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IHE BRAltBBB na not sf.f.m disposed to bebo
Thc vicne rejoicing BB*ei Hie "break ot the roal
.omt-n." I- dying awap. The ahuadaat literature
Mr,i of thc t'liiiiuiti eraah, eoverlag ail phases cr ihe
^pintle organised extortion, bas been dig-Bled. Tlie
theories "' ?aHvea aa IB HM manipulation ol stocks
ind tx""1, **t*t*mei la Impressive Interviews kara
t^?n aargi- eaploUe*. Tbe people now- want tho
BgBal ?aaaaaa nt what aaa boen ia theai a tragedy,
mom san'* eheap-T .'oul nnd they wan! lt al euee.
?p\e Mary al the destitution t.r tbe poor daring this
mut I* heeOBllBg sn obi and familiar otic. The
rfrerity of ">? vv.ither lhal BM-aal death lo an]
.nd tarra iii lok bm |o ail has had a faithful aHendanl
in Hie high eeat al eoaL 'rue forcai in iii** Baanctal
,-arld thnt romblncd lo make ibis price p*?-.*.ib!.-. and
to ?stain'" it even through the extraor-lBary rtgora
^ ?>.. s.;is,.n, BV-Bed a iHipular rlnnior lhat luis *-i
,..,!*: aaaa eqaaOei ta the history ot Hie country la
?jd1n_ry piOsperO-g times. The sympathy of Ihe
public BUBB nnd the consequent wide publication ot
,11 details of tho project ha*, mode- ll familiar lo the
public from Iht beginning. The customary eaaqfelnta
? |a UM winter advaiice In price*!, in.tend of fading
amy thi* Tear as tisiial, grew steadily during Um
pissing month**. Tho Hates of New-York and New
i-r-ev bi their oflt.ial rapacities had hera prevtoosly
aroused imo a show ot action by this very force,
put tha iiinnfdiate aReettveaesa ?f nil rhe aprlslog
m* BBOB spent, and the complaints nnd prot.-.r. be
dm** inn"** l!l1" ?'? tttuet aeejaleacaaea in th.- terrible
D.,,.*dty. ("olneid.-nt with Hu* express., dl.tross
of the p?_r the indignant protests H nil Hie ,.>n
-aa_a| class h|lVf> Attn* ap a iteady aaaaalt on the
? |R of the Bwoopoly, aad they have i->m strong factors
in the victory lhat Beean to have b*-en a -u.
lt would bfl laptllBSBI lo rehearse to what ex
twit ihe gr.'si taaea_eat-hO-ae popalathai have been
the chief .litterer., except perhaps to point out the
crying ai. amity for immediate relief. The extor
tim, which meant an advance of Si a ton over thf
r.ortuil price ot coal lo Ibo consumer who could
buy In Bl l*?*t lhat quantity, reached nu ndvunc
nf a. or ?_ for the same quantity before it reaehed
the poor mun. His purchases are confined to i
intifo). at th*- mo.t a bagful nt a Hine, and th
price li* ls paving for lt makes Hie cost of a ton ol
coil to Mm, when lie shall have eOBSdtaed that
imetint. between t?l_ and i?-.*0. The sad deialls of
mat feature of the monopoly have been frequently
portrayed and form a cunsplcuous cause of the _?*?
mund fer tha B**iefl._al relief.
Tbe poor people, however, have not been the only
lufTerer*. They art* accustomed to a certain extent
pi fare b.-idly daring the winter months nnd have
become Itnired ta some hardship. The thOBMBda
who constitute that (lass a point above tb,-ni In ex?
tent cf earnings, mid who can afford to bay their
mot in *ur_iieii-ly lnrge quantities to profit by the
nilli:? arlee a ton, have ni*o felt the hand of the
"combine." Tiny nre limited In ibe amount of
ninney thal cnn he spent tn fu> 1 la sn extent that
ha* ni',a_t ip a ny days of unheated rooms and much
(,,:..*<-ii-nt lillie... Their tesUlBOny 'of suffering
tit* appeared a- dally protest. against the price of
rna), and they are most clamorous at the present
time for ti.e relief that nil have felt weald bow
mies* tlie momentum sf public opinion can gt down
still deeper and strike the dealers themselves, all
these hope, wl'.l h" bia*!.si. The results of Inter?
views yc-terdny with severn] dealers of promlBeaee
lndlt ate tl.st tbev are going IO tab" BdVBI tr'-'" if every
mes ns of h'-ldjnc up the pries. They do aol expreaa
lt gaagtl] thal way. but the Intent ht the srini".
D. Citeme, a prominent dealer ol tlie \v,-st >ld<?
ind a m. ti.b'-r of Hi*- Coal Exchange, *ai'l ? - 1 do not
think lhal there aili be.aai break ta prteea ub.11 the
usual tinu?April 1. Tiie deaVws themselves really have j
little to do with lh, matter. We inn malu- no reduc?
tion until ti." whalemlera mah*' a beginning. BBd wo I
Mfare ihat will not lo 4om tor over a month.''
Mr. (Memo based bk belief on tho fact thal the
receiver, of tlie Reading Railroad were Its president
iel the rx-pre_Ment af Hie Lehigh Valley Railroad.
TV -spoaitlon ot the de Hers t,, re.f on this oom
fnrttT.g excuse was displayed agata bv th*- nsnsg-*r
of luBs Muller's yard ta Dghth-ave. " Whea Ihe
ah_ha_-* dealer* <nt ta .)*." be Raid, 'then vv,- will
j__t_*? gar prices, but wo na do BOthlhg hefora that
tine, fha high laka of c.n.i during Ihe winter baa
tSertea our ru.toni materially. 1' it lind aol been
ia animally Bevan geason the dIRerence a mid have
teen very Starked. VV'.* hive brid Hie usual complaints
ii io tbe bleb pi-he*, but then, voa know, tb" pe ipi.
always kick,' nail we are n-i-d to lt.""
William Roeher wss almost too basy welghlag caa]
i* bt_ yard In West -Tfty-Btt-rsL to stop to talk about
tl.-- aiatter.
?? w<- have baea too busy lor the last two weeks,"
hg -.?!. "ti think abt.tit Hie coal combine or whether
th* prbes woukl lu- lowered or Bot. Tlie severity
el the weather bus mad.- an laercaae of easton that
t.r,* hep. as ")i the lamp, it haa beea io told lhat
tven the r. ry poor have baea obliged to buy eoaL"
lie did not ndd thnt they thereby went wlthoat
food, but if ho know mort* of the lui ts be Blight have
lone so.
Mr. Mott, of Morrison A- Mott. In Flfty-seeond-st.,
wr,- .--jual h.- coniplac nt. -Tiler*- will he no Tn ll in
price until the usual tims." ne said win, coBfidence.
How eau von be ki sara of that, when Hie 1n
dl'Vhns to niKiiv otber jwopi" point t>, h spaedy
(Ut'" ie wnt. j,.ked.
??d'., i iiiii't explain exactly, but there win te
no rut."
.'ad, F.'t7 look tli" mutt.-r With gent pl.llo-ophv.
??I don't know anything shout iv be said, "i mn
l>". mre .here will le no eat in prices Bl ' a
jr*-***., im bi t*. that l have nothli _ t.. ?ay. When
the vv- ci- ...lr- come down and the foal Exchange
fl?.;tie-' to reduce j,rite., why, I follow along, and that
I- about al] lhere I* to it. " I am heat busy all the
lime. Von M:e, tiie severe w.iitu'-i force:, people to
bay coa]."
Aboal tbe -ime story was told by ... H. <;. Hilde
IrM.tT- reiitia'r*-. In F.b-veuHi-RVO . BBd the inntir.j r
'?' * <? Cltlsens' and ( . mutilpiitt companies ynrds
''*i He w* si sbie. They !.:,d n .'-ron*- assurance timi
tiiero would he no cat In prleea; Ihey were nit being
k'p* basy boes ise of 'he severe weather, nod th* v
h"1 had co v ,!e<- in iho lowerlBg *.r th" price, aay
?ar." The f_ct thnt the d.'il'r- or Boston bad low
?red the price in cent- a lon waa not r.-irv*!.*! :,< .it
"ll pertinent to their <?-e. Their present deposition
t'.war.) ths consiimlnc public s*" ms to le* entirely
'no of -Wiiat ^re rou going to do about HT" Th*
Mgtrssf of the p*,.,r and .:.<? pr-.t<- ?- of the rest seem
la **-? ri it iral phenomena, to wldcfa they have be
mnxe see |g| iTT)"d.
The Ber. Dr. Edward L nark, who reeaaUy re
-'med bb place a* paster of Um ?Int:-' Ii of Iho
Indians. 1,, . me hun*li*-d a*.! thirtieth *t. ti* ar Fifth
?v.-., sad nl-o reaoaneed Presbytsrlsnlsm, has applied
fer Bdadssi-n to Ihe w**t Hoffelh Conference nt Con*
gr*ritirnai Mlalsters of Boston. This d.,-1- aol mean
f-utt Dr. < i.-nk win go t't Bostoa. At per seat he hus
no proposition pt h pastoral eharso under constdera
ti"u. Karly in Ajirii be win start oa an extended
'our in Europe, vtstUng Holy, fireeee and p*rliiii)s th.
?'My i-inii. and i" experts to b" absent aboal .ix
aaag-B, In ih" BMan tin.*- bl* family will conilnii*' lo
jpai ;1* present home. Nu. 1*0 Wesl One bundred-an,
ti.lril.tbr -t. Dr. clark preacheg to.ay In Baltimore.
A Btv.r.. 4*j***-f or /T PASS RT SET'S SOCIETY.
Mottles Ou-ion. of Hie Mereor-at. *.'o,-ind, arrested
* v-"*anp cci?r, d amarna ror disorderly conduct tn West
Tr-ird ?t. sn Thursday aad was s'lrprh.si whea ihe
RM Aa hr! poid for prtteetlon. A yung man bad
be-n (five her, -he .aid, nnd had ?h<>w<-1 n ni'inoraii
*"-i .wk hy which lt nppe-ire<i thal he was Emile
BotSmter, sgenl < r Hie "Now York Parkhurst Boclety."
H. 4.
?anded *-.' f,.r pratectlon fran :tir<'*.t. and she
au pro?.i-,,| I,, p.lV ti,,, moaey on Friday, _h" -,!d.
Mir-e'ton >f Captain Haughey, Cai soo gat" j.j t>
? *Dm?ti nnd wntched nt her berne bu* Ihe " agent *
J* rriday. Mauhtfer appeared ther.-, tpTtiaiubd fa
?rem the won,.-m. and was -trrestod. I)e roafeBSOd
fal he wa- a fraud, abd hn.) le*, ii MaefcSMlBBg the
faMea In Thltd ?t. Y.*t,rdr,y he was Hrralr_nwl at
fa MbrOBa Market Police f.nrt. Ill- father, a
Jfal In .-iiibr-id'-ry, and lils ni )lh*-r were present
mn. atTaiininieiit. The pnrcnt* were unhappy over
fa MRfarl af tha gan, nnd -aid thal they bad be
J***'"d tbat ha was engugi-d In ii lnvv aAee, wi,bb ".<?
2.__ll5_'* v"*""lits, the vaing man wa* eommltted
m ms ikthoUe Protect irv-. Ile expressed .l"t-p re
PR b*r vvlntt be had doti".
>'?x Isak UBI*.id a writ of certiorari from Judge
*y< r. In tl,,. . 'oort of < o.ninoii I len... yet. I'.luv. r>
Quiring th,- F.x* li.- Board to review Its ti* lion lu re
"?ai lo irrunt a lle,.,,*._ t;, bim f?r B barroom In th*
bmiding ,,| ,v0> M hMond (ive. Thf! Fourth District
m?"rt J* baM In another part of Hie building, nnd lt
'ott tor this reason that the comml-sbmcni refused to
grunt tho license. Loeb conlends lhal under Iho rlil
? I of Judge Rookstaver In the Sidtzlioff dis,* he ls
***** "' ?*? faaaaa, as the rotirt declared In that
j***- the w,,rd ?? premises" in the law did ti"! mean
tb_ v'?* '!S "b,"M,,|t*" ?n* that lt did not prohibit
?0 Kxeis,. Doard from granting a license, tor a bur
B_S___ 0m" ***** building In which a court was held
___r___f_H m,w '" tt different Part of the butIdlB| I
"?" *mU it mum not eropnecu-d wlt4? Uie couxtrooui.
The.fa, ,lf .,?. rn|M, ^^ uM )h(
Ber of ber owners gaitered over the New-York res.
"Jj* a? sh. i-f, h,.r p,w ,? ,,?. Xort. 1;1V(.r ;ii|rt
loamed down the bay. ai, ?.m?K,, th(. niiirn|
?ii" -techs or the big ste.-.m.lilp were thronged with
""tara. a? ooean liner flying tB AmeHeaa flag
w stin a cariosity. Th. passengers who sailed for
Europe m the New-York yeaterday mast have been
? Kceedtagly popalar, for setdoa* bar th- big vessel
1.'? w "'rouged with visitors. At 1 p. m. tbe gong
was sound,il ns a note of warning, and th-'r- was
a. seampertng over the gangplanks and a harrying
of belated sightseers.
Fx Secretary t.r state John \\\ Poster, who win
represent thc Covernmenl befor*' th" Behring Rea
Commission next month In Dar)*, was oti" of tho
lir.f passengers to arrive, lt was just noon when
th.* rx-Seeretary weal on board, lie waa qnlrhly
recognls.-d by Hie throng al people ttlm stood in th**
cabins and crowded the decks. He waa ac?
companied by Mrs. Foster. Miss -bidds. the daaghter
of Assistant Attorney Gt narai Shields; and Mlsa Hal?
ford, thc daughter of Elijah \v. Hatford. Mr*.
Foster iitid the Misses .-hlcld-. and Halford will .r;iv.-l lu
A number of th** friends of Senator Jolla T. Morgun,
of Alabama, came to Ihe New-York to bid tie Senator
farewell, Senator Morgan Ls a delegate lo the Behr
lng Sci Commission, The party went to Ihe library
ot the New-York, and ht bebatfof those present Henry
Henta made a brief address, In whtrh he wished b.r
Um senator success In the mission on which be w-ns
pdng to Pmis. Th,- .-eimior referred lo senator
Morgan's labors in behalf "f H.- Nicaraguan Canal,
tin* annexation of Hawaii nod the defeace of Amerieaa
micro.ts in the Behring Bea.
??I mn going abroad." said Senator Morgan in r*-piy,
"upon a mi-sioii or National Importance, and or
cur*.- 1 shall -sty nothing here or tbe d.-lloit *? ques?
tions which lt Involves. The Behring utbitraltoti In?
cludes tko control "f the Northern Pacific const. Th,
Nicaraguan Canal ls ot grot concern io Hie Boothera
country, and the Hawaiian IslBBds are the key to
tho Pacific Occam. The faettc is ganoaodod i.v
rooBtriea more predaeUv. than those whtrh border
Hie Atlantic, and pit herod around lt ls a large popu?
lation. The-e three questions Blake the present Um.
aa Importanl era in ike history or our Hovernroent,
Never was -n much wisdom, discretion, manhood,
tortS-ghl and Aaaeriean pluck required a, now.
Orooped together, these t-ueMlons form the pivotal
point In American history, when we must either go
forward ,,r go bruit. There h no standing BUB. The
snii"xat_,ii t,r Hawaii win give as a chane, lo <l mbl-,
perin pa quadruple, our commerce on the Iteetfle.
vv.. ti>, no) want tu see the oulragaa repeated which
were perpetrated when Newfaaadland, Hie Bahamas,
rh*- Bermudas and ih.- windward Islands were taken
b.-f*ir.* ..ur i'i,.-," (Applause.)
A number of telegrams and letters from his friends
In t1." South were then banded to ibe Senator, i is
committee wblcb arranged 'or thia farewell greeting
to Senator Morgan consisted of llent-v lt-rtr. B. L.
Edwards, j,im. - Swann, J. Henry Harper, Dr. .loi.n
A. w>.Hi and Horace L. Hoti-hklss. As ibe New
. t-rk b-ft her i?I.t many ot tbe passenger* waved imall
Nat ' na I Sags, ami .1 cheer ?.-,. Rent np bv those
on trio pier us tbe big vessel gu. under way, Tke
New-York pae**ed Quarantine itt 3:90 p. m.
Among lie- pu*..h.-.Ts vms vi*s. ..iiii" BgsanL tte
w*_;i liaouti lecturer on theosophr. dh,en wiser i>r.
Prank *.. Dessert. Dr. Emil K-en. barnes A. Wright.
Jr., Ko],..-tv Klrslfy, Edward .". F*os| nnd D. N,
lltirlbiirt. The New-York carried ta passengers, of
Whom 190 vv.r,' !n Hie tli-t ci!.in. Ti, iii th"
aecond cabin and '.'*_) In tbe iteersge.
Among the passengers *.n lu Sormandle, ?.>,.b!i
Sailed for Havre v-.--t.-nl.iv. "a* lodge ll. Vf. Illodgett,
a delegate lo the Behring Sea * nmmL-lon.
Tb" r.nl ? -trite- market luis supplied no f-aiure af
especial Inleresi during the week. A aamhe* ol -,)? -.
however, were annean, ed ror March. On March 8
teveral plecei >.! properly In Ihe Ninth Ward, long
held by obi New-Yorkers, will be pul ap st .-un Hon.
On the same date Ihe old "Mall and Bxpre b" Bnttd
Ing. In )'nrk Row, a part ot Ibe estate .,r Jamel and
Erastus Brooks, will he -bl. ond ,,n March !* tbe Del
monica Building, extending rr,,td Hr,>Hd to New st-.
There have been no transfers In tr." la-t we, k r. p
resenting larg, amonnti of tuon.-v. Tier.- icr.' 998
conveyances, representing Sfl.aa_V.H0, u- agalnsi Cit,
wit . a total v lu ? nf P3.J79.0__, for Uie corresponding
week of l-'.i-. The mortgages were )'.)- for g-.SOS,
005, as against ISA for B_.270.182 a year ago. Tue
number of projected bulldlags In 1809 dartBg Ihe mm.
week wa- r,_. a. an estimated eos. *.r S740.003, whfle
the Bamber for the week Ju*t ended -eas 52, at aa
estimated cos! ot .f70-.i IO.
Tb*- transactloni for ti.e w.-k Incladed the pur
(ha*" by william It. II. Martin, or Bogers, Peel ,v
Co., from the Parker e late, of two foar t<>rv br), k
dwellings, Nos. :.<'> and 58 \\'< 1 Thlrt. Ihlrd it., 50g
100, Irreglllir, fur -. 1Tr, 1 ?**>. The dwetllnghonie Mo.
:;t,ii Madison ave. v.n* sold for SI5.000; Ibal al No.
If, Wi t liriv eighth st., b.r gftO.000; Ibe house No.
:, We-! Fifty -l\'.'i -!.. for POI .OOO, BBd Ibal at N'o.
42 Weal Fiftv fourth-st. b.r BCO.0O0. The brick build
lng, with slur.-, No. mo Eighth sve., wns sold f..r
.?.-.,.*.('(). George I, Stevena b-ugbt for BSft.OOO from
ii," .-..late ?r Homer Dostwlcb ihe four-story itono
front dweUtng No. 33 West Tbtrty-thlid-si. The Iv
*t.,rv fmnt imd rear tenement house rind lot. S_XlOO,
No, flO Henry-si., were s.,bi for Utli.OOO. h." t?,,
Uv* Hory apartment booae. Nos. 80and 'le Weal hu' ,
ti. were molt lnr S100 OOO.
A turin wio ...|d be wsa Nichols Rutnop, (birt. Bve
ynrs old .-uni la.nole... .... 1,t into Ibe bul. her - !? si
No. 1,10. Park-ave. >, lerday, took a knife from a
meatblock and stabbed blms.ll In tb. n <lt win, it, eri
dent ly Intending to conni,lt rab Ide. The around WSI
not aangerous, however, snd a policeman look ti ?? man
to -1 ii*- Harlem Polka Coan a prisoner, w:.,r.- he wsi
I., bj on u charge ot attempting suicide, Hi" man 1
.ina to be a broiler:!! l>,w *,r 11 tl'-rk lu the Mayor's
Tba jury In the ca. e of Mrs. I;. T. Creighton agaln*t
neurv H Brigham, lo recover 100,000 alleged lo have
been lent to Brigham, brough. In a verdlri yooterdai
for tho full amount rlslmed by Ihe^lalnttff, vvith in
i,i. ti and costa, Tho amount of tue v-t-dpt w,,s
1.2,800. Mrs. Creighton ls Ibo widow <,f Johnston
lilakely Creighton, who rommltled sulctdo In bia oflto.
at No, Ti Hroadway, on October 23, 1800. Tho
nionev for wblcb nba Wed wns Blleged la have been
advanced to Brighaai when Um Brm of J. B. CrHghtoa
... ( 11. wr.s formed. Th. defendant declared that tho
money wai put In by Mrs. Creighton limply b.r th
purr'"-*- '<r avoiding responsibility for the Prara debt:.
by 1 i"i_.,i "ii.
'&$* *m\\ S-"?<.
Once introduced into rsmflicR, Jo?
hann Hoff's Malt Extract is a bleasiBg in many
way*. Weakly infants have- toefl HliraculWiSl.V
raised from riiiiiiic v tu boyhood or girlhood
(brunah iis instrumentality, lt is ii"? infi-e*
quent lo lind lhat in .11 Iv all th*- ph.v-i.-al ills
,,f life are Ito butte of Juvenility?the inhcrit
ance, tot the hms' part, of ancestral weakness.
Very often tb* hereditament is distinct!*; trace?
able to an invalidated father or .sickI.v iii;'1"'.
?\ rear or two, arl ao. un*', of .J 'hann Hons
Malt Extract would be sufficient to allay the
worst rears and build np a constitution equa
to the -tr.t.i'_(st. Mothers when nursing and
children in the earliest days of their childhood
cannot do totter than pe-raisl rn a course pf
Johann Hoff's Mall Extract. And fluently
,t has happened in ramiliea, on the principle
Ibal what is "sauce <>f the goosei ia sauce for
the Bander," thal many acquired c uni-lainta
have been relieved sad cured bj having re?
course to thia world-wide desideratum. A
child taking Johann Hoff's Malt Kxtm.t hw
boen known 11 to to s. n-iuvo of ns beneficial
ariicn thal a luther driven nit*? nenrwnt de
hilitv bv th.* worries rind aimoti.- of li.o bas
found it a wonderful reat-?gve, Md the eon
st un doBor ? f his rcquiaite daily vitality, no
wnro of iininitioiis. Tho genuine has the ?g
iiainra of "Johann ll'iiT" <m the li'/i'l*- of eren
iiottlc Eisner & MeodelaoR ty., Agents,
28 and 30 West 23d St.
Open Fire-Places
A fine and largo assortment of Urass,
uponga and Iron in new and e'egant de?
in all woods, native and foreign, bom
obi own special designs
of every foreign maier*, in rich enamol
colorings, and Patterns for Flo..rs, Walls,
Hearths, Facings and Hathrnoms.
Our now factory, with extensive fat ilities. en.
ables us to produce tho fineat class of work at
greatly reduced coat,
round-) and Fnctory,
226. 528 and 530 West 65th St.
Th,* New fork Christian Hom- for Intemperate
M*n irsi fsnnded tn IS77 under th- m..pic. 0f a
board or dlrerton eoaststtng of righi m".i. of whom
tho flrsi oBleert lelected were: winiam T. Booth
president; William l*. Dodge, rfcee-presldent; Arthur
w. Parsons, secretary; .linne. Tulon, ireasurer,
and < hartog A. Banting, r,--id.-nt manager. The
Christian Mimic was Ibe outcome ,,f efforts lo
unit" Chrlstlsn teaching und praetlral benevolence
In effecting lb. reformation of persona mffertng rrom
tlc abuse of iiiciboiie stimulants, morphine, ..plum,
ci.cslne. etc. Tbe Christian ll,m.- lins :i line i,l..l
i< :il st.'ifr, eonsequMtly neither medicines nor druc*
sn- permitted t? i?. broaghl Imo the bom. Iv :i
nemher. ir nnv one becomes ni (l physician ls ient
foe, Mild If lils Hines, promises to 1" s,ri.,11. li" I*
--.-nt to |,|<? home or in n bospHa], Cbftstlan ln
Btruetloa and reltgkmi exercise, uro Hie only rem?
edies relied on to effect n lasting BBd radical mr,..
Hms far more I lum 3,700 persons n.nv been fl
mined, lastrorted sad treated _t ihe home. 0r whom
inure thsa 8,000 haas op. niv nnd fre.-u profi rd
ta te fullv cured before leaving the ln_tIttitloii. Thc
nmniig-nient of the hom. expert thal al] ihle to
par for their accommodation arin cheerfuUy do io,
while ttiose tot able to pay are admitted ,,n refer
ence. Th. board of visit,,rs ls composed of Hit,
Kev. Dr. Wlllluui M. TsVlor, the Kev. Dr. lt. .**.
Mararthar, th. Bev. K Walpole R'arrea, tb. Bev.
Dr. Itobert )!. Uootlt and tho 1 eV. Dr. Albert li. Vail.
vomit, vt. r.ii'T. vr.m CORTERS vvith SKCRETABT
Ti: vi v vi ssl i s TO BR Bl PAIR1 D.
Wn-liingto'i. Feb, M.?Rear-Admiral Oherardl, rom
mander of tbe dying squad!4 n, which arrived al Hamp
ton Boada yesterday, cnn," t,. vv., I - on ii,i> nv-rnlng
nnd call.si nt it,,* Nnvv Dopsrtmenl Kith lils flin;
I lieii'-nant. ]:b!it"l-tr Hunt. Admiral ?. h-t r.r.!l bad a
, long -onference with Becrelary It.ei Bbont Hie
c. tl nubian Nnv:.i if-vb-v, id whlcli be I t,, lr,v.*
' chants, and rabmlited t,, x\,r -,? i.tnrv ,i prap, itioni
f.>r- Ihe governm-nt "t ihe rendeivons In llstnpton
Boada and th. review In Nea Yoi* hnrbor, i: ,? plan.
! of tb" Admiral will be adopted by ihe Bury Depart
nu-nt. Admiral <.1. r:ir.)i also bad an Interview viltii
. ?mmodorc Bam.iey, rbtef of th*- bun-au of Navlga
Hon, lu refereni r lo tba vi -1 that will . . | i .
t " . elebratbrn.
Thc font v.ls In Vd'nlt't! t il,mr,ll' pp* ? ? |
Bland al*, now al Hampton Ronda. Order were
I'llnv directing the bull.niere ant) lb. Vorktown to
;>r . .,-1 nt 'oin' t., New Vi,ri; for a thorougt) nv, r
banting nnd repairing t.> iii them for I iking parl In .i,.
ra view. Tbe I I ? m. lu.. BVe
been ..rd'T'tl tn prue.1 Without d**lay Iq Sort dh b.r
sllnllrir repair-.
Ol the tnitb ns tha. w.re li rited lo ? ik< part I ?'
revlea, :,ll ? v. t-pt -k 1 av - gn Bed theil arreptatu-e i r
de. Ilnallon, and lo <l ii the l>. pori menl i I
lb.- relines! ?f the Navy l>.'p:.i i
' ie I nlted -Lit ? vin,, I, r In
lu,! l_-.*n h.,rd from. ;,-bini: tb. m ',, u cr',-.','
respective *."v .-it.m. nts i.. v?';.!. Ihey an* in I '
I , .. rid li ,1 _iv ?? :i '.. d. hiv .
Among tho -K natl havi :. ?' *.>?? r>-pll<-d irs
lill* lil, * ,, tin lill rc! All il..
Tlie programme '..rt',. Int.-i ?. ? I - I
g| il impton Boad i In \pr1l ind ) n V* ?
".?.i)i ll rt ri- .r In Mav bai *.?Vc - -1 ii more >!
I, ? ... i.i-i r.-'.vdiv-, :,r..t ' .. *?? i grrat.r pron I
IIS I ,<-i . in |.,t. -? t Bl '1 I''-' M.!** ll* ni
v.n- il f. vv wee!,, ago, I | ?: ? lo I furl
*.r. it Britain and some of thi
i'itt nppe it'd In I" Uti*- til <
- iiould 'nie omi ? w ,v ..r M.. prt
Vide for !!.? dl-plr. pr. ;> _d lo be n ide bv V'
i.b. rardl'i " Naval lt* vl.a ll. et," .,? Ihe v ?
division li to be known, The .? tlmate m.eb- ???
r. tirv Tra, v and lent 10 Congreve, ol s .'i.i.i. i'. lo
meei tbe expense ol ' ?? * ilumhl n naval review I
v.11: in Hi" limit Indeed, man* ..fliers ,,r ? Navy,
-.-.',., bav.Bimand>*d io.iiailr.ini and fl.,'-. Iielb-ve
Mci* B'*OO.OO0 ?.?.,,?,',| aol bc loo ir* ? ? r , i sn a
and ' '"?' regret th" emhsrrs '?? ? n al
rt id. can ? l by lan'.; cr i ind )or nen sry prepara
Tbe BHtl h Beard Bf Admiralty h i . i ll n I ?
lit few 'ii, . ordered thal Ibe batt li lp Blake and
ll.vier ve .1 of '?;.? North American Squadron
. | ,,ii pro. "l lo liam pl i e part In the
i ? i I-- r ??' rn ii lia . *..''!? r?*d i i il
lowing vi ???' ? '" lah. part : Memory of Al ir, Bm
poror NI.' ola I. If Url !? iskol and Binda. 'I
,,!r-,,n will !>? r-.nun itid.d br Vier Vd'rlri'l K.tr
liakoff, mid will ...ll ax Cherbourg or Br* * on lb.
way. Among th. other oM en v.n be ..rand Duke
Alexis, l."rd High Admiral ol Bui la, and Ursnd Dak.
.vi.\ oder Mlebaelovli h. Tbe Kpnnl i war vessels
Bittered t" tube pirt In the review are the rrul ir
Brina Regent, nnd Infanta Issbel, snd ti"- gunboat
Ne.iVB I. pana. Italy will n\- Ihe rnilser uiovannl
I :a ii-a ti. whlcb re. en'Iv vi i'.-l t:,l. pu:, and lao ol ??,
rrul ? r .
ii |. experted lhal Chin wtU be represented by the
cruiser Capitan Prat, the nev < ol -r r.ally rom
plet'd la Burope. Pmoce, (Jermany, Aa I rta, Japan,
Ibill.md, Portugal i"'! I'.nt/ll will also ',r,v-e v.- .|
.,,,, |,ti| Hie name, have not rel b?*en published 'I e
foreign vessels will ls placed in po Itlon i.fV.nt m
I'..- rmi, ..f Ihe rlslllng "Miers and not according lo
ibe rank ol ibe rountri i* a n.iv.ii pmer.
Albany, Peb. - - Executive diner McNaughton
uld to-day lhal BitangemenU have le.-n mn.ie far
rm exhlbii of th.- dlgerenl species *.r besb-water I h
of this sinter :it the Columbian Rxpo.ttfon. I'nited
Mates Fish Comm! laaar McDonald, reallxlng Hie
valli" or *uci an exhibit In roonerUoB "itu th.
proposed I nttod Btstea Rxhlhll In thal dspsrtment,
lias made th" lOUOWlng Offer! H. will give .spa..- In
the in ltd States Aqnartums f"r a comptot. di play
of front, wail,?veil pike, white Bah, muacaUoaga aad
olh.r w.ll known v.iletics, produced by artificial
method*. The espease ol exhthttlag will )," born.
by the I'nited Slates, tlc stats Fish ('oaaBBisstonen
lt, ftirtil-h from their pond* rind aquariums Ibe bell
-|iec|iiiiiis of Hie viii1"'is Mud* of (re h irater H*h.
.N.vv \<u_ Will !*? credited with Ihe gah sent from
ib), .stale as l( a -epala!" exhibit were malle.
Washington. Feb. 'j.'..-'ih- VW*Prr?ldeal presented
to the Muutie today a memorial fi "in Hie (merni com.
mitte. ,,f Ihlrty, Bppalnt-d Wp lb. Rea Von, chamber
of rommerre, n-itin. fer nu appropriation tty Coagiai ?
to entertain In N'*-vi-\orli -in li gm .ts as Hie Niitlon hui,
already invited ant) *n< h persoaa of klgb dlsUaetloa as
limy vi-lt our shores BBd pass IhlSBgh New-V"ri. .'ilv
on thrir aai '" '?"' hetiA't Cotambian RxporiUm, at
Mllwankc", I'eb. g5. In Hie (In ull Ct.nrt .lils
I asornlng ii venini was raadered In favor "f Peter
I Mci;.tull mid linnie*! Well., BgnlBBt th. .'"iittneiitiil
j Nalbilinl lliilili. "f I llb aco. Th. Ilise pew nut "f
the raiiiiui* -hird ('.riler,'' which collapsed In ->"'V.
lr-:;, .-md I. on" <>r th. most Important lhal les
,.v,T 1.n trl.-d In thi, emmtrv. lt liivolv.-.l the
I'li.stion of opening ii*> las settle-B-Bl which RcOeocb
ninde witli his creSltora In laae. 1883, at BO cuts on
tbe dollar. Tin- -uti was broogbt by ibe bank on
tlie Rr<>iind Hint certain lib-ptl preferences bad been
(elven som.' o! lt- cr.slltor*. v, iio rea!lr..sl more than
.,) p.r cent et H.'lr claims.
The B0BVet.tr of th*- Irlp ot the Tiimtniinv Hall m.-n
tn WaaMagtaa la attaad tha laaagnaaUoa or Presldeal
Clevebiiid I* B i l.arael"il*ib proda. ti"U. Il be_1n* and
iuds wlih ti lii|iior iittv.i ti-i-iiii ni anti th. Iir-l |Mirtrait
i. thal of Bdward R stator*, ix i. ,s.> ibormghlT r.-3>
res. niatlv" or the W'i|{.viini that avery 'brave' wlU
viUU to i lid i b it teuB*
.*?,',mi.r Rorgaa was seea at Ibe Dbnwaud Hotel
by :i inbuti" reporter 1* r.,r>' hi* departar. r,,r Rarope,
and ih. Kenator *i,ik" emphatically in favor .,r lla
v. illan ann xstion. He istd thal speedy legbdatkm
reeardiBg the sttott vis neeesssry it the Catted Hates
desired t.. appear in ti.e righi light before Hie other
tn':'.ns ,.r ti,,. Brand. Senator Rorgaa ls a stanch
I', tn ..rnt. and |?- ??,-,?. n,j,t ti,,. qaesUon I- liol a
paiiy one. and that til" majority or Democrats of the
coaatry :.. v., ii aa ti," BepabUcans ur- in favor ol
Immediate action,
" lt would t?. i, poUltral crime nm to pthey In such
deslrabla territory as the Hawaiian group," ..aid sen?
ator Morgan, "it ls piala to every man who knows
anything aboal til- condition or things un th,- islands
ibal they eannot reButa by themseives. a revolution
i* in,un,i t? i.ii... place Hui,' ii tb- yiie.it is restored
to power. Th" Daren lias deaMnatrated thal si,,.
ianno, rnle property, and a, change in governn***nt
i. ab olntely nerersary. The PrlBccaa who 1. coming
across,tbe water mya thal *ii" has don.- nothing lo
brine :it?iut Hi.- ehaage of affairs fieri*, and .she as.err.
nial sha i* betas wroaged. No one ever aacased her
ol dollie anv thin); Wrong, anti ir she i. not permuted
lo Hit tm tu- Hawaiian Huon-, Iit mint will t?- to
blame. **iie talks about 'her people.1 Ilea people
hv thbl time, niter h-i KttCll-li education BBd With
tue KngUah Ideas nh. certainly ansi have, ar,- liriti-n
?objects, and PriBceaa Katalanl aa rater or th.- Sand?
wich I.lands vioiild b" Ult)*! obnoxious Iii Hie Alll'-tlcrm
people. British InSaene. I* already too great lu
Hawaii, wilt, IU. fntber id tb" I'l'li.c.-- alni oilier
relatives holding public -thees.
?? .some pt opie v. ry few, though- talk aboal ihe dan
ger or cheating iii.- policy ot n," i nlted Mates by
bringing about annexation. rina- are Uaaea winn
changes ni.. neee-e-ary, nnd when Hu* country must
I., gin to i ...i. out ior more marked tor tis goods,
some gay, Wlih niau, ni'lllmi. ol people in tin- I'urlllc
COBS! State)*, tl.BimerC. acpi-s Iii- Pacific lo Alis
nalia, Japan, China ami other coantrtea win i?.
roormoaa, and lt tb" ('nlted wale*. wi*in-s t.. have
no f.iniiid ibi" compeilton lor trad" In the I'a.iti. we
mii*i have the Hawaiian group.
?? Borne of tbs Democratic newspapers say: -Why
?lioultl we assome ,1 debt "f -*::.<>*,>.<, mi " Sncfa un
argument l* -beer nonsense, a. we get about My
iiiii-s tba) amount wiien we gel tin- ulanda I" pay
otf sn. h a debt. 'ni,. Hawsllaa Ooverament with
lt*, revenues wa. Bhto io pay th.- Qaeen gSO.OOO ti
year. The grong would loon pay ott lt. own debt.
Besides, there ls American property worth ?30,000.'
"ii" in liawett, -.md n mu-i b- protected. \\r want
tho respect ,.r foreign ivw .??*-. loo, and that can only
be gained by rm aggressive foreign policy, un*i lt i*
t" I"- !"i"<i lhal Mr. Urr*hsm win i?. aggressive.
II tl ?? I liil'd .st.it.-, does nut luke iib*oliii.. ],?-??-.I Sj
or iii" i !,mi-, either au irr. *pon ibb- i,??i govern?
ment win u-'i control, or ioma r>.r?-ii;ti Putter win
*!ep Iii un,! 'mt oi.t America, or attempt tn, and
tl'.-ii tc. v ;.i i.nV" i,, I..- a Bghl, ibe chances
for war ai-- Biacb I. - sltb Ibe I'nited States lu
t"l,': '1 tf r|,.. hlstldS, BBd the ibillli lhat ll would
involve n in ii iniggle with Rngland or liermany
lr we annexed the Island does nat carry wright
when all -bi.. ,,? Hu. case are considered.
? li. Ireatj ihould ba ratified ni (bl* ..-sion ?t
Con.gr* ? 11,--re i- m, rea* >n for delay, because lt
waa Inevitable thal Hawaii ihould ioma div become
p ?' .-* th. t-rrttory "i the inn.si Mates. Tlie .ry
ni...ut '!:?? -ii.-ir b mii!v I- r.I<di, bemuse 'li.- treaty
expn .' i .? i .iniii, r, isl l-l.rb.ns between
Haa ii I Hie I i :'.*i btate "hall remain unchanged
1.1,til i ..i,.-i. - hould otb. ral ? provide. 'I hi
a--, rt I lia t Un lg ,r pi ? li : ??! lie Islands
Into rt * ie. -i'll',,, v to bring nbnit a revolution
kn-.w w il ? ??'. ii" t.ilklni; nix nit,
read Hw 'icu i'
>.r I':- t'.'iii'v. 'I.
tl\..i Iv tl.. ' ?" '
lugar 'j'" -'lor:
I'i d_ng<
of thlni to i
- ""lie, '
I... b.r il .'CU
Hm* i
lb. Hi
rtirbt *i
St- ur,.
-?? who
do not
Th.j have not
md give them Hie t_-ne.lt
. ..iiiiti-'i'. i.,1 r-'l.ti|,.'i* ar- lu be
?ii.-i" i, iimi by thal time Ilia
. ni h" Ink. li > are "f.
rou ? , i" rn.ii t ?? [ir.--"nt condition
main I"!,).* on Ihe !? lands, and If o
are 11.1 th- b-lter li will
ind b.r ti*, loo. I hope Ibal bi the
. .,. ,.! |hi "' li r bl" of '. '? .Vinni!,
dian legHatlon win have pr.-c.-dcd In tbe
.. 'i, n. and ' 'i lt win be
? ,? j.-:-..tii? or I ,t."
bli >wu
?un: KNTIRR i -r v; r. v vt.t'Ui at g10.000.000.
f.i i r TO ni* FAMIf.T.
i ridgep rt. ?'? on , F< b. '. '? Hie win ..r Oliver
i rr lennlngs, nf N<*w-York whose a rn mer bom. i
? | ifield I t bd In "' h."er pince t,, d.-iv
i. ? ? am* itli ? to fullv glO.O00.O0O, 1*
|,.fl io bi* family. To ll* rife, Esther I. Jenrlngs,
be _lv ".- cu..- and lol No. ?!- I'i.rk ave . New
I v,,ii, eily, i ,! ling ftiniltur-*. pta!., work* >.r nrt.
' . ie. ; ll ?? itntl i. ni No. 1 III Ea I l*orttoth st.. sith
\ ? || ||?| . . , inri: gr I, ell , : ni " ll - fr mil) I "i"' nt
I .ilrflt 11 mid ull ii cont* nu, ni d ull i1" le inlor's
,,i,.r pr.p*ny In 1'nlrfl.ld. r- provides Ibnl In
ibe li vi.i. ry ..r bl ? ' ii* the >?'???? Vori property
'..,11 b* rr,-,! al ??*'?".'. and the Fi.lrflrid al WO.
non. in addition lo ll ? ? i-.p i-sli be will* bia
ivlf- Oh*' '''.'rd er ir," r.-t of bl* ? late,
nu i intor I-"V--. lo vi.-,rv ll. Burr and Kli/a B.
ki-.. daughter* "f bl- -i-i-r. *.'.._.m): Mary Anim
I.mr. S.'.IHKl; Anuri Stone, dni-gbler of bl* brother
jo n, non ir, ? niii..ri i.n. .-.-,">*<i in titi brother's
.,,,,. pi nnii . m i,; and lo all lervanta who nnv. i.a
liv years In lils employ. B*.at li Hie n-sldue
nf t," estnle I- given lo H- t 'at"r's rhIMren,
Anni" M. Walli r. lb bu li . Emnui H . now Vii
lin-:, vu...in,b - und <'i!\" '? ?'?' nlng", nnd lt
Imated tbal rm b alli rec.lv.' rolly .*-!.:??'"..
The will un. drawn on ? ? '??'?? i '-" 18"". In
Bridgeport, and ram-*, the lesiator's wi?'', Esther
.1. jennings; bli daughter Vt.ni- and ll* ww Waller
?,, ..v., m..;- wllh'Hil Laid-. The estate consists
orin, Ipnllv nf -l". k* and bad- Th' liome ol i'll
I . , oblr-tt exe-pi Mrs. AiirlilurloaH, who lives lu
.v.vv Vork. ls In I'ttlrfield.
There l- iitil- donbl anwmg well InforaTM person*
ll ,i i..,. . tate nf Ollvrr Barr Jennings will eiceed
g10.ooo.noo In \ :.iii.- when ll I*' finally appraised. Rr.
jennings'). fortune wai Brqntrrd lartfel*
through .-..'i'i.-. ti ii win, Ihe Standard Oil
Tnmt, He aaa earle ri oriated witTT the Rorke
f, ip.,, brother and Benjamin Brea fer In the develop
Bleat of Ihe ..ll r. fining bu ii" ?, and bia wealth i ame
through tlie practical nwnopoly ai-cnred BJr ihe
standard The death of Mr. Jennings occurred on
l.bi'iiuv IS. ll- had iii-i tl i il - ti- >i Hi" eonsiructlou
ol on" of ii,- finest and . ..-iti- -t hou*u_ In the city.
*?? A+ park ave The house had been occupied by
Mr. .1. niiiii- and bl* family for only a -hort Hine be?
fore bl * d.iaHi.
_-. m ?????
st. corra priests petitios rom:
PA. I...U'-'. Feb. SS.- The Ci,ti,..Ile priests Ol Ibis
rt ty ni- Bgata agitated, and a lapptemeatal pelltlon
ronrerntng the admtnl Irntl.4 d-nceesn affatra win
ha forwarded i" Bobic tomorrow. The paper la bow
In , lr. ulnti..ii. BBd ll I* a- "it'd that ll ha* secured
ti,.- ignatarea *.f amra than luiir tit*- priests al the
,i,v The p. iition aaka for a speedy se. tl. menl of
,i,,. chaotic ia!.' "f affairs which pmailg in )ho
si. I..nu* archdiocese.
. imli null. Keb. SS.?A. _. Undera, Jr.. or lb.
brokerage Ina "f A. I. Landers A Co., of Rash*
vin., wns arrested here lo-day r..r aa attempted
|h.n,. ?f 1111:1 tn I nrl/.ed streel raRasy bond*.
nelse, idaiin. Feb. SS.- Forty Japanese from Nampa,
?i their way to w,,rk on the Payetta Caaal, wara
mil bv a party of unknown tn-'i ut'.d wained ta
leave ipa Coaatry; Hov abeyed th*- warning
MiMIT NI l'l?
Artlatk IBtmltare, u you'd have beaatlfal home., weil
ad,. fanUtar., if *wa*d seep tii-m beaatlfal. Lew-priced
imitate, ir yse'd hav- Ihem a* beaatlfal a* your mean.
will all,or.
BOMB DRRDS: Tn supply year ie.,!- nntp in and
.. >,-, I..-.U t).r.,'i-*h mir st,io-?. ge. ll vc- haven't
even thiin* In rur'ntnte Uut jon enid wieh ror-lrt. ti-i,-.
dnribllltv. Ine\|^ n-lvt In s-. >,, e if y,,n , lln _rr,)r(l to |-'i)
ei. owlieie to buy.
104, 106 and 108 West -4th St.
Fifth Avenue Art Galleries
366 FIFTH AVENUE, near 34th St.
On Exhibition Day and Evening-,
Hare Antique Chinese and Japanese Curios,
Porcelains, Irories, Bronzes and JadcRt
Ever Ollinil in the World, llelonffing- lo
I I lt ION ... Friday, Naturday aad Monday, larch 3, 4 mad db
4 A lt PI TS A\sm Kl <_?*-.Tuesday, March T, aad
< OVH".| l*V<_ STU, OTU _>!? IOIII AT 9:30 P. ll.
ORTCIES & CO.. ****** Avenue Art Galleries, N. Y.
ROBT. F. SOMERVILLE. Auctioneer.
TUE GROUND OF Ills ll.i.M'.Ssi.
Has-lagtOB, Prk. ?__?.?'Iii-* lt.aidant has j*T-iiited a
rommiituilou ol aant.DOa ta Edward L. Hurper, ole
prerident or th. Pldelltf National Hank of cincinnati,
wbo waa eoarlcted of a elolattao ot the Federal bunk?
ing laws, and sentence! un December XS, li*)., to
lea Jeni's' iDiprlsi.inneiit. In tlie O.tlo penitentiary nt
Coloiabus. In-- commutation provides ror llarpai*B
release va May 1, lrrfli:..
'iii.- l'r. sui.nt bu. iv. be r.-rnse-i to taite action In
Harper's ease, for lb. reasua that report* sbawed
bini tn be lea. duiiKvn.ii.ly lil ihriu mu claimed by
tho*)- wi,., mafbt io bar. bim released. Beceatly,
bawerer, physicians win, stteaded Harper bara lied
itsteaieau Unit be ls extremely ill, and li gradually
losing itreagtb .jn<) flesh, "theme stalemate were *?
pD-Hive unit tbe l'r? idem decided tu exercise c la ai ency
iii*, indorse.nt on Harper's application ls nt tet?
low.; ?? i LiH'.e rel*, that no rcadon for t lanai OJ was
shown lu tbe caa. except tbe .ll he.iltb of tho prisoner.
I .-rbiip- be I* entitled i,, .,,111,. relief tm tlmt .round.
III. (.nu wi,ubi expire lu April, l-l* I, and ne lu?
lu.iv t ?-.-ti *!_ m..ni,i. ii, jUii ;1|1(| ria year* In lbs
pealteoUary. U/iooiuti-d io expire Ma} l, !.._.''
tri sr.
li" '"ii, IVb. S3.?Thomas E. I*r<x tor, who was
given :i* ii,,- ? i,,-ii,i nnd front'1 ,,r Hm reported bli; -.ole
balbi, rooiblnatloa, said to dal tba! ll inch :i com?
illie wu, in contemplation b,. !,;,_ H., knowledge of
tba mai ???r. ibe -loij. Oe laid, probabl] *l)i:iti^ from
lb. :.. i 11.-it a tew New-Yorb nnd boston leather assn
lind in.-t for th.- purpoea ol talking over tlie advisa?
bility of iy>:i!.r "ii I iy of bCtioa BBBOBg tl," trade lu
regard to Hie tsanertea sad -millar mattera, but
abet ber or not anything ls it. coin.- of lt lu tb..- simp.*
'.r ii c 'iiii'ttirttiiili OT tomini be did not know. I lie
m.'- ! i_* bint been altogether Uiiviui-i, and nothing
tl.iii,ir.- had bc-ii ,.vt'.iiiplb>l,vd.
Hi: Il tl) il Alli: ASH LUST SBVEBAl FQRTFXE8.
Maia, ohio, Feb. IU.?Herbert Loatber, *,f this rlty,
died lu !!?? 'i,,b.b, in*.me ...yinni yesterday Hun
paresis, Years u?',> Loutber was au oil operator lu
Hi,- Hil-t, sad Blade atid lost sc'Vt ral fortauea.
UBOibltog rulii-d lum. Ile came bera during Un- oil
excitement nnd ran a gambling room, lie bad been
conttaed In un* ii.yliiiu linea Uctober( leal, and he
aid i.,., leave n . eat.
I'll t-li uri:, I'.tt. -J.'..-Henry <'. Ilauer nnd ('url
Kimi.i. ii,.- Anarrblals convicted a* scceasorisa of
lit-rgmaD in ibe sbootlng .>r ( ,'iiilnnun ll. t. Frick,
Of rile l'.ll'l|._le -titi I ,'lllpilliy. Were s.'llt.'IK'.sl lo?
llly i.. nv.- v,..r*' luipri ?,mu'nt lu the Western Peal
linllriiy. Tl,- Aiirin hleta Bp n,,i nppeiir nt all tll
l ir! ".I. nnd bri Ibe court room xniltlBg. It was
exported ibal aeatenee ironld nl-o be passed apoa
1). inp.ey nutt lie.tltl, Convicted '.r til.- Homestead
potsMilnga; i,n u.e .iud/.- postponed their casca iiii
Thais-day, in order farther to euustder the nppllca
Him for a ii'-w trial.
linn ur tXJtTBlER RSCF.trRD is .1 PBlEEPtOBT.
San Francisco, Feb. 25.?William Miller, pagllist,
wi,,1 was defeat.ti by "Dal" Hawklna lu the Parl dc
Athletic < lui,. .ii..i lids morning *.r coocassloa or the
brain resultlag from lajuriei received in tba tight.
Ii,,i'i neil were (cather-wrights, weighing ISS pounds
When 'ley entered tin' lilli.'. Miller, V.bo WBI twenty
i,in* years obi. had no udeace, relying on brute
strength, willi.' Hawklna waa exfe.iiiiii.-iv clever.
They fought Bfteem rounds, Miller betag terribly
punished, ?rhlbj Hawklni wu. unlajared. Hawkins
nml Mi seconda, -spider'' Kelly, ??Tim" McGrath aad
.I,,lm llbii*, mni ??.!,?? ? Boto nu.I John Uvtagaton,
Miibi's seceuda, wera arrested last night, anti tba
Iiniic, me looking f.,r Morris Gallagher, another of
Miibi'.* seconds, and ?? Dun'' < reed,,n, the referee.
lld. niiil.es the ildn) mau killed In Hie prUe ring lu
Han francisco In the la*t lour years,
Frill Uiver. Ma-s.. Feb. 23 (Spot Inti.-The print dolli
market bsa beea linn and ralrly active during the
Weeli. -*.l|es pf odd goods llllVe been l.i rvr??. il rill the
demand la encouraging to aiannlectarers. There ls
tn. link In light, and the production fm- next month
lr .ubi up to within 70,000 of a poariMe r'-,u.>i,>
pieces. The -ab* of the week were principally for
,1,riv ,', llv.iv. .ni a basil of 4 WOtS f"r i'.i sqiiiir* _.
lue Crescent Min pa**e. out <>r Hie baada of tue
origtaal -tm-kbotdera to tiny, briag absorbed l>>- Hie
Mei ''ii nu*' Manufacturing company, a rival concern
directly opposite. Tn.- price paid I* 0*51.000, which
1. ftl.,000 In rxcesa of the debta and will give fd a
.bar" i" Hi.' iteckbotdera. The property eonprlsea a
mill of 30,000 .pindi.'*, sixteen acres or land, with
valuable riparian rights mi Hu- stroan rrom which th.
local min* derive ih.ir power. twenty eight teae
neats, and quick :i*-.-is variously fstlinated at from
175,000 to 0100,000.
The print i loth st a lemont for Ike week ls a_ follows:
Production, na),.).).) pieces; dritvrrtae, iikj.ooo pieces,
stock, nut nnv ; kui Week*, rieck, not any. Sales,
145,000 pieces, af which 130,000 wer" odds. M.Otx)
regulars, UjOOO spots nml 134,000 futures. Sale*
for weekly delivery?March, 170,000; April. llT.ooo;
May. 100.000; Jane, 01,000; .Inly. I*.-,); Augaat,
17 i nm) : September. 17,?_?>: october, li.txO: Novem?
ber, 3,000; December. IJO.OOO. Tba market 1* linn,
and th*- price 1. 4 cents for ...xtUs.
New lied fun). Muss., Feb. 25 lSp*-clol).?Mayor
llriK-k ls moving against Diegul liquor sellers. The
Wright Drug Company paid a lin.- of fl SO to-dav for
keeping liquor with Intent to sell; and Heiijamln
WIDi.r. Il paid OM for Iran-porting liquor. Ov< r if.'.iX)
worth was taken from lb, drug company. Six har
reta ot liquor were seised ot. a truck today. A Bas?
her "f appeal fuse* w,-re decided this week sgslnst
tb.- liquor-dealers, and tine- of -riloi and four mouths'
Imprisonment were Inposed.
Little Heck. Fl.. iii- The I.- .Mature baa pn*snl
and sent Io Hie (...v.riior Hi" I'. How servant MU,
TM* ts tba aramara which eompela evrporatloaa t<>
Basans responsibility b.r u.e arden of .-upcriorx to
Inferiors, and p. nulls iw recovery of dumnges
for Injuries or duith r* Miling from such onl-rs.
The uti i* aiiii.il ipertatly agslast raUraadi.
Pi Mil fin I. Oona., Feh. -5.-", Warn ii. curtis,
tiny live yeats "ld, ti prominent bariaSBB mini ?>f Dan
bury, w.t. kllbd by an explosion of dynamlt*- at
Mtrnroe yeaterday afternoon. Ills head wns blown
t.tT and one arm waa blown to pieces. Ile went Into
a ahaBtJ la which dynamite waa .tored. and a minute,
Solid Silver.
New ideas and designs are being
constantly added to our eeleorated
line of Sterling ware. It merits and
enjoys an international reputation.
Reed & Barton,
37 Inion Square, !*?. Y.
Inter Hie building blew up. No ono knows what
tan-ed tu*, explosion.
Mr. Curtis was president of the New England Mining
(jmipaiiy, which operated u M.ninth mine in Monroe*
He bad also patented a wire edging arrangement ua?
lu huts, mid formerly muimfaetitr,.-d )t In Danbury.
He waa a veteran of tlie war, In which lie lost a leg.
St. Louis, Feb. 25.?A dispatch to "The Republic"
from Hot Springs, Ark., says: For several days excite?
ment lias prevailed In thia <lty over the bold work
of three notorious bunco BM?u lt ls believed their
operations have netted them 0100,000. The mea
operated In a -mall cut ta ge near the big hotels.
The leader of Ute gang represented himself as an
agent of a well-known prate association, and wan
known as H. D. ilazzard. His confederates called
tlieniseiv.-a Leake and Wlnfhrow, tbe former Being
known to all detectives as a notorious confident..
mitti, while tho latter ls as w.-ll known as a "stool
pigeon." Howe, ullas Hazzurd, allus *,re,n, la aa
Englishman, and aevetnl years ago had one of tho
largest amt be-t equipped gambling houses la New-,
*i.irk City. 'Ibo detectives im.de a ruld ?a tba
cottage a few days ugo, but the men had fled- Tlie
(l.t.-clives secured several large I kaela of blotting
paper nnd many blank checks. On th*' blotters wera
Imprints of checks tilled out and .signed presumably
by victims.
Among tb<? checks are the following: Check on
City Hank of Baltimore, tn favor of H. D. Ilazzard, foe.'
-."..OOO, signed ll. \V. mixer; tb.il. on Minnesota'
Hank for s.2,tH>?\ signed ll. Hut kt-rway ; check toa,
5*._h_ 01) r*_ Arinuiaaa bank, rtgned J. C. Hayes; check.
ou ii lioston bank, for -5.(x"K>. stgaed John Miller!'
check an a chicago bank rot- ?7.:it*o, signed R. Ow'
Prattler; check for |0,Q00 on tke Kl'Hi National l*ank
of New-York, rtgard Mm ? (illegible); check on ta
Helena I.Mont.) bank Ior #11.000. signed J. C. Oliver;
Check for *r-?.00O on I'nrk National Hank, New-Ybrliy
slirii.tl .1. W. (.awn. Ther.- -were nlso iii, checks oa
tlio First National Hank of New-York City, one for
03,MO nn<) the other for *?*'..*!-iO. tlie signatures oa
vi Mt li c.Mild not he min)*, out. Several of Hie sup
pi,.ed victims whose stgnstarea appear an these
letters and checks ure well known und promtneng
visitors here.
-m -?
ACCIDENTS os Foin rait.koads.
I'tlca. N. Y., Feb. 25.?Two passenger rosches at?
tached tn train No. 2, on Hie New-York. Ontarla
nnd Western ttatlroad, leaving Oneida at g:50 o'clock
this morning, jumped tlie track lT-air Valla) .Mills,
-.?v.n mlle* smith of Oneida, and rolled down an
embankment thirty or forty feet high. Mrs. Fred?
erick Jones, ol Oneida, was hurt In the back. Sh.
was accompanied by two children, one of whom waa
slightly hurt on Hie head. Mrs biran Dudgeon
wa* -evenly Injured In Ute bick. Several other
p.-r-oiis were bruised and <uf.
Tin* accident was dm* to the spreading of the
rails. Tlie forward tnnk of tlie baggage car waa the
lirst to leave tlie track, and the car went half way
down the embankment. The passenger (.itches f?l
lowed and went te the bottom, a distance ol about
thirty rive feet. Then- Were gfteai piss.T.g. rs on
tie train.
Dover, N. IL. Feb. 25?The Cocheco freight train.
which left here at 0:15 o'clock thia morning for
Alton Duv, jumped the track near Conic atatloa.
Several cars were dragged a distance of 300 yards,
badly cutting up the roadbed. All trains between
bera aai Be-kaalar are run by way of somera*.
Maachester, N. H., Feb. 25.-A freight train rsa
Into an open switch on tlie Concord and Montreal
Pall Wad at East Manchester this morning. Four
curs and the engine were piled Iii a heap and dani j
Bged considerably. Th.- engineer and tl rem an Jumped
and were uninjured. BrakMUaa Hall had an anq
broken. The accident was due to a swltchmsti'a
Wllllmantlc, Conn., Feb. 25.-A tall end collision
occurred la-t ween two freight trains this morning
altout ti o'clock, three mlle, west of Andover, on tha
Ne* York and New England road. Several cara
w.-re thrown from the track amt burned. Tha
tracks were cleared at noon.
Jaekaoa, Midi., Feb. 25.-a beal physician, himself
a confirmed taker of cocaine, lins brought many ol
his patient! under Its influence. Reputable medical
men hate d,-letmined tl,at the practice rjust stop, and
tri.- practttloner himself l_- put under treatment or ba
debarred from practice, some citizens ?f the beat
class are addbteil to the habit, and Uk* local pres.
pabl-thn. ti list of hundreds. The majority nf tha
victims became addicted to co,alne )>eforr knowing
what tiny were taking, lt having bren admlnl-terej
for throat troubles, hay fever and matty minor Ills.
cbveland, Feb. 25.?The bondsmen for Thomas Ax.
worthy have, aft.-r long litigation ami consiiltatloa.
agreed upon the exact sum they owe the rlty,
lind have de* ld,si to pay 'lils money Into tba
treasary and _t*>p tka accumulation of court costa
and attorneys' fees. The amount involved ls about
?000,000, enbeaated by ex City Treasurer HlPWlkf.
four ve;irs ano.
m -
Providence, Feb. 25.?The Until Rubber Company,
with 1111 BUfkerlaad capital of ...VHi.OOii, was or?
ganized In this city to-dav. Joseph Lanigan. preU
dent of Ike VVontisorkct Rubber Company, and ol
Bte A.rican Wrli?_-r Company, |s Hie Iie.i1 of the
new o,minmi, which will nutnufii'turi- nil,ber boola
and .shot*-, by a new patent moulding proce?>.
New York and -'hl'igo Limited of the New Vol*
Central. n_>t._t and best train to Uie Weal ?? .

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