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-LVP.r.AL steak Ena.
.\n Interesting fealuro of all college tilumnl .lintier.
?ivrii haw la Rew-Yerh dorins tbe .season ls ibe len.
d?r regard uniformly mahltested for all Hint pertains
K tue gssnrlall" <>f collegs lifo and experience, Teen
?Uty sci' SOI of I'lac* nt gatherings aBBOOg men ?r
m world, yet tenn alssosi slways are Hi" punetuattoa
nlrks In proceedings of Lils kimi. Men In their mo
m(.t* o.' retie*;..<!l"!i aro ns much IncHned lo mini
na.e over tlif Incidents of the past as [bey an- to
iP-cuia.- apea Ibe future, lu Ibess annus! sssem
Mage.< l!ic'.*1e:its are recalled Whick In Hie burty burly
sf bSStOCSl OOCUpattea art* for ibo Hine forgotten, hut
vblrh ntnrn wltk n sympathetic meaning in reunions
shir i bring together 'ho e who lave drank al tbe rama
'curtain of lcirniug.
Tke dinner given last evening nt Delmonico'* by
the Ambers: Alumni AssodatiOO nf Ne*, York wns
peculiarly tnlenalksg. The croup was n >t lurg**, kui
lt was loyal and sincere, and Hint was enough.
At V,t preliminary nTeetiiig. .L>!.n II. Wa*!.burn wHs
elrcied president. Dr. Tinto!h) P Allen incl Charin
M. Pian were elected vtce-presMenls, Winston il.
tipan was chaaan a- secretary. und Herb-rt L. Brid.
Uta as treasurer. Tlie executive committee cb-ned
cone ts ut Bradford w. nit<iicrick. Willard H. Wheeler,
Frink 0. Wild. Marla E. Jackson, Jr.. and K'ib-:i
E. McFadden.
!.?._ the company antend tbe banquet hall, ihe
titty tt presiding f-ii apon i>r. Rufus P. Lincoln, ow iii
ta i_e absence of the officials. At tb*- table with Dr.
?UMala sat General O. 0. Howard, who later responded
to Hie toast, 'Colle.e Men in the Amy"; Professor
Edwin A. (.rosvenor, mho spoke for "The OM and
Hm New Amherst"; Profe.--.or Bf. T. Hewitt, who gave
expression to tbe sentiment, "COmefl and Aml.-i-i.
Vb t Knell Had Done for tbe Ot ber" : Prof--so Stead*
ll. Stoddard, of the New-York I'nlver.itv. win, dis
ceased --Ttl.* < itv student and the Country Student";
John Babitta .-miih. w_o responded br "Trinity
College"; starr t. Murphy, who represented ths
"Voung Alumni.'' and George D. Pratt, Who talked
aloa) ?* Undergraduate Muscle."
The most pleasing feature of tbe evening was " Am
hstrsi IBostmted," a s**rie. of atenoptlcon view-.*.
directed by Dr. Bdward P. Harri-. These consisted
of a inrcasahm of views al the college granada and
buildings. Aa one after another of these npresenu
Uor.? of familiar scene, came up Ihe cen pasy chined
lus'llv. Ammig lacee wen "Charlie, .bc Janitor."
"Tis* New Oymnasium,*' "FraesaaerHitchcock,.Tha
Utrtirr,'- "Old <: apel DoimiMrv." "The old __epa."
"Professor John Tyler." -The College Hill." Bte.
Among tiio-e ass'Tii!ile/l around Die tables weie
Peter li. WyckofT, William lt. Brawn, CoBIn Arn-'! mg,
I'm. aeon Francis H. btoddsrd, Sidney T. Skid awn
snd C. I* Harrington. George E. Brewer, Jefferson
ciar;:, William Iv.-* Washburn, Alfred Rip, <>nni"ii lt.
Hall, Herbert I*. Osgood, <?. D. Wastes, J. li Brlsbee,
..'alter H. chtttendeu. Andrew P. Alvord, HuwaM O.
Wood and Arthur C. Jam"*- Letten ol regrel wen
read Bom Oalasba A. Unv, ons el the oldei gradu
ate* of djnbcrrt. ami es-ffpsaker ol tba Called Slates
Hons- ,,r Representative-, aud Fnnfc t Partridge,
one of tbe younger graduates.
CoUrga aenga nen given In Ike progress of Hie
tesUvtUn, beginning oith '? Neille Wai a Lady." The
ip-.--.ii of General Howard was nadnlscent sod es
-Banty tetenstlug. In dwelling up.u "The ('i(i and
Itew Amherst" Professor Gtoseenor kindled much
< n.-ni nsaong hi. auditor*. Tks address ol Pro
-*?>*_ Watermen T. ll,"*li en Cornell and Ambeni
om u cleat i a ?? of i.iipi'iiv wiiri an expectation
of dividends. Tii<- addrnmi ol Pmfemor Fraocli ll.
Haddaad on "Tba <*?*?? Bfndenl and Ibe Country
ttadeat" w.-i_. the funniest enanutloa si
Hie SVOalag. Tlie dig SlndSnt was portrayed lu
bis granitic "ret ap." 1' ens <*? portraiture
aUicfi bs should hara been preseni lo absorb In ii*
rbetor.ctl preseulallou. Il was Intruduc.d a* n dall.
enrt.b:i.*-nt I,, i.<- life .nf tiie proie-wor and hs un ex
<is**]-dinarilv well Informed yoong man, win really
Hoked :,. ir be knew ll lill.
The speeches ol Joha Sabine Smith.. Wan J.
Jiurp?v and George l>. Pratt were nil entertaining.
iBBmsv. m. < bartea ll. Parhhunl wes uo) present.
Green River, Ptah, Peb. M.?Repeats have Ju*t
Rp teeehred al Un "Jumping" of BAUM -ores or
flcli placets ut the foot of Crcneettl Gulch In lb*'
Henry Mountains. Three bundled desperate pt**s
heelan cn tiie ground an- guaidlag dalma wltk
?Vlachestei.. Tbe pam is Dom -:*-n Juan, and nata
UP by wuy of the Unod. Crossing, 'ihe lewn-slta
iv also Hrelved. DeauRory ahootlai I- l_enneat
?vo ono Jms yet been kflWd. The salem out UN from
?SR Lake add fuel io Ibe names. TL.- piespectOW
Wt experienced In privation on thc. Nit: luau, and
*t determined to protect nt all ba .auls theil new
??-tl.,iis. Runion prevail regarding -.koolinga oo
"?inlners Bull-Creel, townsite. More I kim a hundred
Pto-*)**, tor. i,av. ..I. -.-.) tte- Colorado Uiver bound
?w tbe Henry Mountains within a weeli.
a-_ -mm
Rochester, N. Y? Pcb. C..?All Hie BBOrSdng Iralns
bought large drtegatlons of Methodist, lu Ibe dty !<>
?Rt io attend the Epworth League ronveultaa Itib.
?Ramona. The convention was called le order bf
?teim a jones. ,,f Bufhle. Orteena, Niagara, Brie,
G*-n..ee, Ontario, Wyoming. Liv lugs!..n. glenken, Aile
IRup. Catlarnngna and M< ume canattes are rs pre
**nted, and BMUly delegates an- present from Pennsil
van's": About x?At \l*l.or_ no far have arrived. lin*
Psegnmmi- discussed this aftsmeoM w us teltews:
Epworth love fens!, conducted hy Hie Rev. K. E. Pair
Child. Holland, N. v., "What Constitutes a Vu$Ul
}_"'"g Methodist*" Mrs. N. P. Pond. I'ochesici?; -ytu
g?Muin, "The Ideal League." (li -'Jts Officers.*' J. P
"-?ton, Rn bester; ci> -lix Member,." Mr?. C. !??
f-ortbrop. ITdland. Peim.; CH -Its Meetings." Biella
?j Musted. Leroy; (4) "Its Work," K. B. Mn-In. Al
Luke McGee, thirty four -.ears old, who had been
ni No. 4:1 Charry-et.. was unarri from Ike
? 'o'-r* sii.-et Hoapltal aa Wedendsr. when lt was
""?i-'ii.d ikal be had typhus Arter. Il was or.
"suiiced ve.terdar tbat he was a typhus patient. Ne
other ease of the fever was reported in the city.
. S*** "Lewin, nineteen yean. old. of No. 1,2 West
"??tenteenih st.. and Sarah Pope. twenty-Bve years old.
?s Re. ns acv en th ave., wen removed to Noi th
'? '' . vv'. a^lsyv;or'1'^'.s1^ *'?"> -mallpox. John
Hast Ta-,'h'^ rn"l'** ??* ?dS"d from No. 352
pox y?__te-day. ' Wednoaday, d',_ ima. small
nr.us h. nooEirrs to resign.
Anlslani Treasurer Rills ll. Roberts does not Intend
lo remain In oflke ann April |, when bl* romm___ion
Mil e,.i.o. Mr. Roberts expects lo enter npon als
antin ea pr .Hem ..r ibe new Franklin National
liana, which will soon begin business, .vp. Clere
land wm iheieten Ind lt neceeaary lo _c:.-<t a soc
eossor for the present A-.U'niit Treasurer among I be
Hist things nial h<* does afte) hts Cabtnet Minister*
?i'e InrteBed. Ile ha* been already Informed, li I.
believed, of Mr. Roberta's purpose und bas bron kwh
lng around for a ratable man io plan In charge ol
?he Government, money bogi in WaU-si.
Friends of Joseph j. o'Donobue -aid ynterday lhal
th- PnsJdcnt-elecl had offered Um plan io him, a':d
that Mt. O'lXnohuc lm*l tbe malt.. ?i bli cieptoure
under constdentloii, This news wa. not nibbed
by tho Anti-mapper contingent of ihi, flip, wi,,, re?
gard Mi o-p. imbue m anything bm a friend of theirs
or of Mi. Cleveland, iii- Tammany affiliations me
wen known. Ho waa a member nf Ibe Electoral
College whli b m.-t nt Albany In January, anti tin.
readlneaa with which bu fell into senator llill'a scheme
t*. bara Hie Eteeton win, cast their vote, f.,r Grove)
Cleveland .clare their preference f,,r Kinari
Murphy. ]i? for United States Senator In della ncc
of Mr. (lev..lund's wlsb-, was commented nu willi
vigor by tho Anti-Snappers.
Due of them .said :
,.,,_ ui in,-tn sam ;
"Tids pian of Tammany to fond Mr. O'Doaobua efl
o cleveland H contemptible. Whatever poUlteal
T;,ii many Hall win g? fhrnuah the form of holding
primaries to-algbl ami electing delegates to the s,., ;,te
Convention, which win nominate a eaodtdsts fur the
Snccesaor to Edward P. lingen, In the ,,i,i IXth Ids
?:..- The convention will meet nt: Mo:.dav evening
nt No -JO". Past Flfty-slxth-st. In thc meanUmc Mr,
.inlier ls decld ::;: whom he vvin nnd to iii.- Senate in
Mr. Hagan's pirne Tue best Informed ..mung tbe
?.mer, ir. ie Wtgwamttes think Lint Assemblyman
Daniel P Martin, of the Xiv-h District, w.i; iy .,?
letted, nnd thnt be will accept with the understand!I .:
thal V ls lo be reelected f*.r the foll lena next fail.
He belongs to Mr. Choker's old dlstrlit. mid ts a tenir
Ite of the chief. Mr. Marlin was originally -lated fer
tbe Speakership this year, and lt was afterward ri
ranged that ho was to be the Democratic lepder nf the
Assembly, but tim deal with Hugh Mclaughlin spoiled
tho or-lirlnnl plans. Mr. Martin ls se*vi,e his for,:*n
term In tlie Assembly Then ure several n'ber caa
dldaies but unless a chung.- ls made beloit* Monday
nlghl Martin will Ix- Hie man.
j^,e_,,i" also a nuiiiliei ?,f candidates f.,r gel BUM
Hagan place a- Tammany leader of the Xlitb A
sembl. District. Among Ihem ar- ea Judge WIIRaai
il K*iiv, ax-AssemMyassa Walter G. Byrne, AsaenM)
man Frank A. O'Donnel, Thonms P. Cunnlngbsm and
(burles C. Murphy. Tnt- biller la l"ok?*d upon li?
nnet likely to be chosen, ile liv., ut .v.. :i_*j Rant
Twenty-tii-' at., alni own. Uqnor-tbops in Kecond-sve,
ami Avenue .\, which bet innli-s I,im an Influential
i lti/"ii lu bis district.
Mr. Croker spent most of ynterdoy in lib
pill ate uflh-e it Tsmamn) Hall, looking drier puldi*
rittair*. ll- li.i,I many eaUera. ABterman Nichols.
T. Brmrn, wn,, Insrodnced and lia- been poshli rt ' ?
ordinance abolishing tb" Bay Ridge ferry, wa ? "'
I,; bi vir. Croker, and catechlvd .1- '?) bia 1
.ind as-s's'iiite- in tb- scheme. Colonel Georg*1 H.
McClellan, president ul Ihe Common Council;
Alderman Jacob '. Wand. chairman '??.
I.,- Committee nt Perries nml Prauriits**, which bas
nnd several timings regarding tb*- project, Alderman
Park* abd ob., members <?: ti.- b anl sere *\ 1
belora Ihe "l.nss" mni wer.- ,lo*-lv questioned bv
bim. Il wns -ula lust evening thal a* a rewuH ul
Mr. Crofer s iiivi.iipitii.ii.. be bad d.. bl d lo Iii ld
tbe ordinance over i.,r u weah longer ni least, 1he
IV.)li - ('oinittls-ltiner* Wen InNum-il y-t-rdat Cat
iii.vernor Flown bad named March lil ns tb- du)
Tor u sp.-cini election ti, tm the vacaor) canad b)
ibe death nf fellator I lagan, fbey made au . Uniai<
Hilt Hie -um ol 043.000 ?nulli I..- r-*|'ilf tl tn d-frnv
?I." rgP-US-*! of ttl" ? bilinli. un,I lliey pn ?-,l Ihe
usual resolution*, asking fur un appropriation ol the
money by ih- itn.-ird ..! R_U*nate.
Indianapolis, Feb. M if-prdsli.-Chartn Rayslei
agdnat whom 'en Indictm**nts wen pendlug for pei
Jurv. wa, acqnltted today by t:,e Federal Coull
H.-.y-tcr waa a Federal iuperv__-*r al tin- hit election
and at the poorhouse prednrt challenged Ibe r
t.i- poorhouse Inmates tu vole, staking Ibi i.mart
aBMavtla. It waa upon Ihese sMdarlti thu
the State-Attorney caused ibo Indictment! tn
lie returned. After Prosecutor Holts had made
iii- smi,tn,.nt today ludgs Baker anld be mlgbi
as well make a frank aialemenl rc io ils view- lr,
Ibeaecases. Ile believed Hiv Inmates oj Hie n? ???ri,? .* 1 -_
,.r*:.' *'-!,? not eiiUH"d to vote: tbal they aron tharge
ii|?,n (be sta!,*, and 'Jut li wns nu oUlnge Upon t be
pi-Ople tl.Ut their ll f-l'e.'.s sr,', il'l li- (lull,I lill tell bV t bil I
? lass of p-ople. Judga Baker stated Birtfcw that In
hi- <i|il!i!'.n I!." per .oi is win. imd wrongful!! attemptetl
io vote i.i" pauper*, should have t?*? ? 1? prosecuted ..',.1
1,ni,is ei. lu aeri-rdance wini ibe Instructions 11,1
Jurv thereupon nturned a verdlcl *>f tail guilts noon
each ul th*" ''ti Indictments and Ibe pn...-?' 1 wns ?i*
tharg-d. Tbs prosecution im*! been pushed bv *.'
, of :'.*? DemocraUc leadet *.
Saginaw, Mick., I'eb. 'J4.-A reporter loday called
np,,11 Benton llancbett, who waa ye lerday notnlnsiid
by Prcstd.ni llsrrlson io succeed Judge tm l.-m .
in reply te s question s> lo whether If would accep
Hie appointment, Mr. llancbett -rmi ibal be would.
if li** was confirmed il" bas telegraphed lo Ike
I r.-ldent le tbat effect.
Al LIT.*..
Auburn, N. V. Feb. '-'.- -Cynnua Wheeler, Jr., wa
nominated b) Hw Republican* fm Mayor nt the
1 ii y i-ouveallon to da',.
- - m>
?1 j, j'' n. .cen: lint.', -en el tiie well.koowa brewer,
wi,.,?e 1, atn,ns v.iii, ii,.' ??lianne**" Diane nav? given
min u wide notoriety, used to belong io ike Mn.,1,1" ni
Club and gav* swell ditHni- und supper* tie r,- la "hlgh<
I!!." bini".!!. lint le ba- billen In-,, diograie ni
tl.e linn, and Hi- 1,-ul nt governors lu*- dropped hi*
name liam the 1 ils tel nen.pavmeat ?i MU hom* bills
Tb- '.mer,nt nf h,- al liars |? l.epl a "''Ul but H I* I**
lleved le have ten ind a is*_. Bgurt belar, tbs atti t
i< fen-, d !', wea tai..n.
The Baaaelsl dlflteeltte* wklrh have evettakn ike
brewing Bra. wfcleh beer* bis r**i.ei s Mme, aad ls
wbbh tin- elder Tangling kw ben 1 pmc-inl -???? 1.
bolder, ha.e, it WM ?aid. mulled Iii cotuag ??(! ti..
ger nen.? fellow's ii.oiietrnv suppltes. .xiii pieves,t.4
lum I .,11, IKp idat.li.g "?? Will li.cn I? il In lyu*.
teri.iiiii.-i.t. Aicardlai te reports believed *. be buoi
HoiUir, y_*iBg Mi VumglUta 1* '."'? >?)., ci., _ uoui
tllt0'..!;li H.- W' st. Mis 1! ant.
C-tuJderaHe snstety ls bli over the N?w-V?-rk
piln! in,:,1 Ai laen, No. 1 .. elden is missing. The
bunt l;,il.il 011 ti ( rui-e hom glfepteton, B. I. tWO
week. ago. -!.< was In charge *.i iwo pllois, named
Nu!.ol.:- and Grtdtey hoik "f them w*n hhsord
the Edward Cooper, whick was b,*i :,'
weeks BgO. WI.el. Last --en lb
Capes of tn- D.-laware, ni
? bm., was off the
? be was -pokeu l,\
vessel ti week nu*). Ike AelkSO wa. .1
stanch boat, and .mill a tew yean ago was tin
\iichl <*f 'be late General Huller.
Posion. Keb. 24 (Sjyrtal, - -Tlie sensation o! UM dav
In ike shoe Hiid lest!,er trade ls the news of 11 (nm
Ideation between Booton and New-York deniers IB
sole leather, icpre-entlng S capital <>f abbot BiflJ-OO,
(MX), with tba view 0! lontrolllUK Hie output of tba
itii.il>-)t.-t.. and conrcinetitly the prto- ol sole bather
Hie bead of UM movement, lt is aol*!, ls Thomas K.
proctor ot thia <itv. The heod-* af u-n lending Bea;
ion mii'I Now-Vork Mrni* are to meka *a plans b.r
th,- combination and t<> ie- Ric dlrortlng posnr until
Ibe oflteen shall lave kean rfc..
Tbe teaWSl of UufUS Hatch srffl tske |,l?re m BSSRSW
afternoon at 3 o'clock, ond no'. Hil* ?ftcrno<.ii. a> h-? Uen
mcorfectly report/--. The -srvlces will be hal- si h s toma
in Spuywn Do. vii. sad csrrlsge. win mni tb- 3-0 p -"?
Ultu from tbs Or??* Costal SMUon.
DR. n. p.. st ions ROOS, (iivr.'.r- DR. k. h.
r.GO_.I. WITH W, lt KIN,; lot; T VMM WV.
"" M an i .-beni" ol Tammany Hafl, and ree
sn working In Its Inten*..- mM Dr. D. lt. st. .i??-n
B ssa p'.,!,|. :,' ol Ibe Acl.i.v ,' M- ,||, t...-. ,, D:
*- '?? l-'""i-!* last evening, sLortly a",-r the meeting
cf Ihe Academy bad adj urned.
" Do you mean lo Imply lhal I am working foi
Tammany Hui: r asked Dr. Loomis, bal befon In id
finished bl* question Dr. Km*, bsd watted awsy. and
la* dlsciissl.nded lhere. Tub* liiH.- difference be
Iween lbs president nml Ike ea-prestdnt ot Ibe
Academy ?r Medicine was the result ,,! rertsln nnmriu
Ifcat Dr. J-oomla bad made al tbe special meeting | ii
held fnr th*- pnip.-^f reroutddertngthe motion passed
at I!.- L'l.-t n.lill, 'l^'l.f burge t!i?- Ciimmltlee on
National Quarantine, ^i
Loomis opposed the
reappointing t.r inch a committee aa lae
_r"ti(U h.at the (iiiiimlitee had BCCompllsbed Hw
wink r,r ?1,1, i, || bad been appdnted, thnt the ran
Htilliiliie <.f Mich _ i nininllti" WOOkl lend t> - nilli,.?
lbs sctentlBc work ul Ike Academy, and lhal Ute
proper perkins lo whim Ike health of Ike city should
I" intrusted should be tb- Health Board, lld- tal
.telemen) was what made many Btemben ni Um
Academy am ia* Dr. r.o mi., nnd Um-e who favored
Hie Bb dishing of nil committee-., .such as thc ti'i.inn
Una comtulttro, .,r being in teague with (amman)
Hall. Dr. Loomis wa-, supported lu bis rrtnarka by
Ur. M. ii. H.-nry. win, was formerly a polite Burgeon.
iii" meeting hist nlghl wns <ailed 1,, ord**, by Di
I! IL si .lnlin BOOea. Dr. Ja* nbs i!lforiue<! Hie
society tbal be had never tdd Dr. Loomis t. noe
i.i* nnine lu making Ike molten ai the la 1 meeting
lo discharge tho commit tn. ile -old that a- chairman
of lhat committee ke was tu favor or having it *.
iiini*-d, a* there wa**nBuch mon wort rm- it i,> do and
I'm! Ibe s|,f,ty ,,r tim i|li/e:i. of Hil. illv ile
maided thai ike Academy ol Medicine
tare im stone unturned In tbe effort to prevenl any
scourge such ns h.- ehoten from entering the ronni rv
In the spring. II. said tba! Dr. Loomis brid mb
underotood bis sentiments *ln regari lo Ike com
adttee. Dr. K.vdt Ifcen read Ike fotiowlni .tstement :
Al eur i?st lesalar meeung Ike Committee i-r Twenty.
m.", known as ike NaUoaal Qnerau.toe Cissunltte* 1
tented s report. 1 ila 1., rt ir ay be snaiaiarlred ?s t?i
lowsi '1 he eesnailttee found it unoeresoar) *?, "pim*., *
??tt_!ii bill pending In ? .--.-_?;. ?. which, ii had ben in
.?ii|.fe.| ',1 oppose, -. ii.*- objecUousble ..t-nr-* bad
bete aKkdraan 1. lure the nannlttee could bare femes 1
tVW'hlagtea. The leper. , i ,-,-'i wltk ike rxpteootea '-ru,
.piti'.im nt tb.nie" - thal lhere ls gi .e dangei in *i,,,
audition ol tbe ?licet* of tk<* cit) 11' t.i- ? 1 ??!., 1 a in ?,
ib ,1 :? I Mag ? ? ? 1 . ? ?? t I ? -? j *. whick la anotb ?
ieui * -I ii n,_. r, sad tkal steps ought ?. taken :->.,..
np te (ii.ite. !.,,:, rr rr, these ,!.?-'??:>
Tn. io arro t<- ? Fellows present a kee Ike report ?.i*
-_J, .,nd tliusii (? n. a't.n'4 und 1 sn -n.i...,.- Imprrs
! 11. resolved le 1 rei*, tbs report refei tka bmii i el
ittevta si.u water*bssl re aaetkci ? mmittoe, tad to Hs
karn tn- National Q nanilns 1 >.:? m. ?-??? aim lhaeks
ka aeids will, ikaaks having beea ?ngg<-?t<-. ji,j >..
.j.t'ti ns ?n ?:i ..lulu, .i.t '? u.t original motion
w.r* it nel tel Mm fart tkal 11 -?_? Ska gemed __.
,r. taloa ot 11.,?e preseni Ikal tba taman ties d*-?,i.j t.,
?s discharged, iu tnatmeai st u.* banda r ike assdami
auld i.i.i paMbtv >,.* ragsidsd rn* sayUdaa bot , tem ?
?s'- britni Ma el dlnppmvat, whick * 1* m evi,re?4*i n.
s ba. uadrr tks ctrramstanrm 1'tie she tl rt ju Inset)
'I,.".?',, no d's. m. t'e. i wis int, nj 1 ',._ totten WM ills
?unana in |toe!I .vt tn_ pteseM !.,,.*. Um psbU. leah
0 seek ii. ?ti", ti. ?!?. j* ?-,, .vi.:..,., ur m,ii.,u,. t. ,
iildtnic,.. A* An, I-nu , nu-),., wa ? utiti'i. svo d Uie n
nil*: |k,:lli.?l iliitle* wklck therefore dSVOlVa u^.-i, >:s
With ie. tra" ol personal BMllag, wita na i>u,er om. i.
1.mi ? Bealr* :.. i,> right 1 ians 1 by * scaw ,,r wkal
inv, ;iimi.i and rssrtoi demad '*'t!i * ?.*ii not u,
-I.*." tka academy, but lo ? svste :, I n.,,1.- ike. Ot*
?rvsldant et Ike andras) be dir cud rn 1
1,itt..- ki.,.-.ri as ike N'othMsol Qnarantim 1 ?
'ibis moil..ti was ?.,.,.?! ti bt Dr. ll. Hdbeeofc t ml.
Di. i in,mt. then made .1 ipee.li oppudng tb. napp. Int
ng "i ihe rom mit te* on Hm* grounds aisled, li?
ll*., -.id thal 1* ir- Acid,-rn ,( Medicine beM Biak.
m.1- such meeting In whl* 1 aubjects wen rou .Mere,
h.-.. should bc tah**!! cara rt bi Ibe rlt. oil" I ils ll Would
....,11 cu lu Ibe dog* ll" uart ll il Ibe V' .un mi .'
VI,sll, lue vim ,1 sHclitltlr I--Ix. arel muk) tall I
liol bl UM bul kcbtitlfli .iitnt,-. IL- il,, 1, opult _!/?.! lu
Iii. Jai ..ni tm iiii-uii'i"i.-r mdlng lt m.
A 111, HI *? li*_t!..:i wa Iben .r-,..| bv Dr. R. lt,
lnr .1. ?*:.,. laipir-d I hal in. L.*omi* wi. a lum
...ii. and sippsrlcl hi* is marks b| resiling a paper
Dr. I.ooml. bsd c-sd In lem rn ..iib berlin: IUII.
lu Ike pap'T Ur: L.h.tiiI* deplored tin- (*< I H.st Ike
public li-altb wa In the handsel Ike .in olu>ui-. and
lie mM .hat tnrb matters should le- tefl .-litlr* Iv In
ibe ! ands ol Hie A* demi ni M ll Di th 1
1 ? ? 111nrU- w-re received with great appian -
in. vi. ii. Henri mad. a !? * remarks ngnlnsi
h.. metloa, mid ? !*.-??*! hi Miling ?? *.-r n. m-t. fm
. d's 'al,-* Iel us drop Ihe whole mal
The .|Ue.ii,,i, w.i* 'en put, '?"! was derided
lie lltlirilliltl.e bl ll llli'j'.llll nt I'l \ 'te* Ill
iiiv-i.iiii* aim were active In barina .1.mmlH .
-ri ppnl Ol-d weie Dr-. I W. lt.toll. I I ie*
A . |l, I bub. W . .1. suite. L. Il s ,yp' I . 'I
heesman, W. J. Morton, <-. ).. Iiii-wei and H. ii
? *? . ?
EN DEB HIS lill, il lill .1 F.I lill.
Hill JACESON, A PROMINENT A'll.v*.;*. Mv\.
.Slid "IS III Vlsi 1.1 IN A 1 vu
Atlpnta, Os., I*'' -1- 1 ie surprise following lb*
lefeicaUoti or Lewi. Rcdwtn. and the , :?? . ??!
late 1*111 Naib,ur.I Hank li.is p.il-.l In'., lu- l.-ntlt. ..:.- ?
...ul.- ir,,- greater aen?a.ten *<i laal night n,- lulrldt
,r 1 ,,!,!, .la, koon. Pi,.1.il.lv no \.,iin_ mau III Hie -*..iill.
na " well known a- rubh Jackson, an nf Capialn
llenrv Jin k*..ii. grandson ol Uenenl Itenr) Jackson
md i.r n,1,m.1. R. p. ( ,,1,1, Ile bsd always been ?
ic.l.illv pr,null.-ni a* a lender lu Ike Booth's 1.'
?xclnslve ?t Ile b.'*i 1,"en n Mader In evenUilns
?reml athlete and a brBBani lawyer, wh.. was regarded
ia .' the m.. 1 prom) lui.' *,.,,,n..- men ?, bl yeal
11 lieorgla. A \'-.ir ag., li" mair.cl Ml* Sarah Iihi"
.ram. B nilled brtle and beauly, Ibe duugli
. r ,,r a wealthy man. las) 1 Ighi be in*,'.
ila own Bte, anl I"* canoe tan l-- ri Igned Iw
be deed. Ile r.ntl hts lal her *1. from Ibrti
iffli-i in me 11,.im ky Hale ? ni I-'., BuHdim ti * '??'
.'clock. Tr.'ir bOBM I "i . nt tl,.- haml'i.I li, Ile
Hy, r..t lng Ibe Capitol. Cobb was *i ii-i durti : H.*
his.-. Captain Jackson stepped nut Brsi, sid I ???
al.cn 01.lv bull a dozen irps -.- fr. 1, be was ' rib
,v v. 1 ;ii Im- thought w.i. :,'. explneten. \m >i ??
,,. mm Ills *'?:. I id I'imiii."! in lb*)' > lb. III. 1 '
t b- saw Ihe lining man In W.mer. Ite bad
ila. ed a pi i"l io hts Iel and had pal n lo.lb 1 1
its 1,1.rio. ll- wa. dead. Ile was a aarm penmnal
in nd ..1 I.'-wi p.iitiii,.. and -..iii-ii 1.. I..- ',1.ling
,v. r lledwlne's I roubles, .vii day lie bod been lath
ng about Bcd m" * disappearance, and had leen
nabing rather wikl cnn.-. agalii?l nth'ts vsl.'.tn I
on |.l-i.*l lupin ,i.,l ile Ire-iu, l xU -r.nl 11 .' he
sn- certain Uri rim- 1 id taken ii* nan Hie, ,i?l ilia!
1- bad Int nun.ev t>b.ii. v. 1 mi bl. p. 1 ,1, ll ls sup
,,,,,i! Hal ll," liedWil.e maller uiii-alai.*ul Its min*!
l.akeaoud, N. I. Feb, 84 iLiveraw Werls am. ll ?
M,..i ,,f honor al a dinon given al ii"- Lakewood
i.i.i ibis evening nv Ike member, ??! bis personal
taff, r-.vei- were laid ter eighteen p."i>i'- An*.m*i
le,*,, pl. -elli W''|" .s.li.'tlnr lt, bl I Adi lill. I'nbltll
(Ownrd P M* ?? -i.--\. <"l.I l.""u AI.Ihii. Jr., Pulled
'tales scnntol 'h- I .billi-* Milli ll, J) . (ni.li-I Ml" I,n I
...ii-ti. Ara lt. IHrkln*oti J l> l_-ate, Jr . n?i i'.-i
liv., lieorgu Li-,dei ii"i Anil.v H. Kma-r.
Newport, R. I . Feb. -I lSp**rlali .' "*i" l's pm
, , ,.,| opera linn- ".ll be ii.'lt. 11 appears Irom pr
?ni Indi* aimil-. 11"- leading v.lui.i rot lagers lia Vt
ul>t__rtb-d lUierally, and up n* lo nigh _|.*?.oiK) 1,1
,"ii pledgrd. Ilinii Astor Cany, Who has sab
cribed f.'.?'_>". hes gone lu Nen Yurt lo liiiervlea
h.- cottager, who spend Hie snmniei h. r- and b*
\p.ci- to raise ni iii f! ..("io behm la* nlnrns.
omtmidoi- Mnrgnn, ol lbs New-Yorh Vncbl Clnb,
I llb-rnl sub-' illiei. lil-., ba* a I.I. Bid be I- al
-..ii. -ti b 1 win. and when be goes i<> N. *? imfe In
,||| Interview bi* friends. ll 1- experted lhal He
II I au,,,nni .ileil, ril.out e-'o.iNit), Mill be -ni-, til...:
_f_tc \ pill I.
Weal I'oin). N V, l'.l,. S4 isp., ,:,!; * sp. rial
nt ut <oner*-s was passed la*i Jul) p.-rmliilng
liniici-10 Alcanlara. *?) Venn ucla, le receive Un
regular 1 mir-* of Ins.rucihM at Ihe 1 mini stat
HUHary Academy. Threogh sn everdgkt ?r ike Wm
Dwpartaaeol the Suprrtotendeai *iid not recrtve mn
iioiiniallon of tt.e prtrttege gnnled t*. Mr. Alcaatan
.Vt,'11 H.*' young mon pre-ented bin.sell at W.*st Polni
tor Bdmlaaiea tko only rredeettah 1.- paaaesaed ws
1 copy of a newspaper In wblib mention was mads
if Ike set passed In bis behalf 1 0I01 ? I Wilson wron
0 Ihe Ad'n'rnii '-"tiernl of ib*' urmv In t'l'.'ird I" lb*
milter. Ihe 1 nb,m I expressed Uh* brttel Ibal -I'
Mi ai,':,r.i will be admitted In June.
? ? m
Baaton. 1>i>. Sd.?"Tbe HeraJd" Mya ll bas learned
rom a blgb -'.urie ii.ai Dr. HanUngten bas nfmari t*.
illow bl. mime li. bc used ns ri >uii.llr.nl. lnr Mtebop
?r Massnebnartta t.> mu,red nuutpa I'ttH.k-. m:* lhal
f elected he would not accept thc office, lt ls un
lerstood lhat thc supporters of Dr. Huntington will
li*.id.* betweeu Dr. nicer and Dr. -ollor, with tko '
prehaMBry that tt** latter will neetve a Xixrgr number
ol votes from the adherents of Dr. HuBtlBfton.
- UER MT VT! Ml VT*, blM Ll).
Tbs msnnsrm.nl ot ito-.--.-ii llasptUI waa saverrty
rrttlrlaed yistedisy bp .Irs. Ilagad, tbe wld-.w or Ben*
'"; E- P. Itagao. -Mi hatband," *a!.i Mr*. Hagan
lea tribune ripener, -wa* treated with _:_*- neglect
Irom the lime be went lo H.<* boepitd. ll, wei
taken in n ubi loom. Tl ?? wtadowt nen l.- sid
Ike wishes wen- kepi from nilling tn lbs Wind b)
mn ni ol matchee stuck between ihem and xh.- window
easing, winn mv basbnad was brougfcl Irom lb.
agenting room h- vms poshed along roughly In s
<ar. Tke hall was cold. The men look tu*, husband
?o a norn end naghl Mm rareteaal) i-> Hu
feet and arm-., and altnu.i Hmo bim npon
Ike bed. Il- was without proper attendance. Ike
men wi,,, came tn ne bira teemed la
'?>-*? '"'I*' lilt-res) In bim und miked te
ibe nm-"* Instead nr caring fnr (heir pat tem.*'I
lound Mr. Hagan naff-ring and ha a arah . urinion.
''. *B* no nu- Tn stay with bim and tu adminl-ier
stimulants. I l-elteve n at be would bavt died a lone
If 1 bad i.nt. (nine Iii ?::..,,?. i alu highly Indlguaul
si 'be treatment wbleh my bnshand m-clvid. i um
determined ihal oiiulul InvcsUgallou ut ibis matte,
shall be made."
rotaertiitei.nt Lathrop said la-t nigh) ikal iben
w.'ie ie, ,,,|,| ,-,...:in. Iii tl.e I.,,spit,i|. amt that tho
-H-am heating arrangemeiils were perfect. li w.i,.
-uni ihut lie up?raHon npon nenaiot Hagan bad been
tondncted sith Ihe grentesl care, mid Dial every pn
ciutinu lng been used in pnpariug bim for lt,
I OR Tn I ik si MO
it was uld iii Newark ynterdai thal ? Mil had
been propu-cd .md would be submit ted lu the i.. ,;)
hstun ut Tteiiiou ber,,i- :i?. sestlnti was ovn lu be
piisbed ibrough. providing thal nie Mtite ihould sn
Busily appropriate a rrrtatn hmounl from the
?rote "Anni :uiid lui- ibe rapport and maintenance i>r
lloma n t '..th,. lb- pans Mal. liCf-MB Ellgllafa mid lits
biew arboola Ihrongkoul ike stat,,, lbs Kev. John
A. ?'*.indy, paater ol St, Peter's Cfcnroh, Nea limn
-i'i-. is titi to !?? ni ihe bend *,r tb*- movement, ind
mero an in''-neted tome si the lending pariah prl.i
in the Trenton and Rewark dioceses. The Mil as pre?
pared baa b*'**n submitted to eminent eoudSrt through
mil the Mute.
if pr,,ii.ie.. first, thnt ti,* Kinfc si,.iii annually np
prupriate tor rack .-hui between Ike ages or n*. aud
eighteen years a certain sum; second, tha schools
shall be in rim rn ,,r parish in-t*-".. appointed by ibe
parish p.nt.ir. wno shall appoint Ibe lcm hers and de J
clan Urn curriculum or si.rites; third, the teachers
must possess a Normal ?? ii... .i rertttlrste, sud In ? v-i.
other way comp!) with I - .a->- governing leschen -<i
the public sr i.ot.l*. fourth, ll..' ' nun!) .-up-*rlllt.tnl?-li?
that) b.ive a supervision ot tba irborts sad eoudnel
in- axsminstlona, The approprtattens viii !?? Lav-d
?,., h.-, nporl "These ore i .?? main festun
'Ibe Kicofist '..r.\ |,al l? ? n kept bv the prlesla
Interested, snd B I as been a**Serted lhal urtlher Bishop
'v'lgner uni bishop O'Fsrrrt b?s ben consulted. The
prints arc -niifltletit TL nt . v. a If Iii- l;l*bops du di
jct Monsignor bstoIR ntll Indorse ihrtr a.'bm in
lbs dl.?.-* .-f Newark Iben nre right) parish sci.i
Mtk un attends ,,?? ol tl*l.t\\r> pupil*, and In Hie dbi
,. ..* of Ti.'nt,,I, il,.-!" rn*- lilli'*. . parochial school*
_l*b un atteiidaii.I ':24n. th makl.iR ihroughuul '
us Mate un average altendai.r about lU.W.I-J ot |
he?e od neal ional InMltiilbui*. in I-ic: tl,- Kt. ic
I'oBM of RdilcBHoii placed 'li' aier.i.. > ,.*t a pupil
s rear al *-". nu ibi* allowance paraclitel -?!,,.;
rill be MitHled t,. al Musi giMl.dOl -- ti ?enr.
? ? ?
, i lin -i. ll ia's . ONDl'i T
ru t b .' Rd I tor <.f T h" T ri i.
- : tt. ot Mr. li-iii Hall nv- In > ir Io duy's
i--u*'. h.- propo_*d union ul th- *?? B. Biri i - **? A.
U . , ?,, _- nub i t to stlluitei b-av " "I- tic
11 .lon upon .,urtiiv,..,t ..... tor s wtordilp abodiitel)
i., it,,- ,t ti.le.lt - vi il ||'i ? 1 am
, , gi id, ! m ???!?? - H.' il, bren ll ll w-re rn Ih ?
;.,-? monn I, Wi neaped Ibe li'.illl. ..I SUCh a ll lil "ti.
I. there, then, t qa-rt at Bi lo wh il are un iHllcnthai,
*..r mruibc-sbip In Hie - ,\. p. To entei a I..,.
,,f MBaaao one must i- a vi. r. entei * sortetj
if ei,n. of He lt' Wll'l'l ll mi" ttllisl hr,!.* ll .lem' lim
?? a i!<*v dntt-vnary soMter bc salter, dnppo-uig Hut
. . - late sorb Ites al UM B. A lt. il mild dec) I*
'.kadi i .- ;,-:-turin abase grcat-graudmoilm made
rolfe, l,,r ii regtmenl ?.( Wa liltigton's utm> al Moo
would Mr. llenrv Hall arm*,* Ike B. lt. ut
? j. louor di iiirtesy, is,ncealmeni ,.t Ute truth ju!
intraline*-.* I-.-, ri-.-, bavins i.re ponding rbis
,,r n,.nit.'?:-:,lp. !?'!?!'?' with thal Slat*
? nI-iv or with I sortety |-- ?? lng ? rude ??( rule
under which s gentleman with sm', credential*.could
admitted, ton ev* r pr il eworiht .i palri *il li
I/..! ibe j' ls "i Ibal gnal gnidmotber lu bai ?
I,. 'I! '
\j i wa i "' a ni.'iib-r "f elMe r tonvi lill ai I am
i .itlin. Im Intern.m. Ami a* .In ItUi'iU" i* ni
pu|ier I read, I nm ter* ansi i< io i Hale sll Mi
Henry Hall's siaiemeni Inm s??m?- ???>' ot rdaibHi
,t pu -ll |,< I mal v-' *'i< " cl. I il .inwlille, il
ul. Inst *t.ii.-iii-iii i- lu 1,- relied upm. Hie S. A. lt.
:,,- t,"i f' ?!" I'd Whsl render, in ..|.|>!lcinl eli,ll.i
? , lt . ii, .-ml*. ?,*', lp. ll *". p.llinp* l'.l.let '".
Mr. Ilcnr. Hall, why Hie e lt. dciilm-d ihe iMinor
,1 a mu. willi Hie !.. A ll '
i iii whatever Hi- rein, mi, di In.iiur, dis* onrn -*.
ilmeni ut iii- I rn Hi and iinfalmc_s even if ii,..
do tun Iii ti ill.I'l . 'ii.- bar.li wnul. ii.
M|.|ili In hi ri.i Itluil ol .i ntl'men.
vi'pl.l'.i.'N Mt ipi J AN.
Hi- ..,'..mni .bib. New-Yurk, l-l. iii, I*!***.
? ?
i Hi sr UNDltEM Col i Li STANDS.
1 ,, t b .? Edi I 'i i " I 1 h e Tr I b it n e.
-lr- As tl,- ii,ali.Heirn Ul *.! Ihe st. Andres ? iBee
,, .. i ., ? tin u mre Ihe pt Uk with s,.n. ital uh.-.
, |. b i-e li I,. ' ? lnr : ' m. ? 'I al I.' imv li.cnn.
\jiti b, te take it- ne Hind '-. I- iniii?* "ir members
? . ii. ,i i,, ene -in !, ,!. nations ibm _.cub i
? i . ali i pi .? iii. wi. ria <?: CoUl den I ???? Ul ll.jgi :
. mi,, i , I,, .-...ni ni b> i !? Ipi" ami di lansen, ?>!
i ,?.t, ? , | porting Ibe . "I' ?? -i Uria i.\ . mei
h..,I,, v m Hie u ?? nf ., :'.I li .me. w?* ad
i . ,", ,,, ii., i io Inquire at "in "Ht - i a
inion..ii ? it I" I. .. "?- ?<"?" in- *?'????cl
in ? ,.f the rn,na H t Slid 'I"' il!-|...lll.I I' ? I .'o ,
, ,,,.j... I |,| :, Charil! .'h.') .llppHIIS lcm,p. ll, Mle
? alid riilcnis ilniii lu large iiii'i'"i* li. i,it
1 .? lina , Ult
i li vim I V inti, v*'/ \ ll"-. *',( HI V.
Nu. _'i i i Iv. i-ii *, Pl.. ?
t. York, I', I-. .:. I-:. :.
.si/./; of i pusrorwrg site is pittrbcwi.
Pill .burg, l I. -" Ike ? ld ? ".fi. - He al
I .riit ave. ,i.<i v?).".:i)H. ld ?'. " . "''' i"i ai pilbil
;,i.. n.i, ari.ri. David K PUrkc, ol Iks ?
,? ,wu hun and steel lum nf Pill." Undi. ? . Wt.S ll ??
pur. baser r..r *. i.n.."_>?i. Il wa Ihe "-md Mme I ie
proper!! br,, l,., n pul up lor nh*, and, alli.gb ike
I. i"r,!l/,'l in .1,1 I- -:.:.'.>'?> Uni" H.r.n that i.f
t:,,. pie. -ni", ll I* lloilhlflll If eVi li "'ls MS W.tl
?, i nilli ' ? uppi ?> 'il ??' 'i'
..nun, 1,1 ulBclul
/-' | \Y.t1 t.V I VI l 'S DEBT IA'S*. TH IV W.OOO.OOO
Harri tong, l***ni I -'*. 24. Wale Trca seer Mar*
il ..n'. ni,i,c.il nporl tor Hi- ii c,i year .mbd on Nu
..ml., r :.') la-I stelW* Ihe l.el debi ni ll" 'mun.mi
i .aui, nn i, ..I dale I-i have Ion n. e_.i lp! dc! Kl. I"
,;,.i|,,l io tn riiiiniii.i hie venous loans which ma
I,,,,,i ;i, far i*a<l. SS IMI. ii,. t..tr.l ..r ih- pnili.
.m.i p,n during '!.-? vcr was Sl.417 uni. In- ? H
males ol* Hie revenue* lui ihe r.-nr endlnil N'ovi-mle-r
?.?I I--.,; an t.'ieci i.i L'.l.i.''"" finking fund,
. ,,, ? ,,,., Ks pet ?? ?-???" i-l lund, -'.'.-J'LT.i'* J sink
lng rut.d, *".mi.4i*i .'<'>.
A;|? ,| I',ci,le , ie. NH -Sll yests "U ?l?, ic. le, ,
i, )?? \ ,1 IS ii sl.l|,|,llit' leis ni l.i* Brui ,.( VV,,i:.",,n
? .. i ah) *l.t t*. Sa TIT II"t. l".n. lt i. ;i'|,'-t .|
..-? bl .kl ?t his hame !?? Mealing I.is fruai his em
,.,.,... h., *|. ?( sn stile la xv t<-, ii.,-. Mail ,, ,,,,1
.|,?i,r ut nu Mener**! pullce suimn. In ike pr,-,,ten.
,,,,,? ,,,,,. i.i beaks lu tn, rain* ut .'.'.OOO. 'il?i.
.ni., .fi'i i.,,? islSme*. Hal beames I'i? ? iii, Ihil'- mi
I,i,Hil |,'Kur"*. Th' 'HW I'*.' h c. j,ul required a
,,.,;, ,,, ml. i,- a, te tte stets ') banna.
li waa repos .sd n. xi<r i. nf poUmaster Van
C.,11. at iiiltllillthl, l!ii Mn. Vin t,,i|. wh,, lins
ban in for seam Ume, aa in u dring readlilmi.
lier pl.\ :cl:in OSxXt*.'? Ihe [on lhal she wmill
lint live unii) Hil* III,.rilli,-.
At'iibi-bop Cottbjsn sad kia btetfcti, ti,- Bev. Dr.
*..?ii(-,* VV. ( "ri leno, r*''t)r rt .st. Amie.', .'inn, ii. |',|-.ei.
MOS, N. .1. left the clt.r **esl_-*h_ for Pterida. tilieie tlev
win sp-ird nvenl areeka oHh Dr. Jaerph P, Cerrlpa,
ne i bretkei, abe bi- enage :'o\e, at se. U-tft , si,?rt
dtonan tmni Tampa.
'Hie An l.hl.-hop will ret'irn in BOW-Tsik on bt.
Ps trick's D?y.
Neve (sst line to OUaua via New,York C*n_r_l.
TUroiigb sleeping cmto. .',
Till-. RI i I I Vf. I'.s WANT T)IF. CDC RT TO MIKE A
Philadelphia, Feb. 'J4 (-"p-Ctal).?Ia Hie absence ol
any definite sta'tessent eeaeeralag Reeding's Bnandal
atlltr*, *p*-( Illili)',) on Hie suliject continues lo l?- as
Better li.), ns i-i Wall Mi.-.-t. nnd Hie rumor-. III
rtrCnlaiton an aa varied and lennttooal. ASMUS.
':it,-e current in d;i\ was nae Hint lhere had Im-cii au
i-.tie i,r stock, nuicernlug wfctrti Ike public ma ki
i 'lance. I'll!* npOTl I* li"! licit . ll was ell ll
lat i'd s..\,..ai weeks *,}*,>. lt I :.d* rew believers bow,
bat lt wt I prol'.ibl. the lunger than lt did
hefon. A ^f.tii main people -e-m lo be disposed bl
believe itu- wur*t, and nie icadv !o ratCk Bf ii UV
iiufrivi,r.ii.i" rumor, .vi proem Iben appears to b?*
tt nnanlrally ol teeBng among Mading Bneaclen, vi ho
ara inpposed ;.* be Infnrnsed mi Um subject, that there
will be i.i scandalous revelations. This
View, ll lii.IV In' -aid. I* In bl bv In-tl
wini me opposed to Mr. McLeod, and srodd bc p'essel
tu *"- in* Bppdntmeni bs ic elver aandled. Tb*,
noeling ii-:,: ikey believe alli not lamed e*).o:s),<k.i>.
The I'.-iv-rs announced imlay that pssdtag Ike
recrtpi ..f olden tram tko roan 'be payaarnl <*f In*
i-i.-r upon ibe pntennra bonds wouM be dltcon
Hulled. Karly thi* morning Treaaanr Charch was eu*
gageil lu ladling all roapons cllppe<l Bom tlrst ami
second pntenan bonds Hist were presented, but no
Hilid preter, nt e roupoos Wen nabed, as the*" were
Involved lu tbe action iskra ky ex Senator Platt ot
New *i..rb. muter ike provisions or Ibo ihlrd prefer
ince mortgage. Later lu ih.* day'.be nnivera ls
nt meted Mr. Uhurch rn dhwontlano Um payment* nntll
the i.t bad had tm opportunity IO capron uti tiplti
lou upon Hu- matter. Most or ibis Intered, the landa
In pay v bit li were honoured from Bpoysr A I o.. hus
already been disbursed, and comparatively tew of tin
lotipui* ara new outstanding.
Whatever^ feeling ibo brook in New England fol
bisrlng Mr. Parsons's resignation may liave Insplnd
in Mi. McLeod, be declined to give nnv aspresston
lo lt. Ills lil,i?|s Iti.lst Hui! Hie decline will lu no
way al'er bi. dc!,-iilillir.llnu lo take .Mr. PBISOns'l
place as New England's president. Thi. beor at
lack on Reading tliey Interpret at Mr. fonsus'a last
cud. lt Will nt.t prove a winning one they declare.
Nu one ni Hie Reading ollie,* believer) Hie report
el 'graphed from Roffuu itbt.ui Res Rngtaad gdng
Into a r**i ei\ er's hands. A dlapatck vvus read teum
vii. Pu noba -uviug that he kaew notblag about h.
Ir I* not generally known oiit-ldc of Pennsylvania,
but ll ls ti fait nevertheless, that .Midge Puxsoti has
political ambitions, ile u sahl to narin to succeed
liuvernur Puiti-ion. ami li I- known thal he liuii al
read) cii-t..,! iu bis behalf soma of Hie must iuUiictnl.il
Kepublicana lu I SitedelpMs. AU now u_r,-e tbat ir Um
rudge si,,, ...I* tn atialgbtenlng oul Reading's aSMrs
he win b.c.,me i, fomtdabb' <i...c.:111.r?- agalnrt Uenanl
HaMinga oi an. one eU- WbSae name hus been m*-u
I Urned Iii connection with Ike office. This. 11 ls sold.
Ill I,,- a iMiWerfiil Incentive to hun lu his Stork a*
I.-.-.v.-r it M certain tesl if he aucmds in put ll uk
Un- mad nn a snil.fuf;oi v bests lie will hav,- an om
ptlshed i sark thai would greatly Suhaan bl* npu
Hie filer.rt-! of tbe Reading management were some
wi.ii It.iii.'iiuiit ;,:,??!? leiiiiinit tba i i,ii at" dt.pati li
lillis lint Ibe I'M. I ni m ii i mnpuliy was building lnr
Pi.-Idem vi, i.mi a puiutlui private car at a.vost nt
. ".(mo to xuv Phllitrt. Ipiila ard Ken di ur Railroad . om
pniiv. li ls -tuted thal lu in... hist pla, - tbe ear U
liol I.' n'.y sum Ilks gSO.OOO, and lu the second
place, mn'riiv t., ibe usual practice. lt ls Bald for
flinn Mr. McLeod's private funds nnd not by Ihe com
|ni n v.
Harrisburg, Feb. 24.?Governor Pattison bas ap
|,,,!ni, .1 Judge Heydnrk. ?r tri uki In. to the vacsuc)
on i'i- Ham-erne bench ranted by the resignation tit
Cblel Justice l'nv,?ii t? u, i ept tlie Lending Railroad
recrtv ersblp.
? ?
Milwaukee, Feb, ?_?. grit wa* begun unalns! ike
Philadelphia and Reading Cou! ami Iron Compnu) In
? ' ? ll * nutt ibis ui'trnlbi: bv 'he tlrm ol Min! [ter,
I landan, Nmll i. BottuB A vila- on u ehdm of *r_7.
",',* in behalf ?r ile iir_wn Hdstlag and Conveflus
Machine Company, or Clevdend, Ohio. An *>rd<-r ,,f
. imeni was gnatad lc- Judge Jobnaaa apea Ina
...nipan*"- coal yalda In lids ?liy. This wus Reread
- iortli hefon noon. Tte suit grows oal of ihe failure
nf tb" Philadelphia asri Beading ruiuMne. the lu.wu
i umps nv bringliig anti far l e value of nmcbluerv
! rlil-h.sl.
_ m ?
Bfanrly, N. V.. Pcb. ?_'. In*- PMIaddpkla and
Heading pay rer arrived hen imlay, and ike em?
ployes wen- pula with chnhn. Tbe booka nfaaed
in cash tb- i h.. k- on BCCOUal o! al) atiacljinenl sered
iy Hugh J. BaMwIu ott the railroad'* funds deposited
hen. Home "f tb,, iiiercbauls took a number nt lb*
, becka.
_ m
Mllwaakee, Keb. td. Tbe Mod property of tke
Philadelphia ami pending Kallroad Cimpan) wis nt
im h.-,i inda) b) Ihe BherlR on a rlalm ut -B7.DO0
a Hoged lu be du* Hie LniWU t'unveyilig alni Hdstlng
i ..mi'am. ol * leraland, .'tito. Tbe Reading's Mllsrau
. i'i-i v fomprtaes docks and lands wurtk uvn
+ .i)|).iknI alni jl.'Uil Ti.OtM) lons nt mal.
I' v*s! ii nv 'mi; i hil ii. i CITY COUNCIL.
( iii > ?.. i ? I,, ji Tba illy < nundi last nlghl ie
'l h. d war mi grade nil sm y rmsdncs und passel au
ordinance whirl, is Intended lu abolish I bern. Thc
?rdli. prov Mes tm,! nil railroads entering Chicago
i elevate ib*lr Iraclrt .I'mv.- grade, *.i tLut Ike
pa .'?? nt i. !ilil". Hid p-d.slilulis Will I."' permuted
iltlderneatll. Tlc Hack* ut.- divided Into tbr.ll
Mi.ui, rm,! i.i*- work t*r .bv,illili: lue tic t dlvbdao
iniisi beg!** i" Jnl) I. IBO!., niid Ihe li*t division be
.ploted h. July I. Ls'.t7. The measure will prob
ihi. be bl 11 er iv fought ht. !!.-? ntlrnods mi ot mun ..r
Hie .ieunii.ii. expense nf Ihe work, Which, li ls s.itd.
nil! amount tu several hundred mtllkms of d,,i!;ii>.
\l?,i! Ildrt) live llV,r, have born lost on -rub- OOM
mg*, during Ihe Mal year,
ile- ordinance became .. Int this afternoon bv tb
slgnniino -if Mayur Waabtetrn Itellmnd maaaguri
say tbal it re*|dm i.<>r lin* companies than they
cu perform. ITc*i*lc.ii lliwwdl Miller, d Hw CW
..._.,. Mlle unii. e am! *?t. I'aul road, said tba! if tka
Mw wera eatened lt _.tl la all prakridBt} r.*uii
n the rdlroads giving up ibelr lermtnata lu th- elf)
ind reiiuivinaoiilside Hs limits.
? i think ii ls in i-xa.genttoa In any Ikal lo cl.
\ .?, ii,., nurka In Hie manlier ugulnsi id Ibis urril
natue wuiiitl prai'Hrally bankrapl every one of Ihe
mriti*. li would ba eslremeh dido nit to raise Ibe
money necessary, miles- we could *h',\. Ibnl our gam?
ings wen -nibil, nt io rover tin* Inierest, ami that
cannot n- shown by an) ul Ike companies, ir we
m. i nm|.< ll,si iii retire beyoid Hie limits muny of Ike
large Industries now located mm our tracks In Ibu
, ni will undoubtedly fdteU bs, and Ihe pubic would
I,,- pul t'* gnat Inconvenience. I think the grade*
11,,, in : pmi.i m could I-' salved Iii a umn pnctlcaklo
any, perhaps by tb- bidding of vlmlm-ls wherever
Ihe) ma) le di cin.st liweaaur*
I ie bi, ni 1:1m Uluiie, of ihe Chicago and Alton, anl
many oilier irilw.u olBcMIs sspnaacd opinions thal
ti,i- lor il,,- mwal prui. in liariutiiiv with Ibuoe ut
li. 1.1. m Milter.
iinn* wt. a meeting yederday ..f tha pneMents
.i th,- trunk lines amt ul npnaenlaUves of the Oen
nil iitiiln \ssoiiatioii and nf tba Nea Rngland roads
, coil bl. r Hm -|UrsUuB "I eastbound passenger rtrtc*
lb* s,. mies have bern bully demoralised In spile ol
>be agreement d Hm pnahteeta in iu*i November.
Ibe meeting yesterday reaterncd the pnvtmu agna
irenls for the inaii.it nance of eastbound passenger
ir, -. n ii enlarged Hu. powers .if the Lonni of Kulin.,-*.
iu miiti in prevent .."v cullins or fares.
? ?
LOW i: \1 'Bri OR Till ?.*,>.) ?
,-t. Piiul. Iel. 24 op., ni'. The ?___?" ba* dei i lid
i i.i nip raia "' **;., io New-York ned (eu lu
liriMm-prils, ind., l'*'i> 24.?Tke lleuae pnsaed tni*
ni,,n,Inc what I- I.now i, SM Hi" I'ii 11 inn li la- bill. 'Hie
lill was nilli' I bj .\llollie>-(.elieiiil Sinllh. tiller a
.indy ol ll" decision or Ike Supreme toort of Hie
I ulled Mal.-, ii ut bin,; Ihe .|ii?,lions Involved. 'Iii ?
aoll.nl , of tue bill _SV lt will. If I. bCCO-MS a law,
pul mt lbs ins dasMeals o! ladMas BSSjBBBjBBB thal
bas been .-taping taxation The hill pmrtdes for the
?exalten ot sleeping ur. telegraph, telephone, express
and ne-nhill,I (ll.piil, b coinputiles on meir capital
.luck Tke yens wen -'*. MU one vuta being cast
against ike bill.
Indi.inapills. Keb. *_M B>P-CMl). SeBBtOf Boyd, lil
llie rsciuile today, present.si a bill to rep-al Ike
Ai. linell bill, ivlikli onlv tam days uno ksCBsaa B (
law. Benater lloyd ?al*l ll paassd bdh houses as
an apparmlly Barmlara maaaate, kW lis provisions
me dedgaed 'ii omplet'lv de.trov and rend-r valli"
les-, ntl >tnch of railroad conipiinl,-* Hts! a mlnnrltv
of balden mav own. lt _tnhori_e_ ihe board of
dinden, wltk ike approval *>r a bare amfasttf ot
stcckholdetH. to (rive such priority lu dividends a >
they may deem proper to ihe part of the stork
tbat they may Issue to themselves In exchange for
their common stock. A bare majority thus baa lt
"A thing of beauty
ls a joy tonier.
A Home without Fireplaces ls like rn
man u idiom <?)<?-.?ll.iti-Ic-i* and un*
siif inly. The stove tn not sociable nop
Hoes Hie M.-a ni lailiaiut- glow with
In liiinili iiHaiis \i hat is *>cuiiineiital
la also |uai ii< al. Hom. sm liuppiness
ia a pi a: li. al mutter, mid the home Ib
Hie shrine of s,eiiHmeiit. A Fireplace
ia Ihecenlreol the home circle, xx arms
hearts and hands alike. Therefore
bu) seasonable tilinda for thc fireside.
W. H. Jackson & Co..
UNION SQUARI., Car. Broadway).
I inc Wood Mau.eli ami .'Illume.-piece Novelties.
Iii its povv.r lo absorb BU Hie earnings und dld
dends of tba company by spprapriallag lt in pnving
tkeaasdves. Senatur Boyd mid: "Senates M.Tlugh
Introduced tb- 1,111, a, I und,friend, und be stated
lids nu,riling ibut it only aSVcfed lb*' 'Hanan.' snd
was paned H* .liable that cotmiptiv io put its nfl
i.sid lu condition for the World's .'air. It ls
baldly charged nat then ls a lobby working to
secure legtemtten which will ,-ruble rertdu railroad
spei iilaliu. to -..line puas-sston of lb*' *.Monou."*
_ - ? ?
Chteagoy P-b. a.- vt a meeting today of the com
miit-e on revision >>r Um BTenten Maarngn A>?>
i latloti lt was lound lhal tbe members aanH nos
wholly agree on some ol ib- proponed changue in the
mles, u was derided, Ifcereton, tani a majority and
uiinorlty report should b- prepared and submitted te
'he association. The points ,,n wbleh dlteiTUI opin?
ions ar- |,.*;d ure not regarded a- Vital, and .ven should
they I,- tb ro.iii out en 11, eh lt Ls probable tbat the
i".lader "1 tbe agreement will be adopted.
.San Prniiclsco. Peb. *.'4 - Sydney IL Shnttk mid A. B.
1't.st.r, Iii behalf .1 Ike -.eh.m. ns. ,,r R. ,-\ork. to?
day punbaaed Ibe 42,000 .hans ,,r steak of tbe *>an
Fraadace .md North l-adds uallnad brienajng to
tin- estate of tin.' lute Colonel J. M. Ilotlubue. Pidding
ut ti"- *a',e aaa spirited, nm Bm tdd was $u a
si are. Tie bidding row steed!, until smlili Anally
nm UiOio a alian, or fS5U,uuu, ut whick price tba
Kui_*u* (Uv, Mo., P..b. Sd.-Then is ii prospect of
a more tbenugta deamraUsatlon of railroad rate* to
ib,* kmnguntkm thm kal keen -neatened, oneroad
luis male u rat.* of -.Hi,.) for Ike round tr,p. What
mad made the mi | . not knnivii, but sn.picton points
to lin- Missouri Pucllic. T.ie regular rat- ls ?#*_?', ?__
a* aaned apea by ull tke outdde lin**> and met by
tue roads lu tho We.tern I'a.-eii.er Aaaoctettau.
.t.*.'A7.Vt7 FuR FFXDS TO All) HOME RILE.
Thu Nation*! FademlteO or An,ere a yesterday Issued
tba NBsWing'
Te Bm friend* of Home P.ub> in Amer., a:
Tke apped Meda i>y Bm iii*h Botteaal p?ity la the
Britiab Parliament, asking aid m eaaBte them ... secure
ti.e tlnul .btoiv fur Hume It'll,* in li-ljnd, deserves a
I,,_'iv response rn,in avery friend of bbeity In Amerlea
Wbo Min aoaho tn waning this Bad battle for Home
It ii l- V The Njtluiial Ceders! Inri ur Aii.erl.-ii earnestly
InderoM tke deetoraUn rtnd appeal or Bm Natonai party'
urut asks eve i maa u.,rthv ol aBBBdelten io ti)** coan ta
(lo hW J itv n?iv. All lontiibutl'',* tl,r,,,|_li Chis offlca
win int peempUy funvsideJ. Maka 'tte ka payable ta
rugsns Kci!v, unsuiu.
Et'UENE KELLY, Treaaanr.
jens uvknk. Chslraasa Rs sri of _r_?t-ee. ?,
JAMES .-*. V...LK.MA.V, Baentary.
The Volunteer I Treii.en's Association ?f the city of Near.
York held Its ninth BBUiml el- tleti ,.f eWceta la.?t night la
iii-.i hull in the Bens Marka. IritUag, Chan meta
two tickets in lb., li bl. '.nv headed b. Michael *.rane. ol
Koalas Na. gi, ?b? ??? president during, the l?.-t year, uri
the utli-r by Ki. hara Callao, ot RBgtUS No. 8. The lnipres*
gea beBms ma .ouuiin? began ?a- that cullen bad been
elected, ami Ike iran.' adler, otu BreN dearendent. Il
aaa not until lg .90 a. m. that the bul nt ivis iv, au td.
alUl the folio ?liig results Cullen, asl, (.rune. _?3. The
other- . le, t d wen: Vb'.'pr ?*!(i''n'.*. ISSM Evans and
tttatot \v. viasoii. Baaaetel mcremrr. Francie ii. v'ovio;
rerording w.i.taiy. Tkaama '' CarnaMmti ireasnrer. .fohn
II, \.'uy_i.-|l dlr ctol- Jilli,'. ' ripper. lime ll Pettit,
Thomea su.:th. ,r., Audna i Wandi, Jaka H. strauss,
willum V. numb Beabea p. Menai, Jaka RMdk and
Meses B, Coben; dst tests .n stitt convention, John
Woru ??- received m th's eily ycaieiday eaoeeraBBR
the Nvriaa esMbltlan al Om tVorid'a Pott. Tks Syrians
?iil 'hurter a Kramer lunn Beynet, wkieh ?<lli nail in the
letter part ?t Monk alth sbari ton people on t.,_rd. lhere
?;n be bensons, dseclag itu*, BMWhsam ami attendant*
., tiihe .lisrge .>r the exhibit al CbleagO. lhere will ho
about a bundled .nen aka artll repnml a shani bstt'.e"1
koowa a- ike "Psutaale >,; Um li.-et " lhere wtll lie
forty Aro.an bot*.- mni twelve diomedarira. The svndl
.ut.- basing charge ?r the Battle. wUI Bin have s St-tioa
-le UH,pile ul.
im the Bollirte, win ii reaebed ti,i? perl peaeasdagi
??? ? twelve ii,.,,!, ls of ocean V(w_s4s ?,i,l by Loutish ?hlp
l. . ! r, lor exhibit.ul) a. I. I,I, a.ti.
Boston, Keb. -J4 (Special).?George C Lead, a tenner
pi. -Mfi-iit itt Hi- Iii .-tull and Maine Itrilroed, died Let
evening ai bi* home un Wavi'ily tivc. Newton, aftor
nu nine*, of several weak*, Ile wes bon tit Renate
blink, Me., ni february, lefi3. la ratty life bo cu.
ci*/<Mt iii t*Lc grocery bmdneu*, end latte In Um -inp*
ping b'isini**?. After i ctn lng from Ike sMpfSBg biu.1*
lies be was r,:r twenty years pndJOOl or tb*' New
Pn.land Mutual lire and Marias lu-uranio . .inpiiuy.
HU next bu.itii-.. cum timi was vsllll tile Nevv-Kllg
lund As.niau,e Company. Mr. Lord benaan con
netted willi lb,- Huston aud Maine Kalli, m*l
corp,,ration In I SHU, vi lieu be na, ateCtOd
iw iuv Sirectory. He cuattaaed to ba
a director till 1-**. . Ile ui-p.ii-.cd .*acft
mark,.i sblllt) ni Ibe director) Ol ;ll I',a Hitit lu
i--i bc was ci.-, ten pi.--m. u.. wbleh pliice he hcid
until bl* ic-lgi alii ii. on .liiuaiuy I. In-h. I'ndcr Bte
maiiagemaol <h* pdlc) -i iii*- r md was atfong uu-ti
,'iis-i ? nnv,-. Hs budneas multiplied seven Huies
di.rbig ibe -even years -* bis mimlatelmlloo. Ho re
?IgneO bis pla,.- b.' au-e ii- na- out ol *yuipatby with
tb., nore sggrewstve eieiueiit. winch ora*, iis?iiwing nie
nillir i or in. dirac tory. .u ihe Ban if
lils death be via* a ?lr Cur of ibe Woi,,*ier, Nashua
ami Kr,, nester Hall..i. Ike Vork Harbor ant tew.'h
lie'iroad, the gerund Nnllinml lank, the Posion sam
Le*',,.it anti Trust Company, American Loan and
Trust Company, and in.- John Hancock tin- insurance
Comps uv. Pew men Mere mme wri'd) or rsvarablp
itiioMii in Boston .uri Nea.Lus'iriu i ini-iuc.. dreiea.
He uris o lyge Ol Hie solid auc reliable b'.slm-ts
nun. mid bud Bi-cumulaied a love lurtuns during
bis bu.-y Ult; Ile leaves a vi If.- ami tinco children.
VVrller UnlS, HM Wi ll ku,,?n cl ll-llr'li ut Pillia*
dolphin, ls tull,nih 111 With poaumoete ul tbs Mail
burtHigh Hotel in this rlty. Rr. Unts bas been a
devoted lurfman und at ene Ume u.t* ike ewnas of an
extemive ntabte, ILs Lunar, IRkwoad, Mon Lie
-i,burban lu ISSS in a boll) cunteated rn ?? With
lerra Cutta. Ur) Monopde, Mb,, won the m>: of the
Lrooklwi Handicaps, waa me property d Rr. tint*:
nulli last .ear. ll" na* BOBBI l-UmBU lu Ide .Itv.
II.- .111,111 :i cold Ia.i we.-k wMctl tlevloped Into .
pneumonia. His relaUves an ai the hotel
accompanied bl Ike tn ml iv nlivslrlau wno anya tlicra
ts lime bops (br ihe ri'Kiv.'i'v ..( ii, patted.
Looking Better
'eeling better- -
jtifpr in every*
.vay. Tl.crr's
nore consolation
n that than well
,.eople stop to
ponder. To get
.ack flesh and
uirits is every
Scott's Emulsion;
of pure Cod Liver Oil with Hypo* .
phosphites is prescribed by lead*
ing physicians everywhere for ail
meats that are causing rapid los'
of flesh and vital strength.
Scott's Emulsion will do more thad
to stop a lingering-Cough-it fortifies
the system iOillST coughs and colds, l
Pr-por-d mr Seo tt A B-sraa. W. T. Ajljrugjfia *

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