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EXEMI1 > NI li vs jj vin'.
fnv ti ii.'.;: .rn td mr rai ar* I 1
Wri-Mnirt-iii. l'*b 2d. Dr. Willi,rn T. .!.-: Itl'i*. Il
"Horatius" nf i'm Staten Island Quarantine, ns i. .
stimulated bv >*>-n" re, .nt criticism*, nt lill i fl" 1
sc!* appetirlt.s In "The Washington Post" i i neild 1
ihe editor cif thnt poper a tm.-t nuiarkable enmmur,
cntlon In his own defence. Li* defen ". In the for
of a too word telegram, wns published 1:1 yesterday'
l*sue nt --The Post," aad the t ,ne ot some of l
rnssne'e may ar way not surprise than people l
Ussr-Vsrk nba kare followed Pr. JeaMna'a nreer.
"From the editorial rited," ara Dr, Jenkin!
ndflrcs*lt'_ Ihe Rdltor ot "The Post." "l presume v
nre n Bfputilhan We never have anticipated elvin
satisfaction to RrpnbBcsBS or those who bad i
andsrpa sjuannttne *
*'I bnve no detdn," Ihe IV.rtor continue'. "1
inter Int'-) controversy, beeann 1 do not own an
space ea nnv editorial page, and am therefore
? he dlsadvuiitnge ol a chained victim al t!,- nor.
of a ennrarrily enemy who wonld 'th" nn advantai
under then rlnnmstanrei i might un the ml
Lrnted picture al Pnssetbeaa hound ami Ihe vulturt
preying anon Ms vitals tn Hhudnte Bhe nlstloos fa
Iwecn mv-seir sad Ihe petty, nasty Binga of a partlsa
press, lltatory knows no lower or mon PentemptlM
enemy tl in h.- who attacks a mm throng!) lils lamil
relation., particularly when there ar.* wonara lt
voived. T)', tot ?'.ink fbal I ask Bit anv consider.
Hon at your <>r anv one else's hands In thia mallei
1 nm proud of the enessln I have atade as a Denn
erst. Ft those i have made ns n professional mai
If snv n.|?le from pOBtk -. I ban a sinew regret."
Commentlrp on this .x.nordlnan ontbnn. al ft uni.
r-st and ctoi-ileaMsm cn the parl of New York'i
'?HciTitti'i*." or. if von please. *?Promethens." "Tb*
r**sl" "tvs ? -r>r. i. thins himself adadls far mon thai
'The Post* ever thou* I ol .barging against him whet
be rats : -We have n_vf*r snUctpsted _rivni_" s:,1l-r:ic
Won t*> Republicans.' ."tar ides ol the Doctw ha'
_lW_v- heel thnt Tte 1= hWiestlf Incompetent, m.-anini
well enough, ao doubt, bur eisqnaBned by aram **
knesrledga end experience, snd bv Hie Inkenntl*
vido-is aatnn ol the aystem ol which he i* s com
ponetif part, vv,* have l i<x the opinion 'bat lh.
qtianiiitlt). establ'.shmenl ol gnat seoporti lilt* New
\ork s'.oriid i,e emancipate*] fnm the control, am
even trim the Inllnencw of local poll! I cs, so thaf i
.clen.T'ic and uniform i>ian 'if NatTollal proterilot
n.'ght be adopted nix! enforced. To lin rend we han
advocated tb** Ni:I,mil Qmi-riiitlne law, and Ind
dentally the suppresstoa cr inbordtna.lon or .leni.ins
"Tint now cmic. ire Doctor, In a bin-.* of conti
d?nce. ronfnstng .hal there li another sod URI tuon
aapsot nason why I * ami bi* system should be sboi
Lhed *We have trever ant tel pat ad glvtag aa.lsfse
Han to Reswbl. ins' -n.* tha Ingennoua Doctor, in
mod saslevolent rrltle could noi hue made a mon
poon fal nrgument against him. When tbe HnMI
omerr al n inpart li'.* Nea York, npob lbs ablMtj
nnd Integrity nf whose sdmlulsirallon depend Hu
nirry of million, of people and 1'ie welton <>f si
hnsaMsurable . mimerce, deliberately states that lu
ls mnnlnc thing, lo please a poNttcal organlzatlon
ms_s_B_g, in Nf,? Y.c'i,. Tammany Hall, and n
il?e--:s lt not Mgh timi* lodevtos s qnsnnttne syBten
tfl at "_l!l produce bc.,;::, oncers with other idw o
duly mid different rule* ot conduct!
'?We think Mt at nnv nie. It OCCUn lo Ul
further, tha! by lu. Jenkins's own admission lt I
n"! ho hot the r Humer s snd ti.- benHh of New
York and, Indirectly, af the Nation al lnr.*** His
Save been playing ihe pvc of Promethean In Hil
affair. Now that the I>.kt.r Introduces ibe grlsl;
i ld ruytli-rsther unfortunately for dmseif. it seam
we nm ember tbat Ihe bird "f pre. had a pirti;
soft snap Iii Hie monopoly of Prometheus's rita
orran* until Hercnlei drove them array, when Ihe*
few lalo a tempn rory ci arly nsembllog thal whl
Dr. Jenktna ronveyi to ? is by lelegnpb? 'H. Frank 359,
? Kir.all., we ri.*iii-,- Dr. .i-ukin* thal wc knot
nnthlnc of the "petty, nasty flints ot ? pudl-an pr*-*
In ronnaetlon with Mm, fa fur as we i.uv* seri
Dnaorn.tr, Republcan. Mugwump, ind. p-ndem am
i<orde*crlpt papen have unl'eii tovlnaiv ta bearini
?witness to bia lnndeqna< y. tai In advocating a mnsur
which will curtail Mi opportunity of 'giving satis
f'dlon' to Tammany t (ne expense ,.f the rest o
nae Tom try. Then bee l ???n nothing pani ? m at>o>i
thc oppu.ltlon t,, u nusranilne system which ta!.
pilde |n being nbhoxlens lo Repul Ileana, and i
llealth (".finer who glori-* in 'Hie enemies ire has mad
as a Democrat.' Dr. Jenklus ls aol u martyr, what
ever else be mav bc."
-<a ?
Ws/hlngton, Peb. -i\.- Information ha* berri receive
at the Naval Intelligence ;; icu thal ? new bmrb*-i:
battleship la t? be bili down rit tba Chatham Doe
Yard fur the British Navy. Tha prollmlnartn bas
bean arranged and -toik viii', ht t mmenoed In nrnn
Immediately on tbe completion or the plana by tb
Admiialty oftul.l*. AHhsagh rankin'' us a *lr*t-< lo*
battleabrp. lbs new ve.?i ?rtn om veil wtthta ti.
limits of tb-* Royal Sovereign class, both vdt li regai*
lo glz<- and coat, she wiil have tb-.- same length j
th-- Regal Bevenlgn. Ijm with tbne feet lesa L'-un
Hardlsptecimcnl will beaboul 12,3-0 tone, aa again
14.30O tons, the dlsptecemenl of ber rival. Betwee
iu.- petjMiidiiulais abe will ameeun B80 feet, wit
a bruin of Ta feet, ;:n?i a ii irma! dnught *,f waler i
ht f.et ii Inches. -::*? v. iii have a i.ir'r fneboar
throu^out her le:,ch, and ile design generally 1
bitended la sari sky all the asseatla's m-ubdta for spn
nnd great coal-carry lng npa_ It_*. The aatlflHtsd tpco
ta i? knots.
A .sp*cial ftatur*' of thi-: new ship ls that. cxt<-t
nilly, the Lull will ht- ibnlbei with tl:. and on.
half Inches thkknesi al tcah. covered with cr>pp?t
which will anakie ber to l.".i> He sen for lengthen.
periods without docking. Ike sbnthlng principia t
one that ha-. be**n sdvocuted very ardently bv Oaptai'
Phillp Hi'hbnrn, As*lstutit C lii'-f of Lie B0NBM S
(ont-true H .rn st the Nuvy Depart ase nt. li. Conuaodor
Wilson's report to tho 9ecfetary two years ago ho said
"Ttie Bnycvtanea *.r the preservation af tba bottom
of steel vessels from corrosion and l.ullng cnn hurd!
be oyeiestimated, ami ls continually emphasized b,
the reporti of loss of sp?e<i and Incnassd eonsum]
.ion of coal received from mir new unsheathed sts
voasejH now lu _esn_a_ss_Bo.a Ha ti)en rejer? to tb
npert of captain Htchbora in I ese upon ??sh?Httu
atid Un ah aa thad sijps." and piv*. it eameat ladurss
meat, e.pectalty a? ihcrilhtng would nvs lfcr^-e es
pens*** for docking In foreian oaten, atao prev.i.
b'_? great tailing oh In -pee_l. un : .sn\. expense lu extr
fuel required vii.-ti umi?r uteuiu with u foul tait lom
Washington, Feb. atj-Ttxv Pnsldeal bas approve,
the act gruntlti** h Maston lo ihe widow of lbs lui,
MBjOf li.nt.al DO"1 lei iv.
Washington, Pcb. SI.?Tke Pin-imu Investlgiittni
('(inimlit<*e has BBBtponed further examination nt vv.t
ncste* until TtSBSdajl i*xt us CnUmi'l Kellows, .hair
man of the'c.mtnittei', is 8i*k, and two witnossn I
be examined, Jlessr-. l.antcibm 1. and Houston, of tin
Pacific Mall .steamship Cam pany, find that dap aaa
veulent for Hum. There an other witnesses tho com
mutee wishes to cxamlti-. but their addnsass an
unknown. sn*i an attempt win i,e uiude t, Bud tues
In the Interim.
Wu.hillston, Feb. 94.?Ilobably with a view to en
lighteulnk the next Oaognsa upon tbe anhjoet ol
tariff legl-4iitj ra. Mr. McPherson Introduced iii Hm
Mnate u>d:iv a naolnt-BB dlncQng tbe Finance rom
mtttee la :i*'er':iln during tb.- lP'*-. of C t,.-i ??* ?
ibeeff.-tt ol lbs turin* hr*- apota Importa and exports
und upon, lbs nrowth, Bevehrpawnl and prtc-i ol
agricultural aad Bmnafaotartng um.des ;,i tame aui
abit'ti'l aliU ':,\to:x nag
? ?? ?
lil-sINH-s in Till SENATE.
Washington, Fib. at-Tn- Avimtv in ihe Senate to
day w.is not of sn exciting or enlivening character
It was over the qaeetlea presented la tb*- f>glsln.lv.
AppropHatkw bill, Whether the itali t oaamlsslon
which bari ta^u lu t-lsteoc. for f ?? hist ten yean
Should bu abolished BS proposed bv Ike Hon.. oj
continued In office as recommended bv Ike (_ uh-.
to.nmlt.ee on Appropriations. The annttan wn*
decided In favor of continuing the OommlssJon. On.
Bosh of humor Illumined t'e debate end provoked
laughter on both sides or the Chamber, it wu. cob
tabled in a r-mark by sem-L,,. MoPhmofl to lb.
effect that after Mureil 4 thc Democratic party would
have -ihe ilou.e of Esaoissbtatlvee, ike Beaate, Hu
Executive und^ut least u p:,rt ?; tl* l-Mnrt."
The House Mil regulating the s_le of ltit,.x!< atli.?
liquors In tbe District was tehan up and di enaa*d
until 1 p. m., when it waa laid udde without Baal
action, mid Hie Legislative Appropriation bill wu
taken up and all Ha committee amendment* wert
agreed to. Thc question of clerks to -*naton was
taken np in tho shape or a anbaluala aflsaai i>y Mr,
Hawley to th*- uim-iidim nt reported bv Ute ceaBBtlttn
prodding for I Ij I ri v five clerks lo Baaatan who ui.
not cbairiueu of cumnilttces. The substitute wai lu
For cherhill, a col,, -u-r-rullin* Ike sii***, aveWlae
tnt, iiiiioiiiii mit ? ni dina "i! lbs Bm aiaaes ni reasamo*
lion, thia arhtafcrr. wMrh ts ibe <*i'i> nrletly put.
ilidnnl ldii.krv in the iiniii.cl. lin? nc.er been .*<j tis. 111-.1.
For nlillna dCMBtaled nun. <?>? Mirna!,cuiiis "nib
li omen unit lcm!, I nm tfnlll lum e nil indi*, c. ll s.ililli*
iilnnc. ll should be tnl.cn on Ibe ll rsi null, inion ol Hie
comillie ol n col,.. Do ??l olio.. ? our iliuuul-l ol'mo, er
In ?ell you un.thine else, illillinna Hun il is"|u,l us
goml." taste, upon inn lux lin- innes, nml lies).
Bead fnr un lllii-i i ntcil piiuiphlcl.
Ito, he-til . N. V.
mah- then elerka annual clerks nf 81.203 a year.
l ire sabstttaie was agri Pd ti.
An amendment offend by Mr. Wolcott Increasing
Bm appropriation f"i "Vin;*'', of the flvll Benlee
Commission precipitated a discussion. The amend
m. i i was Knally agreed I ?? No further ip
waa mads wei: th" ta r-iiutiv ? bill.
several rr..ns
AND i li KI! V\
Washington, Feb,
private dnwer iii t'
VV-H !.!> PVT 1 V HI N Ml -?
St.?speaker Crisp hus In bis
? Rules i 'om mil tee room a number
of plans outlining on paper suggested changes In ibe
appearance ',t ita1 lui:' nf Ike lieu-" "l Kept-.a.attve*,
lh ir existence I- due to ti.e ncc.-sai.* of prartdlng
. .,?.. mini - foi "i" accominoda.lon nf the twenty
:::,,.,. additional momh-rs ..r Hie House who will b?
entitled t,, seals i-i ii," Ll lld Congr.*** Ex-Sp* iki-r
Ite.si nnd W, Bourke Cockran, ol New-York, ara ita*
fal'.e I. o! tb" -ii"-' rrt'li' I ff all Ihe pl.in*. They
me believers ii' Hie system of sealing memben mi
benches, n- ls .1 me In tb.- Kuttl-t* Parliament. L'ndn
ibelr plan Ihe hall ol th" House would no! be mon
t 'il 1. kati H* I'les.'lil si/e. lind III th" *;?;:"? .... I'll
woui l be provided recepUon 1.ms. committee room.
ei.ii writing rooms, where memben, when Ihe debates
grow pto-v, could n lir>' mid attend t> t'.|r * ?n
spoiidcnc.. Tlu nea arrangement would he r, gr.*ai
i. ?': to t:i" weak-vol i'd members, who find lhal
iiiev- rennel uni.*' ii" in-*-iv* s h&ird In ihe preseni
Immense ball. Mr. Reed and vir. Cockran believe
that tb.- change would give lita I" Ibe debates and
maki the prveedlng* mon Interesting than they i ea
ri rn Mi members eui:',.', reading and doing ulnio*.!
everything i?xnpi listening.
Another pl.in rontemplaii - the nmoval of Hie nar
Interior amil ol tl"' cUamta-r, ?* lt extsis it pre
.md Ihe Betting ! Ibo Bpeaher'* i hair nnd th- < bri.
d.sk bach about len feel In Hu- space now occupied ,
u memben' lobby.
Ibe jib,ii. however, which I* likely to be adopted.
lor ihe next L'oognsi m I isl, dmpln 'inn any
nf u.e ottnis. lt merely rproposeit in nmove the ntl
!..i. k of .he nat rev of members' denkl sntti.'lrnliv
to per-iii. rw.ive new *_?et.s lo be placed in a nw
mi ".'eli t-lth' nt fi? House, rbis change wonld sive
leets to ali Hie member*, would <o-t only about
-.no.', .uti could be paid for ?> n of t:,e ( intlugrnl
lend ot tb** House on a simple ord--: lr.,!)) Hie
Bpnkn. _9_
Washington, Feb
ton lawyer, li, dev
VN BE l'I'.I Vl-N'Tl 0.
:i. -!.. wis Abraham, a Breaking
-lilied before Hie COOUalttM Iii
vestlgatlng tim Whiskey Trust lbs! ti.e adulteration
and -ale of iinitiitb'ii gooda oas on the lacrease. The
output 'f 'li.--.- Imltatloni 8ecren?ed lbs Importation,
and tb. Government i"*t the <iifT*-i??.',. <- between .'ie
i!iternul rcveii'.e and tba Imporl daly.
Deputy Commissioner o' Internal Rerenue '?
took tbe stand and waa examined in ..lat,,,', i,, the
latetaal nvenaa luws. ii. -poke of 'h.- privileges or
rortlfi*i>. aad nhl Ifcat tin prawn! laws did noi r*
quin .hem to report the amounts ..f ....enc"., rana
(isl di*, etc, used iii com pounding md mixing.
Mr. Bynes* nsked if wiine.- cor,bi suggest some
clang.* In lbs law to protect eonsumeri again I i m.
fKMinde! goo!
Mr. Wllsun replied that Hie law eoold be io changed
us to r?quii*' all ?u*h gt.od* lo be stamped. A at I op
could tte placed en each bettie !?* ihaw wbeiber or
i. ,1 it wa. compounded, ll" thonahl that this pian
\vould aoilt. .i* ih,- m.iiiu'ii. i,.iei., al pun gooda wool
watt lt ior .ml report violations _.' II.
Washlagton, Fab. 84.- Mr. Hurter, af Ohio, canted
the sar Into Afi i< a to-day and lutroduci | In it..
IM_M a Mil to provide for the free coinage of ??her
and gdd at ts," preseni ntlo and upon equal lanm*.
lt piovides tr.nt th.- pure!,--- ol olive, bullion by the
Governnonl shall cease nnd thal the minti ahall
bc afsasd te ib*- Mdaaga af both molah* upon Hm
? ame lanna Hui extoled pier to isT.i, proti'i.d. how
ever, iha! all stlvn and gold c tined hereafter, for
the account of ow nc:-, sbiill nu! huve unv lc:'il
tender function, and Instead of being stamped "Due
Dollai-," "Five Doiiji-," ?te., shall ba Bumped "Ten
Dimes," - Fifty DBMS," ci,-. Nothing lu tm- ut i
ta bs construed *_* affecting tba len*' lender Ern lion
of the gola _nd silver already coined *'t- which mat
hereafter be reined upon ihe a..ml af Uie I'nited
siate*-. Ali laws lu conflcl with thia mi ara r*
Washloglon, Peb. Qt (Special).?The longest voyage
made bv unv or our naval vesseb lu recenl yean
wns eesapleteg tod,iv when Admiral Gberardl'a Bee.
of four veanls, ibe Balllmon, sm Francisco, Claries
mn ur.d Torktown, dropptd anchor In Hampton
Reada after u four niontli.' !il|> around Cape Hon
fr-'u California. J. i- the fast lime lhat Um Ban
Pranctsn and Cbarlnton have been au thii sid*- ..r
ronUnent, as Ikey wa e bulli al the L'nton Inn Works
at s?:i Pramisro. The BsJtlmon baa noi been tn
Boase v-uieis -!?,..* befen t:..- nullan trouble*, when
Bhe w.is soddenly d-t.nhM rrom ibe Eurapnn itatlun
itixi aanl scram to Msntevldeo and then I brough the
f')-d'.is I,, report In Admiral Brawn. Blnre her ti"
partun from New-Yerh Ibe L.iitini'ire ba* be ri on
every station aaeepi ih<- Astatic, rmi rovered i',,.,|
-und* ,.r mlle* tn rralslng. Tbe Heel lett -;, , ir,;i
,i*i*i last autumn,
Washington, Feb. L'4-Iii Ibe House ibis ,., ?
Mr. Holman M*h*-(i for con seat for a non-con. urrence in
Ike Senate atnendmeata t,> tb.. Sundry Civil Approprti
Hon bill, eicept ss to the aBsendmenl known ns the
?herman bond amendment, To thia Mr. Bland *.'?
jetted, denouncing Ibe Sherman amendment as n
-Job," nnd eaosed Ike reference "f lbs MU to Ihe
Pommltlce if the Whole. Mr. pc! motet thal 'be
House .-o into Losnadttn or me win,ie for u.e con
?tdentlon of general appropriation bills vir. Ilalcb
opposed til- motton \.nh bl entt-optton iii! pend
in-* m vote Mr. HempMII presented conference report
'ii bili io provide a perm.ii,, tit system "f htghwayi in
the DtBtrlrf of Colambta. Mr. Hateh rais-d Ihe
question of eonsMentlan, ?nd 'he Hones refused ci
t , SC] lo i 'n*l'!*T tbs naart. Mr. I'.-d's motion Waa
ugrei-d fi. yeal 143. nnvs Til. nnd tb** c,,),s'd, ri.Hoti ol
ibe indiim Appropriation MB w.is resumed.
On motion ol Mr. Rockwell ibe psngnpfc sppi .
priatlr*. -?r-.ti*" f >r amen or Biter*-** claimed by
the f.'.d;.i-aw Indiana was gtHcken ftn-u ibe bill.
ii wu* iii- i ike paragraph whit ii appropriates 8_o,0U0
to ntmbune the Choctaw orphan nservstlon fund.
The appropriation r..r lbs sapport or ladtea aehouh
having baan leeched. Mr Lodge moved ta InensM
the appnprtelloa from Bl^DOO.OOO *o 81.076.oou.
it w;,s agreed i"
Thc Hoase .ben. nt .'. O'Clock, look a rec*, inn;
s. Tba eveaing session wai r-.t thc consideration -.r
prl rafe pru sion Mils, bu! no quorum being present,
udjournmeut waa laban
What is Drudgery?
Washing Powder.
WV*. SOI I vkks it.
i.rro_UNTH oi Tin sherman bond imexo
mi "cr Dirri rmixf.u t ? r.:!",'? *. r
i.* p.ss.n .
fir. i: ? i ,,i: \i it fo un limn si ]
VV h ' '. Fi h. - i. ?'? ell * it.ii: rn ::. I!,.!", ?:
lie ,\ppi prl a Hons i'ommltt*-e, ti.i- morning ? '.?'I
ita* li,..,"' io ,., , ,,,! ur i.i :,:! ni tin *?nate .,?i
n.. '.? t , ti,,, -ni drj i ivll ',. !' - \, - -I* t' ?? nm ? I
itiilhnrl* -i ci cu.. ..: il per t I I. nd Mr lllaod
was prompt)) nn bis feel Lo object. This was saflkleni
.1 Hu b:!! end am : 'lui, nt* lo tr. ? Con,mir. ??
? ri. Wh le. I.ut Mr. Ll,id was no! yet naffefled.
Il- declared *!;i! lhere mn! be ri I ,ir Dpportuntly
for deboli and imendmenl nt iii- bond provision,
and lhal ;?- opponents won'd ir"! labmll "tn !!?' fun
'.'.- ,! M Ihrougli Ihe Home In Ihe d'.-ing bon!* of
thc Congress when attempts sn niade io ru-!i neb
lota. through nntiei Hie whip and spar."
Mr. Holman pratt led Ilia! ther" v.k nu ?aeh In
teiillun, l,,ii Illili 1:1. purpose vms to gd th" ona
.|ii"-'i ni before thc Commit).>f tb- Whole so lhal
it mlghl receive proper consideration. Ile boped,
therefore, th it vi,, li.m.i would noi In l-t npon bli
obje* lon m t,,|, int,, hour when bastin-*- c in *... h s
backward -tale. Mr. Bland tartly retorted:
?riiii I. always tiie pi>:i wlien Die Bena tc pms on
}oi * ..t Mi.- tesl moment."
a - soon :x- tbe milli, r had h. 'ti temporarily disposed
ol Mi. Timid railed ri con len i.e.? ..r leading Dt-tuocrats
WlyB ic ooiii.".! lo l!:e b, lei amt imuient. The COO
[erere ?? was lu kl in ..-? i tom ol iii" Committee *'ii
the J nd lela rv. i:,. ptoprietj ol ronsenilng to a nen
concum-nco i'i ail ibe ta-nab amendments was di*
cu-'t!. and ii was Informally agreed Km! such acion
m.i-i not !"? permitted a iboul an aaannnce itu) lt
tin* Senate .*!io'i|i| noi recede Irom Hie bond amend
menl, full nine would l? given foi debute In Ike
House when ll.iiferri*r repored. 1, effeel <tf
iii.. Sherman amendment, In n e ol its adoption, wa*
also til ni- isl. lt w.i. ihe opinion ol Judge miner
ion and some id hers Ibal n repeals, perhaps unwlt
tlngiy, ti- a I of May 31, !-7r. whick forbids the
retirement of greenbacks. Bonn Mhei matten wan
i:*,i considered, and it waa d rlded thal Hw bond
nm, mini."ri shonld ta* longlil In n tllllsb uni.-?* nut
lerially a.nd,.d. ll ur. bri.I t.. Insist on .rn*'
day' debate wltti pill opportunity lo aflei amend*
': ?
I'... purport of ihe derision was n;nd? known to
1 'un Holman In Die i ir ? "f i ie afiernoon, and
be '\|ii'*."l i.i. willingni * t" accept lt. Ad ad*
In Ij. pi*! '"?'? i' Hi House look a ? ? :,t c.
o'clock, he* renewed ii- i "'i ti' ?-* foi unanimous consent,
nd Mr. bland rose and said tl il the opponents of the
-berman amendment would agree ti li ? n tt... teran
ai. .ve mentioned. Bat tm unexpected obstacle tben
(ir. i-nled Itself. Mr, Hatch, who baa been nnrJng
1,1- wrath lor Ihne da j on . .uni of Ihe r-r- al ol
t ?? l|< nae to cm kier the Ant) ipMi ii MU, I* oh ibe
fl r nnd d llv.-r*il an In tempera.e *|?", .i in which he
denontic-d i! .? taind uiiu'Ddm.ul and Its supporter In
even ? ? ?. i ll" ('"? land i u' ti,,, uri" ; nd
r ". ben tb. ii"'i ?? mu ' ii;' lb " ms qnersdli - ?
lt Was :i|rjinc nt li thal the I pp :.??:.' "' I i"
Anti t.p'l itt bill lind Jolll I batld. STltb Ihe u',tl silver
linn, ., d the men i io d-'-li-e i.. perpetuste ? .?
.. ,i-'. u h. . iddllng a i."W Issue of
honda upon the country, lo defra! the firmer mei in,
wliich I |e?ign?si to relieve Hie farmer and ptenttvs,
H.. .anted Ihe people ta _nder.ii i ".?! a vole lo
.?..ti hi'T Ibe -b i.nan amendment wa ii vote agulnsi
.nll-Opilon I ,. Iver and In fi
N.iii,,ii:il banks, vii Han bl ibu ? * ol. I Ibal
M , nf New York ? died bim lo order f>r
Imputing dishon muli ?? > mollve, ? i
appom ? ' ' v MU, i il Ml U.ic.i found
ll din . ? ' , : -'r_!i bim elf il .1 , ailed BJ
friend-: nf tbal ? , ? ? ' md i ?? ? -.1 In di : i I |
li- condd-ntlon batar. Ita -andr* Civil bUI.
ll ls dlfflrutl ta *?? wi:.. Mi Ii,''.t expected io
i ?. bl* performan ?. lr be :.r"l rot t ?? a lee
angry, be mlghl baw for. en ita.
H," pn pet'- nf ? ?? rmi ure in a lib b i ?? i? *??
de ; I. Interest, i wi,.it win happen ir 1.- p
pn en) alt Hilde ?? Ita ? tal ' ? Indian bul,
whit li wus i I :?? lat. ? 111 bc laid s Ide
to tn on ' Hu,.*, will praceed m Committee
. f ????';. I ? , : ! !? r In ii .11l.11 id' r and tROOmOt nt
Hie _.). -el _'?? :M.r. ' lll)l'.,K I'l ill'' *S.l*trV !.V|| Ull.
Thnt pi. will ??? it*, le nial du' . la nil prul.
ilcli tba Anti Option bin will have
In aai.: aliena . 11 Mr. Holman, proposition bsd
!,...., 1, ,. pied, Ihe Sundi ' I bk I weald have
1,... n ent lo con) ? ? ?' ?
lt i- t, ,? r al Mr. Hatch w.ii have li ii lib power
r.. mni." u good deal ol ln>uM- I* tm- .?.. abo hsle
*., ted with bim during I thr-. Suv. *! .,11
? him In a Bill 'i ??:: - raid ii o al bosild
h.- done ii - pu''.ri. I-- lbs. t " Commute. ?
Rub- v'r.d reporl I hi I tifflfOd b) Jodge
Holman ves'rrduy, alilrb rontaln ., tl"'.-.- pr..
. ? 1 1 ?? . 1 Ultim taring agni!, t
Sundr. .Ivll bill.
V: Hal. '1 ' a* :,''l to lt IStn rig , ? f ur .','? ? t ,
ugniiist 11., motion lo consider ihe Indian MU,
!.,,? ii i ! v I." ne 11 ' ? 1 nnnj mi ,.
!., 1 wonk! arni und r 1 ?? nilbttslertng
hanni r ll be midd ral li
\ 1 LEAR WORRI '? . MAJORITY PR IBAB1 '. tl 11 r.
Wu blngton, I','', -i (Special -The appolnlmenl af
a Senator from Wyoming iv *,uv. tnor * stearn., In . >n
sequence ol the tnllure ol the State Legtete.nn t" eiet t
ie !? r ihe i. rm beginning an Manh s m-vt, may
,? ? . ri " I" -erne dispute Lr lb" BeBBU v. lien Mr. ll.-ell
with, ihe appoint ?. 1 bia cmdstitlala, lt haa
1,cn brid h. many ul ibe lawyers in ibal ',"dv thal
r , Governor 'an appoint a Brnalor except ?o till out
sn unexpired term, m,d Ibal Ihe Mat.- Legtala ?
tiiti-i .ie.t whenevn n sining Senator*, term eada by
Hmlla.lon of law and a n-w term begin*. Tbe oih'-r
and 1, ? 1 "'.il slew of the Governor*a pawn ha
illy been accepted, however, and lt ls not Hk-lr
ti,nt Mr. Beckwith win b- l.'H i?ng ont af bte nat
beran ' I" ba noi a title rrom the Wy emt as Legtete
teture, wbbti nfnsed to p?rfsriu Its naual faacllens.
Il ib Montuna nnd Washington Legislature* Thu to
elect -? ?ti.itnr*. Ihe tlovemon In Ibsss Pvc --tale*, alli
undoubtedly exerrtM tt..- yower *>r appoint men! ns
Gov rnor Osborne did In Wy*.ming, and _il three cassi
alli Uren bare lo be _*?H Ottk on Hie -time principle
bj Hie Cimmll.ee on Pnvii.gc. ead BtecUens.
in.,, ib.- -"I,.,1. wonk! ta* reorganised kp Ike Bria
ry ru ts stter Man ii a betane apparent nen.' weeks
,u , upon tb" election *.r a Democratic geaatw rrom
. iiiifornta. I' kaiki noa as ir ike normal DemomUc
majorlt) after nexi Naturday wifl i*e r-mr ee*a_x. There
have been eic ? tl 01 appelnled -o far. rtghty-flve
members of lb bennie n. lt wUI be roastltated during
ibe rn \t congres . "i ll. fort. I rn an straight
on! Democnls, ihlrty evin ar,- ReimkBcaas, and tour
:,... popnll ' "i lu-i.t.i 1 No selecBoni liuve beea
made ta Montana and Washington. Mr. Parkins will
ii.,i,ii,i\ retain hts *? at from Kanoa*, unless lhere 1*
11 new linn lo Ita -i'".i!i n H.'ie. H.- will luke pmt
ni l*a-i lu Ihe norganluilon of Ibe ?e-1 ntt--. with
lu vole Ibu llepnbkcans 'till have a sirengh of
ililrty elglil, seiinioc btcwarl ls slso connted ni a
UcpubUcan on certain 1 toma, nnd bi- iiame added ta
Ibe Republican column -.'.0.1*1 lama*.- it '. thin*
nine, lt appointments baw io L. made in w.i Mug
lon and Mentana i".'!, Benaton vvin i?- Bepubllcani,
.uni alli bring Hie po, lbl< ltepabB*aii total i<. tort.
on.-. 'I in- Pc.,.ii.r brit, noa foi'iy f'tni iii"in!.er..
', ? -,:,,',, and ;. majority *.di!i lbs Vlre-Pnd
di ,'?- casting vote. Two ,,1 ibe Populist bcuul 1-,
thosO linn Ne!,11 1.u nnd N,lilli li.,1,1,:.1. maj |,,.
rountcd *>ii tn ' genendlj nilli ibe Democrata, nnd .,1
e.. one mon Dcuiocni i- likely tu i" iii.i*eii ,,: m
|.,1i,i,.i will- vacancies Kill eaist. Ita po-_4bj<
|). ino, riitb lOlOl inns! tb. li be I,...I at Lui, nevell
lb tbal case, the division if purl) ireugth would bc
j is< .-, rev.*i .,1 ol pi, ? r.t part) , "i.ui'i, 1 , 11, :i,,.
sena e.
Tin's, v, I'- I, i',,'i,i ba U of Hie Mardi <>ras An?
io, iut tau alli be given ;!.;- evening at Lenox Lyceum.
Phis maaqUMade bili I- ..v InvltnlleU, and n* lt 1.
no. a 11. mi making affali lb. commttn^ will ip_r<
Bu effor.i la make 11 pleasant *o all attending it. ?*
b.i* I.I. tlc ci ? on Bli !"i rr. i ?? . 1 k ? ? 1 .,,? Mn rill
'*: ,* A- ", bill IU I* ll bel,. .Iflefll ml. IV. us Well ?, a
dub bined bj pe,,p:e ,,r French urlgln, bound to
keep up in Aloin, n theil Ballee iradi Hons of merri'
menl and I. li ?? i bi I ill oi thc bm ,? in ibm
bas always been n ml French ball, ntrn ii..<i by u
goodly portion of Hie ..lillie colony, accompanied br
lu nutn. rons a h.c 1, .ni friends, and Ba Joyoas decorum
?"'! ?- i'- past .?,..-- !,.,. gireti 11 ,, hip, roman
Hu "i ? are : Fcroand |Vre, pre st
ll, H.l- t I'J
il- nt , .Inn... A. Delii,:,i. yb ? Ju .-l.t-nt ;" D, ' |" ',.",,
ll.,---, in-a -i.."?:?. :i;..| L Dill uUX, -? I n '.,iy.
1'iriH AVLVri'-iilher I.. S|,..?|rt'?p. ,\.OhmUt Soe
ret.nv ,,r the Tmaary; Charin in i,n Badth, ,,r Pana.
,bi|'i.i?. and 1 m.i' * 11. Mi..iii.v, ?r Venams. nota
lvvh .Frank Thomson, ii.,, preudrat al tba Peaa*ylv_aia
Itel .I '..-i pn.* >r JAMICH Meyer David C. Itebte.
asa, ol 1 tallia VII TURIA Cfcarlea I*. pe,R, ot Alhaag.
wi M's,,it. 1. j se_r,.:,,,t. general B-aasgn or iii,
01,mil Tinah I'..iih.uj .1 ( unadj.
i ..I.- \'.a",.r g. fire-bam aad es -??:*?( nv Fostri
p ni some Hum logetbrr yesterdajr. and i
freely ,i! russrd Ibe Behring >? i matter end Hie
Hawaiian affair. The Judge hep. bl* appointment
Mi ;-, .-ir. w? , 1 al Ihe Fifth Wrnue Hotel,
and ir ,,n noon until _ o'chek Ita iwn tali-men
vera t._.i!".' In Mr. F***.t**r*s norn. Somi Sfler ?_
o'clock Judge Hre-tham rame down lo Ihe hotel cont
,: . ii u. Vi. Foster's roam, and wh-n a ked if Hw
Behring ".n . nttove. ,y had 1.n s subjerl dis*
, .-.,,1 .,1 Hie int. ivn-iv. in- *a!il:
-Nothing vc s.ibi ni".! Behring Bes thal I can
lath c.t. .ut."
??'Vn- enytkfng sold abool the Hawaiian treatj I
I ?? Nothing Hm1 i ran mik ab ml."
??Did anything of public Intere-.! lake plan at tha
; Interview between yon and Mr. Filler!"
-viv rall nn Mr. Festal was simply a social one."
??Will y.,u iee Mr. t levclan, before ymir return lo
: I : I ?? ? '
Vii, i ga to Lakewood id* sflerno n, sod will
remain there milli to morrow, v.:,eu I Miall return
! i . New-York."
Ex-C-agnssman Henry G. liutlrlgb, a Republican
! bern Whitehall, N. v, who la an old friend of Judge
ure liam, nt* I Um In lb.rrldor <-r the Fifth Avenue
Hotel **.in after br tall rx--Spcretarj Filler's room.
;,nd ihe ??.*[( ngressman and ihe .indee tali me i. >?? i
t u'cUiet. Tile Judge went Immediately from the
Fiflh Avenue Hob I lo (ha nlboad station In Jcrsev
i itv, and io*.'.! ib- 3:40 o'clock Hain for Lakewood.
F..\ t uer,'* in in Burleigh went pad nf the way li
| Hw* i.iilo.i wini tin- Judge.
F.J seer larj Foster, who alli nil for Rm ipe I stty
x? I,,,,', ,.,! tar the liilei',-1. af (bc I ni'"! Stale*! In
ihe Obiing Sea maim declined lo lull, f > newspaper
reporters vc-iei.liiv. He -aid that he wns lind on!
; bv ni* wori. mi ihe Hawaiian irealy and wi other mai
ier of im- si.i'" Dtp.iniii' i.i, and be begged lo be
. ea. ased. _
Canary blrdi w.-nt for a song over si Kilts i land
yrsterdsy. Choice srarbleH were sold for -'?'? cents
? nil. and f.mr songsters wen given I": a dollar,
l! w.is nil because Don Pedro <i" CoMenn, a Porto
gue*,, tourist, Wi * (rime *.V"' Iii Hu* leernge ol Ibe
Plata, iri-d lo bear ti," canary marlu*.. When
Pedra bas ll rad longer iii a ronntry when* even iii"
ls advertised for sal", he alli know tailer. Ile
brought wltk him a rage i tain) , i hiindnd
i.iii.uv bird-, and u - *-on a* be bad proved lo
1 Colonel Wooer Ibal lie aai pecuniarily responsible
Inp to #?_'.'.. he began lo -ii .irl-i. Tlie bird
j "bl ns ..nie!.i\ s* liol cakei, .nd nioiii u- ch*-ap!v.
?Vi ,th nil i.ie Elita Isl inn otb. I tl* ox . ,' uni
Initi IteOerSl o'l.-ii .? pur. tiri--- d fo'ir l>.,u P.'l: .
, 'I" Caldeitm Boon -"d nine!) .nun les. I.,- .' er
lea ' I'll, ihey flew uv..i\.
WaahlngtoB, Feb. Sl.-Mlsa Jeanie Miller, da
or Hie An arney?(..?!,i-ral. will christen Hie bu' li
Indhina c.ii tb., ,i ion "t ..er launching _t Cramp'
ship yard, Philadelphia, n.-vt Tuesday, The
will !,.. :, landed hv n dlsi|ngiitahe<l piny ol ludiantaiis
? IO la ' his *'!tv, li,' Iud r ,; Pr- *!?!"'. t Ile ? , *
tntiiev Heneral Miller, lree?urei Metaber uni others,
l,," -r, ,,..,,; ., ,,t ,,,, Sar* alli mimi be p
Some <! i\ - ago a ipeclsl remmltiee or the Pairie
Club ex-J Igi Noah Davis, chairman, sent a dr. ular
i" tb ? pastun of N* n Vork. Lr.,.,:,:) n and otb* i
cities, raggesHng Ihe following topic f ,r pulpit ireal
ni.-i.' on Ihe Sandsy following Waahlngton'a Birthday,
pebrnary gd; '?The Nation's Debt lo Ihe Moi -r <?:
Wu-bi-.???o:i: Earl. Training for CHUenshlp." a
e who have replied le the note and Indicated theil
? leniten lo ? empty alib Hu re.jnes.1, ? tal
i ? Res Dr Bohert !' Sample. Weitmln-tter Melba
i ? i ;.!-? opel ? ?? B. i C W Mill .rd, Wsshlngtou
s ,tr ii Methedl ? Rpi ? ops ; Ita I.'.".. Dr ll I
Nt Ewen, Fourteenth Stree! Pi' L.t. -i.,n . tl.e Rev, Dr
.tam.", .hamb.r.. Calvary Pn hy terian; the B?.
ttlUtam -. Dunnell, s. |- j, t .*,.? s: in. ii ?
I pa' ? 'be ll**i \"- il' *.?? .1 .. I'i.-*
i-. ??.-? ii ?:.? Rei rheodon* A. K. Gessler, Graci
|!_p' il Ike Pc il IV Byra. . Rpworil Metbodlsl
I ;? ie Rev. < B bkli uer, l flj
stuii .sn,-.* Metbodlsl I ;.i copal the Itel Leighton
Truisms. Aerify I.Dpti-*. Hu lt. v. Joachim I men
dorf. Flr-t tOUegBua Reformed; '. Rev, John H.
H-diis, .'lope Chape], Pm.!'-'? t nu\ :!,.? ReV. RdWSTd
{ .1. Oovslaad s, fame 1 vi. ?...,. ? .,. *-, \. william
' ll I .wren, e, l,.r-v". Stn ri M. ll di I I ;? op ll I i
; lt.*. lirorge Nixon, Flnl Presbyterian, i.
Ri Dr N. I ti*'ls*, s. v'i'J -,i ,:,d .-tr-t I-ri.pe
: H..- I!- * John I Ste* ti, Episcopal : the Rei. ll. 1
, De ' ,? ??. H. John H" K\ _:._?? ll-1 . the Res
teeta, I
J. I)
I", street Reformed Pr?,1. vt. rh. n; ?
I Kev I H liol,.,unv. ,.,-: Thin. Ihlrd SI.t
Baptist; the Bev. William Milgi,* Mc*.own, Em
manu*! lb* ll. ? I bourns H ni ?? *'.l -' il 13 ???? I
the Bes IVIIHara langhati, Duti-h Reformed Chape)
in.- Bev. (.corgc lt tau Be Waler, **' Indrew'i
I'ro'e.'ai.t Rp ,i,p,,l Ibe Rev Ensign M, (,',>?-tic, ,
D. d . >l_d:-.,.i Avona. Melbodtol Episcopal.
? m> - --
Seven! addlttsnal Uta's wen. rtt.-i_ \. tarda) in thc
Fulled state. Dt*tric coon againsi ve is. is of ihe
Cntied Slates nnii 1 r.i/.i Mall S.eam*hlp 1 umputii.
The rndltan snd their dalma w.t.- ita- Thurhei
Why la nd 1 >mpany, 813,60334; the 11 ..v,.l ? ? ? Wa h
Ington Inaannn Company, _3,ooo; the Cheaupeakj
sud fbi*' Itaiiwiiv Company, 80.44153; Ja mea ll.
hanlin, I.;-! ufheer af the Alllanca, .-uni iwentj lah)
ether members r ker crew, 81,512; tbe Berwlnl
White <"'ii Mining company, BSilflio; John R.
borne, .'. Howard Serymser mid Charles I. Tappon,
84.2*3*8; Thornton N. Motley .\ r>, ?*_?;:;:: ;,i .
Josepli ii Morrell .v < >. rr <....i -?': Ihe N.-a Vork
Instituted Pulu. Company, rfj.'.o.:;.., nnd Ita* nwuu
_ 111., i, Company, 81.""4 47,
Th" auditing 1 "tnt.iltf. ?? of the < "lin binti Ci AT).
mutee ,1 1'ne Hundred me. in ihe ofllce of Gi ir ??
,1. ..auld in tha Weetara Cnkm BulhUag yesicrday,
Mr. tieuM, D.iwd Banks mni loka ll. Starla arra
prusetit. .'tiarlei ... I-. VVsIiIh -a'd tn 11 npertn Hui
lb.* rnmmUtis- wu, Butting many nf thc bili
Wi.en asked s*im 1 bills ibne wen, ha would mil)
suv 'bu ihey wura tao*,- wilek wean naauihorli .1
or cvnrbiiatii. ile nfusad to menttea mn pai
Bruter bill, bul Implied thai Ihe 1 yt worn by uu m. ms
DetocTtvn Brady and Oardaer, or tba Thirteenth
Pns im 1. Drool.Un. yeaterday amatrd Domlnk'o
Felice, mi iijiiun. ni bi* linnie In Mulberry I., on *n*
picton "f having mnrdend au Italian In Philadelphia
two moiiiii. ago. Felice wn- arraigned laffr before
Jastlee.'tUng, In brooklyn, on a (barge ol va graney,
und wa- commuted to nwali ibe arrival or Ute Phlta
detpbla :.ul',"i*'|e-. wT.o an experted to day. The
lintier wns ibe onti. ot .1 gnuie of raids. Fi lice
killel the niau, ucl tatt thal Hie nnii'
'linn!'I.?<! is un nallan usni.-d Domlulco
<!"iiled basing
d-f HJ-I 1.11 c
8v-Ben_*>, n. v. Feb. 24.?Henry F. Dixey will
pisv " Mn-, t' iii Anbnra to-nlgbl, nnd then disband
!; i.mpany, il- bus pol made a aurcess in light
opera, and will leliiin t 1 *? AdOn!-." Il<- In. ie elved
11 pr '|i 1-IH011 from 11..nbs Burbank n1"' F, I) Stem
Bon, or lin.Held. Maa.., be s,y.. .,, pm ?Adonl ? 1,
th,- stage again, and Hie iii.tiler is prartlcallj r_ ":, 1
1 icy an hi pul ?t'ni.tsaj in io ihe company, mu ",,
11.iv arlll i" re writ len and pt alcd un s terser -i.ii,.
(bah before.
Philadelphia, Feb. 54.- \ rcrdlrl of ti mponrj
insanity aaa rendered b] tb. Coimier'i 'nrj toduy
tn ile- ci' of Hubert .1. Chapman, ,,f the Chapman
Dec,iniiue Company, abo ya-tcrda) commuted ?ul
1 Ide i.v si,.?,t,nu hims, lr lu nu- brad.
Treii.on, N. '.. Feb. ?.?. The Volta Graphaptame
Company, ol Alrxaadria. Va., and Ihe American
i.ntphaphonr Company, ,,r West Urginta, hive Bled
a 1,I'l ul ...uipbiiirt lu thc Federal Court agnlnit the
1:.: "ii I'lmiiognph Company, of urange, rm an u'l-g *l
Inirliigemenl or a patent mi iael| lalklu*. maw dues
vv,,, ii nj:..i,' 1* ,ui, '.Hii.v gtvtag i, tho snape ol boUs,
1 11 pin, arapitons. m.ein, ate. The*-, ikoa thu 'be
i.io.i 1. tenuadaaled, sot rama u...*un, ,? u.h?i 1^ kl-u
t? relic VS Hie 'teni,le. g S S. |a ue,. rn,flit ti tull.
cit ii,-, poisons, ?ud enable v?u n* ,ui sell.
?I ii,1 , bad i"t ron * i.'irci ni mv bbiod. afcicb
n,ada m. dread le -have. .. mall bolla -r rla-pli- weald
ba at, Ikea rauatag th_ -having -,, i?. .1 gr, >t aaaeyinee.
Alter taking tens tatum k. b. h. my lae 1. ali etan
md nanete o? tt. -*i*o.,id be* appeUU iplcodH, ileop aol I,
?nu lad i.*-* nnnteg 1 gsstran, _:: (rmi, tbs an af B s. ?
??. iud. BEATOX, 7.1 Uassl tt. pi, ., ??
li.Mt,-1- on blood and ??':) d:.r,.<*. palM tree.
SHUT irBCIFIC CO., AllHiini, tin.
XVi^yt'tp PT>in_?" t?ot^ t*ie women who wash.
i ney i c s^s and the things that ar*
tO ir ieC6S washed, in the old-fashioned
?ray. That constant rub, rub, rub, over the wash?
board docs thc business. Hard robbing i.
work. Hard rubbing wears out the clothes;
work wears ouf the women.
There's nothing of the kind, if you'll
let Pearline do the washing. All you'll
have to do, then, is to look after it.
It'll save all this work and rubbing
that does so much harm. Hut. because
Pearline makes washing easy, you
_ -^ needn't be afraid that it isn't safe That
idea iT worn out. Just as your clothes will be, unless
you use Pearline.
Ped-len anl sum" unscrupulous grocers will tell you "this is ag
il as" ur."the same as Pearline." I'l "S 1 ?Al.**K?I'earhne ia
never i ..Idled, if vour ijrocer sends von an imitation, be li
' M ' IA Mr - P" .'I F, V-w
?rn York.
Ul' IIS II .-.ell IlK.ltN VI lil'TAIILL-*.
v. i'-i ii" barton and Inlets along tin* coaot a
fi.,/, ii .iver ur *'i dogged wiib lee thal Ike Bskernw
.?.?innot gel mit lo pl) their rerstlon, nnd ike mei
mon* attain on Ihe supplies or ike ii-!i nerehanl
raitsed by Ibe I.len demand, piles tn 1'utton Marin
fur .ci rood keep Up I' Hie top notch. Cod an- tl
uio-i in demand ol all tl b. Live cod can scan ?'?
be . mud ni all In l ie inii'.c!, wiling ai 13 crate
pot'iul Iii .teaks anti IC r. by the whole bab. I'rose
i.mi'., i cod (.,-: 8 on'', linddnrk and ballbut, ai?
nu.* b sought after, are extreme!) naree. Kfcrge hal
bul Mil,, i.t-: -.rt) cen.s and chicken ballbul -io cenl
ri pound, while ludd ch iloaka aell tm- - and 1
cent" a pound. Probably Hie *l<':ir.-i Ihlnga In I*
Bah line are bibstcn, which an retailing now ror 2
cents :. p..nml. If t" \) IK alive at -I fin ?!? : Ibo*
? , . in,- In barrels, trot u, 'A fur IW rent, a poms
Pre :. Long i*Id:i*i smdts sell for JO cents a noam
while frotep smelts i.i low as li Xi cent.
Medlnih Ixe striped In * rn s -rill .." emt, a u"""1
large lc. 30 cents and small -lac -'.-' Boutl
??rn sheepshead coal I ' lo ii cents .i icu il: Kpai
!?:, nun N?*rel, i> cents.
-,.mia -rr timi ic ni" ? pl'-nllfiil. Roe thad froi
Albemarle Sound ?il !"r -I ii it r_ ci,, mid Hi
..rn i. ? ,? cn I'l-i-ts t-i el. lin. ? from iti" Se va mu
.in.l -? .!.,bli', r'.v.-i ? i :n I,- ,rul ! ?:' j I et -nt eat I
tildi -i . nt 'i* -ri' ci!.- from ; lori l.i un a I" ? r.
. ,,,. es pe. '-.i lr. i ,? ?? .1 iv -. 'I lie ' ???*.? I lori I
. rt" Li" I :,'!? i Nw ba had au ngl
-??a*, ,ii lo contend ugnii il n.i-l i ie fi uti ba l*i*u * >i
at a li , bringing about bl a r;": Hothouse b*iTb
i,-,,m i , -? ". n ?'. Lr it Idi nt - .ii" -filing lu Li" fun.
, ....(. ?!.,";., npful.
it |, repm-.ed thal Hie blackberry nop In Sou.
Ile goal it .? ol - rpplie. b.r tl ;* 11..11 !.??!
lui- been w li t.-i killed, r ? .1 i,.' Ihe t r>'l> Will b"
' "liri.le!" r lilli".'.
Ne" ..ii' ie to vegetables become more attn liv
ami abundant _ml "i gr.nlei rarlel) ? ?? a meek. Th
- ut *m produce ls .mdt.) tipple Ung tbe riva
? I pot Ol 'ii' I I men' !.i,'!i.'U*c. ol I i ???in -t.,- ?
though a* yd each I well represent i ii the market
I Lu .i.i tiring i."ii. *.' li ter 33 ..?:,?? a -inert, am
I i ..-ititi tin,et,i - ; i I* cents a quart, Norfolk *i_u
, 'i , m i ? . id foi ?> ? euta a pe. 1;. ai '1 Florldi
lettuce (or ',<j ..nt* n doun nnd*.. Boston hoi
I...ii*.- cucumbers * u :;,> and 33 rents a pound, ant
I;. ?..!, bothonse iel!un 13 cents u hind. Lhllfornb
raul'.fl'iWen an among Ihe nea thing* In market
i ? i fe ti li good j ? hera - Kl tu 7, i mts a 11 "I
Nan bermuda uidn bring 13 cenl i i|ua I sid t rb
IO and i'. t.i,c j head; nea i... muda an.
Havana potato, ; ls a quart; hothouse rhubarb
I . '.?:'- i bnni h le c 1 'u arti* linkes, I "? i "iii* i
i|iwri Florida navel oraugn i i-i ri and el ii i
los. hame California urangn, tb" i:r-t ol I hi
rrap, ur,- (or mle a* ?*.) rents ?* dosen. limpe {rm
. .iii . I, ti for ri 2; I,, -l ," .. dom ?.i"* i ulma
grap.., lbs last td :'.'? L iported hothouse rrep, -ell ?
ihe 'i alt mi it Ki 50 ? j. .um! Mal ig c un
wort!, :wi '., '.i , . : ? - :i j>.,'.)[ii|
I...-- I.- iiow,i in price !<> ... ,.,r. ;i legen foi
Hie I-*! ti. ? , ! -l tong island, ahlH butt-i .Hs. i
: '"'I. Hu* , i :.:. mei-) ; iii , ?.. . : ?
limn ll. purler, Charles P.. Blmmon. and Edwar.
c Rh. ? Con! : Inners ni Charities and . or
I- ' ' tu V.,\,,r (.ilr..y ) es terday I t-lr .'??_?
I., Me ._urgi Biade aguln I Ihem on perember 31
l___, in ii report -ubmltted b) t;,.- Commissioners ?
v. ? mts (?? ? x Ma* ..I t.i anl. i lie , ui i .;? w* r
dlvld ?! i' rn t- ?: pei Ifli i-!..ic. mid In. Iud ti i
? ??? . eximvagai ? ??. ?hor1 ??? el hts ot mi ut, ett
''i leos i>. okke* i li _' and general I ?! munni
and negligence. The r- pl. t.f Ila ? .mi-Pi. - * "tn
mifslohen la contained In a pamphlet ni forty thre,
pages, lu wklck each charge P irparntel) coi M*r d
Mort Ot them are m. t ffitk ;i .-. , r.,| dculul.
i ?? chsrgn I hui "egina" wen U*ngbt for Ihi
tables ul physicians nnd nttendnuts it i ..- vuilu
UisUtntinna on ihe i landa under ihe beard's control
while ibe tnmaii ecru without tuttle ten I proper food
Lint nuaiitlllra *.r mt-ul lu *\, ?*? ul thc ic inc ?
lind i "'ii delivered lu Ihe ii sain n vinni t ii Win1'
I- Lu M. and I hal Hie bj stem ol deUvi-riug ml - l*i In
*tltn!i. ns na* i.r, ur" explicit!] denied.
n i answer ot Ihe < ban il-* Commission ra ends m
f,.i! '?? ?? vim,.m.!, it ii. i ' appear in the synopst*
,f Iht i-pert received bi n*. ti i* iiiiit-i-.tnoil ami lin
I.,.:, -,, .tated by tbe public press timi then mus!
I-, dishonesty on ihe pori ol M..- employes *.f Ibe >t
par!menl t., acennnt f *c the condition ot minga found
upi.n ti., lr examination. We demand lhal the Com
ml ilonn ,.: Accounts glv* ,mora explicit reuMHis "i
iBCh ?? serious .Inn ire. mini.' against tl tin*, ul dWi bil
wi...in w- conldcr ineu ol ullin, mid Integrity, faith
lui ;.. 'I * Bi I-??:' in tbe di-, barge ot their <iutb *."*
David war icr, alu wa* convicted '?! manslaughtci
in ibe _r*t degree for kilima Detective John Care.
ni Nnvetubi-r :i, ?:,* MUiteuccd te Iwentj yean li
-mi., pris.,ti yeslentay by Uecurdcr Smyth, rbis i
tba maaimnm penally. The uthcer w.i. trying t.
arrest B'hertn when nt wta killed. The i-rlmlnal
.ib! timi tn- didn't kti'W < .ire!. ..m! I bon ghi he wan
Mug ass*.I. _ _
ii Warren I m ??. , li"1 ??:?. ';!t* ti* ?? < cnn n4d, a in.*"
uti, .? w.t. in r.ie Bennet! Bunding, was committed in
iii" Tomtit. b\ Judge I'llagerald in Henenl -"-?.:,?:.
>,. : n! i\ ai ri ? barge ol lareen.. Tlie defend ml
wai ni'-i'ti in Itniland, Vt., ahlther he had Bed, and
WBS brui-.mt bi> U to Hil* t P > b\ Detective ll. i.lelheri*
I! i* charged I lia I he retained KI30 Ih longing to Mi
iniiiiv Kelly, "f Nf' - Rael tinehnndnd-nnd-aleeentk
st. Bbc was Injured In ber home by telBng planter,
md through tove _"t a verdlot sgalnal ber landlon
b.r fci ,D. u.i* Mim vus prill t.. the lawyer, amt li I*
declared lhal in u- b' all "! li. In Bniland he area
?it ,,i,e Hine piv.iitciit "I Iii" lt''' ami Hrdn League,
and -ecit.-1 Ibe an. t ..i Bearii a hundred ll*|..oi
Tl,, laal -nie si suction of Baron M. ron Brandt's
rnlleniun nt antique poirelalua, broilers, jad--.,
I'liatucl*. Idols, rte . a i closed at the American Arl
.tiibrie-. No. U Knsl Twenty t BIN-st., late ynterdny
,it, in.i. a pair ul ornamental lion. 11 yellow kronie
n strong gndeaque dodgn, height teurteen Inches,
length nn iinln-. Ming tiviir*'i. *"!*! fur H1D0, A
?ni'.- (ade ore t.iiK't. represeuilug pott-rtcnnau. snd
i bag braughl 1310, A pur nf welding lanterns
,*,?' I ' r ,1'."J.
Among the purchaser mate 0 ll. P. Belmont,
i. vv. Drummond, T B. I lark. Il I??? Urand Canuuii
uni P.. Bradley.
ii,.- amnuul *.f Hie four days' sala waa about
R''ll.ni ll
Tin* time "! Ike P..lu.- Vt.nt--. ,ii.-rs at tb.-ir
'ii.-etiiik* rrstrrdn) was partly occupied In the reed
ng or romplstnls again I memben ,,t the force, rm
l.iiiruevin.i. Tilbi;-.' I'roti div, Association sent a le'
rr, declaring thal the iniit.e bad committed munges
ii Interfering with ihe rights m the ballon wno ww
. mitty engaged In a strike lu Ucdfern's eatabBsh
neiii tm iTiiiity ,,r last week, ii ama said, captain
ft nun,,r. ut ibe West Thlrtlrtk-st. squad, had arrested
wo of bhe striken wUkool rauaa si PIBh-eva, ant
I'wetiiviifiii si., mid bail us, it tb,-m roughly, Thc
inn em Henry Ingnkem anti Henry Knapp, who
.vere dteckargrd In ike police court on Ike following
lav. Detective Um,: abm bad been abusive ti, om?
it Hi" si iii.ers in Madison M|ii.irc. it waa nhl. The
pedra *nv thal ika .trlken wm-,* dbmrderly.
latin Kelly, a Mlicitoc fur Ike New York Ute lu
ninnes < empuny, compiaincd i!iui be had been arrnted
SttkOUl cause by Dcleciv,. Hu .v, ?j ,,,,. |.,-l ,,t, ,-v
?i. sqnad. A theft bad keen couunltted at No vi
MaagBMl., and Kelly, wi,,, g.es ..r .n?. y.in ,;.?..?
M?J* ,?? h?."?"'?' Iht strim.u o '"?
I-* lillie)) uWvxx l.\ a woiinii, | vm;. |n t|?. __i__n.i
kdnae. hm tsSt afur ita.- -terni ?i? K-'iij did _-t
Xs ..tiler pia*!,,, han i-i. prodaeed ?*n-1, _-;? .
many |_?l.alala ot in,n tallie ... i ,,,... . niiit??.,w
...lied f AI.I,l'itK'S POROI *. IM. .WI'LIU, wa Zj
univ niothe for theos eieeptleeal eoauaKqBasitai U?_!
ti.,. ,*j. i ut their being ri uedlclaai aad p-_nmm_M
j,r.-< _ra.ion af supei lor lanie.
answer lo tbe descripllon whicl
ip l"t live.
Tin- comim.-Inii'-rs dlr.
bad 3Vl_ to tu.
Tin- i'ommi.-li)ii"r. <llr.-?: ?I Bnperln.endnl *m___
ni mali*- liiV".-il.Mi|,,ii., nnii to make (.>:nviiirtu if
neci **ary. ' ' * *?
An ejecnllon Issued yesterdsy again* lhe*-**-aj*a
ol Ibe l-cilie Mall -team.hip Company, .!?-*? j
Uoold and Uu -ii Sage, brough) the ronssag
'n ib>- sp. itv payment .' i debt. in vi,iv \- ? _?
ti.e Hne's ve-..I, .tty or I';,.i. wa oinnd-d cn tl
PnoMence Island, lu ibe Caribbean Mn, .r:d osRt
damaged. Claims I r #230,000 lot lon of i>r ,-?_.
were tiled rt.-,lu t the rompony In the Catted BMm
District Court. The Pad,. Mall obi inn an mia
llmlUng "- i i'm-, lu '.I- v., ne ,.', thc Cit) el p_r?
efl i ? ." '?' rei B. I bia sum wa ? ?33,000, n:_i judgment
t,,. , . ame. I a - ? ntered.
'"?"' -'" J. Uoold and B ll - i_ ; js-rsomj
? : 043,0 ??) ' I ii Wi ? Ibe pjymei : i | ?:,.,?.*?,
The Judgn ? al a ,- i iii . ,,i-: i., ?_ j;.,,
.,:i."ii.i. Interest kuladi*-, being . 13,44s 31. i.t
sum lia.* non be. me -Mi.'-.- io, * irnt 4 Lrtvaid
m p. <el 'i* for Ike Atlanili Untusl li, arsnee . on*
|...:,'.. abb:, gol j., Ig.tii fis, ?? .. v- '_iU
money wai not paid, Judge brawn bs :? ..-*_d \.
i-..ue a decree, il" did .-". i i an I il- derr.>?u
mlwdutier Alexandra yetderda) . - vc. Lu.
ll wes not given le ' nliei Male, Marshal Ja e
. -iv... bul ' > I'Brtt : -v I '
11?- lawyi: * -??".* wt rd to the Peril " I i
pany Ibal unless lbs )udgmt ' I il .?:.??
'.I'* ex. , ||l| i|| Mnlllll U' pile ?"! ll: Hm bill.ll* ',[ lU
uiarshat. A .be.l. lor th* full aaaeuni wm wat id
tbe nib." <-.' Carter ?? l.-*ivr!-t! ii wa_ ..*id thal Um
filler claims bad i.n paid, although evldaon ni iht
ra-i bud not been Bled i roar., those Whs SStBBB]
Judgme it, In addi*:' n '?> the Atlsntt* Mmual, u:_l tis
?mounts swarded them, wen: I Freak Mr-jHi-ts
Company, f 1.2117*J; La Fi rl**re Compsgnle *fAaas>
.i;i*e*. -Ni.-T-' "*?!. Insiiron ? ' ? '? ; i Y ot North ..rn*
lea, g3.-V_ -j*;: Cbulih ,\ - -j I-l'J-i. j'nMB th
sursoce company <i -On l. i: ? i-?? -. ??'-.-.-. and tks
routh end North American I loy de, .3,4-3 77.
i bree -, tii|** itt rs In ?? wup i ? i *- ii "is*
plirey, ital loner aud printer, al No. 130 lanai d-lal
j nsrroa escape fruin d?*utb aboul noon restetdsy.
rti-v ame st work la a rear extension of ute USS
Boor --I ni" Bi.?' > iBdlnc. fhe prlaUag sflBa
! c,\ "r-ii i,v ri . , ty light, vi tke t,,p of tbe
rm waU several layers -i brtrka suddenly Iel! "ut
_r pla": ut.d enshed lh ,i| Ike ikyBghl. lOAnro
Ranter, "t??? ? ' . i !? - ;? ? rn, a - l. ked to', a
toner ?-f Hie oBke, sud ".erl biteki M aa Sba.
Ills bead w.t. cit |ermii-ly h!..1 be ll*-Si-Bl hUBSSt
ei the body, ll- wa- Bent to his h.nv. at So. 101
l'.-i-- Flamb at. ' bartn I) -? I ??? I loka MrCaReagl
also w,-re .truck by d-sr cud bri. -. ha! osn BOt
burl *? i ?
Mr. Ilanrnhny mid tl ii il ? building had aai brea
kepi in proper repair li .sis <*
V-, lier Iv.-elli,UM -11.11' .1 inolltll ri- Basest
? I! ?.?!.! lal!'* . ught.-r, M -. r. -"i.t-t' irge., _/. \.o.
lian t-lx'.li ave.
Tba Salvation A n ..- i der * .ci-.i. r.nioii vu
ll ?? N i"" ? ifni
qimrtei * In (pu eily. I ? ' I uubMstol * Has BBB
! ago -,i perpetuate h.- name of M Cal
Hie Wile , I ' .- : . di | ?"'
...... "Mother I-'.." '- - ,- wa- known i > t!w
ll i.e. .|.,tnor I, itu, ? .ii.' wa- iii: i - ' tm
army, died a' ? d a ail yomr* ??fo. nw
, tli.. i. i i harp ito ten j rd to buy -to sesp.
crt* ar thc lOtt.heasl . *. ,? ., .1 \v.s*.
I'uurteeiith* t., where I ?? U ii fmiitag. of ssvskV
!??" fm .i" i n .: ?;.!?! ?.- i"' t ? ?. . ? ' ind, hMB
? Ute lund could neil*. I ? deeled wit'i rertalB
restriction-! upon the ?:-?? tu ?? ..,? n ll Bdghl l* pat.
They, tkentere. stopp>d i ter the property?
ami are now looking foe They inf-ntl
!.. imi" tlie bead |uai ?. * and r* large audit.* i un la 'hs
nea buildiug, ai.tl wi*, ;,. bu) u phil ab at WI by
MX) 'e ;.
m r.'.'i*', rs- ii. rm: t \BlFP fOLU t ti BEPtSER
irg, l cb. -?! i ???? Vci ivliu Mill, n' Fi >?>**?
head .v Co., al bharpshtir::, lia. ? : *? WARA
Ult rt) mid all Ibe workmen lia'- been dis licr-vl- KO
cveen :,'ii) nml omi men ;.; . ,,,,; ?' emplaPBMBl.
":;" ?: xiv lilia ,,iii, nil-, ...ni today timi ins omBB
wimbi !"? , l.'S'tl it I n*t until ibe pnlt.y "f t_S
new ."iili'iui! trallon on the m:i'r ?.;id ben oa__BS_.
i/wim* it. Ij'. i di p . -. ? ?-,. ... . eperaM
Irreg .Univ for a vear or m..re.
ItUlsdelpbla, j. I,. _( .\|i|iim **, ll.inl y "Bl
Dallas Banders, npre?uting .? focal syndlciia hiva
bought tbe si?tnivikiii I,;,, ii ,n fnmpsny, an eleft*
trolley rand running fttuu Locustdale tbrougS .v*ui?n4
?,i UlnrdvUle ind thence t,> -iiinir | rn ?? A Mah-BBl
< Hy. a dtstanrc of iwcnty-tbree mile*. ThRttBB
miles uf the rand an In operation. Tha r*-;*l rtll
i.<.ded and will condun about l"rt.v tttUSBm
iu th,- Mabanoy ba*lti of tbe a (incite NglBB ?
.*? !ni> 1U1I1 . mintv.
Bringa snu-eH and Improve nw ni sn*l ten- *?
penonal enjoynionl when rightly xmed
inony. wbo liv., betlrt flinn oilier.. tsA tSRst
lifo more, arith lesa cvp.-tiditure, I-V more Pr(1'np'J
adnnting Hm world'. iu-*i prodaoBi la **? w
of pheaBnal l>**iii?r. will .itt.-_t tlie value to h,?
nf the pure Liquid laxative prim ipi**" -BUB-USS"
ibo ri'i.)i**ly. Syrup or 1'i.a. ^^
He aaaallanns is ?i"<* Ut its prcsenunr Ut.
lorm most acc-ptnlde rwid pleaeant ta tbe
tba refr-sd.tng and irulp _eni*sV_al prum-rti*
a p,*rf.s-t htMitlve; cll.-cluullv cl.*anai-?c ,h* JJ
t4?*n. itapel.--i Mids, hus ri inks i ami ****.^
licrmanmitlv ourinj* cn^ipaflon. Il h"**
?oitisfactioti to milli?).._ ?'?<! ravi mim ** *L
I roval of thc BBS-Hani piO-SBSlsB hsmstts *
?n HM K.dncvs. I..vvr and I.-w.-ls witbou. ?*?
.min.* them, and lt if pc.r,-rtly fr**e Dom ?*<*
ullJl Illili neill hi anlist-inc*' .. ,.
Syrup of Figs is for sab* hy all ?'?**%*
oAjB. ami $1 bottlefli but it is ?aw*?**TL__l
Hie ?;iilifornia Tva Scrtip Cm BBflT, wh Krr-f
ls prtntcl on every pacU_ge. also ito ?*A***?
nf Fi^-a. and toms well lafarOSSSl SM *?**
goeupt any substitute if ol-en>U.

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