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US. ?
Ctpawifttt XBWRi fy "*- Trffanr dinaisflin.
M'V.ue stoo.l for a moment Silently beside Mrs.
Gerry. He bad lielped bet to her feet nnd now
tad ker Iii*.-.-1 drawl through his arm.
?I shoal- think we ?i ki ramember von." ho paj,|
nt li-5- "We would not go any farther than tho
icrub. Wo waited foi you there. Salome was
eoutiaually ?ajfing w.ight not to bare l-it.
vu:. Finally ihe declhred we mast come back
gail iii<i yon?and Im-to I sm."
-Bat where .?. the r.liiltl?" Mrs. Gerry was
?iipiii reproving herself tint hbo should be so
sreakly grateful f.ir tin* attention Sho round it
dtflkull to refrain limn tears She lipid herself
galil thal .-li" mis'iit not looa on Moore's nun _s
pl.e listonod t. tho young man'i reply.
?Wemof Mi-s Nunally by tl;:- old market Sho
wanted to say something to Salome. 3 mt then
?re mw you, and I '.uno rk'hi on. Shall we
git down hero a wt.il.'. Mra. Gerry?"
though nh.- appeared so well able to stand, I
Moore bad ?* eenie that the woman on his nun J
xv*., ready to drop.
"Oh. no. I have l>oen sitting hep* ai, I rest I
ini.." was tb- reply. "We will co.-'
She faced about with her prim, concise move?
ment, bet hand .--till within Moore's arm.
Ho turnoti also. Thou with an inarticulate
exclamation he i?>*nt ore. her. literally lifting her
in hi* ,irm*. She hail Strength tu say:
??I r;in walk well enough,* before sh<> loot
power to my anything.
While th-* young man knelt there on the stones
of the battery supporting his burden, be saw
Salomi- hurrying toward him. It was she who
Insisted thal her mother should be taken to the
cabin She said she knew her mother wonk] be
mon* contented there than in any liot.-l or lodg
taf-houae in the city.
go rhe titree were drirt ri out In a "arrlage,
.lob Maine, al sight ol that carriage with it
r.vn horses, began to consider whether he could
?ot eliarge something in thc way ol a toll for
|tg passage over Iii* land, lt took a creal deal
o: tobacco tn <-nal>l" him to carry on thi- process
ot thought, and it was alsii aueh a work of
time that tin* carriage had gone hark lo tbe
city, its driver taking a message to a phys.*
lian, before Mr. Maine had (tuite to any .- in?
Mr>. (Jerry had leeoTered Conscioiianem almost
Immediately. She had protested against haring
a ran ia.-- She said nhe could walk perfectly
well. It was a ridiculous extraragance in Moore,
an'l -1..' herself could not afford it.
Moore laughed in thal Infections way of his
Be mid he was a rising young business mon, and
that Mrs. Gerry had no idea of the amount of
ninney he made.
Bat Salomo did nut laugh. She sat by bet
mother with lier ann about her. watching her
face with dilated, anxious eyes. It did occur
to the gtr] that sho OUght not to let her ali\i"t,\
display lt-f-if with suth emphasis, and she tried
to eaaeeal it, without tlie lease Aueeesa,
Sh" was continually glancing al Munro and sav?
ina in an easer, explanatory way :
"Ton know she j* very tired. It is only be?
cause sh" is so rery tired."
And Moore would answer that he know thal
very well. When sh" had rested a day ur two
things would be all rL'ht again.
Then Salome would ask piteously:
" Von aro sur? of thal ? Von aro sure of that ?"
And Mo<-t?* would declare thal be w,i> a
sure a? of hi. own existence,
Mrs. Gerry was really obliged to lean back
cn the cushioned seat. And si." could only tn
to smile in reaosurance at h'*r daughter.
S ie laid Tier-elf down on the bed in the
cabin. She said sii" would lie fur an hour or
two an<1 r*st.
Mrs. Jul' Maine, who had imf walked a quarter
of a mile fur years, nml who had often an
no'irif.'tl that sh" hail never been used tu walk:
lng when sh* resided with th it Oral family ol
Alabama ot which she wa* an adorning member?
this lady wai now mi mored by curiosity that
sh.- traversed on foot ih" distance between her
hut ami the lint occupied by the Gerri's
She arrived in a panting state and nank 'lown
Immediately in a ehnir hy th" door. She had n >f
koowa why these two women had i?-.-'i uway f"i
a time, and she <ii I not know why they had
rom* baok. Her husband Ind wondered il he
Could not Charge more lor tho ealiin if his ten
aits allowi'l if to be empty. II" said a bouse
"kinder mn down when it wu- h-ft empty."
Mr* Hplne-tot in her chair while these thoughts
went dully through her mfnd, and while sh"
watch."'] the three people before her.
Mooro had made a lire in the hre-plsce under
the impression that a lire must i>" necessary.
He wa* still crouching there and coaxing the slow
Magg with Mtg of fat pine.
Salome- had found the bottle of whiskey whi 1.
had b"**en brought South for her USO. She had
brought soine, weakened with water, and was now
f-ittinc un the sid" of tbe bed watching ber
mother as she lipped th" liijiiid.
Mn Mame sniffed audibly. The udor or
whisker had power to bring a faint hint of aa
t_pre_doa te her flat, straw-colored face.
She shuffled her bare feet on the Hour.
* I thought I'd e'.rni over 'n' Inquire how yo*
wa",' she said, "though It'i my day fur thur
ahikos, V I'm ji-t drained er whiskey. I be.
Juli thought las' night l*o was twine ter hare
thur shakes, 'n' her gwaBered thu whiskey,
every duned drap he swjlhmi.''
The woman sighed mi bearii} ami so ostenta?
tiously that, Mrs. Gerti Hid in _ whisper to her
a. ... :. *? i :
"i;ive her :i cup of whiskey."
Ttie girl obeyed But *-h* tlid nod try to conceal tie
(iisg'ist the woman excited in her. She turned away
Uer head thut she might not soo tho stu fl swal?
lowed. But she heard it as it went rapidly dows
the woman's throat.
Mn Mit-ine did not Bsd it convenient to leave.
Having come and haviti? seated li.-r-.elf sh" (-lt
that Shu was rather moro comfortable than if
?he wet* at home. Sh'* d-fCW out a snuir A ck,
which, boinjr hj.ll .hatred, was now in iii; ideal
?tat** for chewing Sh" moistened it in her mouth
and then skilfully Insertad it ia a little poper
kag of snulf, Which noret was allowed i" learo
her person. With a ?runt ol tatiefaction she now
pot the prepared Stick baric in bet mouth.
"I mount's well i'- right hyar, il yuu ihould
Med ft oman's bolp," sim "-'i'i ^ "tog at Sal imo. I
Monte now Stoo.l -,i|i in frO_t ot the lil*. He |
Wse Haring at Mra. Mani". The,.- was s lauuh ;
la hi, eyes hut ? frown on his beow. Mrs. <>"t- j
ry's mitt tent* ot iospitnlitv made it inipossiblo
lor Uer to ask the woman to ko. and, wen- as aho :
wss and arc-rooms hy all *>h? Imd wenntly suffered. ,
?li* whs mrsmism ol sn hysterical and growing ?
?ei.s*. of tho ludicrousness ut thil vi-it j
Sho tame- hoi head on the pillow Sh- could
?shutout Ute sight ol tho g_#et. hut -I.mid nol
?'"..tout th* sound of the enjoyment ol tint ?twAi
?ii'*k, snit tbe lound mad" he* ill
Haem soddenly Italted forward from hiv position
Rf the cLimae-y. Ho offered l-? arm tu Mrs Maine
Md hepped her to show Iiim that I'm pine
her husband had monti-Med.
Hofore Sin had time to .??uiisider, sin- had taken
Moore's atm tod Jw had pulled her UP hom her (hair
ind walked her out of (lum.* With 1 Inngk Omi
waa half a sob SaUmi-, put lier head down an the
pillow by hm mother.
Half mb hour later, when Moore had left Mr
Maine esfely iu ber own cabin with a gratuitous
balf a dollar for future whiskey, hs came back and
looked in at tiro open door. Ile came soft'*, and
took oft bis hat us he glanced.
Sulsm* wu* lying betide Mm. Deny. -The sW s
?rm was thrown protectively over her companion
Tiley wer* perfe-jtly quiet ilvidcutly they were
-op young mau turned away. Ile ha*' noted how
Olin -ane whit* Mrs. Gerry's face was.
' lr?, 11 _____ tU" ',anana wl">rp ^ *????
/ns, .on,,-, ?Wed in th* midst of the fi* of
e. He sat down and ~..'/cd h,ea,|fastlv bef,,,.
m. H,s (a,,, was good to look at as ho sat there,
?was thinking bow, beneofosward, ho would
r'lteful',," -?" tW" V^Wn "???? '?'???
"?teful that Salome had .neb a mother He rev!
?"""-1 that unbending Integrity, that rigid ad.
';;;?-;"; undet .11 .,?,??<,:?,,,., t(1 tll? ll:(lll trutli
fcbnd lek that from Mrs. I'erry iron, the drat
'?'><??". th- person must i?. very dull who had no
?*o "i this part 01 tl.e woman's character
Prom her Moore's thoughts turned to Salome
nw 'itt] was Infinitely mom charming to hun
"?'Mus- she pusxled him somewhat Her "two
tinda of faeea," as Miss Nunally had once auld
would hohl l?s interest viv,,) fdr Vf..lr? ,? ??mi>
*; l'"l"-"d. Two kinds:- Sh, had a dozen'
How conk! custom ever make dull ?hw intlnito
? an.-tv '.*"
T? Moore ir se.-m.-d a special Pif, of rrovldenes
'nt <?. should love a girl whoso natur.' was s,
?o..n.!"x. ii,. ,?i,i h,-^,* thM S(!(ii|i(, lnherltnl
r*rfoct integrity lr,.,,, h.. t,.r. anti from sn.,,..
Hi.lv els- ., ri.u.iess of Vito Which Iliad.- her n.nlo
Michanling than nnything he could have dreamed
res, h..- was certainly a rery fortunate young
Ile resolved fervently to l.e worthy nf tin*
tood turton.'; tu live more an) mme ap tn timi
liiabei hf- which was always beckoning him.
CM lat" it had seemed quite easy lo keep tl,..
higher lite well in view. Lore was a great
elevator and purifier,
Ile inn! forgotten iit this moment, what Salome
bad said about nut caring fur truth and for the
M-her i'1" Her words had nut ina.le much
Impression upon him. lie had considered them
piquant and unlike what other "iris would hare
?u I <>tli-T girl* wuuld hive made a great pre
tence of lore for all exalted states nf heing.
So Mi,,,!,, mused happily while h.* waited fur
Mr,- arrival <" the doctor from Augustine, ur for
mme sign (rum tim cabin
a- lu- s;it there tin- black nml white hound
Ta-';;, who bini ii: i-n thrown h.to despair by the
i'b*. nc- of Mis. oerry ind her daughter, came
despondently loping from a distance Rtnong thc
Th" du-* was returning from a thro- days' trip
intn th.- barrens. H.- looked weary and depre.I
Ile had nut seen Moore when lie sat dawn "n
his haunches and gare himself np fur a lew
moment* to a battle w ith Bean, Th-'ii lie stretrhe l
up bbl 1.k and howled long and dolefully. Ile
evidently believed bis new friends bad gone for- !
erer, ami h.- was iii despair.
At tin- second howl Moore sprang tn his f.-nt
There is hardly a inure desolate and ii"| ii-.-in.
sound tIm 11 a dog's howl.
"Is that Jack'1' asked a quick voice from the
lint, lt was Salome, Her face was whiter than
usual ami her Voice almost sharp. She had al*
ways been inclined tn superstition, bul ot bite
tho weakness had grown upon her, as the prac?
tical, good-sense rein had seemed to retreat in ber.
Moore whistled. The dog came eagerly for?
ward; hut h<- did not notioe Moore in the least
H.- sprang upon Salome ami began that process
oi devouring which is so pathetic in it* Inten?
sity ol emotion lb- had tully concluded that
In- should never see this Iriend anani; and here
she waa, miraculously returned.
Salome withdrew with him from tho hut
1.-st his demonstrations might waken her mothei
who was still sleeping heavily.
Moore Instantly join.-tl h.-r. She Inoked at hun
** Why did you let him howl '" she lake 1
Her vniee trembled a.- -le* put th" question.
?? But I couldn't help it. Besides, it is nothln_
for a dog tn bowl,'1 was Hie reply,
?? li you had nilly cared you might have pre
vnnted it.'1 Insisted Salome whose *;,. -- waa
deepl*, clouded and who waa nut in the least
inclined tu in- reasonable.
Moore smiled with a gentle bit still a
masculine superiority. His spirit* were too
for him tu he affected by any such tull.- aa tlie
howling of a dog.
?? Yuh needn't tango," mid th" girl, a. i
tiirr.'-d fruin him, with her hand on the dog
Munro protested that lo- had never felt hss
lik.- laughing in hi* lit'-: '.ut that Mame was
really foolish il ibe thought a second tun" ..
Jack - howling, lt v.a. tin- (leas.
?The Beag!'1 exclaimed Salome, an! then sin
asked her companion ii he thought men could
know any ni. il tiny tried. 1V!"I" lu- .'"ihl
answer she inquired il ho remembered those
ero wa
Moora looked bewildered. "Thu.-' crows?" he
1 ti.-ii Salome's aspeel changed Instantly. She
w.-nt tu Moore ind p.i bet h.ind through his ann
She looked up at hun.
??f>h,' she breathed, "I am so thankful that
men ai" nut as lill) as xvuinen :"
Having said this she would lint lin.*"! a lii"liiciif
Rhe hurried back to th.- hui tu im.1 ber awther
-till Bleeping.
When at last ti..- doctor '.ame he found Mis
(Jeny awake and sitting propped up In bed. -She
mid that sh.- e..nhl jual as well .-"t ,1|>t hut -till
-lu- did not get up.
The decision thc physician gare wa? that the
woman was nearly worn out l-inl si.mst he
there whore she was and lie taken care "i He
brusquely ordered her to stop thinking, and when
sin- remonstrated he said she could make h-*i mind
a blank ii she chose, and her mind must be 0
blank before she gained much strength lie re?
marked that, one woman could not carry the uni?
verse, eren with the best Intentiona
Moore went back tu th- city with him to get
hi- prescription lilied.
And so began th"-'' days, which, sad as they
were, were yet brightened for Salome by Moore's
tender and untiring dorotlon.
The girl seemed t,, be nothing now* but ber moth?
er's nurse. She watched and waited am would
not sleep.
It xvas as il she could not giro licrsell enough
that her mother might recover, lt was m vain
that Mrs. Gerry would say ajiuin ami again:
"Salome, you mest .-pare yourself, k'ou won't
hold out.'1
Salomo would only smile and say nothing: or
she would exclaim passionately that surely God
would gire h-r strength now.
Met mother was too weak tu contend "i to
eommsnd. She hiv there ami submitted foi the
hist time ginee lier childhood tu being eared lur.
'lin- diiv- pa-sol with a strange quickness; ami
.'tl! tho llayi seeil.'d al'li'1 to the girl, who sat by
ii,.- bed "i wiin sometimes placed bet 'hun ."it
side the. door, always kiping within reach ot ber
mother's voice.
Mrs Gerry felt her child's tenderness and cam
with u poignancy that waa painful at Brat. Hui
when she would ask Salome what tho doctor mid
about his patient she n-v.-t know whether Salome
told ber the truth ur not.
9a_aetimes Mr-- Gerry woukl open ber eyes to
find '."i daughter looking gi bei Bxodly. u if
ther* were a weight on bet min I Mis. Oem
would think she wini! ask what lt was. lint gb.
was too wea'; to do it.
Ihe woman's thoughts pat tunk sum-thin- ol
tue weakness ut her body. Sk_ was dimly thank*
ful that sh" OOUld nut t-ntrer acutely, lt was a
dulness that brought at last certain Imalin
with lt.
H | wh'-n tho bealim began Mi- Gerry leemed
m h.-r daughter more 111 than erer
Walter Rodd mud" two Mlemn. brief calls af
tho cabin before Im departed on a marney of
exploration through tho State. He said h.* was
going ta liol out if there was any muru money
t'u !*? made in orango irr. ves than in apple orchard*
Ho talked pniidsronslv on this subject with
Salome, and he never looked at h*r while ho
Mink" H<' did nr't seem inclined to speuk of
anything hut -range railing Ila w.-nt to Um
be.1 and shook hand* with Mrs. -Jorry He tobi
her ho knew she wa* pretty lick, but ho behoved
?he would como out all right*
h was after that that Mrs. <ierry appeared
to stow more Ut. At l*?*t Salome thought so
.. ?_. n,?. ui_iit two w-oks fr-ui her seizure.
It was a densely dark time, and a violent Math
wind wa* blowing. The trees and nhruh, thrashed
-bout; the banana leaves were tom to ribbons.
The frogs pu-od shrilly.
Salomo hardly knew whether it Waa the r.t.ht
Which mad- her sn uneasy. She usually liked a
south wind,
Mr, ',-rrv lind leen sleeping f.'f-.ily, hit
when Salome carno back from ene of (,or \ ..?,*
to tbe open doot she saw ber mother's ev.-- tiveJ
upon hot
"Child," exclaimed Mis. (Jerry, anxiously,
"you mus* shep more."
"Oh. Ive h.s.n sleeping all tba time," came
the answer directly.
Mrs (l.-irv'? eve- c!'.*..,) a^ain She wa* sure
that Sal,,',,.- h:,.| t?,( .,],..,t. -,!? tr.?,i to ,?-,. ||1%|.
seir Ihat this wis an amiable falsehood. And she
knew that it waa only on- nt nan-, which tito
Kiri hil,I told Itel "I late As s|1(. hiy th"!" sii"
almoat Miny..,! that a h.. cane as readily a* th"
truth tn Saluui.-'s lip-; ,, plausible, agreeable lb*. |
Theo the woman turd to ask betnelf ii i he |
w-,1,. any worse thai..ctousness. Waa it norse ,
tu break ene commandment than another? Hui
she was tun weak and weary tn argue any point
now. shu univ groaned. Ami io groan waa a
luxury that -ho would not think ol permitting
hers.'if if st,,, were ordinarily strong,
Salome sprang t" th,' able ni the bed with her
rapid :ni.| ,,t .eulie -notion. She knelt down
with her an un.lei bet mot bel s neck
Hu- lamplight f"!l on tbe .iris face ami showed
it with au uncontrollable terror upon it.
"I have li,-,.,i thinking," sh" said, in a Voice
barely audible--1 hare been thinking one thing
ever since you've been III."
"Mush,' said Mrs. Gerrv, In h'*r old way of
trying to soothe h"r child.
" Ko, I can't hash 1 c:>irt keep sih-uf anv
lon.cr. Tor if you should die-"
Here the rolee ceased entirely.
Kvid"ntlv Salome was fighting quietly with
Mi- Gerry tri",I to rally and lo say nome "aim,
reasonable words io her daughter. But the words
would nit rome, sh" was loo weak, si,.- lay
there motionless hei bress! iieating painfully.
Finally, she whispered, "llais,- my head a little
The ku. eagerl) obeyed ber
In the -Hence that now lulh wed, the sound of
thc wind grew louder. Th.- cabin rocked, lt was
sultry Jack, th.-hound, lying anns* th" open door?
way, ms.- and sat uneasily on his haunches; yawn?
ing audibly,
"Salome," sn,: Mrs Gerry, who had at last
gslned a Uni" strength, "does th" doctor say I
am going to .lie now P"
** ll.- saul be thought you would iel orer this?"
was the answer.
*? ls that Ihe truth '"
These words were spoken with painful emphasis
** Y"*, mother."
Another silence which it last was broken hy
the girl.
?* But I can't bear this anv longer, tit?.tl,?-r.
What sh.,.ihl i do ii you sim lld die''?and the i von
would, perhaps, know everything. I am not talk
lag about my grief. I am talking about sum"
thing "ls.- nuxv. Di \iui Ihiii'.- th" d.-ad knoxv
"Salome, why are you raying Ibis?"
Mis (,,-iiv i h'-aii heat -fill more painfully
"(ih. I must ss) ii went on Hie tiri " I
hii\e been trying IO s|H-ak all tlie tl.ii" lilli lt
seemed cruel tu distr.-ss you. lt 1* cruel."
Mis. tierrj could not speak. Slie was motion*
l.-ss. She wss univ faintly conscious ol u curiosity
concerning xx nat th* child had tu siv I lil one
absorbing bul fi nit lesa wish wa* to help the child,
and help lier as she bad always don*.
"li yoii should die," began Salome again, "and
should then lind that I had nol told you, perhaps
you would blame n.i en moro than \ <> i will now,
anti tli.ni I , . -1. l-l nut comfort *>"'. I Could Hut
pat my ann- Bboul you and tell you I am nol
really wicked ;.t heart?-nol at In-art At |**a*t,
I don't feel io. But it may he thal nobody i
feds wicked Gb, mother?"
Salome's heavy, peraieten! voice paused fm an
Keenest emotion had now penetrated llirn li
all the stupoi ni which prostration had enveloped
Mrs lurry.
She rained h'-r head ti al sh* might innk more
fu'.lx at her dau-lifei
win-ii ber hesd sank hack- again she exclaimed
in ;i strong t".i".
*? Si,:,,ni". w list Liv.- ron dum P Tell the truth :"
* \"s. I XX ill tell th" truth HOW, ? ???rta iii I \ . " xx ,
th., reply "liol \"'i i.'."l nevil have known
(?nly. if it did happen that yon knew, ai I lhal I
Wits ._?-, nat, .i frmn yon la-cause I nos alire and
\ ,,l| W.-f d-ild
S ilome ' sharply.
" Ai.,,ut tl" .i,..,k, mother," mid the giri
"Whit cheek?" In tl," s;,,n**- thin, high x .j,"
Mt- (..-ir' h., I nevei associated any event xmii,
i. clieck.
?The **""." sail Sa),in,.-, "th.- money fur
f.ltln-l lt Was -.-lit b\ il eh" 'i. 1*1111 1.1."'X
"You iii"i"i tl." sum Mrs Darrah loanrU ?? ?
- Ves; only slie 'Ii'i mil loan if. al lu-t "
So resptnse from Mr* Gerry Bul she fell
herself growing ali ma*i to me*l this son
that was aomins Ii ll might !?? a si remit li that
x. Oil ld sta-, xx llb h"l '
" \t lift." san! Sahme, vi-ibly bracing her
s. lr. "lt wos 1 who sen! Ihe cheek. I I put
Mr., liarrah's name to it ami sent it directly,
i. ijiis.- | knew my father iuo*f hmo it. I knew
he could nol walt Ii ill l nol s-vin mn eli t . ,l, "
still no response fiom tlie woman lyins tliere
? Hid you In-ai '" whispereil Salons*.
A -lr iii movement seemed t i slanifi imenl.
Salome .''.iii-u-d quiet as long as sh.- i.ld.
"Mother!" shrilly, and after ilie could m.?
hear the sii...,!,. another instant
? Ve*, chibi ?
*? Mother, don't yon lore me any morn
Tlie agony in the young tune rent tbe woman's
Mi Gerry's vole, might have been mistaken
fer that of lier danghtei as <.],?? said
"Love yon! I love yon mote t'n.in ? v.-r. if
thai were possible. Hut ? - ?
Here th.- \ nice failed utterly.
"But what ' Vui. sh.li tell me, mother. Bul
what ?"
And now Mrs. Gerry's strength began tn Hag
lt had univ rome nndei tl." whip of intense ex?
citement. If it had nut "flagged, if she had I.n
herself, sin- WouldJiot ha\?- obeyed ihi* ileniniid.
Imperative though it -waa Sh.- would hare
i.nil/. .1 ina keenly how h-r reply might w "ind
Salome was now standing "*>"t thc ix-d. The
Impulse which hail been urging h'*r l"i* niany day*
In -peak was -nil strong upon h"r. Sh" wan
_lail sh., hui spoken, lt was done now. There
was nu sei-r.'t lie tween h*r and bet motlier.
"Why di<l rou -av 'but' ii that way?" she
repeated, with th" li.Tcen.-ss ol unrestrained
anxiety '* Villi "till love ll," P"
"Yes, re*. Hut. S;i!.,m", don't rou think I
wani to respect y rn ijao?'1
When sh" had ntt<T?*<l thi* exclamation the
?.-iri warri "I ... -.lu- stood then* Then she sud?
denly knell down by the bed and pressed lier fa ??
aiii'iii'.- the clothes.
As for Mrs i.on sh" hui borne nil alie could
hear al lhal momenl Sh" shut ber eyes and
dimly thanked hen-ell thal she could not feel
anytliina more, she <ii i not faint, bul hei mind
lap cd intu a stat.- as limp and strengthles* ss
hoi buds
sh,- knew that h,r daughter was giring hei n
sti.latmc medicine, and she tried to make
-um.- response Hut she could univ f<-eb|\ swal?
low the liquid and then sink back on the pillow.
In th- hour which followed she hardly knew
that Salome was all the time kneeling 'Ins* lo
h.-r The -'.ri waa perfectly .|uiet She often
rahed her head and looked at her mother. Th*re
was nothing for her lo do. Slie must omit now
tur tim shuck to have spent it?elf
In the midst of the _ir)'? anguish there was a
faint Ure'nf resentment that th.- knowledge of
that forgery should hare such an offer! Sh
nuked herself ii it would not bare been bettor
if she had heeded Portia SnuaJly's advice snd
kept this secret. Win should she t.-ll ' Hut nu
S!,e would m.t ke.p anything from her mot hei
Her mother must know the very worst of her iii
every way. And thal forgery iras of coons the
Tho night x\-,,r? nu -lowly. Toward morning the
wind subsided and it b.^an lo rai" '? Scary
ilaahea, a* it sometimea ramed iu the sommerai
hnnic SalOUM Waa obliged to ililli the dum The
bound begged ra to romain inside that nbc let
him -tay
She put on mme woad and sat bf thc tire, fe*-l
ing very thankful that the. dag had -?fop|ie(l with
her She could look at lum ami tl ink that it
would not make the slightest difference to him
il sh.- had been guilty ol S thousand crimes It
was very uncomfortable tbat she should hare
this desire to fell what *he had done-she did not
understand <>f couiee it w_* mitti ral that she
should wish to t.-ll bet mother But this strantr
; des!ra lo know what p*opl* would think ll
j snine one would only take the altair calmly, as
she h-rselr was moved to fake it si -n^j t
e.unslder herself wicked \s she _t then, with
the hound in those hours before the dawn she
quite longed to have what sh- would have called
a realising sens* of her sin.
The dawn wa* very long in comini' In all the
nights when she had taken caro of her mother tho
morning had never lagged se.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.? Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Hut alie wa. glad that tm nne was with bel
Moor." h ul tried to p r-uad" her to allon him t" get
a innv sm- l.:i<i refused willi something li
anger. She saul that she should du everything:
l"i her iiinih", s|?. was able She appealed
tn th" docfor Ile looked af bm fol .... U-S-BUt
and then nave :. ilem i.-<l assent,
I'n-, aieh h.- inlmiu.'i M."that if would hui:
Hu- .ul much mun* tn take tl:.- care from h.-r than
to let lui have if. Only keep watch of herj if
sin- showed any si.n, ni liti-king down, why. then
it would lie time enough to get help,
Salome, however, showed no signs of breaking
She wa, pathetically thankful that she coull
do thi*
Mooro came nut Hom th,- cit\- every day. And
almost a. "lien \ij.s Nunallv came, and sometimes
th.- two walked track togetiier. Often also sb.
Insisted upi,i. -.i11in_.- awhile with Mrs. Gerry willie
Salome st roi le< I among the pines with her lover.
-I." would alway* keep within sight and lie-arlna*,
however. She was - irnelhlna of a trial in Moore iu
these .lays. f,,r she .ipi eared absent and absorbed.
lt wa- eas) tu fni.ixi- her that, ainc,- lier mother's
lilies- explained this mund. It wa* only at rare
intervsls thut sh" was what Moore called "like
h.'. .'-lt I'..it those intervals atoned Im- all. and
Moore coiled himself quite a god. H.- explained
this opinion ni hiiu*"ir tn himself by saying rli.it
slneo this _jrl loved him he must Ih- a god.
Miss Nunally. ah the two walked leisurely back
f" St. .ng h.- tine. iis,.,| tn hu,I; at him willi que*.
tu ning nnd amused wren She was rery atreenble
iu thu." walk*. Mi mr Runt waanerer mentioned,
i'mI might nol have been in existence: altlioii.h
;| 'In.un n I ,f his lu.yin.' (lusho'i upon Miss
Nunillv's baud.
lt sh., xv,,i,. no -love Portia h:ul i win- ,,f turn- |
ini' that stun" Inward *, ? thal only the lump nf
.nhl was \'iailile.
Ihi ri ii nt untiled thal lei ni. waa in excel
leul spirits; and iu hei own m.nd si." remarked
that hui in ww. just Hie kind ,.f girl tn ls- made
happy by -flat -mt ni thing," meaning an mi
.a-'iumit to a ri mi pian?ami the authoress added
thal women x-, r>- I,ttl- is-tter than mere animals
sftei all: it ;riv,. then, mi bneasineMs to s-il
themselves >|?. waa .hui fortis wa-" in gootj
s.,it,f-. but she ",,nhl not h-lp despising lier a
little mi arr on nt .,f that fact. <bi" was never
unite sure shout PorfU, anyway. Mrs. Darrtd'
felt that she s|, od,I not la* entin'h e;,s\- unit!
the .-iii xvas Major Root'i xvir--. And then slie
meani to rorget her (the did not think- that
Majoi Root was ju a position to lie congratulated
But lhal was h's hanlin s*. Meanwhile, Mm
Darrah was oldii-ed to proceed with tlie novel ,,r
sentiment without an Bmanuen?is, ami Salons
was now doing iv thin.. In help poy lite debt sTi
h.'nl i .ntl.let,.,l. ,,t, rather, thai whbh Iit em?
ployer Ind slloweil to lie considered a* a ilebt.
The day [ollowing Ihat night when Salome
had made hri confession t. her inothet was one
of tho** .nee: and perfect d.ix* whi-h nfteu como
tu I inrid.l.
Ilefore diybteak the airl had | lace! herself
suffix beside hm motlier on Hie lied. She bad
mil .nt her band ind ton-bed hm mother's hand.
Ihe tin.,-ts hs.l eltsed f-ebly an hm palm Then
Salon??? had l-reall.'-' n deep tlch, and had gone
t,, sleep Wi...ii *h.. wakened the sim was shining
III bet\x.1 the lu-s
Tbe girl kn. xv lt x.,-,s late sh,, sj,tan. np
quieklr Slie had not slept s,, miiindly since hei
mother was ill
-It i- lieenn.se I told her," sh,. s:,;,| t,, her?if.
"iiinl now there is nothing lietween us."
Sh.- went j,.\ fn,ix n'i.tiit the work ol preparing
h"I motile] s bp iikf'sf
As sh,, did io I deal rotce called l..*r fruin tim
path arnon. Hie o'nes
BilMF f)P Tim l.htliVAVTii.l- OF 11V1N". IM
un. i "isi i'.v l in. \v.\\\ r.'iiNii.
Mr Suburban met Mi Chi u? re-aeiday ind after t
li.'I .-. lim ,1 '_?!., i.a.-, tie- Ilr-t ?i'i.-'. ?n pru l,v tbe
f,irn,-r s . -
"W.-ii have nm awA ap * -.- ibid *??* .bout going '"
live In '...? . i.h'i ' *
\ - lid M. I ihlnh I li ne il-- : l-,l and
? i,.. ,' that a . Itali -*,- n iowa ti.u ? ?
?., k- ? j. mn 1,.,;- la Ina a, md ,f .."s-,'.|,. i ? i
?nani I ,,'i-e ni ii,.min ? a .ti a, IhlltT Bille, ol the
? i foul ". Hi'- ' .">.'"- In the real '
?V"" il"'l t -lee- h"? glad 1 IK I" ll- 'H ll " l'--| '":?'- I
Mi Hnborhsn. *l wat ifraM fen wert truing to maka
, , . il ; ... ? il ..,.1 ... lo ii.mu. ?? ....'I bu. ol ' i
i, ,,.,',- ind --'ii' -I ?? ii ll re * . ha,ina tri I I
... I,, ll. Iel a ||,t. !? hellier Viii, |,|,ej ll ,,, ||Ut 'Mill t
, mihi i... a ini-f ..,-? I .e.i xiv . ? ir lin. Pot I have
? ? i lt, ur, 1 I Bim r what I am ,:..;- ? bout, 'lin- I
ml* ile- ??**??_*_ (rintel ihsl I lia, -i""' m ll.wtrr.
md I tell rsa I han it,.- .ugh ut ll There i- a man
Ul arc ii, ,,l?-'.! ' ? | Ina n | Le -? ta ti ... row . IB 1
x mi , ,x i. peet!) - ir* thal If I han , ? han ?? to ? -ll
,i ti in. hlog like ., i b?oi iii ? M *ui ? I ?kall boi
,,, do hi, l i-i i". thal ?hai a bibs .I- la
j rhange. WheS fas an llvlni In luwn snd vu ont ia
?ii.- country ut Hm hsslnnind "' mimin-i i"1. i >n niu * ?
. iii- Bat ste at ilr-t hand, li"' eben raw *toj Us
xxinf.-i through v, hats i"-f thai tal tot rural teens,
ihsl v" i"i. id ..in-- a -?? mi ??? Ta psi ll i-talnly, r.'i ?
.,,-i,,ii% I. imi ixiiiif i* li '!?? Md "i" ;" le thal la fn
ll, ll >! Iel I..IX. I I' .' isn.ll'e.l le I.M ill Ile- -ll. What,
ne i,.-. t |* rhange, sad ' finn's roo hax.- l,,* the righi
lill- I \v|.ell \"'i |,|..|".e l? Seep '.''ll 'IV I..e Ililli have
,i ,, > ii 11 v I."."- I..' win" you sam i- a lu ii ?? lu ile
.un thal <??'? ' ;"i _?'*?*- * i" .ion. "I' i"i ". ii?-?'i halt
. ,:. in i x,,, itiflil t,, build I' * Ith thal kl. i - .
x fen . '
? ?I ,,, ,rrprl, i." -;ul Mr- I'llycui, "Co hear ron
talk -,, -I !? ix- ab at mburban ure. i". I thought tan
i,.,.\,,l , .,; arould Und if" b-'ltei a nth living alter
xi,,i I-.,i ti, il ii,iii*'. nf fours ..'ni'
??Well, I hSV, '.'? ri |.-:ll'ls li'ieil. t ,11 Iliillit fnT il
? ,,,, non i van laing tho iw--t thing ls the world.
Hui i , ix.- ,*-.ne.i i" >?>,. r., rn.-. I..-I, ii,,- t.'l \ a, -a
r, v. ?i the thing, I have i--.ru..1. In the Br?i place, Uki
railroad jienn-- il,- real ""ml i- 11 Iteal Balsance.
? Hi. .ill! .I.1111I I' I'l Hil' ? "i l.i'ir lli'il.tli- ill Ih X".il
xxiiii ? ,.iii|,n:i'ix.' 1.. 1 lui1'.-. Lat if ta ii i'n differ
, ,. ii,,n; !-.!,-11 I* ,,-.,- Iii lin lur it twelve mont.I
steadily, "a ""r 1 <._>l tm-v kara vtol li called thc slid.
lit s,ai,- Uiai i>. xe. par -" meet tot ni" Brat Bionth
mu 1 oini.i'ite. a.iii IMO -i -illili", sum BBCl -'1., ei dill:;
month t'.i' '.'-'ii Un '--n: bot ( roo -t>:> fm ? sin-'i"
ni'iiiiii-"I. a v..a ini.'- inn vj -iiim!. or ai any other
tain- xi,n in.,, ail Mei tots asl.I oa Hie -iiim.' ?Tall?
and hax.- t.. 1. .ni nu tha iii.t in nth', rain agata. That',
nilli n Miall ll. Ill, I. ll.l.Vlie. -Ul it l? MM nt A "'"Hi liMMV
thing, timi '"..nt ni* lo .1 .'Hui d'ni by th.,d nr ? rear.
I think ihsl it i- mil,i-t the un I vernal experience thal Um
,,,.. ,,f jiv 11,_* I,, ti," 11,'uifi v-ihat la, in the ...i.nii,. .>r
\'.-x.\?iii la grealei thoa 11 ta Ib the rlly itaetf; rvery.
thing "-'- i' bttl" umi' . iv -a a MP" "f I'1"* ;" "'" -'"
nearest mj hoaae easts just (tries w mach u- I caa arl
.- 1,, it om ni th- Iryguodi itonn In town. The ervanl
Bural. ta a 'Uti'-iii ".x'txM.ii't . but mow dliUeali
1,. ;n Mes-Turk tbaa lu lt Toa may get along Blcely
tnough daring Hw samaier, bal il'- rhanee, :i." that srhen
vint^t Bpprasekei von win tod nan servants leavtas you.
The avers*.nant .an .tami the country lo the sum.1.
Imi slie daeao'l like lt in tte- winter, ind nothing bal .1
-1,1,.?jullul uiii-i-e In BrsgSS Mill Mare Ml l? remalli?
an,'tile, nf HO* little tt-^lll-i, ,'f c\|.*-n*e tl: ,t help lu snell
ni,- fetal Th'-ii In teat fae -iiunid nant, tn clots roar
he'ise for fl fe* ix 'flu. In the xi In'.'; ?f.,l , :-,,
Into til B ll ?Ol l? BOS of th,1 thlngl xx: had
ptBBIMd In adviii.,, lu'i h.'V-' i ,t < til v ii'ir
-eixjiif* f., 'uk-- 'ai- .,f ut Ate Ism -Mai, b?i ,>f ,-.,:ir-e
fan han ht a-*.-|.' v.cir hoon "minni io urt v?,ir ??(,,
atp . r-'.iu fr*i-Mn| and li--ld.... \,,-i nni-t ti ak-- Ipeelsl
irraageBMati B*Kh tasaiaSee eatsaBM-, sad pey an ,-x'ri
|.r*in!'jtn lu ? a*>- pod Morl your boase nopty. Mon
than tin* li, si,, I, H lom a* 1 un 11, I Mini lt ie--I'.s.irv
t,, ?iii*.ciii>.> 13 Mw and sin t'.-r- :u,ii siiimut te varisui
MSHiwrsIl "f tl-lt itlli't- fur that i- xxl,a' they are-Or
e .., ",.; th-- tvpiitiiH'in nf BSiag Ih" -mt vt 11.an that inu?
it.nt like '- apii'-ar to M -?j un 'he xt|..,|, 1 _,, n,,t
think fan wBi be surprised at ST| de*lre tn isl! out in
tm- ,,1'in-ry. ar nt mr grailflnUSS that fan ar,- nut going
lo "'ak.' lin- inl.Ukf I nin'l' *'
You i-eitiiliilv have paint.-,! a rlth-r ItSOBty ptttmtO,"
.aid Mr. i iiy'"i?. 'and if 1 IhmI n,,t already team ts a
,(., -I,,, x.eir .>\| ellen e no,lld i{o far uinaid Indinc rn
to Keep my ' Itv bS-M, no matter ho* tli? MHO-MI problem
rolfW M iic'iidcd "
a nie? vj'lu lay al -mellor awaitinr* a faxorabli" t>r."ve
f,,r Ml ini*?.-in ut plen?!ir*v Ths cr-m id'"<1 alu,tit the
d'-' ;. , ..I a happy gt Sop ol eue.t. wi. aft MVtn_B|
plOS-MSly. In Uie group waa a lianj* -n,- niotli*,, lier
i.implni her of Ure year, hr.,. (ron, her hand clam
liered to tb- rall, rollnd dv,r lt and na* xviilrlct tswa
the tt.'-. i'll" BMlaer'd ,hricl? mined a doilnu. Inunclne
.allor. xrho at oii'-? i,ompt'?liend*d flit- .louilon .til
lulu,., l a!"*r *l,? ' h.,1 nth'-r, pi,,.aptly mai,n>"i , biat
anti ^.nu i.xerlia'iU-d thc aallor. x?ho ?a? no-v awlmniliig
with t_c little feltow la hil _????, a, ,oon I, thay re
tumcl to u-? yat-ht'* deck the mother, with streomln?
eye*, tfcrcw har aimi iruund th? 110,14 of the dripping
r-safuei and fervently exrlllmad : "Obi Oh I Mr, hoi*,
ho- cm 1 ever repiy youl Nan,* your own reward for
Cixliii b-c_ tay aou and asrlnj- a>? from a broken heart.''
lien -t,- | ?-,-1 a half teott nf BlMSS SB lin- tSI'l
itber-bruntaJ i levi...
"Lady," an?weri-d M, a< .he relea*vd hbo, "Isl IM
ei.e.-.t-i :-,, nx-ii.i'.iri igaiB :'*
some pei i liaimtils np TUT. man maui*:
I'aris, February io
We have now M. Caralgnac to tin- lorn Blld as
? v.-iitiial candidate for tho Cresidency til tin;
Republic, lb- was hardly moro than au obseuru
Deputy when he was asked not long BgO to head
tl.e Department ni' tho l.nlonini. Ile is now tho
hope "i the united Centres, ni M Derouleilc, ami
the speech that he Unexpectedly mille is plaearlel
on the dead walls of every commune iu Prance. Il"
Was a schoolboy on the up|s-r form of the Louis
h- Grand Lyceum in ls7!?. and mad.- himself
even then remarkable by refusing, when hi* nun*
was called as the winner of th<- grand prigs com*
peted Im hy all tho high sch,mis 0| Paris and
Versailles, tu advance tu tin- platform on which
it wa. tu I,,- handed to him because tl..- late
Prince Imperial stood there t" hand tu successful
youths th" prizes they had won. The solemn it)
af. which he thus made hi- mark was thrown int ?
confusion by the pupil Cavaittnae, His (allier
was ih.- Republican general win, stamped ont
tin- Socialist insurgents "in the day* ni June,"
I,i- repression being of tho most relentless char?
acter oxer known in France until Thiers, hounded
un b\ tin- Vei-aiilists, crushed the Commune in
wholesale military massacres. Caraignao was
tin- head ut thc Executive Committee which took
the place of the Provisional tiorernmeot of 18*.,
;ii.d ii.mle way lur that of Louis Napoleon when
h.- wss elected President of the Republic. There
seems :i prospect nf Caraignao the thirl, fur his
grandfather wai a member of the Convention an I
ii regicide?coming into tho Presidency a* Hm
niiin ol tl..* (entres umi ul tin.' Conserva tire Re?
1 have never heard a word against the private
character ul M Cavaigpao. Hut what have I not
h. aid against ihe men who row form Hm new group
which set. up tn govern during the approaching
elections, and his been formed by the eoiicentr.ition
ni th.- Centres with the am (,f th.- Bonapsrttst,
Robert Mitchell; nf tin- reactionist llonlsngist,
Derotiiede; tho chi jeal Delabaye, and the clever
weathercock, Andrb-x.1 'Ihi* cumposit.- party
have got tin ir man, in th" person of CaSimir I'eri.-r.
int.. th.- Speaker's chair, from which Ploquet was
turne.i away hist January, Cavaignac is their
randidate for the Presidency ol the RepabH*, ind
w.- shall soon s.-- an onslaught mi M. Carnot tu
tm ii him nut of th" I'lv-e.-. and tu gain all tho po
sitimis ,,i Importance Irefore the opening of tho
electoral c-iinpai'.n. I lu- manoeuvre i* being
operate.) under the mas!; ni Incorruptibility.
The pl.ii which lcd to th" debate at which M.
? avaignac wa- sid up bx- M. Deroulede as th.- rival
>>f M. ( arnot until perhaps Comte de Mun i* ri|*
fur th" Presidency] was formed at a meeting held
th.- night before by the Left Centrists. \i.
Cavaignac was tliere. Ile had been iu the morn?
ing th.- gu -f ;if Jun. li nt M. I'ibut, whom h- di 1
imt. ni course, apprise nf the pint, and at whose
unsuspecting ignorance he made merry. The con
si liney wa* cleverly cmicrt",!. Tin- t onserVa*
tives, xxl.ile. through Cottu's concealment of hi*
papers, keeping .mt ol tl,,- hands of tim Msgis
ir.it", \1 Kianquevill", smirched tl... Repuldicans
ni all sliiid"-. lt was :i_r*-.' 1 anim.' tl.e Left Cen?
trists il their ii.tm- tu say that th.- Uovernment
ha.I acted well, hut had not "one nearly far enough.
Cuvaignac, a- the representative of the virtuous
men who had lm?.-h bribed just as heavilj as any nt
flo- others, was tu mount tho tribune and declare
himself the <li am | inn ,,f austere virtue. Tue whole
lintis.-, including tlmse whom he was intending t<>
knock over, would have tn applaud and vote fur
inlier light, and tur pursuing th.- corrupt tn tb"
.'.-ith Tb.- (Viittisf., did Bot foresee that the Min?
istry would rally tu flu- resolution "l M. Uouaaot
and so prevent ii crisis which would have brougbl
iii a Ministry whose lirst duty mttsl have been ti'
iiiak" the Rlysee too hut tn bald M. Carnot.
M ( ax,.una. never liefor* had Ihe ear of tho
House, whieh Indeed i* wont tu show aversion to
him. Ile is a person ol lank ami melancholy
aspect, with a head tli:,T is bald all uM-l. Noth?
ing Could have Ims-ii innn- unexpected than his
tremendous success, lb* spared nobody. Begin
ninu by au attack mi the Deputies win. tunk money
I nun the lau.ima Company, he t bmi iatJted th.;
sh.nix iiii.iiii-i.-i-- iu whose hand* Deputies wera
lim reaiI\ tu place themaeive*. [Ilia wis fm M
f"lenienteau, who is charged by Rochefort with
having takmi three alni a hall millions nt train*
limn Di lim/. Light ha l lieen promiaed. int
withheld; suspicion, as a eonae>|ueiiee, wa* rile.
I? cliase it th,- lullest light was required. Hen
tin- veil was suddenly lent by tbe speaker, who
went mi with plain, stun., eloquence *<> protest
against the money-reeeiving theories expressed
in tbe ti il-.nu- by Kuuxiei anti Floqnet. _ I I ??
pia. tic s th.-.', avowed were a shame tu Prance,
wm 'he government "i tl..- richest country ni
lair, ?? tu he holden tu the small luaus ?,r .i't*
?il foreign bankers ' Wen- these linancit-rs t.
solicited fur alma for the puroona <,i carrying
mi public bnaineas? Tills was the question on
which the Parliament would have tn vote. M
Cavaignac then asked why it wan thal fm twent)
years the cuiutry had Mown it*-olt devoted tu
tin* Republic. Ila* cau_e hr'- in th.- lielief that
it was a, government "t justice :i..d right. When*
e-.,-i thal bel.-i Link.' down and it bc; ni tn pani
fur aii Illusion, nothing wonk! remain nf the
Republic, of liberty, ur of the uatlon. Parliament
must pinn.nine un the point whether it is de?
termined t" support tho Uovernment in putting
down nil the kmds ni corruption which hare
been brought to it* knowledge, and is determined
tu prevent tho (roverrrmental proceedings windi
it luis already blamed._ 1- C.
From ri." Allshabsd Mail.
I'll" Ba ni aras occsilonslly keep duns, nnd lt was,
w-e believe, a Haajara dui; ablcs nave rise lo ibe
lletbgelerl legend nf India. The atory comes from al
I,-ii.i Imlf a donen different puris nf India, lae sub
itnitce being Identical, though Hie locallllei dltb-r
l bu is hon lt ni"- ?
"Once upon a Hnn- a poor man owed a large -um ol
money lo a mu.iv:., and bs lie contd pay notnlng, the
Ita Mya rame lo selie i.i- props riv, but found all that
lie hud ws- a dog. Well." said the Ifanlvu, '.Itu ???
von tove i,"fl,Int: rise, I will take the tog; he will
. i.. .. ..... I. ' ... .1... __*_. ....... ,....! .,
T mun tonk a
help lu wuli h mv liuiise.' so Hu- pi....
t.-iider farewell nf lil* mar-footed friend, with manx
Injunctions in st-rv" bl, new master fnltlitullv and
never to ottompl lo run linnie, tome time afier Hi"
gog |0t I" Ll- lien hume thieves broke lulu tin- house
nutt took all Ikey could (Ind Though Hie dm: barked
ll loudly Bl I." could, vet tin- Kaniva snored nu
pea, efniiy. ind so, seeing il." thieves disappearing
willi lh"lr booty, lie followed them unit mw them bbl
Inc iii.'ir ir.-i.-ni" 111 Imp's dug In the div bed ol ii
imbi. Ile then run bum.- and nsver stopped barking
until lil- nnis'er trotts lip Th" Kuniya iras Ininti"
rill, grief rn, discovering hil I"--, and wu* about IO
wreak id, renfranea on the dog. but. attract., in?
nis strange behavior, tie determined to watch him In
.ie.ul The doa ni ont-p l"d tbe way to Hip nala, .'ind
I'.-gnli SCratClilHg at Hie hole, mid very soon the stolen
wealth wa. ngutn In poss Bl lion of li. lawful owner,
lin- Hanlin*, delight mi recovertog Mi property sra*
sn great mal lie wrote on a paper. -Your doc bus paid
v.ur debt." and fSStenlng Hil* t" the tog'I collar, he
bade bin, relarn to lils old master, and the faithful
. _ ..... .. . ... ...... .a ...? ... , ...i ... I.? .....ia ,...
anil BS the Ant. with a little whimper of Joy, sprang
fnrwiird In mres- him. li" COI off his bead with fbi
sword, erring S?t I 'Thou dl-obedlent dug! I'ny tin*
prnslty of deserting tht post.' Then too late he saw
the not.- rittarbed to Mi 'tend friend's neck, and wt*
.,|7".| xvltl, -ur I, retnurse flint be fell upon lil-" iword
and died Tlie mill BBd dna Bl. buried li, one grave,
and aux on- trareMlag to rlaMarahad may still see
the (.'rave by th" roadside."
Tbe superb service of trains run by the Pennsyl
vania Railroad between New York and Washington
make, thi, tlie favorite Hue, to tbe Capital. The trains
are fail and fi'viueut. ?*,
The Ameer of Bokhara has paid bis visit to tho
Little Father at St Patcilb-lfc, and has gone
mme. or sot nut thither, a sovereign without a
realm The e iphor.ic anuounci _i"nt ia mad-- that
luring this visit jf, wa* finally "arranged to intro*
luce n Russian custom* frontier between Bokhara
ind Afghanistan, sa that Lokharn at last is to be
laeorporatad with Russia to this extent, and vir?
tually there will lie no laftfNf any frontier between
titi*-, vassal khuttato rind the suzerain 1'ower.* Tim
ttotement is well within safe bounds of truih. Tho
full f.iet. of course, is that Rokhaia ha* been com?
pletely absorheil into tho Russian Kmpiro, and that
the Ameer is hencefurth te be rt mere ficure-hcad.
The (Var is now* Lord of Bokhara, and Mr. Lessor
is hi* vjeeirerent.
This, Indeed, i* no pew thing, but onlv the for?
mal leiu-.nitinii and publication of a fact lou; eitiee
accomplished. Rokhara beeame a part of the Rus?
sian Empire at the tim., when Rngaia seizpd upon
Men at the ,,ne side nf it mu] Samarkand si
tho oilier, ami connected tho two with a railroad
running straight through Rokhara itself. This
was chiefly tim work of tint ind"*mit;;b|o pioneer.
Ali Khan, the Avar, now kn awn as Colonel All.
khanoff. of the Russian Army It was he who
made possible a railroad fi tn the Caspian Sea ta
the mountain* of Z:ir;ifshiu. An extraordinary
man. that Alikhanoif. He i-* u Mahometan md
a Circassian, a native of Daghestan, and a de.
scendant of the Avars, wh ? raraged the Eastern
Empite hmm twelve hundred rears uro, Curious.
ly. however, he ha* r>sl hair and whisker*, which
mern to Indicate an admixture nf allon blood. Ho
was one.- a pelly oflieor in tho RngfeiM iirmv. and
wai dismissed frmn the service tor in-uinordino
? it u. Th.?n he took to writing ami shstehtac for
Ihe newspaper*. And then, bv his masterstroke
in securing Merv for Russia, he restorsd himself I
rink and favor, an I quickly became one of .....
must imp,i taut men in fell the sm vice of the Crar.
A* -.-on on the map. Rokhaia hean nonie re
-??niblanci- in shape to a rude ere scent, Thn outer
curve, Him miles long, formed by the Oxus, indi?
ct.-s the southern and western boundaries. Tl.e
Inner curve, 400 mile* in len.th. bumed by tho
His-nr Mountains, constitutes 1 portion of th*
in rthern boundary, while the I ems laing 2SH _iil?*s
nf this northern frontier ere emiti.uou* to the
Kriyl Kum desert. A straight lino drawn from
the m.",f easterly point of tbe Khanate, in Dar?
wn/, lo its northwest earner at Ueh-Uehak mesa*
un-* '???'. miles, while the breadth of the cmintir
varies from 100 to inn mile*. On the r.ortheaa.
the Khanate is horrlcatled by hose mountain
chain*, bot on th" north the hills aro unimpor?
tant, while toward the west and smith the surface
slopes toward the Ovns or Amu-Daria. The anil
i* almost entirely slur. Infiltrated with salt, and
covered more or loss- by shifting land, fe rtfjf small
proportion only being under cultivation. Thus the
two physical diristom of the eounfrv are tho east?
ern or mountainous, and the western, a great level
\s for social and industrial conditions, they are
primitive nnd intiquated in the extreme. Says a.
correspondent who wont thither from Samarkand?
at tin* time of Russia's actual seizure of it, a few
year* back: "On arriving we found ourselves iii a
world ten* of centuries behind, and if Kir-these lifo
had recalled to me the days nf Abraham. Isaac and
Jacob, it seemed now ns if there were come forth
to meet us ambassadors fruin one af the kin.-> of
Israel. There were th,. Bid;, or f'nvcrnor of tba
district, fen oflicer sent from the Amoer, and others,
mounted on .aviv caparisoned horses; with tur?
bans "f spotless white, "lad. om in striped silk.
and another in ? ruin* if cloth af geld. The first;
fm ma! ly asked. Ts the EUnperor v.. ll? Is the
Governor Oeneral areli? Is Get ral Abrimoff
well v' The second brought to me a messa.e of
wrlcame Irom the Ameer, and invited u* to ra
fresh-sent la the rUlagaaf Kainar. This done, we
rode live miles inrther, preceded hf a score of at
tendsnts, to Kital), the summer lesidence of the
?* Etiquette required that .we should not bc pre>
seated before the third day, until which time wa
were prisoners as well Ba guests, fur we were not
allowed to go nut. Hi* Majesty [rcmisaalj pro?
vided us, however, the lirst evening an entertain?
ment of musician*, ?lancini'-hoys and bu fionna,
and, lending next morning to la iuire tor our
health, asked us if are were dull, in which case he
would send persons to amuse us. On the third
day I had un audience of the Ani.i-r, presented my
Russian letters, and with them sundry requesta
that mv tarmtass mi.ht be taken to t'harjni and
Boated down the Oxus; that I might look la His
Majesty- library fur ancient manuscripts, and that
1 might be allowed to visit hU h-Ogatals and pris
uns, to which la*t request 110 (s-rmission was given.
The audience over, we w.-re taken to the cour?
tiers' apartments to be feasted. On arrivinsr at
the furtr.-*.* I had sent iu my presents, and now
they came la felicitate me that tja- AMMf had
sent n?-a present of two harass, with velvet saddle
cloths and tnr(|uoi-?i' bridles, and a scurf of chances
of raiment.' Had I ln**n an Asiatic I simula have
be,ui clothed. I supp.,*.-, with one of thd rolies of
honor, mounted upon one of the horses, and led
through tho streets like the man whom the King
delighted la hminr. A* it was, I mounted my own
steed, and the presents were lad and carried before
me, that all men might know I had received a.
present*; after which the Ameer kari us his car.
risge wherein to proceed to6habr.
?'Shahr is the ancient Kosh where Tamerlane
was burn. His f,*>t must often have trod the court
we entered of the ruined Ak-Sarat or 'white pal?
ace,' which had been twenty year.s iii building when
tbe Spanish Clarita rialted the place in l'fir,. \y_
went there to call lipCB flu- lU-k.
?? a plaee of historic interest fouraoare mileg
south of Karabi is the famous Iron tiates.' a
solemn an_ magnificent pas- formed by a hu^o cleft
with frowning rocks hanging overhead -a gloomy.
tortuous corridor ? mlle and a quarter long, vary?
ing from live to thirty-five pace* wide, and ap?
parently threatened to be clinked at anv raiment
bx a tullin.: mass. Within thirty-live miles of tha
Oxus is the ancient Shir-a-bad. ur Lion Town,'
which saw under its walls, the book wot BM say,
the phalanxes ut Alexander of Macedon."
The capital city. Bokhara, is one of the most
ancient of all. lr i* satTOUBded bf a wall ia
winch there aro eleven gates. According la tile
Correspondent Of "The London Times' already
?liiotea, business in the .rent hu-nar of I-okh.im
is "carried mi iu six "timi* ' ann twenty-four cara?
vansaries, besides numerous ordinary shops, each
kimi of merchaadise, as in othei Asiatic towns, be
ing sojd apart. So, likewise, the various tnd?s
.ire fur the most part localized IB several streets,
anything like a universal provider beiac guile un
known in Bokhara. Sot i** tin-re a nookseller'e
sl-op, or a printing pres-., much less- a newspaper.
iTn-ir weights and measures are a splendid illus?
tration of the rule of thumb. Far instance, tha
rlchine isu_-clive of the cubit 1* measured from
th.- elbow tu the end nf the forefinger ; the ku?
bitch is the space lietwe.-n the tips of the lingers
xyK.-ii the arms are outstretched ; the um/ is tho
measure from the centre of tho breast to tim end
of the Bagarai and while in Bokhara oil and honey
are sometimes suld by tl.e ch.iyeh, which ls the
one ci Ideal measure they po-sus*, and that of
vatlable si/", in Karateghin corn is sold by tha
hatt-L Irreepectively of whether the .ender's head
be large or small
Fur tin- treatment of the insaae they have a
s|i"cral mullah called Ishan, who is brought to a
man when he begins to uet silly, and who re-ads
uv-r th- patient tor a week or two prayers from
tho Koran. If this move* unavailin- the patient
j. taken to the Ishan's house, or rather yard,
picketed to a peat like a hors", and kept on a low
diet for a couple of months. As a further **rt>p.
he is beaten while the pra.M-m an- geing on. and If
the poor eri-nture manifest* pain, lt ls regarded sa
a favorable si^n.
" Hut suppose he dues nut improve; what da
you do with him . "
" Ile remain* there chained til! re_ariled as quita
incurable, and then his parent- are obliiied to take
lum away ami luck him up."
" lint sui po-** he ha* no parents'.'*'
"Then be is named out and allowed to run loose
till som*- one take* compassion on him.-'
After henring this it was a comfort to be told
hy one i-tliu-ateil Mahometan that they had not
much insanity, and that h.- bad never seen any
?me raving mad
At present th" chief area of the Khanate.ls bar?
ren and unproductive, simply from want of irater.
Yet the water is there, and onjy needa the re
erection of the ancient system of irrigation to
bring it into use and make Rokhara what it once
was. one of the most produotiv* -regions on toa
face of the globe. And this work, among other
things, tho Russian Government bsa pott Under*

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