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MI-PET'S Mv incl ii vvirr.
|BT rr. if, it a i'll to tiii; thitiine.I
San Fraud-*-,, Feb, .3.?It gave tim thousand
af Meade <>f John W. Maekay great pleasure t
day to learn that be w:::, practically out al dan
*_<-r. Dr. Keeney, Hie attending physician, gai
that suppuration of the wound would Bet In b
to-inorri.w, bul i">t .-ven the ordinary trouble witl
a gunshot wound was expected, because ol Mi
Mackay'-* j.rcit vttaUty, perfect health and rt
liiarki.i 1?- nerve. The patient si, in well las
night, and ba vv us f.., ling po weil lo dag thal li
mai te.i to mc friends, bat this th** doctor fm
bade, as he feared iin increase of Ihe lever tim
naturally attended the wound. Tho doctor think
Mr, Maekay can bc ant tn tea days old Hippos
Ins a-sarhint, is evidently dying, though hi
vitiili'y has already surprised tho hospital soi
{?cons. To-day he waa propped up In bed, an.
though evidently <? nseious, couldn't talk. ,- ever*
attempt w;is attended hy terrible "*),!'hiii-'. wlilcl
slalned his Ii*.>-. willi alon I From thc gurclln;
noise in his cheat, ir h evident thu* the Interns
hemorrhage la sever**. The doctors Bay h<* ma;
live forty-eight hour*, bul rh.it lie cant iteover.
Robert Keating, rho veteran Comstocker, shat'"
in the general indignation af Mr Mackay'* bein:
selected as a targei for a broken-down aloe!
gambler's pistol, and he gave bia reasons for hi
(?Uong f.-oli-ii.'. "I have been with Mr. Mackaj
a good deni during the last day "t two." he Bald
Ma*i(l was to have accompanied him ?o Virginll
Ott*'. Mackay'* errand to Virginia Pity wassolrl.
to po.* what could bo. done f-.r the people there
I do not know lhai ho hud Ihe slight -t Idet
that there was a. possibility i I renewing tia
bonanza days, but he did think there was enongl
ate left lo pay cxpeim - and I irni-h wold, foi
hundreds nf old fellows who have lived theil
lives there, and ur** too set in rh ii ways and t?
old to stiik" .ut bi fresher fields This Ides
i-iii through all hi- talking ami planning, so hi
wante I lo help his nhl aaaociates, and was wiitin.
tu siioriiie.- his lime and ipend his money if h
could do so. He w:.- at thc bottom "l thi
scheme bx pumping out such of the 1 ?wer l.*v,-j
:.- have not been worked out. He ls not sufi!
clent ly Interokled financially to care, and his aol.
iden wa- lo make work bu' tlie Comstockers
Tho man who shot him waa elthei i fiend or els.
he knew mighty li'ih* about John Mackay."
There were many taileis at the hotel to t*?i
Mr Min kuy during the morning, hut only hi*
most Intimate friends were allowed to are him
Mr. Maekay conversed in a cheerful manner an*
appeared to he in no pam whatever. Cable dis
patches Bt*_d telegrams continue t,, come tn bini
from ail directions, and h:s secret iry, Richuril
Dey, is kept busy answering them A dispat* I
Irom Virginia City was received, stating that
.lit- sh,? tin, of Mi. Mackay had cause*. Intense
excitement .anio!:': thc t "i.i-* <?? miners. At p
merrin.- ol Meads, mine*, and mperlntendenU
held nt Hie International Hotel the following
resolution was adopted :
Your old friend*, ol ike ' omslork, who Include
a lai vi majority of Ibe population, rongmtulale jriw
on yow providential esrspe from Ita ballet ol tlio
Bsaaasin nnd bola. i?>r youi speedy recovery.
Seattle, Wash., Feb -'?"> (Special*.?Min. Bessie
Rlppey, tbs .-.-oi.nd wife o! Wesley C. Kippey,
beena a lodging-house here. She mit! she mar?
lie*] Ripply in Denver, when h?* was. n rich man.
Sba ae,'~iin-.i.ii,-ii him i" San . ranci.-vo. Nlie
added : " Kippey hum. llately entered In stoek
apecul-tlon, like ever,, me else In those days, and,
like 'nany, los! heavily. Having bad u rv-idence
in ihe mining cami), fer ymirs and lieina thor?
oughly familiar with tin- business, lie did not lose
through foolbthnese, l".i -imply because ol tb*'
Bmnipulation ol th*- Stock Board, 1 soon saw
bow things w re ;oing. 1 baye known him to
inn.- -si ",()"?) ni a single day Naturally hi*
Ioa-cs made him morose and hird io _*?! along
witn. Time attei lime I entreated him to make
over - 'tm* ol In- property I i me, ~> that we
might al least have u home I. ft iii-, but he would
not *lg sn. After nearly foin yean of living to?
gether lie became -. Ilsa-rreeable through his
lo,*--* I could ;?' 1 :-?; live with him. Then
my dam;liter and my- If went to Denver, i
v.ititcl a .var ..nd he *li*l ii"! rontifbut** Ul mv
Mippoii. so 1 applied for and obtained ;i divorce.
"Eight v.:,i* .ilt.r I went I . l'ri-c ,. nnd lived
(hore thice y.'ar*. 1 mm Kippey ai-vera I tin**f,
and vv<- weir In, illy. He was a rc thu si-wik
crank. II" "oukl pay no attention to anytuTrii'
'? cl-*', 'ut wa- , ? pletely wrapped up in sf,??'
? sjxeolation. Foi eight years lu had been fight
ing tin- Si , t ll'.T'i with poor mu.,.?, lt -??'? ."? l
! to .hav" ??;i,b|ti< v.-d hun. vi severs] of our iin-et
ii-s ba -p'kc bitterly "I Mackay, Fair and otliei
California millionaire stock operators. Maekay
lie wa- especially bitter against, because lu- had
,*.p'-:i! all of his rconey oul ol th" country Once
itipir-cy -'bi to ni" iurpr-r lively : When 1 d!>- it
??hall either bc .:- a millionaire or .. pauper, li
ae ;i paii*.<r. Ron i'!.o|-' will g* t hurt. When I
rtiike I will -tr:.. ? nigh Three people who
have boen victimized iii the Stock Boards shall
be aveog.d.'"
? m ?
Till' v > *? AI r vnt or MACE AT I SlflP-ltlLDEB
THERE mut Tl v::> IOO- His
Cincinnati. Feb. 15.?Wesley c. Rtppey yeola ago
wtt-t well and fbvoraMy known In Cincinnati IIB
' wife at pre-cut lb- nt death's door at Ike ti imo ol
ber -on. \v. .'. Rlppey, Jr., .-it Idlewild. An ther son
liv-"- nt v '. ?":! Bustern-ave Tke former I* i Oov
stamen! gauger, and the i->i.**r. William, :i mann
faettirer nt preserved l" "l*. In I.'new .rib-?. Thirty
yean ago th" father was a shipbuilder lier,., well
kt)"wn In riv, r decies, ll* to,!; lil* fsmltf to *"i|'"
t,'. |B rd. -Ti. Mn., and '"'ti ?le-eft.i| t':en. Thc l,.,y :
t :??.!'?, tb-lr mo.her back t, tiri etty, vilcrc they
hnv-c -lue,- the*, liv,-!. Al long Interrsl* Ihey beard
from rhe fatter In tjte West, The lani liding, came
In ISS7 fmtn Osn Frnncl-c-. .-I \ n: nth* ago -1
lef-er ar*vi received fr un a San I'laii'i-c, bank, ask?
ing la Bama Bob aboal Rlppey, who had rented a
!sfe deposit b x.
Hoiking m. r>' wu' heard of Ibe missing husband
an<t fatbet until i repirtet Informed tb" fondly of
ye*t,rdnv'B iragie affair. Wblle hera Rippoy was re?
garded as ive,illili- and i-ccntrlc, but n<? qnexttoB eras
eA'.r raised, tke family nay, a* lo Iii- nanlty. They
Hippo.ed lu tlie kag yean Ikal he was prospecting
In tl.*- West and wooM home dog cen" hark weall hy.
, >r late, baa ei or, ikey have bettered bim t * l dead.
Denver, Peb. _?'>.- Vf. c. Rlppey, wlw *b t John
\V. Maekay yesterday in Kan Franelaeo, and tli.n
? hot hiai.eir, i. w,ii known by man) of tb- pl-incer*.
of Caaver. ("bari.* Lei.: < nillir prcbably knows aa
much ?* any on* rise in ike rlty sboul bim. Mr.
bcic!,enr)ii_ I. al*" vv,!i aequalnted with Mr Maekay.
Rlppey '..iii" t> Ilenv.r m l*'i) ,,r IMI from Vir
Clnla. and ''h-. fair!} well off. Iii Ml wei the l.u-l
n'**s of trading hi ins) hil**-**. In 1*71 Rlppey iii- t
met Mr. Maekay, th. taro aieo being Introdiiced to
cask other bv Lek-henrlgg. iiipi_ v left Dearer la
? -
Flo "Woin-m's Su!Trii(*e liri." \, In lotnethlng ol
a ?-narl. Mrs. Margaret J. Hoey, v. .? bi ben sec
relarv. bag I.** a tniiu' lo r. *!_n for ghoul ;t W's-k.
llail.llton W'lllto.N, Wb0 i* pl.-lib lil. has :.ol BCCepted
tba ragtgaiUaa. Rn. Rue* darkly binti tba] Mr.
willcox mtepdg to disregard ber raslgnat|aa and dlo
:?,'.-* lier. Mr. Wi!!, o*. d,,'.-*|-t BtUS Ihe tpt\ lm
peaebpept. Mrs. Hoej a'dress.-, a note iq lbs
" l..i!s,r or ?:nil/a*l,,i,. of Ihe Cit] .inti Rate "f Nnv
York' aanaaaclag ber reldgaatloa, naireiy explaining
that sre -I. not in vr,.palin will, ta,, melt,., !? < iii
ployed by Mi. Will.,,*,." >!,. VV.lbn.x dN|,l.ivs
-i aaVag aalvtla la aaswgglax tkal Mn. Hoers sean
M. *"?'' ?lioliy rt ipr ..nt,si. Mr*. llt?v doeau'l
(.Ive any tangible detain* a- to Ikaae "gnrtbeds" ur ile
(im*.- or her nije. ;i,i), that are .r public Interest.
Relther <l"*s Mr. Willcox. \ , , ?? Um* unpleas
iintne-w re*t-. {,
Tkaaa are lae Meta ikowa af -i.ny entaagttng and
Irrelevant all! ince*, n-. U,ev were r.lit,-I bi |'?. prim
elpnl- yesterOa) t.. ? reporter for I ..-? Tribnii,*, Tlie
orgsnl_stloi|i t.,i)*'.*i*:i"il i- not u,.. '?Woman'* tiuffrage
Aasoc!?ll)()n?, which l? al present enjoytog a i*-rb,d nf
unill,.?<? l hui nx,nv nml panie,
Ixnrl- J. Ichtmler. pflrter, ot Nu. W I'ult .ti-i , arfca
ii secretary nt tin- (Irand .Inry | nd .). O'll-icn, pnhlUli,.-.
r Ra, i Barctay-et., _1*ked lav- bi riiday mciii rn
?1*lt resoru 't aklek Iks U*aad luty augbl iemlrt t,
take .?',..fi:/:.ice. Thev vunt'sl lo BMkl tle-ir t.li
unUer til- gaMaaag mid peuiedioa ?r a poltce sggret.
BB-fmal Flannei-y, at the VV- t I hlrMetli -.t. -titi..11, r ??
tn..d to **-.!_?)) nee ut his nut) roi un' paipsae, mylag tba;
ttey vure ,;h n ,-. cnga.cj. Maana. Letionicr md
the best remedy is
Cherry Pectoral
In colds,
bronchitis, la grippe,
and croup it is
Prompt to Act
sure to cure.
ii mill spptaled te Police Headquarter! bj telephone, but
In raia. Ikey alao lilied :?. kc thc ..civic, ul un
i,ni,-mi quid.- ni tin- Bast KllUi-st. ila.Ua,
Mr. l.'-itn,'ie.' raid yesterday tbrn. i.e sud bli companion
t<nii!cii :,, make ti., nv 'sUgaUon i t tl.! .- sigh.* rte and
port ) ? ali a v ;? .\ i , irporUag t ? th ? Urau-J Ju), Mr.
t i'll: cn vn.tilil *ny nothing iiT?,iit llieli guest.
- m>
I TWO Wt.1:1011 \ in v GLASS i ll'.XDBT MAT DIE.
A sertoas .?ictbb.it. endangering Ibe lives nt neveral
men, occarred in the glssi foundry of James tiregory.
N.t. tod Cannon-st., late tost night. Two workmen,
Harry Grtfln, nineteen yean, old, ol So. I3U Eldridge
*t.. and Martin I'oarley, twenty-three, nt No. 1*40
East Twenty eii.'iitb .... -.Mi,- lerribly burnell by
molten metal wini : they vvii!i others were handling,
William i',iiii]ii" H. of '..". 2t<i King-st., tireenp-dnt;
i Michael Helns, of !Co. 123 Cannon-el.; Pill rich Ford,
of So. 30H -laiiin'i *t, nnd James tiregory, Ihe pro
prietor, o' So, ali Lexlngton-ave., were alao burned
b.-ullv, bm were abie lo i-'o lo th. ri- homes sBet a)
i lendanee bj i physician. Cowle) nnd tlrlffln, how.
.?v.r, wera taken lo Bellevue lloripita), where lt
wns mM their vi,uni.!* were serious,
j I hit l r. vim i; ci' i m. VA VI Et! < Ll ll Dil D I I!"M
A. i UH S I Al. ...I'll Xl \ nev.
Timothy Regan, a profeBalonal slhlete, wbo had
been employed (o:- nlmui a year bv ll Xavier riaii,
: al So. -'.' We. -vi" lilli -' . u* the jondol ' Ibe
J clu!,!i,,ii*e and ii it tnilin i , I ? lent Udell
the club, wa suffocated i>\ gu In lil.* room early
yestcrtlaj murnini*'. r?-o greyhound . shiel lu It.-pi
In bi. room si night, wee*' 1,11b.I hy Itu* gin :''*??.
Began bad been kn''"!: among prof?"**donal athletes
ns n |en-mlle runner, ll" wa, ?ald lo !?? twenty
seven yesn old and unmarried. Hi* hither, who
Urea In Olen, lalla, wai In Ihe rlty In p.v bim a
vl-.lt n week ago. His duties in ibe clubhouse were
light and he received _ -I poy, ll vin.- said, liter
i iii1diili*lit h" was alone In Ihe house, ll.ipted a
j ball room sn Hie third Boor, snd be alway** had the
i tbe.-. -'.-p in Ibe mom vvl!!i hill). Tiley Wet} Mid
I io be valuable anlmsls.
Two * I* anet -. a rn went I i work In ii"- ' ? ?
, yesterday morning were Bot ?urprt*-ed al not seeing
Regan about Hie phire, ax I.i Innall. dept late,
At I p. m., however, a.* bc did not appear, they
Kr... ked ' n tbe *!" ir of Iii* rn -m. riiera a
resp ii*". Tb" cleaned noticed ? -mell ?! e. apiiifi
gas, and they railed Father Van lten??elaei fmm the
-t. Francis Xavier College senex tin _tre.l ri
Boot ni Regan's i om wai broken open, nd R*
wai found dead mi th- lh?*r. I'll-- lao dog _??)??'
il" ..1 beside bim. ll" evidently lind gol Hit i) he 1
ofter being partly overcome bj < I il* h Cllcd th*
room, and had fallen rn?c|e - !,?(?';?, he en '.-?.'
ib" door, lh" gs* had ewnp-d from an open bm ie r
in il.* mom. Ar* Regan had not h. n despo di
was *nli lo have no cou e for salelJe, ll '.vu- i..!,,-. ? i
that .,<? had !? I t be th* es r.|i.- in ti:.- room li) ai i
< oi..!. ir s.liiilir.' derided last m.-ni I hst deoih tud
been due i" arcldeiital .i-p'.vxi.it, . , I ,.?? b ?iv .v.
removed t.. .m underluker' i.a- v r< |iil ii i '
In meaiorj *.i iii" d".ni mau tin '.?? held ni the rhiinh
"1 .-!. l'l-.tm I* Nnv it r ai IO ''ii kihi uioitiitig.
DID SHE DEEAE Ul fi Rtirs Ito:
iuk QVEEB ant: h of v w iMAX in v 1 / "
Ml nt '!??!?-?
('* r.'n7 Rteeger, s German Jewi . w ?? hat ll.
tlie lop On .r of Ihe t> Dement Ima?-.? al So. --'- Kl
drldge-st, f.,r lb. In-i -iv months, wai taken from
lhere las) evening lu Ito' Insane pavilion si llelb-vue
Hospital. Tbe woman i* married and lm* two
one four years old i nd the other two y. ir* ".<!. ile
lu.-baiid ls said to t" emptoyed si u porter In a
? t..re ot lirmKtwa] and Leonard :. Ever inc* thc
ste. .gr family caro, to ihe ii, .. vii .
?:?*.:? r bas been acting queerly. -. . : .| lu
lake greal delight ig makh j loud \v il
Iruid imi*,". i,r>- mu uncommon In KIdridgi I
tenement h uses, vir. stinger i.d.-d In miking
ntdsei that cnu'd lier lo le generally
disliked bv ib- other tenants. *?!?? i irried ?
itaint ami tl !, dn.pped ll down Ihe alair, ngnln.
Much of b,r lime ri;,, (pen) in Bslng , hammer sith
great force on the il ,.r and wsll of the mom. i ?
w.-.-i. il..- housekeeper, Bra, Weidman, mid Mrs.
-t<i:.r that -lc would have to mw . Mr . *i.,.-.r'?
children uep frequently beard crying, a ll in gn-ai
pain, and lt was known a week ago Ibal ihe fnnr '.at j
"ld boy wn* ,11.
? rn Monday Mrs. W< bininu told Mn '?tee-yet lo cull
a I'liv -!< li.u lor lue child Mi-, st. gi r'* hu l*nnd
wnit out for a d>.etd :".'! ba* no) been ?.,, tm...
Last evening Mr-. Merger m.id" nurd n no ? \. i"i a
bamnwr Ibal s pollen,.m from Ihe Eldridge t
station waa aeiii for. When Ibe policeman eame
Mrs. Sterner refused lo admit him. The <; , i
fun et! open illili lt WI Inti! il ll,rt I.,,- -j,:. |? i ,
leg v*.-is broken. After some p. i na I '. und !":??.? had
been ased Mrs. t-le.-B.-r wn Induced lo g.-i i?,.,,
rt ri ambulance from bel; vic Hospital. I'ne i-hlldr n
were In ii mas) billi-' conduin I ie hoy*- leg iva.
bi-oken lost week, liewa taken to ..ouvemeui li
plt.i1. It i- iu|i..1 that bli leg aai brok ii I
h.oilier. The two-year-old hoy Him taken to Die room
,1 Hi.- Society for I!,.- l'leveii'i .11 ni cm. py ? , (.'lill
Buffalo I* the anty city li. the I'nited niall I il
im- given Hie ."ii'iiiy two I'r.sldenti it i- ;, .
lnr coln. id"i",. tn,,! both trie*" In.-iii- i,l. thollld
appoint their formei las pnrim-n, i.. i,,. , u,. ,,?
l'.,.!t'i.i.t.r i.'-n.-ial. i i-e-li*. nt Millard Killmore sp
pointed hi toa partner, Judge Snthan K. i ,v Mall,
lo lb-it ..nie. Judge Mai: Kindled las In Ihe nitre
ol Mr. KlliiiiCie ... Aurora. Ile wa. admitted lo ti,"
liar in ls-!-j. inn! bec,in," it ropartnei ?? ir li bi |n*t
eeplnr. Wholfl lill ll" nil lilli' li.'.tl |. in,,v,i| I,, l,n!|.,|,..
? ilitii'iib, '. ..'iiiic rclnl.
Brooklyn Bridge
Day After Day on the Cars
A Well Known Conductor's Ex*
Conductor H'm. P. Murphy
"I rep'ird Head's Baraar-aHllg the best medlelm I ever
t<K,!(. l'?r leven yean ) have bees employrd na lbs iralm
nt Brashly* [.ridge Firs! j* tocsmotlvc li tout, etti
in.'v a* ciiii.lii t.,t. Tl.;-?.,,nt K'ltlug .f the .iii- mid
tiie bald wart
?d d. Iililt.
Pains All Over My Body
vthbh I ,?:,!d liol .et nd Bl 'Ht.. I I. ., , | . Bl ,1 'I
Sni-:i|,rtrlllri, tvlilcli t-ri- -n. V ?!? I la ie I" ri frl.-nd who
imd te en benefited, sad it ba- dine Brest things f.r me.
I have taken three bottles, ind ss. nos In perte*, health
Hood's.r Cures
Don't lave thtt 'Areli f. .?lim.' mr re. I htshsn Bp .i- I n-"l
io." wm i'. Mi'itriiv. I.- ii, '..,.--! Kew-Yseh -lt*
Hood's Mils a.t bailly, ytt piomptiy mid ? iii-lent,y, un
tho Uvcr sud bowell, ".c.
amebica. he thinks, is A pim rtra-n roi
The knowledge lhal there bas returned to Ame
lea an American who I* lo pr.-n.lt tbe faith of )?*hit
bag "Mit.'d ciisidernb!" earlostty. The maa i* M*
ha-nm-.l Alexander Russell Webb, a native b mt Am?
ie -iii. who wai until lately Called **??"'"* '"""
ni Manila, Pbtlllplna Islands. lt" tras >"en jet
tarda] rn lu* borne, Eo. i<> Weat Twenty atath-st
sud spoke freely al bis mission.
??Tl." "bj"Ct of lb" m!**b.n I* to .silicate th.- pe.
pie of (lils endri In regard to Hi" faith "f I'-lnm,
lc said, ".mid lear down iii- prejudices which evai
Christian country luis against thal r.-ii_rte.n. K*.r tM
purpose we Intend i" pubttUh a weehlT Journal d<-.*?
bu- vni, ibe -ub'.'.t Bl leane. We thia abo haa
a pnbUsblni bouse for Issuing Islamic literature, wit
MR. vvi ti!; i s vj .M.' v* i naTPME
n fr*-*- lll.rriry and . .'?.???? Ulai ',?*!. How, )t
is a faei I ev. rag* vnii itcan : ? i i.mpleti Ij imi
d* ? ? lg i.inii i "I the III. ll i of M
If you gi Into a library In nm tmcrii i ?!; nd '*kr,,i
i ' ,, 1. ur I- .,! - ti- ' d thc vp.-len
raith Ute , ham ? - nt" I it Hie librarian -Ul st nm ?
m.-nd \\a I .???? In ?? -?'? 'I Ifi of i).,: nut* " ai
-a' '? : ii:i-!.,tl c ul i k I*be Inspiration !'.r
ii\ i . ? sort drawn li ?m ll Je ni *' library
.ii M "lii'l - ile s i , t!.? p'v prejudb ed thal ' ?
I ' I'v. ip .it
?Ap..I", for M ?: > ,' and 1 nm .*
ii.. v; Islr snd 'n.t.
bm in.y ari i s rule, ult??) ? t'. ? si rt
-kg ? information hu vi ?., . i M,i i?.
i i In thc I ' ecker for ta arms tlon
?mei "H. f^i
MAIM ?:: , WEB!)
end the ml lunary cloak Ibi * i In li a i "i ol
apel .mu ".,' ',' nevei learn* tb*- re.,! irutty and
i,. .nt;. - of the i-i Soi *'"d ' be
kai go -i n ha doi ? lo t a- ???---? *
nf i" 'pl-- who hive emt, '"tl* They iee the learnt
l!..,", c ? ,1 ib, - tlilnii in ?.," truth, nml
i rn '? rt lo <b ti the Faith
?? Mal "ne i i and irm ad him ? mei ..r nen given up
entire!] !. drunk, n- s.. Molalr: and gambRng tala
cieir t-u: ihey i"..u wiv. and Ihrea them nab Ju i
ns |he .iiii I'b'.-d Ihem. T!i.-v wen pr.,',-t of mni'
rhlldren, bul Ihe girl baby wai buried '? lix-.- in the
ianda aili Hil a qualm "I ronseience, Tu '.vi.
? n lu stir]. Ma nan i l-n-i'-A ag In I th. -?
v? ; . li ? ?: ?.'?? i pin er sn ! ? I- inllneM
sud ippni-intIng ii'" power ot baldl ian wimt a bold
nu- would have on bis followers. They vier., i. prat
nv time* :i iinv. bul before praj i Uie suppl lea ni
in".! ic i lean 11 nppe*r b 'fon bi. Hod.
I ,?, r..|i . ?., bril ? I, f. rt th" people ti..- pfallo
,,,,.,,..,', | l, , ? I ' iml-'I 1 I I'I"?:.' to Ci" brm..!
minded, thinking. Inlelltgen) l"hri Han, wbo li able
lo niv,- ? hliuteli i. |,.. .mill ? i and look si Ike
-?ri].,' in-i,i,i, sud ..,li:.h. I .illili, ie the future
ilme Ihe I ml' Ins ran l..' .iii "t| .m.ned Into till*
.try, 'ci 'il'l, . r nih I iii rod need Into our
tod I ? lui sill da r,u:,v 'vni, prostitution, drunk
snd Biarital Infidelity, I let aro are always
drawn ol Ihe de-trsdattuii ol Msbomeisnlsm In lin
Essl. Ul- i not da*- i" he religion, bul i" Ihe
i III, iib .nd in.!.il Influence . and Ihe .niel.-nt lr.ol.
Hoi - ci i'i, ?? *'i." b.iv.- I., m. MahoBH-iuu*."
|c. v, ll l? lit '. ? ill pl. u'n'i,' "'
" Vc_, I do. To ., lt" .i.? , Uiinn in Au,, iii i
bos I kno* would I* ut tusll Inl .1 i. it I di think
Itu i ? hell ti., pt i pl ? h ive bel.lu* ,!><l I - I.Ile
iciii-. moral, lbs' pdygiini) amid i, a bleating and
no) i cn ??. vi ,i.i h. _u ra li iv .,i u,,. Kutiui
hai tiilil d"wn lin law. Billi "??.-.ird ., polygamy
V ell I I" .fl V . V ? I ? ? I ll) 'I . , , , ,, ,. | ,,,|
who lc- i ?'?),I' I v.- "I nile toll ind ,,r lum ,,.ii..|
hli ? if*. ai d ni ii" ? both i'C ,'i ,i,i i ,, m.,,.,.
linn iunl " ni en ; rind fear v ? r.od, in alni , nam,. y?.
?t i. nt mal r.iv,c?, nnd c-., i. m ?? u,.- icm!, lhat
IN li- voil. Ill" -"I.,,ll let , pell,. ot rpliiinx.
Vci-.? .1 nil??.!.- ? Vim! i! v, ,i|, ilp|ireb>-|| Ive ibal
vc i nil no) deal falrtj with nrjHi-iii linn ol ib.r
vinni, ii mi.em .'.*t lu youl eye . marry bal itv*
or three ir four, and *f vc -till fen- il,,: v,- .bull iki|
ii i lilltshl* . Ill-n Ol lt in .', I Iinv ne I Iii n .m.I -
'?r vt ih un. t; n . nnd i i i, ?? nni* i ah i,.,,t ,? ,n* i lui ii
one ?'. ifi ni ? bsd itv >. Hie ther i" ir.
"I rilli lo meei fl tinnier of |, -nj, le ni Ci.I,mel
-iel,. I'. I, ni,., ? ,,. I'l VV, - cll. ,,?,,,,I, I .-,,,,| M|?,
?i . on M< ii'l i\ next; bul d.: ibii.it I win
glvi .nv lcm"' |"ue -nesting I- .,, t?- -imply one
"f Informal talk, willi it vi"., i,, miute wt km. I
wish vim v .uld contradict In .mir paper Ike Mate
men) tint in rone nhrmid Hist I raised ,, Injgm Mim
nt monej In India lo cb rey tail Ihi*. mi.-i.n ni Islam
Ism. i did unt ri. che n rupee." vic. Webfc I- i
middle-aged man, 'vitb a pleasing fara, and i- much
in eames) m hit work,
A dinner wai given by Ihe inir ,,f -Th" Broaklya
limes* tn ti,, editor in-chief ?t thaf paper, Bernard
pct, r-. ni v. ii-,m's restaurant, Brooklyn, i.-i.* erasing.
iii- mena raid hoer a reproduction of the Ural gage af
?he ne* paper and g portrait of Mr. Peters, sad cen
laln.d iii.- .ketch of bim vv lib b appeared In Jiu
Tri',nm- In -.. -nminv. There arerg li rt \ Rvs nt lb"
table, nnd WUUam McDonald Wood, maa*i__ng editor,
pc hied. Among I hose who res|.Ird lo i asia were
!'? "isrd Pet. . Mexsnder Black. Jam* A. perry.
Wlllii-m c. Rryant, Jame* M. Wood, John b. JI ni ai,
John tilden, w. H. Cn ddy, p. j. Raymond, George W.
Haddon, ri. Hr. Biggs, Harry WWte, William nhnrcl.lll,
.'. v. ii:,,,,!,!,.,,, w. ... pnawell, iv p. sellers, Wllttom
lb Ifni" and I). I, tin, uiii.in. The diane,- w:,s in
'?'li I i '."", ni ri, ? iv . nu | f|h ontllVi i* .ri ,,f Vir.
let i' . mn ... i|,?, willi the raper a -Ur In .Ice.
OVg BBOVHBB kii.li.h thy: inn in IJtAtTBED
Joseph abd wanam Schmidt, broth, i, shuni thirty
and thirty Ha var. <,r age, or N',,rt!ip,,ri, h. I.,
vr.ie ron over at tb.- Enst Morthpnrt station ut I
O'Clock yesterday afternoon. The accident remited la
To forget the name,
lust ask for the best
Self-Ralains Buck?
Of course.
ii," blatant tb mil "f .'" ? 'pb :nid iii-' hull'timi noon
William -ir Injartea which will pmbui.lv prov fatal.
They were emptoyed nv Ihe Long Wand BaUmad,
:iii<i were on a train wtom the accident happened.
Iii. y were standing un tin- *nni" * ar. and Joesph
attempted lo Jump lo Ihe i. lu fronl Ju-t as the
un, were leparated preparatory i<> a__hlng ? iwitah.
ll- missed lib rooting and toU. Wllltom ?aw tbe
?tedd.un. irbsi io .ul a iii. brwUier, hal was nimbia
I., tb. *o. and ma* himself dragged undi-r the wheel*.
Joseph Was ibint When picked up
-m ---?
i.\"WN v.M) t"\ri) nv vi.I, THE ( lin.hui *??'
Ni.vit ms it ?ME.
Isaac Osborn, "'??<> lui*. ).n known around
Printing linn*" .-'ina:, fm- Hie lal Ii Tl * vcr- WS
p.und .1 nd lu bt- bed, nt Mo. IO ' lt. H ''I flace
v.... iiinv morning. i>* pi'v t'omner runway 'ins
railed, ond gave s certldinti ol death from heart
faller Mr, o_hi.rn wno l*ern In stamford, ronn.,
in l-l-, and wh?*n n vi.inc- man cs. in Dili rll
and wit employed In ila* iiimpu_liig r.n ol "The I
lie: bi." For man. yearn he was known then Bathe
???'.,.. 'i.,i. ib!- h. ni " Hi duties i omprlsH Hie sorting
ont of he uHlne*. ds-h< *, Italic ' ? i" etc.. fnim Ihe I) pr
form ,. ii,, (taper, having lb* -"lid lines to I* dj
tributed bv Un- printer*!. 1'or Ihlrtj ?? ?*:- he worked
with 'Tl ? Hi ld," b ii Iwenl) years ago ?i
inti ,.v i bv n Br i.iiv'f. ,.ir, sud Ince lhal time ha
,i j,'.. '.' . me |n lin* third '"iv of ti,.- rec tenement
boase, N'o, ra < nv Hall flare. lb wai never with
..?it m. i c in ...m. .... ? , peculiar I al Ito t*
ls m.i i I, v .,r i-lrl Who lived In Ibe dl*lrlct w h >
tl. !. ' morn hi* desth, sud thee tr.* m.uv n'?
?-rn" ii i" manhood who remember Ito" oil awn'i kind
nev . ;|e souM 'tin ? B In Uie morning viii ii a "gun
?iv bi?. ' nil'! t''U!ll I. fh( ifl'Mi'.Ui witli it, nibil
wm. kindling unod, nuts, rrai.eri and raldk's, The
lat lei i di in'-i-**.! aim ng * . ward ni
ll a lm !? ;?? ?' .riv . ilied him Mr dub im."
Ihi-ogll '.melin,... ne ? ' i th* < bl 1.1 r.-n -( iri)
i ii ?_- nvv.iv u hen h ? lu sigl i Ula nib I. Inti :
Vin..- .- "' l*-r pi il : ii him
?i ...... niHhli g i. ii peal ?? foi he ol i man.
' I, Hil . . 'ile i- 1.1 t" i ? i i" . r.-',.itlv*
.ftc,.. ,,,_?? *,ir! ?'
?.thi, I. alli | to mm ros at il p. m., In ller.-n
H >od i . .1.
ASSF.XATtOS llhll.iri.V LEO 171 RATE
I r -. I I rh 'I.I-.',I l 1 l|
i ming Bient ol lina ill. ni w
terni! di '"!?'? un ei
tn-tv ade. . lt. I Ul in .si- ? Ippor. '
iting 11 i. o ? ? ?
ri r nlted r ?? *'
I ? . | in |ia!or ar prim \tteo In
? \'.'!l-l B Ol I. mi 'i V . j.C'V ,.|. ,| It III.ll
dune t ,...,.,..-,i i .-? .
i ?' ? r t r ?? I b be .,.-.' et v"i-m nt
r '.iii i i e.rf Huns i iso bel ? t "ti . in
? . ' i,nt, ? _* I bal tit Un Ke| ri*' "I -cia . _n!i t. ?
irri ? , ? i rid ry ol ' ? ? ? el] Itu il
? ? - >,,-,. ,,',; ,|. . Hal
d "ie ...nat ? p.,, ti. . lille bring Hawaii
iie-n r ' ? V . ? ' ' *'? ni I ? vu ? in I ?* !.*?, Slid.
? ides, ii i ?..,!: , i n ld I il "i In the I ?" .". . wo nd
: . ?. <i?. [iii i ? ' ?? . I lenttwr*)
...ri! ?_> V!iri'*v,'i ti brought ihoat bj i war of
Bl ,.' t:,. . .'. ? i led. v mild
? i p, tl pirti ' ? ' ? ?.-. i 'i
? - ,.., ie*t of ll ' nd ' r Ihe
: nu* ,* is_" ?' i ?'!, j- > "ni.tlfta.le
ra Mt
I ? ? ie ? ... * i ' i ami at *intn?d br
;.? ? ' | ? ? before ll - orig) 'I I
l i i.i nih e?p m. i tb.- par
eh ? of Fiorbl i folio* el In l?lfl Iel nm-ted
lt, ! ? i". t .. :, - rt I -rv IJ n- n 'iuii,-! i ; eat ,<1- ?I
br lb.* Me. tti.-r Inri par
. ' ? i hf. iglll h l-'.T I ?
II ' e. I, (|,_ , tn' '..'?.,! |..,ijet ,,< till ( ...y. r mell'
I., e,|end !' ?. I* i< 'r.ll hi lime In f'll'U
".?.??: ? r-i ? ird I'.' eretl In tine
if 'u . rn!lon. ? dolt '?? * nev r. publican
in'tctc .' ? . ..?/.'!?' tatton f si
? nie'* i d ?"" nil ? bevon, lb. .1 - ur beyond
fe -lei \. ? ? ' i -ct!: lp. l-t Mme ii, ii'.,i tin . lr lit
r Hie v?i|ti. . perl ipi lo Ibe srchlpe|sgoe_ ?.f Ihe
C. n'rill I'." ll ? "
r -be it roi ge ' |m enlli ? ? I I netatba
( it..! i ii.- ;-.,i ihnt alight '?? done ther** bl
n j ,-t na i i i ? ?'. ? if -. rrltorial rot ?.-? ? ?
N'ntlve. ni,) r-i.'i-,.: f ,ii natlnnalltl.v.-pt
??eri'i-i"- Hm ? ida >?< winiM rom.- al onej und i j
..|n-,l l.iw? and li-eted In their pen asl ai d i
? ? ? rlg.il ? ? lil i???! would : . d**ve), pe i and
their tnc.'.-t ? . ? in r'-'i?"!. and all t'e '.nil'in* (
nf 'lt- ?? rid ?? ?-?'? ? ?'" il least .-,. mach freedom
,,r 'nd' ;?? Haw-tlton i..r- i< I, lb* a*<rt? ,.f rh?
I'nltei glairs H h titi" < "0*1 b r- 'I I a, ]i t'np*. (Int
lm- bron i? ? it . ?.-i ,.f nrtl u )?, Has ill and
pr. v n-nled f-i.-n nations from making a protesl
npriifi.t snneiaUon.
? _ ?. ? ?
lui:'.'* v?*r mit TO-DAV
VV i-l,In ?!. n I'. I it, | |, cir l..-t.*r>i V t.Y rt
! i -.- -i I' i: .* ii ,,.i.i. gee lette, sat) I) lum.
locsl ?' "? ? t .-'iiv i.i '"? ii.1'.' ir '?''.'? fall Ruadsy,
a tod i '??:'" ii Storth rn S ? v,,'U Sundi)
"...tti'tic ,!. -h-r- -i ?!.,!. i.v trmperatBi Kuit-hv mora
mv i.i- ?, ld. r s indi) railing
p.,r Mains v e. n-ii'|, :.: I v.rit.rt larr*a*>!ai
lundi,.,.. r. ".,.,.?* br i" il ?' ?*?*, ?- i ri.: in the ls
?. i,,. sundi] in I
I ,.i Mr.--., ?: e--*'!*. I-.i.el- ligand tel i .',??? ti . t ll lil
- < v .".stln- il .rm See,|,r wit'it" li,
I',,. ,!,'..? |,.r -ni.Aa: ll.ernlli ?
I V. ?? . ii I- n Iv ul i .-.?! . Iii in ... ,; ,,,.,?.
in-. In ? ?>' tt rn nhl... ie I. iii triad*; rohtrr Kundat
tn, i iinv
Iel \- -?! -i Weir.Tori! i'i' -e.,- Wi tri, n|.,|.
lin In!.on tor lill) : . eic morning, (l'.*|)*| ni
. ,'r. .. e i?,i ".,' i', . - ' ? ii -iu ,,-,nt'. |. " |i r it'ir
TKlin'M. i.'itvi. OBgEBTATK'H_
l.? ll>.-.- viuu.lu^. Hight. inih
i .3 i f> ', i i ? io !?? i 1 tx 4 :? t, . e. io ll .... -
,.,-p-.-r-iTe--j rn | A >-rrt-1 .IO.O
::" i ; L :
t.. B_____J - ?_'<..,-,
<.. Sj_' UJlil'J J .,i rj?__. 'j'.i.r,
la Uti* dugrjin * ceiiilii .u, i vn.ile inn ?noi?. ina
lint,_y? in picture, u iiiUni'i'J i>r The Tilbuaa'j sr.r
rei .rains i.t n't.r. Iho brakes ime r prtni-nui ibu tem
iniau is u ob*'jrt .1 n perry ? Pbanaaey.
Tribaae "iii ?. Feb. .".. i i m Tl ,? hmk i , m m n,.
baron ter I* ups si ) i ,? .n un I (jir ai Mber srsi fallon i I
.?"ii'' ' ? , lou-] ?? iibei ii I ii m moa, Tbs I n
I,:..tire ranged i'i"..,i -.'I. .md gp dem ra th* it c. ???
? ? - i.-.ii-- . I li.f.i Uti.i ..ii tbe . mr,-cni,lin,.- Mai i.,.i
'.,? J I Old ', ll,ll' I I let ll ni, 1,1 , V
I III "i I'i. '"1 ell' Hesther ni.it Ia- ,".|l el ,| ( ,.
day rn aad mir tim ? it).
true Wag. .Inb.ne- Hello, liU'-lm! SHH |?||,.
Dubing ? 1 ll* I il. I .un lill./iirtl" '
(lui: t-n No. lt ". roliaOlldllled willi ' 'Hi- Tliun
il. il, li" .-il,i.il lum in mil , ? ?
"i "ii nlhtsti '!. Inv . Anil mn , ,|| the Jo.nl air.'li?
ll. Hi" u !. .! '
"lb ? ; -Tuc 'I Yindi ilmlt,'" ? *f Ti I.. 11_:-. Tribune.
that Dr. Pierce*! Favorite PraarrlptloB cornea
billie vr?ak and suirerinjj roman who neetl.-.
it. li's ona n xix I red. Nut with words morely;
an? in?tll('iiu> ".ni -Mks clninui and pmniiios.
What in Juno with the "Favorite tVoacrip
tion" ii this : if it fujls to 1,-iii'flt or cure, in
any ca.*,-, your money is returns-. Cue vou
aaa any is-ttcr pr.K.f tlmt a medicine will do
what ii proinlse* I
It's BB invi_.,rritinij, restorative tonic, u
soothing an.I st-euk-tticnit:,; n-rviiie, ami n
eert.nin remedy for the ills nnd nilim-nt, that
Ix-v't a woman. In "female complaint " _f
every kind, periodical palm, Internal In'h-in
niutioii or iilccratioii, lx-aring-l'".-n sfti-a
ti*ins, anti al', chronic nsjaknaaaaa ami ir
reg).lnriti*i, it ii a po.itlv? cml . on ploto
To every tii-tl, ovorworkel woman, and
to every wt-ak, nervous, and ailing one, it itt
guaraotaod to bring herd th and strength.
i\i! THE MUCKS- THI liii.l_*i WWOOMOBIl,
Trenton, Feb. iii.- ** Or litivner iiln't In lt. see?"
r.markad a gumin in ibo gallery of the Senate cham?
ber this miming. Hundreds of well?<!reused men
were in the gallery, many of them boping against
hop.- thal thc ..ovcrnor's vetoes of tho chart**, racing
bills would be sustained, but tbev nil burst mit laugh?
lin;. Tb,- boy lind gauged UM lltaattMl correctly.
it Min lacked luiif aa boar af Hi" tim.- fur th*
opening "f Ike aosrfaa, aad Ike - link.* of Qtoster"
??nd bi., friend, were not even iln-n ab-oluMy crrtuln
of success. Thay had barned thal .-einnor 1'erlUi.s,
"f Barttngtoa, Imd mud*' up his mind to vote in favor
of the veto, and w-re fearful lest Senator Hoffman,
or Atlanta, would alao change Ma mimi, with ParWai
on ihe law and order side. Senator Ba_tb, of Oeean,
Bbaent, thc vote stood ll lo I), la fnvor of the bill*.
no-wtthstaatflag the -krveraor*! abjaalloaa to them.
With Moffnum ort the saaae sid", ihe vats would be a tl"
and the Ulla would be d.f.ited. Bal the oawaraag
and thc law and order people Wera "not in it."
senator Hoffman assured tha racing men that bc
would siimd by Hie bill*, mid from thai nioiii"iit they
uer*- mady for tit*- real eaU.
a* mob ii* ibe trsnsarUon 'f business was In order
senator -tokes, of Pumbertond, OffSrod a n-inoiistrancc
ngalnai the bills in vii.- stupe of a long ctrealar drafted
!... Anthony Comstock In behalf of HM I ItUeaa
League of Mow-Jersey, tm* remaaalraaea waa rend
nnd entered upon las minnie*. lt set forth tho
.?ire ts ..r gamhltag upon tha young, and Bsatgaed
leu reasons why tba mik iheali bc uiiie.i. it is hen
in Hies.- .ions thal the bttls are ror the ben-tit at
Indicted ni" Hack nen who will escape (asllce If
the awaaure* are passed, nm) that they Neenah "s
iii-im-.s tn,-ii wrecks bornes, beggars women aai
rhlldren, oppresses tba poor, tempts thc weak, and
breeds erina's by gambling allurements which lt per
mn. io be iel ap In public ptoeea In violation of the
common law."
Tlie llfth of the rca-ons ls: " Heron*.' this bil! ls
r-gnlmt public policy, nnd la In the Interests of pro
fesslonal gamblers nnd ragabondi and <mumal.-..
whose bostacsi niter, indnramaato to di*ii<?ie*iy to
pel--nli- bl positions nf 'ltl-1''
(Ha taking up .,f mn SOB, wblrb gives the power
>r ii"ti.!i..' racetrack* lo governing bodies, brough!
senator -toke* to bi fact, and he made a remarkably
itmng speech again*! t ii _t snd Uh companion
measure*!. Te galton applauded bim once, bat est
.,fi, r that, ie..iii-c I'l'c-i'b-ii,' Adraln threateiiad ta
have Hi-- spectators pul out ir tbev repeated tba
??Tic i*re* -nt tubs ,,r thees billa are mUaoaaara,"
.;ii.t hoaator smite-. "The. -h..nut read 'Aa ad io
ii,-'t.- New Jersey a lagsttsad gambBag ten ror tuc
.siled -p rt. of Belgkborlag suite-.? Tkey should
read, .n aol t*> laviia aad tempt young ami old, rick
unii poor, ') -(uiiiitbT their earning*! and Hicu to
rob tb.ir employer* for means to Mtlsf. their maa
roi gsmbllng.' They ibouM r.;i*i. 'An oct to sanction
lotierie*.,' ti," "vi-tei,,'.' ,,f which i* express-f far*
bidden i.v tire Consiltalton of this stato."
Tb. ipeaker rtosed !>v st?*< rtltiif Dist tilth*.ti:-'li thh
bad been i week af Irlamph rm- the r_c?. tracks, their
do"in wi Imminent. They might ala fur th ? moment,
bul "'t-v could imi tight the future.
e.. tmt. .r- Marah, of I'nlon, and Bogers, af ram,cn.
ni,,, nude lie. t|V.- sj:,.,!;,- I__",I! 1 )St 'lie lillis. Pell'
ii, r Balley, i.r iii,i-,,n. -polo for them, raying thal
L-:iiiie- u*f chance i,ni alway* beea Indulgi-d In and
always would b>*. Ile dented thal much > rlrif could
??? . ??-'. .1 to tb" result* of betting ai th<- race
courses, Iii wi, t;.,i i i,. tiing muii bim db to laM,
ad nt n a ',,?<??.-,, racecourse* more than -ix limes
In h.* Hf", inn h.- denied lhat they were tha evil
?' ' I' P j.:! -I tl> I e.
Senator Px rkJn*, of [Turlington, -wid an the original
gaol the bins he had roted tot them, bul when
he r'ttir-,.! ? . >.? home hr found tt,at bi* ronstltuenta
lind ts *n holding in:.-- meeting! mid denouncing Hw
? ?i bim lu chang* front .mi trie
ngiilnsi tn*- iIII-.
?old timi bis county
un try for
bill- This lind
pie ..- . ?! im v.,.ubi
-? nana T.Thune, ,?' vt,,nu
h "1 ' , .?'. th. _r- ,t raring
uni v
imd !?ei, th,- gr-*al racing manly ot th<- country for
-ivy yean, ll.c linell fiiiiiillc lliere wei*, of the
'nr'. timi -'nv lr..) .,]_?.i . patnilllted lt. Ile bsd 00* I,
?Ii tb'lr grandstand* Hie vc-ilth nnd c'tldir" Of 'In
a. Mrmlier* ot (ne indicia ry, banhres, nierehani*
'i'l itali.i fi", *-?*! their rn"'.*, the track al
Monmouth mo* th,- handsomest in the nnlverse, The
' ? property there ?*-*! Hfc!,OOO.OUO. ('.nd be
io di 'mv .ni ibi-. unit vet leave i.intent,n.g lo
punii*' I* ri (cori ai* buMngss. v thonssnd of hi*
ronni I turn is Imd asked btm In rave Monmouth, aud
foi thal nanon li,- would vol* Lt th- bill-.
The uti.- ton Milli thi* Iii) UBI* notwithstanding
? ? c ..|. r* objection*, thereto," wai then put, and
th* i i. i i- i. roih>wi
? -??- Adm I ti. but. ber. t'orutob, D_lv. )>-:.'.?
Hi. ci.brr.. Hoffman, Manln, MrMlckle, Vin
1". rbi ii*.
I'.rl'.ui," ll.
Na) * lim I, i. Darrell, K. t,, Marsh,
Roger*, riklrn -,!:?* si 1 Wlntoi 9.
The two oihei bill. pa*sed by th.tn*' vote, and
'bc Senate i.djourned. rhe raring men i.r- now f.s,r
ml l t-i repenting billi a1H bc Intrudared and iliey
"'.ll tb. .-vi-rytblag In thrir power lo hine the lag!-*
liitur. sdjoarn tine di n-n week.
v MW '! ! iv: Tn ii: mi vi T111 s KVEXIXQ
i" L'Bf.i: Bi pi vi, op r;ii' r.wv
The Belton ??( Ihe Nev* lettey legtalatare In pese*
teg tlc Inf a mont racetrack till bsa Iboroaghly
.run***) th. . nt/, ns ..f i'nlon County, und public
rn '< igain i ? e outrage von t.e atsda in a county
flin*- meeting lo be h. id m Plalnnetd thi* afternoon
st i "'.*t'x b. Bl ii,.- Opera Hoase, Mayor Hilbert will
preiIda, and tocal clergymen and tow luring rtttaeoa
win deliver add regari.
Tin- object <>' tin* meeltag viii be to urge thc mi?
ni.dint*' repeal of th*- abnoakitu law, Tha Baw. i>r.
Biri irds. of llalnflcM. luis received a lelegram from
Iii.- ib-y. Ii. Kemp-ihall, of Kl 1Mb lb, urging that
Phi I nt'i ld show h.r.elf again as Inst var, und In
om*) ipi. lie Hie div will ii.e more semi a strong
delegation >.r Influential men to Trruton to light th
r:ue trio 1. legislation.
v .in/ens' indignation gaeetbig win i,, held In the
taberna. I-. Jersey < itv, Hil* evening, io protest
ngillin the r.nt ?? Itifitmnt- racetrack legislation, al
lr, nt,ui.'' Among others, thc following r'prexentattvi!
iiih'ii- viii) address ibe meeting: Kv Mav or Hilbert
l.illbis, ..lin Cr-.ii-,-, .bim 1, Scudder, Mav.I McUC*
nlul Ueorge I. Itt i nni.
I'll/AlU'tll < I.IT...YMFN PHOTEBT,
The mltili>i ,,f Elisa bel li niel In Hi" lecture.
''"in <f ib.- lu-: iv. .i.t tcci.tii .inns!, yesterday
afternoon. Hr. I.. KempahaO ac.*d as rhalnaaa, aad
Dr F. P, 'loiiihu-nii t,mk Ihe inluuies. .\ maaa
in,-, ting -.vin i,. loll) in -I. john'g Charrh Urti
evening, al.li nu overitow in the _1rs| . burch. A
'neilin.' viii alu I ?? held In the Fulton Mr.'!
Metbodlsl Episcopal (lunch. It la probable that
?tipi vuii b" tullen io test tiie togallt) ol Hi-- race
inn ii laws In lh.
mn ?
V M V-s.s-.Ni r.i; ri \-,. po ii;; BELO THIS I'.VITMNi;
Albany, Feb. 515. Tke Cammoa CauarU, which i-t
Dcb o rniw and eoatrolled by the i rgaidiattoa nr which
>iav.,r Maualng I* Ihe l.-ader, h?M ., special awetiag to
da] ind end <i the long Bghl over the s.-b.-tim to till
tb.- vacancy in ito* Fifth Ward caused by tbe death of
Vb!, i injin lin--, by eb cling Tim,,thy .1. -iilllv.in. Ihe
nrgnulsatlon candidate, lb,* Antl-Hrgantiatlon vid.*i
III ll. W|!;i Hie ti-e.l-.liil., .? i-f the Kepllldi. ill! lnellll)c|-s of
the i'murnini Council, haw beeb trying tor -ererai
waekg to Dil Hie vin inn v.
niPiiTiii.itiA BAOIXQ is viRtnyiA
Laurel, Dib, Feb. S3 i-i,. duli.- linelligciicc fruin
We*!, .t i,nv n in virginie, near Ike Bay, brings nowa
of a terrible epidemic *,r diphtheria prevailing la thal
district. ll appeared drst In n sn.itll country Behool.
From this lt -picti dir u.gb ..ii ibe neigbborto-nd. rp
bi date lhere hiv.- been Mtv .ix deaths, principally
i hlltlr.-n. ' '
vuiii'.'vy j. Klansman, ea piv-iih-ut of the Lang
Islniiit .liv board of Aldermen, am) Police i ommls
vloner iiinler the ttleasaa ndnilnhii-.iti ,n, waa arsratad
nt ii.e Astoria ).nv lu-i night on a warraat i*. uti by
Jastlee Noble. Krausman was grrasled upon com
id.,un u| . nv I'l'ias'irer l. Vf. Blrekweii, who charged
iit'ii willi emlierston.ent ami c mvertlng to his own
us.. ?..?,! or*. lMtWe.ll Sep.ei.il.er I nod .lc|,,!...r 1
l->-'. Ivii.U.liim un- i, I,??,...,| ? piflO ball furnish,.
bv_c\ VlllVnr ( ,lc I- ii||. _ ""
?'?' Mell ills i- ,1 - ni i m limbla v y .... .. H I
' ' "? * '"? aieglller.. ?,,i l,?tt.le.l m I,.,," ,' SJL I
i nieitrH ila, bat ls a ;""? di*tillatisn or n- ,, \i um* '
''ll!":.- ,"'\ 2.VillY* "' *? '-wmleal -tiuiv.i, .,, , 1
entirely r ,- rrnn, (lav,,rm, ?, iny f..rrl,? .MlmiMnr ? uh-.
way, N. T., nill receive prompt sttcutl.a. wrasw.
HI ..TH AVE., 13TH TO 1 ITU ar.
The general verdiet on oupflfat
exhibition of Advance Sprina
Styles of Hats and Uonnetu *nai
hff.Alf. /f Uttering. This week th**
second display of ParU Hats and
Bonnets occurs, also of oup 0u>H
desfgns,all perfect fjeniH of crea.
tire art.
Exceptional ideas in Childruui
and Missen- Trimmed Hats,
Flowers and Feathers,
All the lateit rad* In Kims, gtoMs, MM Picquet g__,
RpSCtal attraction ! ^WB
HAWpgOMM nt'D AN!) nosh SPIIAV n_
Mt. :. z* ,34
SPECIAL RIBBON BARilAIM, 3*. I'ichai mg,
lilac* (all -Uk) Kalllf Uibbon, IO..' ,24
Our collection of Etch Floured
India and Japanese SILKS it
larger than ecer and oup prices
N,_- ht or EMBBOIBEfU-D IWIflfl j0 . .A
Vl'lttiN PATTERNS ........ _ AA IO .Jj
Nv iti... in WHITE iid COLORBD B-MbrittHBg
I I.ol'.v.TN*.*- _7 mid !5 laches ?ide
-I'M lil, I'OCXTER LOT OP i.v MB Ric
I In,INLS ni il II/il'Ni IV(,.s. 3 to o Mm _.
wide, worth from Aile. !,, _">.? , at ....... >_4
i.Rl.-.T VAI'.IITTY or CAMBBIC and Clt.'M
. olor.'.
.04, .05, .07, .09, .11, 15, .19, .24,
.29, .34.
tye arc daily receiving nen
Sprint/ Novelties in Ladled,
Misses', and Children's Gar?
ments, and it will handsomely rt'
pa ij you to inspect these hiyh-clast
garments, whether you contem?
plate purchasing or not,
drear, r.oer.f
New .tvlM of CHILDREN'S ..l.V'.RAM
BRESJdES, I tn . var-. Me., 03''., 121
sail .
s.vTl.r.N SHIRTS, t_" ruffl ?.
i.OWN.s. EMBROIDERED, Me., Ak., .-<?,
SSt., and.
LADIES .SKIRT>. on,* .Ila ruffle
t?.i Mik rtj-toi.
T!ir> ?* allB ruffle* .
I'.i.ack BATEEM SKIRTS, two riffl-i .
.vi-., it. rstiaeedtaarjr value Walktag sun* w:Ui bill
it'iffl".. ujion in |..rt"i Pegealhar, ?? laBawgi l nfl*.
? I.'..j, i ruffles. Stitt I r'.ftv- If JR
_0 il'ii'ti PLAMMELETTE WRAPPERS, worth I OJ
giro . *?**
.49, .66. .69. .88. and .99
(,Krv?h Iron, our ot?u vvorarooii.'
50 dorm men", all SILK F, H I. IN-11AND6
Bad TECES, irtgular pi io, ile.).
Dress Coods.
CHOICE BTTLES rn CH v.\(.: vin.:. >i'i;i.!_..
Silk -*:l h ul-, rark th ka .1 11 1 ui:v R
JACQUARDS .ind l.villi. UDliiii I, 1 II I.V.
loj**., regalai *i M gaaBliei, _m
AN EXCEIiLEWT Qt'.vl.irv. ptM ;.-.. ut totem,
IS laches wide, lb s.e. ,,i,i,tc pm) ti"!
sol Tl IN IMI. REVERSIBLE M iaeMa wide,
In u viinei.y or clnrs, w,.rtli ?ll 00 f -r fOtt, rtS
ll U10 new haskel. Hint and r.uilTr) weav.*,
Blas BeatallBS un.1 Bergs granada, bien-h
lully ihidcJ.
.98, $1.49 and \M
Finest Imported
Wash Coods
B-toW coil nf linportul.n, __ th- rollowing VS**A**
tdluw :
last DIA.iONAI. t.I.N.JIIAMS pllld"d Ul- ,24
ll ii tired, tisti,,; 50c. quabii.-*, it .
.T.1NTFI) lll.l.tilAN LAWNS, hrjiiUluI floral ,J4
d.?igu?. uiual price Sic. gag vard, our ftttt
F.Nl.l.lhll CUMNOR HlNUIlAMs. twou-nel
cir.-ct*. _lth tn Hied -atm -lrl|,-*. xx>xtfii -*>*- ,j4
!ii*.ervvcv*n arith dania,:, design*. u*nallt *?>?-? ,j4
at !*>c., our price.
FRFN.II MULL flat* ground*. nF.D.iiRD
WEAV1IB, "Ith raised embroidered fllf-ie*. t(t*\
?jsiiiii prinr ll.",., pr >ir*t. our price.
COLOMBIA BOVELTT stlTiN.-S. turu**. -
In 11 vin b t. t.r brl-hl color*, u-uallv *>**?<? ,J?
ut Ma, P'-r rard, our prlc-o.
Complete assortment of DO*
SUCKERS, tte, tte., at our ?*w
k now ti low prictst

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