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4.0'lecture, t*. Meetings.!I
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1 Xes- Publications... io
4 Ocean Ktesroer* _-*:l
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.*. ile*! Katata IV .lilted ll
8*5 "K.-IIBI..US .Noli"* .... 7
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.", S|*'.'ial Notices ? 7
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4 Winter K**oit*
Onoinro- Xoiucb.
Hie mead g-Boaoiona stimulant to ??xeito tho
appetite .- DH. mi:i.li;t? am.osTI !*,.\ BlITEIto.
H'.iare . r eo'.iiterf. its.
Ke-p* ]>ress Shirts to Measure : 6 for $0. Nont
t>'Lt**2~,t *"-' t""1"*- wu md -ii Uroadwsy. New-York,
sod S2*j aif?tc.ut-?t.. fhllsdelii-is.
1 vear. Cmos. 3 mo*. I ten. ......
Tsilv. 7 days a week giooo %:, (io *?_? ;,o Bl ?)<? .
D?!it witbciut Sundav . Him 4 no 2 no 00 R tja.
fe'.i day T.lhutie. 2"? 100 60 .... ?? . ts.
Wc-a v Tribune .100 . Sets
bern. Weekly Trtiune... '.'00 . let*
Tribal.n M.utiii-.. ... 2 ('?) .25<*t*.
l'f?la|c prepaid l?y ihe Tribune except s, ber'matter
OTT I'O-TA.-}!._ The bw lequirs- that s 1 cent pe*** ff*
stun ii lie snivel f everj reny of Tlie Dalli. Sunda'..
or fr-ml-Weekly Tribune, malled for lo. j delivery In
Hew.Yetk City This [ictus., must he paid by sub.
?crli. r Ite-idcrs sr.- b-t?..-r eerie! bv titi j I ni: their .
Tribune fr. u aewsdealei
FOrtKli.'. l'.'-s'l'Vil l n all forelen count-V* (except;
(anii'li n.i He-tlroj 8 c^nt* a copy an Tue Stindsr *
Tribune; 2 c.-nts a cor.v ne Dailv Semi-Week ly aid 1
Week It. Pi I* p/ntete ? "**? b* paid bv suh*-rlhel
REMIT; \\. : H. K.ri.it in- Postal Outer, PJcures, Order, j
Che.k, Draft, cr ReckMMed Letter. Ch on ro*t.ii
Note, if i_-.it. lu au uare|t*ete!ed letter, will be *' ihe
BAt'K KUMBERA.- Tor HoeB Numb-r* rf Ho- nalW and '?
S'.ndsv papers li ore than a Se k Md, Bil >'\!:n prl-e 1,
thargad, BU ace,.mt of the cost of -tornec
OPTIC RB OF THE '1 HMlCVf.- Ma'n ofllee of The;
Trlf-ine. TV4 Nasoaa-*., Xew-York Main ii|*t..?n '
ofiice. lei: Br-adwar. Address lu retreapood. ice
almpiv *lh" Tr:!.uric." New.Tntfe.
FoT?i_*'i - Tho report of M. Flory, tho Govern
tn-.r,t aeco.ntMt, on tlie Panamn ('amil expendi
lapea waa published; M. Andrteux promiaed to
divulge the aaasea of high personagea inipHcated
In tho Panama e.cnn*;.*il Is-fore the next (Ieetiona,
=:?? Th* British M.-iTior CinCora was Slink bj
colii-iou with tlie (.orman balk Lake Ont ino
wkit Dangenei-i: tivo men wine '?frowned. _____=
Jofc Tilill, a UMtchanl Pl Barcelona, was shot
dc-a'l ir. his offieo hy Samuel Pastor, an Fnglish
man, wlio attempted suicide.
<'ongrct**> ? Both -tranches in ataglnw. __-_;
lennie: I!*.' Legislative Appropriation ??ill wa*
paaaed, anti t conference with tin- llotue tegac-ted.
: -?; douse: The silver mea Rlihustered against
the "viiut" uiiiciulm. nt* t , tho Sundry Civil bill.
IV mr .st ic ? '1 ho -supreme Court of Kansas flo j
Hde I thal il"- Bepnhllcan House was tlie legally
c B-titnted body, - Mr. cleveland was in
eamfctei ce at Lakewood with Judge Greahg-a an.l
BX-sSenatoy Carllale. - - Rt* rolnirteet life
-ivers inr" drunned nfl (Jittyhnnk IslauJ while
irvin.: In io-* tu* nn imperilled crew. ?^-.- 'Jim
corporation eont/olllng tho Reeding RoUitog Milla,
in Phlladelpltia, uro insolvent, with heavy lia
bilitiir-. - . _. \ srataan shot ami killc-d lier two
listirs .1'iripj t qasrrH in Atlanta, (ia. ?? '!'!,'
racotmck lulls in New*-!* r- -y paaaed in the Senate
over thc Cavernors veto. un\ beeaxae law*.
City and Snbnrhan.?At a mn",inr* of the cor
pori'.tors of Hm N'.'iv-York BotBBle (Jarde'i it
wu- announced that the s.iei -ss (Jf the project
Mys argot i. sto'i;-- opened strong, and with I
a lew Bxeepth?ia cloned \i<-ak. Final deelinea, as
n rnl". ivre within 1 p?-r cont. KortheiB Pacific
mu s ?'? piaaaad iv rumors ol a leee-veral-lp, Honey
on call waa nominal at ' iht cont. --.-.??*. Tain*
many Hall iriniaries were held in tin* JXth
Senate Dtntri*jt. ? Tho gteamer New-York
i-Hileii for Routhampton on her lirst trip ondei
ih? American fla'r. ?^~ A sueeeaafnj \far of the
Mrtropolitii'i Mliaenm Ol Art mus oiitlinr-il by one
of tbe trosl -os.
The Weat iier?Forecast f,-,r to-ilay: Fair or
clour m l colder. IV?tperature yesteplajr: Hi^h
e.t, It iloi'os: lovreat, 26; average, ;i:t i-s.
Tho extra session of thc Seriate called by
PieeidcBl Man ison to -tci-fla*. i-i lite custtMRary
.?cs i n s .niiiiiiiofi ti greet the im-min;*. Execu
tivc, a:;.| ti ad ii lils ii-iinin;iti. ns for tho
CrM-cI and suc'.i ot hot- vacim i's ag be miy
\iish t. Bil. lt* tum ti'.ns will be pur?ly execu?
tive ia character, lt trill have no duty of
A soiious BoddeRt t>-Iv jilico ytst'-rjav mo:n
in-2 a tort Bailee rreateof Oneida on the New
Teak, Ontario and \Yeatrrn Bailroad, and in
vicH* ol' the fail that two p__sienfrer-cars j-, ii-.i
doun an onihankinont f'tirti t:> forty feel hi^h
it is siir; rising that no ono was killrd. Several
cf tho passengers, botrerer, are reported to have
gRgtaiacd severe injin irs. The aceideiii is
.t;r,r-d to have bon due to rho spreadiRg of
tho rails, uiiicli r'ins*(i a portion ol' the tiain
to louie thc track.
On Tuesday nr\t the shrill notes t.f tbe
thantideer, tbe gobbling of tho turkeys, tbe
<ii:;ii*!.ir'.*2 of ducks and the cackling if bobs
will resound bomalli tho roof of Madison
Sijr.aro Garden in lien <>f ih<- barking and
whining of the leg] rn i-f dogs which haye been
on exhibiti n there during the la-t week, Thc
? hm. organised bj the New-York Ponltrj and
Pipo m Aanoeiatton, forms the subject il bb
article which we publish to-day. and bids fair
t< prove tho greatest display of the kind ever
held in this country.
Socr--t",ry Foster infirmed the Ways and
Means (Yinmitteo jreaterday of aothing be bad
not already published mani times and in _nanj
t\a.is. It is tine that the Treeaury h.is now
a:ni alMa.is baa ha-l throughout the Adminis
trat: ;i a ROIph*. lt is true, in view of the
iccietisiii"- expenditures, that ihoro i* not likely
to Le a surplus after this year, lt is tru that
a balance of 950,000,000 tvould bo a com
iotiRhle thing to possess, though when we had
it Mr. Cl'*'. 11 ind calli d it a bunion and begged
Congi wt to take it away. Bul it iras scare h
nocstirv to pine the Gereta iv of the Ti ?*?
ur.v b hi.:d l.iincd doora to loam ithat every
woil-inft rmed person has known for months.
A govenimont has two wa.is of inaintaininK
k*so!f li:ai:e:il:y secure. One is to spend less,
tho other to fix mor-o. Maybe the De_oocrats
Of tho Way* and Moans Committee are bold
ing their secttl .sessions in tho hope of getting
* .mobed*. Ut show thom how to do it bv sp* nd
ing moro and taxinc los*.
If any ono believes that, ihoro is little in?
terest in art B-BORfl Ihe people of this city be
shnvld uni carefully the statistics ,?f the at
teodaocc at the Metropolitan Mmseuss lakes
froai tho fortheoaaing annn.ti report of the
iMStees and pii'ited olsouhore iri this issue.
These Hgopea show ihat. while the average
daily at Balaric* on weekdays during im?l' na*
maewhst lera than thal of Imbi, th" avenge
BMtmhato on Sundays Increased frov 1,580
in 1S91 to 4.7...I last year, altbougb lhere WM
un (iiiiisii.il niimlior of rainy Sundays in 1H?'.?.
Opioti(ii:s ot Simday opening asay well ponder
over these fads. Thal the Art Mum um is a
popular ii:.s;itiiijuii, uh. so value tho people ai |
large appreciate, is also shown by tho com?
parison of its a yoi age daily attendance with
that of museums in ot hoc cities?Now-Y-rk.
2,t79\ Sooth Kensington Museum, London,
T.'iu*. British Museum, tim ; Boston Art
Museum, ItO.
Thc steamship New-York started yesterday
? n her niaidi n trip a> an American vessel, bear
ing with lier the wanneal good wishes of all
who lore the ilaz that now floats proudly at
her masthead. She is a magBiflcenl augury
of thal supremacy en Ihe ocean which every
patriotic American hopes and believes the
I'nited States will ere long achieve, and which,
iiln ii once achieved, we are ao abundantly ab] ?
to maintain. The historic phrase, " Britannia
mles the nave.'* may bc changed sum.' day si
aa io read "Columbia rules the wavo"5 aud
it certainly will be if the enlightened policy
of thc RepublicaB party shall prevail.
The Supreme Court of Kansas has derided
in favor of the Republicans a case involving
the organisati ? of tho House of Represent
anies, two Justices agreeiBg and one, a Pop?
ulist, di-sentin*;:. Tin* issue mis made in this
nay : A niau named Gunn uas summoned a*
a witness before the Elections Committee of
?.ho Republicaa House. On his failure to ap?
pear ho was arrested for contempt ob a war?
rani signed by Speaker Douglass and held in
nominal contir. in nt in Topeka. An applica?
tion for a mil of habeas corpus was made to
the Supreme Court in his behalf, and argu?
ments wire heard last neck. By deny?
ing tho writ, tho Supreme Court has 11 nv ad?
judged the Republican Hons*" tho hm lui loner
branch of ihe Legislature, There has never
been any leal doubt ;is t.< the decision which
the cunt wonld render, provided it hard tho
case at all, though there was some pretence
that it lacked jurisdiction; but it had ben
hoped thal the Populist member of the rotirl
would coincide with his colleagues and make
the decision unanimous. The effect of his dis?
sent arnon the party I ? which h<* belongs may
ho unfortunate, but ii n iwise impairs the valid?
ity and aiithoiify of thc Judgment. Tho high
<-?; tr''imal of the State, after careful delib 'ra?
tion, sustains the Republican position. Thu is
enough in law, and it ought t<> be enough in
Bul thc Populists, when they surrendered I 1
superior tactics, to higher courage and detci
11,ina'icu. aad t" public opiol ?u B week a;* i. did
not suiTcnder gracefully or completely. Thc}
have occupied tho intervening timo with
treasonable declarations, and. 1: is said, with
preparations to make BB armed ii'si-taii'.' to
authority, if the Judicial decision should be ad?
verse to their pretensions. They hare ( rmal
ly ann traced through the Governor an I other
leodeistfaat they would Bcd obey the court, and
they ar* rt port d t > bc organizing a I irgo mil
itaiy force. These threats, wc think, can raf* -
ly be discounted t > some extent, esp c all.! bow
that the leading Populists hare doctor d their
intention <>f l>"uiii.'-' 1 1 tho deciskm of thc
conn. But there is no doubt thal many
of the men who have len directing tins
revolutionary morcmenl are soltiah, rcckl"***
and turbulent, and that so I iii.* a* they retain
authority orcr their folio-era the*, arc likely
to had them inti ipiscbioroug and dangerous
folly. Al Ihfl same time public sentiment in
Kansas and throughout thc country had air cadi
declared iisolf positively against them, and ii
trill be doubly bard t 1 maintain a bold front
now that the Supremo Court h;** denied their
claim. Bluster they undoubtedly uill: birt it
cannot be supposed that a small minority 1 f
tho citisens "f Kansas will be able i 1 giro tbe
Commonwealth orer either to desp liam 01 t 1
anarchy. _
The plan for demolishing tho City Hall in
order to erect upon and around ile* site of ii
a nen- municipal building is one with which
TlIR Tl li;* SE, as i's i'-ad' r* kn nv. has ii"
had a particle >f syaipathy. We han re?
garded this scheme as thoroughly tainted bj
Tammany politics, as unnecessary and ruth?
less: and our opinion ha- n ,: chang d. We
should rejoice t' so some taxpayer bunging
ihe mattel into ?? int, and we >iill bon, thai
such an interference with the Tamman* pm
gramme may come about. Bul there is hui ?
adraatage iji refusing i<> admit thar th" City
Hali Mill probably bc sacriticed t'> grut if.1 the
ambition of Mayor Gilroy and his adviser.**.
If ihat is I,, be the result 1 1 a long ronte.it
between public opinion and thc rulers of thc
city, shall rho materials which compote the
structure be sold i.. the higbeat bidder 1 or
junk. 01 shall they be reunited aa nearly as
may bo in theil in's, nt relations 011 - me other
site? Thai is a question which h::* aroiwed
considerable public interegl and attract "d th"
attention of the Lfgislaturc. Mr. John Uig-*?l iv
has taken it up in a letter to Assemblyman
Farquhar, which ive print thi. morning. Mr.
Bigelow speaks 1 r thc Tilden Trustees, who
nant to hare tbe City Hall rouoratruoted on
tbe sue of ih" reservoir, reith its front to
Fifth-are. and its back t" Bryant I'ark, .ind
t'i ort-ibii-h in ii there th<- Tilden Librar;.
Thi* interesting contribution fi tbe debate
contains no argument for nr against thc laking
donn of the City Ball, and ao direct appeal
for ita restoration iu another place. But if it
is to be illumed and get up elsewhere ih"
Trustees of the Tilden Trina] would be glad (-"
utilize it m the manner described, Wo have
never ad rora ted the preservation of thi. in*
ter sting building as a souvenir, amid unnatu?
ral surroundings, lt belongs whete it is and
ought t-i be left there. Remored to some other
-p..! it would la.k a great part of al! thal bow
makes it valuable. Tho proposiil rn has al wai 1
seemed lo us miler faataatic. Bul if it is nol
only to make May for a sneressor, bul also lu
protract a more or I *s maimed existence on
another sit", then it i, worth while t , find thc
bes! possible place and usc for it. And n my
frankly that the Tilden Trust es hare mad ? thc
most sensible propone! which has ben heard
ihus far. The fact is especially north con
Mil'ung that und nt their charge tie* building
iv mid nol l.e a mere idle, displaced monument
of dd days and mi dem folly, lt would Serve
an extremely imporfinl purpose. t> which, as
we infer from Mr. Bigelow's letter, he and bis
coTe-gues deem it well adapted. Hs aspect
would certainly be appropriate, mora so than
an entirely now design might jin.ye t, be; and
if r.c instruct *d in accordance with Mi. Bige?
low's suggestions it wonld gi eat ly ornament a
locality which is now disfigttied In thc useless
lt should be borne in mind, moreover, that
if this scheme is not cari i'd out flu- Tilden
Library nlll probably ROI onie into oxisteRCQ
for a good many years. The expense of re
moral and rcatoiati n would be bttge without
.1 doubt; but presumably it would be I"*, than
tho cost of a new building equally comm li
ons. Infos Rmi ion OR this pain! is maure, and
liof.ro any decision is reached a careful <t*ti
niato ought ti bfl made. This city i* jn urgi nt
need of a greal free public libihry, and under
tito circumstances this plan f .1 hastening the
partial realintfoa of Mr. Tilden'g expectations
is oiiiitloU to careful consideration. We -,ai
BUBB more thal iv aic totally opposed to thc
demolition of the City Hall, and there is grave
doubt, of th" adrantage of rebuilding it else
whete on any terms. Hut ,f its deStrtUtiOR
and recoostruetioo af both foreordained, then
the wisest thing nil! probably be bo put, ii
in the hands "! thc Tilden Trustees. At least
nobody else ha* proposed si. ".md a ns.- f.r
it. and hence -sade out so stums a claim lo
its pfl-sessiop.
Between "Horatins" .b-iikins. as portrayed
Ibo eloqueotlj by Erastus Wiman, standing
heroically .ni a tug and warning olT from our
shores Lottie Collins. Mr. Godkin and lin* chol?
era, and "Prometheus" Jenkins, a* depicted
bi himself in a "deadhead" telegram to "The
Washington Post" "bound and the vulture
preying nil'ii his vitals," it is not cosy to
choose. Ono i< Latin, thc other Greek. Bach
present* with unusual dramatic foreo the pecul?
iar characteristics nf I.'..man or Greek art.
Erastus W.in in at the J.nkins dinner apostro?
phizing "Horatius" .;i ih'* tug and pointrag
ihe linger d' scorn at "Sextus" on t!i?* Nor*
mannia excites om- admiration and appeals to
?mr patriotism. Jenkins himself in th** "dead?
head" telegram, p itting himself in the place
of "Prometheus 1> mid and tho vuitiiios prey?
ing npon his viials,"' touches ihe f.-li!i*_*s and
awakens sympathy. Xor is lhere any in<* m
gmity or incon***h?tcnry in tho two iUustra
lions' as there might at Brat blush sc, ra t.. he.
For Jenkins al dinner, or soon after dinner,
might easily figure as a Roman, whil? appear
in*- in a ??deadhead" telegram as an undoubted
Ore k. Thc fl uditions ar * sn entirely differ nt.
In . ii" case ho ?n- diniRg. a- we might say. ob
i llior pceplo'S livers : in the < th-r. oilier pe i| I
?" vuliui.'s." so-call-'d-were dining on his.
This constitutes in art bb essential difference
one may I"* called Roman, tho other Greed
There can be n< just .uti. ism rm the scon
thal Jenkins at tho dinner is R< mau and in
tho telegram Greek.
Indeed, lhere Is such versatility ia Jenkins
that nothing in rall tho wardrobes of Roman
history or Greek myth) logy would hang on him
ungracefully or bag at the kn.*.-.. He might
appear a little stiff in tho garments ??!
Th ihni'-s II. but thc clothes <>r Ched .ria .tier.
i King of loam, would lit him like the paper ob
tho wall. Perhaps in consideration of il."
ease with which ho changes hi* shape and
ji-suitK s different characters, n >? Roman, now
' Greek, tho orator at Hie ne\t Jenkins banquet
after searching through all literature a* Krastu
Wiman says be did for a parallel, will Bligh!
1 ..n I'mti us. who had a great knack at that sort
i of thing and ii cd to gel a *_?.I deal ?-f fun
; .mt of it. Ile to . uas ..f tho family of Sop
tune, and n* t improbably may al some time
have had charge u'f a quarantine station, lion
ever that may be, ii seems i<- us tha! the la-t
attitude < f Ji ukin*, th 'one ni whit h he pn
[ i m* hims If in tho telegram, is in many r- ?
apo, t* tie* in st sii iking tl il le* has yoi a
? sumed. Th* " Pn methi is ll "iii!" ol Jenkin"
bimrolf. all things r -n-id n d, i*. a- Maw is T
Cicero used to saji when bc and his brothel
Quintus ? ngaged in fain liar disc .rr-.- about an
mi tho p i h al Arpinum, " j' -' a
bitrklelierry ahead" of Bra?l ;? V iinaus " ll i
ratins." We mai l." wrong abmu it, '. it th- *
is tho way we !?- 1. Th nigh, afte
Timi tbj " I'r.i -Dollar" Sullivan rt inarki .1 I ?
diehard C I- r ?? n ?? >niing ' * ?? ap|Miintm
iii *,ham, "Do .-I-?.'.?is non rlispntandum."
And i' occurs t i us ju-t herr thal when ,;
plans gre mad" f'.r tho new building ill ll i
City Hall Park lhere should li" a pla,*,- ri
s. i" cd, : ; uncl tn a nil he or * >ni ? oj ? n *, . ?
in which in **? me fm m of art. eil hi i |
or pictorial, "Pi met hen*" .1 > n is in*. ?? i,.,.in.|
and Hi? \ult:ii"s preying on Iii, vitals" maj
1 h.. pi ..I I'cd. Jenkins I. un I, and tlie I
..f ?? Tho Ncw-\ mk Krening I'-'"
his stomach with bu-th feet. .i*: nally lah ng
;i jr- k al his liver a il g >i n ng Innis >||
"pate d ? l-i" gras." would I..* a spectacle full
of m*j i rat ion fm thc Aid *i men of thc liven
ti.-th ? <-iitui;.. Il sltoiild lie dom . Wo in
ticipatc tho pr t. I ul tho I.-lu t ol " I hi
I".'..'iiiii.' I' *! ' thi! neither be nor an; of hi*
assistant "rultuics" have cvci int rfcred witii
Jenkins's li vi i verj libel) u< i impa iii tl I.;, thi
unfeeling sBcer thal il anything i* praying on
his ir.ir it iiuisi bc Mba! be atc and drank al
ihe banquet?bul wc lake no stock in tht
.li-, la iii'-i. .li ukin, must knott his own liver.
And ho certainly knows the kvlitor of "Thc
Kvening Po?t,M whom ho describes as a " volt
ure.*' And le- ought to know whai i* Ihe mal
?.-I uith in* liver and who is preying ..n ii
Lot the picture bc pp ?erved.
The opening <>f a municipal lodging-house
in Hu* town i- al ?ii'" B ' nd and a Lad sign.
lt i* an encouraging symptom of th" in! rt -i
I ak ott i._i a charitable organization in a greatly
needed reform of a public disgrace, lt i, als-,
iiu indication "f the I *? leroi nf munii ital
administration thal priral ? philanthropy should
b" compelled tn undertake a work which the
city authorities hare |ier*i*tentlt negbetcd aad
obstructed. Sereu years agu the Municipal
Lodging-11 ouse act iras pa-wed proridiag a
substitute for thal horrible caricature upon
public charity, Ihe police station lodging-room
Tin- Commissioners of charities ami c n,
lion, ile- Hoard of Health and many of ibo
ii ?.s! influential p Jico captains bare strenii
ou-.ii urged the introduction of the reform
tern in successful operation in H..-tm. Phila?
delphia and other 'iiii*. Nothing has bein
done. If there had boen politics] patronage ur
plunder in tho scheme the ?'llicials n*ould bare
taken hold <>f ii uith a nish: inn since there
uas nothing in it but practical reform and
good morals they sai.i thal ii uas sentimental
cairo f r "a Bceessar*! evil," and philanthm
l i*is mils, bo t'l" first t., tn ji. s.i the Charin
Organization Society hana! lat taken measures
for ")>' nilli.' a munn ipal lodging-house.
Now let us mm nhill this "necessary aril" is.
There arc in Hus ,.n | went j police stations
wh< re lodgers aro all iwed to sleep either in
damn tindcrgn und holes or In lilih.i rn..ms ovei
or adjoining prison ell-. A Imbi I I .Mi omi fi ec
lodgiogs bk provided ia th" course ol a year
Once in a while the nails are whitewashed
and th" Boors ate frequently scrubbed, That
is all that is done for Ihe rcformalitifl of tho
drunk.-n vagrant * and idle tram|>s who swarm
into those horrible holes. A plank is allotted
lo each for I bed, and then- is | hoi glove in
the r .om tn heal the foulest Btsaosphera t
be found in Nen-York. There is g |'n|* with
a faucet in one cluer Where hands can b<
Hashed in tin- morning. This is what pusaea
for public chanty in what is known a* the axe,
of progresa ami in what is sometimes described
bs ;i centra of tl"- world's drilixation. lt
might, m..iv praporly bo designated as a fool
and Indefensible system for breeding con?
tagion, miiltiplying tramps and vagrants and
degrading and domoraliging the homoless |?r.
Let us turn now t,. the proposed r. tm dy for
this wholly unn.ces..-ny DT|| gnd public dis?
grace. The nu lodging-h-tue will aoomim
dBi- 200 inin. h;,,-:, h-dwr U|1(.n H,-(.jN(1|
will be ciigapelled t . take ? bath and to hate
his clothing disinfected, scoured und st-mn
laundered. Temporarily ho will bo supplied
with decent clothing and allowed to sleep in
a oioian bod and to have in thc morning ?
whole-nine bioakfast. Then he will be called
upon .<? oatn his lodging and meal by sawing
w.s'd in Hie yard or by some lighter occupa?
tion. If will be a system based not OR ? ha?
iti, but on an honest eqniralent ifl work !<>r
the benefits conferred, lt will proanote public
health, disc.mage vagrancy, discriminate be?
tween the chronic tramp and th" unfortunate
"ort*-*-work." and elevate instead <>f degrad?
ing and demoralizing Hi" homeless poor. W >'
sincerely hope that He- Chili itv Organization
Society will Rot lade Hoancial support tor its
?i'iv undertaking. lt is a genuine reform
morement With adequate encouragemeill Hu*
experiment will be crowned with succss *,.
complete and positive that every ono of tho
horrible station lodgiBg-hoitses will be closed
and Ihe law enacted in IB86 put in foiOO.
lt is extraordinary, *c-insidcrlng that Hus i*
pre-eminently an ag- <>r Invcfltire gcnlns, ilia'
Sumy in gn a' ritii i coiitinui i to bc s i seri w*
an Cl il. il itt d (CS il happen thal am mg thc
numberless lahor-saring, romforl promoting
machines bow on tho market there am none
Ihat abai" Hu* bbow nuisance? The old, iii
adcqual ? system "f getting rid "f suow has n I
Ken mi),, i's, ,|,d. That is lo say. wi- d', nm
begin tn light the snow until tin- storm has
ipcnl Itself. If th.- downfall, like many "f
(hose id th" present winter, is an abundant
?ne, I.i th" liice wc set !" work ile- streets
are ii a ireful conditii n. Tho gi al aecu
mill.m..n of snow renders them nell Righ im
piissai'l". and for Hi" tim" beiflg Hie city is
only ian iv and legation nfspiilt. Then with
.m!i poor ? uti ii.m."* as I,in.ni and shovel
persons?in the employ ol' Hmso who arc fond
..f I, a>ting ?'! Hi" progn w r < ii dis Rion?
-.1 I,, loin thc sir.- i.s. Thc process i* a
jong and tedious on" evti when th.* wuk- i*
done under ?? mp,teni su|?crvision?t rn thing
ivhich ran li happi as, In Hus ml tropoli* of
ours itu* stree! cleaning brigulc i- i si la.-' I.
<? m11 '.*"d nf highly ac ora| I shed shu ks. whoo.
I inipii".t aim seems t . bc i" i. cl" r tho least
:.ii. nut of .seline in tie* gu it -' amount ol
Sow, the question which naturally suggest*
itself is. W'h.i c uld ti"! a sue "**fnl efforl be
iiiu'" to dispose "f thc snow as ii falls? The
individual snowflake* ara of little accoiiRt; il
* il,' ir union which pro?Iiic * th" strong h
against win. h it is >.. bard I - ? pe. The strc, ts
of Non ^ - i is <f late have been an sbomina
lion, but the streets ? ! Huston, a.??? tiding to the
t. tm .. iv ..I otp riencod t*ai??. ?? s, have bc n
a shade <r two worse. < >i.1 (Mir own ? n
-creative ritiz-ns who sauntcml about ll -'? *
.n Thursday e ? \ i* ?-?, the opinion thal th ?
m..i*i place in thc "?lough "f Despond, or in
a::! other slough worth,! "f i'- name, is dry
ind delightful walking in ? itnparison with
Huston .'iel* a* be oxpt i "ii. d them. ' ll
..ii;* ii is ti li" lemembcred thal if the had
'intro in ? *? hii h I! st .n cnjo.t s in this particular
is more de id< ?! than ih tl "f Sett Vork th<
ii Mm itii :i is found ni til" ta. t thal th ? at r
? I li nt n thoroughfare being narrower than
? ? n iagc Sew \ rk thoroughfare rn ne read
i rails a i". .i i ? the snow. We have I.i in
.lin.'.1 i . ii. ike this ref .*? -.. t . the condition
f lite H '-t..n streets tn i ause " I hi ll ?*: rn
i" t mis lu.m .???ni.'i.i;.'i' *.-? thi in I i
'fT.-r a few remarks, which may cause soini
invcntoi t" fia'iis his energies upon the sn ,\.
Iiioblem. Afici premising that "snow his no
?. i< ? ni the c ie.mi of a rn .|. i a . ii;.." :,! d
lhal " the severity < f this winter ha* ?? si Hos
ton :*:i ? ii irmutH sum f >r the lemuval id snot!
eil i be pr |. r ' .i" "fi p st rei t*." il pru, i eds
'I r* on I ?? ' -!' - * * * i rlvllltatlon ad
? . e . ||| | lit e * . I
* |eVe|o||
' ?
* ? ??' I ' ? ' ? |. ?? ll ..'.?
I I ? I .. ? ' *.v lt ..Mil '... bl
i hui i.v,
? i ?' ? tiffing lt ta
... ...
i fall,, a id pr. '..-'ci el-, :. ?? formation nf i<...
Those arc suggestive words. Where i* the
int '-ni r who nv uld I kc t . reap a big forton ?
md tn I" generally recognized a* a greal
public benefactor? All he has to do to attain
io thc fruition of hu ambiti rn is t i noire thc
? iiiw pr blom ll bas been maintained that a
m."Uti nti..ti fd ihe ordinary stroct-sprinKliiii*
mil. hm is al Lhal i* needed. Iii" idea i* u>
;,i"!'l tins machine irp and down tho street
.iiu. h it is |,i..|. s,.| t , keep free from snot*
I..in the l?eginiling t > thc end ol a snowstorm
Instead of discharging water, as the sprinkler
does which lays the dust, it would discharge
..Iii" liquid which W.illld ill-t mt ino 11-!\ mell
Ihe snow, Suppoai half a doren or more such
ma- hue s were '?' pl a tire.) employed, is there
my reason v.h*. Ilroadiva* or ?.ixth-avc. or
ini other gloat bunine,* st iee! shmilil no! bc
I- free from snow alt-r as l,, (,,,,. tho ii rc si
f sii,iwsi..im ?? (ir granting for the sake of
irgument that this suggestion is u i f?a*ible,
ibo fad remains thu there nu:*! be some '.'"
vice which could bc put in siiociasful opera*
lion. An ounce nf pn vent ion i- woith a pound
of cu:e. Lei some inventoi address himself i .
ih" snow pr i.hm uiih thai motto in view, and
lhere ueed lie no bar about the rstilt. The
now will v.. a s on :i- it comes, lt ti ill nol
l.e :iIf..id> d au n|i|i.ii Inn.!;. I . mass its foic *.
.i ii ord to i.v .if nitu:
Tl'' BK -I bot inca (tic Hui,,; ai.t Ih,. Tribune is
its i,nil. nu c\. ellimo. Th,.s . -ii ? 11 -. gccotints lor
tie- fr.'.-.I..ni ,i:ih ul.i-h i,i.un people standing m
need .f rounsel .uk! guidao *.? com.. f, it and taite lt
ill!.. iT'll "llli'l.'lieo. |]?. | >Ii 11,.. I.-) |.l, ir, V,, ,,,. , ,n0
n-liu man.ls what Im, aluill do with lu* i*uw -,h....s
wrben ealllnjj un a young lady in tho ."..Min.;, il,.
< onnscil ut man vhu i* Inventing an apparatus
in destroj baggagemen rben they don't ...il for
!..ur trunk at ile- tune t|,.-.i promise, ami th..
Ilmoklyn young man who is in lom gad, ul
course, diit.'s hi* Inter Lom ihe I,.,- Avenue
I'ol. I'otirt, have all, in ten- recentlj |.a*t, e..nc.
lo The I rtbune mi th theil trouble*1, and got advice
.iiii-:i tht-v have gladly mai suceeftfully follow,.i.
to-day iv turi' t.. g t,oona man in Michigan, who
liol.is t.. be known as A. ||. |i, (,, MV ,, pi|.
??hiiii.c we mai- not lu- ni,;,. i? help him out of his
A. ll l"> Informs us in his letter thal he la writ
lie.* a story which le- hopm t.. dispoae ,,r to one
of tl... magazine*, but i?- I* having trouhl- with
thc (dot In fact, th- rei difltculty seems t?. ls
th., ohi on-, that a.1 thora uh., ar- i!o:?| liri | ,,,,?..
nml 011,111 to hive taken their books wu!, ti,em In.
-ist on rc.'lum, foruar-l ami plagiarising li".iii
our e.,rres|i..ii.l.'iit?that is, |?. gBd? -,* v?ry |i;ir(|
work t.. hit upon new Ineidentg, It occurs to us
rifht h"i" to gah why it weald nut in. ? good j
l-liin ivh.-ii an author .ll.-* t.. hine ;i!| (,f bb books
destroyed bj law This aroultl encourag. living
?rriters and j-ii" them pomr ahow <?i ...ins.', ahe-j
tl,.- ii.- ,a cl * ut hot wa* a pretty i'I.-i-t f.lh.w, no :
.loni i it wonld bc v..-ll to preserve mw eopy ?.f '
each "f hi* hooks at -.in., pi. accessible to the
livinc writer*, where they cou ld ?.i and read
th.-in ami se,uro biota, Inspiration snd flint "..rt
nf thin::: i"if the public oughl ct tn be allowed
to vial! this storm:., vault. _nd ,|?. Britta, (li.it ?
deadly foe "f genius, should mit be suffered t.i
i.jjir o' ii within twenty miles <.i it Indeed, ne
i-r.-Miini' if the hateful "uti.: gould be autlawad
und u round l-ounty oircred lor critic sculps, that
lt?but general fi* dilations like those, how?
ever wise, will not dear ?p the pathway of <?"r
MtehigBR friend. " My hero,'' li- writes, "is elop?
ing with th" heroine. They ure rushing away on
a ivlute horse, lint, of course, her fainer is coming
behind on a slightly bitter hers". Now what
shall I do to prevent Claude and Qladjrs being
uptured? AM tl,.- ways seem to have been used
by lorincr author,. Hut I must have gesaathlng
original. Friends have augfested haring a
meteor srrike the mther ami kill him I am
afraid th- critics wouldn't like this. What do
you think about it .'"
It seems to us that oar rarrcspO-glent'fl friend
has hit on tin- eirm of th" solution, though we
should not advise killing th" old gentleman with
Hi" meteor. He Biay Le useful for making more
trouble later on Have tbs meteor strike his
horse, thus maSixg th" animal run still taster
Then Just as he is about to grasp his dsaghter
make an earthquake, aad have it open a crack tiffy
feet wide and several hundred milos long between
the pursuer and th" pur-tied. Now, as a relief
after th's.' exciting and almost tragical luoi
'lents, Iring ulong a bil!..on with a trailing drag
rope. Let this rope oater, ap the haughty father
Iv the coattails, and dali*" h'm off BBrOSS th"
country, with his toes .-triking th" ground about
twice iii iii.-h mile. Ito- erai'l: in the earth can
ie ci.-soil or lett open, as mir eonteponilent s,**wi
lit, though we should ny that such a large crack
would better !?? shut, so that none of the other
character! -hall fall in an I become h.st. Ir would,
i court*?, '?? lui a moment's work to open it again
at any tine if it should li* needc I
We hope our correspondent will l?t us know
how the inaga/iii" editors teeta t.. take to his
?tory. H.- mist not h.s.' tight of the fact that
th-1*., worthy _r.vitl.-iu.-ii ha!.- iu many eases fallen
auder tie- "destroying influent.r the critics,and
ire . oti*.-.|ii.-iitiy vorj slow to lute at anything
good, win!" swallowing up Inferior matter with
. real avidity. Nor must I." forget that, if nee...*.
*ai.v, h.- caa brinn bu . his g*ory an eclipse of the
-un and an active volcano. Hut these things
must not is- Introduced unless ri.*c.ic<l. A work
of art iiui-t not contain anything nun ?'-..-?try.
Two Mew-England men have Jual hoon p-irt !??
to a rather 'indi legal pi".ling "ne ot them
ir I i'i- :::: injunction to restrain the other
!? en u-iii.: th" w..rd "velvet" as a cliaraeter
i/.iti..n nf i certain brand "f molasses eui ly.
ll... Injunction was granted, lt i* '<? bo assumed,
however, that th- molai*eecandy man will not
'...-I .ii -.'.ni :i :.-l. For molar*-**- randy is <? <? al
those greal popular staples which can well afford
to rely upon their own merits As a letsliatory
measure it ls t>. bc expected that gome of them
days :??! injunction mil lie applied for restrain
Lng John I'"" Irom 'i-ii"-; the terra "mollases
,i,i,.ii * 01 a cit tain brand <>f velvet. Revenge,
",..! ..*.,- , andy, i- sweet.
Say viet v..'i will. Mr. Cleveland acted ccn
? r "i.* v hy the Sow-York Mugwumpa in his dis
?i..n of lav.rs They s.n.I all ah.ie,- that
ri,', c,|,. ,'-,"i H. Cabinet position and th- ftes..
.;. nt-.ic.! tooV ' ire that t'. ey * ... dd not lie
il tappo!) tc! .v.. mattel *-. do ii your
.!? i- ti ie, and bia 'ait waa Imo '" Grace,
Kain '..ill and tho frat.
1",. ).. ? it .* now in progress between
.nany and Itussla f.r ihe re-establiahnient "I
?|..*4-r e..una.T. ial r>-l iti .!i- I etwien thc t .1.1 .?<? in
re nol s'ithout Interest to the 1'nited
( ..ul.I the projected tr.-i", 1.ooclud d
n.i the ?orman market !>.? reopened t.. tgrieol*
:,r 1] ,,.- h..ni Kassia, I ere would 1
r - ? -11T 11 < .n-i.|er;i''lo l.-clu..- ill th" (icrtlilll
? I.-ni.m.'I i..r American bivadatuffs. Last year,
? . ? eeonomio warfare waged between
i ..: il St. IVtei il urj, and th" conseqm ???'?
slmtting "'I of ti..- Russian supplies ??! '"rn ...-.I
wheal from liermany, tia. latter waa f? .r.-*-.i t..
make up tm th:* d- li'ieaey by i' iporting grain fr. ni
this .miry. .*rom an .mertcan point of view,
therefore, a 1 ?'.--.? <.f ti t pt*eaent Rn gao*
? 'orman ni>got lat tons will Lea aubjeel for regret
,ii economic grounds, although ii will doubt*
,.-, t, ?; 1 t. in-?:?' as.. considerably the prospects
..f tl.e maintenance --f pt iee In the ? *I . World.
- - *
The breach at Albany re."ilt* fr<.m the stat.
of mind "f an Important |M'r*"n at I.akeiv.H'd
\ii I :?? ??*.:? 1 :* not iii humor i" see his friends
? : down a"."l thrust 0 l ll over tha Stat.*.
M * II- ra Lydnor Miller, ..f Louisville, ha*
I'l-.-u writing a numln*r ol 1 tieyon, not t.. sa*,
vociferous, verses iu honor "t Colonel Watter?
son's I'sfi'm.-.i . .nit. "hih.1.ht, th.- Star-Kyed tsod*
.|.-ss. it seems ! a' tl..- gotldrss ha.- bought !,"r
c.;.. t i' :? Mr. (ievelaud's rn iji nratlon, .; I
twideiltl) lt his tl.at .it un;.!.1 nee ii hi.-li cr.-? I
Mis- Millrr t>. break into song. Here ia a .-..ai
pl,- "I h.-r joi o'i. r-t ram :
' e;r Star rid 'i. (Mess . f Ref, rm
w '. luke ell w 1- lilmttoii hi storm,
Arni n.-ai' tfie Iii- lo . .;, |,. r !i;,rm-?
Hurrah fur old Reniu< KyI
Tie- folks Who in.il-.st !.. r i!,n mut Btg-*?j
1 . ? in v. r Kn. iv our -,irl l>JT -isl.',
Will 1 : r (hi ll * Iris : -' ? . delight**.
li.ni.iii for ol'! Kentucky :
\' ,1 t.'ra Repablti tm, v. h -c inta
\i... 1 . lu in Hi.- ring io., ii'.'.
Will ci! : ' she ls (,... fulr to li:il.' **
linn-.,ii for ..id k. atm Ki :
willi.- i,|. ' .,,,1. at sh ? 1:1.-1. : ls vii iv,
Will . hip ht* lum.I* nnd -Inuit utiea -
"Thank Heaven 1 .".'|i|i-rl thal ???? ti for ma?
ll urra- for old Kentucky :*'
\ ...".I many thousand Democrats, nil admirers.
ol ll.Idests, will lie in Washington on the Ith
of March, and certnlnlj 01.1 thc iiio*t novel
and im-tnrc .|ui> features ,f the greal gala daj
mil I.* tl.e spectacle which tltey will make aa
they form therji*plvia lui h..How squares on
I'.iiiis*. hann au-, for the concurrent ecstatic
tearing of their respectlvo un.lom. ar. Let il
...un- tn in- generally known that the goddess 1
t.. I.ave this uni.,ile tt ilmte paid 1 . h.-r, and there
will i"- the uio*t enormona cn.nd In Wanbington
on Inauguration day that ever uas got together
? ni tin* continent.
List i,-ar Mr Joseph Jefferson delighted all
who heard the discourse ..n the drama which he
delivered at Vale rnlversity. That, we believe,
w.is "his fu-st appearance on any stage" aa a
lecturer, but happily ll iva* not daatlned to lu?
lus last i?n Wednraday evening, Mai -oh 1, be
mil cmne forward in the game eapacltj at Car
ii" i" Music Hall lor the benefit af the New
Vork Kindergarten .ssoclation. There is aot
.1 doubt thal he will talk to a crowded house.
tr "Tlie Washington Post" i* correct, Judgn
i.i- -'1 mi once exclaimed while be was ,i Cabinet
1 iii. cr under ['resident Arthur, ** I would not be
a Cabinet officer neala tor a salary ot st 1,nun,.
OOO." We sri mit that tl* remark ghi the
Judge -.leaf credit. He doubtless felt that the
salary of a member of tbe Cabinet could ant be
raised to $4,000,000 without doing violence to
Jeffersoni in slmpUclty
It i* a graceful compliment which the agembera
of the Senate pay to Viee-Frasident Morton in
tendering bim a dinner, t.. take pigna in Wash?
ington to-morrow evening. The l-tter addreracd
1.1 him waa signed by nil the Senators except
six, who were absent li'.m the capital. Mr
Morion has performed hi* duties as presiding
<"!!i..-r ..f the s.-mite with grace, dignity and
tact, and luis ti..vd* for an instant forfeited th"
reaped of either friend or adversary. His de?
parture from Waahlngton will oeeaaion drep ami
Wilie regret. Most truly do the Sci,.not* H,
iu their letter: "Your eon stunt ramies. .,;?,
signal ability i,;,ve commanded our reapect and
confldence. and your uniform courtesy and an
varying klndneaa.hare won our regard and per?
sonal affection.
The friends of the Hawaiian treaty La tha
."nate I,,,,! :,, v. ..,,,??,,,, ,;. ^
th, th.- ,,,-w administration roo*, in:,, power
with . ,,,-eiie.i ,?,.??,?... llKMjll,t f|ie *J?
Webster, Marcy, howard, Blaine and Harrison aa
to the value of Hawaii 0Dd our dnty tc'
people, lt may not be ?,-,>? to (Ind '*??-*___
dispose af th" treaty now, hut it _jay'
diIlicult than ever hereafter
The Naran*! af the Patria Clab, through sw.
committee of which OS-Judga Noah Davis U cha?
man, that the clergymen of this etty ttAYM
vicinity should devote their sertnooa on the sJ!
Sunday after Washington's Hrthday to the atm
lion of -"Ihe Nation's Debt to the Mother il
Washington," bid* lair to be widely heeded to!
?lay. The idea i.s a good one. the ?,ihject fa
fruitful and thc concentration of many m^
upon a aingle t .pie cannot fail fo pn.fliuvi^!,
client results. Thc ccricral subject of the _.
Buence of their mothers upon gr-at nien is ts-n
of Interest and suggeatirencss. and the casu st
Washington turajghes many vahuble 1 ssona u
both old aud young.
It is reportrd Hint the Rev. .lillias h. Wu-i. nMm,
known Rptscopal cltrgyinan, who I* edttatfaRy na
"1,1 witt] -The I',,,-!.,i, 11.ra M." will l?, .ippotf^.
io tbs Robles lectareanlp of PbUadelphia tin. .pin,
nnd tli.ii h.- will choose f'.r 1,1* topic the duty ^
Iiiu. on tl.e Fpi-copil (linreli of provMlgf -__,
hridire -.,? ronrordal ,..r Hie m-ognBlon In some >3
nf non-KpUcopal clergymen, in order that i nrt*ti2
unity may be promoted. .Mr. Ward ls ni-,, en:_i,2
in preparing a popular htography ,,f Phillip, |lr,-ff?
Which ivill ii, ti., way conflict with the in..nin|r to kl
prcpun I hy iii. family, lau uni d.scribe him aa C
mis known ami lol-ii l.y .ill Amen. mr.. m
Un. link- Smith I* s:,i<l t., i,.. a .sUifui ?.,ri brl__M
r-ntertalner, -.n?i it la expteted that sha mn **sir_
socially in Washington under ihe new regiatt,
Joseph (li.tnibefliiiii, tlie F.iiglMi statesman, ha
tore io- entered iioiiiics srrotc :t tare* oallcd ?Wno'i
Who?" uini played u roi- in it at a proiiaeisi
linair.-. "*
A coantv in Wisconsin nat leen name, vilas, after
til.- senior Senator from tii.it si.it..
a -eries of Kunda*- -vening Lenten i"'ures it tia
i.l-l South ( lunch (('<ongrtgallonal), in Reston, ww
'-?-""I last week by i?r. RT. I. TBratr, tho p,.-.|<i*nt.
.i.-t of DartmoaUi t ?ii.-.e, hi, topi,- i?an- ..i|[rt
i.i,.! History." Hr. A. II. RtadfaH I* announred to
talk tiiis evening un "Chilli .-ind (>**_-.*
Tis. ollie.' sj,,.,,' ei* ,nni * lbj*,!-, ar,. ? j,r. jienrv v.*
LU... Tin-..* .-hil Doubt"; i>r. T. T. Ma: lg ,', 'Ciirt-t
snd Literature": ii,-, i'. i,. i-eabody, of ||_mrd E_E
v. t -it v. "flirts! and. Society," and t.,,. '-,.v ,,.,)re,> .
c. .ion nm iieiiv.-r iiiei.n.,1 lecture on ??< hristaMlS
Kl'in:! I.i!".-- :. -lil.J. cl timi waa L. IVS b*fjfl tali,*
up by 1 Meip Brooks. atm
Hr. K. i.'l-'.r, of WI* on.-in, trim ls a -stitt
of Swltserland and weg eda_atcd la Earopem
languages, i- -.i.i lo be an anpBcanl for the mls.ion
io iii.-,t country. H" i* said to have (rood treldrui
among the 1>- aio.-rut*. *
Rx Senator 1'aitmr, of Michigan, pritldtut of tht
World's Pair Coaiielsslon, missed a ?.,() mu -.-hill
in Washington ihe other day, snd sirciw t\mx
Um hotel feeBag In lu* packets and frowning with
j.e.*i.i slty, Tii.iiiif.eir I,, ur* tater, Ueneral Ri-fook,
uiih ii h.an li- liinl recently been sining, hnntid
bim np amt Indulged In an ar.ilaMe I,m earnest ra*
monstrance. Uefore anding hi. friend, howats*
il.- Ueneral remarked cnnfMentlall] to mau cns
??ls.-: "Palmer ls u tine fellow, and a man 5
un..tn i have (ti.- m..-t profound retard, tau lt
won't do. no. h.r. won't du at ..ll. sir, H |, an
well enough to !??? generous, bul when lt ...m.ito
giving ti..- servants .-'ai Mil- there. _>.ln<- to bo
trouble a:-.ur the house in (be lower rti?.r.-lt dt
luontUtea them terribly. I must n-k Palmer nut
t.. lc *.. generous."
liiiifnio tv.!*.-* math lattsfaettoa sal af tha imit*.
lion extended lo her treompUahad daagkter, Mist
Jane Mead.. R'etch, i" give a series of lactates at
Cambridge, Rngland, next tummer ou "Tiie Finding
of tie Rew World." -lu ii iii probably ?_. abroad
a'. .inly l. I.i-' !??? i-.ii she does not I.-tare at
n\f..rd ls because, owing lo mt, -..rv repairs In cer?
tain buildings, thorn will >? no trammer *.i.o..| ut Og*
ford. Lui rt ii unusually lnr-... ..:.?? at (urui'-idge lg
. ii >e,|nence,
THE TALK ol Till. DAY.
In Canada they are talklag ai'imt impo-ine s tan
.ei I... ',- I'.rs. so ns to ''.ii,' :. i. lats ni-trlmony.
Rat tb- dunces nr- thal Instead of driving them into
Iha Batted .tme, lt will _t11\? - them Bits iU?- United
-? .-. *.
lome Heft to lt.?"Th* new Cabinet corri ? weight,"
tntiotuie-it Hie stink- Rdll r.
-Ah :' replied th* ll?n?~ Editor.
\ -; Mr. I;l*-.'l! snd Mr -inl'h ejr-regatt over
50 i pound, I icm etvea." (Pill burg Chronicle.
The n -"1 ?' !* of URI L, -prlngtetd, MSai. ar* not
animated by much lore for ,::. l"tit his:..ric iianiei.
Tba name of the street Im* been ikaagid tn 0*iiuiij*_,
a name locally U.-t.;iil? -<t with the o-Hon, an. UM"
o'...vi becaasa lt Ls so hurd t.> pnasaass,
There' lots <>' quaint ol' Mylans
I've noticed In mi da]
Lin trai Us and Milla prim iples
Told in i ? -..".i.-t ?ay.
Mv lathi r n ' i.. :. iv?.
An" tl ls I- l.-ii ll rm :
"Lill. * . heap, mi boy," Me ust to lay,
?? But money bu) * the lan'."
own r - \ '* ?i,.i,ely,
t'lldigulfled ..' '! n -
Hui then, ii l< li* .'?? I ?? ?l you n-ean,
An' leila lt bri f enough.
An' nhl ii iou i:it to tl lukin'
iio? *i...;i 1. hf..'.* iiiin span,
if* troll :.. min' "thal talk ls i-"aa,
Hut money buy* the lau'.''
"Twoa'l it" lo boast sn' btustgg
An* brag .in' try t" blnff;
An* don't von git lo ll lukin'
na* world ?? ulii'! u)y i" mai."
lt I*, an' lilllie you're Mowin'
\i.nr own batoo. mv awn,
There * .-"me oi.- sneeiln', " ralk is ch-sp,
Hut money buy* Rte lau'.'
11 ali a-o Ri w, Record
"The Lead-ton (Me.) Joana!" .--lyi thal las *Bd
.anils of Maine W0_-d make thirteen ,*i.i'i-i ..* larg* ?
llliod- lalaad, IWO u* large as Nen-llanip-titre lad
Vermont, -::<i sos twles u-s !*:,;,? ns KasascBSSs-B,
,'n the farm of J<>hn Mel.siclii'.n. In Mitchell, thia
county, is a whtotRag weH, *-'??' feel deaf.. MJ
depth of M" f'-et t*_.'iv I* S cr.il'.' la the panel Jg*
through whh b tue au- ruthea with #r.-M torfe, fem
tbe vsit.it blowa from t,he notlhessl ot niirt_*ve,t tot
Ui.. s fi.-..- *.'? tha .reit.... below which ag ass
;.M..st1...'v Marm. The well bi* ts-eii covereil slid
l?,,vi.t..l ?.Hi a stiver whistle, which, when lt SSaaSS,
, .,1 be heard f.r a mile und ii quarter araaad. ?Een
lb, uin.i ii'.u* tis,:,, the aoutb. east. -*a*B?taat oe
Miiithiicst onlv will the soiitui- of tha *[*xi*J?
i,e;,,si. Wheo tha wind blows frosi U ie .slbsrdjn*
Hun* lt 1* SHU. Tier.' I* -I'liavs li-al-il a "??"?.
Hi,.- the sound of a beary waterlaU. tl 'i- W' '^
rhe w-.-il will also Indicate a atrnro twenty-four ...??'??; i?
a.ii mee in either Hinter or aaauMr.?(daakaf fts iwbn
it 1* I lard to f..'.i..iv al te* adriet wM.h 'he health
mod people ai- la tht habit of giving. "??'J"
and boll ililli, and waler before drinking Ikaat" R tm
exclamatUin of one wtag. "When milk atid sister
?ra boBad, their awat raluaMe nntrittrs prop-ro*
are il.-:roi. d." idol'* tb-' Other Wt-*. ****,?
ter to the botRttg JHilllt. before (-ililli^ R." ,*',d '
london Lancet" rcn'iv. -f..r then amy as "SSS
1,1.1111 lu a piece .,f butter than tlierc are InkaM-BRS
ii Bur pe." "DoaM tal kauai lhal kat !???" >^*t^
for lt i* a deadly potaoa la iha ly^ss." esra-stiy
exclaims ii health fii'ii (oaraaL
?i uiiii.r-mini." said Mr*, ronno-vrar. ss HS
-Mein into n.i* b"\ nt Hi.- Audltortam. "iMt _J|
Hcn-lx l* i" plat ihe solo puts to-night. *5J
ihat nie"'." i.-p iiit.il Mr*. I'arvenue. ?iie,s-s^
Inr niaslerplece iu thc Bddle." -Ahein! ye?. ww
you heard thal lu" has a Sii-dlvarius!" "Rsi '
p,..,tl.Ie.I luina bo." "Wli.re did Hie *w
lellow gel lt.*" " 'I'liey say li- gu. H ? >"",ror/.il
ago in i..nop.*." -weil, that's Just swfaLtM
not bin' I.,- done fer Wm! 'mfyee he'll |o JtSS*
Barrett, aecms as If tlie rhoh-ra und ..ll lke"^S
fal diseases lonies from Rurope, and ' TW
ni* dr .un.'.! by Hie bellini; ..f til.- kettle-C"1^
ti hlcago loarnal.
Tha .streetcar si-tent af IhHahass-e, vin.. consWW
of one mr, i* operated by a " nl*_svr aad s ni"1'''
ts.th of w Iiom live onlv tn ph*-*" He* P_l* rf
the .ur happens to be going aaa nay aad ti e***?
wants to ito In HM opposiie direction. IP lui.- otA)
say so. and Ihe nml" la liinii.-iltutely Mit- lied tJ tnt
-thar ead, and tb.- car siart.-it in tha dsatrtd -!re''rt0??
Little Itutli can reml ref} nicly. snd ktfJjJS
ls anxious that nt tn early BRI sh.' sluill 5^3
familiar nilli Hie Hlble ; s.. that nilen she ?a*,^"JR
In leave boin.- lo l.e gone Ive months -h.* BB"?
she would bring lier bona s imitr if she aaaN *> ?
liibb- verse rrery night before she weal ta l"*d. ?iu"J
promised lhal the would. Mamma caam ksata ?
tl.nd of the live months. Uefore presen ?<,, "!
muir aha mid: "Haw ahoat the terara. BaS-r* a
.nbi om- every ntgkt, mamma." "Thai's. s_|"!fg
nice girl. Von mnat have learned a e?"<l naay m
iii-.- months, dear." -Why, I always irald lavery ssira
One." "Tb" same ime ni! ibis time: What ???*
Hull..'.sus wept." sold Kuti., n waasl.lg
what molder experted, tint Ruth *r-"t th?- niiiff.-(H?^iyo
r.iev bara I.s _4Mag sUauB-fHra covered a-ttl
falling snow, In Kl PaaO, Te\. 'Hie Incident ls eS
ctttng Wldtaptead IWerrat In thc town, n-vt .eosus." td
th., atrawberrtex, kat ketaaee nf las nev.
l'liciiisti,. put.-Tom RTml ntt> rsa ary-_g for. Fetl
I nt .*-nre. Dan Dennis I* deal. h?s
Tom Well, li- Wasn't s friend Of vms. was - i
ItHlli-r tin- . nu rmi, so I hnv ?? alway* haaiaV. _
Nt iweening afcce'ii-No, ha ws*n't u .["^C.
mine; but-mn now Ot've nobody Ut foight wtmt
iVa-Utea Biala.

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