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? MM INS : :?? TO KS- L.QVOR,
MW V !:K'*- CB iNi-l: OF PLA fl.
t|-*f?*" Feh. 37.?lu th* H<>u-- ..r Commons
?ay Mr. fJla.lstme ma<le a motion Hutt on
T-jf?d3V"* ????' Fridays ,il" ll"11-'* '"""t ut j o'clock
j, thr ?ift'Tin'"!.. and that Oovernmenl hum******),
^vcially ?'"' - "Ml ? ''"-I'liiiJ ot the Hook* Rule
?'?[have pi.-''"'"'ii " n,*'i' all othei business
?fcfa**" Seton-Karr, < tn**crvativi* Member for St
. .,.,,.?! th it Mr. (Gladstone's proposal he
attBfi- I!" '? ?''-"?i the l-i'"!..! I.*i l.*r oi i-cheni
(ff*, rush business Ihrough. The Government,
?<aid. hail already monopolized the whole time
..-. Hon . * preventinj th,* members fi ?m
? bill.. Such .1 course, Mr. Seton-Karr
y^ waa a wanton outrage ..ii tlie ruin- ol the
Mr. Gtadstone's prwprsal waa <*;nrip;i hy a ma
mtj *t 42. the vote standing .'io in favor to
:.?ifaiwt H.
?ir William Harcourt, Chancellor nt the Ia
-i. in introduci' j tin* I.i |uoi Trade v.-to hill,
| that, t'.i" li|iner traffic beins n monopoly
mgt ).\ the Stat**, Parliament bad the right
*a|**d***ito it. The pres. 'it licensin*- authorities,
. . :. were rv; popular bodies: tlie County
,?,*;:,.il eauld nol properly deal with tin* matter
!* uer?et The bill Bought, therefore, to estab
Mawstrol al the tr.iili.* by popular veto?the
matfmttta k'-.'.vn. a- liv it the need* au 1 desi] -
#; th? in.liviil ml communities could lt.* aatisfle-1
?^g-tr***dance with the local conditions,
Henry C. 0. Bonsor, ? onaervative Member for
.> w?thledon .livision ot Surrey, opposed the
|f| on thc iround thur it would interfere witli
?,?.*', inti*:--'-, a'?! that thi* suppression ol li
f,--,v-l 1....1-- eei'iuM result in the open in <- .it nun:,
drinkinz dubs, Ihus Increasing the evil* ol
William S. ' ?hie, Radical Memhet foi East
JJridfanl. M1"''*" ": ,'" ' ;1 ;'- :i valuable instal
mU ol a promised temperance reform
ytr Goarhen, ? lianeellor <>f the Exche-iuer in
ii aa* Sslisl ;"- Cabinet, -M-wh*" hrieflv again*'
ii ML The Opposition, he mid, would critic!*?
I *t the propel time, not on party irroiinls,
Javevci. but upon t .?? merita '.i Ita proposals.
tho hill then passed the iii-* readin
>Yui*m G. CavendLsh-Bentinck, Conservative
>'**">* -"or Penrhyn, Falmouth and Flushing
aM v.'hef!.i*i tli. att4?ntion of tl,.* Admiralty hail
ia tailed to .i i.nt celebration al SeirA
?a-i-MA President Harrison waa present, when I
fa* flat? of ;. ut?*an**hip that hud been built und
ntadiie-d as ?' x,'ii.*.-n's ri liser h?<l l?.*en chanued
wi th" fla j "I ?he I'nited States lnii*t*-l in its
mai Mr. Cav4?ndish-Hentinch ahm wanted t.
k*i?w whether the Admiralty would bencfortli
trfrrnt ouch a proce**din*z.
Fir V Ka> Shuttleworth. Secretary ol I ?
A'!nir?ltv, replied that the.e waa nothl'.a lo i????
tal tha transfer ol a British mercantile cruiser
v>? forourn countrs aftet the period for which a
Hildy had r>->*n Krauted her had elapsed.
Ur-iV-n. Feb. 27.?Lori Dtinravan B4Mi**-i***d a
tABUU ir,?***iue in Clveratone thia evening, on ibo
tat** *4 Br. ?,l;i<i-t.n"*'s Home Rule bill, shonid
u> Wi *\'.'j j- Into operaHon, be aid, t?oflal and
?Bar**?I ai ireby wonM reign lupreme I'; Ireland.
mOBBuiy knew, I eland waa ; ' artleally
littoiit ?;.:?:. rater the Ih*'a- Bute plan, British
(?tj**al*r->i*lil be -Irie-rn from tlie .?..-"". M C ' '- tba
tfaen could extrbate lt tn.rn l.ti-ln---.
fc? *?..*?*> ol l.-'ji-i. Hob by an lrt< P nt not a
bilah llrm ?,i* iadta-rd rn ?M be tanti ll Ireland;
at r..-i!tti*v -aronirt be bankr*ip; ant] woaU bann .-.
lari wrirt.t '?.:>??:? Bi i lap rial P i iment al Bit i
A On t dei " ? ? de ly I'Nt?r Inion
B.? In Belfast thia evening, .-ir Daniel Dixon, the
tad. Bay or, e-., p.,-kled, -vi* ai i*->*ir> it uenin-t tha
Hf?mi^ Role bill, Bctw**en I'ebntsn 13, lbs day on
"*ai"-h Mr. 1-iBdstone ll lr
sj, he* laid,Tm." !.?*..: ii.-.'-a ut ii-i ...i; .ai -t..i;.-.
."'..'?:-?.? ' - 1 .V'.'i. e
ia d' non .- ? . !:? laud a u paran
lefL-la'ui'.* ?-i ad ?; el unanln
IS &S*>t*BI*4 . Till !' '.1 BID! St. '.' THE SI Mir.
HK MIK! - x 1 I.' \ 1" R ".m Ii.i \ 'I \
kala, M j? ? .? :. ttl nnd ti . pnbb. . I
l*r!??- mete i da] when M. Jule* ) ttj
usumrd !.".. c.,. , ;. ,v ni Hu -?:,!'.. Tlie iretemn
Bataaaai bad ... ina and masterful air. and was
ht-arll; reeH ??:. . the . bair M. Ferry
Bat?? ..f tl,. ;. ? ; o-l a".-ii: iii ..utrli which he bad
l?'**'*<i Ti.. -? . -.- irl l wax noe , i?. - hi, tai
I remark*, which arl
tatty pr.-rii;c.-.i :, profound Impn don, M. i eulo
Eat m gan- :.,,.. j,;,. u >-?? .t*. m. Le
??"yr. I: if* ,,- ,| ,, ,|.. x ,,| , ?? ni
???, aad . || i ? ..- ii< ?? ? uld rn ? ? r be
.. d. j..- lie udded,
,. x *" ?' ? ? n ade mi ? x< "?'? ni Inipr. lon.
,?'?'?- ih. : ? i .. ix,-,i it i.i .in :
wtli on t, .? i ? i- I In t..e C-jiiir* il ivan ;.
-BfMMtj and b.**ai I
* WtOAt, , in u nu ii lippi ii: ',' iii:
WAEEm U ' :i xis i-i;.. mi \" \ i m i n
Iv''"' *?'!'? -'" !?? -Figaro" t.'iav profi-aaee. to
**_? BM. p ? ? . ||, .- ?.,.: ... hn have
In Hip i. ?? ', , i points, the
- r-Ihfe*, ex..,. elliit?d b) the. examlnln** mag
','?' '? "1. i n ., duriiiR Hie v- eui es imlnail rn
d< I..--.,,-. ti,,. "HP,r," -;.y- thal
? '- ;- tided that lt xe.- owing t i tba
?: ? ol War, M. de Freycinet ;
^ *?''* V ? ? :;,.,,.,.., -,f Deptiti. . M.
^?J*i. -.i-i m. Chm.nceau tliat be jricMed lo thc
ii -. Reli .' li haviiit* threatened In
*> a Win-* a puh.li *ult against the Puna mn C mal
"**?"-?? !' ? ? , ...rii. ling whl. i. might hav
?Jjhlfal] di. -?,,: .. ihe romp mg.
.** *W**aro*- pam on n \ Ihal when M. da
?nt.wt ???;,,, . M. | le .a t .
????|-sal ,,: , | ,;. ,.,. .,...,,,.. ,?. radmllied thal
iJ** *?"!'' ?i n li."ii ?>..- io .1--.li.'i.* Charles de
^~B'lion, i:;, irrtuu ihe rt I of a liwsull whl-h
' ? ' ':
?^?*B> lanni Cmipunt. M. I . ., .... wlien quos
^*b!r M. I: .1,-in. vin.., denied all >*etber the Irulh
'. Jj* '' de I/ ?; - . far a* ll
?*-^j**P"ri In tlu< nj.ro' .I'li-i.-n considerable
???r_L. VI'"A "' '''? "ti . linowi in haw ex
'^t hf? ' ''' Ficyiiiiit and Her/, und the Inleresl
"w?kii,'.r"' ' '"' ' """"''' '" l,;lV" cv*''lbHe.1 In
* B'llt ~~ *
^U.\".,j-r UEI'lT-t Vli NUKI) IN A Dl'EL.
ftofc i*.'1*1''"'' l" r "'"""iit-il. Boulanglftl Deput)
B| J,**P?*iment rd Al ne, foagbl a dud to-daj
j^ ? I'r,,.,,.., ,,|,v,,r ,, .,_. ir.|yi ,,?. xi.-ll linoxxn
(?alu.'' *:"' ???'? iud pn'Vt'itiN experience b-ilh In
"*aar*J?'*'J h."! m . i,??...... .. ... ........
?D'*''i'ii:.:J na* v
wound i'd III I
af I.I,
?Ute . " **
' lp*U?XF.n*i AT <?l.I.HAM IN -il:K .\K!*'.I>.
hr, ZZ.*?' '-? '"'"i .""t. ,*i:,,* exists rn "ll
**v,*t ?, ,:" I"''1""-"'1 "ttruBRle between Ibe
"Uib-r', '0!l '?''il,l';" '"'il !??? i'|r-rutlvi?-. The
OOo T'"" ''' wtldoymenl la oldham alone I-- :m.*
N ,.?, T'?'? V' """- ;,r" *' """" "?' f. ?nd
*-*e*lvin? ':'"" ^"" bi'lofig lo the OpefUtlVi-S1 mil 'll
'""-I .r"":,M' '"" '" "' ?U'hfritl.a ,r-..v.rl...r
^"'r h.,, ,I!'" "',,"""1 "I"-" iJM-m. nnd private
tr*??liiR rlr-,1, , '"'?'?"?'???I bj the .milli.i.il and In
??i dace lani jtovember.
?"?"trtlon r.t, .,
?B Cpm ' ? -?? yiifrii Victor- and ber dangbtera,
???, tutiZi*** ,,",V8'"r ??d I'riii.'- Bcatrlee,
Hiji^j. . :" Rsckbiffhaai Palace, where lier
?**?*?? T I,'"'Par'"t' >" bold ionrt I. tnorr..eT.
"-Win ^Lll,"l,!" Ihe American Miiil-ii*r: Mr-.
?**?* t-riveT s"ir"Vni--' I" Hie Abierliaii Kml.i.s-y.
*Wrbi*r?>rJ''n1 ""' MU!"'!:"^ wi" atieml ll ? Qn.-i ii -
*" ?*? dJpJoLru rn,,rr"w Mr>- l-lncoln will pr.nt
****? Blui m CirCUf M?' A*u'r- a,ld *?' lh" K<*,">r**1
***? Behm WllJlaiua and BU* Burrowa.
"URbter r,r I logman Burrawa, rd Newport, K. i.
?le Alfred spencer <? ur.a ill xxiii pratten! In the
enerai arvie Mr-. Bomcrsel Gough Calthorpe.
London, Feh. 27.?Tbe Viscount d'Arlnos, irri
ili.in Mlnlsfer lo Oreal Britain, naya thal the aglt*a*
lon in the Rratlllnn province rd Iii.. Brande do Kui
? purely :i local affair, and cnrrtea.no menace of seri
rn* . .:i- ? *,ii.-in .-a to tin* general peace of the i.r.i
lUnn Republic.
The declarations ot Vlscounl d'Arlno* .ire t-lnillar
o those freqiifntly made ii tbe Aneri) in public by
enhor Palvadnr de Mendonra, thc RmslUan Minister
il Washington, and theae statements are not, as hap
? ?n- too often, optlmi*tie atorica, published ..Hu I .Hy
y representatives of forciga government*. They
re itrictly In accordance with the real condition rd
Mair-; in Brazil, ;.n.l .imiinii Un* hopeful cxpectatlona
if tin* friend* of the new American republic, li lias
.r-.-ii explained already in iii *e columns thal the
roubles xe :.i. ii have occurred now and then In sr>mo
.f tba Bm Ellan provinces are rd a apedal and local
?hnracter?somel in^, though on a larger scale and
sit ii tin" 'ifirtlti. n of real fighting, like the troublet in
be Oklahoma region, oi those in Kansas between tin*
. i-.iii-is uml tin' Repubttcanx.
lh>* danger In Brazil m- that tii<* few partisan*
?f the former ImperiaUsi regime mij-iit in. lip or
.il..* advantage et local disturbances t<> andermlne
he fmindatlons of the republic Itself. But liri*, dun
?er (!.?- nm ,"\i-t a--, longer, if i; ha* existed al
'I -i:a a November, l-*-".i, when tin* emj.ir.' lens
' c. il"!v overthrown, line cf Hi.- la'esi evltence
liar il.* Immense maj ort j of the Brailllans have
respted ;.*? republican form <>f government |. i,ir
dab .1 bj the recent declaration* of the ?-.'.? il
I.m. i-. ni," the in-? l Important newspaper ol Brazil,
.1 kept np ;. rnmpalgn ot apposition lo lb.'
'epnbTl.aii Administration. In a -i ii.itur leader,
ts director, Senhor Rodriguez, ie:,- conducted for
? \ir.il years a Bra-dllan lllustrati-d pap r In New
lorie, lm* made recently .. patriotic appeal i.. his
?<?unt ry men, ot all opinions, urging them to forget
heir former poll ir?i rlllTerence* and to wort In
?oncer! for tli" welfare of the Oovernmenl nnd of
n.nntry. "Within ihe-e ihree cetus/ -.'ie- Br.
|N*drigui>E, -the i.--xx regime im- implanted Itself; In
Ue |<>ral movementa .*f ihe Statea th.n*ittinlonal
?egtme hu-, mu bern attacked. Man* than Ihat,
t |.* ibe Mate oi Rh. tirande Itsell which Jm
Icfeiidi-d i' aaplnst .*i iii tatorshlp. il ronnie, ct.rs
lavu been made, bul Ibis I- noi suiitti-lnc when lt
- remembered I hui the revolution ri l--.' has pIm-r-1
he i" -e. r In id" hand* ol ;i class whl. li i nd ul
io exp i i"ii??- of adiiilnl-trailon. Bm. In maim il lng
?en. i- ai .1 resp.-, i f a- ?:,.? hiv . In gil uif* ihelr *-up
I'l'i'' lo '?" m ??'??-' ..I I,,.- pi.uptry, Brannan* have
i >" hi ur i" f" ar i .1. ibe tal ore."
Vs to th. ? ... i .anl arras m. in- i ??
?xistlng, thev viii MX.,, ,!:,?,,,;.,-,,- |n ? .,.,-v aarli|.*ti
?? tn.tHlO.000 j. und* nf rolfe out ol Hie
i .-.a...?".!.ni i j. ninds repts -?? Ung ? ? iota] |
d " 11-h Iii.* hIiiiosI |||.< mo, ,,.;-,
ictl of rubber, Hi- us." of xe.,., h l* [,.
more i il more exten Ive.
? -*> ?
Tin: POPE'S l ?REWELL KI ??: i ;;i< - TO Till I'll.
Rente, Feb. ST.?The Pope ina'-* a couiieoui fire
.viii ton;,; ti. the pllgtlma from Kngland. Ile said
ihat ii" i:-ep.*i Koon io ace England onee tn..rr* a
'aili li.' . . ti-j. I h (ulthful. he added, aught t .
?ray for th. i-peed) consummation 'if I bli hops, of
Mii-i" were already many Igi . The Pepe
aarmly commended Hie lofty *pirii ol ju-u e shown
t?y ihe Queen and Parliament In granting t.i all
I'athoilc. o.' Her **T.i J.?-: \ "- x;.-' .-iiili-. ,.";,'*.
rrecatom rd religion. The nadd-nee laati-d fr Iso
'.lill'-, anti xrn* marted bj murh ...!*? \ rinl e..ruo
? ? I ope appal*, olly .???:.?
Ha d-vot-d vi-it.i.s. At tha rios, of ... audience
'?I ntl If \xns borne la ;i I | -
i.f corridor* of t'-.r Vatican, In e. .r'h the p ?
.?? d tbemsi Ives. Aa he pa ted he held i
tand, iii" pHiitma M-e-tti-j hi* ting.
Considerable comment baa beetj tweattoned in Val
.;ii (dacha bi the fnrt that Ihe Wop hat weeli i
io Ju).il'- rca;.-r.itn:..,ti..n, from the Count ol :'
?:.-ii v..n Lam, thc n.'w:;. appointed '?? n
tn th. \.i'i.:in. accompanied *>t two .^iwr .
ad bi audlem ?? lo lue a Ith the Pope, tn e.
iir.-?et.:..i tn. ''.'.? itult' ? - - ' i nix
ipon the lope* attalni j his Epl*. .pal Jubilee, and
. valu it.le I 'pal ring.
IlllV WERE IT WORK IN l BOMB l.i-'I a'.V -
Rome, Feb. 27. lin police tn-daj nurpri ed twenty
?;\ Anarchists nt \.<.rk In ? bomb factory on iht du
f Uk i ,t ?. -ill tl' 'i ??"? e.. re arr. le ' and I
large quantity of expln iv.-s iras -'i/'*i. lae police
? li-e.- nj,t iiif. nos Max.* ih. |. ra m- re pm I We fir
most ol ? he explo ... ol I ?? ht ' j ear.
fa ilia Negrns, Feb. 27.- The Mexican l*o\"ernmenl
1 ? '!? ? ' lt. 1} '!??' ni.-! ti. ab Uah Ihe free arnie, i
action will give general tHUsfit'tson .al ..j ihe l.'i >
Gran '? t md. r, a> li i- . \pe< led thal ii will i
in il,.- e.tablishineul ni extei Ive manufacturing eon
ern* und other Industrie* on this .ide "f Ihe river.
I nd.-i ju. -'-nt rt ';. ii":, a .an ?? cntlal feature ol
i n.i 11 hrc : ?. .a: ia .. manu! iciured a ii lal ai
Ihe /?:,.'. -.ii illtroductioil lula (lie Interior, li.i\" l>
pay lh< same duty aa if Imported Iron I ?
i ou ii I rt. .
Ott*wa, Feb. 27.?The atateinonl that one of tlie
I roi Mons of iii"' in*". Fruuro-Cnuadhin treat) all|
mles for ;i ibventlon on the pirt of (Canada of a fa I
Um of .teamers between ,-i French pori and Ihe
lon i- not ii.ri'ii. li l- dnderatood, however,
tint i ii.-x.'iii.-r l*rolet, "f Mtmtreal, has mbmitted a
pr i .. i'i a. 1. the ll..noni iii ItOVemment in licliall
. ? i . Franco Canadian steam hlji Company, which
I* composed ol leading merchant* of Rote-n, fia i ?
irocul ..I n ia i Iii ?? nf learner b tween Hall
II ( and lion-n. lt i^ reported lo lue- Ihal France
ronccde lo ' ana/Is ;i minimum tariff on eereals, flour,
I ii n, i.. i-, leather, rhee**, tish nnd other arllelea; while
tiiii,.In, hi i.inrii. aili ...ll.. i on lr.iiili eeiiii-s ;i
uf 'jj i eui a gall -ii.
wai.I'KN-i.s may EMIGRATE TO Till- c"rvn:v.
Paris, Feb, 27. The VVaMenses eiim are d rend
ania ?.; Ute famous eel which was cruelly persecuted
for centuries on account of I'-- *ell*doua .-: i ?<
and -.eli-' -nu Inhabit the ancestml mountain tract
on tn.* Italian -l-l" ?1 the f'otHnn Alps, prop me. I i
emicrate lo America. Theil titaple bualnesa ol rloth
making lias become much depressed, and, even wirti
nil ih'lr frugality, Ibey find li .uninilt t i live.
?*,,. pastors of Ibe Walden lan rongregatlons con*
vened In a synod lo ronsldif ibe BtmrHtw, and re
.,,,.,,I ,,, aend two delegates lo North Carolina lo
Inquire icgardlng tbe prospects for net lier* In Ihnl
.,,,,.. -I,.,, ua'.i.h-.?- are a hnrdj and ihrifty people,
retaining lu ;? r*emarkable degree the virtu? ol theta*
I..,, i. ancestors. Il Ole reportt fron the deh-gate,
"hiuld I-- fav rable. 2JOO0 B'aMensea will emigrate
lo North I BroMna In the -iniiir'
l.on.1.11. Feb. 87. The Americas c-.n-iil fBrsersl,
john C. New, will retire frors hla o?ce May 15.
Whiting, Ind.. Feb. 27. .-ge Haaelett. ol thia
ell* who bas twice passed through the Magul i
whlripool In n rash, started laai nlghl for B^r*
Far. vii.r* h.* Mill Immediately make bis prepares
,,;;,.',,.,- .hooting over Ihe falls. Ito fW-e,
..? ,.gg -naped barrel rtmBar lo th"- empkrj.v
',,,,.,...H potts and others In going through Hie whirl
, ii., |? ronfldeni thal Ihe -iff ol IBS reef can
,,',. ,;,.?!,. without fatal rrwnlta.
, ti Diver Mane.. Feb. ST. The <r--i.-nt Mill baa
t ?.,???nv the director, of the Ul let rs**<*pri?tkm hu
f; ' i ovei ",.* offer Of -MM.OrKI.tna.leM lt to.h.
SLSC .Pl-inted by the C^ent. ???<?
,, ,,, aaM hem ""i*'V ,,':,, "'" rtlr' r
re i t rotiipiinv were to rrmet In Bo.t?| Uvrtay 1.
,Vx ihe aclloo prevlou-iv taken. IhiprtBitendeB
*.; up.r..dent .-ni- .'f th.* Cr^JKS
Ki ,ed his ronner...... with Th,* .-oncer,. WBwntt
taut take about rix monUui.
V .VIN MI"- -
[?T TM I i.l; u*ll To IIII. Tllll'.ixi.]
Trent rn, Fob, ;;. Governor Wert* to-night
sent ti tin- Senate the nomination ol cx-fiovrrnnr
Leon Abbett aa -ttsaoeiate Justice of th,. Sew
?Tersr-v Supreme Court, to anet.i th.- late .1 :_??
eScudder It 1- Mittni-.-il from his action that
all opposition to Ahbett'a appointmrnl !.:i- been
withdrawn, ami that Senators Adm in and WI Hon
have tsonaented to his m.anim'. 1.- continuation.
Ahbett'a appointment to tin* h-eneh retires him
from politics allege thor. In tlial arena he has
Leen active f,.r nearly thirty gears, li,, vron tl,.
Goverriors-hiu hg peraiatent righting, and 1 .*l"l th.*
ofilia* twice, lui) both tilths only ;i- ?? Steppin**
stone to tlie I'lnt.'.i States Senrjtorship, for which
lie struggle*) ,11 \;,,n twelve .wars. On th.?
rasm:, ,,f lu- hud defeat foy th.* covetii] po Ition
in Washington 1.spree*1 d a derrire t.? w thdraw
from polities, in which be had jieen .-in 1 taken
liar lcr blows than any oth.*r .lerseymin al I 1*
geoeration. It 1- believed t!,:it .inn..*-. Smith. .11.
uh.. waa elert.-l Senator, ami ..oxer;.ot* VVerts
there and then asked him whit p*>ition he
would like to have, anl that a- frankly repli<*d
th?t a pl 1.;i the S ipi Die ' 11 Irneli iv till.I
bc t>i Iii* likintT. A* th.- atotj . . .
li..v.-rn.ir Werta prom is. tl '. - ,. ,. 1 .
i.r*; vacancy ol ii,.it kuid, ami .h.* death 1.: 1
Seudiler made room for him. Hut lm thc Inti
opposition of th.- Senators named, Abbett nmn*
would hav.- been sent to tl. Seuate a lori
agu i he t.Tin ol .1 " ipi '.ia- i .. irl Jual ice 1
*i"i*:i year.*, a Del the mint; .-.-is.. .1 y.-ai
I nited State** Senatoi Mnitli having resigned aa
Kl' x-ti i"'.-:! "-*'.. i.w a\- 1 oniinisaioiier, I io var noi Wert*
to-night nominate! Stat.- Ireasurcr .rge ll
<.rav to lill the office The I Jo vernor uri'?? alan
the lollowing nominations: I .n l.a.v Judge ot
Atlantic County, Joseph fhoinpsoi . for Prosecutor
of th.* Pleas ol A tu nt ic County, San iel I Perry,
ainI I'u Prosecutor of tin- Pleas 'il Cape M ?
( ounty, Jonas s Milln
? ? ?
rt.? ? . S. J.. Feb. 27 lu 1 - ? iti ll Hu ly.
ul l i.i . ". n 1'omniltti
t.. Invi -?..: ile Hie B Idle-Hoffman itt n ? ?-? t r b
h ii' ..' : ? a./' v. and !'?? *? '
' Ihey bel fe Vi *!
Mr. Rlddl. ? I le .-? al noa ld nv *.
Ilofl ? lo him. Mr. isntl
(wilted ; I 'I
Mr. Ilofl larger 1
11.i*i 'hr atti' lal re' " j.e. him. Mi. W. inn pre
.....,,.. that I ' "
?lil.,- 1 ? - 1 nnd
N Mi i". ;,
al ' :. ? . hu' Mr. Wini
ad ip I.
? ? ?
RPM 'i:r.!) ri.an i" K-r \u :-n .w "inn: nt.v K
r 11.ii. n, N i.l eb. 27, A
? ? li i.r?! upon un Umbi wt lorlty, 1 bal
rio ,?. ha- -.il..-.-I rfj.Si.ism |.x th. rn. ??' si
lark. )u-t outside 1
to turn ihe pi ?;?- .*?*. Into * ra. ira k. lt I- dd
?'.i 1.1 ??
1 lt I pan ol the ?? h* me ?
thro . ? late, forming j
In, Allal.tl. 1 " . ' .?;?? Mai anl ?' ? I
other*. In I bi pa
Pule " a i '.rm. rt- oa ins) by I ' ? r*?tab
ive be. n rrs enl ' n ? Btu *
operated lt for yean 1 i
? ? ? 1 all ..
m. it.iai- of tint Board of Fr. ? ' i
pur', f ir Ute l?s' 1 :
ow of tl..' deal -ii- "':> eui B
' ' i . .
- v . nf I h.
Tin I ?' tod i?i lei l ? .. Il li :lu
... ," | . f an 'thi
WEST CRASHISd I ll ROT an Tin wisiwn
in r. ix ri: *x . fxii 1 *. *. ixl r\ 11 ".
THI \ i *. v ?, vs,, x j
Mat* Island id a I I flt ? I I *
h 11 n 1 A? a 1 ? ' '
?\. -a numh r nf ,
mer of t ?? ?? i.i pm do
1 ffitir was made 1 n - * Uti g hy I fuel
1 al 1.1" nf 11 .n-"I in 1 ie I-", wall rs of i
p.'.e -.
.1 .'ti Fppn b 1 n hal r doing 1 li '
at., si ip!eton, and hui mn. li ol ? :
farm, r a I n ile.* h 1 ci 're if the Isla
. . ? ?. ? Ftybis. wa* loki
rei mt pur 1 from 1
h.,11 .? *,. Ihe -I iii. ' I" ... aa I
\ . ni well until e.ithln 11 '???? y.-tnl ?
Hie hull wn nol ii ?! lo ih< nol ? and I
? village, ni I a- Iii wa j ' ..: .I v
he I."i aa.'' li Tl "il . 'I > add I.l 111 Ti
I...', h. .'.in ? lm, . nd h< t '.a! ? '
kirk and tr\ ii gel iwaj Uybt. tri. 1] li iel
linn and bii im liing 1 ghi 1 1 * pl n ? *. It sn 1 all |
? lille 1 a* bull m trying lo 1. n 1, nani. bul
v hen he 1 ? ia <l hi m. il. an 1 1 im nf. 1, tn. jr mil?
man I. 1 g>< "i ' ? 1 "i"' and rm. 1 lie Imil -. > lam
mil. k f-.r him. and iru. a I Int In Ila hark and I nrh I
him ' iroojrb Ihe philp gin ? 1 ri ..- ..1 .1. I.ml. r'
-ho.- store, 'I he i'l.'. I* exa 1 - 'i.,:'.a. . a'i 1 i: I . Ix
of ih. tu mi ranied Ihe . i and all Into Hie lore.
?I ? hun then ini" i and ran dos n I in il I
Mallei I i he pa i ttgei ol an I.ming Iroln, ni '?
tnrii'l imo Buj tl. Oil ii nm. A. ii.xx.l f.lh.u ?!.
and li."' bull BBS i"i:ai"il ie.ir Tompklllsvllle. "n
Olie nie \". a- ., I 111 ll f' ie '? Jili'l on t e.i ..' hil
uns n i rou i l he f.."i Ih ld. i n* Hie tent, r ol
t . Norms and iirefii ring Hie t nh r lo iii]
, ,.. i ii [ilungi ii in Ile swum nlaml f. r woe
tiru... exliil.. :i t i*i.11.. r of mell pul OUl In 1**1* lo
! nibil him. After ninny i.-nii.r. - a young mun i rea
n i..|." ox er Ibe bull' hi i n nu I he .. led lhr.iu-.-h
I, ,. ? nt, i to Ihe 'lat lu Ih . in.?!' ll . In, a h. re ll.
x.:, Binded. Ile ex:, iii.ii uni and made no further
n -l-l;.ia ???
i ra fl. m, w\ Va., Feb. 27. Excitement baa been
canted IhrouglKiui lh*> Eaeiern Pan Handle of this
Mat- b) a i ii" ia nt ru* I li. ? nndltlon nf I ie ill brou-] I
by Ihe ritale ".I M irj land again I lin- *?'i iii ni '
\ n jitla. Maryland ie lo recover the enf In lenttory
lying I"-' a ? en Hie ht' h and nul h lu am ?
I niomac Rivi r. ids lal j.ntl. . Rilli .1 popuhitli n
,,t nen ri) |4M>,IMMI, ari' Involved I -??11 ? 1 lu addition, if
Marxian.! eeiii^ tin- -.ult, five other Ve ? t Virginia
,,, n ||,.. x\|H he 1 ul oil from Ibe real ol Ihe Stale.
Tbe mallet v- con Idend grave bj w>*| I'lrgtnl.i laa
ver* and polltli lui -. 1 ie -' de I n sppruj.li 'J a
mount ol mom \ io fight ibe 1 aa..
New-Haven, Penn., Feb. -jt imperial). Al 8:13
p, m. 1...1.0 ie... inbound freight iralna wen In
collision .rn tn* N..ri:.am,ami branch ?' Ibe Nea
Vorh, New-Haven and Hudson River RaRraad ander
th.- u randa ve, bridge In thia elly. Ten car and
both engines were completely wreehe-4. Tbe eng
and iiii nini eacaped ne {unplug. Un Ibe Hbore
line, Ihe .rail,- of which are adjacent ." the
Kort hampton branck Bl Ibis spat, a peasengcr train
w:is rapidly approaching. -| '??' emdneer sea
Impending rtdllslon, reversed his engine and -^ d
himself bj Jiiiiipliig. bul bl fireman, Charles 1..I1IH.
aras caught beneath the ileinj' limi.-i and everly
misti. .1. in leg wa? broken nnd he i- injured In
lemally. Tbe paaaenpei ? < ? i-- ?l with m i*v.*re
.bilking np uml ;i feu min' r hmi-. .. 1 ur 1:.
?ll traffic over Ihe Mr Um*, Kl ure Un. . the > 1 I amp
lon bram h mid tbe main Une of the Pons. lui.ii- 1 1; '-"I
xx,,- ellUrel] lil". I., el. II. r.-n hr:,I..a:.ia ,.! Ihe bead
frrlulii ls to blame. He baa disappeared. Te'
total kiss ?aili rs I. -- than pOO.otk).
Chicago, peb. 37.?Al Un' raaln eatraa * to the C art
hoi.-"* to'lav. in ?/lew "f hundreds nf people, Samuel
i;i\t"r Foster, attaraey tor ike Brand Trunli Railway,
: ivm* :i-s.*uiiie<i anl kw ked -? n-<i. ~- by PldHp W I,
I a Texan. Mr. Foater was .i-jf.lti.ii le bia feet, e. ail.* a
stream ol Mood lowed from * gash In bb linple.
I 1'isiti -"irrhlng Wood a lo.idi*d revel ref WM found lu
' hts pocket. He refuge! lo Blake an] statement ann
j mia tocked up. The ..--Bull germ out rd Ike Utlgattoa
? over the AtoOM C. Wo.*! Batata, The sttorn.i li?/*
iij.|ii:.*ii fur ui lau sion from thc aulUurltl.a lu arm
..ii :. BILLI io i-ii*: m. THE RACETRACK
'I ll! M iv COM MITTI R
[Bl un na ern to nu timbi sr.]
Trenton, \. J., peb.2*.?Assemblyman Lane, of
I'm..'., intro.! ur 1 three bills to-night to repeal
tim ti.r.sn Parker racing billa, ,nrl they wen- re?
ferred io the i nu,nutt "i- on Municipal Corpora*
tiona, of ev!,iel, ?? Ililli*'' Thninpaon, th" " Duke nf
li louee* ter,* i- .. member, Tba general belief la
that lie will not allow them to he r-intte.f. hm
.-. lead will apply a done, ol chloroform ta put
tin'tn to sleep for tin' rematailer ol tiie acaaion
However, if thirty-one votes can be aeeured a
motion to I'liexi" in- committee ut tlc conni ler
ati '!? ni He* Nils will in* i'liriii I ami iLr* measures
forced upon the ctlemtar. Mr. Lane expresaed the
leliel to-night thnt these vote* will he nbtainerl.
Manj members via. voted for tia' passage, of tin*
had t inged linn: on the r| neat ion
Ince the p il pit ai: . ks np n tli m yester lav, an 1
in- brlievetl the repealer! would ju through. Later
in tl.- '-e-'i.in: In* ofler?*d :i rosoluti >n providing
ior a pnhlic hearing mi them next Welneaday at
.: In support nf the resolution le* made a
i'ii"i speech referring: to tha uprising of moral
[oreen since Saturday.
?? v..'! ii "ali inc worn."i"" -..ii Speaker Flynn,
lem ii
*? 1 mean the citizens, in. : .?!inar the good women
nf Sew Jersey," retorted Mr. Lane, and he paid
the n.ouien a tribute for their patriotism in <-xer\
V.U i",il an I State cmergi ney
"Tlie gentleman ir.mi Hudson moves that tlii
reaolution in* "n tie* table," -ail Speaker I'1.vim.
- \.. in li:.- marie such a motion," rl.'
clar**d Mr. Ijine
"Yes, he 'iel. I heard him," said tin- Sp-aker.
Carroll, ..! Il.l on, w.- on his t-et at tin*
ti':..-, ;ii:.l ii le- made tbe mot! n, il was in a low
t..i .* ni e, [,,., lot n, !"? ?? '.n.i til-", had not
I ? a : him 1 ? Ve i- : t r ? -1 ii ." - wei'* il"lh'h"l"'l
. ii the mo. a. anti i' was put an I cari led?'29
tn :- There were foul ila* nt ? -. and Sp" iker
i : "i. ilirc-te l the r ??: '??, '?? eall them. Tm.", ni
Huntcr.l i ia: ?? >l ?' in tl '? affirmative,
? . lion to '
v, ,., ii, ol I'--" \. to i iv introd .. MU
. ruin' it ? ? "'i lin ;i i ?-- i- '
? i given, if
ai y petition "t m.':. .ri il signed hy '..it rei -
rii .
Mr. ll I ll ni- n. intro luce I .. Lill prn
and li ii ? i ?? ?
. I :i Ina i, t exe ??lin. !* ?.".' ltilf.ri*> ' ? I
,:-. .| li ill, ,'i 'I. ? -li- '|. ti 'i of
? .. , ? i - t a mi.-eileme inor
, , "-; | ? i inh ta" i **"ilts
nf ,;,,- ? ... ,p -i ? mvi lion, by .i line
not .*??? - . '?: imprisonment not ex<????? I
ll r *etnk. s, nf . I. ' ?" "Hr i li' '1
? . i:: ' | in ? ire. nnd the\ wete
.. tt." .? lt tee on Revision .1 l.'i'.e- Sen i
. , i', i M ith. *# lio i- a strm g
f,,, . i - - ? take of tlie
? tht* em -nit* -.
i, .. ,- j. not believed that ? A ll int. rfcrc with
* prompt ' ' '' ? ni
\ Ll I V**l r.RANTI D 1' ?!. M 'NMOl III PARK
. : ..riv: Trews ROI -
v UN'.
, . : Feb. 27.-1 of Mon
i ? for lo n i il* snemoon,
Ka -i.r np f .rn
et rack
I ni I. he ebie to rn for a
r ti ' i ? ? ? ?' 1 i-e pr rt btes
. ? . I by either t
. - , ? ronni :?','?' <' *u
" ? ' '
a ' I
.... ... , v ...
tn ap| i io lb. I ??' olden, xi ?! . ? ? ?? a. Fri* hold,
I . i *,\ -h.. .. nsu*
,,f ,-?... and
i. ? ? ? 1 cres -i.
?.I during i ? .! ?? ?'? ' ?????? ui l --"
... r) i - .... ine .?? ix nboul 300
tt i- govi rm.:. i .,-? io -t nt ih- lown*hl| * In
ll state, by a I.I . i-?< '. a al ! irge, a ho have ahao
lute i ev. Ithin thi limit ? f the
p. el ? tbe com te i w Ith
.?\. pi lon of I ly of I
Monmoiu i '.:'???..;.. .? i a ho derive th.'ir lix n :
i . . ? ? ? ? ihe -? ?? it* r i' a"
I er* "iff.-' Mm rn ni ' oiiniy
? ? >r ..f the r i. .'iii k, b can ? lt nol only
sll ..? iii. ni ' ? oe nome ? i> ?<'. bul brings
:' ii number rd pennie In one ee iy and hu
other, li wua io t .i- Hoard thal ii." A ?" lutlon np
,. ? :. ami Ihe re snit ihowed tl ll lt ?:i.i ? '
-.nh..ni dlsrusslon lae committee Bl a
j., m. t.'iax. gn.uieU tne desired n.i*n-.*. Hie im-m
tiers of | . '?? ai ' r. fu ed In dim ii the mutti
a. ni Ililli ' . xe .. ,.,.I iii" III en*. .' i '.nlii li ,x*..
i iii i hy.
Tl. ? delatite nt ni I ? ? a hen the r all of
?In rommltiee'* meeting ex.,- known here. So notice
kimi hud been given ot lite meeUng, lin I un one
aup|. ? a : Inti i ? \ -.. int .ii xv , lid ? mm ii. li Im ie
in ? urtu r a i. T ? I I no il mbi Ihal li the
-ahole hm* | mil, '.Mine '* |.i,?. ..im... -A","
r. gul i ii ; t. Ih \ ri h re Ih n hi <l Hie A*?oc|ntlon
io ? i lt ? niel have had a bard
time Iii C. Ill lllg lae II' tl-e.
IV1111. v x 11 ? > N" IN PAMDEN I'.iNTV
' idi ii, N. ..., F. h. JT i-|..i I il . Th. tide of I i
i!; nui.l ii ni "i- ih- r.a ? ira k ???. Minion ha* lim '.
i aindi ii fi. int]. md lo nlghl i ? iv *u un i 'ii
P urtu .- . : . i'i/. i In Morin n Hull, 11 I pro* I
i..' null lo hoi I Ihe eros it. snd nu ne. rflow meei
. i" I : In Ihe Iiii np! Isl rimr. h. Ai hoih
i.lim miii ii ? ?: ii' " ? ?.' nnd It'll ll im
J? l I ' ? ii Wi toni ii.un every -i'l". Kpeei he.
wen- ma I. ht I hom.*.* II. I lu med, the Ret. Hr.
'li - ii '.. Ij." tm. I'll irk Rh... le . Ha* R v. J. W
I lall nii.l olin i -. rot den nh i the a< ll.f the U
I ?. re. II. olu I . - .ni- miling the mn Iraik li gi ?
Int lon v ? i ? \m 'I. and rupli ve ii; lie teni to
lion : ii r IV. i mid l-i Un* nu ml er* ..f the I.- .1 ii
im.*. li aa* abo d.lided lo attend Ihe meeting
ul Trenton on Wednesday, and b large dok'gutl.ui
xxiii gu fmm ihi ci'unly, Ktep* ion, be ink. i I..
i iii-- lil h..-I-: div ...ii-i.il from grnniiiig
II ll . li ?? for Ihe li ii'! i a li III -"lae evening. lu
marl) .v.ix rhurrh In the roiinti ye let da j .ermon*
?h. n from Ila passage ol Iii" laxe -, m..I the
pm* hi i dwell al lenglli u|n.ii ivhnl they .1 ?? l.-i'i-d
i? bc He " ? dm.?" "i ll '? Legl latuie.
? a> ?
THE Ml v "I' M"i:i:i*iv\v\ TO MEET.
Moiii i..xiii. N. .1.. r.;.. -jt (Special). Xever I"'
h.r. in tbe i:-i*.n nf Morristown ba I er. been sueii
general Indignation over pollileal matter* ..- there
il pr. - ni ' .ia ibe pa* lng ol ihe rai ?? track billa.
The Rev, lu-. Kidman and Hughe* y.-Hierdaj preached
?term ?? ke senators and As*, mblymea v. In.
had voted for Ihe Mila, and far their passage over
n.i" ..ni. rn ii'- veto, n- creatures who bad --.*1<I them
? ie., t.. .io the wort of lat* devil. trrnng.-ment*
ur.' bring marie for ? maavaieedng In I." held in
Lyceum Hall to-morrow night, lo xxiii, i nil ri Miena
arc Invited who are Interested In p">.i government
The meeting hu* been called by various clergymen
iinrt pmnilmiil citizens, lrre?pecllve of party. Dede
gale* will I..- .i|i|M,i:iti-.i I,, attend Ihe nt aster demon
-I pi I Mon to the gambling MU-, tn li?
bel.) In ir.n'.i. oi. av. -tn.--'i-ii. Morrl*! own ev.i
Ihr former h. me ef Governor IVerta, a . ? ellon in
ko !... ni. vetoing tba l.lll- I- evercly . niiii-p.1 by
the cttlxrti tn general.
FrtnretOR, N. J.. Fat. il (Special).?4)ne of the
la j ? a:al in '.I . Ut h?dat titi matt-meeting! e\.-r
known in Princeton waa held In fae -.i Preaby
I li n < liir.h xe Lilllie .Tl".tl. II I. |ljna -, iitijnsl
: ll.* rei "I,' rn .ir ok leglalalloh. T!ir meeting ex*
largety attended le Ihe Undents nf Ihe college, nnd
?v."lal * iplrtted addr* asea arere bm tte. BeaotaUona
? xi, I.* pa?wd raaatemniug tbe nts, aad a Domadttea
, rniiipi*ed cf Hr. Jolm ll. Duflield. cf the college,
I fir. Ort eu, of the semluxiry, and tljo i.u*,t.L*i3 of thc
local churches, waa :iiipe..in:e:l to attend tha nats
meeting to be held in tbe Mat.- ll i i-e in Trenton
in -pun*: mi- ami ex preta Prlttcetm'a .sentiments, lu
the inatte-r.
? -?
The residents af iii" (initial's are ai fever-heat
over Ihe pa**age of Ihe Infamous racetrack lillis.
and brat evening a comadttee ol lifty of ibe most
prominent men of the neighborhood. Including the
pn*-tnrs of nearly all Ihe rburcbea, met In the rooms
of ihe New England Uodety and arranfed for a nasa
roeettng of Ihe cldiena to ts" held In Music Hall mia
evening ti. demand the r.-jo :.l of the Iniquitous lan-s.
John l.. lie.,1.1 presided snd Charles A. UmIsley wss
Hie aecretary. It \e-s- resolved l'y all the ministers
present that tin* weekly prayer-meettoga rd their
rhurrhss that easas thlaeveninr should be adjourned.
The Bev. Dr. Henry F. Hickok, ol tbs lana Fresby.
terian Church, -aid he did not tii nu then could bs ..
lotter prayer swating than meta ;. maaa meeting to
protest again*! tbe outragt that Mad hern dine on
the State of New-Jersey. A commttteo of arrange
nani. xi..- appointed, lt ee;is requested that women
should lanni* io m.- matt-maeting. Anthony Com
-t..rix waa preaeat Bnd ipoks. Hs ssM that Har"
srers power sad Iniuence -enough in tbe room to
ixipi* the laws od ike statute books. Thora wera
m.u enough lu '?'' Legislature thal would weaken in
Ihe (see of meh apposition to redeem the Stale, from
the clutches of tin* gamblers. He gara n history
of tli" Indeeenl baste ex ith wbleb the bill- had beea
rushed through; bow the. Governor bad vetoed them
in bot baste, lu spite of lil- pledge
to uiv" their opponents a f.?ir hearing.
ital :iitt thal the safety ol the Commonwealth de?
manded that if the action Initiated al the meeting
failed i" necure the repeal of I ie hill- thal ll would t-?*
In ruder lo demand ni i ie liovernor in "Mra ?Inn
nf th.* Legislature and a repeal ot tia" monstrous lu*
Cape May, V .1.. Feb. jiT.-'I'a.* rltlscna Of thia place
ie in m...-t in morrow evening to protea! against th.* pea
sij.' of tl..- ra-" track hill- liv tit" Leglalature. Last
nigh) tin* i:-v. Mr. Halaea, of th" Uethodkl Ki-i-n-pul
rhut-rh, characterised tin- race-track le.i UilktaasNesr
Jenay'a arariel letter of Ignominy. He denounced
Renstoi Miller, eeao liv.- in ibis rlty, and -niel 'ii'" he
would uni evnlk nu tin* -nine -i.l.- nf Ihe -tr.-t with
!il:n, .uni ti.i' in.' town was pullut.*l hy lil- presence.
Preparation", are mi foot :ii Elizabeth n>r a lari"
delegation '" -'u t' Trenton frbm thal city to-morrow
to prate ' against tin* pa*, age of ?:.'? racetrach billa,
jini to il-maud their repeul. 'lin" programme i- in
lax-.. ;i big mass meeting a. the State House. 'Iii'*
Rev. Dr. Kempthall --ii'l yesterday that lie . -p.it.d
?j.- demonstration would be an Imposing affair.
11 p.exi .'? vi' Lari wood still.
Lakewood, N. .... Feb. !17.- Mr. Cleveland pas* d the
b< t inn nf iii.- day wltb Mr. lurlltle, talking over
Irnportani matter* connected wltb the Inaugural Ad
in Bnd the policy nf the Incoming Administration.
Mr*, ilxaiui'i tool. Mr. Carlisle om f..r a iirixi* In
: ie forenoon, nnd the n**al Secretary ol the Trvatur*)
ttarttd for Waahlngton hi -n sf'ernoon train.
Mr. t leveland bad no innouncemenu to make thai
St i i.i tr McKelwsy, of -Tlie Brooklyn Eagle," is
"tatum al one of the Lakewood Lot.-u. and baa called
ai i'i- Cleveland cottage frequently during Un* last
teen days.
< loia'i Daniel Lamont arrived on an early train
mill Wa* niel ni 'le' depot hy lu- chief. Ill* genii".
hen did ii '' ?*" direct to th" cottage. Imt took a
.lue.* ihrough til-- i'la"* forests. After the drive the
I i"-nt" :v ? !??. t teemed *,. in* much refreshed, and
ahen lie Blighted at hat oetii rt'.nr dbi **o -.*. 1'h ii
light Step.
It wa- Announced that tliere would bc no meeting
nf ike Cabinet a*. elected until all meet In \V.i lng
ft-r tl ? !??.-!.: ni '... ? Ix en Inda t. cl int i I
Tl- eaaei hmir nf Ihe departure of Mr. Cleve?
land'* pr.riy for Wn-Mii."on oas not le*.n definitely
*>-tt|ed. Ii ?iii. however, be .hortly ofter noon on
Ihtir*-lnr. Hie Irafti xxiii carry Ibe guest* of the
iv M. t.'? !?-. t from ...r-.i City nnd evan over here.
ii mona I ase who ix-iii he on i.onrd \x:ll lat Mr. and
ttl-. Cam n. Mr. .mi M:-. Fmnri* I*. Freeman, Mr.
Mi Ri hard Wai mi Hilder and Mist Olider uml Mr
ni,il Mr*. K.i. I ? db '
v. wi- fn l-l. PI'RLIC PRIN
v. wi- rn l-l. PI'RLIC PRINTER.
Wilmington, Del., Feb, 27. rhe announ emenl was
made In "The Philadelphia Record" thi- mornl I thal
I'r.-i.i. t .-I.., i Hevriaud ha* tendered t.i" p! f
ruin. Printer t-> I harte*, w. Kdwarda, putdlaher -.f
?? li" Wilmlngtmt Journal.'' Mr. Edwards blmtelf I
oiit ..f ih" mix iimi will not return until Thursday.
Kdwanln i- manager nf "The Kvening Journal*1 of
tin- city, iii- appllrailon !. - among it- lndor**er*
Rloomingtnn, III.. Feb. -j:- \l . Pr. ddenl ? bs I
Steven "ii .i Iii ? cort Ktarted for Washington al -
oVI.ck i I* m..mine. ,i-; t la-fore the train moved li
?? i photograpbed, '.er Mr. stevena ni and part) stand
i ? lin i'...r pla I form. The Iratn \\:i- run uniter
i a nf the Illinois i>. tn * ratlc i lui.. I ?
xe.-i" iiImiiiI i-j~. ,....,.h- on hoard riv I rn lo. Mr.
.n's mother, who I* eghly-l re.* year* old, dil I
noi ai. ? ?:111? 111> h.-r -.m. on ave mil ol brr Infirm! le ,
Immediately after H.* Inauguration Vi ? -Pr .-l.i.-ur
Sti-vi-n-rf.il and his family will ri-itiru to Ihi* elly, where
11 u-i trill romain until i>.n.i'-r. uni--- a special
n---lim ol i ungr. i ' ailed,
? ???
Philadelphia, Feb. JT. I he Preddetitlal special
train, which -alli run over iii" Rending road, carr)
lng Ihe I resident-elect and hit part) from Lakewood
h. Wa.hliui.ton on Thur*!*.) will roueUl ..f a Royal
I lue I.. baggage ear and the private cars baltimore,
frleninl and Monmouth. The (rabi \eill lenve Lake
xx. ..i :ii 12:15 p. m.. rear ding Blisabetb al 1:50 p. m.,
nnd Hound Brook 2:11 p. m. In order to avoid a
I prolllll.le rrowd, lt e".|l| -t.,|, iii ;i [.n ottUlde ni
I hllii.telphhi in r bun ge liM*omollve?, mn! exiii pa ,
through i io station al Twenty f mri ii and . bett nut
al "M II :*J ? o', lu Ix wlthuul -t epping, ll I* due
;il Wa bingi u ni '. :. " o'. I .:..
-? ?- ?
'I a in.ni .ii .-t..ii- ? af Uv* Tai ni] -? itlon ir..m
Lin" XUl A--ii.hU li.-.ii. I. ... th" ni.i'r.'ni ila.ii . . i.iiuiiii.
i- .SA--iai..iei".iii John E. Donnelly. Ile ha* made a
1 t ol i*te a rt le* le. "abaolul .' I.*aar}-" roi Ow ti p
f." th.. 173 in-n e-ii,. ,x n r ,,,. -,i,i thal district hi Ute
pi radi .1- xx,, i'. m.-. i x un i a x -? I .x" .:i-. - ,,r Pepper
e*'.i-u i il doom quart* Imported be?r, foul ra*oa
? h.e*,; :.-',' t.v uti bo> - -??: ? :||i'i -.': i in , "ii ? .-?
tl,.,', ni-, l om Hai mi ir. log loan - bread, iifi.i
!"nil- rorned i ?? r. tine i-ound ham, let.-ut)-liv ? p. ai.:
awls, cheese, righi ,,ni.-, i a. I..ar ri rt lug knives,
lurk* and ateela, tsr-*at)-av. pack* el tarda aad 1,000
i:. \ni dittrirl crowd exi.i ;,.. arromtauiled bj i
hal'.i aad i?a .i--i-ii.it-. alu *tov. sal .i ?;.- i-omplete,
I" - 1 ? 'll 111 U.,' .IU ll.ll- tX |.l- |, ,,?,l ,,.,,1 U;; |,ll0|, |. ,,,,,.,
Um pei i'i- nan.*-.
St. Johutbury, Vi., Feb. 'jr. \ bad sceldenl bap*
ii.ii.ii mi -hr* Paaaumpalc ttvlaton of the Boston snd
Maine Railroad, jn-i below -i. Jobnaburj i entre, al
:;.:n tab sfternoon, when two freight iralna came
together si a culvert. Frederick Clark, engineer ol the
np nain, i iiiiil.- West, an etigh.r eih,, waa riding
on tin- name engine, and Frederick ureen, Aramaa on
i ,.? tineen train, were killed. William Dowling, a
brakeman was burt aboul the bead, but not aerioualy.
Na pol* on uedard, eugiueer of the down train, tared
his life bj Jumping.
The cause of ihe aeetdeal ama tn.* forgetting of
orders. Drew, ihe conductor "f the up nain, bad
orders lo wall In St. Johnthury, but bs b-n there
,-ifter tiv Air Line tniin loni come down. 'Mn- damage
lil miling st irk will i, large. Drew h.-. led to paru
Ullin.nee n.
Heston, Feb, -jt (Speclsl). Joseph A. Farquarson,
n prominent member af Hie Hudlbtli Charitable .-*.
clety. -I,, i Miitlldu tiordon, sl-t.r of I*r. (i nlon, of
Cinty, tO-nlghf* .mil put :. bullet In lils oxen brita.
Tin- woman nsj live. Desyoadsstey over ti.- saws
that his (laughter, who ls at sctiool abroad, may die
unhlngisl lil* mind. N,i other cnutc 1- asalgned, as
he uud. thu wouiau hail b*.-.-- Hit uiost. tiucere irieutta.
COTTER- ["it. rjfg DlgtxOREK.
nie radder of Annex bout No. .'{, of the Penn?
sylvania Railroad Cotaptajr, .ut u gaping wound
in the port sid** of thc revenue tsMtf Washing.
toil yesterday morning and sent lier to the bottom
within ten minutes. The cutter waa near the
Har'.'.' Ofllce pier las* p.ijiir with lier decks awash
and nothing but her wheelhouse and stack abovo
Wlter. C IStoms Inspector Thomas Drown it at
Iii* lionu* with a broken leg and a sprained ankle,
and nearly every man on boori the cutlur if
nuning cuts and brui-**9.
thi: bcxker rrTTF.a.
The Washington left lu*r pier yesterday *?%
7 ::;o n. m. with eight inspector-*, who were foin?
to Quarantine to inspect a number of
atnnsers which had arrived the ni^ht liefore.
Th.* cutter wa--i makins: a half turn when the
Annex .boat., csinie rushing along within 36-9 feet
of the shore*. Th.- pilot of tho cutter, John Brown
Mi-Math, hbnr one whistle a* i *4f*aal that he wis
going ahead, and tri.*! to make the WashinjrtOu
rross tho how* of tho feiiyboat. Tlie eaptaia of
the Annex boat Mjs that he ".'.ive the signal to
lev. rse tln> engine-. Tia* Annex boat .strmk thr)
.utter amidships. Tin* overhung pa?-.! over tho
bulwarks of the cutter sad thc rudder cut a
hole in the littje I easel below tlc* waterline op.
|'o-ite the do ir of thc tire-hold The cn.inc-rootn
lilied with waf.-r rapidly. The officer* climbed
up on the derk of the ferryboat. A piece of the
cutter'.* bulwarks str ick Inspeejtor rhooMs llrown
in the back and knocked him to thc deck with
t broken iej. John Brown Mi-Math, the pilot,
steered the .utter for tho stone pier, an 1 shu sank
j'i->f a* tin* leached i,er berth. Tlie tid* Wig
low, and the itpper part* wore not covered Bp
water. Th* Annex bout wai not injured by
tho encounter.
The collision tonk place co unexpectedly that
tlie men on board were taken completely by sur?
prise. Bonding Officer Style.* wa* sittin;. below
pating breakfast. The breakfast table li?ted to
Starboard, an I ifs entire ear.ro broke adrift and
fell upon Mr Stile*. The oflicer emerged from
the cabin decorated with oatmeal, rmple syrup,
cnlfeo and cream, and leaped from tho deck of
the ferry bout.
The blow which the big Annex boat struck
the e.,tter was a tomlin one, and the smaller
retae-l nearly toppled over, but her machinery was
nr-r disabled She passed tho pior line, careened
over on the injured side and san;.'. The Annex
boat, with forty-six pnSBfllgClS an I three teams
on hoard, took up her couree to Jersey City.
There is much iliffe*"**********-" ot opinion lietiveen
the pilots of tlc? two re Sta? ls as to whore the hla-no
fm the accident .should be placed Captain Du?
rn* nr, of the Annex boat, savs that when he saw
the revenue cutter h.* blew tw. whistles^ then
two tn,.re whistles and stopped. The men on
i? uni the revenue cutter said that they henri no
whistles given by the ferryboat. Captain Dumont
SajTS he bogan bilking a*, -omi as he MW the)
Washington trying to cr rta* the Imus of tho
b..:it. Pilots have found much fault
recently with the way in which the Annex
!?'at- run. n.e*y f-ay thal the boats -fay etan
to the shore, and go along at a bieaknoek epe-d,
a* il they owned tho river and harbor It whs
onie s few days ago that Annex Imat No. "i
humped Into the transport Maryland, iu wbogt
wak" eli.t w .-_ fol'nm lng. The pilot of the \V;i.tli
ington, known sa "Captain Jack Brown, h <?* bi-e-i
in charge of rhe Washington fer the Um twnty
? i_:I.t \..ir-, sad i- conaldered a careful and ea*
pablo man. lliis i- the first seciient which hag
happened to the Washington since be lm* been
her pilot H.* -ivs that he did not hear any
whistle irom the lom b. at
The Washington was a gunboat in the waij
when elie waa known at thi * ??" T'1" * ?''' ana
rut in two, nnd half of ln*r waa remotlellfd at aa
expense of ?15,i>00, and christ, ned the Wash
iiutnn. 'I ho cutter is ninety-eight feet long*
nix teen feet beam, and draws ten feet ot water
att and fix ami one-half feet forsrard. A anreek>
lng crew pim ???! chains around t^*- cutter, and she
will he rained to-day. Tho coat of repairing her
xxi'.l I... nleo.il sV.i..
Thomas Brown, the revenue inspector, who waa
Injured, ha* I fen in tile employ of thr* iiovern
ment for many years. Ile ts forty-six rears old,
iimi ev;is si wilber in tlie civil war Au olin ul
investigation ol the sccblent will.lu* made.
? ^ ??.
Wsthtngton, Feb. 87. - ? -rretary Footer lorisv
authorised an expenditure of not more than HJiioo
for rantink the revenue cutter Washlagtan. Raptala
shepard ot Ibe Revenue Marin.* tervtce iayt tho
liovemmenl \\ill lone shout P1S.000 if the eutter
prov.*- a total I"-*- A new cutter al a eoal af
.*?:?-.mm i- being built, arhlch was intended to lake
Ihe place of Ike Washington. There aras no ln
-ni.itiii* on Hie Watblngtim, :i- lt I- tin* tetlled policy
of tin- Uo vern men t not to Itiaure li- property.
Malden, Ma.--.. Feb. ST, A tmtrolltn'' Intsrsal In
11. . ochrune t'.-irp.-i Workt ot tins city has boen pur?
chased bj a New-York and Philadelphia ayndsrattt,
ia ked by thc feioene**, the Mg carpet .baler* ?f New.
*n.rk. Tiie new munager of tbe milla here arti! ho
.tani.- Dunlap, of l*)illadolphla. Jnim Coehraaa --UH
reutina an Internal In tbe concern.
Dearer, Feb. '27. "Hu* discovery that Chi-nco Park, a
mlle shove tb* town of i'uUm, I- nader?fd fur mi'.cg
xx ii a mineral of a Ugh trade, sad tl al h kt la wsfkrtMs
.li-.in... nf the -uiface, bas caused an nhl time mining
. boom im' ihi- tertian of Colorado. Mlnem have been
p-4nn Into tbe camp tat over two nooths, and ahafta
?re i>>-1tt*? ran nil uv.*r tbs Park. Borne ?f the mineral
a--ix- .-ri.-''<> lo the toa, but tin* average rains will
ts,,- aboul P100. The Cition PacUk llallroad will ba*
rin.-fli.it.lv reopen the aid Alpine tunnel, .ind lbs Rio
I lirande Company trill eonstract s bnacb from tho
! lark line to Pltkln fur the liurpn-.* of securing tho
; l.u.-lin-- In v|i*w. Cudahy, lue Chteagt pork man, ta
i luterested large!) ia ibe enatpaay.
MartlnavUte. Ind., Fob. '-"??lolm M. Coulter, presl>
1 deal of Indians 1'alvmdty, b's tssa sthssi tlie rimir
of botany In the new Chicago l nlv.-r-ity at an annual
1 -.*!:irv rd PT.OOO. ll- ls prasMsat of Ibo Hoianlctl 8o
i cleiy of America, and ons of the country's lending
i botan?ta. Ile I- ab-mt forty rears <I<i, and ls popular
! among the tl intent* of the Indians I 'nlvi-r-liy.
Bostoa. Feb. ST.?Prank H. Jeohtas, of Raxbury, a
driver of sn rxpesoi uagon, shot four bullet*, from ?
revolver Into the bo.lv of hi* wife. Clai-a .l.-nUln-., at
Hi" Imii-e of Uer motlier, Mrs. .lone*, on Ttrkcr-st.,
Boxhury, t'l- ? taning The tlfth buil-t he dieted
against himself. Il pellet ra te-i Us I'l-nln ani he died
nt the hospital Hil- sfternsoa. Mrs. Jenkin-. n1U
probably die. Jeaklna Hud in- alfi* ni.i not kva
happily together, and owing to lils drinking habits
nnd ll-trealmeal sin- left hlqi and went lo live with
her timi lier. Till* morning Jenkin* went to bia wife
and declared Cat If tho would not live with him hs
would shuni her. Sae refused and he canled ow hit

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