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[Bl RUORAAB to rmi titiBt'M:.]
R'aahtngtoa, Feb. _?.?A personal lettet min.
by OaMRaal O-bboaa to tbe Arebblsbops ..f n
Cathiilic (hinch was published three weeks .ipi |
s dispatch sent from Chicago and Blade the ba?
tor cRargtng him wllh conspiracy ngslosl bl* co-.ii
lagers lu Ike patkcBc hierarchy. Ile was secused .
unworthy inoiii.s lu keeping bark certalu Infomi
llOB l.t.ni Home. Tlie fa!-Kv or Hie charge Wi
promptly shown by thc joint statement of ? ardlui
Utahan, and Afci.bl*iii.p durigan, aka ware ti
preint.-s deputeil to s,.;._ the liiforiiiiiil >n lederrei i
to tho l**Ji-**.
startling bs uas Hie treachery Hil* grave -ead
revealed, lt BRR,ora ns a little thins compared mt
tbe Heathery which nov Involv. * the ni *t irust"
custodians of cei.tiiciitui letters In tbe Vstlinn nu
l'iopagand:i la Koli,". From thi* m.urie a person"
letter of Cardinal <.ibbons to the lope hlniselt, n hie
was never url!len for the rye of nny other persoi
a'ss recently tarnished by the eoemles of Arcbblsh-i
Ireijind s scholastic plan froiB Ike lette I ai chive, ,
Ihe liipe. and the copy -,?nt lo B dbdlngulahe
C'nUioiic prelate In the Kim.-il states.
The letler t?or? tlie ilafe o! Mar. ll 1. ISB2, and WI
prepari-d a* an appendix, lt Wsi *.ild. t., Ibe famon
" lltlaad liK'inorl.'il.'" ll failed to attract the thghte,
notice, when published a !eiv ne..li* ago, ssvc among
fen- who kii'-iv the teal uas eon.tlr given, until lb
Inquiry wu.* Bttde SBMing ?? .-.?b'-la.-llcs, familiar Will
the nay biisiiie-- I* doll" in Koine, a* to What CO-**
Lan* peen the motive u, farntshlng .1 letler irom lb
private ul"-* of the I ipr foi- parlkatlon nearly ,, yea
Biter H aa. written. The srrkMsbops sad Msbops ,
the Catholic (hui.iii In lld, country ww tbe doeumen
for ihe first time llmiBgll it* puhllcntlon In th
weekly CathoUc p,ii>er*. They nore doubly surprised
?Bat, Hi*; sank ? letier skeaM have beeB taeM ?
Ile, even ir ,.??>? ol 1 personal character, ind second
that it sahstantlally set lorth lhal the raetropolltan
In nie Knited, .-lute, fsvored Monsignor Irebind'
p'.an fer settilng Ihe school qaeatlon.
Recent even!.* la the .":i:iiry. particularly the cnn
terence of archbishops In New-! -rh in*! Rovemhet
showed ivh.it .1 remarkable change bad coate over th
minds of these print.-, in one short year, il lb
assertions au forth lu 1 unlit,: ! 1 .Ibl.on*'* teller Wer
true. lave lo those familiar with the course 0
events in ml* country, the treachery ol the Kop.'
trusted Mead would aol reveal ttsell on hading Ih
text of tl.- latter. Ral kc certainly anderstc-jd Hm
dissension lt iv.,aid lead to if ll once saw the Ugh! 0
The reason why tht letter wa.* written is set fort 1
In the apinlng paragraph, which atys:
Msst ii,.iy rsl brr- Mowstgnoi 0*CsaaeR, rectet of ti,
American toll .". Writes that your Holiness wishes bm I
make a detailed report of Who! via* done at the meetuu
Of the Arcl.l :*'.. p- .it st. Leela on the eccosles ot Mon
signor K. uri. ks episcopal jubilee in reference to Ih
tc hool, st Faribaalt and "Stillwater.
The Cardinal then recall-, to the mind of ttl.
Pope Ihat Monsignor Ireland's action fcas ceased pas
?donate Btlacks upon lils nd'lr.**, and BB the B?Uvei
Inspiring then. Ile thea tay.:
When ne were met at St. Louis it wa* the wish of ali
tho archbishop, to obtain SS c.xplanstion tl "hat Iud beal
. done, and at my ie*|aett M..listener ir.-lind mad.* an ex
planatinn with a simplicity and frankness worthy of bil
high position and noble tbs IBS tri Ho went so far as t.
say that he wis "happy ls submit his action to the eeg
BIMBOS or hi* colleague* aud uas ready to retrace hi* ,t>p?
li they thought he had passed the limit of sight oi
The agreement between Monsignor Ireland and Uk
scli'i.l commissioners of FBltbealt mid .-stillwater .-ir.
next given nt length. Mun conies Hie following, ti
Which, lt I* understood, exception la taken by a
number of tho ArekMsbopu preseat at the st. Leah
conference. In ISBI, and wiileh ls doubtless ;h>. reel
cause of the ropv of the letter having been Stoles
from the archives at thc Vatteaa:
Thi*. Holy FSBlS . i* in suh-ia i- e th" Minali.>n Bl
f^rltiault and Stillwater. After Monsignor lietaad's ?'\
plsnati"n aud hi* answers, not om- ol th" Archbishop,
offered a word of blain*. Haag wets vere explicit li
their opprciiaJ; and Mtaslgaer WlUtams, Vrchbishop 0
Boston, whose authority With Bl 1* very great. .11 not
hesitate ic, say that he CSOglslulaed his coilra.ue on th,
rnsuii* oMahaed, Rsm his own wish would ht tt tabnd
' the schools of i.i* dleetse to a ?in.ilor SJ I sage
munt and that he hoped to sat,St! at leaM 0* '?
some. In fact, taking rhine* as they nie, thc objection.
to this srranesment ar" none ; the advantages are *r
great Uiat the oppoattlea to it i- atti.t at**d lo mallee ai
lt !, to tht* ia*t sentence the archbishops inke tb,
liveliest exception. Thew sam- propositions, lorna
lated in the address of Monsignor BatoBI and presented
to d"i" eonterence hell at Monsignor COrrtgnn'i
residence lu Rew-York la-t Kovenher, with lb.
solemn aasaraace that they represented Ihe mind ol
tbe Tope, wera not acceptable lo Ihe j.r.lit"* then
assembled. Mtrilgnoi Deland i* snid to have i-.. r
the only on* who stood ap for lli?rii, and ( nrdii.nl
(ilbhons, who was the chaim.un, took advantage ol
his position 10 renata sOent. The advantages ol
t*n?t .ireland pisa are vest elaborated and ti;'
great gr.in to the children In Ihe community when
the system lins 1.n adopted nr.- *et forth In -1.tt.ll
In closing tho Cardinal lays that th- Ireland pinn
ts not new, and that many schools aro nader slmllui
rule In s-vernl -loci'SCO. m.indy Rew-York, th
diocese of Archbishop Corrigan; MUwaukee, thi
diocese of Aukklahop Ratter; Albany. Buffalo, Brie
HstTisbnrg, Peoria, Rochester and Bat tanah.
The Cardinal, then as one ol the Pop. '* persona
counsellors, adds :
No one- had dreamed u'. lairing abjection, anil
occuring tiie (gimp* au? pro sts of these dm ? ?-? ? <.|
unfalthfulnee* to their mis-Ion and treason Ut tie' H1nr.l1
but the passions weet stirred up tie :n?taut .Mnnalvtini
Ireland h,*d acted, m. saeades an MR i- lt pane
me much t> say it, Holy Cather, but tVv have WstebBKfi
st Rome, and wBI -lop at s .thine lo rum bis pre.tine and
hi, suthnrlty ; sud fat as 1 have wrlttea U you ali-viv
would be a gr-at bl.ot |s th- burch in th ? I'n it-I st.ii-.
Tlie truth of this ia-.* sentence 1* forcibly con
fjimtl by ihe fiii-t thal ihe " watehtaea al Rona"
succeeded in getting a copy of Hil* personal letter to
Ihe Pope. |a l>e used Iii ti* Catted stoles lo tho dis
comfltuie of tlie miler and Ol ATthbt*h_.p Ireland
Mmsclf. lt will doub'.le*- pain ('urdu.ni Kampolla,
the Kapai -e. reta cy of Mai", and Cardinal Ledo
choirski, Pl, fact "f tha Propaganda, lo have sark
positive evidence before them of tba truth of Car
dinsi fRhhoai'i assertion. The ttipe hlnsell wRl
probably be a-tomined when he learnt that bitter
enemies of Monsignor ireland and Cardinal ulbbous .re
members of the Papal household Itself.
The appeal ol the Cardinal to save mi nslgnor
lrcl.inl Iran l'.i', li. . 'lub nu..'Hon was beaded by lb*
pope, who, nut long iii!'. Hi- receipt ol Ike "letter,
authorized Iii- statement ihat he approved Ibe dill
wstcT and Knilimult plan. The most explicit mid
rmphutlc approval, kowever, waa aol Bude known
until Moaslgaor Batolll was leal io this country
with tlie Pope's j.lan io end the sebaol eonlmversy,
sud the sckolssllc .iiics'ioii was formulated In the
fourteen propositions. These wera Iha definite answer
to the last paragraph ol Chrdlaa] (ilbbont'i letter ta
Hie l'oj e, winch t-lls Its own story !
Your HeUMM will allow BM lu Sa] lr. eadine this letter
that th-- .lien... ut tht Dei] Sec en ihl.iqaesiten ha* ben
Old will be ta ttl pitied as a vi lui! ' ?' is!' ii,nation of Ole
cocduet and Views of the peal AichMshop ol st Paul.
If thi* opinion ha. I*"u shared |,y t.?. American public, a*
lt BSSOISdly w.etld bs In tim , I bar that the national
MtiUmeut would i'? ? tell 'i snd tnat wes-ure, obn \ ???,
to Cothoile. .\ on l-l ls- j.j. ;?>.*?.! in ..hool estie!.. Tie r
hats been att-mpt- in tni> eiioclUo. Joe, lev.- he sa
checked for the pesetas, bat it t- Important not, lo reaew
them in ttsaak s 01 audaMalng prejudice Bgslust onrtelvet.
Further. n.o*t n..iy PMher, I dora beg yowl Hollaeai t/>
Slow to the Ame;lian public in surh a manner as you
think best that MmlgSSI ireland ha* real conllii'me *"d
Ihat you sopt'ove and ai.pr- late blt effort* and hi- a- I* for
the good of th" chiir- h in the L'Blted Stabs.
ll _. iru- the encyclical i. ready for (womal
gallon, and that will end Iha contriver-y OS tin
sgIuxiI uuostlnn ip tar a, public crltldan Boee.
But IBITI an- alr.-adi niau! .igns tha: the ucfuul
numb.-r of mt|v.- supporters aitr ng the bishops of the
Pi/in adopted by ti,,- p,,-*. i. no! one-lweU h of th.
btahops of the Knited states. The publication ot
Cardinal Ulbbont'l letter si this time. ju.| after the
Pope, lind received the aahhMed opinion of every
Ainerlcan Mahen up.ui ihe aeholaatk proposition, will
___-___ri..*-ta__' S?*^! ""? tml ,,! l,? t'aH'oUc
tf-^tCL '". ,urrrln,r' "?\ the BBgfntlOui mude by
___Li*t_ ,f,0r s"J"In<t the school question. The
-f!?yiiii* T*tlta>w "'. ***** "' *< aeeananl
aBm-tltkitisIy obtained and sent here to defeat the
Xl1 in\thbnt m0P? __5___f?__&!?*" ^Jhbuns knew
teTllitrr! ss*erfloi. t^?re ,Ms evidence (-mr,..
Tbe opening of .-t. Thomas's chtird'*, at Bayonne, hus
been deferred once mon-. Ksther Aime, who I* still
Ul, bsa been allowed a temporary assistant by Hlshop
Wigger, and lt was Intended thst he should officiate
to morrow morning in boch churches. Father Ahne,
however, baa announced that owing to tbe defective
heating nppsratus of the church, he bad been sllowt,
by Anhblstiiop Satolli to continue the services st st
Henry's Church until Bl. Thomas'* Church ian bo
put In thorough repair. It ls also reported thn'
Fhthef Aline .luis received a copy of u letter thu
Archbishop satolli has sent lo Father Killeen li
wiilch the latter ls censured for reading th. lettei
of last Sunday In full, father Aline suys the mpv.
of the letter sent kin contains s foot note saytB|
lhal Ihe letter was not to b" published, and only Ri
substance wa* ta I*- announced from the pulpit
Ile refused to s?y whether he luis Knarred Iron
Arcihbl-hop Satolli a biter of the lenpr denni.- lu
ref. rci.< <? to Father Killeen.
The women lay-teaeaers ia me Roana Cathallc
1 schools of this city are. Il I* said, dissatisfied with
; their salaries, and are abea! to begin an agitation
? for more pay. 'l.'icy have appealed tri the Lady
I (.otham Assenbly, Knights of Knbnr. which hus a
! nenbershlp of several Iheasaad women workers,
i most of whom are t BthoBfa. Il ls *aid that thc
i women lay teacher, ar* paid from IBS to 3*.>5 a month,
| while the brothers and sisters who ure teachers In
! the parochial schools receive the sams wages, be
*ldes their board and lodging. The Kev. Fainer
.Michael .1. Considine, ol thc Church ol the liuardlan
Angel. Ro. '.ll West Twenty third *t.. who ha.
charge of rh- parochial schools In this diocese, was
tis. ill to be seen yesterday. Tl). Lady Oothrun
Assembly, Knights of i.abor, neets in the Florence
building, I'li-i *t. and s.-i end .'tie., on sundays.
-? w
There l* much opposition lu Newark to a bill In?
troduced in Hi- New-Jersey Legislature according
Mate support t" parorl lal *? hool*, it i* nnderstood
thal a lumber of local priest* are straining . very
nerve io liaie ihe bill paaaed, and that ll ll does
un appropriation ??f WB1.IIB- SB will be andr oal ?>f
Ibe Mate Treasury. A public Indignation meeting
will b- hf ld next nek.
Lakewood, N. ?'.. Feb. 25.?Ex-fc'enator John ir.
Carlisle arrived her- from Washington st IBrfJOo'cba-h
tl,:* morning, and wa* m-i si '!"? slalton by Mrs.
Cleveland. Ile entered Ibe Cleveland carriage sn i
was driven lo Ihe collage, when* he (sand ihe Pr-**!
d.iit-eleei mid .Iud;.'- l.leshnm SWSltlllg kim. Mr.
(l-veiaiid and his chid advis-r* held i conference
which la-ted until ll o'clock. Th. li Judi:.' i.r-'.vi
wu* driven lo ih- station by Me*. Cleveland, and Mr.
? b velum! nnd Hr.Carlisle wen! oal tor a walk. Jadgc
(tresham look ibe 3:45 Iraln for Sew-York. He de
clln.-d te inti; al ml tl"- object ..f hi* vlsi! and i ld
that bc would roitirn st once to Chtrsgn. Mr.
(iirll-le will I-- Mr. cb vi hind's guewl over bandar.
Ansterdan, N. V.. Feb. 25 (.-ipeclall.?There I* n
Miter tight in thi* elly between lb* Cli-volanJ and
lilli factions, ul,iib ulii i o-i the Dem**crallr .pari)
many votes at the charter eleellwi neal month. 1 he
row started a night or two ago when the city i m
mltt-e Biol for the p*irpo*e of xrgnnlxlng f,.r ihe . nv
lag lear, lt eras discovered tbst three Cleveland men
hud been frozen mit and three Hill f Ilene**! til H
tuted In "Kde pl.s. The Ugh! began iver Hie
chairman,Mp or the rii> rmmlttee. Robert F,
Owens, superintendent ot section .'i <>! ibe Erle Canal,
the i bairn an. d-sired to serve In tim' rapacity spin.
Tho Cleveland faction, howeier, thought it iva* tim.'
f..r Mr. ' wens to I et Ire, a* they had had enoigh of
Hie HUI Miit-priv p' Hiles in the city. Tlie Owns
tsrtlOD prevailed Mild !:.- was re-.lect-d. The defea:e-l
Cleveland men are much aggrieved, and th.-re ls war
to the knife. Mr. > ht.-iis j* a greni ad-dree of mil
mid Murphy, nnd he ha*, lor sim- time adopted their
methods of conducting poUtleal meeting*. The out
come of the fight ls awaited w-itli cn.ide. .!.!- Inter
? st, nit ..nly lu the city, but throughout Montgomery
Tbe Tammany llnll prlnarlea to choose delegstes
to the ron vent len lo be held to-morrow night io
nominate a successor to the jute senator Edwsrd P.
Hasan, of ihe IXth S*nate District, uer.- held li *
night. Among Ihe delegates chosen from Ihe three t?
terably fii*tri<-is wen- Janes P. Resting, Mb li iel
R. Brennan, John P. Corrigan, .loin. i. Marlin,
.iiicob c. Wand, .lohn K. Boyle, John Hayes, Lea
renee Colins, Joh. Fredericks, James M. Fliidmons,
Henry w. Inger, winiam T. Ryan, "William "rexton,
Alexander Boshy, Charles A. .-tadl-r. prier Doelgey,
Jr.; c. c. Wehriim. Oeerge H. Motlellan, .lohn M.
Mc Reen, Henard .1. f,orman hi,'] James T. 'arlin.
Among ibe mfn mentioned yeaterday ns the P"s
stble successor ot Bcnalor Ila gs n vv.,* Mlchse] ,i
tangan, the lawyer, now ir,-a*urer In thi, rliy of
the lrt?h National League. Ile lias been a prom
Inent member ot Tammanj Hall.
Helena, Mont., peh. 25. Tlc- bullo: for H nalar
to-day resulted: Mantle. .'JO. Clark, -j; Dixon,
*t; th.- test scattering. No choice.
OXE pris at rt situ HER HCMJAXD wis \
Dei.-, tlie* Long and Sullivan, of the Rlneteenth
Precinct, nindi, mids I rnlii night on three alleged
disorderly flat-. Ti..- iir.t flat vtstted wa. Hun ..f Mun
R'OOdward, nt No. 1?I7 We*t ioiirth *t. Mr-. W.....I
ward was alone In her room* when the detectives
entered Ihe pine-, -itt- said in answer t" quesilom
Mini h.-r hnshaad wu* i member of Company \. 7",
Regiment, nnd w.- sway sltendlng s drill of his
ranpany at tb- armory, she !i?.k'*t1 Ihe dote, lives to
walt until ber husband's return before laking ker to
the -tallon house. The ofliiers dedin.-d io wall.
however, and Mr*. Woodwnrd accompanied them In
Hie Thlrtieth-st. station house. r-horllv nfi-r mid
night Mr. Woodward railed nt the station bo is..
When tho sergeant rcfus-d to hi cpi lil rn ns ball foi
hi* wife's appearance, be deaoanced the mid a- un
outrage, mid b ft tue pine- vowing vengeance.
Th- ether flat* visited were those of Mr-. Ileorgh
Biggs, ut No. 147 Wost Thlrle filth *!, wb-re two
women were found, und K.mtiiu Lester, ni No. lu.-,
W. st 1'or'loth st.
In Jefferson Market Court yesterday Ihe tiree
women wer- rbarged wllh keeping disorderly housi
Adolph L. sanger, president ol the Board of Rdrs i
Hon, appeared for Mr*. _.'*'-l''r who was held for
trial. Mr*. Higgs and Mr*. Woodward Were ul..
h.ld for trial. Woodward was present In court.
but he wu. too l.ii-v trying to gel b l?.nil-iiian for
his wife lo say anything about ihe raid.
PreRmlnary nnnouneemen! bas air adv been mud..
of tbe approach <>f thc two tleman mlHIary bands
which nie to play at th- Madison -inure l.;.nl*ii lor
a wek |,.-f..r> c.ntItuilii,: on their iv.y lo Ihe World'*
Fair. Thee bands ai- from Berlin. One of than,
tb. inf.nilly band, nunkeri s -icuty lil., 'mn- ulai,*,
Sltd the other, of fie cavalry, lui-, twenty-five. They
will play together and ulii give -even concerts,
beginning on Sunday evening, April 23, and ending
on Saturday afternoon, April BB, The proceeds of
tb. -.- ... i,cuts wt] i?- dlvi'!"il between charities lu this
rlly und a fund which ls rslslag in Germany for the
pniji ... of sending mechanics and artisans le Ihe
World', Fair, it is proposed lhal the Arion and
liederkrani societies shall add vocal marie ta two
or three of 'he concerts, and tb. following scheme
for rlasslfled programmes has been arranged pio
vtalonslly, I hough nol yet fully determined upon:
-un.im evening, military and sacred music uni m?ic"
Hons from Wagner and Mrini**; Monday, pop.ibu
music, wnit-e*. marrhea, ele.; Tuesdsy, vocsl musi
Wednesday, military mid grund opera! Tluirsds
Wagner, iieethov-n snd 1.1-i.t: Friday, vocal: s.itui
day afternoon, military, grund opera and vocal.
T .
The ???.iinlrv "f Ham, with ll* populous rltlc. nnd
Its varied s. enery. Was th- "Knii'l of Ihe I. .fis"
of nhl, 1, Colonel David B, Rickie, talked to an In
terested audience. SI Cooper tulon la-l .vening.
Colonel sickle* was for a Banker i.f yaara Catted
states CoBsa! af li'ingknk. It was an Inter-sting story
?inich be told of iu*. and bm_nen ender the
skies of slain, and of th" rtvlRaatlofl of singapore
and fiangkok. The se re* ,,f well mounted slereoptb on
Slews wllh which he Illustrated bis lecture iniid
the descriptions more graphic, and ndd.-d freak Interest
lo the ?tory.
Colonel Sickles'* official position while in Slam
brough! him tn conti) t with the royal court, and he
j related many Interesting Incidents showing how the
King of "tlsm lives nnd work,. The ruler |s nat s
mnn of much physical prowess, according to (olon.1
sickle,'* description. H<* ls le.s tu-,,, *|V- j,.,,, jn
height, and weighs 100 pounds. He speaks Burinlse,
f-lstnese, Hindu,tunec, Kreiicb. (iermsn sud Kngllsh.
lit- rises at .', o'clock in the morning, lead, an Indus
triona life, and Insists on his rein lives doing hard
work In tn* service of the Uovcrnmeni lnatead nt
spending their days In Idleness. ? |
THAN ON Wl'.lili DAYS.
The report* oi tb- varioaa deparinenl* "f "?
MetrapeBtaa Maseam ot au were handed in ai tb
last meeting or the iru*l?. and lb- annual r-ic-u
l- now 1-clllg mid-, ll will bc pijldi-h-d aboiil Mn
1. A general *yii"p-l* ni Hil* repott -.in- given to :
TrltniBe reporter v.-sierd iv. lt <* a* Wlewi i
? ih.- attendance f..r the var ending Desenhcr iii
1902, wu* ~:.i.-.'.?*.. ii.- Munday Bttetadance wa
? J4!i.n--i. bein.- :. pita of '1'..'.'-- BVer Hie sunda
i atteadance of inti, rbis hrge Incnase, however, i
seceuBtcd for fran the fad ihat in 1*3-1 'he simm*
i slternoon opening wa, rn laire only during ?**rei
! monia*. In 1-'*- the total number of visitor* lo th.
! mnsenm was 110*347 les* than In ISBI. There is in
i doubt of Mi- greater popularity of sunday over Othet
days al the nuise?m. The record shows that In fai
i weather llnie ls an average ol SjBOB vl-ltors or
j sundays, net in bad weather the ait rtdaire bas tallei
! tis low a. ?'.:;:,. Phis was th.- ligur,- for March it
I SOI, I'.nd weal ber, however, serais ro have tttth
I cllect on the si tendance on other days. Th- larg.
i number ..f people who visit tn- nasean on Baadayi
, .show, tin- Bsefnlness of having the musean open "i
ihat dav. 'Hi- loii.iwiiig tilde compare., th- attend?
ance of IMBI! with Hint of IBBI.
Total sttea-sarc for IBS! .??! _':
Totjii attendsnee for IWK.. . **,;!
Aveiaee attendsnee per- monti lol 1H'i! . -i 'r
Aver.,;, attendance ,.....iitii for IS'V." . US I"
Total attendance on Siindny*, I-'l . ."..'"
ToUl atteadance ..,. ?*u!*d*v?, iv! . ;;!.,_
T..r?l altendaiiee fr weekday* i-i'l . '? ?'? *
T. tal sttendsnee (oi ?'?''.?':,'? 11*02 . *.._?
iv. rm.-e attendai. Sundaes i-ci . ' _>y
Ivn.' allen hui"' oi sundays, I-:,'J . A ?>?
tvcrs.e attendance nn week-leva IS'iK. I ..'
Average stleodsnce oe week-days lr**.' I.'-*'
"Krom the*.- figure, i' '.'ill be -,*-., ih/il i h - nv-rr.'i
attendance r.n th<- one-half day -the Museum belni
open ..nh- In ii- sflernoon rm tandara i et|inl t
four whole week dav*. Ihe average dally sllendanci
I* i.i-tV
\:i Inl-r. ell'!'-' fut In conti' dion willi Iii" Helm
pollen M'iv'nii ls round Iii I's uv.-ru.'- dsHy allendanei
ss rom par*- *.il"i 'ba' til other mnsenms. K.- -"ut!
Renringlon Mu?uui in Lond n ba* aii sveragv dally
ntiendan.f ".'Kl; th.- lui:!-': Museum lu Landon In
.mi tverage of ian ; ii,.- Bmllhsontsn Inoilinte In R's h
In-'ion 300, ami Hie lb.-ton Musenm, 1"". *. ii
1 Wale*, ibe ireasurer .( Ihe maseam, saut Mal nlglii
] ii,.-,i ihe ? flgure* were aonaldeeed srenwt. i ?
1 hld leen _-.lt'..'!..! Ill '.'Merill ''I I -'"'l fC.til V.l'lo'l
lb,, ii ,.(... I ... received Ihre. I.ie?i* for '
mn*eiim Jacob ll. -.inf guv- i poi trail ..f sn m.
known it ? n bi ? i .' hm Reyiiohl*. Tw< li ?
?f fnrnt-i '?. Nessr*. Pulnsm sB-1 11s *t:lx. wet
given bi Mi Ivory, n'l "i- la" Ml - Murga
writer nh llvi ' * l. I' f i" ih '"" I's'uabl
lewi in
FOR RIG \ viii/ NOTI v
one of in* newest u-p- nt tor Ign ? ir t el*, n pre
arming Ihe most recent snd approved nsvsl l?
ihe I wm screw srmerwlad rsm Llbertsd. balli lr I
lind, sad'which ha* tec-ntll .oniy.:-'."i i mn I i
factory trial 'rip. she made i speed al over thirteen
knots, uni kresnse of her large bekn-H nii.M sh*
?nswer, her helm well snd lam, ipdrkly. n-r rrea
have been seiil lo F.ng!snd, snd ike will sin et ??
ger amt lo Honlevldeo. ste |, on Ibe general plsii
of the Rr.vril Sovereign ind I-t:.I Oak cl Hie Isles'
aci|i!i-lii.ins io Do- lt rill, b Ravi Her armament I*
iititi-iiniiv powerful for i vesa.| rd her ill . two til
-r,t metro Krupp', bree.-; loiidlti-r title-, mian I
hnrl-et'c each covering nn are* ,if 'J'S. Segre*, '
4 7-Inch Armstrong rnp'I ''ring g<u.*. fm ftp
Mn.xim Noi'denf-Mls. Iwn 1 Inrh :bree barre*. MstlUi Not.
d*nf-ldt machine gilli., ts ' machine g:n,? of ll,. ll ?
ivpe iii the tope. ...nd lordrdo Injectors .'or IS Inch
Whitehead torpedaes.
Tke irlul e.r an tdmlral bv ? ourt-martinl I* cert
a remarkable event, ind lt - net arprl In. i
i-i,*, nf VI ?? tdmlral ','!rf?x. In ronnerilon wi
loss of tl" balllesblp Hoare, should stirer! sn i lira
ord'nan amount "f in'eicsi in naval circles. Th* ls
trial of a fir ..!t,,c: .f 'he British Ravi adtet ss tar
bael, ts lal!, when i e-Ad r* I Merl -
t*?.'!i commander In-chief In ''?? W I lodi-*-, came lo
uriel ui "i nf the mimi - ' les annul
maller, thal were ?? frequent li the** dayi
admiral wi placed m petTiiiienl hall pit
Ku*: pnwi r ateem trials under forced dr f! havi beei
| illowed bj mi -ii vi n -.-ri ? I accidents on ll
shl| * f tlie,British Navy, ? ?*. t ? . timmi ni,
d..:h Hi."" egtr* n ??? ill ?" li I- certali
Ihe trials are run under condition Hist thi vii ???.?;
bs ca!l"d upon again lo ful.1I, .ind tis ' ' I
on Ihe boilers which weaken hem \.-r, mn li
Ihe ?learn trial >>f th* Phoebe rc ? n'!- I
Hie two bul. i- li ihed roi Idenlily, snd
tun.- into ihe furn ? ? room, v,,-!-. .-. In th. i
Ibe Barm rou ts two year igo. but. fortunatelv,
|e< sd' effects. <>I f i!..-'nc- nfl i
I " ?? '.r. ? - ? .
oilier, wen ilighlli Injured, I.",' I " '
fur ed trlnl
?i'.'i .'' ii ..t- ? rill i- I "' .-? >n ime
Tlie boll.** of t .T. : I .iii I ?
constructed I.f r- At" gm ti "rn tu iii
station on Hie :, .li" ? I ? I il .f A'rlt a.
Tito recent rlesth ol tdmlral Pa, ret Kiraonie
Bon, ?? ihe Halla ri Ravi and roi soire lime Mini *? r
of Marin- of the Italian oovetunicnt, bi ? m*ed nm
.-.nh regret, bnl mmtow imoag naval engtneen
conslruetoi In vsrioe, pori nf Hie w ?:? ii, . ?
o.i 'he mr, t brill ant im ii In i I protea . ,t ? .
throuehnol ",e a ii ld B? ll ?? Mig .
ui- "f nu.'. '? r Iron ? lad arsrshlps tr-' r pr ?-. ?
Mi- HaBs snd !.'I'.in'o. of Hm Pull.m Nsw.
On* of the re.-, ni publications In lbs maritime iiii" I
'ii .? nf <.I th- n ? :.fl el ot ? i.n'l *
Bevy, entitled "Th* sienm Nsvy of RngRmd." li,*
comment * Hie K.t-.'i * ? r*-!' i Jnurnat* on the* work
nr- both prslseworih) and Indlftertnl, Some criticise
it, verbosity snd repetition, bnl all -av lhere i- much
in ii 'ini! i'n-.* .. . n i-e bu serloai thought, rio
wni-r ls of Ibe opinion lhal th< Rbis hu* rome whet:
Hi- ni.--, ?? . have been railed nil >r* ni-,-1 be Inlet
? linn.'- ale.. .. far ,. duli I- concerned, wllh -1 .lo-r*
that mit imli ?!" ihe Inlier under land their Own -;.-i.i
woek, hal sr* bI*o 'ruin..I In the .lins, rifle and rutbis,
drill. H.nt -nih "he modem Bia* Hess hut MachTneri
ships the engineering department both ofli.er and
men I, Hie i.i I ni p. nie ni nt tne Raw, and nial ei i
"''li' ' li ,; |1 ' 4|0W lillie.. |||* force I- i cpl up
lo Ihe i.* in stumb.rd in nu-nl'-r, nr. 1 Billilli.
The iBrpertal Herman Adarinlry hsve determined t
make ll-e of ri mixture of nickel Hi,i| Iron f,?f the rumor
pis les of several vt . -i- n.w meier canairacilon. mt)
IWO 'np wlllhe w holli armored wRk this composition
namely, Hie Wei wntatrg ami the S. i:,.. others,
known nc the Wm tb. Hie Kiirfur-t ftle.lt i<h Wilhelm
sud the Hildebrand, will receive this armor pfoUag in
part only, i.f curse the i vp. ? | Verc much gre* lei
for H.* nickel Bimi r I sn lhal f'.r ordinary arm .t i ?
new I- ??! <?' Hi* Knited Mates Navy, and llkewi .
those of Fr ncc, are Ulm arm.i wllh wbal I- hm mi
a* nickel plating: sm! la tel) experiments have i.e-n
made t.\ adding ulnmlnuiii io give atlll greater irenotb
I.. Hie |,|.Ile .
A'l'niiii stroud, of the i.rii -|. Vary, who di I r>
nut:-, bi per lion*, entered Ihe Vat) In i -?'-. bal bad
held no command -inc- 1st!, ii* wrred In the Balli,
In l-ll during the wsr with Denmark, and also In ike
war wlib Ihe Knited states, and wt sn nfllcer nt Ih
Albacore when lbs! vt .1 rinsed ibe famou, privateer
the Trnelilooded Vankee lalo the harboi ,.< s:i,
Salvador. Ile had some earRIng rgperleucei In Ih.
We.t Indies Inter in hi. .ar- r. ami v lille |? i-., ni iti.,,, ? t
of Ihe ,\s,;t be look par! in Hw operation, on tbe ...n i
rn* Ki i.u In i-i '. sud iii ll ?? blockade ,,r ties indi! i
Another naval vi teran, Admiral shari* who died ,,,, t,,'.
following il.,i. wa, male of Ih* Ha lt les na kc when s1,
was sent In I--.:: lo relieve i apiniii McUure'i ex mill
""' lt" search of I r.'iiiliim. it ws* a most hs-snlou
mimic-, nnd Uu-re wa, mu. ii mlTeilng during the win
(er when the ship was frozen in near Kori i Lan-nce
i ?? iv., lip ch.. . i nngren Oannllw ? tosued the foi
lowing appeal :
Ta the p.tl.Ile \t ni! the gr- it IntrraSli-IBsl evl.il,r
Hons. -Bea sod -ch-r. .cr t?er t,?.s pl... e rmi reeognlt on
wu* siren t,, n... ..?:,,, ?,fl baparlaaet ..r n,.- naM*
.'?'' ..f ches* as tl,,. ??,Iv ons whleh, fr?' fm,,, ny
lemeni ,r , i ne. ,., in, .,. rda bs , istly rolled ss la
'?'.Ut*i ?"'" -i'"t,fi'- one, hy menin,,7 lalerMtl.I
touiiiain. ni* Ali't.iaf. | by s sbnllttr -.nlrlf. the .,,
tee, i?|.i.bRb. th. i,:i,ie. ,i, ,* .,,,,? ,,{ s, ,. . (
-nd Bnoklya, ism- oademkea ie irfan-f* ;,? mtenis
Uonsl .hes* centre*, ,? .,?. n?? ,,?,, ,,? ,????,,?,?
RshlMtiaa, io ne i,Md I,, vj,, M ,. |n [few.TnS
To .,.?k. the psssasMd i.o..ri..i?.?t on,.' worthy sf lbs
occasion ,.n,| ,,f ??r .?fM- fl?. 9rtmt ttmnofl of Ui(.
world should !?? Induce*: io p?rt|. Ip.te: but t. insur- this
puiposs a fund f,? arises sui liec..,**rr ev,,,,,.., ,)f .,,?,?.
SVOnO matt he ral^sl. A,, a|.|s.,l |, t,?.r,.f.^ ,?
th- public to aid the renmlMM ha.l?,: ti,,, aaafiwt In
.baree I'reeHrnt ric, t Urmc, rievs,a,?| ^ ,
lakea the mitlotivc ,,- piedglag Ms nsfsn sud a told
mcV',1 a* a trophv f,.r tn.- cjmmphu,.
ah nhMrip-tsat sent to k. Ron, I* o. nox a 070
Ntw-Tsrk Cltr. wm aa th,llll^.lh aeknooledged
S*n Ft,ii. I .cn |.,b. ..5 jj,,!.
Yf'u'r*?> ?<<>??'?'?. ? Hmwtetar.te^er
*"* .Vi la M-\han . 1 H\ i ft
Beifh-r ... .:*, ?-, ophir. s_rj ., ;;
Kl . Rtlehei in.-, i.no IT.'.,.' ??*?;;?????? f? 7 '.'-'
j.,Kin- (oi,*,l .01 ..,.', bsiscs . "n, ??'
lb"AS' _ ,. ? '?? M hletrs Nev.da in lt]
on lal * Vs....tJl .To | Inion , ,?,_*i i,,\ J'X?
Crown MM Jp Aw \VtmT
ia L.V1 ff -W I V tah
dA*v-( 22 .*_! "" Velinw jacket.
e Ai. *,orv.ru**.. 1.j. l'jj|,
The I'r-sld-nl has exercised executive clemency lu
UM ci ... .,f Pi t.-r J. Cliuisscii, convicted of ?nbeasIlBI
'funds of the sixth Nail.mal He uk. MI, kM partner,
t |. doing well, mid so ls I'.-ll elly, .Ma., tho town
be rounded In the (lavs of his prosperity. The nv.
fortuusle resident* of .'-ll tllj are anahns ta chang-'
e th- num- of iii- tow ii, bul do not know what -ls- tv
,, ..-.ll ll. _
i \ i ill io legalise ly aching latrodaeed lu Um Terns
v Leg ls bi I uri-1 What would Ueaeral llou.*ti?n suv ll
, I.- i ere allv- I _
Fulford, like Major Homo, mast win In a trot, or
liol Bl all. Il- s?tn* lo g.. all lo pieces When trailing.
Work beat him -a-ily enough, but not nearly >?? badly
j. did Kudd In Chicago a yeer sgu, In a niaicli for
I 11-400 a -bl-. IBB bird'. Kudd killing Ifi pta*BBB '<?
ri Fulford'* .'I-. fulford gave up after shooting ut
l .'.li Un!-. 111. beal record lust y-iu ,vr.., !??. birds
. out of inn. nt ,:n yunis tis.-, ku yards boundary.
Work's record is good, but not remarkable I., W. i^.
' I Mrokaw beat bin at Bergen 11-lnl on April ll. killing
177 birds lo his lll7, oin of ?-'?ni, for .fl,non a -ide.
? ni November 'ii, ai Balrvliin, Long l*laiid, for 0*1,000
a -ld", ?_'<)0 bini*, Kalga.- Murphy beal bim. killing Ki?
lo his UT. _
If Mute controller Campbell were le 'ah'* a boh
(brough ti,- city poidrooms lu tue racing *."is'.n be
would ensiiv understand why the receipts of the
racetracks kare fallen off. Rven the ensiral ol.s.n.r
Ims not failed to nollie a large falling off In the
attendance at tile rill es since (.,- poolroom gnln-il
so strong a hold on the belling community, n,.
poolroom I,as a lr<?men.Ions nilvanl i;-e over lie rmi
irnfk. In tone resp,*I at least. A mun mn.I leave
bis work I., g.. io th- rac., whereas lie ?nu li-t lu
Ihe poolroom- und g., on -.lib |;|. occupation lli.tt
no.lillis for Ihe siiciess of ||,e room*.
Lynching seems In be coiilagtouo. A Hub- while
ag,, 'h.. f.ver was In Texas. Row li ls in Tmnessee.
i..i..k ..ui f..r tieorgta next.
According to ;, writer .n -Tl,.- Cl, ri-Mn n Inion."
I ll"' I leeper |r, Chicago ll a . I. . . li t Ix ;, !;,.,| whether
mic would be much advanced during Ibe World's
Kuli', whereupon !,,? snswered In a parable. Thai
I . io l"|.| the .ion- ,,r ., ?,;,,, v|,,, ,,?,.,. ., 1W i ov,.r
nlghi al s msgnldcent hotel in Kbirtda. in the
morning he railed for bi, bill. lt nm..uni".! io -M7
for dinner, lodging and breakfast. Th* s.i wss
II i nonplussed for u moment. Ile hiiid.i! Ibe lull
ba, k io ii..- derk willi il..- remark: "i.m .? sgalu,
i 'hil' mun. I've gol nun.- moue) 'h.n tli:.t.' I .??
ii eaning rd Ihe pa ni hie i. nol hard to n 11 i he
?'? . ? mun ..:? won,.tn who I, gol ll. lo Mi|.?_. will lake
winning rn .| nuke srrnugement, sreordlnglv, The
,.,|!,'.,:,d h.-,ve dread) aunnnneed their rates from
lie Ki-1. .. thal nne ran ligitrc mi lil, lar* with
li'ciinie) . Ihe ?!..ut.ifni elements In Hie pr .bb u. are
Hie bin. for bom I a, d lodging*, un i1. Hut., i*
pi. mi ..f room n.i ibe liiMgHiatloB and the puck-t
.1. t" pla).
\ sharp ? ? .<l muli rn I, , I, ? p lils eyes opi li i n J
ravel, :,.,i town le, discovered I io' ni ? t li. m! ..r
circulating literature snd -ilmiikiling ii*.r---i therein.
In Tblrd-nve, h- ha, *een ., .hoe ,lon In fronl ol
srhlcb I* u pl- ..,' .,,.?? "iii!, .,! op..ii magazine
pla ed upon ir neal ll, while s placard : . dlsplav<-d
ling aim ? ti, rn ni -iii
..'li lilli tinl.il iiia.'ii/ ie- .-I'..ui awn, willi "-I' |"*r
purchased I bl*, mn be di .crib -i bs
: ng '.., hoi . md, nf a mun :,' the ?sm* Mu,c.
There sr* some Ides, In '!,.? "nea education" lbs!
... of u iori '.? Biak* ntd-tlmers open Ilirii eyes in
rnnder Hoe 'nun adult, nf the preserd dBi '
? . i. ti . longer laiigbi In eh "?'- w!.? ie
' mic Hired noll li - p.'.-i di * I lie sdi.. . ?-!
..!n. alor do. nol i ll ?? .? lt t i . tn i?:??..- i ll ??
outhfnl mind with such a word ?* "arithmetic,*
.'i .c." In 'he kl nd errs ri ei I ?? icher* do
mu revolt ft .'ii lesrhlng 'lo youngster, ..'. ni ret
Heal snd !...rl/..tit.il ld e. \ , arithmetic i ?
a.:.! I. excluded, hui I' I* now In I ll",l Into Ihe un
.iispectln. mind of youlh u* ?? number work." w kether
ibet, i i vining In a name, or rathei in i rh-vice
>l enm". remains to b* seen it rannol be denied,
liowever, lhal ll 1* . good thing lo leach i child
learning lo ri * li.me* upon i letler re
??? ned , for Instance In see." ??. snv, i-i 'double
i i b<il logical -I ll mal and
? . ...:r - n ls simpler ind ea l*r I he child se,.
.?i|\ ..... b-i-.r st , tm-, ii ii turill Ix. and | I miller
if fad Dieri I ? - sm li Hill g . - * doabl, ??" -e tnt
donb le kiter li Ihe si pbs bel, jeep! ?? w.1
?? |. ' I- i. ill) dotlbli n I '1 ?!.'- i
?..<*?. ... , ', , ,,?. come
.... i i - ? ; of wall
r* In dil ii. ' i - I hi:- regular .- ? " i
t th. make ni ii a ge g.". a 1 rip be
Ups - *. mell m. *
|i or ?0 s trip Sra ?
? sd ? ?? 1. WI n ' ur -7-. . ll
illsbwa her --i '.
. ? ri* Kio pilbil. '"
of I raUci ll I* pre
. |.,u ? . ,. in thal I- i'n -'ie-! "'. Ibe i ???? in
teamen Whel ? ? 'vin! fe- Ve n ne r I* nomi
i ... li ihi wav nf warre*, with th.- ? ,[.atton
i.gei will ?. Iiiu ral fee *.i itu
,..,,; . ?mp Kl< I .p Ihl ;.r .. Il '.?. pay
f,ilr wag. i I * ? ? * ?" ai i post
abo ncc.pl . ?? Mp* will be
.-? .1
v, . | ? ? | ....... e. Hon. nnd I*
,,? |? |i lu .ill -rt of trouble.
I ir,. , ., ii nf in al entn Inded tag*
d snd ? iu id
I ,.r ,.,,,, ? r . ? .*,. e. She v - lr ii ? Uti r. riving a
number nf play . BBIOI .' wi Ich wu. ' I lille Sell "
41,- ... , . .I'.,,,', ??? Mi- ab ri ' t pf". .",.' ind
.,,. , ,,, ,? (reduce Int- her cntnedli I. Her mn ll a!
ur.. '..r wa, BtnMi.nu . ind w...i. ..'ii.- music which
the gr iveysrd ?? en. . wb >re j
Little Nell dies. She was favorably Impressed witt
Hu- music and concluded to try lt. She told Hu
stage manager tn go up Into the gallery In the eour*.
of the performance and give her bis opinion of th-'
music. In accordance willi Insiriiciloiis, lie perched
hlm*e!f up among thc "gallery gods" mid ll*teiicri
Intently to the music. Ile nf Little Urti wander
lng among the tombstones, rind ut Hie proper mollien!
<he began to die. The music was Just right. In bl*
?? -iini.-iiHu., mid he continue.I io Hafen .ind adastra 1.1
,tar's acting. I ut stier Utile Nfl! bad Snail/
iiikI, be began to wonder why the curtain did noi
go down, iiiu-ii suddenly li dawned on his mimi timi
lt could not descend without his signal. How be got
down ih- -lair* and reached tbe back door be
could never tell, bul h- flnallv reached the stage and
il:- .url,liii fell wlib a bun-'. little Nell cane to
Hf- In "double-quick" lim- and gave him u good
Uefore Henry K. Iilx-y nUed for London lo lill
bl-: memorable engagement al lb- Uayety Theatre lu
that elly he had uniforms made for bis eight little
tigers, who won such a sacco . In ''Adonis." Th
.nits were adorned with large bru-s buttons, and
iicros* the front of the caps tin- names "Rice timi
Dixey** appeared in gin letters. When the boys ap
p.-iired In Hu- streets ol London they attracted much
attenUon. When they attempted io play hall they
were surrounded by a crowd of cartons spectators, who
wondered Where the boys came from and lo whom
they belonged. One sturdy K.ngllsliiiiaii exclaimed io
n companion i *? Ular-1 me bloomlnk keyes, we knows
what ile- ls, but. iiliai the bl oiiiiii'k thunder is
dixey "' Ile evidently thought th- boys were
travelling advertisements for *ome new baby-food .um
puny- _
lim art of willing Introductions io books may not
be, strictly speaking, n BBC art, but there hus been
sonic skilful work done in thai Un-. For brevity
in an Introduction, it aronui be bud to snrpaw tue
author of a recently published vol,mic. who Inscribed
tl,e following on th- pig., .-t apart im* that purpose:
-ih- Reader, Mv Kool,. Mi Hook, th- Reader."
wiiai, if tin-re l* any, I- the difference between
bypnollsm and mesmerism! Host people ihlnk lhere
ls a ron.bl..sable dub I-n. .-, ami that hypnotism I* a
modern Invention or discovery, aiib-d tu. bm widely
divergent Bom, t'.v.n n. whick Mesmer gave carrency.
iii,,* ti,r,v h.- scceptid bs un suthorilaRve answer
to iii- question I- furnUhed bi Arthur shadwell, wi."
wa* recently sen! '" Ph ri, by ?? iii- London Thu-*"
io Investlgste hypnotism. Il" says! "There ls no
dlBerence wbstevei.''
it T aggr I'd a on- means toward raising funds
io build K-piii.li'nu headquarter, In Mil* elly Ihat a
gr-.,t fair be ii-ld in Ma,ll* n Square Harden under
the suspice, of prominent Republican women ot tke
nu. -.at,, .uni Nation.
lire on li.? In tbe pumice si. mills of Theo?
dore v.i'i Vmrtnge, near MamaroBeck, y-wtcrda) morn
i .nd resulted Iii Ike tnt .il loss ol Ibe building,
hhi barrel, nf rollen alone, and *iki tons of pumice
wini ii were ready for shipment, iii- b ** will
ainu mi io uisuii #I0,( 0 I.
Prom Tlie Poughkeepsie Newt r ?
li." following est mets sra furnished bv Krank liss
. sud af from lb- diary of Ul, greal _"e.tt giand
lather, Cul.I Abraham lin-biu'u k. w ho liv. "1 at Kso
pu iKIngstoii In the la*t century, a d tiirju-b I ls I at
life k> pi a r. i ? rd of r> marka Mc cuireni eveiil . .n
Hole ? , hn |'ii lb ni 'ii.' ' "iu ii Inlet -.
In iii- teal "f "in I .on! 1740-'41, Hist winter began
Ihe beginning of Dei ml* r nnd i .mtlnuid io ihe la I "f
March, 1741, sud twei md< over I ? ?? Hudson River
with inn . and sleighs over up Ice lu the -.".th of
1 March
i ?? l s ?? Mer I eg n the beginning "f o-cemb. r. i77n,
I ,n.l .lim..il lo Hu" l.'i-r -ml o' Mar.li. 17"i>. A
v. ri deep -now, i.b..nt t..i,' feel '!> ep and mote, and
I driven up lu leap, lu many pisces *| x ,?d sen-ii feet
. high ? i de. p, snd -.. severe ii fold foi most p irt of the
winter thu' 'lie ilk- ha.* uevev he*., known by t'i- Old
esl Illina In 'I,!* coin.m. and continued to muir Hie
lull r end Of Mar. :i. I7-?i. '
Th* wtntei begin ,inuit ihe middle ,,f December.
17*4. and continued to Ihe 15th of April. 17-',. sn ' tal
,!>. :.?:,). wei- i.: ivered willi -now 'lil Ihe people
rode aero*, il idson River al lb* mouth of Hie Rondoul
Rill Hie .ii.l.i .f \prll. 17--.. .ill, bur-.-, and sleighs
; the ne, and it" ti ag]ked across upon Ihe Ice until
th- nth da) of April Lop1- .lid ride with bor.nd
-leis.. 'I-n s. i Verb fn staten Isl ind with load- of
firewood, .nd did ride frum Sen Vorh tn Paulus Hook
md Flergen, md .*il*o '.. Long Island, and did rid- upon
. from See i ?? -. t.. \n-.-i .-.'id farther wtlh
md high on Hud Itlv.-r, and alon crossed the
Pound iip.ti Ice from Nea London lo Lons Island with
.?' burdell, w-ilch ' ii i ? ;? bul been known lo
lui.' I. done I.-:..re. , u nol -?? deep ut
In ihi ird Ibd. In ? i* yours 17io ? ii. but
much . older mid of Ioi gei ? mtlnu ilfoR."
MIMIC!':'.!'. Af.MAVlC.
RanrHs 8 II Set gili I -??- i li arr Hana's a.- to
nt..ii ii i ii::-. I ? DAT
\ M -. ?! Il . , ,i . mm l-'.ir-l 11.11 list
P.M. ??',! Bo>"k l - ? .. | sis ul I .,.* ll- I (.ste 6:43
Vessel, i r. n. _,ln?.
N . .I.ticr,. ,i . Keb ll.Whit* >tar
d ? I i*il * ? p Feb ll . i,"d -ta
\ . ?'.. \ ; tari i .south* i.i, Han
..Hamburg, I , ii llanib-An p
.1. ,- - . i unsr.l
i.. ... ii.nr ?. i>b lil . Pren h-1 mos
I tn j ... I ondo i, Keb I i 'jan,, al
Kr.i CLIO ll i , s IV,Ku,
Kaiser Wilhelm II.Or-noa. F*b 15 M flt%g___i
Aliena.Pert LI moa. !.,
Mohawk.Loi.doo, Feb ld.""'.Ati_-u'c/fi_JJ
Bovie.Liverpool, K, I, 17. Whites*..
Carsia,.Lat i.u-ira. Keb 22.......... iJ*V
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Msii? _**_?.
Vessel, Kin*. For. dos*. i_JE*
Vlgl'ancla, I'll Ilm/ll, st Thomss .12 00 rn . nu
Pratt, Bandee, beith. saai
i iv ?f Jara. l*a- lil- M.ll. C-_mi. . Ki asiatn I.S-.*
th Usu. R Y A I" R Kurt,. Rico .... 1:00 pm roo?
Ala, im. lulu,.,! lan. r.ib.n. 'rai
ll,Kaui,lc Whit' sun', LUcii-ool.? linn?*
Nuoidlarid, Bcd Star. Antm-rp... I Sh!
*Jte-uaer Hits sch-sett! (Br., wilban,*. Loirloa r*i_.
Sty ll. with md,.' and pe-wengers to Atlatuh Tr_n*-__!'
lion in. Al rived at th. Uar a* J -*1 a ?, r*"?Pti*B,
steamer Plamaiit (Cs 'rt, Bulban Loudon Febriu... .
In htill-ist U, liu-t-iv line. Arrived at the Btr .%
p m. ? I
stcsiper Britannic 'Hr.. Smith, Liverpool p^s.
IS, Queenstown I'l nilli iuds" Slid pri*_-.,ir"r* tc ll |__f
lund !'-er*ev, Southwest ,.f Fir.- Island at 2 25 ? i*
Kl an ?r .-tate of N-I.ia.ska (Bri. Itnsun '.li-'i-oi, r__
arv lu, Moville ll. with md*- and iwsseiure,,- ?,, 9
llslduiu A c... Arrive! at tit.- Har st I __> a ra. ^
eiteamer V?lidam iD'itch.. Valid'/??.? RoQerdaai *?___
try ll. and llouiofm- 12, with rad*- sud 242 ..hui**
,'iiisr, to Kin h, ] ;.ive t, io. Arrived it _n_Lft
I :.)0 a m. ^o ?
st-ainer Wena (?*r|. l"nh|e. p.rem'ti Fehr?*y u
Southampton I", with md** and ps**en_*r-. to ______:<1
Co. s.'iiih -r I-rr- i-.a,.u it '. ;i*t o c.. "* a
Steamer Yon Hr. muHJi. Kn. Hanna, Pet IBM. a
In hallo-- t,, oriel (.rrlved ?* the Bm .it I p n, n *?
steamer l"ho"i,lx (lin, KMUi.kirk. Mleels Ja___**>a*
Kl I.ls I"'.,...,,v i. Hs Ms-port N. FmSStW
with sugar to mi,.th V Hehlpiier; vcs.*| to j a *-{??
. bi Mer | Ko. Arrlvd ,t the H,r :? 7 ;:,, , m w*
(steamer I'soaa.s ispell), lill ra. Haian, Kebruarv ss
v.':h tnd'c and .("i psasenger, 10 I M ( elullo. i Ca *.'
rn-d at the liar st li p n. nf 24th. **"
Pa-eod ( Hy I.iarid Hound South
steomci N'ew-HMopshlie, Url na, s ton m iron ft v,.
st. un,er Ame* I Barstow, Nichol-,, Newport for Vs*
York. ' "'
steamer Rici.ard Peek, Peck. Rew.HaveB f?.r v.?
York. ""
(steamer ('itv of nunton, McfV.nsM. Fall R v*r Sn
.Nen-York. *e
steamer I'lty "( Fitchburg, Ribbi-r Fail giver tn Rte
-teamer Pequot Pen, Pr.vld'n .? fr,- Bew.Tetk
stesBWt Tillie, l.wing, Rew.l/indoo foi Ktsr.Ttifc.
steamer City -f W01 ester Wild, Ri "ir.'.ndnn f r smt.
Round F.a-t
Steamer Hernes Mr . Welton New.York f r Hants*
Sf. , 11 .-? I lem,,r 1 HsidlBS fr fort',!"!. Me.
Sandy Honk. IO p Bl?Wind west, m.sl rjte h-.ere .u
Steamer Atsenhem, fatwH, Ral'mer--tl C. F ,,t*r.
-?.r Yu<aun Burley, Havana ami M-xi'sn ?-?. -
fan . * I. IV;,.-! .1 DO. ' ^^
st/amer Alene (Bri, s-ide**. ''meston, t"-Pim. rat.
Vi ...1 I l'.l.
si. ;,ner City o' Columbia, .fenner, \V> -t p,,ht Vs_,
Hld 1,1".Inion .>l-siii-l. ii irraipsnr.
Sf.ii:.. 1 lb-m.,n Hsrdln. Port!ind?Herta* it.11
s,-.ii!..| ll V Bim ck ..lei'. I' strm?H p Ii.nr.-I_
st.-un r 1 Itv nf Augusta, I lUi-riic, Sait:m?h-R L
Wr.ll.. r. u
.'..mer Ttl'nhn *.?.? I*k|ns, Sflta,,n,t,_||, ^ Wal.ar.
*?. . .-r s. ti iiioi. it .11. -.ei Chstleston and Jj.-k***!
? wini...,, P elide 1 ?"
-.1.:,,,,-, -. ..ie...1 Bri, Mealies ",asz w?Aastto Bal!-is
Sleamei Hanan Krlm ?? Rr. R.irg.s.. ProTc-v.-W B
".nu.,r K roi lan Min.cn tV;lr,,iti2t..n N T. snd
lieorgetown, s U?Williaiu I* Clrde v
st.-ti. ,-r .lohn ?. Christopher', Crawford, Jsek-nniiil*
IV ll Coate,
svnmer Hudson, K'-nir.ie, Rew-Oriesas?Isiefk R
s- mun
Steamer Martello ,R. , Ree, Rall?Kaaa>rs*a ? in
steamer Rmmke I |>i! jw*. - \.,r'.,|i4 and Xeapart Xng
-?"Ut I* minion Ktesinablp Compaay.
st,an,er Msrlposi ii*. Rocquet, f/aid-a?Rtw-Tigl
Shliii tnu' ' ....inn?
s'.amer Vbtoila (Hr. I"hn?t ti. UverpnU-HnilMn
fr tl,'-rs.
st mer 'lld Dominion, couth. Rewpan Rewi ind
Kl hu ..nd ?'Ud ii mir,ion Steamship Canpsny.
s>-um.-r Reeces, Rs-k Kv West sud <.ili--?tea-C R
Mailorv I Co.
stomer ii Sud. Hurl:;.. New-Orieeat?>J T Vss
sr.iirrer rielavrsro Wllllsir.*, Ir.aa-ia. '.oiiuv*. _c?
Willlnrr, P Clyde I To
stearrers Ka ROT Bandi*, for Havr- Iain a. ' a'd^in
aiwl -aguai Huron*. N,".? .'!?;? t,s ; llrookhn 1 itv. Hr>h>|j
iWrketnt-in Itotterdait: Phlladelphls, Lacoscrs, ?f|
Yic etan Havana cte A'.rania Liverpool: N?w.York,
s... than pton Holbein. Ri.. Janeiro eti I. Bud, X?v
iirl-ane RndorB, Kew-Orlnas: Reece,, K.-v iv.st id
?,?liest..n: titi of ,Ug:*t_. SSIWOBSh Isks '? 'tirlS*
f..|?ier I,-,-., \ r -.11.1',. H.,1. lucien, N I Cltv Sf
C. i'lm! la. West, Point. Va.
s-rip. XI !? ..ra'e. fir sin Francisco; lm.per.sl. Vii.
lira:*" tad '',1 "'
*? .i.'.-t Cuni I- I.U.t.lji. >i|.d from Liverpool Inf
New-York February 24.
Steamer Bl .eu.,- i'.- Csmphell from N'ew.Yortl
I ?* r . 1- ll, arri,ed st Livetpool ?? brui ry 21.
Btesmcr sn.m it . i-a.-K wll 1 from mmio** far
Nen .York Iel man 21.
steamer sinu* I*. I "ld fiom Rew-Tort F'bruiry
II r-r tntaerp poa*ed lb* Lia tri 1 briary SI
s, ;,??.?! 'Oandsii Hui ?? ? Dull, fr->n Resr.Twk for
i. p.i.?"d the scilly 1-1^1,1* Fe Cms ry 21
-Seamer rhlngvaila Din Laub from Vew-Yan Mfc.
I tr' 1 a- 1 I : :-!_'. . 1 ? - ,r. 20.
steamer III- lim, ...vs* I, from N.'H-Vork FerrnrV
IS ns South 11,,pt,,n. arr.i'd ..t Rrei -hji'n Prlmsr) .'?.
Steamer Massdam Dutch . Po'jsr asllsdftoa n*tt.rl_H
f,,r Rea Yortt I?? I "..irv 25.
Si ni-r Spaarudaru !>"ite*n . Boajcr, tren Xaw.TwB
Fel.ru.rv ll ir ri ve I al Boulosn* l-.r-ian -3
steamer La r-.-. . .-i.- ir. , .,....-i hosi H,\ia
[01 St - V ort I ? br us rt '.'"1 ,
-,?,,,...- , ,...?,;.. rr Belhomle, *s! "i trom Niplej
for N.ii-York Februsry 21 , , ? ,
st vi .t Po s ?ei ?'- Blyth, salted from amit hr
New.York Pebrusry 22. ..__.
s' , .. I* ,,-tl": .1; '.? lit I ijf f*"TT! N?*-YSTt
Fel-rusr, : for Idea, Blagipare, Bong Kout, etc. pwd
Malta V ' r iry 2' _ .
s-.-,,..- |- ? , 1 Pr ..el.!.- rom Rew*T?a f?
fal.utu. p.1 Perlm Febrisri 25.
Mi-. i--.r.LAN: "i's.
Il.ilfix N s 1 .?'. *5 Th. -t amer Tiormins MB,
troni llamburg for Rear.York, pat ls ber* to.<:iv .hurt at
twa} sh'' itlled from Bambun on February I. tad
there ha? been much tnslete fe" f.r h-r ?,fetr Tn
...o.-. n,. tempestuoa*, wiU, hid, h'?* vt*.
Boar, an- Ucarno.
\ i hun r .......I i....... '".* ; ir* " "
, ; pi. ...Ill | r it li" l?
IT li.-- .
\ SI* !' IOI ?> 1 I.' "'ii M ult. i s ,,,r ?
I .,,i.,. Inti.
, ?
prl ??? !?? ?
without ? ... HA 11.KA i !!? -t .IV
jil sj ltaT'T.K :? ittli B's r .
,,.? .1 i- na* "t iwe |enlien ? ii a .-i.'l -i. . li
,.,.| ,.,fe lu .. ti lie*, ne I. - all ?"
fi t-i, e. ,.i' ? ii i ii ?., rsd ni
.ti - ..ii s i.u. i. . In, i rii.'i ,- I'ptowu
? ?nice, 1,212 Ur....l..*l
I. 1 R..I. ?."! sb cb rooms i ?
???Lr- ie ?. I J* Hadlee, i sve
UNI-, I. ll'.'.I. I-' SM IM iM '"'I
i, .11 o .ai sn p ? mo '- 1*1 ? ' ' db |n..room,
? ,. |*. r,i"i ii. ? - .?:? il est lUUi.
V. 1SJ||\ . ,1. \ S...I tit! WI si lil
li, .liri' furnish) 4 *i *'* m ni un** ep
ti......I,:, table, parkH Hoar; rceaoaehle;
fUl-Sie. ? if
.', i ii i\i iii*. . .. u suite
,.rii..i.. i.kii. ni-.. -I).nil- md single --....ii.
ule quat '! ? ni- ii icfei n ? *
f_ i .isr ;i.'in s'i i i. L.n.t snd ,e ' ii
furnished .i- - -'ni. ? i tivoli b ah,
? ?: . refer, nee,
17 I ll sr **( * I |S|', mir stuyve-snl
Banar. Pl*a*snl .mini ... rn -. with ..r
without i..*..I American in,, i ; refer
? II e..
KU ll ST . *.. ll I si Rei*H furnlshel.
I*rt.I -ii nil H..,m. psi ...r ft ? i ?
.. slncli * .un ?..ino I ? -
? .pi.-I, ll ''I.
??isi'.s. r 'i ii i.*i um . tn , ii fm
nlshed n ors ? ? ul slarj : ? ' ? I ' "?'
i.-.r-l ni'l ..io iel in ?? , .tl.ie fourth
isl si' li". I - I .. um ii i Pam. -
li ... i- ni ?? .,-iiei roon.- ll -i la-.
i.ibie and stlendi. r*h i.?*,
?.IsT-sT . il I Asl Sonny front [.prior,
illili board i.f. ieie ...
,,i it * i . ii ii i s i Fie. ...i -nit.
parlor door priest, i-.,ix slso doable room;
iir*l-. 14** table.
.'sill S| ! , WI ST l_.|. rmal I;....'
ia"r:int. haadsamel) furnished moma, with
' .il I ll sr ll 11 I sf li. ? -"lb '? bani'
-on,.iv rnriii*li .1 r.is southern exp...ur
|.r,> nt Ubi ? if U' siled gentlemen or
: ii ii VT., i" BAST \ ,r ,.t ind Cst ural
I *?-1 ? ? i large hail i. with Hr*--, la** bus ii
: h enc. _ _
411 ll s|- {IO ll : SI Meei, III l.l.h'rt
lei le .in f.,r hschelors, ultu refined French
family . ?iu>., :..r table ; ,et,-r ,,..-.
.'.'.'lil v I' . Mi I.isl xi, , ,, f?r.,i.|?.| i
larr-'e and small r.rfim* to Iel ultu food
ju sr. io.i ivi si limn *i? , ,,., ?,
room bm ii in I .? UKI sun I . i.io-s; ... |. ||i
ii. : 1 .' I.p| 'l "inliiL- l .on r l. ie.,. .?
I'.'.'ll. Si . I'll " ll I,s'| I-, . ??,,,"
i,. m.! toon** ii ?t ls.* New K.u.ia ?| table:
le, .-? ul"! lo nt." , Al.
SM i ll i.sl c.,I ll si kTic ?,,,"fi ,,,.
nl.hrd sgusr, roams tor gentleman univ.
nm wi.sr mm-st ite.iiii,!, fi,riiish-3
roo,,,., willi -'.,o,l linael nein ctr,.ale and
?ifh-iii,-. elevated station. '
AUVilll IS1.MI.N 1 > AMI-,1 MSI I'll.
Ilu.xn n'ii laic. NKW-VukB litiii
I NI-. WU.I. III. 'U.< ll \ ID Al lilt- f .
i.iiis ..inti-. \<. I.34J Bi-sdwsv il
l.nr i.ortu of I Itlrti llrst-t ; .?.? AfiVl il
IIM.MKMi st the foll.wing Hraiirr, Jw.
||,e, ..-.l MIS me . S. .or. "_d-st. If,"
?ih-*i*. . 1'" F. urttiaie, .Mrn-r Knur
eeiiv-t ToO Third-sit., corner i,r,v.
ivsnthsl.i I OSd I him*!*., n,?r s,_!-,
m....- i.vos lu-staic; ns! *,;, Ejg;:
,., imd-.t.: lit Colamba* eva.: 159 j._.t
l7l.i-?t . rat et Third sis. . iso 1 -m Igjuji.
1 . nesr Thlnl-iv- ; .'.. Aieiiu*. 1 I Wt
li.l.daie t -0 W.?i fo rt pun, si" ' .*,:
>>",L V'.'.'J ??,?..". ,h',r*h?i ' Ml 'ruira
ii'.; l.-.l* Ihlrilave. . .-Oul 1 ii'r 1-ax.
Na ween II.II, and Ililli, .ts
In fir Okljn. .1! ag Court,.! '.n-, n*
li j,!.* ?? , LO" li df rn si- ada No la
n,--*dw*j, up to a u. m., st regular orme
*- _____?
Un.irtceo Ch a tu cb.
I III si M s* er ll I. billi ' -
...,i-i, -1. . I* man ?itu
si ooo -I,,,i ,.f pindi ? sud ii "i.'-i -
, i I! i i ii: I nb.m. tun ??
S .liv*. I'S IH ess ni !?? I'n ? '
,,l| ri a'.." ? xpr -. b,-in,'-. . mil beti
v -;.-, -ih-sve,
i'll V* V;* Tit HTS I lt wanted s h . bu
,,. .? 11.000 a* ie I. I .i -* ii. Lied ? oal
.i .: I ? --. .i i i. ai ; fanni) tri :?
ll lilli I ll M.".
iiinn; .sn. ? iii i ii. pro. ur-d lot
l.u-li,. *? p.-rp. ?' nu.'.: :- advised ."Uh
. lar.e of desi rabi i.pportuiiltini uigh
. ,t ,.,, in. : ml relen ac - ..H|....s i.
..xiii.ri"N. U'-k-i-, ."-? Brosdm.y.
i lu.''. ...td ill il.ill iOOti concern,
downtown monars t iring k' ? sfleri tra?l
?i.utlii ie i.s mai. lia mi ur t. ichsble
......i pusiuon . tributes . ..p.'ai <!.<?
I., .'.iijii ie*ii* -'I'-fni -xp.i.i..
i.'.',.'", lui .ii slresd] in\ AN I A'.I'.,
i" '? lb., ,i .,...-.
At.l.N ,s AT I KN I HIV- Kiel* ll ' '
sender. lat-M mox ? l's i-..rKs peife. Uv,
needed i.) *,*ri ' fa-i seller;
.., ,1 I. ,..? . io, sin ul il '."-ii n
sri4i.\l.i i . ".. i;.n :i. Word Hm J
\ i....ii, r i 1 I Nm t, in.ufa. in,mu- bu*!.
le ** fol Tl I"1" . ti.'" " , .li,. S'l Ile-*
M i.m l vi i i Ul ll Ila, li l, bun* '..I . e.
iii. h IS l's un, am 'iii i ???ta.' *i '"?.'?
bongill also foreign and muuisted mon
,1 t| | ,,r. * ddlni i" wi i- Hid -I I **>'*? I')
, ? ., SI. Ul nltlp I l.ket Slid M-U-i
Bi . i . urtu.-*, .ii W'*i -.'.ii*!. Meallon
t..i. p.p. .
il.,. Iv I M's el mes! . ul- mel III Uv
I.--! u,.nm. t ai th* l.-.i.-i i io * KM AN
I I.I, Mil HMM . .1.1 ..ml -VJ l?slial-'t.
\ \ ti IIV'Ii bu .i ess ii .rn a mted ? .'li
ri O...I ..i-ii bi represent ... i?ld-c?tabll?h*d
i nelie -. ..r tin iv..ii I . I .hi . hall Int.
? j.., o , an be mad da un ul* lo shoe.
s i. m m k, ir. i.i.....iii.ii
AN I. V ? . I. I - 11 M IS . Hi len le lp pat
eli! i . i . . i .' ut, '1 .r .,' Britain . un
i.-niI opp..i.n tddres. PA I K.MI.K.
sj I.* i, iv mr.. ii.,x lifo, Rew-VorS Pot!
el , ?
v. I' x li in lit with tl '?"<! foi safe snd
legitimate business particulars .it inter
h. i ....li . m, Winer*, i ii..iiM.i.\ , gu
l's rh IU i
i ii i. in n.i /.i. am i in ... We
....ti BU)thins; i ..ii* moderate. KARL.
I Hf.MU il, iii.ilks, i.i.,: Broad ray.
II I I XTION, I "Ab Ml.lfll.lMs
0 .Vinni,. N. .1 prepci'H and bu-'
lie*, ef Jfj le.ti* e.li:' li*ll. ll ,-illari, i -u-1 -
...... worth W,OOO pei .... properti worth
? I .ii 0 ia*.* term* ll..m.i.s. 137 li'u ii
\ III.II, .s.li lill I. I [or I. -I,In al.
.ea ?ll* ' ....Ililli -tole ll.-ar l'".li.bkec||.|...
\ i . ? stablish) .1 i.i year, annual p ont*
1.1...,. ii, \| (lui particulars gt xiii.
P.. ll., Tribune lilts, ??
Alii Mit.\ < u.M 'I.i I 111N K It-s ; bar
-lin. BJ,750 mil buy, two I..mis mit.
, i-.. i "iiir.il. in a live bu-iiie** town vu
i.ur* -.tibii-it. <| steam power Ice-creem
Oiislnes,; nil aischllieri inti fixtures; 25 0(10
'l*i?. I ? S SI ... II | -t IU| tl- a ld ? O'.fe, Ililli
? ii business fl i two Its n ani Worth li I l.o
i i'o uo i i(uoi - . iii.ii. .i.s, i r Broad
i' ai . K....m 5,
III sIMi-s M ANAiiK.lt for protc. ted lu
du-tri . pr..'ll. large; *laple uinle*. i
_ I- I .. Tribune ?lillee.
cnA.Mi. to ncih' et oou,ooo ott anjo.on i
in ?i\ months safe. I.-gltuuale business;
i""'- pu. li. ..liv i e, un, , ,.| pi tal I,te please
ni *' gale . m. agent*. Addr"..* KiilVAltlis
I \ .'., lill.Ul.,' ..til"".
iiin.it urandy.- nesiiine' !,, matre
from my basfaie** spec tatty of ?.". i.,ir* ,,s
.ii,i.-len ii..-reliant and dialer Iii article
iianed. ivltli trail.- eaibncbta ma jaiitx of
wholesale iiiiiior bnitaeaa in this .nd sthrr
cities, will sdi ihe some *t r>'.iM>nahb
BgUI-S; trcrlt. .rion*. W. Il MIN F.R TS
Kl RN RR BAKKP.V ivr .ale or to pi
with tl. tun*, can bur prnp-rti. Apply
Mr* K.llsiil corner Palcheii-avr. and
Marioust., Braoklyii.
Ul , iluMis, ir ste hos. jewell) < I ? 11 \. r ? *. 1
e.t.y pa/menu: r*pra*entotlve win.all w.ui
sample-. Till. ?*, V.NnifATK. ll Rest
iTRYdOODS a Ml I'a Ni Y~ STORR to
?e||, on ac out,', of r-tirlug from buslnc**.
105 Wet Houston-*.., no *_en_
0BaiR'SB C Danica.
I.MI'I.'.V.MI NT Bl Rill Koli"-' ''"tib
lls.Ix.-sl prosperous . selling ? count
r i.i li 1 tdre*. itl.TIR
I.M. " 1 rll.u .. .
I i: s \|., \i, Interest hi a h .
-iou th I) m.i.-iwlti" lia* '..eti published l*-g
? . tm the ia*! 15 yesra. Adlres*
il H, i/.i.M.. Trlien.Hi.-.?
ftJlt s m.i s lei i fie ii ii sr Wet, ,.fn.
?. ?? .ie i*.isl opp.irtuiilt-, eil Bcrount of
leaf* ntlie** S| I..;. HAN'T, IOU Wes!
1 I i'd *t . Tribune Branch iMB ??
~ vu lt s.m.j . ',-> .hare* pf the _ M
xi lillian i .m.lum. i-..?iiigst.i.in, Ohio, d?>
Ins a tiri ??..-_- bsislne** This is :iu 8 !??;
..'in preferred .tock reason tr selling:
the ..uri. r w|?.lii * tn put th" moor] Into
hi* omi hustne-* Addi--*- JOHN Mi..*
lli'N 1 V. .S'.-ivar! Building N*w.\ .r i ? tv
l"lt SA I.F! 'Ml Ii isl - In St. Louie
Mo valuable niau.if.'iclurli.g plant, dlmlu
.i, ii.. .x, 11 feel . :i ?l~rj , lOsoiub ly tue
proof; 500 horne power iiiglnt ha- hide
p< iel" ll mOOhlll Shop *l-ll di* hOUSe . ||,,.l
? -x. i pi a* rattan Brill; trill ?il ae reason
ab- [.rill, wit', er without ma. luii-rv. Ad
dr ?s H I I.I. OWN KR. Tribune Ollie,
Milt sm.i in -id e?t.ii.:i-h..i ind ierj
lab,*l,l- drugstore sill i.I lt lu
!.-i.u.ry. MORTAR. Trlbllu.Mer.
lull SALK .. ...I butel..-,.,?--, I
mlle* from Brooklyn, .buns line busbies*,
fer *i">i ....I. snli ? ? ??? i'i ..eiitii Par.
, -. : . ' 1 ilbr.li .XI.r-.ct
FOR tl0.000 i l>ll and o small percent.
i ni i. j:1i profit* ?i ,ii be -old n veiy
s*fui *c-.."l of ii ii*:, rich proprl" tot
nant.* to r.'U--' iii I sheri Ul >' I music
.1 her ..ni ..iru the institution enlliel* out
-f the | relit, m. ii!, ii'. u I I b. pud to
-pu.tleiits iiiu. ??.- lin in. 'lai'i* irM-l-n
.iii.-, unl.-s* they nam. barkers Ail
dress i; m i , r,.st..ii,,. Bes !I.5__ Sew
1 ? r_i ' _
ll 1\ I \ . lill ... I 1. '\ rsi n ii.uabl"
piteni i want a pai11 witii ii-.. .. ten
thousand dollars; patent In gmi demand:
n "ii i doubled li. i.ur Illili *e
PATENT, it-x :.. Trlbut.il; ?
LADY sell acquainted ami .....ne anions
?r il *"? |clj |ieopli i' ho a rii bm.' rich
rustnmer* lo ai iripuriei, l!r-t.. I;..* di".*
making caiabllnhment ju*t npcrliiG ?il.
inn., .in Interest in the bualiic--., and "Ul
have ber own dre**es msdi up fer nothing
IMi'-- M i'.. Tribune I'ptown Mill. ?
I .Hi Hrosdaray.
mani in i'i kl N'i j iii sim sn for *.:
i.ri Cheap good for a .tock compiin . tea
'-li*, worth Ult prc. t ru* .-a-1. C. K
HAM) M.I.. Islip, I,. I.
Uiiis* siller, bn.it/. s, p.iintiiiirs book,
i.um r..r .-ssh. I*s'i v.lill, 100 Leslng.
tell I Vi
Paint shop ko it sm.i i r*t-c_Mu.
. ii.t4.in. *tre..i .md tride cheap tent
i_-:.- ii.r.i,. PA I N'T, mi xv. -r i.,-h,t.
pi Ri* iNTiiiKsT lu good carpeater ead
I", .li... I .1 'I l*S* f?| *?!?? , Ililli ||,0,e , apt ll
b.r nu rei*, il Irate. be,t lorstlon ; ?...*! iim
i customers; mau -f influence preferred
- I .-.ii ... Bpwtrd if i.u*b ti, mali'
i.omi ii, x --tl-.il.- thi'. Addles, llKll.HK.lt.
Vi Tribune Ofllre,
l'RIMI. INIi s'.minT IION'TlS at
nib's to net o.'i pei cent. Address Vi
N I Xl'K, (I i liiir.il st
.-tucks niles iii iii-ieii.. cxpres*
"?OIlipSBJ l" tho.e linville; oi.e SI ni. ri?
le.x-* ..r ll.iK'ui.s nire ebonee, CAMP
Iii Kl.. !???.' Itr.siilwai. I'-....' I-"_
fO (API IA I.I OTC. ila,i . ....
tSQQ.UUO in legitimate ."ilei r.,,.e : .i.ii
.iinple security amt every element of sine?** ;
IIOlii" hui julio 11-sal- need appli: r.iei n. es
uagutsUonsble. Ho, itt Trlenae inti..-.
wanthi). Partner with .13,000 io Mks
bull Interest In hoi 1 lu Chicago; a very line
. hajice for an able party. ( . Mt'RR. -7S
11th st.. Brooklyn.
WAN I Ul"- A man xsifh n~ capita, of
?i-i.." to -r.i.iv ?? an eipial nellie
i Briner In un otablUhi-d hutine... nilli
ii iiu nt pc..piits; nana but i"i?u> uf
best .-liar*, ter need snswer. Address B.
R c . Tribune oates _
WxNTKH. Mun ti. ~i tlie I'ac I Ile Coast
ant take illari:.' of p-riiianeii' lu aitch tor
Isl.- ch', ap. honan ulii |*iv ill running
sxpenses and *aliri ..f .'.'.IO per n.oiitii ans
alli.ii ti p r< colane on all tb" linaine** done
o or 10 vear,' '..nfl ' If .1 elr.il uiii.t In- I
vest, siini.fi cnn lu good, ant nitre hmdlne
i-sjrletl lhere in sU.ck. and must Jill* en
lire attention to b*!sU_S*. ll KN HY VF.B
WOtt, ayr. Ilout D-su-suce Building, i til
X'-gSs I
Gnomes* vTliaucfi.
WaSTF.B. a par - trgi Mawi B
Hamlin .,r i -c amii musl ls r*a*uii?bi?.
ih'.. . OIKrAN tribune ofllce._
ii INTI i' s nit .,- ., t:,.. |*rtn?I *ll*
-J', i" " : , a ? . i* .-?? ii i,n.if,fSib
tug lei*;,.*. Ifl'NT H iel I,'...'
IV A Vii.p. 1 parn to .rcanile sto._l
'a io'. ,t i. *-,:, ti '. now tn 'i?#
? ii righi nlira.i* Including Penn, tod Rt*
York i ? ural Railroad Ii . Bal 4.5 I_>
?H-ter. P. 11,1.
WANTED* 1MMI I.I iTl I.V. t.vlol
upon propert, which sa* been ??.un.itcd by
"xf.-rt, tn I* iver'i >\i ? : .?.VO.OOO; ?n*
i nu-lue., lu successful operate*.: ?ith 2*
i v. ar* tlct-.iaee record. Ros M Tribunes
s.e. wi ki, Ni.r hi ?c*sii *tw
svsii.xt *...-,,n- sw ra-fal ftStijetew
at "n iga. free. C. i*- atOttm, 1. 0
Box lil. Brooklyn. _^__?
t.sOo liT'Vs uid-eatohll?h*d txpww h"'''
BOSS "trill: ifl'.'.'. niontblv. !nxe*ti|a!ion
solicited urti". 73 W.-*t llth-t. tew
uer ilfhaie._m
+n iiiKi v.-1 .li *> ,.i nnee ,b_ndtaf w.
'i "? given f..r tbi return "? ti" "??T* "?
-?i> dav, "ith :,,! per rent v?' .?-*_i___
option nf ii .ii'!. : lereat gives A"*T
I.I '.I lilli li. HI s|\;.-s Tilban umro.
*.-. ni". i'.'i:'s\fi retiring late***** j_
est ibiisrc-.l maiiufacturliif h - ?? | J
fer product mill .' ?? ! "" ' ..XuiZ
iiapt.-t to Cellini. xhlbll -ii MN PI He
IJ.VHIKN MM"|-., ?'. ti:-. NBB8SBM-*
Philadelphia. I*.ni, _
B-..00 si'i*. i ai. i in rn- wiST,,r>i
ample se, urtv: I??<? i-r ???"? I''"'"'' *?
rlr.s |le\ ,1 it I t h'ir< h -t
fox Gulf. _
A M ll.Ml- ll I N ria. Bl itb?d a:.')*
.lpilfht piano *1.(0; bur mouth, IB '.ltI
aiVei n.u.BUd tl. ?- pe-SlS! 1-te I sCUSB,
to-day, 15"i West ;.(,i*t _m__,
Al* RI DiiiiH PRICKS -300 *____?
baud "(sd and ir-n -iori, na mer?'?*'?
f'Hiv gasranteedi sisihlnen '?"gtl\*ru_ii
? kl il d. i.K'iRi'K li ! DUI. 39S Mm*
..Ol,.st. ^_|
ATTENTION ! ~s ' "lng " Brhlne, cl sl|
Mada; mw. BLI; gi*'d *e, ondhsnt. liv.
?isl, ur iredit. txehaagtd, rule* "
BAl'scii'S. 2,1k! At it. . I'-th-st
i VF.iit i min.i in foot-powei waeMteH
m i.i i i r.i. s re.,i ?!<?!". M P-nan,
XellVen. I.Lt tree _____?.
FOR SALK M,_i p. r "rating **J_'?
lilt din new K.filVIN H. J***
SON A sON .,, spru. est- tew-Wg?.
FOR si'.I ' fi. peal '-r ?JS_k^ffii
well o-uHi-h-d. Addr-,. llf'.MlV'10-'
Tribune Ott _
luUMhi rbei-tig-bred Kini <"'''!
md Itul . spaniel pu,.ni, . .l,ort ?0*'VN
n.-iiui* .ni prue tia xi- mmatww.
I 477 l.i'xiiiKliin aw., iiaar '.s'-fMt-_Am
Ml.lT ASH VI i.li'AUI.I M*,?J*F'a?f
...od p.cnil. ii faed masses (or -elli", '"
th-aie n.sir Seth ?f ??
Mlsli Al. lt 'X Nen gai-" '*J*S
with '."ll chime* and all I"'**1. !ml',5
SOWts; cst. t'.'INI; sell foi ?*?? Brr"
m..1 .?; 'J.*-. Broadway, Re sj '-??_?
S.M IS - n-irwauis in "? " ?i'd, '^"'nt
hand safe* ; bu.* stock to .elect fr*"!' ^
orebliistloii prue.: safe* re|KiirC?.
OH06S. 400 Bread weir. _.__-??-"
?TWO .n\FFTY BICYCLr*. **ZmwSt
ladi*, pn. unatl,- tiri.; one nisB ?. "}""Jj
U ss, er -ale .heap. Ul Franklin-**-. *?
Beet _ ___?-?rn*
VOST; perle,., condition and 5.';?|.|?.
tat -ale'reasonable. CHI t* jSLaR
-t R...mi j. Opes eveakna aad f_5R
sacrlfl.-. rentsls "-A^^i JLiA**-*
3 1118 iorlUii.lt. TT|>e"-ilier lle*MuBt"?
ai Baaed way.___????-J
"Fyi* kw ri n.it" -smith 1'r,Tl'c'D. tl*
Reiniogtoii: wm ?eii ?' S5t ? ii?,, nor.
,l-ess -fYPKWRlTFR. Po.tom,euiV. ?
kl.4M.00-- I'e-alti's ''"'^-^rVin'
erg-.* puntf'rte.: "C'ljg'i ;pr,Trr,
m.... istsii'suc fm. n.vNti.i. i"
WsKhliigton, NV J._?---=T?^
? ApVRB^li^"*?^5S^HSl:
IldN.s FOR Tl B -N^jj'ORa fW
i M- WILL ?R BiSCMi -Vt Bwsdasjr, n
TOWN* OFFICE St. 1,241 "J?^-JVEB*
doer BOrth of Thlrty-flrsl ,t . ,nd *^ ?.
lisl*KNTS st ?" f*lla**ing "?
gen: 2it Stk-gra, t. t. en. -Han

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