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?HqqraMMI OP im: GOTW-XBURtJ vnd
,,l,,,r-i 1 sr: R MEX?THE BERATE IX
[r.V rgUOBAPa To THK. Tit I MM 1
Trent"::- **?'? ?' ? '':' -*?' ""' '''"I"'" l'x" Pflssetl the
,sfee Tnr_er nclng lill- over Onvernor Werie- v. to.
?fl,,. geaatr *n> In session a long lime today, pretend
??g to be deeply Interested in lull, ibm amount tn
?y.hlns. fm' really walting t. reretv. Hi" .riinv.i'i,
m Iritt tbs Howse, la reder io have ererytblng la
?M_lssis to-saamw to pm tbe Bniahlng lench on ibis
_M rcmnr^iii'l piece ol leglslsllon. s., far m,t a
ji,,ide Mich lui" air ur nd in in.* programme of the rsc
inf nra. T..'\ started In t'> pat their Mil- Ihrongh
^ ,,iuties of de Lrgblatnn. to deny a public !ir-nr.
l-R. ??f"1 ,0 overrld*- the known abjections *,! the l.?v
.-ncr. sud tbeir prent job ls nearly galahad, ir they
h_M R"'ir vV>,"s ln Ul ' s"';,;''' *VA ni this Hnie no
r..i_ or aaverlnp In Ihe line ls reported, to narrow
ma will see the enactment af a lav*- under wura the
, ?..|. rs of Gnttenbnrg and Glonceatn will !?? aide
^ snap their flnpers at prosecutors, indues and Grand
The attend-.nce of member* of th*- Horse wns small
pa ti.orr.tnC. and Speaker flynn wnlle, until 18:1S
?'rieck h-f'1*-*' Clrei Hup Hint Ihe (.overnor's Veto nies
_je$ bc tak-a np. Al lhal bom- '.*- ant of co ment?
ors "ere in IheR aea.s, The abaeateea w-re Re-asrx.
jjfrry. of iltuison. .-imi nicker, *.f Burlington. Tm*
fn.a_ei flrt mlled np lil! Sto. 200, wbleh is t,,.. .,, ?
latterlriup Boards ol FreehoMen <>r other gnrernlng
l^les M Beens.! neeralin *. The il.vernor-* nbice
bom nen rsad, snd Mr. Hutchinson, Republicen, of
Mercer, pleaded with tiie member-: to stand by the
Coven)"!-. N" SOC ?!->? spoke. Mr. Lan.*, Trim bul
foo-at nil th.- racing bills before iL.-ir original passage,
sa* now sile!!'. The r--I! was . ulled, and mi the <iu*'s
tlon "-kau tiri* bill pass notwithstanding tbe <?..\
uusfs abjeetlons Iberetot" the following vote was
_?as-na:iice. Rvrne. Carroll. ChSBlkertela, Clarke,
rotle. Taiy. Dittnar. Dupuy, l'!'. un. Harrtfaa, Henrx,
HcmC giaias, H. Hr. IL A., Keiiv. T. M. Lamil, lg,
"UtthUt, Olvaney, 1'airer. Peel, Mic, jurd. Smith, btout,
Smtui, SttntMo.it. Tahea, Th sss pana, in,-. Utter, Wane,
Wrljht and Zc.'.er :?;?<
Bile juadH'.c. Barrett, riixt-r. Beakaaa, Bartsa,
Omer. Diver *.!s-;''.!. Gledhill, llolaoes, Hoik Hu.ehtn
ton. Kyle, Lune. Matta) k, Murphy, (flirt,-n. Untiling,
Um*. BBBagai, Stntfo d. Stancr. BMdn, WII?on ind
Tit Rep sbttcam voting bi the aWh ma live were
grit., o' Atlantic; T'lter, ot Morris, and Parker, ol
I!.-tnai?i'.h. The Democrats VOtlM In Hie tie^atlve
Trere Artuitape and Barrett, of E.sex : Beekann, ol
PBRMM; Trie, "f Union: ?VRr|cn. of Morris ;
0.-m"*r. el lOBMIBSt, and WUaon, af Warren.
By tN> same vite bills Nis. li.X"> and SOI, permit?
ting --Oktm.li.iig. ale., weal Ih-VBgh over Hie
Governor's veto, and as boom us the cletta cottM Bet
Ita mi?!-'jre$ read they were seal to the Batiste. The
tho* sixaiiled In pushing the tills through de House
vu c^ly twenty nlnutrs, smh nntneaa and dla
pitfb in swMag waste papn "f ? Governar'a veto is
uri precede:, ted Mn, A :r..-i p of Quake*, sat In the
pllery w.'ile lire Liing wns being 'lone. Tln-ir brose!
bria* re?*ed In tV-ir lips, end they looked Mfferly
I-W71 up1*. tUc floor while the v .res wen tsli*n. The
ttiDOiacenie-it of tb* r-t-nlt evidently shocked them,
for * ev lauaedlately anne and b*fl the rhambcr.
TJiere I* every pr. spec! of a determined lieut against
tbe I'iiU IB ti:- r nat" to-morrow, but i!:>ir pm-mntxe
i prrdl Md. '? od lawyers sst lhal lb. Governor ls
rigbt in de* luring Mil Nc. 300 unronsiltutlonal, and
tint tie lourie would promptly .*o Beela re If tie
question sh'tuld b" pr--*-nt._ lo them, lt lo*.!;, fr.-m
this is if the plans of the milne aim mlpht be fru.
trat?d afi-T a!.. Anthony pomstock was al tbe State
Rouse Mday to s,.e if be could be nf any ssslstanee
In srtBsg ihe bill. ;c:d quickly found oal ih_i be
wuM not.
Tbe Rev. Dr. Ketr.ps'.isll. of ERnbeth, :it:d his fol
lowen of the Cltiz* !:-? Antt-RMStrack taagM, are ai
la sras over the paingl by th*- Assembly of the run
tract tills aver t)_* Governor's veto, and yn.erdaj
i_*r_co_ Dr. Kempshall l-*U'd over bi* ilgnatan th*
"IHe Executive Committee of th- Cttlsens1 League
rails upon the clti/.e:is .,f New-Jersey to bold Indlgna
RBRgetlngi ai onn t<. proBr-d against tbe pnaaage
of tie rncetrsck Ull* over the Oerernor'a v?-to, or
lo demand their rtg*ol '! they h-'V'*1 bera alreml>
Dr. Eempshal bas asked lbs arinlatera of Eiitri
kn:, to rn s't bim at Ids bouse this afternoon M A
e'c-ifk. when srrangrmeuM Uir the Indicna'ion mee:
tt here Will be mi.dc.
Snrstega, M. Y., Feb. 04. ?The sec ond day's session
of tb* Iwenty-aeventh annual BBeetlag of ibe Young
Men'* Christian Association opened al !.?::.<") o'clock
tah m"rnln_ Tli**r.- were fully .',',> delegaln and
ip*-e!ators in the lnr^-" BUdltntua "f the Lir-t Melli
oiltx Ch ireh to listen t? and pnrtltlp.it,. in Ibe thirty
n-.inute devotion.ni nrvlce, which wai eondncted b>
Vllliam w. Baalth, al P-aghke. pete.
At io o',-lo, k I'r'-bi'-tit Stokes culled the eonrenUon
to order amt appointed cornmltt?e-. The snhjeel o'
"Boy*' Work" was then lal.*?, ap, und a paper on
1 What the Aasadatloa lin* Done for l's" wn* rend by
Harry Appleton, of New-York City, BBd '-riv L. VIII
ef Rania a a. rend a paper on " Brfhat We Ilnve Trl*-d
to Do for tb<- Association." Sumner I", Dudley, ns
ti*.tant stste secretary, ikea n M ? papor entitled
"fM-M-ttlea of Developmenl la Work for Boya."
*h!eh wr-.t followed by two-minute discussions, whh;,
lifted about twenty mlnut*-..
Edwin F. See. ^-ener.-il secretary of Ibe Brooklyn
??*oclati(,n, pre.-id?d ovt tbe neal Bamber on tbe
I'ropsmnie, "Oenferenn on BltJa Study rind ila*-"."
beusnti Van Yll.-t, of RaaRhkeepale, who was to rend
? piper m ?' How to Prep.rr* a Bible Lesson," wus
nr.sbl*' to be present on account of lllm-M, so Mr. ><?<?
itrodltied the subject by changing it ta r*_-i "How I
Prepared My Bible Lesson,- laking the topic 'How
t? Maes-saSaM Beceteed ti-.*- GMpel." Other papen
were reid by UM Rev . H. C. Farrar. D. D., of Albany .
J. T. Downe, springfield, Muss., and Jabs H. S.pilre,
of buffalo.
The afternoon session was opened st S ?''O o'clock
bf the nev. .1. E. Allen, of HantOgB Sprlncs. Dr.
Lc. Warr-r. of Hew-York, read a imper oa "Mustons
Methods Bsaeattal le Success lu Assorlaiton Manage
?nent.1' An interview between a buslaess ninn mid a
t'tieral Bsentary _.,- ti,*- theme ol discussion i,y J. r.
Ailing and A. IL Whitford, general secretary of Rodi
Brier, Th*- afternoon session *.v;is concluded with a
parlor BMli linn for convention delegataa.
Rurtford. Feb. gd.?Governor M',:-.ls --en! to the
t-nvo to-day toa s ian ol ?-.\ Benatt r Joha -. B< ? rna ai.
M Baraalk, t,, in- inaanaee Cnmmkalonrr Rr.
HaaarRa ;, aaiaenl anmbei ?.f thc FalrSeM County
?*r "nd was c-iialrniiin of Ha Derwemtk Btate Con
?M)tlon W'hlrh nun.-, GOVerUM Mor.is. It IS believed
ms BS-BmBm will Ih* i milli med.
In He HonM Mr. Br.ti mild--, of Wri*-hin|[t,.n. nnd
J-lBcoik, ?f wond.'I,;., i.'th totnduced resohi
"?* *-_lin_ *)p,,n tii<- Mate T_e_-_BM* f'*r Infnrma'-ion
j_f,riB|t n,,lr"ntl toan psld bf Ike New-Vork, Sew
*'''* ind Hartford Rnllnuid f >: a iiuml-er o', years
?kn, <>n,. ,,f ia. rsootntlaas laatiacts tn*- mnaunr
"tanaaei M the Hanae aa "i buBaia Monday so much
?' ii repoit .,f the Tnusuiir aiade la tb.- Governor
? WHaU-r i. IBM, as r*lut**.s lo tbe result of a sui!
gd-hl by the Mst.- BRriUHl Hie New York. Wea
?EBB mo iinrtf*.!-*i BaUmad Compaay lor the re
??Bl of tm,,,., d,,. iMviiient of wn.eh bsd brea evaded
*t mean* ?f nturm mud.- ky that eaespaay lo ibe
("ntroii. i; (Ml tb.- Tnasnnr traaaadt al the nan
?Bl a tabular statement wblei, sbaB exbll'l' I"
Nrglei columns the MMMJ1 af cask on hand m rack
JJ Jta years fpim j ,7-J ti IHittt. Hic|u*tlve, ns re
parRi io tm- controller in th.- adam of that nat
JJBl for taxation and ns re[_.rt.*d In Hie annunl re
tar"s niad*- ti, tbe Rallnsid I otiinl.-ioiier* \ that bs
Mas report tbs aggregate additlonsl amounl **f las
**mn i.'?. evaipsii) .lld have pr.Id lo th.- Btate
"nat |t? OOM-Ol?'*,, |, n la lfT2. brid the DlllOtttit nf
^?*i tm hand reported lo t:.,- Controller r?rr-*.poi?d-d
**1 '"' r-i_ n.d in tb.- Rallmad tv-mml_*1on?*n.
nath Hoixvs jsis.i^i a r-s.,iuiloii favoring ike Clin?
gs* I...) I-,,,! .,?,,?;,,., ,? increase the satan "'
m ? i?r.oriie;s of hui y.-rs' service lo # l ._<>'> snnuslly.
THERE sire ....ooo laniili.'H In MMi
* IMI .kow Vork Who 1)11 V tl IC
Wore than tor.rrr copies sold throiifb
JJJt the country monthly in cilies and
Ut? larger towns.
Spring Styles of Gentlemen's
Silk and Felt Hats are NOW
?"'?'IN B. Ki li v. CHIRP CIVU, SUI VI CE ix
AMIN'l.l'.. to BE REPLACED BT thomas
IllV RI I".HM ll TO Till. TItllUNE.j
| Albany. K.-b. -..-Tho harmony lhal pnvalla In the
Democratic puny wns brlRtan.ly Illustrated ben to
day. s. nat areli et edward Mm pin, jr.. visited Got
.tom Planer, ami bad a canfenmwet ihr.-c boan with
him. lt ls ?Hld thal Mr. Murphy .b.-irged President
?1"! cleveland writii i,u,i friiti, |:, breaking nn alleged
agnemeul mud.- ni the \Tctorta lioiei canfennre that
be would not appolnl any Democrat from this .tate of
I the type of Wits,,,; s. Btssell to a Cabinet ofllce. Mr.
_ls_.ll, it ls notorious, Min the buders or tb" anti
(i-veismi Democnts or tbe Btate, and h<* Ms pond
reasons ter not laving them, dpi i..-v noi refuse to
itermit bim lo vate ut a Democratic primary in Buffalo
lu December. ISSI, berni*, be would Bul -.-clare thal
ii- i; :d voted fer Uen.enant-Governar Khechan. Mr.
Blas* ", h.is a good momm-y. ll" r<-member, thal day's
experience nt ihe priiu.irles In Buffalo. Mr. ll* -e l -
appointment ns Poa! ma-: "rt.,merni |. esprcially ob
lecilonaMe io f_?? anil Cleveland Democnis beean c b
will have ibe appointment <>r sll ti,,, rrosaaads pnst
masters, amt can easily build np u Cleveland awchlne
in this grate by that method.
Then v\:,s n sign to-day that Mr. Murphy, Gov
ernor Flower and other uti < loveland Democrata,
seeing -hm they win get no patroo__ge Rom lirovei
Cleveland, have de*ermlMd to turn aU the . levelanl
Dcm.s-ruts out of ..|b,e. and ... lake these ??plums"
for true bin.* cntl-Clevriand men. goon :, fr -:- Mr.
".'uri,by b.ide fiieu.!i io Governor Flown I hen
c-tit.-n-d thc E-secatlve Chamber one al th.* badin,
(l.veisnd men el thc t*t-it_*-John B. lilley, ol Platts
burg?who, ever since 18S8, Ma ben ebb f examiner
ol thc Board of Civil gerrin Commlssl._*en. Mr.
lilley called npon Governor Flower te kora whether
or not the rumor that be waa i. he removed fr-itu
oflre ?-_<* tru". Governar Flower MknowRdged thal
be wss t?, i,e retired on Monday, when tbe tlvli
Bervlee Commlsslonen will meet In Albany. Th.
Civil service Cammlsaloacn an- removable ut tl"
pl?-nMire of Ibe t.'iv, i-nor, and. t!.-ref,i". ure always
his humble aervan.s. ii ne -nts taey mast roniov-e
,i man employ.*d by t tem tkey always 'bey orders.
Ih<- removal *if Mr. Riley i* abeu! Ila mon. ren*t'*ic
nous uc. o! ..?,-,lilly t. ih- Cleveland m.-n of ihe
.-tate thnt I., vernor Fhn r hi* rentun il lo display.
Mr. Riley wn. appointed HnRsrlii.endeni al Indian
.i.'ri.il- in l-.r, by it?id. nt Cleveland, md resigned
lhai olin-,- to sssnme bis prmen'..'place la-cau ?
slKd .0 llVl' l!i Ills linr.ee -tine. ||e || lil* i em* of
the trading lieutenants af f-mitti M. vv.-ci, of Ll rt
burg- HU removal ls thenibn al ai.ee nn nit.ok
upon both Mr. < Irvetend and Mr. vv<-.-<t.
lin,m.is Carmody, ..,' Penn Van, wno Ms been
s.-l.c! d ns Mr. Riley's sin *-.*-.t,r, ,* ;i Mayer, thlrlf
ihree yet.t, old, sm j campaign stomp .p bU.t. v
rear ago be wai a delega" tram Vale* minty io tl
lilli "Snapper" D.ii.oi-iuib State l.'onvcn.ton, held In
Albany, ivoruary -"-'. Tin- sn,;,.ly indicates bl*
attl'nOS toward fr. -Idem elect .'leVeiand.
nil'. exp Le h.:rt iRBPEB TO BE tinED nv THE
PbUadelphta, Tel.. S*_,?That Lieutenant Pnry win
nndertake anothn expedition lo the Arctic regtoni nn
tier the unspiees of Ihe Geographical Club of Ihi! rlij
|. now almoat iissiired. Tb* 'v-iiri.' committee ui
Ibe club bas considered H.e proposition "f Llenlenani
peary favorably, bul the Anal decision will n**t be
mnde fm- .evernl ilitys. Lleiitenniit Peary propose*
thal the dub stell raise 88,000 ur plO.OOfl *..' th.
tixx.ntxi <ir 865,000 needed for the expedition, The
remainder ls to bc advanced from bis own nsourr.
ind tb.- expedition ls tn M tinder Ihe auspices of lb
??lui*, in niara for tata, Ucatenam Peary nure,^
la turn over to Ihe dub whatever collections of
-c.-ii'ltic v.iiuo bc may make,
The expedition will rennin two roysges, tt,<- flr-i
fae tba landing "f the periv. a: d tbe iccond, probabli
iitidcr the dlr*'( tlon ol somebody aelnted ly fl,.
GeognpMesI Clab, to be In tbe nature ?,f ? idrnlli
expedition. Tb*- abjeel o* the expedition li Ihe di
iit.?-Mtifiti of de'a'-b.-ii land north
Vi.In lireeiil.it'd.
nnd the nnknown portion of,the i-.t-t . <?e-t ; t,<? ti.
termination of tbe tnnsvrse'profile ,,.* 1 .,- Hrciilsu*',
mland Icecap, from Cap.cMt1-.n14.-ck to Inglefield t.ulf.
:, detailed sarre] of \vh_l<- >o;it*d snd;Inglefield ?ulf:
rnrther studies of the greig Highlander*, vtol a col
le. Hon of the natural obi ec ls 01 t:,.- i*glon.
ort vi kw.
Among the many intensglng features of the Lom
Rxhlbtttra now teing h. ld In the building Of tbe Am* ri
cnn Fine Art** Society la u-e- -oDeettan of sp" imena
1 f Chinese emmit art. ll toaprUs a 1 omp '?'*? np
lasentatloc of raamrteristlc examplei (ron Ibe beal
tail *ls. Facing tl"' door of BM weat :''<*ni 1- a targe
rase entirely covering the wnR, nnd 1U1**<1 willi ?: ile
rolorad plena only, noteworthy sarans which sn
-pt*. 1m. ns af tbe n-Shrat-dtpeorb eolor.'ol t ie famous
Lang fnrnece; a charming'example ..f ttu- mr.- nee
tint, and. among of ber iliiilc mton. tb** eornl, yellow,
mirror Mark, <*eta0on, pan crackle, purples, viole's,
vsriona ifcsdn ot th- peail sod?oBve, aka Ike various
Hellcat* "hs-inr/v ami Mendings ofJgBMei resembling
tba color of piecUni- stoii-*. A birre cine to Ibe
left of tl* entrance ,(/ntnliis one'of |ba earliest sud
ri,o*t ciolce examples f,f the so.culied '-bin's Mw
thorn" Juc-, and 11 isrre Jur vdt li cover of soft paste,
beautifully eacerated la a eeavantlaMl Boral <md
anbesgue treatment. Two tiprighl vitrine eabtnets
aontatn a mintier of blue aad white MmfT bottles tn
sofi and hard pasta, rowen, sm.-iil vases nnd tad.les.
Another niblm-t ls nile! with specimens ?.f carved
rind formed bard stone. Including Jade*., agate*, buds
11,ull, cornelian, crystal, sardonyx, JaJelte, umber,
etc. _ _
A targe and Interested gr mp or weU-knowu people
gathered In the parlors nf Mn. Henry Draper, at N<*.
?J7l Madison-are., Mat evening t-> henr talka on f>r<
lore. Dr. ll. Carrington Bollon made nome remarks
-11 -Divination In New York - tty To-day." and ex
Mblted tbe 1 i:,i. mirrors used for Ihe pnrpo
George P. Kana showed a ansi egataM human InVtk
Inlaid with Jadeite, fenn Mexico:j,while Georas Bird
Grinned recited an original Pa Mae f.Ik-i"rv.
Among Ihose pnsent wen Dr. md Mrs. John ll.
Hinton, .iinip" and Mm, Charles l\ Daly, the Rev.
Dr. Robert ' liver. |*rt>fcssnr A. C. Merriam, wiiiiim
u Davis, lc 1. Vance, William ll. Tothill. Pref.
A. S. I nc *. M irli.'n.-i- L. ia:!'
Mr. L. E. (hi:tenden.
D. M. llil'li.ih and
A larewi'll dlniier In honor of tba n*-v. Dr. fi-epbra
H. I'.iii.. who -mis for tnnny ran rector of Hie Chunk
of t|.e ll iv Trliiltv. In lill- div, .will !-* given nt
Delmcni-o'a on Tuesday, February 88. Dr. Tyng is
aboal to reran to I'sris alter a than visit lo his ttl!
borne, and many *?' hts New York friends win anti
bl Hiving Ma IM1* ttllmt-- of a farewell dinner. Dr.
Tyng bas >_-c*n encaged In th*' InsaranM bust ni ??
In l-**ris lor twelve yean.
The next aatdesl arvin of the ebelr of *.t. George's
Chunh w li h.- heM to tn..trow evening. Wendell
-.olin's XLIId PaishB will be Ming. Wiillam f*. C',c-!-r.
th* orgnnisf, gav.- the iir-i af a aa Rs af fi*.rgan
iviHils list B'adaeMag' Ha was aaatated ky Albarl
j.- Arvncboo, Mrytoaa. Than nettals wtfl tate
nine- tu ihe rhnreh in Btayveaaal Bqgsn every
Ivedncsday afternoon st 4 o'cloc* daring Lent. At
thc m-M one Mn. Chju-Jei Tyler Dutton will stng.
TIM Ktilck.riH.cker WhMt * lah gave a hearty wei
cm*' nt Hieir noan, Mo, 83 insl Beventeenthid
on Tnesdnv and Wed nevi! ny. la their vl?lt<irs fi mi IM
ti estasaretand Linn, "f PbBadelP-da. Meaan. Rat
.?,. IfogrMge. i-i'idnil. Hooper. Bteelmra and
Jleck-r. In lennis, played S series nf four pw* v.lth
tent* made np from Messrs. .V?t*oii, <?ils. Fish. Hop
per Carpenter. BoNaaoa imd BMadM. Bf th*- Bow
York Clnl*. 'Hie 1,'anies were " duplicate- and -dub"
_,,|S, iT? (his llrst test of pl.iyHif* capacity, ihe,
Knickerbockers hud lo yield U, lb.- superior abSttr
? T S^K-flS K'Jt'^-erl'-h 'r' 1,h-.prn,._T^e^
^lIS0^ -U -^* SS S miadeiphle. I
A .CRT loll *_,_on.
Waitan <'. Andrewi nm*t pa-.- 8S.00B to climie* p.
Winch fm- ii.,' latter's efforts in telling 1,000 -imrs
racb *.f tin- common and preferred stoiit of thc stun
d.ird <?.!. Light ( ompsny t<> B. T Babbitt, the soup
amnnfaciarer. That wat tn.- scnled radtri wMch
was brough! tn bv Iho jury before .Indee (,!...
? :i Ihe i mri of lom mon I bus. yesterday. Mr.
Winch tin.n.-i,t li" on.i,t to have .0,300 in nd*i;t;. .1
io ihe *V)) '.'I,!, beted t*. i\ >i from Hi. Ai li
and lhal w.,. the smount for which le sued. The
ra*e wa? flnlshrd mi Thunda) and given lo Ihe Jurv.
Al _:30 o'clock *.n Thursday evening the Jury itmt
n ?: ugre* 1 n;,,ii ., ,-erdt.l nial Judge Glegertck went
home and ordered lhat If tb" Jury n:,ro?d agog , v.;
?Hit li sin,ubi ,,, sealed and opened yesterday morn
.Vs ..ooh 11- tba foment* of i!:e reidlet we;c made
known \e-t"i-iin\ morning, WUUam N. Caben, who
a paean d .1 loading counsel for vii. Andre**-., m.,ie
.1 mm!,,11 t,, Mre tin- vertlel sci a sid* on the (-round
Lhst it OUghl I'i 1"- ( ,r the full SON-BM "lilllie "I bj
Winch or br nothing. Judge Gtag.ricb gave Hie
saner] on both s,<h * one ween m which to pregan
briefs on Hie paJnl ml-.-*! by Mr. toben.
Tli>- casi< tin* |..n (ought bitterly from the stan
:t,d the lawyer* bud a good many teated ilsra ni
III Hie progre s of the trill, B.V_m| lawyers :i|i
p.rirei tar Andreas, aad t;-..- mteresti of Minah wen
ppre.enieii by ev .indi-- liedaey. TM ptaltrtlfl de
< li.i.-'l thal li- had secured II. T. Babblti n* a par
1 isel for I..sid .!.,ir.s each of tb,- pfferied and
common stock ol iii- company. When th.- negotta
lions were well eking, !:.? declared, Mr. Andrews, who
had never icu acquainted wuk Mr. Babblti before,
lodi a li.md iii Un- negotlaikms. Winch asserted Hint
Andres - assur* i him nun bl* i-t-rf nore woaM have
'luelle'; 0,1 Hie 1 -.imliiis inn. ea; 1,, I |,i Winch iiiul that
ie wo,lld !?? paid ju-! .is much ss if Andrews ted
not Intei f. red n. .; l. Andri - Bully .1 1 led Hil .
Hr. Andrews declared wini, 1,1, iii., witness stand
lb:.* Winch ted never been an'.hortred io sell Hie
immon stock ..f the iou.;.nnv un ail) lermi whatever.
II-.- ..rid ti,..i tbe mi', bu ii.. - c. Iailon* whli b I. ?
personal-} or the rompany had .rmi with Winch wi-re
"i' ii" .,,!? ,,: the preferred stock. Fur ibis i,..*>.n
smong athen ',- ted mfused t" pay Winch anj com
mt lion for ?diing the ismmim stock lo Mr. Lui,!.in.
H.. seemed - ..in. -\ 1.11 astonished wh n .1 nam 1 ol
check * given lu him by Winch and rigncd bj Andrew*.
Arie p; .,.111. ll Wlllcll ll 1,1 ..1 (.U.li Ul .V,il|.u. bl
Winch in ji,\m-i.i for rommon slock, which Wlntii
lui! -'?:.! on tx rom mission. A Icttei lcm Mr. Andrew*
i.i win. i. uu.horisliii bim I ? ell ( ommon *i...-k -?-. mni
i.lsii lu lake Mr. Aiir-t's romplctil) bj mii|,*,?.
I nb... .lui.;.- i.i-g.-: bli sci* i ie verdicl aside on Hie
ground i li ead: mentioned, tliein- _ni pn-baluj '"? nu
;.| )? .1 Ill !!?? ' , . .,* lt Ml 1" li le,th <?,,? I.- le ' .-, ,:
lb.re hti b". n a '/..i-t deal "f reeling displayed nt the
a woman named Elsie Dumor.tier confered before
Police Justin pori, on October al, I BOO, il,,* she
'?'.i- '1.' motter "f r.ti iileiitlliii.te child, ni.d lii.it lin
Rtber o: ih*.? ell was Drain Chalumcau, a manu
fae ur!, i- Jeweller, nt No. -Jr', ! .il! .1 ?-. Vir. , Min
11 ?*;*'! '-'ii -.rn 1 01,??'! t?ef >n- i!i" police Justice ami lie
wai f';iin!!i declared t,. be ihe fatter of the 1' ,; I
v:' ord r ol Hliallnn w.i* t!,.:. . nt -:-.-d requliltig 1 I ,,
lo pay ?-:; a v...-:, 1 r t'.,- 1 pporl .,: the baby, rbi*
-um aai never j.nd. anl Mr. ITialumeau died _cv
. 1..1 month* ?- ?
'Ile ,:?' !???'. _':t . ult ri..ile.I Adele I ,llllim< 11,
:i ali:, li 1, tis ol I ? r ' , , md' ? estate, I" I
.'.M), Willi li v .1 : i:. ?-,! io !??? .! ie IHI li..- "I lei I f
1 . ' ill u;> !'. thc inc ,,f |] .? il. 1 '1 ,,' tbe . '.ill.
Judg Mi Adai 1. I', ' fie Blip, ri t ( on*, y.
ha nd-si dc. .1 a .'?.- , l"ir I;, f. # ?'. Ihe rlty, mil
ordering th. t t!. turd far by lh? rlly be pub!
I of ll ? ? ile '?, Ml. ' 1.111
ri" defendant in Ibe lull lives nt Ro. 2 Wes!
Thirteen*h s-. \ . ,, ? f Mi, < lulu nena noa ?!"
bn-::i. s :,t ? ,0 1 nit..j, 1 lure under 1.' ? 1, ui
V. " 1 . lunn a ,.
'i.i- 1- .,1 I to '"? t'.i* f,r-t ti;,,- . ,, !, ., ,|t |, .
ever I ? en I roughl lu tl.i* city.
MIL BA^ * -III'. LEN r 1 HR I IBM M< iNF.Y.
Mr . Hatah Ri' rrigk.on tte wMoa of .,,.-:???
ntakelj Cretghtan, wi 1 cammi.ted ..mille-,,, bis ofl
at N" Ti HnndwsT, sn Oetaber SS, IOHO, bas t**cin:tr
a >*!iit against Henry il Rrtghaa to mmwi PBOjOBO
wbb h -be Mlleir-- shw i^nt 'o Lilli,inn abra be ind her
baabaad tornad tba ina of j. h. cmghloa A Os. The
cs**' <*sine to 1 rini befan Justin LaarrsBM nnd a
jury in Lie Mipierne c,,'irt yesterday.
?!;?-. Cntghton, who va* a witt.--- iceland thal
wh.n H..- lim of .1 11 rn.flh._fi a in. ws Pt
cl,i:\l-r \ nt: Vet ? .. ' '
Bschsnge, Mr. Brigham g?v* 8-IOjOuo, .' which
-??.'(i's. 1 wat 'if tam.-, bf.! to him bv Mr 1 ?
and Mr. CrHgktu. g bl experience, and ?., lo rv
?Ire a satarj *,( B3.&00 a ..'.ir. 1. <? Brm s 1 di
?ulved bj '..-' dralb ',' Mr. Crelnbion, .-md although
it* affairs have been UquMat-d, Mn rretgl.lon d(
clare, tiwi Ihe IKO.BOO wblrfa Mi llrlghiim
! ie i..-. tr i' en nun ned,
l,," *: >ii<*,. |, imi t:." monej did no. renlt. I?
I..;.. ? . vj, .1,1. L-i,tm,, i, ,t t.. lnr nd tl
Ibe brill Wai limply ?|et...<l t,
:,?., frr>ii, parin*; ..ip debt*. Tl
1 .,..
? !? M Mr. i'r<tc
a .- wa* not I.li
K'tlt HIT.! Vf. A MAN Willi A LIM' K.
.io.:, Mader wn walking do-', Maamn-st, on iv; rn
sr* 3, ISUS, and ai Pnltnn lt. he Juin|"-d over a cn
bar whb li v.n put ii), to prevent people flinn Wafting
over a pin.I apel tor dumplnn bri du Botae one
. ,;;,<t to bim not '" go Ben lhere, but he "'.-ni
stead imd ., inri with a I" el .f bricks bar kin! np
jost then tit bim. 'bbl* made Bader mad and he
piili'-d u|i .1 bilit and tl.!-' lt al ".m. * Kearney,
ib.- driver -if 'if nrt. K Indeed it. and tb*
mi--le rros?*d the slreet ind bit AiirusI te,ide. 11
.Hip liter, in 1I1" ti.milli .md !?>" ened u Il'l nber "I hi
teem, (Hilde .-i"i Under for 12.inf) for Ihe Injnrj.
ll. -ernred 1 verdld f,.r -.7, from n Jim befor.
Judge (i..-.ririi in tbe four! o' Common Pleas yes
t. rday.
AH.nv. Feb. 24. Tlie ..-url nf Ap;., ,1s ui'.ti. 1,
? sl-ii'i'tr fer M today I* Mos. --'.. 807, nt!0, ? ?-.. 1.14,
III5, OCA, ti.-I, B'JII, H'2<t.
lil is OP LEGAL M wv
M rs Mstltii L. MeLesa, ihe widow ?f <;<*<.rt*.- vv
\t I,.,., ? , "tin nt,.!,.- <f rio- fill <,iar*t uinl Ute r*
,ei\-er i,f .uv t.iv-. applied M lh.' Bumnle'i Caul, ye*
t.r..nv f ,r I tt- r- sf odadalKratJ a on ie 1 h. sbend'i ssl itt
ill the (s-tll! 'li slio -ai- Uni! be. Iiu*t,0l,l left le, rei.
rets tc tri, tevel nnd pei sons! property saieantlafl M BS00
Th'- .-Miniiiinlloii ?l I, A. Netti.i in ll,,- si,..-,|. n.entO-.*.
proce-dlngi aflriaa Cfcaries vv lardner aw j.?,i, pesv
poned v'-te :;.\ oatll nevi Taeatoy.
The f".' ."ina yeaai :---.i* mere *t-orn in yestentay:
1,.: rle H. a:..n. EdwsH ">. A!*"i"if. Mmry B. L'ulv.-r.
William !'? it, ir.;*, James J Ont J, Wfllltaai Bites
..i'll, Alfred I* Lr-,.. Beary .1 Marmy, .rw
I> Mini,I ri. I' "!? ll A IT. Peitem, Jebtl
Qalatfa, Arilmr M. BUber, Willlin, Mettart,
Salisbury, Kraal " TMsley, Wll.oa w. I"hd
Perry l? Tiaiferd. John < riatl* "'i- Wllfctasae'
:r.in J. WTeodi n .I Alfred Laaterbarh.
?I,'i i-.
.*n n
Deterllve flergean. Heldelherg yesterday broagbl t>.
ii,;, rlty H. Warren Love, a lawyer alton lo- bsd
arrested in Bultand, vt-, on i rtergref Isrceny, Love
[oimerlv nml n practice in Ibis du. IL- I* accused
ni keeping tor in* ".111 use ..IT.', belonging l<* lannie
Killy. 1 poor woman, nt Sn. :> Emtt Gae-buadred-aM
?Seventh 1. Bte tin, Inland by iii" tabing 'if Ihe
.,;i.t.rlii_ In I er bein*, nnd Love was her counsel In
i* .uli b.r bunegee brought against Elisabeth J. Brigg**
lt.. to..;, tn.- cs-,, an ipeentatlM, lt was said, agreeing
t, j..i\ to Lu- i;ijnn*,l rmi on. ralf of Ike nu.I'l
awatded, mid be* aerand n |ndgmen! tar 8320. Tte
money ami paid t" dm. hui M ref.I le pay '" ""'
woman b.r aban, niid be tefl tn- ,i:- on Bepteniber
l ian. il'' ?as Indirted to 'bi* rttj ..:. l-hruiiri
li' and Governor Plown idgncd * requtdUoo for b
,',r,.;T I'.v- ws' tates m Ike I'l??irlct-Att.irney s
ot!),,- yes.erdsy ead wm teM f-*i trial.
Natal.'- RemediM oft-t-BB-M
pin Iv lint;.-!, il l>y chPUlH'Tl
and aangenaa imitations. K01
ti..- centnrk * i'tst *?!?;?<?
ha* st ? J iii th*- nil*- oj
sV:( iiL'th and health giver, and
millions hire )>?* n curcn '>>
the Carlslisd Waters "I ?H
s,,,ts end Btonneis *.f di ansea.
Td" genuine Carlsbad Spnidsl
-alts ni- Ihe Carlsbad v\ ai r
, s lidif.1 <1. bnttlsd aii'l p\SAT*l
,n ever-. A mer icm Drug Store, to rdicve the
Mildi.* nf malatfimilstion 0* food. Baruleni
oboaitj, intauli ?-f tho BteoBbcb, BBB R1TJB j*.
all a'hoallhv appetite, sfronK, VtEflTOUS Barn.,
a ncrf.-r! cllbo--.fi m. Take no im'fnti ns.
Ei*noi 4c Mondobon Co., N. Y., Bom Agcnta.
and every oilier man who is a judge
of good Tobacco, praises
No oilier smoking tobacco ever equaled the universal popularity of Bull
Durham. For 2^ years it has been the prime favorite with
veteran smokers in every walk cf life. Sold every where.
??. rfrTiaumn- Jg-aa*m-*k 'J ian 11" ??**:?*-* imii.ii' ? ?a-wtn',.s.^_uj*iaBuiaa?s
v BTTCB tM Tnn ur.nr.iN,*. pla abbitbatxon
.V.-i*lil*i-flt,ti. fm, 84.?Last full. :t tbe titfe nf
h ? v haage si ptlniid i i ? ? ? " ?? i i lied .
nd nn il Rrlfali , pmvld d f*.r In he I
.' lill Bf In .- r v tal Wi
?., . uatr tm over Behring s-n
m ? ?? n "a- rn f!" '?' Ihe foi I :,.- '. i
b.el i-.ii.ii 'i> part ni i'. ??? l-l. nee iak*n 1
? purl ??' Iht < die pilbil ntl if Ihe ror
respondent et le n*d, ? il*'i aa . I ? ? ?? .'n .
. ? ???? pel lin ? : ;. ?? . . .' -
mder th. treaty the two i. vern me ni* rani.' ul V.mi
? -I e
I. -? rase for Ihe Uuvi rnni. t nf i ..-??;.- | ri- In an
? i ,t c. **", ..?-,;? Pn t r h. Mr. II. ' ? f. *??
:? ' .1 v of 1 ?? llrltl h I ".'ri I- i , ? ,, .
r ., .' d' v Ilaire*, ..e *,? ?, i i i,r. ?? I.
lab :. I":-" l-l. ' ? Harrison h.ivll - In I . .... .
el ir rd <o Ita* ? lt;-, 'li ? s?-cn lei by *i..e ll
;hc Pre.id.nl lnk?rr_rd Mr. I! rta-ri Hal li' I ?
l're*ldcnt) sheened with surprl ? and regret Ilia
ibe lli|t|-'i rose, a- ?l|bmltt*'J, contained ii"
?upon Hie question nubtnltled i-v the lieniy ?.t *i
. tn? the ri.-',' nf property or properly Inter t i- er.ed
? v Hu I'nited Steles ir, lh ? ?. I Inhai i Ina Hie l*i lh
;? it l bindi in Behring ? a. * r ni ??? n, nt*_
? i m.'tel i . th. Trihni al ol vb I ill rn, ?
ibe ' '.a ur:.-i.t T' sula I ni arhl. '?< ix Ubi I,- n*i i ?
?: i , rrialn nani li - * '? ipe-l.l.-d In Hie ire ity.""
t| ,n r!"*e .fi"-'e.ir-, will, li ii" - ?? : i. iv sid I
er. I-, ta.* prim !;-.l fi i I In dispute, thc ag Ul ot '?? 'a!
lt:.tr,tn Intiu.ii.d i. be expelled !? Int r slice his j
? ?I:.?:.??" a' ir" fun-" perils!. Ai/rim-t a itn-'r..
Hail ? f th- I r"aiv ti In li would |*-t mil IhU IO ta' dillie
-,?. ;.i:,iy foster "iii i: - - - * i > pro!* '".i, snd a
!ha| evidence upon throe points, In ta true lu lin*
i ?' it mi ital, i (which bini in l'.?i.?*! sll !? - .-?* nb ne?
lli", "..ii lt. Ha ra ?? a pi e eated i . Hie Pr. - d ?
lh I rltl ,!. liol nun ni, and In Hie arbitrators! ns
veil bv Ibe rlpulailcns fl Ihe tnsity, should ta* glv.-n
in Ike nrlgbial w?e, thal ll nil a hi !..- examined nnd
replied tn ia Ibe rountn-eaee, riien ?.i* no o'b?-r
?ray under the treaty, the Hecretarj coniended, ?!
getting "Vi!.','" before Ho- ar!.ll:.it ,rs. ll.in in Iii"
? ?4-e aud i un !??: , , e. Li ? -, r-.ii\ nil Illili un
ie>,. the British << ,v rnmenl w n'.t _im- a .aram*
that lt woold tn).' andertake, in li. onuutn-case, t,
pi'-ent th.- midenn ii bud accumulated upon Hu* iw<
i oiit* named, Ibe President aroald (ni cjiis trained
to regari Ihe lii.ii-h ran1, as ?ubml.ted, a. o failure
io nn.pl] willi lh lei n f ii," treaty, and lo p
In th" m i .o'.uni manner again*! ihe aui
pitalue with Hs pr vi ilona,
lb- not., of secretary Pi ler was tran milted lo
loni Rosebery, end un October ?_?'. Ihe nplj "
bnugkl to Ike Blate Department by Mr. Herbert
io.,i Bimbery eoatendid tbal H"- Brill h uovcrti
nie-ii h .d the righi under Hie ireatj I i i ubmtl
evideiie.* for iii" sridtntor, lo ron*lder In ronnel
?:,.n unii Ike matter "i euucun*eu( i.-.m,*!
iv,- prolertlofi and pnservetlun ol th*' - I
ibe .lunns of Hw lolled States um- adversely de
l-l-<i npon, when .h.- in.' Ibm cirr." up for con*d1
ei .Lon, If lt stamid ever do vt. As lu Hie propertj
il-ht in tb.ula rlaimed bv lb** l abed e tates, ila
wu a >l .< ll lon of I IW a, I I' -' of l.t. lilli i .
nl'vlale an. po dble Interruption 'I ii"' prngn ??'.
,...? ;, lb Ililli"-' I""-'-'Un,., Lord I.'"--!,, iv lr, In 1 :
\.v. ii, rta ri i" pre nt t i Pm -.. ar) 1'm.ter ? i'i' i ?
lb,, evnl- n.ilired Itv l!r VL'.-i\-- floVeril
npoa til---- point*, which Ihe 1'niied State*. I io vern
ni m tm* nt .ii... n lo consider as part "i the in ,
re-,. If li so desired.
?jiie eviileiH" ?;.- received Iv --.ri.i'i Poster, III
? farther note tu Mr. Ilerbert. deled November :?
In the -I'ir'it in **.lil.-ii it wa* ,?:!,? i. snd Ihe hop
wu- e*tpre*-*ed thi.t all furfher difficult) mildil !??
i m.iir.i. |-.- correspondence c!o?e with a ti"'." fruit
tin- l.-tle ex***eentary Blaine t,, Secretnr) I',, ii.
.-led Snvemher B, In Which li** stilled Hist In ail bl*
, .r c* limb tc- with >|i- .luiinn Pbnncefole and l.,.i-.|
KsiHiiry "not ona word was said or Intimated re
s[t rt In K tbe qimtkXI i.C'V' rm-.. 1 bv lite Url t Uh li,,*,
, riiiiK-nl :'- IO a secondary idmlsstoil ,f eviden.-**,
after the ti.*t fl*.- pettit* *?t i.irtii in Article Vi h ,t
i_-**n Bedded by li.rbt-nton."
Annette K. i.ouU yesterday Hied i Us pendent sn
|ir,i;-"ri\ in On_-hundr-d-snd-twenly-ei--hth _nd in ?
hlilii'.reil ind tv.i-rit*. ! llit!i -I*., ncr 'I'.-li! lr ri V,-.. o, ci
pied iv YMearrBng's brewer-., ju .. mit t,, f,r ,, ,
nortgaga tat 810.000. <!.????.! Aatasi t*. ? -.; ,_.,,,,.,,
1,.. DarM (.. Voei-gBi g. Jr.. I 1 1: indolph t,i:__,--.i elmer,
snd hy lilm :i--'-ii tl tn Amelia i'.. f.,,:c
Depaty tiber.B Young yeaterda. r**cclved in
Hon for 87,0.1 Bgatnst Henry - Cnn*, d ,ti_ bust
ne-* a- .lohn Manahan ?'. Co., mannhirlnrers nf fancy
bia** goads, at Mo. 05 Park-st., in favor of the <?>??
lianas Mstiufnrturin .* Company, on -i\ promlsi rj
lilnrmiitsiM .. ll rsdi say Hut Di\bt Black, BMBU
tatiana of Bnsran, nt Ktlsabstb mut Hester sts., ha<
rotil|>I**ti-<l .1 s.-rlemcr.t w.th ll*, tridltoeB, T!i** jc
ti md credliors ui. to bo paid In full, und ili? un
prefer *-i 40 per rent. T:,<* Judgments taken ncatm-'
lum have if xx latlslled, and the :,*-l?riei* hp* turned
? ,\e ih.< it pied pi ii-tv ?., him. His llahllltl-s.
?-. ?- b u ?? I ,H i).
? I-- i uni... ,.f .'. Csmnsa t. .?<).. shipping
i. > -mnill ion merchant* at N". BO Wsll-St.. *??>'
li.i-.'li les, :l iT.i*. nominal assc.a, -ri !?'...".:;*'?; aciml
., .-ts, +i'i.'',(,?.'. Tb parihers an ilia Consul-Genanl
.oil i u-o i ..ns':i of 'lu- Argentine Itepubttc.
V r-.'iVfiW VV I I. " VK'I VK!.R VVIi'O II V D BI8AP
Harri* Abrams, w!:o uti to tesl october wits ii rina!-.
manufacturer nt No. ITT Littrnlway, and vvli i, lt 1
, i-rted, Bed !:"!n his crediton, "ii* amstcd ai
i , :.'. i an.ni.i, o'r i tm -.ia-.. About tlie tatter parl
? : t . I,,', r Abmms'a crediton became Impatient nt
not re, vin- \ ti,., them, :iiid Blumenstld .\
im-.-ii. ol No. :i.-ii Broadway, who nonseated the
Urn * "! Vleior. .v i'll,, ,v t.o. :.r**i Anffmordl U CO.,
ll rod nn nit 0-tri,"lil "ll Ile* itoeh nnd pp .pert.
_? ? . ?* t -r.. ii i -. .uni pal lin- sta lid's deputy In
.?Lu--". Then Abrnms left the country, and lt wss
?ii ? ?.. i-.ii thal be i ni 1-een shipping his stock tn
various places In Pennsylvania, this stock, however.
ni* i covered and uld for lbs benefit ol the two
, rcditor n.': i med.
i .. - n< !.. Broesei v Co., ol Mo. _dB Broosae-st., ta
whom Abrams, it ls *.-i!,t. owed shoat 80,000, sent a
detective lo bini bin. He wus found at Toronto,
un.,* ii" ai- living -lib bis wira. He had retained
counsel. The Ira nf Uoessneek, Broesel U L'o. sent
* Narie* t. i ralu, their rndll nun, t<> canada to pms**
?-ute Abnms, and bc. too, retained counsel, tbe satan
if v,r whom Abu,m- bad engaged to delend him srhen
necessary. Abrams, being iii*- tii-st coner, was given
the preferewe by tbe lawyer, who warned bin) Um.
ie- oas being watched. Plaits grew suspicions and
eariii.-l for Abrams Hm* if. sud when he round him.
? id | ii ..' : led o!i rjvll prod-sa on the charge Hist
? mu. Intended lo !,:.\" til" country. Unless
Abrams i-l-. bonds he -.tin be detained.
lt'?vlv.il servtrea will be li. ld In the nen- ball ot
Bartholomew'*] Parish House. Mo. 90S Ka*t Porty
cm! :, beginning thia evening at 7 ::io o'clock i..r
tb.- ii-\i ten da-.*. Seats nre free, abd nil Interestad
? invited io attend. Erery nlghl a abor, address
win be delivered by aome weB-hnown ip* ski I. and
ticorge Kt mr.. of England, Hint Colonel ii ll. Hadley
itnve already ronaented to apeak at th*, meetlnsi.
Ibis evening the uRtack Jenny Und' will ring
wvenl -el.', nuns, including -Th. OM FWhs at
* I- ri ? -. '* "Mtnety .-ind Nine- snd "Manfctag lin.z'.i
-leorgta." ci Monday evening the Colored Jubttee
-i:n.-"i-- from Mew-Orirana win !>.? present, nnd aa
Tuesday evening lhasa who attend the meeting win
?ni ? :'ii opportunity io hear "Trie !4nglng Oypay."
i sister of ibo evangelist, "ilypsy" Knitth. who will
r ni-tiiiii during iiii* ama, urfalch win i-u*i ber
lay iii this country.
Mrs. Lin:.- V. Cob mn n, ol Mo. no Baal Fort.
evinlb ', testltled yesleiday In I'enenl Besolom
I i -iliv I'.iltiein ni .'Iii nnd P. l'llliill, win, 1m oil
trial tar perjury. He ,,;i, lcd heron Norembn io,
,,ii in ii," Voikvtlbt I',,ne.- Cotwl siter,- thal she had
?.. ci dlsurdi ri t in I mil av.-, lt came oul tnt -ne had
.-one lo Ihe i?.'.!.-'? *i:ii!'I. lo have him snested Mr
persecuting ber, aid Justice KUta*eth ordeied that bi?
le nrr,*:,ml John <Li\ gun, tarmerty a clerk la tim
Vol krill, (..mt. l.-:ilr.tl Ibal Tullun bed sl.m-tt his
nome tu t',> complain! agalnsl t!.*- woman.
Mi.. Coleman nld lk_l ike vv?. ? widow. stu
had known tta* prisoner for several years, r***. had
b.eu close friends al one lime. Ha wanted io marry
lin, bul when aha belaaed !'*?:? consent bl* love tarnad
t<, haired. Ita vowed lhal be arouM *iriv.- kn from
every house whteb abe moved io. He told the janitor
al lnr house tbal -he was u bad woinun and hlnvi
iio\*s io rm*, be. l?-ll nm l they _*>t tlr.*d. Bke did
move ssvewi limes, owing ta lil* annoying tactles,
mi be aloayn learned ber new addnsi and Kept aa
Ms persecution. Mm brui bim amlgnod In u police
,.nut bel,-. Justice i);i!\. bat be aaa dlaekarged
,.ii 'ii* t r.'iul**' not |o bollier her agriln. The CTSOB
examination ol tbe woman vu* aol unladed.
In tiimlli'T coliinm will he lound !he thlrtv-tblrd
.un uni stntemenl nt x\v Equitable lils Aasunnce
-..I |. ty of the Catted stn! - lot the year soding De.
-ember 31. It iltowi the total ssaeta lo be *?'l',.'!.
..vj ni, with a itit.il undivided lurpjue, Inrlndlrg
a iperlal mm ?.f 82.AOO.000 toward ibo eetahltah
mei t of ii :t l ?- i.-r cent valuation. *>f 801.100,813 40.
Included In ti'- assets an bonds and aiortgagnef lbs
Miiu-oi *-_i,i>--:! nu oj; r.iii .smte. incladlng ibo eon*
pony's bulldtnga and punhaan under tonctaaan or
mortgages, BSSAttRMBmUi Lulled states stoek*,, Stnto
storks, etty aUeka and oilier lanalBiaata, #7.*,,<i-*i.
7 I'.' I-T real estate outside th" Stet', n! New York,
Including puriiui.es anise foncleaan, 8ldlltS(
730 70' Oaah, !..'...'i."L<H'.ii'>'i; tann, secured by bonds
aad alaska, 88,818,800' interest, rents, eic, *.*,-*?.,.
TU'iUU. Ibu Income tar Uie .cur waa B-i,*-4C,
You Can See Any Day
The Singer Parlors
The Different Varieties of
Art Needle Work
In Process of Manufacture
On Singer Machines.
The Singer Manufg. Co.,
Cor. 16th St. and 3d Ave.
Wha fever is newest and
most desirable in Purt
I.i nen Handkerchiefs for
Men, Women and Chil?
dren mar alica vs Iy found
in our Handkerchief Dc
? ? rn,E\s\\^li.Partmeht'
james mccutcheon & co.,
ti4 West %**& Street.
.V. II. 1'VKK..II. II. H.. Xe. 4 nnlfln. h.-l.. newmsb
Ml- .ehtefenntulllnephytettitt.1 rh, I'l'.RDIH .IKIlT.
t Al, IKKTITCTE. t?. ti:,om wk. iwsnM Hi- not.., vkdal
lu Hie Sll IONAL MEDICA! Attain I Arms for Die |'KI/.K
rjf-Sw tv uii .' 'l,.i?iVil FtlOtlt,, .I'lou'.. .V>,,?. , am' P',|fii.
/?j I 'h'i'. sndsll D'ttmrnt Min! ll'*al:ne*.o'. Man
PIIDCO Hie nea***, ia.ledlemmtU tat old OessallBBtep
dmr A i" t-r-'.n or bv letl.-r l'r .*'?'. ru-, willi teetU
UUIIL.U montait. h'Kit 1hi_- l__>v, -WIENIE OF
? ?.?. MEE. lill aBLF-PREMBa*. ATION.-_? pr,
J-.", i-ivii!iiiiib- i>rei r.),t ?n? tall (lit. anljr Bl lt. ma l,-ealed
Lr Panel's warks sre Hw beal ti. Vu- mhteru irmited ever
piibllnked. Slid bute nt. ??*"! n<>it* **sie ilir.it!_!i?itt th ?> conn try
.ml hnrlatd Ilea.I I'l" ? w niel !t*_ru l<> lie ".TRON.J,
V H. Ol'Ol *?_i,,! SLAM.' . .H. vi. 1 .(...I l-l* -*_-tl:c:ilRensw.
violas and *r;.t.Los,
AT -st 1'llTllAVE.
gX?X*_ri_r S.rplln. Habit Cure- ia K
jpxrrnc ?? ss __..??_. Kopap t.iie-reO.
opium i?r- s. HajBwa-, Uummu, ax
MM 18 In premium-, nnd .jus.2:tfl,_?*,_? io interest, renie,
etc. Tb-i-e were *>.-ii. on d<-ulti . latina and matured
endowanata 810^130,37804, nnd l>i iilviclenn, surrender
raines, sanatta and Blaoauntad indowments, r*'.,--uu,
eee len io.
-Owardln contd seem te kava been tho mortat
fin)-.' in tb* anielda of Adolph .schwerin, a middle-sued
Ol HMO, nt Sn. Li Klr*t ave., v-.tenlity. He hod a
rick wir>* aad six ebBdnn, llv-ln, tn straitened dr
elim.-latices In the tenement-house Na. :,ai) East
K.'_!'.ty -first st. I'llll recently be had earned soma
mnney In the arnica ol B rt-ul estute nni?nt at N'ew
Mllford, B. J-. bul Ior several weeks h" bad *motA mock
*.r hts time in lb. Banar stan nt Be. 18 Firstave.,
,'('in|iliil:ilti>- that Hie di?p BESV In the r.vjntry later
rered with his wvrk. He whined about thc milterln_s
ot bli rimlly, tait dst not ?.-.-m to have tiie energy
io lash for oiher emi-loyinent. Yesterday, after drink?
ing whiskey In Hie +iitiior ntorc, he went Into (ha
washroom and shot ii bole lo his head with a raveies?.
-lilllie taut-elf lnstaaUy,

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