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pi.i: nus WEEK.
Thc one hundredth performance of '?American'.
Abroad" win take place ci Tues-sy evening si t.,
Lyceum Theatre. Then will bs no ohsagc Si thta
theatre until after Lent, eben, for a few weeks, a new
comedy will bc produced balers the regular season
closes in Ni'w-Yo-k. On April 17 thc principal part ot
Hie Lyceum Thc.r.re Company will apprsr rn ?* Ameri?
cans Abroad" in (iilciig i,
Tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday nights will
occur ilie inst performance! of "Thc Mountebanks" bj
Ibe Lillian Bussell ope - Company nt Hie (.arden Thea
tn-, on Thuraday craning ihe theatre wUl in; do-i-d
tor the full drem noe Bruni ol l-*coeq'i open t-ouBe,
??Gindie t.iTitia." which win bc produced on Friday
night, ait.r BU wee!;-' preparation. Mr. French in?
tends to surprise the New-York public with B -ump
taoiis production of " OlroBe-ObroBa."
MTwelfth Might" iii.s gained such in-lnnt and <le
lided popularity at Doly'a Theatre tii.it it ha- a good
gbaaet of Bnlshini tbs season there. The sec-nd en
Mrtalnment of thc Lenten matineeasssan will be given
this week on Monday, Tuelday, Thursday and Friday
mom in... lt will be a concert In which Henri Mae
te-u, tim ponai violinist, wiU be the ehlel performer.
Txj more weeks now remain "f tho engagement of
?gnera Bk-aora Duse. TO-morrow -.he will nol
appear, as her health ta ?shh such that
-lie thinks lt asfcr to re-t. (?n Wednes*
doy "Dtrorcons* will bo given by Mme. Due for thc
last tim--. Another repetition "f "Fedora" win Le
seen _a Friday. At the saturday matinee?ber last
matinee?Mme. Duse xxiii appear a- BantUSBa ni " (aval
MslsBustloana"ard a- MlmuMkdtna In "Lo Locondlera."
Next week she will in- seen a-i Cleopatra in shakes?
peare's ?? Ant,,ny and Cleopatra." Mme. iii'.,- her?
self wiote the Hanan version nf Ihe play, a sp.< il
matlime of ?? Fedora" will he given on Tuesday .>f tht
??on Probation-' renclnd thc limit originally .-i
down for its New-York run al Hie Star Theatre tari
niitl.t. Ita success, however, luis been such thal lt wlB
bs K'i't before ih- pahlie fur an Indcflnlte Hine. Mr.
ll ranks, Mr, Crane's manager, baa made arrangements
to present Mr. ( rmi" far -ix weei_ at McVlcher's Then
ire, Chicago, in Ute course ol the World's Fair. The
long contemplated revivals "f -Thc Merry Wive- ol
Ninds,ir*1 and ??Henry IV" sre now snnounccd for Ihe
BSasOa after next.
At the Carino io -morrow night -The l'.i-n,!ic" will
be sung for the li*s>t lime in New-York. Jin- cast con
tain* lae names ol numerous singers already well
known herc, a mon extended notice of tbe opera
will bc found in another colman.
??The Girl i Left Behind Me" ben's ap wonderfully
ogalnst winn ts usually expected to bc Ibe cv il lnflu
ence of Lent, at lbs Empire Theatre. The house waa
nearly always crowded la-t week, with the additional
disadvantage of Bone extremely bud weather. To 1"*
?fciirc, thc Empire ls n 't a lnrge theatre to lill, but the
manager who can tin any boom at all at every per
formence ls generally hsppv.
The nciing of Mrs. Georgie Drew Barrymore, Joseph
Hedland. M. A. Kennedy nnd tim other luembcn "f
thc company now at thc -standard Theatre ha- made
"The sportsman" h'ghiv popular tlicre, and lt will
probably run on merrily for some time to come. The
programme begins with thc one-ad play - The netter
ra.-t.' In which Miss Evelyn CampbeB and Crank Gil?
more appear.
There will only bc three more performances of -Der
Yogell-icndler" at the Amberg T..entre, on Thur-?bli?
the br>t representation of Carl MUloecker*! "Das Bonn
ta^sklnd," the oilgiml of -Thc Child of Fortune." will
take place. Thc production Will have new- scenery,
new costumes nnd accessories, ??md new electric light
effcits. All the principal memben of Conried's Fe
renr.v c nile opera Company will be In tbe ca-t. Th-*
principal oharacten wiB bs sssomed ti- follows: Betty
rameii, Lu.ie Verdter; Lady Mix in Rockhill, Charlotte
Tisrhlei-: Mtstre^-. Tym-, Mathilde Otto; slr Edgar,
wiiTuim Hailer; Tristan li<.rival, carl schulz.: sir Han?
nibal, Carl Uartl; .s,r Lothar, inri Oreven; *jhertfl
liunkett, Ernst Peer- .n; Soper.Btendent Warren, En.il
The acting c. A. M. rainier's company and Ho?
mo-anting whick thc manager has given to "Lady Win?
dermere*! Fan" bsve, i ?mbteed with such elements ot
attractiveness ns thc piny it-(if ha-, lo brm. many
good audiences into Palmer's Theatre. E. M. Hell ls
now acain playing the j,rirt of 'laird Windermere.
- William ciilette's production of "Ninety Daya" coy
tinues nu the even r> urs- nf prosperity st ihe Broad*
way Theatre. Thc steumer scene in Ui" sixth set never
falls to arou-e enthusiasm. The explosion "f the i, e
t.'-rg, Mering the villain at the mercy ol the poisr bear.
ls als'i a favorite scene. Cor*.*ne] Robert G. Ingersoll
lus leen seenied by Andrew a. McCormick lo deliver
ll- lecture on "Shakespeare" st thc Broadway Theatre
on .sunday evening. March 12, Tin- subject i- re
gardfii ai ons ot th.- Cotonel's best efforts. The mle
cf sock opens t..-morrow.
Another of Mr. Harrigun'i oM suer.?-. ?? c adella's
AsptoatHms1" wUl l*- pat forvard at llarrtgan'i Theatn
within a hort time, lt ha- been lu nbeanal lor
several wo shu, and might bave been pat tra the stsge
some tmic age ll lt had b.-en itally norad, I. In the
lneiiii nilli' -Th" Mulggan (Hisrds' Hail" goes r'ii.
??Air'.--- ita i ?' >? ;. ' did mch a i-'.K'd buMnesi in
Harlem early In Hie season that Mr. Hammentelli baa
fegassaged mr a return engagement for thc Columbus
Th, aire. wh,-rc n is announced (or i wi ?'.'- ,tsy, be
gissing to-morrow evening, btece Ita last reptcsenta*
tb.n In ih:- city, tbe bani'; -cen- between the Colon
and i onfedentc I mn lui been Improved by intro
dui!ng ? targei loree ol soldiers and Ihe linns of more
shot and -hell. Mi.--- Annie Plxlrjf returna t" ihi- city
a week liom lo-morrow evening, si tbe ( olumbui Thia
tic, presenting f,,r the tirst Uni" ob any -tag., a new
play written lor her by willam ..ii. and entitled ?? Her
limn- th.- Mayer." Thia will bc Hw Inst appearance
of this popular actix-s* in this city for a year. She
closes h.-r tour on May 13 In Chicago, and ulla I .r
Europe tbe following week to spend tbs summer at
Then l- fe good d,-ni ol y.-iiie'y offered In Tony Pu
lot's pl "Og ra tn BM fur Ihe coming week. Ita chief nt
UaCttona ure. Mlle, l'aipierettc, lr, in h cliarai ter ~ I ri _:
er; J. IT. Kelly: mi-- Vesta \*lctoria, who baa been
iiim for a weeft or two; "Tbe Big I oar." smith, Haley,
Marita aad Sparks; Hw donkey actons Introduced bj
their trainer, oirard Leon; tho bicycle expert, Barber,
trick rider .-md expert balancer; ihe (liiri.-n Brother-,,
In aerobatic teeto; Ml -? Jessie Mae Hall, Mi--. Carrie
Monroe and thc i hnmpion Jumper, J. c. Medway.
Jame-T. 1* wen. who hoi not been seen In New York
In a long Hine, will reappear to-monow night ai the
Bijou Theatre in -A Mad Bargain," a Btrcc comedy,
which wiii probably prove to be simitar in n- genera]
nature to Unit In whit h Mr. rower- laM presented l.lin
arif hera. in- present company Includes Peter F.
Dalley, Miss Rachel Booth, Ml - Della sia, x, m Bo ?
Coohe, ff. w. Alien, Miss bonis,- Sylvester Frank M.
Kendrick and Ml-* Forrest.
Milt n Nobles an-1 ia- cmpaiiv will continue lo pri?
sen t ?? For Revenue Only" al the Cnlora Sqaan Theatre
thu nook. Meat wteh Tis ams w. Keene wiu begin
an engagement of two weeks.
A new production by WUItam Haworth '-ailed --.\
Nutmeg Match" I- announced fr Ital, wick at tbs
Fourteenth Street Theutn. One ol Hm scenes In ll
rep.-cscntv a steam pip-driver in operation, ihe nero
fall, under thc hammer, fitul thc villain thinks il a
bappy -beni" to Iel lbs baauner drop nn kim. The
heroine mres the hcio'i gfe, as bsumI, som, persona
tlilnk that the po - ! hil" of meehan,, ai stage sen**
lieu, naging from sts-sawblps to basasaws, have been
ox hilusted, bnl now snd thea an Ingenl hu writer thiaki
Of a new one.
All the act oi.- in "Trio Black ' rook" at thc Academy
were decorated With HM National COfcTI at balli th"
performances on Wednesday. To -morrow "Vening
Mr. Collin, aid Mb-.-. sadie MacDonald
will appear la a ie xv specialty, with son.
and dancing. This evening there will lie n eon
cert nt lbs Academy of Maali by OUasore's Bend.
Among tbs artiste who win appear ar- Mme. Felicia
Rsnebew-U, Mme. schultz spengler, MUS. Marte Wini
mann. PUyns ciork. p, w. BsBSBsrmana and Signor
Cfempabello. Belecttoa'*, fruin tbs spsrss <"l "Martha,"
"Thc Huguenot-" and -ll Trovatofe" will be given.
At thc Harlem Opera House this week John ?stet?
son's company from the Globe Theatre, Boston, will
present ??The Cm?, of Society,- with a casi that In?
cludes Miss Carrie Turner. Mts-, Klita Proctor otis, Miss
June stuart. Miss Helen Kinnaird, John E. Ktllorg,
Edgar L. Davenport, Joseph E. Whiting and Harry
bt. Maur.
The Orand opera House will this week again ba cn
rollcl among lbs theatres devoti*! to farce-comedy.
Robert Baylor will onie more allow thc theatre goer-.
Of tin- We-t side io s.*e him In hi, exhibition with thc
never-to beTorgotten title "sport McAllister, One of the
E. J. Henley begins a short engagement at Herr?
mann's Theatre to-morrow, night, pn-s,olin. "Our
Cluli," and In addition a new play not before seen In
lois city culled " Yc-terday." lt ls hg st-inl-l-iiis
Manse. The scenery lins bega constructed and pin-it.-t
frcm special designs mode by Mr. Siange.
More Of "A Trip to Chinatown* xiii be seen and
beard at the Madlsin stjiiare Tlieatrc this weik. The
process will continue Indefinitely. Thc JOOth per
to.manet will bc reaohed un March xo, u_d thc usual
sonrentn otu be baaed. Thc- torm shoal the oaly
Inclden'i In the rareer ol thc far'e.
i morrow nigh! st Roster * rial's a bow leutun
of ine programme will bc the appearance "f Stebb and
Tn j.p, flinn ihe i lr pie V.i'iio-to ( lui* 111. st. Peters
iiiirg, tlmv .ire -.nd to be artists of rrpuUtton In Hie
y.iiiip-vi.k- t'.atiM- .,.' Kui ipe, lin new c'citiic d ncc
performed by Min Dorothy Denning kai become a
strong balure nf ihe bin. Other proBdneol leaturei
of tin- pcbgraimne thi. weeh ac- the throe Ja :-? -. Bcro
bate; M. Detain*and Mlle. Debrtmont. Fredek duettlsts;
Jsmes Thornton, thi- performan e of the new edition ol
Offenbai ir- - . irpheus," ll. H. Fsrnle'i cn" a, t o| eretts
?Tlie Rehearsal." uixl Mlle. Violette, th.- French sing
cr, iii new songs, ?)n Munday, March Li. M. sud Mme
Derourill Nanci', partataa ducitists .md damer.-, from
ih,- Ekiunido, raii-i. ?-?:., aiake their lint appearance
In America, on the -nae date Mis* BeUe Black, Irom
Ihe Empire Theatre. London, xviii be seen tor Uk- Arel
Mi>. I'ougere aim Mi-.- Louie Gllson continue to
stir Tl... entuuslasm nf theil reopecilve lollowera at Hi*
Imperial Musk Hall. I'lumlncnt an.mi-' Hu- .'lei- Oil
Hie bili Ihi- week are J. W. Myer-, a barytone singer;
Un- Holstons. -'English topbooi deneen and ringers";
.'ari,,.. McAvoy, a p:-.iv writer; tiallagher and West
umi Harry llogcn, a l-undeii character singer. The
usual concert will be given this evening.
Bose and (i..i:lcs Coghlan follow Mme. Dii-e nt tim
Fifth Avenue Theatre mi March IB, when they will
again present "Diplomacy." Mis, Coghlan', amie I ,
"Diplomacy" has ii.;--?t her lo romlnue ber pr. m
organization fur next emson, bimi in all probability
h.a:iy every member will ls* retained, and one or two
added, in addition lo'? Diplomacy," ni least one o'lier
? troii-' play win he placed mi the repertory, und ar
rangements nu- mux m progress for a twenty weelu'
play in this city nex: season.,
Thc Independence 'lub l< showing Hm vivacity with
which lt began lt- existence a few- awn tbs ago by
holding frequent n.lings nml gixlni* enjoyable en
t'rtalr.in.lit-. Tu club has outgrown lt- bead*
qunrten at No. ;;:;? Lenox-are., atm I- noxv looking
around fur a larger bouse. lt l- Intended t.? sci are
a clubhouse In some couvenlenl neighborhood, where
tim membership nf ibe dub ran be Bccommodnted lu
a style Ihat i- In keeping with tin- club itself. TM.
ilui, win give an entertainment mi Mull H lu Rich?
mond Hall, In Ol..- lanni:.-d :inil -Kt.. lilli -t. ne.ir
Eightli-uve., whbh promises tu lu- one nf H." ni"-'
enjoyable in Cn- history <>f the club, iii.- following
hava been appointed a committee to bare , barge ?>:
this affair: Arthur Silverman, chairman; E. Basseen,
secretary; I?- Pollock, treasun-r; Ja< "b Mock, Willina
I'. II. K ne bib, John T. Mi Neill. .lulim- Kennedy.
Howard Hunt. A. schramm, J. -. Kuckllii nnd ll.
The RepubBcana <.r the XXYIth Assembly DI trim
hay.- organised a new club which win i,e known aa
the Morion Club. A meering was held fur Ihli pur
pose at Kohring. Hall, in ? mc-birndre. ami ylxteenth -t.
aili! seventh ave., last weeli alni the foBoWlng were
elected oUcrm: winiam j. Puegelow, pi- Went; iv
w. M, Kir y, Bra! vice-president; Daniel J. Cunning
in,rn, second vice-president; Crank Poutassl, recard
ii:-_r secreter) . Jaine- 1; Stephens, tiiniiui.il secretsrj :
ttiiiiiim Lawlor, treasurer, and Lawrence -torey, ser?
geant nt am.-. Over seventy-five RepubBcana have
already enrolled lu ibe < lub. and lt win be en.- nf Ihe
representative organltaUona In Hm XXVltb Assembly
'Jiie EdelWetafl Circle of Kine's Dsughten, ? rn
nect.d willi the Harlem Presbyterian ' burch, gsre a
musical entertainment on lil.lay nigh't in Ih. .
lu One-bundred-and-twcnty-flfth-st. near Madlson-ave,
'lie parlors ni ii,.- church were tastefully decomted,
tim predominating color being ..range, while ihe
young women engaged in th" entertainment wen nlso
dressed In gowns nf that color. MC- K. W. Cooke,
ih.- president of tin- rfrrle, t'?*k a leading part in the
entertainment, iii" programme consisted nf mu bal
and literary numbers lu whbh ile < itv Cnlverelty
(.l.e cPib tunk part. Ml- Wells and Ml
gai" several recitations, and Ml- -.muller and Ml*,
Wanter musical selections mi ike ptai.\ tenor
-..hi wai nmg by Mr. sherry, while mi-- lloponbolTer
played the lither. i ' ?? object '?' Ibe entertali i
wa- tu raise money fm ads-don weri, among
i ..li,red pe i'l" in v.i booth, The member "f Hie
clnie are Mi-- Cooke, president; Ml-- Winifred
Itii hards,,n. vii- -adi,- Sherry, Ml- Mamie Bras r,
Mba Julia Wanter, Mi-- Elita I ooke, Mi
Brown and Mi-- Ri becca Dun aid.
A -nc, ,--.t!ii reception waa given by Ike I
BOClal ( int' ia, Tue-ilav eVCUlng ul li , H.P. ,:i I
Jiuirdii d and-tweiitx fi.'irtii--'. neal Third-are, Alter
a musical and literary programme, the grand ?
xva-, led by ttillm j mit and Ml ? ll.inker. An bllel
'?Iii' feature nf tin evening wai lite !??! Ill 111'.ll "I
nil tin- couples mi tin- Boor In t ie bape ol i .
A large bouquet nf Howers wa- given by the club lo
Ml-- Florence Matthews, Home ol i,,. present were
Mr. nnd Mi-, .lum. Mathews. Mi. and Mr-, vp
Mr. and Mr-. Birch, John Howe, *?! Howe, Mi
lUng bury, WUilam Paxton Miss \ppcl, Mia m i
and Mr. Bkane.
J,,lill \. Itnwlin- IN ' No. BO, '.. \. Ii
it- regular encampment at lt hradiniarten, No. I4_
tte t ' ii- liundred-and twinty-hlthst., on w.d esdai,
evening, and in thc absence ol thi commander ?* ' ??
po-t. Mr. Hawkins, at Ihe Byracu estate Kn. impi
fbonias F. lialwej pn Ided. Tbe meeting wi
honor ?,i th" metnorj "t Wa hlngton nnd o-vi-nl mern
t.er* ..f th.- post, Including Maj. r John A. Butler, I i
'.nicer of the day, and Frank M. Wilson, -*..\-. patriot!
musical -"l's linn-. Captain lia I wey ni-., modi a ,hort
addr-- , giving a rex).-xx nf Wa-',Iii.fen- i impalgn
in the RevolnUon, ??nd .peaking of hs -fat" mah hip
and life a- a pi ix it.- cltlsen.
Professor 'Hen.a-, Murom.', or Columtila College, xxiii
andres- Hu- rta ve 1 i lab, which meeta nt the nome ni
v. w. Leggin No. ,i hlast One-hundred-and-twenty
-imi. it., to-morrow night, and h.- win take as bi, subj., t
Paraguay, in whbh country Professor Morong -pent
rcvernl years. He Will nt 0 speak Ol Hie Argentine
Republic and l.a lia', .-md lt- tributaries.
Patriotic -crxpiM win he held in ibe Lenox Avenue
Cnion Church (Disciples , No, :.:;l la i,n\ axe., tte- cv. n
romiiiemorailou ?>' the birth "f Washington, tot.
Rev. Jaim- Millard Phllpull win /iv,- in Bddrcss mi -iii.
Mother "t Washington," and speeches viii be made
?rn th.- Hf.- and Influence of \\i hlngton. Mpeciul
music ha ?- been prepared.
lii-hop Charles c. I int ft on will preach at the church
of St, Kdward the Mm-tir. lu ime-bundred-and-nliith
.-t. near Flftb-ave., ni ibis morning's service. Tin.
Committee nu Woman's Work .-I the World'v lmr ba,
mad" two applies!lom tor Hm vestments nf the Church
<f Si. Kdward Uie Martyr, ra 11*.? r they could be
exhibited a' h..* World, lair. Thee rntmenta sn
the gift of EibtidL'e r. Gerry, tin- senior warden ol
tim parish, and they ari- among the fines! specimens
nt neefllework tn the country,
A competition drill fur a hand- .rn- Arni rb ill flag
wai inld in Hu- schoolroom of Calvary Presbyterian
Church. Pi < .in- Inimlred anti -Ivteemh -i. tn ar lip
ax-"., Thursday evening bv 'in- Cavalry Cadet, and
tim Chambers Guards, ihe cadets wen- composed
of young women "f the church and the guard- cnn
slated of ibo young men. Bach company went
through several military manoeuvres wldcb wen
gre.-tid witii npptanse. The young women carried
ot? the horton of ti", evening. Colonel Alexander
1'. ICetchum made the address of pn tentallon while
Mi-, -. Reese responded lu bchaU "f Hu- young
women 'ade:-. Th., memben nf the cadet 'li
an He Missel E. I'/iebm, E. Cook, J, Dearing. Clara
Bull, c. Bull, I'. Kipp's, s. geese. J, McBride, I,
McVey, I.. pritchard, L. Qulgley, P. Reynolds, E.
bheamr, K. Richards, A. Biraban, ll. Summerhargu .
I.. Talless, A. Rose, J. Rose and N. Savage.
Court Manhattan. Ancient Order of Foresiere, No.
'..?"?_'. lifl'l a-i , uLrtaiiuim it .md reception "ii
Thursday scening lu Harlem Turn Hall, In One
hutidri-d and fx'-iity fmir'li st. near Thtrd-SVe. Il,"
hall was hand- iflsely deeoraled with plant, and flags
smile nf those present wen Wllttsm MeElvalne, w.
I*. Mitchell, Willlniu II. Hover, J. 1'. Spain,., W.
isaacs, a. Denser, P, Garduck, J J. smith. M.
Muldoon, J. w. -colt. D. a. Higgins and c. Frick.
Tin- women of ihe Ladies' Aid soil.-ty of th.. Mount
Morris Baptist Cbarck win give an "munge lea"
?ni tuesday evening io ral-" money fm carrying
mi the charitable work in which ti,ev an engaged,
A class of thirty young men called '"thc Yoiun
teer ctsss" connected with the Bunday-scbool of the
Methodist Epl-copnl Church of tin- saviour. In Om
hundreih uiid-iiintli st. near Mallison are., celebrated
their sixth annlvcr-ary Tuesdsy evening nt Un?
borne of their teacher, J. B. One*.:, No. |,Tg_ Wash
Ington-ave. Amoni thom present were Jsnrea Adam-.
Harry BaleleBe, willie Watson. Thomas Stewart.
Robert Hamilton, william Brade, Alexander Anderson,
Ernnk Itnwlin-. 1.. ltn-li stoddard. David Hell. Arthur
De Voe and Harry Sutton.
A musical eiiterta!nui"iit was given nt tin- club?
house of the Columbia Club, In Scventh-ave. and
One buadndtk nnd tw,.ntV-*lxtl>M., on Thursday even?
ing. After an Interesting musical and literary pro?
gramme by several members of the club and their
friends, lhere was dancing.
Tbe meeting of the Theosophical -mlt'ty, winch
will bo hold this evening ai No. 11_ Weet One-ban
drid-iind-twuity-r.fth st . will be devulel to thc sul.Je. t
of - Baaarreetleo and RetneamaUoa."
Berren] sw ness kars Bera i"id fur several wenba
at the Rlvenlde Hnptlst Chinch In Ninety-second st.
sud Aui-Uuduiu-ave., under the li-iulcrshlp of Evan
grits! Arthur (ram-, ol loco. Hi bat teen ?
bv ti.- Rev. Mr. linnets, the po-lur of the church.
a reunion nf ti.- members of the Cslvar) Metbodtai
Ep; copal Church wa- bel.i ii. ii."- kciure-room <>f tbe
church In ' u,<- iiuinlri.l and tue,,tx ia,,ti,.-t. and
beventh-ave. Thursday evening, al which over MM
people w-ci-e present. A uni-.cal snd literary enter?
tainment wa given, Ibo* loklng part In it being Mlsi
Augusta V-ian. li, Mrs Bell, Mr. Ja. h.t. MUS Mali
Whltesldes, mi- Bessie iwnril sad Mi*- I ail i lach
son. ii.e ineii.i.:- ,,r ?... ,,? uri . baying charge
,,i tbe altair wen Mrs .-,. Valentine, Mi- ai:--, i
i.,,,!' Mi- I.Hg, M.*-. -urra. Ml-- Nodlne, Miss
! t.avior am! Ml-. .Neil -?Of Ot Iltur* pr, - -.t ???:??
I Mr-, .lom, A. Mi,-mi. th. Rev Dr an*- Mi Day,
the Hey. and Mi- I u |" !.'?!. Mi- A. Judd. Mr-, lill,
son, Mn. Coi.klln, Mit. Millington, Mi-. Henry J
i hiles, Mi?s Mi.I l.lnit-l*x, Mr. stone), Mils Hender?
son, Mi-s Wright, Mi*. I.rm,.m. M.-. I inlett, Mr.
ami Mrs .' Downes, Mr. and Mi-- 1 I. Jacka, Mis*
Chamberlain, Harrell smith, li-,l Harwell. A Morn,
1 Dr and Ml*-, Carrington Mn. ?? I Wst.rttcld. Ml??
\\.-ie.-i .bi. mi. an.I Mrs. ll. A Cha e, Mr. nd Mrs
Normun, Mt-> F. A. Morgan, Misti Ma on, Ml-s Jennie
Humer, Ml-- I nm mc -liiip-mi. Va-s Clara Miller.
! Mis* Max "ir.,p-ili. Ml?l I. Illiiiicl.ard. .Mr-. Itrtll.
Mi- ll..:-!.!. Mts* s, ,,m, Mi. iiai-l.t. Dr and Mr:-.
Draper Slr.,, lulu..-. Mr. i'i.ur-'.;., Mr. and Mn
sn.. tt i ai'!'' h.. Mi 1.;- ..ii'. Mitt sii,iiii. Mr.
la,mn, Mr Wilson, Mr tilllettC, Mr. i r.ii". Mr.
s-.-i'ii Mr- WtmpRietmer. Ml ? Hemer, Miss Hhlte,
Ml-s judd, Mt. -:" beti and Mr Joyce
A lal-' mun!" I "f Ihi" lil",.'!- .I memb 1- .d' H."
-th Reg.meiil held u i -ccpt.i W.d.Isl ??*.. ?
when tbe pi.Hulton of marl ????? n's t iul| e and * ?
.'inmi.,i levicw nf Uh*regiment w, re held at the armory,
Nlnef. liftl : ? ul I "ark ..-.- ? il mel (i.orgr i>. "?< ntl
.ii ni.ted and Mayor tillnij rcviescd tile regiment.
I illirie* i-.ni. -rv ? mlth, foi". irlj Hie li lied -itali
Minister lo lt" -la, gave itu Interesting kciui.
i rid nv nield In l iii- ini I i ngregaUonal C inn li In Mndl
-,,i, h vc mi.? liimditd and I went j iii -t -t. i ti- I"' -
1,,,-e wa di lix n 'i i'i- H" i.'-mr.t nf tlc Young
people's Hodel! ol ' lirtatlaii Kndi-avor roonei ttd with
that i-burch. Mr. **mtth took for hi- subject "Ll
and -h.,de- ni Life in ll
\ nu.r p ii-iv wa, -'.V n b Mr . L, Best i t the Hotel
Wiiiihr..p. Wedin -dav. to lier tri. i.d- m tlie Miepoll
(Tr. le. iia.-e present XX el ?? Mr. i.'.'l Mi-. I. D'.I'l.
Kt. S, hem I,. Mi- Cur-tun. Mr. Warren, Ml vja iii,
Miss Warren, Mr. Mi i oi ell, ' sill' ? k, Ml - Mc
Clinell. Mr. la-millg, Mi- Mel email, Mr. .'x'lain-.
Mis* ('cell Mm-ie m. Mis* Meeker lind Mr. Knapp,
An entertainment ca I lr ri -Nat lol A Cmdle Sung*;"
w;. given "i. I ii< *ds *>* evenl t lie I evington
Av.n,i ? I u. nt Ll chun h In I -1
hundred nnd ? levetitli ,t.< mider lin1 dins lin of Mr .
lt. II. s,, (lair. Who wa- a-i 'ed bx Nm- IJpil'o |_)
v.,r! . \ Nnilu'ial rradle Ming wu snug bx etich "I
?? .- foll -wing - Tin Ml '? I l"" i."* M< M mu*. Helen
Kt, Claii. Ellie! ? nmpliell, (I rn cc Willi itu , M.'1" I
Campbell. Mai Conover. \'l . Adam*, I.i// le Waller,
Erinna NeWliV. Ire ? Dr-Cv. Cdit'i Daxi-, la//i,.
la ?Hided. Urti, i" Mooninew", Rtlle Kri 11 .lent,ie
Ri nion, Etta III si 1 Held, I iii." lum winkle. Florence
I.i. rn um. Ruth Moore, Mnrhcll Campbell, l.. Ile Martin,
U/./.I Wnlter and F.tia Hlcmly.
\ M, cpi lon v. 1- given to Mi ?. l-.. s\ Ililli
Tm-,lav ex.-mn-- bx I r imn -? I Idle * Hillie 1 I
ol tl.- 11 irbiii i'n- In terian < linn b al lin ' onie ol
Thoma, Hov, Nu 111 Wi"*l lin-hundred mri 'I.lr
I Iel hst. Anning Ih. present were "-I . ind
Mr*. A. H. ll,uni.',rev. Mr. nnd Mr. Timm., Mai
?..I ?:,. Mb Sonil Stuart, Mr. Joni Ml
Jones. Mi-- M..mb Knox. Mi . Korah ll. Wentworth,
Ml*s O. M. (Hilson. Ml-- lan x Kins Oil, Mi I .mi
Mlllspniigb: Ml-- Winifred Blchnrdsoti, Ml - Louisa
S. Wrav. Mr. Iii..m. . \. '. lilli.,. Mr. Simm-. Ml
Harriet I. s. .,,,, . m-.. ;;. p. \\ hlt.-bmi ??? I*
Hibbs. Ml ? M. I C.llil, . Iud.-- and Ml W li
vt.i rea, Ml M Hie Knox, Mr. nnd Mr . John
Wrav. Mr. lld Mi . lb Igtand. Mr. and Mn. B. C.
Eating uti'l Mr. and Mi I 10m il Arthur Hay.
k ni w it<-i'tTvt ie ' i' x rr ve
rowv imo
I ?? ? fi m ,,' Ihe r ? -.- t.. 1 ll I. '?'? ll Bnd
Ike begli iring ..' 1 rall I is hem tit on W i?hli
! nih li \ in irk -d ihe ip. ' ? ??' in Imi
prl ?-. W| ll ir X" ill g|, lt ' ' "' Ihe
North Klde who ' 1 ld< * nd po ir v i
?a- -.- . ie ed IW III ?
' mi ? III llietle.
nf Ihe northern part o I i Ry, Ily - '
jons* Well, Ibe ]'-' bb nt "f l 1 ? ?
I ? .?'..,..
on Wi-dm <i iv Ita !*? . in I * I
Klein ni ?! li. Dil ii- 'I! ill, Ri
Perdln md Levi ' I mer ll ls wen
Ibo ? ? ho p he. t I wi bi .11,i\
:? undi <i by II ' many w.-11-l.i
bide -? bb nt
un. -. Tin tali ?
dax of the we. 1
V. ll. Il "i ?
Mn. 1 Hall. '
1 William I.I I* mun,
' ? fie I ill ii,, i' I
M. A. Dei is , Mn. ll * '?ii ?
V I Hall, I* M. Col-, M '
N. ?? ll . ? I-. '? ?
... Unit. H
der way lt *
?natly meded tn the up i
I-';-,-. ? ?
? (i,
[ile Ford lui tn 1 I ' bing
!,,?? , I'll .-.uri fr -in
* \. I ?* 'i-i
1 a ? 1 v. Mah 1. - -moil lott. 1 ll
ir v ll. Dm,'! ni, nf the !
p. Hm '1 and I ; ld. nt <
\ l indn 1 -? ? ? i . .
haili._? chan ? led of J ihl .
?nliy. J 1)111 R. ('orita. 1 M. I
.?ral Ji bli s ' I'M' ?
n ? annual mei ling of th, Mot
mi J in lax .x.nl. I till report
III the club' ?
u. r"i tt port -'?i.weii ihat thc i
Ho- < lub ba I di, ? x, 1
?a hip. pt* I id m. rea ri. 1 In i
annex I . .'. pl. led, and nt ? non a * I 1 i',,
ll e . f |,|. \, |e- b. ?_!'. . "iii pt?Vl ? |||| III
lo ihe memben and "Uni- who will huvi Ihe richi
-,, a , ihl part "f Ihe dab build ng. i 1 e annual
.?ie. Hon nf nfl ? ? 1 r ulled In Hie eb i ti m ol ?
who J rel been nomlnnl?d t,\ ibi regutai munt
Ex Judge Hall wm 1.- president; Dr. J, e. Comfort.
iir 1 vice pre-Mdeni . William ... Davis and ' barb ll
1 ni kei. i-creturl John ii k. treasurer, and -
l.iu.i,in Happy, J. ll Talm .-?? and Dr. C. E i.m.
riin-i ion.
ill itimi .rx I" wi i- beta "ii 'i ht
1 ? |o mark tbe beg! ni i? pa tonie ol Uh
Rev, J. Ba * ???? ol Hie Tre.nt li' byterlan ( lmr. I,
li r Ri v. Hr. w. ' . Billing, of tli ? Mount M irrl
lii.p'i-i Church, wa rhnlrman, and bImi dellvepd
tl.rm.m. \motig lithe., vim look pan in lb.
. ixi.e wert Ihi lb *r. J i; 1 * gil h ..nd lb. R.
Mi * . Ri-nnlng, < mipia ll, C. ll. Kimball, ti
\. Niv n .u\it I.'. - op
At ii..- bearing ls fun Ihe Boird ?.f Mreiri ' 'pening
mi lii.iax |n di ' a tie- set timi of 1 on ml
IP Im/' official map ol Ihe upper ward which
'.Bend for approval, Hie prinrti .1 oppn
to Ute .i.i..|.it..ti ol Ihe plan- rame from the Ne* Yuri.
ami Hartam Railroad. Tie railroad roaipauj objert
tn the ronllnulng ?.f cert lin .Ire ?* acm the I rai k
of the rood, Then an non rro lng al .hundred
?ind f'.nx ninth ni.ri One-hundred-and i\i\ rn I I
but Mr. Heirn** map piux.i. tu,- two addllbu
gs which the rain sid company mu I con iruci
lieiweon Hi"-.- stree! . ile i. w.r. n few nther otijei
Hons, but in.,! ol Ihe ? -piX'i who wi-m pp . i.i ad
roraled Ihe .ub.pt.I Un ai ip The llouli I uri i benn
??* bk ii ' otrfm loner lb Aili I n -t...ti ,-,t t, art wn
i ot opp ? e-i. though n ap|w_i nu Ihl port.f lin
mop. if Ibe I.i ol Mp I Dpi i Ing uriop'. Hu
map lt win rein mi a |. par! ol Hie I
"in ol th" Mtv unb ir ? :.. .|.|,tu,c uuthorlzi
A large ? ommltti i nf r< Identi ol Ihe upper wai I
la- I*** ii appointed | . ?.-." ihe u ? -...-.- ,,i n,,. pm
tm- lefon ina Lcgtsluiup' ??? mpelllng Hie M..nh itt rn
l.'nllw.ix I,, , ari-, pn , , , ... j,,,,;,
downtown stations n. Hu.i ,.- n?. .,,.,.., ,,,,;
Among ti,.- memben ol the rommlttec nn Mitrlti
P -1. -bu... i. \i. lb. M. T. Ward, V. H. Lydmi
mid Al'in/uri Pan. Alri-i man Herks I il,.,lillian ol
lbs n.mmlib-c. Memben ??! Hie committee wil.
pear infill.- the legislature sud pieseni ihe vier ot
Ha '? citizen, above Ibo Hartam who an earne.llj In
fax.a- ..I ii .Ingle fan pu tin- elevated i u I.
Survey* have been linnie for .,.-,. ,.,| ? i m .
'?'. which fomiiitsilonci HatiiU i- de.dpiu* "f con
struciing ss - n. .. work rna ? ???iuii ,?, h.. .prln:
' 'ao ol tho li i nona ni -.mer- I- thai In Vandi
ave. xx a,, ii .'in drain ii targe snknim ot i-aiiim
Bid* wen ors ed lat wis*k at the Mt reel li
Dcpnrinirni fm regulating and paving pun nf Rn i
? .m-lmii Hr I uni Unii -exeaih -C. J/;, | One-huinl ll
inn! inn. th st.. 1-i-t ? nie huinii-'-l and lift] . .ml -i
Elsi ii ii hundred a , -!\t\ fifth si. und i un i ave
Am.mg tlnar who enjoyed Ihe Melghlng ,f c,e ls ?
fexv d.-n, ii, ti,,- northern pan 'if Ibe illy wen- tb.
Washington Wheel men of Tremont, who with Iheli
ni.-nd- took pan m nu evening klctghride. 1*1,-11,a,i
.-;.-. warri bd the party. Tits irln US to 11 b ,1,1 1,1
lin Island, -.xh.re lhere waa dancing muli th.? rl\
morning hours, when tin- retura Journey was made
in ihe rlubliouse ul Une-huiidredand seventr tHth-sl
and Batbgateuve.
T. (?? Cook, ni North New York, md M.-, 1:,,???
MlBloma, were amrried on Wednesday evening ni n,e
imine ot the brlde'i sister, lu E.1-1 Elghtvilfil, .1
Their home win i?. in Eu*t One-humlnd and forty
rhe u,as.|uer.-,t|e ball of i lu Ibummiie slnglii
Bortet y wa- held al I'r-sch'i Hall, mi Thur-liv even
In'. Thc Arion l.l.iieitiifei mn.ipi'-ra b- h.,11 was held
al Ibo -.a" ptacs. Ofuer balls, tnt, week hove been
thone "f Aurora Rtirumpm.nl of the Knights ,,f st
jomi am Malta, mid of Ibe Annex Howling 1 pn,
lim ri? ?t exhibition _| ihe gymnastic classes ni ti,
\ taint Men'si Chitattan Assmlatloti for mule visitors
only waa held on WediUHday evening. Tumbllnu
wresilln- anil boxing were the malu [c-itiir-s ,,f Che
entertalBPlCnl. Then wos also Instrumental music
and patriotic ringing hy a eborus. The union's clasm-s
in gymnastics have been- mon surce-sful ihl. -?
Oiun i\ir before In the history 0f the as.ocliillou.
lour Children Bitten by a I)og-A Waa-ia*..'. Hlrth-toy Elo,.c
menl-Tlie Home Baseball Team-Various items
of General Interest.
i,ps, ,-sim; cun'.i'.i.s-s \ rr wp.S-NOTES AMD
-?The unexpected alwaya hoppena,*' h.ev aay.
?? they" are often right. The man lindi lida lo be
true xvi.., walks along an Icecovered iMewnlk thlnh
m* ??-.,- the other pepi" fain I don't fi'": rm
unvfooted." - ..uri then, owmi t.. some Budden
ian, ,f Ockle fuii..tm. ur some decree nf Hm rates,
immediately he hud- himself scati-d m. the pavemenl
studying ualpinomy. Ti.I- pr ivcd true thi- week lu
,, .,,,1 ,,, ti," flagship Chicago lltul >-. Ibis principle
proved nm-, rn" tl"- atory. When t'"- Chicago tefl
tb,. Navy Vnrd eoriy in th.- week, ll was not expected
timi she would return there fm- aevernl weeba, not
until .nt,,- ii,.- big imval review lu Ibo spring. Uul
? ?. . ad token part lu ibe function in the North
Uiver n Washington's lilrtbday, the vi-ssel went
ba, k io tbe yard on F I lay. This ma >!. be ? "?-*
. | uni received all Hie guns ol h.-r noa
., a iarv buttery. The remaining pms of Ihe bal
nix wen- i,. in- shipped fruin Washington yesterday,
r*. . ip, i ini lo arrive :,i iii" yard t" morrow, --'
i< pi baldy will be re "ly for sea on Wednea
li,,. r. tm ti "f Ihe I bb a;-., rn the Navy Yard bo
unexpe ledi', gave new Impulse to a rumor that
. ., i a:,Ten*, fm- ii Pw- dii\- bel.,re that lune, tn
"... elf, -1 fin v Hu- Hear \dmlrul Walker hud
a lui. m- wa., going i" i I-. '" !*?? detached from hi
pta ,. a commondanl 'f ti..- North Atlantic Kiiuodron.
pan Hil, rumor was discredited by some "f i.Beers
... i,ri.ix. Although lt bas ta*en reported thal there
are differences between Admiral Walker and Admiral
? I., i.ir.ii, nml that fur thia rea-un Admiral Walker
x...,n uni like i > p-nort t" Admiral < sherard! i" serve
i.r.d,i imn in Ihe in-. .: P-vlew, still it I- thoughl Ihul
Vd mira I Watter - n I mode an application f >r de
lachment. Admiral Uherordl will be detached from
.: , , .; . Hon I- "V* r.
f, i if Admiral Walker continues in lil- present rom
? i ...mi m.ir. h.- probably will have tl." Sea Ym'
?, ii,, n ? Ula idrou for ll ?
ie i ,,t in u i a, ur servh .? ni
I,, ;. . :. ?? . m.". w ia. h bad so
, . . t ,1 a fi, il , im ."inc lo thc
j/ard Hu *??'?"'!! '" P*celVe her mi-'- mri s|,nr
?i.rv. sUire . provision*, cool, officers an! cres
and it ti -v' Iii! ii v tn lil '.ur fur SOU. Il *'
'ia I ar- I .rix. nuri Hi"-' il 11*1 the Other
Hiing ? ? ? be : ?' mi board, and bet
. :? -x "lil le i . ri. f..r In r mi ll," Vert', ?
in ii -I. ,n ? fl will I," readj ' M
OW m, I In- : ship Vcrnmlit linn t i
. e ||l ? ItK il,-', Jr li,I ?? ??( t-,.- h. XX Xe ICll nf
? m.
I h" work "li tl,. Cm ',? ii I ari', i", !"-? r
tb of I i - -1 l- to b.
? -iii Jn-r- tn mnrnrw : the al irbonrd -
being talma
Ibe \.--.-l I
?'. iii, . OVW tl ?? de. |; ol
i flxltx .
lo be xi ell .rix alu ?? I
rb '?> bo
I ' III- I,
Ihe v..-els I
\ . r
i i r and P
md * ns weil a* the i ni. re
? ? ? ? -f ? ..? w-. , . d furn of i.tinnies
"ll I.,em.
? gtneer
two m. re We ix ?
I * |.i .-I ri di. r wai Pm., ii- ri ?
I , --I \ i i ii ' Engineer Weavi r, b- fore be resigned
'? >?? i. i" b. i. .? ? m ?( niidln i
?- ? I ??? X. ?
' J Ki r.-r M ix nie. rta Insti .m. rn Indi
,'.'1 Hie "I ' -| ? ri Indi. .if..r i"
mlei tin r ol if eacb ot the
pp pell ? ?? ! . i . end ? f Un ??
1 na, nnd rn ii:, all "f il on n
of pap , rt of finding I
I ital nf the Hi
nd cn . tor -,..? !?? .,?* : -i a ?
ll - prim I pie i ? , . .
pp ll ml mir) trial*, .. i arve, bj means of which the
l-"l ? Ht I ?? told "ii Hie ott!. | ,1 :,, .| ; r .. , ijn . |,
?I ap from ihe niimta r of revolution . Hie dis
d, and t ?? .x. er.
1 ? ??nm..mri.int ..r the N.ixy Yard
.mi station, hu n experience which de
*i him. lb was in Wa langton h, i week, and
"??I rd was si pb a-ms*. An
' ? ' '?* 'I * "I expert wi.,, |s I,, |be tin',.1 SUI es
?'ll ?' trip, J.-ml a xl li I,, Ihe nen , ni- ,- Nea 1 . h
"mined Ita- eleetrt. lighting plant ,,,, her.
?ta dd lhal t ie din ni.i ibe \, , i md Ike plant
a ll XX I,nie We|e I;,,. ,,,,,.( e ?. e||e|,t IIU'I IIIO-I COII1
pli'le Iii every wax nu aux Vessel In nnv .Vu v Of
World; nml ihiii In .,,,1,1,1 like lo linet the
ai ni " ho di Igned ll. . . . Thc plant waa de
limed bv H.. ,.r , ,,,?,.I,,.,. |.-.,i?.n. v,id iM- a
i ? ??t ? ? i * In lh<- lal, .ni ( ompanj al ts a,mi lad).
v *' Hie x.ig mau had ti"t lota hi. tallier what
il-ri: I
riler," i naturally much .11 Bppotntmenl among
* Mi ?' ol Hu Naxx lhal Ibe tpproprlattan bill
provldi im- only one small v.- I. g light draught
ul 1.9 <i lon di placement Mr.
ItOUtl'lb-, Whu h., 1.ll lt 111.-lilli, r nf the llou.se
Viv.il Committee for many rem . and I- an ex
officer ui the Navy, urged an amendment providing
for f. gt! His and mn D.lKNI-lon eugolng Coasl
lim- ki i: I. * nilli, '"it tin- amendment was voted
down. \ Ihe bin stand ll provides for only the
unboal alluded i". lo ro.*i not more than
: I*....hui au.I lo i Nlilt.lt a p, e,| ,,f n,,| |,.
? vi aili en knot, an hour, ii H." v.-.i should ex
? ??ii im pi, d iii" cont rai lor w ii i.e. ive a pre
.mum ol sr11i.i??*.? ai,.,xe ibe rontracl prtce for each
?in ii'' r of a hind in exe, \ penal!) nf a Uki"
.'.* l ? ju .xi.bii for e.n ii quarter nf a kool lhal
Hie vessel's -p.. a max fall below Ibe guaranteed
|" ' ri ni . X, lil. eli kl ?
Ina in i a bs ul.: Ihe "tty ? r- at the Yard were
i-'i-eiiip. ni, iinix ai ihe Washington Nuv) Yard gun
foundry tl.-v lake much Interest In ike work done
. :iini Hi rn was :i general i sj re .f sal
"i lim: day Wen n waa repleted lhal
n.i- event! iitf'.upts the ordnance authorltta had
ine.-eiieri ifi getting ih.. ja.i,.t on the i:;nuh gun
In in proper place. TM - I ? Ibe firs! ,.f the in Im h
-un- designed for the new- battleships, ami, with
iii"" others, \'lll Ind a phi'" iu Ihe turrets of the
'.ilpili, now building on Ihe Pacltic const, and Hie
ik'klng ot Ike Ja. lei threatened Ihe completion ol
ii,., gan.
ih" wnrii ol manufacture ol ibis gun p. nf more
ihiu ii -mil Interest, and every step ha- i.n watched
hy Captain Sampson, Ihe Inspector In charge of lt.
lin' tr,i? ? sill be Hu- largest ever Bude lu lids country
IV Hi" built Up pr.ee-. Tills steel rill. ll Illili!"
"t thirteen eparate pieces ,,,' metal, exclusive nf
ii,, complex carriage, and Ihe superstitious have
, \|,r ...I in ii.ii apprehension les! a El Inch gun,
made i.f thirteen ptecei ol metal, liouM be doomed,
lin gun consists ol a central lithe, over which oro
-I,rmi', bands, on Jackets, nf vnrloils .hapes.
n total length I i. arl) ' nf) feel, i diam der al
the breech I- mi Inch more than four feet, and it
inprr, i" a thickness "t iwentj oin- in. he. at Hm
mintie. When Dnlsbed the gun will weigh near.)
lOH.dOU pounds, or ni,mi ie vee 0 nine tons, nnri
li-, . i.n-lcii.-Hoii will have m ciiiiteri six nmiith
hui better lime ran be made wtth the otliei itun, ol
this caliber, lt will require more I han 300 pounds ol
p wrier io load His iii!., im one discharge, which h
.iii, ubil.?l lo burl ii .sluril al",ut Hire, feet long, Wdgtl
Ing 1,000 pounds, a dial a nee of twelve mlle, <n mon
with a v.fiiiity of SI.0(10 feet ii second. Al a dis
lance of n mlle and i hall from Hm muaata "f thi
mm Ibe loree of i a-Hd shot I- ralculated to pterci
twenty "ic* Inches ol steel.
Ensign Oeorge w. Logan, who recently returned
hume lr un ii lhere \ "ar-' I nils'- lu Hie Asiatic s,|iia.ti,,ii
ts going arith Lieutenant peary on hi- cruise to Ita
Arnie Roslin Logan u un nhio hov. ., s,m nf |
i iti'iiitiitl lawi.-r. and has a determined dtsposltkm, h
hard) ronatltmloo, and nu unlimited stock of nwi ip?
ili ha- bari many adventure* -Ime be was graduated
nitiih lu hi- rams ;ii Ihe Naval Academy, in 1.77. 11,
wa- nu lin- -limp ? 1 x'.ur Vniitlnll ln Hie liurrb.iue nt
Mtmoi in March. IA_0, and aurrowl) paenped b'-lint ln-n
lu pi* efforts lu -ny the lives of ..thor... s,M,|, aper
waid in- xv;!- transferred to thc Moiiararr, m Chins
waters, and was preaeni daring Ibe Irnnbles tn China
h. .d by tb'' BMsaurroof leveral ml?-lnnaries.
That sii much inlerc-i I. taken bv < dicers of Hu
?av) In tho watter of the sale itt a little more thar
twenty seven acres ?r ike Navy Yard lands ls natural,
Tim maj.elly of the officers believe lt lu Im ri-rirl
menial tu th ? inte-esis of the Oovernment lo dispose >t
Ibis hind, bul lhere ale mull) who are of the opinion
Illili Ih" (iovrnmeiil rio"- not nulli need lin* piece it
I- proposed lu sell, li ls not ul all certain, however,
Hun ih.- authorities of Hrooklyn will be disposed to
Uko tho property at the appraised value pm upon lt,
no matter how mm h li I- needed tor Ihe Wallnbout
market lacl-lles. The land Include, lhal eas! ot the
boundaries ol the marine bnrracks grounds, 500 feet
fronting on Flushlng-uve., and 1.51- feet fronting on
Woshlngton-ave., and almost Hie shape of un oblong
iii.- arl authorizing tbe -al limned the price at not
le? ihau Uti,OOO an acre. The appraiser* have lived
nu- value at *i.-'ii-.'.?.?;. nr about P14.M0 an a. re
Mayor lioody has expressed surprise al thi- usse.I
vain". :m<i seems lo l" in doubt that ll will he
agreed to.
Tin- bearing upon the moilun to eonPrm the report
of the Long Island Water supply Company Commission,
the liability of which awarded b57O.O00 rm- tho prop?
erty of ita company, was adjourned jr ester* .jr until
Tuesday. Counsel for the city -.'bl Ilia! there w.-re
In effect Iwo m. ii.ns, one lo con li rm tbe report and
another t" se! n aside on Ibe ground thal Commis?
sioner Howe was Incapacitated from acting, tis kc was
a member <>f Hw Itoerd et Education, it wai well
known by the company and li attorneys that lm ama
lu the Conni of Education, nnd an Bdjoornmenl waa
asked '?> i'i'-"in ni affidavit to ibis effect, and to
.... ? .,' I,, xxa, not disqualified. The adjournment
xv.i- grunted.
An elopeanenl took place on Waahlngton'a Birth?
day In South Hrooklyn. Mi- Ida Clarkson, daughter
il Edward M. < lark-mn, ol No. 157 ITftj third ?t- was
tnarrtid to Wallace Edwards, "t NO. IM Fifty-fourth
rt., willmot ibe consenl of lier parent . She I- nine?
teen uti'! ber hu-banri I- twenty-one years old. Her
parent i objected i" lita attentions m their daughter,
and ili"'i-'ht -lu- was i"" young to murry. So she
qui, fix i n ber borne In ll.vi nlng and nn-t her lover
anil txin rriends, who .a-, ?itiip.inb-ii iinin to the house
of the Rev. .1. ll. Light-bourne In Fortj ilxtb-at., who
married them.
i . young couple then noni bri live In rooms In
se, id axe., neal- llltx follrth-st. 'li--' -iii'- fwrents
are m.sr) with lier, inri refuse t, ri-corni I ac ber or
band, i. mini ler - lld ll al they were of
propi-r age, ? > he pcrtoninsl the ceremony. Ile dbi
nol Unow tii.it i' ???. : nient.
A member of thc btw linn of Jackson & Burr, of
Hrooklyn, yesterday began dispossess proceedings
in Justice Murphy'- I'.vii Court In Lee-ave. against
ex Senator Albert Daggett, ike property In question
being ihe handsome brownstone house al No, .Vii
p... Ifi,: I ax-, 'ii,,, proceeding, were begun for Elmer
E. ( "??? Although th" .'."a ?? I i- not been occupied
by Mr. Daggett "r hi- family f..r several -ear-, lt I
-i.n ihein-ii i,\ him a- in- home, li.im im- ad
? lr.--. . p-gutarly casts his i rte on ele?-t|on dav.
I yin. n.-h Mr. Hoggett ba, failed to pay Ihe pm. n
* l- chanted, he retains Ihe k
A tee weet* ago n notice was alteeked to Ihi
j ii,*.- "f the dwelling Infurmtng Mr. Daggetl t
in d .-? l.eL'.in .. - . i ? - r lia, if
? he db! no come forward -? > t m.iko a settlement bet re
D ll.
Fulton St., opposite DeKalb Ayc,
The lies! Ii__lat?*s1. heat vcnlilatctl
iiiitl HB_ml |?,'i-l',-,*l 1 *> ri |>|> ii ii i. il ?.lore in
kin,-rilli. (Uni ?ooun Iii Mitt uri' Ini'scr
mi,l lii-iii-i-. mitt otu- prii-,-*. lo,, it,
ili:iu (lio-i- ol' nu, oilier sinrc in
lt tool. I, ii. 4 oiMiiicc , our *.<-! I li> muk*
int; ioi* a?_? plea ami prices.
So far as Prices and Qualities are
concerned, the Most Important
Sale Eyer Made in this
Whether or not you need a Cloak,
tlo not fail to carefully read the follow
i11ii' list. Desirable good* have never
before ix'i'ii offered ko low. lt will
doubly repay you to buy now for next
Black Cheviot Three-quarter Couts,
trimmed with black ..strachan?most
of them with heads and loops?reduced
from $10.00 to $5.00.
Black and blue Beaver Three-quar?
ter Coats, trimmed with black ..stra?
chan, reduced from $14.50 to $7.50.
Black and blue Cheviot and Diago?
nal Three-quarter Coats, trimmed with
lilack ..strachan, reduced from $19.50
to $10.00.
Black ami iiim- Diagonal Three
quarter Coats, trimmed with black
..strachan, reduced from $90.00 to
Black Cheviot and Beaver Three
quarter (^ata, trimmed with Kable, re?
duced from $30.00 to $18.00.
Black and blue Braver Three-quar?
ter Coats, trimmed with Persian lamb
and .sable, reduced from $40.00 to
Black Matelasse Three-quarter Coats,
Astritchan trimmed, reduced from
:?..,7.:.o to $22.50.
Black Clay Diagonal Three-quarter
Coats, Sable trimmed, reduced firoui
$50.00 to I25.(m.
Novelty Three-quarter Coats, fine
goods, light aud dark colors, $12.50 to
$35.00; were *l!>.7."i to $55.00.
Fancy Scotch Mixture Coats, Mink
trimmed and lined with satin, reduced
from $55.00 to $15.00.
Black, hine and tan Kersey Coats,
reduced from $59.50 to $25.00,
Bxtra length Coats, black and blue,
handsomely braided, reduced from
$52.00 to $20.00.
Black Camel's Hair Three-quarter
Couts, trimmed with Persian lamb aud
lined with brocaded silk, Empire hat*
reduced from ?87.00 to $50.00. ?
Three-quarter Coats, in brown a?*i
tan, reduced from $13.50 to $5,oo. ?
light and dark mixtures, reduced fm'11
$14.00 to $9.50, and from $37 vf?
$19.50. wt0
Tan and brown Three-quarterCoata
with velvet colhir, reduced fromi-iS
and $:,7.50 to SI5.00. ?
Three-quarter Novelty Coats, 8eVm|
styles in brown, black, blue and g^
have been 835.00 to $45.00; reduS
to $17.50. ?
Two Fancy Coats, one brown, tri*,
med with Persian lamb and gilt and
one tan colored Camel's Hair'e?
broidered in colors, greeu vt^L
sleeves, reduced from $115.00 to $45Qa
One Fancy Coat, green, trim^
with gilt, reduced from $4750 tr.
$10.50* w
Triple Cape Coats, brown, bins
green and tan, with velvet colW
reduced from $45.00 to $20.00; blac?
blue and tan, reduced from 832.00to
$15.00; two-mixture cloth, reduced
from $17.50 to $7.51); fur-trimmed,
reduced from $32.50 to $15.00.
Three-quarter Russian Coats, re,
dnced from $27.50 to $5.00 and 'from
$32.50 to $7.50.
Black Cloth Cape Wraps?
Seduced from $0.75 to $5.00
" $15.00 to $7.50.'
" $1*.75 to $10.00.
" $30.00 to $15.00.
u $47.50 to $25.00,
u $02.50 to $:{O.Oo]
" $?J7.50 to $.57.50.
" $70.50 to $42.50.
u $87.00 to $50.00.
Black and colored Matelasse Wraps,
reduced from $27.50 io $10.75 and
from $40.00 to $20.00.
Black Velvet Plush Jacques, re?
duced from $24.00to$19.50,from$4241
tn $27.50, and from $17.50 to $29.50.
Cloth Ulsters?
Reduced from $22.5(1 to $12.50.
" $2S.5<) to $15.50.
u $40.00 to $10.75.
" $17.50 to $35.00.
" $55.00 to $.')7.50.
" $80.00 to $50.00.
At Special Prices To-morrow.
Extra heavy Dlaek Satin Ducho,.*^, new brochi
(lesisna ip. ti*..- colorings, regular $2 25 quality,
;it .Si ."." ncr yard.
Ulai k I'.i'ici'l.- s.njn, with cnlnrcii tmlttl tty.
?i.i:.. six in!'ini.'., tegular 8135 -virility, al
si '"' per card
Clack lVii'i de Sole, with colored swivel de.
-I.n-. 1'iiir colorings, regular $1 '.'j quality, al
si "" per yard.
Heavy Black Armure Royal, with wnall deign,
in three-ti in* .-if.-et.-,, regular Si oft quality, at
si "?? per yard.
Five-tone Pial 1 Armure. evtra linc, heary c-rad*.
.ill new comhlnationa, regular ?.' ii quality, aa
Si 50 |K-r yard.
Four-tone Plaid Beau (ie Sole, ten combination*,
all new design*, regular $2 00 quality, at $151
per yard.
A Lender for Mo nth nj.
2d pleeea Lupln'a French rhevjnr-, il in*-**
wide, full in.f plain colon, '.*.? eta i**r y?_,
I oat ead "f -?? eta.
The Latest Nouelties
nt eonflneil iie?isn? of Silk and Wool Faa;_M,
I.mania Plaids, Point I :? 11 _., 1: n*---. Moaquita M|
A La rae Assortment
ut Fri nih Plttmetia Dot*, sn;,- i,in.li,ims. Svdve!
Silk, lorean silk, new ileaigna m I.men L_*T
ami novelty effects In Scotcli -Ingham*
Spec ifi ls.
Small designs in One Corded Dimitri f.i-t color*
i?' l-.* eta. |H*r yard. ..
Fine In lia Dimity, beautifully printed i'i -Ml
li.lire-, 1 7 et-._
Extraordinary Reduetitms thlt
in ail makes and widths et' hlaek, whtt#l r.inral
lin..-, L-olored ..ml lieaded I.i'*'-* pud" J" "7
t,.|i-'. iii-. Sets :ni'l Skirtings, aiiltabte tm tm
lu cix. dress trimmings and fancy work-nan
"i regular price., and less
Mack Silk Bourdon Lace-, -"> '?> ?* ,:t-- P*
Novelty Lace*, eolored, gold Md >?w*?*i <J
ets per yard, ..
Colored Laces, fnr fancy wuk. l-l-- ? "
ct-, per yard. , . >,_
Fancy I '.tt.... ami Linen La*** -*??_?
widths, 5 t" -."?' ?t-. per J ar I , .
Black silk Drapery Sets. Itt eta to Si ?>?? ,
1 mut d'Ireland l.a<-s. net tope, natural aw
lii-l.t*. 1 ."i tn !?*? ctr*.
Black Chantilly Skirting-. 0- ct*. ,
I link 'Silk" Irish Point Lac?*, o]/Rm *? m
tops, Si 25 tn s:. 50. ,M
50 doaen imported Veils, black UH C0'<>B,
'.'-" ct-, each. _
$1.69 instead of $2M
onn pairs of the o^ebratcd '/.. /* r"?lJ
liest quality French ratine, white an' anj
with l*ii_ waist, heavily boned, don-*.^
steels, siaes IS tn io, regular S-?'?' cor*"'
Si nu per pair.
S/iecials this Week
Ladies' .vi.utt..n K*<1 (.hive.-, t''"4- hrroS5
n.'.'1-H. grays, s-Vitc* and black, 79 eta P'r gt
Cains' i-lu.tt _??? Smile glove*, M 0_* F* I?u
s.ii.i cf.:, high back Dining i",^ P?JJJ
iii-ii. reuu .-1 from $1.23 to 82.00. JfQ^f
chair* tn match, i.*'iu*.*i from $0*50 to W??.
Solid Oak and Mah'. :any innsh Man -1 gs.
tuns, with large French plate, hewto? fflirn"
$14.00: equal ta *nythlng ?.<>! i f,,r pzv.**>
New Patterns for Spriinji
tin* most complete iMortmetll in tins cit":
-farted and domestie A?__l--l?..j!?g
Oolefins, Velvet-*, afoqMt*-, -*?"?" ""
Ingrains. , ?,,. yan.
Th,- ln-t quality Ingrain*, IB wOv.^L*
\ aprcial line of beat all wool ?t ?3Hg*- |
our own Importation pf Straw M*ttl*g^
fancy, plain a*(l white and rel checks, at pop

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