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direct attention to theil
Great y Enlarged
on the Thir I Floor
of the new addition
to their building
In which they arc now
exhibiting large a sorimmts of
the most desirable class of
and Curtains
And in addition will offer
Antique Lace Bed S-ts *"
.. $7.50
50 Irish Point
Lace Bed Sets
st %J? / O
500 Embroidered
Japanese _*ilk Scarfs
200 Gold Embrd Japanese
Mantel Draperies
150 Daghestan Ru?s
50 Bokhara Rugs
w $9.50
West 23d St
Nsw-llnven. Conn., Kel.. _.", (spef Ihl..?The Vals
Traill AUiietic ASSOC-MB-* held io -day lbs Irs! ol
a series of live !mndir_p long-*_St__Mg run*. Thew
?were more tnan Hiiriy entries. Tlie totir*c wai iwo
und otic-half iiill>?. The rsc*- wa.s well cou'e*!.-, .md
cousWerlDg the condition of the trnck, Ut* linn nude
iras <r*?dlt*ble. William scoville, of Stamford, canis
In first In IA minutes. with Ruell McKeiver, of Chi*
csijo. second. The winners of the rirst, second and
Hilra places In i?i-r*e nina will receive vrUuablc *llv.i
I up--* _ _
A number ol pr.mitient Easton ?*|.!ee..n >h,.i*" left
New. York yesterday foi Chlcsgo, whei' th If will Uk'
part In the tournament to be given nv trie Washington
l'ark Club to-mort-ow and Tu*?*i_y. Wkils the J..-.-_?: i?
nen ere lu Chicago they will be the sj'.e.t* of trie 'lui.
aral will stay at ti., ??ran. I*mISC Hotel, A handsome
sii-.er u.piiy atemt by U.e Hsi-Ssi Bsaafselaftag Com*
jany sud lalund at S-00 will be th- pri/e, and Hie
coudlUoiis ol Uie touinam?-nt are a* fsllSSls Each man
to shout st tiretitv-tivr plfSSas, thirty yaids r?* Sn'l
fifty yarr** boundary; tie* to be gelded on th- prtnrlpls
of "nilss sud out." 'Amonij U.o.c who ?-irt?_ 1st
Chlcsgo were ISprSSSBtSUVM from the Cart-ret Olin
Club, of liei-gen i*niiit, R, J., tn- xounliy (lub o,'
\Ve,t<h-sU-r County, the "south RMI cnn, of Lon ir
l,l*n?, and the Tuxedo Club, of Tux-do Ps: a, R, V Ham
bete of .--.-,'ai Jr"nll*d*lphla club* and on. or tun
Irom the vicinity of BssSsa sm Blas sapsctol IS ko.
The chief object of the XX'a.hlnet rn l'ark Hub in if.
curing tlie pi.-.eiice of the Easton Usp-shooter* al
Chicago for thi* tournament 1* ty. r-i tl.sir ld.-.i- a- t.>
Uie best plan fer an International tournament t<> I." li I'l
od their ground-, usxt sutumor Pi conn--. ti..n with th
BfssMB Weir, and in svBicB ail i.f ti." sreU-hoown ferelga
??wing *hoU,*' aa well ae. Uie "rtwtt" ABMrlesa 11, .!*
Buen will be invited te Uke part. A tmn.: mil be
given at thc clubhouse, to-morrow even:tog ta honer of
the i_-> .-. visitors.
HOR,sr,s FROM raOMlBERT stock FARMS.
A MssSstB' sale of tr''ttiiij.' *to-k will take plie* on
towitta) sud XVi.lne.riny next ut tlie American lastlttltC
Building, where a'out, 100 bot-**) BIS non on exhibition
eu the -peed HM S.'.d ta lh< .tonie.. Thev were < oti
Sii.n< d bv vir.nu.. hieS-Sf, SSMBf the best Inion n ,.f
wlioni are Jamb Rapper!, "'. ? farm 1 at Po-gh.
ki.>l*-ie. H. Y. : the totals of (-..inn, Hat.-- Derby, Vt.
sud Crank B Tracy, Mn of the Serretory _ tn Rsvp,
whoao farm 1. al Aim:* lim, V. Y. Tha Is'tre con?
signment from William I'lciihatilt BchMOS Lak-, X. X .
?RI k wa.- exp . t?d to .? 1 j.?m in th:* -al", ho* una?
voidably le.n deuin.d ard ntl tike it. place In the
annual kale in Mar.!.. I'-t-r ( RsllSfS X. '.> are t>*
_? ?.
Red Hank, R. .1., V- b. '-'"> Bp* tal -V ur lee-jrsehl
?ti*, were ^iil-d h're t--> : . ;.-* I ..its on J -tut
I11R. The buatir.ii i.ud .tak-il' oul u <>u?.iu.*a-iiair*iiil.t
course alioxe Uie M0*-U BOMI-S, Sad thia ?..- -aii-d
over five times. Thc starter* wen Coauusfota Bimuel
W. Morfotd's Flaw, sail*;] by ?.any Mon..ri ; Kin .rd
Assy's lisisy, willed bj xXaiti .sutpiu-n. and Charles
Burd'? Zip. -ailed by her o.u.ei. A food bnese Wear
trout the aouthwe.at. but the tin,.* was slower than usual.
owing to the ?oft ice. Tin- iii-*_ MTS wa. won ny Hi
Fi**, her time boitie 30 Btinut-*. liais.v ssa -mond, alni
Zip ls?t. The ?e-or.d ra"- was wen in Ihe ii.ii ta 21
minute*, with Flaw -exond and /.ip lu-: igsil I
tiru ran. thi* afternoon Am)'* yacht eon ,n !* nnnut -.
Zip bellin second. The laet ra., wa* h-ta ea 1. /.lp
and B.l?y. l_(i latter rea. bel Ms I. meelah* Ilr-t 1, -
time Mag lo minuu-s. lip BsBhog J" ...uirl*. tater.
(sptaln Hurd cl?m,*)d that Uii- iiai-i tw um ISiUBd
Connor', ?uke ss the U-t ronna, sud th. judges csic the
Zip tlie race. All Ute biv yacht* l>ai< beni tshea sf
ti'C lc-.
New.Haven. Conn., Kel, ?-',.- Harry K. le.nut, of
Watert'iiry, Conn , wa. ,?;,- UM njisnsg I if the neivlr
orvsnl/ed Ysle Lsw School UsMM-l BIM Si a MCI :
ballot of (he school loki 1 ga .
Aa in.|iortant baeebsll deal xxa. .fte. ted ye.teruay, by
whl.b '.Viiisni Kains, the .lld isptsin of the ?.ia.it/-. I*
CNchsnged with the CMsstali club for OCSTSI Havis, one
of the irosl brilliant youhp piiiyer. In thc iOunlii. John
M. XVard. the new manascr of th. .New.York cliil., tele,
grapiiril Doll, to meet Mit ut thc st. .lames lion veat't
_ar. The apiKilnUneut ?i- kept .ind slur a short Inter?
view Dali* formally signed s Rew*Tsgft contrsct. li no*
remain* for t_e Cleveland ttatt to con.e u> -siiula.-tory
torin* with Ewing. Ju lievrlsiid the intention ls u. play
?wlog on titH Urns ia cs*, hu arm will uot permit him
M catch regularly. I
w!l plice on sale
To -.Wen o ', Mcnday
anoth.*r c lice ion of
Wrapp rs &
in th- lat st syles and :o:or.n0j
at tie lol.Owing
Exception Ily
Low Pries
Of French C allie. '-?-? %J %J
Regu ar Price $7.50.
O: Cashmne.
Elabo al ly 5
Regular Price $12.50*
??.,]? 8.75
Sh 10*50
Rec ular I'ri e-s
$12.50, $15.00 & .* 18.50.
West 23d St
Ni Ni TY 1 IN.Ni i s 1 vj 1 m STKD
Vague tumors I.ave been run en! for - - v.-,-.. I dm -
th.ii ihe * 1 ? I:, her Inter. ' irmli -? it ?? of the
largest Industrial . ?!.:.: "ri- lu tlie .-. n.tr-.. Yt
t-nl..y .i <li-|.:??'!. rame I rum I -???t .?n sn yin it thal
r.i.'ir'.ris c. prwt r, at that ri ly, wa, I ? head and
front ol Ihe movement, and lhal he was tb* rhnlrman
of a (..'iiiiil**"' ut len Runton nnd New Xi.ri. lest her
m r.ii.int* and manufacturers active in Hie establish
mein nf Ihe tri-'. lt mi- rei-r.rt.il. also, Lint thc
rapllal f the romHnation had already reached ***r..
OOO.OOO and Hint nt net j tanneries bad joined.
TB '-'"*? Yi'iii leather men generally bell.-ved ??? hi
in Hie combination refused lo give any InformaOon -rn
the subjeci yesterday, and ns h ? ?-. had been exceed
in.;., retlrenl, "'In*- ni aetlx'elj- int. t- -cd knew
lillie thal wai definite. It was learned, however,
that -mil :i ronibinntion had l""n planned f r se'/eral
months, ar.! thal negotiation' f.r ila" a-*orptl rn and
purchase ni a number of lannerle. n.-r-- c. Ing on. The
trust v.:i* nol !??* completed i*i it- detail*, it ws
snd probably wonld nol be for sevenl month 1
delay was largely owing to the fa t lhal ihe managei
..f th.- movement could im| agree with the owners <.f
.onie of th nMer factories, whlrh lia*! r.i.-.'iv iv de
prerlnted In value, as lo th.- lerms ot -.ri". The tra *
wi.uld be one bl the weallhlesl and strongesl In lae
rouniry and would Include .?-)*?..:. iv Hie man
ufaciurers ol hemlock lanned nie leal er ind ol
'? nlili.n crop" lentil.:'. "Iii!.., rrop leal et i
wi.ieh n.,-d now, .-md 1- prepoi -?; I i a mlxlure "f o.l,
sud hemlock l si Hs
Rober! Ilenjamln, ihe secretary of the piston .ini
Rew-York f"ui sole Coiipnnr. si So. 37 Frankfort *
snld y.'-terdai thal ' ...; ii ird thal ?*:... O.OOti id
siready been subwrlbed f?r Hie comblnntlon, ni <i I it
ti- managers expecied io enlist |iioo,ooo.(vs:i i.r.i.
tin illy closing negotiations. Prob: ly a few manu
farlar-ri would ,iai oul, bul lliej rould e*on !,-?
brough! f> t<rr'.- bf incl ? *: -' organlr.nlion. Thi
alli:,! c.i.'i . -, ?. r-intro! Ihe entl ol ? ..-i
nii'i -tor lill.-, whick would pul Hie outside Umi?
st th.- u er.! of tr.-' iras! for lark <?! mil -rmi lo ian.
He aK'i said timi -"1" lesli er, exr.pi '*'?' "
wris. oak lanned, had risen nea ri; * rei renl .1 pound
in the lasi i"*.v neil,*.
Hnii <v Vaughan, "f Ro. 1- Fern '. n.i ll. ?..
I Lapham A Co., ol No. -."' Ferr}'- I., aha sn get
* und. p*t.1 in I..- prime mover*, in it,.- indertn
?le-r lined pi rommll thoms) Ive, in any wei whatever.
Hoyt lirst her*, of Vu. Ti <?i,ld-*t., became Indlg
* nani al the innnni. - made ol them.
Cn.m i ayers ? :?! ber a i.id"i. al So, -- Sprucest
lt was le.-n..ii (hal Hi- trust, whlrh ? ?* orlgiuall)
supposed i"> en.l'i-a. <? all noli leather n. umi". Hirers,
. would pr. imi.ly not Includ. Hie ink-tanned product.
J. Fa, Ackerman, ol Ackerman, son a Hniminel,
ut .Xn li Xo. IS, brooklyn I-.ridge, -aid " I.. i Mi
j mid .lune lhere trna a temporary sgreemeni between
| toto-lealher manufarlnrcrs, whirl ? I .. .1 di-wn i targi
i,unlier >.f the lannene* ..i mi lon crop and b*m1 li
leather, ii." bMes whkb would have been 'worked
in * during those m.. months iv...rid nos I.adj foi
tm.iii.-t. Tl.e shortage in Mile i ath-t caused In ni.
way is beginning tt. lime lt, eRecl on price*, ... th it
recently all grades ..I those l.-utL.-r- have advanced
from i.ne r.. three rents h pound, lhere are ahoul
forty lsri'- maiiufiu'lur*rs of ibe leather* named In
New-York, earl, ol whom I- worth "it r?l ,000,00(1.
If the trust i- brougbl about theri' can b>" no quel
Hon as to lt* strength." "* nt dealer, said lhal lan
Her* had lo.-t tin. ugh tu" luw price ..! .,,!.? lilith t
In previous lem-, .mil thal now thal Ibo price bad
bera ti., r*:?-.-fi by the temporal*) h I Hann ..r last tum
mer they wished to keep up the pri'Si-m rondlllon ol
iii" market tin.,uni' the combination on foot.
Charlei I...-m..m. .t carpenter, ol No. .'..vi Third st.,
Rrookiyn, wa* employed jr< lerday Iq the Mort >.i
lirurkman 4t Co., denier- in dru;:- ,u No, :i Ila*t-st.
He saw *i,ni" rainbar brans In Hm store and ale Iwo nf
tl.cii. mlslaking them for cher-lnnl . Ile soon in*'nme
ill snd was enl i" Ihe chnmbet* stree! H.. pit al. ii
was -alii Infer thal in- un* i:"i in serloui danger und
would bc able lo leave the ho pita! in Ihe u-tcm sin, .
PSula letler li The 1 hllad Ipa lu ln<iuin r.
t'eraon, ramllisr wlib rerenl event, in Ftapire win
wonder whj M. C n-tan* Ita, :i"f !?<?? n In hided in Hie
newly-formed Cabinet. M. ('??n-tstis, li will ls n
?im mi...I-, ii. un- ibe Minister whine strong hand brougbl
t . Government safely ihrougti the lioulangrr di g-rs
and the exposition year. Tnere i no dcail.i lhal he
might at ant Mme bare Uie portfolio ol Minister of
Ibe Iiii,*icr if ii- wonld lake lt. Hui be will nut for
Ihe present, a- lt I* sn open *4*rrei that he record- Un
present i ai.iii"! n- one "i mw, designed lo Im'
knocked over "ii ihe lirsi ...?? s*4on.
?? xvi.ei' rou '.?<?: Ihnaigli wuntiing v.ur iiirtv llne'i,"
he l- reported io have .--i.i :.. l*Ve*idenl Cnrnoi -. n.
fill . || ??,. apr p>>S Of thc I'a li.i in.i *? a I,.la I I Will I 'die
to the rescue and keep order In the Kl reel, ..f Hui*;
but rou have gol t ? --t tiipiicii with til- dirty mr*.
This i* tbs reason why M. ' units ns would pol be
tempted by any lenders of ri cshtnei position made
lim nt the present lime. Ile I* bunting bigger gsmel
icu person, know, bal i bare n nn the i..-t author*
Hy, ie adroit way In itlilch M. Cnnstan, disposed ni
(i.-nera! lioutangei Bl Ihe time of Ih, latter1.* pr. f.t
p.-j ni I a ri, v. Ile |>nt I spy In iloulsnger'a I.ouse as
rook. Roulanger <l:s. ..v.-ri-il n.i- a rt Mee Hint secured
a *;.i iii M. Coastal)*' service who was s police
official. M. Con.tun . In bis tum. found tM* oin.
and one drtv called the .|>! InlO his private room Mi
*,,nn* trivial pretext, and theo, les ring him alone
lhere tor a Iee minutes, srranged tbsl bis eye -I.mild
lui upon a memorandum icrlbbled wt s piece of pip- r
hine .rn lils de*!;.
The ineniormidiim bad oren lefl lhere purr-..- Iv.
of course, hut Hie spy did ti"t know that. It read :
" Have noulanger srresled it ?'? "Mo. li" Thal nat
-StiHrtefit. nnd the tln-t thing the sm illd on leaving
tin Minister mi- t" In'orni Ostlers! Roulaoger lhal io?
was to li.' nn-est.'d within I fe" hours. The hour
marked for tba arrest wu* ". o'rioek: -toner*] RoalaRRer
looli the I o'clock trnln for RmaseB
M. Conatam smiled ?
Don't nils* Hi* gorgeous lp* rt aria of fro?.en Msgnru.
Twelve train, every day bj New-York Central. .'.
Simpson, Crawford
& Simpson.
Ladies' Cloak and Suit Departments.
In un? Ladle*' Suit and I .oak Uep-rt
meats we will ".T>-r cn Monday, ?nd
il'inn^ t!io week,
Continuous Noveltlcd In I.i.nfl..11-111 clo
Jacki;rs, aili ran* and Berlin made
CAPES, Irom thc leading arti*!* of tin.****
cities, at very m-drtate price*
Shall als" make large addition* In ont
Collection of STREE! COSTUMES rn iii
? mr own 11 "i Ur..iiiiis, piiilio'lyi.12 lh_
ni'ivc-t conception- ol Parisian faahion
our popular STREET sills, made in
choice pattern* "f Import-jd Tw**-_ ind
( hexiots, al
.nr.-- equal lo mix made lo ordM Snit*
c".rin,; three time* thc money.
XX c millie nn chu-cr tor altering elilicr
Ladle*' nr Btaoea' llanka ar **-uits.
Millinery Novelties.
Wo are now show in ? our Spi ii :
importatio is oi Ronnel*, Round Hat;. and
Toque*, i" ? tin 1 11 Kn u lu e ? cl pelion
of choice and extreme n iveltie* in I'
ti riii-i," I M.it*, .-ni.cr i*"; iii" l?*l I'll I*
of tl,.- leading makei ? "f 1 rance, Sunland,
Italy .ml Min'.rl.ci'i
.\l*o a lane ais-ortment .,f Freiich
Flowers. 0.*triclt >e.,:*. Millinery Omn?
ium: tr* .uni iiiiiiiiiin :*. Novell) I.a..*. A.
Sixth Avenue, I9ln to 20th Street.
I" BPI iii IS "TH! i : Cl x" IN Till. Ml I
li xl;, xn m . ?, -" - : \ iii*'
.1. ph .!? ff. !?-?'!? I kilos ? rill ovei 1 ? ? 'ii :.
in ail.ir. N'..t long .*.*.? h< !.'?. '1 ni H:.i a fl
iv f (I. lip ll fill ?. : ,'? '. *?:?'.' ' : : lill
md be noa Sppi 'I i:. the *.1' :???.. I ? . i ... " 1 ' ' a
. ? Cir. 1. >' * ' li n!'!
ind studt nt 1 of Val. f'< i' ge .rn "The In
I* ell*, 1, 11 ? ??- ia ,:??".. I
'nil enjoyment "f anj ? :'"rt on lbs part <?! un] ? ?
f- ' 3** mJwf
1 il I 'i IPI RSrtN
I enc* and lob ? ? ?.? rt ai li 1 hunns n* ll * *?
,i Mr. .!? ll. 1 ..ri : I . .? ? i ? . Ul 1 ? I uni)
l I ir si .? 11 fruin bl. na Iii**. 1 ?
-.ii I. n ff. rd. ?* ? tc Iii"
dwell. 1 > w-Yorfe d one lo 1 1 people 1 f
I land.
' I hr! :r/ rill Introduce Mr J*fTer*oi on '?"'?
da) nigbl to the audi.? '; .i i 1 M . ?
Hall 11 !..?-, ie will ^-,i, u lecture Ol I It:,mn."
III lat M'ii Ihe 1 rai :> . '.- 1 r> e|ll< ?'. Bl
' ? 'tl e .,, ? f * first opp* irani ?? In
Ni a Xor.. li< .. li . inn 1 it Will b, f.r Ihl i ??? ? SI
ol ll ? n, - Vorh Rlt derrarlen \ netatlon Hie
object ls ll Toiiglili commendnlde and worthy, ai ' I
pituri r.i' 1 in- :o I-- i. grsal pleasure i" all
-.iii,, ii.-- r H. li af in !?? tm H I ei
p. t.-i that he sri ead tlc graveyard rene from
-Hamlet . : .1 hi own vet ? <n th>- Rh L?*penre
Ri . .... , .t.'r. ?.. .
i'i,.i< r . e.i I* no nrglng upon lbs puMIc ..f
? 1 len 1 lal .1 ti" fain.- .er.'! chi. rm of J pb fi ffi rant
wnii nil lhal is i.<:muini In Ibe drama hi h"- lons
lei I hit lip,- age :.mw
lo Ihl . ? t:.?? 1 t;f\ lo di a gentle mt ..! kindness
foi "i ' of Hi me t 1 ? Dutiful Iii i'i,ie.' . Hu Art!,ur
Winier Bemortnl LU inri. Il ls a foregone conclusion
.. ii i.e i*. m 1 ? pri ? li ' hi .1 ti -i 1 -kulde sndl< m
ll. |. n n non ni ed lo 1 omi 1 tl Friday ? vening, Mar li
:;. c. peak In Hi imllioom of Ibe < utile*. ,,, Ile
1. ill d. Uv, 1 ll.: ddrei 11 in St iv Vork Tl,e
.1 will 1.. :, rat" ., di 1 . ll lui. I : e tim-- I
so short 11,at nil 1. ? .. ? f. 1 . ni (limit. .1 c.
V", bauld I- ',- pl ir.;,llv lo Mr. li''!? ii. . V
Pnrllnglon, Nea lirlptiton, Thi Urkeli will be placed
al fl eat b.
WOT ES OF i'll si M.E
Tl.WTon !? r of I.ii a" 1 n m rle rf n sn 1 ll 1
"v ,ii. Iii -.,'. ' ii le. r. pre .1 Ing ll ...til r. tm.'
. ? ? .ft!:, . "iii ill . " ll .. .1.: re d! 11 ir*. ? lc
'. itt P. MtvI, . I '? ide -,, lng me. hst leal 1
feet*, the 1. .'.'I melli ria of .- nu I lage
l!lr.min.-I: 11 cl ph jed III Iii* Mp III III* Mn il
iii..de use "f iii de repre en itlon ol Hie Man molli < ave
,,r I."iiiu. ky, 1 ?? Harden of Hu Hod h. ? oliirndo; ihe
yosemite '. sile). th. \l 1 ka thu li 1 . the hoi - prtn 1
snd geyser* and the t.mnd Canyon awl fell of n,.
Vl'IIOWStone N.,11 m.il falk, alii ..'i.r ..|ii,ii!i lr,t.-i
e-iini' -..ii-,. Tlie la'.-I tppctarli" of Hi- limn
- ? rill bc g v. 1 at Um* I arm p li M li Hall ll we. h
1,n M it.-. , . la) an I ri ur day ? ..,,,.. ? , sud
W'Cdl.lal tlftl : ii" III.
Tlie limnsr bas-relief ..f Kivin llootfa nnd Wiake
spenre, which was presented lu Hie !.* ..- * fund I iii
by Mrs, Rachel Rc A uley, lu- after mani delayi been
completed and ls now ..11 exhibition In fl Ifs ny' win
d"W. -il.-re lt 1- .-.Urn.'lui; attention ..- ,i woik .,f
Bri, . Ide from tl.e 1 h. niii-iM. , .,11 ti., ie,1 sith li
production. The work 1 bj rite-dor* lintier. The
price h.* been plac.-d st fl.onn. nd nllhongh ? gift
to thc Actor** I uini. ii l? designed for Ihe li..i.r
ilni., io be purchased hy Its memU-n in .imre* ..f ti
..'nil. Al. those ulm Imvc air. adv ex pres ed I
desire to pa ri lei pele in iii' compliment lo xi. Hool ,
are Joseph Jefferson, .X. xi. Psi mer, Hays rd falling,
Prank Bulger, Rdwln Knowl-*, R. H. sotbern, Will
lam R. Andrew*, ll. H. Dominick. Daniel Prob ms ii,
.Liiiic- Lewi . -ilinl'i' I.. I'ai-"iis. I'., g, Rills ni,
W. C. ?nven. i.e.,ni Furragul, Clarence t*. Rori, Let"'
H. Raff, John Drew, Jordan I.. Rot! and Richard B.
Hunt. This u'lft |. road* hy Mr. McAale) Iii uon:
i.ry of h.-r basband, familiarly known s "Harney"
RcAnley, and lil* friendship for Rdwln Booth.
Rotwllbslsndlng the inn.i um. ,,f ii,,. Manhattan
Athletic club. R. .1 lil.e. the man ger for "H. M. ?*.
Iliiaior...*' lays tl m the Manhattan Theatre hus i?.,.a
rented by Cornpan) c. SM Regiment, sud the p.-r
torm ace will tai," place on Tuesday evening, regard
lc . of Him..i I., ii,.. , .mirari.
i..r ii.I. eventag the -, x'* ann..an... nu entertain'
flicnt at Ho- Mai Theatre. Anion., the milli ulm
viii contribute c. lt ur.- mu,.. i'.,,|ti,.f,.it... Miss Madge
i.e..inc. .i. ff, K.iiy. Prank Raab, Will 8. Rising, ti,.
Royal Hccdek Trio, Renard livtlvi. Pred Solomon,
Klux Burke, uer;;.. Marion, it.,--, gad Fenton, lloracs
BandaR, Horace Wheatleigh and *-,?,, Dearin.
,li tlr-i .f Heorge Kiddles reading, lr in Victor
Hui.', win occur on rue-da; nfl moon ic :i ito o*etoefe
n the Conceit Hali of ti.e Madtaaii tefltae Barten.
Tte piHi chosan ls -nny ni,*.- The Potholders ure
Mr*. M<K. Tiioiiil.lv, jir?. Koie.t ||0 , tja*. J, c. XVII
raerdlii'-, BdfBf 1'awrctt. k. I". QrH. Mrs. .1. T.
(?urgent, Mrs. Henry de Co-pp-t, Mr.. Joseph ll. Chonte,
Successors toAT.Stewart &Go.
Silk Umbrellas,
?JO* ANO _?. INI ll.
Superior Silk. Front best Foreign and
American maker'.. Quality and con?
dition guaranteed
O yr i,do.id from A on.
3.75 " " 5.**
4.75 " " 7.??'
C QQ I n_li.li ml,,, Q .IO.
7.50 " 10."
Ladies' Shoes.
250 prs. Button Boots.
I r, ni h Kill. Iliuiil Niiinl.
O OO rt lim iii Irnin /^ OO.
Ami Similar Bargains in Miss s' and Boys'
and (.::!*' Sho -.
Ladies' Underwear.
50 o reduction in
Challie, Cashmere
and Flannel.
Tea Gowns
at 5.??, 7.?, 10.?? up to 35.??
350 Fine Silk Waists
at 5.?, regular price 7.?
at 5/'?, regular price 9.?
and at 7.??, value 10.??
i:\ IO." and 12.?
^^ Silks. ^^
10,000 yds.
23 inches wide,
dPi i_i ccn,m 1 J-*?
o? C_t__S P?e inrd. taluc I* ,
in all softest EVENING SHADE!
20,000 yds.
Fine Cambric Edgings
(2 to 6 inches wide),
al *?*-> north .10
I Acta*
nnd ni 1 *~* north .J.l
30,000 yds.
Handmade Torchon
and Medicis,
18, 20, 25, 30ar?,35-'p-r-_.
250 SPRING CAPES and WRAPS, all colors, at $16.50. 200 TOP COATS at $24.50 to $42.50.
And balance WINTER WRAPS at 1-2 price.
un v_/ n _?
have i ? . i ii .' i ' : Un I
xx .* it.* Ire l - ? i* public, ind ? i I
,. . . - . '. ? imii-M
C . ll n fi - ? ? r ?, . I *.', .. .
X A i I j
Palmer & Embury Co.
y 1893 S|_
Minti! Sf OB ADI
26 W.tt 23rd Street,
w ^39 wi 4? St.
' ? r .,..,: ....*-.?*
u-r ,f fol lim i c. ? ai _ Iii * very * av gi , . 1
. v. ' ll . ' i
*?-.?? . ? .. ? - r S' i I.I l?
? "Ml 'lil IJ. i. . ' ? . * 1.1 .. - u r
i.r.'.* -n Cstai tu. Tb. MiM'ii'.i) 1,'I.mIV'. li:.li
< (I 19 \X-.T | |t|| .! \ x
Ul Ki ri . i'i iv K \ ni. ii uri rw. Mi.. Jacob
Wendell. Mr.. j. r-aii I. Men ind Bf. li lt
in. i nil i?Ii.- er, ul ih. ri li agu and xii inn ri. ?
te ? I'., Hf.rbi dMl
a Inter ?f I nb*) ii hat*. l?-*n In, It.-il t i ultu.-** il,**
1 ? '. M ??:.'., 'rt" ? Mni ll I'l-' il,
th* li ..'l?ii\ I ate* cr, \\. il- ? .1 iv I . ;. i .
tl ri | , .ll.i il i BplO ci ? . ,; I ' i ? : '. i* I
I',iirl-.* ball [i.i .ii > ? . hint un I
! ive :? . ? ii, r"t-tiing ., purl! "f AtlliTt" ill
lauri*!* Ir"lu ;i 'i ? lr" nil!'- th. \ ure ..ti
their ?,'? lu pint tli< Un ehall (ame whlrh look -.
nu ii level ireii li ??! ground n?iir Ihe -^*,?:i*11x.
a !? , under tb ai ipi" ? < of th* Bal, nlon
Irnij be bell al A--.., lat I >n Hall Ttn ul -I
mr) Kourib Axi mi Tn "I i> ? ? ning In '? 'I ??,*, ul the
Rr* ii,- lii.-i ? Man I li lb *:. *? I lead the I *tleg . I
alli tie .i...-i.,i i.i nil ni. Sta , . - uti and Reteii"."'
ii l,l i*xpl iiu fnl ? Ihe tn- i* i. ;-, i
U' ti ii,,ri. and ii "i the -ttl '., nolve ii.- \r l.n
.I'i it -. ? I -i ? ? ? ? r re* 'ne .I
refm nation nhl' ii tin r ha >J i I ?
,' ki In il ? ' ad<' | Un lrl? in th*
ii ,
vi i . ll rill bi
In lil mid i ii ni ? ol -i n I min ? I lr pu I l|.
ii ' i.ii. In \ - . lailuii ll ill u- i all , md lion I .
Ill-obi' n, t.ii ia m nln 'I * full ling mil h.. ihe
Ikei : -, I ir :,. st, phi i \- \X 1 Ile, ? tiarle* A.
Mi.,rr and Ihe li- i |l v I I . Ili-brew
11,.- i -,<inis Mi il, i ito ? alli ii ? i>( al So 17 \\ i -i
I oft! '.,1 .1 -t lil in ? i .'l l-tl alu ? ? ? lin Ipil
?ul p-i-t, in i,. di n -li- -'l he Tn ?luii'tit ,,i ir , in ni,,
'"".'I ,,f \ m ian - " i.i Dr. i . di ri. Pi t-1 mn
Vt., a ? ?? ng, lui Indln ? ii.?? '-I.- i."I, ? f ,,:i i.-i?-. nf
| ii,.- a,-ul i.,i ,,' s.i.ii ??-. inn h lii-ld ,,i 11,1,11. Hall,
' I "I".Hil.U i lilli ?? IH I ? im. -VI lilli l>. . II Illili: '"ll
IV iii ii elli i id ii i"i ? i "i lin "i'i.f .'ii 11
.Im-e the i- if , in i alni li ii ? i"-|-n i I in \|i|-ir.in .
and l,*i'i * linn- -.''
ii.mal rbarll] ball "f Ih* Purim \- ,, :tih.h alli
i.-.i ? ? I _ ? ? - al M eli- -ii Ho, nv-* liaid ii on Mai hu, In aid ul
Uta I : III I ll. Li. i-. i '.,.. it.. i h. * . ,,. : c. .1, . ii i|
ii, in ,,f tte- 1.1.1. -' -ni iii., ? .'i,'l i-? lilli li Li .1 tami I ii ,i
n.i .iii.
I in- tenth ui..mi , i. ,i ?. dlnnei , I ti.-- Authur * flub alli
bc r/iie;, ai ri.- Hotel M Deni* an Tuesday evening nt
J .,*. I... k.
'Mic -?.ul .?.f Mond i ii . rn : ' . ? by Mw.
Ililli >|,i'i-.-i i '? ? ? :.t mi i, :..i ti,. i,,n! , .ii., alli be
?in .it Hu home of M xx v i atti 1 *? ll, No. IO Weat
l-if.it'.li *i . at ll ? ,,, i iiiiiiru* The *n-t lecture
v m i,. ,"i -Mi t i ,f Momeui lu Man, l.u, I " l ,?
? ,, , i ;? ??-1. i r*. I -r XV hal Miall xx. Am, ?" alli ba un
Mnr.li t, ul H.- I """' "f Ml ? ll XX. vVIIHam*, So, in
XX t| lu*-. . ? ...t'i :.
V ,. I'i.I i.i ir.! i latioti I tl I', lief .
Natl.,nai uuard, .will have a i -union and dinner on April
SI, in , ,.i ...mm i r ...I .'. , ?? , i.i ,-. ,i, ol the departure ni
Um regiment foi ii.'- War la IBtil. The annual meeting
und t'lecltoi] .f "in.'i' mn pi.le iii. n.r 1'aptaln
I, ls. Bingham, So. I.' I'.,. ? *?: . U um ?' 'h. 'limier
coramitti ?
a mealing ol Um Boord ?( iiiu allon alli te held ut
4 p. W. o:i XX .-il'... I .\ .iff .ll.
Arni.,un- client,.
iii sky A Dam ru m D
*."> XVI'.-. I- -.rn ll sr.
T)|.r?.e. nf tli" Kervou, Kraieni, i.enlto-Urinai-f Or-tint,
In potei . \ ind Bterllltj Hoar*, mi., i. :, in m.
- ~?
Heat lliur '.rower :m.l Dressinir. Dr. Hava'a
Hair Ile*,th. Ite.Uir', yo'ithfnl color tint beau:, to _r*r
, attr. Don't .iii .Kin or Huon, briifflnt. ...i
? -_- __
PHILLIP*' lin.i wi i m.i. f.ii- ,\
I* inor* dellrlooi in toole aad tum than my other ama.
rntioti nf coi<a i.r ehaeotale. latiij d'gu at ad
E. 4 W.-Thej TjUMjl link cuff aliould bo
worn with our Token* or Nu KU* collar, t. a XV,
Poe thia week ve ihailoiat PABLO- SHH LIBRARY
**i IT*, at eitreeaelr law pri"* J'mi THINK OK A
I.OOO -I IT OP IMF. PIF.<*r> FOR *.,0. and on our
nilli.vin li.ooh we hiv- a r..w blgk-elaai MU wi
have mail..-' PROM t***- up Thaao wara aaarted from
?i ii ni', mu '"r ioma ?? iaoB or omer they ha'? wen io*
tellera, therel ro thia groot re! u ilea,
If ion tie th.rikma "! ..*ln: , PABLO! OR Li?
ll If AUX -I IT coeae at nneo an.| m**.* rt-t ,electon.
? r -XX IM. Ri I'l lt I MT.
HIV lilltl.lT AMI **AVK MONTY.
**,?.{ Till". (Jill BBL I Alli. I HOI "-P..
You Can See Any Day
The Singer Parlors
The Different Varieties of
Art Needle Work
In Process of Manufacture
On Singer Machines.
The Singer Manufg. Co.,
Cor. I6t)i St. and 3d Ave.
>'"K l-l l.l> II - I I LA Iii HINi,
I l*?M'RK x. Si DF.TKN I MX
*,.,,,- I l*."M lU'MNF.SS SI -l-l i-ni.v H.
i.i -i r. vi * i' ti ok s rn.i - -.1 \ r
I i;I.i
oe. x. it .ixxii-tiv.
li xxi-.i -.lilli ??i., \. \ . i m.
Ctarh x Brochaay. Honrj u. Ikhi-uiieiaeo
Furniture and Decorations.
M'l.i TlOJi "!?' '"li M'ltlNi. -TOCB.
xvi. rlAVr. i Alli li'l.l.Y BULBI I'l H
i hom rilK I.I ..\ lil N.. M AM IA' nit,
INii 1-.1 xiii.isiixii n : ?. .wu iifii
OWN : \i i"i;v Mas itii mi i i ii BX*
I l.t'MX'll PfRXlHHlXOS WI ll'iMI'S
THIN ul' i -Vlilli*-1 I, 111 Viii;.-,.
BROADWAY & 26tb ST.0
China, Glass and Polterv
Silk and Wool Fabrics,
Armure Sillage,
Cristal and Bengaline,
White Veloutine and Crista
for Weddtag I.nun*.
for Honor and J'Teuin-f Wear.
Tribune Almanac.
350 Pilli I.* *-*.? C-Ufl-i A COPT.
Some of the most valuable tables
ever printed by Tbe Tribune Almanac
appear in this number. A map ot
the World's Fair (Jrounds is pre?
sented, in addition to full particulars
about the Fair. All the usual statisti?
cal and political features, aud many of
special aud great importance.
Copies can be ordered throng- any
newsdealer or news company, or pur?
chased at the office of The Tribune.
ALMANAC. IH-Bi A rrnll- -plentll- number. Plrll
of the areal Alumnae* oa the market. 'MO pal***
Nott i emly, 'ii irnmn. cot!,.
KMTTIMJ AMI < KIM ll KT. New. Wllh meal
pu ac* ilr?oli-il lo hon*ehold ile, or,ii iou aad la?_l*ea>
ii cnn* a copy. _
MILLIONAIRE*.. A complete lit! of the RAwHtRm
Hotwire* nt the I nltril Sin tr*, nnd how Hie* nnidett**!'
iiitini-t. Only 11*1 ri er compiled, x it I ii it r> lr- io *t mleei*
i , .m.mn.i* nml pi onion c. ol uaw enierpriee*.
cent* it copy. In flexible dolli, 91
NEW NAVY. All ihe nee/ war.hip* described. tAS\
lllii.liotioii*. mid Including a 11*1 ol Ibo ol. aatf*
ni uniiiii-ut., eic. ii , i-uii, a copy.
AVAR ?*TORIKS liter 40 mle* of the 1*1*11 HSttAH
I alon .nlilicr-.. I n*|ilriun. thrilliua nnd pnthrtir.
ol thrill ttrlltrii tor Tribune cu .li |iri/.r?. -JiceBl*
llll. ISSfF.-,. The he*l of Rowell li. Ilorr'e orrt*
rle* In The WeeUI, Tribune on ibo Tni-lll, ? luaucoaoa
Miter, -.iceni..
VILLAGE INI'ROVKMENT.-Two chaniilnaarllflea
by li. li. Northrop, the prime mover In ihl* work. ****?
York Hiv men wini winn lo help beautify I heir ooli ra
io? n* in ihe ? ? mini r, .Im ii lil reinl lill*. & cent* * copy.
NOKTIIKIKI.il. 1J?_"4. The eaerrlae* lhere- 1?
erm* u copy.
CIIAITAIQIA. IriO'i. -Profii.ely illaairai-A. WES
alory ot tim *en*ou. ii > eui. a copy.
"Oin CHA! NI EY."-A Trlbone premlam. A?J
reaulur atiberrlber to Tho Tribune roo gel ? WM ? ?
rent*. A delli'iou* piece of lon. ttrlnen by l*?*c ?*?
Bromley for Ihe Volo alumni. I'r?lii*ely lllu*ir-tieo mt
Benrd aud l.l_?oii.
HPF.RIIIErt.-Tbe beat ot the afler-dluaer orotorfoa
loot winter la thia eily, ii couta.

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