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FEB. 26, 1893.
PACES 13 TOtZtf.
I nth St., 10th St., and -Sixth Av.
Imported Co0tumt0*
i, .vrnXMi-M'.-i POUCr-THE EMPEROR'S
Dorii'i. Feb. _'. Emperor willi.ru mu present ni
an ???**.? lal dinner given la-t tii--iit bj Dr, run
leebkher, secretary nf tin Impel la] Home *. flic, and
representative of Ibo Chancellor. The Emperor ked
t_e conversation, which waa dex'otod tn Ihe ona hu
Kirbin.; topic In poll Hen] rlrele*? tbe forrontlori <>f i
great agrarian party. Chancellor x'on Cnprivt, who*
t.^.':d,y wan yesterday, waa Ihe univ Minbtei who
in trot pm ir. iii" Bmprrer, oflerlng a t<>nr-t to
too CiiniKcll'T. alluded io lil- nacrinclng bl* pn -.?,>.*i
Bahngi i" Berrie, lo Ihe -tate and t" i.i- ildelltj
to his Emperor In tuck Ict-m*. :i- inspired t!i" i ni
victlon among Iii- beams thal Chancel! r vimi Caprtvl
alli lu- driven from ofltre only when the Emperoi
ajinll hare been forced io auccumb befo._ an over
wbelmliic defeal td tLr* Imperial policy
'Hie agrarian eoalldou*, while asserting loyalist
fevci-cr," i let ibe Emperor, practically demand a
ic0lc.il change In the Imperial poll >. l.u strength
of tf.r- ?flt-Oon Lit l'\ Up- Fanners' league develop
OsiiT. Since tbe tgrnrian Lrague formulated Its
programme every day baa Been adhesloni to lt from
kyiorwl interest!, tte Congress ol the uennnn Agri?
culturists and Ibu Peasants' League, with 40,000
membir^ nf ti,-- Financial and Economic Reform
Union, a_ l the Bimetallic Association, have lucces
fcivciy announced tin ir tull agreement with dc ob
jem of the Afiailaa League. Tbe wlrepnlleri ne
hind nil Brae aaaoelailona tue Hi*- nine, bul ai lb ?
it.ige change* -liieront peravni appear lu Ute teene.
Tnt) plot tenda to one reaull, Ibe overthrow ol Von
taprivi. protection in ibe agricultural Intereata, and
g return to blmet.illl.m.
The leader^ i.f th.- ocilitioti already feel powerfn]
enough to rt clare lhal nothing abort ol a reversal ol
the whole policy of tb? Uoverameni Mill ? intent
them. As th'- Emperor cannot t?-- expected to a, ni
to their demand-, the party alma al a '"-i solutl-m ol the
Mcfeatag m tl.e ari'f-t ixHsible moment. Fortnldable
In it-eif. the oaaHtloa i- farther '. >rtlfled by a union
with the Antl-.-i-.nlti.-.. Th? I...-:,;i - - - League, in
ape lag to dtawtrtve and merge Itsell Into the Agrarian
league, pi--.d ii reaolntiou declaring that Ihe agnirtnn
Inter*.-;* muat eonaolMate in order I i thou a bold und
unit*, front to Radlcnll-m. FoclaU*m mirt .1 urta!-m.
Tbe rc.-'>lu'ioii. lound u bnndred-foM echo through
cat fh?- i'limtiy. T'ie Fretrdnnlgi pres, at .Um
treat*-, the movement *.*. i111 pretended contempt. Tb
_$t-tii">:i !.-. too obviously potent dow to be dlscusvd
ot_erwl.i- than ??rfiu?ly. Aa election at Lalgolti
Utheno a Stronghold of the rYeisL_nlge party, glvln ?
it tl* last preceding election only IM rote* t" tho
Aaa-f.'tntilc candidate, nearlj result.**1 on Tn.-sday in
a ftes!nnlge, derc.it. jj -rr Hertwlg, an adv irate, wh
wfif, the Anti "mille candidate, received upward "',
5.000 vote*. ag_h_*l 6,000 i-n-t tor the Fi talnnlge can
Minta. Heir ikrtxii'.-'. tale claim to tu. rotes ol the
tleotdn wai thal he waa rounael ta Rector AW
wiinit in the recent libel nit brought against that
gated Anil-Semltlc. Ha owed i.i- beavj poll ???
? rratlva retea. A reba! I wai ncee, arv. and ihl
wIR probably rvaah In Ihe return ??! Ibe Freblnnlge
ratidlda:.-. In tbe in;,n ll. the mormon*, ll
In the Antt-Aradtlc vote baa diamay d thc Libera , ?*
ai<- regarding their rhaifes ai -cant tn the tum b< > lu;
Tue toperw I- fbHo-Ing the moremenl witt clo
att'-'iiiou. He directed li-it Luc;.nu-, ihe thiel
his private eaMnet, to -end iruated agenti to attenl
the ?grattan meeting*, and io telegraph reports from
Ur* mri us centres ol tin- country.
Trine.- W*gnarr_ la In Ibe 11 >-? _t touch arith thc
agrarian leaden. He tu. responded t" expressions
of devotion sent to bim from several meetings with
H--_:_.'i<v- that he 1- In full ,yuiputhy wllh the agra
rtnn agitation. Tha "Hamburger Naclnrlrhteii.* lu a
lerlea cf articles nbviiusly Inspired bj l"rlnce 111
marck. incite, the leaders <?! the movement ii"i lo
abate Irelr a I tar-h* np i tbe Uovernmcnl, and pre
-lits their final triumph.
Bettor Ahhraril wai rdeaaed fr un tbe FloeUen
tee jail yeaterday, bli sentence having eiplred. iii
Nhaee tm made tbe ""-...i ? n ol a demonstraUon \
Ifct Antl-emlllt -. llttt Hertwlg .i!id Heir Werner, a
memb-r rd tbe Retrhatag, denounced tbe Hebrew* In
tha maa] violent manner ol the Antl-Somlilc,. Ahl
war-it m. ii.a:'i!\ . i.<. r.-i upni declaring thal le
?ta prepared lo forfeit lila liberty again ll F?y ? *
etop he i inn only hasten lin deiiveran.f tin
l*t!ieij:,!i<t from the loaUiaome plague ol Judaism.
Alilwt'tdt tonk bis seat in the Kelchtlag ti-day.
li.'iuirlcs ii:ad<- at Ike Foreign Oftce ai t - the truth
of the leporti thal negoUatl m. are being eond icted for
a Qera__n-Amerlcan ? mmerclal treat] developed the
tod thal no eommunlciUon, of an) hind are prtc etllng
The rejn.it.. jia.i their ba i- In requests icnl !?? Hie
1 Ign "iiic t? th,, dldo-enl Indu-irial renir?*s for r
e r aa lo the way In whii h ex p. ul., laid bo?n ?
uii<!.-r the operations "f the McKinlix la m. Tile In
|nlry Indicate, thai Chancellor Von Ca prl vi Intend, lo
ioiin'1 the Cleveland Oovernment on - ime rommeriial
brtangements. lt wat learned thal tie- A'aonRfi ^iad
nalbr decided npdnsi u*lng maire as n regular mix
lure in rye bread. The War Olhce triod twenty-six dil
.'ei*iit kinds,of malse mixture! with flour, i\"-. etc., but
?ene waa found _sU_actory.
The Oentrista celebrated the Pope*! Jubilee arith a
dl-D-r at ihe ]t'>t. l BaBerbof, Prince Anton von
B-dtfwi:] preatdlng. Tbe health of Ibe r<it?<- wa,
touted wit!, fervent entbuala m. Telegram, from
Herr-_]]< ',-, [,,, the Omtrial envoy, my that tba I"!"'
?- appro\??? i the party's poMcy iti the Bdcbstag, aaah
?jig Oiitri-t support of tbe Army bill dependenl upon
the Govi-rumeut permitting Ibe recall of the l< lil
lhtueru, Ihe Centri-rt* hax'e avoided siipportlng ile
?grirultun-i movement, if tbe Hovernment oppoaii
vj* ret ii rn ol ibe JeMilts, many memben "f ti"- pertrr
*la nnhc>it.itinglv coalface attn ihose nupporting thai
ai'iveraent. in the nif-an while a friendly feeling Inward
^?tholics prex'tiiici in ofli'lnl quarti-r*. Oiiii-raJ von
jf*. Til*. iM-nniti Knv<v lo tlie Vatican, who I- a
___oll<-. U. lt is ri-iMirfi-i. meeting with a cordial rc
Jp":! fr itu Cardinal Ram pol bi, Pontifical Beereinry ni
ft having been stated In rert-ln newapaperf that
fkanrelior von Caprtvi wa, about t? marry a widow,
?*w*s naked for mf-t-aatton on Ibe aabdect. Ia
J^pon*.- to the Inqatry, the ilianceBor eent ii"* follow*
Mj-naaaai throofh hb adjulnnt, Maj"r Ebmeyer:
?y compliment-, in.i 1 nm nun li I'*' 'ld for such a
'TIE KAISFt'.'s BBH4BI1 XT Till. xxiU'.l.Ii's PAIR.
IU?-hMta Ih.'it top-NT Wllllaiii will send t" the
Chicago (i.lumlilaii KxllbHion litcludc the K?-ld cup
I*,*ente-_ to him by the RUM i'rivinies and an
IJlurnlnste- auiTreH,, pn seiited !?> XVIIII.'im I. Two
ywa Marshal stats thal belonged to tb- Conni voa
?WtJie Mill alto I*,- vin. The exhibits xviii till
*?ny essen.
Th* MlntKter of Wnr has l---ued speilnl and t-trin-ei t
biltructloiis to all the gurrl-x ur, to guard ug.'ilnst ?
Wvlval of the choleru.
A I'nU'-sixN- DBOOBATIOB FOB Mxsrx'.Nl
Baicagnl (imrliKted bis opera. * Ca vail, ila RMtl
Cana," at the Ii-rlln opera Ho_M I'l- we.-k. (lekrtl
Bf the performniico sold at u premium, mid the
a.aienre mnnlf.-siHi t-maltnona entbuitasm. Km
_gj_ william eall.-ii Moacngnl to tbe Imperial bot.
Wt \V ''" Frteemttw th, young com power wita tbe order
or the Pnisslan Crown of tia- third .1
? ? ?
City Ot Mexico, Feb. 25.-A w-nwiliou bis wttt
2****** In Un- business and f?ii.-ii.clal circles of
*?-Oco Ly the report that tbe object of the vlalt ol
'la*:.:. Bomero lo the United Mates i- to negotiate
i loan for the Federal Government. The - Dlario
metal," ihe authorised organ of the Mexican Gov*
i'..mei.I, denies the rep,,rt and states tb.it all
?union to tbe effect that any one (1 authorise- to
legottate a loan for the Oovernment are utterly
rlthout fi undatlon, and that no negotiations are lu
irogresi 1 toking to ihe obtaining ?>f a loan by iii"
dexlcun Oovernment fruin any source.
VOCCIIER8 1 xn BE P i'\:i in:, siixr.r. OB
cn xiii.I'.. DI LESSEPS x\n M. COTTC.
Paris, Feb. 25.?3d. Flory, Ihe Oovernment Account
int appointed to examine the accounti ol thc Panama
a" ii Company, reports that the lota! amonnl re
cn eil by '? 'i-irait ir, for real or allecel work on and
upplie, for the canal wa, 402.ii20.0iV| Irani -. *i
his amonnl 102,358,4 11 francs represent labor allege-]
" have 1..i poid f": according to the roll ol wage*
ind sums expendid on earlou, undertakings, In t.1c
ibsence of vouchers, lt 1-. Impossible to ascertain
chet her the labor and other operations charged for
vere ai lually executed,
Tlie American Dredging Company'! chargei '
iperailons, plant, etc., amounl to ?'"!?.'?'-'?'?. ?'?"'? franca.
"i'n v.iiu her- or documenti ;.r-' obtainable, wliereby tl,"
T'lit- of the contractor- '"i'd be* estimated, tht
iccount of Ihe American Dredging I mpany,
in unexplained Indemnity Item, milch noUdng ap
tared to Justify, and which amounted I 1 10,800,0 "
Another American finn's eceonnl for operation*
md plant amounted to 1-.2S0,0IM francs. The book,
f iiu- Brm, xi. Flory nays, have been so Irregulnrlj
,- pt that the admlttad balance of prouts, amounting 10
r.979,51] franc, mint he a eepted with reserve.
T!i" company of french engineer-, declares Iii ex
leiniitiiie on operation! and plant tr. have been ;;">.
ii'-.-Ki fran'-. This account ostensibly shows a toss
if ti.t a.053 fran. s. M. Flory poTnt* out lhal this
neludea allotrnenti and rommh lons to Ihe -
Depot! e; Comptei Courants, of which Charles <ie Lei
ieps sn I llenr Cottn were d.r-t-ir.. Anothei rnnt
ecelx-ed 7n.2l1.00_ francs, on which the ad
>:-ot:t wai 20,723,285 franc, Charl - de Lessepi nnd
Imi Collu again shar'.ng In the profits as dire
? - ,. ie),. Depots.
Another Urra obtained 50,158,941 francs, nf which
11,437,381 franc! was admitted t" be purely pr,itit.
llvlded between the Arm and the principal -
:.'eut ',f tl,- Panania ''.-mal Company. mw another
ontrartor received 37.U27.Mn francs, the clear
ci which -.va- 12.31,1,382 fl
M. Rlffel's charges for operation! ant plant,
imounted * ? '?? ? '?'?:.in; franc. ,,., which th' nel !'i"i;'
ni - 33.073,45*1 francs.
xi. Flory ca], a at.-, thc t,.'::i traceable profits "f Hie
-ontractori ai 77.74T.504 francs. The names "f ail
he firm, spoken of in the report are ?" i"- publlslied
?4-itu tup r<-p. rt of tlie Committee on Inquiry "f tbe
?humber of Hepatic-.
Pails, 1''!'. US.? M. Andrieux, speaking al 1
me.-ting of !;? ?,!!..: i.'-. promised Ihat he
llvnlge ..a the eve i,f ihe nexl elections the na mi
? f high pei-.,,11,1 gc-. Involved lr, Ihe I *:?: ;. r:: i I ?
['ompnnj ? indals, not would give corni. | ?
nf their guilt, li vi.um he, he declared, a thunder
1 lap to ti..' politician, in poa...
Madrid, Feb. 25. In Barce'ona to-day an Engl
1111:1:. d 'Samuel i'a-ior entered the bffire .,f DollII
Broth ra, and drawing a pistol fired deUbemtel) w
.!"-e Boflll, a member "f th' ft-tii. rh" nu!!-- '
effect nml .Ic.- ll.,lil! had only Hine to utter I I ?
clamatlon before falling Ufeleti on un floor of Ihe
office. The a--:' -in then lurned lil weap n
tin- brother of Jose, abo wa* trying to ,i\.
,' aim was not so Irue In t.l luilani . ami lc
onlv mccevded lu lull.?ini'.- :i ..vere, lan probably O'jI
a fatal wound.
Theil pastor turned ihe weapon and aimed at him
..-If. By 'iii. time tin- mi, ,,', v..,- hooting Incl
attracted a rrcwd, nnd people mme 1 1 gi itu the
office. Uefore Histor had lime to kill bim if lie wet
-ei/.i-d and tceurel] pinioned. There va- gi. ai excite
m. nt nt.d amie ,,r ti,- crowd threalened \ ,?
.---_; 1 i r 1 t tie murderer, hui Ihe '.-la'- ti* ? ..-?i --* ir, i.
I- l- him lu prl lui. Mani ramon are afloat a 1 . *i ?
motive (or ibe :? a sluatlon, Imi nona <>f il"- ' ri
ii ., been verified.
'.1 BESS,
London, Tel. 23. The British steamet nne_rn.
plying between London ind !!.>? Mrflterrnnean, wai
rank ot! Dung ncatrflhl half-pant ?_ .'clork thi- morn?
ing l.v ci Ill-Ion with tin- German barb Lake Ontario.
Tu third engineer and fireman of the flncorn were
drowned. The 1 ineora ls ;. -mall v<s*el of ??- - t""*.
ami h'-r la-t port "f arrival in tbe Mediterranean wa,
Vnlein la. Tin- Lake Ontario I. eomnmnded by Cap
tain Oltmann. -he arrived at Rotterdam from "Sa?
vanna- In ?'< t"b'-r la-t, and at the time <>! th" < 1
li.jon wai on a voyage tn .lava. 'Hie Lobe Ontario
lost her 'Mb'-oii' In Hi" accident, and I-. BOW Icing
toa ci bach t" ia ndon.
London, Feb. 26.?Al He* election in Horsbatn,
sm,ex, to Bil tba pla. ?? lu PartlaBient made
vacant by Ibe death "f the kite .-ir Baiter
Barttelot, the conscryaUve candidate, ?!? Hey?
wood .lol.natone, of Signor Park, lirtworth, was
elected by n vote of 4,150 io 9,?50 f'-r lt. <' Wllbcr
fone, .1. c., the liberal candidate. The conatltueacy
ls atronglv Con irvati'.e. the late sn- Walter llarttelol
having been chu en In the general chi linn- ly .1 ma
lortty tit 2,035 over Mr. Wilberforce.
victoria, 1.. <-., Feb. -?"'. ?'? O'Brien, who has ju t
arrived hen- from Uiver Inlet, stales thal ihe Indlam
mu ai red at - now lalaad were al ti,*- tiweekano tribe,
und not ot in.- Kamsqnlte, aa pwvlouely reported. Thc
? ri 11'ie hhs eauaed by un outrage eommltted a wm a
Kltkalkan girl by an Ow__heno indian. Tin oweekanoa
complain Ihat winn they 1. purled Hu- matt, r I 1 the
Indian anent he took no action, bul -aid that the-, lad
been drinking amt Unit He* massacre extrded onlv lu
their Iniaglii'iiion. The OwenbaMM have -Ince : ' .'I a
?connell of war and dcddi,i to Invasttfata Un- maller
tht nml wc On January 11: tiny wairi-n left to1
row Island In caaoea. Hiid If the fad- are verlled a
war of extermination will be begun again-t the
Utkalkaaa. lu .thia the 0 weeba no* hava boon
promised assistance by the Itellacslla and II Ila
indians. _
Halifax, N. s.. Keb. 'j:,.-Several days ago .ludga
Caril, of Bildgewaler, ?bBe trying t sun in hi,
eoert, was arreated by eanataklea Barn Laaenknit
?poa ? cbiirge of forgery, alleged lo have been
rommltled ten years ago. The action of tin* iou
.1,1,1,,. ia neal a pant m-natlen. when thc warrant
ama read Jnattee Caril fainted- He was take* i?
Uuieabarg and rrleaaed en heavy hail f"i trial oa
I,, div nexl. Then- nre aid !?? 1.?Temi Cbargea
,Mt ,iM,. Veaterday Jaatloa curl', sat In tba
nrellmlnar; trial of anatber peraon charged win,
forgery The justice, out on ball, adjourned tb."
ss! si ^?a?B_^tB%wdS?tB
S!l.Jwm*-lf win U brought UV foi* exatnluaUon
on u almiUr charge.
E. J. HOMER & Co.
H RNITI Rt; MAKER*. AND ni I'o KT Ut-.
61-65 West 23d Street
(Ailjoiiiina I ilcn Mn-ci- .
SPRING . . ~. . . . 1893.
Ti.e g-randett >i well .,. the largest variety nf
-ne aral med] m q ia!it) Furnit ire ii * oar I.
?vcr. in oar Spring Exhibit, distributed ir. ill
ipa, iou-, show Rooms. Pricea in plum figures, tad
tho lowest that can be named for reliable good.
Intending buyers hm* Invited to Inspect what
may Justly he termed a veritable exposition of
the world's productions la Furniture.
Both lowti .ii, j Country houses can be promptly
furnished Iron our Immense stock.
Special ex] Ibit ol WHITE ENAMELED FURNI?
TURE, consist ins ol Bedroom Suites, C*hiffontere-*,
Tables, Bookcases, Wardrobes, ftc.?thc correct
tbitm lor Summer furnishin ..
plain, ornamental and enameled), our direct Im?
I'o acquire r-till more room for our Spring
display, many lines of goods, snd several Indi
? ld Mil pieces, are marked af reduced prii tt I
Close oat.
R. J. Horner 6l Co.
DIVERSE Views ON '111!
Tnv vi'.i.i-.i.'iArit to tuc Tmnt:.'r..l
Washington. Feb. 24.-The - ronfldi i llaP ?ircutsr
i hy f'halrman Harriiy, ol the Democratic Ba
donal Committee, continue, to excite romment, T"
day tn dlscusilng lt . ev. iii Democratic Represents
Hvi ? \| :? ? ? ion lhal under no rlrrum ?inc-.
a mid Mr. (leveland sse ibe power ol "patronage te
persuade oi roerce say mau. For example, Mt.
Outhwslte, of ?'il..; Mild: "Bo. I don't think ll
nu mi '?? ? M i m of m.mi" n st all. I think ll does
menn lb strongest hind of persuasion.'' Mr. Man ur,
ni iii -mri, who wa, nol re el, U -t * i csa
did :!'? for "i!" ?? undi r Ihe Int uni .* Ada i Iratl >u,
ltd :
- l '!?? nol rind anj bli I of pa ihe Harri!,
'????? i nor . nj .??lied tbrval ? patrol ip
Will I-" i im k< 'I over Ibe shoulder, of !>?
v ire for or agu
.liver. 1 du n il '? !:??- Mr. <
an; Ihlna of t a 'it" -I".
snj thing of | kind. I n i..---i,.?? r hearing I ii
i lime, wi,.-a Ihe t.uifT wi up
i u--Ji.ii and ibe pat M ws dlx1d< -I.
? Jil patrons! j*.v.? r lie ti I to
Mr. M . ol K. mu ky, iaM : " M I li ??
? ? 'li lgl*J bl ???'! gaUgl ?! arr", ind
i right. ! ?* ? Ink lhal be bad tb*
-ll. '?? ;
un m< nibcr of tbe i
. ? || elf, and
In Hie post .Illili to
If Samuel J. 1 I tell s dlffet
? : h. i,. ird tn Br. <
a*.- ..pilli j p ,
I outset of Mr. ? ? ? ind'
ii ii, . Hon Mr. Ru nd ii ll i .
Clef r. i - i.!:,,..- a '
i ir. a. i P
pa rt itu nt. and ll e "i'-.i"i ..f Mi. 'i il:. ,. ii. i
?i.I;.' ? . foi nfl ? . I ?
with i i , and a girt! ii cl ta,
mt n * . ? ? Hr. Hal
iii\, -.'i.- largrlj if nol malnlj indebted lo lils lu
linet,i.- In thur behalf. AC'T Mr. M infl *>j
led bj Mr. Fairchild the Influence ol William
I., -""ii i-.-.-in lo larras ?. and lhal tif Mr. Randall
to diminish. When lb* Preshlent'i.I }'<
wa read m He- ii"; ? f li-pr- entatlvea Mr Randall
made ii aecret of ttl, opposition i" the rlewi I herein
tel forth, which he derlared arere dlreellj ron I ran '"
Ihe doctrine lah) down In th. -t. i. , i platform ??!
t--i. I lom that da) Mr, Randall waa a man
marked f"r punishment. Bol onl) were bli r** ia
a ? dallon Ignored "i ri regarded and ld advil
an ought, bul his friend who were In offir.i
mad-- lo understand that they musl rhooae betir-eti
Mr. Randall ni I the Admlnl tratlon. M ? ?
Irong pe- ure we brnughl t" bear to prevent bl*
reappointment i rim Irma ii of the ? uminiti.I \,
pinpi lal: n*, alu! ll probably WOUl1 I.a* i' 1.i ll
il If tl ere h.<?! b -en another Vortbei n If, an* ni
in the Hon '? t;t fur the rhalrmanshlp. when Mr
Ri miall ? J' Illy "!'|.I Ihe Mills bill a f.-w n, Uith
later, the hand of the Cl ireland Admlnl I rat lon ara
laid upon linn moi ? heavily Ihan ev??r, and li was
determined lo deprive bim "f all Influence In fenn
, Dei.atti polllii . Ii an o.'-n sugg* te!
ihat h'; rc rles tion t'i Con gre should be prevented,
bul thal "I ' "in- ?? wa, found to be Imp i''!c In
the .-ian- convention "f 1888, lo choose delegates to
Ihe DemocraUi National convention, every mi I
Randall who did nol lurrender '" and make hi pesi -
wita Ihe .A 'I m. ll T-1 f. ? t i i mi inri'hine ut. !? I lite tii'itia '??
n. ni "f William L. Scott wai placed under Ihe I m.
In tbe ?. e of a lom' eonvet allon with ? Tribune
, ,,,.,? p mid i a ho ri lied bim bite In Oi lob tr
-ear Mr. Randall c?m*plalned bitterly ol the lt et
i, i-'ii.- of tbe Administration In tbs affair, of th
Democratic party In Pennsylvania, Among ul
think*, be i it i lu ? abatancc :
"There bas been a good <ieii ol preaching by
Mr. tleVeland ami certain member oj lu .xdmii
Istraflon abu* ike beaut I.f th il ???nl'ir rc'uni
and the Impropriety of 'pernicious ncil\1ty' in p
on Hie pan ii Fi-dernl officehoM i ? Baw Ibe tool
m thal In all the proceeding reisling ' i lbs ek-cllon
'if delegates ii Ihe --laic Convention last .nmmer
tia- Fedeinl ollh ch "!<!'-i - ant ciii|l'.-<. ti ihl Mate
were most active |n behall of lbj .xdm ni-irailon.
a fid In opposition to Democrats who w*re wipfo-ed
lo be al ? annm" With ll 00 Hi- t irllf. Who i tie
State Convention wa, held ll ?*ai sum.I"! and
.trolled bj a ,warm 'f Federal officeholder, fran
every ijusrter ol ibo State under the command al
Mr. Heott and other active friend, and p i-ii-au- if
the Administration. Some of the Democrat who then
bu-.More Heir ill*"!"!!:: ronrietlons In regard In the
tarlfl have already reeslved Ihrfr rewari, ani others
mil donbtk - i"- provMed for before Mr. l.leveBnd
leave, the White House nexl March, ni leave lt he
orel] win, rm everything paint* to bb defeat at ihe
oondng elee lon."
xx ii.-n Mi. Randall refened to m n arbo h.id slreaiy
received tin-lr reward be may han- bsd ls mind i
member <,f tba Pi moe rath Wale .milter i"i whom
he had obtained a pises in Bsshlngton. Thai man. who
hmt been lor v..i- i loyal sad devoted foUosrer of
Mr Grindall, vent lo the Mite <*,?nxciitl<?'i al liar
rlaburi and J ol neil ibe Administration faress. After
his return tu Washington be did not report it tbe
oflue In which lie hud bce_ cm ploy il. bat, lt I- a
-eiteil. (Siled *t Ihe White Home in coinpunv with
Repre-cnt.itlve William L ??rott, and waa pMinpilv
iipp,tnt<-d te a betid piac.-. Whether this sremallan
wa- pera t-dly directed bf Mr. (leveland or net, lt
Ssrtalnl) ? ?- made.
In view of such facts Mr. MeCNaryl faith In Mr,
Ctevelaad- lolersncs of spp_ettlacr bia belief thal tba
President elect bsa not now and never did have "Hie
dights-! intention to sss bk patroness powst against
arv member ol lbs party who disagrees xtiib lim
upon a aw non of party gsMey"?h more -impie and
?rile?i than ll ? wefl graandad. ii eertatal] la sat
thared bj muni Dei.latta membira sf lb* House
of RspresentsUvea, abosa re entment kai been l.in'!!e_
by tin' Hair.ly circular. Thu- Mr. Herc. ?f Ten
lie-si e. -aid :
"I thlnl, tin- lolt.r an infamous outrage lt I*
another effort to bulldoze Incuailng member, of Con
grcsi. back of which I believe U Mr. Cleveland, lust
l\m Sirring
ffolotrh Diroo
Also on Monday
line vfuGltsI,
florin Serge
?t OO "yard.
18th St., 19th St. and Sixth Avenue.
Stamped on a Shoe
Means Standard of Merit.
$4 For SHOES
Strictly Hand-Sewed
TIIF I Ot ATI iltl'UIT ?.l -lilli - TM IT I'RIV \TK.
WAKER** I ll xiii, g -s \ s ii -.ii i mt. ix nt rm v.
I. xi i:. AMI ? IIXI.|tl>s KTVLB-4. in ai.I. -II \I'K-.
-I/.K.-. Wll XX Illili-. II HU- Dillis mit III.,
I do not know what would.
-i:\li nut t Xiii.m.I I NAILED I Ri:.
Milli Avenue, cor. rilli St.
ss I belle, nf a recent editor! ! ij
., roti *i for !>???' , nlnnge would .li d
? ?? Vd I ;? I :. fl fi lr 'I: Ul' I '?
I bell ? ii Una ?. h. ? ihl one, alli fl I
bj th< Inti rest* of their cnn ? . I will not I*
bulidoied by tbe Bal ??? * ? *
or ai \ laid) ? : . B< ? n< tl Hon ?? arlll
? Ile Mi. ? I, \, land bolds the I
age the p.-.pl.- h. pl Hw ; ll???.
I'lmlrtnan Iitun-l. Of thi I louse ( ommll. otl V In
age, -aid: -i iiiin!, ii u piece of Impudent . lo <-)
,. i,ai ai-eii li. I have leard thai In forma tl.t
thal ..ut un. .'.mell n- "la.I !"> h-l'I'M-l- In
?riler t.. knoa whether or nol certain ne., un can
he pm ibroagb Hongre . bim! altb ll n knowledgi
the) int - - -1 ts. lr money upon Ha* cxlgencli ul legi
tallou, li ls nu uiipi-ei-1-.i. ni, <i pr.ding and ever)
member ol ihe li. u-- ut,., ba the La i ?pnrk ol
niniihood ?,r selfre*perl -111 ,lni|ity "ll the mest
i" i ol lhal i om mit tee thal lt ls none ol Ihelr busl
i .
li.pr.-.'iiiativ'- ll ii.ii. ol xii Mini, tatd: My rc rd
for fourteen rears i- nix un ave lo thal l-itei. i nm
a I--mi" rai wll bout om -in-I- iMilnli'in from the
Demoeratlr plstfortn, and liave alwin regaided the
? "llra.e ,,f liver a, a I lldlllill 1 ?? mm lil tb pilli
, ipi... j pm|Mi*e i.i lau t li ll thro ii li all th*
n| i. imi il evoiutloil "nhl Hie ..I I i ilnag I
,,, - ,,r i -.,; . unetlung better I, pl ici*d up n th'
.latin.- i."oi.-. I believe Iii making i:??? diver rollin*.'".
., j,,!,!-, ti t. jn-tt :. - ac lough! Uandall and als
im i. \ ,i, i ii ri fl rei >i m."
Mr. i endleu n. of Texas, ol I nive
??li, i in ide next ' "ii-'** ???. nidi "I ??* '": ' )
isitriniigi iii lt. Mr. flevelnnd. thi nigh lim i lairmati
..f ti,.- .n itlon.il Con nu .I.. ,i
certain Itow nii-inl" i- .land ii|mui i linage In nrdi-t '"
i.-r.i ii v heil er or nol lt will b" am : li- will to
i-iill an extra ?? lon I ? lal ? rn Hon iii* ii Ihe ni i
i nm an mi Hun I lu !? ?* III i."' ;-"Hon hetai" it
Hie next I'i' I'l'-rit and bl* Cuncreas, bul ll oushl
If ,, ii,*- t" ne avoided "
? Premier* springer, of course, thlnl rind it
-lt , all righi." Reeryihlng lui ?.d *-tall n.-r"
., -pru,mt since fol ? n-i Morrl on failed to obtain
i teat in Mr. Cleveland ? Cabinet.
ll.I IVIS Ml i M. v.
Memp-ls, Fob. S_ -Jndgu _ lea, of Uie Clreult
roart, thi- morning drllv-n-d an npUilou ST'barring
Ralph Davis, Bin alor "f Hie Tennetaee House ol
Representallvi-i from prectlce, b.r having taken rrom
a ill-Hi. Nail,ai Simon, tl.S-O t" aetlle a bond and
Him iiil-apprnprtstlng Ihe money. Hi* rame aa,
ord. red itrtekeii from the rell Jud ? '
pinion mus courhed In icathlng terms.
Nashville, Feb. -io. The news >.r '-pether i" -'
.tl-baini"-ni at Memphis ba. caused a painful Iniprei
-lon iii legislative ctn :? i. ll b. Ii-wi vcr, iha
opinion that Ihe Speaker will under ibe clrcum
, in , voluntarily i.-l-n. Davl, i i ul) tareut)
,-i.iu years "ld, and kai hitherto borne a - rvpu
tallon. _
Chiciicii. Keb. _:..-? Tin- Herald * thi' m >rnlng pub
llthoa thc following dispatch from JrBrrmn City,
Mo.: "It leaked sol to-day lbs! sn effort arouM
b.- made i,, gel the Mai a Oraitd Jury of Cult
Coonty " i" indi, i the poker and faro pla vera for
gambling. Tin- nani!', of til" Sena!ors and ftepre
,-iitiiiv.-. sad ii"- l-:'i players -tr- now In ihe
posasaatea si the gbwrlff, and the Intenilon ls to
am-I them n^ maa as the LegUlatai. adjourna.
t:?. memben are pially wserled ovei the proapect
of being "esl for irambli: -'. Sad eve::,! ,.f : h iii atv
-aid to have niade siiangjeminta ta get aa Indeflulte
leav.' nf ska-race. Many in-mi"i have |.?t monet
over curd.*>. aud 'I 0 ITV are In the lanni, of
ib|uor dealers, hotel proprietors sn i boarding bonss
hssftrs. Th* boidiT, of these plecei of paper sra
trying io get a tmwHttROB through the Hon..-,
anthortxlng th* state Treasury to pay them nnd
? lisige the iiinnunt, agilu*f the members' -illari.-.
Poker staying la beinu lndulgi-d in ai the Capitol
freely Uti winter._
(lilia,;". Feb, -t..--Tba Lrgb.attvc Committee in
ve-tlgatlng tl.meal shape' ol Chlcsgo seenred yee
lerday what the] regard ss Ibe bm t Important
tc.'iniony y.t given, lt wm lo Iha effect thal detfc'
lng made In Ike Bi W-Yorfc sta!.' prtaeii, st Sin.
Mng. waa saagled by searly every wholesale tim ta
f hh ac.i. Iheaa gooda were the cheapest mi Ihe
in.-okei, ihe T.ilnc-- ..aid. and lt was comprUlton
with tli"m thut bad reduced wages in t blcago "sweat*
.-!iop." to the present atsrvntten level. TMsdlscevcr]
will lend to the liiireilii. i|,,'i of a resolution lu th*
l*gtalature calling on Cungreaa t" restrict ii" mle
ot convict made clulUiiig lu Uic auu- lu which il ls
i maiiufactured.
Great Stock Sale.
Two Days Moue.Tksm Inventor**
Those who realize task of valuing, counting, measuring, and
listing so great a stock as ours can understand why we would
xxv never gave such value, as we are civing now:
'Twill pay van to bay fur future meda:
At ii.-.i.i tad LESS than half value.
ftfteea hundred isir
Ona to four-pair lot*.
hln^i-- jnl double bordei -Large and -.moll ie.-.rjn,.
White and Eei 1?1% and i yalda lona
At OS reata, Curtains, wen 03410 aad ame.
AlSl.lt, ('urti.ii-, iv,rf faro and more
At. 81.06, Carlslas, were si.00-nd more
A hnntlrd and ten pair
Heal Florentine l.nce Curiniii*,
lu.>.|,ai,-d '-il, f. hemstitch .ind .- * - u 11.?i. edges?with and
Hit-out, heavy iio-s ? rk?
St.OS, real value ?J?.O0.
5.W-*. reul value li.iO.
?tiri! i.'-' nie the latest novelty in Beal Lacee.
All DHU PAIRS j.ii.1 SMALL ?OTS -T o_cr
at "Mr ie: lam:y reductions ta ciO'?.
'Twill liv to buy for future uno!
Ible s.i' ia t Curtains; wen ?7.j0.8.9S
Two-toned Dai a?*e CnrtalB*, fringed
? | and botUM wera SS.M. 3.03
ni,] piln I Inest Silk Curtslns, il.i'ible and
tripe tinted; werje 112 tad SIS. 7.08
Aila ic mile Paitlerea-all eetaes
Sada and r-ieie-Valaiice trlngi. 2.00
Pine i ic mile portiere*?high art coloring*?
band*woven dados extra heavy ta-sci
frlase; wey * 4.00. 5.9
Migalfleent Chenille Portiere, saw colorings?
Turkish nnd Moquet!, effect ?
worth S14.00 and S18.00 . 003
Chenille Table Cover?ih yd*, iqnsre ?
roedalltos .-entre?knot frm.*-,
worth ?- 50. !?<?
, ii a lie I ii.|. Covers?1*8 >d*. *i|Uaie,
aofilaged; worth 11*09 ."Jgets.
Chenille l'l.ni'i 1 "i'i??i\.i rds; were ?v:*o. 3*98
\\ e'd milter *ell limn uamiory i
?.; ittlr-g Ch ' I Isi dei 1 He
worth ll CO .... .?".Stela.
Ile t Plain Mohair Pl'i-h* - - * -1 rt B,
Nil . steel, nnd Dirk Blas.~....S8eta.
Pani v ? otto. Pluih - dike
l".-h -ll a-bett quality?3t*ltM_.30 rt..
Un Dania*-*?I Implre
? r _???. rotor, SO-lnch; worth el. 50.108
Heavy Petit Point Tapestrlse,
roloriag*; wai th 03 ........0 ct*
El 11 v i kins -l!k? for W-tihnles,
Ii ipei les, a 4 I .ifni Work ?
?' ne I:.. M d worth SB . If "ttl.
Ia ;. 1 M.nlia ? mw silk Rg ll
SouMe reeder; worth 60....'....84em.
v. .11 .- ? I- 1 pery Crepe*
full .1.1 d mi' worth .'.IfS em,
Sett ? '? wH* border.IS ct*.
New 1 mi \ ? forth 1--.IIS eta.
- 10-1 iii .-Vi ct*.
? Ribbon .tripe Scrims?40-laei . I5ets.
Hi ii-nd xv - : sty fringe .... . -ti 1 ?-.
:;. Prii ?.---.;: j ! :- .O', 'ts.
Trunks and Leather Goods.
To T-lckly turn rarplua m?rehand|ge lata cash, wo
will . .; Ivs bundi d
Kine **cnl nm! Xllisntor ">ntrhcls,
the majorltr ma!' In oas pie,fi han! assad and cover 1
frame?English moro ca stat Uno leather llntBgi kfsas anti
un ki h. 1. ls -, - from 12 to
1. Ilull?as folio WS I
13 ms, arcri SIOjOO S7.it, weri S13.5")
u 18, wen 11 M y.fl-l, we-.- ii 00
IMPS, arve. 12.00 8.08, wire Iti.OO
N'S lin r tsgl made*
li'imii',- .xii.'.-it.ir-alligator itrspa?leather lined,
wen ?.?.oo 17*98, were gil AO
Int rated! tte sites, equally reduced.
Al., ii number of
t.cutline -*ole l.enlliei- Trunk*
at price, usually asked for the imitation.
28 ai li. 118.00 H-' indi. $22.00
.!"" ill ini'h. '.1.00
st.btu 1 ? rfeef? ? *; 1 ranvai cover with eseh, Tho
a .-? extraordinary value of sll the astreordlatry tsluae
yet gil ai lu tin. ^leut iii pu lanai
We won!tl rather sell
than inventory,
ll'.-:, '? Itt
Kempthail', taxl*ibc 11? -,-k- and Byee estd ..... :i ct
-gio.i l'j eta
Desi Daming Cottoo-do_en cards. :> ela
p piii.I- Dartiiog xx'iH.i raid . Bela
!:? ?' Marking Cotton?warranted fut?dozen . leta
n*-t Knitting Sttk .pool . SI eta
I*, -i French Thread MO yd. .pool. .".ct
.ire Whalebone- SS loch . 18 et*
Mik Hose Supporteti were ?3. l'.l it.
pleated Rubhei skirt Protectori . Octa
lt.-1, X'.iii ea Blading ,11 roten . 7,'.
rv- -1 Sewing sill. -Oreti ipools . 83 eta
>,ik Buttonhole Twist box "f 23 ipooli . 17 ii.
!? ig Hooka '-'I Eyes?card . 7,'.
1 '11,1,1 ?:,i--i 1 ii'\ dozen ikelas. 10ct,
n?:it ll. k V... curd, 1 Best English Pas, pap, ?-*??
Shoe Button*, r.r., ye Black Pin,, book, h
Conct Steel,. ?? Bilk Elastic io
Btocklnri .hied*, i Corset Lae*)*, dz.. Be
il., a Bone, d;.. , Belting, loyd, pe., Pe
Hail Wavers, di., ?', Crumpets, Ax., Se
Covered x\ii<t stays, dozen . le
Bine ''sting??il! -t.ti-h'd-IO yds. 5
Stamped Linen Tray Cover,, hemstitched . Beta
Hemstitched Doylies, tn match. CK'ct.
Stamped Mernie Bptaaher*. open work ,c._ IOi -
Sn 1 1 Men .?? Bureau C ree*?2 vd*. 37 ct*
Stamped aad Hemstitched worth 7:, . .io rt*
.-.mn ed Linea Bureau Covets - ydi. Stets
11,11,-ut, iud Tray l ivers, open work. BOeti
11,-m.",i ii.'1 ud Opes Work Doylies. oct*
I'...- Wash Silk, do/en. il , t.
Wasliabte Linen Plax, dosea. 10 .ts
lb p.- Linen oil -utera, -kern . 4 ? t*
te'* Whits win--- Soap?bos. Meta
Trip. Extracts, 3 o'., ISe, Toilet Water, 8 oz. Bli
I hulda Waler, *- oi., IBs, liny ilum, . pt. 8.
Bpaoge Rocka, .:?<. Hath Bpoagoe. Ko
Extra targe. ,.->". Ctethaa iiru.-he*. ac
Balta Black Ball Scrubs . a.;
ice Hali Brushes- worth Bi. lia
Paacy Piathar Pleas Duaaars?waeth i". tic
We would rather sell
than inventory.
Ther-rorc ?
LsdMe' o and 6 Buticn but-de lilovee
Tan *:id lirav . 49 uta
I.adir.' 5 h.iok PWMse I.a. lng Ulove*. 70 ntl
Ladle,* Crana Tau, Kld
apeor iioint eiuirv-targa bunna*. 00 ct,-.
Mia's S Hutton Cadrcsc-d Kid
'?ni.'il hoek?ra gular price 70. 80 cit
M n*. (tagia llufU'ii Klft-'l-n aludea. 49 ct.,
Mea'i Mik tour-in-hand Btarik,
run ilse?iae qaatitr-aaasHy io. -Set*
m. a'- i'm- Suspend' rs ? dBi eada
uni iiri'in etrupa; weia 80. 29 di
Mew'l Hr.--. Shirt.-line lindi boaISM. ,7 cti
Mea'i OaUas Shire?m. .trip.-?ail ?!ie* Ju ct*
Mea'* P|M House C'St,
ni:d gWnktSg .!? Iel*: "*_? 7 "iO to 10 00.. .04 1)8
M. a*- .-."lid i?? 1 ,r Half llo~- -full r*(ru!ar. 12. ct*
l.adi**' .'a-t Black Cotton Ho e-ill size*. 12 . cts
C-iidisa's Hetty Cubbed Black -late. -..cte
We'd lathe s-!l timi In\2ntoi-f|
Fancy Surah,, two-tonr-l Beniettnaa,
and Psacy Chios Mik., wera Bi cte. to si..".._-* eh.
Crepe de ( hines sod Plata !iW\
laniy Cbteaa and India.: worth IO t-i 05.29 els.
Block Chlaa silk-, _i inchos wide.,9 eta.
Itiack i tiln _ silk.. Ai in. h.. wide . .07 eta.
New Bteek Inila Bilka, with colored
dower ipeaya, latest (Beeta......,9 eta.
Best*wwrea stripe Japaacsc Wooh Min* .48 cte.
1 ni- Ilia, k Wis galla ll, -mrtii'-.t lound cord
io wMeat sryatal wears .98 eta.
Extra-flae eeleeal BaBgnUaee, saw .hade..ns cte.
Ulai k satin Dwehease, extra heavy.na eta.
Bteek iiroinib- TadtatasL neal de-ism.79 eta.
Fine Black Pleach Baraks ssfl Balah*
high luttre-v.ill no: blip or i.train.00 Cts.
Wash Dress Fabrics.
Although every ynrd of good* In thi. famous denaiHriaaB
is saw Shhsegh only tho beet otyle.5 nf sll the fvhlouabla
fabrics are here,
Extraordinary Value* nre the Rule !
two hundred gtSCee
IVrt, Brocade Ha leen*.
Ulick sii Criered Contrasting fl gorae
Equal to any sJeearhSSS ,oid at 33 and 89.
Double fo'.d
llcnrielln Kaleen*.
aright and evening Shade!-worth ii
Cardlssl jateeas, with black flguiei or ?roti.
Xru French Killeen* Black and Colored
Baod-polated, shaded and glace effect*;
also Fast Clark .-satin gttlga-worth 80
lii-iii.iiti li Stripe Organdie*
32 inches wide-be.-t Friii.h dye??werta 68
Srotrf*. l.iii-liiiiii. F.Isowher* 3*5 snd 40.
F.mb'd Lace Bi "he. Perdan and .Sitin J'.tTcrts???Strlpeo,
Dot*, Hair llaes, Cheeki, Plaid*-in all the teteet
-hade, at Btee, Pink, Heliotrope. i;re*n, Gray, Brows
.ml lan-moie than a bundled di stine t sty lei sad
i ombinatlons.
Finest American (jiu ghauts,
L.v i.itionally even weave-full 32 laches wigs.
Hair linc, XX'Ide and Narrow stripes, Plaid,.
Shepherd Cheeks and plain color*.These good* are
elsewhere sold a* "Iilipoite.." at nearly double our
prl".' We offer theta i-i ??American," on tiielr own
merits, ktiowing that far value th?y cannot bo surpassed.
IVe il*o oUer
a*. 15 cts Fleur D- i.,. Dram MusBas.40 inch
At 13 "'? tre.li Print.d Muella*.. ..white and bisclc
At ii et* laney Preach Lawas.io inch
At 12. ets.. Fancy trish Lawas. nf.t de'lsns
ll 1T*j iii fliinadai Stripe MuOs....Saagasi d-igns
Al 12_ Cta....Emb*d sp>'. aad I ord d St.rlpe Muslin,,
with delicate. tinU'J vtaes aird flowers
At:5 -ts. ..Fancy Fr'nch Dlmltl-s-very fina
At. 15 els vat-n Steped Batste-40 Inch*, uld.
Ml_%eta....ltoey Printed India (loth*-extra flus
At 12 . ct* . .OsahBtaN ('hallies-new French deslms
vt *.'', rn Franck Qsaaadlne iiatistes?-siu styles
At 10. ' ts... Fr-iieh PllSStd ChSll-rS-32 inche, Wida
Hate You Seen the 1.almeo I'lotha f
The latest novelty for nov-' XVash Suit, ind W.tlits
and fe.- fadria' Honing, T?nni.- and general outing
um-?the .trengest cotton f_brt- yet produced for dress
purpose,-olid colors or woven Mripoi
rrl"' 25 CUNTS.prief.cilly un-weir-out-aMa,
Ask for th*m In Foreign lilnshsm Section.
Puie Linen ningham.soft as silk.21 cents
Two Days .tlore-Then Inventory
to clone out Winter atock,
To turn
Merchandise into cash
These Extraordinary Offerings are mada.
Ladies' Cloaks and Dresses*
Ladies' Ail-Wool neible creatt yoe kate,
plain and skated ba'k; were 87 00.61 49
All XX',1,,1 Cheviot Jacket-, Black snd Col .red
plain nnd fur trim; w i tR 00 . 188
Fine Pla, k and Catered Cheviot Ja kStt,
p..na or Kal .X-tMi.liuu teeing,
?ill 3i to 3*j; were $10 00. ** 98
Fine Cheviot Jacket--, plain or fur trim;
vier fll'00. 8 os
Ila r.'.iver Rus-lan ('..ats; were 812 00. 4 08
lined and unliii'd Jackets, with
teary far or Mading; wets846gi. 688
Other Jacket*?plain or trimmed?
weie SHi 00. 7 88
Fine Cheviot N'ewmarlceu; WSS61S8I- 8 88
Fancy Cheviot TliamilkalS. . were 15 00. itt
?J."nii.r BMde Reefet Drosses; i
plain and teary ? ??BS 9 ??. * St
Two ton d Cheviot Dresses; worth 15 00. 0 08
Silk lined BBStll Dresses; woithKOO. 0 88
Cheviot Btaa (-"-tuincs; W-tS-8-8. 786
Cheviot Baa-taa CoeasMsi weta88_8.788
Finer Dr"---*'-Equally nducedl
New Cambitc Wlapperi BM size. ......OOctS
Baw '.ingham Wiapgera laney yoke.9fi eta
Psacy Flannelet;.- W'r il le r?ill -l.:c,.8119
Quilted Chins Silk House Ja,?_??_.
OBS- iltss-silk Plied : were 7 00. 198
China and Surah 8416 XVai.ts?
Diack and Navy-small ?lz?s; were 0 CO. 2 98
FlaTTnel and OBShS-M* XV rappers? were OOO. 2 08
Flem h Flannel XVi-ppers
fOBey stripes-best Bteee; were 8 50. 4 08
Fancy bilk and Combination T-a flaws ?
w.-r- i?lSOO to S.'SOO. 8 88
Finer Tea liowns to i'J Ob; weie COO 00.
Boys' Clothing.
At the** pitSSa double the quintiles we have should bs
quickly Mild:
Overcoat, and Reefers-edd sires ^ St 08; were CO 00
All wcol Suit* of fancy cheviot* 3,9; were OOO
Casslmere and Cheviot?I to 15 yrs 4 ,9; sere 7 00
Ff F ns
We'd r-ther ?el! than Inventory!
which we do not wl.h tn Inventory .Therefore. _,,?^
? :-??' -e *? I' ?> - I.'-,,..- ..' -??,.- ? . ,h#|it
Ivory and bono stick*-all perfect, new. ?nd elena,
that wera now ui.t wera oow
S-.i'J S103 ea mi as-88
I ; ..*._ 2.78 10.00 BM
t | 4.88 S.,8 4 ItuOO Bl*
?ta mi ' im

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