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A Bl'I.'ST HF i.Wl'.'IV llr.FOKE LEXT-RE
t ewing un; new cardinals
Paris, February ; ., ! -o'.:
The lust Fem days have is-eii very bright n con?
cerns IhemeaUm and tlie general aspect of the city.
Dunn? the patin week prece liny tlie Mardi <iia-.
February 14, the simp windows wei" gav with
bunting, painted amaki and stmngled coatumer.r,
awaitinct those who cl,.-,- to take a lively and n ?
t five part in carnival reveille*. The ** proeenion
du br>*uf gras" wa* m n brilHam than has h en
tbe case for many yean. The tatted "\, coveretl
with garlandi af pap"i rose* ant] ol tinsel, ai
vane.-,i solemnly, j.i*???.*? i.-.l ami tallowed hj Han is
of music and by loni; lil"- of gorgeously diessed
masker.-, who eatered lalo the spit il ol t li- cere
mony as thoroughly as though they were ancient
Egyptians aceomnnylng the boll Apis Fortu?
nately, it waa not cold, and the blue sky and
rnerrv sunshine wen suspicions t,- tli" ct ow I- "I
people thronging the Boulevard*. In the evening
a grout ganny danna took place In fashionable ari
lons, at easlnoea, restaurants, aa also i'i Nie " !| nita
bo .is" ol' tin- Boulevards exterbHira.
Ono of the magnates of the financial worl 1 R ive
a costume Hill .,,1 ii,,, ni-iit ..f the Meriti Ul is
which xviii remain In the annals of pleasurable en
tertainiiiont- a* "ii" ..f tbe great i's t sucees??-* ever
ncliiovo'l at a private house. Ch.f the toilettes
wUeh attracted the moM admiration was w .rn by
a very lovely member el the American colony herc.
She gaadc km appearance in the sal ms ahortly
after mi Inight, nd her entnnn wa* greeted by
n loud murmur "f approval 11 - -r tall and slen lor
ligtin*, admirably proportioned, lord pp blue eye*
and puro nil- complexion wen admirabh - ?? nfl
by tho character winch she represented, namely,
that el an Ice Spirit. l!"i lon.-train.-1 gown ol
cloth of silver wa- deeply edged xvith sxvan*d iwn,
and xvi* "ii" mam ..! pe i I el .| >?- i*t rn h cryst il
and diamonds of the Utmosl m agni-' o:i ? ?-. Nest
line in her powdered hair, i p"i:,i Btai composted ..f
gicantie brilliants sparkled enough positivelv ii
make ono's eyes neb,-, whilst greal streams of dil?
mon.!-, shape 1 like Icicles fell in dunlin? fe*l o is
ovi r her snowy ann- and breast, Her train was
uphold by her two little nephews, dressed, one a?
a apjowhal], nnd tlie other as - Frost " Sn enor
mous xvas tho value of th" jewels which she wore
that two detective*- in ptain ? 1 .tl ?-- a 'omptnletl
lier to the vp rv portals ol tlie _re>* tiuan i.-r
suporh -hot<-l," and *.x h-tt sh" Iel! nm" h mrs
lat-or they aecomnnl' i Iot t" her horne In a t- c md
oiirriuEo. which kept pa.t- with ben.
There have nls'i lu-on several nnperh dinners sn i
a great number nf reeeption, an I wira - o I ia!
ex-ctiin.. Th* Duehesse nf Pomar i< now giving
a grand dinner every Ralnrdsy ni her ken itifnl
homo, where aM the httesl Innovation* in culinary
art aro always to He enjoyed.
Tho people are looking forw.iril already ti the
n-ii.l-f.ont feetival, which i- a dav ilevofil nbs .
lately to the amusement of the masters "an 1 mi ?
tro*fs-* of the washtub an l t i the abort reign of
their Queen. Iii purauann of custom every pub?
lic waahhoun tir-t eleets its own Qiicmi, Th'-*
Queen* an- th"n eonvenetl anti elect from ia.ir
own aamher the Queen nt Queens. Thi* v-' ti the
choice fell on 8 Mlle. Ku.onie Pettit, a lair pre-.lt
nro of twenty-one, wh i poll--1 eighteen ont ol th
twentv--iv votes Ih * rival was a dark j nmg
woman of siiv.'nlai- beauty, but whoas credentials,
it is said, on ti:" -eur" ol na irallty. wera deficient.
A Vlee-Qnnn, ii tho person ni Mlle, linens, w:ts
nominated As regards the Km*--*, who appear to
play a v. rv minor nh* i'l tlie ceremony, they Bra
not elected, h it p!i ?*>n by the Que >n? from anions
their nurner .ur- a Imlren kn th ? profession, t ii men
as xvoli as women an employe 1 in Fr in 'h wash?
ing establishments Ihe Q.n ol 'Vteen* is an
Bkanlntr tm.nandi fm twenty-four hours, anJ ha,
a ruin to levy tribute from hoi subject* The
arawa placed on kn head is got up br subs-rip
tion-. it lieeeum hei pr"; .n.x and figure*-, i iravei
afterward a* an heirloom in her family. Tlie csv*
aleade pr.'tri-.-, tn he f exceptional aplendoi ihi
year. Several of tlc- pnp-is hive BU*heerib?d to
it, and a delegation of washerwomen nhtilned an
audience ni President Carnot, who receive 1 them
in his mo-t galh.n1 style and wlded b very aub
Hantial quota t'i th.-ir fund.
\s usual In February', the gieal annual Bgri
ealtuyal ihow ls now iu "jwoirrass i*-. the < ' imps
Elysees, aad Ute Palais .!?? I'Industrie i- Idled to
its utniosT cijia'itv witii prize cattle, '..??;>. pigs
poultry, pig*?na b?i I nmples ?! ? ?ery con livable
kind of farm pr., lue-. The show i- ratltei au
ari-i -i-rate alair, tbs niaiii body "f the exl ihitora
heine composed ni great landed proprietors bear*
in? nmea that fi zn re in the " Hosier,'* nr peerage
of Fra-c. lr i- they vvlm constitute the Natl ?i al
Aericnhural Society "f I'lai' ?, whi-'i ona ins
the annual show, and while th" litter i- i , pi".
lem they holJ their annual general meet in at ita
dab, a vi rj co inettidi t-j-i.! ;i- tv-loohl i * man, on
_? tho R-i,- d'Athenn "The pr'-,dent ol the bsbo*
ciatinn is t.'no Marquis de Damptorre, i.gnifl
us the principal authority on Btfricultura in Tn ice,
and the po*?-.: ..; large estates in th** Laud- -.
lie is eery hoopitable, and entertnina lar-iely both
at In* city t--r-i leno.- lu th.- I!.i" de Uenell.", and
at hi-1 historic Castle ..( Plassue, when the Du*
eho*.?o <!. lieni found rafuge during her Jliitht.
Atnon*.' bther well known Parisians who lorm
part of the association an- the Due d'Hircenrt,
xvho own* th" chateau and o-t.it.- nf Tinny when
King Louis XVI staved while on hil memorable
voyasre tn Cherbourg: thc Duke of Xoaillps, tin
Marquis d" Peal In, the Due d'Aumale, the M irquis
de Vogue, tho Comte dc Dteshneh, and Daron Al?
phonso de Rothschild, who, as in duty bonn I, i*
treasurer of tho association.
Th" liar":) Im, lu-on unusually unruii' pnt t" the
poor this winter, having plaeetl tw i ur three
millim fran's at the disposal ol th" Densrimcnt
of Pubhc ( barlty. His taos! recent *-*i!t i* in
rremorv of hi* favorite daughter, 'Wiitin, xvho died
last your in childbirth, lt anio int- to :i""tIi.-r
million of fran.-, an 1 i- destined to .-ri.il>'-- poor
wtim.-n who-" babes an Horn in th" Parisian I.
pitil* to on) iv a few days fr te-t snd reeovery
Hitherto pa'i-iiT. of this kimi have in-o'i turned
adrift .and permitted to raeumo work far too iul k
ly, with th - if.ult that t'n.'ir health i.-'n.iiii "i ,."i
manoT.tly nfleote.T. Indee I, ro wideapraatl h ut
K'Ou thc e*ll that B !*i\x is now befon the 1. "ji*
latur". debarring women tran resuming manual
work of any kind until the lal -?? "! a certain ti ne
after the birtii ol ih.-ir children, ll i- fm tl."
purpose nf providing these women with th" means
of enjoyjii'.' a fe xx days for repen an I convale-i*
Man after being dtachar?ed from the hoapit il that
l.uton Alphonae Rothschild baa made the iiiiiniii
cent danatti un above mntione I.
Anoth-r Imposing ceremony took place st the
Elysee lor the creation ami rec ?pto:, ol t ? Fi":i li
Cardinals, Moiweigneur Nleignan, Ai-libLskop of
Tours, and Monnl^nur Thomas, Archbishop of
Rouen. The stat<- c-tla carriages wore s-m to th"
Hotel du Hon l.a Fontaine, where thc twa pre*
latee xv.-re raaidiag, t.< lake them to the Praslden
tial Palace. Hiv. if rather dull and tor" lenin?,
xveathcr favored lira progress of the new Prinras
of t!i?? Chareh from theil temporary quartern in
the Rue ile Grcaellc St. (Ji-rtnaiii to the p.ila-e.
where they strive, aboat half paul ten o'clock.
pncdeii br an *8seart el cavalry They wen ae
compunii'd bv the Pani Ablegatn, Monseigneur
Prooaeeiui ,li MMtescaglien and MouscigneUt I ai
tiaasi; by the secntaries ol then two pnlates; by
Count (aterini and the Marquis della l',.rta. of i!n
Poje's Noble Guartls: th?- Kr'tnh Stats function
eries. Comte fOranaaea und M Mollard, and th.
yicars-t.onuul af the dleeeaea of Maun ain: Toura
'Ihe eminent eccletiiaetie^ were reoeivci liv Prual
dent Cann ia the Audience l|u|i( wltli fha (3l,|ef
of State being the MinlahWB M Tirurd, M Develin
anti M. Dupuy, and the oflieers of the military
household. The cateBBOBiea began by gppcehn do?
lli oreti In Latin by the AhlefalN, M Carnot re?
plying in French. Soon afterward the President
end Ins suite entered the shape] of tl, ? Elyaae,
where an -irdinary low BMM wu. geld by the cunt
ot the .Madeleine, and on its tortninution (eek Car?
dinal received his " beret ta,'' or cap. fiotn the
Pxesidcat of thc Republic. In the full co.* tu mo of
Mr ranh the Cardinals wera nevi received by M.
arnot iu tim t.nm I Solon, wini" xv. t ? aaaenibled
[onseigneur lan ita, the Papal Nuncio, In- audi- -,
ir ami ?eeretary, togetlier with official penons
tt. ,ilin. thc ceremony. il"t" the Ahlegaki nnd
lu- two r.-.'-r.'- itati-.e- of thc Noble Huon! wt.
resentetl t. M. Carnot, who invested thc eceleai.
sties with the insignia i I Offinrs ol th ? Lmiti ?n ol
onor, xvlille Count Cat *rini and the M-ir in - D il i j
?"ita were mi. ofHcera "I the tinier. Tlw L'ar
inals and Ablegtm were then rac-Hvcd by Mine J
'ainot, and luncheon wa, served At this final
unction the ( arima! Archbishop ol (oura sat on
le ii in ol Mme. Carn"!, hts colleague ladnc
n her toft, li i- to lie notpil Ihat tlie ad ii ? -?
f ile- two i 'animals wera In perfti' li irm my with
hat ..I M ??i-e-'ii ".i lal a-', til ' Hi. '-' is?
les comb! ling in ord r n> ac ?> nina'.- tue u< ept*
nee ol Hie existing on'ei of things in Fran o by
im Roman ' hunh. M Carnot, in replying to the
'ordinals, specially PomuiendHl ilieni i ir their i
uffv language inspired by iii" Holy Sc, und sai I
i gave him patriotic satisfaction t" heir il Ile
rarmly thanked Hiern tor their utteraaeee, win li
howed Ihat they umlentood tlie need for parili*
Btion, concord and good feeling betw en all th?
ous of the Mini.- country.
Talking ol M Carn t, I mar mention Ihat hi*
",n.'-t son, "Francois, xvho is now an outdom
tuilenI ol flip College of Saint-* Barb,', hi- ju-!
raw ii the number -71 in the anny conscription?
i least being unable to appear personally ar Hie
lotel d" Ville, the number xvas drawn fur him by
be Deputy Maj or ol his district.
Mino. Carool looked ui.mroonTy well in a
u peril ilraoa ol ut in nnd lace al the ball ol the
lotel d" Ville tl.vls. i dav. When si.nterail
h.- dancing-root*, with her husband at 11 o'i I"' h
he was greeted with enthusiastic dies ni "Vive
Ime. Carnot: Vive ]?? President! Nive |_ R.<
nilili'i!ii'!" Tin- dural decorations wera of prent
uii.'iiilie.'iic-, and it i. estimated that a* Inls!
1,000 person*, wera present, I ! ?? lintel de Ville
tails mi.lit lu- taken a- the mos! perfeel type ol a
lemo, ratic fete. All cl isses ara rapresente I C..a.'.
d.-ii ac nol ? v "ii ii i'iitc.I ? . 1. ? in evening .ln--s.
X frock coal and a white tie will do, althou-'li ili?
bel thone wh.. ;t | > t *--., r iii 111 ? ? r: i i 11 j: attrr" BIT It'll
i small fraction. Ladies may we.n anything, and
? il.-tt-s from the Rue de la I''ix dressniakera
irush past liiimbler diesses of white muslin, ra*
leved, perhaps, arith i few ribhons Bm detail
- lost iii tl'- Hume::*' halls nt thi* magnificent
nunicipal palace, and in the flood .,! electric Huh!
lie plainest homemade .lr.?? ad I fresh pat' lies "i
i.'.i to tl- dazzling scene. This is the only large
?all when' p opie take teal plea*.ure in dan
ind consei|iiently it was kepi np with gn*at spirit
iiitil the small boura ol Hip iii ?min-.
MM Charlee and Ignace Eplirusei gave i charm?
ing afternoon reception in honor of Princess M.i*
hilde, at which the Tzigane orchntra plays I nuder
i ramula) thicket of palms and huge blossoming
iniiiiois hushes in thc greal ball. Mme. .1 ilea
Fphriistij did Ibe honors, drassed in a inarvellou.i
ia:,in.- gown ti embroidered crape .h- < him*, and
wearing ul her throat a pearl solitaire which i*
historical and is valued at tbe i.lest suin ol
fi".""". Tlie 11 ?v of guests Invited t" meet I'rin
"-- Matin! I" included iii" names of almost all th*,
mendie rs ol tlie aristocracy now in Paris, and so
well were tliey entertained that tl.--y did nol sepa
rate until long aftei '. ?>'. lock.
The Cercle ile ITnion Artist! |i ?? I p irani . the
).!. :ts,i::t.-t ?; *. in Paris, ha* just ' ]i."i" i it- loora
for the muna 1 exhibition ol works hy its talent**,!
members. The exhibition is private in tin sense
thal admission i* not to be had by payment, but
many of the painters en/uj worldwide, fame, and
ir must not be forgotten that all who . tidbit ara
members of tho elr.b. These comprise M. Carolus
Duran, who sends a charming portrait oi ? young
lady in a delicate mauve-colored drew,; M Roi nat,
whose 1. .st 'i Mn,- Louis "'alien I* a marvel >.f
painting lu seeming n-lioi ; M Benjamin Constant,
wh,,-.. picture of bis i tther i- singularly i'i >ad in
treatment j M. Gervex, to a-hotn special Lute reel
att.i'h.--, inasmuch ix he exhibits i charming p i
trail "i Mlle, de Fauche, whom lie martie,] un l ?
nth in-* : M. i;.. ._ i-i.-.ri. M. * lairin, ll*e l ?
?fothers i ain, M, Carin, M Maurice I rn rant, M
Monehablond, M Roll, M i.-i >me and soma lifty
'! *t :iliii"-' equally well-known paint i a ,
sculptors, ll.-:.- is surely no other club iu i ?
vi -iii tiiat uuiiib.'i, so many artists ul note.
\ s<>i.: iER PRISON! t: wu UMnKfi x rn OAXfT
'il*.I.1 IND DEFIED x 1:1 ilMENT
ll i Ihe 11. lom i:i i ?? Hil-' ? r that t
*? rre. : . , ?
? may I* * Jail ure band I <
Ihe i ii iinlnue ?
? ? itloll. In ' ie .;. || hird
iii.I'l" np : i- mind lhal be orould nui l< ive ibe
lin,,'" .1 bi i ?' , ol *."?... ? i men I
. >rp*, mid furtbi i ,,-.,, ||,-m ,
"ul almost a -I edon ll a." Ile li id rn ?? ad 11
Ile v.a a thief. Ill, p.- niall .:,- I. id, howevi r,
' ' ll) -'a..11. Slid !.- I id . ap 1 | ii il :
ment. One nlgbl i targe lore In Ibo town wa
broki .1 lli'o ant :. tolilil'TiI'le aili..un! of mom v lob li
li Wa, ??'lill'lll-lVelV p;o\".| ! ,U| I, .I, .,,, -,, ,
.'?nt io ) lil. WI cn ? ?? i
wa leaving the cotauy John on, wl'h nmeoUiri d
pr! mi: . a a ?'. !"? bandi ?! "v-.r ai rordlng tn i i un
v\.v I', la.'.v. v. r. bl, "?ll wa, v | ? t |t wa ? mpty
and thew as, nol a sign ol Johnson anywhere. .\
. in- made In every din i Iii n, and ni la t ?
prl oner pointed IO a cocoanul (ree willoh grew in ibo
middle ..! iii.- j ii-, ii | ini, nnd there, .ornfortalr)*,
Healed anion-' the tull*" of leaves, us Johnson. The
warden at tn I Irted to get the una gown bv qulel
pei ua.ton, iii'ii h" threatened, Hun stormed and
.wore. Johnson laughed contentedly ul ex i ?. mond,
but <ii?l nol move, The tnt wa reported lo Hie
foinnial Secretary, who recommended lhal the fin
i" c iUi-d ..at nnd iii man a . bed down.
The chief of tbe fire deport men! I irdly (bough! ll wa,
? on.otiani with bli dignity to wash a prisoner out ol
a cecoenul ir.", and reported thai lhere wa, not
I.are "I water enough lo gel ? iream io Ihe
top of Ihe tr"", 'lill- wai proi.ai.lv lui", h.r tn- tree
nra, ? tall one.
Tli" ease was again referred lo Ibe Colonial Keen
tary, who t""k li before Ihe Uovernor. lits Excellency
was having lum in'on xvnii r-'.ine of the departing
officers and Ibelr ":i"'i.is and ?.is having ? g.t
lime, ll" was vexed Ibal al such a lime be should
be troubled with official work, bi hastily gi
over the docamenl be added Ihe following In ii ictlon
??tit ihe damned Fellow down. I mnn ihe ln-e."
iiii- could only be done by the engineering depar
mem, -o erderilet were aenl oul lo Bnd tbe i ,,|. >
Kligtiicer. IXliUe all ll"- wa^ -'"Iii-' on, niue v.a
-ilpplllK 'v-iiv- Ala. '-I all ll,' ti "'J. Herc o;, i.on.l
lb,' ' mop :.:,'. Blld lu I Vi-SM'I Wall !?'!? ' I) nm .
Ibe '-- tl which n "I Isfti "teni i" laing .lohii-ou down
lu nu- ship bad lo bu ry off, ii ?* lu be late lt . If.
Johnson bellowed a larewell, and despite the -ii-i,.?
IsilKliagl" ol Ihe wanlen .. ul laughed ai,.I did nol
ii,,.s.. i;. iure I ii" ehgliii "i departiui ni bad i ?m. i"
i . dui p. i ir a to boa '.. . al dow n * be in ?? :. si
lower lt gradually, the troop Mp bad up anchor
.naI Wa, kieaaillllj oat .! I Ile li ll.. .1. I b< ll J
climbed doun ihe m-e ana tim - ti. o in- .cut once mi
ihe Island, lu which be bad laken a tam-v. Ills con
Vlclloil lied carried vvl'i, i: i,l- - <li - har-'-- Willi
iciiiiinl.v-.- Ile Keilli- In 'ii" I . .nd Blld wat nsiii
lu .- ,.v i j. il had un io...i- 'liv bldti
nis stolen property, and aftei ? Ing I
started In basin's . tt le n John mi wa* In : set ii
he wu., nourishing and li ul u large cocoanul grove
: i.i- roi ta ge,
From Tit* Detroit rre- Pren,
For the uh nf rculi iii we will say ile man In Ihi
? i v.,,, i nlmiel ll . ,,f saginaw', who I no ?- lin I* "
.ilrri"-! is wt .1 - li- It >v. -' .1. poll 11. . ' 0 "in ?
it wasn't the colonel, tail that doesn't conni lu am
event, u ve.ii oi *'i .rf" li- v ,. il ci n on uue
m.itu.tain .:i"iiiii. ol Kusl ic cac pli : 5 ip wainui
I, e.. i ,?? iiii, ??,! . v. i .-? looltln ? 'vip " i ? "'.i
the Ii'i- < ime Into lite lavern when lie un toppin.
anti asked lui him. Ile happened lu be lu ldc artici
.mu heard theil ii lulr)
*? i'm your wan. be said. "What wm inn have."
?We've _,.; u wainui icc down hen i. fie irtck,'
.aid ?.'". ?' rt ml \i" Wal I tl -.'ll lill 'AV vviw gold' t'i
Knotvllle on' i*.p 'lowed e/. et wc want. '. money wi
could tell Ihe I >g an' (.'.I enoagh ler puv .cir exp. use*
lc von wont lei hiv lui ?*
? ?Tain- me down i. lt." said ihe Michigan man,
sod they wair.si about a quart et of a mile gown Ute
Stream and found il ino.rd lo ii rod ., I lie bank
II VJ- ii Mg ol"- liol bad ta-VU !.l the Waler *o loll", ||
was uiarh on n.id.. The taller waifed alor.. Il
Icni-th. mn h!s tn ea s j il ti g ind armit.d lt. -ides and
ncniss it-- ends, rattled ihe burt snd found it mid, ..ni
bi u-i offend ti"- raps" PW) foi it riteii . v- f*lrij
hul.'-d cut .n tile offei am*. Hiej looa !t uni ?!: ? lli-i
th" Michigan mon ??" np Hie drinltf, und afterward
wale',, it i hem ml ie ititi Jepsrinr* ie ?: n , ?, t i,, ,|..
Chuckled then, foi tn.- ie-' omi " '"'ii ll '-ii ce." I iii
th* Miciiigon tun dil n't -av anything- h. hurried trial
log do'.m .-'.? am ta the searest shipping poinl ta l<,*.|
lt on Ilia cr* with -"???? Stan h* li?d TPm iii,v
ISbT kS Wept il..Vl|| himself
"W that Inst inp, | |rn| down I* h; ashed 0f uts .ni.i
bi ii,.' -ian"... -iii. tut, di ll for ano: wolta *\X
h. . ? md I. ? ? hm kl i ii ? *" ,
??Iii.! vou send Hi.n log!" I*, ia.nd Hie mau, lau ???"?
In. like a horse,
? . -'. Hill's iii" niall : ? i1' lt
lileli, , Iv ll lin I a v.aln'il leg -it all
\?| M ll the I UVel ! ?"'?' .1 .1 "
? (-..ur." ii ain't; lt'* sycamore, with wainui ban
fl-;. : ..li ll >n .il e Wile il U I'ic -' id ?
,.,?., i ; .. , ii jul, I r.d "ii ii'- wurt
; -
1; ? \ 1, .., ;i n- .n W ii |0W .! li . Aila n- npidc il 0 t
. ,, I . ten ?. uk .. Ihei lie nvovet A ins
ai.,I ni ul.. Ihe ,,i 0 Illili * "li P "lan"! Ill 'l
Hie folk. In Ihe nexl county I boo gb I Ihe woudi "er"
THE I'Ci ??! PRINCE IM .."U'lrs DEATH ?
STOLEN l'h! li.I S
'i lie i url li i ,:i:* ?? irv ..f Hie < rown Prim ?* Hu
dolph** traf-lnl death al Meyorllng ?a- . rv -il In
Hie :.<? ,-i"i:i"'l manner hy n- Imperial ''. sud
i le I, bj the j.plo aa well, throughout li-* tlrtan
i A ? nm" goes i.x the poputarttt "i the de id
Pu..'. . -m i . Im i, a-- raf-er itam dlnilnl*a. ll ??
reiiiem r bi* faull - ar il error* lade, tal i nh
livion. and ... nen un live -i'll In Ihe bnrts of
lils tallier'., rn!.I* a* thal ul Ihe n.'i'iilrir mid Hill
\,-i-,liv beloved Prince 'Itudl." a.*-_ert*-d mure
c..,ii i.'.v athel member ol lils bouse nil tl"' man*
.. i well as ll .- >!: ,i|-t. . inii.'-s ol Iha l"o|i|.'
nmoi j win ni ?? "a- i. un. Ih- wa. an Ali ;, ian
I'rlnce ia evei . ??;.-?? ol Ihe a rd. and ii ? uti et An
Irian .\i' 'i ie bas mme thiit-oaghli deservisl Ihe
ii . i.i. '.ii-'i. .illy Vleiu.'iiromltira of *'? h."
Koli mn in , ? fm ;'.-? .!? nd wi n 11 lebrali .1 tn nearlf
,i,n church ol il," land, and .aiIv In the morning, al
7 o'i he h. bulli Ibe I iiniei u and the widowed frown
|'ri lite -:.'|ili:iiil" ll.ltl.il I I Ve I"- I. -? ? ti knelling ill
ti.,, -i. .io .ph'. ' hats'! "f th" Imperial Palace al
\ |. ? i. v. lille .. in:. ', t I'll." '? Undi Ipll ?.;- ta'lllg
, I'lebrated. un li - li rmlnallon n ?? Em p. ror,
iii.ian. r lowan! bl* dauuhler In-law betok.I ? de
gr, ?? ni . urdlullli .:i 'i even off. i timi '?? ? hlch thc a
ll .,, , a toned dmve nfl !?? I i. I*n
p. il.il I mi .1 t-lilli linden,, .nh tho ? mm ,n .
rrival ilnr. le wa ns-elvi-d bv iwo ol Hu
atti nd int m. k, '-il ?. will li- l< d lara r m i i-dcd
Mm into the vauli when' maiiv i.undr>?i- "i coffim
containing Hie du?i ol and nlatlve
ai.- pla. . ,1 mi marble .lal- and tables. Kiie.hu-' .it
a prtedl. 'i tn i'i" Hie i a*_el in a bia . an- Ihe i
il . le- ...lin .1 for a nillir', r of an bom
In pr ,? . u ti alone, evervbuds cloe bavins with
di iwii, lii'fon l"av Ing H ?? vault i," km ll
minute or two I' -Ide i ?? i offln ol I ls brother. Ihe 111
fated i.,:ii"i"i- Maximilian, and "ii taking lil de
p..ru,- in. face bel raved trace, ol considerable grlel
i , motton. Durtna lb. ? mu ?? ni Ibu dal beautll il
wreath I..inn-- n," nun., nf the I'rown It-lnc-s,
? : lilli. ?'. gb ter, i.i ? .\i, '., ll
K:i/.,i,. ih; "' ll ? Archduke * harte I. ? I -. ai d of i.m
p. r i Willona ll. vv rc Iii I.i oil the . nfttn ol the ? rown
lr Hu _ uul the dav il ? . ann . ? .,:
Vienna were luronscd with lane .?..??il. ,,t people,
m.h.v ut whom wer. arraved In deon mourning.
\ i ? ld! rnl.li ? ? ntlon li 11 been creal ?' it
Vlei . i . Hu ictlon un .: e part of Hi tit,
Venice, w ? : ii ! i ju ? i ii forward I . legul mi Hind,
n . Ulm fm i'i" I- -linn.f i 8,00(1
valuable piciun . ok) masters, which wera removed
fnaii the illy between Ibe yi-nrs i-"" ind l-l". The
.Jorlty "f I..-..- picture, vi. I- taken away by
rn,;, ir Nsptib-on I. ofter Hie ? iptur-' of V*entee I"
a ? . i ? sighl i > Paris, ? hen they
acre bung In inc Loovie. .xtt' i- Ibe ovenbrou ..f
Napoleon and the entrance ol ihe allies Into PUrU
Ibe plrtur. ..':ii".l nfl ic bim were dlttrlbut<*d among
the 'io,? i?!.in-iii ? i' will..i iii-v hud formerly be
* and Ina-mui'h a Vi nh ?? was assigned lo Hie
Xi -i i."i Km pl rr, ll wa, i ? \ lenna In ile -l ol lo
ihe ii*, ol ls* U * picton lol. n fr >?
Itt r ',* ? I- retunied Ibis sll. !?: 1 - ?-.
i period . i ] - I." |- i'-r I'.-i'lll, ind >?!
A asl rta, laking advoi loge nf hi, ovet
Venice, . ..?.iu i ,.| i .-. : ? ? i t oii.ii rpti ? i* '
10 tbe tiiy of Venice n I i
lille.l.sl smtSlg Hu- I
pal . ? i be fi ?'* '. ? ? ? . | ;?
to I,, a: '?:, the ll ? I ? 'Bli ? ' ? ; ;?
diplomatic iiietAari, in- ?!? ? r - ??: Us 1 i
? ,. i .:. ? ?! ,.| I ? I
11 I ! , pirti) ?:
: ? ? ? King ll ? dominion il
?iiii'-'it cunno! ;.*'?? i ? .
Ignore lt, nf c i awkward Incl
nol . ah ii tied to luipi- i
: . . . r I" . ':?
bunds td ? ? : the Triple
XIII .?"? ?
' * ? ? pn
ent wll In Au-lrlu I il."ii hv
i), par-Ins ni "f i H -? man hi - und n
I-. ihe troop, dur!i ?
i ? cold i - i . mart
ii ti, ii ,,
. . a," ??!
* ' ? ?
., ci bil I sui! ly, ba ve ? I .an , n ,,, mi..
.,f i-veral bom ' dui illo - certain di
..f I ran iii. ,a and * omul* r .,|
,.,-,, ol ii ?. ? hltu ii I... . :. md und t< et, bavi
l.'.l III u
. ?! Ile li .en, ?
.?i ? .? I nu ?. were ? ipu
? lort i' ni' . and lt i noa sid t
? ? oul !-'? -I
.... ti trial ul ? ut lug un ii < amp uul
: Ile nest .v. tv frost. I lo ? '
mai ??? n* r< . whiili bi? . ? lug earned ?
i..-: m.ii,v. are ' .-? re ail ol Hie ai Imi ol the il
w.ir Department, which il: ? Inanguraii-d Utera ws ll ti
? .Jill ul louring 111"' I.p- lo t ie hnnl-tili- ul
?.|i lg Al VletlUil, ;, ',. ll ;i. ut le r i
Hid St. I'eli'l burg, Ila ' i'i' Inn I '-?aluin*.' ground
leading mil:!.nv men lhal ihe uexi gn*al
an * ai a 111 o|* n i ??? ?,, hit h. Ho, In i priug i
.111.1..': , bUl ? 111 ? Illler.
A gn a! * I , bi '? mn na been cn sb ?!
by the i *.. Inti m . mi .lined in Hie
nu moll j . i pub!! "i "f i.i- tata ? '..uni lludolph
-I. v, v I,., v i . bl. ? uni. il) oi!,., i ul 11cid Marshal
loan! i.viiiii. v.a.i held ihe supreme comnuuid ul
'h- .Xi, iiim Anny in Ibu .1, i ii". rainpulgu ??:
l- .fl Hi il n i niinuti a lu Hie hallie of Magenta or
-oin uno. ll Will be i .-tn. ?uili ei ed lli:it after Ih
termination <?! Ihe bailie holli roml-atam, bad wtth
Ira* a from Hie -' ei,.- oi battle lu n,,- po*diloii,
,? bli :? ibe) ii .i re [hs nv.iv ii . upiod ls for.- n,
..rale, I.,- -..i\ being ann.:. Un i undecided, the
.limn, i Hall.ii, lor... having |niiei,.i even mon1
evenly I?an Ihe \ Irian li nop . ai lu o'i I i i
thal nigh! ' mini /.i> hv n-feivi-d In irut Hon, limn
Meld Mai hal liyuloi ... ..hiv order* forthwith io
. Xii irom cor]*, coniiiini.o. i,, |,;,,e....|
i.ipr, darli . ihe night, Hie Ui-ld ul battle. I'ouui
-Iel.Hi ? ll.ul Hie i. Hie i urp . mil mai il. i
in (ple-llmi nil III) l"|ii.il lo lor.iplv Willi lue ,,|,| ,
? i miniia ..1. in . biol "ii Hie .'round Ihut lu?
ll,, n wi .?? i..o i red, and Hail li ? ? mild nol i p ? ?
i bein tu tin ii ii,, i ot uini uni nil ii*k I ;? li rn
IO <... ii |<\ lin- li-ld. iii.mn.ii 'ia o| ll.-u||,|
? ?ip . Iii Whom he lian addie ,,,| bini-elf, vv ,
lielpl. I) drunk thai ll ? ii Imp dble tu liriiig him
lu ni . ,ii ? ?" io '.ni bim elthel Iii i.I e ol" di
eli..- Or I" ll ri ,- 1 ,rn pll.l!,, ,- willi III* olil'-l . While
ihi lilied coin uni iiili-i , iv.- ., written mi wer l.t.-., 11 al
lu (..:.. of bl > olleag le "i Hie lil il i up .
Meanwhile, Nap .Ion. -v In, liml a 11 ead..ll ? ri
nf Ihe Lanie, 1.1< (rn plied i i Carl . ? i am retlilnii
lu order In organise mv troop " a di patch which, nt
, uh h itiiMi laid iiraled i ?!? pre lag ,-t!, ri in in,
? nunn!, di roven d *"" nnd da' n ak ilia) lin
?,11-1:1.111 I iel HOI, . I'S pel I. ll, oe. ilplc I ill.- nlcr.l
dun. d I Hillel ' bl. i " '' p ni Sapul .. i i' . io d,
?. iou "' I ' I."I'l While la ? Vuslrta i . n "v di
-: I? i'.-'t sud d' .a ? ?! lhere!.). i --t lin i, -win ni
Scconllng i.uni Kirby, Mien-fore, Magenta bad
lilt lilli heell B I i. n. lr lev.;-- .md v-:, . univ hinted
? xii Irian defeat i -. Ibe ame iii ?!>, di n e and
ll I .Mo , iii Xn ' i i.m ' "i-,. . omni Helm* Io
Itali ' Iel '...i wu de lined ' en real "-Her In
i ? .ii in ihe overwhelming Aa tuan iii ? ? lei ni
Dis' i ri is i: wt TBLEFHOSS
Prom Tin i>.i..*i I ree I'n
There i i lani eh lld In Hil r ty when Ihe father I
-el" adm mm,!' it pn* ,iii, ii..- ii di e hat in,- mun
a'M.v ntl :i Vi H lo uni i-l lilli - fm a ' "il ,1*1 .
I ? ne|| hot 1'i.v , nil uonled poll th' ? r !.-r w bid
Bli iii.* ?: " ]..? en I. ? ui? Iii ? li nv.- ol ii
?i ' ? . while Hie (nh t I- d i ii ,l bl* Un ? .Inline
di-' Iplliie i ii :, niall . ?!. hos ev. i. hy in Int. i
med'.ni) Hie lelepii ?? *
? Mr, lil ? ii ihe hub. ih mi
ls turned on. ?? Willi,- **av* he i- going . it -I. mi. r. ami
vo . in rw i." ha- n cold."
?-.?nd lilli, lu |||,. telephone." romtnulid. Mr. I lull
? I- Hat you, v inn- ?
? Ves, pr, p , ?
!' I " waul a Jacketing when I come li.? h.
nigh. I"
' SO, p a p ii
? riot, rou Hay in Hie i. mae, Mr, <>r you Tl -'t one
I het Mi i lank . i mv N -, hi* desk and 'atie. m.
a customer ut the pr.ol-* point when Ii" dropped bim
?'I Childliil an .tl-p-,-,,l ol In Ile -,m.. u iv
and un,..- the telephone cae- bis cul there -Ul h.
io daiicr of any retractor) . I .lld hi'liv IS _\vn vriiv
while papa mle. the moat -ni much
nu: c i.iSii ian kai rr.- op nip. 1'knn-yi.
rusk*- the tour of Ita Keystone SUte In broad div
light' ruc wild mo!.nm|,| rrcenery viewed tram this
fruin ls p.-caliiirlv attract! ... fti traill leaves flew
Tort Ul Ul'- a. m.
L\E was TAM!. AND HU- ' -rilli. N >RE s'->
, _J \ ,i I. xi; I x n i ni ti OM I M x TRIPPER'S I -RU?
IN THU vr!.i."xv-i'i\r. lOl'XTRY. and
.\N Al'Vl.NTi'i;!-. "!' X DIKDLKR IN
V Melter, n few wet 'ks I.- fm" I.led, wa, lilting
ii one of Ihe cartlrnnin- >>f Ibe -liver Rou flab
n Hui!.- i Uv, Mon., talking about inminlaln linn-.
ie sold ii waa true that you couldn'l lame them. I
uld ih.ie wai B mau dnv. li In the VeRoWi-tOlie corni
ry. mar Livingston, who trapped a good d.*nl In the
nountnlns, and be bad what he called a mme lion.
?How tame Ma* itt" asked X. dubtously, snd I
,.,il lo iiilii.lt thal there wa- :l .pi...lion nf dPgree In
I,,, ea ". The braal waa Bboul Iwu and a half inn
,1.|. rill ir.ipp.-r. Whose Haine tva- -Ml. had ian,','
i Biol her it- ii ami two i m. . ind ibis cnatnre a-as one
il i.il... H.- bsd hlll-d Ibe molina for her -kin
md also because sh.- assn'! an agreealda thing i"
..ive iround. Tlie mhn nh had dli?d on bis hand.,
md thi. one. Jtisl for Ihe fun of Ihe Hiing, be had
indertaken ta educale, When anybody dropped In to
???? him .shit would hmm' out the Hon and pul her
brough a roane ol exercises. They wen lulen Hug
'Hough lu iii. tr way, but they made you feel que.*
it Hui"-, and you found the mtier thal ran aero
->.lf. rabin decidedly tl..- bnl place from which lu
, le* Ihe performance.
-UH would brun,' the bewftl in from :l dugout
vh.re he u. pt Ina chained. With Ihe lion he would
iring ni eiion.? -berlin dog, between whom and
ibe lion Ibero appeared lo l*e a mri ol mutuall) har
'ul rricitd*lilp. The di t wa, a magnlflcnl i n Blurt .
ind B, .-ni li' Iv undi r -*M:-. cunt ml a- If Iii were a
pie .- of machinery and Kkll :i master mechanic. In
lils hand -klI would hold a Whip wlHi a long and
st .riling erst ker, and be would manipulate Ihe whip
luring ti." pelion.. producing .. constant ,u<
, ion ol ne ? ? for all Hie world like ita reports ol
, iiu... I.,.- ti .11 growled .mit.nilly and teemed
Hider .in mien.e ? xrllemrnt. she wi afraid ol Kkll,
i fra ld ol Ihe whip and lo some extent afraid of the
il.,.-, hui If ? ....,,I lo ni" :, 1 Watched 111" -hov
',.- WI . .,! , in a hind ..1 trance. Kel eyi gbiWC I
with ii steady game, bul without a particle .,r ex
pn lon. lt wns her I., kl".- walk, hei dreadful
growl Iha! never ....?? a a moment, an oreasliuial
.- .L-e !? ir!., a long, I'.vv moan, and now and ihen ti
\,u?i. .Lilli outi ry, and, mw l "f all, the n otlon ? I
h.r tail, lin! rev. iM bel 11,i.? 11-4? 1 v fierce and matte
i t di i*-?111 m. -ii" -'.I al. a ililli a* i New
foundlaiid dog and vv. bIsju! :. lol ? > ? bona'
-h.. kepi bet nil. vvid. h wo, si l> i ' three f.-. ? long,
I in I hap- -if the lett, r r*. Iffly ?? il
? I Ih, univ moilun In Imp.rt d to I
? Ibe lulled - nd. Till ? ? ".? ?! i" li iv'
p.-i mi lit) ii ii ut* ii and lt would mo, .? In
p iraliul i . ma kl i .* Hie ti.air.- of un I,our .-li i
nerve iii h.r budy ihrougti mt Hie performance w.n lu
i ? -?.mt quiver. Skit Insisted lhal -li" ws, ii"'
dal gen ?- sud lhal lc hud her perin Hy undi i
'ml. hu' w lin i | bree mlnnti i afti r Hu ,hou I* gai
I had .. an ely t'.- r.'???' !'"!"? of getting oul "f th
r.s.mi iiiu.- 1 expected every minute lo
I" isl moke a .pring al Kklt'i I nwt and ti ir '
Into .'.!? 1 . Bl ?! al Bl hope I had r- dd. d In Ihe Ihl
i il -'..? might lum ht i itti allon Ifi Hm i it and
' :-l otll before -I.-- I mc lo me I I id a g -nt
/? I gun In niv pocket, nnd 1 kept If v: I
a i< |t at a '' "' .d' i "ih-'
I :??"'!! I , H.- In * afraid. To ls
-iii,-, h.- h. pt hi* ? v, - Axed directly on ll I
?rill ont ? \ ? i ? rei io, Ing lb' tn, ai d be made thal
whip nd i it Interval of only a few
I.- dug did ll part In :i p-rf.. t!v fr.'ll. way, .1
If I-- though! I* .1 huge Joke, and nil bed ll a. ...rd
I 'yelled -kt', era. kine tl ?? whip
Kl'*v il dom..
Kt *v '. *?! rmi ' ? r paw and skli
look li ind u ,v. li s xlgunms shake, which l wouldn't
I a' ?? dui ? f'.r all ' ? gold In tl..* lt,., Uv Mom '
? v "-..will ? I!'.-- , fl. nd
N'.IW lei's ! lk? B Walk '." USU b< ld on!
? ber paw apon lt, and walking .??, lr hind
???li. '!..-r twtct .iroiim! 11 ?? n
1 eli -i.i' ? i.' lr 1.if ? ?? a rorncr and made lor
? doa'.. and told ?..?? dug io gu and halo 1 ?
Duki ihat wa t ?? dog' 1 . ' led I lilli.
or.- Hie roum. grabbed Ibe narllng Ibm h) Hu hark
f Hie I d si ""k I r vi
? Ira ? eal hoi ' 11 ? I
kin W the end I , - lt ll 'I'l' ' I
? r, md y iv ?? -. 11 ? . Iv Win
I Mm "ir. 1 "*m_e v. igg i 1
-kn I .mutch I tl... H.,ti Into Hie 1 ire of 1
I stilt I ll
I I. Wl 1". ? ?!? d Will "ii;" dHlii Ult,
?I nfl Hine III I nil 1 li ic I
. l I"-. ! *?' I k"?l her I ?? 'I around ni bim d govt
lie of the ta l unearthly 1 1 tl em bat ?
? v. r le ird 1 ll . ? : ! Im ? if ii ..iv ,,i;
1 k, cati bing h.-r about Hu ? ? ? with I
- '? * her trot tl ii aro. 1 1 I hi room
ri 1 part ol H.- bow ora , cuni Indi .1 I . a ? rh
? ii clearing th. eulin sp 1. ?? rn n
room \' 11 ? Dak. f, ll md rai .>?. ? 1 lo bl
Appan-ntlj bc had 1 id 1 -
I-., ame the ic, t wonderful ?
produced fioai ;i corner a huge chunk ol bl.iv meal
.ii Ihe ilgbl ol ttl.I. li Rhe gave a serle III lerrtUi I >
Hi rnl bet ... ber corner and -??: il,.- meal donn in
il.1. i- ol Ihe room. Uri.- he pr.led lo cut
it into half a do-el, -trip- When ni- had 1.1 dum
be told I" r t" rome on. ai.d Willi one bound b?' ? 1
nt 11, hui Iwfon ? 1. id 'ii ??? '"ii': ed il nu i lu
.'?iV' a iv.,I-.- order, 'Wop!" and cracked Hie wi lp
lou.liv. stu did itop, !'iit with v hat Innieiidou .\
cllemenl I -lit made her '.md np. li.- called lb.
don Blld bade him lak" a piece ol neal Blld pill ll ul
her qi . Hu1.,, did , 1.11 ll] 1* he vv., !,,,|. Il" fool,
Ibe til".it in hi. 1.Li, and a. .h.- I,, hi up h.r |,. .,,|
h.- laid lt directly.on her nose, lt ht ay ed then1 a full
minute, she growling wildly, s-kl: walebing her In
lently and cracking bl* whip, and tlc dog titting on
bli haunches, a picture ol Indifference
??Nov.- lah. ll iivviiv. Duke!" hld I cried. -in kin vt
abai Dun in. nil uiiil barked again, bul Biade m.
further r>-I ia. us the dog look ll and calm!) pru
reeded lo ral lt. then Kkll bude him lake .1 secutid
pie. ?? umi ii,, the -iiii" ihiii-. After it bad n-mulm-d
for Who! teemed lo . un age nu her .', in 1 wta-r
ll mu l have lani.ill/..I bel horribly, Kkll aid Ih
won '?Now!" nml in an luttnln Imnl (ractimi 1
." omi 1 . hail ll la b< I mouth. X* Mill pollil I
.legged Kkll lo 1 all "lt Ibe .how. i hu. ... 1, .
uni. I. "f .1 1.un' ni"! "it,i!n Hull a- I Wa in a mood I.
-<-. ll.- l"i bi 1 eal Ibe remalulng ph.- rn nult-l
uni led ber away abell -'..? I,.id done lu her du ?
out cage.
\ hi' ned '.. ihl. recital wllh gn al luton il, .1
i'l he bad ll" Idea Hill .nell a I.lilli.' . oiild lie 'I' -
atlb 1 11.italn Itau, and did nol Mlevo ii could I*
dune a .0.1 Hm,-. - Xii.I j I." hi lld, ' I linnell
they are l.v all odd, Ihe ii.r, ? -1 animal in Ibe Rock)
Mountain . 1 hey ur.- di mal coward . fliey mn t I*
taning bungrj ta-fore they will righi, bul when
mv .io make al nm lt's lime lo ia) v.ur pru) el
.md a mistily hort . will Iwve '? do. i went
down tain Ibe ld"; Horn roiintrj len ur a doien yeir*
.-milln.nt!, -lonbilll la ai ne.v Injun 1 hal had
killed fl mm. Il vv.- dead "I Winter, v*. it li ilnee foot
of now on Un ground, and Ihen iv., u'i no 1 ni.,. ,'
lu I hem da) , 'I'ears like 1 long vv.iv in go fur au
Injun, hal we bad lu >:.. lt, 11 we lei up on 'en
Iv. ii- im end of trouble. There wa- fl lilli"
1.um li ul cavalrymen going down Ihe river lu Pori
Keogh, nnd I kepi along -rilli Ihem nil I ? ..1 ., u,,
Rig Horn, when- I had lo Inrn nil I., ile .h. \;\
trail, if i could have we ll, run alon-- the Imllom
close io Hie I lille Rig Horn River. I could 1 e Ita'
river, for ll sa- towing lively, und I han e|iOU|;h
waar io keep un! ..f li I had .1 1.I il giard dog .
plenty "f cracker and e.igti wi.1 lev ;.. make .
wllh, and so I -a.' atong all right. >!\ Injun wu
mc >,( Quick thiaki1- band and I knowed pn-li) wi 1
Where tl,.V WI. . .unpin. He dllln'l Ulak' 110
li""'I'* I act ls, I Mopped nil nigh! wiln hil, In in
leper, and if n hadn't .n tia iii old 'i ..,;> ..f .,
-.piaw I I."Ul.I hav" hid 1, good night's tesl, hm .I,,
look..1 al hie lalee in >i riv thai made !."? liilnk li
.. , a good thing lo keep bi ak", ind 1 am glad nus 1
dona lt, for laug shoal _ o'clock, I thoald reckon, 1
heard -on..-thin' a nevin, nnd I concluded ta -'ir'.-i
wnggl.i. ol my blanket i dhta'i du it uu minute
loo nuuk, Blither, for just bi l wa, well lo one -ide
-h* wai wi,alkina uw.iv wllh fi knife i had a Im ol
iiu- matehe, and a tallou wick in mv pm bet.I
while -ic wm feelin' around sad cutrtn" 1 (truck 1
light nnd look 1 look ot ber, x.-u ian bel ? '.,.? lui-ki-d
fm.uv wini, -I,.c lia' -i.iiidli! lhere .sin- give a
grant and I held out my hand lor Ita knif- -:,, ,.
then wm nothing rn da bul io turn lt over, which
sh.- done hy Jd droppta' lt, Thea I tted ber np,
hands and mt, mai rolled kn ap In hn Manuel ami
laid down BgSlU le BJ bS*7on BHU-Up 1 strut.il off
with my mai, III- linnie wu. Whit" Slunk.? and In
wasnt a had Injun is heart
?'We laid -'..I well ; 11.. 1 -.? on mir way Inuit to the
Yellow -I.uv when we cum.- In -l.-l.t nf a hluif |_-.|
stood out over thc trail, lt wa- a OiiucU of rock.
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fy Containing over }oo illustration's of Plain and Ornamental Initial?, ^
fy The Home Magazine Poetry and Prose Chart X
fy Especially adapted (or selections (or School Children. yh
ty Spring Dressmaking Chart ^
fy Just completed, with designs cf all the latest Spring Fashions W^
fy ol 1893, with what to wear and how to make it. cA
fy Floral Chart 8
fy am about flowers and plants: what to plant, when to riant and fog
fy bow to plant. Invaluable to every lover ol flowers. i%\
ty We offer these live Charts and THE HOMF. MAGAZINE for one ?*$
fy year t r only FIFTY CENTS, it the money is sent during February ^
fy before March 1. Mention this paper. DON'T DELAY. Address: ij)
I The BR0DIX PUBLISHING CO.6"Tash.not'on,' d.c. 1
Drawn Work, Netting, Embroidery, Tatting, Patchwork, Mis
celianeous Fancy Work and Home Decoration.
i -I- v , ii r.'.,'. : .,- j) . '
I a k nf Hist, ? Il ''"? ? :? -i i . ?' ? ?"?!.' r -iriall
rock, a in lu big nu bid from .mr - . . i - ? I
? um. I hoi' dui I'.- i ? ,. ?? tbai ??? i?-i-i.i onl -
. iii- Hitit' " I- .??'. i- v i. i ni : im n aroundi
?:.. i m kaw ii-.
w.-ii. .,ii. v. ? . ibi' turi mid rlgM Hu re, ? '.nulli.'
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? .ill ie.i,i\ uith i. . lal! up and bl
: lilli'.
?Yon 'i.i Ililli' Ilk'- I
md I am Min- I ? .' ? \, cpi Im - u
p ? rbi ??' ibai 'mm.. Imi H ? om \oii -ii i nt,
-. ii, ital ,'? didn't lump ll I in
ii i-' i,? i .,,' timi w,nu,i , ? *. ol lt.
h, Kali ii! i. I ni.ni too 1 ii.-, roi I *
l bnd f-nt un m. 1 lifi"l ii"- Pin mid bi' -iv a
jump, flip i illi't *trni '. bini tait Hu i in 'A^
lui:,' -i lilt*, ?! .- li ii I IL- "ll ? !
on top ol Wlilti >mol.i?. Uefore i .i,i wli ..
l|i\ ,\|. liil" llljllll IX I- lilli! IT le!, |,?,l ell! I'l lill'
snow and I I him ii 1 roii'dii't
fir... Il ' I.I ? l-l i' V. ,. .1 t|li."ll"ll nf '.vim I'd a lill
, ,i Milli.- I .'a - m ikln' *i;' mv mind ? il lu do '??
-ililli, lils th.'|'|" .1 lt.- liijiiii Hint .piMii- for rm-. 1
?,, n't I.-,,,h i,, Uri' and I ? oiildn'l ,???< '' mv knlfi
\\ I,.,! v-tl ir I" un., H." HOW, fm* l.e . . nldll'l -
,.,,,, bu .- I,, , > ,11 t, nial I " !"ll .'mri. Ile li 1 I'la/..*!
,i?.n iwiie ii ai I.- didn't in iv mum niovi" ofter
ii ,r . lin' I i ??? ll un- ilr.?.ulii:!. Blld lilt' ??'
Hun-: lils lull numil* !liron*_li u,- Hlr sra* i -l-l' lo
?^v dot. - i 'I Mn !? ilni'Miad ."I" olf, and ilien
i -m rv . in ? 'Iv a erl." ? I- ni i lilli'' lt w;;v I III')
(lidia', wain lo .inn.- lark, ni'ltlii-r, tor Hu') kimxv.l
Un- i rliii-r iiml Hi v dldn'l IH.-- to Im' iironn* vi. i" lo
vi I ,..' *.i 'om i i'll 1 Mi bi 'i
?elli lui k ll,, linn I e SUIok" .'
Prom Tin- I)t 'li.- I'n - ,
A ii'Mi-i-npe. man ii. in lin- Wwi vl**ll 'I N?'? Vorfc
, ii, ij in and ? nil. 'I mi .i -i'm ' ditor vu ?? willi
ll rn l,e iel,| il III ,.11.ri I' |MI|ld III He O'VA l"
,.?,- 1,1 ? . .,,. ? .. ..,-?!? .I.lll |n< vv i a'l.i :? j.ili ll ?
, mid ?' i .'. ii'- - ni In bia i md, ? t er tl ?? cu i ? n
n, N.v. V'orU, and in ii min ile or two lin' boy Kl.ir.i-*-.
IVh.it I i i.ii-li i il Ibe I " ?
? ,\ . ., i | i'n ii ? . I- wi on on il'<" - '?-'I. and
i > Ui) look ll Iii and i ame lan ll
li v ml in i,i ,,-v . mu 1'n-iii' .. or pl'' ' I-''. I:
,..e I 'V
? I I pu)' !, | 1" |i, . ' .'? V ? \ ' I- I ?'M't ? Mal ''ll*
-CbII rn i ii ' rmi i : i- nm lo pay suyinlni:, rsni'
bark lu"
I I n.t.-." Ill' vv ', le . ? ; .,,- Ullin' Ht I , 111 lil I |||?l
11 vv i ? I ; i' i -. '
. lu ,v ' ' In iii d iii.I "il iii ri"
pb-a I ll if tl
II ??'..,. i i' edit) . ? ?i'm aili * ill tile itnol
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in mr ri d rom ?-.
, ,: i.i -. n Ii.ii wu., .'. loppli i .??? ni",a:
Illili ill-laiire.
Iho i n! iitlt.il Hit m.I liH-k lilin bv tin
mn In," ? iii'. , miiI\ ?? ,, e In ii i iln.vn
I ill,, ..ii ivie."
i don't ? v a . . - ie p '..!"_ ihi' xii,,- ?. ..:
n i ? ,i .I..v, n.
? -. I Hrr re-it i dil 'i w td i
?? I'el bSDa III" J ''". I ll' ll ll lill III 'IHI' 'I III I e.*
I bi Kii-ii eilliui -. - n ,| m. ,??,- . ,i
" K ,1.r ll. Bl inn .1 I Ililli" li il .- .li. x, ? .
O lieut. ' Ile Xl lilli -ll.
? ) ? nt) i'l '?.I'll ; ii| : ; .ti i ? - md
ii,- vi iiur, pliimpl?. and niiei h.iii un ||.>u ? fm?,;,,.
? ? nv iv willi a .ml lon in du .mu nor ;
pri'parnlorv lu n reinitir " ii" on ibe -mir.
i'i "ii i'i ? l.n'i i ni Illa inti * \- w i,
l.xeix ,11, . I l-l ,,| . Willi ! liol il -i li' ?
I" H in il a i ' I-, til ', nan .i ilmo I n.,i iiln
I ld-* own '.h.'i. .in i -.bat Uti
Mitt" di-li III ' '? lill* nil al :,. ||,?,| , ,
trai itt- lt | ? Ui'ln. li l, in ,.i liiunlllatin- io In-ar
<? Aim ru ii v . i- i di u - ipmi I nan, r. n i lr
om own ton, ,11 ilium .umi _-iu,:i. ui,,:. have I.ii
in ni" "i lu lo lltnl ,. ii -.v ni our boy* do ron I I ,
ow i plea ur ?. 'I Hi ? n -ni of tlit-ao In mille - "iii. t,',
'??? *., lt Iii. -, |e...l i'.e HI "nilli! , nf pille H|Cllts, 'Ile
t.eui ni.i.i.'i tri.-* lil i*r v ii ,i Hil, :- dorl, o from Hie
liifluMi.: lb mer, ,, ii :? i bi i nu re ||_-|* mat I
."?ii-- '-om .i !"!"..il ol ? . .pori I nu ii"xv..|Ki|.",.. nnd
in- ge .-.'! d. mil >ii i . Hftift-ili .. Prom wini, ve,
,ii.se ii nrl.*e?, li I- ? i-rii i i. ti .?? thal while lhere li
; ' 'I'-ll-l.'lM V Of f.I '.,,. I:m nlld J.t tl, Uni, ailinn-:
'I-. Ul" rl-'ii.' I oin I i lill ,.ne f || ne ||,i i
, " *?? Indeed lil ' lime ilia I our pedagoguea .liould
l" -rn- i'i.'iii-.. li : :,'.x- ihl. i-r,',,. , from our
ion*, leal from ibt tn -; ? lld Brine i rar. utter dolli
and dullard*, one li irn lo aee. however. Hist Rna
li.ii ii'ei?in;e is tu ii- lutro-ur-rd lu Rngllati sr.mar
a certain mel 'M nf rendering lt unpopular; iii- cram
'"'"? -i.i'i '? i urned iiii"u.'ii ii,,, in,?!?:,ime nnd
Indeed, m lt- ierhnle-| and Beru nd grinding >_*? tl"-.
";' 1r-,l"''" '" h l '?:' -I bi nil. I have known m-wl
nf Hu- beat writer ,.r Kngllah during the lust hull ren
tnrv BM ii": one oftbem ever sn *__..._ us U.,M all
1 n_rl-.li _r.ni.ri, In his h.,ii,I.
i th. lin ti the rites et tbs
Druid*; even under - ie mlallH VoHMe-^a
I v..,, sol ' ? most and-*
nd primitive ..' :??-' * -. ond '?- ? ill ta l"*J
wt it u -? r Jr;
.-,:, .-? reties of ins
I,:,-' romain, i ? ??? ma) ' I -"'"*"? < "' J*
piton ii""i'l'-." but thew ere legend, sad nsM"
,.,,, ,,. . ,| ,, ,t relict -- rites rAtWtm
A fr.,!., tl..' d in- Of Ar- ::? I i tUftt md
1*11, -m. torre- un' probably i i
Uke Uk ndowi i. - ran numnion "-pirlta I *'n
V;-\r thong- ?:.??: *."-r or not I i?-j trOI tem ti
x,- .! moot,- i|u.*tl *.. And sa foi I - l?W-U th*
line |i yet unbroken, snd ihrtr ariid ?"???- ?'?"?' ?*?
.-iel,?.'?,-.! il- nf "ld.
The dealb ba, ju-' ocrun _ it Lin .-'"?' '? HS
willi.un Price, who held Un* dlxtlngnUhed l_k- ?
\:, ii Druid ol Wal- -. Ile ui- - - a
ninon ibree rears old, snd nig * hsvi mtmtS kt etR
,: time bardi trho pertkhed I" Wm tEwwn
I ... I i- I aiill'i'ie " ,. i- ippesiSBSe. "1
..: . x. : vu- BgO, ,1 ili.iV I" : td. :| l?"J
ii,:,' lui.! I.ii born i" Jilin In Ida i-td age HM, tut
ti. bod) ws, publicly rremslid b) * Im with ?' '-' "
rn,--. For Ihl, be vs, mr -*? -I i I ' 1*1 '" lr,a!|
li,n af tar ? bot routes! In rourl he ? i " <\'tttt<< ??*
i ,i". ree vs, pronounced rrom the t* i ?
??,.. .-mi:.- legality ol iM- ."itu "f f-aeral. A''",:<*
Ingly, xx:?i, D:. Prtc," lum-if died, i ?'?'>11'1 ***
?in.iiv arsa , :.!i i'll, nrtttMMI il. night -J luterfrtWW"
i .. reremony look pl."'* on I ??' ?-,"-:nir '' :l, ,?
ai ni r.ieiirir,. tb,< v_rj fol srh-i ? budy ??* ??
ni .tn had benn barned. Severs! husdnd ">*?'*
i. ,. .i :., th.- Mend* and funnel patient i ot Or. rnwj
,-iilltling ii., n i.I---- Hi" inctoi-re and wttwttawm
Imi uini:. I,- hour Bini a*-l wa, Bom , WIJ
, ni., v ,. ? ?...-??? i I-"'. ? ??. ?' ,w""2
iveiwMmed iv u mob ol slgliUefn. lt ??*?' "''7
? I ,-lc I'l i??
inonu iii dwld.il lo ibunge n io . ? '?-K
morning. ?? In the .?.-.?. lil I :' !lW ^
ilrnu-e P.km road. Ila was rn |U", bUI!D%JS
:.truing garb sb, io be -?? n- ? ? ? ' .
el (ll.- ile, ea- 'I IHUld W-i' .rilM.I I I ?* '"*
, ,-ui'n. . ol Hi- WeUb i" ??.?: ? o
fbe body "1 1-:. PH-* xv.,, clolhid III lb. ^J
. ,.,. ii.,,1 worn In life, and a ?
I ?*ntt.i. of i..rf.'1-ii.-.l beet iron. O.i tl.e ^wtH^
.time wall, had . built, "".., ??
ul. i.-i. leel img mid I crt high. *"gy
lr.ni bar. i stendlug from mi." ? lb
rude grating h ' ' , :.
" *-' :" ' :":" ' V*. Jl-rs
: ,, tu id bolus lowurd lb ? ??*( and I i< '**'',
? i,-.,:,.! Oftb RV-HI .'I. '? -i(^
ni-..-nt ..ml read I.rdlnar) irvin- I 'i '?'* ^
wrisb. n." ???-'>" "'- -< ?"?? rli,"v1' ??"'?'
i with the Druidical garb ?om '*'? - f ?,,,
ii ?? '"?' '?"' v-;:- ??? "" i,:,v"r":,?...ii
._..?.... -.,,.. :... rbsnge, -?-'
..,.- bud) brim -ouuidwi
Hui"*--' .nm ?
Then wider rad ovei rad ill sroand t """
,,?,.,,, ,,n? lo! of Bund, perluip .. abul ';:'%,Iiy
and i" ihl* ???"* ?'" " """ "'"" ".. jljBtf-f
...tlni.nf na. limn.--ll ?? re Ih.oWll upon ll. I'"" . _, ^
forward from Hm ihrang sud -'l-l*1-' "'?'^ wtl
.,.| ,?,, ai mi I. i-nd nf Ibe m.'-- ?" ?? "' ^
r,^a .L ragtag fnraace. sud tu," HIUJI^ Jg
Uk- , vain. A brWl breese asa "owtofc
..,. .....lire aud .ar.bH .1" .-rad ^
into the heave--. Fae mee, mil- <"?' - ; J(. .^
ni.le a.. clear!. ..nd ??"" "' ^ ?.x,-?
lacking thither from sll ssrl ol UH y^-? ->' ? t
.'^ ';.S.in^.^iS^11
I ne I'X re, .1- 'I' "' IO ll ?' I"
arith eager inleK**! ail da) wj*-,,, ,.?. n,,me? Jg
Some bourn aner dart " ?""' - w ri,?.t ti;
tito down rad tu?v ??' ?,"'>. *l /"',., ...j m.* es_!
,?,,,.. nm, xxiii, long hook* ii.;-) ???M??, , ii bad
i,, , t'i,- .min.*.. mi -ii li ?"- ,I(M,,V' 1, iidfhS'
li: n HU lix . u .. d thr ., b innsny I l.ej ? lui;ly
tin- lld wu- lill. wV. I. .. Un* '""'I''' '? ,,, ,.,.. r.'ii?'"J
e,?i?x wltb-wi in- fumiest nil" ? ?!" ,?,.,iiJi-r. r^
The coan Bra, au!.laently ranver ???slM oii'^
lotturi nv an in,...-..-; rrwm*. ?nd -?*P??"%w Reft
.ii in me ii,"-.,.-"f- ,';-11' _1_ ' *' ?
jirevlou>ly h.- ind hwalhsd 1U? u*1*

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