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-aejBRRtXH that Tin: MER of vtATEHM ?r,R_.
CaftrTiflit; 1M>3: hy The Tribune Attccttttttn.
I?ndon, Feb. 2* -Among tlie three or four
primal perplexities -Teated hy tlie Hom*' Rule
bill. Ulster. P-fhapa, stands lirst. Imperial tu*
P^niacy is, if you like, an ahstractiofl : the veto
jj a .jiiestion of machinery; the land is a qm-s
Uan nf property. Ulster is a question of legh
and bl"'"!, "f huaaaa lives and liberties, ami of
all that makes lite dear to a million of people;
a question also ol peace or war, in which many
other millions muy presently lind themselves cnn
cerned. Mr. (.ladstonc, nerertbelesa, has dom- hi*
beet to forset Ulster and to make, others for
?t it. His record na Home Rule ainag l^li. is
fgpidly becnmltn a record of forgotten aromiaee,
of recanted pledges, al unfilled obligations, of
o>srrti->n,. and of betrayals, if Lord Randolph
Oiurehill's word must be used; and Ulster is
Ihe greatest betrayal of all. He once recognised
the ri",ht of Fluter to protection, to safe-guards
against oppressi'm bf a numerical majority of
lier encmiea. He now finds it convenient to
IfD-ore her existence. Ulster is a. fact which does
not flt into his new piece of politienl mosaic;
away with her. If, as is sometimes alleged,
american opinion ho for Home Rule, it take* no
K><w;nt of Iha fact that Home Rule lor the
Irish mamrity means oppression of thc Irish
minority. H it dees not mean that, it means
resistance hy the minority.
The Gladstoniana profess to mike light of the
pr?,t.-?t al lister. Professor Rryce derided it as
io ?ash bluster and rant. He ought ta know,
for he i, himself an Ulster-man. At the last
-?neral election he went over to Ulster mid
inned H\r- Home Rule candidates against live
I'nicnists in five separate divisions of lister,
l/.ery one af his five candidates wns beaten, and
|i* spf ms not la have liked it. Even a professor
J, human. I mean hy Ulster what he means, the
jy>te-tant, I monist. Loyalist, prosperous, in?
telligent part of the Province to thc whole of
WtHw, gaagisphlcslly speahinc, the name of laster
belongs, lt is tlie sams) lister which Lon! Ran
dolph Churchill had in mind when he mid, " Ulster
will tight, and Ulster will be njht."
Whether lister Mould he right, to fight is a
matter of opinion. Whether she will light, if
ile lins to choose between Ugh ting and sub
tt-jei-in. is also a matter of opinion, hut one as
to which evidence is obtainable, if the mind of
tht inquirer V*- open to evidence. Ford Randolph
Churchill repealed in the House of Commong last
week Thursday what he had before declared In
UrlfaM. " F wry thin a* I said then I reiterate m.iv,
?very word. 1 take nothing back. I modify noth?
ing. 1 <'sed these words ia the plainest Rnglish
?en*** w*hi<*h e..ni.) Ih* put upon them. 1 meant
tho lister people ta take them in that sousa-. I
tay th.-ai again BOW.' 'I hose are very serious
word,, warda of deep and far-reaching import.
Mr. Gladstone'! theory i* that the authentic
txpression of public opinion in a given political
ares is ta Iv sought irom its representatives in
Parliament. I>:d he consult the Unionist mem?
bers from Ulster'' Did he ask Colonel Saun?
derson. Mr. Rii-s-ell, or any of the others? Not
one of them. He knows loo well twlint the
answer would bp. lie heard it lust year in a
waa m,--. authentic .-till by the voice of the
great conventi-m which Bsaembled to declare the
unrelenting and unqualified hostility "1 I'lstt*
to Home Rule in any shape or form. Never
w_s the ni\1 of any people on tiny question more
unequivocally announced. Rut neither to that
did Mr. Gladstone BSJ* any attention any more
than he did to the signed remonstrance of the
Priteoint minister* "f Ireiaud, a thousand
itroog, including none of tlie 1,500 clergy of
file Irish Proto-tant Epiacopal <''.nindi, who are
to a man ol ihe mme mind as ure tli-ir 900,000
ptrish loners. There are no known means by
?etiieVi a fact unpalatable to Mr. (Hailstone, ol
politically inconvenient to hiss, can be brought
to his notioe. Meetings have since been held
gil over the. Province; sermons have been
preached in a hundred pulpit.*: the preta of
Ulster speaks ont daily; h.-r representative- [_
Parliament, have t**iid plainly aiBOe Iha new
Home Raia blS was Introduced what they think
?f it, and to what extreirut.es they will lie
driven, should it ha passed. Agitation has r*>
Commenced on a great scale i:i Belfast, in Ar?
magh, throughout Antrim nn_ elsewhere. A
great deuionptrution j-? preparing !"r Faster
Xxird Salisbury blmeelf has 1?-?'U invited tj go
aver and s|*cak. and he is going.
Everybody knows, everybody except Mr Glad
|tone, why he Ls going and what thia demonstration
will signify. It is nothing lest than an appeal by
the Ulster Fniotiists to the Unionists et England
for an aaBaraase of that protection which Mr.
OtaaateBtVg Home Rule bill denies them. Lord
Salishury goes lo Relfast lo pledge himself, hi*
party, iii*, allies, Lia supporters, and tlie majority
of the penpl" of Fr.Ttland, to whom Motin- Rule
_ admittedly hateful, not to desert Prote.-tant
and lol al lister in the hour of her peril. Ha
ha, no doubt thai lister is In earneat when she
lays she will ii..f submit to ? Dublin Paiiiaiii"iit,
aili not lie gorerned by the priests, will asl pay
Dublin tavs, will not see her landlords plundered,
lier Industries oppressed, lier rights asa Prolettanl
SKsataalty irampled nader foot by a Catholic
r.ifli.i-H.iit t Hit Archbishop Walah pulling the
If al! thi* ??vide:,'*.- be not enough, Mr Gladstons
UiisLt easily hu,- -.-ked the tim*- or four lea iing
blstermrn ls Ihe House of ('ominous whether they
racH-it le.un.-ni ..r not. Ile Blight object, not
unfairly, thut they could riot ls* expected to con
fid- their |M>litie_l plans to a politic.I opponent,
nor l.e kiaasell to aeeept all they might lay before
M-k. I admit that, but I add thal neither ha nor
siiyl'oly i'1-e eaal I tittle live minutes arith any of
tho-*? gentle-gen and remain la the least doubt a.*
to what their real p-jpCSfS and r<-al feelings ar'-.
they are in dead earnest. Uley do in fact look
"pon it not as a political gems but ns a quea
tion of Ufg ,,r death foe themselrea and their
fellow ciii/..|is
1 do nut mean to my that I think they ex
H-*t in any event ta lom either lands or for?
tune,, ?r iii?.,'tj,.s< whether political >.r religions.
Hlf will ii*,, all nseana ta defeat Home Rule,
ta prrveut the paasage ol this lull. The bill
?oss p?!iK-.i, th.-v will us- uii mean* t.. defend
tbem-elvrs, :iU;,n.--t the tyranny?it Will then Ive the
^S*\ c.ranay?which the imperial Parliament ol
*< Halted Kingdom of Gnat Riifain and Ire*
?I Will have imposed on the only loyal part
Jj Hie Irish population. TV-re also one is m
J**i a?ain to agr?- With Ford Randolph
^"rrliill, that Ulster will somehow- or other
?sk- care of herself. Rut haw? Undoubtedly
'* ?<!ts of illegality, hf detiance of the law, by
?Wistanre to the law. T!ie only law-abiding
??"rle in Ireland arc to lie turned by this bill
Ml law hrrahtia. They will bs forced ta ehooao
??BRSB law and liberty. It la the same choice
?BBB. wa* marilin- ta us in Anieti'it rather more
^?n one hundn*! years ago. We made our choice
l'lster wi|| mak? i|Pr,
ll may lie, of course, that all tutu body of
fM-i-S ls ?IshafllBi It may bs tfml LTstei
tots not care very much and would not la thc
?Ri care enoii-h to resist Nothing in lin* future
? ?|Uite e.-rtain. Hut *tut-**tiiaiislii'? ~ lt* art of
cslculatitijf probabilities; and on which side arc
?? yihahlHiiga |
I bate said nothing of tin* character of tho P**?
P1^ of Utter. Tliey are Scotch Presbyterians.
IT>e.v are the New-Fnglanders of Ireland, a id
to this day there is no etona likeness in essential
tnatlers betmam any twa widely separated eom
0?UiiitiM than between thc Scotch, whether in
Soiland or Ireland, and tis Puritans of Ply
???Ui Colony, or the PuriUns of the Massa*
nknssjaa af to-day. Do you ttUH them likely to
SSS " t,,,,y rovolt'?,, ??*? ?*??
ria for then, 1;nd pat defaulter, u, attmn,
aaM a Ilomi, Haler, ta the ? jj* JJ
*??>. (an you distrala on a gnat proriace?
<an you pu, Belfaat in pris,,,,?" U 4, no
Mon of police ?r sheriff., if mate, Ls tl be
held down, it must be by troops
lt may be said, i,V", that the anxieties of
1 BRer, if c,.nuiU0i are ??,.,.;,???.,,,,,. Whg h
to Judge? Who is mos, iiF,.iv u know-thorn
on the spot or th. at a distance, thom whose
liberties are menaced or spectators in safety?
iho evidence:' Th- evidence ls thirteen rears
of Und League mle; tho public declarations I
of the enemies of Ulster, tho Nat iona! Ute, their I
threats publicly uttered ,,,, a bandied plut.
tornis. The history of Ireltnd is the evidence '
the long conflict between hostile lac.-s and hos!
tile creeds. -.??,, Home Rule abate ti,,, enmity
between ('atholl,: gad Protestant :?* Can it make
the Orangeman ami the White Hoy embrace]1
The eudon,.. ^ tho no-rent manifesto, the
Plan of Campaign, tl,- whole catalogue ot agra?
rian on tm e0*. an I of political crime, which have
arrayed two-third, ot Ireland in deadly hatred
against th- other Hurd. Phoenix Hark is tho ,
evidence, and the dynamiter, in jail and out ara
evidence. Mr. Gladstone's bill hands over
Ulster to thc men who ar- the author, of th-?
Land League, of the Plan of Campaign, and who
have profited by outrages of every kind, whether
authors nt them or not.
If you elom your eye. to all this evidence, or
if you tnlie a sceptical view ot it. .mu may
doubt to which .Rle the balance inclines. v?'?
may not bi- sure that Ulster will lewist. Hut
??an anybody, except Mr. Gladstone, doubt that
there is, to s;,y tl,e wry least, grare risk oi
conflict, grave risk of organised resistance
Within Ireland to un Irish Parliament, grare risk
of civil war? Mr. Gladstone hails it as light
heart-dry as that French Prime Minister, who, 1:1
lr*;o, iv.-], urned a war with Germany. Wc know
how that ended. There are, In truth, many wnys '
of looking at Ulst.-r. Mr. (.hui.-:..ne alone thought
that he could best soire the problem by rxcluding
it from his mind. ti. \y. s.
A busy tim,, and ti prosperous ene bas rome noon
Daly's Theatre. Twelve performances wera given last I
week ami th.-r.- will !"? th -nine Bamber In tack et tho I
Best three weeks. In the Brat pince lhere are the rds
leg.dur evenlag performances of ?"Twelfth Right," snd |
next there arc the n*-.. regular matinees of tha mme
pinv on Wednesday ami Batarday. Then th re are on
the remaining iiays <>f the week, Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday and Friday, lae micrtatnaienta ..f the Lenten
Milnes wides, at ll o'clock in thc Blaming.
lt N nguiu lime lo record a great and Instant sa ?
ut Daly's ni the elaborate and beautiful revival "f
"Twelfth Right." Baeh of Ihete Sbaki prarean re.
limb |s a distinct point lu tao history ..f the theatre
Bad al :)"? company. The snecess ..f "The Taming of
the shrew- hu. not been surpassed, umi proboU) roold
n..i vre'.i ie. hui the popularity of "Twelfth Right.* |
thus fur. ls bi marked a.* Un- attendi iv ? ol Ihe pnbUc (
und tke ad ranee arden for Mata cum i, ? exp ried to
maka it. The boase hus ben crowded ai evert i?-r I
loiiiiiui.?? sill... tii.- opening night. This rm* i..- n par- I
timi..riv the rase at the matinees, when all the space
de vol ed '.. sim,.lur-* room ba* been BIM snd many ;
pcopM kare been obUged to go swaj without being
able ' > gala admission io even this pound of com?
parative, ed vant age.
No remark 1- more commonly h.'ari among thc |
andi, nc* at Haly'* than that tbe pla t ha* aa "at
Biosphere" watch l* ni found elsewhere. The lena
ls -.-iii ,tn defined more mlnalely, but everybody who
hears it i;n .-.is what lt means, The "*atmosp_r*re"
I eferred t. 1* the air of hara.ony and reflnemtOt
ulii. b pervade, everything, from lbs oater dow to
tho hark ol the ita ge. Without any distinct ln?lnua
tieri liam Ihl, **atmotpkere" cannot be fmnd anywhere
il*.-, ii can certainly be found bree, and it l< i evi r
in .rr pleotlnglj felt than In tht BhakospiwHiin resrl
viii*, and ...:, -? j :. ni ly In Ibe raae of ** "Twelfth Righi."
That Mr. Daly in- In tkli again t unded . note wldeh
appealt lo the best ol the popular * iste and Imaglna
Ron ls once more apparent, and if hs should cltoa*
lo keep the pro<-ni play on Ihe stag foi Ihe remainder
of t i.i - seat n. such a ii> i ;-l >n w mid no doubt pb a ?
Um frequenter, ol hi- th'-iitre thorn v
Tba second tnlertalunwnl of tha Lemten nt li ea
serb-.* viii be given tot the flr-t line at ll ii. iii.
to-mwrew. lt will be a c .'.. .-it. ),, which the pm.
cip.il part Mtn bt borne bj tkt young I'ioRoist, Henri
Manana, who baa received the high ' eoinniendatlon
site e i is r.rrival in ibis country. The conreri alU
bc repmted on raetday, rhursday nnd Friday min
big's On the same 'hus rd next v*?->k Ike third ??!
th.rb- of entertainment* will be given, con I Ung
nf r.:;.Hine- from their own works, bj i. HopUm-m
Smith anil Thoma* Neleon l*age, TJi---- Who I
her the deBghtful m nung* tpenl attn ih* i '?? i
writer* a year ago ?ni not le- sli.w t . avail them
sclve, ol Ihe j.ie-.:.i opportunity Bi continue iii-*
acquaintance. Thc las! entertainment, for Uv t >\
lowing week will !** a lecture bj Vi- Maud llo*??
Rlllot, ennited, "Through Uaiki' t London," In which
sin- all! descilbe lu r jourm y- and espeileneea rn
coinpan) with li-- ith.
Mrs. Lawrance Tun.ure. vite of the welMtnowo
banker, di.-i y< -tentfly moiulm-* nt ber ;, me, No, 417
Filth "vc. ti-iiiH bean taflure, due io tn IRneas "f an
asthmatic nature hom whl n bc bad suRered am
rn- leu foi two '.r three yean, Snt bad, however,
beti c nflned to her room for .nly three weeka. th.
funeral wii! be rn Tuesday at lf? S. in, In '-r.i "?
(i nrck. Bishop Petter, who I- u friend of Ike Tar
Bara (Sadly. wlH probably oflk-ate, .-. - -i.-l by Ibe
rector of the church, the Rev. Jir. Ilaailagton. Tba
biirl.il ivill be at Wi* ul la ii ti.
Mi*. Turin.re WM Miss .tune Redfield, ber father,
ll.rinan J. Redfield, having beea prominent In law
:,ii.i j.lillies in Western New-York thirty or f..riy
yews bro, She mus sixty-three vars i.lil and was
married lo Mr, Turaare thirty years ago. Mr. m.rt
Mrs. i'lriinie had two daughters and four sons. Mi^.
Tiitn-u ? ni* d.v led lo Hie Interest, ol lier hm.
holli mal Liic'li. .-bo was also wiR known In society,
although railing beallli bud jf late kept bar from
taking iran in ita aJfalrs.
Mr*. ( i.riiellt:* Van COM, Wife of PhB-B-SSter Vim
Cot!, <ii"ii li i evening at n o'clock at h.-r home, Ro.
:, Weil Twenty-flrst-st., irom remRtenl fever, siter
n Ungerlng Hine.-, "f in*., weeks. Mr. Van COU, Mr.
mid Mrs. Richard Van Oott nnd two nh. Miss
l annie Van c.,t! and Mlsi Rita Vas 'ol', were at the
bedside nh. a she died. Her death wai painless snd
Clune whip- *b<- "a* uncoil-. i.?*. The fun. ral iVIl!
ba le ld in lier ton's bon,''. Ro. 77 WasUagtoa plaee,
io morn,-.1- evening ii 8 o'clock, and will be randucted
hy ile- Rev. Charles ff. Millard, of Hw Waahlngton
Hq-ure Methodhs Rplseopal ' hurrh. The burial will
be at Cypre lUUs Cemeierj on Tuesday morning.
None i.nt m.mi,er. of Hm family and a lew Inilmsie
friend* will be pr,*senl :,t lae service* or burlnl.
Mrs. Vim ("lt was born In New Vork City in i-n.
uini wa* a grad aa te ?,t ihe Mt. St. Vincent Academy,
when thut instiiiiu.in wa* in Jerome-ave. lu i-'.l
abe uas awt-rled to Mr. v.mi ( ott Mrs. Van Coll,
wlin*e malden ii.iiii- mis Miss Fannie Thompson, was
!?.- 'i,ii..iiv ii iiorne kerning woman, and cari-d nothing
for ? cietv, preferring ber bonn .:-..,: ion* and Hie
companionship of her husband Bitd childrt'ti above all
other considerations, ri!,.' waa a ftiitliful mid eneour
airing oompaiitoit for her husband, from the time he
was only a mrrtast m.il,er, until he attained lil
pn-s.iit jiositioi, ss !'<,*im:i.t'T of New-York City.
The Author*' Club n!l! Flu- ll., lir-t fortnnl dinner on
Tuesday evening, ul 7 o'clock, nt tbs Bt. Deals Hotel.
lt arlu eel.-brui > lbs club's arrival nt the aire of ten
yearn, lt bas liven some receptions and lt always ba*
n spatial tnctiiiK on watch Bight, December .'ll : but,
.Ince ibis will be Hi" Iii*! dinner, the asemberi of tie
ritib ure showing tumb Interest in lt* success. Oa
Tuesday eveatag ibo*.- greata! win laclada the aa m
lei*, of the club, a fell literary tuen of ?nilli' nee. m
vltd .by Hu* duli, and pre** reprtiaeptfltlVC-.
I'he (lui. bas grown loniy bal Bttadlly, until now
lt ha* u membership Of al*.ut ion. It null soon
1-site Its grst I.o.'k-" I-lb'T Scriplonuir probably Ult
most Balsas Unit bas Im-li l*siied In a h?g Rate.
Tbe volume, only 'ioi CSfM of which will be printed,
is non- Beaslag ihrouisii ibe Da Vlana press, it hi a
Ibtrb volume. Burly printed, and it win kars an
original mid bsaatlfal Mndlng. Rack >-i"ry mid
article In every ?? |.v of t ?? b..,.lt will be signed wll
pm mid Ink by Ita natbor. la Uda feature, n i
" Asmtt-S JoUi-^n U U>e sstratary of Uie Autiior.
tJlTltlTtl.? *??*?*?????* ts mat. ana
RWBH thal tlie s,a-.,n of Let |. here. f?r wi,*, ,?
avowed latenttm te in-.- Bp ,? lh, ?,??lno ,, 'JJ
" ;'?" ""^.?" ? '*" '"TV I"-iUe endear* ,?
make ea, tm,, ,,,.,. u , ? ,_.n: ? m ^ ,
nitence. fo be .'ir.', tewing ? :?!**.?* snd bowling md
badminton dob, .,r.. net wlklly exciting, rel ? *~
aRord opportunities f.? ti,,. meeUag ot ^ -un. people
which aceompllsh ti. tbe ead tren more than do the
dunce. ..in,| dlnnen of ?:.,. winter. The Brat ,.f Ibe
1I,:*C" ww|n? '." lona- n congenial meeting spot
in Ihe i- (lf Mr,. Arthur M. Dodge on Monday
af:, mom,, trttet tkt bandied odd memben mn for
Uie wirthv p.ins.-e of talking rivet the making of
garment! for chariuble IneUfutl-ine. Perhaps* same of
'he ci,... ,.,lI;y m ,k-- tho garments, hu' white the
mle of the cinss demands thal each membei shall
ntiirn weeMy a lin!..],ed gam, at, ll does not ln*!.t
Rut tn- aforeasld member sbaR keraell timk., i:,.*.
,'n-nien:,. ^le handiwork of the sewing-woman em?
ployed in the bousehoid of encl, Indlvtdnal i- si
acceptable e.- that ol Ihe yoong at maa of so, let v.
N'"-- '?'>' I '*"t sentimental, ami when it cm... |0
Ot' polnl I bal one i- really mflering ior ii-;,nt of
clothing a ready made garment ls si acceptable u i.
pm together by the hands o' th.. j-re:;te-t belle ? r th,.
Mimer. Mr-. Dodge's das, I* nol cul ..if f,.,m Ihe
attention, ..i lbj. sterner ses. When :!,.? hour of .,
enies, niid lea i* handed shout, the men bit lhere to
help drink ii Bad p *_lbly to help i..ve all the
Ila. . - of ..eu lng, .
Ail n*.-..int.. departure fr. ni -I.verity "f Lenten
observances wai the reception dren an Monday night
by Mrs. Hewitt and the Mi-*. - Hewitt nt ii,.-ic benni Kui
bonne In Lexlngtoo-ave, Whfle their cuds ..f bivi
t.-iiion simply designated '-ai home.- the deUghtful
entertnlnmeni furnished bj Georg* <?: . mlth was
n - uprise to nearly every one. Mr. Gro?smttfa kepi
Ins audience in roars ur laughter willi hi ctn snd
nilly smiles. ;,]?| _1 --1..i_. t,.y - ,?, ,h:* .* of penple
ni,,., tin.uk:, English, nr.. easily i ...... ,,.| even hi
New-York, Au evening ni Hie Hewitts' i* never duli.
uini aa * .",i ,;s Mr. ??r.'srinitii was Ihrongh .md ,upper
served dancing began, keeping up umi: i ..'.-lodi lu
Hu- morning.
ih.- lovers "f man's friend niel ometlme ??? mpanlon,
th.- dog, Bocked in greal numbers to ile- Madison
s<|iint'e Harden daring Ihe four day* "T the \v,.i
!*? * Keiii.e! nub Kl.ow, where pandemonium
reigned. Til.- -re.,', i aUeadance wa, on Wcdnc lay,
Washington' Birthday, although t1 were
not i>ii-t:? liirly In favor .! the sin.ii on thal or soy
other day,
T'i' on,, i!e<i,ii-.- ,,' ii ,;,, t ...li place nt Tuxedo I'm!.
'ii le -1 ly ii: en' ;.-. ui, ;, Mm. |;n ;, M,?,;. .?. ,,)
Metcalf, of Kile, pennsylvania, s wi-allhj young wlduw,
wu- marri--, io t.eorge IBrd, of thi- elly, ..tie -.f the
best i.:m?i, ,.< ii .- younger generall n of clubmen.
Mr. IBrd I/- ii ea pl I il plato] shol nnd ., member o'
Kildare Hub, t.. which l?r. \v. Reward Webb, .1. Lout,
Wei.*, mid r. \v. VanderbUt. all good shois, '-_-'?"?*.
Mt. nird's best nun mi. Bnshrod Ru i Bayne, 1 ?
th*.- iH-opi" went ..in Irom Rea fork "*i Tm daj
m..Mun. I" stlend Hi.- wedding, among them Mr.
Bird's mother, Mr. un.! Mr*. Chesb-r (Iriswold, Mr.
anil Mr*. II. Le Uland Cannon ind Mr-. Horace ?'.
Brooks, who ure related io Mr. Bird; Dr. and Mra
ff. Hewart Mei'!,, Mr. and Mr- I. Rgetton Bebb,
Mr. BBd Mia. John Alexandre. Mr. and Mrs. H.
Walter Webb, Mr. und .Mi-. George 1,. 1.,:-..:.... Mr.
and Mrs. Lewli Jones, nie! -onie . * t. .? bride*. :?
from Erie, The Irride a are a handsome sown ? f mauve
silk, rarrylng 1 pi lyer book In p! ice ol 1 *-.,??? i. Mr.
i.n.t Mi.. Birt ????1". ti-.iv. J ni ;. .? s alb foi
nnd Will ti, a be ?.' it', M:. I.;..',- mot bel
in Wi ?! Tblrtj ihl:'! 1. h.- s. .ic lime.
rtncerv and general regret .... been ? ?.;??.?_ at
the il. aili .,' A: mt I.' sr). shu ??' is a uni 1
favorite In society. rhotigb lei': in th* ...???.? -,i
r- nae a leader ol ". lety, les 1
ill el lil' il,,' ni I.," Ile . t'Xl
daring the last qnarfer ? f .1 ? ?'.. i-i -.'
great tact and 1 I all mined Um fri' 1
lb- oh! ;, . wi ii as the J Iii '.
il,'ile : pi mi il !?'?,. nial UioUgll b dallilna. 'br?
ui' r years ago, he '
ball, '?: :..'? wlnti r. Mr. Li irj" *i: ' * " dM
ii..; admit ul h.r.-" ??? ? ? ll
pi ..ii' rn ..* '' ?? I .mi Villa . * s
u:.i .. .," w .?:, 1,1 ", imarried I '
Ul- Jn-i >? ?.' \- .1- m.. 1 ??. * .1 votlon
slr'., r ii..*! I hu :n :
1 ? . :
inli,'ie :,: : . l... i,.id u' ?*..? iiet.i Wald ? ;
..: Mar. ii li. la. re trill 1..- ..
lu aid ..( m. Mary's Pevei lb pltal * 1 Idrei . .ii- a
,-..,. ? children "i 'ii ? ? 1' 'i.
bene; arranged by Mi RI nd Irvin ?????? I.
sra :.-.' bet ,>??? I .V. K. '? and - '?..'. Mr .
forties Leith, ?? I ? Ha ire, Mi -. .1 I*,
win.!!..a. Mrs. i> :.J..- ? :. ,Ve! e*. Mi
Mi . .1"'.:, II. I'.v-. ''I'*. ? '.m. ii ? . M Hrja'W, Jil
1 roll 1 .**' ? en, Mrs. ? . '.. 1 'baa
.,:,.? J,:.'..'. 1 ?? I Others. til el lien!
i.ui, ..-,;? Mis. Ir
*t h.-r hume eai.'. morning li ??,, ll until 1 0' 1 .. flit
lilli,C j.i tu 1 i lol Ka l-l M ?
-,'.1*11 amoai I -?.' ::.'??*-.- ? i:, ,.,.?!.
wornt a ..iel _'i:-. >.' Ni \ . ?'. ItalU
ti.,:.- -Ul ;?-*?', bat Heir ld.
1. ?. rated f.-r t*,.. pres i.*. I ? ? > ' ;? lo I"
m.-il in th- Madison Bmi ... ?- i nd
:i il;,:.e.- will follow. The Bet :?..:* Will be deiot'<1
:., Ibe >.l ?"- "! !'? " i.i'i' ?? Ar*.
Mrs, I'orbes-Lelth will *.'?.:?!! tend on! raids for
sn evening rerepUou 'o b" riven ..:. March lil, ??,
? ?? of Captain Raaden Runt snd hi- wife, who was
formerly Miss Bibi 1 1 "ii-.- I ittli 1 ? ?? "i11 arrive
si.iiie rn,,.. 1,. \' ".?? ? li. 11 1 ? H I". ?:.-? 1
give 1 Large sinner party in thrtr hoi."! .?:. Us
ot March 11. "u Wedni*?day ol ii..- coming week Mt ,
Dodge mil *i .v.- .-'in.' miL*!c nt her lei- ?
.'.nil..' from a Hum!''-: "f dinner perth
T . m.. i brtUtanl minoring "f ihe '*- t wa al
Hie loiirti, of i!.c mu-i-al evening, ?'lin I'l MU '
lender and Ml ? 1"* 1'on ' In Ihjrtr Bpartn.ant lu Uie
, 1.1.1I1J ItullUing .1' SrVeiilJ ..'.'I 1 .11.'I M.ell "ii
nve. ii was a prlmwly eiitertolnmenl, Hw superb
bil,i"i,I.''.Hit-', "suggesting ,1 pille e In Italy. AH Hie
? , r v. lied !.'-"!-" "f -'" '"ly were lhere "Uh their h.*!
jewels and guan . Mi *4aek" liardner, "! Hunton,
:i, -lack ..im. More .1:... lum v. lion ii.iii .i haig
i ., each single pearl a, large .. ?> gisid Ired p-s
being v.,.mid i.lcii' lei' neck, malan- lia If B il"/"u
,,,-... . and i ? ' H "it tb* . r .".???. Mrs.
i*.,.|..r ll-nlti, ul-., in biara, Was Iii/.:.: *nii
diamond Mi , .i"i.'. II. Davis, ju-t Isu 1 from h 1
ireddiiig till', wat in while -min embroidered with
pearl-, ivltli Inil.v di..m. nd om.. ni. .i' ;??? eontage,
-. 1.1 .1 uara - 1 'i .!,. nd Mi . ii H.. un '? ?
I-,,.ri .( hil. 1 ? ?:? ".ion-.; iii; iii.nb- .1 startling ron
ir, t to t'i- dastllng abilene:** of the marble baJL
Ul . I . J.C.ll. ll \|. I.I. WI I-' .. |. Ilk ''I ? I ll'i'!.' CCU.
V. 11 ll ll Ile. Iil.'l.e of lilli "'I.alli" ls -t III p. .ill . BOd .1
turquoise -ile! pearl cr.se.ni lu th.- Iialr. Mrs. Ilnin
ili.m li li Well ? , v.i 111 vivid fd -nh ultu revel
ot Mi ? Ileli ?? Murphy, ..f London, who ha*
*.i, in N.-v Vii, !..r Lc winier, pinked rems rsa Wi
liiiixlsome 11, black "iii, :. dogie diamond ornsnieui
ul ii,,. ,or ii'm M: . Ileorge I:. De I un- ' I::..I I
-ir..;', town of heavy wldte .-inn *?? a ? . imi" istiuUlnl
is.iiii le'.- nn Ihe vii.i i nil.1 ii Hie .liouldei , ker
only oriiamenl being nn Smertean i..crv rose al the
. 1,[', ,,-e III . I.C'l.'. ll'i l.lir.l.l. Ill Lille le Iel .'||ll|
? ?!,! satin, won tltamoiid -?..! re, .1 Ham and nunn
ci Hg* ornaments, Mr*, .lune* Burden In ro-e
colored nnd while brocade wore .1 pearl necklace ul
many .lrond* nulli,: clo ? n. i.'n- n-. ... mid several
,-,,-... of diamonds, r:,,- munli wa delightful. \!i
Callender sang nome songs -.f firieg, Henri Marleen
played eveiiil in lin ol,.-, linn/. Rummel, the piano
and l rmi' ls 1 i ... 1 I*"* ? 1 sang. Nexi I rlaaj Mi
Cull, -nib , ulii :: V .' I", the H 1 "'1 1 i.nii"!,: of Ihe
liiimroM'li -.'? mplioiir ',|( Ite*lrs.
One of Hie mo 1 Inter.?? Min.' t.'ting, of Hie Thur
dnv I'.i 1 1,m.- I'lui. -In..- I! organization un- held ni
Ibe home ol Mr. and Mrs. <.u ' iv Kl i I (I I rilli! .1 ? ,
ju eiili Jefferson made a ber I adilre and Iheii re
piled lo l|Ue lioll . "ie 'I ii.li- lt rs toil tlc erl I Ked by
vuri..n- no mt..,, of Hie Hill'. Tbe bulli ' r.e.. nil.
... I.ll III . \i lelil e for .1 llllllll..'!' "f
rears, ga, ll winier concert al lin1 borne "'f Mi
Krcieiic lie" in ' Monda*!. I lie dlr.r nf I i ria
I- non ?.. i-i 111 Smith. I!' ii. ? il.,I Ihliiiiobl Ihl
man. wi... I- noe. on a il ii i n. ??? '? "ii. sfier an ab
Hence of .m. \.riis in Kuiope. in-. Hen- mug oik
of Mr. Herman's composition*; Mrs. Bleatior ilarrlgm
|.iuh ,.ii j.l.iie.l *"ine plano Milln.; Mr*. I>...i-i,. ii
irt snd Mrs. ?.??rrli! Ktnllb salli i-veral Rn gi Uh
nnd (lemisti iciiini . Ml s I.nunn '"amine played som.
violin ...io., nnd lennis n uer Power sang, aller
...m.- Kiii.'11-li ballads, sn Acm: Del .1 li/.t. with
vii.Mu, piano and organ accompaniment.
Mr*. Wi!i..r A. Iljuodg.1 ll-id Ile' I:,-I bul one ul
her receptions cn Wediie*sts,v, when 'he Mis-.-* Lwl
...rn ? som* "darky" .lodle, with Iwnjo s'compsnl
men:. Mi s Woth r-p. n. Ml Bdyib Tllllnghnsl and
MU. Kal He Nh ..il ie. rived will ihe ' o.i ?.-. Vesti-t
day Mrs. Illo-slgood gave i luncbeoii for >Irs. Bejrwl >'
Mer otli.-r nu Hi* wre Mra. II. I. Burnett. Mr*.
Art mir lulim,., Mrs. ItUthcrlord Mi ld, Mrs. Iloiinnl
l.,.ii. Mr . John Utoodgood. Jr., Mr-. Trowbridge, Mi
..liver Sumner TeaB nnd Mr . R, J _i> 1 In rd -inllh. I le
lllblc LU. COVellil lilli: ll cloth of -UlT S. 11*1 H."le WB
it r lust er ol .1 obie violet* f,,r each gui si,
Mr. and Mi*. We*'.i veli. o| v, 7 \'et lillie*!. I,
ulii give ii'- lost of Hi-lr recepllons lo-miirros stier
i.M. when Mme. Maple* n will sin.. Mn Wesiei
tcp will gin- s lunch.on nt Ihe Ladles' flab, ni
Thursday, si"* win sturt h.r IVashlnglon and Hu
sh.uII, on Ihe followln. dnv.
A h.,/uar of ul! nations will l.e held al .-li-iiv's oi.
Ihe afternoon and evening ol March Ifl and it hi nhl
Un- Drew Indies' ?,iii.ee, ni,hi, i* iii need of funds.
lin. t?? lull.m.ms win tn- i.s.<i, as Well B, Itu
? dj..lulie- mom*. Hie roan, women wbo are lo be In
charge or Ihe different l.H.th* will wear !!.<? costume*
iriiHi, eoantriea. Tke hataar will be formallj
uiH-iiisi by (-(iiiii!;"! M. Depew. Ani'."i: Hie patron
esses ste Mrs. Vf. M. Tsylor, Mrs. Corneiint R. Bliss,
i'-. j- A. I'ulm.r, Mis. I*. I*. Kum >ld. Mrs.
ll K Thurber, Mrs. Jen. I? -Baybaek, Me*. Bowles
o,m*c Mes. s. Il .Ting. Jr. Ml . J. Mill- r frss
.nd Mr-.. .1. K. Ki-',..r.
\ rec.pl ii of ihe Mew-YorH Rxehsng f.r ii in. n*
rorh. a i'"-i desrrvln. charity and :'*: etcillenl lc
mu,eu thai in* earned Ka promlneni p..-(:i.n. will
"... riv n st ((terry's duri: g itie nfl in....n mid ?venliu
of March 4. Addxi-v, will to mude by _U?aop l'ottir.
Beth Law, pn-s'.dent af ("olatuNs College, and Joseph
H. rii.it... Th" sdvfaerj board l* ? ? nni>-.-. *i of the
following: Measrs. Morris K. Jesup, WT. Ba rn <??
' ate, Joan T. Tray, v. R. Tbarber, i.."i>rge F.
Baker, (leergs lloudly, Henri Dale, Victor Merawlti
and A. I>. Jullllard. Hie foHosrii i nr.. ii.tnacera:
Mrs. C'ornelliiH R. Agnew. Mr*-. George K. luker. Mr..
C. T. Blarkman, Mrs. william 0.1'hoale, Mr-, churl-*
I. Chandler, Miss Jan* Corsoo, Miss Cromwell, Mr..
Henri F. turnock. Mrs. Wlllium K. Hodge. Mrs. stephen
B. I'.l'i:* Mi*. ?;, sri. * Godfrey, Mr*. Geom Hoadlr,
Mrs M. M Holme*. M -- Susan Hnrrlmnn. Mrs. Henri
I vi *on. Mr*, a. i). Jullllard. Mb* namma Lawrsncs.
>:r* GroMV..r p. Lawrey, Mia. wpm.nu V. Lawrence,
Miss, Kat,urine Lambert, Mrs. Charles <-. Mar.--II.
Mi*. John I'i ?on. .Mr* Jacob ll. gchlff, Mrs. Russell
Kare, Mr*., john T. Ten. Mr-. K. R, Thurber, Mrs.
tillman lliniii|>,nn. Ml*. R. 8. Valli. Mrs. lt. g. Wool
Wart. Mrs. T. M. Wheeler.
The Colonial Chapter of the P-uu.hter* of tbe
Revolution will give a Colonial T ?? oa tba after
t:. and evening ..f Wednesday, ?? the boms ol
tb* regent "f tbe Chapter, Mra. Abrahsm Steers, No.
?Jls Lcnnx-ave. The tea "ll! l-e j*1v.-n for the benefit
of the Charity Fund nf the Chapter. Tbe sfternoon
and evening entertainments will i-e equally enjoy
able. Attractive programmes "f music, both reveal
and Instrumental, and also rerltatlona, have tv*"'!
arranged. Mnnv <.f ile- sixty-four members of ibe
Chapter ulii appear greased In tb* fashion ot the
daj ? ..f 1770, several nf ib<- gowns having been
worn ni fha! period. In Bddllton to the Colonial
gown* u-V powdered hair >.f Ihe ladles, the rooms
win ie- 7ii:i|k*! with color* of Revolutionary dnv,
and Colonial decorations will be ii-.*<1 throughout.
r .a.- viii ni... be in.merris salable article* ai a
fancy table. The ticket, ure Bl rack, and beside*.
the rnierlnlnmenl and refresl.nv will Im-lude .1
?souvenir rup and sawer. Ticket! may be pm
ciir.-i from ant nf Ihe members of the His pt er. or
fr. Mr.. J. IV. I r.i, h. Bo. B5 Munn* Mortis ave.
The musical reception al the home of Mr. aid Mrs.
Hum.I i*. ('i:*l-. So. '.'t:, Knuth Kirsti,ve.. Mount
Vernon, on KTMay night was one nf Hi.- social '-ur.
.. ?? if Hie season. The fart lhal it wu* Lent did
ti"t .in to enter the minds of those Who were there,
1 |.e. lui!-, 1 h.- young people, lo whom ti..-, parlors
were cu. n over nt 11 o'clock for dancing. In tke
eariv pul of ;i.lenin, u. was u concert, the
rovers of th" programme, being decorated in water?
colors by hand, nnd the whole forming sn ex?iul*lte
motto. Amelie th.>*?? nh., look part In fifo '..merl,
nnd whose .1 were specially ronan tided, were Mrs.
1 nli - " I, contralto; Mr*. Julian Jordan and
Mr A. lt. Cooper, sopranos, and Bf, ll. Hughes, tenor,
M.?..'? . Undies, t'en-i. (iouriay nnd Williams, 1 <|iinr
let ' "ii, the \i,i|iiii,.ii Glee Club, received perta I
r.ppii, .? 1 ?, ng Hw mnnt pre ni went Miss Marie
L. Todd, well known In Kew Vorh musical riirles;
(be Rev. Chard" H.-.-"nu's Dodd, Dr. Townsend, Mayor
and Mr*. Hrusl p-.'...*.,,- and Mr, George ll.
< ilbv. Mr. ."*..' Mr*. William Howe, Mr. and Mrs, ft,
? R. Ji ii.. Mr*. Il.-iirv C.. Rhnndr*. Ml* Rita L. IHu.ndes,
Mr, and Mr*. Arthur WUI'nms. Mra. .-. Jet.ire!,
Mra. 1. H. Kb*ri. Mr. and Mra. L. K. Schmelder, Mr.
i Mr c. C. Pearn. Mr. and Mrs. D. II. finnriay,
Mi-* Marr v. <??.hers, Duncan Gav, \'!-* Rose
I leetw, ".I Ml I, 11 l Ishel, Mi 1. I.. Il, Muldo. Mr.
snd *?' ? . .1 ? lt. Aller. Profe*, r .!. Hayden Morris
: and Mr . J. Maher.
j Th.- wedding of Mi.. \t>ti 1 Crumble, daughter of
Jame* Crumble, t,. Benjamin L. Kalrcbiia. win lake
j pla-e .11 I'liesliiv nfl. in -rn In til.- Wi st It *.: vt.-rl in
Church, . f wbli 1 Hu* Rev. Hr John lt. foxton 1*
I"-'* '? '!'? Weddin, rcccptfon alli follow al tile
horne of the brt.le. N ?. 711 k... ? Mitt Mist ,1. |.;, t
eveitliit '?:>. 1 ? 11. '? ?' I gave ht< fneewell hacb.-lor
dinner ni Hie liueklngheoi Hotel. The dinner mis
served In one of the privit* rooms nf the hotel
A,mo".f "." ",- w'r*- Or. ll. II. i'v-..!'. Prank Crum?
ble. M. R. Quick, C. C. Bassett, of Washington;
'' ,:-' M -' ?" ? A. I Gifford ned Thouin, Rwlnr
I Who Will be of the |..|,|r,| ,(lrlv. und seven,|
m mts-rs nf the boelet* or Medlrnl JnrUprudenc.
.?mi ng whian were Dr. J, K. Brill, privdd.-nl of the
,0, Hy . Ii. Md..,-, Khsw, J *hn s. Kml" R, r. Hush,
Mnv .:? ..f ... : .iiuii.-,. !,,---; .,,? |.- ,.
? M'l"'.i a -d J v. K-ir. 1.iM. The dlnn.-r carl, were
lng wmvenlra of ihe occasion, ss eartcstures of
each gne*l were painted no lbs separate carts
orin rt ry.
r ll ard Vote dl*d al Ryarg yestetday sf
fernoon. He was i"rn September ?_, i-*i<i. al Whites
1 unty, N. V. Pot fnrty yean ha had
'???1 Identified uini the car-spring bnalneat snd wat
l: !?? rr nf ever.,1 rar-spring i*rg>ltancea. In
l**-W be .-...'-,- "ii . Brm of 1 se. Dinemore _? Co.,
.- I '1 i-t , mic, the ValenUne Car
Spring Company, nf whl h he wa, rlerted president,
l!" rommanded the Tl,' Regiment Rew-York Stott
' di War, and did good service
He ws the "n.nger of pence" from the 71st Regl
? io Res firb ms In February, ISSI, receiving ar
ovation ni ng 1 nd a great reception In
Ile t 1 a *! ?? -h Democrat, bnl ' :<r? -1 tiiore fur
poHtlr I preferment. ll" wac
? ? tl ne, -ii..I ' ls Issi wife .ind three
! Im Ile wai a jr..milieu' 1 r
M i*on, and had 1 ?, 1 ni m .. all oi.t tbe ci untry.
_? ??
'? :. Henrj I"-' in Cushman, one "f Ute outline
!, of lids elly, died yewer lay, st 11
?v.. M We ' ll leth -1. in* beallb had betai
p ,'T for 1 ' - and bl death a ia dm
? . . ihs nt bm, Hi liorn In thia eily Maiy-nlnc
....ir- -\ ??-''? ui life entered Um buslneas ol
bl, fattier, 1 >? ? ri A!.i7'. Casbmsn. Hs was kw many
? : ti . r ol hi- father, snd stier i I
ember "f ihe ! rm of Cushman, lloorlcve .'.
1 -.. who lied ii extensive trade willi Southern coun
?:,. He re' : <! from .elive bullies nlcit liv.ntl
?.??ar* age. snd i: recent year bu been living al hts
;? 11 st Rye, We ti !.??-: r Coualj, lin lesre
., wife, tht*, ? .. 1 ?-ei,'i. William Cruger and
Fredi : end two danght?*rs, Mr-. B. Wart Dortbledaj
ind Ml,) M Mid Uv
* u era! will bc held lt. lbs Protesten! Rplseopal
church of ibe I'rrui-t.-'ir-.iM.ti. Bo. :. Bast Tweoly
? ?;. " . to iirorTvrw .ii i p, m. The l.nri..I ulll be in
1 itally ' ? a. i.ii.
lill-, REV. A' ?.i's 11 S M. HABKKI.L.
Beaton, i'd.. ?-*". ("Special).?The Rev. Augusta. M.
Haskell, who died an Friday !o.m pneadmnts, st kl*
home In Roslln-lale, was n weR-known clergy ama et
Hm I'lii'iriun dr-nondaaUon. Mr. HaskeD was a tn-nd
in', of Ihe 1 aiiibndg" Iii! ililli- t-s bool, uni lix* it
ii: in.it to Hie muiisirv in 1*12. Ill* hr-t paaiorate
wu* al Mancbotter, N. II., nnd he mis sell!..!
for owe lime svtrr Uie Carlon -*iuare Church nt Salem.
Ills clui past-rate wss al Weat Roxbary, whare h>
m.,. bleated Irom 1-7,1 lo i-'.m, wben tii** church
ballding awi destroyed bj i;t". rids un. rm tdd
rhunb nf T_*o-_re Parker, FoUowtng ihl, li- founded
* i.i pariah ..t RosBndale, and be Bred lang enough
io am 11 iinniv rataMlshcd sad peotperoas, Mr
Haskell mis a mun mach beloved ky iii* parishioner!
sad highly r. -p. .t.*t by bis ssaoriates lu the ministry.
ile was ii'-.ui -luy years of au'.-, and leaves's srtfe
nnd two crown up sons, Hie former lx-lnp- a lister of
ba 1111 u*| Ji :, . ti, i well-kiiown thinker una miter ol
the I i.lMii i.u. ib nomination.
WM.I.I l.M ,,l."VK!t.
Dtckpart R. V. Feh *-*'. 1 sj.. i?i ? i;i<j. r wiuiun.
i.lnie:, u." oMett l*tasbjterian mmi-tr In Wastera .New.
v..,k, u.._ t.,...11, ai ii..- aga of ...i.i'. yean.
DR. TIMOTHY C. sm int.
.Midith bury. Vt., lu -'.-Hr. Timothy C. Smith
glopped il .ni t. .bu- ut H." a.'.- i.f -eiei.tv tlie i. ?? r
I .... .ci Wai h.' B Bl r,i Od -4 u* ,1 -lin* Ml.I
..r in.. Hu--,,, Amy. Dater be ???- mail" Hall 1 lian
I ll.Ul _t 11,1'.-*, W Ill'l, ,,!!.. .- I,,- f lillie.I .llllil bs?.-., ll.Hi
fi.uii i-i* ,.. 1--1 ??.i- Knited .St,tel i .iii.ul Bl Uol-U,
Ills wife snd leveral hlldrta sra In Odessa, si..lu teven
,,i.i,,'i . -lldten 11, in this > "'".Hi
Till'. RKV. T. IV. Ii.lNAItl'C.
i,..iii<ir!, \. v.. r.i.. S3 r.Specla!i. Tat Rev. J. ff.
I, .niiiie, i, or nt the Nen. r-.-t 1 .U.I1..I1. Chang, Ucl
thh h. "I-... ig ?<<? Bat u-- ? ..f -???' ni-. .-? si 1.
goat* sdvei.1.H.- ut im- beea ransed by tba fact thai
., IVs ti .1: "? ,.1.' - liitlet.i tier. |ea from Ul" st Ut eu lie
, . 1 ? 1 . anlsl ii ib, Nevi ntj -wt oad-*t.
iit-i th" Boulevard, :. lag >" im I. i* 'I' * ribed ;?* having th.
-tniericaa atrip ,, bot ls ela.r the stars ..r "Old Glory,"
: td lin Isnd Hu ii .pi .1'.'- ?*' based oa
I -:.,, .t, I* lill", bUt IO*" >'!! ll I " K "f Mln.l i" I l.'"
11,.. da. waa lhal aadei ?? m 1. Um i "l.?. r ml-m th*
, ., .11 d iii ? .n-|. ?] lag "f ft by ti. Colonial
1 ,,i, ,.i, febroary ii aaa peculiarly appropriate.
-fi,., repr.amtlsa al mi.-i- bi Bu membershlB al th.
I.,, , , lut, 1... ??' r i''U -ir.iiiv. -iii'l its BKhlbltl rn* nf
.,nim-s htc alwsjrs sUrseUvt. Thal al this
,. nj., ,1 .1 i?-i sight, wheo a BBmbti <>( uteoiberi mw
I,.... ,,im,M tit- club V',1' fcava ? "ladles' Say," ;,'
I. . tl. I,.,1,- ll,'' |.|. lilies, tie T" Wit] tt II.II-|C Slid
,ef|, .1,11..'Ills.
Tin- :.n ..nun. "? roast??.* al Edward Matta, C. n.ir
YtXaa sad ll ff. Baugei Ikere sra Bltr-elg-t ros.
I ,-e.. !? |i!.-i iillnt le.'"it C. Mirier. 1 ir:.|...| llic'vin
,,,,,.-,. Inuit* Ml I aloa, Walter 1 lari;, l.ltmtd Mn: ci
1.. ... Meuse, ' MtCheaoey, Piaab Rewter, Asneu
li, :jii, J IV Br If lol. Mr. liiii.-r. Julinu lllx. il.-nr?.
II li.r-ri .1 11 Dalga, I'm.He Btetsa, ll Leroll*
,,hi.v Dunce, Catie-sa Chap-saa In ac R. Wilta, ,.
,,,, 1, .mi J an Rera-d, EDIoU Dstn.. riiei.i. Merer i*ati
linn,,11. David Jolui-'ui RSM ' - '..ri J, JUl> litter
.r.e ll. (Smlllle sud Dr. R. W. Rlag*ley.
A . ..11-.h nible ?mb.nee al tl.e fnlfeil BtrVlCS Club
Ko. IS We t i hlrtv l;,-t-t , ?u? i-u'eruibi. .1 hist nljli'.
. suoandet .1 Rf. Millet, wita ->ti admiraMi tddrets
.11 ??iii". Naval MIHUa." li"' SptOkei -old sf tbs iireiii:
ill.f that 1 ran.li ..f UM sURUs, uni sketched its bi*.
? ??i. ile siplSlnid J"-t W,*S' I"'*??'* lt na* ih.'aut t" IIII.
.?ni Rm aw-juras lakes t" strampllak it* ebjecta
.1 fen al lhasa preset t wert Ueaaral McRlhben, fleaeral
-tanby. ' '.lionel Wepk, "f linlTul.i, Cal BO tl l'eniilr.'..iti
ray laspeetai Bortla, Mtdleal Director Oflwa, lui.mei
iVstd ai*! l.e At net t ('..invisil.
vt.m;- ladas Jaka C. OborehlR, nt Os?i"o, R. V
att-TtBWICR? .Cfcaries lt. _Us_o*j, of Honolulu, snd ts
Congr*.-*iiian K. H. Hayden, of M_*?aehu*e*.U. EVERETT
-Cli*rle, li. Carter, of the Hawaiian Annexation Com
mn-ion. uILSKY-Eroatua O-rnlng. of All. ny, and
Mayer ii. r. nagrn, of DtttaU, hoffman-Uaroo
Mut,.'!.becher, of the (ierruiwi Legation at Wu thin glue.;
-tat" (.unrulier Frank ? ampbell, sf -Mk, R. Y., unit
Ceagieatlaaal Delegate Mark A. Smith, i-f Ari/ons. VIC
TORI A?41 tallai Traaela PBeseadea, ..f Fortland, Me.,
and K. C. Ms.farlin*. of Ilouolubi. WlNDtOIl-Albvrt
Keep and MtirlB H-gMtS, of CkStBga.
Aa K.euina with Bf* IM" Iii Arnold.
Thc Lenten si-a-au as kept l?y 8?.*1 dmr h men and
w,.n.en become* dui as it pmB-taasa. 'ihi* i, eauasg
mot" ..r less bf the lack of ?*in ibb- 'ini tiieelv anni*.-.
li ir* 'Hie lime. Marie _,. Hank" nill em..min 111"
inii.ll- with a serb-, of iii.- Lenten Basdlog* btgtoalag
Wednesdov, March 1. la tbe Msdlsen Bassit Uortea
Concert Hail, al 8.30 g. lil. TM subject "Ul be
" s-;.. non- from Sir K.divln Arnold." lt "il! h? n
v-rltub'e Intellectual trejt. Ticket* for lille at Sobu
berth'*, 03 L'BtOB *~quar.'.
Parity Assured.
No essential nils or foreign l-be-M-OS al snv Und
found in ,.<ii.le? 6mm Whiskey, ?? im* kees proved hy
'heinlein an?lv?l* bv tlie must prominent rheiiii*t in till*
...untrv. lt "ls distilled fruin ri" snd Isirh'v malt by E.
N i'.."k t- ?',... the dlstllh-r* nf 11'irTalo, R. Y.. ?nd U
bottled Ly them. All rollin.uni. allon* to mimili.. N. Y.,
er SO llr'.Jdivai, R. Y . "lil roceivt prompt, BtteoUsa.
A Cl.srette of hl-her rbarsrtet, sud enjovlntt -treater
popularity wttk (h.- better e-asa et nashua lhaa any
inn! ei-r pr. --nb d. The ??Admiral" is nut made by S
Helter than when tlr.f butchered-"tidihy's "Rex"'
Brand 1 strai 1 ol Be, r Contains oiiljr Un- nutritiou.,
properties ut pate, '"an beti.
DAMKI-b-On Kebriiarv SS, 1808,
"In nie carty morn
A daughter burn."
to Mr. sud Mr*, de,,m..,. j. Daniell
ALDER?At litest Reen, L. I., Kci.runtv Star,, IBBB.
Thoa, T. Allen, lu tu- Tilth year.
Fun-nil fnii, 1 lin-t Church. Maohassett, L. 1, on Twee.
da 1. .I., un rv LMh, st i :S0 i>. m.
Train leaves Lons Island City at I p. n>.
, art ...? . ni walting si <.:-iit Hera,
lilt' -wi :K "", Friday, K.l.marv '.'Ith. of pneumonia.
Han 1*1 Msrley Bruwer, son ot Frederick ff. und Mary
l> Bl '?"r. . . . , ,
ii,, in services Sunday sfteroooo, BM 20th, st o ocio.li,
ni :?.:, iv.-t r-ath>*t.
lute., "it, nt th,- convenience ,.f the madly.
s.u Pron, Isca papers 1 laass copy.
BIl< w\ it Blaomfleld, N'. A . on Friday, February tl,
1803, Abram J Brown, in lu- Biol v.'ir.
Kn.eil service, will be Held ll bi* late residence, al
H.r. ava. on Monday, 27th nat., at :i o'clock p m.
1 , , id, ,.f iii- fan Ily ar>- mv ned.
UKI' KN- In llt-Oklru. I'.l.ruarv '.Mill, of pneumonia
... .ir ll. linen, beloved lni-l.ainl of Art-tie Fl maid
Bruen. . . _
Funeral services ,1 bl* lat* residence, ,, Jefferson-ave..
M0.1i.1v. February 27th, at J Jo p. m.
Int ru..'lit, at HreOBWOod.
i ni i*i'.i.1.1. ":, sundae, Fenraory IO, MM, st Eddy.
Kew-Meslio, Kb/at. tn N.. .om Moasmow, wits of
Howard Campbe I, nf Bmohlyn, N. V.
i ral mi re* Sunday sfternooo, at the South ('..nitre
iran.mit Church, Court-si., comer President, half-past
1 p 1,
tntermeni privett.
C"M*!l.n K Mr- > ..o-.tana Kl|>n Comstock, wife of thu
lot* i.r r> c. ?..ii.-i" k. .f pneumonia, Thursday, Feb
rusrj '.'.'il
1 ai rsl from her lat" reoldenee. N'o. 09 Dcslogt-B-ava., on
bund ay aiumlnr, al lu o'c otk.
Interment private.
? 1 *IIM.l\ Faltered Into re-t. Saturday K' bruary ISM-,
st hi. lau- residence, Wi West 50th.t., John Henry
Hobart Cushman, -..f the ut.,- Don Alonzo Cuihniao,
in tl, KKh ft ir ..f ':]- Sgt
Fun-rsl .-rv ls. it Church nf the Tiausllgunt.on. L'Utli
i.(u. en lllrli and Mad!-on ave*., wi Monday, l'el,
raarv 27th, al 2 i> m.
Int r-in. nt 11 Trinity 1 email ry.
1/ Ki.iii ai ii.r lat.- residence, BO Rvargrsaa Plore,
I a.t (iroage, X. .1 ..,, Satin sj Keb BBrj ...th, Mntv
r ., ?*, m.'' of h.r sn IL Eckert.
RoUce ..f funeral her. sgt, r.
ELDER in Saturday, th,- tttk ln-t., K-nineth Aire*.
i magi 1 sun -r wifii-i,,, and Alma A. Elder, in tke Sib
war ,.r hi* ag.-.
J;. ..1 1 1 and fun !-. ar- rtaperUully Invited to attend the
fun. . *. ? v , - .1: -i." i s:: 1 ? . r 1, < pim ? t* it . tiut
l.a.n S. J.1 .*" l',io*-lai. Kel.1,1.1:1 28th, :it 4 0. In.
,.r .,?'.?* will i-? Iq Malting un the arriial ol itu . :20
t of Rta V.,rli.
Int. Mr.. it al con..-il..r fallillv.
i 1.1.i.i;|- tm Batardsy, Pebraary ioth. ?ieorgo b. Ellery.
air, -I .'.,, 1: -
Funeral -rv!,... at hi- late res! ree ii.'.' BslUe-s..,
Brooklyn, ?>?. Monday, I ??'. mary 37th, ip. m.
hvisi !?. ?:,. fi leads Invited.
? iltlKR .1. M. I*. >.i,ci -c. of I x i.r-,--. ol Bsavlll*.
Pena . February 24, after a b*l f Illa* * ..f dlpbtberis
agi i ab .ul -?'. fears,
kii iii s ... Ft ,, February Sith Ziba Rates Kit.h
en, In ti." elsi I .ji ot 1. * !*?
r eral ? ? * ??- Mnndav, the 27th. tl ll o'clock s. ni., st
bli ian- resldsase ns West j.id-t.
I.i.Alli 'in il. <ln. i.?.. Fehtaary gg, at his lute re?l
il.-ee, im |-.!:ii..,ve.. .,.' pneumonia Arthui I.f.
Th. rum ? ,: .. r- 1 ??- w li :?? held at St l.trlek1* I .tl:*.!ra'.
I*.ttltai". ami 50 th-M., "ii M..ine. l-lirmiy -.'Tth, at
I . B, m.
lt I, requested tbat no Bowera bo wal
The New-York Mu tal 1 1- Light <'o,,
il ?*? I 11:1. S.|,rir,.
.n, s-Vork. Feb. J'.Ui. 1803.
Al I ip la! ' Ung ol th" ll .nr! .f Director, nf the
Mew-Vorl Mutual ila* Light Co., le 1 I ihl* day, t:i? Vlca
I ? ? - ?'.. ,,r innouti cd tbs iain ,,f l'ie*ldent .lin ,r I.i nv.
":, ,r. ii "i, t!,-' following minute "ii* ?li.ariliiiou-lv
adopt. I
Arthur I.'nrv leeann' a lie n.i ei of this Ie?M In 1872.
In IS7S he ?.. 1* ". I. ! !':? .|'ie.'int i.f fie I om poll)
and i" ii thal immIUoii until I-:.'.* alien le ? 1- sppo.nted
i- ; nt. arel .,, , eiii.i,.! 1 until !... .!' ith, 1 01 .,.? 1
rears he ha gi,.I, best thoughi and att. .,i..n
t.. the ini.".-ts nf Ihl. c |..'.tori snd s_?l*ted msterii |j
In ii. rrowth ami prosperlti ll" ? 1- dl*tingu*flcd for
lurlifineiil and rei.,.irkublv < l.^r bUSness tacuitv. jiei
,- utilise] ami n,iv!?.r sra, of greal -"vice n, toe many
irnii prl*** iv,ti, which he wa* connected, Few men save
: , prnmineni ana boaorsM* place ia mis
iiimniuiil Hu ??? 1 . during ? ong ano *ucces?iui ... ?
rsltlifui lo .-.erv tm-' sud devotrt hi lu* frleaCs, We.
ulii, wer? s**o lated s th him tn ::, ? Ituard, boto 1. ip. i- 1
Mm f..- 1,1. .? .,,.. ,,. head and nen and be.
ll . nd !?? him. We teri tiiul lu lu- death
we sustain u |? rsonal .?
ii, M-'iit t.. 11... faoiily ...,r j,r..f..ii:'i st sruipathy in
their :... n. 1 ?
I'.e.'i.i.'i. ihai thi- minute bi'entered ,;|*.n the r*eo la
of the Company, aad a ,,|,v cngn??! and sent to the
hu. |y
I;.-'ii..!, 'Jiint tie' members ut this lie.ri ,,r Directors
alt-mi th'- fimerni tegethtr.
1/'lin-..,, Thursday, Ftornsry -Jd. r.i'hard lAiid. la the
7,Uh var ot hts lg*.
Funeral s*>rvlcas Will (?? hod In Nt. Mark'* Church, 10th
.1 umi -.'.lave . on Monday, tl ll s. m.
M....ur. gatutdav ifhrmnon, Febrosry '.'".. is;.;!, at her
Int- r- -i,!e,,,??'. 14', l|.?.i? r-?t. Ilronklvii. Maiuar.t lialc,
-?:* 1 of h. 1st* John ?'. Moon', In ber troth year.
Nolle* of fu:e mi in Monday'* poper*,
nomi UN- lass. Osborn, "February -"?. MOS, iged ?.'.
Funeral fran Ra, IS City Hall Place, Monday, i p, m.
PALMF.R-Al P-Mi.hkeip.le, Februsn Sith, Igpg.^lonl
gostery s*tri Palmer, mw of Victoria M. and tbe lit.
Au-.n S?lfl Pnllli.T.
Funeral private
PA RR RR 'rn Friday, February 24th. K.llra H.. beleved
.nf" sf Edwin iv Psrker,
Km,ei*. s, rib*, ul Zion Md **f. Timothy's 1 hu li. Wert
.'otlist.. on vi.lay, ?.':",. s, 11 o'. ,....!.
I'll i:-*"\ s,|,|,|,?iv nf spnplesy, si Wastfl*ld, R. J., on
February 24, IH>3, Oirin Plerwin seed 7J.
(Ulstlvr, uni friend, ..:? resp, ?' . 1 Invited t.. ith-nd
tie. fun.ml from hi* lat.- n-shteuce, ..,, Tuesday, Februan
28, at '-' p, in.
irani* have \.?.y.,r!i fool nt Llb. ti--'.
Tfltxt nv. On Saturday Febiuar; :.-,. Jsna I'.-1 Ifield.
Wtfs Of l*l?r.'!l, e J 11
Funersl fruin '? >>? ?? Chuivb ..11 Tuesday m..mini.', February
28th, al in o', l<. 1.
VAN POTT 11, -.it.r.i ,v, Febrna t 25th, Fanny wife ol
1 ..rn.ilu- Van Cutt.
Funeral aer,|i tal . 1 sldenee ol hei son Utcha**- Von
foti, :: Wa-vii"! ,n l*:.i e. Moalaj evcnlui February
?J7i... al h ..-elis k.
Kim Ij ..ii it Dowel..
Marlka .1. Knuth, it nu ci. titlve bi etlag ol tbe
llusu." .1 s?i "i. ,.* ie., : 1 ii wa*, ? ii nus bm
lt .Jived, Thal Hil- committee moat deeuli feel* tlc
.?i.i 1. n and .lenin* i,,s. ..i*t.!!,i..| by t'c Huguenot
So let) nf m.. i. n in ei.-- uncspected 'i.:.;i, ..f ...,. of u*
must esteemed, Si Ul Slid energetle 111.-11 I, e. m.- |_|c Ml
Maitha J 1.111,1, wno na.1 irom .ann in tal* rita on
the second ile of .lanni 1. is'ii. I,,,i m . , mimili,
lUelf mo.i-.i11II1 grieve* f..r the death nf ,!. fellow*
member, who wa* "i.r ,. ..-?. i-ntclent in 1. -? rice, reiru
lar In stletidoa ? on i- meeting, sad prudeiit, vi's.. ;,,, 1
c....rte.,ns In hci m!vI.-.- and UKgestions. .1. ??. ,|,.
ll: 11 'I aud :? m.' .? as -ie ii .ts iirlllianl and Int. !|.-i-lual sh.
will ever !??'.ain 11 mod I for those ol le-r -.\ m|,o -In1
cuter tin- |,a'li* ,.f III, mi.ir .
Sueciul Xotirc..
A. Ily Hie Filth Avenue Auction |{o?,ns,
-.'.:- Fifth Av. nu >.
WM. ll. RUilM IN' A::? tl.meer.
A Ri: .i.i and Moa eatons Bale al
ANTI.ri.. AMl'.'i 1 M.ii v Mi BERM ll UXITI'RF.
lMl.r;u.\.. MAW Ml., 1.11: s*, of
fr rn estate "f M..jo* Leland oa Wa. aaoiw Rim nea.
le ,T.', I..ll .1 g, . .
Al-.. 1 Liri ? .. lei *i ci ,.r
Chlppeodtle, Bberatoa, sad Kjnplre Furaliate, BheBkld
Lisle, English ."* '.I'-, lc, log. Hun .Mth Kup-.-ri.
Mobi'ii li. "...id i!'.,-;-. mali' i,v .1. n Dsveupatt.
'.'".i-.i Filth .venae, i-ontigaed by ,1 dDUngul.b 1 fim.i, ,.<
Parlor, DioUtg-roaai sad Chambei Kalte, Easy Chain,
Le-Bge*, 1 ie isl Miner . > is sud Loco 1 srtalns,
RlS -. li 'l-l' ld*, I lum.,,|er.,, .!. .. |e,
in m. BULB nv ai 'thin
tv,-in..* ui, Thursday 1 li lij afbirnosas.
Marah 1-1. Zd on.i Sd, ai I :.(o o'elsck.
ll'i' ".ta 1.'. , ur.)
.Now sn Exhibit! si.
lilli ur, t hillel.
nu I vi: \m> .is-r-sT).
on Toe .doy evening, -s,,i ins) . ?' B o'eweb, ll,-re wll
i?. u (>., .na.f I..,- William*'* Church urauirio
"?ietliseii .im" (Br*| rime In America), .--..liilst,. . Mi
Henri -ttlnaer, Mr liaiid Willuns and Mi. lr."J-iii
llillette. Ali se.il. fres.
Thi- Lewes Library
,? open free t.. ti... puii.H daly, eactpl Boaaay, from
10 *. m. to o \) m.
ii..- Bom ... I. all ART ? ..ll-ctioii h,s b,.-n pines,!
,.i. .-xl,,1 ul.,11.
Special .".hil.il id Col, 11,1,11s l-tteis omi early Americana.
Ne .'arl* ..f ad...I-*,on ure j.-?|iiii?-?.
Coi.*io*, -io om.
Th!, lamont w-t.-r beins oow (by a moat tlaOorala ra
rubina. Iv--U,red ls Bil lt. rorm-r .tr-ngUi and ev ?.,??<?
Ui* gr-,t nilusrwl Miter drlnkltn: imbilr might b-> ?.., -
?lie |..-i WWW* it Sorato.*?hurr.liig Co alak* Uislr Ihlra,
st Jil. h. *!ll ful f...main
Croll Apple HUasoui*.
The ri-hlonablc ptlfUBIS. l-'ivi.rlt ? ut |rtla. .-. nan.I,.,,
and teUSfS. uiki tr.vU, ol**.* used. MUM Unitatloa*.
Special -satire,.
A.- Fifth Arcane Arl li.. Berle*.
No. Villi FifUl Avenue.
Free Exhibition Day aud Evening.
A Very Valuable Collection
".." .... ,1... IO
4'OItOTs *
bim act,.
From thr> M. C'le-.pha* collection. Tarn.
I'r.wi tim ."l. ( hallion colic. Cu, Karls.
Blear, the M. J. Kulla ell.-lum, Karls.
'?Thc hold, beautiful .kv *l. ? ch,mp of broadly pilnt-i
trees on the left, sud especially an; trunk I a (li.ul true
which -i in'.* walesa the |i u tor. ground, Nally gi VS th note
of Urandeur, lieut-, ss the-, all ai" with u d-nth uf celar
rath" r BBBSBBl viltli i,,r.,t"?N. Y. iBBat.
From ii-.iipl! g Ot., Karls.
"A Very OkaisatBg DtsshMBpa."?la. V. Times.
Hat.d la'o.
Fri.m Uie A. Fuinaisl collecU n, Pa ri,.
"A n :i*tr| nee ut ellie e||e u1 til" tlllOst J-tee** th
color ami handling Hui ever left l*?ld_il'_ iti/arl-lllSB
hand *'-N. Y. Tribune.
lioiii Hie J. c. Raakla collection. New-York.
"A lin.st poe tie little BMOellgkt iv I,Hil i* OHO Of -BS
gtaM af ihu collei *.,.,,."- n.i.
HA! 'lilt.NY'S
Ii.it.4l 1870.
Falnt/d ti. older for Hun _. Richards, Boston.
"V'ry suet in th-- sky coloring.''-21. Y. TUBBS.
HI I'llliS
Fr m tho J. C. Rankle mUeeBoa. Rew-Yatk, Exhibits!
at the | ne I.,,.m |. \hil,Ul.ni nf
One Hundred Misti rpleces,
"A work ot much dignity au I Ihoro i ,_Jj ihurset. r.*Uc.M
? ll ilU'IN'ia
Mt' 1 'TON.
From the Maiaraa a Beetloo. Parla.
ir.uii th.- .M..i.;ii (. ii.'.--n . Il -tiori. I'nrl,.
"An excellent example; a.mid bi a m.'* valuabla
Rdditl.u 1., Ur: n..*-. radon* of tie Metriuiliuiu Mu-?,?.''-?
BRM DDk, Fien, it Mei.in. I'.-, he* and (ita pcs.
Kron, th" Arnold v IrlpV ceBecRoB, Kari*.
"A -lill life ? f gr :,t besutl "-l'u-t.
M.iNl.T .*,
Hated 18-4.
From the HiiMiid-l'.'i'I colleetl. :i, Pirie.
"The:.- .-,,? |?. sothlng but USqaallged .."ir val. It U.
iii u nurd, au i'liibud.ii.ciit, ,* Ii'ht, unu u-ii.u.vlitrv.'."?
Ti be sold bv suetloa at
5th Ava , Cor. 1st:, et,,
Mr. S. p. AVCIT, J'.. "Ul :i-*i-t in the maiia.ert.cnt cg
th" -sile.
? uni.Il.s a CO., Masai.ERR.
A Well*Koowa Fketa.raeh (lattery lor **ale.
Owing to th" ino: ne.un lOCtesa ut bu* le's. In my up
town lisubtlthmeni, I soi oblced to sim rn) -ol'- alien
thin tu lt* I "ill tie :?!?:?? *-? I ... I'm u Squat* <??!?
lery. iiu-im-. rr fourteen yiM * from tJS.OOO to 133 (SO
.. v.ar. lt I* i i fe, liv equ!|i|si tor a Urge business.
Hil'. '? and term* reasouabl*. ttOCKWOOD, 1,4,0 lliuad.
way, N. Y._
1'i.si olio e Notice.
? sho,,hi te read dally bj an later Ked a* eluBges may
r.e. "ir- .1* SB] tin.-'.
I.i tt. r* Lu r ..-:-?,i ? ..'.mr i * m-. 1 uo: be ipeclaUy od*
I'P-s-.l for '.-i-u. i I., any pin eulai ?teamer, ci"'|,l
ii tea it i< *----11*??*i io ..mi jup ,. it... ot banking mid caai*
m.- . ilal il..cum.ni-, latter. But sp -'.all. .,,.1,.-.--.1 toing
sent by tba fa**.. -I i".a, ulan, .
Foi, lin mails f .r the * ? ?? li eil I ng March HU will elo-g
(promptly In all roses at this ?iii >> a* follows:
SL'NuAV-Al A p. Bi. for TrUKilbi, |. r -. -. t-- l'lz/ati,
from Rta ?' Irttai i* u, '3 p. m. for li.,, tields pi B. ?.
Agnes, from Kew-Orleani : at "8 p. m. r..r Costa Kies, ila
I, im "ii. j- r ?. * I Sha I, r on. N -ii., irleai.s: ?t ? ::,0 p. lu.
tot St, 1*1.-rr-.Miqu--i..n. per .tenner fram It.iliim.
Ml ND Al -At -it |". lu. foi nellie, i' ? I.Itel or.d
..'i .'.ii,ai.i. j er * *. Breakwater, from Bew-Orlcaaajj a*
.: JO p. bi. ttl China uni J. i*':i. .'? r steamer fr.mi Van
rouver il tt ts mum ,?? directed ", ? Van oaver" .
ll ll.siJi.lV Al I'l u. m. uni j'b-i' emory ll a. m. f..r
Central .inn ?!.?? i '.."'[.1 i ".;.i io', jul >,,u.h Ps el US
port-, j.' r * *. i if . I Faro, .:. i ? ..??, li t",-- for <iusto*
ii.ala must be ,11,*.ul "pei < itv sf I'ai.i".. st ll a. nu
?supp-avatar) l.' .;,? j., ni. ior '..-n,any. Denmark.
Mi nen. N..rM .v ?' lu :-?'mia ,n1 llu-*i:i per B. ? ll. ll.
Meier vto Bremen lottera imiat be directed "per 'I. ll.
M* r" ..i I-* i. '..: *-j!i:.i'.-" Cala j"', a. *. PsnaiM
lt Uer* fm V'ei, eucla and sai antila -tc. r."i*t i*-di roted
??per 1'inoe.a"); st l*. m. : r lin-nada. Trinidad nnd
Tobago, per *. *. llurnl- ? ; at ?-? | l... I i l'oi_j llico din t,
per *.. h. Chilian; at '_* p. m. for La Plata , lantrto* direct,
per -. -. Rewromen; st *:i p. m. f.r Baeas d.-l Toro, pee
* * I ORl, i-Kj. il. rion Now-iii!" in*
Wi'-.iinf.-h i'. - vt ll a. m. for Fortune Island. Hvl
and Savanllla, -fte., p i a. a. ah,,: st i- ?? lapjileev-nssge
l BO e. m. for Europe, per I. ?? BrllaABli via Que ns
town :' at I a. m. I.r . nba. | M - ? ' Ul St lix Uldrla,
v.a Haiana; at l p. m. r..r ! don nnd Inseams, pei a. *.
.lian,.. I, t'-r* mu*! be dlre-ta-d "pei Al !.,?? "* ? at I p. tn
(siippleni itarv I b0 p. m (or St Croix and Ht. Thoma*,
vlg Kt. ? ,x rt.. ? Wmtlii .r.l Islands dir-.-: u r -. *. .'irUi
i, ? letter, for Grenada, . Tobago must ha
directer! "is>r Caribtv in " I' m fer llelgium direct
pei a, . Nuordlsnd, ita Antwerp il. it-:* mii-i bc directed
f'per !-.? rill, u ? .
Till IWDAY-At IO a m. f'.r Orevto**-, n* *. *? Argo
naut letter* for Jan il i, B-lit "?" ?' ' "?"l raatag
ion../ u .i-t i. dil- '??: "pei Argonaut" i ai ll.e. Bk
,..i|,pb-ii enUii-v 11.80 a. m fo !?' rt'i-i" latSnd, .lanalea
snd Jeremie, per I. * Alvi . tl - for Coota Ku-a. ns
I,in,.in. un*', i. dlreil il ??;? Alvern" SI I p. m. sup?
plementary 1 80 p. n foi Itermu :, per -. a. or,tinco;
St 1 p. ni * ipplen .ri' fy I Ml |l l"r KSMOO, N. P.,
and .?s.ii,t'u_-i, < nt... pei -. ?. * ,l
S ATC HO Al it :i:> ri f-.r I'.'.!")" 1-" a. * r.tr-irla.
vii Quecnatawn ftetter* for Fraace Hvtttarlaud, Italy,
Unala portugal, ind Tuikey, dium I, directed * pc
I'lrurls" nt 4 a. u, t' Rurel* per - * Chester, via
>.. it'uin.pt... letter, ir i-t I- d'*.-.-t'ii "|*>r Cheater"!; ot
4 .tn :t. ie. for Xctheilan * dirt t. lier >. s. Veendam, via
I'.,.!'. rd*m [letters m"-* bo directed ";?'r V*een1siB,,ii at
. rr, foi Scotland dlre.t, "r *. - itoliiia.
vis iii.ss- ii lett r* must b .I i. ct * -";,- Dulilla",; at
7 s. m. f..r France, Ra trerlnnd I',--. S|*!n. Portugal
and Turkc.i cr- i. Ls (>a?-, ne. ,la Ha,ie: at U a m.
f.r Compeche, Cblsps*, l'..i ;i?... ai.d Yucatan, ;?*r s. s.
s ,. ., fetter, for Cubs Tsmpiro and inxieni ail rt and
other Mexican Mate, ita t'e>s i ru/ u.u-t X, .iiie.teti ??t,.-t
-elect-' ; st tl a ii i ' Haiti, i'll! .i'i and Camposa,
| er I, - I'rwiij. Na srci !? tt-T* f , ,,'h"- \'i rn vr'l i perts,
ni*.. Curacao, inn .lui Hrltisb and tiuicti ilulsns ...'i*t
I.* dire, tel --p. r ur.nie N i.-iiij" : il ? I .. i ,. f,,- Tr'ix*
lllo, j. r - - * i,., ... rI-? n. N.'-i ':|. ,-,, || g ti j,, m.
foi Newf...indian-! per -leaner Inn Ila Ifax
s: MiAi-it *:i p. ni fo* I'.-ia Rica, na Lm.on, per
-. -. Hi.pallin, fo.". Nc Cl boll*.
ii i la for \list-all- N>??'?;'' a'mi.i, Rawsllas Fiji snd
Samoan l*lon_?, per *. ,. Monowai froii 'a, Rranetace|,
rios,' hi rial i un lo Febi ian 23 lt fl !? p m. tot
mi n-rival ll N""i" km**. - r.H?trls with Ilrit'*h malla
fer iiistialia . Mail, fr ? i.;na a:.-l Japan i-' *. a Pera
fr..it. Sn. Francisco) close herc di'li un pi I' hruary
"j.-, nt '-. SO i' ' Malls fe tin. Hsvsllsn f.landa, i-r
* .. A'istralla fr.,tn San Frsnels-o . cl..- liep. dolly ,0
to Marh '" SI 0 ??" "' in. Ms I- fer til ? ?*."?!.'v t, linds.
: :: i from Ksu Fran. I*??>? clo ?? hera
itally un t., M,.',h 'j:, at u SO n. m. Mall, f..r China
.."<! r.iau ila I'ae.eiv.: ispecialiy ?tii-*--l nnlv) do-*,
at lin* ..ii." ,.a,:> st 0:30 i. i?,. Malla 6m Vcwfoand.
Ifsi, 1. bv ra I !.. flallfSX an! ''e". h' -te* 'r l?,' nt
tin. nfflce dally al ?* SO p. n Mil!* roi Mlqn?l-B, by
in i to it'stou. and tl. by siesner, clo*e .t thi- ofln-e
itally at :-? 30 |i m Malla fo< Cul*a I ? rall '.? Tim|,:,,
Fla. sud thence In -'.?>'.?? r tall luff Mondays Thursdays
undi s"'-. 'I'i- ''"'-' :" 'Us nut. .l.e i .?? . i 't m.
Mu!* for M v ... ..v. | in 1 i ? ... | IS _ fig
.ii.t it. it l.v steamet close .ti n.i* ..il.. ,? dally ..? :t s. m.
T ans-l'-.i.'lii. siall* .... forwsrdod to "sun I'l.in-is.-o
lally and th" schedule nf .-lo.l'ia .* an .m -: .,, the M*S>
.-.iini'tieu nf their nnlnt" rip-'' ?.-," iud tran lt lo s*a
Franclseo. Mall, fr. tn :.-.?? arriving on t. ? nt mu
i ,,? : po on the day of Ballin of ?t?omora bi .| -| u-.-hed
tin :."? ti.ime day.
? i:,,-i.i. ?-. i inst I I..*-- \t *'. p. m. pvii'ii. day.
Extra *"i| pi' "e'iiiiii'' Mails sn oncnid on Bi pi. rs of
the :',i,._ bl .*l '. rinoii steamers it rh* boat ??!
Inalng of -'ii.pl.-en i- Mall- il th PoatcdBe* v, l,l.-l_
ems In ."m.i. until w.tiiht Tea MUlutcs Of V. ? hour of ..all?
in; ..f -? ?
CORNF.I.H'S Vis COTT, Postmaster.
Pii.-on New-York, N. V. Kl.marv Sith, 1>*.H.
ficligi-iio SCottcrt.
1I,r. -univ CIU'RCII M;, I -,ei-.'.. . ail ,*(Th-? ?
tl.dv I nhl,,,un,ol tu n. iii l'.l. Ki V, F. Tl in'N'IlNlL
TON, n. I). LL H. BLimp ul Central New.York.
i r ai hes at ll a. m. and 1 M p m.
0KRTRAL baptist 'in Kin. wt i::-? ssas
li,,,|..ii Kev. w. M. Wil.Ki.". Ki-tr Pr alf
Mm!.iv a' tl a. m. ll ! 7 I". I e h lt. \ I! Il Mt
KIM i.V of list.,,, Evangelist Hui-Uy-ochoa) at 1 41
ie ni. ..-'?: rvl.i every evi . ls ? ?eei; at
m o' lock, ex. "K Hoturdoy. vu .." sreleoi .?
CHRISTIAN ;-;ii i.iii SAN ll IRY, 10. lst.i.?
Se.vice* at 7 :?. p m. -ubjai I "Tb, MUlenlam. Wh#
Will l-.nt'-r and i ij ?', lt ??' ? n
i URI ST i tl: ::? ::. Boulevard and w..*- 7i*-.*t . Dr.
I. s HIIIl'MAN Reeta Serrli-es ut 1! i m. and B
p m. Bunday-scbool at lu a m.
i Ht'RC ll OF HU'. MESSIAH, enter of .IJUi-.t. snd
ru? i.-iv ? -. in..-- .ii !i i. n. Preai-hln. bj trie Uuv.
I M. LORD, Bf l'M.v .lenee.
i III li. M OF rill ROI.! il* ".. l ? -. J- v-t. and
?eli a.- Special Seri i Ur sbeihood of Kt, Audiew, 1 Ai
P* Bi._
t ill T...I .'!' I 111. Ill \\ I NI-V Ttl >'!'. :t .-iv. above
I5th-*t. Kev. H. I'ARR Kit MOKHAN D H. Rector.
i- i in, v .''ll!. - .'. m. Il Iv (' .milieu.on ; ll a. m.
Mon Ina i its- _ .ii -in et bi tin Rector: 4 ii. m.,
ex.-nlnu |.:iic: and -ne..:i by ti- Rev. ARTlIuR R.
ni".r. M a.
Music Hall ."iii-!, and Tth-nve. m ming li. Rventn. gL
Mr-. I'l.lKA ll. HANK.*,, Bleaker. Afl?r,iOo,i I.
r*vehl. si Experience.
riv:: I'Mivis :u,t sr OF IMitsTiiY. loo Worth.
*".- WILLI 1M F BARXARH *- ;."!nt.-?'!"t,f,. Service
,.f som.' ,?>..,v g nod ay si S:S0 n, m. Th* service ls
almost wholly by th" children of the inatltution. 1'i.blto
lui lt.-. _
llnI.Y TKINITV int lt. II. UARLRM, Lenox-srt,
jud I'-'-'ib-t- H"!i Comm.a, , a. m. Morning prayer
eel .ern,i?i. ll Evensong, i ii. h.. I.vn nj. prayer aiid
?r,niKi befurt the Veutii.- Pe.ifle K-in-h A*... .at on, 7:4.1.
ri.. Keeler Rev. Hr. ititi human, wui srsack at tha
m.,rubi'.' and SVeniBg SttVlceS.
NEW YiiltK lill::. Il OF CHRIST s, it'NTIST' 5
East I'.Mi.t - sunday *t\|.t. 10:15; SuuJiy *. hool
Immediately after. ItOOia* oura dalli from 10 tn 4.
Mr* LAURA Kl I ll !'.< il'. Ka-"tor.
NEW SOC I ITV Killi vi. s|'IUITI-ALIST8. 44
iVe*t ntl..*, Ad.b'?.'?.*, h- *. ve-nl s|ie,k'-r? ll a av.
Lsclats bv MUM I Vii MMIAX, 8 p tn'.
rsl* illuMlVS I Ut III ||. .',t!t..ii,. ?nd fi-d-vt.-Oa
MaaSsy eveaUw. Mai.h nth. mu Lc given a mv*ieal
*S vi. c I.) a la ip. *.,rpi.;.,I , leer cf oi*a s"4 baW
uusltr the dlrecUou of Mr. GEO. F. LE JEUNJB.

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