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i*is settled si hst', i now company is formed
_. wjh bay ti"' Meiropoiiti.n Optra House and
*.,. mttatt H sad B1 it !*?? future producttou of
*n'nd oi*ei-'- ii'''' wIM bs opera nt iho McliopoHlaa
'in Besl mater unless same terrthle and unfore
1 disaster. Ilks Iii" lire which happened last sum
JJ" pr. vi n'* lt ;i"1' !' * HP' li'lnp "'blom st) Ikes twice
9 ,'*-_ si.iii- place thal ht aol llkerj te sceur. Ths
,w S-fsatsatR* i* to bs cafled i!'e MrtropslRan
mam aad Rmi BWole Oampaay. A meetlna <?! n*
jLmtrlben lo tbe plan tot .1 new opera companv
forintil:'1"1 hy Ike committee appointed s tew days
'' pl thc pre_e.it owners of the Metrepolltan Opera
Bams was held yesterday afternooa la tbe directors'
B of tl." Mutual I.i!'.* Iiisiut:!K- Company, nt
gs 3- Rssma rt. These anb_rrtbera will be ibe
lto._bol-.ci'*? ?t Un* new coaipaay. All these shock
k_ii*r*. ?r I. xii'bi'.'*, vic. wi!! he enumerated
M-amtty, ?vri" represented st the meeting, except
*pjum lioelet, Robert '?(>"!''t and Luther Rouatae,
BtrMge T. Oerry presided and (.crpe L. Rivers,
mousw of Ibe new coaipaay nnd the obi company and
.j. tb,* ether compaaies connected viii, iho Metro
?U!_!! Opera llouae, wns secretary, lue comsslttee
gM-sted nv tic- tea men who bought the house Bl
_. -iceni suction sab- ior tho purpose of forming
, new opera company, consisted of <;. G. Haven,
kristi Isellu snd Blbrldge T. ..'irv. Mr. Haven !???
?t.-d sn bebslt ol this committee thnt auhaerip*
^j '. id I.n received for a new company, on
,1. aaderatandtng that ea, h eubaeriber for fifty
t.M.< ci stock should be entitled '." a parterre i,o\,
I.-re me to be tlmiyf,: r ol these boxes, nnd each
trill have six sent*. Barb share le to bare a pur
uhif el #000, thc lifty shares thus nuking ti sub
Option ol B30.000. We tblrty-laur i.ox-.-. u was
reported, bad sll been sahscrlhed for nnd the list had
Mi closed. Tl.e committee bsd received a few ad
eli ional application- foi anbarripttona, but bud been
(.Miped io decline ti:* m. ibis report wa> approved
and accepted.
a form lor a certificate al tacorporathm wa* piv
pirtd, aad er the Buslaem Corporations mw of the
ams si Rew-YeeB. ii provides for the Incorporation
gaetapaay te be knowa as ihe Metropolitan opera
?nd Real Rstate Company, wt Ik ti board of thirteen
RRttUSS, and a .apitaiizatl ,n of BS.OOO.OOO, Th*'
(i'mpanv i- '"> '"- -'?-! "f ihirty-fcmi- members, nnd tin
following ure llieir names : Qaatge O. Haven, Adrian
Jts-lln. Elbridpe T. Lorry, s :i.iiii<-1 I). Ila Ino, lt, (,:-.,rp_
j*. n__.r. II. C. Fahaestoek, 1. Pier poul Morgan,
william C. vviii:i:ey, a. ,1. .iiiiiinni, Bdward Cooper,
ti?orge Pmbody R'etmeaj, .lohn Jacob Arter, Heber
r. |Rh-p, Ti. O. MU!*. ..corpc g. itowdoin. Charam
I*. Pansy, Berti Belasont, Georgs Henry Warren,
Thomas Bltchcock, w. Bayard Catting; Henry Clews,
H. McK. Twombly, A. T. Van Ne-., \V. I). .loane,
(ornellus VanderbBt, winiam K. Vanderbilt, Fr-dertck
Vanderbilt. VC. Soward R'ebh, Ogden (ioelet, Rohetl
Goetet, R. T. BUson, J. HoikI Wright, Adrian 1 -.lin.
Jr.. and Lath r ROUUtte.
The ftUs*_1ag board ol dlrectcrs sras elected:
Ismael D. Babcock, George P. linker. George **.
Eosdoln. Rober) Goetst, ...-orpe <;. Haven. Adrian
Isellil. A. D. .luillnrd, bullier Kouiitse, D. O. Mills,
j. llB*t_Sl Morgaa, W. K. Ysndertdlt, George Pe*
body VMsmms sad WIBIam C. Whitney.
When ibe rompoay is Ineerporated Hie directors,
wto held an Informal seeding yesterday nfter the
principal _seettng had adjourned, trill probably aeleel
the ft ll .wine offic-rs: Pr.-ld.nt, George t;. Haven;
vice-prcsld.Tt, Adrian iselin: treaaurer, George **.
Bosdoin: secretary, Hugh M. Mt haren: the eae-utlve
committee te )"? ranpossd of iii" president, vice
pretldent and treasurer, with W. C. Whltn-y and
Robert Geekt.
The property of ti.e opera hourn is lo ba I 'ld to
the new c n.paiiy bv the preseni owners ol it f ?
H,4_5,noo, the ..un poid f,>r it al the auction Bale at
lt-t w-eh. Te IMfl i- lo be added the estimated < sd
ct restorations and Improvements In the building,
KIO.OOO. niakinp Bt.B7_.OBO. The subecriptieei <-f
thirtv fom boxhoMers at r.V>o.i rack will make
_l.020.00o. Thi* win fill WJj.OOO short nf the -liiii
n-eded to hoy and restore tl.pers house. Tins
SR..VO0O win be rai-ed by a mortgage, and In order
lo brim tv." capitalisation of the company to a round
__._0_.n_o resort v.iii probnblv i,e had io a.' Issue
of |3i..00T of bends or tr.-,.erv stock, lt i* pro
F"ft to a**:'.-!! He* 1 birt vf., ir boxes to thc Stock
hoUim by lot on March -J*).
TV committee reported that tt lind received rm oller
trna Abbey, sohoefM \ GrSu b.r a lease of Hie prop?
erty for the purpose of giving proud opera, ord thnt
the ofter would !>e referred to the board or directors of
He ronipnny as ?oon ns H.e orsranUa.i**-- ahodld be
roEpleted. "Mr. Abbey's plan* hdVff n_.n pubBahed
irpentedlv. lb* ls .,, brina to this country fte creator
ptrt of Hie opra companv which he hud here issi
Tlri'.er, with a few additions, notably Hint or Mme
IMna. There i. ,n d..nv,t that -onie terms will l?*
made between hi* Brm and Hr.- directors of tho new
tempt)nv. and that be will have ti," use ,f Uie house.
There was some surprise yesterday becanse .lames
A. pio-eveit. the presJdeal <.f th" obi Metropolitan
Opera House Company, was not smens the subscribers
lo tho new ono. Hts rea eon fur not Joining it waa
thst he had hra-1 ?much to do with th" old company
ind with tho sale of thc property: that he bad Insisted
on Ra sale when :.sited ff.r a postponement: thal be
bid himself botipiit lt on i,ehalf of the ni*-n near *,? nina
h*. and that !f he were now to be n atember of ti, ?
company to bur lt npnln lt rlfipht appear that he bad
Interested motives In Hs previous action.
The Hrrancreiiient fee the new company ls not muck
tmllke thal sngsested nnd urped by Henry Clewa Bl
the time when the auction sale of the opera hulls,* was
ISBroachlng. Ile proposed thirty-four aubecribera at
SM.000 each. His li.f Was not complete! -tt Hu- lime
set tor the sate, and tlie property was bongbl by a
entnbinatloii or ten men. wit'i Mr, RoosevcH nt their
h?ad. snd is beM by them till th'- n?w-iv,formed com?
pany shall be ready to take it off their hand*.
A suit bas been iw'pnn In Hie BnpreUM Court in
which the gu.-stion of whether *.r not BSO.OO0 a year
h more than eaOUgb properly !'* support Jseob I.orll
Urd end hi* family will have lo bs decided.
Tbe case arises on a note of j-.ooo which the I.oril
lard Brick Companv discounted at the LenOS lilli
Hank. Thb nr-te \?ns Indorsed by Jacob I.oilllnrd.
When the note b -came due lt was not paid bv tbe brick
company, nnd it vent to pro'e.-t. The bank pave
notice la Mr. I.orlllard of the protest, and tdd him
that he would have to pay lt. He refused to pay. aud
th* bank brough, a stilt against him In the Supreme
mart, and lecnred a Judgment for lue amount or the
The exi-rtiiion was humsd on the Jndgmcnt BBd
P,'"'ed in tin- hand- of nie Sheriff, n was returned
"itireiv aamltafied. ihe Biwyera for ti,.* bank thea
lesrr.wl t>;at Mr. !.orlll:,td had BB Income nf M0.000
Blear from the Belate of his father. I'l-rr** I.orlllnrd.
Tn* Isiak tried lo get hold of some of Hil* n.on.-v, and
?r. Milliard declared in hl? answer to this suit mut
ne n.-_d.-i the entire ?40,000 which he received fmni
sis father's eatate for TTTe supper! of blmaetf and bli
Jimily. the (|ti".iion or whether or not Hil* i* more
waa raouf_ uu support Mr. Lorillard and his totally
*"1 b'r du Ml bv the C'Mirl.
Washing'o-i. FSh. g4.?COa*_dirshla Interest nt
t'Txtut to-daw tin.tinp nt tte Daughtoss of (aa Reva
luiiD). u ?,,, ttM eioalag day al th" sessssn. Mrs.
'?evenson. the wife of th- Vlce-Prsit-ficnt-elcct, was
tlected preUdeut leaeral. Mrs. li. V. Baynton, the
JJJJBl tS-umhent, was re-elected vice-president la
ww or urganiutlon.
Rt*** iii
Mon, N. v.. Keb. it (Special).?Momo.hil sr
iu honor of Wasblngtso wrrs BeM at tbe Main
Ref.rtii.- Churck bete io night nuder Hie
* ot w.it \\v:u Ctupler, Daughlem *>f the
^mn Bevolution. tue esfrclsee kneing boea pert
rmjsuta ic ?_?.(! on accounl of Ibe storm. Ad
2!g5*ere "i.itie on "Washington ai a Man." by
? Waahtagtos ns a toomet."
enhl Tt,e NewIInven Leader,
nsi.,,* Ket ot experiments that hine been scion
___*__ lutcessful can be made commercially profit
tU*'J . ** are on ,h' Ova of n new departure In
sttSS "el'tlos wbleh U da_,lln(t berond the power
kxxZA'*- rnttxtr ot fact reason to follow si) at once.
XfTo Te,,a ?* aonietlmes called electrical Wlxatd
mm?', on 1Cfo"?t ??! bis niurvellou* and fasclnatlnp
*" IO, a field similar lo Hui: of Edison.
?t__iV ,w ?,*T',|-"','? achlev. men)-that I*. )f lt n"!
*lth.. J?e. P'nOuctloii of an electric Ugh! without*
ri/x L^oe" te -vires. We may I ben hope !.. be
Ile.-! _.. ! PaHitttt U.bblng up .-ital down of the
th. J**ffl ** >'??! seems Inevitably attendant nn
der T i , l "V8'""! of electrbol Illumination. t ii
A l,_._V,!. s, JV"**" <?H lb*- spparatus ls concealed.
Us ..Jil I1' iBcandeacenl plow is i,rodu. od botweer
ISmSt***^ **"* of a roon, by merni* of inpld am',
lust ih. ""ema.ln-i mrrrnta. All that ono sees b
gs me aofi gian ?f i(B|lt. Hkc daylight, ir this
sllr kT L,0'M',v,rv l!* Pracllcahle, Iben wo shall liter
llchi ti**l '" tl,rn "'Kht In'" day and have a litgh'i
H_i___St_fc a:K,,ort h< tayBght:
lo nrlwi. ,"f'* ***n 'rvlnp tor reata lo (Ind a. way
lh_m-2-li> ''?''rielly directly from coal without the
Tallou, of Hie steam c-nelne. TesU aavs he ?-?s
directly fc?ai ___???.T?a V1"'! c,,n rtraw ?Wtriettg
Utlltoe lt fj? anv nu. . "lr. ,n un>.' ????-?-_ and
shall Bee. r B,iy i-MffBSs ut nny lim,., w, ll, wa
A I-nopoSlTlO.V TO POM, A Kenn AMON.;
v?in;,,pl1"'; * ******* managers was called for
'"'VT. :" '"" *-iA't, Palmer.
ttl ', Y"[ Tl'lr???'"'-*''. lo lake action In appeal
non ie .ho aappoeed attucks ot Rlhridgs T. Derry
mesMent of the Society lo, ti,,. Prevention of
Cruelty to Children. ?p,,r, ?,. st..-,, ,n -,??,?, ?on
with tue qaesilos. ?f permuting chlldrea te opp.,,,
m theatrical performance*. Two ar three days age
ii published statement et certain atternncm al
Mr. derry aroused tho ira of the theatrical Buna*
lera, and they determined on this meettag. Yeater?
day The Tribune, vvhhh did not patdlsh ths state?
ments so aerioualy objected lo, contained, in common
wltk other papers. , correction from Mr. Derry, show
inp bis views t? be decidedly different from thom
whick had been attributed to bim. This publication
rem,,v.n nnnh ol Hie o*. aston for ti,., meeting cf
yesterday and left it comparatively little t? do.
A M. Palmer preside,! at the meeting, and there
wera ni*., preseni Daniel Frohman. Joseph Jedi*.
-on. Charles Jeffers, n, Henry R, Abbey. ,i?iin
Bchoeffel, Frank W. simper, P. a. Lovecraft, Frank
li. Martha, Mare Rlaw, H. c. Mine.-, Edward Mlaer,
B. ... OUaaore, llelnricb Conrled. nod .!. vwsi,.y
Boeenqueat, Daniel Frohman was commtaskmed lo
make an offs ital .statement ol the rcaU of thc meet
big, nnd be did so as follows :
?li eros _f.ermined, In view of the fact thsl Mr.
(Jerry denied (hs statement*. Imputed to him con?
cerning the Stage, to make RO formal protest, tis
was Intended, bul the aubjeet ol Iht stage children
having been s? vividly before the managera ot New
York, it was agreed io take step* toward an or
Santralion *.r a society of theatrical people tor the
protection of slap.- ehfldrea. Joseph Jefferson was
appointed chairman ml n committee to consult
counsel, lbs others of *i... committee being A. M.
Palmer, H. c. Miner, J. W. I!..sen,mest. Prank
Banger, B. <;. Gilmore and Daniel Frohnma.*1
Nothing ls >?*?! arranged definitely in regard to ihe
proposed new society. Mr. Palmer said Mr. Derry's
ceneetJoa _f the words pabHsbeg as bis tad
been deemed sufficient bv the amnag*n to prcrem
?he:.- taklnp any action at preseal In direct ot>po_l
(ion to him.
A fr.sh garland of tribute to the tatum nf George
William . uni, wa* fashioned nt New-Brighton, s. t..
Ia*t night. Graceful poetry, an rloqaenl addreaa and
exquisite musts were Mended ns bb eipresalon of tbe
reverence ol nearly ave hundred people tor tie ir
fo'm.-r neighbor and friend. Thc audience wai om
tm..*,! (hi. liv of resident* or Ihe toland. Nearly nil
had known lu kia life the man tiny had come to honor.
Tiny seemed almost lu kia presence when they had
assembled ill the ballroom Ol tbe Hotel Castleton, *ii
realistic waa th" targe picture or .,i,u which looked
down from the stage (mm its environing mass of
tropical plains and trailing vines, The anniversary
of his- birth made the occasion tlmelv, and willi no
other Introduction Hum tho Involuntary buah of th"
company, Ibe exercises vier,- opened by the M.-n
d.i*.,,im Qnsrtvt willi Hie odo of Horace, "Integer
f-ldne*,' Wdlell Hi-a read from .sonnets lo Mr.
Curtie, written by Christopher liarc Craned, who
tiii-il in January, l-:*?_? The -bessel were suggestive
in ninny places ?>r tarni Incidents that produced a
dl?!imt Impresal n on ihe hearers,
Tin.*" w.ll known lines bv Mr. Curtis on "Songs
Are Minc In My Minti."' -? t to nin-ic by Jaeeph
Rosenthal, were sung bv Jamel \. Metcalf, ll" was
tallowed ly lh. Mendelssohn Quartet, in "Farting
and Meeting," when th" commemorative addi*. - "!
thc evenlns waa deRrered by willi un Winier.
in tnirodnctng Mr. Winter, Mt. Wlman, who pre
sided, said thal Hi*- occasion via-. ior rejoicing
more than asdneta, In thu Ihey hud th" privilege nt
unliinp to pay honor to ih*- memory of ti" man they
nil loved.
Mr. Winter's addr.-- wa* comprehensive nml inter
eating, ll" began it dc inn*- of hi* Introduction to
Mr. Cartis bv th.- poet, Longfellow, nearly tarty yean
np**, and pave m. bcarrra the benefit of hu continuous
personal friendship with him since tint llaM In B
choice store of Incident and valuable rstlamte as to
lils characteristics.
Th" quartet closed Ihe exercises wltk "Twilight',''
written bv Mary K. Blake, aid iel lo mush hv
Dudley lank.
Tin- affair wu. arranged bv ? commutes of rr >
dent., of whom the following Were tai Hie executive
committee i Erastus Wlnmn, \. Eugene Alexander.
,i. Frank Bannons. Frederick K. Partington, Blielnbard
Oldenburg, De witt BlaBord nnd Lewla I . WhltBi.
Bordentown, N. J.. Feb. -). Ma - meetings wire
held :ii Ibe Presbyterian and RapUai rburrhes here
io nip i, io proteal agalnat (he pen naur I.v Un (Senate
over the Governor's veto of thc racetrack bills, which
will c ni" np for lina) ai lion before that bah lu
morrow morning. A delegation rrom tn- phire will
visit Tnnion to pr*.*"!it a petiUon sgslost th" pa
Sip.. Of 111" bills.
Mouin Hotly, N. ?!.. Feb, 24. a largely attended In
dlpti ill )li Bte. Ung was held lute lo-i.lgbl for the p Tl*. ??
of protesting agalaet tin- racetrack leslslatlm ai Tren
ton. BeseiuBom denouncing Assemblymen and oma
tors were pusstd.
a special amelias mt the t eofodersts Vetema < an,j. af
ROW. YerS "as lie:d lust. Bight :*' H." h'i'!(|'i nt-r*. N"
!?s I lilli:.*.,'., lo ta!.*- SCI. llallv.- to th" death ?f
Ueneral p. .;. 'i'. Beauregard, "lui was on artlve bicbi
Let of th'.- srgaifitathm. Th" roauaendei al Uta ramp ls
captain Alexander Hebert .hi-'im. (ermerly >.r Beutk
Carolina, snd sn Bim SB tOtOQ on Osasml lh'S,r I
stult. (injnc to u -I'tere raid. CtpmiS Chi "lin's nd
Bieaa waa read by a comrade. T*e auloery dealt pa'*
Urulsrly ?.i, Oenei tl Beauregard"! private ebame) ? i
CBpMln < iiiM.'ni bed n.nov ii'*i'i'*-tiric ineMeala t., *? ? 11
ot tit" solUler's lr ',u heart, < O'lrtenns' mann'-- .md t-ei.'i,, is
iiiiii'ii'*;. Beaotatiaaa *,r sympathy and eoadofoaee mon
anaolmu .?ly adopted.
The foltowiag dlqwteh was gubBebed yesterday frets
Willmn.sf'ttn : "Willie*!! ('o'|. ?_? ? In* rn-un fell Iii"
wnninroncn td Frederick V, Thompson, of Rew-T?rS ) ly.
Another 03,000 has beea given nv Mr. Tkempaea toward
an In! rn, ii v r,,r student*. Thi* airt ll In addlltaa to Bis!
,,r Sr_,< 00 al ? idy sobarr bed. The sim, nr BlStOBO le -*HI
Hld to be Beaded' Mr. Tkempeea'i prevtaBi gtfU nc ind"
til.-te laboratarlm, eosUng ai,.'Ut .1.0.000, sud an Bedew
mein tor a winter lecture rearm."
wii'ii called sa is*i sveulBS by a Tribuaa r*-psrter,
Mt. i-empeea declined to give unv lafersmi sa on thc sub
Tho Rew.Terk win start on ker wa Idea nip m-day
eader on Aawricaa flic six- will kare ber aler a' i .'to
?'clock p. m. a aamber or friends of S"iiati>r Morfsn
ail iict ut IhS N'tw-Yoik's pier st 12:13 i>. Bl. t?-dsr
lo greet bia betom kta deparluw for Eurepe, mhen ka
aili repreaeat UM Ballad Btatei sb Ute lH'iuin'.' Bel
Arl Itinti'.n .'? nut.I ?roo. Tin- ceBMBttt-S "Illili BM ,r
laased Hie tarewell sreettoa to Swater Moraea cn.i.t*
af Henry llenti, R. I- Bdwaide, Jsnws Bwaaa. J. Henry
Harper, Br. Jaka m. Wyeth ana Hemes I*. HelekBlm.
It was ann,'intel !;ist nicht at th" Flltli Avenue Theatre
that Mn,'.. Rtaaaera Dum was ladRpmed. ami thal ker
pliv-.lt inn had sdM-ed he. ii'?t to Bl t. but she Insisted tai ge.
mp | ), rather than disappoint her BBdSta-S. nie will, botr.
ever, omit, Rm msRase iel "own for nus afiefassa, Th*
any-delan believes that with a reel today snd to-morrow
?!fl- will bc able io po en nest wees witSoot funner
Interruption. To Uko the place of the minne,* today,
an extra one will be give*-, on 'luesdsv. when "Fedora"
will be played. Tickets bon.ht for thl? srt?rnoon will
be good then.
Paris letter to Tbe San Francisco Argonaut.
I am Blessed to be the first to Thpart to you a
pin,- nf news which can not fall to be Intonating.
Miss Loie Fuller U engaged to be married to Ur.
lohn FlUpetllck, of Philadelphia, whose father wal
the own.r of the great Canton Mills. This young
man who bas been staying In Purls for some Hm"
post' mad* me acquaintance of the charming _er,
pentln* dancer a few week* ogo-h* enme, he saw.
de conquered. No laier than ymterday rings and
i,rt,ni|-es were exchanged, and we nr<- told tho mnrriig*1
will probably take place on the young lady's return
from ltiis*ln. Perhaps Hie Interest of the public In
(lils event would be lessened If the bride?*?!.*< t were
to Md adieu lo th* -tap** SJ seUU ss she became Mrs.
F) lr uni rick : bul HHs. -lie declares, ls not to ne. I.ole
roller Int.'tids to keep the engagement she has niiitl"
willi the FoHee Bergere. at Ihe expiration of which
abe win probably retire. On <>'" \\*v* ____.*___
\nie accepted the addi******* ?f Mr. Klt/patrlck. She
oriebrateC (Be lOOtk aanlversary **f her appeeraaee
before a Parisian sodlence.
Try th.* Worlds Fair SRS-IbI BBS Sd the.Rew.YyB
OoutysPt model trains for -Wcago. .No calm lute. . ?.
only Twrarrv-FocB families requ.
(inly twenty-four American fax.ll'."* flpun* in tl.,
recent lune .,: Fairburn* Book ?>; ; reata, whick i* m
mach cf a:i .Metal p-.-.lde with r.'pard to thc people en?
titled :o bear ere*:, a. "Harhe'i Peerage" is with r**
pr.nl to th- British riot.'.;*.:v. I: ls r\ldr:,t that lhere
ls b much larger Bamber ol Americasi whom iineai
descent from old K'rr;:*h families e-.tltl.. them to
?!.-? ??-(? of ;te latter's cr<--\ and the'.r omission can
'.!.'??, b" _,r<, :.r.c i for '. i *.t..-- (act thal Hey have
fa'.'d to tak<- s:,ps to have th*')r natr.es registered
ot tie Herald's College in London. Forty thousand
nam*., or rather cresta, Hp:.te In this book, whick BUS
been compUed sad edited ap to dun* by the Herald's
College In London, whick I* a Covernsaenl Institution,
The n-o of crests dates bark io the ihlrteeiiih cen
tUIT. and the richi of bearias one was (ons|d*':e?l even
more bonorabte than tbal of coat armor. The creel
Was at rli>,t worn on the helmet, but subsequently,
with th" abandonment of the heavy lion bead drem of
mediaeval times, wis transferred to the shield on
whith ure emblazoned th" .oat of-ni'tn* which lt sur?
mounts. Many people nowadays dl.pen >? -Uh the
BM of the coat ol nrms nnd merely retain Hu- nest
fi-r ti.e oe, notepaper, on plate, harness, tar.lap?
pa!.els, et..
People in Europe sre Bccuatossed lo ridicule what
they are pleased to describe ns th*- crass of wealthy
Americana for heraldic bearings, ''md to allene io th,,
fad thi: they frequently adopt errata to whick they
are la r... wi-.- entitled. Tiny might, however, lind
quite as much subject for ridicule ai borne, where tbe
'.n*'" fer nnii*,ri.il bearings prevaBa to a far greater
extcnl (ilin in ti,.- United States, and wier.' caeca of
Ulegsl assumption ar., far more frequent.
lu Kui op. . mal especially In England, ns soon as
ever ;, per.i,n 0f pl,l?|.ni origin hil. since,'d,-d 111
amassing a sufficient mnount ol money to enable bim
to assume a position in society- by irbJeh he
meas, aoctety as distinct tram the uadeamea,
Ho- faiunr and the Working chis*,-;?he Imme
dial,-Iv proceed! lo adept a crest as an
outward mid nuada amnMeatatloa or th,- bel that
he now- belongs to the gentry. Sometimes he applies
io lh" Herald'i College In Lindon, where In return
for a (.'<? ,,f BtOO he is alb- lo -Mala a Oovernaaen)
prai.i ot tums Hi din- 'orin, which thenceforth remains
ihe property or himself mid ,,r hi. legUlasate d**
m ? i,danis. In mo-l esses, however, tlo- aouveai
nd..- dlspensei with Ihe coally aaslstsnce *.r Ita
Herald's College and colly adepts nhl. lever hrraldh
di vue 'irkes ills fain y nmonp thoee mbmlt.ed fo.
his approval by Ihe stationer win-re be purchases bb
notepaper, ihe sUversmlth who engraves his plate a.
the tailor who builds bis servants' livery. Accord
Ing lo mi e..ny by ihe finn,m.. genealogist, Dough, li
a recent number *>f "Ths Scottish Review," there an
nus, and even hundreds, *.f thousands or peraoai li
Dreal Brita la who nre guilty of Ihe anent horisid as
lampttan rn the arms ami cresta of gentle tSmUtos
fuiidiy lamglalag lhal by paying Ihe annual tai <>i
BIO tor th" ti*" ot armorial bearing**. Ihej) have > "ii
formed with mi the tegul requlri-meati "f the ia?
in France, Italy, Bwltserland, Belgium mid Holland
li,tl, "d, everywhere on tl," Continent, except In Der
many mni Austria, where ihe aalawfUl assumpUon ol
creal or roat-ofarmi I- regarded a* au offence te
verely punishable by Ihe cudi a similar stste *.
adair* t<> that wi,h h exists lu England prevails,
Many <*f the pent indi"- ..' Ed-Ope- ameag otben
*uch leaders ?>< society a- the French Duri. de ll
Rorhefon auld-DoudeauvlUe have altogether aban
doned ih" ii*" *.r crests or armorial bearing on it,"ii
notepaper. Instead thereof tiny hot. ly u ?? for -m.
purposes Heir motto, wbtah I* itt-. ri:?--.! on a -< r..|
b.'ii.-iith their coronet, lim- thnt .,r ti..- Duri
above mentioned i- Ti ?? mon Pl ii lt" III l ?J
I'b ,*m. i. Very . barm 'cr i rc ?'. Igi n,. ant I*
m.,::.i adopted by ii"- . .in'" tb- I',ri-. Ihe ronsorl
..f Hr" ' lb f .,r il,.- anrlt rn House ??! Bourbon, ll I
in Latin and I- as tallowa: "Ulla sen) aiqu'
Laborant" il.," Mes ipili and latin I l,i-? plsi
an imp..nan! roi" In th" llourlmn coal of arin*. In
deed ih- v i.ai tit ur.- ri. i,, labile einbl-ni <>r thai
n,i.il tamil . H." vi "i"l ai. '1 -nb!' r "I . "lull'cn Ol
ti." latter being Indicated i". the Count, 'a pan
pi,ra-" ..; Hu- ttariptarai verse lo ihe effeel thai UH
miilr.r ...ll h..r -pm. Ihe Comtenst* ii.* Martel, wi"
ha. achieved such brilliant lureem in ihe Blerarj
world under th.* pseudonym .>r "Oyp," whirh ba
i". .ii,.' -vie.nv mons, for everything lhat 1* parkUni
r.i .1 bright in French llleralnre, baa .elected for bu
inoi!,i "El pols. Apres " tWill. and aba) time'
American women mlgtil with advaniagt adopt Hil
pn-tl) fol. A motto bai fm more moaning and m>>i.
raison d'etre than ann.rial hearing*, lh" latter
espeetally adopted Inatead *.r prm:t.<t. hive bo lr*
si,.-i,ltlcatiee. whereas ii mni',, ritr it , :,*.?? s som,
Indication of l's bearer'i chara, ir.
-?? ? ?
>,ir disi ipiiiie amt capacity for laking pains ara ah
so] a i .iv th" i.nly r. li i bb- weapons f,.r fighting .rio kb
and <>i*i hp". .\ -lim ciii or eighteen, aRbougk tunk
lng tl:" ui"-t of li-r "iH-auie nu diable," should, hen
ever, <.sider Ibe Ibeughi *.r becoming sallow anti
ibrivefled, or red ami coarse, and lake trouble to svoM
thi-, dismal poMdbUlty. Ther.- I* in France a reaUj
wonderful oM booh whhii pretends io reveal a lol ol
merell known lo Ninon *I" CBncles, ami where then
ai-- to )?" round some wi.e ami rxccUeni mggeatlons,
This French minns! sett on,- to loeb ni th" stomach
rrom i scientific standpoint. Linen sheets, candle!
lind ho: balli- should bc avolibd like the )??.! ibnee.
The simplest food and plenty or exercise an- recom
Blended: for. ilk- ail thing-, reaUy wnrtii baring, on*'
pays a heavy price t*> hold yonth beyond the allotted
Hine. Breakfast, which ought slwnvs io i?- eaten lu
bed, shot rid loiislst *,f weak lea, a -oft egg. sud thin,
dry to.i-t. l'r luncheon, part..ko li-ar'llv of cid
amati a fresh Mlad. "ne or twa vegetablca and bosk
Simple puddBlg. lie |.'-r:l! "f Ihi. will be thal th"
di,:, .(iou -rv i 11 never '..? ont of order, eur's complexion
ut: \ ji r \ bigly clear and rosy, and I but ear cnn sleep
ei_lit Iii,er* out ot Hie t w,-niv fiitir In dreamless re
post. Before retiring al Bight, Ihe f.-t and legs
should i," plunged tala ...ni waler ap ta Ita* _.-. i .
draw th" blood from lbs herc) and beep ti.slresslli-s
warm. The only ab-oluidv safe unpuoit fur the skin
l oM-fashlened mut-on-auet, red.) snd sUgkily per
fUiued. This should be applied from Beck lo keeto
willi Ibe hand and gently rubin"! In, >o n* not to sib 1,
or shin", bu' leave a - '.ft. satiny surface. Alway*
sleep between dannel Millik,;*, whick abaorb every
particle of motstor. thai iii*' body tarawa ant, and
in vi morning, siter a tepM bath, when oatmeal In
place af soap la nerd, Bad t belah rah with a creak
tow.i, lae skin ls ns willie and soft as an Infant'*.
The Imio!. nl-o Iti-i-t* upon hm-'back lldllip. ni lens!
a three mil" walk every day, dancing whenever von
eau pt I it, nlnl ii"! lem thrill Ino hours .pent In the
open air. Sleep In a cold room with ampi" severing.
Never eal after an e o'clock dinner, and av,,ld cs
melli s and candy.
Th*- day when fragUlty of fruin- uni lark of bodily
bealtk were roosMered Ihe rorreel conditions of re*
Mn (Igwomanlioix) has happily passed. Th- Un de
slc!" young woman ls a plrl of lin*- physique. URB
her biotuer, sue hi'; been trained in gymnasiums.
e !? bo tonger tacea h"r**ir erith ? bodice ?f steel,
like Hu- pill of a century a-".. Nor ts Ike whole*
sonic every day gui of the present tlSBS addicted to
the ti-" nf cordials and various Other slimtilaiils so
commonly mentioned in las works of a century ssa
ns th** household remedies for (aiming women. Murk
as we may prate of tin- pood old dals (ind of th"
hom iv customs of our grandmothers, and talk of
Ike HeitulssB Mats tkey Beossaplabs-, ii i* -rise to
laeastlgsts rrltteslly exactly what their dullv tasia
were ond bow they met them before passing Jude
men! as to their superiority aver tbe women of to?
Tl'.e athletic young woman ls as much a
prod-at of modern society ss Hie college br**d
girl. With the broadening of (he Intellect, there has
aaturflly rome n. demand fnr arron., phviical health
lo me?t Ibi demands of st'idy. Fainting li virtually
on old-fashioned d!*eiie. lt is almost ai me for a
woman t.-> faint today ss lt la for a man. Yet In
olden tltr.es it wai c_n8.1e.ed the proper thins fur a
woman to taint ?t any shocking r.-c_rr*r..e ind even
on mast trivial ocrs-lons. The proser,.-* of a mouse.
a runaway sesMsnt, the news of ii irassdy. the death
of a frh-'id. one and all arum eCfUeteaa w-hen, accord
lng to novelists, the sverase waasaa dropped in<<i a
swoon. n::d the rrWIs WSS leM to the rare of their
masculine protesten cr of Ihe maid s.-rvjuts of UM
Hm", Who war.- (Ullunately superior to this w.'aki.
ur. Hie occasion af u declaration nf lore ll seemed la
be considered an indelicate thine for a woman la MB
lo !sll Into u swoon. The voting lady nf feeble upue
lite and or languid coursg.- mid pnlll.l chocks wss
tr* Ilea! ol ra-hlon.
'?"tv- ridicule of llt-rntuie aad Ho- advance nf coin
mon s. use Ins long ago dispelled tbs Illusion tbst
Ul health waa synonymous wita refinement. sta
are ts-glnnlng lo have tho true Idea of the matter
and to look upon the pr<-sonc<- of pallor and languid
mann-r and feeble appetite ns Indications of disci.-.
and Iherefere refundr.. The young wemea of la-day
Bffecl nearly all th* ntliletlc IWISlSB of their brothers.
They enjoy healing, long ;oiinirr tramps, driving,
skatlr.g and al! B-tdoer mitton, lt may be Ikal
th?y ar* Issi esperi i.'.r*. o;r maissotkers in Berita
?v .1- and <?'?-d?trov'r.g ombroid.rle-r. T.i*-v do no'
c: ' ibe MttdMs t their beaualai U'a? fir ^.. tat'hfal
daaam er yor--. Bal :i c.?ir ae.dlswcrk is mt *.
taltai-l lr. rr.'.r.i':- d--'alLs. lt || tar ir..r..- < :it?-!|v?
and ar*.!s".c.
The latest Parit-at! torhlOfl !* the we.rt-ip of wrea'hs
f'f real Bovrcra ir.-ut- the h_m of daming dresses.
Ro?"s I!tiv?? I.i: i.s"il 'o prat'.fy this . .tpen*lvv* whim
during lae winter, but viol-ts or small yellow nar
Ctaeua are now In tavor. The etfect of these garlands
when ibe wearer is daedal i* said to b- very charm?
ing, tor Iii" swinging moiton Impart-d to Ihe skirt
While whirling round reveals not only the dainty mass
of blossom, but. wafts aleut a delicate .ind refreshing
perfume. The flowers ur" sewn upon a band of silk
rubber, ia orU'-r to prevent them, wh-U mi-litl, ftoui
.stntiilnp the In.lde of the dr* ss.
Th" bnktofl of a collarette of diamonds 11 no around
the throat, with rapes and llriagl of pearla nt dia?
monds below them and faBlag soine distance beyond
thc waist, is very general Hits wtuCrr. Anim ut
lowers in errealha .-11111 Bartends, which a few yen*
since were lndl*p. i.sahl- to 11 hall gown, juc nowhere le
he tern now, and th,- youngest debutantes sra clothed
in plain, severe, bIsmsI tailor-made -ilks and satins.
still. Hi" present style gives i. picturesque effeel I.
th.- ballroom, and Hu- Empire gowns, with their
balloon -hives and straight *kiii-, ;iir l? 1,nillup to
n wit niit'ie, woman win. ls Betther angular nor io)
Irom Parla conn's tli" laws thal toques are more
lin- rape tiimi ever since Hie fr...1, when almost every
I'.iii*!:!!! pa Unease crowned lnr nany costume willi
one. a charming specimen I* of emerald green relvel
bordered with black feelber edging. 11 ls mi away
al the back nnd Ulled u;> with a mass of oetrich Ups,
while a I*-' ornament iel with purple BUMthyitl alt!
iqnarely over the (erehead. Another hat which ear
rles 11 fraprant BUggesUon of spring with lt I. of fell
lu the tenderest non- of green. The brim In from l
Ihaped In 1 wo points, which aro turned up abruptly
olf the lialr, and show a lining of violet vivi. Hie
crown ls encircled -et Itli Velvet, cul mina, tog In loops,
together with clusters of Neapolitan violets, ie Ins
lo mi 1 ur.- that one almosi r.iinie. they exhale some
thing ni ih" d.iii ions aroma belonging to the Bower.
Another charming variety ls the Penlan teqae ol
dark telt with polnt.it velvet loops and ii pompeii o!
readier, from which ri-cs au aigrette of contrasting
Apparently we are ta have bonnets smaller than
ever, or rise ol n," large early cenlurj poke de
xn:'il"a. Ile i" I oil" thing to I"- urged ni favor
"' IBM 11 l.n "i- li".Wiidav*. and that I- Ibe great
beaut) ol v.,in, n'. hair anti Ihe pretty wa. In which
li I- usually arranged. The miniature chignon p.
??ut lu bvor <.f ("ii-, bin 11," crimped, cnn.si
bato in ii.'ii' vi.1 ii,- dlvtoton dowa ihe centre lilli
.'alu. IHIT.-r.-ri' < lu Individual taste dh tales whit
-" ,'tn Ihe ell. .'I Lair ..11,1,1 In Ink,-, ililli tile
younger wi.rn-11 ar" SerMedly In bivor of Wearing
Ihem nolle on the n.-ck. This, nf coin-". Boanda th.
knell of 'i".'iu I.. Ugh rattan ind wBI Inevitably 1.
sh" Il,, fa '.I,,11 ol hating ;-,>WIIh ill' low lu the neck.
N .1: uri il v Hu. tashlua will 11,,i be universe tty be
coming; what (ashton i-.' th.ie thing io be de
(Mbti liefore adopRng lt ls the shape and whiteness
of th*- net k. ih.-r.- ought io be a , 1,11.niling authority
mi -mil subjects, f,,r few women may trust to Ibelr
..wu discretion lu -neb ami len, aad an BBbtasaed
critical opinion n rarely attainable.
Khfl Klhn Terry ls san) to !?.? In " Becket " a sweet
and tfriMi Rosamund. Her tresses sn flaxen, ber
flowing rahel diaphanous and the ls Mph! hearted and
IklpplBg ulm.1-1 kln.nl. h. lbr hive inalilnp Utth
Ring Henry in i!i" sreedtaad t...vs.-1- is described as
?? quita perfect."
The 1 i,i:"? tat perfams i* larreaslni delly, and .th"
,'i.r fashionable spent i* that ol vi.,lei*. A t!r-t
rate amdtata always seas, ber dresses sui vvi'h mchets
arwa in round Hw hem, lacked sway iu ths bodice
and hidden In Hie skirt. Tl. gloves xxxe scent.d I*.
smirk, Bise the staff, and of conns the haadBarchlef,
Hid effect being au all pervading sweetness. There
ai" miitiv of our leg vi hose iinllviduiillty ur tale in
|WI IU SM BOOS nt permit them to adopt anv par
titular scent which Ju-t happens t,, be th" rap,- of
Uo- hour, bu! who beep te the <. 1 lint .kiely com
mends IlieU lo them. Thia hb-a I. a g_Od BOO. Women
ure linne than ever rael lag about them for subtle
edon web ns .hail tn- pervading, ye! quite aarommon.
and these are bv no 111 ? -.-*.ti - easily obtainable, for a
smaepoty of ? perfasse is not so -imp!" a Bustler to
get ns Hu- inohopolv *.f a Preach uu>d"l gows or
mani le. _
Aa 11*11.il. between the peal mles aid Ihe Prk
marv in fin x of Hi" fashions that * ni" in the .pring,
lhere ls a lull willi" Madame I.a Rode nmk"* np ber
mind en .h.- amBdales la be, and amdlstes mal." their
preperallous for the coming mason. Meanwhile, the
feminine world baa Jo*.iv rael away the pavemeni
pervading ihlrl mri pul npon ItseR iga ahhnvtaied
.impiithii array in abase Hie unto iii" bambie din
uer heil. Many speak of Ikfct ship,' as a new creation,
whereas ii wa* evolved inst aatama from the natural
renell ,n BSalast xiv extremity ol "eRBglngncai" at
tai.1 ly fie sheath sion.
Tho ?? Marl" Loni - headdress.* ju-l br n.-hl out
I \ 11 part, ka Bdrm-., srtB doubtlem commend Itsef
io a g.ssl iiuiiiy w,iniin who cannot Blake up Heir
minds lo ad ipi lh- awful CklgUOUa Hint are fn-l I"
coming ike vogue, it is muck lighter ami sson if
coming thrin any ilyle of rottun worn at preaent.
In rome nape eta li reminds .ne of Hie t.i.. lan knot
fa.lil.iiiribl" :i couple of ... 1-on. agu. Th" hal: I
waved iu iio- nam way at the shies, aad iwbied Into
II loi**', carob ss Knot on th"- er wu ol iii" bend.
Amii her (Kiln! of resemblance is the .shori ends of
curled hair wlildi are drawn through Ihe lino) timi
?llOWed t" fall 1.0. ih" flin." is light BBd Burty,
and tho ornaments worn consist of ,-t (111.! ..f colored
nive) and lei._
Theatn bonnels sn se ahsnrdly samB ns to be
seereety dessrvlng ol Ike name. They are. Indeed,
nothing more than Hay headdreeero. A jewelled bs
velvet bandeau. B bundi of dewdrop laden flowers,
and tbere'. th*- capote |. complete. Hut let not the
novice lie beguiled hf Its simplicity aud try her
?prentice hand upon Its construction.
London society R B_UOB moved I, ttl BBpreclSUoB of
a play by whet the Piir.ce of Wnl?.s think, of lt. Ile
ls passlonitely fond of the IBSBtTS ?'!d stitt fives lils
opinion concerning plays with great candor; and lt ls
assorted tbat this opinion ls a fir better guide to the
probable suec*_s of a piece than that of any nf the
professional critics, lie U often very kind in the
way of taking boxes If he happens to hear that a
certain home or a certain manager I* doing badly.
The Instant effect of the Pilnce's visit ls to c?;_se a
popular nosh to that theatre. After a yrir's absence
(tn mourning .'or bis elden som. lie l.n- ag.ilr. become
a ({rea! p'.uygoer, Ukin;: the Duke of York with him
and vi-itlng the various theatre.* in succession for
nisny nights running.
a i*i'I. a it avie or TDK BMPEBOR AND EMPREB8.
In s r'*n*nt l??ue of the Paris "T?mps " s corre-p ind?
ent wine* au latcreeRai sceeaal or ? guam porty gina
a ?ltirt tim.* S'.-o by tlie RBipiim ot Japan. Altin.'ash the
people of Kiiiope sud SmetttS n,n?t praise tt,,. naCnlBcen.
progress ot .ln|nn In BM la-t qtr-ir e-i ot a , cm nr v. ?oai*
Weetara laisiteueue mew lath.'i em el ptom le ti"' rena.
try of the Mikado.
"A large numt>cr of p-ople." .*-,? the rorre?|K>n<l,'n:.
"sro niling along Ute bank- ot th" small bike In BM
,-a'iLf,; gSSHa -uii'-u'ci:' j thc p'laco. Thoy ai; await
Ing the orrlvsl of the Imperisl pall. ..radually small
groups ate formed, arranged scolding to the rank of the
guest*; tho fotcign Air,lw?tridori. thc high Japsnttse oflfl
elals. ,,!',. r- of the Amy and others. Ah! Ali! There,
too, ls th* gioup or ladies or tlie court, clad ni I*tiro|>*?an
t-o-tiiir.e. ! Witli lew ev .'ptioiH. what toilets they vvcnr '
And thc-* irvin; Catari, their irclilv feoChertd lint-'
lh"..* |i-j->r wemen, who wrre tnaSSMUHd yesteiday Into
nir kleasewa aid rlaceeateases, kart oo idea nf the las.
I-i o... -., fjOar irak* in these Uenderfel dre.se*. with Heir
Hs; beStoU Muir square busts, llieir <|ti""r gait snd their
I'ia* teri. What they greet one ar.o'.lier they ?e.'in to
r? ti iMenelm together, te um great ui?atitatitapt <>r tho
f*ath-ri am! plumes. How pr,(ry and plonlBg BMP wcro
In Heir kimon* I
??a eeuMBOtlea," add* tho corre-poedenc. ''la BOBeed in
tim irottrj Th" Ramcrar t? appreacblaS' I" tenth, the
?Sin or linne nmei aeers-r, clad Ht the aaRoHB ur sn
artillery geuenl' He walks .lowly, almost, a. an antonia
t'ti, erideefiy hindered by Bis _r**at es.slry lioots. Ile
bowl |e Um right and left In slant, qui.lt inclliiations of
Um Beck. Cooajated sriUi ws er Jepaaem ks i* ranier
tall and sl-nd-r. He ls not keadaSUM. sUhotiah lils ttl
UNO sr<- regular and npnaalVO. Clad lu national costume
md ? paloagnta ne would certainly make a ime apps.race,
bat tie dees n,,t appeal at n-- ia lu- uniform.
i'.tu .t.|? n.litiid lum walka Her Majestv, the Mun?
dina, csiryleg Hm teot-haadM pa is se) ?? ihasgB it rai
s ssa roadie Bbc i* lalher se-all, bet dlsUssulahod
lueklag Bbs epeeers naaewhat stut, bewever, Ib her
bmeUtulty dnmwd ntes. 'lire Upi arc imir spaa, dis
ileum t', rtsn it,, to,-.* ,,r Isag teeth. Tbs eyn bm icd.
An,"ng bel follom.-is .it" tlur pilli.ev.es t.f ino blood, in
iu fiiiy coi,, iel eena bibs, Lui n,,t more ettractive Uwe Iks
??f,", o! the 'oort i... ni ed abate. The peepta pi*s in
single Bte i.it'.i.- inerr maj..h.s. iii" lTu.pcror and Lan
arts* ill.iintrii.h soire by nglglsg HMM In tMVCinttSU.
li,'ti Um lunch mentors are ?isreMd. the peep.1 s, att.r
st.rcit ni tl," p."!.. Suma ti o N.itt.'iiil air resound*. The
Missile, acceaipealed nv ms attendants, leavm ta.- jaik,
tod Uio rcs-.iisl n eeded."
san l?le_o, .m.. Peb. M.?Alton Manvell, pmMenl
or the An his. Topeka and Santa Pc Railroad, died
at the Hole) Del Coronado thi* norning. Mr. Mao*
veil arrived lure, with kia wile, about Ihree week*
ago. He had been In poor beaRh for -ono- Hine, and
his death was not entirely unespeeted. It is beBevod
Hint kto principal malady waa lirlpbt's disease. Yes
terday afternoon ke complained or seven pain* in his
brui; and abdominal region. He letired <-nrlv and
shortly afterward the hotel pbysieton srai maimoned.
At midnight lt wns apparent that tbe end ?u* mar.
The doti.tr Informed Nra. Msavell lhal he couM not
survive mit 11 morning. Mr*. Manvell I'.iiii-d hCTSSR
Wltk <i mp.*ui<- and did everything possible to c tn-ole
ber husband In hi* i.-i-t moments. Mr. Manvell died
peacefully anri without apparent pain si 1:13 o'clneh
ibis martling. Mr. Manvell had recently bsd levenl
atta'k* of nervous pros! ni lon, supposed by his frien.i
to tie Um* result "f overwork In connection urttk the
managesaenl of th,- prent aystem of rsllroadi of wtdek
ks had bet'ii ihe rtit*-f executive oBker Rnee July,
1 ?>:?<). Mr. Manvell'- two dsughten and h'._ brotbet
Wen willi him at the end. ll*- will be burled ben
to murrow.
Mi. Manv.'It was born la Alexand-r. Geneses
i .univ, n. v.. lu t-ar. His father was a nurseryman.
Young Manv.'ii received a common school education.
winn ii* waa sixteen var* oM ke entered a country
Man and remained then for gee yuan. In IS3B
be went lo Chicago and entered the employ of Hie
Kock Maud RaUroed, as a ctol- ta Hie parehsstng
apelit. Ils bad BO friends to peek him foi wari, but
bs wai ambition, mul persevering, nnd th"se two
qasUlies mride him so popular willi lils superiors that
bs wai made pnrehsslng agent end Bsstotaal suptrln
lenient of the mad and Wai eventually advanced to
Hi.- past of superintendent, lu this position he re?
mained until Mav. ISSI, winn he vv.is Invited to go
lo St. Paul ns BSStotaal P"ii"i il manager of the
Manitoba Railroad. Iii* history with th. ManUobe
Baa waa 'me of steady pragma, in ISM he wai
? l 'i'd iii*t \b.. pi.-lii'iu and msnager af thc road.
in w hhh pasltloa be resaelned until he look hold ol
tin- Santa Pe system, ill* Inesee and nsUve shrewd
ness carried him triumphantly through nu ny a com
I'l,, ited situation, Ihe dlfl-rultte* of which wouM bavt
confounded s toss Bstute IndlvidusL ll is Ihoughi
lhal ha ruined Ma hnlth by trying to master toe
quickly the management of Ihe Santa Ve aystem.
in s*. montha Prestdeni Manvell made hlmseU maatei
of the situation nm) knew the road Intimately from
Chit i." lo 'h" Purtle .01*1, Including ail its consoli?
dated Uni-, and In i yent he had lt. credit estabKahed
on u -"lui fonndatlon. iii. sucresa In this ender
taking nade kim one ..f ihe mosl prominent railroad
nc ii In the ruiintrv. and ll aral to his thorough train
lag lhal h.- owed Ms sine.--. Por some peers ho had
liv,-.1 lu t*hing->, whet-., h- had ..flic*.
St. l'riui. Peb. 24. Prestdeni J. I, inn. of the
Creal Rorthern, mys ol Mr. HenveR: ulle cam,' :,,
the Omi Rorthern In ISSI ns aastotanl genenl
in.-iiiiip.-i-. and in ei.in val. he ron to the portttoa
of vlce-presideal of the road, in IMO lie weal to
Ihe Santa le road to ncc. jd the presidency. Ile w is
one nf the most netivc. Industrious and devoted men
I have . \ -I- m. i. and his rapahilBles were phenome?
nal. Ht- was ii lunn who hail come up over nil th"
step. Iii lae ladder, nml he knew all of iii" details
of the business, from the lowest noslUon lo the high
est. lie applied him-eif intousiy to thc minutest
detalh mid not an dncleem connected with tli" road
nr a detail in its management canned his obeerva
11 i.e obs' nation .ind appUcation
my opinion, brought on his
was a tuan of COfTaft habits
Hon. li vms tlii. i
to business which,
untimely death. Hi
mid a magnificent chancier
Bernard Leavy *li. d ;it his home, N'o. ion Hewet
it., Brooklyn, B. i>.. last evening from pu, um mi...
Ho was fuiys. veli years old. Mr. Leavy was bom
in COWly Longford. Ireland. Ile was president of
the Rew-York and Brooklyn Brewing Company, nnd
wa* Btoj head of the Leavy a iiritr-m Brewing com?
pany, Brooklyn. Twelve peart sgo when gt. john's
* rphan Asylum was destroyed hy Dre. Mr. tierney, wb i
wa. president of tin- lane, aid AMOCtotlon, came lo
tin- front, raising *.?_:...><' tn a shun time. Ha waa
a member al the CUIboBe, 0 nsUtuliou and Otdam
binn dubs, ,,r kt, rat rb k's society, of ibe Friendly
eon, of Rew Vork, and nf tin- liaiiovet . lui,. l|,. ?,,s
the trossurer of the pether Burke fund during Um
I)"'nlnb nu's .Kit to Ibis c unity. He left two -Ul?
and two dauan ten,
lin* funeral will lake place hi Munday al theChunh
of the Transflguratton, (looper st and Mini-av... Thc
Rev. th,mas i'aafe will tmirtote. The IhkIv will bi
Interred in the famUy burial plot In linly Croii
Cemetery, I latbush. _
CUrtla Barrltt Raymond, an std retired merefctnt ol
Posion, died suddenly ut the Vlc.jria Hotel mi Thun
day even.ul*. Oa ibal afternoon Mr. Raymond snd
ins wire and daughter arrived in Rew-York, am) ihey
al once went to the Victoria. They wn.i ih. ir way
ii) Jacksonville, liu.. where they Intended le te
main for iev.nl monti-*. Mr. Rayamnd appeared to
be us weil ns iinni, ami lie .it- n rather bratty diann
In tho public dining-room. Alter dinner ii., walked
tis room with his war.- and daughter, nnd soon
afterward complained or hiving a aught pain uear
his luau, live .iiiiiiii.s toter, winn be was titting
mi :i tounge in thc room, his bead dropped urn on
hi, wit"', iioiiider mni be died Instantly. Mn. snd
mi s Raymond iboaghl al Hr*t that be had only
i'lui.'ti, bal when the iMttae-pfcyatatan was calle-, n,.
-aid that Mr. Raymond wis dead. Heart tottan tin?
do 'lot -aid, was tho cause.
Mr. Raymond wns aeveaty-sls vims etd, and was
waa it iiy. Tor ten yous be hail been a regular -tailor
nt ih" hotel, ile always visited som,, resort in the
south e.uii In the year, and returned lu May or
.lune. Tv body was taken '<* Boston yesterday, and
ttio luiriiii -..ni be at Ronni Aaburn Cemetery to-day.
It has hen lepertld that-the heil".* of (.cneral QBBBS,
In Bart slrvty.-ixth-st.. i.a* b"en pun hised by Henry O.
Haven ev. r. The property idjoin* Mr. Havenieyci V nt
Kirtli-svo. ind 4?lvty.sixth -t. It iras presented to oea
ersl BlMII by (ienrje RT. Childs and several others of his
fr.ends shortly b-.-foro his BBBBCiM troublui esme upon
An t'gly Cough, even when lt nppears deepsented.
can be alleviated. If not Immediately removed by
Dr. TA. .layne's Expectorant, a popular and lon_
ettahliihed remedy for Bronchial snd Asthmatic
Affections, nnd for fifty years an approved helper for
all Lung Complaint*.
' A.linn,-il "
C cir**"."s ne told br all flrit-clasi bouiei not dkta'.td lo
j iy a trust. "Admiral" ls the only strictly hi.ii grade
Barry's Trlrapheroiis
revive, lite prr!?luii|[ hsir. It ieiiew?. g!o??e?, pre-erve,
snd tt iiltipUci Hie Abie* atti clesnass tho scalp, yum*
At.i,r.\-.\t i.ro,r N.-eu, i,. i.. PMeuery Mth, is:':.
ii,o? T. Allen. IO Ul Till*, veal.
Funeral from thti.t (janna, MsoBassett, I.. I., on Tan.
dav. liiiiuarv VMli, ut J HO p. "'?
iiui. !,iit'i LOBB l-lii'ul Cit* ?t 1 P- BB,
Carriage* la wal.mg ai (.rent Keck
rivi I.IV - vt M ru drona Conn., P bruarv 20tli, Jordvi I,
Baller, i.mti ',7 rnrs.
Paaenl tann Ute residence ot Cherin naiiey. -Mus Brook.
c.iin, sunday, Mth Inst., ll .?' v ni.
New-Haven .min lesves onad central Depot at 7 :30 s. m.
II a i lcm lt. il. U:13 a. tn. Chti.se tar* at scull .Vin.
walk for 1.-UStiry, where conveyances will bc la vvjlUng.
ITCH?february -_ ISUS, st ms late residence, ta
payten Duwil. Hutu. Hatch. In thc dist year of his
BATTIN-The Rev Stephen H. Battin, rector emeritus el
Christ .lunch, leis,-. C tv, it hts ute lesideuce, on
TbeieBej. tiie SM inst.
Funeral nrviem at Christ Church, corner Arlington and
Claremont aves.. Josey Citv. ai 8 o'clock on Saturday
Relatives sud Mends respectfully Invited.
Interni.-iit al the , oiive,,e-in i- ul iii- family.
BROVVN-At Bloomneld. .V. J., on Friday, February 24,
18.3, Abram .1 Ilroivn, In lu- 51*1 year.
funeral mrvlcn *>ill h*' held at hi- lau* residence. 81
Dar ive., un Monday. _'7th ln*t , st . o'clock p. m.
Kp.-:,.I* of the (airily ai- klViSsB.
lir.oVViTI'.-Iianlei Marhv Brower, non ot Fiederlck Vf.
?ml Marv I). Brow cr, ni pneumonia, at _i 1\ o?l 58ia-st.
ReB. i ,,r run,ni benefmr.
CAMPBELL-OB sunday, Fehruirv l'.l. ISUS. St Eddy,
Rew-Meaiee, i:ii/si>ei?i Non om Messinore, wilo w
il,.'trtrt Campbell, of Brooklyn. R. V.
Ktin.-rai sorvii". Monday aftetneoe ?t . 30 p. m.. st the
suutii CeagregaUoMl Church, eenm court and Frest
dent st? , Brooklyn.
COM8TOCK?Mrs. <"o glen Kipp Comstock, wife of till
lat.- Dr. I). C. Comstock. ?r pu. umonia. Thursday. Feb
mary RM.
Funeral fi.,m h-r late residenee. No. OJ Lo.xlngton-ive., oa
Sunday morning, at io e's ock.
Interment private.
Iii M'Al.N-Fcbruarv '.'lid, 180_, ..corie 1'sulding, ma
cr the late Jothsm s. ami F.uphen.ia Foiintein.
Itelatives and Mends ir- respectfully Invited t.i sttend tbs
roners! serenes mi Saturday, '.'uti li.-t , at ll O'Clock
st No. FAA I'a-t Klth-st
Funeral service- will ba held at his late residence, on
Mundar, February SOth, at :. p. m.
Carriages will meet the 1:20 p, et. nam trom thc Grand
Central station.
Int. illicit |,iivat?'.
.lOM'.s-Al Wlltoa, Conn., February HA. 1803. aftir a
|?t| .md tulumi inn,-,-*. i.ii/ai?'tii Law, Beloved wife ol
Ahljali M. Jone*. In tit" Tilth var ol her uie.
Funeral terrine all] h.- heil at her late leilOttiee, on Mon.
dav. -Ttli Inst, nt ll a. BB.
K IT.'ll EN-O, Friday. Px towry Sith, ZH-a Xlt/en Kit-V
en, In the **l*t rear .,f k's iee.
Funeral services M'.ndav. the ;*7th, at ll o'rloek a. m., M
lm late imMmee. HS Weal J3d-*t.
i.i;.vi'.v-i)n Wednesday, t'ebiiiaiy SS. at his Isto real.
dence, DO Fnth-ave, ?r pneumonia. Aithur Leery.
Th.* funeral icrvlces sr; 11 t,.- held at st. Patrick's dihedral,
Flfth-ave, and BOth-eL. on Monday, ifbru'iy ?""th, at
io a. m.
It I* iiqiicstcd thal no lowe s h" sent.
Iiiiiaiunt iiuiusiiiii Bavins* Beak,
Iii -ii Emigrant Society, 51 ChsmheiS'St.,
Non.York. Feb. M, 1803.
At s ipsetsl meetiic cf the Heard or framen ot US
Emigrant industrial fessing! Bonk, and "f .li" members ot
tin- trish I.mil-ru nt Society, h ld thi- dav. the president
ot the brink Mr -Utica .McMahon, announced the eesth o?
Tiu-t.-.t Arthur Leary, irhlel.mired Wedaesday evening
ui this tity. ,
On motion the billon lin.- resolution* wen unanimously
adopted a- un expression or the feeling* ..f the Baan !
Rente*d, lhat the ii,"ii.i.e . ut tliN lloar.l have heard
with sincere Mi.ioiv ,,f the death of their c-tru-tee. Mr.
Arfluir Leary; engaged during hi* Uti* lu many active
business enterpriser, ? titian.Tor ?f ,reat MBMltp and
knosrlndge, hi* integrity wv. never <iue*tlone.1 : ne wss
evei nady to help the unfoKUBato aird the |Kior, sud his
kindly heart, thornugii pen ind iiiio.fentatlous charity
eiideoti'd him to all ?ii,, knew him.
A,.mably and hoc,rablv lie lilied the many positions
or tni-t ..ontld.-d t--> ulm. aad this Boin in thankfully
sckmiwiedglnK his many service, to the Hank amt to the
Society, -hall "ter niles sim sorrow hts genii! presence.
ta. Iful wav-, nnd wi'*- ? out'ieel.
Unsolved. That sul-miring with humility lo the wlU
of Hod. this Board faders to lils famllv _M assurance
ni th'-i- slncen srmpathl In their bereavement.
r.'-fiicd. ilia* tins minute h" catered npon tho records
nf th" Bink and ,,r the s?, |,tv, and a .our cu ly , n_ro?s*U
be - nt la hi- famllv. and thst. the n embers of this Board
attend f.gt.-th..r tl)'.' fuueri! . er-ui.aile..
JOHN n. KIF.LK.Y. Jr.,
LORD?On Thtitsday, rehruniv L.t.. lib-hard Lord, lu the
70th var of lils a_e.
Funeral services wlfi he he'd in st. Mark's CBuiUh, 10tk_
..t and "d-iiv", on Monday, ot ll a. m.
PALM EB vt Pooahheepsie, February J4th, 1803, Mon*.
?ornery sn if. Palmer, .on of Victoria M. and the late
HMM stvlft Palmer.
Funeral private.
pa uk i th-Du Friday, Fd,mirv ruth, mira H., beloved
s Ile ,,r Edwin vv. Parker.
Funeial Mrvten nt Z ..ii anti St. Timothy', l hur-.'h, West
.)7tii-?t., nu Monday, S?th. at ll o'clock.
BTRBRIRS?Ob Februaiv SSS, Ssrah E., wi/e ol barnuel
vv Stebbins.
Funeral on Seturdar, C">th last., at c p. m . from her late
resignen, ranier i ii" iv and stile, iu., Filliattttb. x. J.
Int.-m.'nt nt iii., convenience ..r Um family.
VAN /.ANDT-oit Prldar, UM Silk Inst., at her lan* res!.
dence, ll. Es*, i.'ith-t., Marv Coae, widow of thc late
Hobart Van z.uidt.
Notice "f run. i ii ii, n afr
Albany ms-r* ptoam lip.r.
Reaein Cemetery, ?') the Harlen I'.aiirad, .8 minutes
fi. in the i,rand Central Depot. New Depol at entrance,
uni''.* ld Eas. .T.'d-*t
Special Notices.
A.- Filth Aveline Arl .in Berle*,
No. 300 Firth Avenue.
Fr*>e Exhibition Day and Evening.
A Very Valuable Collection
belonging to
of DrooIUyn,
Including thoko examples by
rrrtoh, Monier,
li.VUlrTV, -1ITM.
To bo sold by suction
MB. H. P. AVERT, Jil, will peas In the maoagfr
mont of the Salo. _
ROBERT -.OMlil'.VlLLlr', Auctioneer.
ORTQIEg k CO.. Manacers.
.-1-?- ,i
Hangs _,- Co.,
.Viii sdi at ,,. i..n Mender sud Tuesday afternoons, SS
3 o'clock,
OF Till*. LITE
,,r Cuiumbiii i aBesi * aw s Ueet
A Well-Known I'h.ileutu eli (.iiliei v lin Sale.
On int; tu th,* eeermeua hms or bnsemm in my uy>
town esisbllshinent, 1 am OhJiVed to give my sole alteft
tii.n to lt I will tlu'iefore Mil nu Inion square t,ab
i-i v. Bustacn b-r fourteen ynii from eii.ooo |a *33.(K*0
a -rear, lt l* perferUy 'ttuipi-'d ior a laij:.. bu?.iie*s.
l'.M- mi t'-iu.s reasonable, riot KWOOD, 1,440 Broad
way, N. V.
ixubiuiied ittt't*.
ITvervthluu' pu. uj> lu **la~* und lc pt 'int.ll fsll. For
price* icf.-ieti. , *. v., iid.lr.- Mr. s.vKAll b. Mc
Kl.r.ATH. MA iie_r_,-*t.. Brooklyn, N. V.
The I..-mox I.lin hiv
ls open rm tn thc pubii. tia.i.v, eacept g-Mar, from
IU ii. iii. to 5 ?< m.
nu- ii-.in.i,l 1.. ML'AIM' Collection has been placed
00 evil!' Ul "ll
sweetal eahlbll ot Colt aibUi letters end tarty Americana.
ne cards ..f sdrntasioa an teqslwd.
I ne Hi-iuiii-icII'm ? ebin ii.eil t mmli iVrops.
Censldom ono ut tnt- bc*, reuieaica on ,-aitn r,.r all
throat troubles. Unume havo ".v. ii. u." on mea drop.
_,,ld every wle re.
I'.i-iollice No.ice. ~
(Should I"- fad doily by all Interested as changes may
oe ut at any Uaw.)
Letters tor toralca cooetrtea need boc be specially sd.
di, s*.it for dispatch by any particular .*i"juier, except
iviuii it i. d's.r-d to send dupllcatos ,r Lauktag and mm*
inet-iial documents, letters not suerlally addnsssd hoing
sent by the tastest vesa i- anllame.
Fenian mails ror the wnfc endtoe Pebrsarr^S will
i'.i.-- . |.c.,ii.iiilv lu all cSm-hi at this ..lli.e. a* tuSMy,:
sa ii iidaV?At S a. m. r.u Fison, s.iii/.na-sl. ttair,
S|_iln, Pertagel and lurk.-v. i?'r *. s. i.,, Reinenato, via
Iinv re ; at ll a. tu. fer I'.ali'a and Kn, Janeiro. |,er e. *.
Holbein (letter* f,.r I-h Flats countries, vis Ma Jeneln,
mu.t lie dirci'd "pei Holbein"' : at 0:30 a. m. (supple
mentary lt :io a. m., fur Eurone, per ?. *? Auratda,
via Qiieen-totvii (letters mus. i,e directed -i?'r ls mala" |j
at lo a. m. i-lipiih tn.lit.iry IJ m.I fer Runge, |S?r
s ? New.Yerk, % i.t houmanptou; at io.:!') n. m.
tar Nether! iuds dir-ed. per *. *. VV-rKcndim, vii Kilter
iiuiii ileitci- must be directed "per Wertendeno; at
ll a. m. b.r t uti,i?'ii". * liiapas. lu).i-i) and Yucatan, lier
S. s. Yuiat-n il-ll.r. I," lol... ian ul.,, mid l?v|mii
direct, and oth'i Mexican Statt?*. via Vira Cruz, must be
rllr.-cted "I'.-r Yucatan"): at ll ? m. (supii -mentary
ll ju u. in.i lui Fortune Island an: JsaMlcs, al-o Jacuiel
and aux Cam Hay.!, jht s. -. Atone; at ii a. m. <aup.
ulenientviy 12 m.) for Venesuela, lunien and h?vsniila,
vis Ctiracao. per s. * J'hlSat'-'iiM. (letters for other Co
,,Pr s. I. S. PliaaU, from New.Orhans: it 3 p. rn for Bluel
llelds. p?r s. s. Apn*s, from New-Orleans: at 8 30 tt. m
for ftt. l'leri-e-Miquelon. per stesmer from Hslifix.
M.IU for the SeelSty Islsi.d*. re* 'hlj. Oalllea trorrt
Stix Francisco . clOM hero dully up to Fcbrusry *2JnU
st 0 So p, M. Mella tut A*istral!s. New Z*alsnd*
llattallan. FIJI snd Samoan Islands, per s. ?. Monowai
(from San FrsncU--, close here dslfv up to Februarr
?-.'Stn at 0:80 p. m. (or on anlvsl st New-York of s. s
Etruria with Uritlsh malU tot Au-traliat. Mail* for Chln
?ax'A lo\nn per ?. s. Peru (from San Francisco), close, her*
daily up to February ?2Gth, at 0:30 p. m. Malls for
th* Hswsilaa Islsnds, p.r ?. ?. Au*tial,a (from Baa
Praattsmt, close here daily un to March ?9th. al S_B
p. m. MsiU for China *nd lupin via Vancouver (sm
ilallv sddres-ed oolri close st this ofll.-a dslly st trS0
rx. m. Malls for Newfoundland, by rM to Halifax, and
tl-.enco hv steamer, elem at flhls office ?allr at 8 HO p
Bl. Malls for Mlf|"eloii, bv rill to Boston ind thean
hv steamer, .io*, it this olhce dallv at S 30 p. m. Mills
for Cobs by rall to Tsii.|_. I is., sud thence by -teamir
'?allluc .Moulin y- Thiirsdnvs and Saturdlvsi, cli?e at
this .iftlre dsllv el 2 !!0 n rn Mads f?r MMe,,, overland.
unless s|s*ela!lv addressed for dlspal.-c. bv -teamer, viose
at thi. ,tt;c? d'i'ly at :l,00 a. m.
Traiis-Paclflc ira il. are forwarded to Sin Frsncls*o dslly
and .lie schedule ,,f rloslng j. arranged au flu- |iresump.
tl,,'i of their uninterrupted overland tran-lt to San Fran.
,i-eo. Malls from the Ea-.t ariivlim on time at Snn Fran
cl-,., on tin- i!ir of s:ii!ln? of sti-srix-l'i, sre dls|>at,'he4
Ul.ui ?> the -ann' dui.
?r.. ?,*(? Ld inan .loses nt. ii p. m. smetana d?y.
r.vtrn siip|,|<>m,.*itaiv mall, ate oivened on tho piers ot
tl.e F.nffllsli. Fieti.-h ant Oermaa stenneis af ihe nour of
closing if siii.nleu.entiry mail, nt th- 1'oetnfl.i-e. which
remsln ojtcn until within l. n minutos of tho hour of sailing
of steamer.
CO UV FLU'S VAN' COTT. PoslmMtor, .'
Postotflce. New-York. _t. Y.. ITctruary 17. 1S0S, /

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