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t _% I *
voi. ui.jn?-io,!mm;.
gmmth, Y'?!'. '-'? -'Iii'' olHeo for affair* ol the
tm si Statt ha* n'"av--.l iii-i.iit-!i.- io tho effect
?h?M'f,"""'""l''r '?'????'"?s hM heated n horde j
.tgaB dare n.i'i'i"* under Tlppoo Til'g ton, and ,
-enp-Bifd :. priv,-..-!- mid ?00 ritter, rhe
ht ??"-**? plii'-e ll.'.H S.'lu, oil tho Li'llKtlllii Uiver ]
parino; recenl **kiiTO?hc? betureen thc Euro- .
100 tai the Ambo, M. Uppena, formerly a wai- ,
__l of KwongO, mid Lieutenant dc l.r.i.yii v/ere j
ami. Lieutenant 1 haltta routed ihe Arab* at
ywba,and fn-cd eight*/ Blare*, who were d.viuir
,,-ar\-ati"ti. < 'I'tii.n Jacquea reporta thal tho f*
-ph* roe ?r-not-utl.r importing tlie mool Improved (
amt**, derpite the realrictiona In loree again*! ,
loch tr;ul<?. ami appirently have resolved lo make
japeriite n--:.i'i1 m th operations <>! the anti- !
Sm people. I nie.*!, connon iii* sent at once,
JfiJus. the European* cannot hopi to hold tlieir u
i*b- ,_^_
POR UNIVKKSAL manhood suffrage
I'll 'Pnsyi.
?matter. Fer., sa.*?The referendum Instituted by
ag u^ml -'i.i.ii-- lo learn tbe sentiment ol thc
people on the suffrage question, waa taken to-day
?towboat Hm* Kingdon. In Ibis rlty tin-r.* were
forty-nln" polling station*. Ai the referendan was
entirely BnoflMal, moal ol tbe stations were al ettie*,
dpr stores m.rt newspaper olhcea. All Ibe outlying
vaia"*- bal polling statlono, bo thal ns large a voti
m mM " -' ?" obtained in the district. i>..
ipite tLs rnln. tbe -u---?t> wen thronged nil day and
neate*! enthusiasm prevailed, opeelnlly in the
U-t****" occupied oj i'i" worklngnen, allhongh there
tis r." dl-nrd" r. lu Brussels aboul 2*>,000 voter.
tm nat, A large majority favored, M. Jansen's
jroposil ef universal manhood suffrage. The So
ci?u.-tj voted for lr tn :i nan. Tbe ? iitiir.n, > and
tie more ?oderete Liberals abstained fran voling.
ju tie smaller .IM"- and in tbe Iowna tbe nojoritj
jw tte Jan-i'ii proposal I- -lill greater than liere.
In this .itv ar.rt tlie -uhtiri'-. 111.700 nen wen
nqnes'.ed to rote. Ol thi< nnnber, 48,600 v..t."i
!?r universal solfroge; 7,880 fur suffrage for nen "I
nore than twenty-live yenni 3,03*>, for less radical ,
pUr.*;. T!a rest abstained from voting. Al ll ;
o'clock tko atreets were sill] thronged with netted
Altbaagh Ihe opponents of universal Kuffrage nre j
irf.nK nlr.-r.rtv to bleak ih<- force of Ihe verdict hj
BS?Bgcharprr, "if bribery, thi-re i- no doubt thal th.
c.pl-.!"n expr.'i by the people lo-daj will huv.
iimi; iafruem-e upon the suitruge in Ibe C'hanbei
cn Tut**.d.iy.
BsrcHia. Fe!', -jil.-ih' Englishman who mnrdered
jos* lioflll, in Boflll Brothers' coal ob.ee here yes
t?rCjiT. i- a "-;.i ageal named Willie. Inmediately
Ult: ld-arr*' !.. ? attcmi t .1'.. c nc ul r.l- I'l iititv.ullil
gsve tbe u*n>- .?' raster. In Iii- cell Willie tri*si i..
orsngle hlm.-.if. tut iras rem*''?lated 1>\ tli" tarn
_j. Bs la aow bound band and foot. Willie ors
tat* S clerexr:;;,:-.. He WCB1 Into the coal bn*-ln-'ss
lewnl yrar= nj", bul waa not aaec --fal. lil- deed
jrrenSsv i- believ*d to have been actuated by trade
hniry.' Jo?* Bonn was a f"**omlneni rltlten,
Borne, Feb. ?>",.?Tl;.- Pope ls mii.-lt better of 11- i old
tai tot morning --'i'i nasa la bis private chapel.
Uur oe received Count Bevertera-Srabindra, Austrian
d_*o*:i<J'>r, woo presented to him n letter ol
pi!u_tlon from Emperor Francis Joseph and several
jLtf. one of then aa Ivor* crucifix act with large
Almonds. Tin* afternoon tho Pope n rived the
fsrotti-h iiilcTlm- ami li-t- ed I i ? Latin addi*** read
h their t? .'.tl' bj Ar .-. :'..,;, MacDonald. Al er Ihe
pre-.-ii'nUon of Peter*! pen -. th. Popj . spre I bia
paMladii brtsHry. and Mondgnor Mern del Val r>s.rt
llmaal addreaa from bim to ibe pilgrims. I erdlnul
ViEfrnim brid m largo reception b1 the English lol
1-g* tl la evening. I ? it i i.- plli lm*, nnd
Uta41c r slderi -..' Home ?? ere pres it.
Parl*.. F^li. SO, I' ,'?-.? . ? ? 'a.i proposing tbe
f***foral*? ..I Individual legal action by the Panama
credJt-ir- baa been Issued. The preamble remarks
that util.-s- ti,p bill I-- adopted Un ., -? - will be ob
?ort-*d noa ami tbe i" -.uaiiiufiii ui work will be hope
Tirana. Feb. gfi. r e-NeoeKi . Pre e" aayi thal
Ih* Metropolitan Michael han prmua ced ihe divon ?
eff.v-Kln,: Milan and Natalie v M. According I
deci-inn tu* Ural nu,iii.,.*.- i. *t|i] valid; hence
?ec-nrt murri . has been coniemplatoi, will
Bot b<* rx-, -.nry.
Du!lin. Feb, ?T.-.\reli!,l-li.,]i Croke bn appealed
?MU -T'e Freeman's Joarnal" t i ihe lrl-ii (action
to unit* in tlie convention, on March -. nnd io con
sshr ta narin the li me Bale Bill. Tills convention, I
kl sot*. ??'!' be effective only if ihonrnghly national |
lim coalmine f,f all Iii h memher. ol ParBamant, wi*"
?rr Hom? Hul.-n-, niirt detegat? !r"-n Um Leegu**. ,!;"
MdtnUan uti'! --'li-r palrloilr -... i.-l.--. He ridicule*
ti?p^IK-*al ii*, 1,01.1 a seoarate r*arii"!!lt.* conference on
JUrcli -j.
Martrirt. Feb. gd. I .- Spanish Rovernnenl baa f** ?
*?r*d ?ho Inspection, qnarantlnmg .t<i Innlgailc** of
?i and goods coming over the frontier Iron
-?*> ?
sanl v. drtitiu"
iterday near
id two sled gea, con*
ter All
BU.?While n pi
tin*' Dnieper >
8'. Prtenbarg, Fel
Paru ?..-,.
Eiat'^rlno-lny th. i. - ,
_as_g tea persons, disappeared nuder noter
??r?* nrepi a der Ihe ice and were drowned.
Eorr-e, j-.', -,-, |ri;..;,,: entered the postofnee In
SBB-Maaeo, .-:, i*.. ? I night, slnl.Ud i" death Ibe
Bf*5f*ter, r . and bl runlly, aad **a**ied <iit
?? "? rm Di;, . nd imh !i bl tbe nail.
MlMuaii, i*. ? Feb. j.'1'.. Tbe appolnlneni r*f
jNn for rofl di a Baylor ?.i- s shock to
J*Mf_aunltj hi : ii- added to the depreoslon caused
?riv ri-,.. , t.|jiuri. ,,f ,|?. in,11 stn wu irni. r<mipany.
pl!'U>e pi.-mi j, ,,, .. ,,f ti,- fore no t InduMrle*. of Ike
r* ?*! employs iiv.ii" 700 banda. Ve lerday mus
**0Jiii'.i.i*,iy jnv-j-n ol the roncern, bnl tbe
?"? ?***?? noi pin. Livings! si Baylor, laperlntendenl
5^*<jrk-. -hui t., ninir thal be bad received In
7*^:x> ' ? ? ? ? receiver), lo continue op-rallons
?Mm- .-, .< thai , ., ,?,., w,,ti]ii receive their pay
ta?'?u day*.
f**B)H, K.-i,. 23 i ,!,*,,-!,? a baylor were lo have
J?* "'??lr hands here yesterday three areeks wagra
JJ^""I''6 t?. gio,ooo, bal u..* money was nol paid.
' Brm employed upward* nt r.'ni han.!- and have
*\mt*** "' ' '' ,!"""' pbinis f"r tbe nanafkelure ni
?. j1"*1 iirw-j.-ir,,,, |n wu- >ia-,.. Tbe Bra.ated
5_L **** 'lx'""" >'':,rN :r- :,:'1 ln 1:";rl1"-' ,n
sb-bbi "1!"' ?****rBl laapra si ? here I- Uni all Bte
^* 'H-shmr-ints controlled by ('..fin!.* v snyi..r wttl
Bd kHlS**1 '" opemtion under ibe reerivershfp They
B,-,,'^,.> ' for ni. Hr....kim and Nea 1 ira
??-? ru I ii .ad- amt World's Juli building*.
*?*fi ERM OTRECOEM Et gas from a stove.
ji^ ">"? ?"'i'- BIL?Three nun oeeapytng ? tata* in
Chics r"" <'K'"'' boardlag-hoBsa, ai Ma 3Sd Weat
?Ut nf'h V'"" mtt* trtfttttmu Ly cns from a OOo! stove
"?UJd ? fa"rn:'n' Lonmc, .ll. -1 l.*r..r.* m dlcnl nil
?"bom . sum"10""'<J- JOba Tli'.nip-on nnd Luther
aeia~isM*--*?*'? .rntored to partial conaclouaaen. bal
1,1 i"*''?'aMy ni,.. The n.. n wera gurry kabanea.
s^^jBBaaia, Tetaa. Feb. H*,-Tbe Cotraclkn of
?t Felt "''" ?f ""' r":"tn*r<inl Lumber Conpany
BlWOfift' ?"' y(""Ur(lny oiornlng. entaBlag ii Ioks of
*t*jtou*'' Y* duo to the Mnn* aaloep of the nigiit
|^un**n. ^ames Berry. He was In the shaving*
?*--*' *tMt ',L!?f.rk fron' ,he furnace csuttht in the
' "e-rrj a urais and lees were burned oil.
Chicago, Feb, *J'"> (Special).?Tbe Miyoralty cam?
paign i- growing worn. i/.-t nigh! Wa hlngion
Hering and Carter liairloon mode ibo first speeches
ti their campaigns for tbe Democrat!, nomination,
?m h addressing .-? bu*g** s emblj o| enthusiastic fol?
lowers. It I- bard lo -in uiiii h -.f then will gel
lb/- nomination, bal Heslng i- certainly nol toning any
: ;i-, the .int"- for Ihe prlmanco diawa near,
rna Cldaene' Municipal Bef-orn League held a ."ii
v. mum la-t night and nominated Dixon Ueral'llne,
wno I- al present City Engineer under Mayor Wash
burne tieraldtne was geiwrnl snperiiitendenl ol iii"
World's Fair grounds and bul'dings until be bad a
i!i-!i nilli Director Hun,liam, eben he resigned, A
short time ago City Engineer Clarke resl ned and
... raldlne was appointed '" incceed him. a couple
1,1 weeks ago be created a null political enitntlon
by announcing ibal the Mayor bad autborlxed an
ii.m.-nt .,f :, per cen! <?;' theil -illari., on nil em?
ploye* in Ho- ii'v *-'*rvin*. nnd ihui io- moal emphat?
ically declined to hnve Hie as-yeaamenl collected in
hi- department. 'lin actkai apparently brough) Mr.
tiernidlne mia favor with Ihe re-formers and Ibey
nominated lim bm ni rbt iii- Republican have aa
yet made 110 nriiv.? move in (heir campaign. They
in.- walling quietly to see wbal Ibe lX*morrabi viii
o'., and into bow many fmgments ?' < * - porty "lil
split. i:\Miivnr Creglcr I- -Hil mlliiii-j ul. -n" being
ii r.iiirtidni. for Hi* Democratic nomlnsilod, ali'-.nun
ii. bul himself Knolls where Ids strengUi la
coming fran.
Anbury Park, M. .1.. Feb. 20 (Special). Mn. J'ran.-i
M. Harris, iiu* anther of Carlyle \v. Harri*. Du* ron
vi.-i.-'i murderer of bis school ghi arlfe, M. Helen Pot i.s.
mus in town again yeaterday in starch of evidence io
-ul.-iiititi.it.? iii.* nil.(--ntion tin.t mi-- Holts waa ad?
dicted to ti,.- ns.- of morphine. Thu attempt,
lili>- previous onea of the same ...rt here, hos been
a dl-ninl tailor* so far as obtaining trustworthy
niiiiiavii- 1- ...ii.-.rn-.!, altboagh Mr-. Harris assert*
Uni abe rtl.l get an aflMavtl from one ol tm* young
men wbo in wa) Kepi a drugttore In Cookmon-ave.,
adjoining tin- notorious Neptune Clab, Ikea ran by
Carlyle W. Haul-. Mr. ami Mrs. Polls Inn.* rn:.rt."
?ii!i<in\its timi their doughier waa mu Urina here
or in Ocean (.roy. during Hist auauoer, bat in
penn sylvania._
Chicago, l'elt. 'JO.--Tv? e t>-s x meniliis .fte Ms
IJUblUUlll f?f_lBlM< milled nt the Auditorium late
inst niciit Bini t" morrow wlfl begin mi ejundnallon
of Hie rapid transit -ystcm sn.i anderground ctmduita
In Chicago. _m_
CMlmf, Waa. WA <Np-clnh.-A* g re-nll of ih,,
Wctem Indiana switch lot d-*i?' stilhe. tw . 'lee-liit
?ars attached to the <.n.nd Trunk t alu EB, 1 were
thrown off the track at >orty nnt-st. Inst Bight.
TUe train was moving slowly over tbs swlt.be* at
tho time, and little damage waa dour. >oae ot
??OWN prom the PREstDExCT IO 'nu;
MEZICA** mis-ion. TIien FADED
?WAT : NUKI 1.Y.
[IIV TUI.ff.iuril Tn Till*. TKIIirs*..**|
?minim....ii,, Feb. 30.-I1 is now certainly
nown thai Isaac Pusey Gray wU] receive no
H'ngnition fiom tim Oveland regime. A story
iren'oul to-day bj ene of Gray'a followen* re
ttis the experience of Captain I). F. Allon, of
rankfort, Gray'a chief arlvlser ami mpre-ntalive
'"'?? Tl.nth of I olonel - .lu.." |;i,v. Gray'a
residential boom at Chicago, it is remembered,
?aa in charge of Senator Voorhcea, Hugh Dough*
rty, Jolm E. Lamb, Jame* li. Hi,.-. j* ??..., Mur
ock and Charlea I.. Jewett. Voorheea was rot
overnor Gray by virtue of a deal fixed up al
''ii- Haute 11, the spring oi 18t?0, when it was
is'-i'v.-i.-.l tli.it Qfay am,- utting up tim pins to
,>;,t v""rl.? out oj tim Seoatorohip. With th..
nderntanding that Indiana would support Gray
vt tim rVeidencj. lm eonaented t.. get mit .rr
dorheea's way.
Thc (.ray mea wont to Chicago stroni enough
ith thc real of tho opposition to defeat t Icve
uni. After an interview with Pickinoon nu.I
?'bitney, Dougherty announced that be waa in a
twit ion to tra.ie tlc faint hope ot tl,,. Presidency
ir a certainty ot second pince, upon assurances
nile by tho responsible Cleveland mana;*?rs.
oorhees ami Murdock wop-* willing to accept,
amh yielded reluctantly, ami Jewetl un.in* pi,.
?st, wlii!,. Xi,,- denounced tho rest u ".thumps'1
ml came homo. Then followed tia- Mrijjlo
hir!i resulted in Cleveland's nomination. It 1
imiliar t.. asl how dray lar.-l Botes, of Iowa,
ml Tammany fell that Gray can***d 11_--ir defeat
ml knifed hun for Stevenson; and Whitney ami
in'Kiii-on made no effort to prevent it.
Nevertheless, upon uaurancea of a Cabinet
li. Gray pitched In honestly for Clcvelnnd'a
icceo*. and helped carry Indiana. Then came thc
-?mi Cabinet flurry, bul Gray was found nol to
* in it. lion tlmi-e wer* runion- of ni Import*
nt nii-sion. and Captain Allon went Eaat to nee
lowland lor a eccond time, having l**i*n unauo
panful in getting an Interview the urst tim?.
he neared he could gel to'him was tho "tutor
ringa ol the inner circle. There ho Learned th .t
he last t'.iiuiii-t place was gone; that tim courts
f St. .Jam?. St. Pctemburg, Parin, Berlin, Rome,
ludrid, Vienna and Constantinople had l>'.*u par
elled out, leaving only Mexico and two other
lisaioru oi Ieee importance). Captain Allen chose
lexico lor Gray, and said he would call on
'loveland and toll hun BO.
"i. 1, luit von cannot Bee Mr. I 'loveland," he
,-as told. "Tho l'ri'sidont-oloi-1 soot* nobody not
eroonally summoned, iinleai lu great Muergen
"Well," .-sud Captain Allen, "I will go and .-co
He Mas thou told thnt thnt could do no poor),
or while Cleveland and Whitney wore Mill
riendly, thoro hud undoubtedly been a break m
heir cordial relation*), mid Whitney waa taking
0 part in making appointmenta
"Who in blazee can 1 Bec about t'.i-. thing
hon :?" blurted onl tin* Captain.
?? \\'<*ll." name the reply, and it nearly f?*ll?*d
he hearer, "ne a matu-r ol fact, the proper man
0 m-? is (.i-.-sii.iiii. He will determine diplomatic
nd consular appointment*."
Captain Allen clioked down bis wrath, came
ioma and reported to Gray. There wna an exnlo*
i-.ii. 1.ruy -m re by the 'lust oi JncKson that
... would be "il.mn.-l" and he would see Gi-eu*
ii*:i "doubly damned*1 before lie would b??i
iippliant knee to a renegade l<Vpuli'io,in like
ir ian, whom !.?? had irewi li.htr.j for h-cadii**
- :i... matter hai-.s. In. hand ol "Gil"1
hanklin i> seen In the sit nut ion, and ihe De
-.- ..! Indiana promises lo ? *? lmp-le?iv split
y tho time the campaigns ol lbw*" 01 lav6 roll
iround. _
A bury Park, Feb. -J''. (Special). 'i m rrrr. 1
es. lim: ? l-.'loti*
v. r la id ??'?n: li ''- I- rd" 1 For 1 vci il re ir 1
; hu* I- ? ? fell bi lb. people Ihal 1 ? ii Hs
awi of povernmenl ams .--?n'i:ii lo li future ? -.
a sea sid. 1 I the -general pro pertly of the
mill. 1. ? . , i- lo-OK .-?'.'?'? lo de. Ide for or
iciln-t re-lnrarporatio 1 tbe < i?*"mwib of thia d'
Ire for new laws. HecenHy li dawned up n some
.f the township official n d oilier*. Ihat while re
nrorporullon wonk! !.?? a good thing for Ubury Park
t would certainly be a 1.1.1 Illina for ihem. Mo*l tl
...?-.- m. 11 have fattened on tv bis wa exacted from
.- i..m.: b) which 'ii'-v were enabled lo secure larw
ipproprlatloni for rood improvements, mppon ol
,.,< r, etc., -..a.'- 96,000 Bnnunliy, ni'.n 11 hli li tlo-i
...li paid one-tenth, bal received fully seven-eli
,: the ni *ii'*v- ralaed. Tbej ?nr-rt h. l.in.r Hum
.r-aiti-t re-liiforporalljti, culmlnaltat* In an anonynious
trculor which charged thal Ihe noa governmeni meant
li|iio 1 ?-.-nini; ben and -j-),.-.i tbe people la "hewart
if i-...-li-iii k l<-(ji iiii: ,n.- l:,i* ebvalallori of Lhl
,-i. ii resulted In the town being Hooded tid- murnl .*
.'fli n rejoinder, Iresh from Ihe i.mrt- ..f the liorougu
1,niinl -1 ?: ?-r-. answering and denying the cbnrge
in iii.* circular.
i .-.*? ?l,:,.a1, '"??;? "?sl"!,'" -""" ' - w
mocrxixg ron T,iE ?KROI. Ufesavep_
Slew-Bedford, Mass., Feb, Sd [sp .i.i - The tug
Volunteer, of this .-m. went today to lb. cen. of I
'? " wrecked r. el nfl i ..- Uland ol Cutt;
Atm.nt* those nn ? ,. ,,,.. ?,.,.,. relative* ol iii- vol in
leer Hf.--.ive:-, drowned lhere yesterday, rhe Hi.
raving rrew took I ,-? paasengen ash ire. Th. I land
is all gloom and idn. . as nil of lb nen l< -? ar.
well-known re IdenU then, and nt ?'.\-' pl 1 a
I'.iv.- wives and rhudren, and meal of them fat *i
aad motbera. The veaael's name ls ibe Aquailr. ol
?'? John, M. P.. laden with 3.833 baas "d sumi
signed to fj. P. Wei . I I .... of Phlkidolp -,,. from
l. ("rande, Cuba, and she waa valued al fglM.000 or :
NO.OOO. lier ma ler ls Lawrence a. luicrew. ol
Bt. John, and her mate fi-jorge F. wu- .n. .f Uivi
pool, England. Her officers and crew numbered
righi penoi s, The captain . i* he l Ii i aha on
February 12, bod much rough weather, and thal
rame of the wreck was an error of Judgment In
thinking himself nearer sm and nu- Ujcbi hip than
b? wa* He itruck thc reef at 7 :l,. -.' kick I'ii Lu
Bl| i and Immediately began Diing Ugbi . and
ll ?P until the lifeboat arrived. The lights were
Been by i ie son ol ila. Ih i kecpei al IV. i
End, who aent word to ia I l indera.
Hw ni-i pei on ol tin* voluuleer crew lo arrive ai
Ihe M issa. lui-, Us Humane -society' I. iva- .i i lah
ll. Tulon. 'I a ii came Eugene lirli il . . i
Jackson, Frederick .yii,,-.i and Hie captain, rim tih; y
Aiken, Jr. nini Isaiah ll. Illton. Jo bib. fllto i
i ie boat li.ol got within thirty le. i ol Hie .\ ,
u ?:. he was rapalicd ly a lieavj sea nuiic -?; i ie
iia-n clung io the boat, bul he .UM not. il:-- atrong
fi'".'- . arrled the i. at :imi noii away
Che lark, loo far to pei in>l<i ..i the i ,
thrown to them. Josiah niton waa near enough tu
grasp a rope with r. noose In it. and putting his arm*
In the noose mis taken ...i board. < aptaln y len gol
.."i.i ol a rope (J. uni' *. bul wa - -? ? led I ?
i-'i1! holli uria- tlmmgh the uoose, and was lost, a
short tum. after niton was taken on board Ihe
began lo fin, .-md all bands took lo Hie rigging, and
t" nialticd Un re until nomi - iturda). < aptaln Unsworth,
of ihe l n!'"-.l State* Lifesaving staUon tarted for
Hie wreck wit. bis rrca aboul the -._:ii>* tim. . I
volunteer rrew, bul Biter rawing for three iim:^
dcrhled that lt would V impossible to render snj
assistance if lu* got lo Hie wrack, and as the Uv.
of bia tull were ii. danger he pul back to the batch
near by, and wailed until morning, when be pu
again, ami with th. assistance of the lug Elsie and
a lighter the crew wen rea ued. home rame
the lighter in u breeches buoy, and ol rrj di ip] i
from the bowsprit "f tl.-- v- -I Into the 111 ! mt. All
nf thc men had their Bngei . '. feet fro*Uiitt.
? ;i- j, seaman, ol Dui Un,
ic-sci ni i u!.a, will probably lose both of hi i---t.
The funeral of Frederick Aiken as h-ai
father's house "n th-" i land to-day, and wa
l,\ ever] one an Hm Uland, Including Hie rev
vessel, who hove been .and for at Hu* I'nlted
j.-.*.- saving > a . -ii. ii il wh ? cai
on ll,-- Volunteer, and ur- ni Ihi Mari ' li
Curley wi - i iken lo Ihe I pi! '.
The body ol Aiken v - also brou chi to 1
Tn-* v. ?a* ii- - lu a diugcrou po-ttl ii un
doubt* dlj li i, total lo**, rib i . . I
up, bul l- fi.-t going ?" pl. ? ?
OD la ld ol the fote of t .?? volunteer i r<
day in ? \i ? i i?'"!?? ??? ' ' ? '. ' i" "il
lng lb?* cr?*a id I d gol
ur.iv, or that tu.*; '' ? ' "? '':'r' : '? "' '"
walting lm . Ri'-lr 1 oat
u-'illy. with .-? i.-;.-i : i- li Frank P.
hts ur--, pi-obablj bj a i n
stood . Bptnti liken 1
-ubi be would have rn.
.-. ,i- li.,1 di - -I - - I .. - M ' ' ll * .Will
iain Davis, ? ? ond ot lin- v. i.
lui: j. I? 11, i ? .. i. fbi* hork 1-. .
..I SI. .
BOUOB xii.'.n os Tin. \eb esglasd co
i rovtneetown, Ms - .. i ? b. -? i. I
?? . ? i Hie
? i. : -a- ? ,, ??: ?- inj?
in.* -t. itu and saiUni
Patrolmen Kell; d I :
, neat Face l*olnl talion, ni d
li ih. r a.
?? \y.- ima t-dlatelj ..??'...'???
it, and darted for ll ?? nearesi \.I. lt pro' '
h. the IV. I' ii .! O'Hara, for R Mun, 'ii- . I
trip "lt .lu" 'll,'. -i left ]
r .-?*,. i We
mai iiged rn gel aboard all r . ? I
:i lng, i-i.'i ll - ? ? ird. W.? -1
I her i rea lo gi I sn bi
s,.,i tn.rn idbli i snj lurther np il.e liearto, iinlll
m.. . milli ?/, t thi i-i. i out af Ihe ? tl. r Vi I.
proevd to ls* the I ? I . ? ..ncr Crt k< I, from N< ?
lurk lor St. John, X. II. Mle wa ball -i mlle lurtlH-r
,.;,-t. nu ..a. .'av t,. the i ricket wi mad.ii * Hs i
near ben*, a bl. ii imived lo !*? Ca] I
: i- rrew, who bad managi-d lo launch the yawl bmit,
and were mi:,, to gH li. -"iii" lilac, ni ? - ly. We
look ih'in In low and binded them
-t*a ptain *lk<' 11 ili*r Iben an wend n call from
a . for help, launched lu- boat, and i .wed along I ?
tween Ihe bars to ihe Crt. k< I. wi Ile we bi .In hoarded
tn,. -.:..i. r ' i ll ira. i ii ri ng tide ? Boah '1
th*, 'iiiarii -uni' I-nt to .wing her around In the righi
um i Uon, nb- ii we a l*ted lin* rrew In gi UH g sall
on. We managed In work b?*r clear ??( Hie bars, and
. . ,..... pa i,,., |ni . i'i"i In. ? low :i all r ht. 'I he
? in iv was nccnmpnnled with thunder, mid u was one
?l the worst night* I liave seen Iii fifteen y.
IK,, . ,vim* -? ni" ? ? An ? ia-i'liiaii.I Ibe ' rick. 1
.,, ,.,.,, H v,:, i :,,., it.it. tn du anything lor
Ilalttmore, Feb. S? '-I'"' lal). Cnptali.rfse ll.
Alley nii'l ' i. ' rea -f Ix men of Hu ? ? i - ?Hi
Khore, sbandomd si ???a. Brrtvid h. ? I ??' on Hie
Johnston Line learner Que ?'. -,.>, from Llverp .4,
?Jhe .-.utii sa ..I-.- v..i !. rand fi-.in lb tlevllle. lia., for
Illation, with pu-'- pim ? '"! Hail rat ? ? em
I, ,-,.,? ai,.,-, aaa. and I..--an..- Ullin ilia. Bille. hill
,...,,., I-,,. ,,,,, ,,i h. r rom .*, pi mg a leak Bird ? n
Ihe fun ri lt .lay after en. rantcrlnc ibe Uo-m* Insi.
v.,,t,..-' ? id. Th. men u"l 'n*l terribly frai i th ? ?' I.
On ii,.* i.i ju ? f I'i ia a.-v j tt.-i okottl nu lb. ? mn r
-an- tl,." ilgnal ton >? di played ii ll i Ins n r, ii il
i, -ru, ,| ihe -i i.-a men. i .... ? ? . ?!?? ii < \ ite I
willi j.,1 over their escape Dial I wo ul them dropisd
n,r)i- inn lu un i.a li' incl a ; ii ?? aa i' Ink. a oil,
and Ha- aia'iiiii"ii"i vi -??! wa li fl In Hame .
Ctrtsfleld, Md., Feb. J-'- li-perlali. Virginia's entire
fishery |.'iii"- Lui ? l.t. i'""i ord. red lo la.- - ui ri
1,, |.|*i,t..,-i ti.yst< i bcd I ?-?ii ii"- Maryland du ' rei .
who ilaim equal rifrtil wlih \ Irgtnlsti to di ?
nt certain point* In tim ? waters, x number "i the
Maryland oj si. i boat bi ? m. d, bi d th. ipialn*
nn- in an iich iii'h.i over the acll.il lb** Virginia
nulli..ntl'-, lt I llkelj Hut if Ihe taller slienipl tn
nh. .un tiiiii'i- Maiiiiiiiii lu.ai lhere will be biota)
? i tl The tv... li hu. i...ni n i-iri, raul un ri by
Captain itecd, of the Virginian force, an ?tfil held.
ii n rk fur Bl.Tiii.iin.M stn ii ami ??
n-tiii. ii.-m. Penn., Feb. ?_?'. (Kpeelali. Advlcct frow
Washington state thal Ibe n. t-.i.: . ri iron i.punj
was yesterday awatdrd iii ? i m.iri.. t for over *-'.'"".
OOO worth "f heavy armor plate, ii,.- itoibJ n
Iron Conpany and Ihe Cnrnetirs were Ike only
hlddera. 'Mils a--ur.-- marli leven \'.-.r- onre ii"tk
tu I .ilil.-li-tn in* .1. .ml. ?- In ila i.i'll a.|. | i-i mi' nt.
The double da-Inch gun lure, 1st) two feel l"ng.
tiiil-ne.! ye-stenta) al th? H<I'll.-b.-ni i.rdnnn ? aork*.
iva* regarded a- the mosi skilful phi-e ,,t furging work
In lli>" history ol m..Urn oidnanee. 1'.,. luis* ?i
ina.1.* ..in ' i ii -inn ti.ii Incor. The w rk "%- .1 i.n
liiilniiilli- pr.-**?-. Tbe tala* will be .. iii I,, i a. i I lu J i
Fair a*, port ol Ihe Bethlehem Ji-ou Company's "v
blbitlon. After Ibe lair lt lilli pe iir."uii huh
iimi . ut In mo, fomlng nu. -i\ lack gun tub -, aiofa
thirty-OBB feel long.
Rl'.PCBLIc.lS TOWXt vote xo UCEXBB
Kingston. N. v.. i'. i.. gu '-;,. ,i.,i,. The atl i I on of
ProhHdttoalsta and lenperanee lefwnei* I- dtccled
t.i tue r.-ults of the spiiii.." . I.-, ti..a-, iii Palawan
County. <>f the nineteen msn- in ihe rawly, fwr
tean w.t.* carried by Ibe BepobIleana, r.-n of theae
f.itirt.i*ti it'Tuii in un tawna (rated no Ueaaoe. Al af
tin* live Di-inoi-nillr towns VOtad for llc-lise tMCfl
the town of stamford. Which ls nsaallv BoMhMcoa
and was only carried by a majority of lu this spring.
I HI c. M y--Mi" 1 iv, BELO I ,\ JEBSET CITT?
A fcC Mill M. (SPEECH nv Till. BEV.
Jinn: r.. ht UDDER.
In the Tabernacle at Jersey City hat nijlif a
maaB-nteeting was held to protest against the
iction ii' the Legislature in passing the racetrack
billa last week. The front of the platform waa
i"""iit.-i| with flou.-r-, am] limn tl,,, ceiling tell
two large pieces ol muslin on which iv..* painted
'Gamblers friends in the Senate" and "Gamblers
friends in tin ll"'.-.-." Beneath the Uiscriptiona
" *?"? Ihe names of the men In the Senate and
Atsemblj -,- h ? hal voted to pa - rhe hills over
the veto of Governor Werta *'n the platform
were the Rev. John I.. Scudder, pastor of thc
Tabernacle, and his assistant, J. [jester Wills,
ri. Manu ..ii,un Collins, Flavel McGee, John J.
T"H..v. In |.. J. Gordon, Otto Grouse, Henry
I'naM. A ?"ml,lyman ll. Il HoltlNn, who voted
?fi ?' the i i :? ii- a Rep ihlican member: Jooeph
A I' -I. Ur. I N. !,' limby, ex-Judge William V
Douglas, :.",i... [_ Re. ,i-,|. George F. Perkins
?nd William Burrell. Tho Rev. John I. Scud
il? r said, in pm I :
isl ia I-.;, t: it i. -and once sraln ila*
' "' ?' Bi ti .Li- ) -? u i. .p..., ,,| ;,?| humll ''
Toe nt. nih of on .. ? ,:,.. j,,, v,.? , ,.
?'','-"' ti." rf lllii-d .iii ..-.-I i, those
"?' ''- *-?'"? Hv? lu lin- , ..aa,.?..i|iii ,,, .in.woo
' : ;? Meal < PMipeol Iii Treni ni ls
We . ? : v. uh
? di |. rho I Bte < r pl
?r I ...- i hall* ii i * ho* lian ? - no -. a n 1 I
pil b] le
(state has th. re boen ?? h
' ""'?" i-'? -I inwardly .al r.ipi leaMstioa a- we have
- ? di rim Un last we, i This ss* rs la .
' "" " "i..-. t. bj n - un-, a
"?->' - 'i.s. nat. and fiavernm 11 il
""'- N,t "'I '. Dound
".'"h th> rn :?? waa evel , ,. .., ? vlgi r
.' i nh I lynn fer ? -? irtei sn I Ja , .-. 1 hempson rn ply
ti,., arhip .-.In ihouida'l (Jil* iraniblhi
I am ii I thal in ti. . ? ? ? ., ?:? y
il j... The i that ll tool
bv. -J*.. ' lo : ski ih - a.- |ai . ro at Un* -in?
gall thU la T.M.T. I , 111,ia.I ?
l-l "t '.a ? ll t. ?' ? '1 !?? H...|? , ? I . ? ,
... .. ' ' . - a-,..
? ???I (Jul i. . -a" a ? bad I-, a pul upon sn auction
k sod sold beti i.ai'l r. (ft ?? t in or* of
I.ni*- y I, Ia Hr- Hut Ute worm rni-mj ot (he
,*',.' i l.t.' Isl th it Ml Ucl ? ,
' ? ? |>er ls more potent Utan t i .-- ..r .. ,
Bl 1 iced ri ll ll.it
ll 1 1. - ii : .. , I tl'IIS
? i*- . I ' ..a:-..
ir-, .t.
.ii-- manner In which Un- .rr-- r <1 ir sn
: bb ? : ? ? -
' . I - - nf ni 1
I-. : ? ? ? ? . '
ll . ... .1 on*plrsry io def.-u the will (
i .1 th rn..i,il ? ..- In Ul .'?'*- ??!
s hoi i . - - portent tha i
al 111. P lill ...' Uti . .. 'i'll ll
tarted In ri ri i aunty in
. ? it maj ru
? ?
I ?
a . ? ....,:. a
d future 1
? - - - - ? ? i '?'? ?
? ?'
; ? ... paitr ta
... . ihe hut.
. ? . ? i ,
I , M. mt full timi 1.- >ii ! ml agree
li |. no u 'lng liv liol", rr I- i ; he
? ? I lie had "i.ly si mil ti"- bills promptly.. as
lib, in vurtu ?I >l tl?ing b isiness
||.* tl it ? n ., gr< ?? rletiioiisiratinii al
? i - bills.
If this dbl lint effect the < "I ihe I.plc If
i nilli insist
fl the ? ,i lldnt. - of both part'n s
.; , ? ????1. f?. v wolli.I vote to repeal Hie
? i . (raes I.- i-i i'i -ii
i-"., i ,,. .-.-, th * nevi -:? aller, talked in the
i, an ) at il ?? end ii his remarks Mt.
tl ,? inifl I.."en ii.lopt *'l
l? ,... - \- . . . i', .- -? i t- li .rn I the
!..(,|. ,, M -I, "li-f Cpi-- -pul i I. ircli '1. nmm -
?l , !,*.! i.I'i,Ml.
I'l..-.. I \l- (lee -.ii 1 ti. it " when .mr '. nemer
-,....,,, i| m I.-- in tli." path "i ' irtue inti reform
,.!..-?:? i the Si .ii- "I '*??? .lei - ?. Inkex
., Mt. ii I ui i :,-.Miil fifty years bi I l.-:ali/-- crime "
ll.. *.ii,| he l.i-'l I fen int'-riii.- I thal M cst Hie
ia-.-tr.ii-:, people s .'"?".'-oo ti. nos* Hie '"ill-, and
j,,. ,ii,| i i ;., i!.i ' it st in.? from Ihe un I i>?
' ,t i-i l ii.-vi exhibited '?? -t "?? I- R.rd
nnd 7. K Pa mr horn made s|.hes al?? denotinc
ini. tia- Idtls, aii.l mid that rwlnia. must be had
at tli.- | .ll- iiovf fail.
\r, Sci dd. r anno meed nt the close of tim meet?
ing tint the Rev Mr Kemp-shall, of Klizaheth,
would im iimi'- -""U call i meeting al Trenton nf
ti,. |.-,a nn.l Order League, and bc hoped all who
could woul i go tia?Ii?
CROW Hi li M-i -is y\i> KTRON'ii RXPBESSIOXei
? I* | I--.1-T WITH TH" I.I iJISMTl'Itl
Then wa t a strong expr. I.f Imllcnntlon ai
thc N iv .i.r-'-v I.. _-i l -1in-.- In the I'la,m..-M Opera
H. . \, ',r.i i sften.ii when a mass-meeting waa
I,,.1,1 t., ,-nter a pi ?'? ' is'iiM-r Ih..iragi*oii*< rn..
Tli- t'.itr.- rilled t.i oi et timi Iii'-'
vii', men pn.lula.-rn In ' iden snd Somer ?' coantles,
;, ,,,,i ,.,?, | the Ini ? were M ?' or Iles Hider Hilbert.
,,- |.|..,. ? : i . i u minn I H nu di i . nf \. rth Plnln
.,i,i: ??.., ?, - , ' ih i ..ii mon .'"um ll nnd rlergj mi n
n( ,;, . , ,, pi ,. , . M iyor lilltsTl v I* . I. ried ' llBlr
man ol ihe meeting ond Un1 He*.. lu. l?. J, V?*rke
?-.pened ll sith prayer. In Uklng charge ..f the
,.f j0t , ?, ? ,.. ii ,. thotonghl) anru* d apilu ,t
lu,,.,:, :- . M iyor Ullberl d r ried md Ire lo
, . f,,. i',,,t it irs 'till twelve month-, ago Ihal
\ . j. . Py ?* ina i-i lng i i'i/" ns were i siled upon to
I, ;1; down the r.u i n.' pow?T. Tbi | nc. ? r I. 'I lh< n.
i ,,, ih, v [, '.,,-? | i I .ut. Ile score I '.ai.'illili- Wert*
f,,r hi i-ia.a lu returning Ihe vetoed Mils with the
prompt net ihal he did. Tbe Hov rnoi ? ? - nol i nm
|M-ll?"d i-i r-tur-i those Mils until neal Tu. day. Had
il;,, lasrmskrr been allowed to retnm home and meei
I heir i I It'i'ii'- Iii i hun h or other pubth meeline,
Ih*.-* u..ulii have learnid thnt 75 per rem ol ihe
peope In Ihe al I w. re ?fron| li "|.|.d lo the
?ki U|.r the .,hi...ii ui- Mil*, .'tu- senator was
i , ? || t,, have . hal gi d n ? purp - ie nt voting tot the
hill because I.I- constituent* loki lum he nm I not
support iii'-m under mn rtreumstonres. Ral lt had
n-ii pleased ....I.in..;? Wert.*, la allow Mew-Jersey
-, u,'.'? ni iiu;" . ill ld. : .'lim i'i lill* ra--. Ile had
promptly senl Ihe bills bach to the renate with hi*
v. I... whence, ?. had been eiperted, they hid been
immediate!) 1 ?ed bi (be form ol full-deged laws,
li u a for destroying the one dight . lim'.* ..f victory
which I-i a uthii'j i i/'-n hod had thal llovern r
yy.-rt- wasltmagly erlttri ??'! by Mayor Ollbert. The
Inlier urged sn Immediate assertion ol pobll. power;
the removal ol those si pi.ni famous fur their oat
rageoai Oglsbitlon, ju, I Ihe lasting of the eoastitu
liomilii-. *..f racetrack lawa in la. Puprene 'ann of
N.-v .1. i ? -,
Mayor ..ilh.-ri tn* mpported 4a able upreehes
delivered ii Ibe Bev. Dr. A. ll. Lewis, ea Mayor
I.. V. !?, Randolph, Ibe Rev. Dr, J. I.. Hurl hut, the
Rev. W. E. Honey man, ll. s Ifni ->.n. tba Rev. *r. R.
i and a R Powell. K. , lim,,,,- tren
aci.pi.it demunc'Jig ti-- ohjecilonnMe i in- and urging
ih.lr repeal nt .-rn .arly day. These rvacolntlatta wen
paaard unanimously and with anbianded enthusiasm.
They will !?'? iiresented rn Trenton by n committee
if promlnenl clthens. nth ens saj that Qovernoi
yv.-r'- I.lm-. If lia sahl thal the Mils m.- ir
iional. iimi vita -mil ii legal aatbority t.. sapport
t*,.!,i ti,.-i itu i,nt fear the oatewne oi ihe legal
Bghl iii'.v Intend carrying la Ibe Seprena Court.
ia raBpanw la ;i tall nod fr..;n the charrhn la Rah
? i-iiiiv norning an Indignation ronan mrtrtlng lr
jtri.ti-st ;i|.-i.!:i-l th"* r;w il i:,. I. i- ??.'i-latbin lias held in
thc Vonni' Men's ( hrlstinii As.-oc lation la, liing jes
U-rday afternoon. Thc laxgv aiuUtorlum was lilied U
overflow big with on aufUence npresenUng all tht
norn] and religious orgnohntlona ol ila* .itv. John
R. Mona, pr-hi.-rn of Un Yoong Men's Christian As
sm iaiion. waa elected chalman, and <;. H. Lind
ny secretary. The vlce-presldenta were the Rev,
Dr. .1. A. Liggett, the Kev. .-ge Hui"!aid Payara,
ir Rev. B. C. Cobb, the Rev. T. ?'. May liam. W. K.
Wells, n. ii Carpenter ana L. II. Treadwell. Tbe
preatdont and secretar) both mad" addi-. <???* rmi
dennlug the action of the Legislature. The following
committee oa resolutions mu then appointed: Tlie
Bev. .n..- Hui.Lani Payara. D. R. Canon and
ll. B. BotUngson. While tbe connlttee mi- out
stirring addresses were made bf the Bev. Dr. Lig
Ri'it. the Bev. Mr. Cobb and tbe Rev. Mr. Mayaan.
li..- ipeafcera' remarks aronsed peal enthnslosn, and
tii>" Legislature na- condenned in Ihe strongest,
language, Tim Bev. Dr. Liggett*! appeal not t., |.*t
the ju-1 Indignation thal wm f.*lt by every natal
ami reilgtOUS man cool off, but thai no i-.--t should
!'"? laina until the Iniquitous legislation wu= wiped
from the statute i.k, was responded m bj applatue
nnd tnaiiy eipresolons from the andlence of determina?
tion t" gghl Ibe gomblers to the end.
The mport of ihe Connlttee on RoBOlutlooe iras
then iv ni by Hm Rev, Mr. Payara, ulm, in prcaentlng
then, mode a most effective mi.ire--. Tin* nsoluttons
tell "f tbe passage of the three Mila known aa th*.
i.'Hi and o"i ; refer to the Indecent baste and refiual io
grant Ihe people an opportunity to be heard tn pto
to-t, and demand their Immediate repeal. The r.--o
lutions h. ie adopted with great applause.
The paip'.e ol Hallway and lt- vicinity an right*.
oii-iy Indignant over Ihe pa nge ..f these Min. Tho
.: *i ?? nu.rai nini religious senUmcnt i- arouaed ns
never befom.
au tin* leading pardon in Newark spoke laal night
in ii-a.? ry terms of the recent rucetroeh legis?
lation. Dr. Ayieawortb, of tin* Do Groot Methodist
Episcopal Church, -anl thal Sew-Jersey had been
teeped ui .hame. Parent* -h <u!d tell th.-ir children
..f the iiair.es of three brave mon. Senator barrett,
rh-.iii.i- Lane and M. ll. Hutchinson men who li.01
Hu" courage of their opinions, and who demanded
Hi.it tia- people .-in.ul.! j.t :i (lJO-rtng. h. H. Dyott.
of th.- nm stree! Nethodlsl Episcopal Church; I.mi.rn
yv. Allen, of tin* south Pnr*5 Church; Dr. llolllweR,
"f tbe third Preabytertan, ami Janna Boyd lindy
;ii- ? -poke in -:: mu language on the question, Un*
lotter using powerful and Mtter language. At the
?-??titti park Church a regular man-meeting aros held,
.?un! several laymen spoke. The building wa- packed
ulth people. David ?'? Dodd, Jr., ol the South Park
< .ui'h; ,i.pa m. sa*.r.-, ..r tin- Third Presbyterian;
lu-, s a. I..nar. of iii.- nigh Street Church; Percy
Walton, "f tha south Park; James li. Duaenbery, of
th.* iii-.i Church; ex-Assemblyman George W.
Ketchsm, ..f thc Roseville Church, and John T. Footer
wen ii'-- spookars. it mus generally
agreed that a movement fm- tim Innedlate
repeal of thc bill- would be etfecUve.
i.ovenior Werta was denounced for not boidlag Ms
V'-to fur the ronsUtulicnal Uv.- dm- end iii ins
ilma for agitation, tm mutton -.f Mr. Foster, a. un
ault".- consisllng of Hai ld V. Dodd, jr.. Mr. K-n ham.
Joseph M. Sayre, James I*. Dnsenbery and Rlkonnh
Dla.,.- na- named io lal." steps io prevent Hu- pas
igi .-r laws mat transgress ti..- morals i.r the people
and nf tia- state.
Indignation meetings were li.-Id Ina! Mght In st.
John's Episcopal Churr/5 ami the Ural Presbyterian
Church, ..i Elizabeth, '" protest against and de
iii.- action "if tin* legislature, both buildiug- w<*r\*
pocked and the feeling mn high. The Rev. 'ult. A.
i.i.i/. in....,; presided al gt. John's, and the Rev. Dr.
k.?mp-,'..iii at th" other church, rhe platform was
Mbd with the ministers from thc various .hurch.-s.
and prominent laymen. rhe principal speeches
were mode hy Dr. Kempshall, president "f
? . . * if ' Ai ?! Ra. etral k Leag ie ; Richi
ard v. Ltndntiury, \1ce-presldeni if the league,
nini the Rev. Di. Uloiebrook, all of whom delivered
-. .ri.ii j iddres ?- on i ie action of iii" legislature |n
banding over tbe (Rate te lbs tender merckn of tba
n.\ gamMers. Qutienburg and Gloucester came
: th.-lr in.! ihare ..i ihe coudemnaiton, nial it eras
pointed i.ut how tin* inf;,n:>? mi- accomplished hy the
p. ti i ' lld ? ' nlpulatora ??: these two tru.k-.
Mr. Llndabury predict.si that every mun who voted
mr !..?? hill would i"- Mil.-.1 politically. Dr. Remp
ll mi.:. ..ii.- '?'. \..- i.i forcible -|..1,..-, of bia
Hf,, on 1 *'. felling Ul n ii,m.' -ia.- he -.'.? re
al-., mu.;.- bj Senator Marsh, eg Assemblyman William
ll. . ..iii., i ni. .\. io uhr. . \ i iii At tome] Frank
li. i.. , llderman B. ll. Campbell and the Rev. Dr.
I:.!-.n .
I uni., (eellng in i 'ia -? I- -i- ..iii arousjd over
ictlon i'. ibi ia .i cloture and steps have b- a
I shen --i a publl. a... ii..-, a in. ting of pi-..ml
? men .' :i!i denominations wai bold ia Ihe nm
il.- I'i-. -hi', n.ni Church "a I ri'la\ evening. 1' wm
?I ..I. r hi c. (.. Kidd' i. and a i ummlttee "f
liv. si.i appolutcd, coiiatstlng "f t ?? Rev. stanley
yy hu. . iii- Rev, I li urie \. Sat ige, M.- - ker Nan
VVugeiiei*. Isaac ?'. Ogden, jr.. and 1'. II. lu.km.m.
i.]ue* nil Hu- ii.rn) in Hiuiige '.. -.-a., from
e i" ,.;?! on i -? ulai. Iii ever) ? bur. a
mungel .iim-mu wive mei- i ? me .,u - bm,
aid lu many -|"i.*il - rmons on Ihe sub), t were
pi. ii .cl. ,y meeting ol nil Ihe clcrg) nf Hie " aii.i",
I I" be laid I hi - et "Ililli: Iii the rouiti.- "I Ul.* >cw
I.i ..liii..t -...'..ty I.i .-I iimi nita Ihe Publl. Wei
lu. ..i.ii.itr--.- ..' i ii -..-.i 1., ,,1-i.iiu.* fm- ,i | uh i
m.-ctlng ti. be in-ill iiuu..-di U--I'. "ii Ihe mi-I m.
The utterance* i-f t ie various pastor* '?! the urunges
have been outspoken mid sfi ?g. The Rev. ur.
ii, i.ii M. st orrs, ol ta.- iii-' Pro-byte. I m Church,
dem un. ? .1 the action of the L> ji-l.nur.- In unni.-.i*
iii.-.i terms. Ile said thal I' was u gnni rn -ii
tn the Mule lint alter the Louisiana Lottery had
been wiped oui iii -pit ? of Ihe rivers of money tl.at
had been ?penl in Hie attempt io perpetuate lt,
ihal I; was now Intended to make N w-J.-rsei un
gambling den ol Ihe lulled Slates, and a reo*P"*>l
ni moral corruption. It was the eieatcst uUirug* tli.1
. i '.. en 'i il: ted nn Ihe pubk. dm e fe .1 hui "f
the nineteenth century. The MU- hud been pu ed
nm.iijii mill Indcceiii haste t.. prevent Hie pubic
having nu oppor"***nlt) lu pioiest, and ihe unwotiby
band "f the liovernor had vetoed them all t.pinkly.
ih.- pin. saddled in.- gnmbler. rn* stair lor ttve
i..,i- ami nothing couta be doue unless lhere wa*
an uprising of i ie people aa m i"tii;*i Ibe re
|? al i I tin- Ml Hmm- lll.-a-lllt-.
i ie foll.Hiing telegram wa* -"-rn i.- mi.lav by the
I ir-i i-i,-.i,u. Han Church of Ea?t orange lo ibu
....I.-ni ?:-. 1 r--.-i'l" rn ..I the Senate, Speaker ol Ihe
lion-.- ..; Representatives and lo the S nator and \
-. ml.h ma"! representing East nra nge: **T!ie emigre
jir ion f ihe I'n -t iv- by terian Church of East ('runge.
,. |, , .. itlng over la"' people, al n meeting heit ut
ih.- ri, *? ..I ibi* mombo! - -.-ri l" ??. passed by s winn?
itinni- rising vote the following resolution: 'This con
i in I-,.|in -t- th.- ..Hu er* rn tbe i i.m. a lu ex
pres* in llielr milli"' it Ibe .. .-.-i ii-i- mid I.- -..-I itu'
..f ibe .-tim their protesi ngiiln-i legalizlns gnmhling
li , (mci lon willi Ihe rat* meka and their .-urtu**!
de lr- that tile bills |Hlsscd the la I w ck a,.iv be re
pulled.' "
Ila- Rev. .lame I', lu. kin-..a, af the North Orange
i i burch, denotinrid Hie Icgislnttnu lu the in.isl
(or.IM." temi*. Ile --iii thai it wu* Hie tiru Instance
. h:-i av .' ihe State th ii Ihe I..-., ntui
mei ..a Saturday, and tb.?t. lu p.? lin***.* m..-t In
a- u- measures, the representative* n( Ihe people at
Trent.mi had played the find. Th.j bad taken it mr
grunted ih.ii ia--. ? .ult right against truth anl righi
nm.m*- . and had tried tu make legal whal had been
a in '..? iib b*.|, ii thal -t' in-t tin in iii ?? i ?
cording angel would write Hie nord *? tool, fool." He
u.i mat in i'i" il "i Ha* la a> na- i er um In lim -.
[?| ? Rev. lienree P. L. I'. I,mau. ..r thc I IM Meih
ndl t I'.hu rc li, th ii uiiia-i ihe rai-e trach I gt-I*, lion a
i |. nf iiiiuniii.il blackguardism. The trouble Ha?
th it th" wring noli bad ls*en - nt ti Trenton, lt
-.- ? now a ' . ??? nf locking Hu* door after thc -t -ct
i, ,,i be,*n -I.-., ti. Tin* -kick" ?h??uld hav been male
!?. f,.!*.. ihe mt,narn- La" w. re pi--, d.
Freehold, N. J., I' h. -"'? a lui--'"- tu-ii jmiii ,,i meet?
ing na h. I'l liere tonight. Jnmcs b. Vari iictcd as
,; an in ni. sud -irnug ?pe* ches were made nictitHi the
meet ruck hill* by rlergymeii, lawyer* sud p .uno-ut
i"ti/, ii-, n. D Dennis, who *poke a- the represents
ii-,.- .a Hu farmers nf Ihe .itv, -aid thal Ihey
hail been misrepresented niau ii was .tated nm
t',i, n n puts*, fat md Hie maintenance of the Mom
inontli Dirk racetrack. strong resolution* wen
Lakewood. N. J., Feb, ju. N'early all of Ihe clergv
ber* preached strong sern.- thi- morning condrtnn
li"; Hie letriillzlng Of ra. i J lt! thi- state hi the Led
kilur-. yin. nc the audience al one rn tho churches
un -..-u.ii.ii-.-h. t Smith, wh*i lives here.
.?pi n D trill Till': I.nt \-i n OR ROT.
ii waa nu.meed in EManbeth yesterday bv r?*pre
sentetlvi - of the Sew .1. i -. y Jo. key ?luh Ihal Hrs rm????
track th-te would be reopened rm April IO. Moan
uhli.* mi application will b.- made rn ihe rm m
('.tinily li'ard of FreeboMen fora Recuse, i.ut whether
lt i- granted or mt, it I* asserted, the spring meet
lng mu be h'T'i on ihe Dorree iracii. The racetrack
nen my thal by tim laws enacted on Saturday by
the Legislature the -tit.* of Raw-Jenay gives then
th.- pilvitege .if operating iii" tracks, aa natter what
nil rut nile- ..r munlclpalMtes n.a> think about lt, and
If an attempt bl made to Stop than the muller will
he tarried hi the l'nlt"*?1 r-tiitc. siijireiu.' Court, If need
ba, and Hie litigation |irolongi-<l for var;.
itu- great bugbear of tba racing aaaodatlam and
bookanbara, tba dtoordorty kanoa act, they aaaisrt,
has l.i-i-n iiiillll!iil mi fur ns racing n.-M.iiati.ii- ure con
eemod by Ihe Mk Just poaaed* and the Cinuilt Judge
Couiliiued en Seventh Face*
[nv tfi.i:grai*h to tmk TRintNK.*
fTaahlngton, Feb. SM. The re],..rt ol -pedal Agent
Ayer, of tin* Treooury Department, on Ihe production
of lin and teni." plate- In the I'nlted -tates dOltag tho
Hine months ended Decernber RI, int, i- a document
i f uiui-tia! interesi and d guides nee, lt contains in
lubitable evidence thar limier thc eiiroiirutreim-iit of th*
Thrift an of 1880, and the stint?aa of dom sib- cons
pet lt lon. thc t,ii.--late Industry ls being rapidly ea*
taiill-lie.l In lids country on a BOUUd and -lilllie ha sis,
which can be overturned ? nly by radical legislation of
a !io-H!c nature. Bo rapid ha- berni the d"-velopment
tlust li I- altogether probable thal tim wisdom af ihe
flamen of the estating tariff wfU be fully vindicated,
j.nd Hu* conditions preacHh-dl t.y the law be fultill.d
ivlthln the current fiscal year. The act af ls-*.) ro
i|uir.-- thal American manufacturers shell produce dur
lng one of Ihe taral yean prior to thal mdlng .lune
,'JO, 1-UT, nn mn ..um of 'In and i.-rne plnte ec|tial to
one third of tue total net importations of tfeoeo rurttehi
daring the narc period, end the indications non- are
liiat (his requirement will be im-t in tim year ending
.lium :k>, t-o:i. Mar over, if the progre-.* made dur
Ing tbe ia-' year -hill continue at tue .-nine rate ns lt
:*roini-.-- io <t.., ir there shall be no advene teglahtlM
by Congress the amount of tin and term* plate* man
nfaclurcd in Hu* i'nlted -nit.- during th.- tl-.-al year
ending June 30, i-:>7. win i.,> greatly In ewen of the
Ii't imp..: tallon- daring the -am.* year and the cost
ii those arti. I" - will naturally decrease.
.\C"-iit Ayer'- nowt, ll. -Iiould be remembered, ts
based on the sworn returns of manufacturers to tho
treasury Department, and the accuracy of hi- ?*-**-***??
therefore, cannot be questioned, [t appean that
during tbe quarter end.ii December Ul, i -:?-_*. thirty
two concerns were engaged tat the rnanuhvotuK of tia
and terne pntea proper, and Uni fte total ..utpnt
WSS IB.7SA.4BI pounds, Ogatust 10,953,754 p .linda
pcodueed in the quarter anded September BO, IMS*
being aa Increase ol non than **-o per cent, Of the
production of Un quarter ended Decenber 31, about
one-third consisted of bright tin .tates, about H per
rem of uiiiiii weighed I---- than sUty-ihtee pounds
to ns. square feel, while or ho term plain more
than !??'! per cur belonged lo the same cia?, -o mat
nearly DI per cqnt of the entire product eouidated of
Hie liuhiei clan of platen, The amount ot" American
-heit Iron and steel ando ln'o articles and wang
tinned or tefue 'nulist daring the cpiiirt.-r "v:ls WJBBBf
'.<"i piiiind-, agalnsl -r>-.?_".:; pounds In (Ju* piwiouk
quarter?noklng Hie total production, within tho
meaning or n?> nw, e-j.O'T.m" pound-, agataal ll**
1450,954 pom,u- goring the quarter ended September
RU, l-'.eJ.
Theee Bgares show a total prodnetlon during tho
*l\ months ended Decenber gi, l -*.?_. including the
products fran American sheet iron and steel tpined,
" f .;.!.-".jj'",.", poonda. The pradnetton of tin and
t. nm plates proper duiinc the tint s!x month*
of the current local gear amounted to .'io,7o:v'.i*i
pourids, against _._;t';.T4:t pound- for the first six
months of the Boral year ended -lune no, in;.*1,, ticing
an Increa-e of nearly 1,400 per cent?and the total
production or th*- latter yenr was i:i,.;-i.i.7io pounds,
or consMenMy len tiniri one-half or the production
during the Ont Ma months of the current nscal
Many nf th.* Weisb manufacturers 1.n*t y.-ar found
som.- degree ..f oonsolatlon for the ratoMtokment of
ila* tinplato Industry In the United mates and the
ni'.inenl falling "P mid threatened loss of their
export trade In the h. lief that they yrould still retain
?;-'ii puted control of tin* Anerieaa tamfeet for black
plates. Agent Ayert rcjiort vin tend materially to
weaken i'ii- belief, lt s-bowa thal of the lO.rr.f.jifi
pounds of lin and mme ptotoa fdntd in the quarter
ended December 31, l-m*_'. BAMA.itB poundo, or moro
i.iin 4<i per cent, were nude from Anerieaa Mack
plates, agalnel 5,030,082 pounds during the previom
quarter. 'I'ii.* . ii-unptlon of American black pistes
ia the manufacture ?>? tin mid tern.* plate.- during tho
k months of the curreni anea] pear, thtnfow*
amounted tn lmm.-.'-ii pounds, or -il?>.?>l-J i-ounda
lure production of tin ami tern." plat***!
proper during Ihe Brat year after tte exi tiru* tarttf
lan- became openUve. During the t!r-t six nuntin
? ' the !';.-ul year ended lune m.. IdOg, only I'BOd.ROi
pounds <>f American plates were uoed In tho manafho
lure of tin and terne plates aboul i neaeveatk as
much as .injin,; the corresponding period of tke current
decal yem and the lota] consumption df American
plate-, Including articles made Irani sheet Hun or Meei
and tinned, during the iir-t -4.x months of tho ciirn-nt
fiscal y*ir was I7.i<i7.*j7<> pounds, against -i.i7-i.7j5
p. uni- in iii." coi responding period of last year, or
nearly four tim..- os much. Of the thirty mo tirma
? . *j -ni.mitt.-.1 sworn returns tor the lost quarter*
lin.-, rnillly all of Whick ar.- among the lar*-e-t pio
.Inn*!-, made and oaed their own black plates ex
elusively; Bve other firms used American plat.-- only;
righi used both American and foreign pintos, and mn
ii-.*.! only foreign plate-. The manufactaren gmernllg
prefer American plain.
The report shows Ihal the t >tal import- of tin and
terne plates during the year ended June :i'?. i*-o**.,
amounted te 300,530,708! poonda, and the experts of
the -uni.* in manufactured artlctoa with benefit of draw?
back, to i:tT.?_.".-!.i;??_ pounds. The ni* Importations tat
tin and terne plates lighter thin ts. pounds io loo
square feet, amounted to 237,023.816 pani'!.-. one-tMru
.,r which w.uiid be 7ii.:iii7,?..:i:i j?,imd.. an snounl "*hteh
in all probablUty "ill I.xceeded i>y thc donnstle ff.
du. !i-,!i of the curran li-'-iil year. Thia stateoaeM la
fully ju-iiii.-d by the fact* relating to ibe preoenl eon*
ditton and prospects of thc Industry. During ihe quaa**
ter end.il December 31 three new concerns began tho
manufacture of tin and terne plan-, and two tirma
which miltie return- for tbe quarter .-mb-d .-.-pt.-inlier
:i(i were aol producing during the latter quarter owing
to temporary rouses. The works of one other i ompen*"
were destroyed by Bee, and probably will ml u* rebuilt.
a Baltimore company aboul January I, 1803, begin
ii. rktng three lin -1- with a capo, lu of 1.5 o boan a
week, ami alli aoon have two more sets In (mentana*
The Britton Rolling MiU of Cleveland, Ohio, hu raost
.,f the machinery on hand for n- tinplate depart.nt.
Pm mnv n it begin openttons amil sosnetbteg deflnlta
I- known In regard to lb. action of Coagren. rho
t'annonsburg il'enn.i Iron and Steel Company ha- added
two Un mills tolls plum during the uni year, and has
?i preoenl .hit ny for stamping black plates of ab ul
11,000 lons a year, of which probably ned non thoa
.fourth nm be u-.-d os ordinary Wac); plates for
tinning. Part ol the real oiU be uoed for stamped
v.,,,,., ? u ., .. of w!il. ii I- tinned, and
miine tor poH*hed work and other pur
i?.? . which do.-- nm raipiire tinning, although
Ihe tini.-.i i- the -.nm- a- for Unplat.-. Th- c-i-nlng
m,.,.[ . iimpanj ol ' hi. ap- iin.i- th.* d. maud tor com?
mon black piate- -ti heavy thal it bas m.t tried io
rook, .nj regular black plates, and ll baa, therefore,
been dropped from ib/MW of nunnfacturrn. The
Cumberland (Md.) Meei sad Tin I lit. Conpanj befBR
, perottons on January IO, 1803, nndl the present dally
output of bl.ni*, pim.*- i- -ii lons, to be increased ro
twenty lons before July 1. The praseni output la,
-..iii in tinning Iwusea In PMtaburg snd Philadelphia*
aiui tie- entire produel alli b. mud for tin ami term
plates. The Morewood i tampon) ol <>ii- City, Ind.,
ha- completed four large Iron buildings timi lias other
buildings lu course of eoostrartton. all of whick will
be U-.-.1 for tinplate manufacturing purpoon. Tho
falcon Iron and Rall Connan) ol Niles, ohio, expect*1
in have m.. nu mill- in operation by April I, arith
an rstlmated output of i<si ton* ..f tinplate a month,
in.* machinery I- built ir double thal rapacity, and
li u expects*! lo Increase the output to soo ton- a
month during the cooring sunnier. Messrs. llugheo
a Patterson, ownen "l the Delaware Robing Mill ot
Philadelphia, hue begun the construction <?( very
substantial buildings and plant fur the manufiu tur.>
i.f tinplme-. bul li "ill be some mom h.- before they
mi i?* leudi i" he jin open! lona. The Indiana Tin
I lui" i oinpiny of Atlanta, Ind.. hopes lo begin opera?
tions next week. The plant I- to eosi isi-o..*,*) to
?ri ..omi. mik! lilli ronato! of iwo rolling mill- with
ile necessary Antonina department. The Raweuatle
.p. nu.i (steel and i'm Mat.? Company, which I- build
lng a large and sUbotOIHlol plant, expi*ct.s to liegln
operations In Juno or July.
Agett! Ayer bas reached tbe conclusion that Amer?
ican manufactaren will have to depend upon other
countries fer their supply of lin for manufacturing
puip..-.-- fer -..me time to come, st b's-t, mid he suk
?J..-I- a- worthy of consideration whether lu the In?
tir.-t ..r ill concerned and particularly of tinplate
manufacturers the law which Imposes a duty of 41 centa
a pound on and after July 1. 1003, on ca*?llerlte and
bar. Mock .Ind pt; tin liilph' not be advantageously
repealed. In this relation he say- thal tbe Temescal
Un mine In California ha.* bein closed since October,
1->0*J. -and lt ls not known when lt will again o*__n
operations, if nt all." He also says: ** It having neon
stated with apparel authority that the n*rn*jr**M
mi mine*. In .-outh Dakota had also dtocntttonoa QJ_
ersUowb I applted at tts oftee of tho CNVO**** tr,

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