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THE TOILERS OP THE FIELD. Hy Richard Jefferl' s.
IBsse, pp. ;?_7. 1.on.mans. Osaca * (o.
Now that he ba* gene, all thal Riobard Jefferie!
wrote- is prized, though wiiilc he xv;is in the land
it the li viii^, yi-iiis passel without bringing linn
the renou Bitten which waa Um host reward al his
yowl aud fairhill! week. Hie pBCtaeal volume
contains proba' ly tlie last warda xvo shall beat
from him. M-ist of the papers, and of -hoad de
'iiredly the most interest-kg, frere contributed to
'Frazer'.- M:i. ;i:*!iu-'' som* twenty yi-.irs ;i_'o.
1 boy Bear, therefore, to all praetieal latents, bc
regarded hs n-vv to Je'lcrtes's rcinlers; lor be ilitl
not ;*-? <11? iii* evec n small measure of fauic until
hmg nftet tia' period referred lo. Thees earliest
of his patera, ?o-B-TON**, possess a veep special
nt?-r?".t ot their i-wu. . They aro devoted ta a
minute ami mo*t painstaking itmi wallalla ac?
count nf flu* English fanner anti thc EBgttsh
agricultural labeler. 'I lu- wi itel writes Irani a j
kaowtedgc so full aad thorough lhal an historian
might from Hmm page* recoaartnef tha hist my of
Knglish agricultural lite. manners and murals, in
the ninctei-nfj -century from th".-.>- statements
alone xvoto ;ill other cv-den"!* destroved by BS-BC
The MM'hr i* broUgM lo knoxv ami understand
the clit-si's d-Kaaaed us elaases nre seldoai known I
anil aaderatoad Dalgac in tlie "CoaBcdle ll"- j
maine" nevtr anylv/eil society With greater pt*- ]
r-ision. skill or ior.i|ii.'t?-ness. in "The Farmer
;.t Hom*, "The Laborers Daily Life,'' "Field
faring Women.' " A n English Homestead." and
??A Tru.* Tah* of tho Wiltshire Laborer," such a !
picture of th** real English farming We is |lvi?n ,
u.-. it i- sale fi lay, caa be paralleled m no "flier j
work, ami sadi lb coold probably have been j
drawn inly 'w an ohaeiT-i o! /efferka'a peculiar ;
temperament. Would yon like to knoxv how the
average sm.ill tamer 'cgii:s his day.' Mi
Jeflerii s is remix to inform von *.
"The daily life of the iniddte-cla?R dalry farmer
he.ins at lea in the morning. RlBing abont
that hour, his first duty is to 8*8 Ihat tlie
tuen have all appeared, and that they are engage I
in milking the cowl lie breakfasts at *-i\. or
half par-t. and tlie whole family have finished
breakfast before seven By this time the day
laborers have com/* Ithej milkers ara nsuallv blied
b.v the pearl, and the mister has to go out an I
put thean on to their lobs. Meantime the dairy
is a *een?* of work and bust lo, ????rcso-iiiakin.
being in full BWtag. This is at least superintended,
if not partly performed, by the mistress of the
house. At larger farms it is the bailiff who ri*'s
early nnd ices thal the laborers are properly em?
ployed, and the .hens Mit lag is intrusted to a
dairy-maid hired at high xva.es. who often corn
Vines xvith that duty the office nf general house?
keeper. It Was or.ee tho practice to ri-" even
earlier than five, but there are not many farmers
who do so mw. in the arable farm, which is
;:.-ne:ally much larger, the master has almost
always gol a bailiff, or head-carter, whom he cnn
trust to set the BBC* at xvork. . . Tho freak morning
air and the exercise give the farmer a tremen lou*
appetite for breakfast. The nsnal staple food
consists of thick tashers of bacon only lust 'done,'
?so as to retain most of the fat, the surplus of
which is carefully o;iu_rhi upon slices of bread.
'ihe town rasher is crisp, curled and brown, with?
out, a symptom al fat or grease. The farmer's
early rasher Ls lo a lawn eye but half done, bub*
Ming with -re:t9C, and laid on thick slice- of bread,
?Ito saturated xvith the gravy. Sometimes cold
bacon la preferred, bal it is almost always viv
fat. With this he dunks a pint or so of fairly
strong l**er, and afterward has u hunch of
bread and butter nnd a cup or two of
tea. He is th?-n wall foi lilied for the labor
of the morning. Thi., is the common breakfast
of the working-farmer, who is aa much a laboring
man as nny cottager on his farm, and require)
a .|uamity ot' solid food. Some, however, who
are pretty well off and have a better idea ot
the luxuiies of the table, re.ale themselves on
collared head or tolled beef ot ham at break*
fast. These hain- are usually picecived after a
family receipt, and some of thea are exquisite.
After breakfast the faimer walks ground the
place, watcher. tb<> DM- nt work for a lew min*
ntes, ami .ives them instructions, and then set?
tles him.-elf down to some job that requites his
immediate superintendence.''
Here is another picture, this time of tl.e agri?
cultural laborers: "The agri-Bit ural laborers, both
men and women, are a slow ad, never in a
burry: there is none of that bustle character*
it-lie of their tnxvnspeople, even of the lowest
class. They take every opportunity of leaning
upon the prong haadlrs. or staudin. in tho shad" -
they seem to have titi idea of time. Women are
a nore trial to the patience nf the agriculturalist
in a busy time. If you want to understand
xvhy, ro and ensconce yaaneU liehind ii hedge,
out of sight, but in view of a field where ten
or twelve xvomen ITO hoeing. '-Y and by a ped?
ler or a van comes sloxxly -along The turnpike
road which runs past the field. At the first
sound of footsteps or xvheels all the bent backs
are straight in an instant, and all the xvork is
at a standstill. They stand staring at the van
or tramp for five or six minutes, till the object
of attention has passed out of sight. Then there
is a little hoeing for three or four consecu?
tive minutes. Hy that time one of them has
remembered txome little bit of gossip and stops
to tell bec nearest follow-xvoikwoinan and
the rest at once pause to listen."
'Ihe men are not so bad as the women, Mr.
.Tefferir-s says, but "they never let .slip an oppor?
tunity for pausing in their work, and even when
ut xvork they do it iu a slow, dawdliag, lack
energy way that is positively irritating to watch "
When lunch time arrives thc fal mer hus moro
trouble at hand. All his laborers take ns much
time da poaalhie in going to and returning from
lunch, and "most of them go to sloop, and have
to be waked up. alter which they are as e-t ii iii-1
as owls tor a quarter ot aa hoar. Oas or two,
it will be found, have stio'led down U> the adjacent
alehouse, and are missing. These xviii come on the
field about an hour later."' Then there are the
mowirs. xvho "xvork very well lor tlie lir.<t week. '
Hut at the end ol the Week they "draw their
money, ,juite a lump for them, and away they
go to the alehouse. Saturday night ami them as
drunk as men can ba They Ii?' about the Holds
under the hodges all lay Sunday, drinking when
the public iious?> is open. Monday maning they
Ko on to xvork for halt an hour, Imf the lever
engendered by so much liquor at.d the disordered
slate of their stomachs deana a burning thirst.
Many fling the scythes down and gu off to tho
barrel. During all this week perhaps bilwon
them they manage to cut half an acre."'
Some of the bael descriptions in the book are
of the luii.rer'8 daily life; or thc cottages or
hovels he occupies: of bis general mid special
miseries and discomforts; of his '* feoklessneas,''
as tbe Scotch call lmpioxidenc,., und ol tie* hard?
ening efto-ot* of such an existence upon hun,
physically and mentally. The summer Ls the
good time of the laborer. The winter, under the
best circumstances, is hard upon lum. *' It is not
altogether that coals are dear and firewood grow?
ing scarcer year by year, but every condition of
his daily hfe has a harshness about it. in the
summer the wsrm sunshine casts a glamour over
thc rude walis, the decaying thatch and the ivy*
-avered window. The blue amoko rolls up curl
ing beside thc tall elm tree. The hedge partiu?
his garden from the road is green aod thick,
the garden itself full of trees and flowers of more
or leas beauty. Mud floors are not so bad in
thc summer; holes in the thatch do not, matter
?so much; an ill.titt.ing xvindowsash gives no con?
cern. Hut xvith the cold blasts and ceaseless ram
of winter, all this is ehaaged. The hedge next
tile road is anally only elder, and this, once the
leaves are off, ls tho thirniesr, most miserable of
shelters. The rain comes through the hoie* in
th? thatch (we are speaking of the tRtoja class
ol poor ciittagesi, the mud floor is damp
and perhaps sticky, ll thc floor is of aaavea
stones, these stow ria-np and slimy. Very often
t^lie floor is on* step lower than the ground
outride, and oooaeqaeiltly there is a constant
tendency in rainy weather for the water to run
or soak in. The elm tree overhead that ap
peared so pictuieattne in summer is now a curs,*,
for the great drona fall perpetually from it upon
the thatch and on the pathvvav in front of
thc door. In gnat storms ot wind it sways to
and fro, causing no little alarm, and boughs an*
sometimes blown off it aad fall upon the roof
tiee. The th itch of the cottage is saturated,
the plants and grasses that almost always grow
upon it and Ibe moss are vividly, rankly green ;
till all dripping, soaked, overgrown with weeds,
tho wretched place looks not unlike a dunghill
Inside the draught i? only one degree better
than the smoke. These low chimneys, over?
shadowed xvith tr?**?, smoke Incessantly, and fill
the room with smother. To avoid th" draught
many of tho cottages are fitted with '.vondon
Bereena which divide tho room, miall enough
beloro, into two parts, tl.e outer of which, to?
ward the door, is a howling wilderness of draught
and wet from under the door, and the inner part
close, stuffy and dim with smoke driven down
tho chimney by the shifting wind. Hero tho
family are all huddled np close together "vcr
the cm bf IW. *IIere the cooking is done, such
aa it is. lien- they sit iu the dark, or in such
light as is supplied liy the carefully boat led
stock of fuel, till it is time io go to bed, and
that is generally early enough. Si rigid ls the
o'-ononiy practised i'i many of these cottages
tnnt a candle is rarely, if over. Deed. The light
of the fin. suffices, and they find their beda in
tho dark '
Picture after picture may be drawn fr'tu this
rich storehouse i f impressions Mr Jefferie* fol*
lows tin- sericultural laborer, mal"' ami female,
from lin- cradle to the grave, it may ie* san' He
depicts him in lu-, every .--spoof th* ov'uws lils
lefoimities. He unwoven Ins narba! is.ns. Yet
he makes us wi rider, in the md, 'hat the per
fellow is nm ten times as bad aa h.- i- rot
how hido'iu* is the life he leade: how brutalizing.
The faimei, Mr. Jefleries tells us. is uni.immly
Intelligent, lt is certainly mote than tbe a :ri
eultural laborer 1ms a chance to be. Leading
such a toil -deadened, half-paralysed life, how can
be be much more than BU animal '.' not ill-cndi
tioned, indeed, not so given to wife-beating, fir
instance, *?s certain "itv poor: but ;>roiio to
drunkenness, which is tho only form of teinporny
relief ever open to him: and fond ol th.- alehouse,
where he finds the only bodily comfort and quiet
that tomes to hhs. Tru''-. the picture of th'*
man is a frightfil otic, it b u-'t neeemry tn
say that it can be matched without going so Im
as England. Tlie state of the wit poor every?
where ls, and exe: has been, dreadful; nor baa
it ever mended mattel- to -av that their misfor?
tune is their ft ult: besides which, the statement
i* not true.
This last collection of Jefferica'i writings,
should certainly be prized by all his admirers,
and their name is legion. Ir, som.' respeets
it contains the most moving and absorbing things
he has written, and it serves to lill up and com?
plete the f.ne Work he luis done in hi* Other
volumes, ami at the same time furnishes some
clew to that sstoundlng depth of knowledge
concerning country life in England which was one
nt bis most remarkable traits. li is perfectly
evident that lie hail foi' many years mad- a rare
ful study of th"se things: hid treasured np overs
significant fact: had put iii their places every
telling characteristic, and had tin- whole aubje< |
duly mapped out. ot euir-e. too, as always hap?
pen in such cases, hi' has .not told half what le'
knows. Ih- has not told half, but at th" anne
time he ima given so ma ay raggeetions and half
hints that we are enabled to complete f"r Our*
-??Ivs many sttrUCtures of which at lir-t gi ince
he might seem only to have raised the scaffold
ing. As to the style, js it n"ces*ary t'i say any?
thing moro than that it is Jefferies's style??care*
les*, racy, full, natural ami easy. It i- tl"- la-t
inessa.:., ire shall have from him. Ihat is the
WOTS! "f it. Hut he has. after all. left ,t noble
and not an Inconsiderable monument iu hi" writ?
riiK Dt'r.tfBse op nF.rtHY xvii the rkv-ili ri"\
"I" 1 0. Uv Jmlwrt d?- Satnt-Amand. Translated
l.v Elllubeth ?.llUri Martin. Willi portrait. Illaro,
pp. gai, charlo-, Scribner1! don .
The Diiehi-is of Berry really has littl" more
thiii! a nominal part to play in the histor) <>f
the French Revolution of 1830, sh.- Butlered by
it, a- did many other- who wee- not lc helplesa*
and iniiue-nt, bat tho event ir-.-if wu- ne "I
those which, so fat* ai ran even now be seen,
mrelT occurred beean-e the Court an 1 th" Gov.
erament of the country wera completely paralysed
hy a strange BOCem of fatuity. It might h.- haul.
and it 'Certainly has boen said often enough, that
Charin X lost his throne for no Otliei
reason than because he had not brains nough
to govern. That, however, is nerhapa all-aether
too neaping an assertion; for if cannot bc for?
gotten that far more stupid and vicious king*
have retained their crowns to the end "| their
?lays. What render* (harli *'.- dow,dal! bu peculiar
really is that nearly .ill the circumstances seemed
to tend to the sueei*-* of bia plans, at tin- viv
moment when they were about to t.-* wrecked
Utterly I and that the man hims-ll exhibited a
boldness in his legislative co irae which should at
least have b<*on supported hy some firmness nt
Hut tho story as now told in great detail by
M. de Snint-Amand is exceed ing Iv interesting a*
exhibiting the development?op., might almost call
it tin- self-development?of a Parisian revolution.
Before the or:ueturient of the OtrdiaSBCCa there xvas
apparently no really organized or fermldable Oppo?
sition. The Ministry xvas not strong -ni,I it was
not popular: but thi- people seemed to be in a
good-tempered and tolerant humor, ind nothing
so much as suggest-vj trouble. The Rina, how?
ever, lind made up llis mind to pas* the ordinances,
and had persuaded himself that the provisions of
thi. charter warranted his proponed action. To
forestall resistance he Intended to give no holies
of the "coup d'etat," but ta spring it inion friends
and foes xvith the simo suddenness. Af this point
of course a truly Bourbon ora?itv i- apparent.
Perhaps almost any other mm would have real?
ized the fieril of playing such a trick upon tho
excitable and sensitive Parisians Hut the echoes
of 'ti.'! hal ceased to sound in hi* eats. II"
evidently thought hi* tin fine established upon a
rock, and tiiat he could brave BBd dare every?
Acting upon this naive but assuredly not states
manlike theory, he delayed tho passage of the
Ordinances until the hist moment, ami made
literally no ellorts to guard against any papular
ebullition in case they provoked the I'aiisian
Marsh.il Marmon!, who xvas in chingi; of the
military, wus left without any sufficient force to
hold tho city, and was given no tune fi make new
flispositions. The oil King seemed to huve
imarined that nothing would lie said or done
against the course of the Government, and he
did his belt, or his worst, to prex-ent 'he Govern?
ment from doing anything effective in support, of
its policy. In fact, so thoroughly imbecile waa
the course folloxveJ that one almost iu,poets the
Parisian, of being literally tempted to revolt bv
the too obviously favorable opportunities fur such
a movement. The fsmous ttl members of the
legislative body who had put their names to the
protest of course expected to encounter Opposi?
tion from the Ministers tr.<i the Crown, but they
were not, st least as yet, deliberately planning a
The King, however, thought it xvoi his duty to
rule alone, snd turning his back upon the imme?
diate past, he proceeded to take messines which
might Iring things to a speedy issue, though at
tho same time he neglected to provide tor tin
energetic meting of that Issue On,, cannot but
contrast his course, as thi' author don, with that
of Napoleon. The latter xvont to work ami di I
whatever lie once decided had to bo done Ile di I
not try to quench' the Kevolution With rose?
water. He extinguished it with grape-hot. When
it becam* necessary to his policy to km BRJRBB9,
he saw that the work xvas done in the mist
thorough au<l expedition manner, and it wa:
his object IO leave no rood for a second How.
Marmii.it, on the other hand, had lo begia xvitji
out half enough Inepo, snd to continue without
Mrerasary reinfor_e?neati Supplies of all kinds,
uni parti.jlarly ammunition ano food, wen* weat
lng t i his lor'*"-. They cooseqneiitly were alii'"-t
exhausted aller the Iii t dav of lightm. in lh?
streets; and ,.y. r al In- cio-e ol that BOVflf Wal
tiley could gel nothing to eat. The whole iiut'-'i
xvas bungled Incredibly, as this Bather demon
strafes*, and Charles X made matters woree al
tke most threatening juncture by putting tbe
Dauphin, an Ignorant, arrogant boy, "vcr tbe
head ol the Commander-in-Chief, and so causing
an order that the troop, should retire from tin
capital Indeed, every step taken by tho King was
as Ill-judged and a* fatal as co aid be imagined
There was really ample time to buvc put dows
tho revolt, which was by no means genual and
in wlnoh the people as a whole took little interest
But the struggle was permitted ta drag on Ineon
?cquently day after day, until the insurgent!
ginned courage and strength, aid until Hie tm ipi
were fairly won out. In fi't. the tin ne wai
lost by downright Incompetence ami nothing els"
i'buries had not the courage ol his opinions
When In* raw plan* miscarried he ariah-- ta with
draw everything lt was then loo lute, and In
his Bounderina before and after ihe .indication
he pimply threw his xv hoi.- family "*it ol ike sue
ivs-i'.n and brought IU royil ir-is-t- li ruin
As lo the conduct of tin* Dike of Orleans, who
mad" hmi-i-lf so i".tivenietil a bridge ol his anglia!
relative's fo'iv and misfortune, it is not necea
?ary t" say much, ./erv one ktu-w that Lon ii
Philippe was astute, crafty and not leaf egoistic
than princes .moally prove In tl"- end, more?
over, he t\t^ not onie out of th* affair so very
triumphantly. \t least h's turn came l"i playing
the fugitive role ami escaping t" tl"* hospitable
shores of "England. Bul lor Ihe tune be ne*
reeded In completely obscuring t-aries v..
who was obliged to subside f"r the remainder "i
his life ml ' "I-i linty. In M. de Saint-\nian I
VOlUUN the whole mt? mal ? "?oimniy Ol '> 'hal led?
court is laid baie, and ir ls deserving "f observe.
lian, lei it exhibit- a most obvious and even
painful effort to tis par) ol the Bourbon monarch
tn turn Time hock in his nurse, and to resum*.
the reremoaial, the etiquette and all e!*e lhal had
icon inteiruptcn by the Revolution ami Ihe -.as?
lt is lear enough that Charles waa not the mau
for a mw eil Onl", ;i very old and musty ela
would have lound lii-it tohiabie. ni spite ni hi*
general benevolence. Ile was, In short, a perfect?
ly hopeles, 1 ey, and tlie day had already ton
iv tnr thal kind "? heine. Hi- removal was -
easily effected thal it can haili, !"? called i
genuine revolution, nnd onee be was gone there
never could have inn any ijuertion al taking hun
i ack
CURRENT fiction.
I! I- Mr. t lark Ruasell'l DWa faur lhal ll- t-ail'-r
appraach a Bea hock carrying hts na Bte with i coat
pari-'"ii in mini, '-riie Wrerh al Ibe tiroavenor"
.track Ml -Hrrlng iiml Iliillllni' a sate of the sea lhal
li I- iinp"--il'le la Judge ll* .1.ur- tr 11 boa I r>-f. r
ern.- in t!i il delightful st..rv . Wr BM) -,v. then,
thal hi- Ben rom ni'". "I.i lt, Ve land-men I" |i*n--ll
I'ui.li. liing ? imp.hm i, rcnnoi I-- rinli'd In i aa i
umi ,'ic-v.. .. wii i the Mary sf Ihe Uro* ye nor." ni
Hun. I'...I, ??! rn si n laing apart, ll li a pieter-**-*!!!*
ami exciting isle, li I-. of morse, s* l - author u
.nib.-, ii. ;, ? m_un< ? -f In lint" rbi Mr, Ru ??? l
does imi p-'-i'-nd io t" a painter al rhararter. llb
raptaln*, --.ii**,- and dl*tre sacs' dam rt, iii trrlotig i"
Ihe tame Bgnrrhead family, so Butter la ?Alni tall
lade, h.. v .ail.
? i'i .or Lad) Ma- ? ?> " c.. I'. Pal na rn', Som
aorldlj women, abase manoeuvre lu . ia 141 ii ber
pretty daaghler la a proktatdi Biarrtafe lam Ihi
motive nt ihe book which hear ber nam. I
i a peneroni and loyal young *oul, .uni ihi
between Ibe two lakes (bi a ml . om-e ,,: mit . n
iiniiii- r. in .N''-\ei i.niai. ii i? a plroaaal 'tory, bal
om wi,h n i. imi lu mux aa) Important.
?* Catherine," bj linne. >". I', uni (llarpei .v
Brother*), l- Bise -? prrllj Ul lb book, tltf
pl.t, graceful la <t\}w, improving In awral, Tn*
l-.'.i .;'> who I. li.;- ap .| |.-. i; . m i- . ti ung m.
inn , ot ii.-; t?ii ii.vi---, i, n bernini arbon old abeu
i I-- palra a i ii bato*, bat, ghan even a hail .? ? :. in e
ibe never tail li. Inirrrstlng. ii" iwu ymitb*
abs I im- to ike f.'u i _tii. iiu.-'? ban ai u.iv. n,..,
before la aua] a aoveli ni the "t?. thHi da
niall) a:d ar'- mi ni"i' weoden i'i in ne- average
roms nee* poppet most I.arti) br. Mavin ?
Murray'a Urn nov.I irlarper a Brothers), ? lim- -
Bevengi ." !- i bon al ilroegrt lype, ita Inrw
lilli convict l.-ro |a p.rhap. s liol VT) ml,!
na! character; hut the Int Idem - ??! bia history an
n Impronble, of a lund that h.,ia iii.- reader. Tkt
sutbaf i aa -p'tinlij diatlagulahed iiim -..-I f lu drat,
li.a' a '"'lilian adv. mun I Ile milli I- a nail)
I'liiiiiuii Bddlttoa la Hm filler) of iwtodlen tn icllou
" 1 tn- tothels hiv. .-*!. ti .om grapes, and lin
rltUdren'i leetk ur- set oa edge." Thia lo Um
motive, powerfully writhed eat, al Mr. ii. s. M.-ni
mair- Bea -torv, *? I rom nm , ??? n*-i u I ion lo AIM! her'
(Harper t Bribers', Tha coarse ot i.i. plat la ??
cii-ioiimIIj- Bamawm vague, an here an lhere ll i
strained la Ht hi. ibr-orj ol heredity; bm ll ls, withal
s booh "( nun.uni ion', li contain a re-BarkaUj
scale -indy iii .i -eli .:, mai tilly woman "ie almoal
perfect la con droetlon.
? .x Horn Player, ' by Mary xv. ,i (XaemlBau d Co.)
ls ike .-i"iv of a man abo -nive- to aappress a notdi
anil uiiiloui'icd gift and io became abai be va-- bot
made te be. li ls a touching tale, end leaches a
1 "a willi ii liiitnaii.in i will cu wll lu i m mr..
?Jeni de K'ldi'ir* (li, I. Putnam's .-v.iu.| lr.
nu Myl of mari..'I lii>- an hil) I which
? liltn '.Villi ll dilga -Hld I- Ill"l'' Ol' |, ...
mundill nil through. Kui ll 1-. at hat pan mid
leader, una in these paribul.u. worthy <<i Ibe saibai
ol "(',1'l'e.'' |||- picture of lk] BBd pa-doll.ll.
love in iii., ijnaiir, old Brrtou chateau Bilghl bavi
been u ebarmlog oin- ii thc i.- ot yaun reamnci
hud lulu preserved and thc morbid eouaamptlve bud
ness hu out.
Mr. Penn's stery, "Vine lilii.r* (Cassell Pufatioh
lui; Cump-ny*, la one el ile- ephemeral novel, whick
in. male nailer iirop, with a despairing wormer why
sash boobs g"t themselves read. Bead Ibey are, bs
doubt, by the eongrmed feaiimua tiovel-devotirer, us
whom im incident Li ino Impronble, un motive its
rtdlculous. .X.i the maintenance of Mr. Penn's pl"! I
hosed upon Ute unspewbalde Idiocy ol in- characters,
li |. almsst umi'-i'-.mrs ls state thal tha ben 1
Ml?a A. M. Donglas'a "dkerburae IIousen (Dodd
Me.m ,v in.) li.i. on ii< nilli"- an Impetuous ciili.i aim
Its theme U the power of prrjaOMw. , a,. aUslaatn
-nil nu-un.ur.lum.nik. Involve- ia the loo nig, .,? ? a
lhal pi'-juniie p,,nu eivers i*ju***iletil monia. Thi
I.s is oi"- i-.iinii appoala io women, .uni raprttall)
to mother* iiim ii'iiciicr.1. -Helen trevelyan,' ii)
Jobll Ho) (MM millan ,x t o.), i-, ali uucoiiiiuolily cli'Vei
novel. ll ii,.eui,,, iii,- m laois willi lii-clnalliii
local color, and Ita characters an- nursed bj a vivi,
and vigorous Individuality. Ons ot itu- moat rnirr
lalnlng Ol ll."tn ls ||,e I) pit ul Klndl.h i'll.I..' 11 "ll.-i
abuse Impenoas rosene** ann conceit uie ?et terti
ia a mo-1 umiisiuK manner.
From Tin- Chicago Ti inna.
?Would you Ilse Io sc- () \,?\ ,,( Hlgklan Marv'
IiiiIi*l" said ri. i. Berton u, lu- .iooit limning several
evening* ego lu several frtenaa shoal Boberl Hun..,
the annlveraary of whose birth Bid i?e etdebratrd
Well lie. H., J .
aii rea sand sd lu the afi_-mnti\c. unit Mr. Berton,
lu kine a .milli package ti om his pocket hook, opi-intl
leveral wrapper-., aaa after another, und came ai inst
lo a slip al paper wllh a ringlet al hair -.ewed lo ll
with a stitch of blue silk, lue ringlet eras about mi
ihick us a mutt*-, uhout three lethia In length, and
curled ut both end* into an ellipse, lu culor wai
darker than Itt-n, but much lighter than auburn, sue
ts lesture extremely flue. The party, utter Inpact
lng lt. revereatlr began to inquire winn proof then
wu,, after all, of Ita g-'nuinentst.. so Mr. florin Pro
Cowed io give its history.
?* In the summer of l*T_," as said. - I went to nhl*
to matte some gre. nbick speeched, ind one man thal
I visited wa? I'Udo. where I was vntcrlalned bl
HSraasi o. Waggoner, a lawyer and a Ui?rnbucU*r oi
Ihut illy. Wafcgi n-r. like mj-olf. wa- un entuuslattl;
admirer of Robert Hum-. Ile had a splendid Huin
llbrui-y. in which wa* u single edition ol Kum*.'* uorki
tiiat cost MOO, ||e -.prut lol- of time talking abm.I
Burns, lind he told me he hud a lock of lllgltluiiri
Miiry iv hali. Th,.n II. t,M,u n ?,ii and showed lt ll
me and presented aw with the small portion of ll
hat I bSVe last shown you. of .ours,- I wan teri ti
know wh.re in- gm n. Be sahl thut In ls?*, he wm
to Scotian io maury lils , uriosiiy about Burua, nnd
spent I," or ihr.-e months amid th- Irenes of tb,
ii"..,''",,Tr"eVi, Am,;?K',M",r pisces be paaaed marl
ilma Bl Tarhottoa. ,)?. location ..f st. James'i Ma.(
Lodge, til which Burns wa- Moairr. Ahoal Um tim.
ol hi- love ..nun- wm, Mlnhl.md M.,rv, Illlrt ?,,?? ,|(
hud nilli-.- hl> nrraim-ni.-U'- t.. ,,|| f,,,- .li,,?.,|,u |?
baSno^ " "nnK ttl" l'K,S" hK ",r"T,'11? whitli
"'i"i. a iii?r<\ ilia, | md .(||t-u
?Ml orotliera ol t_c a.)^Ut lia.
ia"*-?? a . - . -
"Well, among the other kindnesses shown Mr. Wa?
goner he wu, shown the contents "f n trunk of Hiirn
rellc. This trunk was so Jealously guarded that 1
could not even be opened except lu the presence ana
nv the ee-eperatteu sf tho four principni oaVera af tin
lodge, its contents were numerous, varied and In?
teracting, but the most sensational relic sf Bil was
Highland Marv's hair. As this yean 'adv died or a
fever, her hair wa* all cut olt. In tope "f saving her
Hf-, und the tresses were given tn Burna. When Mr.
w*agaoaer mw it ttn-re waa still attached io n a docu?
ment. In Burns'* band-writing, whlrh s Borda- a
pathetic Id'-titirtcntloi; of H. in u spirit of generosity
and confidence Mr Waggoner was presented with sev?
eral -mull articles from this trunk, and among them.
Wt!!, a lock of the hair Shoal Bl Illicit a- g lead pencil,
I part ol which I have Ju?i shown von. He told ne*
two rears ago that nil Un- rest of lt laid long since
been begged from him. -*? that I have no more doubts
of Ihe genuineness of this relic than If I had eal U
from Marv's head mvself."
Horns, hers In Ayr In 1T.-.0. married .lean Armour
In ITfi-t llb love nff.ilr with Highland Mary lasted,
-o far ns ls known, onlv uUmt six months, terminat?
ing In ber death. It I- supposed he fell In love with
ter In Mav. 17-.il. when he was ntmut to -nil 10
laitiiilcn. The voyage was given up on account of
hi- resl!slns -onie money unexpectedly from ibe salo
<f l.u nnbiished poems. Highland Marv wa- a ner?
ran! *-'lrl In the employ of one nf Bums'* Mends.
natn.-d Lavin Hamil ton. living Bl Mauolillne. near
Hums. lier name waa Marv campbell, ber parents
lived at Campbelltown and her father was a Bailor.
Hums and she bad a Irv-tlng In :? romantic -pol on
the banks or ihe Arr on ihe sec,mt ganday in Mav.
They .'iiiiii mi apposite sides of a runnlns brook. In
Which they laved tb. lr hand*. Then, lidding a IBNe
between them, they vowed eternal Mellis '" esefc
other, liter presenting sark other uith a Bibb* Ihey
teparaled, Mary went m campbelltown, snd In the
following tVtnber started f"r nfasgow, where she had
-eciir.-i employment. Bat on ber waif she ttopned
st flreenorh io nn-et Barns and lo see a sick brother
who wa* prostrated with a fever then-. Prom wal:
lng on her brother -lo- tool; the fever and died before
Hums *aw her. Wt* was burled in Greenock, and ber
rrsve ls much xl-lt.-d lo this dav.
The poem which ha- done mo-t to Immortalise M irv
,s Hiirns*s '? Marv In Heaven." which wa written In
17-''. when If was living on hi. farm near Kill-land,
In nnti'frlessUr*. One evening In Oi lober \\v~.
Huriis found Ihe noel st retched on a mat ol straw tn
die hsrnysrd. gating Into Ihe -kv ai ti il ir nf nnnsnal
brltllanr... lt met Ihe anniversary of Mm', death
?ml Burn* wa* rompiwlna "Mary In Heaven." which.
however, lo- wrote off hastily stter going Into th'*
-M."lier MstOlin" i- -aid Ul be the title of llb
three volume ii'?v t*i upon w iii ? t. Mr. Rudyard Kiting
bas I.n Bl woil. fur a l"ii_- Hms. Nobody ! n ?*
when lt urti] be tinl-lcd.
tiew Volume of p.i",!|S
Hil.- or "A W iv-Ide.
Mlsi Louise Imogen lltdnej
?ii'i be pahtlskn ender lbs
"?/hy ls h.- .t.k- "Tbe literary New.,'* "tnt
Xiii' ban lutbon ar" doing ??" lilli* dUllnettvr wnrfcl
The one gre.it reason ls thal they are <! Ing los much.
To UH contract, mad- with ma ga ri ni and periodical,
they are obliged le furnUtt matertsl righi along althoul
Hie ie,|i|.it.- bi.-aks for Bindy, rHaxatlO.I gathering
"f new ldci. ami thinking out Ihe problem, of life
iii.it necessarily form ibe groundwork of all Bcilon.
,X a ila- Viii, rio hi miter, depend Wholly Upon lin lr
pena aa a mian, af lu lng mid .t-t-r lain lb ic- com?
petition "Hil H:"!r fell v. writer, bi bu-i:i. - men "?
? \e:v l.lii'l ar,- fen ,<! lo do, ii"- mugi/aic- and
!*??,'."dh ,l-. runt rolled largely by Ihe reuntlng-room,
al-.i doman ,i certain, conventional hind ol wort ibnl
.ni be re'<i bv ever) iin-r:ii? i ol every boasehoM from
ii,- Atlantic i" 'ii- radge feesn. Tfcese aupttlne*
I iv well ant nulli"!* depending nt">:i dally labor mu-t
? ll 'hem their literal- wares. In rate-ring lu tunga
itne ihe pejii h -. no al, Unary, fl. tots, at .. el
readers inn-: ilway, !?? berne la nnd, and ail free
lh< ig..'. Individ iain, ind Originality I. Crippled, And
sa mn' a ut bon Lill tote i rat."
We beMeve lhal few editor, "ll! agree ullb " IV
literary Sew*" lu ll.opinion Bo lat Iron** want
lug rouveutloasl wort ihe magazine, ar.-, on lue tan
ti uv. > on inn 'illy looking "Ut tor Bwtertol mi i
:r. tb, orlgtnsl .md p ?'* ? tal. There i- alway- a tt man
tot Ihi i- '
I:.ii, *.i I
booti about r.et lisle.
?-. , I'* monograph
? 111 a d. mand I . K. ?.Iiind for
i: ? nt ed Uo i of Prol * ?
, i iii ? mgr wi ;. lort" one,
atti ls now neatly fxhau?ti*d, an I I1- autboi i
work ii|?ui a ??'?una i _
?*r llenrj i i li ? k*i Uta <?' B'agnei. a irlth 'I .md
ni igi iphil ?! *.i ?.'. in *" volume . i- now ? -
ti? r pi>--. I' pre-cut. ueu letter* and minv an-'
X ? mg Mr. Justin Mt art by, ate lia- b ' ni- s'niOil
Bl Well kii"i-*ii a writer Bl I"- fatiier. i- a boil I lo m 'ir>
Mli ' iir,i .ii- i vi-iing clngci vim bas timi- andei
lbs iiatii'- sf Aida Jetio'iie a notable Micro** lu I. ii
?I . .
In ? lia iii - .i Milli ha ? ai jd much of i.
p. ?.?:??'. ol B'syne Ib Ul* fotlbiomlng volume "ii
Major-t-eneral Wan., ami ike Pennsylvania I in* iu
. . ' il ino u'al A,m..
\ im l.v discovery in ti" dupe "f sa au published
.iiii.ibb gr ipl.v si Ihe BBturatlsl XndulHiu wu. 1
min!' l.v 1,1 family, alni '!,<? Xt.ml, "Scribner" hi
greall) i>i..rtI.-.1 thereby. Ike (kaleb *- puMi.li.d in
lt, pat'.- i. charming trmk. iiunlni and fill >>! humor.
lu urning ot hi- youthful ?!?*. Audubon -ays:
I asa what iii plain term- ms) lie called eslremetV
extravagant. I had no rices, it i iru**, ? litter had
I mv hut', ulm.. I ws- .v.-r |ond "I bmittni il-l.
lng .uni riding on horseback; lbs raising "f fowl*. "!
? viv .i -j one "f my bobble . and lo reach ii,'
maximum "f nix de-Ires In th'? illgereiil I hi iii!
111.-ll ever) u|.f my thOUgbtB. 1 T.n. Ililli I".ol. i.
fi nd ol -ress, te lin,?- ...en mi gidng ?*. otlng In
Mach satin small. Imb--. or breevhe*, wllh HU. norh
ins-, and the rtnet rutted shirt Philadelphia could
iiiortt wa-, aa I now realise, an sbaurd ipeetaele, hui
li Was one ol my malu foible, iud I -.lill not COU
real ll. I purcliaasd lae beal horses In n- roiiiitry,
lind rode weil, .md felt proud of ll : mv nun- mil
ltahlmr-tact.il -i.-r'- ???piallv patt, always expensive
and richly ornament**, ofteti with silver, litditnl
I hough in America, i cut a, many foolish prank, un
n voling damlv in Btwut-at, or Piccadilly.
1 was extremely '"nd ot marie, inring an 'lra?
I ti K - in all. I had been well Instructed, ann n.>i an op
pnrluult, wa* bet t" ."iillrm mv prop nsltle, lu those
... i oini'Ii I in- ii i -. 1 wa-, like m >.t young men. lill d
willi Ihe |ov.- of anni .??incut, mil liol a ball, n .Latin
match, a h-'i.o or riding parly, look po- without me,
Withal, nnd for'iii.ai"Ij for me, 1 wa, ii"' addicted In
lng; i aid- I di-lih-d. and I had .-1 ti.-r evil
prai i' ?-. ! was, l" Mb *. temperate ia sn Inti mp i ite
degree. I livid, tiiuii the day "f mv anion t*. ii ti your
m .ii..t. .ii milk, frulie and vi-getabln, vt it ii ti, ead il
Hon of enuic nnd fish at ilmrs. bul never lind I twa I
I overt .1 tingle giri-. Of Wilie ,,,- spirits- until the (riv Of
mv wedding. The result ha- ie?.*ii mv uncommon, in
il-.ii iron, ronaliiullon, iii ws* mv ron, ta nt mode
if life ever -sine mv Sallie* I r-ol|e,-i|,,n, .ml v lille lu
lianne lt wa* eatremely annoylag to *'i thoa* around
Mr. '.dirge Alfred Tovvn^nd lui- wilt ten a navel
lo v hi' li he ha- given Hie Uti- of - i lutuliu- ia
hove." it is ia appear in " Mpplncott'* Sagaalne.*'
Mr. li. H. wii.-ai!'-,-*. tolurae on "Literary Mun
def " ??die of th" selle- of " I ll.' Hook l.oX'l*'
Library"- I- soon to he brought om beio hy A. C.
Ai rn nong .? na,
The Bev, Arthur Brooks ni prepared a paper
on ihe life ami work of hi- brother, Un- late Bishop
Phillip. Brooks, li I- io appear In tbe Max ' Harper."
A volume of personal reminiscences bv Ihe lin.
I. I'.. ri,liieinl-ii Lincoln's Krglsler ol Ihe 1> a.-ury
l* announced ai la prenratlan,
Knglaiid bl pa--mg Un nigh I fairy Isle Itvlvsl. I ti -
lei..! in filkloi" nml a fi-mlii.---. for ibe aim Iv n . o,'
juv. nile brilon I nv-'- Mimd Mr. Lang and Mr, Jaroha
io i-dii volume-, lu whl li voting ant nhl <au tollghl.
Mr-. Michie, who I. f-tkl-tial as tot is wc know,
bm who im* iii- sympathies ol the st,,rv teltrr, ba,
praised Mme. irAubm y in ii now edition or lier
work., t?si.ir Wilde, Irom an Impulse ll might lat
iiinu-ing io analyse it wost- be fanni-n. cnougk, no
doaM has told -ime rairv tales ol iii. owa. Stow
i'iin?s Mr. .b'l.n Fullwood, the uni*:, umi mette Ike
I'hrijiiii le "f Hie Dripping Well m llastlttp in a rolautu
?untied "t-lrilgkl Olen." lin- Hgkl oi .11.1111 illu
minutes his si,ig , vvlilcli is al Hw -TOW Hui" built on a
f' I kl slat s fen ninth n. I ul lbs th ng whle.ii glv -, Ihl. ai
Ihsra place spsrt ls timi he ha, bstghien d the eitr-l
of his 10*1 wllh iliiiriniiigiy original ilhi.:rai| ms lu Ink
and wash. Mr. PultwtMd piihllshcs thc lH...k Mmadf,
m> ll ls plum thal he ls ii devoled arqutllttoU to the
man of Kngiuii aarkera ta the ibid ni fairy lore,
leaving nothing undone in the ,ours ol his labor-!
There can never be too muny such mullen, of booka.
Iha more fairy tales th?re are ihe beter. Hie man
ol ihe .oundot literary tu-ie ls tho mun who ,?n ran
fair) tale* and delight in u,..m Mn hl% gg, l0ng
poim ;.v ESOLASD
From T * Lenin Iprriatof.
That poetry 1- steadily rend and studied. sav? bv a
very lew. H -eems to us Impossible to believe fever, ai
.-'?.*,? ?????*??'??"? n snirv mr nie sill*,,, s nd-li
uggesilve of ti,,, (ram- ?f m|,?j which noW-dsyse"
pei-u nany ti. iiveiv. -Thai ? v,. bM-a ......
..MHiisi.e My to another li tn Lyeeum ?.- I.i ,,V i
TKAIN- Ttl Tin: Wr.-T
ure in beat ttuttaaftmi ol awd?ru mUwai aarvlea
Vr,]"JUt"V ',' ,|"?,,,^:"?" an arrival ar* .,..,,,|,.? ily
Maim, ia thc reancnieiit, al ti..- irarrlBng pul?
.x KIND nt- IMPItKMtOMfaX.
The prliiel]ial new exhibitions this week xviii be
tho*., of Mr. Aimil nanon's lapaacaa ptatnm and
tl,.- ibje.ts ?f applied art nude bx* UN men for the
Chicago lair, both of which open at the American Art
GaUerlea si tko M. Al Ike l-'iftii Avenue Art Del*
lerlos the leknatOU pictures, which aro to tie sold at
Chfekerta- Hall "i Tuesday evening, ure ti gi'.*"
pla." t, a colhctlon of Japanese emil-, which xviii
be seen tor the Int lime on Be*neea_y, nnd this ls
io he followed by two coUe-tlon sf which tn sall
one .is vt announced is timi of Mr. lemuel colman's
p|cfiir:?s and '.rle a-brni. tin- phillies being from Ma
own bru-h. and the bile a brae th" souvenirs Of lils
travels, Mr, Ochtmaa'a picture-, nt the Ax'ery gallery
will h.- taken dawn next r-alurday ulgkt, and SH Ott
fol! wing Mi.inlay Ihe xvall- xviii h" hung with toad
? t.'ipos by Mr. C. w. Bain, Ihe last artist to nee
an exi'iiilon of hi- ran Bf iMs place I Ms season.
The important exhibition nt Ike i'ine Art* Building
continue*, nf coarse, and there are F.vcrl Van Mux
gen's et. hlu:-. and drawing* al the K-pp-l gallery tor
those who appreciate vlrlh- mil I rlgtinil treatment ot
animal mbjeeta. Fdr entremely interesting pHuta
if an itlnr sm! the amateur may go to the Paltborns
? ??.lii1.itinti al the Ort lier t lub. It -Uti through I.V
week, and ls ono f I be hes; the dub li", hal The
LotOs < Ilk o-iiv" a first view last sight "f B to'teetlnn
? f nlntlngs, which meml.":- of Hi" club limy enjoy
tn dav. and i'hull will he exhlblied to lillie- from
ii until '?? oY! <h io -morion- afternoon. Al Ike Macbeth
Kallery lhere begins io ni inow nu CXMMttoU of pain!
tags by Mi-. William Beith.
Mr. Waller RichillmikI's very sining collection Of
paintings wa. not mM on in evening of tn 17th, us
wa. ? x peeled and ruin.minc I in Tin- MMM. Tbs
severe -l .rm kept W mmiy prnhahh- Inivers away
that ii waa defined wiser lo postpoae the affair.
Just wlien lt will take place ls problemaiieal, per
i.,p. ibis winter, p.-fillips in the full. ,Tke ptetarea
Will av lo be exhibited again prl ? lo their Mle by
au. Hon. -ikIi I- the law. In this Intance lt 1; a
lau wiiicii ibe pni'iic ?iii especially approve, for thc
coUcclion l- ninth worth seeing.
Tte Bater Color "Society and the RtcMag '!ui>
rlOOBd Ul'ir exlill'l'lon la-t Bight, Oft'T one of the
tn -t isttsfactory iraannr Ikey have ever eajoyed.
Th- following are among tl:e hist WUter COtOra eoH :
?The tide Tu, nine. ? by x. r. Bricker, Bioo; - t.iiiitpse
Througb the Dune..- by O. ll. McCOrd, IBS; UA Win
i. . Hiv.'* by ff. M. I'"-t. BRO; ''fallfornln Drapes."
by I. H. H'a. hain. #10: -In the Month of ?ctob<-r."
by William C. Pitier, MOO; -wild Rosea," bv I., iv
Kellm'g. *-*<?: ?? ran-les,- t,v K. P. Williams. BSD', "A
-. i,i ov.* i.v .r. n. Moser, B_?; "Over the Meadow,"
iv Mrs, A. v. Dodgson, IBO; --.heep in the Lane,"
iv c. t p-i.mi. 81.10; -a Ptossant Bovemher Day."
!v i H. Katoa, PT5; "Evening In Winter." bv C. W.
Paton ?''? Altogether 189 ptetarea had been auld
for r?!!'.-I", when tlie? memoranda wera made. A
few more ia Irs may have t. be recorded. Tbs Kt.ii
Hg ciub'a talcs ii.re amounted lo ?f.'.TS.
A hue cxMMHou which rtoeed ia-' Mghl st Lan
thl T's gallery, mi Ka t Hil eiilli at., after having lasted
thr." lays, gave tn measure el Hi" Wi-man'. Ar;
lilli., "f Beta V'rh. In Hs latc-i .-.tate. Whether lt
|. w .rtli willi- for Hie aitl-ts rb) support Hil. organ
Isa taw io mai," a nmooatratlon of mi- sen or n<n ls
un op-ri < i ? >* lt lon. Tie-*- f.-w who pui::t g-*d pi.
I un . xi;., i.-,ii,i Beaux, tor Inetaaee, Miss McChea
nev, M.-e. i ross, and Ibree '?r f mr other-, have a.
. i, the num.-ions ami better known esMMH-ni
in Which -'X i- nu 'ti rd-red. Til"? who jialnt
. m.' not a few aafortaaatety,
an- ni nu vi-d, we Mi ak, t" roneentrate atteatln upon
iii- in?Iv. -. ih.- exhibition I Ml winter wa- nu lin
provemrni upon lbel of i v.-jr .in> lu mt less 'han
twit a- man) picture ind tfeti accepted, imnni Hi
red painting, bung, tbe proportion of reaByeccom
pii-h.il w.-rii io work either unevenly clever or evenly
mediocre via. neither mme nor h-.s cm miraging
Hud In ibe earlier esblMtloo. Last year Ml-- Csamtt,
'di-, I lor.-n. - sod Mr.. M. -hulls brough I an element
nf itrengih Into th- esblMtton. fhla year they irere
.ti?n?. and Mi-* Beana, in a <<>uple of pertraltB, Mi?
M ii.-v In lor n.nv vi-rv fn nil ll t r 'Mother and
i i'i .I," done in ibe Dutch -ivie, ami a torelgnir,
Mme, Meodag, In rame landscapes and other pieces,
b-nt to the display mo-t ,.f wi. ii.vcr mrtOUS inier?-t
i! possessed. There wet- .onie grmd (lower -indies
by Miss licker and Ml-, liresloreg, and n couilder
r.ble quantity of deign- la wl.bh holli ligure au I
imi ape weir treated brightly, rleverly. ?'n Hie
whole, however, tin- exbiMUou did aol Ju*tlfy h. es
.nrlrn Inglv. ind vv - return to lt simply t.
;, Bl ' Be Mil"-:.on iilllid.sl IO above.
i ? Lenox Librar) bai now ..n it. walls the catlee*
Hon of ph lures formed by Ihe tola Hubert L stuart,
and given i" Ike Institution hy Mrs. Muan. Il I
, .no,,,..-,) of iii vin Its, and these are n.-iirly all
signed hy r*-.|?-< table name*, a ni" bv names that
are rmi* thai respectable, bat except for a
?mall number of paintings th- collei lion la
uninteresting. lt d.i.-. rktoly from the early
.lt:I... from Um era li may tie called
an tia when the Hudson Hiv. r Behool, the school of
Duran and K'-n-.-it ami ?*. ii. uifltord, eras domlnaal
In America, und eben the foreign painters patron
Ir.-d bj "ur ov n it.Ibctor, were In nine cases out
or lea "..iman or Bavarian. Now .mi then Mr.Btuart
hough) i French picture?a "Cavalier,' bf Mrlasoah r.
which tigiin-d in tin- - -ih of palntlagi given by artiste
f -.- ih" r.ih-f of the on. ago Mfferera la i-7*.', ls in
H.- small number we have mentioned -ami be not only
..I.I iv-" works by Xlunli.it sy ilioili Inferior, rv
iii- way I, but im ann- tin- owner of a ten-foot canvas
b) that l,indr.-il -mil of tl.e noted Hungarian. X'uc-hiv
lim.lit. i?f Ihe -'-I. pictures I lie Mdssonler, tWO
aster rotora hy ItotaUle, a Ml "f genre by Kd Prere,
a mtv splril.d mid wi ll executed quarrel seen,- hy
Ludwig Kniiu-. a negro *tudv hy RHttlt White?SO
American who died,la 1?.7 tho smaller of two figure
..'ilj.il. bv Ueorge ll. Boughton, and a picture of Hie
Baal Iv i,.lome are aloin of any special artistic sig
tilth am e. Anti lln-e need Inspire no sp.i lal Join n-j,
bul may be left for some occasion when the library's
Other ult',ailinn- may RBVS drawn one uptown. Ile
gnu ha- hi en expressed ihut the Stuart collection
WSS withheld from the MetrSgBHtSU Museum nf An
because lin hiller had decided IO remain open on sim
days, "Mile lunn tho few good pictures and g big
Oahrlla tapestry of Ike etgkteeath entary, the col?
let Hon contain nothing mi Ike Museum need regret.
Al Kaoedler's there an leverul new and partleu
lativ inieiesting ihiug.. poer mull pi. tm-- by
K.'iitii.-iii -how un- mi or a mun, not srtdety known
here, whose psychological oulton n life is as n
mark-Ms us bli style ls lndlv|duall/ed. Their BTU
"iii" who wonld aver ibm hl-iiuhnl, uttlsii-, .rltl
. ri labor expended in lel.-biiiiliig the bourgeoisie, and
iii- types even lower down lu ihe Preach racial
arnie, li labor I brown away, why Inuamtalte t'u
sordidly < "inuionpl:-'c. Hie', n-U ' That ls what
Baftoelll hs* steeled lo do. An he dora li wlib
iiiprrme .lilli. There ls a small port rall of h Char
...il vender at Kaoedler's, la which RsffseUI has
Incarnated Ibe spirit ,,r ;, eoeisjn.ataed etass win,
? surenees, a minuteness of aaBysIa .md a nulty
whhli /'la Blight rival, b it never suip.i*.s. Hiilaelli
ha-, loo, lluil which no one has ever (lalnied for
M. /obi. ? lifts Hint lu spit,, of the slulf into
which lt la wrought remain saaeatlally _lsttagul*h>*d.
Ile ls one of the most orliflnil of modern ir.-m li
artists, and one whom Aili' ihan collectors oiig'.it not
to neglect. Anther novel patel af attraction al iv
Knoedler gallery ls a inarming marine bv Alfred
-.evens, b palmer win, bsa been m> exclusively ld ml
ned in this eouatrj vtth "fancy pfctana," ptetarea
of pretty sramn ta pretty gswas, that thu trim.
pureiit and t-aiitlfully color, d study from laiure
come* n* ii totally unexpected sensation. Two n-vv
lib os at this gnllcry also deserve a xvord, as does
the Venetian scene, by Hil- artist, which ts Ju-t
now in Ci,, window 0r th.- .-cliaus gallery. From
J. W. Bonton's bookstore we have received word
that tlicio ara on exMMtlea thora two Engdih pstat
Ings, "Komble a* Hairnet," nv elr Thomu.. La-.xif.nie,
and "Tlie Tiagic il ute,' by slr Joshua Rt-yu-Md.*. In
a small study.
In "Tlie l:o*tcn Traiiscrlpf reference li mads to
the masterpiece* nf foreign art which Mit, sara
Hallo-ell, u-.i-tant sri director of the Chicago Fair,
ls collecting for tho loan exhibition which l? to fill
a IPOBBBI Hun in the art building. Two very
valuable worlir, nie mentioned hs having been lent
hy Boston owner.,, "The sheep Bbsaiars," bf Millet,
u composition with lire ,|*,e flgun-. and un Important
palming hy Ingres. from London come* the an
""""i ?'??ni. Ibil Mr. Waits Ins ex.'.uietl ii mw
)'?',.. ".".' ,l',..-.'l'"v",""rt, '?""?' tutok i.e will not
ouiv ..end to t bingo tor in Fair, hut win afterward
present ti Hu- Malton as a ronlrtmion la a nee
manent gallery. B'to-tber lt win romain In cMcago
'?r not ls not lidded, but ll will |M all probnbllltv bo
given tn ihut illy, mid iiNtiiiullv enoaab ion Tba
? ???.?.it p.,nnut of ii|?,i,???. by Mr. M'l.ur- Hauilllon.
mi" or the most lueeioofu! made of th- Premier In
rears, i* to be teowa at chicago, other ffuroann
uotcs of Interval ora lo tha effect thal this Whistler
exhibition held at Coupll's l*_,t rear I* t_ __
mernorated by a portfolio of twenty four nho*l_?Si!_'
of Hie chief pictures shown there-one edit_-I^,p"?
plutos being elgned by the artlst-T.t vt0"-_!-*?
and Mr. Abbey are Immersed lu th- oxecuMn?'n*.
their mural decorations for thc liostor. Public il "
I1.- ,!,H, .-I" ntvaaXi* "f trcutmoiit an-l ?tm7__*
Abbey's picture*, which nive -Tin- Heb SSiT
their subject. " are the antlthesLs of hU 'dellrati J*
and Ink drawings.** ' ?*ucate p?
?sir i.oorge Ibid, the president f>f ago nova| Seotti.s
Academy, baa Ih-cii tulumi; io an Interview,.* __"
Hie pseudo-Monrts of lllii-Row. nnd bl. rei.nrk* mi"_
well bo pondered by certain artists nil the uUeU-S.
?? what is their impressionism." he ssyi m "daiJ
of tho Glasgow men, -but tke offering, of adrtn*,"*
Incapacity lu the shane of more or les, d?xt*i]L'
Imitation of some of the better known leaders TE
movement In Prancet ... 1 gre,it|v dl-like t_B
.irtl-ts guinn in for this kind of thing, j, u ?i?__l
mi Impertinence." "'"-Pty
l_!e numbers of *? The American Architect mri u-itu
Ing News" have keen amply redeeming the Drotntlr
made, some limo ago touching th- Fair be'ldlncv
niling". Among recent plates ure three exc*ti__!
om-, ?f the Fl-h-ri.- Building. Th.- foreign ?___?
"Te Architect" have lately linludi-d som.. -_SJ
good double pug.- photographic vlewa of liiouTS
llerrefor.ds. -Bi
Tinin rniRxcTr:RisTi(-s BBOtrom to priam,
Maaea Prl?on In Rafts ls the one ?whirl! Vl| -
nio*t freiinently mentioned In dl-ptitrhos nnd Euron!
c.irre.pondt-iii-o aboat Hie yet Ufltttshed nial of m..
ile, lmpllc.it.-d lu the tamma arannh. Hut ytm
le only n Mud of reception Jail for yet -- larSl
lersntH, who are transferred aft-r th- rnaiplilim a
their Mal and appeal to tbe dlBerenl 'Mars)*-,
teiitraies,** whb h aaower lo Amerteaa p? iiit.-nttaii-a
und which are tented in several lt pt rt mem-, g
Prance. Th- accused personi in tho Pam
ms alTiir
Will lief b" sentenced to tho-e extlt ni- lM-nrill|e, ?-nlr*|
i-oii'Iuer convicts for burglary, murder, or . Hines ot Um
worst order ti the is-nut aettlemnfs af Hnlttni goa
New tal.-donla, or . v.-n to l.a Itoou-Hte Jail, Hie *,?*-,
chamb-r t.r tho gulllotl'ie.
At nny rate, li must be .said thal la M French
prl-tfi an- the convict, treated so ind-lv and lg.
humanely as bj th- paetlce in Betttoh Ji'|.. pj ran y
udded. too, lhal nen impri-on.-d hi Fr nie on *p*4lil**r**
rliii!!"!-. alwav- enjoy .onie small BrtvMsfru, nnfj ??
ii..vcr nhjectod te th. horrible fteatSMM suffered to
Hie Irish pairlot- in Kilmaiiihani and I'otilmd J?||.
or by l'ollsh and Kaastoa Uhenhi lu the r-.ih-.na,
Any juron arr.-t.f] In Par. by the i-ilire |s t.ik-->
ilr-t io Hu- d.po:, ;.t the Prelect ara of I ..lire, tnt
after r. tapld eaumtnettou hy tn .Helge of Instruction
1s transfem-d to Masai. That pris m. built under tit
irtgu of Leak PMNppe, '- dtasted oupsstte Hie p-.
minns of tim Parts-Lyn KeffHemneu RaOnal inf
caa le- plainly MSH hy nil American towMtl bOarsl
ror Nice, Mentone, lannes or Monte Cacia lt !*, near
Hie AUBterittS Illidge over th.* Rive, s,.|n? ; :l,,,j ..!,-,
a.- lt i-. vms aaaasd after Cotoael Wami, n nam
-oldb-r ol the first F.mplre. who wa- hilled at Autt-f.
IHr. at the head of tin- Thirty-fourth Brigade, and
wkeae name was given to tin- mamre uih.ii which tm
prtoou was built, li la run mi ww .-v-teni ..r solitary
maltee meat. I- divided tam -ix dtvtrions, and eeatatei
1,900 elk ranged In a Btssictrete, at thi' c.mr.- rj|
which ls th.- sitar where ma-- I. celebrated on Beaton
and all groat I'-ithoih- Mi-Moii- div-. Og He-.-*
occasions the .ell door- ur. bit a little ajar, ind the
pi lanna, though not able to et.:i<!i other, tau lars
0 distant view of tim altar. Th.- edh ,ir-- well
ItgbUd, ventilated mid warang; i hsammch ls sus?
pended every niirht aeion rath ene and rolled up ia
th.- morning hy Ihe prtaouer, who has the u-e of a
chair and B mall table. Food, which i. not hun*
rlnii- af ciiii-.e. but -i.und and Mlgktomly abundant,
:. paned Uirougta un opening in tn leer; but t_t
Inmates nu nae their awabi brought toau satsMa
nnd. ia ihi. mae, nie walehsaen can fully ln-poct every
article drat Med tor tho prisoners. AkOttt thlny-fin
ir forty liv.- minute, are allowed fm a x,.ilk in a yurt
divided ii,tn high partlltons, -o thal even pii-oner
I- ipiiie laototod and tanti..! iee or i.ilk to any of hw
.psiiions. vi-lts trott relatives and fri-nds ire
permitted twt*e a week, nt nly Min Um Judge nf
Inatractln km leraatnated the ptikailnij MERER*
gath n tif the mw, during srhteh Uie at?> assi or **pre*
renns" ure rightly kept "au at tret," that a without
any eommunkattoa wini tn mit-ide world, not evaa
wini their ranee I.
The prtooaen, son after ito ir lanrnratlm, sm
rtslted b? th" alamaer ..r tn piton, ern i- a (-thoiio
priest, but ikey are allowed, wan asl beion.zliig io
Hie Raman ereed, t" receive Ike vi.p. at lie'rew or
l'lotcslsnt <lergvni.ii. If tn.y decline lu .-??? to*
alumnii. he dees nt tone him-, if un them, ll iu?y
'vant lt, li ? .-alls on tlntn aa oft. ii -.> Uley wl-b. The
llbrsry or Hie Jail ls plaeed at Iha service ot fae
prtooaen; ll to eouspsuH aurialj af haste haartof oa
tn Bathmat ci.i-sicai meralan aadl M BBteaB *??<-*_?
of travel, Ilk.* il-.* UOVete af -'uie. \eme and Us
vol ame of m " Mapata Ptttsresque."
Mu-, Masai i-.gime ,.f preventive inipi-l-on-ie-t B
BppUed to all p-iso: t arr..I.st tor sltogM political
oi- eammeu tow alfeacn and ralttn tor weet inri
In Hie i orr.'Monal Tribunal. Hie i'oiirt Of AsriamSBl
even the High I'ourt, which i- assembled only to try
.:i'n.*- against the " Mferyiof Ihe State." After ->tit*_ee
ni- been paused !?*? the proper IMbanals upon UM
prisoners, wim tare (bun become convicts, they ir*
*eni to iitiT.i. :ii places ol conlnement. rtem >?*-?
teiiced for Might pollileil or Journallsttc offeoM ira
usually kept in Parts, in the pn-.m of l.a Haute, whicl
rmi beau substituted for the banns salute I'ela.ie,
alien n nianv politicians and joiirnuli-is u-ed tu be
Incarcerated darin the Be*tonttoa, Hie -out,
i'hliipp.' regime, tm of Bapoleon III. and of the
Hi*! yean "f me pr.nt republic The connell
seniehced for I he griiv.-' i rim-- !.. lian! labor or lu
deportation ara sent either t" the colonial penlten*
Hint's of l.ullina and New t.lied.nih. or to Hie
- Maison! Centnlea" m penltenilartea in Fraaee. Ttw
mo-t Important of the latter are the Jail- of t lalrrsux,
io7t - in Conlea, ftrt-sy ."od Melun, .'tale prtson*rs
?re sometime.. .., m lo them, even if their lIBtnm
am.ifs onlv lo V*.o or three year*. Thc yong Hu"
d it'.mils, for Install"-, aaa Innnented at rialrvati*..
bm like all other political prisoners, be wa- treit-a
quite humanely, an hid a psmi to hlmseli. Ju-t ?**
his giiiiidfniher Umls I'MUppe permitted Lo-to >ap-*
I.-on to have one in th.- ralehrated duit_*ori "f "tnt.
l.i- Hmpei-tir did not show the -am'- leniency towira
his jioiitleai sdvensries, whom be sent t" die i*r
hundred- in the African dc-.-rt af Lamkeaaa, or ia
Hie pe*illeiiiliil -wnmp- of t'ayenue ?nd .-imi-jnune.
tim- npplvuig to them tao riinoiis "dry guillotine,
by which tha _Wmldirrlaii?, or H.itH-.splerres vlctora
tn 1704. got rid of their sdvenarteo. _,
Theie ure bm few. if anv. purelv is.htlcal pri-oil*r?
tn th.- "Mai-otis remriiles' In 1'ran.e, with ise
e.vccptlon of some Si.'lalists and An-in lib's. w*i? 8Sm
part iu Inlier riots having i-m-c-d tim teas M Hf*. BBto
m.- foiild-s al Montt'i'su lo--Min.-. Fourrul-s or in
coraville. Tho rule lu th.-.-.- State penitentlsrie- t,
shoal Ike same ns mat ot tu<* -ballar bunte-MB li?
llie Cnlted states.
rtf- dresses tx " HMPKMt*
From The st. Jame's ninette. mgwa
?jonie of the dresses worn In *? Becket.- ?J____m_3
been designed bv Mrs. romvns farr sudJJ*T&C
hf Mme. Auguste, sro verv handsome. Mv,*.1-,,. *
as tbs King, looks throughout gorgeous., ana j"*^
variety of costume*. In th* flrst act l "jga
shirt, to give lt ps proper nam.-ts ot lefl^LJ
silk upplluued bi gold on white cloth. MM"'lg
with Jewels. The edge of the Wtnttit BBS-?Jg
border embroidered In gold and adorned nii?e
and opals. T.e wide Uu-ig1n? *'*''*'? **j|'!l \unt
tigut anaarsievvn ot _rm_t iiue doth. ?BUfS? u
appear under the .d-e of t ??? rob*. Py" w.ered
worn a delicious doak of nirranda* MR
wlHi gold lace and lined willi a delbate >n*w
"illl 'le Nil silk. _.____, n-e,r* S
in ...ie af tin- huntlnc menesJ__JSr1iaW35*
Bharl dress Bf *llv.r gray silk embroidered wHB et JJ
uii't b pay rMk manll.' eui up in I','11 ,:rn,,i"-Mis
bottom to show the pink lining* Am- "^.^7^
clnak worn hy the Klug ls of roval blue biwbe8nPg
round the top, mid fssleiilng on /'??uH"h,3?,?g uni
jewelled <bi-ps. lt I- itt, 1 alih a tUstra ??L^5
iiltogctlie,- inl.scrll.able rotor, s'lmeilili W- ,a
-Hliiion and erusbed itrawbomr. u? r"r'\va(lut"
tl,.- itnvv..,- -cen,- ii straight lull dress of jQit\itAt
roloi-ed -Ilk gaiise trlmm-a will, pnli 1>U***-:W,C, ,h*
over a peltlcm. of pmk silk In III" >"ci.ot CJ^JJ
wears a plain Princes** drwa of yellow I. n *?'*?'fL^
with gold apphgn aad allghtly opvu at Un ?*?

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