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SOME 01'KlCHtS OF POPULAR one.an;z\t:ons
a tn,.ivemor.th in- saflced te innsforui tbs City
ere Pica In Ibe brains vi u f.-w public*
fjuli frntii :i
mpnai ritfc
t ilrsaf
,,[ r... ri ab I- tl..- diver." of city from Ka
Into a solid reality, with a rom*
ell -appointed clubhouse In Kl ft li ave, and
d numerous membership. Tbs central
mew ttC" Rteie p..ntic? fhll it refarai a* lbs oaly
amfRoi ot s'.'iulng C(>"'t niiinl.lpi.l government that
-?flrseUcsMe bi i effective. A largs number ol nen
_h0 t?i,"i.-'eii i" th" leading slabs looked on lbs
w-cject wi':, favor, and a romldrrable membership v?as
Lftflj Mill; np Ti is l- Increasing iteadlly. a seers
-, n?,!,. si aew ::.!!'.?- are .-Milled to the Hat ut each
aor.tilr ni
a^i. continue at a 6<-*o-l I?tt.
tiiiK of tbe committee, and the applies
james c. CAJvrnn.
Tte rino started -with the Idea that tbe purification
?f city fesrsramrnt was not an affair of a few monihs.
In Sm last election lt took no part, recognizing the
fart tbat Kfetlsaal is-m-s wer,- paramount. Mme ip"
lr.i-S'iiatlon of Mayor Gilroy lt bas, believer, held two
nestings io denounce his appoint incut of Mannell and
Kora to office Most of it> work, however, has 1.n
preliminary. A great niirnlei of eo_sa.ltt**a nml tail.
committec- bas been appointed. Bach of these im
tome special field of Inquiry and watchfulness. Tte
Committee mi LsgiSlatlon has sui.-coininlttec- mi Man
Jwt billot, ton.-titiiUonal cnventlon, Civil Bet vice re?
form, primary elections and separate elections. Tbs
committee sa femaldpal government has ubmii ninety
members, wat form ten subcommittee., reek one of
? hied bas charge of some di-partment of the city gov
eminent. That these sab-oommltlees tboald be of
o-.e. the limbers ol tie-in must know soaiethlng .>f
the worKii..- ol tor branch al the municipality ol
n..di tfesy take special cegi-lxance. Tbe present lime
;, then-fore largely oas Ol study and research. When
UmlUirity Willi the various eley departments ba- been
icjulred oems praetleal rssnlts may bs expected.
Th- preslieat ol tbs City t lob li Jam,- r. curter.
a 1 awx? r whose iblllty i- 1.cnlsed the Isud over
sad who -find- smoni ihi leaden ul the bar of the
tseatry. He 1- a nallve ..f Massachusetts, having
ben burn in Lancaster In 1--7. a ft* r ? com >? In
tin- lieji,> Academy il Minehan*!, Mass., bc entered
Harvard i t-Hece in the >l-- ol 18_0. He won i>ii.'
?I.- risdon in Latin snd lot essay,. Ile wsi
il*o gi-.,'luai'd from th- Harvard Las UrbooL and in
ls8.'? bli Alma Mater conferred on him tin- degree
A Doctor of Laws, ll" bm delivered leveral tamoai
i.il '- ', i legal subjects, Including Um! before tim
stale Bar Association of Virginia lu !--(? on "The
r.-ovln'-"- "f lbs Written and Hw "Unwritten haw," and
that h. larc th.* American Bar Assoclallon In imsi on
??Thc !<:.?;:! and the Arina! in Law.-' Mr. parter la
? P'-*._c .peaker of Ililli rank.
niP.TOW B. wi;t.KS
Be-M..-, being president of the 1'itv flub, Mr. Colter
?Hong, to the Century, Inion League, t nlver-liy,
?hi Town, Metropolitan and Alpha Delta Phi clans
A 1-edlng ,jurlt In tbe establishing of Ott City dob
*?? W. c. Qniieer, w_g ic asm one of lbs trusts ss
tr* the cfealrssaa of its executive Committee. Hs
J* Mangi ts tin., cmnmlttee on LeghfatloB. Ur,
Gt-inr.r l, deeply latarsstsd In the object! which thc
nib i, .?,.)(i?j; i0 acoornpiish and baa devote- mach
*?? ind labor for Its advancement. He ls a lawyer.
****% t*cn a fiicinbcr of the firm Of Alexander Ac
me\\ for Mts Issi ten years. Mr. OulMver ls a Yule
?**? -feriag ben grartiiated In 1--70, aud was elsss
?Br. lin Btodled law at ColamMa. Of bas cvi-r
**? brrterr-ted in athletics at Yale, having rowed In
J tlett race*, and ?u-, ons sf lbs committee wlip-h
****** th?- lyautsshun that has Just been opened
_ m, Ouiiver ls a member of the Hafen, < rntnry,
^?l?enlty. Kiding, rnlver-'v Athletic. Lswysrs' and
t*-rtch*ster (v.u-.try clubs and of the Yale Alumni
*t**ttiton. He was chairman of th* committee of
? City Club witch presented tbs icon bing report
tSHSl the ieanneli md Koch appolntmcnti.
h*rt?w s. Weeks ls not y_t a third of a century Cd.
?Jj* 'hers bu ilrea-iy been an uncommon demand for
"? Mrvfoe, oy c-uVjl tn<1 0.bM. orgAnliotlom. He ti
Jfijj* prominent In tie affaln of the New-York
?""-Mic Club, of which be wai Kita fSS-Usat In Itali
JJ*** In j few and li now vlce-prsildent. He ls
5 fh4lrlnan of,t? House Committee and is serving bli
oHM term on lt* Committee on Athletics. Mr. weeki
?M been vice-president of th* Democratic Club for two
2J2 "* al*? belong! to the Manhattan and Aloha
**?? Pa) clubs, and to the Rsr Association.
las Som of Veteran., have also paid Mr. Weeks rreat
2*' H* wtm a charter member of Lifuve'te Camp
1SS *"* m*> " 1,r"n'n:i:i' <il'"'"l "' the -o'-l-tv lu
?9- in the next vciir bs "as _slsgst?at*laii '"I"
?? X*'vYnrk I?v|,ton and In 181,1 become Advocate
?eO'-ral of the Sim* of Veterans In IBM tin- or
Wniwion made him lt- fl?feadll Ife fl let He fetae
""""R- to tu.. i.,)Vil| Legion and to ibe tons of ltd
Mr. iy^.j,s )s , -p-aduHtc of tits Collegs el the City
-.--.j* Yyh' ''"''' of '7Ul nnd ?t Uie Columbia baw
***"*. ijn ibuo Dl-trlct-Attorney Ut- Laaesy Nicoll,
_y__. I .
?liber of flS ?nT J!_7W. ?f ,r!te-i '"" ?*??
I'ui'llc pro-seotar hal ___qUW,ef_ ,,ls ?" ?? M "
N-,t, , , ';; ??*?? ?? ?*>*? rare
felen ,,'.,1 P. ' .'" "*?' "* ,n "^ ls ?***,
wstne-,';.?MTESrLJr.*. >""-??'-"- o'
fi- laienu thine forth brlllUntir u. ,,.,
^V^fl_!L__,,^,,_i ?? ?^5*b2?,!SIJi ,s:_2;
a vernie, ^T,w "* C00,,eoo?' ?? """'
'ht of prfh, |? ,h, ,? , ,
??rae on Thm-day w.f . F;,,t ,,?.fM' ,,*j. J
Wiman Travers Jerome bas ben tbe secretary of
the Nim-tei-nih Century chu, a|mo*-t rrom lt, fnunda
Oea, haring bees an ultimate friend of Court la nd i
Palmer, Ita Bra) president. Ile |. a member ol the
I'nion Clab and ,,f tba cit, ,-??,,, ,?..I)f, ,M1 ,Uu
Importani committees * ti,,- latter organization,
times on legislation and afllllated clans. r'osrle,*.nr.i
ls one of hi- mott prominent characteristic! \
eas,, t li:, t Involves the ,, .di,.,, engages hi- whole
soul. His attacks on Uie force rn ibe trial ol
Becker und Fina for es tort lon wee." cife.-lve in
Bsrunng u,e acgaltlal or one ..r Hw defendant*,
Becker. In the more recent trial Ot Charle, W
(iarrtner sir. Jerome aRaln mad- a vlgoroas Ugh!
Sgalnst tho polite testimony, but ihi- time ho had
less success.
I -J 1 'vf-^^S'll ,.*
Mi. Jerome's father wai tbe ta..mu- wit Lnwrrni
Jeruite, or "Larry," a- i,.. ri.? amie er,-union I*
known, :nKi hi- godfather wai wniimn fl. Twvcrs
Small wonder thal thc young lawyer i a m..st ,i.
Ilghtta) -i .ry teller. He na- bora In IMO, and
received hi- early education chiefly from tutors, a,
his health wa- nut tit th" best. II" wen! I" Amhel I
College, bul wu- not physically abie to Isiah bli
course. Tl.e college, however, last y,:ir i hferrvd
on bin tba honorary degree ol Master ol Arts. Hi
attended the OalamMs Low Bi i.I, l..-in? graduated
In 1694. He wai admitted lo the bar at once, snd
-?t out to engage In private practice. In I8_a Colonel
John lt. Fellowi made bim an -tristan! l?i-*ri : v
tm my. and fur three years Mr. Jerome bad s flu*
opportunity i" become skilled In lbs criminal btw,
in -pit., ol bia early ill health, bli Industry I
tremendous, snd at one tum- fee wai engaged In
General Kesslom for eleven consecutive months In
prosecuting cases?s record tba! i- still unequalled
In tbe building, Wfan Mr. Nicoll became DI trk-t
Attorney sir. Jerome again n-uk np prin
bli firm being Jerome a Nason.
in the defence ?f Carlyle w. Ilarrli from ti"
charge ol poisoning his wife Mr. Jerome displayed
a rare ability. All the results of I.i- floe training
Pi the Dlstrlct-Attorney'i ? fin??? were apparent
Ibe knowledge <>t chemistry wbleb be acquired t*
tonlshed the ictcnttst, who tc.titled. Mr. Jerome*!
dlspoattlon la almost boylab In cheri hiern, aad he li
ii friend Whom a lar-*-- circle are prood to pease a.
Ni. 450 Flfth-ave. I, perhaps not bo well known a
building a- th.- clubhouse ol tbs Union League, Just
air.,-- tim street, although the members of the It-pub
iii-n club, whose borne i- st No. r.'?. plsyfully Mer
ti Hw lilt; structure as the annes to Ibelr establlsli
meat. There ts, -.f m.ir--.', ao rivuliv between the
txv, orgsnlsatlons, nany men belongiog t' both, and
??ach ii a towel "f strength to the Republican porty
The RepaUlean Club bai since i--- occupied Uh
finner house <_* Richard Clark, an nhl fa hi .in-1 Kew
York mansion. Tim Bttlngi reflect the uplrlt ol i
rich niau of taste 'Hie carpel of the drawing room
was woven especially for thc apartment, ind all thc
woodwork nml him i'i n k's ure of the Hnest, A tingle
i hand'll. r cost Beeerol thou fend dollars.
The Rep-bltean < lob thus started In willi many
?f the treasures of tia- Clarie bomestCSd, and it ha.
added to these furniture whick I- worthy ol Hie -rn
soundings. Tbs feeling has been that the bssl wai i
imne too po si. A cosier and handsomer dining-room
than that nf the club (Oild not bc Imagined. The
chair* and tables were made to order and ure the
best that could be secured. All the book-cs-e-, meka,
table., chairs, etc. in Ike Ubrsry nnd the furniture i
of the rafe were made expressly for the club. These
articles have laen ixiught from tims I > lime, an.i thc
nt* ulm; ?,f the im. '? li never ???inltt"d.
The club prides Itsell on Ita (restaurant. All
those who live hi the hons,-, and nol a few others,
brrakfart there regulariy, nnd at dinner time the
tii!,ic- are nlxv iv , r ,wiled. The OOoUng and servite
ure excellent, and modetate prices ai" charged. Dr.
.!. Clark Thomas I- chairman ol Ibo lion e committee,
and l- most Industrious In looking after Ibe detail,
nf ibo dub's i..t'm.ai i.iiair-. Ile viii- tin- bouse
iiailx or oftener. John B. Smith, tbe new pr Iden!
of the club, mid (iilmr leading membra make it a
point to dins iii'-re wttb more or ksw frequency.
ai tin: Sleeting of the club on Ins! Monday Robert
P. Pta lei, -npciliit.-liileul ur the C-n-u-, spoke lim-l
rntertstnlngly on Ihe eeneus, snd tbe poUtlral lessoni
tu be drawn trott ?'? The comailtloe oa National
allali- |,re.-.-lite,I a r'j,< il In btVOT Ol the iiliiieXlillnll
of llhwall on wMeb b greal deo! ol pun. had been
spent Thc .resolution mu Bdopted, snd so was one
ntt-red i,x tim committee on ? itv sad Btate aflUtn
condemning Ihs paster ballot. To-awrrow Dight the
club "I" '.ave un sntertafmuent whick la called ?
'?syuipo-luiii'' lo (OW eal it- real nature.
Thc announcement that tim 7th Regimen! Veteran
club h..d Mewed 'bric houses at, tim southeast
Cornel "f I Iff ?? -lith -f and Fifth-are. lOr a Iikw
el abbotts* bsa bee* "f esst serries In itlmelatlni
Interest In Ihs orgaalsatlon. A eoaiequent growth
in inanbership ls certain, fur las sits ls not to t,c
sufpas-cd la Fifth ave Thc club's slSCtlOn of oltlcert.
will tale place to-morrow* swaning. There seem, nn
doubt about the re election of Colonel Lochs W.
Winchester as president, and Major ll W. T. Mall
at vice president. Edward Vf. Cniides has won tbe
prizes offered by Major Mall In both the p-jol an
bllliard tournaments That In the pool comet -is
a silver mounted melt containing four cut-glass bottl<_
and In tue other, a hand-som* silver pitcher. fhe
compeuton for the Mall trophies for ability at wi.tst
ind cu- hre are HUI la progress. Edmund HondrlaBl
bas given a big *ilver loving cup as a pr;te :n a
second pool tournament
The Patna Club announces that it lu meeting it
gTierry'-i or. Maid IO ex .senator Warner Sl'.il-r and
Braun! Wiman will lead the dlscuisslon or. "Ornate!
America, and Our Matteno ta lt"
Ai tli" ??!??( ties et the .-natl.ern Society, on March
g, eimile* A. Pr shea will prol-ably be naide grssldent
and Georgs Gorian nattie, sseretary. Tba chief
eente-t wfll be between ilcih i niton and Charica K.
Gropfe for the place "f treasurer.
Unod Garernmenl Club A, an alli!lated orgnM/iilo-,
of thc ? liv Ohlb, has bsei .Incorporated It lind a
membervhlp of 100, bm fernel over loo ,,f thee to
borne of the other -ood (.ioverntuenl ilul_. All
'?'.:-*'* '??? ? - ?htbli ' Heady growth. Ctol
h brid a meeting at Lyceum Hall, In IVesi Marti
nlntb*st., on Tuesdsy evening, ibm wss well bi
tcaded and ti... orgsnlsen ol 'Inn !?'. itsemsed phmi
for taeii work on thc ssmc night il Ro. ur. Few
Blxteemb-it. K..,h .nu, arawa lu membcrshta fros
a given part ol the elly.
Tbe chibbouse committee of tbs Hsrvsrd dub I
now considering tbs cbotce ,.f ..;, architect i. i it
n"w borne, which I- ls bc eroded on a thirty _***!-_
lot in Weat port} lounb-si , asxi thc Berkeley Lyceum
Joseph ll. c. ,.,te suggested bi thc Harvard dlanet rn
i ii lay m.-at tl al the facade of tim iv, .-.- ol '.. ii
Harvard'a mother, tn Stratford-on-Avon, 11 rcpt
'"';''- He bas lent fur a photograph nf t.-.- h.-;..ii,
" f '? iiin.-. There li a doubt, however, a- ;,. wbetbei
un' idea i-. fesilble, il ii li imf. a bouse wtth .. ml,,i,|.,
Iscade, such ii. i- -.,;, on some "I the old building!
Ill tie- (,, liege yard ai ( Hil,I,lld.C. Wilt b? hllllt
Nene ,,f ti,.- eommlttes i- st Uberty m -av nh,
;ii..o.- :;.,? subscription "f B-O.OOO, which, with th.
?M.ooo r.i. raised, Min enable tm- elah to iprnri
??rli'1'.'.'Ul UH Ihe -ile :,;,t| hill--. IU,1', MO.OOO III
be un-, d mi mortgage, In accordance with a reso?
lution passed b\ ih" ,i,;h. Thai karel a dcflrlt ,,i
about 00,000. Thi- assy h.. raised hy tubscriptlom
-?i taken from '.'.-? reg tiwi randi ol the club, or it.,
?nima,t nf ii,,, mortgage maj lu* Increased t,, 040,001
l'T v"'"- ll.uv.,:.I ae'ii mc Justly proud ? ?: 11,,
"r'lH- "( 0-4,000 xx a.n ii,,.),- ,h.I, ha., ,v, elve.l. Th,
alumni nf Harvard in Hil, < 11% nre , aiy nm .?
numerom .,- those ,,f Tale, taking tim representation
"I each ll.Mltiilinii I,, |be 1 BlVPI.lt; Club a- a tali
indkotlon. i'm- sclUrvemcnta nf ibe small-i body
?'?''? therefore most creditable. Vals mea, however,
arc giving a great desi io Ibelr university through
Ibe alumni hind, and also subscribed geuerously lot
ii," new gymnasium.
n 1- 1,.u known ii,.,t 11,en- is another elm, rn ti,,
?'"ii'i whick, ulm t'e (.roller, i- ?.? up ,? nfmb
'*' lovers nf ,,'.1 and rare books, Brat edition, ami um
binding*. In Loudon lhere 1. n,,. otu Vol imi Hub,
wl i,!| I" rtmllar In charade , bm i- m h., 1 onlj .
*?i'b'tyi .-.- 11 i.m-.i.x 1,,,. occasional dinners and hst
l:" clubhouse. The fun," ol ie Grolter tia, tpn-sf
io th.- boob m 'i-lri nf London ;niii several Bngh-hmri
?nv ti.-ii I-.-I.I, nt members rn li. Am,mg tm-.? 1, th,
Rori e.* -carborough.
H. ? governors ol tbs Mell rpi ima ciui. met ot
r_e_day, transacted tome routine business and elected
?1 few new membei . Thc mit weather ha- dc
lay..I Hie work mi Ibe new clubbisisc.
-fl.ablution ni pi. lures wi;, -, was open, d ai
Hm hut,.-, ciuti la-t nigh! Mill continue to-mon ?w,
when xx,mnn presenting ..ni, xxiii be idmltted 1
?ec it fri in i tu c. ji m. in. ie xxiii fee ,?,,.(,? ant 1.
ireshmrnts. 'ii,,. Bri committee consists ,,1 Edward
Meian. II. tt'. Rall ger i.i."I ' . Many 1-,: .,.
m.nm ume ia M..n.i m.. Colonial i lui, xxiii have
.ni .ut ex Mbl I lon.
The -".!?? object ol the opposition t,. .1 tjorgeani
. iain-- re-election :i- a e,,\ eiiim- nf Ila- Man
i lub ls .-iilil iu be :i .ic .r.- (or a change in tbe imo
commlttro. ile |- .hallinan nf t'i- anil a f xx ,i ii,.,
members think il.ii fan lu,- Pen unable :?> civ- bi
mill li Hine a- he might I', lbs dillie Of tie- ni.,, ,? on
.."mint "f bia social, buslncs ami , Mn ml atTalrs,
Tiler. I, no covert attack on Frederic R, Coudl-rt,
the president, in tim ticket on which Mr. I'ram'i
iiaine doe, aol appesr. line <>! ibe candidates mi lt
who i- nut rm Incumbent Mould surely favor Mr.
L'oudert'i re-election ..n.i tbe other wouM prob-bl* do
s... Even ir tim tlcbel were Bnceessfal, tbe board
Would I'" COmpOacd nf llllrll*CII of Ce III;.. || olen '.xl.,
form it BOW.
An Rngll-ib .lui. custom, iiiiimix-. timi followed bv
certain proprietarj .lui.-, in London, of Bdvertl-lug
im- members, bas I" <n recently idapted in a modified
'..rm bj a weB-known Sea York clo i -.-ni
out circular* to it i .. ? i isklng them to use even
p.- ihl" crtori tn iii-i.-a-- ':.?? i i'll* membership, \
mlgbl I"- . .) " '? .1. ; . decidedly nod I a, ll >u ba,
I'XcHcd imn ii t en.m. m. There i- mi advertl
noa i" m. publl ind in London In i weeklj psper,
aihiie..,d I,, n, mtiers of Psrila . tbern to
j"ln a certain pi ipriclarj dub. While lhere I- a gen
.ml feeling "ii the pail nf member, "f lb,' b-tier
Nexx York club In fa,.f retaining and al?o of secur?
ing eligible member* when any vacancies occur, which
i- I, ,i often lt. Hie I'nlmi League, I'nlon, Calumet,
Ki li:,. :i".. ie : Biid "tie: "f t'"- ''. '*. r known i lob ,
. a decided l'l'Jcii' ?? ag I ' ie ?'!? . ol "h. ii
m.- itnv i.m- m, J,,lt, il,. , .
Tbs annual election ot tim Calumet Club win i
, Mm, h ii. 1l? , lui, l.a . i..,, :.,i| 1* i limit ut
nm .-mil mex im :i tong walting ll-'.
Tim Quaint ( i.i' bad .? last monthly dinner nt Hw
Cn!,III,M.i Ri ll aral,' "-, 'I ll I ? *? I Ighl I i ?*. 'Ih"
iluh enteitalnrd bs Ha guest rea memben "f lbs
w Innlsook ? tub ol Ibe ' il kill M suitaln*, whli b i mi,
. med Ibe ii,emI..-, i of the Quaint < i al Hs i
I.lubhouse nt the fool of Sltdi No
in ibe Catskills in-1 Decoration Day. rhe members
.f iii.. Wlnnlaook ? lub wno were Ott v <? * "f Ihe
(juainti eu i ii '' ij cvi ,: % xx. re ii mk Buperiu
tenden! Chark M. lr. lon, Deputy *?? tetary ot
? t.i*e Thoms R. i..'"ii't. John ff. Hearing, "f "Tho
Klngstoi Leadei Bnd P.J. R. f'larhe, H. B. Sharp,
I. ll. Joni . I i Miiia ? '-. I'.x in-. N. A. siai , d
Charles A. rirhurls. tome iblrtj ive Btembera ??'
? lub M.re pr<- "'i.t. and I i' Idenl Daniel- prc
nt. i Min, nail h grai ?? sud ic i ?. ?*. . In order lo li
ar,, a leann', be exploded i amil cartridge Bl
?very lap "f hi i garek Tts programme ?d *
nus n im,-' and varied one, Bnd Included pe b(
?x President Daniels, ex-Fresldenl tf. J, uh-u. Major
i ii. Tremper, John A, -Weber, John ff. -earing,
lobn Hunter, Jr., R. 1- A. I.', >. I. Sharp and
i-harl**i R. ii*, l.t. Biid tong, by James Rlrcrson, jc
!, \. Barmtonl snd Bf. 8. Rodie.
The banquet of tbe Megsntk Flak and Game Clab,
tin- sixth ai.iniui oas m tim bistort il ita dub, which
xx a, held ii' 'I.-* 11 ? ? tr 1111 ? 11 Houas "ii Tuesday night,
wai Ihe irs! thst Ihs club bas held in Rsa York, ns
the majority oflti memben ar" Bostonians. Th" ban
anet ws, siteaded by shoal 183 awmbsti, and He?
lyn wa tastefuBy decorated wtth bunting and Bablag
emt.I rn . frederick U Gtlbsrt, chairman "f ibe com
nm.f Arrangements, in tbe absence "f Ibe pr -id-nt.
Dr. H.bOT Itlshop, <>f Boston, presided. Speeches were
mad" by Mr. Gilbert. Robert it. Roosevelt, Judge Vfar
vu lllgley, Andrew W. Glee on, Rug a? G, Blachford,
in. F. h. .slur.i- and William K. McClure, Tbs
ipeeche "i Me. ws. Rooserell snd iiii-'iev dwelt apon
be subjecl ?f tbe relstlon ol preteetlee cain- t lub- t<>
'ule-ll-V, nail bofb -penile!-- malt,'alBed that Un- gSSM
lah whlrh ure pow being organised all through tbe
. mi . are tin- nw i rgectlve agenta in protecting no!
mly lbs n-'i snd -nine, but the Ion-si*, bi m.ii. iii
tlcgiiiitlc ipili oxxii- ii knit" preserve of _.",o square
mi... ii, Northern Haine and Southern Quebec, im
,na ii,,l lim.:.-?? i- situated "ii Molder Lake, Ju-i
iver the Canadian l-order, bul it lia, thirteen auxiliary
liter.d through lt- pi.-' ix... Tl ?? i lui. i ,
irly ?. :n !?'*! il- limit "f -WO members. Its Initiation
i now Otoo, bm nu.- i- -'".n t" be ral*cd.
tbe .m.xi; leland dub will
l-l il tors cu- spring. The
, are ll. K. Howland. I'n -i
xl .? president; Fr.dorl. k
S. I'lllll'V, il I ali*
I mm i '? erv Indi' sll in
?ave a lari-'" number "f
,,e nt officers "f the r|ul
li-iiti N. K. Fairbank.,,
flaker, t i-'-a- m-'-r. and *N'
IPI- 'I'll" KV'''Mve ( nlllllllllee |, rolllplisot nt ||.
? Howland, L. H. Lawson, Cornelius ti. BU , Fred
.?rick Raker ind Latham A. Fish, Am.mg the .i
,.,.. of t ie duli :.r-. John c Barron, ff. Ilnvard Cul
Ung Ogden Bnd Robert .-let, R. !.. Ogden, lair
mind Rog rx nu I John v Me wa ri.
vim ii amusement bs, lieen caused In the i ul.mlal
bili bl a letter publl Ind from f"ur -m Hi I rillleli "I
i,,. \y,..| side.npliilnliid ihut mi iv a .hlnrtoo'* lltrtb
lay the Club tl'*', ii fesg willi th'- ->r,] ' ol Ile- .Mm- 11
-an Bag, bul wltb lin' red m - nf W. ti.-uru'.' in the
-nmii-i- where the -tars should :it>i"Mi\ Tiles*' rlUsen-t
nani i" ktww the meanliig nf ibis emblem. >" far ia
?, he ?, ,-i'air,e.| the Bag I- an old fashioned one.
...n He ii.r- orran ged in somewhs! ol i rni*? shape,
il ihen ss i.?'? ? i" ol '? .rp", nnd Ihe onb
solan-lion of Ihe anger "f ti." complaining ? Itl/ciis is
bal they had "blood bi Ibelr eye- and didn't see oldie
Not wit h landing Hie Inclement weather of Wrdm
lay Mft.il.n, i iji-re ".. a large attendance al thc
,i",,i?i xx,, my meeting nf Ihe Knickerbocker Bowling
lal, ni the rem I- bnlldllig In We I I ort I Lr I I.
"There wort two prizes competed for, one i sis nd
,f colors given bv Ihe club, mid a handsome lamp,
he elf nf Mr-. Frederic .1 De Pey st er. Only tbose
, ntei iniit - who sui i n ded In miling over one hundred
loinls were allowed In draw for the prtxes. There
rep- ihirlv oin- xilm made ri -??ure of 100 p dills and
iver mid Mis, .1 A. Williamson wai .ncc--fal lu Ihe
Irawlng. Tbs club will imld li- third meeting en
\.-tli.i--.iov afternoon next
?li... \..lum- dos il'.'.-, ur organisation* of perioni
nterested In t:." breeding of particular kind- nt .in,*-,
uld their in mut I meeting! In connection with thi Dof
?,,xr, which closed un i riday. on th- inccesilvs days
.I Issi we..]; :t maj a. I i" generally bnosrn that
bore are upward-* of "'ic hundred nf the-.* clo bl In the
astern part of Hii- L'nfted States alniie. Th<- tt'e-t
i.ii;,ter Kennel Club bel- !t< annunl dinner at Del
- ,:, Wednesdsy evening, nnd later In the ?,?-,
ng Its annual meeting In the presi room of the Msdl
sn 6qusrs Osrasn Bf, I. Buchsnsn, Chief of tbe
igrtrult'irul Derarrment of tin- World', Fair, addressed
he cl ali. and told Its members of tbs preparations for
:,* >rreat Dog Ihow which ls to _?? held at Chicago
t the World', Fair.
Members of the various wild low] |b00tln| elah,
Ittutad "ti Cnssapsoks Hiv and Albemarle. Pamllco
nd Carrttach sounds, have been Interested In I
erent bunk "f a tie"' 'ir.nnliatlon ca'led tue Al'*
narie nnd Pimlico Crulslns ind Munfliig Association.
rhlcb bal been M-nt tr almo.t every ot,e interested
, sponlng malters, tm- booh or p-o.p'-ctii* dc
alls a rehems bv which a number of club men propose
, ,. ilse i .. thoonet through th* North csrollni
ound, fm the purpose nf shoottni ind ishlng.
portimen who b? icqualnted wl'b rhe lo. ailty ami
ho ;.i" fiui.lliar wllh tim stringent laws of Nuitl,
?arolliui rt lally- io shooting there by non-resident*
ai thai the scheme I- impm'i cat l". oaring to the
,. r thal n BM H'"' bi Impoaed br the Btate laws
i, my |N-r-i"i shootinc i-i,iii a b'ni or hotter* wbfe
. nol ., re?dent ot iCorttl inri linn tt': en a mir.
da, ? ni u' tn" .hooting clubs which bo.di rra' eriale
i North Carolina, he become, ? reiidcnt of th" itste
a fur a- shooting orel lbs preserve- lo xt.'ilcli the
Ititi ti" Joins holds title, but .|>nrtsnicn BU l*al
Iiii doc* not apply to a dub which has Its qunrlei.
? n bi,aril a vi?el Ht.d i nnstantlv move, li- mild* i ;
?WO. Last f.mtier a party of Philadelphia sport, i
wbo went ttl turritack m.und in a naphtha launch
I and .hot from lac isms were arrested, tskeo lo Cur
i''1*' '? I ' m* .'lou- and beartly lined.
Tim rbalrmaa of the Woman's I.f ague sxecuttvs
committee, Mrs Bernard Mccauley, or. a* shs i
leiter known, Mr, Rachel McAuley, i- busy Just now
nilli sabscriptlens f..r thc BOOtfe shake-pcare me
isRton, Which ll now on exhlbllloii In Tiffany'-- win
dow. The I ionic medallion sean the familiar
features of Rdwln Booth, and. according to Joseph
Jefferson, i- Har mott Wonderful liken,-- la brents
work son lu a ion;,* time. lt was made ly Theodore
Bau on sn order fmni Mr.. McAuley, who paid ?'.<*?)
for ii. Intending to presenfrf to tbe Players' Clab ls
men,orv of ber husband Bnd bi a token ol respect lo
Mr. Booth, lt ls bom proposed that lubaeripttoaa to
u.e amonnl or il .ooo shall i>c given fey members of
tie- Players' club te parchsso thc medalBoa, and Iha
pic, ,e(!s turned Into the Actor,' lund tr-a-nry,
Mckell fm th" -ame being ti each. Mr-. McAuley
lui- thus fur received aeariy *500 toward thc object.
Thc regular basinesi nie.-iiug of ihe Professional
Woman's League viii be brid to-morrow afternoon, al
v. I.,, h it ls boped then- sill br a fall iittfialai.ee. Tim
orders fm gown, tu th- dressmaking department bavc
Increased ? i rapidly lhal three more ssalstants bsve
been rngsged, Mos! si lbs memben ut tbs league
and n,any .mi.pi,- professionals .m ci posed ls
patronise this put sf lbs club liberal!].
ii,.- ruth Avenue Riding club 1- quirt st preseat,
presumably on account ol Lent, ieversl high-Jump?
ing contests :.re planned, however, for Baster week,
and meanwhile ibe attendance keeps ap to Its regular
stsndard. Miss Mabel Metcalf ha- been winning
laurels ii- usual this winter In Ike -hip" of two silver
cups, and oiler, who have distinguished themselves
ai" Mi- i .m. Mi-- Pomeroy, Miss (irenic, Mb* Badu?
Ile.' t and Mi-* lu |tort|_e.
a complimentary entertainment wai given by the
Junior Endeavor d.ly last evening bi college Hall.
Nu. ti I'uivcndty Radding Big bim. h.-. ol i-..-> * a",d
palms linnie ibe rooms attractive, and several ex
i elie.ii n i hattons nnd musical selections were given.
The topic fm- discussion al the Dum.-He (lab on
Wed IK -day aexl will he -The Cir, nilibili and Disease
Rebiilni in i'." "ii *?'""' h a in ,-i Interesting ie, inn- i
a'.n .p.,*.-,!. Memben and Walton are cordially In?
vited in roi.ver with b.ibie- m- young children, a
ih" ilub ti' imbi nilly provides tova fur ibelr amuse?
ment and a committee lo look aller Ibelr wan'-, so
that Hm mother* e..ii derive complete enjoyment
(rom th" lecture ult hon I Interruption.
The Annex ciu'. bas cosey rooms ..t Ro, 72 Mad*
l-uii'.. and on li.md.ix evening t. room? were
brilliantly lighted ind effectively decorated by th
older mein lier, l i Welcome a bruth.-r i lub, com po ? d
of middle-aged men, wbo have been meeting and
bavins lull, and bs tui.--_i.ndei tbe title ol the but?
termilk ? lub.
I he Alliance "Employ men! Bureau 1- one of Ihe most
a, .foi lira nelie, ol Ihe Working (.ni-' club. Ii -
he,d.pi.iri.i^ ai" al So, iii w.-t Thirty-cighth-*t?
ini.!.-, ii,- suiM-rlntendeocr nt Miss Buchanan. The
purl. ol tl i- ." operative l*nw ii i- to i nd eniploy
rael.' lur any elah memben who ar- oat "I WOTl
I'l. Interested In ihe bureau are nlso requested to
Inform ibe uii-erintcndenl <?r anv changes in their
pl .. ? 0f business.
A ir,-ht and gay afternoon was spent sith tho
F w?I fill Nighters on Kilda? in their quainl li*-' .m
ai No. I-.*", ii t Twenty tlilrd-st. The meeting was
purely a social one, and although one or two busln?*
papers Men- read by memben, the afternoon was de
xi.-..i principally io entertaining several mn hm
F*;. nivr.v v ST!MK IX, OF BT. LOt'IB, TO
fill: ll n TO I W IN *i ni. HISTORIC
Tim Broadway Tsbemacte uld bare an opportunity
dav lo hear Ri pastor-elect, Ibe Rev, Dr. Henrj
Stimson, sim ws, railed tn ll pulpit on February,
After tbs congregational meeting at wi.ii h thi
i i . r was ? illed Cornelias N. Bliss, and Wlllbrai
n Wa-:'nra went t" M. Louis lo carry tie forauil
n in Pr. -Ma ...h. ile ba uni given his answer
I, preferring In come to Stew Vorh before nuking ?
ul derl hm. lb- v.a- at once Invited ta occupy
e pulpit 'nr lin Mindai-, aft. r whh!; lt I- Impel
,|. thal bc will ?'i\e an aihiiii.niv. gnawer
their Invitation.
Dr. slim on w
?nrn in bli grandfather's hon1;" in
? linton Place (Eighth**!.), tl thc corner of Oreem *..
a f.w deon from ti,.- present Church ol tim Strangen.
m. grandfather (bl* nmtb.-r's father) wa- Lewli Aller
bury, originally "f the obi Beltimore timi cf Uuest,
Atterbury di Co., and afterward for mure than Bfty
yuan a member sf tbe Jsrsey Asaoclslw, and thc issi
lurrtror ol thal corporatlaa. HU grandmother, Ml-s
( uihiiriiie Beadtnot, w?^ the daughter of th.- Chief
Justice sf R_W*Jersey. Ills father. Henry c. stlm-on,
is ru.w Bring in tata elly, > retired bastneM mau,
His grsndtsther, lbs Ber. fleury B, Btlmsoa, waa fur
more thea half u century a mtBtster In Windham,
(.reen,. County, H. V. I'nifi?ur Lewis A. Slim-,m.
al ibe Fnlvendty Medical BCboel and of the New York
Hospital; Principal John Ward Btlmsoa, of the lesli
tate ol Arti-t Artlsani la Wast Twenty third ,t? ene)
Frederich J. Btlmson, ol the law firm <.f Stimson .v
Wllllaiii-. lu the Hrvani BuBdlng, et* lil- biulhers.
Iheid..re Weston and Dr, ll. P. I.oomi-, of ttl"- t III
versify M..il.al Behool, mc ii- brothen-ln-tsw, snd a
ildrd -J-t-r ls Mis- M. A. Stimson, lbs secretary el
the Young Wonjan. Christian As orlattou. Dr.
w. tt'. Atterbury, of lim debbafh Commtttee, i- aa
uinie. ami Dr, Anson P. Allerbury, ol Ibe Park
I'le.iiyteii hi Church, a cousin. Mn. Btlmson i- i
daughter "f Prcsldenl Bartlett, "f Dartmouth College
Dr, BUasaon was born on rieptember St, i-t.. and
was lu the dryguod, business win, Morton, Urlnnell
J Co. in this city before going Into the ministry, lb*
wa, graduated Iron Yale College lu 1883, Then be
studied f?>r a var in I td"ti Seminary, bom plc! Ing hi
,,,ai-,- al Andover la 1888. In May "f tim followlnft
\".,r he was ordained, baring already supplied the
Plymouth Congn'gatlonal pulpit al Minneapolis for
some nm.-. M.- remained la thal church tm URO,
when he accepted a rall lo Ihe Colon Church ?;
Worcester, Mass, Ile bas been In hi- present pastor?
ale, Ihe Pilgrim Congregational chm, h ot st. Louis
for six and i half yeer . i'i;:- . linn ii i >Trong and
harmonious, and kai slwayi been one ni inc mos!
devoted, uuit'-d and hardes! working church' ? "f Ihe
denomination In the West. Far a anmber of yean
Dr. Ktlmson bas been the recording secretary ,.f tbe
American Board ,.f Foreign Missions.
Tue year book of Hie Broadway Tabernacle, Ju-i
Issued, -i,..ivs ti,,- congregation to be lu a prosperou
,.Utlon, notwithstanding the resignation of thc
pastor. Dr. William M. Taylor, after twenty var.- ol
faithful service. Thc member.hip al the beginning
of Iii" year was 1,148. Til" pew rental- last fear
wera ii.-arly 130,000. Thc trustees are Coraellui n,
BBss, president; caleb B Ki,??val-, secretary, Jud y?
Fisher, treasurer; Cbsrin 8. smith, Mathew c. d
norden ard James ll. Dunham. The deacon, ar.
William ll Thom.un. Austin Abbott, John ll. Wssh
burn, Henry C. Houcuton, Henry W. Hubbard.
Augustus '?avh.nt. ( i.arle- WhUteniore and Lucien C.
Warner: clerk, Williams Ives Washburn; treasurer.
Irving R. fisher, -iind-y-school superintendent. Kich
srd A Dorman ; member, of the lommittee for 1888
?oliver 0. Howard, hraatottl K. Wiley and Kdward ll.
FM.er. Dr. Taylor ls pastor emeritus with a salary
of 81.000 and J. Winthrop Plainer, of the senior
class of f'nlon Seminary, ls pastoral assistant.
Dubuque, Iowa, Feb. 2o.?A woman who culled at
Pas office of U.e lows Mutual Building and Lorin
Association late on Wednesday afternoon to get cr,sh
for 818 of stock na.*- tr.ft.rmed lh.it the association
and the burk.- had dosed feostnest for tl,,- dav. MM
[.?ut thc lmpr?"-lnii Ihat HM ii --'Kbit bm nnd the OermnB
Trust and hartog. Punk, nrm-s tha wav. lind fsUod,
uni sjie.-ul this ri port among ber aetghbora, The
run on ttoth fesstttatlOM b*'i;iin on Thursday In a
mild way, .?md yesterdaj became a panto. The
Uroeton pince 8100.00. c.sh in tbs bank rester"
lay moriilnj! and (mid elf ib-pe-linr* a. fast as they
?ame. Tbs u--<. Inibni i.Mui.d ihlrix days' imlii*
from th- itsckbelden (lisping p, nlthdrnw, Tbe bai h
md sflsortotton have no buriassi retaUoaa wbaterer,
ind l*oth are Bl mid.
Al experted, the I, appen I nz* of li't welt have beer
of mir.- than usual ImportaaCO lo those latonetad tr
the coming International yacht races next summer. Th*
much talked "f Carrell bust wai laanraeB: ? special
meeline, oi iba Rew-York Yachl Ctoh was held
rumor* were circulated regarding th'" possible bulldius
of other ci.p defenders, iunl sOothrr rts-ig.iuUon wan
received frum the Ametica'i Cup Committee of tho
New-York Yacht club. Tbe rtecl ol this bows fess
bc n /"iitiv to iiii!..i-e the already larc' Interest lu
tin- coming ru.-. Ueneral pain..*- restgnattou from lbs
cup Committee has positively settled beyond doubt
the fin i ;iiai ac or in- son will build a rap defender,
and the kucensfu! launching "f thc Ravaboa and tbe
permission given lo lt- owner by tbe New-York Yacht
Club tu cm,!,-t (or tho Royal Ylctorls International
i.ii'.d cup a- lures other international races ne.\t sessoa.
n now sppean from Hi" details given out regarding
the Rsrsboe, which wss Isunched in private al Ibe
li.'ii?? -n.i:;-' yards In Bristol Issi saturday, that many
btlae rumen bsve teen Industriously cl reals ted about
this boat. It wai announced that -.he would bo
laiuuhed on Monday, and Hurt ceremony look piara nu
dalnrday; ll wai aid thal ihi would be named the
Typhoon, whBe a dltereni name wsi given to ber al
int eiui-taiiin.: mai many nf her dimension* were
ai-, greatly misrepresented, lt has now been declared
positively lhal .-h.- i- M feel "a Hw load-water line
and ISO feet ocr al: *-'.*: feel beam and IS foi
7 inch'- draught, in mulei -he I- an improved Wasp,
with rather mei'- displacement lu proportion to her
Rsa and !??-, depth m ked. dbe has th.- .-ame long
..v..,lum.' bi ti:-* llerreshoffi' ISmou- IB-footer, while
ber bow i- sllghUy ibarper. Tim Raraboe's keel t
iibuiit Ci feel long, with ber -t..-i ?centreboard set well
forward. Thi.-. by thc way, mn not bc mtsed by
hydraulic power ai his been previously announced, but
with the aid of a common winch.
Whip- the retail nf tim special i.tin;; nf ta- Rear.
York Ysrbl "lab. win, h wsi held la-t Munday, ha.
proved highly tat! factory to yachtsmen in groan! and
member, nf t.lub in psrtlcular, an Interesting
sitaatloo mai i'lm Bboul through 'in- race hr the
Royal Victoria *i I Hub's 'tip. lt ha- ben kn..wu
fur tome 'lui" I ital RnglUfa yachtsmen wm,hi Uki- to
, I," iii.- Ametica'i ? np owing tu their oppu
-iti.'ii in Un- nen geed ??,' -1::. ind tim race for thc
other International rap Blay ir!v.- them an exrellenl
opportunity lo io -. . should Hi" cnn,.ii boa) be
defeated lu her "'iii' -t (.r ii.i- trophy, sud tin- Yslhyrie
b, Mirrensful, tin- i|uesUon "f supremacy for ihe year
alli ..f course be settled, bs lt would if lh?
x ,? v - were rictorioui lu both ra. es
i imi a iu. reed lu defestlng Ibe
ever, sven th' ugh Lord Dunrav u i
Amctlra'i < up, Hw exi ase mix be
foreign cousins Cut Cm Valkyrie wsi nut lbs fa-t.-'
?English boat. American yachtsmen would bt bound
lo lindie another attempt tn win tbe Royal Victoria's
gold cup and the Kngtlshmen mlgbl ny tu (dace macs
Importance on that than nn ile Ameriea'a trophy.
lt i- im' min.ii.ii ihai in preparing fm- rack au
Important coates! a- 'hat anticipated neal fall many
?lae rumor, should be rftvutated. To bullit i dozen
i, at-, ta defend the America'! Cup would be utterly
r.'uii-h. and vt at different time- reports bare i.n
i:i,I,-.d t'i.it a,-,riv thin number were building ot
n.re al...'if In be built. The liri'.'Il boat hu.- I.ll
[ililli, heil, tl,.- twa Rew-York -yuille.ile bOStl al" In
oune ol ronafrocUon al Ibe Herresho-fs1 yards, white
lawley i- reported to barn begun work on the Paine
up defender. Another syndicate In Boston l- -aid tn be
r_ruggllng to get enough n.y together '<> build a tlfth
kean while it waa bud week reported Hint a third
lyndlcste had been formed lu thi- city wblcb wi aid
il-1 build from plan- by a. cary smith, \ prominent
Kew-York yachtsman recently said lo the writer that
..- knew of tliiee other i-j footer, bein"; planned wi.lei,
.\olllil -ail lu the trial ime, ne\l September, Tlic
Blest reports recrtred say tba! tin* Booton syndicate
. .lin in th.- -aim- position, baring made Utile prog
ess. Mr. smith ha- denied that In- ha- received an
.:dcr fe.- an HS-footer rn- timi in- rouid design one
ii Uni" lui thc raming season If lu" did get such an
rder, whih r Hire
? alis'.m., i niiim,nb.le ha- ns
Should thc
N l\ liane, bOW>
beaten fur thc
raised by our
P. ii, referred t-. by the
et materialised in any
:,,|,t I biin, mi Which in- was employed fm- two
rason*, ll" came in thia country ?.ta nu Clara and
ailed mi her In many rena in American wa ten. a.
ailing master <>f "ie Slions, Ihe Minerva, the oweenc
nd th". Wa-p. Captain Barr also added greatly tu bis
epui.ith.ii a- a skilful handler ul ih,- Hiter. Ile I- dow
uperintendlng tm. work "f rigging the Naval. at
Inst, .,,.,! wm M|| willi her when abe -lari.- fur
bilda lie In April, witii such a skilful man nt her
? ?hu. ile Naval. fresh from the yard, ut (. nf
he mn-i successful yacht builder, in ila- world, should
iv,- a good account of herself neal summer.
That the designer and owner of the Volunteer does
,t lear open competition in hi, attempt tu lecan
h.. fastest sj foot yacht tin- year I- proved by the
tatcmenl whick reeenlly caine ir. m Boston thal tbs
'sine cupdefender will be built openly aa were Ihs
,.luni.ti'. Puritan and MayBower. So much secrecy
ns maintained by tba it- re-iiui*. while building tba
aiisill Ih'iiI thal ll !- lint -Urprislng thal Ina- munn
ions iii-i'i' (.'hen Incorrectly before her launching,
'fee -lusl In which tin- Na va hoe waa constructed was
lu-nlv guarded bv sentries, Ihe windows were painted,
nd nil attempt- ol outsiders lo ww iii.? hull were pre*
.1,1.,i. lt i-. boweeer, loo tate now for any ult.-ra
niis to be made In tbe plans for the two .New-York
indi,nt,- Ima!- xx hiih the Herresboffs an- building.
ni tieneral twine ned not fear that any ,f Hie
etnlts ut Hie yachl whbh lie nml 111- son ai'e having
ulii al Lawley's yard- will be stolen by rival
(?signer*. lt If- cuii-ldei-ei extremely doubtful by
Sase lo u i*o.siti"n to know best that any other Bb*
.ini- besides iim-c alread/ nuder way xx'lll be built
ul- lesson. _
Tim oltlccr, and iii'-mhers of the Atlantic Yacht
lub arc nnicli Chagrined at lue recent attempt- sf
ie biston island Trenail Company to secure Ibo -dip
t Whitehall .-t.. Which ll DOW nssd for tbe
ay Ridge tarry. Should these attempts provo nm i ??
n b leven Mow will be dealt i,, that flourishing
rganizatton. Their eluhhouss and anebsrsga In
iisiitlr ua.-dn are pracil. ally Inaccessible by any otbei
tut,- than the ferry to Bay Itldge. During the yacht*
lg scil-ou the club's .-team launch meets every boat
Sm See Ynili and conveys tho members and their
?lends to the clubhouse. .Should this ferry bc
t)_ii<toned thc Atlantic ysohtsffleu, as weil as the
lemhers of tim Crescent Athlone Club snd other
rganltattoni In louth Brooklyn, will have to resort
, the :n mb dreaded *? trolley." and this lt ls thought
Ul greatly Injure ihe membership of these proipeiout
g.ntiatlons. _
This ls Uie s?ason when many wealthy yachtsmen ;
ake their anr.tisl Southern cruises. Large steam j
ichts seem to be In demand, aad many parties sre !
.?olding the us'ii! disagreeable weather of early spring j
New*York by making their annual pilgrimage to I
ie -southern WStm, WU Hum C. Whitney. e\ secre
i-v ,,f the Nsw. with hi* b.otheriii law, lils daughter I
id two sons, joined H. M. Hanna, the Cl trek nd |
? rna baron" nt Jarkaenrille inst week Bad has .
ni md wlib 'ulm on a six weeks' rrutas oa his hand- ,
un- steam yacht, thc Comanche, li U expected ihnt !
cy will vh-lt the West Indies, tbs Pal.una- and
srtlntque, Barhadoes, Trlaidad and Granada. Tao
imanele I- a iim-t luxurious sud seaworthy vaclit.
i? ?n- built In 'i-'-'i. li IM r"-' '?)?'* ??"? *bb -J
? beam and n feet :i Inches draught.
Trarst t>. Ohlesffe by Um fainou- * ll-rited' ot the
rw York Cent ral.' *r?
The too of pigeon*, tbe cackle of barnyaid fowl
I and the cry of the sturdy little bantam, ttrgethcr willi
| the uproar CSassd by nl-cut -I.Cai member* of tho
I poultry aud pigeon famllle-. will (his wick make the
I air of thc Madison Square '.arden amphitheatre a re?
freshing siirpil-e tu -indents of cacophony. There
has never before been collected sade* ens roof iii
Hil- city s,? 1, a |ai",- and varied IsHlCllSB. mid lt ll
due lo the eriterprl-c of the Ntw b.ri, I'uiillry and
Pigeon A-nihlllnll that Hs fnlirth ailllllill cxhihitlon
SCBPSSS all Hat have precoded lt. Tbs exliitiillon
win t apeaed to the pnfeMs un Mndap und win
close on Saturday .vening. Ihe number of premium
? lillies re, ,-lvcd amounts to 'J,???_.. tu poultry mil TOO
In the pigeon department.*,, but al-ont 4.."-no birds ta
all will fee on exhibition. A number of special
prizes, ringing In value from BO io Sinn, ar" offered
In addition to the regular premiums. TIMBS extra
prizes amount to BljOOO In value
Among tbe notable specimens In the poultry class
will be th" buff cochins. As Ihe special prlic* for
this class amount I" 1900, great cnmpetltbili exists
and lhere ure IIB entiles In this dan alone.
Hen- I* a partial Hst of the entries in tim poultry
line: Brahmas. 118; cochins, Ml; taagabsas, 107;
American dominicks, is; Hy meath Hock-, liff;
Wyandotte*, ku: Itghmas. HT; standard games, -ag;
pit games. 84; Indian games, y.v. duck.. 81; gam*
bantam-. ?'??!; other bniit_ni-,, 101; gce-n-, -t", nag
turkeys, 10.
;. KnioVTics WHITE FHIXCE and won'DER UL
The laru'c-i turkey lu th" country ls Included in
the cumber cited. Ills name ls Keno; he weighs 57
pound.-, 4 saaces, lui unfortunately bl- age ls un?
known, -herman Hartwell I- his owner.
S. H. r~-bl.-ireliu nnd Vi limn Do li.?? have entered
forty-two bird-, la Ihs ornamental fowl competition.
This exhibit Includes English, golden and sliver
phesssats. In the pigeon department the faataMi
biid. lhere being 107 entries tn thi- cia-. Next In
ards* ("inc Hie Oriental frills, of which lhere nre 83,
7;i turbtts, 70 homer-, ii .Int ol.Ins. ii ponier- SBd
iii long-ISce tumblers. A flock of twelve -.wan-, lent
I.y John I) liuck.-fell.r, will glide about the tirga
fountain ba-ln In th-* CC8IM of thy fempbltbSfelr-,
sir.vr.i*. un kwimj (J.vmf. C0a_MU-_a.
Aawng tim 988 breeding yardi and I Ri repro
-eni'd ihe largest exhibiten ire tt'. k. Vanderbilt,
Ml-- ti corgis l-"Mn. .lanie- Forsyth, Theodore A.
Ilsvesteyer, s. w. Doubleday, Pardoe <v Young. Colo?
nel A. H. Hilton, saiif,:;., \. Y.; A. E. Hlunck,
Johnstown, N. Y.; Meadow rums. i^tt-H^ld. Mass.;
li. ll. clari,, li.dl-inipell-. Ind.: I>. Eddy .t BtWB,
Saratoga, N. Y.: Austen Barden, J. E. Haynes,
Annandale, N. J.; Timothy TredweB, Issi WBllstoo,
l.. I.; A. \. Parker, Jersey City; w. Ilsywood, Ruther?
ford. N. a.: Torkara Poultry Yards, Hyde Park. L. I.;
Mr-. H. Terry, 8. H. -chleBeHa, D. H. Myers, Bcthle.
hein. N. Y.; T. a. Havemeyer, Norwalk, conn.: a. a.
Hereoux, Henry T. Prtet -, Islip, L 1., mid MaaauMfe
-Ide Farm.
The fiiiililles nf |be amphitheatre have been greatly
Improved and much better aceommodatlona bare l-cn
provided, i',." restaurant, loo, luis been addi-d to th?
exhibition part of th.- building. Among th,- many
new features win t..- a monster I ar aha lei, whbh, it
1-. . tlmated. will botch -s088 tBM kens and ducklings
during Hie Week, iel a liud-miie hmm am nnd Im-ln
Iii- l.ea put lu place In tim centre of the ampul
In the week -ex. ral - 1-t.-r a . ociathuis viii hold
BBBBSl mellings. On Wed ii"-day th.- N.-w Ynrk -mts
?Poultry Asaoctatlon will m>-el, and Un- fnllowlng day
the ri ii iiii:i 1 meeting of tin- Amerieaa CohnaMan \?
Mclattoa will ls- I elli. Tie Amer!, an .l.icoblll Club
will conn- logctber nu I-'rldny aftenssoa lo beni- tbs
annual reperta, aad after ibo meeting a plgaea flying
Contest between nice ill '.1 lue- .diger plgBOOS will be
Tim following Bill lie the |udgCS of the e.\lilb|l!an (
1'oiilirv- Newton Adan.-. lilia. N. Y.; I. II. Haig.
win. Orange, N. J.; Henry s. Hull, shrewsbury.
Ma--.: lt. (?? Ilutlii.'.. Fall Uiver. Ma--.: sharp Hut.
t.rii. i,i. Windsor, Canada; Hr. W. A. Conklln, New*
York (itv: Irvtng'Oocker, Seneca Kails. N. Y.: E. W,
lim,,. Montgomery, N. Y.; .loin E. libbi. Heverly,
V.I.; .!. li. Drey'list..lt. Beverly, N. .!.*, .limos
Forsyth, Owego, N. .!.: Cbsries M. orlttinir, sTi-ltat
Island. N. Y. : Imnrso W. Mltt-ln ll. Ii ri stol. Conn.;
,i. H. Nevins, Wainui st., Philadelphia : Ueorga l'urdua.
East Orange, N. J.; P. H. Bc udder. Olen Head, L. I.)
!?" I., sewell. Evanston, III.; <>. K. sharp, Lockport.
N. Y.; Prancta T. Underbill, Oyster Hay. L. I., and
Pb!lander Willinms. Tsanten, Mas-.
Plgeons-J. E Abel. Hiilitniiue. Md.: E. J. Camp.
bell Centredale, lt. I.j Joseph D. (-.av In. Malden,
Mas-.; Qosraa E. Nee, Boc hester. N. Y., and willum
J. stanton, New-York.
D. N- Botassl, the Gretk Consul-Genenb arknowf.
edges the receipt of the following addltlinal ontrl
buttons for the Zante sufferers from th: earthquake!
Cash and Cash, each 85; from Greeks In Baltimore,
817 JO; from Greeks In Wilmington, $1125: C. O.
-tvlei-to. -JO: J. S. Abeefefets, Acker, Merr.ll *h
Condlt, James W. Phyfe _ Co.. E. P. Freeman <_ Co,
and Park -fc Tilford, each 8.3; William Scott's Sm di
OS. and Elnienhorst ?_ Co.. each 810: pe-1 nair
acknowledged. (K.iYn: total, 8C.:*2? 75. Of th's amr.urit
_400 bas been remitted to Greece tliro-gu Brown
Brothers cfc Co.
' w
The annual dinner of the I.I fe Insurant e Association
of New-York will be held at Delmonico'* on Tuesday
evonlng. Invitation, have been sent to many of tho
prominent insurance men In tlie State, most of whom
have accepted. Some of tho-e who will respond to
ina.t* are Colonel John A. McCall, of the Ncw-YorB
Life Insurance Company : I. L. -tag-Brer, of Pintado!*
pbla: the Eev. i.eorge D. Holst, of Bfoohlra; A, E,
Dryden, of the Prudential 1.1'e lusuran-e Comrpony*
and ex-Governor Thompson, of South Cirol-ia.

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