pl |,< 4: En
i m . let. li , Bekker, Rottei lani vu
ll ii ,, I ly. ?. ? ,,
, liv. I'.i . < i"-: r, Bordeaux I uat ii. Bdye
V '
SUI ' . a ,'. I . II". 1 h, I'.iver, (ol ir! : * ,
,. I.I ||c ,.
rania Bi . M K iy, Liv n.I?Vernon il
Dr*?*_n -. * ii.
-'cc., i" ?! i iii, * !, ,i brr*, i.a Ouayra, Puerto
, . i, ::.,,, t,, mist v Dolli ti
st in i Murun i'i . vv,t.ii. Hal Has, N 8?i.eoree
? ?
i ' " i ..,',, c.:' i Mnile Bras.
HU., I nerlai, Em.br, V iii irs -" and ' I io
I Vi , wt I lo. -. - ,,
Itark Hm : . , Ni h, i. .! ? A I) Btraui
?. ? ?
Sl.-a. ' I.',," .. Ilrnn lr- Va.-nu. N |> : rite of
ii >av mush v! 'onuuln, i 'i irleston and .i ?ck
i , ? i May ll ? I ?" . State ,,r leva-. Per?
fe Sm ! ? ? ,
I'iik - mi. for i ii-' I.,*m. ... i, ll.
l'r , . ll bu Ma
I .'i ',.. '??.a ni , Boyle, s.n..! ii,un Londoa
I Nc- torr- I --ll it... v '.'I.
-lc.'i Mississippi III , t.aie.. frnn, New.Yolk let,.
?? ?_, ii m., v..i el i. .r.i.,'1 Kebruary L.t.
.m.him l.:te' ,'. i Vox i...e.,.Tl, from .V.'i. V,,ri<
; , - 15, arrlv, a ut (southampton February 24, ."nd
I ' ? 'I'll fo Iii. i ? n.
-'? ie,et Weill ( nt IE Savage, sailed rrom {Swansea
fur New-York I i Emm 23.
-'.|". i.'.iil..i.' (Br), Iinv, wlleii fruin .shields f,rr
Xl r.*t . 1 ? hi.., v is
Kt,-ancr Poisrla *??' . Buseh. ratted fr,,ni Swlnemundo
I .'I ??. '. ? V,,rk.
Kirai im, , Knudsen, from New-York Jami
ai I ruiici ai |?.,. ii nie I ? bl uarv '.'ll.
*-'"?.r -'?,.fi ,,,, .Vorp-I, from N. Sf-York, ar
ii* ? *i ,? Hamburg Kelirttsi ?? 24,
*'? -,' ? Mu- la . Maa--, rel ltd rr.un llaniburc
foi Nt ?' V> i ( I el, un v L'.l
siei,,. r Weimar .'.t , Meier, railed (rom Bremen for
Xi i* ', I. 1.1,rm,rv 'J.
*?' "" ?' J?'i ' " ''.' s, ,., f. r, ulled rrom
Bi ?nen roi Xi v. York l.iM'.in 21.
*-'? ". Mini.'er Mayherl.ri, Bchlerhorst, tr,un New.
York Kennis*. .',. sneved .it Msaslula Fehruirj '.:.
-t,-;.ni"i (itv ?r N'.-vi.-i.tle i Mri. Absalom from New.
V. n: lehman- B, uriel it f.i.imn K<'i.rusrr i'l.
st,-,,,,,. r I'l.r-t Bismarch '.er mi, rs rtom Mew.
Y.a,i foi '.'.i..i and the Orient, arrivei ai alexandria
I ? li ui'-v 21.
st a *r lui .ii,," ti ll.ml lt,,, Thompson rrvutV New
tatt .la'l'r.rv 58, ; ni'.."! at, \,!ej, Fcliruurv TM.
-t"*n."i En. lid I'-. Mureil, *ui!.-l Ir.iu Saut,)* for
Nen -York I ebriiarv 1*..
Mp.- WiN-r.iw?. Soothisn Syri'i*
bes I.-, ii n-.'l t'.r mer FIFTY VI.AI'.s |,v MU.I.IONS nf
mdt ur ns mit i iii nt i em. ni; en vi hike, teeth
iv,, arith I'l I". El! I' SI', il'.s-. Ii sooTHIs me
HIED -"ITI Ns I'lll. ,,. Mn AEEAVS Al.I. I'AIN
ci ni - wi mi COLD . and li th. I.i.-T hemedy I "Ul
I'I vl'.KIKiE v -e,| bi m*i i,,,is'|- |? ,.i,.rv part ut
,,, aorld. TWENTY-FIVE i EATS A I.V.TI.F.
- ? ?
(?nu. tis-" llrtvvn'rt Bronchial Trudi, x." will
alley Ute. Irritation wbleh ml,. .-.??>trilln_- elvina lin
ita i'!:.r. Held eely in Boxes. En . j-, eeaw,
III \r.V A I'vmi i- M. I)
?ti) WE- I s,,| ,| v|?.
Dlseasci ,r the Servons Ki etea.nlso-Crinary Orirsni,
In,,,,!, ie v and (MertlM. Hour.. 8 to 1. i to 8.
E. Si. W.-Th, Tyronj-a link cufT simula ha
?'.rn with our Yukcus or .Nou-ka collar, li. a. W.
OF THE i >in:n ?.t.ti:s,
? ?*? tuth
u '*****epRs
nonda and .TIorlgnBCs.
KeiiI Faint.-, inrliiilina thc Fqiiilnblc Buildings nnd purchases under
im,, tti.iti * of Marlgaira.
I nil.-.I lilli.'* Mlni-k*. ?suilr Ntork*. 4 il) Alorks, nnd other itt v e.li,lent.
I.omi-. seeHi-rd by Bonds mid ?Hocks Uni Itel .niue, . 7.1,}... ?Ott.
Krnl Falnle onl?i?le Hie Wlnle ol "trw York, im luditig pin, hoare undrr
lorre loon re.
4n**li in Jlnnli mid in Irnnnil since received mid invested).
Illlrrr-t ni*.! Ill-Ill*, dur nnd net, ned. liri, rn il V re in in ms and other
ftrcurilirs._ 6,11**,,-^
Total Assets, December 31, 1892.^1->3,060_53^qj
.. t herein rerli.v, timi tiller n personal rxnminatioil of lh.- nerurilie* nnd
described itt Hie let-.'going slnlement, wa find the annie lo be true snit correct as slatrd.
Thoinns n. J ord .-? n. Comptroller. Francis tl'. Jacksea, >_____
Reserve on all existing Policies ? > smndard, and nit
oilier liabilities . $121 i870,._36,_;2
Total Undivided Surplus 4 stn.idnrd including special
Beerie of RB*.100,000 lonards ? slablishini nt of a B's*, lalumion.... 31,189 815 IO.
IVe certify to Ihe correctness of Hie nbovc cnlcnlntion af the reserve nnd surplus. Prim -li.
surplus the n.iiitl tl i v xl* lids will be inude.
tiro. XX . Phillips, J. Ci. Van lise, Aciaariei
Interest, Kt ula, eic.
_ ?' il?,?flt.l#
.Inuit* bi ncnlh nnd "-"Inliucd lindow menl*.
Iii. nl.ii.l-, hu, ti ii.l.i Vi.lur., tnniiili.* mill ll i.< on nt, ,1 Inilintiiiuil,
Total Paid Policy-Holders. $1<*,.->;_4,447^
I ommi??ioN_. ..dicrli-ing. Postage mid Fsrhongr. 4.0??:*.4. _4_
t.rnrrnl Ksprnsri, male, toual? and 4 iiy Taxre. I *)ll.0_i.e|
New Assurance written in 1892. $200,400,31<MM
Total Outstanding Assurance. 850,902,243.00
ITkm.y B. Hyde, President.
JAMES \V. Alexander, vice-President.
I OMI. Ill/g, ,1,1,1.
Henri t. Ilnrlbul.
Henri O. 'I nrqiiiind,
XX m. %. VI lie. lock,
H. linnie-.
II. 'I. .IriiitiHrr.
. Ito,int.) ll. Ill |HVT,
i ini lea ... I .iinion.
4 ont. Itu. ft. III)**.
lii_n?l ll. I mon I.
I . lt ,,ii,I m.,i 4 ell,
John ".lunut ,
lg. Korro....
II. J. I um Ililli,
I li.nir Kt lit,
John A. *?lev?nrl,
tito. 4 . llngoun,
..illii.tii H. ?Ilea,
XX m. B. Kendall,
B, XX'. 4 url.'lou,
F. XX'. I. mu he ri,
II. M. Terbell.
I ll.XIII). SI. I ,111115,
John .1. 'lil nok,
IJniiiel ll. Lord,
Vim. .% lr milder,
Hoiim , I'niii 1.
idv.tird xx. Beets,
4 . B. Alrsmirfrr,
l.ro. Pei. I,. Dar,
\l.in.,,11 I rit.U.
John n. Jones,
I.ni P. norien,
4 hitrle. M. Sm ita,
Jo-eph T. Lew,
A. Ian Bergen,
I. Be ..in 4 ayier,
Oliver ..nit,
Ku.lore C. Fits,
B. II. Phillips,
llenr. B. Wolcot*,
J. F. Dela.arro,
Jonie* II. Dun Issi,
Ban iel lt. *tmyet,
lt. F. Ingall!,
T. II. Jordaa,
H. ?. Bipler.
J5,jRr& Packard
We ir* .inn:ne up ?f" k si.! hive i '
.1/-. ?!i!-!t ?? ire .lolng out at a
j.ri.,- Ur !'? I i" *? lual v l,ll''.
Po voi wum n cup or I1EI.1'
'ii .v! Bee tint it i* ir i:
the nlTNTlM'.. In,-, wnp i-iit. ly
Ui.* bask Para, ryatataMg. refrab,.
lag. Dlseolves clearly.
Bee Heron Uetdg's Muna
iii Mus . 11 escb iii":, J. V. LIB UCL
Ib s ears r,,r Beare asia. Instsatle relieves snd auii-kir
et^'. Sore T)ir"Sf. ' olds. Bron ti il*. I."""I _. "The
Orlp" Toothache Headache, (triad s, Neuralgia, l-heu-na
ti.ni,' Sp .tin.. Bruises, t.v me er more sppUcaUons.
Bitty .em, per lloiile. Bald by DraM-Mas
Tribune Almanac.
3flO I'K.IS 1*. CE-irm A COPY.
Smile of the most valuable tables
ever printed by The Tribune Almanac
Appear in thia number. A map of
the World's Fair Ground! is pre?
sented, in addition to full particulars
about tho Fair. All the usual Statisti?
cal and political features, and many of
special and great importance.
Copies can bo ordered through any
newsdealer or news company, or pur?
chased at the office of Tho Tribune.
This word is to the early birds?late
ones by and by.
Spring overcoats are ready. Come
in ami look at them; bring your note
book if you like, and net -ill the infor?
mation you can: tiyon a few?they
slip on so easily, and feel IO jrood
you'll enjoy the experience. Then go
lo your tailor and tell him how to wake
then) just as good as ours.
Lot us be perfectly frank with you
though?that tailor's' chancel will be
mighty small.
You* will lind also the best of winter
wearables for men and boys, hats shoe*
and furnishings among the rest.
THROE , rrlnce,
BK" A HW AY T Wurra,
KTORS8, < A2ii at.
ALMAN AC. IMM A renll. splendid number. FB*
ol the areal Alinnnucs on iho marl.rt. 330 gegea
Now ready, ii . cut. a , opt.
puses devoietl lo household decoration sod teakle
?j lenin u copy. _
MILLIONAIRE**. A eomplele 11*1 of ihe g.airal
li,Minn e. of I lie I n it eil -..Blt-., nod how lite* ul**.*1
nioner, duli, li.i ever compiled. Valuable ls
rniiiuiiil.l. and promoters ol nen enierpl
reuls ,i copy. In flexible cloth. 91.
NEW NAVY. All the new warships desert---. **?
lllti.itniiou., and including a ll?i ol ihe el- eal*
ni mume ii., eic 4>i i-eut* ii copy.
WAH ..TORIES.- Over tO mles otSSUtAtB***^L\
Inion soldiers. I nt.pl ri na. ihrllllns and pathetic* "-*"
ol ihem wr.liru lor Tribune cash prizes. '.Meenie.
Blt* l*-!M EM. The best of Roswell 4*. Herr'l er*W
rles In The Weekly Tribune ou ihe Tariff, Kloaateeeo
Mlver. '_.) reuts._
VII.I.ACE IMPROVEMENT.-!**-.? charming?*1^'1*
by lt. ti. Northrop. Ihe pi line mo?er In this work. ? e
York .'Hy meu who wnni lo help beautify u*lr"*
luvvii. in Hie couuiry .Itoiild rend ibis. & etti. * CtOf
NORTHFIELD. ISO-. Tho eserclses thora ??
rents a copy.
4 HAtTAIQCA. MS-. Profo-ely llluetreiei. *?**?
slory of iho srusou. ii ern), n copy.
??OCR 4HAI NCEY."-A Tribune BmWBB*t*SL
re.i.litr .uh., rider io Tho Tribune eon get lt i? *J
renls. A delicious pte,-r of fun. wrtlien ? ?/""*.w
Hromlry for Hie Yule alumni. Profusely IHsHre-o
lieurd and i.ib.on.
SWIIIIUS 'tue besiof (he oOer-dlnner ereterr
In.i winier lu ibis eily. li cents.

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