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-jHIJsi.i; on THK k>nI) AMEXDMENT
li. :?: u POM UY Till'. LEADERS
IN Tilt. lMI'SK.
hlY TI MUK,111 TO TIIK TRiniXI.]
BhshlngtoOi lei'. ?-'?.-The I neale over the Senate
jrnctidnieni* to the sundry civil Lill began In lae
lien*. "? lb pr.atatlves i..il:i.v. and little progn-sa
had brm msde when the Mil was told aside :,t :vv.m,
ejen Ik* SP? '?? "r,'r '"T ?' *' deRverf of memorial sd
*r?s*r* cu ti" late s.n.itor Rarbenr, of nrgtnla,
-wearne operative.
ii.-iirtiis'i Hatch, <>f the commHtee bb Agriealtare,
0f cearat opposed tin- motion of chairman Holman,
0f the Appropriations Committee, to p.. tnt,, (om
-ipiee of Ihe Whole to consider tho vin.mini.-ms to
Ike .nain I li" ''I". !lllrt be xvas nil),- tn muster
If).'; votes sgainat MT in favor of the motion, Thia
--ag t bc kMBtosI vole thus far east fer Ihe Anil-Option
bill alie- U ara* returned from ihe Senate. Aa *,,?,,, M
tt,* Haast vhs In Coassslttet of Hie Whole Mr. Hoi
man sik"i ananimon, conBtrnt tor aon-eoncnrrenre
III the tll'*t ."leiri four Senate lini.'lidliients. rn,r|
jlr Bland promptly supplemented the renae*! witl,
a preposition that, after d.-kiie upon the seventy
gfth (the i*ondi amend mcni, the aaantaaana consent
for bob concurrence should cover ihat one al*o. H
gas thea snggesied thal ransen! he elven to non
concur li all the amendments except the seventy
fifth, sud Iii ihai also after Senate
Chairman Hntch lhere apon snid thai lie tumid not
etfrr* provided thc Antt-*Dpttoa UH renM also be
i,.- to renferenre by unanimous consent. Mr. Reed
mprsted thal the uiinninious consent an the bond
amendment >h"iild also Include nn agreement as in
tb>- ain"unt of nine to be devoted to debate, and
gr. Plnnd *:iid he nus wflHng that debate should
cio?e nt 4 o'clock Monday afternoon, bm tn- would
not consent that a vote should th.ii be taken on tl.e
patin to non-1 anew, whereupon Roarke Cockran
objected. He told not andersland tbe propriety ?>!
devntine seven lu.in* t<> a debate unless a vote was
to Iw iik.ii ni Hie end nf lt. Mr. Uland was ob
lura"*', and ChalmMB Holman waa compelled to
repn ?t tlie Beginning and move non-concurrence In
th* flr*i one of the 207 amendments.
After thal bad been lone tbe free-silver men. nndet
the Mad ol Messrs. Ktaad nnd Pierce, began t? BR
bu>"-'i Roarke Cockran MHiiti-d t?> offer a suppe*
tlon which he thou.Tit mlg'it expedite business, bat
sis mt nfl hv ol.jectloii* from Hlnnd and Watson.
After mu. 'i tim.- hud been consumed in obtaining a
quorum bb several matJoaa, Mr. Bland took the flo.r
ind spell- un h..ur against th" bond amendment
sad In f.ivor <.f free nnd m.limited coinage of silver.
The ,p"c?n uss < baracterlsOc of tbe min who de?
livered lt mid lur-rely comdated "f a rehash of his
undies ?n financial questions daring tba lasi fifteen
(.serge Fr> si Williams, of Maasarbaaetts, repHed
brlcfli. He i..n;plalned tbnt ?Jr. nisnd's sp... h waa
calculated to crate sn Impression that ihe issue
sa. Joined in tba Hon*" af RipceBcBtallvcs on tlie
botid sniendnu-nl ; that thc free silver men were op i
po?*d to lt ai.d that nil men who were opposed to
silver favor lt. Mr. William-, prot.-st.-rt tvmt thi* was I
cot true, snd that the trut!. could only be hrourrlrt
out bf future dtseasBtan and urilon. He lattaiated |
that v.')e amendment was not wholly satisfactory to
Llmself and some other opponents of free sllv.-r, and
added that he understood tlie present Seen tory of the
Treasury la he -.ppos._ to lt, and that he was not .
??tr* t*:st the 1:,coming csecretnrv favored ll. j
Mr. v.llli*_ns and some of Ike oth*r intl*llver
Democrat* tn th-- Hoasc sre stron.ly InoRnod to op?
pose Uie bond amendtnent i>d the (rr..und ttmt lt would
deprive the .se<*re!ary of the Treasury of th* power
to l*sue and **ll bonds under the authority granted
by the Resumption oct of 187.*. beyond the amount
pisscrlbed tn Hie amendment. If thut should be th"
effect af the provision they won Ul regard it a.. bulli
nnvUe and nnanfe legtotattoa.
.ip Monday fhnlrmmi Holmnn will try to flank
the filibusters by a motion to suspend Hm rules and
nnncorrur I" 'll- Oat Benatt aareendmenti to tbe bill.
Itui nie'ioii must be decided after thirty minni ea
..tai*, nnd ouiy one dilatory motion caa be In I
i*rpo**_: but to adopt ii will require a nmjoitty oil
two-thirds. This tbe opponents ol Hi" Loud bjbcb4
m,nt are confld.-iit cannot be obtained. If the ]
mot-ori falls, the only change for action, In 'use iii" |
fl.h-ster* hold eat, will ba I?reagh tlie adoption of
lb' rlosurt resolution offered by o.nlrmnn Holman on
l-ursduy and referred to Hie Committee on Huies.
Whether that will bi- d.in". If Hi" necessity ihall
artse, seems rather uncertnln a' this time.
Tbe truih is thal th- -peaker and other Democmtlr
leaders are In a. quandary. Thus tar they have
been anakie to obtain fn.m Mr. CarRik uni definite
expression of ..pinion In r"p.rd to ihe band provision,
and they do nol know whether or not Ow Incoming
AOniliiH'railon de-ire.* p. adoption. They fe"l thu
ml* ls a m.itiei In repiu.1 to which tli** President
eieet ct the lntomlnp Secretary of the Treasury, who
lilli bo called upon 10 iirtn.lin.lei the linn. ?- ,.f i*>
t.i.v.iiinient u week tieri'??. ean an.! shoull "\)-:v..s
in opinion or desire before tin il action ls taken i.i
tins (<.ii8T,*s. in defuuit of any sock expression the
leaders of th" majority lu the liou.e an- al sea, and
tie fate of the amendment six iiu* before the ev
piration of the LIM Ci.tic-re.ss ls Involved in n. min h
..Hitit ns ever.
A clear, definite ..tatenii-nl from Mr. Cleveland or
Slr. Carlisle within the n?-.xi inlrty -li hours would
d>. much t.. dl*i" I Hie doubt, and would be un immense
r.-llef to the men who un- chm ped with th* r>--pon*l
bl.l'y of legtslallofl In Ihe Hoase. one .f them said
toa Tribune correspondent late tbl- afternoon:
? We art .it ? b.* t<. understand why nell lier Mr.
Cleveland nor Mr. Carll-li?ho;h of whom have nut
ls..'!, .low t? degne and express itaetr di*Hlri?s In r.
gnni to m.. repeal of the bullion purchase la* lld
re'rsln tri'm an <xpr"*?lo!i of opinion In r?S(iir<1 to
Ci* boud provision, wlib I. I* a practical qaesilon at.d
oi.s that must he i||-|ii>..,i of before next (saturday
noon, if lt 1* to be dealt with at all bv this Congress.
SmiH time ;l|ro Mr. Carlisle wu* qnoled n- say Inp r tin i.
If the neeewdty should arise- acer __? l.eenm" Secretary
Of th* Treasury, lie would not hesitate to lssu-> bonds
under tl.e act of 1875 to replenish and strengthen the
gold reserve. Afterward, when the Sherman amend
tn?nt was pending In the Finance Com millee of the
senate, he was i,noted ns beirut In favor of Ra adop?
tion. I do nut know, nnd l have been nimble io ascer?
tain, what bis opinion now I., nnd nil hi* intimate
frt*tid? in the House are as mach in the dark ns 1 nm.
A definite stnteine.it from him at tills lime WOald be
extremely valuable, and lt seems tu me to b? neces
wry u* ;i pujde to our action.''
,--*. ?.
HILL Wll Ml'.. l!l.*< li
Waahtogton, iv-h. 85.?Oasbwsa was saaptnded in
th" Isnata this aHernooa, la order that a Biting
tribute might }?? paid to th" memory ?.f tlie tats
Represent;!'ive Francis B, spin.,In, of Kew York.
RMdaHoae expreadas 'li" geafoand sorrow af the
finite et th.- death ol Gracia] spin..lu, nnd dedaring
that the n.uiitry Lad lost li Mm a gallant soldier,
tn abie and faithful RcyresenlaUvt In Congreaa, and
an esteemed and patriotic cltlsen wen1 nib red by
Mr. nil' nnd were ansnlmoasly adopted,
in l.ls eakgey el -toacsal Bp-Botn Mr. Hill M'"iv of
Um ns a gghter by natara :iii<i tu*'", one abo loved
?strife, ?se wbb .jiiiik lo avenge a un.np. bal always
t*i.'iy to forgive; Impalsivc, clear-headed, brave and
gsneroiis. Not only bud ie b-r-etfl lui" to Ll* coiiiuiv,
but Le wus true io Ll* putty find lo lils fri-ids.
H* han believed in personal IMendahlp lu public
Hfc snd hi.d lu.teii lils enemteK, persreatoea und
ilsniisrer*. He bud toaght Hf* 1.1 tir'-.t nnd Ron..
t" Ms revv.'rd. A good mm bud fnll'-n, find th"
-''opie mourned. Mete brill).'.nt. more able, BMMre
^novine-j men lmd mb rued seals lu the Congress ul
<-"* Ration, bm none hkt. patiiotlc, none more
Omers, );,?,0 more trustworthy Uuin Fraiicls H.
Br. Htsroeb also pronmnced words of ealofry on
Ptaral gplnela. who bad nlways, be said, held nn
Bj-ted p..-mon and Ibe confldenve of his friend* and
The Senaie (hen, nt oiO. ns :i further murk of
!f*|sel to Henerul Spin, lu, adjourned until Monday
Mil a. m.
M-ehtngioa, Feb. 23. william V. Ali-n, tbe nearly
alMad PopoBs! leaator fi*<?:n Xehraska, who *sneeee_a
?"?nntor TBrtoefh, atrrlved ta Waahlngton lo-day. This
k hi* firM vuit to tin- Rational capital. In the Biter
D*m Mr. Alb-ii vMt.il th.- si-nut ? Chamber, where
?^UStivr Mariderxji tattO-BMCd lilm lo UM -enators
*ho sin i,e us aass-?tea in the LUM "Uongrtai.
Mr. Allen 1, a Li-jad fcliouW.red, heavily bulli, sm....lb
?JJ-, man. nnrl betweea him and Bcnator (-rav. ..f
"wsware, win ile the distinction of being the tallest
?sn rn ti,,- Beaaie.
Waahmg-ei, leb. BB.?lg reference lo Mic cable dis?
patch fn.ni Tamcler that a Mr. RtaBB, the new 1'orlti
?***? Consul at Pea, wlm also cbilms to represent the
nited ,-ui^, luis t#en refuvd the right of residence
i__lh* -N,0"r^,' Oosratrnaaani, it is *nid ?t the stat*
^totment that the records do not l-i-ar HIm-o's naaac.
her* ha* always been more ?r b*ss friction 1st ween
?he t ruted stsit<-k U-aaalate at T?ji?ler ami ihe Maottak
aatbortties, largely on the ?iiiestliin of graiitliii; ABSBfl
?? Paper, to protect foreigners from MOBSMl law-.
*r- Rirro ma; -s-selbly han- ueien ??o-imls*-csii*d as
?ibord*,.^. consular sgent by Consul Ueneral
Timlw k,!.10 '*-?'r***.n.attve of Ihe Cnited Sute. nt
HiffiB^r^__2^!__-2B wo"ld *" ,,,m '"> Oonsalar
n|*nis of residence such ss are elnlnx-d in the dispatch.
m. i--f.it IT.
Washington. Feb. 26,-it l* said tha! there mm- be
trouble over the ranflrnmilon of Renton Ham heit,
who waa nominal,- by ih- Presldenl n dir. or Iwo
nco to be a Juallce cf il.- vin, Federal Judicial 1) *
'rnl. Tin. Democrnls have prscilcnriy served notice
"ii 'lie Republican thal they will ,e-i | c, ,i,. end
nm- attempt to trlng about Hie rnnRrmntfon, f..r the
reii-on. they asseri, Mia! Ibe Miring President onghl
mt to i,<- permitted tn nominate io ? irv eflke n
member of his own party nfi"i- Hi' p opie have re
myved tint puru fr mi power.
a prominent Senator, win. tuk-s u personal Interest
In the confirmation, said to-Bay that hs was not nt
all roniisilt Hint Mr. Hum rhett would be pel-milled
to tak" his seat on the bench. Tiie RepabRrans, h ?
said. woul. make every possible odo 1 caaiststenl wlib
s dlziililed coarse of procedure lo carry Into ellet
the wishes of ihe PresMent, but it was net probable
that tliey would go io Hie sxtierne of violating thc
us-ipes ni-rl cnstoim of the Semite in smli matters.
The Hemoents nre prepared, ll i*- said, to rests! In
? very way bb.t atieinp*. io i.rinp iii., question if
" nflrmattoo ?" tlie point <,f ronsMeintton.
It has been the eusiotii lu thi' business of the
Committee on th.- Judiciary to permit a nomination io
po liver on., week If any ohje. tii.lis. aft OflcBPd, bil!
lt ls nn-lersL.o'i that this will ti..' h.- done In Hil*
rase. The regular meeting dav of tin- committee is
Monday, and if th- maul euslora is maintained an
objection would narry over tb" qneatlon of ronslden
lion in tho rommlt'ee until tin- next Mun.liv. in
th" m.;in lime ibis I onpr.-s will hs Ve expired. From
i r.i .il.I.- source ll ls I urned lbs) lin.mniltteo will
hoi pefrtill anv objection In ronimltiee to Inlerfere, and
that ii favorable rep..i-i will he in:.de .it once.
I'tiib-r Hie mles of iii s,.ln:.. ,,,.,. objection will
postpone sefton nulli Ihe second execn iv.. lon,
ihl* session could not be iie'.d earlier than T.day,
and nt thal tlnie only four legislative dais ,,f n,j.
t'onsress will remain, lulu such rondl ion, .
ii.nile opposition would. Iii nil pnihshllrtr, ranse Hie
ii"'" it of the ron Arma Hon o' Mr. Hanchett.
Washington, Feb. 25 Special).?The iw-rrrtnry ..'
the .Navy hu* . ..'upbi. .1 . .minds willi E. W. Iiii.
<t- Co., <>f brooklyn, tor linn, ('inp ami olher sppam
tns f .j- \viii!eh."d mu..mobil.- torpedoes, und vii, Hs
Am: i.aii Projectile Company, ??! Lynn, for wrought
-te-i snell* Tlie a mooni of th.. tii--t rontmci i
*?"?_"_*.Mst. and thut of the second about flOO.OfX).
tiiibi it* rontracl ihe mi** Company will dellrei
fifty tul.es complete for powder dl-.kirpe; f..rt\
h ti ..id s|,t e lower d.-.lt mounts, with deck mining and
elevating geer: ten broadside npper deck .
uiih gear: lorn broadsldi connections, lower deck:
ten air compressors, with ronnecilon, ind valves; |.-n
aecumnlaton, wtth separators, valves, rte, ench tnbe
lo have a eapacHy af 1,000 rnMe inche*; ten spoon.
and loadinc Days, nnd f..rtv loading tr.vs willem
spoons. All "f three j.:ir*>? are reqatred by *!ilp
from whleh WMtobead toriierliM-. un lo be launched
and are intended for ase on board it," new
wMch are titted with torp.*do tubes. Th.- Deparl
nient has adopted a.-- a baslt* foi thi- rontracl plan*
of mount., xvlu.-li lt lin* ri-as-n tn believe wtli rv ul'
In etTieienl manipulation of th., lunn. Lin's,' tu!..*, but
it k* prepared tu ae.ept such rhangea therein a*
prartle.nl results may seem tn icifUBe. liv.ts ?,f
appirjtu, ate r-aqulrcd to br delivered within six
BMatbs nnd elie rei-t in a reasonable Hine.
t'nder the terms of the eontrnet with the Amerli in
Projectile cempnnv there win be deRvered H,.- f..l
lowing number and classee of shell*: to.orsi 4-inek
3,t>(*:) **i>_ac!-. 1,500 s-inci,, .-,1) lo-lnch, and H"
li! I tie h. Tile 4-Inch ?hel|s will e.iM f-'l 4'i CBCh,
Hie .Vlnrh ?510 e-eh, the -. 10 nnd 12 Inch -hells
win <*i*t io. I"; .inri ifi cents respectively a pound.
Deliveries ure to begin within tie next *u months.
and must be completed to twe year*.
Washington, Feb. 95.?Thc Naval Appropriation bill
wa. roport.-d to the -.-nate 10-day arith an Increase
of B&ai.MlO ro Ihe House Wll. Aa 'li" bill pi?d Ihe
House lt .r.rrl'-d an BppTC-prtnttO- i>f fSl .'???< vv.:\, Bill
a* reported to the Senate, 005,068,131. The eppru
pristion for the current year was ?T.-.i.'.ik;- . iai d
the tatlmasea upon which Hie appropriation mad* In
till* bill w?re based amounted to -r-.*i iti i ?-.
The item* .f Interest wgre ,i- foll ??' i I .1 :'.
marine torpedo host and expertments therewith, -.'" >
ooo; for drydoeh at Algiers, La., tio,*"**; f.r Inter
t,ation;ii naval rendesvoa* end review, .-...no. i.. t ,?
nny expenses on aecoan! of n.i. review, asi,-00. Th..
appropriaH.n for Hie naval n-vicw 1, to be Immedl
ately Bvallahle.
The niimb.-r of pe.-.on* who may at on" lime bc
etnii-n'-d toto the .Vivi. In cindi nf I..VW apprentice
Hud boyi authorized to b" enlisted annuallv, -hull n>>'.
under Hi" provision, of ibe !.:li, exceed '.?.'.
STATE Ul PAHTMENT '<VV]i I IL* I |s. |;| un THE
Washington, Feb. -*. st.it.- Depart meru nfl lal- nre
not IncUned to place nny reliance upon tte- rcpori that
a clerk In Ut* "fine of Consul fteneral New :.i L-w
d.ui l- h defaulter t.. th.- amount of B3o,imo. rn..
*uy ll.st the abatractlon of lee, brlonalng lo the
I'nllel >t;,t<-. to thal amount I- pi:..11' .Uv Imp . i
tie. Tb.- total of **eeetpli of official fee* in l-'-'l
nt the ..fl..'.' wu- aOil.4411, lr.en Ihl Wei. llirli '
1*13,5117 salary end clerk hire, rent end eonilnceiil
expenses, leaving due io the dovemment pto,ism
Remit lances and seitlements ure made luarterly. ho's
,ver, s, Hut the aecamnhtllon of 100,000 In the hand,
of the Consul 'ienernl al "ti" tinie I* n."*t linprob.-'bl.
Th. offielnl* an- equally dWnellned t" believe Hm!
Consul Ueneral New lr?s suffered ihe h.*. ul P30,.>
from the receipts of nnohVlal feet, which ara not re
ported lo the aeeeonttng officers of tue Department.
These are estimated al the Department ai Bboul
Bfto.ono a year, and with Mr. New'* long expert
in banning nnd other imsine-* lt is hard t.. i.< ll -v.
Hut -" larne :. robbery should li:.!.- occurred m.<!?.!? hi
Washington, Feb. 25. The Bttenllon <-f Sccrclsry
Nobb- has been called several tiroes reeenlly to pub
lkii.ii -t.,t.-'ii.-iii- ronnecttng bi* nam" wilb ikal id
Mr. "rrlik, Iii* tanner Inv puritier In St, Lom-, snd
ronveylag nie IsgyresskMi thal Mr. ??m.:.' Iniere.1
In ii... (hoiiiiw uii'i (iiukii-nw iinii:.u claims ??'
seenred or advanced Ibroajch Ihe Ses-retary', Influence.
Th.- Secretory --uld lo-day that up lo thia lime be bad
not Ihoaght lt worth while li. ihni IhtK innll'iou
tarsehoods, bal be noa deetord ta .suv bnee *'?'?' sll
timi ins partnership with Mr. orrtck terminated mon'
than a year prior lo hi* .-ipi..ml lieut BS ->??? returv "'
the Interior, and thal he did uot ron! em pla te a r.wal
,,f |t. He kel no p-" H.!" Interval to Mr. "rrl.k
Bffatia, and bad bad norie during Ihe lael twe fear,
nml expects to have none ta lit* intuit*.
Any Interest Mr. "rri-k had In Hie t_octaw and
Chickasaw claims was obis lard without hi* kn owli-dp ?
or consent. These rlatms, the "acrrctary said, ii" had
le.-iid.-l ii* grossly iiiiju-t to the C.-erinn, nt and i"
peatedl] bad so expressed himself to Ihe Itresldenl and
lo <<!;pre-.. Illili Ililli :. -Sled the IV*:il"ll! .ill I"
1 ??..uld iii opposliton i" them. Ills pc-SUon on Ihl
I qaeatton wa* well Btidnrsiood, nnd if Ila* poymrtii ol
ihe *?:i.<h-si,(ssi appropriated by congress d->p*-ndci
i iiis.n lu* eoiisetii. ii would I"- fl tang Mme tad. ll
I nus settled, wimt hHi! already t*?--?*? done wa* per
; formed In compliance wllh an ac! and rceoiullon of
', Congress. ^_
Waahlngt ?, Rab. 25. Senator Sawyer, from Hu
Committee on Postoflices snd Pmtrood*, to-daj !?
|H,i!i"! favorably i" ii"' "Senate his amendment t" the
l'os'.,fh.e ApproprlaU n bill repenRng Ihe taw which
prohibits the PesinmsleMienernl from Inn inp request
for t!i" return of l<-tt>r* printed upon envelopes ,-oh!
al the pi.toflli-s aftir Hil* expiration of the present
sia'ii|.e<l em dope ronliact.
Wiisiiinpion. Feb. 25. Emilio de Mnraaga, Ihe new
-p.-inisii Minkie.* t" Ibe t ulled Staten, arrived In Wash
lupton last night. Acting Secretory of State
Wharton will arrange for bia presentation tc the I'r.sl
dent probably some day m.xt wis'k. Mr. Miirnnpa
ls not new to the dull.- nf the nlare, haring terved
ns saantab Minister bare for several yean piior to
IHTK). He ls a wldowi* wini aa children.
Washllipimi. Feb. f-.-Tbe Investlpntl'l. of ihe
Whiskey Tm*! bf Hw ?iilMommltt'-e of the Hoaas du
dlclarv Commute.' ls praetb ally closed, nnd Mr. Hy
num ot indliii-. tba chairman of the sub committee.
has outlined bia -?port to HM majority of the ??-ti,
mlttce snd wlU probably submit tt to them foi
approval on Tuesday n.-xl. .lames M. Yeazey, Iha
Brst Witness examined by the committee, may t-e
bRown ia amke a Baal statement, if h.- b, permitted
to do ic he win advocate the abofltloa nf tba i -ll
Bera" Bceaae in thc ii.ui.d-. ..r wbelesata lk-im
dealers, ;,nd a change ol the taw -.. aa io malo- lt a
iiony io ?.-*..otto! "il- or .ss,.,,.,... ^ the adultera?
tion of ll'iuir-. nnd io punish -.,, n vtulatlons ..f law
by a neavj gue <>i Impri, mment.
Wsshtngton, Feb. 2*..-geereiary Poster, "f the Tr. n*
uri i>p.'irtm,.?i. tea, bet. nc Ihe Wm* and Mean, cm
milt"" ..f ti,,. House for marly iwo h..ur- im* morning
explaining *.idlllon of ibe Treu-ury. The kui
Ing wa, ?on.!.i.-b-ii with ,;,, .-.i door bim) all n w,|iapei
men w.re excluded, rnenibers of thc committee karin.
lhal if the bearing were pabHc Ibe agitatbm <>f thi
tinanrlnl oaesiton and ih. -ii,iv tbe paMkaiton of san
itonal rem.its might give il-., io needles, alarm. As
m'gbl imve been expected, however, Ibe re*nti of eta
lng the bearing was to give n*- t<> mon apprehension
'linn would probably have been thc ra*e if the ta-mlnB
hud b"eii . ],. i, end fr"'".
The .int.-.oem , f secretary Foster waa to the rffeel
thai tier- wu* no occasion f..r fear of a bankrupt
ireasnry, but be admitted thai the situation un* ..ne
demanding serf ms constderntlon. Mr. IMstcr Ihonghi
ih.-re would be a surplus In Ibe 'I rn uri un July !
next "f li.: riv P17.nu0.000. Ills e-linell.. |? i|,e r.
port herelofnre -.nt :.. ile- r .nun,ii,., on Hie rendition
of Hie lt. :i-iii-y fixed the snrplas ni 1-0,000,000.
The i'i..1 abilities tor ll,, ii*.-.il jrear l-.'-l ncr.
Ihat, lu the absence of som,' change in Ihe -ltmt
?iou. iii-re wonld c.- .1 ('..inn tn i: ? "free mv ..ii .luiv
1. l-'.l-l.
Mr. Foster -.i.i Hint nil his statement* wei-' kl el
on u continuation ..f the present rule ..f taxation; ll
lhere w.ie :i change .f ronrsc I". e*.tlmates would
1 "i 'i.'in.i. lie i,.;-in lhere might he a deft, ll in
I nil 1. ll., believed lim) B**O,OtK).000 mop- revenue
should l.e ral "I and put hilo Ihfl i'lvi-ui. in ordei
C. Ill.lke el'. l'\ Hill!.' -;lfe ||i(| |||e I o;n'1! |. U|s favor
nil" for B proper administration of Hie aifalr. of Hie
liovemmenl h.- offered no snggnstlun .1* io whetl.
lld, amount should be raised bj .1 loan or l.v addition
..I luxation, if h.- *-ere In have been continued in
Ihe ..ii. ? ..f Secretary "f t p Treasurj he a mM have
ni" .1 i" have - .....sm.ism adit.d lo Ihe hats nee, ft!-.,
1*00,000 of which he wonld us* in malntoto Ibe gold
reserve, Nothing was said about Hie reuse of Ihi
l?!*.en- exports ..f gold ..r Hie pt-obuJilllties ..f future
gold shipment*, hui Mr. Foster said thal he had ex
pt ted Its out flos.
In explanation nf thc reduction in hts estlmaled
nrplui for r ?? .1 ?? nf ihe 1 .ii-r-ni ii-. ?! year, Mi.
Foster said that Ihe paymenl ..f Ibe Choctaw claim
had ii'"t 1.n .-tiiiii.t.'.i 11 h. 11 be pieced the turpin
ai |_sj,O0O,OUO. 11- payment would lake aboui
-::.*-,"'.<"*'. 'I !?? n 1 ? Ipi . bsd al .. fallen omi
In low 1- i-tin.,il.-.. mi.I et the . I.: I . ; ..
icu Would probablj l.e I.-, iii.iii he lind estimated.
1 In gi' p., of In. ' Ime M 1 ? ..i linus) In expl ,11.
ti ip io t ,.? ni.:..!., i'- ,.| the commit le? ol thc ?) i< ni
.' I.'.K''. pill.' Ill lee ||'.|.|ir'.. illl'l lill li' J. .| | ,'
Mr, Miller, au expert In iii.- warran! dp lu . up
pli-meiited Ibe statouieiit ol secretory Paster.
RTS1NKSS IN lill sIN'Ali:
'. INTO i\' CTIVB SI *.-l"s 111 ! 1 IT! i'
w ellington, Pcb. - ? !"? - ? ;. ni li .n.
<. 1 - -111 c- various bi ? ?' ol Utile Impnrtonri
Its legislative Appropriation bill, Ihe "senate pg
the bill lo-day, In-Misl nn ll.* smendment* snd r>
?iu..-:.*t u conference with the Ilona. Ihe di ag ?
mc ioi-*. a* .1 motion :..r a conference al thal -'??-??
..' bb spprnprlstlon bill k n..* nsual, Mr. Han... In
rbargc of ibe Mil, explained thal h* mode ibe motion
?ii tbe reipi. -i .f a ne mts 1 .,f the Ilona* ? nmmttti-e
on Appn.pil ii."*i . Tlie :-. i-'ii- given lo bim be w?
not al IH-erii lo stole, bul ie I hough 1 that Hnnator*
*.| 'Kier-!.'.nd :
A motion mad" bj Ml fi mi, rn In gn Inln ? H ? il
iii,' .-lei wa* def.-nled bj the rompscl U- -i -
vote, :, 1-t *?t by foe vol. nu 1!." Republican Ide ul
stol* r. ? ?.f Hie leading D
si,|. .1 in n rep I ' " ? particular lifnlfl.
minim Um. ol 1 - ??
-ll Uld hi i-'iV. -I In !? g I lill-) bu le . .' -1 ie ? '
?waj in '1' '?.-bli Ing lb. ll .
Ipi' ii,. Sn sell.ii Uk Uvaty, 11 suki, Would h
bsd :* !. i**l. 11.
-I WC > MIS -
o.- ,. '.,?; Feb. 2 ' ? ? ' In-alV. lt 1
. om ."'.? ?! even bj ? friend -. I e inion nf U
uti c. dnj lu n fu .*..* :" .'?? i*?'" ? '" uilv?
I hough lbs! oct ? . ? . ?' refei
, ? .? Ham .. ? 1 In ? i-i' ? ?
I ih-* tn 'I wi ni 1
1.. ? ',. ivisf for iii ' rii
matter can o! ? ? , '
i. ',?? rn *n"M .'???'. ito 1 *
PTO' Il' I ..t).re- . (1|. s. b .' Il nil ' ".'? lilllie d ?
' ? ? timi ti.11 ? .'.?'!?"? no pro p ? *
nf s< Hot Bp ii I* ?: ?! he p eui Ad
' ci 'ii.
1 . re , ? ,-. ; .-?... ,? . 1 ,..??. 'i
Mi .rn ' " nmltti- f ' n ??!??? '" 1 .i "? ?
. . *p,i ...ii- ? luHi.ii ?!?. 11' iiorj ? ' '
II .,; . Of Im : :? ? ? r "? ll *' 1 I ni
nor ant >?? ?
ult h. ai thc .'.'i ni ??' ( nigri -. IhU li lldn'l l
phire. ' "I" of Ihe Ri l>,il ll in ? ??> til lterm< li snld
,.i in- lolleague* were ui dlj npulu*i lb* r< ila
Ii.ii. The Rcpublll Bil . ls - nd. ?? .' .' -* ??'
li itlon ol |.b i'1 . - i-" I ill, "! th ? "'?
In iTi..' ?'.. r Hu Js , I let- f J. Itel
Min, li, ii iii- pr..;." Illi.li lhal ll ? Hon
nm i I* consulted Iii ail,.... ? i.i ii'.
. bl li.e I'i Idi ? t sud i ..? Kennie " .i
. . i iitnioi.-. lb- pi?
ll lit.-ri '. ? !'.? Illili HUI ',' .lilli I*' |. rlllllte.l I., fill
',. the pr nu 'i I '? u... : mi. na ml. t ? f i.mmli
',-. are -ill examining lb* iibj.*-t, bul n do... n ,i
? .-.ii li,, p. thal Hie rv-uiutiun will be pu i< d.
a i.i n i -kii rn rue wai: of 1-12
IVasbtnglon, Feb. .*. Acting hecrelart Wharton, ol
? li. stnli Ih ;. ir! m. nt. h '.pt-'! Ihe "d' i "i ?'
iii.m hip ...iii|.,nii to bring Irom lav.i c. Ihl. nun
irj h pun ii ?-I on Hie I ailed -!:.'? v. .| Ueneral
inn trong in li, killie wlib u Brill h Bert al Faysl
lu I -I I. I ' ?.linn.n.te.l bi ? sptalll
?; I lilli- I <l,e ' 'I' lb-lit, ililli li H..' effort, lo .1. I I ..
I niue !.. nu- ..nicr "i .v.- un... mi, Ibe gun snu
prninbly lie nlsc?*d lu from ni ibe nw-morlsl. Th* gun,
known "- * Lon-.' i'..m. ' ws piewnled t" Hil count rj
>,v me Binn "f I'oriiii'.il.
W.i-liliiploii. Fell. *_'..- Prc id-o' Harri on 1- Bed :i
pi. . km.'itloli lo.li.v for BB -Mri ses hm <: lb)
-. i it* In i- i...i. ned on Man li 4, al i.I .
Ttil, i* tl.e ii-uiil <o.n ? pu.I nt Ibe outgoing
..f each Administration ta enable iii" -eu,h.- ,,, -.,,,
\ | ,. -Hil ,,,|i-i llf lo Ihe Cll Mill I .b el.,| 1,1 Ile
lii.oti.liip IT. lib ni. li k stan cu lomurj ni Ihe aime
n tn ? nd ie '... ? nan ul Min 1st en i le, led
f,.r the m..*! importni.i foreign post* and other lend
lng offices ni home. I'l.-iib ul llevetalid's pp* I:'!":'
non, i--ue.| under similar condition four i.ms agu,
....,, dalis! kl":'..ri *-'... un.! lin pi... 1..luall.ni Ol l"
rjnj follows Hun d'.' mm ni <1" ly.
?. _???
Washington, Feti. 25.-The House today ('-'id a
ini,ut.- of re I-., i lu Un '???:....ri ..f the ki" Senalnr
.n.i.ii si. I;.iri...ur. of Virginia. Afl?*r ...lopl-tk remarh
bj Me i . Meredith, WI ??, MUhkcn, Kriittnll, Tacker
.nd Jones, iii" lion-" a* u mark .- neil lo Ihe
memory "f Hie senaior, bi ?'< "'il" i. adjourn* .1.
A DEM If. /-/,'" If CU Al EM AS II \RRITY.
Phitadclpbta, Pcb. *-'?'.. The elm irma n "f tho n-ni"
ir.iiie National Committee, William l. Harriiy, wo
.eon bj a rrperter to-daj tn regard i" the pobl lied
-liiieiiii-nt of i."or-" II. Dixon, "i Ridgeway, Penn.,
ni Intimal* friend >.f exSoBcltnr-tlenora] lieorne A.
leiiu*. Hint he (llarrlty) prevented Mr. Jenhs's ap
l-lntni" nt a* Anon.-' tleaeral. The chairman vigar
,;'i> .i.iibd He allegation, snd declared lhal Mr.
Jenna and lil* fr.em; of Jefferson County supported
(iovemor Pattison against itonatnr Wallace f..:- the
gubernatorial nomination, BOtwitbatanBtng Mr. inion'*
dcetaraUaa Unti Janka's sapport cl Wallace reused
:. breach bet*a*een tbe ex-SoBcttor-4 loners! and Mr.
llarrlty. "Thees ha* never been saj paraaaal et
p..lltii:.1 dlffereiire ta-twaea Mr. Jeaha nnd nu-.li,"
ronllnued Mr. Harriiy, "uni iii* own siatemeiu ins!
he was ii"t l.nd.re I a p..*lll..n in the Cleveland
c.,Un.-' -linn- how slisiird ii ls for snj om to sogges!
that there was unv protest against him."
Philadelphia. Feb. ?.'..-.lohti lt. McFce, nH'- Ihlrlv
live paaia, un ex-member af the law iirm of lit rr,1, Nor
tun a m. ie.-, of indtanapoRs, Ind- who Bri trott Hun
.tty oa Jaauary l". leninp taigas rheeks and other
fraudulent pup.! io Ike amount ..f glSyOOO, was ar
r. -t.sl h?*re 10-day. ll" I- ak,, eharit'-il ?1?h hinlni.'
boucht malty Jesrelry foi wblek kc tailed t i pay. Ad
Winna] CtWdlteC Bte pron- Pam whom he borr.wed
vinous sum-. Magistrate Ch ase at, h*id Hie accaaed
mn' to iiwmIi ri'i'ilslihui Papers, (.ambling I* said I ?
luivo lid n Ui* caii*e of MOabS^S downfall.
The crriikr ,,f (,-,,. glfta Avii'i" Hot-I uer.- er.iwdei
?J'l div i"*t. in,- artto ftaiBg ".ilene men ts no w I ri
Inter-*te I in the . I .-ht.-lilli munal tneetin. of the
latereeBeffltte au.i.i,. Assedsltan. in.- n.Mas lasted
ifi i i. ..*. leefe. Much verb ?a* i< ampi ihed
i.r.ii.ii.iv iii ? n, .-t ie perami being th- r<*fo-at ..f ga*
?*-?? ijt!..u te abide bj the ??snSei.raduat* rule." >?-111? 11
i.a- caused *.. BinrB ti,..:i>i" ?t Vaia leeeatly.
'i be 'I- eeate* ,. ? - at watt T. li B. Birllns and
P. I'- ' " ?'?* . ? l < "He 'I : lt. C. I'ari. r. ut Wi -*? ran
v\- C. Dor-nee sod K '. Thft, |r- at Brawn; J. iv
Kroltb, ,,r .rgetewa; w. it Corbett, M. !.. curt and
ii P. Cub-/, al -teven*; R, ii Wade, a ii leaea end
vv *. Walesa ,,: Vale: iv. Wheetor, ,,- aglllbnas r
il Dev!*, r. H. Mcf-lwsla ami iv. U. ffindhtllsi. tl
Crin..-um: i. c. Tacker, i. ii. i*. uti. 1,1 sat p. ?.
pents, ..f N-?-v..r'< University; C.. St. Lim,. Lem..
ll. A. Ms.'ki v ju.i i-'. ii. i. ..r !'iti,er-itv ,,f p. mi,.|.
Mii,;.i. ii. h. Leslew, el Itot-ret*; u. c. Richards, ft. ii
Miller iii.l ll. W. I..\. .,f Ci.ina : r. ,|. .,| uaffeTty, J.
L. Bayard and M. A. Borea, ot Fordham; c. a. Hume.
"f .itally; B. c. Jo_rt*kle, .). M. Dam-rue sad H. <;.
i Mackie, ,r n,e CoUr-jre ,,f the ? tv ..f Bew.Terh; P. I.
Pell, li. iv. M,,ri- .mu ii. h. hm.-lev, of Cotambla;
L. Thempson, Resits uni v.., ?.,.,,. ..f llsrvsrd: il. ii.
stewart, ll. c. lamer mm c. ,s. Uallnwell, ..r Swarm
c.* ebllna, .r Princeton, had hi* record "f ?- ">_? c.-, t,,.
'..' a mlle ali..".. !: .,. k. Feeling, ..i Harvard, fa
uni.in:.' he'll |cmp .1 0 test :'.. i?. h-*. ,'.,'i Brewster, al
Vale, foi .. i.r..-.*etd in i two-mile *sf*ty bl >r|i
? ' H "in a >! ii'e*l ";.i wet* ali,.in .1 ti, n .ri.lei -lin..
Tbe t'er.-ii-, .-. report sbnwed Ibe Maana's ree-lpt* t. I*
NI oit.i -,.t. and dl?bar**m*ut*. Kt :tvi .|. leavlBg ? bstanei
"f ,?'..:.-. ". Ihl. line..|i;| lilli he lilli, el lill,,!!'' Ill'
..:? -. nil,.', sent tPptcanotrUvea* c. i?.t year's laertiiiR
Tl... .ic -j .,, ,,r oBI, ,.* ,.. tn i .,, mia ? i: lt. I'.. Wu le,
i'i.-1'l.'u' ' St I.. I., ie,., vlre-ptesldent; J. Daly, teer-*
tsry si'i ii \ ie. :. i. ir isumr; eseruth.imlttee,
P. H. Davis, I., i ie,I. ;,.,,n. Joha V .'?* ind N. ii.
Inbusnci it ira* -.il that rei tc ta limnaai u_B?setio-e
??-.. di' ??? ie- i'i i. .'I ui ..f ,i.e ptogrsmme nad Bcea
im '.i'm sad un Inventifstlnn wss arden i
Tbe "i 'i-?'?.' i 'finite ni., sss veted dawe by n la 8
? ?i sn :i.li iiii i . the i ale mel toe ma ?? tatt. ?. i ?
dawn 'o ii i"i ol lo ', tc lt "i,uil,l have required ..
-s.. t? 11 .". i,,'. in j,,., ti,- ,!,;,. Th,, detecoles ? i"
'. !? ? ? I i: ' tie- Alu il, ur Athletic f,.i..,i. Th J
-??I- thal 'll 'V. .1%,' flllie. .inlier tin- A. A. C.
. ?- uini thal m.." have dcBned UM in.at-ui t. si.il
? :>???.
I'nii ? ? ? ? im ... ?.- !.. toe ranstittitioa wi . atade
li ? ? i. - ol Inteiesi u..- ,.i.. i , i ie
il entiles t,, .? rods .:....iiii .e. t.ir-'. a-'i-ss I,.:.. .
?unit -t - take i i.e ". N. - Bt reitei Mail ? at i
than ? I'.'n' ,,,'.i ? >, .ii | n?,ie tn..11 hu- iu wm
r.? ?
<; \v r*Ai:ii 11 nils thi: statements
MC. Kl. 1*1.11 -. i'. .il ll'i.- *, M. MAXWELL*!,
i ll ll*.,.! -v
le ,,' ll . Ill , . I III ? .J 1 ' i.f ll . V |
-I ' , , ...
? ?? - "?: M .mi, ll, j n. sibel ni the i luh
Hr i . i !.. I i ? . . .1 .. '-ti, - Ul Mr. SlBXWi ll, Whl I. lc
. . snd .i-> ..'.?? I* Ih'Im a c
the ....H.. nf ihe handsome prop*'li in Madl*
??I- ? ? te Mr M M-.ll. .!? i. i. . ,? Mi
Ms,*i i lld resp Uni statem-nt* mad* bi him shout
nm** n ' i - - v. . .. \[
. ,,i i ? rvli'es done b] him ii
? In -.ii.- the ? lilli 11 om . -"I tin in.'l.i1
i: i- | ? ? . Mr. Ms-swell, Hr I sn fuitln i
'i . '..,??. i .., ?.. . I,., inform, n
io .. |iti,al. .r ioi ? lub ? i ? il U...U.-1. ..f
:... ? ah * ? bellin I ?.. f i ii- uti rn*i _ -? 11
las .'ii'-, anil ii ""I rained i.cr Information, .i> you
in'i.l in ? ? 'mci, j-. Inspection "f th' cl.ih die. K
!.> .k. ian ? -I inen tbst these cheek* wei payshl.
itt* y?u si... i,i,?i? thst If you ks I
. || .in v ' i I .el Hil -" lice I - I. '1 I" '. ' I
pended you would hue I.' n told. Uso f jrnn in:
i ? i '? ? ? ?, f thi li ????**! . ? .i would h .
rerel | - .' : ill on I Stn quit, .'ir- lhal i.e.
, .if tb* sd vu ?? ii sd* li;
it. St . ?* Per rv I ?. ?.'?*- Iienedt,
?ti. sin i 'i.. '? ? ?',i i: ile- i?. ??? id I an tl"
- I' tter n. ii- li ... in the r .-Iv -i .
., , . ?
sn anxious I
Mi I sri said that h. lei ??
: ? . i - ill ini- lu a |
?? . ? ? l aol
? - ? , ? ?.,!'? ia nat
? ? ? ? ? ? ,? ? bj aim ???
ir I I Lillie, , !? I
? ?? a- ? - , , i . . ? ' .
: Nii... Al ? ' '
?. ? .| ,,r ....... ii ('si ?? y." :."! thej
ol sun*
, , ? ? ? i and ia pre, 'Ol the ' mi "f
. -
I Ui by M
that i rpo* . sad f"i thst ,
i,-1 i u I nd b
: > lo, I
I i, , . - ? md an J, irr IB. I.*hi:i
Mi. Ci
: I ol
,, !?, sad e. In i ? i -' to'
I;, . .? ? ? , | what has been etan' ?. il . in.
.!-.,'. .-I I .
.il, . .tu,m. ) Mi ' ii ... ?
| i ,: I t , M --::-. .it rn , D'
i- isl and l's
TALK AH"' I '? nu-' APPA I RM
I . I ..ll-l' |. ? ?' I I ' I." - .."I '?'
M.... ? ? ? ? ,
" hi 'li * K|l
So work lia ii. Bono With IO. le-r- - al II il
|? | , . a .. ? I Ii I'"- ??'? I.4M ? Dill]
IVIIIi, > will le Mr I..- I'll ls ti,-:
,, ; P) tl - - ?? i- i" lo m 'I' '??'I', d fri* ii.
,, , ... i, ii will ? tor .ein" work
.; ,.f ii . month.
* m.* ol leading te c.-' i" nit.- sci
?i,|.,.,l .....i.i ? .? r - ten . . in l'erii.*"' ..nd-! . i- ..?
?:,. Iciii"* lti-*-r.____
I) Ellis lilli: ABOUT STAMPED OUT.
Till, ll i CK.
*i ,,, eras n tarlta r 'i" rease nf typhus fevi-r In
n?. elly k i v.- '. when only ls new ia-.* >.f thc
,11 , , , wei, !'|'"it".t :.' I'" Lure:.ii ..f CimtaglnUs
in .,,.. in, person, died from Hie fever during
ii,,, w-fe. H.- .I for the previous wi*e_ wa*
Min, ,,,,,- h.". .:.-.?? ned |:n death*. Ile ie were I-..
,,.i.niii.i ii. .il ?.. es In HM ? lt]. a- Ihe re.I
f, r IWu weelu ihon I 1
i . mai I ">. I ' - i.n IB
l_s.s. li ,' ,. I .-? * I. l-l.
I idius f.v r . '? "? ?" Bl
' ? '???? i '*i -' ' *. ',;
n i au i i-i n
sn.,: im, . '?' "
ratal. '-". ":I ',?,?, ?"
\i Hie lui-, i.f Vital -i:iii-ii<s ki ?""ii Ihere
u.re i.|...ri..l *.'sT Hit!.-. *T7 il. .ll., ir nu .ill rauses
.uni _i::i marrtages, rta- diaths i,umbered eighty
f.eir iii..re ll,un In Ihe pn'VtOUS Week, and ll Wa, lu.
iie.-d H..ii lhere had been preater taluBl] In rasns ..f
', |ri ,i, .;.,.? heine' disease, ismsiniipHoii uni ttccl
.i. i.ini InJ iry. ii- i.'' pn'Pansl hv Dr. II. -.
Tr... i. of Hie lb-..m. Ih'parimciil, show* the .1..il.
lr..iu hui.'ii* < .rn-''- iu ko. weeks i
1 .,?-' | lilli Kl ll ?-*-.. Iel', is
. oliln loll* 'I -? '** * ?- "'
.............. ll ll.
Il an li- ? u] j'
I. , Iii, i dis ,- .. .el 4 ?
Malarial 1 v.-i " *?<
, . i- ' r,, -?? n.,1 .i.cem.ill- . H ???
v. i ....i'i ii. rh.. IS 17
rou,! 1" I'
it,uli,ni- ............. :?i wi
1 ell*.I.II..I. i is sr
i-,...,,.?.i. itu IV
Vin. . :"
Vi; ethel ' BUS - SO?
T-tal* -??
li rn -. .". ,-? .1- ..I"! und.' :?'".
i>.ni.,*' ns i ii? uini uv .* ''V
Death, In Institut ii, KO lilli
ilea Ut* li. lenen u:? . .. ?'. im o'. (
Trenton, N. ?'.. *rVl?. ..'..-William A. < "\. lbs ynang
mun v.i.. pleaded gatltj t? iwenlj -ix cbnrgee -?;
tareen) pn-fi-rred Bgslnsl bim by Ihe student, ol
Princeton College, wu* v-iei.iuv .-.-"ii i., Stale prison
fur nu"- i'ai*
W.-.l.r,..wu. H. V., Pt*. SB.- The Lim..lu LeagW
of Ihk elly hal received mini, i "I* letters front ad
inir-rs of (>overnor McKinley, each Inclosing s dollar
io ls. added ta it"* feud started l.v the .lui. to be
.?ut t,, Mr. McKinley- Irustees, The Iden was
mu io lune tbe Inn.ls sent bi the Watertown club,
bul that lt, action wonld s-i example f.?r ether dabs
to stall sin li funds.
< in(-, ii it:i i i. Keb. 85.?A daring attempt sn. made to
blow up Ibe Dokworh ilktllb-ry ut Cumminsville tate
I,i-t evening, I'nder Ita bflildtag, In a place t" be
reached al hi?'' water, wai a qnaaitly of phesphate
nnhydraie and iiltroplyi-.-rlne. Tlie pho*pliiite aiihy
druie es glade, when lt conies in contact with water.
Mi would have Ignited the nliro-glycerliic, sud Ihe
whole distillery sud bonded wsrehouse would have
been blown to atoms, ii is the same scheme wss em?
ployed to stow up Hi* .-.imfeldt distillery at Chicaco.
Th.- prodactton "f ??('IrofW-lrofla" at the Cnrd-n
Theatre next Friday Bight by the Millan Huss-u
Opera Company will be .f the .,,rt which the gabie
hus learned to e_pect from thia orRawlmltoa, sump
inaasness .>f noanling and rcMtamlag hus ln-on the
unvaried rule -in. ? the beginning of Hi.- eosapaay'i
e.I lenee, ih'- costumes ar.- ni.nie. a* iv.-re those for
?The m,unit.'kui.*." by Ehrlch RrrtRers, and they
will i.Mi.iiieiy etahorato aajd beautiful. Saaaa
Iden .,f them ni.iv I'O ?? BVeyed by B description nf
the dr **??* lo !"* worfl by Ike two leading performers,
Miss Ku.sell Bad c. Hayden < ala.
Mi-. Russell's n.iiii tot the tir.t act lins a white
.::!in -lib! mid bodice, With a .sash, all handsomely
embroidered willi g ld. a blue .-punish Ju.'ket. with
ptlflCd -le-" e*. and il blue ll'i!. As the act Hoes oil
iii., blue Jacko! and Icu ul'" changed for plnlc OBS-,,
and iii.-ti rimes a wedding costume, wltb the ju. kel
agaiu etatngrd foi* a white * ne, a pearl inp snd a
gauze I,ll. In the -c.lid a.t Mk* Kii***ll mil
Wear a White silk ':.ur. -i.lit siriped and etiibrolder.
wltli ?-'..ld. uith a gold jewell.e) girdle and a white
natta locket. Tkere i-. ram.tar, a wklto la?i liead
gear, wuk a large gold candi. The *h ??* an- af
ulii!.- satin, i n.moldered nilli gold und li.iiing gold
heel*, nie crntume for lin- third nd I, of whits
tk'ured crepe de Chine, of the Empire style, of a loose
.ut, trimmed with white ia... lowing down 1 lie
front, lt lui* huge pnrfid steeves, arith lave Bounces
Mr. ? nfl n win wear iwc raatuaws. Tht tir.t is of
willi.- lietigaUne silk, with a broad gold .atui sash.
Ih- lr ul of Un- , oat 1. trimmed uith velvet and
turnipdec, a- ure also tba sie.-v.-s and the trunk,.
rh.- lights are cf pearl gray -ilk mid the booti kare
gold suiiii borders. The second dre.* lia*, a gray sitln
coal and ripe io match, Ike . sit being trimmed with
red and **.'"'.i, and having pu Bed sleeve*. Tlie cape
I, Hued willi yellow .nun. trimmed with red -Uk
bl did. Th.:.- are With Hu* light led tights nml sh. s-s
md a red -atin hal with ii gray feather.
I'.ii the whole company about SOU catiline* art
made, ami they are all >.f rich .md handsome material.
i'll.- ii..I,er- -.v.-re i .ld t.> niake Helli a* ii.riei-tly and
a* ii.ll a* possible, and no limit nus .sit for them as
v ni iv OPERA To BE st'Ni; vt THE cv?-lN()
,\ new "pera, "'i ne iinsorbe," which hat b-cu tlai
teringi) nvetved elsewhere, will be heard "for the
ilr-i inn.- here ai Hie ' u-iii.i loni now nigh! Hi'*
Inflowing ls an outline; ol the ..peri: Th" Hm- ll
mi., sixteenth century. The story ..[hu- in Part*,
- here a bond of -tudenu. who torm Hie .lui. of
Iii.- li,..H-|,e" are gathered io elect their liing.
Clemen I ii.iiot |. tin- successful candidate, lb- con
.* 'o i.i* confidential li lend, L'Evetlto, thal ha
na* niarri'- Colette, n peasaul girl. Thia I. a s**rtaug
milter, a. Ihe members ..( "The Itu-... ne" ate bound
h) oath never to marri. Coletta appear* .-..'king
her husband, .md attempt, t<> claim him- L'Kinib
li ?'. ail. upon lui lu take B room nf tile students'
nm. ihe lew!.,- puller. At nd* moment than
arri! es Princes, Marv Tudor of Kilgin nd. who by
pre*) in H..- person .-r toe Due de tamguevttta lia*
been married tn King Louis xii ..f France, tjhe has
pn* val tad upon ihe Hue to accompany ber Into Parii
tor i frolic, -h" determines to -pend the night ai
ihe Pewter Plaiter. The Irinee** sees Hie piarasMmt
ni students .-. ..riing Clentctii Maret. Heariag the
latter addressed a* kum. ,be nt once falk bj tove
vi Uh Ibe I.and*..me youl!. *li.- believes to be her hus
band. ('.dene k dismayed In finding, n* .she be
ll.-v.-. ih.it lier husband I* Ring of France, clement
?ui'i* Un- Inn ..--king Colette. Ile I* enticed to
*ll|. With Ul" I'llll, . || .
to-fore 'ids the Due ha* been ..nt by the Macons
'.. bring th. King lo k-r. He return* nnd informs
her ':at Hie Kin.: k asleep He I* dumbfounded on
being t.,1.1 bv n.r tliat Ihe Kim: hu*, bren there.
Hie students enter, expecting i" timi Clement and
Colette i...-"I:,.!. [rinding him wllh Hie Prince-*
?ie". i..ib\. I,,, v have i.ti deceived imo thinking
'lim fiiiiiii...* c. bis oath, hui the Print-em spoils
hi hy aii'ioiii!" in- her*elf a* iiis wife. The students
io- about ii p.-- Judgment ., ,> .ri lum when the Due
*? . and to -.'.?? hw, announce, himself to be the
ntisband <>f Ibe Prince**, Clemeni disappears in
? if Colette. The latter, however, ha, tone
lo Ihe r.e.il p..I;..e. King I. Ml*, hamlin: where lils
?.nf" I*, hs -.ni f,,r her. .Meeting the m-s.-n
Colet ie ?,. announced lt- r-.-if as Queen, and
im. been led awiy in triumph. She naturally rrfus4*s
.. recngllli I .1* ellhet U* Ihe Kim: ur a- ii"i- lui
. h.i md iie ai "lue -u-[M'it. tho iii,- de Longueville
?UV -I .I'll her a,lecion. li h. ii iii- rival
. in ibe |*ilace and from a window observe the
ni nun , nine more .ii III. lead >.f the students
i'.\ pisant lona are in- 'Wi n-ii limosin ai.mn.
l ? i-tisl iii Ita lie "I" : i Will I'n ludo William
ll. Hamilton, .1. Il livley, (li'il- - Hassett, John J.
Cal! ll I. Il- III i Li "ll. Ml III ll ?' Vb- >. I "11111.111
.: .1 i. n, W lill .i-i ? i-il. in ia. i nie, K *.e,'i|'i. Miss
Him. . . r.lu...,| I..-..- Miss ll.'l.ii li. lg: mi. Ml**.
v ni h de Itlie, .'..I - Mitti' VI ii Hon au I Mks
I.llb lie I "Kl ll.
11.1. QC!KT ON "I 111 ItAlI.WAVs THTI ATS OP A
HID SI IHK I. IT TIIK lill! i.ll H'NllS.
i hicago, Pelt. .'> |.?p cl.ili, l'ln*re are i i -17:11. ,,f
il slrlke "ii Hie ( hb a... an! Western Indiana Rall
mod. The mad Im* ..ll tm* men li needs to I""'.
ifi.r Hie switches, and train, are all moving on time.
President Thomas said to-da) tint he bad secured
??nough m. n to do all ihe work, .-md Ihat be lind
1.. 11 obliged Iii 111 rn awn) near!) 100 applicants aim
wen fulU capable nf han.ilk-' switches. '?Thc elly
polli.',*1 Mr. Tliomu, said, -have -Mien M* ampi.
protection, and 1 d.t anticipate any farther
l rouble."
1 1.i.'.s Hie demand, of tim striking etartrlcal
workers are granted all members of the betiding
?11.!.- connell, representing tn. uti *.ien trndes. will
.lull work Bl Ihe \l orl.l's lair gn.units. This wa.
? . .1.. ki.rn r.ni lusi St n n.ling of the btillUln.
irades council li-t night. This, tin- strikers say, will
mala- ll imp.is il,|e I > get Ihe work done at the I'air
grounds bj Mn I, Seventy non-onion elect rice!
worker, Joined Hie striker, v-t. ntny. a i.ting
ni clift rica I workers wu* held ni which lt was found
Hail pines .1K1 1... provided for all the strikers at
.n.e. Ti ??! say 300 additional workers will he
Heeded III .riler to complete iii., worh by May 1.
iley furth.-r sm Ca.- World's Pair unkink yesterday
?. 1.graphed lo fciM.ru tiltos and seal agent, t.. Rf,
I'.l'll ililli -t. UwlS III gel mell, bul tile .lllkel's ..'IV
they nlll have repr.nistlvc* on hand lu see thur
non., is bind onttl i- "ii- demands are granted.
Buffalo, N. v.. lek i'i. riiiriv "ic switchmen, who
hal.- been ont of em ph iv men t -Ime tbe Mg slrlke of
la-! fell, b-ft h.re to-night for Chicago c tobe Ihe
pia..?* ..r ii..- strikers nn Bbc Chicago and Western
Indiana road. More atti foltaw. Tke men -m
they aie going lo retaUale for the aettim ?.f Chicago
switchmen 111 laking their places during Hie slrlke
In ilik my.
- ?>- - ?
I Illili.'". Tel.. J3 li." ;e.i'ee force Illili' S.M.U Im
lepl'e.ellle.l ||| |||,< '||';i.k .lill! L.'lL.ir Assembly. T|,e
pr..:-'. I 1* in Ibe hunk of Ofltaer Edward Mct'ann,
v,ho -ai* In- bas 1.11 spproarhed on Ihe sabjecl i.i
pioiiiiii.iii labor lion. M.c.mn farther *niit that, in
illscu-stng Ibe iiu.siioii with men on the farce, hi
found thal about etgtil oul ni Ira ho'l been rasmbers
,,f labor organisations, and bad lost their ptacf,
Ibrougfa lh,-Ir efnets to Improve th.- condtlkm ..(
ih.lr feib.w workmen. The police men, be added,
were ont] a-king lo ta1 put on an cowal fooling
In regard lu -ai.hi nilli Hie police force of New
lurk illy, Denver, Brooklyn .md llilladilpbta.
Centralia, IR., Keb. 35. Th.- strike among real
millers Bl lilts plaee. nhl.h has been ..11 for the
lust two months, terminated yesterday, the miners
gull I back io work Bl MO tenta, over mi Inch und
.1 ball 1 c en ami other conditions io suit rho ope?
rator.. Th.- disorder* of Wednesday morning were
uni renewid, rhe warrsals issued have been dis
ml *'?l.
St, Pani, Feta 85.?The threatoned strike In the
Western C1.I..1. ollie.?* af Ihe Twin cities will not ls
oiili'ieil, III"- (lill.-li tie.-s haring been :idji|.|,s| yes
I erday Bfternoon. All except otu- of the operators
wim uer.- discharged on Wedm*sds| have bera rt*
Inslaled, Each one. on resuming Ids plaee, wa,
re.iiilied to .Inn au lr. 11 clad agreement that he wa*
not now mid Mid not Intend lo becaBBe s member of
any tetegraphere1 union.
A tax 0,1 lnk.r lias been levied hy the A mal ga mat ed
soebty ,,f Carpenters and Jotneta of thi* city. At
II tiie.-tlng of that organl/aiion sa 1'rtdsy night. In
Central Hall, Ro. 147 West Thirtyeec. mt st., the ad
rlmhlBty of levying a tax an BtBMi of the organl
ration ."lining fnun other cities ui work In this c!tv
wtis Staeassed. The meeting tasted until an early
hour yesterday morning aud resulted In the (Manage of
p f
Wll.I. Ill: tOMIMFO III Kl ><U TAI
< on i vt. mi:i:k tr
124 West 42d Street.
G. C. SHAYNE, Man.fast.ni..
L.ndcn dressed and dyed **eal*kin Bacquea, aa grade,
?.ui-ri"! estie 'rnl.;'. .m iii ami i" ia. he long, red-ceR
la **.*7".. MOO aie. HES.
Hudson'* Bay ."ti Beedam r*dae?d le gMB, *?.?:?
and SSW.
geaUhta lb f??-. av (trade, saperlai e-.tu quality,
SO, J- uni ii. nen.* Ieag, i"k rd bi 0230, S-TI ""d
080B. a trade, . in estm quality, *>-?". a geiBMal ie**,
li gr,.i.\ ''i'i.. q<itin., *'iO a germen: le*-.
Hndata's Baj utter Beefer, reda>-ed ta ??-?:.*>. t'.iOO v.d
?r2.v s. ii - ui ii Jackets, iv IS sod ti ta chea long,
strictly tltst quality, ia trade, redaced to S-00, ?.-4
Olid 0380. A '.iel' evtra I viii qa.uti. OSS a garment
Mink Mflltery < BBta, Mini. Oreular iipe. Mink Yoke
l -fe*. Mink Bel 'il"* ? Blt ?-"'* ind length*, at fit
to glO I giru "nt i-s- ttiau (orm..r price*.
.vstrachan Otpsa narked deWB le ISO. I'erslan Lamb
? '-I*-, reduced to BS- ?MO sud *1j. Aln-ku >i*ble OB0US
r-duce. u. MS md 0B0.
r*ur Lined ( Ip ular*. Qeahf Fur Lined iliet-covi*.
S.al?aln l'a|-?. Sleigh Holies mid Muff* 'f every d**"rl|>
Bea, hm-.- ail beta .nark d d..?n to price.* ?hih taaaat
li- dnpl!cat)*l.
Th>- tew st.'.!' Empire ? ' .ii.irs, in ill I'.vllnc furs. re.
due >d to price* srWcti ?lll lii-np- iiiae-dlnte sal"..
fV"Tho alfM'i..iis en ny liulliilui. mil ennurenoe ea
mes BS th.- pi >? - shall have li...ni p? I tatted hy the nrehl*
t. ct. miij tin*. *;ii. mil be teatmaed twttt thc -iiteiau>ne
en Bm building -hail ini- coaupenced. No *mB bar.
gains in reliable rur- base been eBeted th.* "ar. Baal
in i Bel "<' ur alain.
jil flood, narr Ihr firm name to, Hitrebij rarrying tte
fl'i.irantet tf rt! mini tty.
V. t. sHAVNi:.
Me*ef_etwrlag furrier,
131 Weat tj!*t i.. i Broadway and utn-ave.
? __ __ *
B peat ec tl ve tu\ on membera of the nrginlMtlrrn who
rome from Other rtttes io work h.-r.-. It wa.s gener
nlly admitt.d that there '-ni* dancer of extensive
labor troubles In the building :ndi-s during the coming
spring, lt wai therefore decided thal li -null he
necessary ta employ s Balking delegate to look a ft er
the inter..sis , r th- < rpntastlnn. Walbing delegates
? i .t m..ii.v. To m.et iiik extra expense lt was St*
eld.d t" j...... every member "f the ncgantsaMaa :*0
rents u mmith extra, i arpenters who lire In lirooUlyn
und belong lo Ibe irganlsstlon lbi*re, besides paying
.lue. to m.lr ..ini oigairlsation, nil I i?* taged AO
.'?ni* a month for Ibe privilege ol ivorklng In the
dis tri ri rui"-d hy Ihe Rea Vorh walking delegate. The
luimblyn runsiit.-rn complain thul this bi unju?i. but
tn.. New-York carpenters ar.- Brm in tk-ti decision.
,<; R If.UNfl MILLS
lensutton wu* mased lnfe
inn.mi:..un. ni Hull the CofrodB
lu...rp Tit.' I. .' ii-ollins Rm
im* Insolvent, and that ro
ppll.-d for bi som.- .f Ihe principal
.|.an\. hoortly before a o'clock
Tl lind-Ipiil.-i. Keb. -..-..-A
lbs tiff, r. by Ihe
a Naylor Pumpa
Readtag lt. iii . Mill
reivers bad ta,
creditors raf ti
th., i oiuisi i ,'nr tin- company appeared lu th*
prothanotary*s ofltae of the Comami Pleas Ra, I
nnd flied a lill In ?malt}' on behalf ..f .. number of
creditors of Corrode A Baylor, asking tar th* appoint?
ment of ii n ceil cr, and ?'!?? f?-r a decree di charing
the earporalton Insotrent. The romptatnaBfa la the
I.fll ure the i.eor-t M. Hush <i -son* ? "inpnny. of
wtimiiigii.il; i.iiing-to'ie gayler, -toben R. Urtan-cy,
Planets ll. -nil. r, .iiitn.-. McCormick, Henri Mc
Coritil. e. .'. Do.mid Cnn.-r.>li lind the tru*t>es of tl...
.?state of James Mi*.nu I:, trading a* iii" Paxton
Rolling Mill*. It I* s.t om thal tl" corporation
mi. 'orgHitaed atlh n trapl-sl stneti of *u4si,
ix.". ..f which 1*10.000 lia* 1..-.-H tanned; that Hie
Raab a Sons' Compiny hold* Boles Bf I'frode
A mu I.ir to the amount of *K-."'xi: lhal Praatta H.
-ni l..r i* n *t.e Kl,..uhr lo Ita umitiint ?.f f.40,.
-"h. uni lb ln.ioi--.-r of m.jes given l.v l.e defendants
i.f PSO.547 14, wlii.:. an- ul.un lo l.? < olio due. und
win not be paid, thal thc Paxton Mill* are ? editors
..f < .>fr..<te .! Haytor to Ihe amuanl .<f y.-.-M).
Th.- curl app .Inlet a* the n i*tv?f?4 .b.-.-pa ll. t'ofrode
umi Willam *?? llarrlty. Mr. Cofrode I* the vice
president of the Cofrndi' .v -: 11- r Corporal lon. as
Well US Vice pre-ilblll "I ll" H"i,lillie l'o|l||.f* Mill
Company. The prestdenl nf both n rporntlons.
Planets ll. -taylor, i* ti,.- heaviest ere?Her who
signed th.- lull ot iipplh itioii i"r a ree, Ivershlp, Lia
i Inlm being lu round numbers BdOO.OPO.
lt wa. .lld ti, n iii.- .uni- motives ImpeRed the
iceklng >.f tuts reel!er-!.lp u* were Impaled la the
sppRraitoa f.r the Reading Rattaoadl receiver?volun?
tary a.,'ton on iii.- pun of the ma iib gr meal to save
Hie cor, .raii..ii from a general raid of creditors and
I.. .... ur., the best admlntan ilton of it* n.-.-is in -.cttle
nieni or reorganization. Th**court ha* ti.\.*d the honda
I., u- fuiiikio-.i by iii- Lieii-r* ai .?ioi1,000 each.
Ihe receivers Were empowered to ronttnae the ..pera
Hon of the work*, und the business nill go Ba as usual.
A namber >>f targe ronlracta are noa ta tog iill.-d, and
Hies., win not in any aa) be Interfered altb
legal representatives slated thal Ihe Ilablllil
heavy, and ti >? assets also, bal thal the .i.-.*t* were
in such u shape thal they could mu reodtt) ? >? r*aMaOdj
upon. No .-itin.it.' of either iis..i- ..r llabttRlea waa
The fall of ihe two corporattoaa rail tad down the
Iron ilriu of .1 P. Jlaib-y ,v Son,. Mr. Halley this
afternoon -niii the timi ol Botte*/ .-. >.,i* ima t.eeu
i-los.-ly nilled to tofi-.Kle A Say lor nnd the Reading
i Rotting Mill* ' ompani ; *o Hasely, In'rui-t, as to be
j g.rally eonsaiered a part af each, being the *ein_g
l iig.iit ol iii-- company. Mr. lia.by him
managing dire. t..r of th
-ollie lillie, and lill* Hp|
of ibe company's notes,
holder in ibe mmpany
Mr. Ila.l.y himself hn, Iveeii
? Killing Mill, t'ompany for
?anil as a Ir?-?|iu'tlt Indorser
Restdes, he is , large stock
Tli>- rirni has not made sa
assignment, bat Mr. Halley said be aaa taioBy -ngtg-.
In preparing a statement for his crediton, sud he
Intends to u*k lor an extension. Ilk saaeta, he said,
more than equalled tbe liabilities, but they were lu
such n simp.- mut lt would be Impossible te realize
upon them on short notice. Willi time, lie was eon
lliletit he could pay dollar for dollar.
Camden, tf. J.. Feb. '-"..--Posimester-Ccneral Wans*
milker conducted a business men's pirlor conference
In this city this evening, nt which Hie advisability of
erecting a Y. M. C. A. building was loiisldccel. A
large number were in attendance.
New-York Central, best route to Cleveland. Detroit.
Chicago, cincinnati, St. L~ui_ and all potoU Weat...

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