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No tbought of dishonesty has evei Invi ged the mind
of Ike Impecuni ei- Vonni! Man. B) dint of energy
lad diptoamc] h.- has frequently teen nb!" to ??sin,.
oi!" nportanate crediton ai,tl to accomplish many
Hiing, thal to ,'i ni"ie common Blind w, ul have appeared
M-bruM, If not Impossible. All arte ere toa_lllar wit i
htonptolto wm reniember how be had his* ah to lana- l
teaato traasen lyn hinch ih.i he aright complete bis
?mai int and attend u reception, und
Mm hs wu- so strongly BBecled bv tte
nerx'ice or a French walter?VM brought
tinier howls io mitch the du.. of the
Impecunious Young m -n'- cousin thai be nve Ins la-'
culn to the wait.-r. Hi. relatives natl hi. bu .lins- mid
nteeMteua] assodatm hare deplored iii- huh of -buu
ne**, ah; lit v.-1 vu, while hi. Meads rna! aaaoc|at~
I.uv, ., ,,)t,-,i j,, rn,,,, tj,,. Impecunious Young .Xian hu
bm. slanged bia sour ?-. Bot a repentant word has
e^-cd hu lip., not u -gb im- In- breathed for loaf op
portui.it,,., ii,.,, night hi,v.- brought wealth t.? him.
lbs mest escapade nvn bim a large e-pendlta <? f.r
tahlilrt.. The Imp'i ui,mus Young Ma:. I Ike la-I p.r
?Mk in th. worMNrn would thtnli of taMng nvantags
01 a "alght-bawk* <uh driver. Yet h.- cid sa uuln
t*-t.orial!y on lu.-d;iy BMWntag. Ile lu.d hoi n o*it late
sal wh-n ??,. culled ti cut, at A O'Clock In the nu min*.
?*?*?* ii t?-i!!,* contused. "No. - UnlverdTty Plan,"
"ktie io 'a. cabman, lt seemed only a minute jat.-i
"hu te wa, tn freal of blah un. musting I ls righi
?to imo hu pocket lie foun *?> ni- t msisenuilon tint
?* -*d only a feat .-mull coins; H..- cal,niau wanted
St'M. Hut the inn*.-, union- Voling Man dal not beti
ut?.n Instant. Hi wuaM aol di turb in- whol?? boa c
? Ito tin- i.ibiiiiiu'.s money, lui decided to enter Ike
?BBB! to look ti,rough hi eve;, da', clotb-l for thc
aaaaaaaej aum. n mis i..-, easai -. to appear tn driver
in MUM li iiiirn-r foi :i lew minutes white ihe scorch was
?"?iiig nuaie. ru, ne sots in a bluff: I soy, driver, I
nVs )u*l dropped i. rj.f. lil ,,i, the floor "I Ihe ? ab :
J-ist wan a minute unill I gel a candle from t..e ball
?.V fc,J lIlU1 J ("n fn* " " Ji"'" "" entared the house
na u-gaii u search ! a m< uer. in a few minutes he
[??'urned t? the door wini ihe money. The .ab hud
{?*"'?? Then (be Impecunious Vouug Man r slUe-l Ihat
ni-* mkmn -ad _Kven aw av hoping to mid Hie BSD.
Tl.e desiruttive hug which does iso much dum
?te In many set Hons of Hie country is tte imh
ot the buffalo bootle, it i< a tninu'e hain emtnre
Ihat Urg.-ly devours wool, and I- mM I" ???'? Cotton,
Pap<-rx or anything lu lt. win. ll generally ll found
ln dark corners or cracks, lt always SPPMS Un?
knit senson, ir the egg* and gruba have not bera
dell roy ed. In exactly th- slime ila." lt did b.fii
tat beetle samrgm from th.- gan Mute In April, files
?ut the window, but B000 i.-tui ns to lay lt; IggS.
*Weh g(K)I, |laU.h ,Ilto tmt ,|n|0 Jj(. t ,hal fii(lh UJHin
your carpet*. The beth- 1- u strict vegetarian and
?tote on the spiraea und other phillis, lt only feeds
88 nate W|,|,- lt ,s u m^ Wrtttetm Uatoer, our
In"a" ?riUUmtoatet, has found beii/.lne more eltectlvt
_,? ll?vl"S tfll? grub than anything els". Treal nh
?fiV_. of the carpet where the bug has appeared before
jnoroughly win, benzine early In April, und a cain In
rj"r "nd August If there are unv ?lgns of it, reap*
?Taianee', it |H without doubt the most difli.ult of
*u -oustjioid pesta to get rid ol, became il entirely
"Have you ever noticed ike various expression! at
?nateek-l" sn said '" bim. "Ttey are nally ex
Lmety fanny. Al Mn Ca Hie other night M nml
*'? lats ii corii'i- and examined every one, and ii
.?,,.! aaiusing. mns assumed a rapt, ecststlv
adi tnt *aa trreslstlbly provocative ol laughter ; nene
Sashed pewalvs a'"' wlatful; others?aM Uley wen
???nib pnpto "ko are not musical at nil, but fancy
,,' j. tpc Uiln| to appnr aa?beal lime, ur hepi their
tmwtta t "?lug a- If lke| wen- paying sympathetic
-nett oa aa lamgtaary plano. Bul tte anal delight
... )(,;lpie were I hon IWO arrant fllrls, Miss \. and
Hs I..; they really do Ml cl.lier of them cure a blt
f,r WBlIr sn by stone lad luck they had been seized
h'r ilielr hostess .uni given a soto quite up In front .m.I
-Merty oppodts Hie muatclans. lhere they wen imp.
t -Iv Hipped for the entire evening, and their cl*
wenona, a- IkeJ tried t>> aaaume a conventional air
i( ,,,... ,ii- ..ti an l Interest, were too comical.
i win give you i panter on this subject M nrasl
..,;<.., hy Hie liv; unless you ara nully au onthuslas'le
? wit sn. iry io gei og Into tbe conservatory ot- in tn
farthest room by Uk- door, so that the more malena]
ti,rt Ol J air Icing may lu- comforted hy Intervals of
(. titer, wi,!:?? ye,ir nnd to elevated hy Hie long draws
out and dui.et Strains "f the music. My own forte
bcinP conversation and hot music, 1 was arise ,-n sigh
..rile a s'.it we.I li! Ikg mr, mal I happened I'l
SoUet pnr'ii uhirlv lie- back "I Hie women', neeta .md
,..,-,, i.air How few people appreciate tLt.- beauty
mm -- ni me mils' of tl.e neck I Thc present fashion
o! wanui lt perfect!) bare gr. atly enhances '.ts beauty.
Tlie ..'it. tooee arrangement ol tlie hair too. Jual now,
tttth i'- anulattag awn atm small, simple knot, i*
jiiii-t becoming I" Ike neck, and lt ls quite wonderful
l,,x youthful thc badi, of atttte o', the women ton win.
are well up 1" their ."rties. That lamina, me." con
need Hil- lively lady, "speaking nf forties, have yon
a/twtet whit un epidemic of ii.unlaces there hos been
\y,,.\y among our ancient unit honorable maidens' The
fact !- that in OM tin rte -lei le civilisation age ls -imply
? Mtier <i' temperament and death: no oik- need he
(m oowsdury* who does, not wish to Ik?, unless sba li
rtally lum m." _
Bhal i" da with Ike banda tfxv*. more irenble and
?oxter*, lo the hafts nf creation than a woman genm
alb' -:p;s'-- -. li a man ls at nil shy or lelf-conertous,
toss* ni?iiT!" in f. ,| like verttaMe excrescences which
ar" .;!i!te for.-i-'ii i.i Hm- tandy, and have to be dlsopsed
of in mme way n other. wi.at a relief it would be tn
thrust Ibm mt" tin- deptbi of .me'- j- n ii. * - if ii wen
nty pnmlsrible, and gel Ikea comlortably mil of
tight! Some men compromlae Ihe mattel b] hooking
cn.- thumb into the pocket, tint- leaving only tin- one
hand tn h.- disposed of. which is a comfort a* far a- ii
jo-,,. i'll, rs fold I heir ann. In gloomy, saturnine
luhloa; while ot'..rs thrust them behind ihern us if tn
Me them altogether, i holly .iii'. < Itappie have a very
ruriMs fH-4titi.il peculiarly I heir own. and han- their
?rm? loosely from 'he shoulder* a hill" m advance of
tia- body, iettlne ttiem wave light I) a- they enter a
rudtn. Um whatever i- tin- ..;>!?? assumed lt 1
rei) BOHeeuMe lhal liol fi.- man lu len I- absolutely
I,- ,,-,. ,,-:- .f lils hands or u-cs them In a perfectly
natural manner. _
-rn von know the difference between tbe English
weSMB who drinks too mn. li and Hie Anaerlran who
dy*- H.e mme!" saM a tuan of tim vv ina, "The Eng
Mk dime doe- lt brutally, frankly, und ls n 'good
fell'W iiinons in.-ii, mal nbc either does not tar
to eeaeeal it or could not if -a" would;
wirer'i* to an American lt Invariably rause,
BeoMUdou, depression of spirits, which giv.
an excuse to th" family doctor to esl! lt by any
nar.' he Mkesx" .x good doa! .>: cammenl lia. h.-n
mate t.'- winter on the obvton* Increase ?.f ilppilng
BSMin women el ? rlety; ano woni-n who dell-'hi ?>,
? ? .?rec.ii,]" stiiniiliis that champagne gives t" their
iplrit a: 1 . "nv i- .1 n should b v ire 1 ?-; they jm*.
ti. 'Bardi :. and find themselves i h Hmo ".' a most ter
riblc oi., .-.-. |_
Genuine vsniP.a lavortng 1 ri Ice cream always bas
littl* Hark speck- In H. A ratler funny Incident
SMOmd ll ? other ny ?? Delmonlco's apropo, ol tni-..
A tty " rlch-looMng" and conaeqnenttal tame order t
rn elaherite luncheon, which waa to end with a par
tirtihr !lnd of ice, Savored with vanUla. During ll t
maa mbetanUal repost sta erith Ised the rariou,
i)i<.i*, v.-ry fmly, evMently deatrom ot Impnesing
tor people in h--r Immediate neighborl?md with her
teoulnigr of the ? IVbca Ihi lo srere
tonghi Madama l.a Parveuuc called to Ihe trotter Im
pillana ly. ?? 1k> \,,u ?*<? ihli tee cream!" abe :>i ti,
Unite a loud voice. '? It i- n<o i)f.m ; lon nt sll those
specks;" uit is flavored with vanilla, Madame," ven*
lured ih" man ol -en utousl]. in* he evidently .ii'i not
wtoh to endanger bU Up." ?'. >ur*e I know that,"
she anowmvd haughtily, " I order.,! vanilla fist..ring:
hut I ill, net Waal black cm-.i1 d'lrt too ; f.-r, a a,,, saan
n. re." The w\.iter, with a tiny, alaaool Impercepti?
ble c!irug of th.- shoulden as much a- la my, "CM
bono"' diplomatically removed the cream without fur
mer disci,s-,,>i,, and, mu. to i'o- amusement ol the
>>? roam ol * ie n< vi table, who had i.n an mt'-i
mtca i pee ta tor ... the ah le performance,
i.,rv--d with another l< ?? whl i wa not Bavorid ?*','..
ranllto, bm which perfectly satlsflcd Uer ladyship.
"Wky is lt. I woi.?!"!," <ii?l a lady who." ex
'.iv-U: in psstrtmo-ole Uiatler, bi well known, taUiat
s-hiie in FreiH !i have a feminine for the grosser
?gourmand.' the Bm r and more ntterlng appellation ol
v ? et' ia- ii":;"* Mi:e|y our s-:i.c. m the higher
cuIii.arv mat ten ih> ,:::?! 1"* ii.":' delicate a.'.'l r. l.:."l
thai: those of a Ilia li I"
*BsvertketeSS," mid a duh man. Who was un ama
trur fordon bleu of tm mean order, "a woman ls not
tc.cly a gommel by nt un, and never nm tel Jiii?l
aBbough si," mav be an excellent cook at.d caterer sic
can never invent or appreciate th-- hi-'h-T st,tl more
eui.'I" achievements in oesthetli cookery. All the
Men eiupiovasl for win.-., !???.. are InvaitaMy iii'ii,
ind as woman hus ever Invented a ruinous dish.*'
All Hie slime, a woman who is a "gourmet" atid nol
i " goa mia nde- give* i'.- following i h-ver and new
Maa, which, slthoagh Sb*o|nte|y simple, required t^.tii
Itiviiitbiii and taste to originate: "stew hall a dosen
rt;*' losntoea; attain, flavor ..nd ini- autocieai gei*!im.
to make h tine (elly. "Surround Ike mould with small,
w<ll sh'ipi-d tomatoes covered with ;. perfect trrnxoii
BbImdressing. Garnish ihe dt.-h with a iiiick cordon ..f
? rip. fi. -h green ltltuce leaves, and J'ni huv. _ >,alud
Ct '.ot a kin.*.*'
^appear-, from the hean while lt |, | nelli BO.
^on^laMhe na^r Wh'th*r U *" *?' *"**?
-? -
Th* qaanUtln of tin- -n,. ,, (ante*, impel :,nd
beer India mu.Uni in eil tb. importutloni ol h,*
imps, slew the marked eg*, ? ol empire fasbtons.
h.- eainme Empire dress, which raUei ii,- waist
Lim nearly up to ti.-- armpits aiid ^Iv.-s the Im
rettalen of the Mother ll-binni gown, t- nol illa Ix
l tod ii,- leas! favor, though ibe gr-at. il effort
re being nindi- by dressmakers sn manufnclunra
a Introduce this style. The r> suit must mevltaMy
?? ii compramlae. Tbe style, as has been fnquemly
uld before, ls entirely out ul sympathy with th"
iisioms and requirements of tin present tin.e. it
i no more possible to lnirodu..- His gowns which
tie coutoiirhr Leroy utadc fm ii.e laahtouuMe wo
len of th" court ol Josepl inc than to liitii-uuce
he fashion of til,. Mnscndlne in gentlemen'i dress
x marked difference between th, Empire f iloi
if to tiny nnd ibos" ol |81_ |a t ... fulneoi ..f the
kin. Tbe old Empire fashions were very scan!
md shori enough lo -.how the ankles. Tlie new
mes .-ir.- hui:. bnr.lv recaping tu- ground In front.
...wu. for dress occasions .lining the summer will,
t is thought here, be far more influenced bv I'm
ur.- fashions ti,an Iv any lni.o fashions, wi,;, li
(,fal. ii tl,- absurd Innovation of Ita hoop. The
lew ityle, however, i- neither Ihe one imr Ihe
.tiler, li i;-t,.-- l's points from both. Tlie huge
srklih of shoulder, n,,- sloping shoulder seam of ' ??
i-:;.> fashion., ar., reti Ined, with th" Kln>ri wol*l
ii,'i lewt'lled irliuhii:a.-. and gauzy material., of t.,e
Empire lyle,
One Ol 'li- daintiest material, for cl?t*ninte go- -s
s tia- new Crape, wlib h torn-, in ;, variety of tl.e
imo.; fascinating colors. The mauve colon ta
ral"- lose ;.ll their hardness ;ir<! like on the soft
bloom "f ti..- .ait'-v.-i or ti..- piii1. p, nula. Then
ir>- Hie loveliest i-aii-y -lind.-- to be found li, tl.'-"
rap". Th" p;ile yellow lints Inline all Cnteri
from cream-white up t<> tbe de-p tattneup yellowi
inch ns rsi.iiiii.ii women like to wear win. ir.ir
black luci'-. The iii.--, Dlustruted ls a charming
vp.- of Hi" mo.ili'-.I Kintore govn. It |s made of
rap- in t!i" jal' yellow i.ue called hie d'nlr, md
.. tabbed around Hie bottom wlt.i :i deep ruche of
pola yellow o irieh plumes, in hi out auder tie
d?'" l.v full pleatlngs ?.f ita satin, over which Ibe
rupe ls Ililli. Thi. .:.tin lining gives a il..!',Iv
o the sheerer material. A galen of pun- white
pearls nnd diamonds trim- tl..- milt, and ts ar
ranged nt ti," bottom of th- draped bertha an caught
ip In ttie centre by :i pendent i niano ni of pearl,
md dh,in-nd-. The ii," of pur.- wa)'* -min or
rape with garniture of cream) hue i- a Parisian
'ad. A crenmv -ilk I- also trimmed with pure
shit.- lace. Thi. takes away from Hie cid effect
r.f pure whit, costumes, which are not eanally ss
becoming a- those where Iha white ls moglfird to
ni ivory tim. For i ito reason pearl ?.f H.- yellowish
iirb-iitHl tint are innr.- becoming than Ihe pure whit.
pearl, wi.hi. i- usually surround**! wlib dui.i ?!
la mal,'- li cir. i nv.- iii ornaments. Jewels were
never n-"d mer" prnfn ? i*? limn now In Hams,
: llets. .un- and .a er p ??? ? for the hair. rh. y
ure not onlv used for fustenlns Ibo back "I n.
gown, im for buckle, .... mulder*, und their
ii-.- |n ii'.,ri:jut any, make np for the com*
putative absence >.f .-in rim--.
Oilental gauze la !,?,?? much u3ed for evening
V(???'?AV'-c.-, ' *>
gressn II has Ihe advantage of n"t getting easily
crumpled and ls n light and nfl tm ll talla lu nn
u-.ially graceful fold-. A pretty gown 1- of Prim
,,, ,. orientM guuse. striped with palest ebrysopms.
green Thc hodteo hus a sguan drapery imf
.paulet, of -lurk green velvet, terminating lu i
twofold band disappearing Into a bron velvet bell n...
,l?. bottom of Ihe -kin I- embroidered Inia? Turklsl
n.tter.. exe. Hied In fold thread and ?^W?
bead* edged wlib two rouleaus "f dink greet
?ilui.. Tht, ei.L"int mid teatefM toilet i- x?r,n
olC "i slip of galil c'doiU sa..... which SMmBB-fl
through tho guur*. ..?.,?,,
These |wo evening dresses were made by lelia, th.
- --- ,,? im si.ter, belonging to th
(,.1( braled COUtUri r. I; "'?"?*?,? ,. ,)f ??.,....lse bia
American cotes >" ;"?^ ,n1( ,,,..-11.. wit', tu.
bengiillne ""? ?r,f. '"''''in,, tbe other I- mads ??
^?.^'"JESSr-to etoboratcly embroider... will
gold and -ilver
pom nnd (diver. A piilpur ? bf ri ha fall- gracefultl
ever thc Loch and :,,!.. ,f the corsage, and the
,.''","''" "' r''r' 1'l"u eMBon matching the wide!
Fro.s grain -a-;, . n< In III ? th' wolst. I
With a Canndtsr., a. with an Englishman, "his
he is. || bli cattle." :,r.d hs li never nulli tappr
':!*'!: he I-.- ?- one, ii ?.*.. 1- i i< f.v.- or iii targe
fitlei, lhal ].? rt| n ; ? ,:. id , gao i n ii i -ntarlo *..
made up ol lownt with papula Hom of 'r.a. ten lo
''" ??'* ' ? ?- ? *' inhab i ii ii in am nf tbe*e towna
a large sn i aandsom. Ij I alli i ri.'., or *. i
*ttt ?H and best modern Improvements, and tull
?ii'i" for families rd len or twelve people, may be
'".*'-.it for about 812.000 or rented lor al.I 1300
i rear. Living, loo, li exlremeli rbeap, The best
porterhouse roast and rieaka ar" fifteen ci nts i noun .
mini"!) and poultry, tm ta flfteeu rmi . the bes)
flour, ifj* a p-r hundred; potaloei an appin, Itt]
tenn a bushel. Butter leMont ni-*, mon Hisn tour
leen .ems a pound: eggs, it, rents ? denn; rnl,
gb rai pr, inn. .-me the |.... beech and maple wood.
M a cord. Sea Yorkera will Ind ll hird lo believe
lint a Iborotighlj Brsi-rlss, rook never gell sum
tVm PM a month, aad be*I housemaldi an nurse*
gio. These few Itemi will bow ii..t of living
le he aboal one third whal ii li In and Broun New
Almost :,ii i'?.-e delightful Cansdlan homes have
ri gelable garden, altai * ed, and -. ; pl tun um* roanr
nf i h.-in are, wllh nicely k-pt patna bordered with
English daisies aid ..nias inned pink dividing tbe
l.e.is of early regetoblri ami r>n. ,,f amall frail
tree an i urrai I ind goosi hen ? bushes. In Ihe
autumn the mlstr t* ol the house will show you with
-rei' ptld- lier well-tilled pres'ive cellar wir:, (ams
uii't j.'lli"- ai d pickles .-lion.", i i make i Bea Engtan
boase wi fe Jealoi, ami ruin Hie digestion nf any h ,
ntiii.t p-.pi... Most Canadian women are good bouse
beepers; rirl- are taught biwsekeeplng ai p..i: .,f ?
refined education, and a mother w:. <. allowed ber
dauzlir. r. to grow up wiri, mt t |, knowledge ::nil
Hs practical and ..-"noni' worklnr would be con
dd re i nrrdsi in her Int). i ie wealth or m ml
standing of tbe family does nol Inluenre ihl, natter
In the least, in larg,- families Ihe grown up laughter,
lake tliarg" of iii,- lounger onea, overseeing Ibelr
leaaom and general deportment. In tMi way the
fnmllv tbs ar- k pl very closely united; the mot brr
and i'.e oi.ier "/iris have mi icu. ii united Interest In
??th.- children." and iii- little ones Instinctively in,.''
to th.-ir elder sisters f..r example and encouragement.
Canadians are ? remarkably healthy people, probably
owing t i t'.ielr good rllmate and l"Ve ul n it door
life. The cl .1r.i, are r>ilill.l and aturlv uni muk"
a plea, ii; picture l*i vail'.- In ' .lr brightly colored
blanket ,,.u- nil rap* delvine cold amt -now', ii. ,
.lonallv eur- .i-id I...-, gt fro-Itd, bul a Vlgorou,
ni!.' Ill-' ul! , mOW Mill Roon r".I"I" the nipped
members io Yt-. :,'id .ri nev _" a- merrily a. ? \, r
wlib .kn*.-, and ib-d*. d- pl) r tenting a winter with
lit:)-- now ;.i ti *?:." fun."
Pin ni -e. m. t . hu ? lound a nappy way oul td Ihe
uni... arning ellet i "t tbe br sid *ktrts In n dress Hui
le im. re. "hiiv .ni out io ., petite personage who
iiiciti'.i with reston ii,- hortenlng and broadening
elTet l ol Hie pit tiered Skin, he ha- -oil I I* e .tilla n ,
b) matong ii,- loki, r.xsrUj like l_o*e Of a ton,
hang aa close as aerordeon pleats, although, of et
in much wider .i"*-- In. material ,| tb*- no?ii I*
,,( * relies . h urm ind rai ti fold ls . ia rpi) accent it?*d
arith a l-l: 'I of bl it ll wita I ls" ?' 'old- ur.- Uh
Je.li-d to li un pre sure, arid Beret nfl"! vt ard lose
their ern *? rhe bodice me ban illn opper !?? v
wau blaih Milln reven ..n?i Empire belt.
- A>
GLOVE' 1.IDO 1.1 IE.
The etiquette with renard to the wearln ot gloves
vari"- with ali.' ?ve--- country, the one general
rub- wbl.h hold- .,,.,.1 In nil. bowyer, being tia! mea
shouM never ann banda wit beal haring mir riKtit
haipl I" emil doing we, especially when greeting or
bidding sitle'i 10 :i woman, ls Jul as bid form n- reialn
lng one's . igar on the occasion, lt is lomewtol hard
ui. men to expect them to throw away a _""d
cigar when Mopped and uildrc.-d on Ibe ilreel or In
th" park bv ladles vviiii whom tin"! Bre Bri)iuUtit<*d,
.?ind H ls likewise Irooblesome, e peclally on a warm
doy, '" have i.aove a ll ghi Utting glove from Hm
righi bu'"'- ??'" these ure Ibe pens I tie, of bring
popular wllh women, an failure lo ron form t?> these
elementary rub- >?! eourle j Mlrstea bud br.ling.
-Hovea should I"- worn not so miali ai un article ol
conventional dress as r?.r 11,0 pro!et Hon "f the h."ni.
und ll ls nu.i: lng lo see people Often laking far Bl.
care t" preserve their glove* at Ibe expense ol n.eir
bands inn n.eir hands al ll.spense ol the gloves.
ju Belgium, whli i. mav be regarded as ihe real .1
when Hu- Ines! glove- are made, the King di,
tliigulsbe* bini-. If iv nevir wea,mg gloves, nol even
wh.-ii in full uniform or during ibe colde 1 * euther,
mri, 1 on Hie -ni jet 1 ol ei 1.pi. ".. he. however, li ,1*1
Ihat hi genlleilien-ln-walllllg and lil- aides de-camp
should be Iii. plo:.chu M) gloved, Ih- inn.'"!' tv of
ihe members .,1 lite Noih - 1 lub and other similar
Institutions at llrussets follow ibe King'., example .md
go ul,gloved.
lu Englsnd, on Ihe other baud. Ibe I'rlr.f Wale
ls liiv.nl.il.lv gl.iv.*.!. iiiid extremed) well gloved ..1
il,.,, ll,, vein ?.?I."'. Whenever be stirs ?>"' ul Hie
tn,use, and In Ihe eve dug Bl Ibe theatre, or ul private
entertainments, hi- bandi ni*- slwsvs envelop".! rn
Well cul, single but'"!., pearler*) kl-'s. Ile ntains
Ins gi..,.- when shaking bauds, hu' Ibe prison whom
he thu" gr.'-t l- expected in iain bli bund befon
extending ll. Uni* al th* levees l-ld br the prime
oil bebuir Of Hie Queen St Kt, James** Paton tbe
ushers and other fuiictlonarl< nf Ibe Lort Chamber*
lain*- Department who ur.- on duty ure careful lo iee
lhal e:n h man before entering tbe rovsl preener has
bis r!f,'ht limul bured anti lr left ur. fatly fl",*-.
In tbe Middle AU'S Ibe etiquette v. lt li regard IO
glove, wo, tar more stringent lhaa li li st present.
1,,,. instance, no one stat pei nine.! io . ntar a rbundi
wearing glove*, which wen i*onsMered lust ??? eui ol
pl ice a- ii would nowaday* l ? '.. rem ita In sn) sm red
.?'lillee wllh n hal on Ber wen" il. great ?ameer, "f
Hie roval and Imperial courts permitted to wear glove,
while fulfilling Ibelr iifUrtal italie ll w.- forWdden
In linnie foi f . 1 ,.,, hlll"li l.lll groom I I" euler III*
[nyul .t.il.l.-s WllliOUl j... -lou I: reoiovlna fi.-- cloV"
fi,,-:, their hands. Curionri) enough, -i..v- wi u
1,111 of la-hb'ii aime-' entire!) during the lu:f*r pur
ti.,n .f il," eighleenih ceninry, and only reappear"!
iifi.r H.* nr.-nt French Revi.luHon |0n year
The Irs! pi,,vc- lhal were -v.-i heart ol ar" those
mentioned In the h!*lor) ol Ibe Hornsn war ueuin-t
tbe 1.at.I-. The taller, we are :. ld. had H.?lr hand!
enveloped la coverings made .f ike skim "i Bnlmali
In order to preserve them fn?n Ihe cMd.
one of Ihe peculiar fwiiurei ul ihe madness oi ina
lil fiii.d e> Kanpi'.- iliarloii* "f Mexico li tnt ne.
raqulrea a fr..h pair 01 pearl gray, iwo-nttoa kW
.i,,ve. 01, riling ever) morning ihrouahonl Hie v.-m
If iv any mishap lhere 1- no fresh pair ut kan. ona
nn attempt 1- madi i" furnl?h ber with glove* in ai
Bes not entirely new. het Insanity assume* /"J. "J?
moment a violent form sn contlnaes until sin is sp
1.. ..I by n tn-h p'i
J h.- palate of an SJ ls a feint] Tl.inch lt H -"ld
iri N.vv York and ni her targe ii.'n"P"lltan market..
it it oi.ieiiv parobaaed bj Preach or other toretgnera,
wi.o 'lia!'1-lund now io prepare it !?; perta "f tn
OOUatry where cuttle are itaughtend for home con
mmpttoa Ihe palate ls iisualh thvawn away. TU
pregan plain Im in table, tate at i-*it-: t?a i""
them ki did water und bring them gradually to the
bolling v-iiit, and Kt Ihsm *iu,mcr lol tea minutes.
Then drain them carefully When ihej are <?'?'.<
-'i.-ipe them thoroughly. I ul ra. ., palate In two, iud
pul then. In b pim il '.lilllie stock, rll foil tpray,
?r parsley, one sprig if - np celery, un* ?: thyme,
a : iv l.-:if. one dov* and naif an onion. Homier
ihe pal ile* v--rv ilo tl) li this broth for I
Then dialn them sad skim the fm. vlr ? larg ' i
-I.nful ot Hour ? Ith i ,u.* :. ispoi ? !
?. til th* twi are thornughij mixed .train tb* -; ?k
and add it to Hu g, ai d '.. mix! ire
rook f?r about ?? - itlrrii -? ll rontln lally.
if you wlsi ibe palai - ?-?!*. nice rou may add j
'i in ? muslim in can *d * ' * the dltfc; oi
'..,-1 nay draw ike .suce after ll ha, boiled I
back ol Ihe itove ind ,d.l the viii- nt tu * egg .
ls .Hi..' ll em ult I a llttl ? ol ihe :, t -aa, ? to pie.
vent u.em rurdllng In either ' these cases irrve
tb palate, I ??.,. aire, ol the dis! . -.- Ith ; e
po r' .1 around * * cm.
Anon. a.-tli nu! way nf ii-rvlnf pabite* ls uith
u pt'iuante -h., . i , make ml* put a I air cup nf
vlr.egar with a choppi-d nulon in a saucepan; b il
Ihe vinegar "mil ll I nearl) evapnrai. I. Then add
h.. seasoned stuck In wl-k-h tie- palates wert conked,
wulla table, ptain fill ni rapers, three mall . i- uni t.-r
pn klee m,i,, ed Ol ??. anti, If . on, ? lent, I i
rooms chopped lin**, filmmei all lhe*e logetin-i f..r
ten minutes and pour Ibeni iround thedlsh.il palates.
Decorate the dish wllh Bickies, >r erve pickles with
it. The rtnegar and ..mon. should i-- reduced down
ta a j'l.ici'lal!- lined saucepan, and Ibe sauce ls heat
n ad" In -iel. :. pan. i.s otherwite the at I.I Of the
pichi.- |, liable t ? li pan a 1 liter Inetc t i tho
v.'.r-t palates brai/.eii In the rat described ar" a!*o
rery nice served with macaroni and tomato sauce
U a garnish.
- -W
SOME OF DOUCl rs sleeves.
pevcrsl of the new costumes from Iiotiret have
sleeves rike the acenmpnnying kel li. Th" upper one
i- hi- favorite, an ha, dilrrl -? il Ihe lop which i ir
rles the fulneaa quite betas the ihoulder. Th" other
ls the remtlar "glget" .Vip", which ls Hie genuine |e!?.
n'mutton .-I".-ve or . -iir greal graudmothern, having Hu
fnlnen at Um tbp mtbercd Into heavy folds.
1 in bi - r op xt.r..
Ii 1-; a matter "f r. -ft that yeast ls so seldom
made in ti,, family. Nothing i easier t" propan "r
more ?.?nain of -ic. it st sterna t lc method, arc en
toned. I nhappHv, yi isl i- ene ol lliose thing) thal
can ot !?? node bv n pi" .ulm kv methods, am! for
Hil. naran a greal deal of domestic jr< ii proves ..
Now n.ai i: ,., .!,..>;?:?. are |, ai liing io I ? ?
methodic in ti.-lr non-'keeping, lhere ls no reason
?li l" ': ? de -. . i li mid n ?? : ? k< pt on band In
every i ni ?'??:?, heil r and m ire
. on. enlenl Ilia ti rca*1 wh :i i pun luis..'. tl the
greer's, ami which must i- obtained frequently ta
"l.I- r lo ' ?? ri- lired (hal lt I, 'r.'-h.
In Un preparnll n .( yea I, al olute rleanUnesi
of all the ut ttl ll n ed i ? ry to .?'?-. Ker
this re.i nn it i- i eitel lo prep ire ii," yeast in a
p'.r. clair lined . i ? nd rt lt to rl-e In a
pot. 'i he i ? ' rca?i tm fan lt; u ? ?ll] k*i p h.
two month* ia ike winter .. ,i In ihe um mer also
ll k< pl lp a go ??! ref lp rat oi To tn ike n.i.. mea,
ur>- om .. ?.; ' .1 ' ,: ho] -. pour a pint of
water over them, :i fl lei them l ni mer In a porcelain
?pm f..r twenty-dvo minite*, The suocpan
should he kepi for thi met I il pip ?. a, ii will
be ... tirons it.d with !:.? fla *oi "f hops
.'- to ruin aliv other -ll li Cooked in it. .-tr.uii Hi"
.? ii il ?..;. water n .. pim ..r hoi ma bed
poi.i'"' ti - * ? tdd n ? un i f
, 4 cup o| alt and a i up ??'. f ? ii. ml ted In
heal t'i- mixture th imighli .- i" re
n ..i. ,,,| tamps. H : ; ? ., well to mix iii" dry
ingredient! al th ti,-- p iii* before pouring on th"
t.o* hop -.'..*? i . ." i ii ballet I - form< -1.
an f ll * ' ' ? lilli ?.' '-v i-' "I . I "i 11 rr. \- .:
aland till Wo al warm. Then add ti fro d
rake "f ,?:?"? r'- v. . ? After home mudi yes
on." ? ? ?-.! :,,, ?.?*,.?:' '. i I- needed; IWo
? '???? rh, .'-"I
? ?' ? p| ? n, te, >,-t Ute
feast ove night 11 nd il" stove .a In >?!?? place
wi..rc lt alli ?? keiit ni n uniform len
" ?? ?? lt I i si *iv i.iv thu!
bm it |. i'. i-i |* that th ?. ? i > bauld he kepi In
., ?" ., v. .'- plat ? fm il ie.isl li i ? ? In order
to -'.ii: '!.?? iivr en tu I I - '. ??;?
earefujit rovered nlt?i n ? tot to ri nnd In winter
lt *hoti|d I-- wrapped abonl with s worm ctol ind
ni. ? pap! . li nothing else I i onvenlent, in
< -der i" k- ep In Ibe beal In the n ni lng the v a ?
. aild b* Wi ll ro\*ered -vi-1, i al ? f ri am I'eal lt
well amt le' lt il.reive hom loncer, hen",,,, ll
? - ? .i time When it I, I- adi ??? pm i, :n :?
si.id be ii iMch mass of ahlie foam. Pul it in
'.,11' Jugs li kill . . ? "'I He Ihe
erk- du -h s Ith string :?> ti wt ek or iwn lYhen
v,, i u*e '!ii yea * * ii will need < ly a 1 a* p oi ful
.,f ..alt for four I-av.** . t I r. ad.
'i ?- wntlbte t 'mirv walking i uluma for wei
weather mmes from Bnglaiid and will please Uie
Angbrinanla. i ie dn I "f brown stin-m serge,
Bude with an {rut wain ami H.r.-e imootMy Itted
rapes. The kiri la n ade rery altort, quite v.yi to th"
aiil.hs, and ha- a leather tai li g. Bo netti
worn, bm lu iiieir place very lull knickerbockers with
ian leather gahci ? at *l lan li ither hts -. with li arc
made veiv st.ail with low lice i. A brown Alpine bat
io mm. li thc dress completes in- costume.
OBY l'.l:eaD.
arti at i" i'' with it.
The ar. mirilla ; rn "f itcrtpi "f bran I- sometimes
om- of the m.mv perplexing problems whlrh every
housekeeper Ima lo meet. Vet, If a Utile -
,:ii.- is rs.*n I -"I In thi, matter, Lhere need nut be a
. riim'ii wa lied.
,\., s. as Hi" semi weekly laking ls over and Ihe
I n.-.y supply ol bread bi rooted, every -crap of tbe
oh) I.rend ihould be removed from Ibe bread-box,
j the box wi;**-d oul, .ii'i once a month icalded mil
! and thorough!) -ried before the new bread is put In
j lt Hie Urger sh rap- of br. .ul ihould be ral In
i triangular form ?.r liearl ? laped ptecea for lari:"
? croutons, aboul two end a loll Inches long, ind.mu
j iptaai ll, fri? a..-.'cs of . ' token and vii:io:i- ,,'hei- dU cs
i Smaller pieces nw) be cut In nr-orrs for soup Toulone,
These are not mare than Ihree-quartera of an inch
. S.Jll'ire.
Tbe br.-ad fur both I ; rp ira mu * be thor
,,ii..iiv dry. -" ll ' free fr m ? ll molstiire, wh
rrouton, win keep in Mdeflniti lime ihui up ta
i,,,x ?-. II these |srn ?? ure .. I ?'.. lb' <
ii .iv In a moro* * ur I he brou ied In t ?? oven .?:
iri, i ,,i, t,M. af tin or i tasted, and added b
Ibe ?oup "i ragout. IVli. tiler* ar* h.r;. pl ?- >,)
. a p,nf. tbe) mai be used foi toast ol slutting*. Im
,.|i iel of thi -?? p 11. ? lb" rr .-* i- u . Hiv !?>?
; n ov-.-,i nml added lu small crap, f bread, whirl
i should be dried in l_c oven unUI the, are fret- fron
ail moisture, rolled lue ;."?! dfirt i-.i bread erinn -
The*" crumb* ;.t" Inxaluable lo Ibe uoh 1 -
: ,,r" ii- d f ir br- id - mee*, cake, ai d puddl .
espeetally for breading neats, rrouueti**.ihei
I tri turea, .\ rup of these <lr>.l rn nibs make, .. mm
i more deliip.i.. pudding *b ii properly .....ked uni
I than ri i*"!' treen from the loaf If you would knoa
I how dell lon- a Itread pa.Hiing mut lie, laki a .up al
' these bread Cllimba, p.i'ir li quart Of bo,ling mil, ,i', i
I ih-m sud lei them dan for ls i ours, until Ihi
* rrumbs iiuv become IhnrougliH - iked nu I In Ito
j mil'. I*.-nd ' read i nimbi ibm lg i
: colander, toefl add Ihe yolk, of foin egga, Will
!,- en, ?< s. .mt rap "f <ugsr. a heaping table-poonfu
1 nf hatter, .?* d ti,- grated ilnd ol a lemon, urina unit
I the i liirt yellow kin on the mil sid*. Heal ali Ike In
"..???rn bib well togethei ari bake I ie pudding In littb
enstsH raps, or In a large pudding di-h *?"*! in i
pan ol bulling water kVben ihe pudding I- baked
-ipre.id n lav.* of curraul )? -liv aver li In order i
?lu Ihl- tuccessfullV, t <? jelly nm-t he in"lte,| In ,
little vvst-r and spread aver Ihe pudding when Ito
hitter bas rooted i IttUe. Noa make a merlnni
sf ih.- whiles of ito tour tm, beaten le i stiff rroiii
wit ti a saut cup if powdered ugar and V.u- Jule,
of a leaaaa. Heap Ibe ni rlngne over the pudulog
eoeerlus li wltk Inefutor -Meeka. Pm lt In a aloa
oven, wli.-n il will become slishtly bmw ind in twentj
'ti:.* -. -.-rv.' lt when coll with a sauce of sweet
???.it cream
if v.. i wish a td pudding,
sf ? : - iii i'd bread mimm P",u
. Ung * i, !. ,v er i u*m. ind l
ta ? . i- three h mrs. When dev
HU .:' r ? . i ? ' f beef marrow
if * .. i- ' ii unveil ? tit, a "i irter
'? -? kidney . iel :il
ael, ? i'- ii Put :: '
take a half itouud
about a Qusrt of
? them SW.-U for
are cold, add fl
upped fine, or
f i pound of the
bopped hr.-. Add *:\ eggs.
??; .rn -I. '.alf a poul 1 f
.---?!, If a pound of t irrants, bair * pound
if suyir, and ir i - ' citron, i ul bi inreds.
? ell together and mix In B
, tal ? -pool,fi,i * mai", "ii" of clove*, a table
fol ol clnamor, anil grat d nutmeg. Bake th
nnd liri; for tvve hours lu a -low oven and serve lt
bot wini a ric'a tam ???
j Th- fir.t Importations ol n tail mUHnery eghlMt trot
j F.niiiHo bomids. ;1iat it ls probable that Snottier season
, mav pa-^ before vv., tee tn g"ii"r:.l Introduction of the
I iky-aweeplng poke. TM, bonnet require, tue most
J ex tr. me i lennn of mstertala to mdeem tts proaouneed
, -iv!", and ti" fact ital the faihlonohU mllllneri ny
j Ihat it adds len year- t" tbe ag* of the wearer 1* aol
likely to make ii generally popular, la tact, very tow
t iii" Empire poke, i. *? vet ben Imparted. A
feature nf tin. bonnet which has not Te-en generally
n ii-'i I., thc pi ."h..- of a decided capo. This rape
ls taned up, yet i-, nevertbetoas, an oM-ftubtoned,
um ''iipioini-in-' bonnet rape, such ai the preaenl gen*
eratl a bu level cen except ..ii Qusker bennets, but
which '!?!? riv w cucii remember sa a uecemary ami
ugly adjunct of the f-iliionabte bonnet of year- n:v
.xii ibis is bul the anttcipatloo, however, of thc next
fall styles.
The M ii'i'ii-?? hat mid Hi" jewelled hornet nre ihe
novelties ol the hour. The Jewelled bonnet ls both
?mall and picturesque, it i, the daintiest Ml of a
lieaiblre-s, composed of an open network of Jew.-ls and
j"t, OT J'I and g-M. Il 'ali's the form Of Ita Ityzali
tlne headdress, and ls pr 'perly Uni.heil arith a deep
fringe ol Jet, j? ? v.? I or lan. Many of these bonnets
ere made of a network "f Jet, embroidered with lue
chains ol tequlns .'nut hliobs if gold. An aigrette and
wing, ami antennae of Jewels ur Jd Intoh the little
confection high over Hw fomhesd, and Rive lt tn dig
inty ol a tire,-, bonnet. Long gold pin-, quaintly
chased In open work ami ad wtth Parisian gems tn a
medley or rotor, are tagen on then bonnet-, and an
. 'pct directly from oM Byxanttae ornaments found in
th" mu-.-iii.f Europe, Topar, emerald, turquoise,
amethyst an,I ruby are lin- live leading colors found IB
evening bonnets, though the ma.it.ritv et these Uttto
Jewelled headdresses bsve Mack Bat a foundation. Ikey
.!i"w v < rx lillie color except ta Ita Jewels that oma
Blent them, or occs lona ll) In a band or fillet of brill?
iant colored velvel set with Jewels, which reis on tin
hair shove a bor ler of delicate blach lan. The bonnet
Min.Haled hm .ni op n crown compooed Of tran-parent
J..*, sot wlt'i rtuslen "f Pariotsn emeralds wl'h hrlll
lante. .X fall of bice or J"t fringe surrounds the bou?
nd and rest, on i. ie hair, and the higli trimming In
form "f an inaret'a wings, is
nsed "( in- Jets itrung "n invisible wires, m
?a" and black pompon of heron's pluni"'s are
tipped with Jewels .-ml Jet. A close UtUe eta * ? I
!lob's m sometimes pieced over the fonhnd on then
j, welled Int .
A 'i irmlng little np-shaped bonn", in solid black
i- nil'.,- wllh n soft crown "f tine chantilly tan, a
?: le lille: of bia. Iv J.i, and a tvvi-t an I bow of black
latin ribbon. -\ tall ot bice surrounds ita little hat.
Iii" Mar.pu i- hat, Which prom!-.-* to le- ii favorite
"shape with young ladies for general wear, ls made of
??hip, manila braid and Tuscan itnw, amt i- tared
with draw or rhlp In contrasting color. Man] ?>'?
Ihe.-e hats an1 made up ul the pirtly spilt atrawi of
yeats ago I ere are a greal many bats >.f natural
straw . ol >r. or Hie deep ecru shade >.f manila braid.
They ar-- general!) ticed with bl nh ih.p. The char?
il, teri.-*!, of Hil, hal 1- Its Irregular front, the brim ha>
ii:.- roiled up in distinct curves and taught against Hie
rrown. Tlie hal i- irimmed on Ibe outside in various
vv.i\ . with a cluster of ii-trlc- plumes,
standing r.lftly, a I'Empire; i mellelea with a h'ige.
huw ..: pleated velvet, or ig.iia with a wreath of close
bun' !..?? of fr../"ii violets, with -ntl items and bloa
,ei... linted pit ',. arith fn il : or ol red berries or tiny
yellow i m Ko,, lowen,
Leghorn tali promise t" be tn more demand than
ever. There ar.- also many bloch chip huts of lurg!
.'./.! fared with Tuscan braM und nunn huts faced
with chip, mil t'.nr" are Leghorn hms in natural color
laced -ii'ii black chip. These picturcsqn hats will
i used ebie!) for country wnr. They are trimmed
with fal! pleated bowi ol black or ecru lace, with io
..:*'?- ur xl alton bows of pleated velvet, and with
crushed pim. |, ie, without foliage, or close meath,
ol purple roses iii thi new heliotrope amt petunia tint.,
and in i"v.H pm pie. There un- many -Hit. standing
I ip nnd quain! black .pulls cut oil shari-ly, and lin
|?b,s| With a lani of gilding.
'i'lie mulei lal, used on dress bonnet, ure fine Than
illly lacs and hun iv latin. Black sad cul ired eats-eta
are ..ecu on less eh.bural.? bonnels, though even ken
black satin bk ms to usurp the place wMch velvet ha
helli -'. long. Many ul Hi.' new hats of manila or of
spill .'raw are trimmed with a soft titi-t uf satin rib?
bon caught down by -nil Utile i?r?, tightly strapped,
aud almost full em ash for roselie,, Thc narrow folds
b ick satin wMch are used i" t rim hu Monah! e
.'.i. ea and wraps arv seen on other hat*, whh li arc
hni-: .il by full, standing cluetera ot blark tip-, and
sometime* ii black quill* Upped wini gold, .x nive!
ot vrv ieee hap called -velvet .-pingle " ls used ex
leiislvel) lu millinery nus season, alike far fold, and
the huge bows ami brim., and. above all, for ronttse,
i. . all male oi velvet, pleated, und afterward
laid "in Un ?o n.it tliey have tin- effect of hoing
crimped. This n tn glace velvel ls found in shaded
and plain ? "lor-. Ilia. :i chestnut brown turban of
lani*) in .un it raw ls trimmed wtih a twist of velvel
.. dod from dark omeroW green imo golden chestnut
i wea. T\." qualm pm* af Uyssntlne pdd are ihnst
Uirougfa Ita straw al the ..ide. A ? hurming Marquise
tal ul ipUt stiav. in natural color is teed Wtth black
chip ;.i I Uini'.nd With a twist ol bia. lc lalla I'ih'.Hl,
two sUd standing :ip. a I'Empire, and a band com
posed "t close lime bouquet! of frosted rtoteta wtth
stiir fro/.- ii items, sill other hats of the Marquis
shape a.,- imi-bed v?;u. ruaettes of plain or pleated
v. Ix -i iii r.vu shades, .,:..? a deep shade of bishop's pur
plc the oii.-r a pale cv, la.n pink wv heliotrope.
Large bows "I white grosgrain ribbon complete the
trimming of ibis !?*?; 1'iw naircoruerad tat i.< a oo
quettlail little taps ? ii b I- likely lo be runn* besom
lng lo young > "iii' n ihan ibo throe cornered -hape nt
I lu-! oru n lie h.!.ed brim i- < anjtut dowu ihlpely
l against ihe crown ovei the fore ta ,S. directly at Hie
j bo I. and al each akle nv pin* of Hy/.antlne peM or
some m.ibu- . rn..men'.
There are till ? in) Bal hats iu the ,hape which
I ha- been ""rn during the winter, projecting ..ver th*
forehead and sborl at the bach, ,\ dainty way of
trimming theae ls with i factug f velvet xn the in
?Ide of H.- brim In chrysopraae green, dnhllu color, or
, ri Ii \ Of Hi le '.- - Midi I ..:,! 1. lil. :, tlnlthol vvltll
, ia ge Al arian bow of ocru lace pleated In Ine waves, s
? lui-i .1 \- Ivel, inn ri ? ,, ,,?| now* of white
aro-tgraln rlblMin with -HIT standing ends. Charming
Rilli- linl willi e|.i ire I'lmnie,! ?i;,, a
twts) of Mach velvel ai bloch latin md two pink rn,-.'.
ri tag partly on ibe brim al lue --ide.
Two entirely different regetaMea ire sold under the
nam.- of artichokes. The Jerusalem artlehoto ls a
tuber of the sunflower, aud I* ..aid in take Hs nam*
not fr<.in ti" "Holy City ol mea," tm; 'rom a nr*
ruptbiii "t giru..'le. the Italian name for a sunflower,
nd ii- landed resemblance tu tans to the geaataa
arll.li"U" The .lei.i- ile: Bltlehota ls easily raised
nn anv .oil. ..["I winn once started In Hie gardet.
?prlngl Up veil ailei veiir of Hs own accord. Though
th"', were once very highly esteemed, and even pro
(erred lo potatoes, they ure UtUe lund now.
The Trench or globe artichoke Is tlie only plant
! whb.'i ls property raltod by this Miine. lt ls a plant
of the nu-.lL- family and lo-riafcn best la aaathen
j totltades, where ll does not hoeOHM winter-killed. It
i ls a liionni.il. and tbereien doea mt come to msturlt
thc year the seed ll ="??&? Tke seed men furnish
plants at 20 cent, esch. which we believe are large
etiu'igii to produe edible flower beads tue rlrst teaaon.
Oreen artichoke, from neighboring garden, are found
I . New York market, tn the fa!!, but the supply of
thia vegetable fuund In the winter vegetable stalls
come* acron th.- o,":iti from digi tai nnd arrives In
a rery -dale condition, though '.be demand ls such
ii. n :*. leis at -in nato a head. Thia vegetable ta
..;>." lally esteemed by the French, who serve lt Ina
variety of delightful ways. The miniature green
li sw bead 1- the part eaten. This consists of fleshy
KStos, arranged around a hard c?re or centre called
Hie -choke,'' which I.s never eaten. Thi- bottom of
Hie artichoke, however. I* edible. This li cut oft with
tn- stem. The ebon ls then removed, und the
lirst three or four rows of leaves are trimmed at the
top of the artichoke, and they are ready for use.
A favorite way or cooking Hu- aril, hoke heads ls to
cov.-r them with rich -t's li and boil them for about
thirty-five minutes, then drain them and dish them
with a UoMaad?In sauce or any rich sauce. Some?
times they are tooked In boning water In which a
leaapaoafUl of .ali and a tablespoonful of vinegar ere
dlssoiv.si. Let them cook at U.iit forty minutea,
though the Hmo of cooking depends somewhat upon
th.- fnaknaea sf tn nsjetahll. An artichoke head
fr.-.li from the medea Hikes much less time to cook
than om- which ls stale.
li I- customary to .erv.- three large artichokes for
b dinner or six. Tue ba? of the loatoe or leaflets
I- hrolien atr a, tiley are picked up and the base
ahme ls eaton, so thut half an artichoke head ls non*
Umi much to allow for ? person, lt requires tho
i.atoms of -ix acta-hokes for a dish f?r *|_ persona.
Tits ls an Infeilor part of tho vegetable, but lt la
very Mee when prop, riv prepared- Trim off all the
leaves, boll them In Milted water till tender. Hil
them Britta s preparation nuide ot minced mushrooms,
with a lit ri-- cream sauce, sprinkle bread crumb, over
Thea and thea a Utile grated chees.- wtth bits of
l.'i'ier. Brawn them In tho ona bir ten minutes
and serve them alone or with a tomato or a rich
brown sance. The method* nf cooking glx'en may
.i em etohonte, bat thi-- vegetable ls usually cooked
In elaborate vvavs. The artichoke tat toms may bs
cooked, however, with.mt the mushroom*, or they
may be simply b.ll.-d and served in Hollandaise sauce
or any rich sauce.
Veal will soon he In our markets In prime con<_>
Hon. The F.nglish market reports of ,i hundred yean
ago make Hie season of veal from March to .Inly, snd
veal to-day is best and cheapest at ataut this Hmo
of year, owing to th" superior care now given to
calves which are tarn In tho winter, there is a great
deal of excellent voa! to be found tn the market early
In the win'ei. Farmers have learned how to bouse
the young eaten kl warm barns, where the sun can
shine on them. They feed and fatten tu-m with
lyatematte eire, so that the meat uitalns to some*
iv hat the sam" quality as the flesh of the animal that
has the freedom et th" spring fields mid sunshine.
The grout value of veal la the cook ls not as a
piece de resistance. Uko beef nnd mutton or even
hamil, but an the foundation of many dainty small
dishes. It ls a necessity to the first class cook In mak?
ing stocks, both while and brown, for sauces of all
kriuls. The poor-si parts of veal may BO utilized In
some d. ll. nie dl-h. The brains, the liver, the sweet?
breads and even the tendons td veal are esteemed
deUcaetn. The mci! of the leg. which In full-grown
beef ls Hie comparatively tough round, ls tin- tlllet
of veal?<ine of the daintiest paris. In the last score
of years wo have h-arned the value of sweetbreads In
th? country, und they are no loafer thrown away, as
they once were. Hut there ure many oilier small
pieces of veal which make very appetizing dl-hes (tf
properly prepared) at a very small price, and their
in.-rlt.s ur.- yet comparatively unknown lo th" average
housekeeper. Of these, th" breast of veal ls per?
haps UM best known, yet lt ls very Utile used. Every
part of lt, exoeirt the fat and hnnl bones, may ta
mad" Int" appetizing food. For breakfast, tho breaat
may be taned, trimmed free from fat nnd cut In
small B<|UBna et at out lan Indies. These squarea
should ts- simmered In stock slowly until they are so
tli.iroupl.lv- tender that they mny be easily pierced
In all part.- with a larding Beedie. They should then
be pressed nnd should remain in press for eight or
len hours -o that lt is necessary to make the stew
iii.- day helen it hs to he served. In the morning
-kim <>fT any (Tease which niuy have risen to tho
lop ot the slew. Take the pieces out of press and
beat up th- liquid In Um saucepan. Thicken lt with
a teaspoonful each of flour and butter mixed, taste
lt to -ee that H Li well seasoned, and let lt simmer
again for len B_?Btes. Repton the veal in lt snd let
lt warm up. When thoroughly healed, dl-u the pieces
In a circle and pnur the gravy over them. Six mush?
rooms added to Um Rravy when lt ls warmed up give a
pleaviut flavor. If inu wi-h a very ornamental dish,
place a mound of green peas, or a mound of well*
browned potatoes. In th* centre of the platter, and
arrange the piece, of teal around lt. These ''ten
d..,is" ar.- perfectly tenner If properly stewed and
pressed tl." dav liefer ?. They ar" g, latin.,u-> and melt*
lng, full of succulence and flavor. They are very
oleo dipped In egg and line breadcrumta and frbdl
and served willi tomato sauce.
i .liv.-.' livvr may he .natl" -o very delicate a dish
that lt ls a gr.at mistake to took it In a mam way.
When it ls fried in bacon tat, as lt ordinarily In, lt
limply absorbs th" nmiio.st part of the bacon and
brenn's pren>e sodden. <'.lives' liver, served with
bacon, should always b. broiled. Itohct a fresh, Ano
cult's liver, one thal weighs about a pound and a
hulf. Let the hutch.?!? cut it in rather thin slices.
Throw lt In cid water for about rtfteen minutes to
whiten lt, drain it and wipe lt dry with a cloth.
.-.eas ui lt with stilt und pepper, and rub lt with ml on
h.'t;i -Ides. Tut lt on a gridiron and broil lt far six
minutes OU eoch side, serve lt with six or eight thin
slices of baron, fried for about two minutes, till they
ure crl-p and brown.
Halve-,' brains may be very easily prepared for tho
hu alf nt table. They skeen be blanched the day
hafen. Though these (arti of the animal nre usually
sold wtth Hu* head, they mny he found separate at tho
-.mil. In our large morie*-,, kept by dealer, la
sausages, mincemeats, ox-talto and other small parra
nf animals, tor ii family of td.,, pro. ure the brailia
of two calves, put t lieut tn Ice fold water for about
an hour. Then r.-inov.- the thin skin which coven
Hiern. They should be wry elna and white, without
any bloody veins. Wash He in lu cold winer and drain
them, tamas] san not la bruise them, it they ..ecio.
In danger of falling lo piece-, tie it piece of muslin
around Hi.mu: hut this t-luruld not be necessary.
I lien put them In ii san.'.-pun and cover th.-in again
with clear, .-"ld waler. To a quart of waler add a
tubb sp onful ol silt, u half tup i-f ell "gar, h.ilf a carrot
-lb ??>!, a lay Vat six whole yeppen and a -prig of
thyme. I.-t the bruins loll v-ry (ratty for about
twenty minutes. Winn they un- dom-, dinln them and
again pu* "'"'" toto cid water. When they ore cold
.-ut each brain Inn two or three Moen and r di tlieiu
gently in yolk of egg nnd laen la tin.- br-ad
criimi.s, and fry them In hot fm- Serve them with
torture mace. This ls simply a Mayonnaise -ance, ta
which n l BSpOOUfM of dry mn.turd, ono shalt .t chop?
ped tine nnd tWo -mull cucumber pickle- ure added te
every yolk of egg u-ed.
Kate Sanborn In The ChaUiuqiian.
We do not ned to wrinkle our foreheads whee
reading aloud lu public or private or to screw our
fm'. into crooked boa knot! t" gaze al something
pa-sing in tin- street. IT you think you do
no! 11-ed to I,o pinindi d of this bad habit
read for live minutes some exciting oe
iragie poem before the glass and watch your own
face. My countenance Irom years of scowling and
wrinkling resembles (when I pince a bin,d glass on a
table and look down upon the lines nnd lurrowsi a.
railroad Junction with many toteraecttng paths, or
the diagrams crl-st rt.s-lng u pmttrn sheet. I waa
smaxed em* could tavo cried when I first reallied
Ibis. I found thm ov.-n when arranging my back
hair, or breaking my teeth, or fastening a dress, or
buttoning ii boot I mode all sorts of anuoceaaar) grt.
maces, and threading .i in-die, If a Utile troublesome,
produced queer contortions.
1 was In New Turk "Otp when disturbed by tba
condition of my fuce, mid pissing a place where lt
wus announced that nil wrinkle* could ta speedily
eradicated by a arness culled -facial steaming,- J
w.-nt In and tiled lt. lb* madame wh" :itt?nded mo
toto a .har sk?I, rafi u* satin, bright eyes, and a
pleasant, not a stereotyped, smile.
I n'-U'-d h-r ir she hud no other secret for such fair?
ness and freshness, mid sha told me ber methods
While I Wll-i being tr-Iiled.
I enjoyel the Meamlng, the cleansing, and mo-*o_se,
:.l.i tbe delicately i?Tf'im"d toilet cres rn whl-H *ho
rubbed gently imo the pore,, and the flus'. p-iUshlng
arith a soft towri, ll took .wo tamra, hal I did not ra*
Ki et the lime, and vToulit b?Ve tried ll regularly, but
was ol.heed to rmi from s Northern winter, xt dinner
ihat evening every .me spoke of my looking unr.wi.
monta well, so fresh, so rosy, even .,, young. Finally
my bootees "Xcliilni'tt : "Wi,v. Kat-', what have voa
leen doing to make ymir hoe ov r I The tired look
ni. ii'-ine oat of lt ' -" I Brees *4>d to tefl my new
ixperenn. The madame', story ls th* best of lt. nhs
. ld ? I will 'i"t crrillfr mv enemies hv looking old and
worn through worry. I had a dishonest partner who
had stolen -"'"O.isi I from nie. I found lt om. and t' ero
irn< a lawsuit. I suppased 1 w.i,ru1n<-d. Kvery nUht
I lonna to irv my eyes ont, and kept myself awake
int.'Ipiling Hie worst re.iili. Hut, no, indeed! This
would never do. I bathed mv face in hot water,
rubbed In Um cream, had my maid shaman mv hair
and rub the ache out of mv head. Then I determined,
tn fjrr"' mv trouble and g" to sleep. Koch murninni
toe' ta.- greatest piln* with mv personal appearance.
I would tait give that btu! mau Hu- pleasure of seeing
lilt dishonesty tell on my lnohs. I went into court
blooming, with a confident smile, and won the easel
.Xnd I am doing a bett-r business than ever." TVere
ls nn Important lesson tor mi.iv women.
due "f mv friends wV. s?.-nis to hsve gained tho
secret of perpetual votitri and good splrlta.-e-'ld to nie
lately, ?? lin you notice 1 liwara put on my sweeten
mo*' unruffled expre.-lnii when I'm In a great hurry
or g*t cauirl t In a ?crowd, a thing I detect, or wnrjnevie
I vvimt to look worried, beean.* moat other womsu n
look so Uko crasy frights lu the least crisis _?

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