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Uv Arthui M. Heathcote.
You m'V lhal m* love ls plain,
mit itiat l cannot aUow,
\. inn j look ai inc love fur oilers
'l. al's xviiiteii nu her bmw.
.-ne hasn't a da-iii.'.' eye.
Mn- bani a well , ni nose,
Ji'rt a -ai.le fur others pl'-a-ures'
And a tear fm oibers' woes,
Am! y,: I xviii own .-lu', plain ?
I'iiin lo Pt- i.r.il.-i-ionii.
For wini cu. doubt tl:.ii ber nature
ls '.(.viiii- ind fair and *-?.I *
You sm- i..at ron think her slowj
i ' ia.v.- can Hint !"? win, mi"
Wini's ip,, iii.i I,, iiu ?, klndm -s
Whenever it nm be dune.
QW, li t,, perceive a want,
ouii-her '., put lt tight,
(,.u!i I.est rn overlooking
li'lm x. w nmg .uni pile '
And xet -:,,? i. sinxx- indeed.
*-i"Xv any praise lo rlalm,
glow tn r's' wrong in nih, i .
Isl.uv t,, ni,,' cari I.-u lilani".
'? Nothing tu s iv f,,r lu-r-eir.*'
Tint i- thc fault' nm lind.
List tn lei- wordi to the children,
i.eiille ami brltlbl and hind.
I.I-t lu lie:- Words tu tl,- a i,,
I " -li at Inr pntlent xx ivs.
Ever* word -ir- alters
t-i-cK- m tin- ipeaker'i pralie.
"Nothing tn say fur herself: '
Act right, mo-t right von aro
but plenty in sax- fur others,
And that ls better by far.
Yan say sin. |j "commonplace,
fut tl,ere von malle ;, mistake,
I weald I could think -in- were -o,
Far oilier aialdens' sake.
Purity, love and faith,
Am they smii common tiilns-t
If hen Were a common nature,
Women would all have wine-..
Ilteailty sh,- may nut laive,
latent, nor wli nor grace
Hui nm ll sin-1, among H." angeli
kim win nut be "commonplace."
When Evelyn Markham alighted in the evening
at the little station of A?, un the Highland i'lih
Way, she found that the snowstorm which had bee
raging all day had Inareaaed ia violence: und th?
low. Millen, overcharged sky appeared to t lima ter,
lt* (untin.lance. She hail a drive of six or seven
mil".* iicfore ber ere sim reached Glenfoyle linus.
ii"' residence of her friend Lady Nisbet, with whom
the was going t<> spend a fortnight. She round a
?I 'S"ii carriage drawn by a pair nt handsome "rays
Handing .just outside the station; and sh.- recog?
nised Alistair Mscalpine, Lady Nisbet- coachman,
who wa* seated un the buy with his habitual ai,"
? f monumental dignity. A porter conveyed her
luggage to thc carriage, nnd sin- stood for a'moment
to exchange a few word! with Alistair. Alt.) a
friendly greeting and iii'inines about Lady Nia
hef, health, .slu- Baked what was the condition
of the roads.
" It will be very bud. matain?oh| rory bad in?
deed; and I'll ii"' I," .-n sure that we'll wm through.
There is wreaths and wreaths here ami there: but
w.-'ll chust trust in Proridence. Nuw. natani, it
you pleas", we'll h.- going ,.s fast as ever wc can."
The mad was fairly clear in tin- neighborhood
of th" station, fur tim wind swept across it and
kept tl..- snow from accumulating to any consid?
erable extent; but as they pursued their Journey,
thc difficulty of pro.re-.Nion became aggravated.
It was als., exceedingly cold, ami Evelyn huddled
hersidf into a cuim-r of tin- vehicle, tucking her
mantle naen closely round her. The dusk deep?
ened rapidly, and soon sh.- could only see the white
snow scurrying past. Once or twice they encoun?
tered wreaths which were univ surmounted with
lirhculty and with much floundering and plunging
?f the horses, whn.se panting and snorting testified
their excitement and the violence of their exer
lien*. Alistair's guttural exclamations and objur?
gations in Gaelic alsn were not reassuring, tor he
was usually a v,.ry undemonstrative driver, and
rarely compromised his dignity by Intemperate
lammas". Io be sure, le- seemed perfectly sober
when tlmy started, thought Evelyn: but lt was
very cold, and who kn..w* whether he bau forti?
fied himself with un occasional .'nun from hO'im
private receptacle? Then might he not in thc
darkni'ss stray trmn thc mad. which was possibly
slmnsf obliterated by tl." snow, and precipitate
her iver a bank ur Into a ravim ? Sh" sat an I
ibivered, partly with enid and partly with appre?
hension. At time*1, when one sid" nf the carriage
was tilted up at an angie perilously near 43 de?
grees. Evelyn had to brace bec bet against the
npoosite -wat. o-pectins. every moment tn find the
vehicle capsized When, as sh.- judged, about halt
the Journey bad been accomplished, she peieeived
that the read beean to descend, and the i-ded
_loom appeared t<> Indicate that there were high
hanks ur rocks mi either .sid.-. Sin- peered out,
but- could discern nothing in the Impenetrable
mass of gloom. All at once tho carriage -dipped
abra nt lr, and Alistair's voice could" be h.-ard
raised in seemingly anxious and aagry ejacula?
tions. Evelyn pulled down the sash behind tim
driver, teat, and ask'-d what wai the matter.
" It will be a snow wreath?land still, ve swine
?and the beasts is up to their firths, .mi a trace
is broke."'
-Oh, what shall we do. Alistair0'' cried Evelyn,
in a quavering voice.
"There's a bit boonie here, by the side of the
road?a queer body li\"s in't. no' that wise, I'm
thinking; and if the beast* would stand still. I
would _.t down and see if be would bein n*. Hi.
there! Mr. Casanove."
Jastthen a light appeared nickering abrnt, and
Fvelyn heard a man's voice In refined accents i X
? hum-in. some remarks with the driver. She
looked ont and saw- a tali bum uith i stable lan?
tern in Iii-, bund, standing by the side of the mad :
but the carriage-lamps seemed only to make tlie
darkness visible, und sim could Bot distinguish Ins
feature*. Finally, he came crunching through the
snow to the dour of Hie carriage,
?? y,mag lady, further progress is Impossible,'1
be said. ': 'lhere i* a deep wreath in front "f the
*"tta_", ana it appears that mi" <>f the tracee is
-Token. I think ymir driver should unyoke the
horses, jet on the back Of one of them, ai.il try to
reach Lady Nilbet'e. If sim has a sledge, it 1*
inst conceivable thal il Blight reach yon here: bul
in the mean time I wonl I bc- of von to accept my
hospitality, such as it is.'1
'?I suppooe there is no alternative, remark".I
Evehn rue!ally.
" None whatever, madam. I am torry to say '
So asylng, he opened the doo- of the carriage.
Rhe row- from ber se.".t, and le- lowered the step.
on which sim stood for a moment, surveying with
a bewildered look the wreath in which he stood
up to th'* knees.
"Allow ma," bc said, coolly, and before si,e
c.nhl realize the situation, she felt herseli lifted
bodilv by ? pair of powerful anna, fend carried to
il,- door "f th.ttoge. wher? she wa. gently le*
posited. Thou.h al heart vexed and irritated \i\
the nnceremuniiiiis thou.li frimi 1!\ feet, sim huii
prsaaed her annoyance, and thanked him with only
a shade of cold irony in ber tom-.
"Literally and figpratively wo cannot, io such
eireuinslanees, stand upon stepping-s^ues." he rn
marked, anawering her unspoken protest. "And
Bow, let me help our Highland friend."
She stood In the doorway an I watched the pro*
eeedlnga. The horses were detached from the
carriage and extricated Irom the snow wreath:
one of tb"tn was relieved of part of its bani'?, a
rna wu* thrown over its loins, und Ali lair clam
lei.tl upon its hack.
??May!..- yon will be bavin, fe drop of whiskey,"
lie said, in-inuatin.lv.
"The exercise will warm you, my friend." wa*
the cu .1 reply. "You will ii"ml fell yom solier
wits to r?_ sh I fed? Nisbet-*, nnd every moment is
preelaoi "
Alistair grunted something in nacl ic, presuma?
bly of sn uncomplimentary eb? racier, for the et ran*
iter replied sternly in the same language, where?
upon Alistair muttered a deprecatory reply iu a
eomkally dbicomfited tone, anti rode ofl without
fHither parley. The stranger now returned to hi?
cottage door and invit?*i Erelyn to enter with
bb air of deferential courtesy: A huge Newfound
had doa rose from the fireside as sh.- st.-np.-d into
the, cottage, iiiiil advanced to imi't her with di__i
lied scrutiny. , , .
"What a magnificent dog!" f*he exclaimed, pat?
ting its imbi., head. ......
The stately animal slowly wavell Its tail once
or twice in token of amity, and then returned te
Its reatln.-place
"Caesar evidently approves of you," remarked
the stranger with a smile; "but Caesar, Caesar,
you forget the door ' "
Whereupon tbe Newfoundland roos asain with
a curiously abashed and conscious look, and, ad*
vanoing tn the door, slammed it la witii its pow*
erful paws, to Evelyn's amusement
Tho apartment which she entered was tolerably
roomy, and seemed to be a kind of compromise
between kitchen and sitting-room. The floor
was bard and firm and conipot-ed of t-omo ce?
ment-like substance, while one or two rues and
deerskins supplied the place of u carnet, and
save to the apartment a comfortable look. A
dresser stood opposite the fireplace; and a (rame.
work of plain wooden shelves lilied with books
occupied s corner. A deal table was placed in tho
middle of the floor, snd the stranger had e\ identlr
been writing, for a brass-mounted mahogany .b-i.
was lying open upon if. Ihe roof wasiow, an 1.
like the walls, was whitewashed. A couple of
chairs, one of them an armchair, flanked the fire?
place, in which a peat fire was smouldering, with
tho pungent odor of which the ItBMBphctS was
imprcirnnti-d. A cavalry sa"bro was suspended oreg
the booke;n*e, on the top of which lav a flute
and a bundle of music.
Tlie strander dr-*w tim armchair nearer to t|?.
fire ami invited Evelyn to seat herself, whi di she
did after Hivesnng herself of her heavy, fur-lined
" Had you not better remove your bat ' he sug?
gested. "You will feel moro comfortable "
"She silently aciuieece-1. thou_h she inwardly re?
sented somewhat his a_areeaive hospitality, an she
noiuidered-iw Thea Mi- h*>*'ilv and almost emt.
tishly pull.-1 off lmr gloves, and held out ber hands
toward th.* (ire; aaa where he stood !..? coal I seo
tim sallen |{iow gleaming through ihe pink flesh on
each gide ol h.-r outspread lingers. lleautiful
hands they were : and I li" rings sim wore?one "I
them an enjigement ring?flashed and shlmmertHj
prettily in thc light ol tlie lire. The tail and
handsome bronae lamp atandinu on tho table be?
hind her Irradiated her _hapr-ly >"*i"1 ? ;"1'1 lM'r
h"-.r. contcmplatini lies for a uriel Instant, tlioim.-t
that ii very charming genre picture might be made
nf such materials and such a scene. She for Jun
pan was both embarrassed and perptaxed. the
helens lite character ol the furniture aad domestic
arrangements, with their blending of thc common
;ii!d thc relined, puixJed her greatly, and uneasy
speculations began to course through her brain.
Was h.- quite sane? Was there nobody else iu
thu cottago? . . ..
\. it he had divined the current of her Ideas,
he -ai I nuietlv ? " Mv housekeeper il uso Hie won]
in a very elastic sense is mst now milking Mw
cow 1 think, but she will he in p.ntly.
She is :i Highland woman, and speaks
fluently univ Gaelic, but she is intelligent and
kindly, bo it will nol be difficult lo make h.-r un*
derstand your rwiuiremente." _
-Think you very much, bul I require nothing,
replied Evelyn, considerably relieved -And I
bom I shall nol trespass unduly on your kin lue?
lle shook his bead slightly, but made no com?
ment She shut a swift and comprehensive (-Junco
at him. ile wa* a tall and handsome man. ratler
I'ati bul evidently robust and vigorous His face
had little ic-iliii-itv of feature, but wore a high*
bred and intelligent look; Ins ken gray eyes
peered out from beneath bushy eyebrows running
in a straight line along a promineni frontal ridee.
The lurch"..'! was full .-nd broad, and the chin
sh ditly projecting Mi- hands were long and
sinewy, and i white scar ran obliquely across the
back 11 tl"' righi hand. ,,,,,.,
-I sup'"*-." said ho, smiling, I had better
introduce mysell as Mr. Austin Casanore. May
1 im, the favor?" , , , ? ...
??I am Evelyn Markham,' she replied. ton
know that I am paying ? visit to my old fri-n-i
Lady Nisbet; and oh! what will she suv ab,.ut
1 He shrugged his shoulders as i Frenchman might.
and then remarked : . .
-I nm one nf her ten-mis: and when she knows
-h-rtlvTi are here, she will have nc.farther^nxmj
Jv but what about food'.' 1 am but ill p-'-xi I"
mr a l.idv- visit Perhaps, brrwever. you wont
object t . a little porridge und milk?
"Nothing could be better,, said bvelyn, who
"^ffl'f SAfftf^Si oOiM, thoughtfully,
"you adiee like tea I wonder if there is any tog
in th.- house. Permit me to explain that i aaa t
take tea."
** Nor coffee'.'"
*? N'-r coffee."
"May I ask why?*
**!t i, a dangerous thin.* m begin to catechise
a doctrin lire. Well, because I do not believe in
.my nerve stimulants exc.-pt fresh air and exer
'ise. "
"Then you don't take alcoholic beverages, 1
presume ?
"No; though not to take whiskey in the High?
lands Ss to be ii kind of tree frog or flvingdish
?* I venture i ? assume also that va don't smoke."
" I s's- vim have au Inductive turn nf mind, Miss
Markham Well, you are rigid. I don't."
"Nor sun ll ?"
" Nor snuff. Nor chew. "
Si..- laughed merrily.
"Bnl why dmit you believe in nerve stimu?
lants? Why. the juice <>f butcher-meal ii one:
and loctors say i-ei.-.n-i in a certain Hate might
Kit drunk on a beefsteak."
"I don't take but cher-meat."
And he nulled at lmr look of discomfiture.
" Nt fowls?"
**Nur fowls, not- game. Though I confess lo a
little aberration or Inconsistency lmr--, for I eat
??.L's. riiai involves a point of gastronomic casu?
istry "
*? *i mi ar.-, in fact, a vegetarian ''"
"Well, yes; if you arish to label nu-."
"And is Caesar a vegetarian too?"
"Caesar does his i?.st t,, imitate hi* mast i. h il
luis lapses from \irtu". Voa like i lione, don't
you. Caesar?''
'Ihe Newfoundland raised lils head, an I Hie - il
mis of his large black chaps began to mi'cr xx uh
Mich evident imaginary enjoyment that Evelyi
',...] i nol li*-11> laughing, After a sinti oi tx%?? an i
;i hollow moan, he laid down his head again .;> ?*,
tin- iii.. and blinked solemnly, perhaps mm a li
fully, sit his matriel.
Meanwhile Casanove had lismi an I proeeetled lu
make th.- porrid-c. Evelyn wal 1 r I his op r itim,.
? it waa evidently ? familiar proc-aa?with inwai I
amusement, but with a grave und attentive face
While b- was thu* engaged, chatting thc winb?
ah.mt th.- storm. Evelyn heard the sound .>! I ol
steps: present Iv a side door opened, ami an elderly
woman entered the apartment. She Iud a pleas
lng, homely countenance, and despite tl., prom I
i.-ni" of her cheekbones, most have been a verj
comely person when tdm wa*) young. (':i seeing
Evelyn sin* smiled and curtseyed. Casanore a I
dmsso'l to her a few words In Uaelic; fend she
nodded energetically, fen I, haring disappeared i'i
? few minite.-, returned witha glazed earthenware
tinpot of a deep and matured color, which had
??\ identl.v olt.-a stun | by tin, iii" in ? brown stud]
She t!i,-n proceeded to infuse tea
"Flora likes both lei and toddy,'* i.BrkH
Casanove, smiling; and Kiora gave a low laugh,
ami ag.uii nodded emphatically, "Every doMrin
aire, Mis- Markham, he continued, hm i *? slowly
stine.! tlie porridge, winch was now beginning lu
throb and sputter lazily, ** i* apt lc i?- ? i?.: ,-? ,.],.. 1
tyrant; and 1 bavl to guard n..r.uii-t that. And,
therefore, a* freedom i> better even than tempei
an,.-, | like to see Elora takm.- hoi tea, I' i* her
-? i> n -i muove, ber protest against my iufallibiliti
I conceive that societ.i lias most i" b*ai from tin
twin forces ol the Radicals and tim Fadii .1-: i n
both of these classes are tyrants Hut pei naps you
ire a Radical, Miss Markham; mair, ladle* arc
such nowa lay., i believe."
"Well, l don't much believe in government by
nmaiis ni Policeman X."
"And you would have questions in Parliament
??\ ery time Colin < llout gel -1 bkw from a h itou
tani de bruit pour une pomme de terr.-."
*? Well, Colin Clout's cranium ls of areal Import
ance tu him."
-? Let t .iiiu ke.-p his Invaluable brains o il ol the
range of batons: be knows very well wlieic they
flourish and are flourished. Bui I beg youl pardon
foy talking politics. And it i- not usual with me;
fur, though a vegetarian, 1 observe the Pvtha.or
ean maxim to abstain from -icans?that is, from
voting and .all the real <>f it "
Meanwhile Kiera hud by this time set th. table
fm- tbe .-v. ning meal. Evi li n got lier cup ur lea
very good it was?and took i little porridge and
milk, in honor of her host. Elora had seated her
self on a stud and proceeded to knit Industriously.
"I -rant you," said Casanove, baLincing bis
spoon meditatively on his forefinger, "thal thi- is
nut fe concise kimi ol feeding, It br, sn n speak.
voluminous. But why should we bo in a hurry:'
Nature isn't. And what a comfort to mil" t that
if you only give this preparation Hmo, it is sure
tu be digested. With more artificial dishes, there
i* always a dread Perhaps tiwi they won't bo
assimilated, as they esl] lt, though I confess I don't
s,-" how a I ot later salad ni a pate tte lum _r;is can
appeal tu me. My system refuses to recognigi them."1
"Well, poor food will do I suppose well enough
fur a studmit and a recluse," said Evelyn, "lint T
fear it would he insufficient for a niau who under?
goes s<-v.re physical exertion."
"Pardon me, I roam ab,nt tins,- hills all day
Inn'.' .rn tlie strength ol bread an I chees aud milk."
She was silent lui* a few moments, and Ihen said
-Will you p:n,lon me, if I ask what you really
are, Mr. Casanove, for yon are a perfect ini".na
tO III-.''
"I am fe kind of practical mineralogist," he re?
plied, with i smile, **I wander over ail Ihii re?
gion in s.a..li ni th.- various kinds nf mik that
are found here, ami I r? ll the upccinieiui to the
I -e. pl" who millee up v,nlu.i';il collections fend
museums. It is rather an Interestim* occupation,
bu I iii ike microscopical sectlona, test with the
blowpipe and with chemical reactions, and si fort li
'Umremuneration is far Irmii princely, but it helps,
and th. ii I lune my little croft, and grow potatoes
and ntl.er vegetables, lu a word, I live comforts
lily?that i-. I hare all I waaf. I need lo fish in
a Inch hind by, bit I have glren that np; tho
'.nine is not worth tli_. candle, for fish is nol imiir
ishln_ in proportion tn its bulk i snd why should
I iii-tn111 tim trout. I don't wish lo annoy even
my humblest neighlion I don't think niau will
ever shake ott his pr ime vs I barbarism fib lie sit..
down to a 'guiltless feast."1
"Bul 1 always understood thc-" things were
created for the .omi of maa."
"People ny aa; but remember thal the inimsla
have never wan consulted on the question And
observe thal our finer feeiinus ai- at variance with
our practice CoBeeire the absurdity of tin.*: tin*
poet in a 'vrie mund goes forth on a fair May morn
and sits him down, and makes a dainty little cnn
tonet about tl.e lambkins friskin" mi the mead:
then he coes home and dines on roast lamb in I
mint sauce. I wonder he ls not ashamed to look
the poor r rea tu rea ifl the face. Would voa eat a
fowl if you jimi to wring ita nock?"
" I t-'ippo-e not."
'Well, but if you eat it, you are parti'-pps
crimmis. '
*? Dbl ? case minht irita when you amit either
kill or be killed. What if .von met a ticer in the
"I might be attacked by ? robber, fend have lo
kill or disable him to preserve my own life. If
do.-* not follow thal 1 am to mn nunick among
my fellow-creatures "
'Well, but why ihoald von kill dane, ruus uni*
mais any mom than domesticated ones? Nature
mud.- them so. After all. s fixer 'burning bright
in the forest of Hie ni.hi,' >* MS much entitled ts
respect a* a lamb."
?it is a hind question; bul I will ni,.- you my
?newer Itt the i"ini of an apologue, as the divine
Plato used to do." Ile pawed, and a whimsical
but pleasant smile lit up his (cit.ire*. "On ???
upon ii time Cjrhele, th" ancient mother, was roam*
imr through the woods of "fliraoedrawn In a char?
iot, by her two tigers, for she loved her fierce chil?
di en and the sombre wood*, the linnie iii slaughter
mill se nt .(.-ut li, and she drunk must .holly of tho
Helirus when it* waters were dyed arith ''l tod,
Hut lo: in the midst <>r the path sh,- esme apon i
naked Boy. who stood nnd gazed fearlessly upon
her, ami tonk the tigers le, ti- mane and held
them undismayed. And the Dread Mother de.
Bcendad from lmr chariot slowly and with half
sorrowful, hali-.la | resignation, fm sin- knew that
hr reign was over, and coming to tl." Boy tho
laid li<-r hand upon bis sri bim: brow, and said In
low and falterinq I.i and the winds from .':i ?
linne sighed a* she spoke, and Ihe tigei growled
sullenly like the sound ?.f departing tlnindci . 'Thoo
int uni" al last, bright oflspring of flu Pawn, s
nobler Th, "bus Tis thine" tu wield tim power I
have used ami abused This -i|i"i thlim and rank
overgrowth of lib- has been an Incessant care le
me, fend niven I n? tooth >ml claw, pestH-ii ?? I
fi mine, coupled Uki my tigers I ere, ha vp '?<> en my
milv mm.'.lie But I grow .ll a..'I am wi-ary >f
slaughter Here tn thy fair brow i ?*: '.??? n power
Bleater than loath and claw, and ptf-tiiVnci md
famine, Cse it well, f* r Reasoi can nevei lie
cruel Destroy the mb.- of my former bv. ir, slay
Hr-* slayer, lo lea t ramie dei tb, cb .??<? th" Bon lo
its lair, the viper ty it* hui" I appoint you keep
er of mv wile domains; elieck tin- hot fotson of
life, and he.p it within bounds. Let thc mouth
I.p pa - with Ihe blades of ems*: Em ii thou
slay a* I have over slain since the m i-t - cleared
of! tim lac of chaos, then thou art not Ihe de?
liverer, and a mightier than thoa, mightier heea is ?
mom mereifnl, One foreshadowed In every peaceful
sunset, in every still**, dawn, in cloudless sky and
w.ivel.-.-s sea. shall eulin- and supplant tu-., ns thc
dragons nf tl.11 weltering world have bism sup
plant.il.' So wiving, sh.- look "il lui towered
diadem, ami pul it on his head and U---I him with
her wrinkled lip- Then, mounting lier chariot
anew and lashing h- r cowerin*- and rhr.p-fallen
tiru-r- with hei bloody whin, all Intertwined with
piercing claws and jagged teeth, iliaappcnred In
tl..- snelent woral, never more tn return
Evelyn had listened lo him with parted lip- and
a deep. Intent look nf boundless Interest ; and
when Im hid ceased iii" sizhed sol Hy, and passed
h.-i- bin..I across her bmw
Then after a pause sh, -ii | - lt w- w. ith my
while tn be storm-stayed to listeti : ill ll ??
M.- .av,- a low laugh and slightly waved his
" 1 must .. - if thc st,-.,,i -.1 iles." lie sal I, an I
going to th" door opened il Tlie wind charged
with mow eau..- whirling In. in lids somewhat
sheltered - t lati.-n Ihe mai nf il" storm wns snb
,lu."l, but th. blast could !*? beal I trumpeting
itiiiid lim distant hil!-.
?? V'eiir conveyance, Miss Markham, is quite hurhd
iu ti..- snow," h.- said. "Von need nol 1 mk fm
deliveruni e to-night
** Weil, well." sh,- replied, " a la guerre coin.n
la guerre. Ami 1 ti all he very i cunf' rtnble in this
"()h, but rou shall hi" Flora's .n. lt will
he a plea sn n' foi her to dn this slight seri iee, for
si,., hi- all i Highland woman's respect foi senile
?? l'ra\ don'l Inconve.nee lier or yniitsell I
could doge quite com for tal ly in th's chair. 1 am
imf fastidious "
Sh.- took out i tiny watch and look," l at it.
"Oh, it i- not vert fat. yet," she rabi .-I"- -r
fullv. "Only hall past ?
?? Would you bk" a i.'.. ' Ihi" .1 fail sup
ply ,,s von tee, bul in li-ii",i mil. lite livine \'. ,1
ter ami \y- Miserables,' the prose epic of this
eel.till V. "
?* 1 would lather listen t i yon, Mi < tsai.,
she replie I, smiling.
- Ah. I would b,,r.' y. il. All hereli. - arr li res
Timi I- whs the) have sn often ;.n put tn k-ath
I am, in you h.r." perceive I, .. rank bondi . oi Ij
1 don't w int t.11\. rt .??,-. otie ?
** Y ii would .-.isilv eonvi ri ni* lo gr. .tel
plicity ol Iii". I...I.-.-.1. x.? i are wi.?
Ijdio.ia about theil footl. and are rn alad wlwn
tin- gentlemen dine out
*? It i* a singular reflei lion ti at is ''.-?
main.upatlon ..f most ho is -li ?' -. . irke i
??Nu soonei has tin' lady ??! Hm hms- *oi up than
the shades ol h'-r pi i- rn house lenin tn
round her The fresliness s*id lio|*d 11 ii. I in?
spiration of tl..- morning are rx pu nt d bj lue
th, , hi What i- t" ? ?" bu dinti.. I '-ii*. ' Sty,
ahull il b.- h ,.f or iii lion, and how transmut -I.
varnish" I, lieilei lll-d ? Pie ?- de r< -?-' - n ? in
d "I * 1. t a* -i"ad.:'-t!x reaisi them. \I Mai'
hain I pr.it"*t woman gel.(-.? d .Hi-I v?ri in ir'i
ii ,r rd one in this brui I in at ii ?? i. 1 ?? -i ? tn
when she has l?*en slniiiier.*l ut i Into n ..dali
i nil* -fate, !,.a li -', mi! Minis thill
left il il cu .a (li !m bun K -' -
Ifioti eau p.-. etrilte ll
i el.1 ii la ,.l "<l .:r, il . an I llioll |i*,n. -
ger, ss "Hie apartment i
plicity and, as ll were, dons it ? ?
chat I.I I a
?? ^ on penni! ti)" " ' -' - . she rill lier ?
over tim ba :ki "f tlie I ul ,iii'
?* lix all means
?? Much ol tl-i- i- t u leal.I for li?
mul ked. w i'll a .light ihi
? Ami for me t' -, uni..-.- in mt moi.? ir.
ni",,.;- Iliil ii is wei lo have book* that ?
.rn a-pnat, m ai I n-n
fm rxample -I don'l nilen ?"??ad ' in, lui ! .. pi ?
euee rob ikes mv i
" You are a plulosople r. Mr < a*j c \
im-," si,,- said, with a limn- of sa I am i
creature ol - * I ? i ?? >n
\ etition. All my papi'l lioals have g. i
stream "
she v.:i!\ 'I slow 1. bi !c to her ? it. and s
to sink in*" a - .mow hal m I 'iiel ly tn \ * ?
a short while i I in
locked it h-r host
? ila-.e von llviil here I ,n Do ' ... n ' -ii i ?
live I "I- all your lif"'' Why I... .? ro i Ioi
*,, ie* ' Hm perhaps theta, are impertiiuni
lions "
? (ii .-.-ii ? certain 'I--, i-s- ri f, iendsl ip an i
friendship may .i ?,-. rapid)) they are rn >*i
limit "*
? Von liave Vu -I In the si nil " .-ie- ? mai '?.?? I,
glan* i i > _; .il the nu bl. ' !
?* Yes, in ti,- lien' h iii mi I served as a
tier under Ueneral I aiilherbe dui isaac lb** i *
Pi issian war "
What' you fought for democratic Franco! I ?
'r, of plebls !!??-. of '.irxet-al suffrage, f.-lu
I m.. I bx i.-x iii ul mn an I du ?" t" I hx polill lilli,.,
** Well, I nm a descendant ol i iluguenol family.
for one thing. Ami 1 don'l nh" tl. I,ni lax
(.nth*, tim s 'i-.iiiiie (ir.'.n- of modern I. irop?
* And yon killed a i- -ti Orson . I supp s .
?<?h. we wei ? b.|i,-ii. but we di I om le*-!, Mi,
Markham I jive you warning that I ai.I ?
ii -ii,, .lent being. Ik-m? olenee .- nft?u a kin I ,,i
lazy piiiiu. ii. the sun I wi h people well "...
of tl..- world, if neeil be Eaii phil Hi I an I
philanthropy afterward! N". I don'l rej.n-1 un
CMtnp'ilgniiig, I have seen noble deaths an I soul
satisfying extinctions."
" I wiunim- how long it *.v iiild take i ' nu let
yon, Mr rasanove,* remarked Evelyn with a smile.
?? Perhaps we wish too m ieh to understand em I.
ot hei Perhaps we should go on revealing om
vivi's tn the v rv mid, and leave the world with
unguessed potential fl lea, ? uriosit.fi is liol m- -
S.irilV Im.* Iii h.mix led-.-. I I.-.-! us ll Um" gil.
would not be quite ao interesting ii the North I' '??
xxi-r" .bs, ,|...p.; Well, now, donnant iloiinant,
pray tell m<'something Bboul von s,.||
"Oh, I have lieeii a nu-re lichen growing on :.
wall. But ii ha, Imsmi u pb -saul x ill: foi tim
hii'i? where I wa- limn i* \.-i\ , hi. x .-iv iiiaiut,
and very beautiful. Then my ancestor* have I.-ft
a bit ol their cha rac tel in it, and ,, ,i. slilbil ur,
character and tastes, One a is j uTusicbtn, and so
he constructed un ursran-ehnnila-r; another wa, a
Nimrod, and the siioils ol ibo cl is*, adorn mani ..
eorm*r: .her wa* a lunik lu ?-.. and connia -.-I
.ca and laid lo mal," a proselyte "f a lit-l eilitioll,
and so we lui ve a library which con tu ins mmv
ru ri ti?*s; motlier collected paintings and imvrai
m.-, .md sn forth, nh, yi*s, lear * ld Davent r j
Hall balbeen my Academe, mv collegi-, i,,-,, abtiiio
and aanet u il v.
Sin- leaned bach iu tl.Lair and i.litativeli
:is,..i| In i hand- lien ind hm ha I. manifest L'qilii ?
Unconscious i,l lill" graceful an I ? humi'ir.: .ul,tam
" I | "Hi"-, .. " -ail Austin. afti-T a W lill,*, M Ililli
you ha..- mad-1 :i fetleh ol your family diode, I
.iuii" understand youl t ? - - -11 ?..- -. ? bul you .-'.umbi. I
think, resist them. We ihould ail (israel.' to oin
surroundings We :.!?? pilgrims, and .build haia
ss little scrip and scrijipnge us po-stibb1 In Im
too much alfa' ia-,I In a ix person i- bad In I .
andi' md Ifl a honan is xxm- ? We shu aid grow Oil
the .'ula'-, and nol huve to be pulled up shriek
ing like mandrake
" How bm..' have you been here. Mr, t'asanove?"
"Txvi years; and I think it _. rtearlj time t<>
change nix huri/nii I detecl . wmenetM ni my
thoughts and feelings which is ominous As ior
family association* llicy am very pleasant and in?
tern.fin-, but tate have got In live out n'.xn lil".
and our own experiences are more valuable ta u*
tba,i ,"11 the*.- numbly i. cords, lillis .1 rid ol
j In mi er, inherit, d bimbi i purlieu lari) Win slue.ld
a thing be respeetanle heeaitar n is md * unl-sm il be
old because it i? respectahle. Happy is ibe man
who I...- nu grandfather, because he .1. nol feel
imund to pay him (birmin ? lint if \,,ur grand*
fat1)"! was ii Quaket ot i Papist, oi an indurated
Toiy ur fe vapoiutis Ha lien], yon ar.- apt tu hare a
leaning that way lt i- hud enough to gel the
grandfather out of o*ir bb,nd without binding him
I upon our bude. Don't l"t us casi nu nativity
backward. Orion -.hines fm me a* it tbd for Mono
, >.t Ptolemy, Vhy bind the Bweet infiuen^ea ol the
Pleiades '* I.if,, xvas incant tu be fur Vn i gnd nm fe
I perpetual discovery."
*? Well, fm ii ?.mpfnit snd tottering child like me
it is pleafefenl ta Imve mv shadowy ancostori lead*
lng nm by the bani Ipropoa ol music, I see you
play ?m Hip flute Will you not play i little?"
*? W ith pleasure, tl.ah I am but an Indifferent
player Still, 1 lm .- th" flute ft i* .-. business,
like instrument, srithmit arriere-nert ??-. while \ mr
violin is a moody enfant du sieeje, itu linpaadoned
is's?imi-'. If the paradox is not too {larina, even in
|m gayesl hnmoi full of oven.mes ot sadneiw. The
Bute, un Hie oilier hand, is ?,* brmk and 'h.-ifni
"";? breege,or ii plaintire, never morbid;
without bein., luscious, lively without
ns a moi a ing breege,
it is sweat
Evelyn laughed gayly at the whimsical descrip?
tion, and he smiled responsively.
"Well. I shun play you lleethoven's srrange
mi'iit. with vsriations, ol 'Kind, willet du ruhig
sclilafen.' Mar it prove i happy prestige. Vou
know (???mian, I sui pose ?"
-All but the genders," was Ihe smiling reply,
?? inn i like th" language."
"Yes, if will li,- x.iv nie., when it it"!** a litera?
ture." remarked rasonove, so gravely that Evelyn
laughed again. When had sh.- fell sn happy 7
Sh.- listened tu hi* playing, which, with.mt boin.'
masterly, was expert and pleasant; ami there were
intervals "f conversation gay or thoughtful, till
sh,, fi I- a Int!,- tired and sleepy, and he left her to
arrange with Elora ibonl lmr quarters fm the
night. Th- bedroom was sin ill. but delightfully
clean and tidy, and sh.- had hardly lani lmr head
un her pilln v when she sank into a dreamless Bleep
When sin' wuk.- next morning she had th'* bliss?
ful sensation ni having enji.I ? sh pp s, profound
and so refreshing ihat it transcended nmm physical
rapo*-, ami xv::-a kind nf fresh reeoncillnt. with
life, lb'i I.-.?lim' nt tranquillity bad been supreme,
and the howling "f tin- Wind had onlv lulled lier
senses .md deepened lier content. How delightful,
she thought, to wilkel' with the flesh cuni au I the
henri wann' Innocmce i- justified by tim fresh
in-ss nf .-very dawn She dr.r I lu-rsell leisurely,
and cam.- down the little creakini woodi'n stair.
When sh.-entered thc kitchen-parlor she found Mr.
Paaanove reading aloud f" Flora, wini was lier lina
over tho fire, i-i.ji.ii in-r a sinipl" breakfast. What
lu- read seem -d to lie flaelic fmm its wealth of
gutturals. Ile greeted Evelyn with calm an I gen*
tle roriliullty, and placed *i chair foi her.
"Tin* sturm is over," hr said ; " I think your Im?
prisonment draw. tn an en I. I hat e du : your con?
veyance out nf the snow, and cleared ? portion "f
th- road, so you will be able m get a little walking
? xercine "
"How v*rv kind and thoughtful nf.Vim: she
said, gratefully.
"Ms motives are mixed." he replied; "I n.I
a a.| d.-al of exercise in nie open air, And uow
for breakfast."
Th" thfe people took their places at the fable
Flora closed h'*r eyes and folded h'*r han!-, and
s.ei.| |o he repeating inwardly a srtt'i*. which
i nsnnove respected by In- attitude of silenl grai I*
ly Tl.e m.i.l dispatch, d, Evelyn proposed lo go
nut, and she hastily put un - mi" wraps Is-.nu:
intn the "ii ?.. air, sh" found the carrin ge stan ii nj
e|. Il il! th" s.n.XV Wllieh llOII ? Wei. I ll 'I IC
.ni wa. .nil k.sat though m. lon rn liol ?b. nnd Hie
i in . bad fallon .had Side hy si !,- with rnsanov
Shi pa ? ? I tu am! frn tb.- tri k wlllcll I," had
< I.-i-1? ? i In tl.e snow.
Tiley chan."I fm.eth'-r like old frmu I . ni d I. ?*
Kn w;is |,rul,.ib|y mum expansive than lier ''"'li?
lian...:,: '... ' :- manner wus consistent!.! shaded
with an ur nf m-|.Ifni nlonfncss und leserve,
which .i.dmited how lie Interpretetl his duties IS M
h,-t ''I'-iii Into unconventional relatl n- with i.
lad, -nsf. lt -.x.is ii-imti .hu _- h"',x much thc)
i.ui ul tu mik about. Even tim social thei. I it
-In- touched up n iit nm- * si i.i tn jute ,? it him,
li,. ..h. . lilt i.i.-m. I tl em to ? :ist r.i. a ?
it were, cosmic m .m ipi.--, and his line <>f coin
, n ii d nile awi "u Into ethereal regi ms
hannie I hy I'la ton ic i leas and pi doti pc
(ini,., aftei :. hm- pause, Evelyn remarked, half
timidly :
?? V" i indicated last ni rill that j n i did not in?
ti n I tn I. ni H . nu.di bm .--r ben*, ll \.mm ;.
ia, ... ith a* |.,m lon, ni' fal ii- . .in I I li ill le" vi ry
i'm;,.,-,l t,. ..-.- voil. Daventn Hall i- i|iiif?* ni ti
(.ml Bord "
- | nm ,-mi, molt ol li isl; li it it i- nol lik< Ij
thai we shall m.- -t a. i n ls< replied calml! . li ii
with a wistful 1
was ' nnvi.nis of i|iiite ti ? i ld m pang of
di* ipi ? iiitment.
** I am som In In-.ir Hint," sile -ai I light.! Mi
lat'..... i- hi.lili ' .i'i ? '''-'I '- a mn i *i >? "? ' ?
lie Imbi i diplomatic post al om1 tim ?: un I
wu ld Un '. hi* ? inver* ition i * ? Both,
iiidf->,l wiuihi lie rainers, an l I would sii in fl c ?r
i:. t au I foll w tl * evolu.I i talk l*o
?-.. ,i, ii e..a,un li >d in ri "I t ?? world -H* I ??
iden list ''
? I. ? . i, -.? i . tine* :i man I i'l In* H'
IVrhap* I am bul n hall
. ill alf. I all I. I. a.. li"'-*.' - , ll
i.Ile i wi h lc- sh. rt ai ' m< ? *..,.
fl ,- iel- ! I ? * ... i.m x I
am U"t Ilk "I - OT * ? fol I. lol lill 'sd
.x i'll into rn*, ken I shall think ii
w h.-ii -, imi na*. ?? 1 ? III t I UH' I i ?
' - I t . I I X , I ! ? - . I I 1 . X ? ? I '.
e ? X .,,1 M
now an I timn win n my i
rennin i silenl ii.*- ii< ilix
t,?. .ting 1..-. onu '.- -i" it lin i' nd li i Iii gi r.
\ ? -i \ "i: Willi ' - ' UK ?. I, l - . 'I,
Im,I.in, ?'i t i.-i,lt, iii with fl shade ? ?! murna li lu
,. loo I - I Ml lilli III '. ' -ll.-lt.
still I ??'.! ility exists ( I we shall im!
I re . I . io Britta I am study im,
T ? ' ? ? i'll I III l I'i'll
i iiu. b*M m< ti ? in'l help
Wi.x - e lld you ? ?en.l"iii.i \ ".ir-df
tn th.- ' : . -*??,? With .VI ! '
' .a iii". MU* M ,i ai t I happen 11 Imi
mil v rich. M. only j ititi, ali iii, in le d,
ifillitv t I I"
1 ? .!,? tell us
tl,lie., if I do nol mi-* i .
? - *i.. ?" i ,!1 me Kef-mi'". ? ni thal I kn >w
? ti '.tx oil will supples that ll" mn1 e
*? ni ni- ii hii.iix il.iii -b" was i"
. t-> h'-r ' "Usiti lied r. Ile was ni m ph ,.,
I, ? ? lo- ind -'.?? xx.-i" lu
l||l I" -lln-1 like III 'ini ...al sl-t.'l Ile was
ii.. a ni ts bb' :n. I ? bari il youth, hand?
el.m. I . .i. ' r. m. mid Bi*i
h.el a warm and - itei Iv s'lei hun i ii
him. ll-* bee H.," :i soldier. I mt, alas! la- went
l<., often i" the * ? imes, nml staked his
llioliey heavily 1 i? ? vt -mix sh.- x\:is. au | how sh"
p id W ith I, an ' Ile. loo, xx i* hill l munn -?
Hld e..ntun m. but still be i- I , .-I to hi- fatal
ls, till lu- pan iiii'.nv Was s.pllx ? i11,.i,,i-I.. t
Niixx I'.cr.-lliC'- xxas x. I V .ll", "d. and ,\,e.,-|. I ;l
it \xi i ? wi-.. I.- mai n him; foi if Ih* a, a lovel xx i -
Bil I . .i n ii "I Iii ...-.li au I "I her, wita* w ml I li"
I-- ... i msband ' How could she b,* haop.v, r
-i.ld i"i trust lui husband-' Now whui do
iy to that ?"
? Hid lb- tm love Hermie ?'? b> aaketl with a
'I'laiui smile
??Uli.ii lui I:.-r.? 111? -? * know ni love?" she re*
1> 11 * - I, imp -'iii ii.lx .
He w as silenl lui ti xx bile,
I think -I"- slioul I haxe .11:111 le I him," l.e said,
seriously, " \ betrothal ii a otcn-d tiling, Xii
h.11 pu..- - -,x is.". .a bu ill upon ti broken vow Aid
ii dutj bri i * pii.i, .t .- au exi|iiisite pain, not tn
I..- bar! i- -I fi . li .m. . ??- ? I have felt, lu exam?
ple, ii wild didi gb! a- | roamed over thc hills In
stormy weather with .. sliriveiled an I tinilina
kin, but a wann an I boiimllm* heart, and I hon .ht.,
as lieux a ? iii'.i 11- dam et - ia ii;' bruin Wo ha VC
rn . i .hi lo ?...? x,- for aux I hm j ... \ .? oin ,,\x u mis
doini Sever weep fm anything -ax,- a lost ni".il."
? How ."hish and in.lix ul..al thal I al ?? ex
elaiini'l. iili.m-f bitterly. "I am um ,.tuclutl,
and linne I may ne> ii ' ?* so, '
"lt I- nu unix i,-l'.'.'-." he replied, almost sad
ly. "Ami aft.-i all x"." an- unix anti i.ialinr. tim
??fleet . I time, \ few mi ntlis console us foi death
ami di-ipjiiiiutiu'iii. And nature .- iiict-ssuutly
p."i.i hue. | ci,,-.- and cotlll ut
lld .i I .-Hi.' l.t. . i I.
lan ini-rl -ie di I I Uaiui ii-li BUB.
"Voil see lim. I, iw I am, and l-l I hine fe|| |
in ' ? i ix hun Iliad" life Im St tillie a li, a,- bur |,M,
Ami now i um contenti*ii ami lu-.irtwhole, l -i .j,
well, I . ,t well. I ph. Hut'" I i ad ni1 favorite
'.I lb Iel 11 a bail It;il.u li it w is natural,
nat .m w ubi be contracted in one brow ..i woe.
fi i 'hath and disaster iii, lilli' ,-,- il. '
' Well, I take tua at your Word, ' sim said, al
ni"-' I- banii\ *? Ben nice marries ||ei:tor, aud so
"?ii", i lie u,x tl, ''
s. afior tlmv lieanl tlie trampliii'' ol horsea
and th.- iinji. ,,| bell., nml run t , the .1, ? th.-x
i" .m' Alistair lioliliriv iu a pan ni horses . ai
llcSMtl tn i hand- IIIH" sledge,
- M.' ever J Ihini" Colin** to .... end, " -aid Im t?|j n
li htl.V. "I must h-n . ? \ e. in.xx, \|. . -,, ii
Whi1"-h.- vent i, in on her wraps, fosauovc
ialk"d with Alistair, and ascertained timi ti <? road,
though bad enough here ami lhere, was i|i||te ,,,: ie
t.i-ibl... Ile then assisted Kveli n Into th. ale i ???
and snipped the rugs carefully round her. Sim
was palo ii il silent. Elora, xii!, whom sim had
exchanged a farawell greeting in th- cottage, st .ml
at the dour ami gaged smilingly at ber
"'.Ihye, Mr. Casanove," said Evelyn. Imi lim
mil lmr hand. "And ms Oj thanks fm- all your
kindness Think of me now and then when you
are in Brittany."
H.- sun!,,!, bowed, and stood looking niter the
sledge till it disappeared at a turn of the ma |
'I wo - ears passed away. Evelyn Ind -narrie l
her cousin und found lum au aileetinnate husband
thou :|, l liege wis u, his nature un (neradle lb e hbre
"I hux ish Irreeponsll ility umi wilfulness that raul * I
her much anxiety and frequent disties. Vii-ir
marri"! life, however, pame In tn abram termina?
tion. Poor Hector perished in the Egyptian war
leaving Fvelyn a ehildleaa widow **.riereri
sincerely for him, yet boi as deeply as abe would
hav.- wished to do. Her father, an tho other hand,
did aot affect ft concern which be did not muliy
(rei Hil ward had b toa a Muree ot eonstani \.-x
i.tinu to him; uni I* lad never eoneeakxl his con*
?imrm thal In* bfilliaut .-md high-minded daugh?
ter was tar toa good fur the thoughtless mid pica*
uredovinj youth. Besides. Hector's death gave him
back Ins daughter, fur she broke up her hon.-*- an i
returned to Daventn Hall She was dee ph touch" i
ni\ ?'.up-'' ??>? with which 'rt.. dignified .md usu*
ally reserved aentleman had hailed thi* arrange?
ment. He took her in hi* linns, kisand lmr fondly
inn! auld aomewhat huskily: "Von shuni | never
have left it, darling I but all's well that end** well "
l'.verv .ni-, indeed, seemed delighted al he; return
Even Ilun-i-on. tim old butler, who was very t.?
nacioiis of hi* dignity, welcomed her with an odd
blond.rn, ol almost paternal affection ? ul episcopal
und mn; while tl,,- housekeeper, who wai m s,.,,|.,.
woman and much given to thc sm,iv ,,t Up0 ?_? ptic
lit.ratine, ... fur foraOt hers,.lt as t? mint Into
tears when sim saw the grave IWeet lace of her
lurim-l mistress. \iill Kn tl,,. ,i,x, ,||,,?,..| ,?.,,.
fuIly un'l iil.-asantly away, till |n tho following
ni nins.- solemn maim ... ...-???- ?- ?
thai made oin' think of me's early follies and un?
paid bills, and the heart-breaking disasters of un?
eral dux "rum, nts. So reasoned the Colonel wini
a whimsical smile, but with looks of tender anxie?
ty. For he had become more than ever sttached
tu his daughter now thal h'* reallied what her
absence meant. Besides, the stat.- of her health,
h-r persistent sadness, winch sin* evidently tried
to throw -.ir so ns not to disquiet ind distress him,
her li*".tit lits of self-absorptioh, her increasetl
devotion t" her religious, duties, wliioll seemed to
lum i 'J..univ premge?all had tl.licet ol rauBing
him irom the unconsciously scUlsh acceptance ot
hm- lilial attentions which had characterised lum
in the past. Once when he gently asked lmr as to
the eau... ,,r Ina sadness, she said: "I have not
been true m my higher self: I should not hay,.
"married my cousin: and yet, I am >shamt - and 'bs
appointed that the mistake has not proved irmp
*il able. *'
This was a psychological paradox that was fen.
suiutniv unintelligible to the clear-headed man of
tl..- w.rid: ami lc- inujuired no'further.
They w.-nt to Brittany by Evelyn? acaire, and
travelled leisnraly irom place to place, enjoying
in a sober way tim austere beauty of that corner
.1 Fran ". and pleased with tlc- simple, sincere and
anthill" in.:.imrs of thc people, who hare never y 't
hst their allen look and speech, and who are
stamped with that air ol vague melancholy which
accompanies a suppressed ami is,dat" l nationality.
Reaching the little village ?r Polrac tm Um
northern coast, tlmv were so mucli attracted by it*
quaint .I old-world beauty that they resolved
tn stay ;i -hort sHille there, and they obtained com
lurt-iiil" limn !??!-. at tim < lerf d' lr, ih" only auberge
that it possessed, fin Sunday thej wein to tim
inti.- , hm. h, where their presence exelt d no small
inter.si .and curiosity, rhe cure was au elderly man
witii snowy him- and pale, emaciated feat.im-. lit up
le, a p:in nt .-"lt 'due eyes limpid and innocent
i.s ii child's, lil the evening he called at the
Bltliergi*, and was u-h'-md into tim sin ;n'.'-ronni
with every mark "f rev. r. nt ml respi 11 on tlie parr
of the .au! 11.1 I- 's wife. It evidently never occurretl
ii. lier that anv formal preliminaries were m<i
ui-ite 'I'lm ? ui" had his i-ntn.verywhere,
,ia.ii: ll" wi- cordially received, and in the
course ,.i conversation offered In* services in
anowina the strangers ti..- curiosities of the plane
rr.I nrighhorh.I. He had apparently i wide
knowledge m antiquities, and moke with much
/est about doliii'-ns and (t.uni.?.?hs. ol which
there xx.T" several Interestlna ineeiinens within
? i'.-x dilan ?" lb.- result was that they ma le
several 'txcupsions together', omi were* soon
thoroughly good lr lends Ile possessed that
naivete ..f th.- heart, that perfect simplicity an 1
ii na flee tel humility combined with culture fend
line i si..us di -li'v timi lent i rare charin to
Ins companionship, He knew fl.mire lore ol
the district; his uncle, indeed, had been cure
of tim fairish belum him, a'd hod witnessed man'
of the horrors and shared in tho dangers of tim
itl mai enoch.
One exi'iiiti'.*, about a fortnight sifter their
orr iva.', lie inm-l with th.-u . ;.' -I Beemet'i
strangoli ir neeupiieil nml depressed IT" made
ueehaiin.il and sometimes Irrelevant replies to
th-ir r. rfc-. nil at hist, becoming conscious nf
his seem inc wa'U "f courtesy, he begged them
tn excuse Iiim
* I he fact is, a dear friend of mine t* cx
tramcly ill?flying, I mar, of typhoid lever
lb- is an Englishman, though he (ought fm
France In mir perl.nl >.i disaster. n<- ls not in
deed :i i at!..die," he. added with a sigh, "but 1
tm entl '-,-!..?-.,-, notwithstanding, that he is in
ni" I wish all Catholics were like nr.
d.-ir Imivtb* hl*n.I. eompassKj i'", clu_ri.tuhhi,
si.iipie and i um iu hi. h.,
v tear twinkled In his eye, and he took i pinch
,f snuff with an agitated look and m.inner.
'In.Ned, h.- has lived too ascetically,'' he re*
?mr .i pause, "One would have thought
that he wish.-i tn mortif.! the th-h. a- ii ho
much tn umrt.ix '" lp- :, '. \et\, w ith fl plaint
miilc ??i'm,'.- when I v. i-lu-l pim t,, -.hir.- with
in --x. .-lieut ca|o-i which inx- good llrigitti*
I. "I p'.|i:.r-'l xx iib sp<-elal sueei-ss, he said, 'Mon
I do not "xv.-, -i,'. lo !?-, .! ti'iu? " How
i tn kc I Ittle, , he sai I lt wa?
if" I could traill : Im ,' notation."
i ? I ' rown exti mel, pale during this
? i '.. ! "i feat r - .il ' pennie te - .
while ? in i ?? ' i
" lb- has be?*n ,, ii,.|| !|tfn| companion.'1 the
? . - When I think of him I
am im,,iud" i "i that ii"" saying ol n...-tim's
which I." once iiUntod to me; I'lm .olden aa
i- Inflcsl p.-t. bul .nod nun bring it ba k.' Oh,
n in \* I iv itl, s,, ...ny a humor at titi!"*
\n I tn -..- him no .\ !"
"What 'i"--s the doctor sax"" asked Evelyn,
in a low '.
? lb- apeuks despondently, says tiwi my friend
hi.s lived t. ii much like an Bticlioritc, even de*
cl.-ii. s that I." got the tj 1'hoi I fever tl i
ill"; uatei or milk im',-,!.! ol li,,m-si xvi'.
I'. I', ?soi i- .I !? How, but a farceur at
tum-- "
I think I I..\ Ow gentb'man," said Evelyn,
x I- nol Ins mun'- Ant in ('aaa nu ve
11...- . ? indi <-.l bia uuuie, ' rcplh*d tin ' ure,
\' .'!, , - ?ili't| !?"?'.
ll.- was t.". well lire I lu ass. um st ions, but his
I. xx is -i.-iiiii--.ui; eiiouub, Ile rolupscl into
b in ul protouu I a list rai lion. Suddenlj ii gleam
of Intuit. Hashed .: r.-- ins ..,, .?
I . I un.lei atlv. nil v. oil mast I.- the
Lnly. u- hun. "i whom hosp koto nm o'." dix.
lui lie -|.-al; about me " exclaimed Evelyn,
' Ile ?? neil, .1 I am nut india! u"t. I" ha-. ?
fol i", a veritable iilte. Ililli I-, il xml ar?
lin- lady wlunn he once i-uti-rtiiim-d iu bis cot?
tage, when you were overtaken by a snowstorm."
" \ ??-, I am the -ame pi i
?? \|\ il.niglitei v.:,s much impressed by him,"
remarked Colonel Markham. " .nd all I have
hciinl ul hun is grout..! to his cr" lit. Well, lot
us hope for th" b".t lb- has led a very snlier,
xx.-ii te ,,I,-,.,.,i in,., and that i* favorable to ul
t nu it,- v. en\ rrj ''
?(' d _imt it: int Im i- very wreak. How?
ever, h.- I- un h. ..-r il.-Iiiinns. Now, perhaps
you will permit me to retire. I must visit nix
| iitmnt "
?? lr yo . will allow me, Monsieur le I 'ure, I
shill accompany you," ni ld Evelyn, quietly, but
?\l\ d.H- child!" exclaimed Colonel Markham.
** il..- thine ia absurd. Tli ink ol thc infection
"I don't think typhoid fever is recognised ls
infectious 1 mn -< Bee hun mme more," she a hied,
plc.rl.ii A:
H.-i father shrugged rn- shoulders with .. re
eil hi ll.- knew that when the tiny vertical
furrow appeared on her forehead, expostulation
xx,., useless.
Winn tlmv hs l lott the auberge the Cure
? Pardon me, madam, bul i un lerstnod my
? ? ' thal j .rn hud married mousieiu
your cousin ''
"Vee. I did. hut !m perished rn the Egyptian
war. We Wished Ililli to leaxe the army, but
l.e ref use.1. He mid lu wi-lm.l tn br- ,,f some
ii*,, imf,,!,, h.- Lu the world, for be had a present
inionl thal h.- would not er return."
li.mi they pmcs-did in sib-noo along tim xii
luce street till timi roached at if. liiitln-si ex
I remit.! a little cottage with small amii.-1 htj
wimbi ws, and standing hack from i small sar
den lilied with flowers, which now cxhlbitel
tim 11 lau mt) 'i tb,, declining year, Tlie w.-sfT-i.
ni sm, shone mi the windows nnd Illumined them
witii a roseate Hush. On the riant u sombre
moor, '"vied with heath and dry nnd stunted
furze, st,,.let,,. | onward lo the rugged cliffs
Illili overlooked Ihe s,-a. \ -,,11 evenInu breem-,
impregnated xx ith saline Hann-, .md rh.- mlor
ni - aw,-ed, brought with il ihe ileen murmur
of ti.:in. i'm* to th,, left tb- ilri-.in
In nile, ,".t nf which emerued ii -??-. bowl lera an I
:? ;ular masses "i granite, extended bleak and
ban- nil it reached ii low lim- of hills, crest eil
In ii.I there with dark chimps of Hrs.
Tin* door of tin.tin... was opened bx- an
eblerlj woman, apparently the femme lu menage.
elad in the i.li ao vii I costume ni Breton pay
.innes, ani wearing nn lier head ? monumental
coi ll'i-. Her i.-., mi"-- xx. ie haish and rugged, hui
the eyes W'ere soft, and 'aire traces ,,| weepin.
alie greeted the t'ure and his companion iu low
tones, an I with the accent of uti., to whom
French is a foreign tongue. Then, "effaein
herself." she allowed tim two tn enter the cot
tam' 'lb" i ui" led the way into his friend's
i e.,loom. lt wa. pa,.-1 with hrlel
and very plainly furnished. Jfa ti,nT
came in Evelyns exes xvii"!- -.he reeot
nixed the cavalry sabre hanging above the einpti
limp! ir". Casanove w;is lying on t low cm
lalned bed. perfectly inert, and apparently m ..
state el ? ..tn;! His face was Itrangely attenuate I
rind the long sinewy arm resting on th-* coverlet
Merni d d' nu led Of flesh, an 1 showed the corded
muscles with the grim precision ot an Anatomical
prmi ii atina
Evelyn eras seised vim a tit of trembling, a,
convulsive that she sank into ? chair ph ced' nt
the lide of the bed, and buried her lace in the
The Cur* poured a little brandy into a spoon
ii.ul tried to introduce it info Casanova's mouth
H- swallowed the liquid with a painful grimace
and awoke
* Ah, mv unod friend.'' bo sail in a faint ro-CO
ami wita a lum.'-drawn si?h. "von t|n not for'
gel me.
" How ar.- you now. nmn enfant P" ashed Ihe
(lure with a stifled voice.
?* ,b? me incurs, j,- cmis." was the <,iij,-t lenlv
Doyen wish Ihe hist rites nf Mother Church?"
" As you pleas.-, mon pom," Casi.ve replied
limn lie w.-nt mi in a solemn monotone, "1 have
loved righteousness fend hated iniquity. Will not
(im! himself siy. 'let him red in neaoe'P"
Hu- I ur- handed him au Ivory crucilix. which
< us move preened to his Ibm
"Ol, miracle of self-su-rillco: oh divine example
of resignation! he murmured, feebly "(Jive
mc of rhy magnanimity. Alu.*.' iWn wart bora
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|s>titesse." ^
" Alien I" s aid the ( nie. and mad" a tatt ot toa
cross upon Casunoye'a lotehotul
Evelyn rose timi, her peat, and I nding over
th" ned gently grasped i aaanove'a hand and
|.'-"d ii to i er lins, while tbe fai.. str.-a_ie_
sib-ntly Iowa li *r pallid cheeks,
'Ih,. ,.,!?,.. was electrical. A Halie of interj,
Ineredulotta Joj illumined his features.
"Are you really Evelyn Markham?" he whis
pn"d, with a -.mil". * hu eh,j,- et ,.n m? fb
are not tl,,- reflet timi ,,f my dream
Sh.- pressed his hand, and bending ..vcr him
whispered in lils! ".ir:
"ll,, nol die ,i!id leave me. Au -rill. I hive
loved you ev.r since I flrsi mw yon."
" Hold mc. Evelyn." im said. h. :ii-.,.;y 'I ,*v_l
to he filling int,, ai'.y-se.: keep m.- i,,?k: ,,h.
keon m.- ia k :"
limn tba* surgiiu: blackness nt th-, limbo of
life itu.I death -welled up and .nffiilfed him He
-auk luck, and la*! inanimate, wini.. Ewin
Bick wit!, lr-.ul. -nt trembling in every limb hut
still i.-11111111. a .mst "f his j,.-,:;,i. wi,,.., rfu,had
- .Hu-i.uitly recovered her sclf-po-scssion, she in.
lima ti- i t . tbe Cure her intel finn of watching hr*
th.- bedside, and desired him l, Ini .rm her father
of flu* Inti uti' u.
Iv was a dreary vi.il. interrupted only hv the
occasional entrance .,t th" lireton lenuns du
mena xe, and by ii \i-ir of l>r. Rrissot, a -gent
thiel; -i mai with a massive le nine h.-. I, nbs
evidently had -.m.- diflfculty in conrrollini his
I m..1.mt movements. Il- ii\-n _|< ke?n
at: ; nierrina, .'\e. na Evi*|( n with .?tell 11 i aperi.
...islv inquiring look thut Evelyn was cotutrsiaeJ
to say. " Vi nhl ti;, n I. monah" ii "
H.- nodded hruer-uelv. and proc ?? hv| tn e\__ii-B
h.s patient with a def! an I deli, ."te iou -h. Ifs
then rave En lyn I *trirtion . - to tire re-t__t M
treatment, -ssumin. in Iiiu rani! Intuitive way
t1 .,? - :?? purposed I., nm ??? the .nvall 1 during the
-? M.- i- no worse," he remarked, i'd il ratlw
helter: bm then an dil iny tide does nut retreat
f,"iu th.- shore ali at once, there i-- influx sall
lefltlX. Still, for t'*i" l resent i?. j* m. tanti .-"
t. "iv l!m pian oas lived ii lermit'i inc .md
impoverished ins blood, A pest "ii a.! nmral
Dei.inf. Which i- worse, mademoiselle: tu il,*.
believe ht your body nr your * I ' I snoti re?
turn i-i tim early morning. Adieu, -Mdetnoisetle ?
And he bustled noiselessly out ol tit" roofe-. il
stell a pa: ido\ may is- nernuttcI
Cii-iin.-." woke up a sin Bfter a couple ot
profound stupor, Ile looked varnely aboat
bim for a time, till I-,., realise! Evelyn's arcamfefet
imi I he i bis look i 11 -*!'?? ;i I,
" Mv ii" id. ms el rle" Evelvn's bean i'*rilM
Bl I'. '?ino. tim. - un lead i- a* full Of
ti !-?- as -i d.- ... lng li rn ?'. Di | | ,| ,,,r slam i'lrt
now :*"
?? n ,. .1- 'i \ a ??m. tl.?? -'ill.!.-- - ha. been awful"
*? I h--t! !"t us suppose it wa* the safes of Utan
\ er nax" kepi nm ' i' ^. Ah I lt is n
reversal >>l Ihe old mvtb. Eury.liee hal ftM
down to th.- ic' ? I ta bring h ick * irphs-fe.
'. e rn,- tilth*. Eurydi ??: I i .How lite Putter of
your garment ''
ll.- Bbowetl ;i I brile eagerness to upeak, b'it
Evelyn id..' ??? il ber lin ff em un his mouth He
kissed them an I f?*il ash p
i;n:iii. recovered, but his convslese*r-ee wfel
slow and protracted. Iii* ascetic habit, had sa
? iiies'i!m.ii,ty reduced lu- physical powers: and
.?von vi h.- was inclined to roM Buaiast the
?em mu. lie! nrnvided i"i him. But Evelyn wife
iinphualile. Ile loo -ut f i know what the furrow
in Im fair f.I.-.ii i.mr. The conselousojj
nf her unlimited -wax over hi. heart _NMS ..**
ul times .i 'ntl., xxi'f.il and sportive-s . i..irining
trait in "iu* who hal i-i-,-; habitually irara
? Viol what -mill I do with my m a-v. E**
lyn "" lie ,isked .me ?! iv
?* Have no anxiety on thal score," me rejetae-j.
with a demure smile. "I ahull help vu- tftwA1.
lu ,i wurd, thou.h he remained much of me
idealisi he had bron for sn mau.! years, he Maa?
di ned that l"Mii'-aI rcrupulnsify in ttett "n'l
drink which Evelyn mgintained te he onbr ? l*'1-1
ni .nilinn,.1...: s,.if-,on,-..if-for in a mame- haw
that is bow originality is apt t . be desisted.
Ile had, h.xv.xer. hi. compensations; Mt-3?
provided him with new ideals - 0. Dana ? tmSw
wood, ______________________
fruin lin- Booton Adrertlsir.
UV lill' .'lllellilll'. pliX-I, lair. I lie ixxn tu* nu- ????-,
1'iix ile consul si kui ami is ii resull Ibe mtciicinj
plix.lelan :.n .neil thal Be um.I'l "l*"_"-5
.lulls'". * .1.-. Hu- objection* of lb*, |?Ueut san
Ibe irunlix. despite ihi- kiiowtedg. thal Ills even u'*
-o Irritate- ami .-ii.-i.it. .1 lite pst lent ..- te ","T'?,
the fever of the luipi-.- bul Iboi-ouithlj uulis'ii-"*
. i.,i,.? n... ,.I. ih. ,. ... .a.. .,,, ilnmsl |)lt'",,
tovcrn plivslrlans ? lo ..it*;i<l . palb-nt ? |,,n'
he - ai leinung physb'lan" refuse- Uh '"""?",-,r?
Tho facia in il"* -Bm- an- ln_l*|Hita-le. snit u**1..,*,
;?"!!, liepuilUl mioWb-RC, rile ' cuii-i.I-l lil'"1 l",
mulei- ih.- linuin-tiim.-. the very Wc ol Ike P***JJ
ini.'lit '.iiiiaiip'ieii tiiit'i" no Impression ?"' '"..,,*_?
doctors, who ',..,Led univ iii i'm "etli|aette".?_-g
profession. Il thc medical prmtltloner* -'?'??' .?r
?ni" correctly, i. doctor lu Hus rommotiw*iw""51
.axe Hie emreeiteil flwtit I" prel.ll'lt I ll" ?"'n<*. 'h.
mother doctor on ? patient. n*> amtier ?y? %
ilsliea or stale nf tin- -4eh man mav be, 5__JJle
cult ?f an exaggerated deference to ihl, "''"''^".if
? k poaatnle to suppose that n patient. r_,,",ii
rrltnted and excited under n condition that *?*:Zi
-t sud uul -i. ni-iv ile. bul the senscle,, -cttiincn
Ul hive been obnerred. ...ni.iiai
lt may be true thst th-* ??!.,.? cited i* ??____*?
ie, nnd ll can re.idlly be conceded ibsf OmtJ^
. I.,,.,..,., .i.w.i,,.... _._? ?,.iiia mn allow an aimri
?e. and ll can readily t,e concc-ieii !??? '?^?:tn?t
i any humans doctors wno would mn hII'.w *",,,,,.*_
nrm of etlonettS la st.md In llictr vxay under ?
? Ircnnurtsnces. Yet lt ittll rcmnin* to fe* ima '?
f any custom or mis exists to Justify "'"". *.JnCa
eeging ns was sa Uglily observed In tbe }**??
?mt.d. that rule nr custom oiiRhi to he S?0B n
vtiinv eminent m.-itiberi of thc medical P?1",-,
tars hern .iririlf.p In Isvor of a law to P*?!S
"quacks" from practising In this Stat**f ^jS_t5
ut n cogent nature have hem brou-;bt J,n>w'roMl_
_ .... ._i.i... ?.??? t, ,-'ii ne. to BS "-""?
iii ii cogent nature have bern feroafwi ioi"? ,w
support the pi-oposttl'-n. Yet it r?ra.iln? ? rt
In that connection that If tn. f?wm'invr!,,JLrtf,i.
to allow "regular" prsotlttoners to snwaej^g
nnd If anv rule existed IO (teprlve a family ***
right to employ whatever P??t*Mg"* 'L CES
whenever lt pleas-*. Um chsafes wm ld not fee '?"T.?
fur ihe better. Indeed, If sar sneb rule er gjmg
now exists among phyBtdaaa oj the J"'_;,.nLS!_H
ll ls tu be f.-iirct thin lb- memts-rs cf *5?J5f*SE
have niii-iidv morr power tass rtfr "'''"'n...ru<r
such an srrsngemenl merely repnmi-nl" an. >?? M
<v "j.I." am! N in the .'.'lure of on Hus "1^,nl
ih,. MMe, i? the ease cited eett teri '? , ot
,',?n.llv to tih.n.-i MW fm Inm'n.lmi: ', ffi?mt
a pattern I.rve pemonsl ends, n' ?^ '"' ts
allnxxln. i mci.* rule, ettstom OT featllMlll-M
stand In tlie "nv nf ilutv lo the sics.
la m.* beal appointed passenger train In Ihl ftt
lt l.-i.v.-s Kew-York every day at Uitfb m-oii. ana,"
riv,--, in Qilragn aagt midday. ??
" 'rfftf-tt

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