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Ex Mayor Gilbert E. Collins, Of .lersey (Hy, said
yesterday that he won ld appeal ....tn UM derision Ol
Cha-icei'or McOIH BgBlaat the aHeged OeergB I'. Oerdon
will, offered for pr. .bute by Henry C. Adams, Ol Wood?
bridge Mr. collin-. ssM be believed tl.e will nus
genuine. Adams -xx,,re that be saw (hi.- dratting Ol
the will snd witnessed ll tlgned In 1868. Olianwiior
MeOUl's deeltl rn advim.-es th- theory that Adsrni f r.?i
tbe uni of ueorge P. Horton whit- ts tied of probate
Bi Brooklyn becaose ol technical Irregularity.
Tlie examination or Prindpai William E. Elston. ?,f
Sci,.--ii No. o. in Hoboken, oa charges ol cruelty end
cres, misbehavior ti pupils, xvii, held behind closed
doors, Friday evening, arid tir.Hl .*iii early l-our yes
terd-iv ni'.niii:-. iviii' ii*.i EUaton waa defended by
.X'.iii'ig- A!>"i I. Bnilth, The heanni iva.* adjourned
undi Monduv sfternoon, when Judge bmlth aili sum
up i.ir Elston, in !?'"? evening trie committee will
report to the Hoard af Rdnestlon.
The Ncw.irlt nt.'! CStlaet *? GasUght companies hiv.
lt ts Riu'ed. rons,,ii,in".-,t tti-ir Interaata, u',.i wUl
hereaftor be controlled bv a single heart of dtrectOTt.
The twa eompanlea, yean afih divid-d Om terrWery
In Ne-wiirU between them mid baie atman -Ince 0***
set.-d Independently. Tlie Newark l< ths older and
Wealthier Company, Ita .stock noiv being ofT-red tor
tale In tbe market.
?rue gapreme OOnrl "f New Jersey on inn.iv set
MHe ti* iliecai an ordinance passei by the Roart of
Aldermen ,,f Rew-Rrunawleh In June, HRH. 'Hie
oi-dliiHnee prohibited the holding ol any pnhhc eThibi
Uon within the <uv. to walch admlsMon thonM ba
eaartad, within 400 feet "f b dweRIng, nnlett me
consent af the retldenti wat -tat oblBlned. The
passage of the ordinance was Bern lo the removal of
the Rutgers College Athletic AaaortaltO- lo the grounds
given t , it t,v Jamea Neilson, City Treaaurei ol Raw.
Bruns.! iel;. Thc granada iver- ?i laid out thal oppor?
tunity wus elven for Witnessing the athletic contests
from unobserved pO-tttonfl behind hedges snd fences
on adjoining properties, and luanv hoyt availed tliem
sclvi* of Hie opportunities. The people objected,
snd Bl all exhibitions the collet*- authorities ptoilded
police protection for the properties. Tlie Rna rd ol
Aldermen, however, Interested themselves in the
matter, i,nd pissed the ordinance. Mayor Yan Cleef
vet,>oil lt. hut the board pasted it over Ins veto, rue
college tnthorlttes dui not believe that the orrilnam *
could Ma nd, und violated lt lu order to invite a lest
ca*-. There u.,* i " attempt to enforce the ordinance,
and th- aasoclalloB linell carried the matter to the
Pupr-nie Coart, asking thut it be tel Bride ns Illegal.
The Miprenn* Court declared lt Illegal and null.
Canrlea E. Hampton, a hatter, xens arrested In
Orange ygnttrtay hg Depnty-Sberlfl .tames Call, of
RechJaad County, N. Y., and liss been takea to the
Rockland County Jail. Hamps.,n t* charged with
bigamy. in 1--73, lt is allefei, Hampton, then
Rlaeteea years old, married Acne* Halley, in Orange.
Eor four veers they lived together, nnid then il.e
iiusbatid disappeared. lt. ]--?? Hampson married
Mary MuckiIn, of Rockland County, N. V. In 1877
he "w-nt to Rainmore, and there married Emma
A sensation was ceased In Rutherford yesterday
by a personal encounter b*twe< n Mayer .!>i-,eph 1*.
Cooper and Jacob Robrbnch. forcninn for a local
Iiuil<ler. The Mayor had refused peratltMoa to open
a street and make connection, for a water supply
for some new houses. Rohlhach criticised the
Mayor, who made a reply, io which Robrbnch ob?
jected. The Mayor repealed the remark, and Rohr
bach struck him in th- month. William T. Cooper,
the Mayor's son, then attacked Rohrbach. who
quickly threw 1,1m down ntid held him. The
Mayor tried tn release his son. Finally Rohrbach
released bli held and went away. No acre.ts have
been made.
The township committee of Bolling Springs last
hight -appointed Ed wind A. .Tennneret. a weU-known
Republican, collector ol Rolling Springs, t<> tuccevd
Jacob ll. Vreeland, a Democrat, ix ho resigned.
John Nachant. who tried to kill bis friend. George
B. Brekaw. snd then himself, was yesterday sen?
tenced to Uirce years In r-titi,- Prison.
COLD sprinc- siipei-Hiteiideut Mather, of the
Cold Spring Fish Hall lory, ls placing tom-cod fry
tn Hie waters of the adjacent Long Island har?
bors and bars. At Nertbport there will be placed
tOO.000; st Jamesport, 1.ion.ono: nt Babylon, Too,
Olio; nt dister Ray, 5*50,000, a::'l at Cold *--pi11-*;
Harbor. 1.000,000.
MIN'F/'I.A.?The question of an experiment s"a?i'iti
tor Long Island uti* recently di*. u*-..(l at tl.-'
Fanner's Institute, .*.! Mitieola. and resolutions srere
adopted favoring the measure. A rommlttee was
tppoliited to walt on the Legislature, In conjunction
witii the ugrlcultur.il s.-i-tie.. of Queens and Suffolk
counties, c. tbs end 'hat a sate apffropriatton be
mada lot nek a station.
LI.VDE.ViUT.ST.-.\iig.i-;t Illrsb thirty-eight vars
old, anmarried, wat l<lll-d yeaterday morning bx* mi
express train un the Long Island Railroad. Ji?
had been employed as a section band on the road
for the last twenty yeela.
LOX". ISLAND (TTY.-The condition of tl.e tvphu,
aaUenti In de mu..us County Jail st J.ung Island < Hy
I* um hanged. Carpenters, under Ihe supervision ol
Sherill Norton ami Supervisors Van Nostrand anil Den
tun, yeaterday morning began 'ne erection of thr<*t.
nestbousea In tho iMrd of the Juli. The building- alli
be ready for us- on Tuesday. I bey will he pavilion-*,
SO l.v to feet, one foi sn?p--cted cuses. one f..r genuine
eases ol typhus, and the third for convalescents. There
L* a rumor that the (itv board wlTl order tn- closing
of the present City Hall, for tht reason that th- build
lng ls too close to the infected fsall, gapervtsurs Van
Nostrand snd Denton, comprising th* ('nmmlttee on
Court Ilouss and Jell, at u meeting yetterdai ilerided
la et: ss ge the tervlces ol Dr Mewsrl permanently at
tho Jail while the fever ls there.
FLATBI sii.-Hy the advice ol his phvslclan. the
Rev. Dr. Cornelius I.. Wells, pastor of th- old Du tr; fi
Reformed ('burch. In Flatbush-ave., "-tarted xesterday
for dbl Point Comfort. Hi* pulpit will bc supplied bj
the Kev. John Van Pelt, of Nsw York.
NEW BKHiHTO.V.-Charles Broun, a Norwegian
Bailor on the schooner M. K. Rawley, was drowned
in ina tiav off btylcton yesterday afternoon. Brown
was sm?ling hlmsell by *iidi!,-' doom the stays, when
he lo-t his hold und fell into Ihe water. ile was
apparently Injured, and sung Ju-t as a beat which
fame to the rescue reached Mm.
MOUNT VERSOS.-J. BdWlB Hali, manng-r of the
Hendricks Fifth Avenue Opera. Haatae, al Mount
.Vernon, disappeared with Um receipts of the advance
sule af tick-is for a lecture din-rnl by Colonel
Robert G. Ingersoll Friday evening. Mr. Hendricks
snid yesterday Brrtrr.ing that bs could nol '-li
the aasoont "f Hall', ? mbcazlement until he hui
consulted wllh the treasurer. Mr. Hand richs ul*.,
said that Hall hud taken Ibo date book . Ufa him,
and that be dee, ti"' know ul,ut dales bad been
filled. Hull I* believed to i" in New-York ?itv.
ililli K pj.xi.ns Judge Di killin yesterday dis
soli.,i ti.- injunction against th- Yonkers h,1111*1 ?>!
Health recenuv obtalnea bt the Hodgmsn Rubber
Company, ar Tucka ho*, io prever.! the board from
tearing down r':o company's dntn. The board con?
temned tin- dan, as unhealthy, and will nun- tear lt
Lockport. If. Y.. i'-L.. 98 (Special).- The Nings?
County ruin,-is" Club li-Id a large nnd animated
meeting hera to-day. A resolution strongly condemn?
ing the Persona] RegUtratloa Mil of Assemblyman
Elton T. Hun*..m ?:i* passed and a copy of the saint
ordered tent to th- >-> lintot- from th!* district.
Chicago, Feb _'.',.-, tm-, pies Lino Adult, alias
Mueller, a culara of Vienna, Austria, was arr**te_
lb th- BeetotRce building at 1 O'eioeh this afternoon
by 1 tilted stut.-s Marshal HRchceoh on a charge of
having forged hills of exehanfB amounting to (Kid.OO
on Hie Hesteriseh Dngarielcht Bunk af Vienna. Adult
has been in thi*; country Mnce Ibe beginning el
the y...,i and I* enable to speak ihe English lan
fuage. Th.- foi gene* w.re committed In December.
Hos'on, Feb. ?_.-, (special).-??Til" Journal" says
that uie Mugwump, 0f heaton do not want Patrick
Maguire to ilstfttate ft:.-ir unit for them for the
?esl four years, and ther do not Intend that he
shall. There was u great deal of anger among
them w-v-i th0 candidacy of Mr. Maguire wi,* un
nounced some time BRO and IRef have not h4*1 tut cd
lo -ay Just what Uley think stmiii (t SBMing them?
selves. Tiiey have in-ivr terionsly IhBBghl ka wai
a possibility with Mr. develin.d st the lielni. Hut
they have offered some suggestions t0 the, President?
elect which -all! have un i-ff.et. no doubt, upon the
teloction of the BOOtmaMer to succeed Mr. Hart.
The selection of some such a man as Colonel Chanted
R. (iidmnii would plea>e the Raatoa brtependenM
perfectly. There ls a division even umong the
"short hairs" over the candidacy of Mr. Maguire.
The opposition to bim in his own party ls largely
among the Cunnltf element, aiiich bo overthrew,
and among th* men who have been opposed by* tl.e
machine. The feeling against Maguire luis grown
especially strong since John K. FlttgersM attackrt
hlm so boldly and vehementlj at Ihe mort!bli din
ncr of the .oung Men's Democratic Club ThursdaV
a Recorder Sn. fib's Travesty on Justice" wlH I b the
subject ol the prelude to the Rev. Madison (' Peters's
sermon thi* ??vening at ihe Rloomlngdale Reformed
Chinch. lioulevnrd and Sixty eighth st
The anneal meeting of the Corinthian Yacht Club
vin be h.id at th- Hoi.i ii- i.-.i.'. rot on ti,'- evening
of Mutch 7. The following are the nomination* for
ti,,- prliulp.il -flees: August Belmont, admiral;
M. Roos-veit Sehayler, fl?"t captain; G. a. Corxack,
?secretary ; .lohn Hyalop, treasurer,
Judg- ri'7.ersld In Geham! r-rs-inn* yesterday
,lgri"il an arter referring to th- (.rand Jury nenin tba
charge of forgery against Lionel .1. Noah Which lt dis?
missed on Friday. Noah ls u lawyer, atm sa- ?""
rested In th- trial of W. H. Huyes for admitting that
he certified to Mrs. Hayes's acknowledgment of a
signature which lie had not personally obtained.
One hundred and twenty city licenses were lR*u*d
!??it week by Mayor's Marshal Enp-lharrl. ills I"-*.
amounted to Si.-'.n 2*1.
On Mondays r.nd Thursday*, from 2 to 6 ff m.,
music will he furnished by XVIegutid's orrheg'ra ut thc
lana eshiMtlen now being held in the building of Ihe
American rino Arts Society, No. St- wei Fifty
seventh st.
The f.il'l* road In Or.e hundr?d nnd-tiiei,tvflfth st.
has been getting out of order with provoking frequency
In the hist few weeks, and like th- accidents to the
Brooklyn Bridge cable, they occur at mos) Inronvenleni
times. Yesterday afternoon, when many women weie
ont shopping or on other business, Ihe cable slipped
.?IT the carrying wheel* on the north truck between
seventh and Eighth ave,., and In u short Hine twenty
or twenty-five mrs w.-re stalled near that point, lt
was half an hour before the cars were again In running
? -,
(sn r.i toga, N. Y.. Feb. t*">.--The programme of to din's
meeting of ihe Young Hen's Chrlatlan Asaociatloii wai
bAgnn nt ii :'M this morning In Hi- pre*."i.e ..f B large
number of delegates. Th- sermon began wHh devo?
tional exercises conducted by Dr. O. .shelton, of New
York. Several delegates offered prayer for th>* different
depsrtment.s and work* of tho aasoctatlon. Th- pre-I
dent rend a telegram fenn the si;ttc As..,, tallon of South
Carolina, sending greeting*.
The tir*t addrest waa nada t>v ft. ll Mee, chiirman of
the Harlem Branch, New-York, -n -The Contribution of
the As?oeia!lon to the Dex-elopni-nt of Physical Cul
tare." Delegate lyortb.of Coffenhagen, Denmark, made
h few reinai k* .-n gymnasiums In hi* country. Next
.nine un Illustration of Mr. "Sage's ad.Ire * bv clots PI
-.rises under the dlr-' tl Bl of Pl yalca! Wrector Dlckln
s n, of Albany. The cla-s h-ul never worked legelber
iief-re. bat Hie movements were gone thn ugh with al?
most faultless]!'.
The report of the set- Riecnllve Committee, read
by Rober! L. Densley, ?t tbe Redford Brunch. Rronk
lyn, recommended thal th- convenUon appropriate ?ti*-,
fiisi f..r itate work during the coming year and Ike
continued prosecution bv thc eie-rutlve committee "f
work along the present successful lines. In les, than
ten minutes subscriptions ot over ffO.UOO were pledged
by :.--o,i:.ti"'is nnd Individuals.
The evening session m.* callrt t, order ni 7 :TiO
o'clock. The copdltlon of lin- rnllroad branches wa,
the topic dl-u-recl l.v George x. Warlsirtou. ..f New
York. Addresses wei- ni*,, made by /? H. Ttislcher,
of Buffalo, and others. !.. D. Wishart, secretarv ol the
International Oommlllee, delivered ?i addr-*. on "Th*
Young Men "f Foreign Lands." Th- convention win
? los.- ?! !< p. m. tomorrow. Sunday's meeting win lie
devoted io evangelist'' di*, auton.
Mew 0 leena, Peb. 25.?Tht fellowing game wa* played
ut tl.e Rew-Orieaaa Cheaa, Cheel.er ?r,'i Whist club limul,
taneeui v with gfleea others, by ii- I,.*-ter. Total wart:
Laskei 15, drawn 1.
White, T,_?li(-r. r ? I Labatt.
l-l'- Q 4 l-l'-Q 4
2-p-q nt I* k :i
3 -Kt -k na I i' ijKi:i
4?Rt -lt 3 4 Ki ll ll 3
6 I' K t 1 r. It - Kt 2
a- k- ii *.| _. ii -k :
7-P-K 3 ? QKt-112
fi -ll-u 3 s-i list;-*
'.?- C.?t].* :.- I* it i
10-H 1' X P (' K 1' \ 1'
h-k;-k ' ii it k ?i
I? K'-Kt .1 IS I' K i: I
m ii-lt ?; il n K R *e
IC Kt K -. ll Kt X Ixt
IS ll x Kt IS -Kt?O J
1?*-Q K ?'. 1" y Kt I
1T-Q x (' IT P x Q
lg 15 Kt .', ls Rx JJ
19 P x lt lp Rt x 1'
80?P-R 4 iv p \ I
21-P x 1' Bl Kt Kt B
..-Kt-B IX ..-!' -ll '.
?ra?P-K R 8 28- B-H I eh
24 ?K?K M 24 Kt, tl V ch
8S-K-R -* 25- Kt y i;
?iti-Q R?Rt sq v.i IVU 3
?_7-ll-K 4 1
Lasher offnvd n dmw, whir., Rtack sccepled.
The railroads have had a hard time since the great
storm ?f February i'i supplying the city wllh mill:.
Almost nil the little branch roads |n the hill, of I'nt
nam, Dutches*. Orange, Delaware, Rockland and
? bonang-* Mantles el this stu'", ?, xi.ii ?. in the
mountain country ?,r northeastern Pennsylvania, from
which ti,!* etty dian* it. tn'ik supplies, w-r. blocked,
and fully n score of milk trains were stalled, Tbe
deep CUll were tilled willi drifted SHh'l unit snow,
pucked m, hard thal lt took a long tim- even aft-r
tbe storm ended to clenr tb*m out. For these
reasons the dallv supply of 'Jii.OoO chi,, of milk wi,hi,
this city nnd Brooklyn eonsame fell oil to nbout is.ono
cans, .'ind thara nus great delay in getiUig Ihat. Tbe
milk train:, on tl.e Fri*. Hartam, We.t Shore, Leeka
wanna and Ontario and Western were ?:i from i?-n
to twenty-four hours behind time ihur-d?y morning.
Friday morling lt waa Hitit better, bnl yeaterday, al
though there wai BUR severnl hours* delay, Ibe ol!,c.ts
of Ihe roads all reported the SttnaUon better. lor
three days, however, many families, especially up
town, bsd to go without milk for breakfast. There
wus a run on the grocery store* saffplylng conder ed
milk, and mo nv balle, Buffered. The short supply
also prevented many milkmen yesterday from fur
nlshltig families an extn i amber nf bottles for Ban
dsv. as i, usiiui. Hy to-morrow, however, unless bu
other storm cornea, tm- milk famine will be over.
Statements that there ls a grout deal of sickness In
this city flits winter because of Ibe scant suppl)
of milk since January i are unfounded, us the rall
road reports show thai th- usual otiatittty of milk luis
reached tn- city 'lally until Hilt Inst' storm, tm
Thursday morning nt some of ti,.- railway platforms
u* blah n.i trio was offered for a chu of /,,rty quart
of milk.
Rodney R. .Jordan, thirty-three yean oM, of No.
ii Rust eighteenth it, wu* held in Ri,000 bau for
trial yesterday by -fastlee Ryan, in the Tomb. Poles
Court, on tho charge of emheullni HMO worth of
I*.nds. The romplaltuiiit waa Ellie J, Evans, who
lives in the snipe hon's with the prisoner. Hhs said
thst on February 8 she ffurehased iwo ?*"__?_ bonds
of the Keith s.' Parry '-old Company, of Kansas city,
paying Wino for thom. Jordan, oa Pebruary IO, aad
Indtned her to give them to him to learn their tn.ul,e.
able value (?:i February 14. she .say*, he mild them
c. .f. a sir f,.r S040, receiving In payment a check,
which he hud ,ii*i:ed, bv C. A. Rrockway A Company,
his employers. He hud refined to give her the money.
At the BXB-tlnatlon, which was heM in the Justices
private, room, the fact hhs brought out that Mis,
Evan, had mads a Bamber of wills, leaving ber prop
eriv to Jordan Theae sim imd tern up when the
quarrelled with Jordan, which frequently huppvii'd.
A report whs circulated yesterday thst the Colum
bus Theatre, In Oae-hundfed-and-twenty-flffb-st., near
Harli av-, had been boM. (?*. ir Hammerstein, Ult
owner of the theatre, said to a Tribune reporter last
night: "The report I* Incurrect. i said some Rms
bro thal I waa nilling to ceil iha columbus Theatre
I hud morn theatres on my beads (ban I enid I- oh
-.ft.-r I i,av-just sold two aperiment-noaaei la Ona
hundred and -twenty-fifth st., ipposlle lbs Colui hui
'l'.,,iti'.. Thst. I supp,,**, ha.* st?r,,.d the r*;:n.ir lhal
thc theatre itself has been sold.-'
Princeton. H. I.. Peh. 8- L-ffedel).?Tha det.n'e be
tween the repi-e.-entatlves of the American Whig nnd
(ll,sophi, societies fur the purpose of selecting three
men to represent ITIn. et/ni In the affproaeklag derate
with *iale was held In old Chapel ysatertay evening.
The debute was on the qaceUon chosen fur the debate
with Yule: " Resolved. That thc ?peaceful Annexation
of Canada Would lie ller.ehclal to ti.e 1'nltcd Males.'
President Patton presided, and the Judite, were Pro
lessor A. I. Orniand, Professor T. W. Hunt and I*ro
lessor W. M. Daniel-. There were eight rontcxtiuits,
the successful one being Donald McCall. "Rd. and Me
Cready Sykes, Tit. for the CUoeophtc society, and J. F.
Ewing, ''iii. for the American Whig Society.
Th- debate xiith Yale ulii lake place herc on
March IS. _
X NI.IV KIT!'. TO BE i il si \ IN' Till". UPPER PART
" History," myi Mai aalay, " I* a compound of poetry
snd philosophy." ii.i- definition ihonld leam lo be
p ,:??'.. Blaiiy true wii-n spplted lo Ihe bltlory of the
Church of Ibe Stiungen 11 *bi al Ibli rhurch.
known formerly aa the Mercer Street i burch, that Mi**
Crawford, BRerward Mr*. Vanderbilt, and her mother
attended divine tervlccs while in ike city, and became
Till REV*. DR
deeply impressed with the rioej-enee Bad |_odncai r>t
Hi- Rev. Dr. < bartea V. Deems, Ihe pastor. Mi ?
? rawford in ihe summer of Iff-* became Ihe arlfc "f
Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt. Through bis wife
thc Commodore wbi led lo lane a deep lntere-1 tn the
ii .ru of Hr. 1.in*, win. had be ? pre tching to Mrangers.
He na- without a i hun h, sud Ibe Men -r Street I hun b
wai for -ii-. I i-i- i ..iniuo.ior.' Yandi-r-llt bbw an
opp ,rcuniv not only U> please lils wife, but lo md B
-.esl work. Tbl-OUgh Dr. Deem* #:,0,00O wat offered
f,,r the church property, and lt was accepted. Dr.
Deems na- placed In phar****, of Hie church, which waa
named Ihe "Church of Ibe Strangers." Tha church,
nilli its interesting blslory, however, will *<*'ii tv*
only a memory. Hs lite, owing to many chant*- in
thal par! ol c. elly, li no longer desirable. A board
..f trustees, "f which 8, R, Downs is chairman, I
looking for a nest site somewhere lu the neighborhood
Ol Fiftieth -c, on Ihe Wes! Hide.
The greed on Which tl.e church *t,ilid* li ownd
by the -eUors' Sn ur Harben < rpurstlon, snd hu,
become extremely valuable. Tbe lease which Ihe
trustee! bold bas two and a ball fears lo run yet,
and li I* h ..? i ,:.t a sum may ba realized mi
lt, tale, which will go far towart tn- ?mcRoa cl
a new building .i-'-i * ? : B,
The Rev. Dr. Deems, who 1- now *.?.??
y.-ar* ..ld. has been for Ibe but li weeks -u'l-r
Iii. fr-in i -*: li- of par.il'. I*, which !:, deprived
bim of the us- ,.f ui- righi tide. Iii* condition
during Ibe last neck ha* * ,::,...... ,? improved
ld, phystilan, Dr Egbert Le I*cvre, atitertalni Hw
iirong'tl bops of ja. alttmata recofery. He l- #111,
however, able lo ipeah ? ?: iv a few v-rd..
iii- nf.. .,' Rr. l'e-ui* ha- I?? -:i a ni i i iteroetlng
sn.l varied ?: i . Ile m* hun In I iltlmore, Hi.
D aber 4. i-j.>. Ills j,.r. ni i ut. Meib di I
father having been a preacbei ? ?: tl c denomlnaiion,
H.- -. is gradual, l from DtckJ on < :?.?... i win n
twenty .ii- years old wai railed bv ibe t_?'ul
the North Carolina Bfale I'nlversttj to HU Ibe
of logic snd rhetortr af thal Instil i
be ws . :..... n presl :? il of (li r . I emale Collete,
i.r-.ii-ii.-... N, c In il.,- .., . .i ? . ,,- . | j i. ,.
?i" ? Hie ?! -r ? ?? ni l' - i .r -f lu-, imtv ..vi. c ai
f.i-rd Randolph Ma'nn Collei l
." to Viv. York snd wa urcnpl.-d f -r .,
?iori,. I, itel i - ? ? ... ip h
?f ? e st nu |* vii, whl, . h *
'??' Hi ll ? ? ? ? Hie pre ld. ? : ..( n?.
Ai ? iii In-'ltui. of i .i
of " I he ' :.:. Han Truth - . Di Dei
illn--** the Kev, John H. Dei -. r.
Institute, I a- nerfm med bi, dud'
Di D' em, 1- *? n m. ??,? '.;-, ,|
J. Vi rliv, .it No .'.17 Wi * 1, .1 ni',,.
Rome, N Y.. Peb. Sft.-Tbe warraat Issued sgali I
Henry i: Dix-i \u ti... trombone rase ? ?. Wed
did not charg, him with Inioxloatton. is ?.???! i
errol ? repi In Ihro igh * Britundei ?, ?
The four'.'i reelfsl of I', lerew *..* ,? ?>,..
Csrnegle Riudc Hall waa liven ,- Ierda j ?'*.
li the presence ol tbs n tal larg, ind i nthusla*tl:
audi ?:.< e. The programme, evsrj number ??' i
WS ll lened to -i, --ly aid rapturous!) Spplauded, In
eluded: "Fantasia *t Fugue," Rach-Lltst; Sonata,
Op, ni, Reethoven; " PB|*ii'.ii, " Kebumann; "Nor
turn*,- * Etude," - Reece?_ " ind ?? Poionsl ?." Chneln ,
" Ml 1 ?"Ile." "p -. h.''-rei .;, Hit || .- i *) ??
rsprlcei, Wllllsm Mason i d I insodie j lou tr !-? '
No. li, I-ct
Ml ll I \<i .1 MOORE
From i ic l.ewlsion i .un il.
Herc ., pri I *. rn* The nilli ls all t n '
Thi I'-.il."?: WS, ''.f a part) "f four .\."?. I,uk
? i"*- t0 i ? ". . in ? il number al mild, d
beencmi lng about on I e w, I branch of the I'enoh rot,
bul were now i impimi i ?. mil* i iain
l.iik". preps il rv '.. retnrtilng In North c., i Carry.
ll,..! lind been ("it lougei "mi they hid planned, .ind
on.f ti..' supplies ?...<! I.e. ..rt.I hs 11*1 id
Iii--:: turill nt lo Hie guides, who ????:, lying il lull
length .'I ti" pro i'd iruieth . njoylng t1,- young Mood'
-lseoniflture, !,,'?!,- 1 n'l lhere a farmhouse or bolel
Bear ii '..-r- *?? rou ld bu, ."in.. *"
?* Depends on wbal you call near *'' replied n woodi
man. ?* ir yon don't reckon forlj mlle, fsr, then we
sr.. ii<"i>- a house, bul I hst', about th- d!*tence
uini!.- a vin- more. Von wnnl milli powerful bud.
d'.ni youl Well, vi nil np "ii water tonight and
u.ni." :ii ' ?? n mi iii I can .,?. ..nilli.,. i,t- you, though,
mind von. I don ' proml - :"
I ern :. ive '" net .. ni iv* ,.,, v.,,.- uld one of the
ithei ( 'I'l' .I'i', ? ? ? , make i ? -
I'aiiv '"ri Hil snd lo-morrow" weil knowing (hat
the J.-:i"V In lhal lime wa. Impossible "for. bis *
me. An ns lice, it I know where rmrre going lo Dod Hie
color '?; miiit nearei man i h it."
Alu. .nc- made un !'.-|?.ti.-. but purT-.l illenlly at
bl. favorite pipe, ll- bad an Idea, though, lhal i
Could *-*> t some milli, bill li" did i.-t tn. ali to tell h..iv.
i ,' uti t, unnoticed, he left the esmp shout snnsel,
?? liked -belly through ihe wood for ibwil s mlle, snd
again cam., out on th* -hoi- of lb* lake :,i ., .,,,,?
li nele I 'M ill tr-.I'M f' rilled i!l " lt ll '
Till, wa, near Ihe plsce where be had seen tbe
row nu. snd li-i" he '.-..li np bl I-- Itiori la Ide n
niel leading io the wafer's edge, nnd slons willett he
? Ci .... If iii- knowledge nf wo s!< raft did mn de
celie him, that th- ti.e mis In the habit nf passing.
In tl,|- li" uas correct, for Mi" gnld" Liol not been
lhere more than an hour when be heard the sound nt
som.- animal spproachlng, and peering raullouslv
through Ihe bushes be -au' a cow i.*?? making f-r
iii- ).i.
The animal tnt ll ed the air a few time, i* she
passed within i d,7,ii puce. ,.f tl," hunter, bil! other
ul,,. Ile did ie.' show sign, of ahum si.- was soon
In the wilier ridding herself ol the Stet and quenching
ti-r tlilr-it.
While ti,- moose ws, dt.ii'.rtii.g herself .xn::,!,..
(??lt lil* position behind the hush snd nail;,si ii few
sti.j,* toward her. mid whenever she turned he would
itaiid pe: f", tl V mot inn! est.
Uv reposting th!* operation several Rmes. be man,cl
tu r.-ach the edge nf th- lal,- without starmlng the
mon ? A - ed, ?* 'he ii'iliiml slu. i.-I 11,v tight of
leaving tbe waler, tl,- guide retreated n lew sleps.
(ince fir twice -ld the monee rsl?e !,-? hesd and l"..k si
iiim. only, however, to resume h> r clumsy frolics.
Hr.ntly Ihe moo*- mud.- towart Ihe shore, snd
Ann .i .ni i_I< i '.i'n .if behind ti." brush again. At
Hi- ed re "f th* lah- Ihe hhIiiiuI turned to lake i l,i*t
look and ihake Ibe spray fi-n, bet nose. Tuen she
advanced slowly ap the sloping bank. When oppo
*lte tba |Ulde sh" stllfTeil suiiethltlg. s'opped snd looked
'lilli Wat the guide'* oh.,I,ce. ind BS ki"'v ll
Tb* -Ii'i-ul moment had strived, snd *\o. one quick
but silent muvetii'tit he iras by Ihe snlmat't -"de
dbe did not move except to turn her bead and look
h? bim. Annan.'.? kept hear h-a bind qnsrtera, well
knowing Ihat if he got li fronl ' tb* *i. ha wouM
id uini, , mnee should ah* beeom* uflv.
CautlonalT bending forward the i,miter ?rrobed h.-r
-ide. nnd sUnwed lier In turn and tmell nf bim Aft-r
a few seconds, teeing th* m.."? did nol appear flight
"ixIliads Around the I n. le
or th* dtisasti t- which it i? adapted with tht best r
salts, Hastener*! sn,mach mtier*. * family BMdlclne,
?omprehenaivt in it? s. u|,e, i,** nriT been thrum ?i|*..r.
pu Mit tl'-I.tluti lt, u.e galtt of a utilvrss: panacea for
bodily lil* ihi- ,i?in,, duly irtagsM la Mia rst-mni
of th* dully rr--.* by the proprietor* ,,f m-cjldn*. f?r In
feru.r ts it At ip mes, hes in s ti.**n.i Bmi sa rei dis?
gusted th* p..hilo In s'dvmr* hy lt?' ati.unllt.v, snd Ll.
pr<,.|iects of other reineitee ?r *>i|>erlor gBBtRIIB have
Leen -SBdlCSpped ny the preter,.I'm. <.f th*lr wefthlest
sre-ectassrt n?t ti,* areerleas psapta know, hacaaaa
they have VSriStd the f*ct hy th* rr.osl trying f,.._*,
thst Ui* Hitter. ps-SSSSes Ui* virtues i,t a Kal sp. m.
:n ea-.es ai malarial snd Hm di-o <l-r. rspsRpBtSsa,
ssrvees, rtwussiUs, .t.Huarii and kidney trouble XVhat
it does ll doc* B-seseghly, ,n>l ti.tlniv tut this r. ii.ou i
lt I* Indorted ?r.d uiou.aituded hy hu.t* of ti-pecUlilc I
i. -I. .i men.
en,*!. Anueuce, with Httle more diBcuity thnRlSSg
pcrtcnc-d wtth many d mestlc SlTfii.-^Snfrtch^
ti: a -mall pall be bad brought along wtth Heh.
^'niur',",',1.' to ramp be produced th- milk whea
bre.kf.it ?st0re_dy t Bte '."ruing. *?SJXe8
pall in the water overnight, much lo the istonisaateni
*K^a'W3?^ oRea I,":,!- of rnan-s
A-' inc* svenor :,- i.dairyman" snd the fort
going story lt -.v.i.if gives Mm tbs nickname.
C!;lra.'>. F"!>. ?-"? fSpe-lalL?Reports on the crops
from Tegai ihow ihat the wheat kai >"?-"'? lo grow
and l's general condHloa ls much belter than st n,l*
time ln-t '.-eur. There I* an unusual demand for
corn. Daring tba present week In Tennessee they
have had plenty of rain, which lui* Improved the
wheat lu .-'.me localities and developed thc damage
In other*. Kentucky hat ni*" eaperienced rains.
bul th-v have been followed by freetea at night.
The wlni-r wheat has ju-t begun le grow. The
early town I* In much Ibe better condition. A mod
-rate crop ot wheal ls looked for. bur n.-t equal lo
li,*! rear. Oklahoma reports Ibe winter wi.-at
looking well. The fro-l I- Bil out of Hi- ground.
farmers are Bowing nat*, and tba winter wheat has
began c. grow. The abov- report-, eking In Hie
extreme southern Brea or the winter wheal country.
nil show th- opening af spring under favorable dr
i umstsnees.
lu Kansas wheat ls baie; trot coming ont of the
ground, snd il"* earth generally dry. The Slate needs
n good rain. ?Jhmlbern Missouri report Hi- ground
hare of -nov and fn,*t oul ,,f Hie ground. Ldiesown
wh.-ai ls more ra less damaged. The weal her the
pre -ii "edi ii! central Illinois has bc-n changeable.
There has been some rain, and ,,'i tr,- opening ol the
wnk a fail of snow iii- frost ls coming oul "f ino
ground fa*t The general appearance of winter wheal
ut tills Hm," ls much buoret lhan at the .ame Hmo
last year. Complaint "f damaged wheat are. in
mating. Them lt plenty of moisture In the ground.
The late-sown wheal has suffered mora than the early
iowa. Bon!hera Illinois reports tn- frost ni...ut ali
?mt of the ground, li-)-'.it* ns to gnttla.*- are numer?
ous. In Southern Indiana they lune had a heavy
snow the pie cut week, but ll I* rapidly going off.
Them H phi,tv of moisture in ihe ground, and wheat
ls Ju*t beginning n. ihow dgni ol life. Tbe late
own wheat ha* suffered severely, end the general
rondllloni >.f Ihe ? i-"i> ar- nol ss good M those "f s
year san. All the Indications polnl to sn i irlj -pring
In Nulli.ern and Central In lian i there ll not
enough fr.-t in ihe ground lo bold any amount ol
w.iter hmg on tho lop. Iii North-in "li" the wheal
hus been covered Hie present week with shout three
Inches of -now. There ere lew reports of any damage
io erf i, In Cern ral snd Southern Ohio ., tlmllai
rondlllon eilstt. Michigan li Mill In the deptht ol
winter. The wheat ls rovere*** with n .,""<i depth ..:
snow, which "in -.ii- sm pie moisture for tbe spring.
a *.> ipring a teal pru i*-,i- Nebraska report
all .I.i.- Indi iii ?*. esrlj -piing. With pr- eui I Si
ii. r ? ??! ? .; " III i e lilllie gel era] In ten da)
A feel! f general sir reg nd. spring
pi.i*peet, i xi.t among M i "armers. In -??*
lui,,?'.i they ur" talking tboiil towing mu. li 1- -
? Ihl - prii . ? :-..-;ig (hi
..:..,_?- nf bailey, ?hlch bat done well for thu last
tao year . and sl?o |dantnig i greal .:*-'i more i vi
...-x.i re' uri I ' h ?: '
?Xftrj Ptibhcationo.
??ft C.-Alphabet of I'.l-.-ni. itv, KI cc tr if Hells
al 0 - iii it X ii ? it-.-.: I.fbrs
I'K ll I* I 1.1 .I';, ave
'?Till; COl'SIN *?r Tin: KING."
For Yo mg LadkR-Ctty,
NO '."7 IT ILA VE.
Rev. Dr sad Mr- i il vs. ll ..iKDN i.11, I'rin Ilpili
1 il I'oui g ... Ilea -' Hy.
^l.w v.u'.K in sr: ,, i ni.1,1 ,?]. i-'.ii et N. Y -
Bil B'S : .. t?r*?. re - . gai . ?;. ot si
li i.i. lier ? "C*.;.., Mount M. rt, Dsns B'i'g
\f an S'ORMAh INST ' P. .1 ! le.-.?'
h. L cor. ul xi*-' r.i.,, raid ;:-ts-.
Pr:n .?*?:. Uaw, Van- NORMAN.
For Ilovs nn'I Voun-' Men ?City.
Bo 'KM. i. rr......r.i... ip- . r. ii.-, gs., thor
? ? .... I*, i (..?,..:ns. ii ... i* i .iuimea
AStr* . i: ..ii, -, ?...,,.. u.Ui-sl., N y.
IT N'l Vi .UH ? V .HiM xt ill s, ll. li.. || W-*. M_hsM -
1/ lil 'I;..-.- I ta* rt , , i -,. *l *_
i.iin-r I. PSI lip, A M .'. v III Jr gi ... l'h H.
For IVith Seics-Cjtv
Ali*.! Vi ii i n.i MY . i il .!
? 'I II fl I Ililli.hil, of Psi s, U
I . I . ? . ,. i. - , .. .,.
BCMM.ss i |,! . x riO.V I: , .-..- rritl.p
-? ? . ? ??
?.| Ul ,.,.', i
, . ? li ? ,i .. .
...... ? ?.,.' ??
Tm. ni rn.11/. m it,.. .i. ur i.an..i \,.i s
M c "I !*|- .' ' .. -1 ll
His , , j . . tie,
Nsw I
Miibl'-al I nat met "n
SI'MMHR Si HOOL .il Till Mi l :? i" >I,I I an* ' "I.
li'.I 'H .lil's;. Oneil, Jul, :.? i*.( ii.,.*dn
i -tunta i ol | r ? ..-.
" ''ii. J 1' |:? n * i- . ? x '. r- Ho. i . ,. vu
i'r *-. Addr . li ix iiu KNI s. ... | ,.,..
io an i i im m., *t Vi i york, w. w
1' i Vounii r_lilies '',, miry.
nOXU. ROAItDlNii .s. tl--- I. ,.,1 UrlUB" N J-!**
lehiltli. i Mei *-.*? u fur (iitire ,*? ??_.., fi to r,
Miss , "X.'Vl.l*..
n<ira nnd Vonni Men-Country.
C? AN'AAN A' ll'! Ml ISIlSBB ,"'.:, II. ii- ft! six
' te.,, i..,is ihr.-c Ms-"r. L'slleff ?. hualnesa Ba ,
nur* boi. ape laity K r i-ir- ular*, si!.I? the lb * r
JJ* m.; Mi'i.n i.!*!iini'., Freehold, N J . |gth year
i *iie,.. pr'pjr.ti.ui * tpecitliy; buslues'i, kirk .sou.
? nt ? la**' ji i. ......
WKW Kin iii i.i.i miii , x::\ a, un mv
i III. ' ,- I i.I \ I I! || ,U| i.i | V Y.
Ki: INK s in ,ni m . |..,,, pal.
Vl.iil'.v \ t Institute, so,, ft e..i. rt.- - * a
.V fi.r Un.. Il,.,t -ai,'tar. an,", ? tu e.ir... r*te_ni h-st
tvaiywhen Bttau>-beated swimming tank. J. wii-mi, a g
For Iloth Si-xea -Country.
|,i AMMAN HI MN I.s*, I i IJ.I. I i,,.. psi ji se-Jisle. \ f,
RjOawB *i. the )tAt ci. coi -,?'. Inaitu, -oa id Beokkoeptaa
llsiisitif. Con.lier, tai I..... Ce, ,,,.,, hip, _-rie-p.ii.en ??
Arithmetic , .'eieerapiir, fetenorfiap-r. ' i-1' iitma lc
ld.*ne*, iieii supplied Billi competent assistant*, eu *l,orl
sstitt. Nu , inr^e I r situation, furnishe.. -xml r*ir cat't'gs
M.s, ellanenua.
i| I- REX! ll Xl I I ll UK ll | | ||,.I | a M .is ii I*. " lt
I M li. ll i li/ Must pied!'al cnn ? - I utstiu
i,..i. ? lute, ui .. .,. . i* li,, ri ?:? .il / x , ,. . ,|.,.i .*,,
RI I.CHA.MCAI, i.i: xix IN,,. Ml' ii xvi, s M1N1NU
i'l l'K'.si',.. i inh, ARITHMRTIC, liTC.
ruaj be studied st h ?b rn without i..1 lime from stork
io I,..,e. M.,d.m- ne. 1 orili i.n.Mi |,i.,i u. read ul,'! writ.
XXr.i. r. r lilli. I i rr ular, lix Ins all |hirth ulm*, tu
iiie ismspoudente s.ins,i of m. bsnlci bcranton, l'?
Miss anna Ia h i si, i aumin 11 ii. dramatic ami
ii.iii...I...i. r?cltatool*t. teacher ..r rio utlon, Uelterte
l-i.i.e.il ,'ulf.ire Mid paiitouiiiii.' Alli-.- nm il ,*t ttitli *-t
Srt'OT i.uv xi* HOME i.-Hrr, snmeihlat ls rsui
?Slant*!* i,y aU'lr-sxint .1. lui'M.K. jr. Vu:, Ue
l Sit, Ml li
W ANTRO bchoUrs fm ell a"d wstei , ,? ,,r ,., ?
_lie. L -il.k.'-ll-Jle.
Dmuiiici 'A ni or tn uri.
AI.I.X IN.I'li; MAI ..Ul..,.'C's It.ieleJ,.,,.,,, Kourri.. H'l
/_. ix.,i ,.,?? -v, prlvste lesson, *,,,! . u*..-* h, dsnclne.
A-i v" .'?) Til SUPPLY letem, Pr<.re'S..rs, leschets
fov?ri.esses, etc., in ali depsrtmtait of iearnlaa. cir.
. .,*!- ut teni school, re.oBimcudsd t?. psrsats. MIHI x.M
. ..i .'.11-1:1 . Doak DaJldlng, lio i'.rth.x.. ?r. -.'otu-i
\ ssh, .ccu. pa KT X Kit n..,ii,,i in .,., ? ,:,v .,.,,,?
'! ,'",?oi, *'e!.Vs- ".t-r-.r not ..? e.*_iy until
>. liteti.l,.-!. OPPtlltTI Mil I,il ,.,.,.;, ...?w.
H-ipnll* l'r.f"*-.,.. i.?,,,.r, rutof, novsniSBte*.
kt.. tt IM-eses Schssl, sed Psmillts Annlr to
Ml'.s y. i TOl-NH-FL'LTON *s I'nle- iieasie.
|(*l.,,..riI'jN snd PHYSICAL CULTURE.
I. liss* sud prlvste liistrui non Mr* Maiiiin
Hotel Un., klu.1.1, ioi ll" f *.i,i,.-t , n,-,i York City.
IJI Xii.l'.l 1 '.St I.C LAD1 TRACI!Ell desli ? ensagemenT
j tiaiuag ul re*ideni itjr *i tuuntri , _sgll*k I'reneh
. .-rn.-ii an*! I"".; ALdres* 1.1 I I.Ka ll ur., Ilex ly
?Jr.t-uue I otum. lilli,-, |,9l_ li ,,?:? .n
LAM"'*'"!' I f-tll4.ii Bri VS U l-^-on.; casie* Vrut
llratico. IL. I*, .same ., no.l. Preach, .'?isiiii.li
eUsse^ fur Ulioi i;-i.i. -n -i, . |?? --ii,,* icieiVni?.
l^..t UCIIX IV. 103 l-.-t :'.M..t
&t IfPERtOR TCACHERN HI'PPLIED li'.l I l/irc,.
ItseCltlSB H ? -In"- oi.ll'lei,! al. I'oslll'.ii. fiiriiliiei
ll. .s. ki.i.1.1)'.'. Manager, S v. t-ducatisns Uuresu
m vsist rttii..i., \ v._
iimMI'I' ceri.-n->i. leech ci rktwlatrv and ahyslolagy
tf ti ."."ii. organim sud dwlrmaster, pime, xoesi ind vio?
lin, l/'iiO' to letti the city, *>.. I sa.aix . nolie: Hum, ia. Mila
ijn >" SlW i-i if", genfta! hlstan c.lee,. po_|U_n, **.I0U.'
MIRIAM luYHIiiiii-'s AUENUY, l.u liiuiaic.
tjors.s, Carriages, (Ste.
at auction
TUESDAY mid WEDNESDAY, Februnrr 28 and Marc
l. H-'il. ot th- Apierlcan Institute Baildiag,
.iave, between und and ci th st.*., Rew*Terl
iOllicti 107 John-st.)
Valuable consignment* have been received from
ESTATE et i.oxvin" RATER. Darky, vt.
Mr. JACOB RUPPERT, l'oii<jhUren?ie, .v. Y.
Mr. PRANK H TRACT, Apolachln. N. 1
Mr. DEAR SAOE, Albany, R. Y.
WYNHYL FARM, Southport. Conn.
Mr, S. M. BURNHAM, gSMgStUCR. Corm
anil ,iiiui?.
Till'. RORSF8 nov now lie *ecn.
Cull ' i 1' i la "ii s Ad.lr-s.
PETER C. HELLOOU I CO. Auctioneer,,
107 John st., New.Yorli
Din (30C-&-.
A. F. J A MM ES.
?Irt'l ir tv tv. i.i u 1>T :ioth ST.
junie,,..- iMrgalns; I-button suede and elie .? glove,
veiv Una quality, reduced tu -tv from -ri -.">: extra ll,,
quallti reduced to 8a- from "M OB, not lo be '-quaile
elsewhere for .loni.ie iha money; -reit iiargalm in under
vi-ea leisi.-iy. handkerchief*, peirumory, gc; Immens
.rtmeni "f Parisian lewelrjr not to ba found elsewhere
celebrated Lsvalllera corsets, '.tr, , t.*. np
iliuctc ano ittit-ical -ltstrninciua.
Cpr,gilt and Square Plano* or our make, In perfect coa
ditioji and fallr warranted; al*o ,i nmniiT of second-nan,
PlSUO, ot '.Ih-i pron,!,cni moiler, at vere l?vc tired*.
tv M. KN A BR St CO..
1 IS ||h Are., nenr ililli *i|., Next.York.
lit Al VS li: lil; M ATIO>S foot ol
llc-sbro^si'H aud < ort lu mit Nii*?>?>f<*.
In Kdci 12.01 a. m.. J-KHHCARY lOtli. l_*9.l
D.OO A, M.-l'ulim.ir. Vestibule Sleeping (ar. to Chi
eago and I In.'neall Dunns'. Smoking and P_??cur.ei
Ca :..?? rr?,', Nev Vork t-. Ihl ago, Atrlv , In (.ii,
' ''"'ii U :? a ii, lii'litttiapoil* ,5.i a. j.. Cal. its.
io un , u, tesl l.u.
I*-.(iu Noon. ..,.,....,* ?| ei iumibIj af pullman Yetti
u ? ". V -.wing a;.<i s',-.e Itooio. Bleeping, Dining, hmok
""* md tu.-er.mi ,!, .art. pr?.'iii!n. Iln.ii.'liti ie
' ? ft.;.. , , , ....... ?--, bathroom* for boll
sese* i t,..e*' ,. , ; , Of0p | ,, gr_ Mlj i,j lh,
convtnleti *. of ,.? .. ,lt .*.., ... i,u.Bt,.; b, .u-imurj
sud muiatiu ele trie Ugh*.-. Arrive, Cbl.Bgv- 12.04
?T. I III |s AMI ( |\( |\\ATI RXPMBRR.
li.ot, noon .-Pullman v'e*tibule hie* alu a a..a Dlnlnj
7.1 Louis ind ' j. ic...li. x'-'.buie Smoktn
el. * to sr. Louis. Arris* etsi
sad St Louis o .to U. m. ne,
? o ..id c..- ...
ans ti e ;-, ,
. ... _. s.T?i wr?*n>?1 RXPXRRM.
" r/, ' ''- ' V'"'-' ? Waopmg LBN fo Pit,
r? '-*'?; > atul ( leveland Dluum ,"_r- *.. Pb idol
a a,a: d l.t-'.'.r;- ???> t.hicsfro Arr.. - si -levclanl
'? ?? * i li ii :? 3o i.. rr. n -st day
ROI TUUK-TKftN t.XI'Kt:*.-..
,-!?,.1'- '?? ????. : .*. p. n. *,..._*?.?PuHmas
... a * Ui i inc.,mst, M-mpIti* ant
P* '?" ? '' 1 * ' *r All. a to li. a- ona Arnvei
. ? ' ?? - - ? i' i. cincinnati 8:00 p. m.. Indlanspoll'
?v.io p. it, snd 6i Lent. 7 a ni - ond n
s'"?, ??? ??? '? * ???'-? i?".' -ar Htw.Yerh u
-?" (- ???? . * hi og" ?? -.-. a. ai corni
' ' ? ? i ? i ? 11 Jo p !? colu ; c. u u
.,,;,* ' ??' ? ???-.dai'. ? io , ,i r " 9 "'?'
?Vl -T,.s>l. ;: - : ", V'-* Ewe., dtllr. Pullmat
ii .ti mi ..er !?. New.Orl-wi . vi, i ksttenooca.
Kl "Ot >|. "tvV.liiiiaion Limned" seek Ss - Vtetl
" ? i ... - .ii 1*..-. r i ., . pa* ?? t*r i o. bs*, Dlnin|
n ,' .x. . .,.'" ?'"???"?*' '" Washlogtsa 3 ii p. ra.
? I.Jil P,. H. "I .iiiai-Osinunl I lllll'e.I'* di.ir \'
..,',"-':'?'-' *?"'*" ' ' ? " I I' ; ?*? ' tx, airivlug VVa-hlus
, ' ? ? I ??'? So ???.tri tar*..
,ililli!.uini I xpre.. Triiin*:. I. B -O, , SO ?? ,.i and
" "'* i- ? .a oo, i to , td it. t ii c- .
-.n.OO I and 1
' ' ,- , * ' ? t fi 4 c l: 1 i. Kv, c.* .
;* '' ?' J ? | ind 19 i ? i | ? Poi li.itim, rs
"ila* !?'* I*, ' *'.'.:o'.'-?'?? >???"?,'il"- n.,.1 Bf. Anani.
"?- '. Ju.u.uiMille. hi. Xii-?.ti?e nnd Tampa
.... ?' ' ?,, " " i ia ? i i .-. i ii* / ?
ll?.ii,i,,,,||e ' '? .. Bl. dalli i . Kr. XVe.t ,,?d
,l'"'""< n ar 1 il- i ?; ,, f:,r I -.,| ,i . , ht, .
t,V, *"imS,! r'1 ' 'r Or-sead, Raekledge and
I...I...I, Kl,er. i;. gt A', g..',:,-. g i.s.. JJ mn> ? ,d
I..io IV M. ti'.-jlniond aad Dan vii I* Rspross. ti ?
? r ?; bleeper, t. A nf usu Memphis and :
Hu lng (sr ' . M-Mittfc i sr, N i ?a.'ii... i
% ,'.?''?",;'?' u A**!!*.V"S and Her spr.i '. n toennd te-t!on
??'!? P. M. ?'? foi ,:, p ;.., ? ' -.. . ? x "
Ittlli-sr, i bro j', s ....,;? j j-, j |i,nine ?-.
? HMKORT and NOItfllLR via ' SM
?""< - * " m. .k-dsr, .ni I-,-,
--',. u r ls
i" i,Van if , in ", ?, ,, -, ?,..klf.?, m ..
?hr il ??" I*,* - , ar. ??d Div cai, . ; - .
? j t.. "? . , Mm. - .. ;?
"ll ' Xii- MXV 1 10 p. i ... ,,!av..
I -j--iit ,i in ?. [(1 _ ] -,,, , ,,, -, .,, |Ui|| .,,.
j' ' '???- der*. Bundar, B i". * . . and 5 ll
II n. [., not ,_,|, Bt Aabury I'arii and tKnau iji.xo
bu "-un?vu
W?aj cnn tint.rut ,.
/.''.',""' ',' "" _ -''? " "" ? -" '?' "' > :,? 'o o? ?"?___.
I -si..ii l. mited. i.l'h H.uii.g i ar, and 11 00 a. m. (:.' 00
? Heiiit a .Limited "All- inning l sr IJ au. 1 '*"
0 t .1 ,, i oo. ? .f, ", on. r, Im ,; SO ." ,0
, ' and D Og ,. .. md 12:1.1 night, .x om mod a!
1:10 and T WI ,, ,? Kenda
1-. ', ;* '?;? H <. '?? -n i" Ma. i .vi boob
?.milted DO l i, , on i in ,-, i. ? a jo ?".
'* ,'".' j' :" a I 1. I , || || ?. x on mo-.ation
. ' I ??
For Tiiiie-lnhle. I ? lin, to lo. ai points nit the penn
-.??la K.11,1 ul -i-t.-., appc af th* following
'*" ? ? *- ni -4'. *.!44. i a i ns ,?d -iii ,, ," ,
?ay i tsi .- ii ... m i... , -.., ., ./aiix"!.., , -ui,
,', - ,"?? ? ? * >'',' " ', *'!*a ''->' "? Otu.
M li ? : ? . : Ur okjru Annex hui at root ' c
? ?' uro Wyn; HM iiud-u,. - . ic, ?.., . \s..,' .
a .New Tork rran-far Coinpsny will cati tor and
| :*-?'- <- ?? and ,".id..,,, c. tirigi, ?
,|PM.!,.-*-*r i J B woo?
*.Aitc ? "'" "*e.let. I,,.l,el..in*,,,!,,, , lr.,?,.
mid ( oin:,ni.
lour TiniUs. Preteeied !?? tNteesaile -Reek **.|?it,ti
H>.le,n. inii,,, |r?,t. H,?,|?n |OOI ?, I ||,eil, ,,.
Time Tallie iu elle,a |?,.,.. !,*,_ |MR-J
I H ll >-IIIS ..I I 'O. i t'l. B o'. X J
., .' M .Ul'..'.
I I Hm *i ill ? a! 4 ni
? un a oo. 5 I', 1'
l no. 1 .lu.
.. ii
1 OO. 3 KO. o 00.
*'? .? I" A M t i>,
.?. 5 *; P. M., lg lg Bight ev eu* sat ir. av , .hi
'? <W a. M. 1 no. ., gu .-, Jj p*"^ ';-??}.
J r '''""*? '?- ?? < c'" 7 *y 9 to A. M , .?, i ifl
4 "" * " ' M" '-' '?"' n'aht, ex,e,? s.?,rt,',, ' ?
!.-? ICU) a. M. I 00, j 30 r<? p "
m., vi ia
ii,:,:.;^i.?,?t. .,-d.r..7:,.i.Vl-.?l'.t
i-iin^ i* M. Bunday. i ,0. ria i. ti.fi'Jk\AS%
let IVllll,'*l,,l're. I'lltst
-. I il
I or lt."I Rank Cn,: lt rsm h amt no
*. i ?o a':"ms :'M",m' * *'? *?
I or it"! i; inii i..,iii: lr,,,, |, ,, . , .
li"':.".',: (i V'i\^\^.'i.^yi^iiV^
Ocean Orovs ind Asburr itrk, s 00 x M.. t'od P''M*
at , iiO, Si'. A. M , 1 t.i, il 40 sts.,-,',i, a .v,*, ,. ,. ? ..
1 /'."V* M"t,C L"y' V""-:,rMl ir"* ln.tts'0.,. 4 30 A M
Cor Monmouth Ileach. Seulir!ch*, a.,a ,,,.., ?- , _,
4 IO B CV ll KO A. M I 111 1 t.'VoO ',-'0 I "Xi
Ruadayt, '.? 00 a m. i oo p. m ' * uo 4 -? J ?*'
t"'t t.ki.r--, Trains, vi*
ti iMiix.ro>
I.osve New Vark. toot ot Libeii- ai. a. io.iuw,:
Ker (111, aln, I'll IhllCK'. 1 Ju o m. l^ i:, . m
Per CINCINNATI gf. LOUth y Oo a m.. j B 5.
I >t xv x.siiin.iun, RALT1M0RX. y ov a tu iii bo
a. m. .mini; .ur). 1.30 ll M u m.. dlnliia- atti i 00
I m., Vi \o a ru. lor ll*.'-a. r, on.y. fl n m ie
tra,,,, run ial'.r "
hoi .NoiU.i'LR. tia Hay Line, l ag p m. iX'esii dsn
Ticket nil...... irj ..u il-, arl IHO Broa.lwar ||
la-t nth -t N?i. York li! Ku ton -t .ni 7, llnadivas
B!*aV Wt NbJ*n0N t'?UT ?* ,-IflK1'rvST iCtn-r
veat...ic. Brrsta Ceeinay wu; ,.,:, fl,r _,,- fc, -
-?." trum hotel ar tSS-SSace to d.-attnstlon -
iix.Xi.N_ -.-.aVC XVi--,". ,?i_i_X
,,, A,' U\ fl^"',*"uw* aBf'sr Hon. lbs loot of liana*
iii.--I ,, lur Middolu-iii. li.uou.iuab.ir.il i?.,.T , ....
Maattcslls Uo-uiamoai..' i.ii.tuuS X,t/ n,utV?_
Manor. HanciKk. C .r,o,,d_le. -..rant-,, XV. ito ____?
"?<?'/? ^r?ui.. -Maitatoa, Vue. gj_f, 0n, id*"baw-sV
???? ': M , ialiipuo.l 1I..1 La^e Mo honk Bud _ll__l
wb.ks, XVaiiklli Vaflev sUUon* Mld-taWwil UlooL.-lf
('sw;to, It.erieste, M.eara Kail, IHUol Ch ci.o ^d
hV.'i'ensioriirX'V '^" swsa ..;i,i>c.^
Jj^-'fJ ?i' ""*"r HMha oallr sseSM Sundsv.
--jST-l ^Vr^sy-JfV*. U-1^"^? *"*?
4. fl. AKOEHSO.N. a/At! 6d Bt_v,r.._. R,wTt-__
All Iraln. nrri.e nt and depart from IUHxnrt.
THAI. "STATION, the onie rnllrond Motion lu .alf?*
ol New York. Tm in. leave ,?* Mtsswsi ?*?
8 Of) A. .11. I"ily ev-epl Sunday. Ka?t lt Itu. i.
?JU Ult iiorid. Hue n"tfa!.. ft 10. Ni ...Tr'?
6 53 p. m. Wagner Vestibule. ,cni'o No na* ag
I HU li.o PANT MA ll* *?
9 1(\ A. tl.-Da.iv tm Albany. l/tfcefcsymtMi n_.
? I" e.ter, ItBilslo, Cleveland. lietroitssd-kb-Bk
Mill YORK ARO (MK II.II inilTlil),
Ifl fin A. Ms?Delly, due Chieag* ii...", a. m. a*_i*_
IU.UU UbipIsU Waaaer V-aUbato R-msfl ???
1fl in A. .M.-tii'ept Simiiay*. snturdsr ?r_- .
iu.ou ,10. r?n w..t rf cleveland *r.i ifrott. ?
MU TIIUK?*i'KRN i.i nm:i>.
1 CK P. .>!. ?Uuliy. du. U'.cl.reu ll .0 a. rs.. _.
I. J J -.oms 7 .85 nest p. m. RS ^xtrrn fats. *
tvoitl.ir-4 PAIR RPKCIAI*
1 cc p. .il. Dallr, doe Chicago 3 m p. m. o?tt*_,
I.-i-i ,\0 eltra (aro. OsSSptSU XVagn<-r He.tAcaV9'
3 Of\ P. M.-Iv apt feundsr,. Dim A..*.. Im
?Ow rroy 1 ti. RTsgnet ears, ' '*>
4 30 '*? -Ks?Delly, -ui DetrsM 8 lg a. m.' <_,
' " cai'o , 30 p. m. C'.mpleto Werner Serriea"
PART \\l>Ti:it\ IA phi;-ss.
fi 00 ''? " ""? ??'i ?''?-I *("'J O'; is m. .hfctsim
-wtttt ; :*_, j. m. XVagner .*rv1o*.
coe FM. Daily, due Buillngtoa , y, ,. -
0._._) piattabnrg .'. On s. m. M..,,tr..! 7 ,.**, a. m.
7 ntl r.M.-Dally, due iipyt i**.-. o.u. __*_?
I .VU c, .o. Va. hl'illh's '...", il...,,ii". |j J?
(r>-_l U:.'o a. tn. fillans, ia.Iv, except b-tufdsj ilS
a. n.. "siiiid xt'sgie r Vestibule terxTct. RrtaMMl 5
7 Oft I* H.-iii,Iv. due JJutlalo 7 HO a. m., .Vatua
?OU Kails'.ci;, a. i?. Wigner ben . ^*
8nn H. .M.-Daile, dud cinttn_ati 7 _7 ? _, u.
?vv di*,-iatK,i's io to p. rn M Lo la 7 45 a a.
9 fin Ft M*-Dall/, RXetttmt* tt i*.i.*._g?ri for asea,
watt {to, only .arriei on th!* triln.
91 C P M.?DaUv, for Buffalo. Dwlrstt and Ch!.--.,
??*-? . ...,'. BatufdaT for CB|*t Vine nt (1,000 Islands,.
HEIII-MIIKE HU I"* lia Haili ni Illusion .
'Iso iu... .gu Ca.Us dal... Ml B< *.n..,j, Ju. a. a.,
du* litUll'ici 1 Jo, Reith Adam. 2 .(0 ly. Bk, ? 4u p. a,
due lituthld a lo, .Norfh Ai_tiu, ii 10 p. tn.
For Uu\i> ut lo, al li a.uv t,. ..ia id ?p_..e in Sis-pl^
Car* apply at (irand Central ,-ui, ,;., or tt 113. Ml, HI,
7_"> MSOioedway, 6a West 125th*,t., iV, i oi .-.ink
?nd lsMJ'-ti >'. -lat ol Nen.-X rs . .iii ix .? :,.r.?.. .;., ;j|
Kultonst.. aud 7( Ilroadwar. E. D Bro,kiri. _ _,
Above trains, tscepl Uioss leaving at I (0. 3:10 A a,
I *.i" r 8o. ;? '") p n: ? -t". si lasts ?? -? ?
W?at?ott Cpr."** (-U* 'or ad theaka "St'iK* ttat
kotel* sod resid'-ff"* through to d -tlnntl n
-OHM M T'H'i'F.V. UEOROE lt I>AN'If.r_.
Oe,,era! M.in*t?r._ft"1 'I !'Br..-*ng r Af MA
tullun, ne (mil used cv lu.'w-lv. in.iiriug t liilulioCSl
lie,I ( illlll.llt.
Time Tiible lu ellet lice. Ll. IHHB,
I a si i.\r..i.i. ?-.?* leai ??- . n : ,-, ot
Llb n ii No ?' cir.t
r'OH HI Uti. O. It'll ll! - I I I.'. MU.IRA
FALL*, TORONTO lin i lin ai.ii, *g*14 \. ic
7:1(1 P. M. 1YKKKDAY!. \M> -I N HA VS.
C.. i au Bu (let Caro.- I ar, mi liar tcxlu., aud lc.ua
Buffet sleeping Cars sn n gi ? tts bs
bXPKKhti -ii; un* i -- il irs! RaUiSsd ul
Re weeney, foot : i. ..?? t. ?t , Non K,
i un rn ic.iiM I.I'll!a, Btes ruy. - -. '. t~>. i' oo.
10.c., II JO. Din tig i ii x. : -i 15..J ,.).
(Dln:nt Car IW. ? 00 - " '? I - 13 P. M.JI*. li
r,H-t. Sunda!. '.? 00. I'i 80 II . ? I) i Ca: A. M..
1:1" A 80 Bining tar 1:00 8*00 I* M 13 ll ni.
PV)R BALTIMORK INTI IV |si[IN.,...N'. .,..< lari
and si|?d,v., :i 00 ll M I' *. og l ,r .x. M 1 80. S JO.
(I?i"!'g <ar o ir i. d ?". Ball ?? o ) i' M., ll ill
? .- ?
Pullmeo Parlor Cir, ? i trsloi I Pal ai Sie-p*
\m i a s oo ntgbl Tun.
i: ??? it,'. i sr vat* ?? 4 st ITS,
;-.*,?. 201. Ill >"? * ' "I M'irrty
S-r- t :C. i c.- si stt*?et Ci- ,
Avenue md il " ??' i-'.' btieet \. -. .-. JU Wash.
gt . *.t, :?*.' i ? ? s" ? ?. B : ri br .ct
Wil' ll '
iv.'., ?? Bxpr ss ' ot ps v *t ; rall tr aril eh-tcg
late a." ficiiu hotel cr r--* lenee ? ?: ? .
New York & Boston,
Pullman Limited
\<<u-Voik ,1 Xiii Hiern Kiiilxxa)
\ru-Votk A \?>tt-i:iisliiiiil ICailroad.
!n (-.-?nn'-eti in allh ManksthMI T*-nt d rtill'Tay ?:ul trtl,
Ai*.s :,?*!?? 115th St. lenah -.- Ml _ad Mk av* f:,iii**1.
dailv. ie Icc. it ?-?ws-rt)-. a: ll au P. M. arri-BSJ ls
g liles, -sst s'ln.cealA. *t I to A M. Bs -v..- c-tcl-d
iiirougu at X. Y ?* T -t.'-.o ., -ia Kt- I e.r ol- .tvs, asl
>Ubi -i. sud sin Ave.
Tl.s Rew-Tttk Trsasttt C rrp*nt will esll for and -iiwa
'.afgaes to dettl ?? f ss hotel* or reildtncl ia -nf
patt of the rltjr upon tppli-Uioa to arjr A _J-:f N-RM
?ces ia Ri b -y.. k or Hr .
I Nr:*.l.ss rilAlS ON BIRTH IXT **L"
Leaving Mouth c-m .' 10 17 P v: item w.tk RM
fain. Psi ' -eil:* Tat."-.
1ITY: Arcsds .'? wa Room, i D adw_y, lad iii
UnadWty, ?,i.re P man r'SS xat.on cai. BS otUlned.
Scepi-rs o|s-u tor *m on. n. iiul.oi, o' pBssSBgtlt _,? _'Jl
btfOIS lirsiiliii; tim* ut Ua*u.
_ Ueu. Manager. '??? Pat.': A<,nt.
Pelnxtnre. In. Uni, nunn nml Xle.l'-rn ll. R.
siiiliuii* in >??%?- \ oik luot ni lt.ii. lu i. ..I l lu i.ioi-htr
? Iiii,
IM I.I.ll \N t li lt lit?**- , ._
Direct route m N...i ...iv ... . Mj.\.t,l-AIR,
i ll lr- liilA.N..I_5, BUI-Ililt, U?iaa.Nl*, Ult, U.-.--I
Ridge. Matl.sou, Morttolewu, l's.-a. If-WritB, -is"*-,.
ICU. tlo.:. >Wi.lioot BL'DON I.Ah.1.. LA-aL Ul>.
1'AlCO.NU, RsckcUsltWO, hi ll .V 5 MU->*
i.UN Wasiiiii.toii. I'll I I.I.I I'-ll .. BAOlOJIi
XXAlEK ..AC KlltOI U_.lltiti. I', o Moil.:*..:.**.
BCItAXl'O.V I'tlisiUN IX ll.,. I.s;, ,iii.I.. SA.NII.
coivt:. han vu.1.1.. NORlii il.ARD, Mia*
tro,i-. RI R< i HAM I OX DM-OKO, N :.!,CH. Waite.
vlUe. I Tl' A, IHi Hllii.li hPHlN'-S. ir'., ii*.
gVlliifsE OSXVi-.'"'. ITHACA OnR'.'V Ri.MllU.
IMRRlN'i. Billi, ll I.NsXili C. I" li'U a J *il
iCnta WKsc, NORTH "A KM AND *?*.! lllxVL.il
Billi! A. M. ll i l-'r Al.i?. lilt! and s-Vr....' H.*.
I'l'.C.ss Pullman par or 'Br. x enact- at gu-us
with tram ioi xiiic*.". arri ting j ii a. m. a?I
Ti-_o A. M. ri ni i ii a Mi ON M.x ir., -wp* *t pnn*
i_. station.,
l:0l> I* II.-SCRANTON'. RINilllAMTOR BBd El*
MlllX I .NIT. I SS I'-il.i mi ,,.r ra* _^
4:1(1 P. M. " ItARTOS. IX .I.i, . -K.MiilKanl PLtM
iiiiit I .Neills*, Pullman iisri. ?ia .__
FUt I*. M. I" ll?IH I i'i I*') LIMITED EXliil?m
y iIIbm , sleepoi*. Arru-* ai .' :i . a -
PiOO I'. H. tiVliM -lil 1 I'll.''. tllC A *nl ObW'-sW
j..M'iti..s.s "iii't.in sleepers _
lil iv i.i.s ana I'i Cl.MIN Al i (Lill I H I liONS ll ??
M:.l""y -t snit ,.*' Hri'.id.i ir Hints at lerrj ?BBlott.
78.S and \)*i lt oddway, ...i IVeat l.'.i. .1 :.v, ..o.u.t.oii
sve., New Yolk. IX- washliigloi *i ... luHtn* tm
-1 it .. lien lim . ii-, i mi ? ? . - ? . . f .11 ??
fOruati'll. at Bil *,aif. - .
xvi'sr.iiiT I ? 1'jti ss COMPART alli rail rn tat
eti-.-ck tiaggag* frotii buUi or res.tl.-n , to lt t na-...a
CM, a.
ditto P. VI.-Dailv except Bunda* r,r Aianr. ?
iii.IP. .1l.-U.iilv r.,r All.ani Mitral I t ,* Sf-*1"*
R_?ht-t.?r. HuiTdlo. Msgaia l"sl!i T.ronto. tevem
Ch'cugo. St. Lei*. ? . ? th
Hi.lll P. M. Uuli. except .Sunda'. Itt Bteaatg.
banv. birsi.'gs and Montreal. ntnitw
lbI4 I*. IL BeJil '?" il'-anj I'ttca. Birttem.JgSZ.
ta;, liulaio. Xlagar* Kaili. Toronto. OA--A, tM-Bf,
HAVERSTRAW I"i'U.s 2 ti.'tMtjf .. ,j 4 fd,
NEW IC I'.i i LOCALS S 't. -10 U A. M . I '*?
6 SS -o .li' Ml 4j 1?. M., _,.. jo:**.*
Sleeptnj .ar, rr ii'.?'.*.>. ..s-Mi- nil*
Detrolt CT.i'i.o, e il : r ?.?',' . - . ,.v-, rj|
?DbI'.t P-r ticket, ' iH"' "'. ",T sa?
ra- *c ommodatleoa r lalor ubui. ? "*'*: ,,** f
vn Ml xx,!-. 1: .'.. -? r*-?i I; K ?- .' ,i* rat
fool ol Cl-..., *t . Vew-York Cltv fri. M- *4'j w3
aa- n--O.Idu 11 id Itowerjr, ll Rttt m-i-'C OJ
l,.SU)**t and it stations. ______ ASBah
" * c. E. LAMBERT. OSBtrM Pstweget ?r*? .
larouga train* Itu Chl-SB" ?"'* ?'"?' ,"?,",,,' sui "??
Yors. loot ot xliuii.ljct. -.1, UjiO, *? iwm .
iniiiut.-si-ar.ie. lt...,. Weal -J--- * . cnsiitB-JI1*
\).lO i.Ate. Pail t , car Eao-\Mei^
twteei H.r...il,ii.le to Ci... lii'iBW- Dlnl'| ?; .--CW*
,1 ,111 P. M. -?Ve.til.'U ? I.i;,. I"'- Suwwet. tt catoattt
O'.ilO tags m* Ckautaug-s i~-> ,,s";"1"r w
U-xe.and Ud 1 :n IBBBtl. D^??.*"* , , N a a * tW*
f >iit P. M.-so.ia -Min i- ' ??; "o, .,!,-ugj- a*9
():?*>() ?stg!lM w lionel-., lioi-iicicr and C-M-a
Kl F. M.-YUCnaii^iiQ-^-^^ruait
H:oW s.ui (.ii to LBlcsgs. aumper, w
xl.,,-, ibiiB... sn! 1 .n-innat Nr, fOjAAtAW
els; ?Cfit?3_-slS-?& ffiS s

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