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-Tlio full text nf tho Homo
?*,> bil
(gaden, Feb
ll -I'M. little tn our knowledge of i*- essen
land vital points, lt leavre Ul-ter unnoticed. It
i'nieD-* ri"ii*' "f lhoee anxieties laid upon tin- Irish
? ndTor'I ly the dee-idon lo Rino him, after three
i?r., !<*? aa igrarlan Parliament.
j}'it nwdifled anywhere fur the better Hie
.jnal account vvIihIi Mr. Gladstone nave *-f
fe MU, i' i** possibly "ii the veto, Faint, thnngh
., . ... lUitj i". lite* veto i- tu ho exercised hy
^Viceroy on advice of hi- In-li . abinet, aad the
-di Cabinet ?vil] hold ofliee at th* will of Ihe
4b Legisht'ire The veto i*r, therefore, f<>r all
?3p.ri.il P'i'P"-"*. "" vt-. ii;i'i-.. there ba nome
BTin' turee in the clause "auhioet, n *\ -rt l..-l.-r^?.
i> mr in-'r'i ?ti"!:- _iv*>n hy 1 l.-r Majesty in
-ciee! af anv snell hill."1 That i- worth examii
lt ls Interprets**- i" mean thal in urgent
USSt *** Cabinet, the real Cabinet, may advise
?to Crown i ' withhold ii* atHent to a 'till
lt ni*'- in-' ;| point cf cn.tit it,tin.1 In,**/, and
??adi; ;i qn*Btion ;>f practical polities No Eng
??-ji Mini**"".-" would venture to advise the Crown
te veto any acl whatsoever ol tl.,* Imperial Pa ri la
tent. The veto gurt ive* in theory only. Hie
' .: putt the ol it waa in thc reign ol ljucen Anne
lire re!r.r.''i_- lieiween the ( rown and the Houst-g
i,( ffcrkaaent have since undergone a profound
rhin.c The labinet, though unknown to iii"
?Mile Bo?h-*-i bi now lnr nn.-t purposes the
fStus. The i'i"'!: ieta only or. ilie advice ol
her Min!-!'1!'- Minister* hold ofBce at line
?Rotete et ParUa-nen. A M-t*. i>v the Crown
.Mill iv a veto itv Minister!*., a von, on a
BflUataM vvln -1, i-ii 'hr, anil undoubted . would,
tarn them ant the next day. It would be the
vt't'i nf fi vi .'nt :i|i"'i lu- muster.
Whet lier thea, same Ministers could use it bs
oothsl ss Irish I.'*.i-l.it ire i- a question not to
llan*-*vt'i'"i offhand. The lri-'a legislature Could
fal turn them out al Dublin. What i! could do
?In Mr lila I*''.-:.-'.- scheme would he to wi?
rrate, eight] ntl >ns, to Wcsfu.in*tei and turn
th?n (int there Seldom has an,. Ministry a ma*
?only in Parliament which a transfer ol ? -. I
vito .v.i'ii.I not n-nv-fi Into a minority, Mr.
-Ugtane'i - heme for the retention nt tho Iri-h
it Wcatainster :...r,.'s them "!, this, .,- "ii all
other vit.il questions, the master* of tlio House *.(
CmnjoDs If be provides a safeguard againat
Dublin vvith "H.- hand, lie t,r.:**.- it away vvith
the f.lher
It i* !]-.e same with the provision thal tlio
Viceroy or an English Seeretary ?-f State mav
lubmit any art nt tl:,- Iri-h Ltxlslature lo a
judicial committee ol tlio Privy Connell to de
?Jil whether it he beyond iii" powerg of iii*
IrL?h Legislature. The Vlreroj ninnnt do it
?jainst tl, ? advice *,f his Iri*h Cal Inet. An Eng
liih Soi*ret;ir\ "t State can only *)n it at tho
ru_ of seeing thegBWperial Ministry, "f which
lie k a Berni r. driver. Irom oflV*e. Turn which
*e_y yon will, tl)?* Dublin Parliament is left
practical'*, supreme. T!,o limitations upon it*
aathority aro yip0'' limitations. They might !??
operative, it thov were autoinatic : hut they I*'
*--fl,. in evr.n iH-^* upon ihe acl n) Minister* who
-Un nm> )ve. tl'-|tf*i>l on I?Wl vi,!.
Mr. Gladstane had a modet ready to hi_ hand
In rh* I'nite 1 Stat--. Constitution and the I'nit.'l
Stare*. Supreme Court. Tho process bj which a
kw ..anio, i-f'io tho Supreme Court is in Ihe
m. .en-p mit math and demo *ati**. Every
c'ifen vv*h(*-<- rights are affected hy any law may
in*sti',ii its constitutionality h. f*,r.- Ihe courts,
Ther*- i- do bucIi provialon and no - ion power
rn Mr. Gladstones j lune l>'''lo hill, aad the w.mt
?fit aukc* ni- limitations illusory an i hi. curr in
tees aawhrkable Illa Dublin Parliament la, ai :
ifitevr ii,mo- into being, will remain, indepond
ent. Tbe sole Beeurity ol Ihe Umpire ia the
(-.iiritv of force* and tho application nf force
?gould mean Ibe reeonqueat "i Ireland. It might
be thought simpler, ii mattera had not lone toa
far, ta repeal the atatute creating thia iml.
(?enlent I',rliam*'iit, should Ihe Iri-h nt 'vVe-t
minster, eighty strong, think li! to allow it r.,
he repealed It might be simple] still noi to
tale ir.
Tlie Welsh meeting, or threat of <t meeting,
las been crowned with -xxir<.~~. Th*- little knot
of resolute lanati'- prove I strong enough t" on
<r?e the Government and !<? compel Mr -ila<I
itone le poet po oe everything except Hie Home
Rule bil! to Web-h ilifH-tahliahmeot. The p*n*B
?ure put on the Mini-ttv was rift.,)mu- (-tituitii
to grve point and Ming lo Lord Randolph
Church111'| question, ' i>'> you call thin a (iov
erniu.nt'' Whom *i<> you |overn?" And -mc
the llou-o (ikea r,, have pojnr- pit clearly li
added; "One day tba Government i* at tho*
mercy ol T_<- Irish party, another day it i- at
the metes ol the Welali party, and on a third
mg, y.-t tu come, it will i"- at th*- mercy
Scotch party.'' Tlie Opposition cheered
__-gb_d, They i h.-.r.'.i again at hearing
'?la-lMono told thal Ix'xt, one try waa
vote-, vote*," and cheered moat
all when Lord Randolph Churchill an
1 m.
* Vote-,
*' all wnen boru Kanuoipn . nurcnin
fiouncod that the liovernmeot araa aumaged on
Pi'i-ciple-. leai (*.it.-.| tn the conduct ol tbe Star*
'han la a Whitechapel auction. They, and Um
Uladsi'adaog t'..., w.i.* rather Inclined to ir
-tatefui t*i th*-*- choleric gentlemen from the
-?innpality. Their attack on the Church had
iw>re. j/ir.i Rundolph ( hurchill rn the I louee In
w?_est farm. Tin- nervouhnee, whl? !? Iieael him
during his very powerful at:d damagiiig Home
?** -Peech had vanished Here he waa al Ihe
Mil Ma_i:). BWB. at Ml. (.Ia*i-t"ne on the
mst ride with all the loroo, pungency, and
*f?rkle of Bid
Tliat b n,;, ,,n i.(),,| Randolph (liurchill alwaya
^ a gift ol .h aw mr/ th* om Parliamentary
???"-fl lie thew him on Thursday night Ile
BR only mid.* a telling ami weight., ap.h ol
?*?>?_: he was th.- direct eau.f a telling
?Wetlty speech Irom Mr. Gb-dktOttt. I-""'
J*"M I huiei,in i,n<i cit,-.! paaaagc alter pas
_y Maa former spcecliefl i>.v Mr. Gladatone
Vj**0** a nat |M |1(,vv supported, aad defending
J lie now attacked Nothing makea th*
y**t iladiiit ,| .,, angri'i :*"<' be ia often, ora
./"'???>' *i*eakin?. al in- heal when rn- ia angry
f***< Hung Into adoptlaf l_ord Randolph*!
r*150"11* al kia p"iicy, and, turning roand lo ln
~h?ort,.rs I,-!,,!,,! him, he erird . " ^'??.-. I i<?" ^a.v
*A *root, rote, both for Welafa digratablishmenl
ZV"{ H"Tn"l:''1,:" "" ,",|,n"||'""i l-,,|',| k'""
*?*. leetur.sl him, it-liuk*-'! liiiii. -loinit**! ul
'io*, ami told bte that be waa tofally Ignorant
h.- faeta You will have noticed before nou
I vvlier. furtr. ure adduced nut r*'|ii:iriiiK will'
r <jla<-'*t_nc's policy, th*- ipeakct guilty ol lm**
>fCMimptiun runs the n.-k ol being told thal h*
"o**v^ -Mtblng about, tho matter, lt waa ;. Bne
-m**MtBus ahogaihu
So in a diiioie.n way ?_? Mr. Aaqnlth'a The
lom*. Seerotar.v hud ahaige of this bill and ev
_&_! 1! in hta ?*** '":jri:;": "" f';i!,kl-v
J^nis-d it as a lir-t -top toward Ibo dis..st.ibli-li
SE/i?" ('h"r^1 In Wah* What ir doea i? t
dimv f"':"i"11 "f tv**) ii.terorsts in btahafUi >.
tr.f ,'"1 lM'"",i(','?, "' WAoUt, mt tba. rightt
Th-, r-'' ,'0,"i>,'"*1,i,|" may not ix- loereaaad.
friend *h '" ,0 lH> ?,arv"(l <? cloatlt. cry o?
Chureh >1,C d"*'rv'* "? '"?"T fate, she is the
havet ?' * ,it,le mlnori,v. nnd tho majority
10 Pay. It us time tor tl_o Church ia Wal**8
" learn a lemon of poverty and humility, by which
the ( burel, ?f England aim may profit it some
"""*' dwtanl dato. Public opinion in Engl.
ie not Bupnoaed to he ripe for it,.* overthrow of
the ( burch of England. That bran,.], ol it which
nervadea nnd oppresses Waka ha- bad notice to
quit, th.- majority in th- Hoax- of Commons ho?
ing llfly-six.
Hill is an off wook in polities so far a- Home
Rule is -oneerned, but the -toady drift inward
ogialation for such rlaaaea <>( th" community ia
hiv*- thc mo-t rotes is mai kel. When Mr. Glad?
atone took up Home Rule as th,- only means ol
obtaining .a Parliamentary majority, h,. ^t an
example which be and hi- frienda, and eome wi,..
aro nut 1,1, friends, have ginee eagerly followed
Tho lai.nr vote ir. now lo he conciliated hy en?
larging rh.* liabilities of employ,-i.s. That is tho
plain English of Mr. Asquith's Employers' Lia?
bility bili, which abolishes tli.- common-law
doctrii.f common employment. A workingman
injured hy the careleasnera cf hi.- fellow-work?
man i- henceforth to make tho employer of both
pay t"i' tin- injury, if the workmen prefer t..
agree with th.ur employera and to contract them?
selves ..ut of Tin.-* statute, they aro no longer t*.
bo allow..,! tn. a paternal or grandmotherly
Government knows latter than they do what i
lies! for them, Grown mon tte not to be per?
mitted to make tln-ir own bargains Even _hlp
owners an- to h.- h.-hi responsible for aet- of their
officers "a th.- other -id.- nf th.- world.
Mr. Chamberlain, whose old Socialistic notions
reappear pretty often, would go further than Mr.
Asquith, and enact a general law giving com?
pensation inr all Injuries sustained by workmen
in tho lonrso oi their huslneaa, whether tin- em?
ployer i- in (ault or not. Iii. i- on,, form "f
that Industrial assurance on which Mr Cham?
berlain, himself one.* an employer, ha- set his
heart Another legislative expression of !he
gener.] political iniorest in tho wel
larc of tho workinirmuti with a
vote i.. Sir lllundel] Maples bill i" com?
pel railroads to provide eheg-p tram- for w rrk
men. Sir Blundell Maple, a Tory, i. a large em?
ployer, and hia bili has thi.- Incidental advantage,
that hi- workmen will not be able t" baae a
demand for higher wages on high.taren "i on
tho high rents in London which high fares to
tbe Country might Compel them to pay. Sir
RlundeM'g idea j>t vvhat th- railroad), ought tn
contribute tow arti tho expense* ,,f his furniture
factor) i- a return ti,*ket for twenty nni.*- lnr
it, cents. As. however, he opposes Home Rule,
i linnie Rule Ministry would go no further thin
to oprrr-e in principle to ch.-ap trains, ami refer
the subject _. a -el<-rt committee.
Tho London Radical his lu- turn also. He
nas long had his ive liv.-d mi thc (itv, which
he wishes to ab.-orb into tho London County
Council, l_--xd Mayor and all. This Government
i- going to gratify him hy apimmtin.; u com?
mission to see how it can Iv* done, an I how the
most ancient or th.- treat municipalities of tho
world may be mo-t comfortably swallowed by tbe
Thc olMion of min,! in which the -rood Glad
?t/uil. n ondod la-t wool- continues aud inoroaso. .
Ho is a believer in by-elections, especially when
they aro favorable to him and io hi- idolised chief.
They were favorable last week. Ihey ar-- favora
i.i-- again now. Jrue, Stockport cast a shadow
over thc undimmed brilliancy "f tho scene, but
Stockport i- forgotten in Cirencesu. and Gates?
head. " S-.- the effect ufa good Home Bute bil '
erl** th*' exultant Home Ruler; and we ar" In?
vited t" suppose thai ea* h of Ute I.*s00 who roted
for Mr. Lawson at Cirennester, an.) each of tho
..','," vi h., voted i"r Mr. Allan at Gateahea i, have
mastered the oonteats "f thnt remarkable measure,
and know by heart each on** ol Ita toity elauaee
and .-<? .*?!? .-< h- onie-.
If there lt.- un exeeplfdn, it >- Mr Allan him
telf. Mi. Allan told tl.leeton if tiateshead
that he had not read the bill f,,r which lie a*kol
th*-in tn give bini the power 1" vnto. It would
!n- "impertinent'1 i'i him to "dar.-' tn apeak of
tl'.' details ? f a ri..-.i-i:r?* which Mr. (ila.1st,nie an I
Mr. .lolm Motley approved, lt would I*- 'impu?
dent' to -'s.t hi'iisoit up against tho wisdom "f
:? grand and venerable statesman liko Mr illutl
stone." lb- owned that he could nut understand
th*- iull. 'Hu- i- the kind ot' man a ia.', electorate
Ilk.-- and elects, and the rerdii I nf sui h a i ? ?!
stituency mui?t he accepted us a verdict, an intel?
ligent and considered verdict, in favor "f Home
Rule. Mi. Allan i*-, in fit, a candidate aftei
Mr. Gladstone's own heart. Ho vviii " vi", v,,!o.
vnt.' exactly a- lie :- told. He i- an it.m.''
and what Mi. Gladstone prefers i.- a party "f
items. How much more convenient a past) "f
Allan- than a part, td Welsh Lloyd f."..r.'"s, who
dav.* vi.'ws ol | lie ir own, anl compel a greal
Minister, with hi- f* inl ben* on Iri-h Home Rule, to
turn a-ido Irom hi- darling pastimi ol breakii ?-:
.tn empire in piece:*, and devot. a moment to <l*
stroj iri_j, ?.- (hurt h.
Whatever he th.- political effect *.f th" Home
Rule lull, th- financial effect i- a fal! in Irish
lecuritie* Bank ol Ireland share* have fallen
17 and Guinnesg shares rr, ami Iri-h mort
gUge* ai*' beni- tailed in. If this i* lb*- **,.,u]t
.,i ihe Introduction "f the scheme, what would be
iii., probable influence ol ii- paaaag??
How the good Gladstoniac love* America, and
especially the American Republican, aud th.- Re?
publican President i.i ol all, th.- Gladstonian
organ ones more tolls us. "Anv thins inur" hope?
less," say- "The Daily News," "than the Ina
Idlity "I Mr. Hain-"!) t" grasp tl,*- situation i
noi tn h.- conceived.' The situation which Pna
dent Harrison is unable t" grasp i- the Bnanelal
om*. The 1 .ti-li-ii organ ot Irish Hom*' Rule
imbi- now- upon American finagler, as ir is en
titled r... President Harrison bolds different vi*-ws
as p.-lhap* I." I* *Mititl*"l to; but h.- ha.- tn paV
th,- penalty. H<- is berated almost a- severely
'. if h<- were an Englishman who opposed tbe
hreak-up ol the English Empire His Govern,
menl ha- sanctioned an', ndminiatered the Slier
mau Silver act. fries lb:- organ. " H.- i- iii th"
position of Non* Addling. IVihup- he doea not
care what becomes ol buainess when he has r*
tii.-.l tmin th- Whit" llonae. "
Tlie specific offence which has brought all this
abuse on Mi Harrison i* hi- refaaal in issue
Government bonds "Th" American people ought
*,, im proud of '?u'b a ruler," meera Ihe '_oo*l
and good-tempered Gladstonian, who head his
article, " President Harriaon'a Incapacity." ?NI|
Gladstone ought tn be equally pr..ml of his
Room, it appear-, is to bo found for Sir Wil?
frid Law-..n in the P.riti.s'i Portrait Gallery. I
d<> not r*-fer to th,- South Kennington collection,
which goes by Hie nani.* of National: ow of tbe
f,w institutions ol this country ovcopt tho debt
lnr which tho word national is thought good
enough, Sir- Wilfrid's portrait ha- been painted
by Mi. Cecil Burna aui presented by aundr. ad?
mirers to In- wife ihi.- friendly ad i- Intended
:,., ri recognition of Sir Wlifrid'a services io tho
cause of temperance H.- is the fanatic "i local
option. Some people -ny ilia! h.- is not a fanatic?
, word hera moat often pronounced with iii.- ac?
cent on th" wron;; gjrllab__?beeauae be eau make
;i joke; bm Hick- ar*- al! kinda ot fanatics Sn
Wilfrid is a fanatic on nmro aubjeeta than one. a
PodieaL ? poaot at any tttrt ?"""? ? Little Lng:
,.'m,| ?,.?i, ami a politician wh"*-e politic,, are
governed i>v aenttamnt. Tho House of Commona
likes him **-_??_*_ he amii,"* that au-ust body
Md discuss.', grave subjects ii) a trivial wes
It is his privlWe to turn imperialism into a j", t.
?nuI to make civic Heidem th*- aobjeet of -i vrsi
.,0,1 lampo-n. Such are th,* xixff* vvh.'h now
entitle an Enclishman to an Immortality in oil
d ir'inv _ lf.-u.I"*-i"*i _*" "' -'""' <,n,oa ,or >
k'imoc He ha* BURR *BERB0i Ucad -ince loo.. '
I" day be i* Preaid. nt ,.f |],. Senate, ai I Pr.*l
dent of tho Senate ki th.-ond place in tl e
political hierarchy ol th- Republi*. ii,- j* .ne
of ih,- r>. ? _iii/,,i advisor* ..i Prrshbrnl Carnot
He wmil,| have iu case ,,f -, proposed dissolution
Of the Chamber greater authority timi the Prini?
Minister. In case of u congress, he would pre.
sui.- ..vcr ir with command of th*- troop. \
President ol the Senate would, . M Ferry lie
romes Prraideni in rireumstaneeg which a 11 ...
to hi.- influence. Wc have been bearing fnr the
last two month.- that Opportunism is dead, and
th" greatest of the Opportunist* i- suddenly
chosen tn the greatest vacant post In France
H.- eompTetea th,- Opportunist quadrilateral. Op?
portunism .-t.uid- fair anl square to all tb., winds
that blow The President "I ti,.- Repuldie, th"
President ot the Council, th" Tum,hut ,,! tho
Chamber, ami now the President "i the Seual ?,
aro all Opportunists
The sot-rot history nf lu.- election has yet tu
bo written, but I imagine that it i> due tn some?
thing very different from tho*, cabal* and in?
trigue* which are too often th" weh nu which
French politic- ar.* woven. France wanted
strong man m reserve and rn reaiUn.iv* t,, a, t In
a 'ii-!-. Sh.- ha- him i" lnr new I'ri-d.lent "I
th*- Senate. M .lille. 1'cirv. wh.it.-v.-, ci." may
be said ni him. has ,> r public man tins c in
trolling merit -ho liclicvo. tli.it i (.,,'.,.riinvif
ouch! to _n,.|n When h" had th" (ham.', he
did govern, lb* did sometliin? more than "i
minister, which m -t eminent Frenchmen think
Iho same linn--. Ile did something moro thia
mu a department, "i even a miniMry. Ile im
pressed In- will upon France. Il" had idea*, and
be mad" them opel itlve A mere Pai li,men! irian
i- content with Parliamentary sitcer., lli
hroadeat vision doe* not extend beyond - cln*j hi*
Idea, if h.- happen t" have one, ex|!ri***?*<l rn a
statute. Wliethei tie Btatnte is to l? a dead
lotter *t a living force eoneema him not, M.
Ferry had more than ideas: hr had an id-al
Ile wanted tn r-.-.- a France free from kin.- abso?
lutely, and frc from priest* wielding a political
authority or controlling education. The forces ni
disorder ..t honx- were t" him a- much enemies "f
France a.- tho German* acm-*, the Rhine "i tli"
English across the (hann.-!. Il" iii a measure
sacrificed himself to thine three aim*. Il" er"
at.") three sets "i enemies I'l," Royalists, l ??
Clergy and tl?- Socialists had a common stand
point in their hatred <>f the man a " 1.1 I hallie I
all thr.-v lh- Radicals hateil him M ' le
menooati int.-l lum worst of all, alt>eil they
wera agreed on H." clerical question.
Irani-?? owes him rToaquin and owe* him Tunis,
and cannot forgive him her deb. I'?>" i .in i* a
c..-tly mistake, but M Ferry 'a" hu Uv he blamed
for refusing to helleve th it hi* muntrynie :i!
a- colonists "i f"r clutching a' an Indo-Chinese
empire or at the shadow .?! one ll . country?
men thought that th.-' pai I t o 'Icu. h th m
treaeuro ami in bb.od. for thia phantom - rer
eignty. Tunis is elicaix-r and 11. ? ? r * - useful, it ?x:\\
French colony Ih- useful, Prince Bismarck ur.-.-I
M FVrry lo take it, knowing that ibe *"iiure
would embroil Fran"- permanently with Italy, a*
it lin*. M. lorry was a tn,.I anl Tunis wa*
acquired by a trick of las ur M Rouslau's i ?
triving: bu. you cannot expect everyhodj t.. -??
thtough Prince Bismarck or t.ntend with him
successfully, an l if trick* w-cr,- to i?- d,-, ours .-? I,
what would become of polities and diploi i
ii. W S.
- ?
AMNESTY FOB l-OBTtrUt'ESE 1*<>I.II1' vi- '
Lisbon, )"'?. -'? I.- ',,r!'* !,i- approved lb* Hov
ernrmtit proposal Ut gran) l?? sll
prl-,,uer-. This _lli ll Ull ll ll ? '
InMirgents who were condemned to exlb ind lm| ?
m. it for h-ivtnr !>?*? ft ?- rt _- if-1 Iri t Ii. Op. 01 ..ariel*
of January sud Febrn iry. Ital.
?? ? .
Mils t.i. vi--I..Ni. ILL WITH A ' ' iLD
London, i> t>. __ -;i ul ul ? s ?
',, ||, l |..<1 rill l! ? *.te. , ., , .I'l.
ls laiprov lng i" ii.l*.
? ? ?
Otis wa, (int., i ??* - I ii (....? ? ?, I
-niven te, set lon In Ihe mstter ol tiaerlraii .t -
darli w.ll.' ? . ( - ? 11 * _-- -l i ? r ol * u_tom . ny xi si ni
prohibition hsi leen pla. t d on lt I t u i?_n I
lt I- laden r- a'll.v, but -ii!.., , l in Ur . urn
i omits.
v new! 'api n uta - . xv nu si i. iv cu ta
vi'l vi< BAT -1 Vi v i.i yi - I-OST.
laurel, ile] , Feh .?", I Spec in I. -Intel! ?
just received Irom Lanui-r Sound, lite
disputable oystering bul : the L'hmap.-ke,
la of a harrow ing nature. I he la-' me i* ha* lava
;i memorable one. loni hoata were wp-cked, ihe
Maggie Smith, I hm:,::. M?*hi?ick Benjamin Harrison
anil '..-'.i.e I burna*, ami live '?--!? I an-u. lia)")'.
Smith, Innj un,i Walker, Martin Vandyke, "I
riul.:'1.-Illina, ami Howard Clendanil and ? li.nl>
lian.m. r-l"',, 1.1 New-York, and tw.. unknown
dr?il -i - were drow mil.
This intelligence i- brought hy a newspsper
man who was one ol th.- wrecked, and who
reaelied h.-r*' in a pitiful condition aud i- being
cared for hy Colonel Kenney, ol "lin- Sussex
Countryman." Thi* mau has g National reputg
tn.n, and embarked on a dredger simply to ley
? .- foundation inr a stor* Ile will not ..Hov.
ii^* name to h. used owing t,, nu a. r--.
ni,iif with one of tin* New-Vork magazine**
lb- says be left N. Vork un Hie i Mb, and
Brent lo Philadelphia when, he aisned n contract,
ile- .-.nu" a* tlie Ignorant Imtnigranla usually
sign, which n-ad tbal be was lo lie paid tr I" a
trip. Ile then went t., Baltimore ami embarked
in company with live others. They wen*
;, it nu ;: Jill .111- DJ . !??: In,it'. 'Ihi., Were alloW.il
unly ivvn meals, such aa ihes were, daily, and
w.T" com pel lui to -h-'p on the bare ll m Ihej
worked rrom .'. In the morning till li al night.
I'l..- Tri hum*'* Informnnl Bay* thal be - ?"
learned that a trip meant ihe ai.ni- season, ami
iliat til" s: wi,iib w.i* pni.l as expense* was I"
I,- i|i"l icte I Irom rh*- Si" pan lor the trip
Fre-ju.ntl.v th.- eaptuiu, a lui.'al fellow nam* I
John I (nt Held, knocked thc men over Their clothing
Wa* ft"/>'ll t" tneli I.mil"-; mi" poor lelloW ll I.ll" I
French died the third day ""t fnun ihis ex
|. ..ii", and tim i,.\t m.hi another dredgci called
??Shorty" wa* missing Ile had und*>uht<-ll.
been kin-eked ?ve.ard aud drowned On W. i
nosda.v nigh, a terrible storm cam.- up, wrecking
tbs iii'.ii.
Tin newspaper man, with two com pan ions, then
o.-i'-a|)"l i???iii what wa* wons* tb.tn Siberia, ll*
r.iv* that lie h,t*l taken hut little stock rn wh.il
dredger* complained ol heretofore, but now, fr.
experience, be know- that it i- utterly iinnoaeihlc
to exaggerate the cai,Inion ni things ll- sayr
it is a frequent occurrei. tor men. after ihej
reach th*- Middle, t>. !'?? ahot down in trying lu
c., .ip.
1 I I' ii'.T OP v N v- ll VII. LE BBOKEfl TO '-'?'? IX >U v
ITREET r. vit.vvvv IOXPANY
Hi donall. F.i,. uv-*!, i, t ot Ballee Btaeh and
Detective Sedlehot.oai, "f NaahvBIc, Tenn., pol bb
tout i" fl bond swindle to-day and an. .nu Ibe forpn-r,
win. proved la i"- A. I. Landers, Jr., ? r H.- fl m il
A. I., lanni'is A Co., tli- larges. Arni *'I le..1.er?
in tiiai eily. Th.* eorporathM i" br caaglil bj thc
bondi val tb*- Mc* nv uk and Mooni Vernon mi-.!
Kiiiirorai I'OBipaaj. aad th. Ieee "i the am..nut of
tin -windi" wa- .--I' .(?!???. Under Uie alla- "I .' u.
vvbli*', l.niid*i-s Blade a contract v.itu tb" Henderson,
A.lier! B Krel'- UtbOgtapIl * ouiprii J ", lhal "i.t
lo Minke sUte.n -l.(Htt) benda "I ti,., -neel nfl
road company. Tbs llthograpblag company, believing
something to ba arrana shoot tbs Iran action, srrote
t,, Nashvglt and t..elv.-d au answer that no aicb
ardern bad i_-cii elven. Hie natter waa ut otter
tani"! over lo intel lUaeb. with the r"*'iit stated. v
few dav* apo th'-re apical". I lu -The Vii-'.vlil.
Vinorle.in " un aivertlseiwenl f"r Hu linn o! A. L.
I-iiid-rr- Ai ?'".. tl"' brokers, which steted timi the.
wained i" put' tia-" gio.ou I aoetb ot lnr. tirrel is iii u l
Louds. It wu* Lander's Mia t*. fl-ai tb- -i"ir.*
N.iids along with i'i" P-"d """? He ""ill theil
a-.-rt thnt lil- bolide w.rc e-mrt and .bl prove
where ho parrhased them. Ul- father I- Major A. L.
Lander*, one ?1 the b_*t baewa and W-altUcsi ni?-n nt
the t-outh.
IBI I I ir ,vt SWAMP) !) I\ Till: BUBB V\n Vt,I.
OB . iti vnrv'K
[l:V rt ! I.HUH Tn TIM. TBtBtXK.]
N'ew-Dedford. Feb. _5.-Word waa brough!
f" ,I|N ??>'?:? 'i..ni Cn tty hu nh ...-day that
?' bark had gone ashore mi Sow and Plga Reel
bi about ** o'clock ht*; eve:,,,,,.'. *,,?| w|,j]? Captain
''"-'?-?"?h. "I the l'"it_,i -.T.-.T..- Life-Saving
s ' ". thinks rhe name ol the bark i- tho
.\ mitta, others say she i- tho Sagua, Cuba for
ruston, simr-Iaden The win I wa- Mowing a
h.im. nt,, when the vessel wa. discovered on tho
i"'f. and the '.o, WM* running so high thar
lb'.' I ri; l states Life-Savtng crew deemed if
imprudent to venture ont to ihe hark to rescue
fl.r"*v A volunteer crew, it i- reported, ron
'? ' "i Timothy Akin. Jr., Frederick Akin,
I Lih 'Flit. n. Ku .- ?':.? liri rhtman, Hiram -i ick
u and Joseph 'lilt' n, Itowevrr, took the M *
saehusett* Humane Society, boat at Ciittyhimk
j ;,'"! Marted for fl i vessel, bm had not pm
| reeded Jar when the I mt was -wimped and all
except .1...cpi, Tilton w.'r*' drowned. Tin*, r
I port, however", i* gomewhal at variance with the
fallowing report ol Captain Rosworth, which ba*
'"?n sent tn Washington:
C'it,*''.i|,ii(' M?...
!" tin. rr.' Klip-riBl ni! nf I.if ??- ,-. in... Servl . Wilding
te. ti
I ' . . : i ttrsiid* I "ii Row anl rig* Bi ? ' about ft
li " ? '-'"'' In-t., h ? . t? f ., |, hi r i-f ni
linn f So_l*M ' nat i : t,, !,.?
1 "' bndi tonal. UO.-iWOl'TH.
1 ' " ?ret k iva* disco vere l by tlie -.. :i ,,t tbs
h-iifl." :- ;.:.-.'i -i Bl West Fud. Word was then
""" to t!,.- lift-saver*. \n ,,, f!l? ,||?wn,.,|
men, except Rrightma i, ar-- islanders, ami most
o! thom km ve fa mi lie.
> ittyhnnk is one ol the Rligaheth Manda, sep
Ruisard** liny from Vineyard Sound
I h.- steamer Volunteer, which arrived from the
i hind to-night, had mi board < aptain Bosworth.
The captain sahl that shout - o''inch last even
m: ?? Willi*-" F.isener, mhi of the light-keeper at
tb. wc-1 end ol the Island, rame running Into
tl..- bouse and told hi* rather lie saw the lights
? f a v...*..| ntl Sow iud Pig* Ileef, 'lin* report
? i- * on fi i'i" i. and it waa ascertained in a
-lmrf lime that a vessel had -truck Tho boat
belonging tn th" Massachusetts Humane Sncietj
?va. gol out, and a mlunteer frew ni siv men pul
..IT in her, ,;.*i'it ? the he t y awell sn I the wariin _s
,,r tli" captain ?.) the. Ilfr_*aving station, iii"
men were determined lo ie* ie the crew "I the
resael if it wa* possible tn do mi They had a
1 mg, hard an I perilous pull amid the angry
wave* which threatened every moment t.. .-r,
gulf them, but at last sueeeeiled in getting undei
the be of Ihe ve.-'! A rope wat thrown ti
the heat, I at ; isl .<?- lui Mn_ wa* ab.,ut to he
ctT'-cted :i ..reit vvvo rapaiaed tin* boat and in
ni instant the men were struggling in the Ice
cold wate* One man ,,f Ihe boat's --r-'W, Joseph
lil* ?'-.. caught a r"if thrown and was drawn
,,fi I.rd I ?? ???**??!, bul the "'ther. wet* 'll
drowned lliey were Captain Tim*?thv Aikln, ir,
l-niah H. Tilton, Hu "i Jackson, William Uria, it
?mm an*I 1 re-.li rick Aiken.
NE \V- YO RJ. '8 EU. Til V 5 TREE TS.
Ml l'I> -l.i -ll. THE ARTIST. AT WORK.
?lt. 'IIT ' MK ST!'.! !' i rf.! WIS',; I'l.
PA RT VI - '?. 'ii ll OO! I XOT WORK
i iwerlng rap
. ? ? Ills ap) i ' ii ml ?: -hip I* ''"
, ,'i m ;? k for let] . j rejc ted
i did not rare I i ' er, nu t
. ' ? ll- in,m.- ont* ? ri. 'el-.
t the om prov loni.-. Mudd SluMi i- thc
Wrlt-k.ll.W1 ? ? ? .1 Of I lr-. .'i.e - !
, I * '?:? ! during
? f. da. - hare db lied ram h . nmmetit. Ther
,,r, , ? . ? Mah, either, thal people hare l?"
? itt ;,:_,:.'. t io gel i' ? ? :!??? The .irti-t lound
.im ? v-r.*!. a r.? dayh ri--.. vti'M ;.t ??:
.ti. riv larking In e<.|..r ttinl devoid of Blfletl
Iii .1 ' imlian bclpen * rape ? " ??
h their palette knives, n',<! theil Mudd >In*!i
l? ,|., orate. II" gave '" Ihe tree, i ru h
With a 'x:\ band li- laid I ? rob, mt .?v
I lnche deep
vi ,? -, p,,.,.,. Upped on ll e fm ti ? olorlng ?*? I. r
di , and .!?.?-? vxin, temper* of i Bladder tint and
? ', In .i i.r ia n lilly. In bb work
* .j,-, .-I.,:*.??, snd Improvement Mudd Slush vm*
n iii- ... ,-t. i i,v the div offit ir,!-. Tlie rich ba* _
.i',,iii i up,,i ?,'??,i.-ti he laid lil color* as aol removed,
e.;* wai permitted f" cu!'iii.'i the pavement*, un
,:i i .|? ,| j hovel or broon .
i ? t-iup. i-.iiiii-.- of Ihe air i ..ni,l ct lune been
l.ctt.r Hilted iii Ibe purpose* >,f t ie nrti ai * rx. m.
li rda) "i" tu. rtnr\ *t'??i ai :;o degn-es, snd hefon
t ind eiitn!,e.l to IJ degrees. rowan! evening
ul trouMi ame urawtlakes tried t<> ipoll t!.ren
nf th" painter"* work, hut tb. rn lt coloring wa
i,,,t inned down ? single made ll wns with i latlsQcd
I ie : ftl-l looked .Ii.i.-ll upon I lilli ave. -mil
i ronda v ., lerday, imd at Ihe Junction of iii,.-.- two
Ih?r?nghfsrc- wi. "Mudd Htasb. fecit."
Tlie n, ti,ni ol the t liv Improvement Society laded
. memory, and bc r. tired to real feeling like
ll, , i,| iting I ? t'.'.'. i t"'!.r. willi vennllli.ii In-I'ad nf
I'l,.. riven. ' ?!? rn" freed from |ee V > -t.'i'dny.
.n.i I,-.*..: !-. nnii,,,! w>- practically unimpeded.
Il Mr. ITiihiT i ic,|.v :, wi! MiHsfled willi the
?ttrroM leaning D';? u-i:'en' si hi- te. ? nt laudatory
r h. pi, I,, I'nmml loner Bnmnan would lead i.pb
., ap|. the Ti inuit',v i ! I-f ought i" make a
::,.,.-,,:,?, p. r-.uni Inspection ol thc rondl.lon of the
?wn, and -?? ir he tl." - not lind cause t.> change lil
,,,., ,|. !* ?: nil , rilli r,l , ,? it,,.,|.| i? r?n . ,! I,, nd!) ll
. li. Ince !,-? Ur-' M ' f,,..t In Vin-ri, ... have
i . h.,:. ol Mea Vork l*?*cn mi itmrkliigty nu peak
.,!!?. nithy. I'.'.-r Ibe Ired, l*orderlng mi iii ? lily
H.ll i?;,i u. in ? ? of iu- Mayor di d mn I of
iii,, in*. ,.iii, i. I . m. roverrd with thick layer* of
ali,iv. loppy, del. latde Basilar *. i reminder t*
, i ifi-in j nd taxpayer lhal the men sho ronlml i h-1:
Miali Ipal again or ki :. aol onlj i i de. rm \. bul
., - . .nc
li,., i-f, | . . pr. ally, .'ii-*' inv! la Impai-IMe,
? r, ? i..'.e. wiiiild Hud ''"? ana. loni snd exi .prratlng
. .i.-i.--. i. pr v'-iIIIuh in a greni.i or !???* d.v'i'e.
. iii ftnoa in_* lhal hi* atti aiton bad
i, ,.|, . n||, a iu Hu ?? thing*., i" oplt wera a .kt lg ccu
,,.. ,. v terdav ? " I - lt po ii'i" Ibal vi,-, i rakel
,,,.,1,. i,, a,, nothing Io srouse the itreet-cleanlng
..mci.,i- (rt ur their !? UmfgJ "
Hie only i my whick iii- departmenl bad to oBer
.,,..i..ulm i.e- ii- [allure, in iptte t,i iu- immei e
.. ,,.,,, n ii rall, wa thc a ell wt rn lamentation
..,,,? (ki h "I ? ? sth int1, tbe t* mt "I damping
,,,v. . rh* weather could not ii < ** ? t.n better Inc
. rican -' ti,"-rina ii- i .-lenl iv. Imt Utile ettorl
? ., . nun!, |,i nilli/,- it. The mn, ii lalkcd-ol Ul.di
i-i,:,, I,,,. H. i vet eaiergi-d froai ihe Issi >n*i_--.tnrm,
lil,.|, ,.m. io have iini-.l ii heyulid reclamation.
U ii mm were revived yeni.-nlay lhal vic. t rnker
nd vi,..,,- ..iii* v were ,li.eu ?*.!'-? fi" neee.**lij "i ii
,,i ihe head ..r iii" (Hreei Cleaning Uepartment.
lt ls I.n..wu tli.it tliev imtli r-- 'll/*- thal MM.'Itorl Bl
11,Hi ,1 ir*'" mu t !?" ogle ri |,..li!l, .'I ll" ? UV willi
Tummanj Hall. A., ?>? li".' lu h rak-uUllon made
, ;...'i .? ,?'. i"i, i ile depurtmenl bax been clean
Iii tr. ,-t .it tin- int. nf I've <t -!\ Billen n dav, ,,r
ni the n. i_ii'"'t'l">"il .<: fort) Bee mlle, i week. vt
ii,'* role it i* estimated unit the rommlssinner "in
have iii. ico inib- o! -tr.-'* In the etty "clean-*"1
i>n ..r it. ni vi.-iv i. iir-.iii't'-d ic more iimw trill*, lr
ni- inie: ? nf v-iv Vork sr* *?'!*ii"i wini tala outlook
iti.-v cnn iinv little Idea ?: Hie temper of th
people. ^
Bia SNuWDb'Il'f- IN MAUTB.
gennebunk, .!?-.. Feb. -Jj.-Ther*' wu. un,,(Uer heavy
.miw-rriii h.-re yesterday. Tbe mada In thia region
nre Impassable, mid dr'fis nr" n- high a* twenty fee.
lu lome pla. _
BAILBOAD Kr.ltll.novrs IMPEDBD HY uk.
Detndt, K-b. 2_.?The railroad ferry hoi ti have never
In en ... im ;.??''..-,! bv lee aad m,o\v In r ros ling the river
M nt pr.-v.i!. tv ? i'l duii' | Um winier of l?s'j. (Jroat
mn*..-- of Ice and -novi fii.ten tn th,* Imtmnis nf the
hm:- boats, abkktag aarigatlan bIbmsi iinpc.*-,iiie. ii
.nu,-tillie, ink,., iron Uv- t,. t--ri nour- to:- h ferryboat
tu ero*-, from thc Canadian .-hore and dlicharge cargo
ai American -Up-. As a consequence the Orang
Trunk and Waba-ili railroad* nr.- sending tli- larger
parl of their freight through the Port lluroii tunnel.
Boston, Kel., -j:, i-peci.il,. Five nt th- Georges'gee!
mtnrned to tiloaeestei to-day and iii" men relate
tn!.-, of niiirvellnii. ..cup.*, during the rc. ni pile
01T th.- Banks. Tbe resseli iii- bmk or les* rrlpplcd
and their bulls, rigging nnd dodi, were s *,?'!<! uni*.
of let and -now. There I* naturally much anxiety
concerning ihe lafetj "f a!??* r?t ot the tl.-, t.
Topeka, Kan., Feb. 25.?Chief Justice Horton |
today oonsumed two boura In reading the x\^
codon of ihe Supremo Court In tbe Gunn habeas
c rpu- case. Hi* oonclualoaa were of the moat
emphatic character, and were to tbe effect thal
thc Republican Hons.* was the legally consti?
tuted House of Representatives ol the State, and
i v.as clothed with all tin- power "f a legislative
indy, lt could subpoena witnesses t" testify
(" ie committees, and punish those guilty of
contempt "i its order*-.
Associate Justice Johnson fully concurred, but
Associate Justice A1 b ii. the populist member ol
tin- licit, paid tliat lm radically dissented, ll"
held rhar the court lad no power rn question
th,- derision of tho Senate a- tn whi**h wa* th*'
legally constituted House. Tlie memliers of thc
Senate, I,.- said, were a- supreme in their sphere
aa th,, members of the cuirr. Th" Governor
,'.-?'. ir.' maintained, could not be i|uestioned by
the court in any of hi- official act*. In conclu?
sion ho dcchir.'d that tin- majority "f tin- i ii rt
had overstepped it.- line of duty as laid down by
thc Constitution.
The question at Issue, tiie Chlei .fi Mic,- de?
clared, waa wh. ther tim Douala*.- ll m." ni Rep?
resentative* had I'-.'al authorlt. t. arrest liunn.
ll then' wa- .m.- House only, th" duty ni the
? "un would b. ' -v ami plain, but it appeared
from th.- i"*|i,"tiv" journal* th-? there wei,- two
lliiu-.s claiming the ri_'ht t,, legislate. Ho flam
went brleflj mt,, tim way legislative bodies an
organized, and ei*rd McCray on elections to sh >w
thar rh- propel person* to organiie a House were
th'?- holding eertilicutea, and In support "f
McCray, read pan-atje* Irom Cushing's Mania!.
I'la* Supreme Court "f Nebraska, no longer igu
than January ii. ol this rear, had taken that
view of that ? u.allon. It. support of th.i- theory,
he declared, th,- scene* Int.-iv witnessed rn the
Kansas Capitol fully Instilled sueh ,, rule. In tho
main h.- s.t,d, it was undertaken to Ignore the
statutes in ma' Ing returns nf tho elections nf a
legislature, ami riot and Helen-*-" reeulted. It waa
urged, Mr. Horton -aid. lhal tl.irt could ti ,t
il t> rf'-ro in tho controversy between th*' rival
bodies, bm th" Supreme Court could nit pass by
a question because it was an unpleasant one. It
had tm Dmr-' rich! to decline tl.sen w of a
jurisdiction than ro as-uno a jurisdiction thu
waa mit given t" ii. Ir was claimed that tho
Douglass ib'u-o Waa destroyed when tl<? "sonvo
iTitl Governor organized the Dunsmore ll
If that wa? tho btw th" Governor ami sena.* two
years iga might have destroyed th-* Populist
House nu ! created a Repuhjhan House. And two
v?-;.r* hence, and no on through future history,
other legislative) bod lea nv.ht ix* overturned to
accomplish partisan ''ntl*, if tho D-niglass House
had voluntarily dissolved when rh.- Governor anti
Renate recognised th*- rival body, tho question "f
'!.? facto government would have I. .1 strong
(..fv in th.- case, I, it it ttid not dissolve, .md it
\%:ie* -till in existence.
hi th.ur-** of bis remarks, rho Chief Juatlca
incidentally Indorsed the opinion of Judge Hagen
m th" injunction case against Mat" Treasurer
lh.hil" handed dowrn last w-eek.
Leading Populists say tiley will accept th"
decision "( rh.mri until the next election when
they will uo before rh" public confident nf i.*in.
sustained m their course. Tin- present session
nf th** I."-i. limn expires by limitation March
-, when it is expected th** Governor will call
au "Vira Session.
Th.- Dunsmore House last night adjourned un?
til Monda*,*. 1* i- -aid tint yesterday a
p.,11 of tho Dunsmore lion-*" was made and
that rho majority voted rn ignore the <lc
rision nt th,- Supreme Court should it b.. in favor
nf tin- Douglass House, but rbi.-* majority waa
caused hy th-- ten " hut" members who un ler?
aland that surrender means rho les- nf their
-??at.. Th.- Republican* fully expect to welcome
nome of th.- Populist members, ami ir 1- believed
that all of rb** certificate membera will join th"
procession bv Monday.
I'l I.I.MAN CABS 1 I.I'M. Iit'WN AN I'.M li V \ tv -
MINT MANY l-l "I'l.1: IXJt'BF.D.
i?l,'an, X. V.. Feb '.'.". -Tlie I "ri** vestibule train
So, - was vvrc ked about one milt- east ,,! Vi.ii
dalin .it l"i:l2 p m., and ten persons were
serious!} Injured, though no one was killed. lb
train, in charge "I Conductor Thoma)* and En?
gineer Moore, wa- running at a speed ol about
thirty-eight miles an hour and wa- runndin. a curve
..a th" bank <>i tin- Alleghenj Kiv.-r. when tin
Pullman dining and sleeping car- jumped the
track mid were pi", ipifati"! down a twenty-foot
hank. Th" dining car Susquehanna and the
sleepers Sarah, 1 ervantea and Martello, with
th-ui human freight, went over the steep em?
bankment, and were badly demolished, lt i
remarkable that no one ws* killed in the wreck
The wreck was caused by the spreading "i the
rails The injuries sustained were mainly con?
tusion! and li.ictut.s. lr 1- thought all Ol tu?
rn;!,fd will recover.
H.,. injured are Allier! IJunn, New-York, fract?
ured ann; William (Hackett, cook on dining-car,
serious cul "ii hip and legs; I' K. Burden, Pater
.,,,,. v .!., contusions on head; T G, Cagner,
Jersey 1 tty, N -I. -"-it on head, shoulder dislo?
cated; F. A. Wheeler, Pullman oar conductor,
-,.il|i wounds and contusions on hip and knee;
I Howell, Sew-Vork, bad cut* "ii head and ap
parent internal Injuries: Henry Itoyer, Jersey
1 ny, -cru'ii- iii'irv "ii leg' 1 . W. Wilso;!, >ew
\..ik, mu iou- c"iit'isiiin- on '"? iv and legs; Mr*
Vhr.ii.. 1 hu au". >*rui**"d and tut on aim- aui
i?_,|; c. I. l.illiues Pullman conductor, bad
eui. on bead and bod. .
Conductor rhoma* wa* gllghtly injured, wini,*
many others Buffered from rho terribie -hock.
Famished renata arc i,-i -u-miccr- tn tia- bouse
SCO. 18" We.I rtveiity tii-l -t. hy .1. lilli*.cur .VI,ii,ll:.
w!io ha- a dressmaking rstaMtshflaeal tiiero. Das
room was le' a week ago t" a man aboal thirty-Are
years old, who wa- dressed respectably' The man
pnld tat tho rent of the room in advance, and no
question! were asked. His name wns mm known t >
tin. other n,, i.pru.i. ,,r ih, boase, Bad lie had nothing
t,, -nv lo 111.'in. Il- wa- .e. u lo CO t'> hi* l"OOW shoal
ii o'clock on Friday rii_r.it. yesterday afternoon a
.incii .a escaping gm at ibe door "f thc moat raaaed
ihe landlord to break int" th- room. The stranger
vi.-,-, de.id In bed. Apparently be had committed
.ult id-'. Bl the |.ras wns .inned mi full mid the crack*
,,f nie door had been piui,*,ed with portions of hi*
rlotbiog. Ha bad left nothing in writing tn tell what
lils trouble bsd boen. When the p.ilhv -parched his
p.'Kei* th.y .(.ubi lind only g_OU lu chang, and a
visiting ililli "ii -viih'ii wa- engmvsd the num. "Mr.
i. A. l/-liul,_.'li." below the miine was written In
pencil: "Ko, 6fl Mitnluittan st.. New-York ('tty." The
lindy wus Identified bil*- la-t nU'lit by John l.cfinba.h,
a d*-nler in p Huh. at No. .".!' .vrsuhittoti-st., a*, that of
hi_ brother, Phillip A. Leluibach.
?BEPOBT OF Tin; itxvncc
A nice-tin- nf tho corporators of the Newt
V>rl< Botanic (harden wis hold yesterday after
noiin ni tho rooms of the American (..oognph
i*al Society at Nb. 11 Went Twenty -ninth-st, and
from the i 11 t * ? r? - -1 shown by those attending lt
and hom the favorable report made hy the
linanee committee it ursa evident thal New
York is soon ta have ? botanic garden which
will equal any in the world. Sonic of the eor
poratora present were Cornellua Vanderbilt, Beth
How, ax-Chief Justice Charles P. Daly. Robert
Mailav, John S. Kear.edv, J. Pierpont Morgan,
Judge Addlaon Bream, Charlo;* Ballar, Profo-sor
Nathaniel L. Jtritton and S;:iiiuo1 Sloin. A large
number of lotter, were received from other enr
poratora and friends of tho Botanic Oardea ?*x
pressing interest in tho project ami promising
their .support to it. Conn-litis Vanderbilt pre
*i'i"d at Hm meeting and Prolcaaor Nathaniel
Ii. Britton was secretary. Tho magi important
business was th.- rt-ix.rt of th*- linauco e'Uiimittee,
which .showed that the $250,000 required by the
act "f the Legislature to hg raised by suh
scription before the .'"," aerea of lani in Bronx
Park could lie geoured and the $500,000 lo be
?ive:i by the city coull be obtained, was prao
tlcally in band. The following if tho report:
To tbe Corporators *>r th,* gaw-Vark Ilotin'.e *.ard**n.
Sirs: -in v.nr- previous mc-ting jonr flnanc* cr>m
inlitce I-i. i,.*! I t",i meei,, lier*, at arfcleh lt ha* elv*n eas*
'.I .rt ninn t., the mbjret of raislm* the amount of
money uocesior ?,. irrylag lats elect the psBvtaima of
ii, it nf n.rperst-Mi mid t.> rstsbtM* the gsidea upna
sn al. i|ii)t<- lurinuii! I.a*,*. )t i? th* opinion ot Oul
nuance committee ita. the mhb peevM d ls the sta
-..tl.,e of ita .i ?'. n.iiii'If. if-J '?0 ooo. |- not. liv any
tn. .ur.. luSieleat to ,-"|ti!|i and radow th- jnrden ind
mns"i,ni. and the roaunlMeB hi- let Ifn'lt to th* ta-k of
railing SOI I-v* thas bait a Hellion dollar* for th.'-f- pur*
|..*e.. witt. tat. ohpet ht vi ?. Mm committee has
i. -ii ..I it adv! **bli* to endeavor to ssrore th- lirg'*t
-ii -.tr.- ifl Brit, in I lt ha*. ItarchrQ, c'r-nlatd a Mb.
* ? i'.ii pap r with th* intention of sBtalSlBJ t>*n (.'itv
?,i'|,t,?ii. at ?'.'.'), OOU eei. ondit1)!!',! mun the ti hoi*
?.inn of $300,000 ni-i'le from Mhat the , itv i* to Rive)
I lng tl * '!. Hid ??* ar* pteav-d to rumrt tint seven
i,-i,)i'- have leen i'la-- I apoa thi- piper the loci) BflMaal
|,l il.d i.-lic- StT-V.OOO It l* Ita l,"lief or ihe .'on-.mtttco
tint thc three Other nam', tut ttXUOt sark will nn
-?.ni.d iii'.hin a ?h"rt tine tad tl.-ti lt i? SUI InVnf'oa
tc open a MltaerlpttW !.-: for .tun* or Slrt.OOO. and after
I ck. n mud i* r-n?."l hy thi. list we propo.o to 0|>-n
mott) r *'i!)--ii'.ti,,ii lilt r,.r wan of *:,,"00. Klnallv. wt
intend t-> him'" tci* IIsonmii *'ib?eriiitlfins from Ovv
I n'lie lt. I* th Jud IBU S. of the committee that this
rtll ?>? *t a.-. ,ni| 1 *!i tie rie-ind re-iil.. and tho
committee, therefor*, re omni-iel. the eoaUaaaaee of tho
tin, .1. I'I Kl tl'" NI' MOBO*!-.
Mr. Horgan- report was unanimously adopted
nnd in de general diacuaaioa lhal followed it waa
shown that net only the iianaln.lti af th** lirst
f;',i',i)0(i wauk) soon bo raised, hut also that many
people were willing to BUhacrihe fl0,000 each,
while a y.-r larger Bamber were ready ta put
ih*'ir names down on th*' 05,004 Buherrtption list.
Professor Britton exhibited B map of Bronx I'ark
nml tho several sites for the proposed IV)tario
'.arden Bren* discussed. Th** park contains 7.*)0
a. rc-, of beautifully diversified woodland, and it
remains with the corporaror- lo Ried the !.i0
ncr.-, which arc ro he sot asid.* for the exclusive
aaa "f the Botanic Garden. Tho geatral opinion
expressed seemed to be iu favor of aeieeticg land
on both sides of tho Bronx Uiver, so 'hat thia
picturesque stream would run tlirou*rh tho centra
of tho .ardon.
I'rof.ft- r Britton sail to a Tribune reporter:
" N'o city in til" world can boast of ga ah a beauti?
ful and desirable aile for a botaaic znrdon aa
New-York. Similar gardens in Parla. Berlta and
landon have great natural drawback:* such aa
fla. lan l, poor .-oil <,r lack of water scenery. The
-'il in lunn. Park combines alj rho varieties that
could be desired Here we have th<> rock, mod.
marsh, limestone and other kinds of aol!, hosj iee
the Rivi r Rr wx, which will *d,| immeasurably
to the bc mtv of the scenery in the gardes. All
this, you ni'i-f remember, is neut- the city, and eoa
\.-ni.-tit to th'- poor peopje, nnd this is another
advantage over tho botanic gardens in many
Furopean cities. The Bronx Birk, although now
rn little known to New-Yorkers, is destined to be>
uno of the most henntlf.il and popular of thc public,
ptrks in the world, li ls easily accessible from
all point* nf the city. The Southern Boulevard
-hirts it- western border; Bedlord Park Station
on the Harlem Railroad is at the entrance of tha
park, wini" the Suburban and many BUrface roads
run to it."
A ooniniiinication from tho New-York Colleare
nf I'harn.a *y was received ii which the professors
? ? ? college -.ne th*-ir hearty support to the
Botanic Garden, and offered many- valuablo suu
gee tiona.
>xif. i-M.ini itvti'i.v KILLS Dru two BIBTEBS
Atlanta, t.n.. Keb. a.- Tid- afternoon, n fewTiTTiTiTTeg
before i o'clmk. Miss Jalk Korie, thirty ? l_ht years
old, shot :.nd Ulled ii*-r tara listers?Florence, thirty
vern, old. and Minnie, t wen tv- ti ve yean old. Sho
Iii.-li wi I heil |,, ||m police *l.nlnn and Rave lier,ell
ul*, laying -lu- had committed a crime, and desired
protection. Tills wa- the dist knowledge ?f tba mur?
der, bs th*- Milln;; un- done wlien ibe wa- al "ne at
borne with lier two daters, Th. r.'iuill.,' I? ono nt
prominence, i r..- brothers cf the baal'y ure j. H.
rind A. W. roil", -line Ile'liul.it I urer*.
lt I- believed tlc vv.minti ls bMBBe. >he haa
been considered bvesponsible ai times sad baa fro.
ipi iiily threatened lo hill nembeta ,,f ber fnitiilv.
I'ndriv, vrhil" lier motlier Wa. nb*eut from tha
house, .li,, .eui the .erv.nu, mn on errands, th.-a
going lo the rimal wh. re ber lister Flames *v.is
-Iel; III bed, .h" pines! n pl,ml lo lier ri. lit teinplo
and \!n>t ber d.-iitt. I lien going to tlie kttcbem
vi h,?!??? h.-r oilier lister Wbb, -lie shot lier In trio
-niue nann.-r, sud calmly locked Ita door snd areal to
u.e poll," -.talion ii, d'-* lilied. Thc bodies ,,f tho
vvnin,ai wei-,- fniind by i brother, to arkom -lie had
.,ii n message lo tbe effect that har sister Ftoreaos
v.n, worse.
A r,,in:i!i'|c Kory I* thnt told ty .lo-epMne Kl Kala,
a yinink: I'l.ll,li woman, wbo la now in tba charge of
the l.'atbOllC St.t-TI Bl the I'uiintlllllg A-.ylu.ll. Ill K.lll
r-l.\ty cightil-st. .-h" iil.itndoned her Hebrew fait ii and
joined the Bonum .'hIIh'Iic Cliurcii .1 year ag M Hgv
In Pt,land, lier parents, viho were ,,rt',odo.\ Delirevvi,
vt, rc *o -Ispteaat-d by ber change of faith tbat, .-Iib
-nv*, iiiev ceased h.-r to be taken away ri m h>-r hus
lind, and. after ii brief Iniprl-oiiiii.-nt. to be teat to
Ulla COBBI ry under cuuid. She waa lound wandering
In the .ir,-,:- a tam day-, am. earning ber ililld lo
ii,r arms. Ta a PnlUh ***inkmary she t?-l.i ker *tory.
and tiirt)ii|.*ii iiim tar ease was broagfct to tke aiten
iioii ,,r Ueneral O'Belraa, a.-i.i.iui OBmaatsBlaaer o
Immlpatloa, at Bili i*l_nd. Tke ease )- now t-eia^
Investigated bj detectlvsa In tke employ of tbe tia
itali nidi! of liuiiilKi'utloii.
Mn. Killala uuae la Wis eaaatry a law week- ag.
ia tke -ieci:i','e ot an lniniiKraiil steaaMr. she ls e.
native ot a lillie Village near VV'nr-jtw. |-,,r jatbe;.
was >iiim*>_.' F?h rama, a westtky mid k-fcaaatag
iiebievv. Thc voung girl met the Barone-,s Martlir
Krasfctaa attout thrc- vent-- ni-ii,, mid by bag wi* la
(lucetl to -'.ve up latfakHB for Christl.tmty. ,\ ;,*_.
ago the vonni; woman tnairleti Joseph Klttala, a Iib-nC
ot t.i" n.ir?ii' -s. mid went i? nv.. |(1 uiP village o:
Mara We:*. Last A-gUSt, willie her iinsbnnd via
away, ike mya, her fattar and .-onie ?f her relaUves
caine to the h".is<- uud attei upbraiding her Ior aban
tinning Ita .ewtsb ,.uth, they made her a prisoner
>ho waa sent to Hil-. eoaatrr. she says!
in ebaifs of a aiSa i.n urn a- Monk- /elko'
li.r l-liiive.. aeeordlns t? h,.r story, gar*
b.-i* gi ard ISO rubi,-, with In-trueilnn. 1.-. piare tha
voting woman under the Influence of people nf Jew lib
iK'H.-f, .-o that she inlg!it Uv brntight b;i. U to tha
lalili or her father*, lb-r guard kept such -trlct watck
over her that it waa not salli a week ago that
sta wa* able I" -end a letter to her hu-band. Young
Tlkalt had mutinied bia wife aa dead. Me wroto
to her that he would DOaM to this country In searcg
of lier as soon aa he could get the money.
The young woman will he detained by the Ima il cro?
ll,"! ,,!hin!.. until her huaboul caa come to take aaa
back to her hom*.

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