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BROADWAY lli:.v .Ll .-??: M Vlaet] Hays.
CA!*.v:.(;ii: Mt'SIC llvi.L-10 a. m. natl 10 p. a.*
Tae ttote ihillery * '??> I onoert.
cammi St.4-1 ee< ina Mu*ff.
t'HH. KITItlN.. HALL-..- Mu-I'al Heit..!.
COLVMRt'8 Tn KATHI -8 B . i- N'eu Kauth.
liALV.s 'i'll!, v I i.:: ? m IS-Taelftb Night.
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BMPUUB THEATRE j-* I", lite <.,i! i l-l Bebb
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Trip lo . h.lintel.li.
ROSTER * LI Al, s -:.'-S-V:i':dfv:t;r.
L.i!;;.vi THEATRE 2-g:13 Americans Ahmed.
TA LM LU'S THEATRE ! B:_C L- :? W InM n ?!- * Fat
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STAR Jill. .VIT,I.-J-S I.", ll,, ??; ,1, .,i,?.
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Hill STREET THEATRE J i Th* Marriage Species
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Bualneaa Chances -.* :, Miscellaneous ... ;? .
Business Nonces.. o i Musiial Innruuieut* ? .:
Dividend ">??.* ti -i Sew I'uhllratioa*. o 1
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J'liiriiuiai ll,,.:,,ns i ? Kelifious Notices.. !) l-l
SUionctal MreUngs. il 4 Railroads .s ,V.
ll Bale. . !) a hpet'lsl .Note es. 7 I
Hoi*.** and Carriages V a Sba no boots .io
Hotel, _ . ii s:Tn.her- .k .
Instruction n 3-? vviut-r Resorts ... _ i-"
L-c-oies 1 Meeting*!! ti Work Wealed. P Ml
Business iXotirry.
Boll Top Drsrs ash or. ice Furxiture
i.re*t Vartety al style sud Trite.
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No. lil Cult .list., X. V.
"~ kgilBVKk, J_.UM_ TO MAIL Bl Ls', LI ll! li?
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stanip he urti*.*! to every onj cr The Dallv*, Sunday
or Semiweekly Tribuce malled foi mal deBvery li
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Tribune from a ne'*sdeil"i
BORK I OX POSTAGE, To all r,te!_n ronnftes rex "n
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WeeklT. Thi? or.Ht.iKe neut be Paid bj oaboerlner.
HFMITfANT,l'_s.-Kemi! hy i'Ost.l Older, Ripri'-" Old
Cheek, Draft, or l!e_i_terei! Letter. Casi, eu Pesta
Not*, if sent In an anregVtered letter, will be at tin
tiSrK SCTCMRERS.-Por Ua-k Rumkers el ile _>_'It am
S-ihdav pup*)-, more ttiau a ue>*k old. an extra price li
charted, on eec eent d the cost of storaee
-X*HM**?fl*B fcrihme.
Forrbii.?Tbs English Liberals recaptured Ci
MBWSStcr, their gaadldate having advolsted Hom.
Ktile los Ireland; tbs bjr-ekrition st Ostesbes
hliowcd an igssnoscd ui'iDii'v for tbe Olndsto
niann. r-rr^=r The sppoal ol Cbariee de Leese pa, Fon
tan.* and SaBS?Lnoy bas njo^ted, and lh**v vvil
be tried in tbe Aeeiz** Court: .M. Ferry was . l.?te,
lTceident of lbs French Senate, i? About HO,
DOO gplBdleB were _l:trti- I at Oldhaui, the cot! >n
t-pinners aeeepUng a red'it'iion of '-' 1-'-' pet cenl
in wag**?.
CaaRgeaa.?Both branches in Bsssi n, ? ~
Senule: Tlio J.-:islaiiv. bill waa eonsisVroi]
_=_=:= lions.}: Several ememdaaents to thc Ind.ai
Appropriation hill wen .uiopTed. -??.- It wu!
n_reyd to rc-fcr the Sherman bond amendment io i
confereuc eoiiimiti**-.
PflBBOsfb). Tabs HF. Maehay, t'ue Bsillionain
mine-yvvner, wtiji eliot in San Francisco bf ;
crank, who then shot himself; the would-be a*'
sassiii will di?*. but Mr. Mackay is likeiy t > ro
cover. ***==- Mr. cleveland aaaonnosd Ibnl Hem.,
J. Thurber, of Detroil, will he Iii*-- private Been*
tary. ; Tba New-.i*-isoy Aaasmbb^ pas*"d lh
raciug billa oreg Governor Wertafa vet..
Allen Manvel, 1'resident ol the Atohb*on road, lt
dead. m. s Tba Supreme I Dun of Kansas wil
give its derision to-dajf in th** t<***t case involvin.
Ibo status af the rival Houses. i Cobb Jaok
Bcn. of Atlanta, grandson of CdBsfal Henry Ja< k
Bon, bhot liimt-elf.
City and Suburban ?Thors was much excit-?
ment In Wall Street; stocks were active, but un
usually irregular* the urlneipal btiviiir. was foi
the ahort aecotnit; the eieateg was stroni: moto-v
on call waa 5 p*-r eent. ?.? Anlnr-t Alumni Tuc
their annual ''inn**r. ass Marksmen of the iti
Fegiment re'-.-ived bai;g;?s. ?:. Vcasets -OBiu-j
into port reported -.titreincly vinTent Morms St
nea. a.?a. Hm AdBdSSDJ of Medicine <li-ir--is>.-d flu
(j'.ieetion t f Nntion.il cjn.irauline. =__- - Steps wi*
taken to form a compnnv for the puroEaso of tin
Metropolitan OpsiR HnUBB arni tbs prododtioa ol
grand opera. ? ?' 'Hie <!o-^ show 1ms ended; tin
Bet neeipts were S'iO.dnO.
The Weather?Foiecast for to-day: GgBOTaJlj
loir, willi slight Iherina! cliangcs; a trifle warmer
perhggH- '1 Vin pe ra tn re ye-t**r(lay 1 lllgbeat, :<s
dcgfSSS. lowes!, 2h ; average, .'i:i 7-S.
No intelligible mulive is Bpparenl f >i- th.'
hiiiideroiL*' nttadc upon .John W. .M:iili.iv ii
San Fiaii<-i*--o jraBtorday. His ssss-lanl lia*]
he.n BoeonRt-d s harRUcsa o.'.i niau, nithoul
ill will toward anv one. Ile bad lost in >n<,v
ill speculation, ho'vever, anti appa:.-ii*Iv hal in
sumo ivav got the insane ides in his head thai
Mr. ."Maekay was responsible for his loosen
So ho lay in wait for Iii m. fired one shot and
then K;ivo himself a probably fatal wound.
Mr. Mai'La,*, "g hurt is nat believed to ho daa
Tho liapid-Tiar.-it Commission is proving,
an t-xpensivo liumy for New-Voil., and Ihe
lli>ai- of K-niinaio is Instilled in calling it !<i
uootint. Thc Commisaion ha* already cost
over -Si io.OOO. W iiat is there lu sh v. for this
oiitliy'. Tho BRswer t' tbal Question .viii nut
take np Ranch spare. The Board of Estimate
vants a detailed report of the Con._nission*a
expenditures. It .anti't f.n! lo li-' au int-ie-*!
in^ exhibit.
The " merry wai"' is .th at Albany, and no
Dtistaite?the war bctwet-n Hie Clevelnnd and
anti-Cleveland Dem.nats ol Um Btate. Ax
cording to a dispatch fr. in tho capita! jiiitiiod
to-day. on Monday next John ll. Kilev. an
earnest supporter of the President-elect, is to
be removed from the office ol rhief examinei
of the Civil Service Commission, for no other
reason than lhat his politics is sot acceptable
to Murphy. Flower & Co. His nrooaa.r will
be Thoma. Carmody, who was a d?le*?ntc io
tbe famous "Snap"' Convention last Febrnary.
Plainly, while thc Cleveland men will gel th
postoffices, lh< y ggg ti bo deprived i !' Mau*
patronage cntiicly.
Dr. Jenkins inu-t have BrORefl av. ay f. om
Iris kt*e|<ors lemporuiily wIpmi he soul lo "Tho
W a-liiiiRton Po-t."1 duly flanked, fae diaratch
v. Inch is leprodittcil la BBOthnT column. Th) r -
in he puts himself before the country in his
true ?flor.*.. W.arying of the role of Horatius,
he bas assumed that of Prometheus?at least
so he says: but let that pass. The most re*
Bwricable tiling In Ihe dis) .-nih is this state*
menl : " We have never anticipated Riving
saf-sfactitfl tt Republieafls." lino is a frank,
even brutal, confession thal Jenkins regards
his inosi impoitanl and responsible ofliee sim?
ply a.s ? Tammany tender. His anilines* foi
lhat Office could in no other way have been
mere completely demonstrated. .Jenkins nilli
a ningle stroke has drawn his own picture as
thc most petty and narrow-minded of partisans,
_--m> ?
Governor Wells's course regatding tlie ia. ing
I,lils I- haul to understand. If be were really
opposed i? Ihem, it seems incredible thal bo
should have returned ili"in unapproved so soon,
for this h.is given Ihe advocates of tn*- b;iis
an opportunity lo pass them over the veto,
while the friends ol law and order have had
do chance to protest against these infamous
measures. The Assembly passed Ibe 1?1I1- a
second time yesterday?onl. a majority vuts
being required?and the Senate is expected t i
Like similar a,lion to dav. Apparently tbe
only way lor Nf'W-.leiscv lo escape the <!t">|
disgrace lhat Um a tens lui- is through fie un?
constitutionality of one .it ha*; of tlie th roo
bills. '
I; is a marvel lhat .Mr. Croker round lime
ti attend to al! the busings that was laid be?
loit* him on th" lirst day after his return from
ihe South. His travels 11111*; have invigorated
him greatly, ami this swill recuperation shows
ih..1 Ins constitution is till sound. We should
-ay thai lhere was no good rcasofl wh.v Mr.
Ciokei'. ba:lin;; accidents, should nit retain
full pusses-don of all his facilities for ai kail
twenty-live years, As we have remarked, he
was excessively biiaj o,i Thursday, and nearly
everything which engaged his lime and atten?
tion was of a lather painful and depressing
nature. Bul yt t Mr. Croker'a spirits were tian
quil. of course tiny were nu! bigb; nobody
naid have expected him lo execute a skill
dance; indeed, ii is reported lhat several sub*
chieftains were in an excessively nervous eon*
iliii'iii until they ascertained which way thc
wind was blowing willi "the old man."
Bul if s!ich anxieties prevailed at headquar?
ters they weir, needless. Mr. Croker began tho
more important labors of the .lay by lunching
willi Lieutenant-G ovei nor Sheehan. Now. thai
could not have been exactly an hilarious re?
past, after what has lately been occurring at
Albany, liven if we take into accounl the
acquittal <;f one of the Lieutenant-ti overnor'a
pel rascals at Buffalo, wc are forced to believe
that this midday meal at the Hoffman House
was sj, |;|ied e'er with the pale cast of thought.
Nevertheless, Mr. Croker waa not merely s?
rene but genial when he appeared in Tammany
Hail later in ihe ali tnooa. In fact, beseemed
to those who waited upon him io have dis?
covered now traits duiiug his absence. He
wa* at tunes almost facetious, and il was de?
lightful !:.*'(> hew his mood warmed eveiyb dy
iu tbs room. Ac olding t ? om- observing con?
temporary, "The New-York Times,*' Commis?
sioner Brennan .ame in lo iking as dark and
gloomy as any one of out main thoroughfares.
"Youie doing well. Tom." said .Mr. Croker,
and the glow which suttus.1i thc Commissioner's
bosom forthwith would have stetted 1,000
cubic yards of snow.
We do not suppose thal Mr. Croker re?
turned in dense ignorance of reoeni
events at tho Capital, but yet a
full interchange of views with Messrs.
Sheehan, Cantor and Sulser was not a mailer
io be hurried, and it was surprising to bear
him talk about his trip as if there was nothing
els.* on his mind?how he had not entered int *
a partnership with Mr. Plagler, nor bought a
racetrack, nor founded a church ar college
Hm varied as was iho business which be di*
patched, and interesting as were Uie personal?
ities and faeeiiae which diversified it, by all
odds the most striking and important thing
done by Mr. Croker on Thursday la*t wa* his
ratification of Mr. Cleveland's Cabinet. Noi
because ii had been supposed iliat he would
arise and curse the next President's official
family, but because iu speaking will of th* in
be t<*ok occasion to explain that the,, wera
selected on the same principle which is applied
in the appointment ol mir municipal function*
aries. '"\\> select them," said Mr. Croker,
"because we think their appointments aie f,,i
the best interests of Ihe community.'1 As*
(.tiredly, with all the flood of light thal his
been poured upon the administration of our
local afTairs, ibis fact was never known be?
fore, and ihe suddenness of bs communication
is startling, lt explains a greal many ihmgs.
Appointment- like those of Scannell and Koch
and Haly and Divver and Grady have been
mysteries heretofore. Now ihey aro perfect!,,
intelligible. How simple it is now lhal we
have the (lew! The best mt rests of the citv
demanded them. Thal is all.
Thursday waa a great day foi- a great many
pei sun?lui- Mr. Croker and tiie Lieutenant
liovernor, and tho Speaker .d' the Aaaemhly
and "Tom*' Brennan, and incidentally foi Mr.
Cleveland, but Ural of all foi th** <iiy ol New
York, which has learned in the most, unex?
pected manner jn-t how it has rome to beau
object-lesson in municipal government.
The old Parliamentary Hand has kepi tho
Home l!ule forces well iu hand since Ile gill?
er.il elections. Ordinarily there is a reaction
against tlio Govctnmcni in 'lie eailiost by
elections. I.ibetal majorities wei" reduced in
several boroughs aad districts dining (he vx
months following the elections, and on*' seal
was losi. This was ai Huddersfield, where tbe
Pnionists, with the aid ol ihe Labor vole, over
tame a majority of over 2B0. A fortnight ago
lins loss was oil set by a Liberal victoiy ai
Walsall. This wis followed by another si
Hexham, where (here was a train ol' over 300
vole*. Yesterday ihe Liberals recaptured
Cireneester alter a pion) determined struggle,
so thai in a divinion Mr. Gladstone can nov.
count on a majiiiiy laigtr by four votes than
when the general elections were completed.
An elm tion was als 1 held yesterday in Uate
h.-ad. where the Liberal miwun waa increased
nearly 800. Moreover, in ail the divisions in
Parliament ihe Govenunent's majorities were
large, ranging from 107 io #0. Yesterday's
contests marked virtually the " lirst blood*'
since the inti duct ion of the Home-Hule bill.
Mr. Gladstone bal al>o succeeded in COR*
dilating one of the most unmanageable groups
of supporters by the introduction of a Welsh
Disestablishment bill, which has been road for
the lust time and will have piec-denee in legis
j lation after the Home Rule bill. The Welsh
1 Liberals, under the leadership of Mr. George,
have shawn signs of insubordination, anti have
united in a caucus tn force then measure upon
thi Goveinnniiis attention. Mi. Asquith's
bill, while liol n drastic measure. i* a practical
I slep in th*- direction of the disendowinetit and
disestablishment ol th'' Knglish Church in a
section of the I'nited Kingdom where barely
a fourth of the population is iu sympathy with
ir. While Scotch disestablishment will be de?
ferred by il, the order of procedure is natural.
These BMOBUrea are complex and intricate, and
may bo more conveniently and intelligently
taken up iiivei-ely iu tho older of iinpoitanee.
Welsh dinstsbliihmrnt will naturally facili
tate Scotch dhwitaWishmeni ?? and in the near
future, under anothei Parliament, the ll rig! i-h
Church question will inevitably be settled on
similar Inn's, allin.ugh it will be a most diffl
cult legislative undertaking.
This Welsh legislation will be Bsefitl for
Mr. Gladstone's purposes, noi merely because
it will steady tbe votes ol .. discontented Had
icil group, but mainly becmtse it will coneiliale
his Nonconformist supporters during a crisis
when the full force of Protestant agitation
against the Home Rule bill will be fell fr in
I'lster. The sympathies ol large bodies of
Liberal voters will naturally l?e excited by
Ihe appeals t-> be ni.i-j.- from Ibal qnartei of
(he island t<> i?? Jiv;*? 11s feeling, Something i*
required lo reconcile Noniimf umist*" aad Had
kal* to changes in Ireland which arc strenu?
ously opposed by Pistol Protestants! and 'his
practical evidence tbat disestablishment, after
being deferred foi a generation after the lush
act. is at last t i be bi mghl forward will serve
the purpose. Mr. Gladsl me is shrewdly cal?
culating thc chances ol his Home Ride bill and
forecasting ni" bin*1 * I public opinion, lina;
as ;i statesman, be bas ii ? s*.i|s . ioi a* a tactician
in Cnglish politics. While already committing
the Liberal party t * a Digestablishmoni policy.
which will ultimately embrai i ScotlaBd aad
Kn gland, he ia also alive lo the ndvantagea to
be derived from au impending agil it ion against
the legislative powers of the House of Lords.
Indeed, (hero is no stranger phenomenon iu
English history than (heevolution ol thi-. great
niau's political opinions throughout his long
career. Entering Parliamenl sixty years ggu
as g T iv of the Ton's, ho has become Ihe
tribune of tbe English dcmocracji and a cham?
pion of one radical and progressive cause alie;
another. 'Ihe dominant ideas ol Iii" lime have
.changed decade alter decade, and he has
changed with them, ah-ays allowing hi* con?
victions te cany him where they would, and
never alarmed or abashed by h:s departures
from earlier positions. V* t ail the great incas
mes which be has advocated?even Ihe preseni
Home bule bill?have b, mc dist ind traces of
that conservatism which was in his lirst elec?
tion address and in his bio xl.
rr/*?r WAIT ABOUT hawaii*
There is a constitutional majority in th*
Senate as n stands to*daj in favor of th*
ratification of the Hawaiian Treaty. What
the sentiment of tbe Senate will be after the
?ii!) of March vviii depend on many things lhal
aro not bow definitely lo bo Judged of. The
people arc iii favoi of the treaty. Practically
tin re has been fl i expression of opiniou against
ir. Its advantages arc well undent -od. Ii
will greatly increase cnn sugar supply, sud
rendel- us linn li leas dependent en foreign
countries for thal staple Becesshy. If will
impart security i*> our heav.i investments of
capital in the Ulanda, and furnish a *::!! nider
oppottunity (here foi (he profitable employ*
menl of American money. lr will give an
order!) and bone*! governmenl lo *i pccfile
capable of much thal i* useful if theil affair*
sra proper)) regulated, bul inca'iable of ruling
themselves, lt will secure to civilization and
.?nt 'ipn-e a land brimful <*r m it. rial rosin r.
Above ail. ii will remove a __i?.? r possible dan?
ger t(J mir Pacific I east and ) > Ihe lathm i I
routes, lt will civ*' a stanch support lo our
political iBlliioncc and coram rcinl tel it ions
abn ad.
Th"-_' claims gr everywhi rc .ulunit d. V t ,
lng in Ihe nature of bb argument agaius) the
treaty ha- been made bj anyh dy and tin
great fmi whirh enforces the doti of ratifying
il?that we mu*! nit allon an I ll H. ten. ? saperior
tn ours io bold sway over Hann - is admitted
by all persons and all parti a. Nothing what
ever is urged as a rca_r_n foi delaying a v tte
cn ihe motion lo ratify excepi the suggesti< n*
(hm (here is no aced ut baste, lhal Ihe nen
President ought io have a chance i * look int i
tho f|iicstjnii of annexation and i * make in*
own policy instead of having tint , I thi ?
piling Government fastened upon him, aud
thai tli" Senate i? bus., and behindhand with
its regular work, aad cannot safely -'h-1.? I ih"
time necessary (o gel to a vo(e on the treat,.
in the*'' closing da.. * i i tbe - -sion.
li i* disappointing i i the people I i h.ive bu. i
excuses .is these pul forward for delaying a
matter of such great importance, iu the proper
issue of whn h Ihey lake Ba min ii pi nie li |g
short-sighted to say there is no need *>f haste.
Tho conditions ai llonolul i should no| bo pro?
longed aa hour beyond iii" time absolute!,,
necessary to be occupied iu giving th*- iii
wai ian Governmenl . ls-*-11 answer. Noi should
occasion be left for foreign nations, taking
counsel of their c lanai subjects, to intervene
with pretests or demands, lt rabnor he saul
thai the nealy Imposes ob Mr. Cleveland any
policy whatever beyond Ihe simple policy of
saaexalion, and it i- n I to be presumed thal
he will array himself sgainsl nba I overt b 'iv
else aidenll. favors. All questions of admin?
istration ai*- I'tt t i Ins handling, lt ia loo (ruc
lhat the Senate is heavil. freighted with busi?
ness, bul none of il compares m inti Bianco
with iii**' great project laid befoi ? ii ia th.*
Hawaiian Treaty.
lt is plain thal the people will mitch regrri
Ihe failure of thc Senate t<> ratify lins .? in?
vention al i nee. 'I hej hu ... thal more than
two-thirds of ile- **? i. hnve expressed them?
selves ni fat r of annexation, and the., caanoi
s.-e the force of reasons of simple convenience
for not doing what can so well Iw done. Xa
timmi pride and honor, no! less than advan?
tage, aro involved in Ihe extension <*f mir da
minion over Hawaii, and ii will l?. mosl Rial
ifying to (he people il il be effect d ai once.
Tue rec n: caucus of tin- Republican mem?
bers of iii*' Assembly can ncarcely fail lo b<
attended b> rcaults belied i.il t ?(bc people, aad
I here foi o lo our potty. These members carno
together at tbe suggestion of Ibeii capable an J
Irus(worthy leader. Mr. Malby, i> lake their
bearings iu view of Ihe -il nil ion which OOR*
flouts them, lt is a peculiar situation. The
death of Senator Hagan has served to rendel
tho Democrats of tho Senate harmless for evil
for ihe present?even ii liny all acted t i
getber, something which they do noi leem in*
clincd to do. Th.* Democrats of the Assembly
ara also (ora by dissensi ,us. |M ? ?,<, eircum*
stain cs. Uki .foi e. il the Republicans Of the
minority have a tine conception ot their duty
and are vigilant and muted af all points rn
discharging it, they can become a po-i(ivc force
for good?they may compass the defeal of ihe
mos! Ilagiant of the political jobs of the sessioa.
It is a gnat opportunity. J.*r it be greatly
The worst of these lobs is the Biessnn <*-ni
pelling all the voters of the country districts
personally to register or else pa, the pi nally
of disfranchisement. Till Tumi ni: bas al
ready expressed it*<lf ar length in reference to
this measure, whirh has only one purpose, nnd
thal au Utterly vicious one. The aim of the
Delius ratio bosses who drew il up is to keep
as many faimeis as possible at home on regis?
tration day. s. that they shall lise th. ii- righi
lo vole on Jlleeiion Hay. Thee |g no popular
demand for any Mich change in our elccioial
gygtem. Tho people are not behind it ; il ls ?
Dem eratic boss s heme pine sad simple.
Nev; Wednesday aa effort i< to be made by
the Democrats of the Assembly who sd for
the bosses to put through this wretched fob.
The Republicans agreed ar the emeus ia ques?
tion t" Biraj theatselveB solidly against ir. lt
i. io be boped and expected tbal mt a man of
them will be abs. nt irom his sat when tho
fight comes ob. If every Demccwl in response
to a vigorous cracking of tbe party whip re?
cords himself in favoi of personal registration
for faimels ht every Republican stead up and
b" counted against it. Thc peoptf of the State
who abhor any and all attempts to icrve 'he
selfish interests of a palitkal party by m. .Idling
with election machinery v..11 certainly appre?
ciate Hu- significance of ti.e contrasted vote.
Wo may be sine especially that nev! Novein
bel the farmers .viii make cleai at ihe ballot
bos what Ihey think of the bill and of the
pai ty which backed it. The Republicans also
owe it io themselves and the pause of good
governmenl i" oppose tuc sen,., of pending
bills which make shipwreck of tlie home-rule
principle. Tin* course pursued hy the Demo?
crats ol' ihe Legislature in reference io tin*
chai lei* of a number of the leading cities of
Ihe Male i* outrageous. Not even ni (bo dava
when Tweed was in his gloiy at tin* capital
was then- exhibited a iiiorc open aud glaring
defiance of tbe righi of the people io look
after their own local affairs in their own way.
True to themselves, tun* 1.1 p pular govern?
ment, true io tho Republican party, the Re?
publicans of ih.* Legislature will resist by all
lawful means these raids up .11 (itv charters.
Th*' opinion was expressed al the caucus that
"there ought ti bc a linn opposition ti the
char,fis of all x Ai' l which thc local authorities
oppose." That 1* thc only fan .md square
position which chi be taken?hence wa look to
see eve iy Republican lawmaker take it. Th*'
man who attempts to aller a eily i hailer for
politics only js to bc set (1 c. n as ni eui my (li?
llie common weil. nu the charter amend
menis, as on iho Registration bill, our friends
at Alban,, ought 1 > ad a* one min
As to legislation generally, tlc members of
the iniiioiit,'. cannot be !.'? watchful. TIM
luaiuriiy in the present Legislature bi a com*
pound of rank partisanship of Ihe mo*! un?
scrupulous sort and gi*.s* inefficiency. Its par?
tisanship is illustrated by tbe bb asttres to which
reference has leen made, it- inefficiency by i's
repealed blunders i.i bb effort to piss a bill
providing t r b Cons.itutional Convention.
llem 0 all lint it does will bear dose scrutiny.
A wok! to a ..iso iniiioiiiv is sufficient.
A Ml MFH1S 1 ONSl Ssl S."
Social circles in Memphis. Tenn., are nailer
going an agitation. The editor ol a Bews*
paper iu ih.it lively Iowa h.I* boca indulging
ia criticism of a .lodge of the Criminal Court
lo vihiili th- non of the Judge his taken vig h
ons exception. In repb to s letter of inquiry
from th" linet, asking ih" editor if be meant
? 1 1 -fleet on his father's integrity, thc ? litor
curtly referred tho writer t> Ihe dictionary.
Th** young person thereupon wrote another
letter, which m* returned unopened Alt 1
these preliminaries, tie- details of nh kb were
pc: !ii!t!"d t> oil/" .mt 1:1 *',i li a vt- as Io
kindle thc cicitemeiil Itj *a*y stages, thc
v ung p'Tsoi) printed Ihe unopened l"tt*t and
distributed il smong lb" hi-; circles of Mem
pin-, ai 1 >tiipin..d bv the statement that in
hi* deliberate judgment the editor aaa a Har, a
Minindi ("-I and B x caul. ReHMrks ol this
character are hold by tbe bes! people ?! Mem
>. indice*-" th,- rei") top notch of what
?ii*-* called strained relations. Whenever th y
ir made il is generally uqder-tood that conti*
<b n'ial int in 0 \ bi 1 wi eu t ie pa ties 1 > 1. in d
niu-t * .xx- mini they ai" "wiped out.*1 My
wh.it s.i ms ,1 singular confusion of ideas it is
also und.i-t od thal thej ran only bo "wiped
out" by blm.d-pHii'iui. c I undei -c. !i circum?
stance's with a curdling prolongation of sound
-'b.i Iud.'1 This being the situation ar hut
accounts, as wc leam fr m pros dispalcbts,
.1 "cons n*iis of public opinion'1 has I.n
reached?though by what process we do uni
learn?which is thal the editor " must tight or
leave town."
The case theil st mils thus: The editor iu
criticising ihe Judge left il so much in doubt
as 1.1 whether he questioned thc latter's per?
sonal integrity thal the young 1 m of the Jadg \
who. we presume, fell it bis duty to do the
quarrelling for the family si long a- the old
gentleman's hands were tied, as n were, by
his ermine, wrote to,find oul about ii. Tho
editor maj have thought the voung man was
too bumptious mid with a sniff referred bim
to t1:*- *ii"l: 11,ny : or be mav have lu en ?un?
mated b- a sincere desire t ? plo.it ? the young
peisoii, and not having read} Ibo soi! gnawer
thal ttauelh away wrath have s -nt hmi to the
dictionary t> lind it. However ihar may be,
ile- youngster's wrath giew instead of being
lui n< il away, and ni (hat slate of mind be
"rd' Ihe second lotter, which, being returned
uiicpi-ti .1. be published, li is ono ol the noc-s
sitie- of a situation like Hus thu th** public
should be gil mil tod, so thal iii" whole com?
munity mav know wiih accuracy whni inch
par;- iii nks , f ibe other ami "a ronsensti. of
public opinion'1 be reached. In lin course <?f
this letter tho young person remarks casually
1 hat il Iho h.ii!'ls of bis rather, Ihe Judge, had
But been tied by his judi lal position, " ;? ur
inwardly hid*- vv uld have ben I hm shed as
vdu deserve.*1 In lhat rose, il we correctly
understand it. there would have been nu long?
er a question of the Jttdgo's p 1 ? 11,il lid ji .ty
ia anybody's mind. Tho Judge being disabled
(1 om vindicating his own per a.il integrity bv
thrashing the cona ld ly hide of tho nun who
was suspect, d of having doubted it, the -.-m
took ih*- matter up. lbs propoaitii 11 was to
vindicate his father's 'joel name somewhere
outside the State by some process hinted at but
not fully described, bu! supposed ti bc con*
iiecied iii some wav with liieaiin-. swords,
knives. Ii.npoons or other ilea.liv weapons,
" I tl 1 11 t mi nd,' he considers! ly observes,
'and will uni violate the laws of Tennessee,
but I respectfully request that yon will naatg
sum" tii.io and place outside of Tenneaaes
where I can communicate with von further."
Ncthiag. we undertake to say. could be nicer
than this. Hera is the most lentitive regard
for a fathers good nam,', combined with aa
earnest determination to avoid violating tho
laws of Tennessee. The hms of some stato
must be violated, of course, ia pursuance of ins
filial duty, but loyalty to big own >tato for?
bids bis violation of the laws of Tennessee.
lhere is BORMthiflg v* ry touching in this tom
bination of State pride and filial piety. And
yet wo do not quito understand why. there
hiing "? a consensus of public opinion" that tha
editor "must light or have town." there should
not be u similar "consensus*1 thal the. should
have il out in Tennessee. In fact, we do not
se., clearly how as a simple mailer of fact
the i|iicsii .ii of the Judge's personal integrity
is going to be affected one wa*, or tba other
li.v tin- fight which, according to the "connan*
.us." is liec.-saiv. The .bulge himself, it is
?aid. "on one occasion killed a man with a
knile mar Tine III11IT. Ail." This, wc sup
Mis.', was als., in .indication ol his personal
iitogrin and probably in accordance with un
A i kansas " consensus.'1 Hut the question nain
rally avis-s. How many persons who doubt thi
.Fudge's integrity have got to bo killed bc fort
his integrity is fully established?
A Boston clergyman has prepared, copyrights
anl placed nu the market a new version o
Robert Burne's "Auld Tains Syne." This nev
version is accompanied by a brief prefaes la whiel
tho Buthor explains ihat he has done tho srerl
iii the interest of tctiipcraiici'?so ns to male*
"Auld Lang Syne'' available tor use at temper
nml' gatherings?and that, of Bourse, arith th.
mme end m view, lu- bbb sdded rn the peens, si
burns left it, three additional stanzas. "Tb.
Country Parson'1 s good ouray years a^o list
a vigorous protest ,i_.iinst such perpetrations
He held thst the perpetrators wen properly tc
I." visited with the grave censure which Justice
i-v tin* common consent <>f all srnod mon, swtei
eui to persons who ure convicted of lamperin]
with tho nun ol th** realm.
We have an Impression thnt the majority ?*
people ol intelligence* and tsste, who have cor
reef ideas touching the higher proprieties, ?grei
with The Country Parson. A literary worker, bli?
the rest ot mankind, has certain Inalienable rights
Among them is the righi lo hove his vera
rn Ins pin.,. a.and ns be creates if. One who ob
i"i ts to any ul' the poems of Hums is at perfect
liberty io prepare ether poems distinctly de
signed to correct aid Improve upon them. Bul
h*' cannot justly fall io norie upon his brother'!
poems without his permission ami subject then
to smend-Dents, revisions, additions, subtractions
or any such thing. Uanda off. The coin of tbs
realm, tin- literary not less than tho saetsllle,
must int he tampered with. To hold other
wjs|. j. tn open ih" door to the Goths and Vim
dals, win.so incursions would make ducks ami
drakes of lotter-. Let if come to he understood
that lhere is no Impropriety in altering the lit
emttira *>f a country, ao Bs to make if Bonfonfl
t,, th,* views of this, that or the other per?
son who comm in contact with it, anl who ahall
say that it will not tithe a wise father who i
bIso a sharp-eyed detective to know his own
transformed literary child?
Thia Boston divine, of .our*-*, mw Both in i
wrong, imi everything right, in giving Hum*
a tv\|sr Un auppoeo ti..- ml" should be worked
lin- other way0 Suppose sollie convivial gentle
tniin should take one o! tho Boetouiaa'a elo?
quent s*-t tuon**, which is devoted t*> the in'ul
cation *'! temperance, and ahoold make it over
inti, n eulogy of tlc s.heol of rnteiability ol
which linc hus [? th-* recognised exponent? What
tiara. b is ts be suspected thal oar eterioal
Itrother would he mot" ai lem displcisod. Bul
where is the lin** te be drawn? b not sauce fnr
tho ;;o....,' ?.i i o fur tli*- gUMlcr? A ..wv yenr?
ago, it will I..- reinemheml, a protea! was niel
sgainst Longfellow's ' Tho Building of the Ship"
fi th** ground that then- v\or<* Jim's in it which
w.re cabmlated to start a ''lush on th" ehseh nf
Innocence, 'iii.* Incident a.l.l.-d perceptibly to the
,.ive!v of th" Nation, hut. _o f.ir ns ve know, tho
? .'.-. ,..na humorist who Bled tho prot**st .liri
n.it attempt, .cit ..I bi* regard for tho cheek <>f
Innocence, io rebuild tim shu) in any particular.
lt would be interesting to learn if our Boston
lriond is of tl,.- epun.,11 that snell rebuilding
would have been defensible.
ginee th" news spread of Oovernor McKinley's
pecuniar, miafortnne, and the pnbllo learned how
v li" and his wif.* arc hearing lh" blow, wo
received n tune rona letters expressing not
'.??I v _y tope th. and admiration, but a strong desire
I., ii- praetieaily helpful Maine af these letter_
h.iv., contained money, ami athen have Buggested
a popular s*il*eeriptl< a lu which th- writers wished
... be enroll.*.!. Mmilnr offers and prapomls have
brm made ami received in other citi****, uni alt >
gather it I* a remarkable tri!iul<** of honor and
affection which Ins feilow-citisens aro paving lo
Hovernor McKinley ti wes eertala that h.* woul l
i-? d*'C|,h- grateful fer theae expressions, ' it wo
have lountoJ his willingnesa to accept more. Th**
following dtspnteh received yeaterday, la reeponse
lo i eomraunk'stion from ilus oRice, discloses bia
freitag about the matter .
i -liunhua. niuo, l','i*. it. ISB3.
I i.inti',- ,\|,r,'.. tin* rtcpth >,r m\ irrailtiiil.. i , the
I, ,.;,I,- viii,, l..i\r seo I mi,unv In Iii* niblin, fur no
.. .' ss iii. ii m.ii iiiivo advised m.' t,v wira tiii-s ni-in
lng, But pnitcf.il ?. i mu anes aUray* *.*. i ll !>,? fr
il,.'lr nollie i*"i(i **uv, I rannol I.pt tldr ronni
botlons. Nothing lies * nu h.si m.- mer.- la Btv nil*.'
fortune flin i!i?* Inters ol n-rmpetby and lifers nf
h.'lt, r>"''lv.*l f torn tl.f toy . imf i vinni v*. lu, have
lu I- (.ut ebal H.-v cam. Please ? sjvey to Tba
rrii'ini.'s 'it .,r s'., a friends me heart's n.'si tbanka.
bi accordance with this dis|*atch, whirh is ?
imi.Io revelation af lim man. The Tribune will
rel mi st one* lim money it has rerrivi*d for
ie,.cm,>r McKn.l.-v His ui.ii.-s, thus il" Uively
expressed, will doubtless govern others,
? - m>-?
lt i'< ii Cabinet which will soon need repairs.
? ? ?
Tho r.iinitrv con coalidently count upon au
Intelllgeni ami progressive administration of Ihe
Navy Department under Mr. Harbert. There will
be no preliminary raids upon American -hip
i.1111*l.-i?. but i steady development of Nival r*>.
.oui.es, no |;,r as economists *>f tho Holman hreed
Ono nt th" things we have always sdmired
in the Ibm. Mi. Springer, of Illinois, is his charm?
in.: Ingenuotianess and simplicUj. Speaking of
f'bairman llarrity's recent effort to make a can?
vass of th,- n,.\t Congress on Iho silver questi-m
through tie- favorite device or ? "confidential"
letter, Me. Spti':..| aaid tbe l*-tt*-r was all ri;;ht.
lui! that he * eultl mil uiidei-taml bow il happen--I
iii i" piildiahed when it was marked conHdential.
iho ilenr little tuan han imf vet learned fi it
the way to reach thc public is not hy howling
through a speaking-trumpet, but by writing a
ii ital,* aii-l confidential letter. N'otblna leaks so
I n ic kl. ami fluently asa confidential communica?
tion. Perhaps, though, we o igbt to exerpl lbs
roof of tin- remsrkslde structure In which tin*
Democratic party sat lani June with umbrellas
.pen ami nominated Mr Cleveland
lu its r,mullen's upon Mr. Cleveland's coin
lil,I,.I Cabinet, "Ins Host,.:! Herald" says, "this
?ives Hu- South three representative**, New-York
two, tin- West tu,, ai.,I New-England one ropre
tentatlve." Who will begrudge tho South the
iiin's share of tin- honors, arcing that tt ih thc
nain reliance of the Democratic party?a rc
lance secured hv fraud and violence, but a
i,,,milui alliance for all that.
Those Bridgeport ladies wini have organised a
pro-crinoline el ii li may live io conics., ig bitter
uss of spirit tli.it they attempted too much
"The Nnsiiviii" American" eloses up tin- linke
smith business with which a ribald and ir
everent, i>."**-i hm been having fun hitch-, by
emsrking in s conclusive way that Hoke is "a
epical Southerner, brainy, energetic honest an.i
imbitioue": and that, "his pathway from the
?rudie has hern full of ohstueles" which he lian
lustered, "" until to-dt.v, at th. youthful age of
hirr*,-.oven, he has bSSB .hoson of all the citi
rens of this wonderful DspabUs as one of thc
ahin.-f and special advisers of the greate.r Presc?
ient this country has seen aincc the Adiuinistrit
lon ol Andrew Jackson. ' All of which we SS*
!**pt as final so far as it relates to Hoke 'at the
,'outhtul mun ot thirty-seven." Uut why thia
imitation or Mr. Cleveland's sredtuess by com*
i.nisui with that nf Andrew Jackson:' If Mr.
loveland ls am B "Riger mun" than Old Jackson
hon several High and Mighty Infallibilities have
BSds ii mistake, and w.? may u.s well roll up the
nap of North America. In that eas,, tho Lagifl
if the Situation will net kum led out once more
ind Hoke Smith himself will !?-? nobody ni
Mr. McLaughlin, *>f flbookljra, considers himself
mulled ie, ths BeverauTa uriimm.sidsllusj i"
peet mg the i.aiiditing of the Columbian bills.
And Bre'r Beady hg lies low,
crushed in spirit to say a word.
me. k sos
It is frankly announced by Mr. Cleveland that
he intends to use the appointing power _?
club wherewith to cooroo Democratic Scnato*
and CsRgMBBRMR inio tbe seaport of his' olive.
policy, Ile proposes to iv legislature und execatim
beth. He puts forward his BSeasuws and bays ta
thugs whcsoduty it is to act on them as they deem
in tho best interest of the country: ?? No vote n.
sllees Beef This may b? an effective way'for
a Democratic President to deal with a Dcm
eratic Congram, hut a Uepuhlican President who
attempted it upon ii Republican < on,ross would
be quickly hidden to mind his own busiasm Ha
would Im- invited to r*a?l the Constitetisa bs
was -worn to support, and to discover there tha
fact that when he ba.) advised Congress of the
state of the Union, had recommended tarra a**,.
had exercised the duty of approval or dj^p.
proval ol hills pass.il. he had exhausted _jj
(unctions with regard to legislation.
Amonj* He preasats lucetvsd hv th" P*rl_esa_ Mm*.
pnii t or Prussia when .she ?,?. married rei emly a
ti.r Prince ?,f Hess,, was ? magnificent tiara or aa.
monds trust Bet pod mot her, Queen Margaret of Ital*
Tn- lat.- Kmperor Frederick Insisted upon naming mi
ot hi* daughters after tin- lx-autlf.il Queen, nt whoa
ie- ama a great admirer. Look yours ag., p wa* ^u
thai be aai lu lore nllh (kt. flic Queen __?, InvlS
Hie young loniil'- to visit Bet lu lame.
lin- latliemtnl of Chief ,'ustico ivxson from tht
Supreme Coori bench of Pennsylvania advances to tb*
vacant place .lusilce -Merrett, win, will baye .i**-**
seven years to serve, If Ito Uvea, before reaching tba
.'ililli of Ins official (erin. Judge .ferrett llrst b*.
cunio l.i,own from lil* career In Vie local courts 0
Pittsburg. ..owiiioi- Hartranft nude blot a snpri'*o#
Coori Judge in is77, tu fill a racanry; ami later lu.
was duly electee. "Tlie Philadelphia l'.-l.-,r_p|p
says: - Hoing oin- of Hu- ni*,*) modest anti simpl*.
nilla).-tl of tuen, lids alie Jurist nit. m, flourishes on
tin- bent h. to attract il.ye of in- public or to |-i*a_t
th" political groundlings. Always tboroughly aai lo
tell (gen tty devoted to hi- duties, le- baa t,,iii? t0 -^
regarded as one of the soUd nun or tin* higher court
nnii lil* sei-vlies in Chief .instit,- will lo lag addliloaal
honer to thal exalted i>iuce."
I'ho Duchess ol Madrid. Wha riled a few days ag?
wns only forty-six years old. Bbc nae horn a Prlr.ctaa
,,f Parma at .le_egg_e, sear Laces. Aa la well known,
ihe beeaaae tho wife or Don carlo*, mid played aa
Important part lu Um pollilia! bf. of IpalB.
A f.-ir*-_t-ll recoptlon io Beeatsr Dawes, of Ma***,
chasetta, who ls ahem io retire to private life, ?u
gives In Washington last Wnlm-day evening hy Mr.
(janiner Hubbard.
Verdi's resMsflKO, n.nr Itu -ito. ls only two mil.t
front his birthplace, lu Hom ,,|e. The form.-r village
vu* de_C ribed a* -a vr.t* i?tl -Race" !". Mis Blanch.
Rooeerell in her biography ot tn*- oempoacr. Bui the
country baa bees mu. li Improved in opiM-arant-F- of
lat*- year-. Rant1 Agata, where Verdi writes all hi*
op.'rn., ls n beautiful conntry nat. lils farms aro
extensive, and ther.- ar.- Vast for"-'. plumed bf his
own band, ii" also attempted vtne-grovtagsmth*
River i'". nt nr-t without result, nut <*r late yam, ta
spl:.- or nie river frequently oversowing i.ls land, with
considerable surcesa. An exceedingly -imple l_e Op
lives h.re among his vims and farm*, ming .arly
and dividing lils time betweiii lil* outdoor .ur-ulta
and hi* work In hi* library : in,Inp breakfast st 10,
i utf.''' nt midday, and alter a "? o'clock Sinner strolling
altout his gard! ns.
n.s tir. Gayler io "The BvangrUat*: ''Tier.
it:,- pleat) ot atatuea of famous foreigners In central
Parh .t:i?t ilsswhci., bat n- br it- .ir marbi" b??n
the ir.i'io of (.asMagteu irving."' Portunate irvingi
Tli- reli-ltii that I* BSed f"r a doak lia*, no warmtl
lc it.
li ls never haul to Snd p. pl" vv tm want t) play
ta-i Oddie.
If voa inii-t le dogautlc, irv not to b>- bull
Ah. i- v.-r th,- gospel I- preached lhere w.ll i.e poe
?..?I :. - dis.
i, ,! ;ni,i th,* aaloinkeeper ncv??r ape,* ahsul any
Iii* llplit tua!- (rca oil t;.u COJ jives rann->t bs
put ut.
ni- urorM will always li*t**ii tu the mts utio makes
it tl,In!,,
I'.very Hms a stingy stan looka a- * <x UarttaWam
his ii,-.iii. i;mr.- ii ira.
riv,. Jokes sra boin-' told by M-thsHsta "n ibe
K.-v. Hr J. M. Hinkley. Edit r .-f "Tbs < n.lstUn Ad
V ri nt.*," al this (Ry. The, other Sag th. A_t"'it of tis
Moth dist ll ,*k Depisitory of Ho.ton re*il--*-a letter
reading, ??win you please _*nd mo Hi** prl.* of your
rough ii'tstiiint called ??'. M. Burfcl-jr's H**r?iit.sry
> ..ii- .uup'iv. ?'. sa, rea gul Battle fer life,' :.* 1 subM
tike to try s bottle." And nows roma hem Denver
that a v mme ol teetarea la yoong mee, entitled
??nats or Will <i.tt*." win, li Dr. Bw k'.oy published
-oin" y.nrs apo. is etaeeiBed BBMUg ?? < ,-r--xU* la the
puhUa library ,f that div.
\ paper before as mya Ihst 'irs, Blai_i sss
pew ned in inaiiv.* Milt." R's .'ire Dal 1tif>*rtiiea. how?
ever, whether Mr*. .innes **s prlUcoateS in ecru,
sud we ure also left lu the dark Bi to whether or not
Mrs. .smith wa. hatted In -Teem color. While h. vu
uhou' ll Hi** wilier should h.ivf told us that Mr. .nobb
waa caned lu mala,ci: Ike! Mr. DndeMgh vvas rln.?_
in sipph'To. and thnt Mr. Dash wm *'v. iiinir-dre-*M
In bro id. loth garnished with Mitln.- i Bi-toa Tran?
Durlag th*i Inst v.-.tr n rharrb in a Raw England
villas-e, which has a, tn. inb-'iship of lifty eight, hal
heard - r tOB_idil-d iiliioiy .aiidldaic* fir the pulpit,
and lt is alive yet.
ta Kew York.?Visit?"*?! liav-- ben a poem ?
??the le-!ntiru!
Rdltotr- Mv dear Mr. we have 10.00*) poSSSl en **thu
beautiful snow" ,n hand, and we dont want any mure.
??Then perta]*-, <*ir. von will .HI,nv tue to c.nilti-e.
My poem I* "') -ti..* beautiful mud.' "
'??w>'i! lake lhat, young sase.*?<T*rxsi BBuuRS
A young WUBSaa in a Pennsylvania rillegB th* other
day risii.d the aoatBsaatee for seass ilasiaa "Winch
kind:" ba lnt|uli'sl. "The ones with thc whl?ksrs.'*
sh" replied, and he at once pave ],. r B0U_| two-cent
Stamps on willi h ls tho picture of C-BUUfcUS with tdj
twelve hours' provvth of vvlil.?kei*.
MoSera cutlers despair of reprodu' Inp the sncient
sw. ni l)hides of fciitlal Japan, a* nit.dcni iii'tlflc.n in
mm despair of iiiiltiiiinp th,* artlsBr awosd ptisrds ll
that ronntry. According ta tia-RBm, ths hus ot the
ancient .lapanose sword wns even m..re ndd than
that ot Saladin's I'lades. lt wa* enough If thc lie***
would cut Iii twain ai ti slnple Mow a down pl_'_'
thrown lu slr. but the Japanese I.Ind.. su*pend?d
lu r.-i.nt Hiv beneetk a Rue, must sever anv leaf that,
fslllnp. aheuH accidentally llplit tiism the elga of
th" weapon (Indianapolis New..
Tho commercial ti-iv.llors I limit that tl'*- ratlio-dl
do not give thom lOW snOUgfc rate*, and Just now
they nie saving sn out loud. Hat RM railroad* n?'S
rn liv nu ii aBBsrent alery. While udinitting t!i?' <lrxiii>
u,ci ? spend a g,Msl deal of nioticv nn tIio railroads,
they say that liny Indlrctly entail a preat Am
I'lir If there wer*' no drummers sit tho Imsiness ni*n
whom they sow serve would ssabs tine- or tour trips
ti year to thc IsrgB < Iti'-*.
Anni.--1| js not ran pullout for Mr. l^ild to speak
of ladles a* ??hens.1' '1 bIioiiIU bo mad i-msigli if BS
i lilied nie that.
kate (Hi. ho never will, I ain sure. [I w?< ono
i.i-t week ba tobi bm von wen* 11,1 ehtckea.?(Bsp_s
From T'-v riill:iil.l|ihlii 1.,-dper.
Psfelga shipowners have BBStS StdSS pfj^jlj
nnii so lim American owners make Iheai pmjsmn
lt their t.i.vernmetit deals as llliernllv with titre m r
Ruropean liovernments deal wiiu their iixitrst <**
puped lu thc .shipping Hade.
Kroiii The New York sun iDein.t.
While some of the appointments bara P-^JiJZ
.-.irly laapreesioBa of . vari.sl , liaiit.lor. nnipi'if Jn!?
dumb KtupcfBctlon to is)lit?-lv concealed rti>*|rJ|
lhere is no difference >f opinion in nov iiusrt.r t>m
?.-ruing Hie n**w Bw tel Bl j of Hie Tr.asurv or tm
lew secretary <>f tha S'aw. . . 1 -
Cleveland'*) choice of a eei-reiarv of the ?>*VT1. ?2
lia choice of a .secretary of the Treasury, could bws
Le better.
From The Cincinnati Tribune. ^
The fact lhat l'realdent Harrison was SStT *H
on hour distant from u railroad colllMi-n V'iv^ji
is a sufficient reason why men In his po?ltlen *n<?*?
be conservative In accepting lnvltailon. to trarw
Item Th" sci.inton Hi-yulllcan. ^^
Ex Senator Plat! t-avs he forced the Readini omr
pany Into the band* of receivers only v1",,,*f' I!, a
of once more restoring that preat corporal ion mr
condition of solvcn.y. if he succeeds In tomB_r
h.- will deserve sud rc-.lve the thanks tttm-iwmw
sylvania, ir be can ni*.? dettseH^?*JP
lt -invent additional gratitude villi bc lil* rewan.

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