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The cnclnes of the Anchor Linc steamer Hollvla
Moued down la-t Wednesday and u cauvas-cover.d
bundie toll he_vily fio~i ber decks Into Cn .ea. lt
was a aud day on board when the bady of Eiliab.th
Wright was consigned to the waves. Ike WM only
a sfcond-rubln passeagSI, but ioineliow the story of
lier death louched Hie heart of every on.- SB boord.
The bolivia SSlleg from OlusmtU or. february 4. with
passengers and a general cargo, from the time she
left Hie coasts of Scotland until she louched at quat
aattos her trip wm * lerrtbls experience for the
people huddled In-low geeks, The wave* ros*- BSOun*
lain high, and swept IM decks IBM sud aft, and
terrific gale* sent tl.e vessel careening and lurching
on her ionise. On lebiu.uy 90 the Winni and
squalls hurled themselves at Hie b:g si en mer, and
the waves beal against lnr alta until the great l-Ofl
bull vibrated nnd tremble- under the hammer-like
blow**. The Icy waters cai ried away everything not
Uib'd lo the derk.
The passengers, ino. t of whom had novar before
acen the BM at Its worst, vere almost prostrated
through lear. A number of them were .Ittlr.g
around a table below, when u man was called 10
Inform the captain lhal lt wns time to take the
obs-iva; km.. Elizabeth Wright wns titting ther*-.
pale and trembling, and next to ber was a coarse
featured woman.
"The) ve come to tell us to get Into the UfebOStS,"
cried the woni.in, iets_n| Ihe girl hy the arm nnd
pretending to le MgHteaei.
Tho young girl turned deathly pale and fainted
bRay. When Ibe r covered from her fainting spell
ber reason bad almost gone. The stewardess. Mrs.
Reed, said Ibal site never saw such a terror-. Irleken
look on a human face before. ETrabi-th Wright went
to her room, screaming and sobbing. Sh*- never left
lt alive.
Mrs. Reed tried In every" way lo make her believe
that lhere wns no danger, and Captain Baxter watched
over her whenever his duties did noi call him, nnd
assured her thnt the perils- of the voyage hud passed.
On the noon cf the gist her delirium had reached Its
height, nnd at 4 p. m. she died. On her white face
was .still -i wild, bunted expres-lon. an*- In lier eyes
a terrcir-strlckon stare. Oa Ihe Beal day lbs body of
the dead girl was prepared for bunni. The sltnrle
service for Hie dead wns reel, ed by Ihe captain, and
the lKidy was BSW.nl into lbs sea. Then wt re ssd
faces and streaming eyes on Hie Bolivia that flay, and
many an old seaman brailled lils sleeve over eyes
strangely dlmnnd.
After passing Nantucket Hie Bolivia mel better
weather. Bbc rMCh-- thM port yesterday, eight days
overdue. The ship usually makes her trip in twelve
or fourteen days, and In summer she has come from
Glasgow to New-York in eleven days.
The Franco, of the National Line, which na.bed pori
yesterday several days overdue, reported rough
weather, and the Ley-hie, of the Wilson line, which
alb,, arrived yesterday'- batt eiicnuniercd ninny gales
and storm* during ber pasMge of twenty-two gays irom
Hall. The steamer Croft, from Leith, which reached
.hr- tar lute ymterday afternoon, wm bnBeied by gale*,
beavy squalls sud ball showers. Near Bt. -fohn*.
N. P., she passed through fields of lee many miles In
extent. After leaving the harbor ol St. John's, where
slie put lu for coal, she had to plough through Ice In
the teeth of a terrific gal-. Her decks were covered
wllh ld* over a foot In tbickaees.
The Noordlamt, of the Red Star Line, ls overdue.
Khe should have arrive Ther*- last Wednesday.
The Taormina has been buffeting the storms since
Pebraary C. TEere are a naman of tramp -learners
which have been oul many days beyond their usuul
Ume, but their schedules ore always irregular.
A sorry-looking craft wns ihe hark Kgcrla. which
has been wandering along the coast sine las: -.linday.
when abe was towed Into port vietcagBy BBBrnlng.
The Egeria was being towed from Na-mu. N. Pm
scheu she jailed from her tug. lbs II C. V?-it. Bbs
salle-l from Leghorn with u enrpo of Carran marble
loosely stowed, anl with a few babs of rr.gs for
dunnage, in a gale she lost some sails nnd her
cargo shiftel. Sile pal Into Maana fM r, pairs. Ila
February 14 she bega* ber towney to ibis pori in
low ol the B. C. Veit. A terrille gale .wept thc
seas on February ' 10. The haw-er connecting the
vessels brok*' end let! Hie Egf-lo adrift ofT Uh Kew
Jersey coast. The ll. V. Vdt lost all trace of her
tow and came buck to New-York without her. Tbe
Egeria drifted for thirty miles In I helpless condition.
at m-? of ihe block, ol muibb- broke loose, nial went
crashing against Hie side nf tbe Vessel.
As the beavy ma*-se. went thundering through Ibe
hold lt seemed ts the crc-v that the vessel was doomed.
The bark sprung n Int mid the crew worked night
and day nt the pumps. Thc men were badlv fro*t
bitten by their cxpo-uic. as the seas broke over the
deehs .ind frore ns it fell. The Egeria lost most of
her canvas. 1 ut she set lier tew remaining sall* nnd
headed eastward. Ycstt?rday at fi a, lu. she wns found
by the tug c. A. Everts, willett hud gone lu aeanh of
h?r, snd towed Into l>o.t. The tug J, ft, Wiso np
peared a few moments later. The swan I of the Vise
will claim a part of the -itlvage money, as they say
thnt Hie-,- sint out ihe Wise under contract to find
the Egeila.
In a hurricane off the Virginia coast IRS barge
Governor went to Ihe bottom last Sunday, wllh all
hands on board. She carried 1,100 ton. Sf coal,
and was being towed, In company with the rani
? barges Rondout and Milton, hy Hie tug L. Lachen
bach, from Newport News, Va., to New York. She
was the last barge In the tow, and was connected
with Ihe Rondout hf I 1_0 fathom hawser. Thirty
miles off Ihe coael of CMueotSOgM she was -'ruck
by a Iremendous gale from lbs northwest, and lilith
seas swept ovr her from si",n to stern. At 10
o'clock a. m. she sank Wtlbout giving ii signal of
distress, breaking the he wael which connected win,
Hie Rondout as she went down. The four men on
board made no outcry. For two bonn lbs tug steam, -1
shout the .s|*nt where Hie barge disappeared. A
m:ws? of wreckage floated on the surface, bul there
was ni sign of lbs crew of tim barge. It l_ sup
posed that i Iio waves broke la tbs dei Its of Hie Hov
ernor and filled her-\vl'h water, sinking lier befom
anv aid could reach her, The men lost were lb"
cantaln. William Rni-smus. hi* two brothel--, and one
unkpywn se.-imun. Tbe Governor wns originally s
barb, and via, built at crime Hewar! I stand In i. .'..
Rhe wss 110 feet long, and iiii feet benin. She
was schooner rigged.
A largo number of ens lia are billi Icebound In
the harbors of Long telang. They have been mme
or less damaged bv tin- ice. Many of them arr- so
situated thnt they cannot have eomBBUUteatlau with
the shore. Tho .thornier William Everett, og Oreen
pori, loaded with arish and owned by Ure Long
leland Brick Companv, wu. .ought lu th. fee floe,
sne now- Ix in ? dangerous ]*oslikin oft .Majors Flats,
Her crew hud lo abandon Mr,
Te grip of ibe 1,,. gt_nt upon Ihe waters wns
broken yesterday, and Hie l_iy and harbor will soon
be emancipated from his thrall. All <L-y lhere was a
thawing temperature, ond tba greet, water emerged Irom
Its covering of las floes. The tanging of thc abovel
nni the rumble of carts was hoard all over lb. city.
Tlie snow and slush was pushed ?ff the cn ls bf tbs
pi**i_. where lt began to dissolve under the Inflm-nce
of the warm air and ihe latent heat of tbe water.
There were u fem flurries of snow yesterday, which
continued only a few moments, and then retreated
before the forces of the sunlight and warmth.
The rivers sro being cleared, and navigation ls
much eaaier than lt has been for the last week. Only
one ferry line waa blocked, lt was the line which
connects New-York and bay Ridge. Early In thc
morning the North River ferrvboats Lad some ad
venturea tn the Ice. The Secaueus broke several of
her paddle blades, and floundered about for two houri
before she landed her passengers. The ferrybost
OliabeUi took so much lee t_at it had to be melted
from ber paddle boiei by means of steam. The
Emitus Wtmsn. which was ituck la the ice on
Wednesday, ls again at her work. 6h* ls like a hale
Old gladiator, .omewhat disfigured, bul still takuig
part in the iports of tha arena. Tin ,outh BrOokivn
torry host* w-ere making their usual trips vnterd-y.
2XJm*}*? *?a!*!, ***** **?*** leveral houri bv the
Z*w?lil?\?'I!,lc U*.ff* ?.n<l B,d4>' fclmeksmsxon
attended to business at Hw old stand, as thrush Ice
had r.evcr been heard of.
Newport, IL I.. Feb. 24.-At a Isle hour last night
tbe tug Atjuldneck towed Imo ihls hsrbor the u-hoon. r
Edna, of Columbia Fills. Me., sugar-laden, from ?sn
Domingo, Vt, E. for New-York. She wss picked up
In Dutch Island harbor Ineasrd In Ice. and wMli h.r
salle torn, having experienced a series of giles and
hurricanes during her entire trip. Cn Sunday night
she was oft Kandy Hook sud anchored. Intending to
Its remarkable specific ac?
tion upon the affected parts
gives it supreme control over
sttmM Pitts, however severe.
?Mi Also for Jlitrpt, Scalil*.
SASS 1:niptioxit, Snit Jihrnm, rfc.
??? Testimonials from all classes
prove its efficacy. Trice 50c.
Sold by all Druggists or sent by mail
on receipt of price. Put up onlv by
FOND'S IXTHKT CO., 76 Uh Af*,.' M. V.
ork up through U-.e Narrows by daylight. During
1* night the wind became so st pinn that, the anchor
id to be slipped and Hie vessel went oh* before the
ind. She did not finally make harbor again .mill
BStSStay, and lg the mein time encountered Hie mo.-t
?vere weather that Captain Donovan had ever seen,
lie crew nre badly frostbitten and have beM taken
i tiie hospital.
Commissioner Bnuaan wm happy yesterday over his
Uerview witii Richard Cenbet hi Ibaunaaf Hail on
handsy SWSrnsOa. Tin* subject they discussed Was
ne str**t*t cleaning. " I think goa nre doing ns well
s any mun could," said Mr. Croker to Mr, Brennan.
his langinge of the big Chlel wns lnterpret**d In
lliclal circles to mean that the report thnt be wos
clng IS "put the screws to Ilreiiimn" wa* groundless,
layer ORroy did not lake this optimistic view ol tue
I'liiinlssloner's work a couple ot wei Us sgo. lt ls
uld tbal the Mayor's delicate hint IMI Ihe pawer
d remove the Commlmlonw "i Street Cleaning tested
Moly with him had something of nn effect on Mr.
maana and ids Immediate subordinates. At lenst
UO incompetent nail Melesa employes have been dls
)lssed und Mr. Rnaaan bas niiititmed a weeding (mt
No scows got ont to sea yesterday, owing to the ice
ogiinc in thc rivers. Tim Commissioner set 3*>o
ion and ?JCS) caris nnd drivers io work on the mow
a Chambers, Danlay, Dey, Liberty, Corllnnd! and
ther streets below th- Citv Hall hst night. The
"ommlastoner visita all Hi.* gangs siter night lull, often
(-.?ping up his tour ot inspection until the lu*t of the
ien stop work. When they see him coming they b
Jn with one ucci.ni lo cry oat, ?? llhrry ap?gil 'em
p." nnd work like Trojans. BW aa soon as Mr.
monea is out ot sigh, ii la different.
Pi-ovidenre, R. I., Feb. 24?The .thornier I-iac T.
'ampbell. of BOStOO, With coal for Ibis pori from
.ultlmoie. arrived here yesterday afternoon. The
aptnln reports lhat on Monday morning; while off
log Island, a s.'tinll .truck Hie vessel arith terrine
titre, arid it was lound necessary lt shorten sill
nd lay te. While occupied In luring the Jib the
late, Charles OlsOU, age 89, Ol Boston: tieorge
.awrence, a 'seaman of BsngST. Me., nnd iwo other
eamrn were swept overboni-d. and Oli-on and law?
ence wen- drowned, the '*?H?*r men being !brown
lack on ihe vessel by a heavy BBB.
Halifax. N. ts.. Feb. -M.-The llrimbur.'.Um rh an
lue (.teauier Moravia, seventeen days out fr,nu 1 la ni
dirg, with 190 pnssenecrs lor New Vcr!,, put in here
hi* morning, short of omi nnd damaged. -:,e Imd
i rough experienn la tlie recent gale*, received con
libral.le dc, dasaage mid l *t parl al her propefler
.Ind-.. Owing lo thc Chet that the Moravia wns ,me
,f rae ships detained below Rew-Yort bal rammei
clth cholera cases un board, a getaehmenl ,f police
lave been placed on OMy a. the wharf when ?he
s coaUng te prevent nay nm* from landing irom her.
_ . .*. ?_
?au-ciu'-hui.ua, I'eii'i.. 1 cb. 34.?The Jefferson branch
if tbs Ncw-Yorli, Lake Bric and Western and Ibe
l?ui;r.vlvai:!n division of iii- Debiwan .nd Hudson
mai. between ui* plan and Carbondale, have been
rampletely biochadM by anon 'Hilts (or four days, -<-v
?rn! coal linius uro burled iiml.-r tb< tttom and ui rtbl"
to move. Two initidn-d men from Ike Erle slops
ken and in CarttoMate nu- now rndeavurit _ lu t lnr
thc tint ks.
ERE WARTA TO ll ELI- cats to DIR.
Mrs. ... ... Deride, of N<>. :ii West Twenty
seventh st.. is nu enthusiastic phHsnthnplsl In tb**
intei'-st of tata, -he also pities ibe poor bonsa
ittsrbed io Mr. Brennan*! street-cleaning cai!-. Bk
wei.t t? ..,e Mayor <?iir v yesterday, bul be wai
presiding nt a '.-'nrti tin-.-ihg, and -ii- wrote tb*;
via-, ir a letter In which abe uld:
-There ai" thousands ol st.rn,np and homl-.
rsi. ion mit:).' th.- street, ni iiisht. in their misery
they tong f1i (kath, and At not know hov. t > hui
-In their hanger and misery .bey often Bghl sn>l
cry all night. lt weald b*- un act of Christian
rhsiity and humanity to estsbMsh a pound when
oils lhat want lo die cm be pu! lo deaih Without
"I hop-. Mayor Gilroy, that you will be dad's In
itnuneal t,* answer my pnyer ior the poor hamelem
und helpless cots. 1 lea-e buve a cat pound opened
st -lice."
A public h_nr1n_: WM held by Hie I'.oatd ot street
opening yssteiday on dan missioner Helats's new
street mop of a pan of lh*- Annexe, iil.iitri, the
section bounded by ..un lilli road on the north, Web
stei-nvc. und the ReW-YOTk and llurlem roid M tbe
casi, the Harlem River on lim south, and Jerome
ave. and aaBtber street uhrmin-d running Bortberly
from the lirst curve in Jerome ave on the wast,
Many citizens mid taxpayers ?f ins district nor
present. Muih OffMBlttM manifesto. ItatM ii'._iii-.i
luylng out Coib-gc ave. Iranh Loossls, counsel foi
the New.YoiU .-md Harlem Rnilrobd Company, signed
mst .'ominissioiier Helnti was eseeedrag bia anthortl)
lu Hu- pro em iif.dei tatting. The Beard -OnciMr.
to submit th,- jxiint to Corponttcn 'Oounsel Clark
and tbe beering was adjourned to l'rld.i- , Marci
io, at noon.
Trenton, N. j., Peb, AA.?winiam A. cox, n jrontl
of nineteen, pleaded gaRty yesterday to tweaty-on.
charges of larceny preferred by Princeton stadenti
whose Jewelry h- lind been stealing nnd i>:iwuli,-.
Ha also acknowledged having broken Into the roams
ot several stadenb. for lbs purpose of robbery, ie
win be sMteaced next *.>-ek.
$3 Worth of Hood's
Cured When Others Failed.
Salt Rheum or Psoriasis-Severe
Mr. \. J. Mc Com
Kliigtley, Iowa.
"In 1870 1 hid sn .rupti.n appear on my left leg an.
arm. S',n_*tinie? lt wcuid ulcerat., ind wi i~ccunt of 1
I sai unable to werie a gt.it desi of thc time. I hm
seven d.Uors ej,amlns and treat me without lucceis. Som,
called lt piorlssli. mme . ci ena, lome ult rf.fi.it, snd on,
knowing one tilled lt prairie Itch. AU the doctor! In tin
county hld s tris! but none did ir.e s psrUclo of u-od
?pent ill anv ipers ir.ouey trying to get relief. Finillv !
vms pentiad-d io try Hood'. S>? rupari, u. Arter u-ini
one ind s half bottle* I nsw tbe b?i,rftt. I limo no?
u*ed the tblrtl bottle mid sn, comr-ilrtrlv eai-r,!.
Hood's' Cures
I receive, motx b-nt'.'.t from U*.i??*? tJolhrs' worth of lloml'
.ss.Tsa[,arills thnn from tin- bundled., ol d' llnrs pula for ?u
vlt-ft ?od other iii?dii--iif. .Vim ...io mir. ring tttM _|(ll
trouble will sonly get ii lief In Hot. l's . ar-spsriila." N J
Mrt'OIX, Kl:i_?'i'.',. Lina._
Hoods Pills sr*- tho best after-dinner Pms assist di
ge'Uon, euro lieudschr. Try a box.
CLOSE of thi: AlfNCAL exhibition.
poi; LT UV.
Tte or-.d of lae dos s'.ow maM lats In*! nie!)',
arter fjur days and nights of howls aad Mrhlag
T^? exhibition molted necem and gained lt Ks
previous show nf Ibe w< ..minster K,-r.re*l Club Sad
been oo profitable, Over ?_o,ooo bu been cleared hy
*--?? WW
i uV^SVA
sir. m.nivrr.r. l'r.ini: OP mi snow,
the present exhibition. The rent of Ihe Garden was
fi',,no,); Hi- money orlan wen P10.000; ti," Bttjag
up, iii"- attendants, Ihe advertising and tM salary of
the press lie-lit. the agreeable and olin bul Mi.
Aldridge, amounted to aboal 10,000, masing nn ea
pen..- account of B-3.O0O. over i5,000 persona sa ?ed
tbroogh ib*' doon of Ihe Usrden lo iee thc dogs. Of the*
about .',,.?)() entered on complimentary llrheta, Thi
nat paid -fi each, making s-'jo.uoo (m admissions, Tbt
ADMIRl D A1* v lu V TV -
bsr. programme nnd other privllegn -"ld f.T aboal
?3,000, which "Ul nub" up Ihe 190.000 profll.
It will he se. n bj ti. Hgun i tbs Ihe d |
ls Marty a* good nu enlerprl ? n ' - ior*.e ?!,',?.
All tl.e money nrned bv i:,- t.c*>imln?tci Kennel t lab
gae in-, p... porhe. "f :,. Individual, id Into UM
tr>n*'ii v ? ! the ms' inlxal lon. lt I i" ls
the Improveuionl "! Hi" *!?-'. c. !? ll Iris] I
____-?__,- r_2 :
sp ir!- Whit 'i tend to r .! ? I ? I. iii!. ,i-1 of '
Intelligent ? uni general u i (ulm
The neal eahltdlloa in Ibe l.ardrU -ill I..- the
pnultiy -in.w. which opens on rueaday, February
gg, sud ii neilin. * m days, over 4,300 rMcheaa
hnve been entered fa- rompetltlon, nml the turka <>f
th** do(_- ure n.it io !?? compared lo tho crowing and
cackling < f the co k- nml Inn-.
There bring mi judging of tlc .- yesterday, tin*
entire ring Waa _lv.-ii up lo ibe OWUSft of iliir-., gai
lhere WM" |iril:iil"- fl".Ill miunlm: till nlghl, till el.i**'
Mtng represented In Un- ring. The eamen t. wai
on blind with blsTlttle gnu, snd Btsny s snspsbol wn
laken in Hie course of Ibe day. Handsome w<>i!i.*n
were MUgbt a* weil aa Ine dogs. The Garden never
wn. so full of lae former. They fairly iwarmed In
the alain nud bases, Many lovely costumes mere
seen. Among tin- vMiiin-ii wen several w-n kaown
aet nasas.
Those who have mole the show n studv havi
learned Um BMwer lo tbs important idenlltk <i.
lion asked by Dr. I.mils Itoblii.oii, In '-The Cnn
temporary Revfew^-Wbj do Bots --ng their lui!*'
Nothing could In- simpler lu I regular pntron of the
dog show Dogs wng their Irtlls bSMMS UM tall*
rent "fag ibelr dogs. Why muk*' ki niuch fuss over
so childish a problem 1
leven! dog. were removed from Ihe show yester
day hy their owners, who felt that they bsd borne
the trial long enough. Most of the owners, however,
allowed their exhibits to remain till the show closed.
Tlie Carden will be cleared to-dfiy.
The prlmsry object of Ihe dog show U thc lm
provement of Hie breed of gaga. N'o man lt going to
fetch a favorite dog l.oOO mites for the mere chance
of winning a prize of 910 or a piece of plate worth
three or four times ix* much. Wha! every owner ol
a dog wnnii I- a record for lils anlm.il. snd the
only l.sce tn get a n-.-ord ls the dog show. The
better tbe record Hie hlj*l,or Ibe price of a Breed,
of course, the owners me la.snsted in Baa shawl
in,m surely meit-mar* modrea. They da n?i enter
ihelr dogs f,,r fun. M,mo of them liuve leen nt
grout expen-e io get tlu-lr en'rle*. hen. and even
then have railed lo obtain a prize
Tbs trained dogi *ihi t???-tr- aremtomed Hicks, and
ihe poor lillie monkey ss* agata frightened al mosl
to death, one af Hie dogs gnve bim u bile ai be
in.oiHuiot- pr,
great Rossini) writer
i.ttii'- i -nm, en i?i Ad
state of affairs la Ruseis.
? tin >ni?. -"'|t , i. . Lie
mitten ii slinetl urti I* tm
it.s.i ? deaerlMna tin- presoal
li is of ?'-.. i,in.- later cat.
Proof tig n I not ll 'Imi anil Rain.
I JI West -.Md **t..
i Adj, Filth Ave. Hotel.
I. lt Ott) WAV
< or. bi.I Pl
li off the back of bis hor." la tbs Mnbach exhlbi
in, that nearly ratlngulshed bim.
Tlie gnstest number of Inihlonsblo vtslton lu toe
treen wns nt ti a'cloeh, wi.-n the pwee .ramed tu
? a general tm-etlng place. Then wen among Ihe
nmenadi ti or tho.? who Ml bi tba boin Mr. ann
r*>. Frederic Branson, J. C. Furm_n, Mr. and Mi
La Mti.'n.t'. Jr., Vf. llerioii Hamilton- .lames N
iriium Mi. sud stn. Wilber Ploodgood, .Mr. and Mrs
ll. lllllbouse. Mr. mid Mi-. Robert Sedgwick, Mr
in Mn. .limes L. riernnehnn, the Misses I le Wilt.
VV. t.crsrn, Jr., Mr. ntnl Mts. ll (.. Trevor, I in li lc
.riv, Min Mnv Hird. Mr. ..nd Mrs. W. A. HallMB,
McL'e-.igan Hawkes. '_. William Myers, Mr. mid Min.
ab-rt Osborne, thanes '*. r'mn-klyn, Mr. and Mrs
du Alesaadn, Slim Annie weiib. pnnh work,
r ind Mrs. John Bloodgood, Jr.. William A. Abbett.
-'ugo Work. Mis Iinrke Roche, Mr. mid Mrs. J. _
twdln. ftob.-rt potter, Paul TuckersMB, McLeod Cam
?on J Lee Taller, I'l-n*- l.ortlluid. Jr, .lam.* I.
reese. Thomas ll. Howard, vv. D. Sloane, Mr. ant.
i* Bdward Davis. Charin Paten, Mr. and Mn.
I. Ibr.-lnd. Hr. timi Mrs. Valentine Molt. Mis*
nile nmham. Mr. and Mr*. Q. M. < amoeban. Mr.
ml Mr*. Ilnrrl* Colt, Robert Vnrnufu. De 1 on-st
unlce. Mr. nnd Mn. V Le Roy F.dgnr. Mr. ami
rs K. A. Manic*-, Miss Mnnlc, Mr. nnd Mr-. I-'..
v*r, Jr.. Mr. nnd Mr-. A. M. Dod*, A. Iluil-i
iiiicaii. ii. Urination Center, Mr. ami Mrs. McCoskrj
ult and Dudley Winthrop.
.? ?>- ?
Tho snnual aa Mlsa sab- of fox leriiir* br-'l h-.*I t,tv.io I
i- L. a. vv. Ratberfaid, ot UUi elly, was sold yest-rda.
tereooa it the a.riciu lim-? Exchange, Bo, ? lil*
raadway. a Urge samber st dog .reeder, und toaders
.,, preens, ai areli ai s?ny peepU aha wished to buy
du, *,r twa l'o pels. Twenty- Igkt dog* snd thlrty-tae
IteMa wei.ld, Vant ot tit" M ntaloxaed Mvtng bna
, vc '-ii stek. TM bidding was enly fairly brim niel Hm
rices real ired soi parttealariy klgh. Vat Bm alsty dom
1,101 ?s? r.'i-eiveii, uii average sf shoo! BSO ca, h. n tl
levees scud a* aactiousar. Amaag IM Best prlcm real.
. .i wan for :
Deg bv Warrla landlord?Warna Comely, whCpod
'in-, is!'-': li!"iiitin Kennel* ei j .10.
1 nprv. by VVarr-'i lin. Wm ion *ie<r*ti<-l. whelpo! atp.
saber. 1891;; Ausust lirid.-in.iii, *30.
Puppy br limn'- Wsrrea faithful, whelped .uly, I89J,
lt-. Rut, MB.
Pup.iv bv Wsrren Shovel Warren lit", whelisd Au
i;-r !-!)_>; VV. M. Kllil . +.17 B '
Wama f?ori't!tod *t el dog bl Warna I.ilrl?Wa-r-n
icrci nil,*iiit-'i April, IttM ; Krederlek flail,-t
Warren riM-i idofii by PR-kei Warren Jiffy; Pisa.
m KenneU. Si? id.
Wsrr.ii La*)c| ihlt*hi. by Rnffle-Wnrren Ll**, wlieij-ol
hiv ls-o, .j em gs Raper. USO,
warien **eqn. i -bi'.- b . by Riffle,warna b'-.-iet,
helped -luiv. IBM; ii p. Leela, BBB.
The IfKll la.fllil it'll) swam JiT" getting to "erk In
Haass. Ttvo moro platen n-r- ?lirii"1 yestetdsy, "()
RSW.TSTfc nnd th- other bv lb- BtOOklj- t'-srn
il,till ls
? am.
C. ll
i -. a .i
?-? n.an.
Ill', ls
p. Bani ilgeed t.
ahile i-;d wa rd Barki
play au, mi i -.ii* ,n in
?lined with tiie Kcw.Tsrfe
Byrne, presidnl of th Rrooklyn club, s'.-o r<
;, ttei non, muli Ur. haul-..ii, the iccoM.
agrnlni !? t!'" terms ol!ere| bim by IM Club,
ilrt'iitl ,. t ??, ?
!t\ard Burk*! ls Ihe bri (h. v-eitii player arM mp
??.??I O'Reurke in I !?? 'i id f"r th" Kew-Tort club last
j-..ii Iii .- iii i \ .'ll.-nf nilli..-I pinier, li"ln?'
?*?? lally i i-v.-r lu Setting un'l tta?,-mimili. ll-irK" and
asey, tic ii- har. Mts already g.inn late gyauw
t,,ti, up:,omi.
ii-tk', Keeler ant Wald its asa ender reatnet t***
'..? N't. v.-1- i'i'. vv? i Mt I .' i' ladened heM si
. -urina Ragei t'oaaei oil .saaer'i ivfural t" Mm wltk
h.. itill ". still ?? - well f'.r K< ? Tel ,'. ', ci. .
ll nv- t.i- h'il*v nut ls?.*ri ci Ml n - i .1 Kelly ls
\|. r.-i n, th . ??. tel", md Wild bopSa I" U'l lil*
,.,i.. i .i :. \ . I. , uulia. t.
vii. .rill.I n- A IJ-INST I'i-..! ,' s.|,,s. \,.-,*i
Ni i .||a. n. I om.. v iii <: _-,- - vt IM
? ? t . - ?'. Iiitr-rotleflst, Tia -k Vi,I fi- tra lalloa
? ii,,ir-.w nr i; ii vv ,:. . i \ ii Jens, ,f Bm
, ,t ,' : ? t sin ii.--.- will : . . i .
? ;. pf I ? -.u:,s',l*i ? Ins Ihi mni',si oiit>a.< M
i.... - ' molli* ,,c ? ? . . ? '.ii-rr.ir,on-,
it.> iiiiiini ... . . .. ,,f
I \ u ,t i- .- ?
J! ,: n i . - . ? ut bl Vina S U,|.?r
i ll I'll. . ' ? . -I
- m> ?
v -.i :t i. wv s 11 |,| * ,s. ri pi \ v BALL
Iii i ?? ? < ii,, Ta ? I aa
' *. -..,.-.,' . -genital aa, R s
?'-'??' I ll \ ( ">.r-tai t
i *.' .*.tr*,, a manlier end captain will I
.i...,iitt.-, will pe h.'i training ?i .
i iii: p wd'.i v v v, ii r ( i.t ii m. . vi rv
ll _ v ?.' i ?? ,'-... i ..- *.
.. , ' , . i . ? ," i Will
I lo ll I .,'..? t, , . V.,. hi Ri lol v.
? : ? ? I - tli ? i .-..lt i . .'i.inir-.. ?
i at lavlte TM Ina Bttemheii t ?? neey'i I it
?k e.* lu* I.i i Inri'r? I I. r Hi I.I Hr. it . ml t. ,., |
? ?' tie* club ri'- er.- bow irtni-r mnildciatlea
? ? ? ? Veil IL |h| ic!- . I'lttv.....'
I t? b. t rn -niiii fi,- it- lace astag i ?
I'l'.i "\ s|(,?,TtN'i AT RI'.!) HANK
i: l Beak, s I., Peb, tl sp tari), n..* i'.i\orsid?
? : tub beM Iti regaUi sieetiai la-ds] th* lanela
lu, Ui t. !'? I'",. ?.-r,.|? ?t om Ungin, iiiisiintiii
miles wets waa hy Ed.i Thiweiimnrton, ?,ih >, in
? ai -I J la BM -. aad. a awl* ii ..t rat wa sm
nd i'"it- "... usa ' v John P, I.,.(,. r by
t -c ,,! 12, ?>* , ll .-?? b. ini( -. i "nil Midi l.t. a
IWvep || r ii - tn pl"-. Kiiokii BUBtes, Wal it,,u lo Reese
sim '?' i.i'tiii m. Ceepef ..on i mit.ii ai s.v mitt
nitti io, and aaethec BMlrh at, ?ix iisir* ?is Moa by
I tn,cl.ii.ut tol, Ind L. M. ( >i?p r. willi 3 Pa,-li.
leese] ilarrlsM uri Pktlli Dalr, Jr.. t,r i^m.. Breach
will .hunt i, ir it I, ril lin Lui. lor *r.'.',0 Bsd-, on the
(Uvcrsldt tub gtoaads, maia .law Ia Manh.
? ? ?
An Impariaat aweting si the Inleteellerlste Atbl-tli
A??,.'Is'l..ri uiH l?. li.- I.t o*. Ike Kif tl. Axon,!,. H,. iel ti,i,
ifterno,,!,. Mach hi"'" t ll felt in UM fut- nf th"
iMergnduste tui. which *>iii cowl up tor dlacuistsa.
I .I'Mii Pea <1?) Ali- ?,ii .f -i li- is-' Vu u-t Ah", tho
?>r.-kl<*nt nf th" st. |.m u,., tw<!| , |?t,, ?a, r?? ,,%er llv
i .-ii.l, mi in m 1^,'iis on Tharsdsy, m,d was pnfaabir
totally injin J L'lvtin m. ei-, m ituck-wMe. una iii.*
Lt, liam nf tit- SI. Ln'ils ' bili.
'iii.- annual boxing mni wreetllag sMaipleaskliM -f ile
MetrupsllUa AsnrlaUM "' Ihe A. ,v. i . i. ni bv held s.
N .mri; "ii March SO sod --'? Xhe mtriei ".n clou en
.'!,!., I 15.
idttr.ni Hsntofl and Wallace Ress, tte' osr'ima i
yesterday sad sriMgeg foi s ilnjrte^cQll rsc. lui tbe
in, pleaihlp ..I Am.)m. Tit- ian srtU ba tar i ?L.._
p.ir- nnd a rap trslued st ?.',."i00.
iii.. Metro-jnliua llowlai utah will gu,* _ reeepllea
?t tb- l.">im.-_,ii Avenue Open llnu-u) oa Maudf..
.Vp .. j.
- ? ?
Ti" ti ur,- es.t Li" Matti end ,1 na*****day< Th.
.c. i mall auinber sf penanis present. TS. |-rirrs ii*n
ti"- ap I., i'i" average. Bm.i tM i.,'s reid sod th
111, e. iran
Kellia it ii. Mk. f, IBM, by s. Bell Kellie; a. Stewi
baner, S3S0.
rVsag, br. g., i.m; by RifctN Paaals; T. P. p*|...
Isl. r, VVllliriliisleuv. OEM.
Biach hilt tsv.). h) Bwysa?Dsaghtn af BtaraMaB:
Tl,.,,, i. Men,h,.. ,_,-,o. J'
N'rinni, i< 2 .ti. ti in, is-so, by Deucalion i.?,Li ??? -
V. Ot ll Sid. Ll,.,;.,| |;,|,,., 1', nil.. .T.'.-,n.
n...ie ii Wilkes. -' -'.',. b. ,., nv RM vv,iues usn;
W. A. Wheeler, S'jnif,,,,!. e:,J0.
Bet i:. b. m., ihhc. o* ib-d Wltkaa-ThaiMi RsMn
Steel, I'lil.id'-.to. I'.? *7-.'.-,.
vi..im it,, i, s, iggy, hy Weedhan llaa-Mriaalaa
lli.'I. Peraan I. flue, Oisjten. S700.
iniiii' h. m.. 1891. bj II.n.,1'1 Tulip: ReMtt Bt*el
I'lniiiibipimi, l'lnii., .-j,';,.
"JdL" In i Mi. iii IT, '.I. Is Ills MI TD AL.
Bmadeid .a., I'ehnsry i'l-cm,.* iMamad pe.ipie
.iine: j in tb. ii.tin ii iii toni.ht, to Mini"., tn,, preen'
tnll.m nf the ,-hnn,pion,hip ,Sailuij BMdal le I,,-, ph f.
fintio'.'hti". J he fonnii pmsaiaMM *-i>","-ii aaa mu'b> bv
Inlui Baals and ix,n .glin,- ii.id,) s brief MspaaSS. (Uhr
rWBSriU Win mode by Chairman Kltih. A. lL.vt. Dr. linn
oi. J. Ro.et,*. th*. Rev. William Rsfsri iud Robert Whit
liker, bumer mis tr-ved io the pirty it th.- (.nnd
L'n ion.
The gieit ftiiiion t-tsse st Fleetwood ii . failure.
The e\<>. utive c.mmittee of the Driving Club held a med?
lar l*">" svenini ii the Hotel Mctrof-oie. ai but four
entnei wire licursd, Nel-on, 2 IO; Direct im. _T1V?;
Kecui Wilkes, 2 ll"... ind Xutpin. lt wa, duded ta
,i!l the .tine off. md open in piece ol tt ? aVOOO fre*
Ior all. and iht- following .UK., ijj.000 for _ ll cllsl
Iltur li -.inobr,
ind a good one st tbs), ufu-i .living ,
?strki-c ol md DsntfalM Olganttci, pm<
lo. i p., in cat.n pacBsgt.
lott-rs; SS. OOO tor 2 :_0 clan t-Ott-M. sad 01.000 for
?aarllags. runes aggrsgflMBg ibout s'-'O.ooo for virioui
lasiei trolling sud' pacing, will be SMIMfOd liter.
New.Hav.-n. ("in-. Peb- -? |Spcriot).-('ip_iln Froth
-lana and Msasgn UBI .nd CagMla miss snd Manager
Mata nipmiMtaB mpeslively th- i-s-ebaii s-*.i?uo.is
t Yul- and Hamid. BMI al BgSfagSSBL Ma*-., this alter
Mea "i iii-u-K" a IsmMU achedela nr ibis __e,on. The
niblet of limiting thc niciuberiblp on the
,ii,.. ts sadergndaema ??i hnaiksd ny Vile. Mt nar
raid r-ffl?ed to tn.i'-Hi tho pr-.po-._l. The question of
I B,rles of (.-ame*- mus tallied of. bul not,In. whatever
SM Unii" Tho is-etlM Sd*-aniM. Thc Vile men ar,)
.rn prised it Harvard's spptiisMa to what they rogue a.
.thieu, rcloiin. Atioilici meeting will bo --"l-l I" ?**>?'"
, week. _ _?
Ten haadrrd and seven!-, -seven members nnd ex
nemben of tb- 7th Regiment rtortved HMrkBflBeB'fl
MdgM st the armory last evening, and titer*? trarg
two oi line.' limes 1.077 spectators pros-nt to wit.
ICM tim i.-lemony. Then was a r-.'vlevv, and Mayor
/ s-w,
t;i!rov waa Um nviewtng othcer. The amrMmia's
badges w-re then distributed, and four members of
lbs regiment hid tin* distinction <>i baring won tba
?ute decoration for eighteen venn;. They wen* <"ap.
i.-iiti Limes c Abrams, oi Company c,. dptala
Georgs W. Hand, ol Company Fi First Lieutenant
I IL 11_\ vvi '? "Levi I. fiEOROE MOORE f-MlTl.
.lohn H. Holland, ol L'ompaay ll. and rrlvnto Mc
l_"_.o. ?
I ..ii.,w in.* the distribution "f badgea then was s
ratal parade in line, and then B few -.eli other
m.... u. uti a* Ike limited -piv- of tb" armory would
permit u.ie ese. .i'l- Tho rcglBStnl was dlvld-d
imo three MtUBons, rommgnded bv Major william
II. Kipp nnd CaptalM t'olLnrrt ami Abram-., with
Ueiit. ii.iiii* .!. Wi.isoii Cochran, Robert McLean nnd
Harri lt, Vi ibtti Beting M sdjntants. tht **usr4 wns
comiMaded bj Captain Bagene T. Kirkland as oflm-:
?t ihe day, and i lentenaati Andrew J. Keele* nnd
Jahn Mctlnovey, eAeen of the tmai*d.
t'tstton Were pnaeat from nearly every military
organtaailon In this city nnd Brooklyn. Aamng them
were Brigadier-General Fouls niiplBld. colonel .loim
I'. Camp, "f I h.- HA Re,inion! ; Colonel Kiiiiiels V.
.ene, of the 7Lst Regiment ; Meale nant colonel
Thomas ll. Kami, of thc Ol lt Regiment; CsptSl'i
winiam ii. Kirby and Lieutenant McCOMn Ituit.
of Hie lath Regimen). Adjutant stephen P. Iiart, of
tin- __d Regimen! T Adjutant Wllllnm .i. Hates, ,,f
Hie 71-i Regiment; Fasten Norton, of tile Navy, and
Recorder I* my th.
charleston, s. c., Feb. it ISpertall.-ColonsI A. E.
Ilagood, "f Cbingo, wm brought h-r.- bom Atlanta
lo-day by Un- lal bee of bis atxteea-yrar-eld wtr**. iMr.
Brandrot, tn answer a chars*- ot btgssky. Colonel
HagOOd I id VII ? l\ been en*.i>n eil wllhin |):-t-.iii
bur. before then- wai n rush of wives from nil pan.*
of iiii* state to tin. pity. Thus fnr only twa BtatM
outside "I Stun ii ('molina ban bara heard Ram,
Georgia and llllm.'.s, (be lattn represented In tba
person "f Mn. Belle Ilagood, of CMrafB, When the
Colonel wns brou ria here only two wives were known
lo be iii exiitrace. In b'.s than twenty-IBM hewe
tnarly a donn more luive been beard from aai the
returns are liol ye. all In. Charleston furnishes
titre-- vb lim**, tine in Snvriiinnli BeeSSS to he the
senior 1n rani. a. fir ns ls al present known. *>ln*
wns innrrb-d to him Bboo) twenty years nenin t.minim
ville, Baraweil County, and bsa borne bim nv,. rBB
dreti. ob* nf whom, ,ixx elfjitecn your old daughter, ha*
bea living with tin' Colonel. Belora thal period M
bad m.n i-nsl n Miss Davis, lu Watc-rboro, wini bon*
bim b'tii' children itiid I'.,-n died.
Tin- Colonel i nun i) ('limiest, m ten yOgtl ugo und
married a Mi-s Alley, the MagBter of a rb li under
laker hen. lier wtfehoad lasted abont three weeba.
She ls dead. Ile WM next heard of at Pln*-opoll_.
BB.Belli t.ouniv, wbeie h.* went tiu-ougli some soi!
of niniiitrue ccveinonv ivl.li n. Miss Allum. Then he
Bril heard of In Vance's. Ornngohtirg County, when
ho vms married again. After six or elgin yean he
dl?ppesred. mid ls st.ppoi.d to have been BJ lilted In
Chicago. New York nud Philadelphia. Two years
ago lie n-ttiriied to chnrleMon. and under the name
of foyle nan rle, a young widow, Mrs. clancy, with
win**:*' he remained shout titree months. Then he
went to l':....ul-.; phis und wrote to til
I'ffct ?-|f? tiut lie had me grip. anl
lhat tte munt look Out for the announce
"i- *. ih I., the I'lillndelphl, papen. Ths
announcement came in duo lime. Seven mondia
? ni., 'ici io t;haiie*to:i and married Mist
Beaudrof. The date of bli marriage lo tho Chicago
wife I* not known, tine woman who followed him
her. I* apparently wealthy, and has pm Up .he
money lo MB him out. HsgoOO. Savannah wife
who... malden name was beck, mya thai she i?,id bini
KO a monti, la-mod |. related tu ..emmi Johnson
llripo'st, a famous Confederate tiencrnl of this Btnts
lit- is ni,,,ni -un rear* ,,id. and served in the con
?dents Army. Ball for Mm wns nx,,,\ Mt .ti ism) tn
dav. which was advanced ky lils (-hlrngn wife
New-lTaven. Conn.. Iib. _i.-l.iist night thieves en?
tered the dressing rooms or the Yule crow In Hie new
gymnasium. From thc rooms of Hie freshman crew
Om Face and Head roar ?>*-_
Hoi lora aad Npoelnllst of
Little ReaeAt.
rrlea Cai lien ra. Oae Met Produces ta/aaa
derfiil Cliaaa*. Completcl-,
Cured la Twa lion.hs.
I hid b?cn sufterlni with I.rv-t.,~*_ ??. ?,....i _
,t weald sp,..ir .uring Aug mi ,,.4 .eptSErflk
?aaawi Msaea. Mr fme i?*,in,** \,*, .?... __T ? da
?ere sneered seriously. I used t,,? t?We% ?* ef-nLW
lESoLVLST on. box of tlc IT'TUTR.\ _n. '"____!
By 1 um cured. Mi., 4, u ,..\**\ mhty
Ml- M. M. mi.; -
35 b. 3d?t . UviOiag" Pi,
Cuticura Resolvent
rhe nen bioo'i md sum Partaer, uni areaa__ ot
>modl.s. cleanses ihe |,|>*_1 nf in imtmriu".
l-TH l KA. tl,,- great skin cure, ,,*l i c I \.\ a>J_|
ni exui.lsiie ?,|n beautifier .-bar tl, -!.: i _nil , **1
ostore. th.- hair. lim. th.* cc Mi I I'.a Iti viv ni ii'' *B*
iver) s|?'.-i?-- of iti-hiii'.'. hu'innif .. n-, ' nJ., -*?*
ilotrhr >_lii. snip, aid blom di, ve, from?---.'- ?*<
?erofiila, fl-um Infant) fi ?:-???. thea Um
***.. from Nmnt?. S
Ra. w
'"?"Et TO
Sold snrjrwhen. Prtn, CVTK
I.V. : Resolvent Bl. I'ei-ire.l b- i
IV* *'IISS t.i I Ure ,SK;:i DlmMS.*1 (J. isiri An ,n_
rsUon*, std teallaaaiale, _mIM fies. u-*
I flyC'"^' %VhU*"- I l"nr"_t Sktii 3r.d"_0fT?7Bl__.
LUVC pron,, _t i,v ..i rut n.v .-so:,,,. ^,
vv.th tn.ii wean, d.ri\ ,,n.n_ HMSaa._|___i
yiiviti .? relieved |? ??. miaaie br al
. mb um Anll-I'iiln I'ln-trr, thc oal. ___
kl Hag p il*.* r. ?"**
two jtotd watches und rhetta wen taken aa** from a
'vni-itv cr,'*- SmBcc a pocketbook conlalalag checR
imountliig t? o.er eua). The ladkatisM ar- thu
"ilt.'T a slud-nt of 1,,- nnlvci-liv or nn ernplnve ot
th- gyamari-tn ti the culprit. Thi* u tb*- largest ot 1
loni,' serle*, ol th-ft- irom tbe new gyaaa lum.
Ihe monthly m**etlu| ut the BattMal ?l,r:?tin Imftt
lor .he PrMMMM of Social I'mlfy sin tw hcM ?> 8 u. a.
on MeadsPi Bl No. AA L>*t I wetitv?ss. " id-*-., ise -nu
Ini alli b? sd.re??-.-d by .Jv Rei. IL-, a. II. letwR g
Platnneld, sud Mr. M. Li,tils- Thorn*. IM latter __)
glw iii at nant nf her re-.-nt trip t*ir uirh R-iitii, wkol
ihe mr,- ?ni inned nf til" -". lal ? sstuai m* ... 4 -.,1,
nt th" eurTcrtng peasant*, S< wei! u of thc hi_h?i ri\mm
at RaasSM life. Tho haslam aasaiag sad th* wtnia'i
prayer BMeMag M th- laagea ?:;: 1 ,?- UBA at 3 p, m. ta
liv. lt No. AA Batt Ttveiitv-vond-.t,
"t'hilntliii Patriotism" will b>- thc ri. at tbe nmp
li,l ai rita to-morrey In tie- Ms1i-on Ima M***ioH|
Bplerepal ch'irch it sixtieth ?t kdgitssss win be tt*
livered by BM BM. Dr M. Dt . C_BW_W*_, Wiia.r M:_w,
P. C. I/mnsbury, J'.hn W Vo~.ii .in. md by th.; ps-ur tt
the (-h.tirth. the Rev. Ur. li,.:.-n MsCbtfM*
An ent.'rt-iiiiUK'tit Hid 1.|iii"ii ?:'! b? ziveri it Rl'k.
mond Hall i)i_'-hundredii d?lv.eet)th--?. j ,d Lirhtk tva.
,<n April S Itv the ind' pn detr n Club. This l lub lia
yaaag mil BetiVS BspakMtSS orgtni/iiloii mut h?r 1 0*m
membership. Tin: I millilitre I . n i ?;,!., n i. ox folliei:
kitRai anmaaa, ekainaa bs?0, Onay rollie^
Jl.-Ob Bli'K. VV L ll B ??'., . I B. Lcm, Jin*. K-|.
aady, J'im il M'N-'.i!. '? a. BaekBa, uesrgs CBng-BI
A. g. hmntni and II. f.?'.d*mlth.
lh- lumire B_a?entt ball of the Ne, York Tia
Tenta BlneaiMgdlli ?tU ht held on m-vt Murta eveo.ag
si r-rrs.e *.ai*_*u. I ' -r . uc?r Thlrd-ive.
Aa addi'** >>n J_t.."* <? Blalas I III hi n-ihe.-ed hy
Smooth M n 'e i. aa a. tl 1-1, .. ? lag, ?t ? amUie
of tim .ni".'l"d H-p*ir,|i,iii? et Ott XVIth .v.^mblT Dia
tri'-t. wales MU Mhald ?'- Be BM Math-set ns ??"?Ilea.
Tba Class of ".*"). Mewl* lti-t;t'it<\ h.'!d Its untnl
dliii.r l_j?t evelin,g it 1 ;_il.-- :>?U'irai,t iii TS'-'nty-UUri.
kt. Coven for ttfty were 1ml.
Chirlcs IMlMBlt s waRdunsm res. ettste aaeol ?fid
la?\rr. 1- serieuely Hi at hit hem B . W Tja*'. Third.
?t. Ba i- nUMbb fi "I Sstsl reBBpss, dne to nv-er.
M.,rs. Mr. BesMlawr ls I spahn ia 'ii* BaR BW^
Mtwre h?* hs- f>r many yean ban ? promln?nt 8|*iw.
IM Mort t- atf-nd to In* iori:" law pTM-M tnt ml
?MOM fmslasM i*.usie kaad-d li -.nd to hues broiea kia
?I,,..ii to .mil in ? \t--iit tha'. il I* Bal d li;., mind sid
gin way- ?*" baa ben under tb" csre of Dr. Ed'ud
c BpRsM, ,f No. Tli I., \ii_ton-ive . for lix- last four
mouthe, but hi* ton,liri ii his n-*t liupr'oed, mut ll ll
foa.ed Hint he Min not r.ter Bm h-slth. Th. trouSU
l, no*, duo to kialami leasas, is wm st iir?t f'sred. tail
it is end th- narrlaga .f ha na, CfeBtMs Jr., xtt-hml
him greatly.
il tTLED.
Wa-hlagtsa, Peb. lt.?TM im-bhmi esaUaaBi
on BM Nolt'i I'i*itlc -.'..sst and ,>\>-r th- reitrtl
re|lon, when* ll U tslllnif. The prMSWie has intmiM
In all other districts, BXS Ipi lu BM aaBkWsM, "bon M
biroaiet_r I* -llghtlv loner. Light 1-t'il *_o?i bivi
prevailed lu th*- Luke region*. N-? Englmd sol M
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slightly Mainer.
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avenge 33'ii bring 4>.- Rsm titsu on iii
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iiiidiiigiit'iiiii midnigh. law men uti f-u u fdB^yi a
In and m-ir rm. city le4af Bart argl f*?muJt
?eiv*nlly fs!: nititlier, _lli*M liic-iinai clisa{<?, ?
Mariner, ps hap*.
tor exhausted, nerroo-i
overworked women,
nothing can do as mu?k
as Dr. Piam'a FavorlR
PrescripUon. lt nf**
latta maxi assists all ??
nstunl functions, nenr
eonflicu vvith them, esA
it stnngthens and ouiaa
up the female lysMin w
! a way ot ita oem. ^.
1 Nursing naothert aaa
I women approaching/";
Iflnement, will findli
? ii ? laxactly Rttad to th*
needs. It lssssns the paini and burttts ?
childbearing, ensures healthy. vlf>??j*
spring and promotn an abundant aecn"1*
of nourishment on the part of the mother.
It's an iueigoratlng. reston ti ve tonie, a
soothing aud stren*ithening _*rvin*' ZZZ
the only gttarantnrd TomeSr tor -T0"^
chronic illa nnd ailments. If it d?*,lt<"rT
flt or cure, in tho ease of every tHtSttm
flirted wonuui, she'll have her money hecx
On these terms, cun anything oise M ."?
M good " for you le buy '. _
You're offered AwiTr a <*ur_ of t^eWth,
by tbs proprieton of Dr. Ssge b llemsdj.

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