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MR. Mil Oi)'*, NN'MAl.i-I'-* POSITION TALK
iKfl \ KORTI! KRN J'*- Ul' RE
CE1VERAHIF lil '.iti'i vi
The -'ly-nrh or Wall **tr-et .-mis oat eoasplcn
misly 'f.roi.ii'i Ihe r-'-nt crash In the valie- nt
particular *n_ k?. The i-einiirK ibi* and, ls nam
wa>_. anpreeeiented feat area of ih- dtnatlnn havi
Sdded 'o '.hem tl.e ci.ll-'ilitlg _B0t Hi.it I." "ll"'
cr-dit is* be*-', ri ailed, and no trouble bas btjHi
_agga_-_d I'i !he fasbloa which usually prevails In
cur., al 'lonbr iimi dtetra-u. The-ra has teen -nek
pn l"i L-e*i) anxiety iver Ihe liver r*a*-stt_s Ibu!
r-t.m ul.mB.'U ii'jtiso* ns well ns Hie bsaks have '.
panning a conservative policy "ir,' b-aV' Ibe beary
I ...e. wiii,-ii bnv,, baan Herod Ihrough Hie Ins)
week (>r gagBBUdOn ti, tall upon III'ii abb- to beal
'hem wit boat ike confession *.f ln_ol.cnrv. Even
ie,...|,i,, . renewed llqaidatlaps kraughl fort ii nn
-'..rv of possible I rouble.
The itt,'lc Exchri'ig" floor vra. . .v-re?| through the
tteo 4-Si'* of Die short -e.-i,,n with 1 u-v and
anxtou' brakn'f. T-he lartaatlons In prl es, bow
ever, were Indicative .>r ihe pnw.i- of the bears in
ono properly or of the bulls in another. S.n
retied niOi.aanil in vain.-- was evident, although
tte decllii.s were m..rc ntimeious t.1:111 Um advances,
and a feverish, iins<-it!.*i feeling prevailed. 1 ?
prominence i,r Fhllrntolpliiri an*) Blading was s'l*
1 lined, kat the dealing*, in American -agar Refining
were hardly leccaMtery la Interest. Reading stock
MilT-retf f.i,ni -Ire , .,1:? iimi.-.! !i,-rll-?? if ?? "I ineii Who
ohoiil.t lake .'.).* ii .'-i.tbiisb tin- reputation of ihe
Meagan.'1 rsclvsjfi an a pian,- with that of Ceasar'a
wife, and Hie net |,_, ,,f the div was I ) - !>? ?:
cent. Aiwrlemi Sn-tir was still Iht* foothall of :.
roaBP-cated apecalallon, and ih- price tanged from
lt7 lo 113 3 1-117 11, tbe final limitation showing
sn abeotate gain ,,r more than l per rent. There
ws-t-e ikarp d'*. Hms in . uni- of Hie other Industrial
._*.-*. with National Lead ocaapli rou" with 1 fall
of ncarlv 2 p-r rea*. The stark ol New*York and
New-England opened ap al 30030 5-8, bul suuso
Bjueat-y fen to Sis ia) .1.4. the flnal rhanm being
a gain of .14 per raaf, rii- noni lensa.ieaa] de
din.' was i? .\,,rM,ein Partflr preferred, which was
'?railed'- rigaiuasl* bv Ihe bom party, closln wi
a I.)-? >.f 4 pstate at M 1 2.
Tlie wantata? of tb. stock market a. ? whol< wai
aarprlstag hi view ,,? n,,. srkaowledgod larg, extent
of the sb,,rt int,-re.1 and ?',,. |ac]| 0f developments
In the way of num.. The rall in Northern Pacific
waa iici-.inii*ani"d hv rumor* n*_kb lind no credence
stncni* those persons baal acquainted with the com.
I'niiv'.s iiff.iii'.. 1^ mari *? recelvershlp'' lm* got lalo
print, bm ti,.. Mea ls ls uglied al by everyone except
tiii opem'.,rs for .1 tell. This sort of lull. wonM
doubtless timi ni, listeners If the criticisms ol gie In
-iiftgBlhig loiimnt:,,- ol ibe *?? 1 khoMers np
niiinr,geui-nt hud not Kt rack a responsive 1 rd lu
Wan street's *cipilcal, cynical nood. Ii i- said
tliHt persons vvlio ar,- inter. -Ted na creditors of the
company yesterday received renewed a__nrann
.h-r.- wa- so ground r,,r ti milting in 1 iy manner the
aolvenev .,f te property <r Ihe _erarity or all
tetnparary ben,-. The memben ol ike rommlttee ,.r
Investiaatl. n an* prouoanced in their favorable view.
of rhe nartte al the property, tun lhere la niue!) c.ri
1-itv ?s to the iituotitit ..r real interest In t-1 ,? stock
held by .nine ,,f ike member, ol t',.' existing mainig,
ment. Bgalnat whoqi ila* clews-lves comndttee bas
Carnied il* t ii,b'!iiiiiii|t,ii.
Aa t, ibe .tiNtrs ot the Philadelphia and Read ag
Ra Un tad. nothing In Ihe Bray ol new. was to be on
tallied rmm th> perseus who shonld have s,,m,. laelliti,-.
for securing Information, riie delay ? f the reerivew In
giving ai,-, tal naatlon ns 10 ihe Unsocial 1 n
the e nipa ny Increase* ihe growing il!.*.'rii*t rc to Ibe
po.-lble serlousnea ol Ihe si! uat kn. Il i*. ol coaiae,
I'lp.tt'si that Hi" receiver)* will no. commit th mael' >??
to aa) d.-tiiiicl slaiemeut until a careful iii;*4. ' ... _
investlicatiou ). mitti*-, bal tba feeling la strong tn bank?
ing eir.-ie. iiun tome *.b'., 4 ?:.? --.ir,. .,; the treasury
miitht pciperlv I. 1,-illili.-1 for Ihe protecUou ,,f *,,? ;.
holders ,,i.,l cr.-'i'- r*. ll ls b. gil : Inn to b f( ired "la?
the Infltll'llie ,,f ti,,* pee |,|..; ,- ;,|. | I'.', .JV.'", \. \. M
L'-od, univ b.iv. m av * ling I do wl.b the silt nee of hu?
co* receiver-. This notion lunilaic* the tudlsi 1
Wall Hire*, that Mr. McLeod should be permitted to hold
fin plate od receiver, llb unfortunate management, ii
ls contended, 1- raflkiem ground outside '?f other *?-i.
slderailon*. te reader bin Uiappropriate in bli prew-nt
place. lint Ihe public i* In lh. (birk a* t 1 lh? extent
te whl, h Mr. M. Leod mar nae ? used
the taaoarcea ol Ihe Readli ?.* l; tai
susiain bLs outside 1 dlroad reotnre lt l
prabahle tbat Mr. McLeod Im* had a shadow ol
authority, a' least. In anything lhat ),.? may li.i\ ?.
tana li ni. direction, bul then* ar" Inslnuatl
reputable quarter. thHt sven thi* mny' noi be th.
iaSe. Tbe remedv ll*-* 111 the 1, il,'1* ni nnv (TfdltOI
or stockl.ild'-r who hal Ihe courage to andertake a
tght. Tb.- power of tl.e 1 ..ur' to review lt sclloi
In ti.e appolnt-M-nl ol Mr. McLeod as receiver I* not
ajneatteaad kt legal rtrcles. John R. D"* P
whose knowledge ol corporation law 1* generally ron
ceded, bas air' adv expressed lils opinion lhat pro
..edin*1* fer tbe reasova) of Mr. McLeod are tally
jn.t.tln!'!" a* n natter ot law, beside* adding bl* con
d-'innrii. |. io fbi general 1 Imeul lu financial
lin!.-. ,t>-'t r-i '!,?? .lirra..* Inpropriety ol a pre Idenl
whase petit} ar methods Involved hi* company '.ii
tmiikrup'cv bring promoted to a place where bi- ? r
roc. *>r Judgment might find complete fruitage.
T'-re 1* little doubt Dial before long a movement
wn be -.1 on r?".t to ror.- Mr. McLeod's retirement
'I reine ta nee nf Speyer .v Co., Ihe honker who
advanced tbe mud- whirl* Prmldenl McLeod n ed n
pay ibe Interest "ii ihe preference Income bonds, ti
take Ihe Int.la.tv4 iii moth PfUreMlhIP d'"- Dot
pleaae every one. Tbere I. no one who believes Hull
th.' firm would hiv. lent moll, v t,, lb .nilli, lt It
-framed Hint Heading H,,ti w.i- Insolvent If Mr.
Mal rod ands misrepresentations ta to ihe condition
ff tbe floating debt ol Reading the baAhen lo whom
ih,-v war. made aw* considered proper persons I 1 nil
Ike n'lentu.n of the court, te the position of affairs,
lt ls impeded thal tIi**- relurtanca ol thc Brm may
i.e due tn ih*- necessity for obtaining absolute verifies
Han of nnv ntnupiesentations. [hen li slreadj on
?tel _ nmvemenl In PhUadelphla te hive one of the
Stark lion**-* *>f i.ieii itendlag andertake an Inn
lion for Hi. b?-l)*''it of s.-i ilt'ltv hol'lei-s. I lie weil,
n?-s. .r tbis iiiuviir.-nt. however, Iles in the lac) thal
fe inf Munition Unit may Iw Obtained may cone Irom
Or,,, re. e,vcr wli" li nlr.-iidv mistrii led. The .cnlim.nl
aas_ng blinkers iiimI aaau ol flnanec 1. thal any pro
te*di*c in the ma.ter should be taken by Inleres)
ggncerned m tha property and having re..i to
dnbt Hi.- Integrity ol Mntem**at. made by Mr. Me
Le.si beiore h,. became one '*f ihe recrtven,
"lt : rilli,"t le' to the Slit* TC-t "f "," StO. kliobb r
and bondhaMera of the company." said Jobn R. Dm
Passes yesterday, "for Mr. McLeod t., serve bi Ibe u
p.iritv "I receiver. When i isy i'i* l d.. not wan! 1
sn te- aaOerstood thal 1 have any personal feeling in
ti.e antler, tor 1 have not 1 only look upon i' n- a
mailer "' propriety ;-n.i 1 matter *.r law. Tie acion
of ib" toort In appointing bim a receiver i. one thal
.an ba reversed. My own lodgment 1- 1 ia) ? u bond
holies and ria _ older.* ini_iit reasonably reuulre t ia)
lt 1'ioiiid he ravened. I am not aware "f anv ia**
r<*ni*'-d rn"!-, nient looking to tb!- end. In fact, lt
mav muir lo Mr. McLeod blmsell Ibal the position be
Bt ui les is un,- of great embarrassment aa view,ti
from t e standpoint I have Indicated, and lt mav )??
Ibal he will *??* Hf Improprtelj of holding an fin.
wklck many nay jnsili or unjustly c.ink be li not
warranted in retaining la Ike ii_'n of ike events ol
Ike la-t tum wtik* '
Iii,- rally In Ihe price of Mew-York and New-Eng
land w.i. not accompanied by any developments as lo
ibe control. The iran-f.-i ix-ok. of the company may
not even shOW the real ownership when tin- stark
holders m.-et BU Mun li l-l. ll I* Bssertcd thru Ihe
voting pawer al the New England stock exercised la 1
stitt ni*1 by Mr. McLeod did not represent Ihe actual
ownership, ll ls probable that al ti"- coming elee.l in
there may be a recourse lo tbe laws of Maisaehaaet)
le determine whether pro*!** can be exercised by
persona who ara not aetuallj owners In lb. company,
and I) ls believed that innnv proxies held by the
Mci..1 party will be revoked before ti;.- 1.ling ol
.io, khoi'iei-s. The ksav) liquidation In Xew-York and
New Rugtead rtoeb inst week is thought to have been
largely for Hie account of Hie ReadlBg-BOStOB and
Maire combination, which 1,'lievcd Haell able to r
tiilti control by the means of proxies fron ?eiii;,i
? hire owners. The:.' |, Ilk*!', to be 0 !??*' "f the
legal qti's'ion.s Involved, rm- tka resuii. or Mr. McLeod's
maiia_em.'iit of Reading do liol bud aMi-action lo lin
-rh'-t " siiirgestid roi his dominance in the New York
and New England. Pe-raaae od Hies.- eon?lderatt<
Amenta's Favorite Water.
? ?)>r.,t(rr.>kl,.Mtili,,li'Mii?i,,ir ??'"?
I I'.- r .,'-),?.'. Prii/^;*'* .nfl ' ir'-'^r*.
P. BCIII: ll M., Ase*!. ? nartlsr ai., M. y.
Silo*, cfcs*, tmttae, *??<?', .fTr.,..,
' I i??jr.i !if.-wi,. ..u I,- *l.in,*n ,v .eu,.),.
Ins ?n.I li.l.oitlln-r. with Medicinal pr?>
11 n Meed ????< a iktac,**
ll.n. T. H. Farah... r 1. .io,. rn_ r .rtlkl..
??*, "I don't thick B-the?rt?ha*anvequ? .,* a
'the tatara or ihe test-named rood maalaa In doubt.
i and the -I niall,m inuv also )?? rhflSlged decidedly lu
i ea*e th. rt- ihaaM be stepa taken within ike next mo
: week- which would r In Mr. McLeod from io* eon
ti' * JJ"ii rn' Hie maiiagi-meni of Hi* Heading prop
' \ Lr 01 h Itt ?,. rtf ? ' fl 1 ile v, !. c! .-.
w.i thal ol ... km it opp rs : i ' "? .lilp
: mem ,,i .-.,,?, <>.,, goal i.n Hie tier mau ?n <?" ? ?? H.
? Meter, -alli:., nexl In, slay from Hii* !'"i!. Tb"
' .,','. I "i .?,,,.! v ? -', . il i\ "i . n 7 ,!'",' ' '. mt ll
w.i. exported n'ai La ut rd Meris, would end r-i.""'*.
>s,.) ,.:i a. trlan ucs-.ii.nl ,.n ii -.!.,* ie caii**ell:i
.mu ..r bal! ,,r .;., ord. , will bi < di lim I rellel in
i ? ilireatened drain pun Die r??oui*c* ??' Hi,- 'ii",,
irj' !:.,' I'urudllioii ". the loreign '-x . - mtanr
MW, I |,3IV .,,'.-. ii. in, li. ? Up",I Hie |?. I
bl,* ext. i.i - ' c.. gold .;? ? lt I- * 'i'l "''I
i loan bill, weie fn-elj drawn lust week, and Hie up
! ply from h.,.irce may check plan- lo "iii gold
,t .r, ,,] i"t r ... jr,-.nt. T..,- moue! market, too. is
,i .eiiii linrdenlug on both call ... ?i I line li>uii*. mid
' a higher range "i rates will tend tu imped" lin- oui
, flow of the ..How metal.
Ilier- I me '-.i'll., lill :? gi rd tl 111' -1.ll lt) "
i ll nation, wi,ul: is growing in importance, lt ls
?' ? pr a, iide .-ii". ? up n r 're piii" i i "l of tho
disrupt) ;h "I thc Reading i omi Imitioi . and I
i i-lv.-rsliip of that conipuiiv. rhe public ciitnior :.',nli'-'
fhe .<__ scheme!* ol Mr. McLeod was con i e.)
Bl i" With the ,('..? r'n'i f Hie [ill n.-I ul lill*
ii-cfs.nrv il life than wkh legal controversy ii* tu
tin- technical siretigth or weakness ol ile- leases "I
thc J.-r-ev Centra! and th* Lehigh Valley, Thc di
r ii.e , "mbin:,M ,n in the KewJcrscj- i .nn*
-? .pp.-tl all further aiienipls to ral?o the price of an
ihrnrll.al, and in deference t,> p' ;i op. lhere
has been no attempt i, pi reed [arther ? i. ihe lines
li ,.i . ii b* Mr Mi i'.".hI. nm ii ls now a matter of
iii < ....|.,ii lu ihe coal trade, und In financial eli le*
ui..-' .- coin.ion aili n i be forced lr un the raul
providing corporation*, lin- i***cds .r the Reading
ersntp nn. tom* sales nt roal rn a rale which
will ? impel i decline, and the rimpnnles outside or
the old combination m.i\ lu -"ir Interc i endeavor lo
auiiripaii i:- idli g' bi iii Hj I i Ihi- direction.
Pbiladelphta, Penn., peb. Si, -Dick Brothers, broker*
it thia i itv. ar.- reported lo have been approached
bj .'?liiit.l'b'i. ..r preference bonds nnd Hock ol Ihe
Reading Railroad Company :in<l requested to ac)
on bebaU nf a committee of investigation i" In?
quire into ihe financial operations ol lhe mnnngo
h.:' ot Cr" Reading rm- ila* iki*i -i\ month
billi Brothers confirmed ihe report. Inn added
Hist ihey ware no) prepared i" amplify I t* tan
ment al this lime.
THE sHEI'DK ATTACHED 150,000 b'N*"!' i < >M..
Buffalo, Feb. 25. -In obedience io a wrl) from the
Supreme Court. Issued on a Jodgmenl In favoi "f the
Iii _ ?? Hoisting and Conveying Company agulnsi ibe
Philadelphia mal Reading Cosl and Iron Compary,
? Reek lo dav attached 150,000 ' ? ol roal
belonging to Ihe latter company. The action wns
i,, ..cute fcl'.OOO il.liiind t,t !??? du-' Hie
pl.ilnilil* foe Ibe construction ol Ihe Mg Lehigh Va ley
and Reading coal treeUes at < I.ktowaga, Ju-i oul Ide
tl., rlty limit*. The ll iftalo a* Hon ippean I i be
only "ii" af b Belies, as n MHwat_hee *ii-|.ni< li says
in; the same plain 111 ye lerd ij recov. rod J id|
i nml cit) '. ' ii the * fm- .!? ???ii.ltir~. and attaclnsl
docks and landis aad coal there lo .-?? ire the In
debt.-,!:..- "i B-7.000.
rv, ?. i .: Special.. Tho Revision Commit tee ol
the .Vet-tern Pat eng- r ta octail n wai again In -e-ailon
loria) working on the new agree.pt. There seem
t, be i.: 'I '.> lb< ir- !.,'?? .' ? Two . I the r* ad noa In
iii.- a-.., laUon are -aid t-. have come lo Ihe rondo l" i
. v will noi sign Ihe new agreement, al lea I
until after tl," World'* Fair.
No -!'-ps have yet i ""i taken ta give "ti" I ta the
j,.,i.i,,'; ,i iii" arbitrators in the _Ht-_menl
Ohio Elver rale. Tho decision provided lot an ad vam ?
ol the rates March 7. Before they ran be advanced, I
I,' wi. ., supplement I ? the Chicago rate sheet will :
i,nv io be Issued. A meellng nf the Chicago Hr, hoad
V mini- bei lm- b"' -i held t ? provide f ir i aeh an li a ?
IVl '.lt ll
I... :?"' ro a- were present at th' In HHr
*\,,.l ll Will be lm
. nothing ? "lid i " ,l""c
? , do ibi* ii""' sari work la Hmo lo advance
rat.* Milieu 7. _
* :.i,n_.. Feb. 25. Rpecnlallon I- already r;r- a* to
?>,,, wiu be successor nt AUen Manvcl ? pn
to ti," A.. bison. Topeka ii d Banti I ? The g
opinion seems to I-- lhal the Oi I eh ? pm M.
Rinehart, will step Into tue vscancy. This will
Involve t ? lanae ot polli it on Ihe part of I . i
?ibi, ti i a- bi rel '?' I1-" ;i';'l rall
,,..,.1 I,,, ii bal po Ukin, while Mr RI ?? ? I
. . iiii ., financial ni in, wlthoui es perter. ? lu I
prae'i'il railroading. 'Iii" econd vlee-pr d< it. Mr.
r .;:. .,f To--, ka, 11 t?. ? ?, rn* nllom-d ? ' i
,,,,. | m '.? idle be I* a man ?.:
a Willy, lew people believe ibal he will bc elevate.!
? | I..- presMen. j al I hil lime. H I* v;'t'i tha'
Rinehart want- Hie place, btmI thal bein-' Un* ?
lt h reasonable lo suppose ll tl bli Influence with th-- j
i ... ? ,. i.e- company will se* ure
All Ihe general " ? ?' ' " Ali hi an C ? p
were , li "?! lo div li or fl third vb >? i> ? di
Mi Springer, "ii aecounl of the dear1: ,,( iv
Manvt-1. ii,-' funeral took pine i ? n .,
San Oleg ? f. en*, I I - u dei I od, Mi , Manvi I III
live In talon*,
Baflalo, N. Y . i . b, 25.?The New York, I
ai ,| Vfet lera Ri li o >i ba - nx ide an sng<
Ibe New York < ? ntral by ? bli I, ll ed. 'mic.
imelda lind gain* :,:, "i.ii-.ii,' ? Into Huff a lu ovei ?
I's ci' I. . Land ha- in ? ix pur lui -.1 on
?,. a.iistrui t lani md coal
lill. HELLS oE .sj \ ll'tfi
Bl T NOT As oi.ii AH '1 ll . i 1 -. I i IT i
Los Angeh -. < ul., Jan. in isp.,,,i . Man)
tami - "i Eastern tourlsi - llfoi ii , b ive
looked with an awe Inspired by their uppo d
tiqulty nt Ihe ml i ri tburrhci bulli by tl Kp ?
winn the land which iijw make* up thi Mate wa a
d' pend, tn v ol i bal nation. rh< ? anth
ng aro InU pMIng enongb althoul ii
.???-, and while ihey ropnMient an '[-iii Hu) ls
pa ', and a rule that 1 orertbi iwn, i.1"'.' ru.- not o
very ancient. In fact, men arc yet living
v.:,- pinn',.; ? when tie building*! were be
gm.. However, antiquities are created v-r,
ometlmes. A nea paper ben* recently commented on
? it destruction of an '?historic" building m Redlands.
That town l "ii""! i.e : it,.-.--1 and bi |es) in Kontbcrn
i ilifomhi, I ni the bmlili! g in qu.-stioii, a. well n ll
town, i- only i.v-" ?. :i:- tiiii. v.; ii wa In ? way kl
tarli us it was tte brat lionae lu the pine .
Bat lo retain to the mailer >,t the quain) Mool I
.- mi -...ii ti,nilli., scattered Uu sigh bouthe.ni
California, They are somewbal primitive tn d< ign,
,nd look a- if they mlgbt i.maries In ng'-. Another
reuse which has led lo considerable err*: bs to
i pectlve yean In which Hey were erected i l ??
confounding ot Hie dates ol the founding ot the mi
-"rn* and the ab quern ? re< ll *n ol thc rh in ii b old?
ina n -cir.
B. a. ' . Stephens, of IhU rlty, bsa been ? profound
-iud. ii' ..I California, and Bom him I learn the follow?
ing facia: li,,.- n.i lou church building al Ban Lal lt*
wa erected In 1802. By the way, thi I Ihe most
Interesting ol ali t.r Ihem, ami ls more neall) In thc
condition Bad amid thc urroundlngt which character'
i/'-'i ib. ?? i.,i.ii..e* in iii" Spanish regime Hun any
"Hut. san Gabrlc Ml-o-lon was built In 1801, san
.iin:i tl" (.ip. llano arni -.rn Fernando ni 180*1, sm,
Buenaventura In 1809, s.m Diego In l-l::, and dania
1.ti,.un in 11*20.
Tuns Ila* vein r-i"!" In ,l,in.- !"iii<liii-- it s.m nabr!e|
i* only a ll)tlc ,v -r eight) i Igbl yeal oM Re. ? i il)
Eastern tmirl-i. m Lo Angeles have been attracted by
some beautifully Illuminated pictures ol I hi. building
willi ii v., ie "bi a ,.nv, nu'- in the stores In iiii- miv,
nd on wi,!, ii ihe dale nf erection was printed as itti.
This seri nu error msrred Ibe vain.- ol the otherwbie
dael] executed picture . The year mentioned was Ha?
de.. .,f ii," estai.iisiim.ni "i ihe mis-don ol the Arch?
angel Holy Gabriel, on Ibe RI M mte i iwlanda, ?t what
I* now called lb.>!d" Han tinbin,-I Mission.-1 I
obi, damp 1"cainv wai productive of leo mach ma ?
mal lever among I i prk ? . and cv, ml ? nil,,j'.??'.<? .
damaged the poorly . omtru* lcd building . mi lhal three
or four years a 11 erv. a ni i).<- holy hrotberi mored ???? ' ral
mil' * northward i > the pre en) beaut Ital ute on the
warm, dr) uplands, ai wini I* now known a* .s.m
Gabriel. Here they lir-t erected an adobe church
ulrich i'i l-('l va. replaced bv Die preseni lone and
rubble - rurture. lu Un. building *-\ (iovernor Wo
I ''". "i"' i- now, at Ihe age ol .rb nln**t. Hil ??.
i resldeni ol West I.- Angeles, began bis long publli
csreer tnt a* an mulvie lu n,,. rear l-ii.i. iliei' arc
many others vet living win wen- here when Ibe -an
? iabrle) ? bun ., wa built.
Even Har hells are of the pr ni general lon. Mr.
i*'t( pliem !? il :, e Hi.it 1 I- r.nil) . limbed tn Uh* bel
?rv ami copied tb- ins.rlirtlons ,, ihem. -,. Hi- oflen
written *t'>r\ about -pam-ri ladies ru*tlng Ibelr Jewels
and golden uruam iii-, imo Hie melting poi io a
In making Hie mission bells ls n ii true a- to lb
made by Mr. Ilolbr ok. and probably no) n.s io iii.
Iher Ihree, Tb- same iradi lion is asaorlated with tba
ttciu In every hpanlsh mis ion In the Americas Keliher
are the lulu cm-lent, as one was m.nie in I--.-- rmi
?lr,- ""iel In IMO. The undated ones do n"t -????, i,,
be any older than the ones which bear the i<-ir In
which th'*v -.'.er.- made.
nut tb.- We_| Un.nv- and care- Utile about Hair and
California particularly ha-a right io !>?? contemptuous
ni H.. alow rat.-of progress In other lora ll He In :?? s
than Hfi\ years lt luis developed (rom a Mexican iq??*.?
Inc.- InlO a great Male, mid th" growth In ll. il lime
bi amounted lo w bat it would save taken centuries lo
accomplish elsewhere. The mlsrioBl arc nn| anrlenl
In yeats, but In what tiny rcjprtacat nntlmentalli Hi y
aa', l.i thc liinguugo Of thc dal. "out (if Mehi.' '
Til IT ii*i vsi; s vi i i.v si ':!*.' i.Tl OOCBTS IS
T ITs c ixTt ?!"''-n: -s m, BANGER
'I " i HI* , ,,: VTi'.V
[ur ni n.n vi it to nu noni m 1
Wt thlngton, ie:,. ?_ i I be Ila ri le, ari
have i... 11 mn, i, annoyed lo ace |Mibllsl)ed In varioui
newspaper* extravagant snd .leadl ?- ??.inti ?>
' Ho nunber of people In Hawaii wlui are allected wltl
leprosy ami ike .arioiii evils n**ultln, from ina
dlsesse. One ol the ciiiuml?*tiner. old U dav lha
,.- Imped] tutti gr-.* i,., ;"pi"*e..i.iti"ii ol this kim
w mill noi be resorted t. bj tl.le of annexation
iii- bar. i.-present, ii imi rx .1 our ex.n U
merits. It will ii< -t be pb.i ..nit i" bring before tnt
public eviiiein . of falseh ari and mallee in weaken ou
position, but we can Bud ahull <i" *" if pushed toa rm-.
Mr. Thurston, chairman "f the c.miuK-lon, said ii
, reply ta Inquiry as ta tbe number "f cases, _ympto.ni
, iimi .?!)., is ot leprosy In Hawaii
"We regard Ibe discs ?? very mach Ba you d_ Bnj
local lon1,.onie disease which l* i-pWemtc. but can
pletely and safely segregated Naturally, we r. ur.
ii-, existence, bul we Imve ita f-a" of bring attache
i.y it. .wing to ih. absence of danger. Lepro . wai
1 brough) to the Minni, bv Ibe I'llnc- and I- ...iilni't
i to thorn people nnd the natives. There ere now
r.-wer than 1,000 lepers in Hawaii and i'll ol them, wltl
lb,, exception d a icu- ra e* up In Hie monntalns, llvi
au ibe island ,>r Molokai, wihlch ls aboal tarty mil.
rrom Hen .lulu. Ol tbi Island Ihe must beautiful
,| th. glOBP lhere ar- Ililli!'! ll hospitals lllld' I , larg.
of competent medical aid*, sappllcd by Ibe Governmenl
rbrough scieiitiiic tap- snd treatment the number ol
,.,., . ,,' leprosy I- gradually bring decreased. ta
ilin.? Ibo disease will probably become entirely es
"There ls a dispute ;. - to whether lepro J li con
lag! rn-. A r.ieiit mrdk il rongn - in London di lei
mliicd. afier ii careful con Werai lon "f t'"- qu?" tin .
tbat thc disease w.i. not nmtaglous. and ":' the
strength of the Invi ligations rind cancln lom "f that
t?!igrc-* tho English BBthoritles .ni lii.iiii.il.tns to
their .'"loni-, where bpi,, y existed n"t lo regard il
;,. contagious. We Bi*e in doubt about Hie. matter in
llawnli, We lm lin- to tb- opinion (bat tn a numbei
,' case* lepro 1 i.<- t.n tala-rited. and In *veral In
stance* lhere ls _",?i evidence of lt* Irsnsmli-don
throngh phyricsl contact?as smouing a alp nsed bj
a bp_i-. f,,r example lu no sense can Hie di ea ?? he
considered rontag-oui ..* are smallpoi, rarlei raver
ur other germ Iroubh s.
? There are two hindi ff lepn* y?luharruloos ard
snaaBtb t"'. iii" former i- Hi- serious. I"*' rn ?
type. Patients wi' ; c, [orn i.m.- very ;"i
iwril up t" i-'i'-n' proportl m. and In sloughed ull rou
rtiti'.n ar- nombi.- sight* lo - In the ..' Be '
form Hie ner\"- ,.? Ihe patient :,:?? ertously Impaired
,.,i t ,,* (ease ol feeling i* more "; less lost, lu
this torn lhere i- no Uonghlng. Curiously, no pain
ac om pan lei ri the. form ri*. ?!! ei e weakei
nb" ur- a fl." '? d with ii to iel) rn extent tbat fie
rt* tm * fall easy pn * to other <!, ??
? 'l !?. patti ' at tho I ," ? Ul* nei I I ? '-i ler
?,,,. :.,]? ,fB| , ,-. ol a nn I of ' ntl rib Mei
headquarters nf wt.rder I st flyracuso, N. ^
I !,. ?? ilSti i sn. ' mi v wit i the lop r
none ol them ever b ive I sen affet ted a I I
IB) form. ITT- ? iipertnl*
? ? family l.ave liv. di tho lepers I
and I ??'?" ? _p-rien< "i no rmptoi of lt f'.i i
alua true of the do.toi i who i I ;?
probable espmtutlon i ' ??'
,*'inl ' .'?? I eleai I ??
llfli festal*. Of tl..- dl-.-'o" l ll nt ai Imsl
contra') ,* tl Ihe et lame ll sn* sll kind
of anlmali horses, dot
Ab. r ? <.: - pot lent hare '. ?
time sgo ..i. d,"',,: Ino. lated . monte, with
r ,,? vim i of i of p " Ith appa
i II11V t. , eft' ' '
I! ? pall ila i tn make i oa view ol
leading arneb in th; I Uni i ? ? ?
1. prmv 'tl ita t .'
Isolal d tr '" ll ? b all kind ??:
Tho-o patient I tile
t :ui*t and ?" i noi .- . ip nnd ni . i.
panam ev-n If they di >ri ti d 'Ann*
b ] I , \ Pt .- *~
Viii.-rlc.-i. und st .
. I,,,,..
to llawnli win no. .,',,? ii ;
man) ? -' ?..' :- ' ? -
Honolulu I Noi ? i,-, I lea pt
lb,tl DO v>, i I, ? , t bal ], ? ip|, |" ir i., t .
W;.v o', B' ' " ml "' I? I'r ?. . I " . i ? I
,i ,? ger ' , ? ? ? ? ? i || ? ; ?
Columbus, ..bb.. Feb. 2 \ ' ?? I Hil iHr I
! r,r. ""!? ' J ,;, I III l'r v i loQ ,1 ' '
',' ih il ." ill in ls] ind foi i Utarj rio)
i" i" ? i ilk" that of 'b" fatigue _ ilform i
I Ulled Matt Am v. lo ! ? ,!. pped I . lei
han I i ,:,' i ? , ,, Mar li 14 for the use of th
f.uard. 'lb" ord* i I lgm d by Joh ll ?
N. G ll I " 'lt
V dark Mus <ilk batu I ? i
? lu I/" t" Hie t nit. d
bm slfT the cont of ai Hawaii , ?: \.-\ i
? ? centre, i urmount. >i by . ? !i,i In ihe .
ol Hu- shield i mother lib ld. wHI
?i vertical tripes b*-arlng i re ? ml
r ? led M ile - lil-.l ,, . , . ,| , ||(
?" 'i '? '? ' I- H.-' date of inc tx volution -J.
rrri: tvti'v-iu vt:"*t ,,,; redittion oi im
PERI ? 1 Kl f! ATI YES
? ' ' mdlna ill thal I , i... ., rritb n on t ?
lb In expo ure iud
development, that no do, I Or Ing ' alli >... ... ,.|, ,| . ,,
' I . fBllVe Whit h. In pit. , '
will bc el eak or too si
i whl h ai.- , ; . md transparent I ? ?
only an IndlcaUon i- given ol whs ll a ;.,.,,. ,i
avmld i" round on the plate will often, when
properly treated In priming, give falrli good rx nil
while ll ,? I,.., inter ? negative, i ,, ,i- ?
mnllgbt tn print fi >m, will a . ap n mi i, ?!-,?? in
making print lh it i rodui rion or i ,\tx nglfa I- re
quired ta arter i" do good work ir ihe negative i t
valuable one, of i vh-w oi g port rall which rannol
be ? '' lined i ? nd ian, li i i.. n.., i., r,,;. .,??.
lng i" Improve it, n, nuke a transparency rrom ll ?
(rom iiii- a nea negative ran be made ir (be Iii ?
I Hi" I ii', ll , iden) |? i;,,. ,,r,? ,, ,,( ps\nB |
trai I'ireiev can Br mud' '?>? rontaei prlntlni In in
ordinary printing finnie, b Ing ? plat" In lead "f the
utmsl paper. GI coal ?? Ibe loading ol Ibo printing
Irani.? ihould be done in lb" darli room, and the race
ut ibe ni gailve n. j,- rrom ihe Ugbl amil I -?? ll
expo ure bi.
iii- expo ur ? ran he mn.I- by gi light. Ihln w : i
Uv being evered win, | . i.,., i ,,f |h|n ti ii ,. ? .
w-lille an oV-T-Btrong .nn be le ld near ll," Ugh!
and ancovered. Tbe lime ,,! expo ure I governed i..
u.e Irengtb of Hie llghl ind Ihe qaallty ol Ibe nega
live, snd maj rary betweea Iwo ami twenty et nd
A little pm, Ibe '.'.ill -bow th.- nm Hem. bv I!,.- appear
mi"- vi Hi" negative under Ibe psllght, Ihe proper
lime of exposure. Tlie re niling po-dtlee mav iben |.
developed as u ual, and Ibe original plate inien lf|**d
Or l'ell'l'ell.
The prinelpal igenl In Ibe pron - of Inti n Ideation
I bli !il"il'b' of m.'iciiiy, ami 11,| . combined Billi
.ilbilbie nf ammonium, odium alphlte, cyanide ..r
-iiv-r, or ammonia, i lae ha i ol ail Hie ?" l,
pr .-jin: ii ?!<? ii.. For the amateur who mike, hi pf'ure
::- well ai takes lt, . Imple I waj "i dring .work
i ihe ie i. and oi," of ll?.' Imple i "nv . ? Inti usl
lying a iiiiu negative i bri thoroughly io "i ii ibe
pi it-. Tin n pom "Ve: ii i .in ni.-d solution ol I,
. bli ride ol mer mv. md alb v Ihe pule .lib, i
parilatlj or entirely lu whiten, n-memVrlng thal Ihi
longer lt ii nil, wed lo ut I n bi ?? lob n - will be
tl." I- 'ill. Wlien tli" pl.il.- I nlbel, tiMy wbll, ned I i
solution should ix- poured nil ami ihroan away. Then
wi.ii c.- pi.ii- agata and Immei ? in , bath made ol
leu ounces of wal r nnd ten ulnlni nf ammonia, rbi
will tarn ii,*- wini" iiii.it" i.i.i* i<. ., id iv pl ile
ihould remain In the bath until the bl ;. . ulm ba
?.'one deepl) Into the Him. i'i- i I ik< om ii- plate and
give lt ii |borough washing, \ li u*e ol yrilow in thr
nim will bow thal Ihe fir t wa bing waa aol enough,
and iiini Mime hypo i* *uii retained, md hypo in a
tiliu l- nc: likely io help pill Thorough washing
na t b- given t>> th- pto'.r,
A simple melli.nt of reducing loo strong negallvi
Iti un Uorlirr, nnd I lulim, i,
saree in rn .pinion mm the mil ii ,
' Wi "?* ire i.itt - ire-cha-en
ki,."ii pictograph in escfc packaga.
" l\<'ny <>/'
Natural Cable Waters.9*
?? li* purity is iiii'loiil)t.-'l. ;is ax
I "rni'.'-iits have proved ir to he ('ti?
ti,,-Iv lie" ii "in "i janie substances,
w lui,- ri," lui_>- anion ni "I t arlmnic
i. is ii 11 ntiii' - l- also exceptionally
purr. A* a |>I(*;i-nni. palatable
drink, il i- ntt?|ii. -ti*.n.i?*!\ i?r.*l**r.il>!?*
tu othen "
? l.iiinUxii f'osrl L'irculav.
IT I AN HE ll .11
AT ALL THE Mvhim. < UM**, ll"TI'.i.s. RESTAt*.
Il v.". I V AM) ' vi l -
M I Kl ll \N'i's
ll !? Pl XLA Y - IO.. 50 Broad-Si H I - As* nts.
ls io -,nii t ,,- piste tn water a few minutes, and laen
ira osier il t i a bath made ".'
r ile nota- um. l:"
Mur.iii.- acid . ' '
rt , . 0 ? '?"' ei
Lt t Hie plan- il iy In tbl bath until suflli lently rx
dn<' 'i. ,!?? ? . lil h .? v lt a thorough washing. Many
pint. ii : ind which require only a slight local
reduction, Fm this purpose use a olnUon composed of
Mvp .'ilpili:. n| . ,!.,.
tl J iiiu .slate ol | ."'i -li .
.1". grsln"
', eil ill?
ili- plate should he oakiri In waler until the Bim
I- .,fi.iosi ;nitl ib- reducing ...imbin applied with a
sun brush to the spots requiring lt, and the piste
thoroughly washed. Or. after nuking Ihe plate, a
? rah otnllon ol chloride ,,r lim- mav be applied, nnd
ir the Intensity ..f ihe plate I noticed during develop
m. ii ti,e lime may be applied then, aller Axing and
v.n -lin :.
rtieri! I n gi ,i d".'I ur ml understanding bi to Die
relative permanence of lulen Ifl-d negatives as com
pared with tho p no) " treated, and al a n lo Ihe
real ,, del. rloratloii ?? lu ti H oi*cui A
rareful examluatlou of iieg-Jtlv which Imve gone
wrong aftei being dis lured will ibo. thal l i mo I
(?asea li i not lb il the tai igi I i I diri, bul Ibnl the
clear i ""i" ' '.' h>, ume di i olored snd Ulled up,
bim] lt bimbi b. rx n.' mbi red lb il ll I npon the ? ur.
; .1 'rc,un.'in ufa negative |,ievb,ii. to tatenriliration
Di.it H pern,ii ? :.. ' depend and tb- Importance of
a p. :'? ti, bing ol the plate _lil be explained.
When im r. arti ( hloride in mint lon I applied lo
, . line bim Ibe metallli siivr forming Ibe ima..
, port to f Hie chl'irint rrom Hie bl
cblorld. indi converted Into rhlorid. ol liver, while
? i flin, ..I io the mei'' mon state,
With n ?? ta ti in negative ihe im< whit* ne i innot
? , ned ? '' ' .Ibrilol ,i ;
i r and part It. il o, io Hie lm
;..'.? cal ' ' ..in! le mattel from I ? bim.
?. ii-.- -t re ol '.i-v!..pim- lain." Invisible before
the appin allon nf the Inti ii Itler, l_s om* p ill
ll pare | Iv. bi passed Ihrouib Hie
Bier orv l-t h. W ;
: i far a any Ire itmeni they may hal ?? lo
I, mu, li doubt ha
..,*,.. Inti :'."! I'i
inner, and burs have a." f'r
ti". ,-i* to run I ? . ir,
nu iwori ?? * a denn i n, howev< r, di ? noi i i
plain r- in o) ' have
I ond I 1 treated with b er
I ?? | ,, |! ! I ill) Ol ? 111 ' "
. ? ? ,. , ! ? l|_e of th*- bli .'il ni le
(eur Will ? I . ? ' wn li
but wbl
re nut romblned Die ?, ia
plat.* and I
? . ' '
lal i ? ; ?? Iii i" ? iv. d
I . ? . ? ? il plate
In the I 'vi I ? : ?
I rofl t a I
, : |t lam ?' Iv.-r .1' Itv
? ? - iher ? I- tarim d
ride ol -liver,
iv... sill I,'. !'? ru ?rilli lil t. ?'
riv fla* ?! th* re bt
. ? sonder
? || . | , ti If lt be i. il p il tri at ol
.. ...iv' ,.-.
.,r d?-. r washed. And
auld abet her .be pla!
!,, In ' * ' ' ? \> ? edl'iglv
inonnt of I es of Ibe et latin, tin
W||[ lu Hip. lr'. Ol lot ll
. ? i bindy m< thud I* IB
? . Iv-.i blue mol li ' "1 " llb gum
. . i, iii .???-. rhl< will
' ? ? Igbt.-U deep lo.
ti .. Ihe i ' ?'.. ? .11
VETTIVO s ll Viv / -. i i,irxini i RI' l I
i - ? , i in Fi ' ? - nl< I-.
I ? ? .-','?!
? . rt
lb.- 'il .
I- da.
I lld mund
ill ? r
v ? tald for tb" I ere ls no
v Hie gr. hi nd at tin
Ul |( cert pl ?
alli . half th< tide In gerin, n il ii i il n rk
da. catch If a nan ls earl or late.
.. ,r '...nt ? ' ???
? nd li i few min
i .er I
. |e Iii all 'v ' ?
pn id ", a ', ' , p*i
j , . iori i ? ? ?? i ?.
' Ile |||,. ,it||,r Wi -I I.t .Ii . ?
. ' ' ll I ? , '
I ' ' II . ,
? ll IIP ' 'ie ,1,
ri!" mi t, b Ve, .
ip Hie
i .1". -
??? ? :?? ' .ill pall .ui and I.. ?
I ir i ,-? br ' i h ru gi ?
1 i lilian p Ile I li I rr- ll
p lin li mi , ?' ' r nr Ih dilling il .*? trout:
eil behind i loot. Ilk" Ul
rac- cf Ihe ? lim .: .
- . Idell)! one Ol ' ? Jer'.. .| .|.,-v ri. ind
r boat wa - lc id ?! ' ir t1',. pi,, .? a ' , r.
I flos fed il n ' ' rfor 'I ie lis'iern in ?frett ? I
-it nv i i' ? i nat and ca em
tl t ? ? ? \ I ' , W ? ? I , . ?
let I. md "'? ? r h ind. \ dash i (Inri".
I I'll ? gi?>'. i,".I of i biv timon ap
'I ie ?: 'l|i I
i I Iud I il anil weill rt I
li ? , bbm iv"'. Hie li'.', of
I ol bul Iben I ti.li .' !'. li- ilirn-'
! into ? ? gil il '
linn-d ti li and, with a pilli. I'li'btl bl- st niggling
' .i Ihe boat, \ )? rh fr i t ? n.-i ?
'M , H |_ll< e. 1
'. . .,i iv hIki ii . and ilruel il ig.iln ii I
big ri ? bib 1 etan ll limbed in ll fal
We "'I, ri i" il, .,' ? ? ? ., having ' nu ni ir ? mu I ii
' I,ol I ne! er i ' ind
pialah "spr. li i li I .,".. nf lhal I
\|< , ' h le i .- bimi had bet n p lilli ? ron dlr il ?->
the li"! lo Where .Itler lb.tl lill !.ling.'-,I un
der, 'I Iii Hm* "?!?-?> -.. i ? - ? .- .i
'll" WI. ' " tin ? ir",ni,I lin ed '?? lit III" I ' i
' ? hoi pin i* i and lore arum i lu lil efforts in
'i'"e lila un*, ii i, md? wh't prisoned
im. I .? ' lier pulled ta the ip" , before, bul as
? ? tire - hm ', bl arm '- give hi blow hill for _ a
more powerful - lt.-, i i .. ?. b.-b.r- lore Hie gills fr?
from th ? re Irsluln i nrd andi ? i ? "if sud
"' I* lilie n il , nf liliD* flam ? darrin ? tlirough Hie
sat' i Itu) if , ip i (her* were two oth< n
mg '. ox ?? i UH., behm ii-. Hu* other away up al
Ibe tnrllii r end nf Iii- ii i
Thi a i. ut lh" ' rn* re quick de
'1 |?n V lil . ii mbl il, t go for fir ' T'e ene
ne i ??? I ?' i ? io ii.-I', ll ,| a Vert bi ; li-!,, r-r lip*
il.,:,i would b"i> np I., ile url.-..ii few seconds,
I ?! , lita" I ?? willer Into fn mi
lu bi* elforl r, - in, fi uni the ii-!. Evidently he
" ? i lil f' ll"?? ? th i""' n ? turned toward him
11,,- t, Kif man piill.il i if hi dlnn* r depended upon
portlrnlsr Bah, Tb" .plashing mid
? '*.? dre. near. Th.
' uni pull*'' 'i' I ?? '*' ar. farther on his arms lo
lm ell a Im ma- f ir the i 'milne; Htrnafrte
Tli" I-"'' rea' lied I'i- *p.*i , ?! , ' if tbe bend and the
nx in h il liol I of i ? ? i null iud np cnn- a bit
?- 'I' ' " ?i mm lt over ii f. lona, nnd a humpback
il th ?' v li ', I . i ll i, in ll mi. taken In. but the
loo! ni ill ii i .ii tl" rat .? of lb- two men was mini
?al In
Mein. 'I- I'-- lower ii-ii lui i.n bobbina up and
? "I" we were killing mir Insignificant captive
?"' lb*- I. i lunn*! and pulled rapidly bach ta
Hut , nd "i ' \ rain the il-ii'-rmiin ducked and
ill-Ill I " ' ' ' lin In Hulled, bul (lils Hm,, the net
''"I "ol ' ?' I*' ' "'. ' Uv ? I.xpe-tod. Another
pull "'I '?? ' a uni her '" fore Hie be.nl ,,r Ihe tl.li showed
'' iV" " ''"' !?.is nu immense fellow hli*ir-r r.ir
than iii" ii. i. ml i -'nit., c. ni,, ,,i I',., bink ol dis?
trust mi Hi- ll-li 'Hem' ri ,? n- he drew back bis bund
'"-? ?'- "" " li il-mt In strike the ratal blow the
".I 'i i" i mm lil |i?H \.|..,|,,.r float but a
' , " 'i-i under There wera
to Im I ,,'?'. . p..,, ., | ,,f ,,,,,.
' 'le net wi- wit ? 'I l!i, "ib v ,',|.,.| ,..,|n ,,, ,,,.??,,
, r iii- !'..ii -'ii i' .? nm ii h ... , ? mri ll" was
the Magi I .'lin..'i I ever nw. Il- mil I have Weighed
ne rv * hundred pounds, n he wa inr htgr-er Iban
'""? which I aw weighed Ibnl touched Ihe I.m ni
si.ti-tiif pounds.
' ? moister w,s ihi,,.", into Ibe bo-it. stunned bv
i bmw. and lb** man nulled nwnv it ihe lecoiid tish
Tb ii il-* ens n ve \ lu:. hut not Npial ta nn.
' I ? ? " ? ? ? " mi w is nu.hit,., bia booh
town tn irv ,n I rnt< h th ? Hah bv Ihe gills Ihe Ma
??'"? I"*' throw ?i Intn Ihe baal mve tine Bop ni nie. efl
'?vii i.e ii" ind, falling fair upon ide arm whl li lield
'li" Bet. ' ire ll fre ? ar i holli ic i.rm*,
The I wo nen tal and looked al each other a moment
>nd I know Hie. wished How were alon- In lb- i?,,i
ih-tt tb * might lin i some relief fnr their lacerated feel
? in Isngusee whleli poUtenen restrained then, from
islni before ne.
PA. T'lllMi.
un.i March 4 b-gins Un change or gov-mmcn
from pict.clive Republicanism to (WM or least frc
iiniie Democratic principles.
Them 1* probably no - ellon of Industrial interest
in Hil. country io which Hie possible ami probab.
tarli! .'lii'in-s nf raw and BWnufaetured material ar
more Important binn to th- tobacco Industry, whkl
ls the greatest national tobacco Industry exlatlnc h
Hie world to-day, and io entitled to all consideration
Mi- tobacco men in a1! flepartawata are for the timi
I" pi', putting prir'v politii* on cm' sid-, and an
birdiing Into the mailer ;:* Inpartial bnsln-ss men
and this ls what Ihey Ota. Win n the McKinley bli
became a law. and Ibe terms of ..bedale F plac.*d s
duly of gc p"r pound an ull Inparted tobacco to tx
used cs wrappen for etgan. a great erv weal up thu'
eur miig'iiiceiit dear Havana <*ignr Indastry wa?
ru ned: thal ike etgan mad*' or cuban leaf kr Cubai
tt,,rime,, !n th|a city. Key West and Tampa, etc.
could no longer be produced: that the new tariff on
tbe strappers neant an unavoWakle Increase of cos)
of maaufa tare, anountlng to no less than WPM
;>.*r i.xahx cigars, and that thia u-Bali rrond aui
?if use :,n ihe sault*** ar Inferior daru and reduce Ht*1
output of ihe i:.is to ? minimum. Meettnm were
ii.ld at til.; three great clear Havana anaufactaring
centres, :md ronmltlees were Beal to washington
lo *pne m. .Sorta f"" lb. repeal or modification of
the objectionable clause. Iflriorj tefU Ifni they
were unsu ?'?r?? ?: Hut the tariff of gS P*t pana I
dun remained, and i is preseni shaun. Hint. In Hi-*
[ roi I* nf Daniel Webster, "We still liv*- *
*.".,i Republicans are now In a position ta auk if
ibis opposition I" ib- new tariff wu* (mle hysteria,
party r*-?-iin_r. or Ignorance, due to a hasty Instead of
, rurel n Investigatl in "r facts nnd bo equally careful
forecasting Into th future a* ta Ike more probable
r. .'iii* of mil protect hm. The reason ior this que*
ibm is thal Ihe n-rord for the las! four yean *iiows
n.i banknipt or (ailing clear Havana rlgar nunnfsct
urers, hm a remarkably well aatlsfled lo* of citizens,
'.,r th,- official output (lgures si ow ri hean fleer
Havana Incn-ase. lu the t:,r? great sect lona we
li-d timi the rl-.ir Hiv i i district of New York f'tlv
? ?? second Internal Revenue dl-friet, made In tbe
'asl - \ months of i--t 7_.S*JS.1_0 Igars. which waa
a falling off from the , irreapondlna period In IflffO
..f about . ' ". Sow mirk. In -pl'" nf ruinous
1 iriff the ii-t *i\ months of 1392 shows tke total
,,r ran mannta tnnri lo be 77.541.420, or a gain of
5 3*111,370, "r nearly J.000.000 cigars 1 year. Turu
Hie pagea ta Florida, which Includes Ike 'ther two
r|eor Hat ma renlr 1, K". \V.-t rind Tan,pa. and wa
iTiei thal I ?? r rd for Ihe bul rta Sion I hs "I IM7
>v .i.t'ji.j".- ._,r. while Hie -ix monibi ending
Ii.-.?:!.*; "ll. 1 UKI, - ,-v 1 total of 77.0.8.B43, or
1 macalflce ' Increase ol product in four vaars amount
li _ t., _-. ..ic)-.*,-,. How I* t;,1.s lor ruin ard drsota
tv here ls Ihe rn H falling off In pr duet that
art rxpecti I ' Republicans (.111 pa i-e f,,r r*-plv. but
it ill) no) come. Add to tl.e ab ive t..- ffgarea for tba
imporii'i., ? ? .? 1 ? ?? arana. ls ronptete,
In )--- we Imported W1.77O.O00 Inn. and In 1083
,?(. or a deereaa. "f
j-.l-d. I ,. awi pr"t- tl
? I' ? 11 of the clair li dnstri ll 1*
?'. p. dble in generalise, 1 no dhu rici is tg.
: 11 any nn. grade af rlgar, 1 Ut _ Ike entl/a
tbat In I--* Hie t'nlf.sl
*? .- : . ' ,-- li il "ri 1SM
1.7 J.*i3 :i". or an In res*?e of in- .1
r . i , ' "-'I 810,720, .,r nearlv on. tl. . i
rlgar* In '..1* phenomenal Increase the dj
' Slate ( ri,"- to the tr--.'. Peni .riv.min
: in "i" -I -iii- .ix monika ?>' lei" a
mal , r - J..1-.0....v.r-. arni f..r the eorresp
??*?_, ? , '.,-.?,! tbs made 1 1 Ima than
.I gat , an Increase of 203,00(1.000. Think
uf 11. 1 bl_.ur ' 1 ct try un mrth
.1 ? ? ? ? iii n. d out ' efore. This
',, om ' dlate nft-r bi" pa ige ol I .- ? '
1 -.%?? month "f ."',..,. r. November and Di
1 -'*i. ? v ? r * ? r", -rd f thi conn poi ding mom *
,,f 1480 ihowed ii total lucres rot sboui 200,000,000
? igir. or, rn i-. ,>xa*t. sn Increase ol .x'.-i-.nt
during the -ir' bp" months aft.r Ihe WU
? . btw sod --cb.dil- p w.i,' intn fores, Vet
i* -.vu- declared i,v Ihe manufacturers "f rlgant i vered
viii, >.i;i,i'm wrapper , areli st i.,?? clear llsvans),
rtiat I l< in li r-a-*- In > ? ? : of about
Rj pt I,-m I made if Havana mi
p. r r ?? t per pom i dut. and - '? tra wrappers,
? ii I * . |_ r I 0".ri .' li rs i over l with
1. Committees on Ih ;? il* i weal lo
ind w,ir patient I. 11 ird. bul t. - Re
publican liovernmeiii then In '? ned - give
..ii i t prartl ,1 test, and the ?.-..?- .,f tbe
? ind th*' grand 1 ress, prove and Indon I xe
uinudi ? ? '.
- ? mu. 1 f-r ll ?? produ ' K w I Indi, dosi
t !? 11 rs. Over lif'v new factories were open**!
up lu vari'M. ports "f th.untTf during the tir-t
? r ?? montb ol M k: :? . 1 'ii. n .1 sim ?
?.mn of tl ?? ira 1 j,n.r pew fart .rle,
Bl IL- rate ,,f -!_,: ot '?'i n Week ,.r WO n fear.
??I ?? of ihe principal linn In the 1 gar Industry, in
addition 't rhrir large MO-huud fsctory I, ibis cl)
iring i - last ito 'ears opened a (seton ?t
i 1. .. .1 another lo em plo 1 400 ? pblbi
,1-ipbia. An,'Uer lu* a large :..?*?. fa,;,.rv al Kew
lln-i !, 1* three tlm<"s enuirge 1 its
f: Kin Mon. K ? inoi ? - has moved
io s larger factory In Flrst-nvc. with a raparilT lor
? is) ands, and h.lurped Its Kv West factorr:
? bulli a wine !" accommodate -itt. nore
band . while out of town, iwo Philadelphia Arma
I iu- op*-n>*d bran h factories, employing, tevera)
hundred ind one In Chicago baa dom (be same
lu Blade tu lt. rei ? ,,f over 30 |>* r c.'tit. ,.n
lier output, and Li" -iii!" lid.il WBVi> ni pri.speriiv
tn av 1," found "i all -td- exeep! in California, wb*re
tm ?? v.-r 1* while labor wot ?? - rippled ' e
in I',-'. It mav be naked, does
? peritj ol the linn authentlrale the above
statement . and the best repl* to thal I* iii- outpui
. 1 an Increase ..f 821,010.720 in the
, igar manufacturing lu. 1.1 try during the Issi four
'??ir. .1- ihown bv mn: Int. nial r. v.i- flglires,
'i.i , like Ceorge l.'n-.l tagton, rannol Ile;
n mn-1 i... remembered lhal Ihe actual Increase In
price 111.nl- Irj the manufacturer io the distributor and
moller in np lo date 1.n very small, nerriy
nominal to cover the Increased . <.*i af labor occasioned
ii) -ii" -m..**!ui amt ..meei!-d action "f iii. labor
anions. This I* especially dgnMrnnl whea Ihe nee)
ng nt ihe Combined Manufacturer*' Aaaoclatlon sent
forth Its "iht ..f a raise in pete. >.r .... pre i.imio on
md after January I, 1881, and mel with such an oal
IV bv letter and In lb- public press bf all irs ibm. ,,f
'No 'm.1 in, combine!" thal the re ulullon tame lo
laugh) end ihe combine dh*d a natural death, it is I
ti " norths "f note thal Ihe absentee aunafarturen
n thal 11.Ung w.r- ihe v... limn wbo tu tin. dion
be greatcii galas on outpui and the 1110*1 flourishing
"ii'iiii"!! "i business, ,\ muiuh after ike meeting
wo t.r ib- large 1 iimi.. guaranteed their customers
bal daring lr-ui there should be no advance in the
(trice ol ".-.il anti mihi.ilia'' goods.
s" much for tigar*. the Iteai mo-t affected by Ihe
fehedale f nt the MeKlntej bill, 'furn 1,. ibe other
ie|iartineiii or ibe tohai. 0 I lulu -nv and are what eire, 1
1 protective tariff ba* hud on then. In cigarette*) the
The Rugged
is largely an
Fresh air
and exercise
usually pro
duee sound
appetite and
sound sleep.
Sickly chil?
dren obtain
great benefit from
Scotts Emulsion
of cod-liver od with Hypo
phosphites, a fat-food rapid
of assimilation and almost
as palatable as milk.
-?-.P.--. h. Wein a H____ I Y, A? dr_m.l|
Wash Dresses
and Suits
For Children.
We are showing our new spring stylet
for Boys lind Girls?Piques, Galateaa,
O_for<-!., Bengalines, Ginghams, eto.
Our Gingham Dresses fur Girls .
and 3 year sizes, at Wets, $1.48 an<J
Si.*0).*, are especinlly good values, larg?
er sizc3 from |1.3I to $1.00.
60-62 West 23d St
output for l-s w.t* ^,o:i(;,7i-!,*i.|o, and In i-*o-j|
amount. _ io S,9dS,l07.100, an loereeaa ?f sen sou
000,000, and In this connection lt ,hould 1* r-jftj
that. Insteiid of om* nionopolv eoatraUtBg th.- wh_.
of this vu*t trade, tbere have started up within thiQ
two years ..-v.-r.-il otb, rs capltallaed for larne amooj?
.Nor ito Hie benriita of protection to the < l_areite ir,'
du.try cease here, illtbt-rto. wita Ihe exceod_-,_i
Ihe prodm i of n -ingle rm lory, ail the cigarette! m?t.
nt Un- imported I in ki-b tobacco had r.p Innvna
With few exceptions, but new there ls ib,. On?__i
Cigarette Company, with 18,200.000 capital, iud Jv
tial smaller concerns which ar- practically ,_.ho,,-i
of foreign firm-, compelled to op-n plants nore to L
tain their trade, ir may not be generally known thji
we now manufacture in ibis city of New-York .
cigarette Hut cost, th- trude wholesale ST-, _i
l.iino, or 7 l ?_? cents each, bal mob I- th* fact
Tli- tir-t elf-, i ,,f the McKinley tariff on the nunn
factured tamoklng nml chewlngi tobacco wa. ta tun
out an Increase from .lune t,, Demator :tl lase
which amounted to two-thirds of the Increas. for *b?
.mire year, th- total product amoanttng tn ?.???<, 441
f.:i*i pound*, .'ind ih*' total for I 402 i?j ?. 2dOJlS5
pound,, .rn Increase in tun vii-- ni over in.rit'siooo
pound*, ami m. extra duly -r root. Kv. n -Buff B__a
? hand, h.ntpal ior 1-**- h.n,? 7.7'.>*..i. n pound?
and for I *!*?: over l0.U0S._O0 p..nt.d...
Another H.'tn ..r domestic Industry i* that of pio<s
making. Tta Amt effect of tr,., proteciire tariff Sn
to .inp ti,,. Importation of ?lav pip,-. simoM rom
plet-lv wlibiii three i.nhs, ami lo nias the price of
[abor ii-.ii Iv IS per cent In om- dom?ib fr. torte.
The public smoke (lav pip-, nt rhe old price, and tl,,
wu kmau I. 1". [i.r cent per w.-k better ?>*. Ootpt
to Hi- peculiar rlassiflcatlon of smoker*' articles 3
pipes under Hi- I :-? tdmll htratlr. art. ,;-,_ .mM.tiy 0
I rn port i-d pipes rannol i.btalned: bal in i-?. whin
Ihey vt-r- amt*, dritnltriy ,!,.-.*<!. tb. Important)*
amounted t,. a daly "f *2l.t\T. Tl- i.rin.lpoi pip*
manufacturlna Onus all .mt.. ?|.,t within the lam
three i-itr* tb- lucres*** in Ibe (1miui.i1 for domenic
pipes nt l-rinr nnd meerschaum lui been stat markwi
ami lhal no- in,i-.-a... has beea nearly Ml fin the flier
grades. On- ,,r thea, rirtii- dated that im ports tlor.i
,,r foreign pip-., ex.-pi in fr-mv specialties, wis now
down t" a low m,t, ii Tl.nlor member o' one pi->?
firm, who tor obvious reasons does nat utah to (**
quoted, uld: -ri,- McKinley tariff work-, minr
n?d'd rlianges I" tl,.- pip- lr. port inc trade, and tt)_i*
??I- affected by iii- iln.-r sup.n1-lon ind ln*n*.t|or.
In tbN war. b.r Instance, lhere i, -n* dutv ea th?
i.r'bl?r ami niio-:i-r on '!.? bales or carteae, ind lt
waa ..n easy matter tor nnarrnnuleas luann -o xo
mriti'piiln'" *!?? inv.,ie-. ,,f ibe prb - of the irtlrl_ ml
tb- vaia, "f 'l,e ra rt on ta ll - beal idrantagr "f them
seiv.*^ und t,, tl,- ,',-,!. ? ? _? .' r-i ri:-,!.;., hon**..
? li i ?* 'A-re then ena bl H ?? iinderouots Vii
evil !,, a verv gr,-,! extent the McKinley bill lui
stopped. Tli- daly "ii 'Sir arid-*, excepting pipe*.
ls um liing.-tl ; but tb- Ii.l protective 'arltT i- ri _._*
Hlii/ f,.r ii*, uni) a pr" ?! ,,* -lil* s.,...?..*! Urh.it
when the Democrati reduc-d th. '.1111 in 1-..1 the
domestic pip,, trail.? fell off 4') p.r ...pt nnd _ld not
I loom ag:.In anlll Protection was re-tor-d. Pu*!)':
polities "ii one ide tl ron-Merin 1 th. milter tU_*
1 trade standpoint pun and .Imple I fink-the pip.
Industry of this 1 it***irt ' now aboal ripe tor ? go*d
stiff protective tarltr on pipes, f,,r me mn romp*'*,
wi'b Hie world."
fl **.iti inn** I.ti n.1 11,- actual nffieiii reno.
?'ii- lhere ha* i? ??>? gr* ind -???..'?. lucre.!, ht ld
departments nf ..ur great tobacco Industry daring tto
li-' four years of R.-puUlc:inl?m and M Kinl?r-Wi!
Protection. \!| thi ' the 1 . mi ? rs of -be ind. M_ af
Crover 1 l-i .-bud and th. Democratic ns rn- I* thit lt
lbs ll conti-11-. ind lhat I* shall not ho br,_. n ln*o
nnd il r.'Wii backward bi uni rbance In existing Pr**
FRENCH ni't's!"!.....n *, 1 rvrr. !.rrvT-*-rv|.
ratlflc n-n ar- well aware thai rantknaM limits
currents decompose -ut>*'rn..-- placed laeeatsel with
Ihe electrode* Ihe r.--ul'* of Wi leb i.,iv to new com
blnatb'i'- anil irfi-'. ? orton profound.
Proceeding from this -tandprint, Hr. Foveia fi*
I'ourmrile* v - ,1. ?? ni'. ,| hefnet th. \A*aASuAt fi*i
St br...... I',,-! . Man. experiment! ahlch l.? resirdi
n* "f a nature cap.M. <?' fnrnlsbina phyriolegtoalaad
-vii ti,.- ;.,'?, ,1 ippiications. r: ii-, lt anana,I
Crystal. ?,r oxalate of lime i?- envriop-d In I dyilt'l.
atrtiuai meinl*rsne and Immersed Ib b utaratidaffa
?(.ni ,,: , irtxinaie of lltblne, and ? eonltnaoai elKir.e
curr.!.1 be pa-ited, only Ihe lt -"bible ml MUM BH ?*?'?'
lie found ex term Iii . tart her. ir Iodide or p. ia--lani I***
In'.*,'.i into Hie . ntre ,r rt greaaj rom "Mead, aad
I ti continuous ? h . 'ri.- . iirr*-ni be pr.--cd. Hu man **-i
gradualli binn ii-.ir into clots. As to H.- _,*g*d
' I'.-rnp-iiii. value or eleilrilliV, pbrdclallS ..re w?U
j a wan tani ibm agein exercise, au Important Infloran
? upon tumor*.. both t_ nlgn 1 dad-Hi
.v ei-etay, abell uci-ouipallb-d Sith ether sv
- * a' ' ll' ,1 melli,
sv.si, ni witboul iIii
- .,1 lb*
.mored tom tin
, jii*:!c?.
THRRAPRt'THl 1 ll vi; v inc OF SOMK VEBNtAe
! BLI A< ll'**. I'.- -mi -c'li'trl. proprrtlei ??' certiln
i-egetatHes and toults are In .onie 1 ism of ftrtty c<!u_l
vnlii- l.i H.-lr 1.HUI iv. .,11 lille. ind ll I ;.inu*l_t of
pota-.li sall andi lld v.-geiaW* ?alu ibu* coat'l-Ut-d
lo Ibe blood li w.ll mni, :?.?,,.,! b. physiciaas. Ti*
rbabarb -inik 1* noted la ibis n?*>pec) tor ito m?i_)
a, bl and MnoxBlate .*r potash ahlch ll iintalai; U-e
acidity "f ib- l-u. ..rang- and nttor iper-M ": ?*?
g.-nu* rltrui 1- caused i-v tke almnd ace ri ritrtf aril
in thrir lukes; thal ?>t tbe cherri'. p\em, peach am
ami apple, fi'-m the malle acid m Uietr pelf, lhat *d
g,?,.,'i-iri.'* and currant*' red. Mack and salle kan
a mixture or mata aud elli ?' ,: P"-,*_
from a mltture of malle iii:*l tartar, irids; that ol
the mangu from dirie arid and 1 .??ry failtlr. te
s..iii|,i ntl ibu) or the lim.,ne.1 Iron ?* mK'nre ol
ii rb- niall, and 'ul.,rb a, id* lire tbiv-r "f a-|i.in
ans 1* due :,. nspartli acid. 1 nd Hut of Ito cucuniis-r
from Ei pe, ulm, puisouou bigredleni calWI maghb
and wi,ii ii ia found lu many ' '
Till SI WA".I' IND Pl IH.K lll.AI.lll I'lt'iniEM.
-one ?r ibe noni recent propi*rill_na tol WUltflfl
sewage In a manner t" conserve ito public b"_i?i. ??
thal <i-.rib.d by Dr. Jiin_ii.ini! oetare out ?'? tts
Kn-'I h engineering *oc*etlea. Thia I* U -*****]
pi-iic ss, il..
? respiratory inon-it-. '?? ',' . |n,tiUl
tula, rising of themselves '< ? " '_J_
i.\,-rsc moilun also al an iaBBSm

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