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ci <&&,^
irs UABirmrs Cl.**** * ?"? COWRIES
ntOM BE**" MM I" AFfUI, 10
takiv. a? TIOM.
london April S0.-A di>patol, from MMbMrM
announcer th* f,,1"lr,> ?f ""' ^"i"'"1 lt;,,lk- "?
il llMH Tl" bank hM :,'""lt K,n brambre
to Australia and *!??*? *? n,(,*r ?' ,h" ''iriJ''
citfff <>f *h? United Kingtieea, tho Continent and
tho I'nited Staten. Th" diroctors of tho head
ofh>* in Colilns-at. Melbourne, are Arthur S.
Km-;, .'olin Grioc Md NV A. Zeal. Tho London
oflic- il St No. >'; ! Bishopsgate*!,, Within, E. C.
'JV anthon/' >1 papital of Ike hank i? ?3,000,000;
-ahecribed capital, ?1,250,000; paid np capital,
41,000,000; irs* ive fond,??670,000; reeerve lia
i iiity of *hs-eholdere, ?1,500,000. Its Besets
air now estimated al Cl0,000,000 ; it- liabilities, in
tho Colonies only, at 67,500,000 The cause of
tho failure w:i> g heavy rm on the hank and all
Ita brooches. Since April 10 moro than ?6,500,
poi had been withdrawn from drpatrtl At tho I
official meeting on bal Thursday ? dividend of
ll j?or cent, payable on May 3, was deilared.
The depoalti of the i>.mk ami,ant to nearly
?0,000,000, ol wim h about i '< pei eent belongs
to parsons in England, l'.nt ol tho deposits have
born traMferred to the i>;m!;.- cow tryinf to ro?
ounstiuot the Ronncisl institut iona which have
gono ts pieces in Australia recently. Tho diree
toi^, who ara also tllecuasing ? schems ol reeon
?motion, are receiving stoney meantime in trust.
With a view to aflordinii time lot the excitement
to xnlx-id", tl.'? Victoria Government hat. proclaimed i
bank holiday fat tho no\t rivi- dava.
Sir J. NV. Downer. Premier ol South Australia, j
Las Invited tho premier.-, ol the Other OOlonica t*
a Dsnfsvsnoi which will consider measures for
allaying tbs panic and staying Ute progress of
financial disaster
i no Qaveraaaeat ot Nc*a*?South Wales has do
cliuotl Hw invitation, <>n tho [round that it al?
ready hn> tukrn tho st. ;<? which it doom- advis?
able. 1'romior Patterson, ol the Victoria Govern?
ment, Mya in an interview :
"lam*Ananda! aituation is undoubtedly critical,
and ajfssjagssjjsjati snghl lo be made to provide
lor tho calm canal leratioo ot the best course to
W pana A hy the Colonial Governments I fear
that, tho bu cocas attending tho efforts lo reeonstruel
the Commercial Bank will lend to weaken .onii
deuce in tho banks which have not suspended.
Possibly tho Commercial will now-be amalgamated
With Homo other bink."
Tho i oinniorcvil Bank referred to in thc inter?
view has it?- hoad office in Melbourne. It failed
recently, hut by lbs effort* ol other banka has
been pulled together, lt will open it- hes I ofJIce
to-morrow, and its branch offices .>n Tuesday.
There have h^-n many baal failares ra costly in
Australia, nv far the most Important WBS that of
thc Aaataalaa Mat svork Bank, annoaaeed on April
'JO. Tlie Ikattttttsa of that Insulation, whtoh had SOO
gfaaeb*c in Ike eoloalee, w*r* C13,000,000, and Its
druitt wera nearly Cll<ooo.000. lt.- failure, Uki
tiftt of Um NaMoaal Bank ol AuntralaMa, was caused
by heavy withdrawal* of d' p -its.
woes or tut. un isp columbia mainland.
Vsaeaaver, u. c.. \prii 30.?As an oatgrawth af
ti*? lota political sgltatloa ic r<. a petltloa waa to?
dy put ia < ,r< iiatt'iii tor th" purpose of obtaining sig
nantes Uirounhout all Ike nalaPid ?<f British Colon
tila. Tlie petMon^li adds* ts ad to Iks Ooeernor-Oaa
eral of ' inmla. nnil rccltea with (Utility ami >t:eii|rth
tuc wronF-. of tl." maltiland. It Ok w, tUut u!l tli"
ratal fttatrlets, wltkoat regatl to inetr political loan
lrtes. j'j^ erjriagvot for larger apptvpilatloni for wed!
et Savalopment; quot** thc ??-??iM ? . - rabmltttsl to
tt.e Lrgfsiatare at it? invt esssloa showing a deficit of
0?'i?.o<>o. to i>- naas up froin borrawed noner in
order to POITJ ml Ike <>-<ll::;uy SrOrk nf the loiiutty,
? na aeelareii thal u*ltk 'di knovlease of these fuit.,
til*1 OavernaieBt, wi.ii" refining spproprlstl ni f r
ntcewarv aork* of Serelopment, hs laksn thc power
to borrow- 0000,000 ?" wert Ihe i r-t intimate ol the
. colt of new amt aaaecessarj Cnpl".l l.ntldtn?'. ::t?4
I bus proiiit-"<i carneOiratios to tn< tfeaisnd of a pro
J"cto?l Rrlti-li Pmllir ruitwav f<r (pia ra ni ec of lltt-r
c<t at 4 per i -ni ? frat ufwtn bmirt^ <.f th:it railway
to thc amount af ???'?>.??""'?'? Tic petition fattier
?how^ ttiit tba LraJslatlTe Assembljr of the Province
ls not imd ha-, not been ?' ?? msnt rears representative
of ti>e people of td" Ti'ivinic. in conclusion lt oh
Jirt- to th" ro^'>nr<-.'< of the Prortnce aeiag spent in
ri..nprodnMiv<> undertakings, end - ;,v"-t- ih' sepera
tton of th" amlnksaal from tb< i land as lbs -ur"-i
m.-ir- fit reMef from exlstlna evils, ami it prom Ihe
t.orerrv'r'.eii/ral to veto lin Parltamenl Buildings
< mutraetlon a<-t.
'iiiis petldoa wn- prepares nv Ihe Constitutions!
|>?aguea which ls now t!." cnstrlllied form of Ihe
sdtsttot that tia*; b"> n going "ii for >i month or more,
The League tay* l.t i- recelvlnc - i|.rt sad "xpri'S
ghnVi of sympathy from all part- of ihe Province.
ma kamkh to leave italy to morrow.
?sass, April 80.?The Msg and Queen of Italy Mri
the j-'.iiperor .md Empress of Uenaaay Wttl arrive In
^!^<rru ls -morrow moraine wltk their suites, in th
svsartagths Fmperor and Empress will ?url for home.
t ? ?- ?
l.i'ltiF.NT DECLAEEf) FI 'I' Pitt M CHOLERA.
l'nriv. ^I^r^, 80. Lorienl kai kees de.-Uired free
fr<nn ehetsea.
? .*. ?,
ajeraruas, April ST. The Ittle propeller Syren ar
rt\"'i fc?r.' on April ?_".. aper having been out from
loudon aaady serea saoatha. H"r crew saffereS
asyond measure, and when apnoea sad pravlsianed
ag lbs Csrollna roast aa febraery ''? were In perfect
?gaeraaee <.f their posltloa or the day of the month.
Ike rough -on- bait foaled tin- drinking water, and
the erew drhtktog it became 111 and unable to nari
gate th" little cruft, witch drift.st 'or 'la}- Bl th"
eeeaptste merry of ike sm. The only boat Ihe 'rev
hid wo< smashed, their -extant was nwepl orerboard
? nt their prorHkimi were -i> :tl"d. The Syren had
lone aga bo-n glvsa up i v ber owners in Benmras.
Pail- April M. .I:itne<i li. EOSllS, wlm tiik-s thc
p|j a of li. ii,,- Jafferson Coolidge, United Staten
Mlr.i-Ti r 'o Pro n re, arrlx I here to div. sud was met
Ul tr,~ mutton |,v tb* whole *t itt of the lulled Mates
t -v
Mi Kin'i* re Baked al llsrre concernteg Ike al
Ittud '?' t.ic present tdmlnlatratlon In Ihe tnlt.-d
State toward Hie t ir.tf. II.- -nid that Pre*ld?ii1
(leveland fH\..i.-.i , modlfleatlon "i tho McKinley Isa
rnte*. and thi e wouM certainly be rhanped es .mhiii
Bs O .-, e^5 siio.ii.i meei
?- ?
iiiiciK.'* Aytes, April ::o - Dr. Aackareaa h - re
aieu.<d Pie ]>ortf.,ii? , r Parehja Affabra bsesmso ni*
Mlesgaei la the OsMort spasms of CkaHH alteration*
of eke bavadary pratw ol.
POI mi lii.i.i.ir. viknna BtCTCLE RACE,
li.rlin, April -i" Mess*thee IM anttiei have u.-n
Basde it tue kteyete roe getwen 'br* city and
Vlaaaa, tvaek aaaaa alone beve BafcaeafOad SAta)
mark- toward iii, c\|?.;,.eK 0* n,,. certest, and the
bteyeie maker- of Qejwjjojy have aamrSi levefgl
wafaalOs pajtaea, uh- Oavtvasaeai t? aaualffiasg
grent mtstvsl |g m. rae*, wbjrli i erpected to bc a
tent af 'he Bvaftabllll) "f Mercie* for tong-dlstaacs
rourler BttWfOS in wi.r.
Till: l.\sl RP.KCIIoN |\ MSTEM (1 BA.
.Madrid. April 30. AielCBB liom Havana are to
tte Harri tt,?t th.- hrsnargeaski in fcm-ra Caaa anngkaj
:mn. 'i i??- aTawstnei ?ui eeg hw faade tor i eatev
Pslgu a?aln?l th m. but not f?r reinforcement.. The
1'iiban pej?ntie? n'd thePooeciv itu* iiflrtr unpport the
'?oreenment. piiblti opinion ber* ren?nre? thc ?Jo*
Tnur aa haTtag Bfaswed the rtahaa Qqqwibbjm*b| to
ks ?or|,:iiM i \ ii,.- awthrcak, nd it ie believed that
?li?>iiw me revrfl iproatl he vin be ninnnSiid bv
?"?iieraj Marlines < ?diik.-.
Madrid, April 30. the Madrid iinrmHiper,. Hame
th?>?i.,Ternmen: f.,i not bax mp heeded ihe warnings
a.tk*Oponlsh Ponsulu avd mr-n - In Ontmi American
MMe* W|.0 |M\, r,.|M.ricd repeatedly fur montba that
?n* CSWtii exile- were oiaklng preparation* lo "tart
* rivoli on the i-!nnd. They demand unanlmuualy
thal ripoeooa rspreaalr* measures be adopted, and
that Bantisgo de I ni.n be placed nude: martial law.
M a me.nun n>hlght tm- Cabinet approved a peso
hp lon ?,,,), ,ri/inK (he Governor ol Pubs lo draw upon
ihi royal treasury for any amount require/] !"r mtllUiry
supplies Warship*, end lr ops Br* held ready lo be
sent to (ubi al a uioiiiei.r- i itlce,
linden, April SO.?fire bandied pinter- and eteve
dnr.iv itrach yesterday ut ti;" Victoria Docks, because
Scrutton, ."-on"- <* Po., master porters sad steve
dores, had employed Federation or ?? free" laborers.
The striker*, have been agitating energetically and to?
day induced Biaay men lo Join them. They say they
u:M spread th* strike tim further, and lhere I- every
prospect that they -rill BC iihle to carry oat their
threat. The employer- say thal they will spplj lo
the MMpe witera' Federation for aien lo replace rhe
nnioiii-ts. if they do this, all Ihe mea Bl Ike \lbert
and Victoria docks trill prebaMj 'eave work.
Three ihoasend dockers nnd labuters In silted trades
have decided m.; to work again until Ibe Federal T
m"U. or r.i n satonlsta, me withdrawn from all London
docks, it l- doubtful lhal lb* leaders win rapport
th in In this a. non. Tho trout.ie .: Ihe Victoria
Dooka rvstsrdsy began during Ibe unloading of the
Mea nub! p Ma** ichus dis,
A conieren.fthe Federated Trail's has been called
In h." te to di-..n-> Ibe cruds precipitated hy Ihe bi lion
of the London docker*, lt will meei lo morrow.
Ii. .peaking here lat! night !.>r the striking Mull
dorkers Joseph Havelock Wilson, M. P., anrned bl
hearers that the Federation waa prnpurlng I.labll h
'.vin branches ol it- Free lal.ur bureau and io compel
every docker to have n Federation ticket before he
could gel employment. Mr. Wilson declared himself
ax favoring a general strike.
At a Mooren' meeting thin evening, John Burns
declared that a general strike now wonld be ?hee*
Paris. April 80.?Ol the nine Roman Catholic pi?
late- deprived kui rear ol their itipendi In ron*
aaeaee of their avowals ol hostility lo the Republic,
all except one have been reatored to all their right*
and privilege* under the French Government, The
ans prelate excepted bi Archbishop Oouthe-Soulard, ..:
Alx, who was tried and fined for insubordinate n.
wno w\n wini her at the hotel.
Chicago, April 20.?The father of Louise Berghold,
the yoong woman wi:,, was found yesterday In a
room at the Southern Motel sith bel throat rut, trill
reach hore to nu.now noon to toke charge of lb*
body. Mystery still surrounds Ihe death of the
roman. Th* police arc Inclined to believe thal lt
va-* a <a-e of murder. Tho mini Who xx;;- her com
pinion '.<r txxo weeks at Ihe hotel, end who promt cd
ti be back again yesterday, after leaving in r In her
ixjtn, nus not yet returned. The wound In Ibe
xvmian*- throat extend-, from one eur t.> the other
aid to such a depth as t.? expose Ihe vertebrae al the
bali of thc neck. Tlie eui ia stralgbl across th*
nek and not mcfa s one bs nilnh' have been Bell
(Tie condition of Pie room When 1he body wa
touid indi'nie-, thnt the woman had hen tir-t klUed
and that afterward- her -layer li td car. fully arranged
the bed Clothing and placed the razor within In-r
baMapea hand, Tho police ure kooking f-.r Ales
and*, the mini who accompanied Mlw B*rghold to
the iotei. Examination develop <i ibe fad thal I ??
dead woman vxa- about lo become e mother.
l'oile Captain Berghold, of 'he Twenty-third tah
Preriafti *"nt to Chicago late yesterday afteruooa le
<laini il.'de,id body of tb" young woman known a
??Mr-. Bliaaader," wko, lt wa- aald, oemmltled suicide
in the leathern Hotel, Chicago, on Satardsy. Before
leaving t|c city raj.iain Berghold -aid thal lb
aeaien stn andonbtedlj las laughter. i>a '.pm la,
he sddM, bi- daughter had kp ed her mother |00d
ty. and, pring ont apgorvntly far ? walk, had di-..-.
pealed. Psthtag definite hud ben beard ol h*r nine*
that timi. Mia. BSTghoid 1- Ul from irri'f. S > one
ta sd-altai to ker home. Rs. Md West One-hundred
uul-twc:ii,.-(,v. nih st.
A poiic'ium In Captain Bergl ?ld' pr" lm I mM ye*
I lerday last tke captain belli red bl daughter had \? n
1 moldered aad would look for ter alleged murderer In
lille .co,
?fn SHOO! HI MSI '.l
Baltimore. April 30 (Special), i: ).? ri Hodge*, *
wealthy retired merehanl and pr.i eni i luhm m,
X-. - Kjpnd dead in M- room al lb* Maryland ' I il
n .minc, with a hill, t hole in in righi temple sud a
ptol In lils band. TTe eonflltlon of the body ir.;M
?lcd thal li- had Pen dead several boar ? Tbi
di ire-??ir a discovery was made by bi? ?? '?'" year-old
soi, vi, about IO O'clorh euee to the duh i ?-. i. a
fat.er t. t'ii,.- bim to ebnreh. "Th* boy a nt to bis
fut cr's r .om, and, Rndlng Ihe dior lo lied, rapped,
bm received no answer. Becoming skinned, Ike
chi BHmmoned one of the walters, who brok* In
tb" oot. Th* buy, thinking Cat hi-, fal er was sale v
or . ran lo Ihe bedside and x>-.s bcrrlfled to lind
Mini lend.
> . Hodges wa- sixty-two pearn old. The deatl
O' BJ Wife voine Pru'- ,'iu'o WSt '(".ll fi.Howl bj the
dee . of lib mother, end members of the tamlly think
Mefover bi- double bereevemeal P-d him to take
if" Pom" of hi- friends, however, say thal be
e rn ii'-lni.' strange*! ?f tate, and taev beReve
i miro waa a Ree ted. For nu.ny years he was
?I -r o' 'be timi of ll..die- lim-.. Importer* and |
i t. goalen In ootlojs, He was a brother of ,
v - .lunn - Hodges, one of the Maryland Wt5rtd*a
i impslcnors xrho ls now in Ckleaga.
a I
\x: i
Erv*;/? PIPE VMM /ORV A TfirsT
gi -J 'lviiic. ohio. April no (Special,.- After raairy
year i throa -cutting and broken prom! e . the
towt ni ?? men of lb* Ohio Valley have combined lo
conti i* market and prices. This waa don.- he
cinsi hey lave l.n lostag money for years Pack by
catttaa rates. The demand for pip* *rsa good, bul
tie et-i ],. lltp.ri xxn- equally ns siroliL-. Ah past at
tempt '? combine and egree on price* have been
brohea i a fortnight, and lt waa only lately tba! Ihej
??ot tini baada topether In Ihe Sewer Pipe Exchange
al Tao I ts, Ohio, nut decided io .inp .ultim; prices.
lt !-? iited that twenty-oas sewer-pipe esmpaniea
have bi*? incorporated as the Central Sewer Pipe Com
pan>. ?' Toronto, *?hlo. willi T. P. Auder on, nf lat
i i.iveipod. as piesMent, and c. a. Freeman, ?.i steu
i. nx Hf j* secretary. Th* i entnil ofllce will be at
; Tecants f-om which point nil -ewer pipe win be hopi.
! I jc coi tina lion soc- Into effect tomorrow, and a
gooers! .'vam
lune 1. "hey propi
parries sp. ail of the
rates may be looked for i.i>out
e to bankrupt what f.-? com
fold, ll need be, lo control tb*
Fd'/V Jf/;.v MEMTMJiCBD 70 ukath
LMUe IO. k. April :n).-!n Hie federal lou rt yes
lg any. at Fort ihilth, Judu<- Parker icateaced to
ie. th Marvh.ll 'Pucker. Join Hlebs, John GsuriM and
M< sander All. n. The eaeeutlona arc to taiie pince
on miy (a. Tucker, i ? white man, tor mot ly a
' I), pu v Mted states marsha). The other' ate Choro
r-a- . lawi i;:.lr dimes xv. i" committed in indlHii
:0wi...T. Allen ts only sixteen j eura old.
?BrilOgRa, N. I.. April rtO The Pcar\ Rekei Kx
I dp.on leld l.lelr BM uiid ai.liiial nunlon at thu vlllu
t HofeesSI William T- Travl-, ol thle illy, Ihm Bight
luring 'he course of the everdag the auhfact ut Ike
bsead PaSO expedition xth*. tallied ad, and it was
lated that Peary had earned some glft.000 lu his
Irtare tenr aral was willing to expend this lu the
Icoad attemp' to r*?rb ,h< M$H mnr. Tte acc..mi
'aavdttlon will ,rv to ?iart about tlie middle of .lulv,
t- .twill he under the dlrrciloti of the Academy ol
tlonsl gdeaeea, Philadelphia.
?bsaville. Tenn.. April .10.?All tue csa! companies
Rll JeUMS district have decided to CiRBhlS* and
bri one oiijainuitloii. \xith $J''>.??(?n capital. Thia
B a te done to cut down expensed ond prevent
Mtria- Ml (ompanles ar*- Invi ked lu the movement.
?ZiJdocs ssl include th* Coal V"'c- Wat-let, where
BS ihcli trouble baa b
toni Cit,
bad xviil? Ba Hilliers.
ING \T Till: EVER1 li HOUSE,
Henry Reginald \-*ot Carey riled suddenly from
! heart dla nee al midnight on Saturday at tho
j Everett Ho rc in Union Squaw. He caine to
New-York City from Newport on Thursday and
, scorned to ba in the heal "f health and -piritu
nntil about ii o'clock on Saturday evening when
I hf sent P?r in- friend, Benjamin Weaver, who
1 waa abu staying at the Everett lloune. Mi
Weavei w*nl to Mr, < arvy's room and found Mr.
i Cc roy extremely nervous. |{r mid 'hat he lil
not know w mt ailed pin, hut thal lie bad never
re f"!t *., weak in hie lil".
Dr Ro'-'t Milbank, of So. IM Wart Forty
eichth-st., waa M'nt for, ami he called upon Dr.
Morris J. Ascii, ni So, :, \v.-.< Tliirticth-st, Wheo
th'T gol to the liot,.| tl. ,y v.r.v tint nothing ' '"il*
Pc 'lone to aa vc Mr. (frey's life, a- lie was dyin*.
Arthur Astor Carey, brother ..f tlc- dead man. was
siinini..:,.-1 I"- t degraph from Boston.
Henry I'. .111,il.I A tor Carey, xx ho wa- in his
twenty-eighth year, was Porn in Ncwp rt. R. I
Hi- mother was .-. sister of tho late John Jacob
ami William Astor; hi- luther xvii- John Carey,
jr. l!i- parents bc* buried in Newport. V .uni;
Carey was graduated from Harvard College in
i--'.. At Harvard Pc xvas on* of tho most popu?
lar m.-n in roi lego, taking a peen and lively in?
terest Pi a thief lea, ami contributing gereroiisly
to fpo snpport of ill Its branches, il" cave a
-Mm oi ni in< v ?., make lesirable additions
tn tho glready Hw Hemlnwav gymnasium th.-rc.
a'.| it would not surprise lu- friends to i'm I 'hit
in Pi- xviii Pc had mad* further provisions "or
rp.- fostering of athletics at hi- alma m.uer. Mr
rm. . \x - ,1 lover of all munlr and ho mi ible n if
door sport-, .md spent considerable time an I a
? d-.ll ol money on them. H* had driven
tea m l/'iilou. Paris ami Newport, and a
few week* a... .'an;. - liol Pm Bennett i r "'-1 hun
I v cable t" drive 01 * hil ?""'""'
Tari- and Trouville.
ir,. | ;..| lived m the tin., old family villa In
Narrngaiiset-ave., Newport, bal na he waa un?
married lie rente I th* place in th* nmmer. Else?
where, h" had extensive stable* and kennels. II*
had many valuable Imported honnde, and had
rontemplat -I several gr*nl h mts this f til ' bi
Saturdiy ni ht th* announcement was made al
t:,.. p 11 1 ? hy him ul ti ?? Josiah >1 Hake
farm on life West Mun road, out of Nev
I; i- the flnesl farm on tl- island, containing
120 acres, xxith a handsome n*w villa. He had
rented bia Newport place lo I. V Tailer for th
rummer, int."eli:., t.. Iii ? on Hie farm, where he
xxai to give a -?ne- ol brilliant social entertain
m*nta during th.min 1 *? ison. He had al -a
pun'.uwed thc large stables and ridinrj re-sdetny
owned hy ilimes l; Keene.
Recently Mr. < arey, following hw love of out?
door exercise uni sport, hal formed a men.' Bl
?ociation in Newport, getting nfVcr wealthy and
influential 1.le to loin him in the undert kimi
H.. xvas m.. president ot Ibe association, ai I
Pu.I rapidlj pushed th* - h-m-- ahead, tb* Ural
races hai ina ahead} l**i rt anno mee I foi M ?'?
12 Liberal p i- - were off. r? I, an 1 the -
,? of the ' ' ? fte i '? ' ?? wealth
of Mr. < arej and oth*m, and ct
anew and actli ity -? I ? ?
l?,.11 scour 1 ol \ ,ui'lm" !< i'..i k. 1 few mu?
lp.ni Newport, in 1 thal >
wa* lw< ? I ? ' ? !I'' "' '
a >
In .???'.. port tl en ? ? popniu
D m th in Mt ? an-j ll extended trip
abroad I< -' ' ? ' ,1";;' "|n -:
he tu le Newport '' ' ":i"
heal 1 f that city awl
worked mi ea rm f?r it d t ? m .? 1 \ li*
. h-rted a 1 I' tnb-'l of tai " ' I -??
. ? . 1 .. ni ii kel ly th"
In November, 1 nhl, h*
piu. baaed I ' S*wi .rt I lei . I.
Mr 1 1 re) iva- ti il and well rora* d, a ll
I. .M.- rb '? ' lb wa c iremel. manly
In apw mun , ??? - l M r '' 1- "?f" '"
,.ilV tJ? - ,.. ? , . , . ?, ii; 1 lt lix men or* p< ,
ju , t.-..-, bul Mi ' trey a 1 no mon. ti
lil- 1 und admit I in Nev u /t and In Now '? ri
than li" was at Illira .., p.- waa
? ? p. a.
,.., inrjj, ? ? ? , ? . .ni-- xxiii di oi.!> ?
r<:,,p.- i ? ? , iiionilw-i ul tl.- I moil,
tl,.- Knick, rli ? ke-r, lli? Hoe et, Mo si
I . . ? ' ? 1 1 . . ' .. the
. tl ? I'll ? I lite Kastern Va ht
I , JP , : ,,,| be " He :i 'I..-,:,.. -| ol 'ie- I li-t 11 Ute,
the ii h I 11 1 the Hast; I" iddin ? 1 lbs Ile
r ol Hie IP.1-0 an I < ittl ? Sh .'\
? t.on, mid 1 nd 1 ontril ?"?. tn lit ? 1 nd lo
build one ..1 Hie boats to d.-i- ml th* lim rica's cup
Ile leaves a brother, Arthur Astm 1 m?j 1
IP, ton. and ?' 1 Mm Willi im Elliott '/' u ?
; 1, ibo rei entl) .red 11 divorc* from ' li*valier
de Steiirs, ol '!"? Ucl 1 iii Dip! un itic sen ii v.
p ... inn-i.il and linn,il xxiii pi ?1 .illly be at Sew
I""'- _? _
Nc" p rt, \pi 1 " '-ji.i.i . lin- Drat Intimation
Lbal Newport j.pie had thal Menu Astor L'an?j
?ra lil w.is when u di patch reached lier* Ibis morn
lue announcing bl death al the Evereti House, Seat
York, 'lin- news 1 1 i*ed a pan.lal len allon, a- he
was Bttusnall) popular, baring r*cenlly been elected
.1 member ol ihe Itbode I und i.c-i lalun. on the
Uemocratlc llekct, with a majority the largest evei
given for any legislative candidate. He bad Jn-i
pm.in ci j 1.11.italnbip about I Uti acres, to
gel ber with a Sue nea ?? lila, Iron Ihe hefr* of
Joalah H. Klake, ot Nea fork, ll 1 the gneal farm
on lb* I land. He wa* lo lake po ? lon lo-morrow,
II ji-v ima other Impuriani uu*lne*< to attend to
Bera on Monday, li- lett here un Wetfneadaj nlgbl
io attend Ibu naval rsvlevi in Mes Yorh on Thursday,
borne ol u\^ Mend who r. a. h.-d here Baluru**
morning -ax that anea Ikey ?axx him Friday nlgbl
be xa m.- ].i. lure ..1 health.
He belonged lo Ht John Ledge of Masoni of this
city, and ai... ia a member of Newport Chapier,
Koyal Ar 1, Ma ons, and ol Washington L'ommandery,
Knight* 'li mphil. He wa ? al .. 1 member of the ba ..1
?jual.:. n'i A 01 ia.hm. and bi 1 seek li- ? 11
elected a stott olhcer ol Ibi Newport Artillery. H'~
011 iii- m.. .1.111. minding and also al lb* Armoo ol
thc Newport Arttllerj and on Ihe building el lbs
HU Ile- , lien - Al " niMo.i ale at hall aw I. New
1,1:1 lui hut had u. n a blow tnt a l?mg mn". ?'"'?
tire, xa anxious, now tout be bad .ie '" ,;'"
inuit .1 :i jinn h. man. lo go forward and do au ?*?
could for ibe weUj n ol Ihe city, iud Hue* ???? -'"'"ld
;.,,,,.. :??. hu.- 1i1.1t in ., lea years be aouM baVs been
tiovernor ol th* >iai".. ... .
Mr. and Ira Ulillam R, "(ravers and .1. s. Toorar,
of >'-w loih, were gueai al Ihe Can?y villa wbeii ins
n. us of tue Jeth ui a, owner reached here mi- n #n
Ul.llMSi; ihum A KQRWAUL fVUNT.
Norwalk, Conn., .spill 30*- Th.- Rev. Stephen 1
Graham, rector cd St. .Pun.-.s's Episcopal Church, iee
ci-.t bia connection with timt pjri-h today. He
j,.ked kia farewell lennon nd- morning to 1 ron
gregatlon lbal crowded th* in-nse. HM rstlremenl
Hom iii- Norwalk eharek 1- ?alnh Sae '<? dleaffci
Hon thal baa exJeted aeaoag peommmt BpbxopaMani
r,,r aeveial reara. Mr. Brabam't BBTeeta to restore
peace tn.'t xxith onlx finial ancceaa IbHoarisw be
will io '" Nea locbeUe, whence u<- kai reeslved a
yU-sslllt lilli. _
Ult Minni TAU* oe mi: KICAMAGH A 'asm.
Cklcavga, April :>o Tba Ctoaua*rcJal Clab lat even
un! celebrated it- li^ih meetlag al tho Oread PaelBc
jjotci. Ile-attendance waa unuiually lar^e :unl moat I
ot Cbicape'a premtoeat caeaatsrelal "1,!l ",'r'' peeaont.
president Cfoveland ami Vlee-PraaMeal itavenaaa wats
Invited to the han.pint. |,nt tbex li.'l'' OOt Ji-es.-nl.
After the dinner .-x fellator Warner Miller mad. a
long and InioieMing ipeecb repardlni; tue Eleaiagaa
(anal and Ita I fl ll lal renult* upon eomtn-i. ^
Mr. Miller was eiitliiil.-i.tu in Ma reinurks reganllng
Hie canal. He said thal cundill BStbSSlea bad keen
made by Lrastwoithx raglaiwi ea t" Ibe rsat, end
be ami asUBisd the rsaal could be aneeeeefull| com
pl-led at J Cast Hot esieeillng *PW,00O**?O.
jt waa -aid iii ihe lohhy af "" ,'"'1'1 :'"''r '**
mc.'tin-' Lad agfavned Unit the ibi". Ihtnngh itveral
Indix id'i.d "Senbeia, bad votial 10 MM IB*MOjg0g
uortii of ito i>. brlevtaBj N M be a gaad lavetdmeat
.None ?'f Hi" BMfBben winn ggaaSSCbai would mn
-??nt lo muk" b statement verifying itu- report, nor
wi ? ll d-iii d, Mr. Miller, however, went io far ss
to -av thal ni lahecripUon for -tm k had been made.
and that none had been ashed for. "This I- positive,"
-aid be. ? T,i- matter xxa- not even suggested ul
iii- meeting. We made no derision io buy Hock."
ko non: fob /miva bootb.
\ siskin-., isp pi. r.ATi: LAST KIOIIT-HfS
DEATH \ (.it i STIOX OF tl " RS.
Edwin Booti i- dying. His eondtUon, wKch ISP
ike but raw (by- tu- hean eatreipely critical. Mat
nicht took a . aid. n und decided rhangi for 'he won*,
and Iii- (Path ls ROW ..nh- a question of I firs. All
through thc day he ked remained In a icml-rourateae
condition, and lute Pi-: pichi suddenl* relapsed mm
complnt* unconsciousness. Dr. St. Ctalr Smith and
In. Fremont Smith, responding lo a barry call, baa
tened io Mr. Booth's room In ?', ? Players' Club, and
unceasingly worked over bim, -nt ? Ithoul Hi* dig itt il
. tr-ci. Just befor* midnight th:?r* erne a linking
-????tl xx UPI: rompletcly baffled Ihe effort- of Ihe
physic! n-.
Finally at i b. ra, Pr. st. clair Smith abandoned
ali hop- and went to ii- berne, leaving Mr. Bcotb In
th- cur- of I..Heaaue. Mr. Booth's condition I
practleatly hop'' -. ll- not only ha* kiri ronsclou"
ni -. bat I- un..hi" u. retain in- dighted nourishment.
Ile may hst fi r snother day, or txvo days, bat IP
iit | Irisna have given np all hope of*his recovery.
lt xvi. learned from i trustworthy toure* kui
night thal Mr. Bootk not only lind a elm on Ihe
brain, bul thal Pe wai ilso rafferlng fi m Inter
1 nephritis, pandysla of the bladder and Bright's
ip--.i -.
The report i i currenl intnnlay thal an ogler of
PS,*jOO,000 h .1 P-i . maile io th* manager of ct.
i if. ? i! ? i, i;ii for Ihe prop rtj al ' Ifth ave. and
Fifty fonrtl '. by a .vndleate ol ftes Yorkers, who
pro|?o**d io divide Iii.Mon Into lota, lu regard
la th" rumor, fl nrge M rt albs h Milli r, pr - dei t
..f ibe n ' Ital A in iii ?i, who ? is ?. >n t f a
Tribune reporter I. I evening, -aid : "Th* St. Luke'a
Hu pltul \- ? itlon hn re ? ? -i ftVe dlffen-nl offers
for lt pr .p. itv. | came t .li rio p ll name ol Ihe
/ ? ? offi i . bnl I Ix ld re lbal In tao
cn:?*s I offers i ime from lyndlcates form..I for
Ihe Si, Luke's pr.,..-ri v and
; lt by lot . The prices off. red wei ? In I
-:?:.<>..i- io ..I- . . K.too.ooo, and In
one, a ? n Hg t!y in .nix r.- of *>j UMl.ooo. The
in iticr i *s v uti th- board and no d
?i iak*n. I -xi" ? ti: ii elusion
?? ?' ? .. ,.'? i.,-: ii.- board mei I . whl li will I I .
I." property an which Rt. Puk-'- Hospital now
. -lix Ibe a- -i : ii Inn In I -'?"
. dh g "f Ihe hospli ;i xv.i. .lu?
lu great part t.. Hie Rev. Hr. Muhlenhorg. lt wa
hy il- energy lbal -ni-.-np't ?? und gifts wen
? .nie.) for the pun..f buring the propert;
r the hoard! il. Tie city hi Iped lu the work
ng a part ol ihe i ind
I - -li- jun. ba cd h t: e ai i latlon for Ihe new
?I |, nt Moraine id- Park. The fortj Bve lot*
-CM,-..; lhere were valued at g*-nO,000. M*M -i.
.' -v th- ...riiM-i'.e- of i ? nea -dlflce will he laid.
i - iiMIng i- loci ? gi,000,000, and r*2*iQ.0O0 s ll
nt In furntsblnci.
a ii iv., tiii ORinin "i Tin pim:
Partial' -a, I -xi . Ap I ??" -? i Al S o'i kwh
rh!, mernina tit? broke on) In ?? '? len^m'ent
. yetferaon-st., and -iv i.mns were
? i . death, "hey i I ti. Si hu an. a . ir
Mlki ?' Him i, t nnalenl lod.-er: ?? Mike"
foo" Swindler, a
... |)| u mve
?, home i nd i railed
Ul l ' cr* hamed
(.. ii erl i'. part of ibero bring without a ra or legs.
rh- build lt ? ri trap, full of winding balls
? iii even] of the room where the
I j .... indow -. a ?*rvanl
? : ted. ?ava lt sra um i
. j ; ?!?? '!. l ..il nn l-r !" r dot r and
? r Will luxe
i ? i. " I ? stat* I nf t
d Hi ii In i light Ihi j
? jamp.
A rmi.i>s FIG Bl nilli ,l BIG nor..
K';.i K'li Ie.xvv i\" i'll riv BT tim BRIT1
IN 'I III-.; ! PI.X' I -
Fredi rfi :? SUegor, a bia Itu, who live* and
has ll- t.n In- at No. ?J.-Jl Thlrd-nve., own- n
? . ? dog. of s . '. !. I pjrlli atari)
; i : atgr I In Ihe real rani of Ihe
. . .? ? ? . ?. | ? . ? - ? I ? ii el I tool
. i ind a companion,
IVullai twelve yea nhl, wi nt Into lue rem
? irlj x.rda] afton ? ? sri an anio for a
little tox wagon, when the dog made a pring al
iii-.ii. Ktaegor ran away, I it Oliver, not sn quick
?. bl danger, wa knocked down, I lie dog
fa.'. ai d hi UTtl In ll.IM. Then roMng over
ind .ncr on Hie ground ihe two fought end (niggled.
When al I-' Ibe boy ?;<?'< mil ol reach be Plod from
tb re* wounds. One ol lb* waa on lb* left elbow,
another In th* righi thumb. I"h* Bosh lind been
literally torn away from Ihe bach ot lils right rai
pu wound- wet* *ant*rii*d Px Dr. Dally, "f .%,,.
,IC1 East nee hundred ural fiftieth St. 'il." dog ii.
all profaaMttly win h- killed.
w.Minis ht-rstos to move is today.
Mm.- -.ii.-, ipril W Everything was quiet al Ihe
prison lo-day, rb*!* were no visitors and not hil
Indicate the change whi.h alli take place lo-morraw.
Warden Brown will mov.i In ilie i.alng, and lt
i exp.-nd that Warden Dar I n's lilla-- will hum
during m.- day. Haul- bad no mall io day, and ihe
a,.-ii in ile- .1. .nh hm. ?? pen! a Miii.t day. Harris
-.em- io hnxe entirely r.x-r-.i hi. health, ll- i
calmlj awaiting lb* result ut Hie Govrtnor'a long
coi -ie. raiion ol Ma ra ?<?. Nothing nea was developed
in ihe rase ?.i the missing muni... r- PalBster and
Roehl. The search ba* been given ap M far as the
scouring of th.- aiirroandlng rouiitr) I- concerm-i.
II.nls i- lo go io the death ch,ir a w.cl, from t..
morrow. The prevailing opinion ai tb* prtaon ls thal
Governor Flower win commute Harris's entoiice tu
Impriaonmenl for pfc. should Hw (iovernor, bos
ever, (ali to interfere, lt t- ihoughl doubtful Hui the
death teatenre will be carried onl during thc week
beginning May 8, aa ii I- believed lbal In that ca i
Harria'a eonnael would u-U thc (Jovernor io "rani
? respite of thirty days to allow the convict lime in
xxhi.h ti prepare io meet grath, lp lo the present
lime he na- mu shown mix Inclination lu accept
pliiiu.l advice n in the pu.on chaplain, ami lia
apparent!) made au preparation* mi in- execution,
Mi .liniment ha, he ben Ilia! I tit- liuvernor Would ax.
Norval!.. Conn.. April 30. Detective fol.r fed
certain lbal Pallister and Roehl, Hie murderer* a Ihi
escaped lioiii Bing- s|n^. i,axe I.ii I. town within tie
lasl r. xx days un- evening taut week t?.> sirungem
answering fairly areli the dmrrlpHuna given ni the
uiurdi-n-ra, drove through here fnim New C'unuiiii aid
burned oil lo slamtoru. tufter* Hey (efl their Lain
a.el dlsappear.il. Later a Iran.;- -loop that had
Peen lying outside of Stamford harbor all day, and
wi.i.h bowed ;... Mihi al dark, pu np sall and
moved out to rea, the nose notating down ll ? sound.
Soiblng nus -ime been beam ul Hie Bloop.
MTheeUng, w. vu.. April 30. ft IsrriAc eiectrical
Mid rainstorm, rrtth heavy slog, to-daj vtalled the
ic iii.iori.t. Tbs dty l- In total dari.aa to
Bight onlnc; to ihe dun alie done thc electric light
cir.-, a burgs new tiuee -tory balMIng brionglug lo
be. Uer ,x Zimmerman waa btowa dow a. and mani
d.lii mis lu Booth Wheeling and Renwood were
NatPit, Mus-., Ajnii go.?Oay i. dory, of iti.
l'l.-.s Cycle Club, nod *.cori;.' I".. Quinn, of the Win
ui-iinetf-, began me Meyeto lafsy from Beaton to
f*hl CB ge. bf Starting fr. the offii e of -Thc llosU.n
Post." al ?'? p. ra. ta day ta their earn xm- intnut-d
e poatk containing b amma* from (laveraor Hassell,
of Ma.s adius.iis, to i.ok'criioi Altg-dd, ol Iplnol-.
bimn, i'.. April SC. 'll" dfcusatsl sent asl from
Radlay on Friday regntdlac me -ale of the Maa
batten (JU *'.pal lo ""' 9Ut,tni l? "aronmmo-d
.. h.I.ia allon i.y J'riink W. Holme-., a hUgl stochholder
and m.- -pteanu manager ot tue awaapany.
Chicago, Apel 30.?The eerem mles with which
tbs Worlds lair will Pc opened to-morrow will,
according lo the programme B~rahf*aj by the mun
age-neat, bc admirably brief and simple. A re?
petition nf tbs more eUborite neirmunlal of the
dodi uti.ni of tba Fair last October will not be
attempted, tbs excreted Peing Intended "Amply ts
-?t tb" machinery of the Fair in motion, und with
becoming formality lo (brow open Um gate* te
tin- public. The complete ami tbotough-ffltmg
observance inst fall sf the anniveraary of Colum?
bus'- la'diltt; af San Saivador by lbs dedication
af Ibe grounds Pears little sf tbs hietsrieal and
sentimental utterest attaebbig to thc wyee clare
of the formal opening 01 tba grounda sf Jackson
Park, delayed non -warily six months beyond the
quadro-centennlal ol Columbus* discovery by th*
exigent jes of preparation. Nevertheless, a fair
degree of ofHclal pomp and circumstance will ha
imparted to to-morrow's exercises. The Presi?
dent and hi- Cabinet will lc here to see thc Fair
opened, giving the executive branch of tlie Na?
tional ti.ixernni'Mi* a representation wbieh was for
personal and family reasons licking al tho dedi?
cation ot last October. Thc Onvernora of the
vin vms Statee have been Invited ts be present,
and though in ri Ic-s formal anil official way,
representative! ol tbs foreign government! who
have sent exhibits to.the Fair, and the members
? f the Supreme Court and both branches sf Con?
gress ar* also expected to lend the dignify of their
presence to the effectiveness und the official qual?
ity nf the ceremony,
i lie only element which threatens thc entire
success of the simpi" programme planned, which
contemplates only tl:<> starting of tho machinery
alter two brief addresses by Direetor-neesral
Da' i-> .ml President Cleveland, is thc execrable
weather which ha- covered Chicago with gloom
tm thc last month. Thc cold east winds wbieh
Pave P.-cn blown off Lake Michigan without ces
satioA, bringing rain and foi: and dampness to
Bgcravate the dlstrcseee of a smoke-ridden and
naturally foul and pestilential atmosphere, have
- iowa no -i^'ns of changing, and to-day Chicago
has been wrapped i'i as penetrating and chilling
B v.-il of mist and rain as it has misted from
-mee the very beginning af winter.
I hs hopeleasly inclement and depressing; char?
acter ..I this spring climate cannot lie e.xacircr
Bt*d, and with a COOtinUSnOe of to-day's edd
ami ram the exercises af Jackson Park to-inor
i. xv xviii be robbed not only of a'J comfort, bat
of ail th* appropriateness and eeaaonabteBeas
which ehould Wong to an outdoor e*lemony In
the1 month ot .May. If. Indeed, tbs froe7in..r tem?
per, tn rc in I foggy condition of the hiet few
dapa prevail Io-bbq-tow, the opsn-ob1 exerdara
? \:ii hu . to be abandoned alta*-ether, and the
.1, ? Khiidrion l*? opened from the alieJter of lbs
walla of lb* A iminiatrjitlo 1 Building. This will l-1
unfortunate, tor tho Fair, to bc at ifs beet, must
be sis'n in tho gnnghiaa and under tho fevering
conditions <>f open-air life, ami tbs ie lemony of
opening th* .mr.- will lose half it- impressive
nts it the public i- to be welcomed to the Ex?
hibition tinder lowering skien and with tbs low
Whig and saturated expanse (,f Jackson Park a
hopeless stretch of water and nm I.
Tho exercises of the opening will fake pince,
Bs ilr.a.lv announced, in front of the Admini-tra
lion Building, facing the piara and thc main
lagoons. Thc President and bia Cabined xviii be
..?..itel from the Lexington Hotel to tb* ground*
at. ut 10 a>, m. and tba egremont** will begin
about an bout or an hour and a half later. Mod
of the invited guests xviii ha v.- taken their neate
? n the platform xx Pen the lV-iinit appen***. Tho
Fan- ..tb. bala who da not rid" In the proces?
sion, the National t'otnnii?.et-, Local Direc?
tor* and the Board sf Lady Managers xviii gs to
the ground* by special train an tho elevated
road, and meet in their various headquarters
lhere, to appear on tho platform together. Th ?
torrid.mmisslonera, who are at tbs grounds
every dav, and most of the other guests, hav
been provided with special transportation on
some of the various lim*s nf frivol.
IP.- platform, which extend- across tlie on'ire
front of the Administration Building, ia now cotn
plct si, the decorators having put on the last of
the Hags ami other trimmings today. Tba Presi?
dent'- special plat torin i> fur out in front, where
it can ?"' s-cti from all points of the plaza in
fronl of the Administration BuUding, where thc
crowds will congregate. There arc ta ba seut.s
for liftv-live people on thc Pre-iilent's platform, to
h* occupied by the Dake of Veragua and party.
Presidents Palmer and Higtaoothanf, Mr-. Palmer,
Mrs, lo.au, the members of the Cabinet, the
Supi. inc Court Justices <>f the United States anl
th* Diplomatic Corps. Immediately back of the
President's platform will bc scated thc fbffbjn
commissioners to tito Fab? and the foreign Conaula
lunged toward the Pack and at thc sides will
i.,. the Si it* Uovernora, lbs m.'inlier- of the Union
s.niat" aul [louse of Bepcesentativea, the
National Commissioner*^ Hoard of Director*), Board
of La.lx Managers, ibo State Worlds Fair Hoard-,
th., county commissioners and officiate, tho Mayor
and i itv tonnel!, and thc m*mhc*S*of thc Illinois
House and Senate.
In tin- position the "nests of the Fair will lie
seated xvlicn thc orchestra beging the dav's proceed
in-- it IO o'clock, by the pertonuaaee of John K.
Paine's "Columbian March." W. ll. Milburn,
chaplain of the National House ol Representa?
tives, will then invoke thc hhaningg ol Heaven
on tin- Columbian enterprias. "The Prophecy,"
written for the Mr by W. a. Cmirm, af Wsab
in-toii. will lie presented, at*d after an orchestral
overture Director-General Davis, gg master of
ceremoniea, will make the spaaing addrem and
present President t loveland. When thc President
has blushed hi- address he will touch thc guidon
kev that coiiiniunicat. t, with Machinery (fell, and
thc -reat WbeSM af the Exposition Will be set in
motion During tbs latter part af the eeromsny
Handers - Hallelujah (bonis" will be -.'iveu.
When fbi- im gniahed thc FiWldfjJlllnl and ducal
parti.- will have luncheon and BO informal re
.eptioii in thc Administration Cute. When they
arc Bttfficiently ranted they will enter carriages
and I"- driven to the Muuiifuctiiri* I'dililm-,.
where thc President "will inis-t thc foreign com
raiaaionera Thc French, BagUah mid Qaraiaa
.oiiniiih-ioiicrs will rccive the purty in their
own se. lions surrounding th* clock tower lu the
iniddlc bf Coltiinbiu-ave. The others will tie
together at the north end of the building to meet
and great thc President. From the Manu fact ups
Building the Presktenl will go to the fliovern
reent Building to inspect the displays road* by the
Au thee trip will be "netta to the Wonnue
Ililli.lin-, where thc opening ceremonies nf the
11, a rd ol I .inly M maners are to be held, and after
that the party will lie taken to Bitch placeg on
the grounda as they express a desire to we. At
;? o'clock the lWidcut will take a Bpecul traiu
outside the gwanda ami Marl on his return to
The official proM-ramine for tit* opening c<re
moatea is as follows :
Music, "Colim,Plan March," for oN-hc-trs, John g.
Player, Che nev. W. H. Milburn. Washington, D. C.
p.-n. Til- Pregheey,1* t.y w. a. Creaera, of waals.
Ingt<nn, I). ( .
Mum, oiihctiol evertwe, "Rlenzi," Wagner.
Addr aa ey the Mrecter-G aaral.
Addr.s. hy th. Pr-ap nt ..f th- 1'nlfed SUtea.
Starting of invhliicrv. ddilnv xxlil.h time xxiii he par.
formed "Hallelujah (tann,." Handel
oitiiiai reaepllea lg gai iv-id ut nf the raited tirga*
and the bbVMb "f th.' W?-M*a ("..lumtiijti Ct-r-e-t-asea
and th* World's Columlilan I'.\|.omiIiui, sud nf MM various
Foreign ('niiaiils-iunei.., |? th- .Mamifa. cure- md Liberal
Arti lt i. 11 (1 i 111-.
The demonstration when President Cleveland
prs?*s the key to start tho machinery in union
will bo one lon- to be wemhUOS, At that sun*
instant the electric fountain in Ihe lago.-n
will benn to play. Torrents ot wafer will -rush
out from thc Maeameatea loaatala, and rall back
Bgala to thc basin, the chimes in M.muf mimes
Hall and on the QerUMa IblUdlng will .-..und Use
nexis ni the Expoeltion'B apaahag, .md steam
whistle- xviii tool all over the granada, Over
bead th" Macs at the tops of to-* Ha^stntls in front
of thc platform will enfold and r-veal two *"Udsd]
mo leis sf the ship i/i which Columbo- first sailed
to American shores. The Star" and Stri|ies .md
the flan* of all other nations that top th" spires
on every building within view will be unfitrbd.
Salutes will i>*' Ired from the Michigan, if she
airives in port sn time, and from the battle-ships,
and every tbing that can make a racket will join
in thc chorus of jubilation av*f the successful
opening of the greatest Kxpostttoa sf modem or
ancient times.
Th.rc ps little In the appearance af the streete
of the city of Chicago to-day windi would tore*
shadow the opening to-awtrow ol the itro.it-?at
Worlds "Exhibition thal baa ever liken -awes,
Between 1:30 sod ?'? o'clock last evening theta
nero rifts in the clouds la the nortbarcit, and
though the wind xvas blowing strongly from tluj
northeast everybody **?*med t. feel that to-day
would be productive of se-'s'iln* and delightfully
warm weather. Bul .-t the hour nf sunrise the
raia was falling: heavily; the uim' was etroualy
northeast and blowing at mnshlerable velocity:
the '.'iittcris in th ? city wei- Riled xvith wafer and
a more uncomfortable looking da? has not dawned
upon thia metropolis, despite its awful record
u mouth pist. If is no wonder that the hx
th .roughly
lirnt of April. It is inf too much to say that if
the ordinal v weather ol' April due to thi- clim mi
had prevailed within the hmt thirty dajra, 'he
lApci/.ion grounda would have pieaeatrn *
beautiful picture on tb* opening dav.
There has certainly been no Blackening of ef?
forts: andi everything contiguous to the main
buildlnga is In twu-onably Beceptabte lorin. Bul
it must is- admitted thal the labouring y back?
ward; that the Fair does not take its pim
among other ureaf exhibition in the matter of
rcedineaa for the opening. The buBdinga them?
selves are completed, bul the grading around
them is very incomplete: and yet the "easona
mar. in honesty, ne located otherwise than in th*
aggtegation of huslnese talent aaaoeiated with thin
great work. Hud the weather in the last month
Eieen all that ivan expected In this eUmnte in
nounal Cooditl >r.*, there i- rm doubt that the
i n? nt.ition to-morrow would baie been highly
To-day the rain ls falling steadily, arith no
prnrniae of a ceaaatlon, and what to-morrow will
bring forth nobody can conjecture. Il"re is tlie
platform all ready for one of the meal impoatng
reremoniea that ha.- our taken place aa this
continent. If the weall*-* conditions were favor?
able, and il they had been Inviting during tho
last two Weeks, there w.iild have been a vast
concourse of people u|x>n th* granada.
a .ilreult waa made this afternoon aaaoag tho
hopis and developed tin feel that Ibe airivnh
?.ver<> very far below xvhat waa experted for the
ol?ension. lii.|!iir.v at all the principal boriclrtea
shoxis tii.it accommodations we*e to bc found
and at prices which have prevailed under ordlnagy
business conditions of Chicago. Thia afternoon
the r- -i-'rv books did not Ind upon their padres
so many visitors aa had been looked fur. If von
a-k tim htcl .derk "Why." lie Bttrihutea th*
Weather, lt von a-k bin irom whit
tell you ; " All
the Middle Stat
N'otth.-rn Stat.-.;,
from tia* South. , _
lliote baa >?????" for th* pout two weeba in Rda
public erena a dUcitaaion as to tie propriety, or
it one .'oe- lurther, the n*ee?*ilty, of a general
? lee. ration flinn:-! c'f the city. To-night indi
e.i-.s a sort ol slackening ol Inteiesl in ti,is
feature. A week ugo tliii** waa a prevalent be?
lief fl.at a general decoration of tlie city should
I- male, lb-' question was asked ia roar* of
the public papers. "Shall xx.- appear in Imsineea
dr.-s on that day "r In lu li lav dress*"1 The an
peeranee* Ibis afternoon indicate that the piinfie
ar-* inclined to a general kiiainess dress, Few
pines have t.t\cd anything In Ihe way af ao?
oration. |l*r* and there on Stete-et. ono sees
the tla-'s of foreign nations Boating. Here and
thor* is an evenrreen arch, reminding one mom
of the season of f hristmaa festival than an atTair
of National importune* in i geograpliical or
political senae. The portrait ol Columbus In
many forma is conspicuous end not always tbs
most tuti-tie in con-cption. Thc real pictures Sf
Columbus do not r. pr.'-, tit him aa a bad-lioking
man: hut Chicago has "done him up brown'1 and,
in fact. ? done lum up" in almost avery conceiv?
able color In sonic instances I.is eye- arc bulb?
in., from hi- head: in othera they arc shrinking
ixxay mt . cavernous depth- xvbich "ann >t ho
BHietrnted. The t olumbus of to-day, as Idealized
in ( hicago, is not a wlioleaome-looklng fellow.
In one ru^,> he will lock lustre and in another cane
the lustre i- somewhat overdone. Them is a
great deal of different* of (pinion as to tho
trousers he nore Some of the pictures rep?
resent him xxith trunks; some in "tipht-." and
Borne in nineteenth century "pants" They ar*
all becoming to his Rgun, and as his Ignre wag
n. t e..u.iiiot!pht"". the representation is g j-ood
i asi-i tor advertisement; ami it has lieon utilized
for all it js worth.
Kverybody is hopeful, as he has been for a
Week past, that thc wind ii .nhl shift f> a luarfcr
from which clear weather emil 1 he *xpe fd. but
? he outl mk for to-morrow i- decldedlv unpromis?
ing. At the grounds all that could be done ima
been d ute tn the diteeflon of getting the eopia
nades in nerfert shape for the comfort of thaee
who arc to fake part in the opening excrete**.
For some reason or other, a neat crowd is ex.
peeled, and if a croix! materializes there "Till lu*
much discomfort unless the weather hr ninan more
favorable. Notwithstanding the arrival al th*
l.iPertv Bell from Philadelphia, the patriotic spirit
has net risen to the height that might r-' is mably
be expected, frae of th.- morning papers indulges
in a -ort of appeal k-ja*d Upon tis? presen** of
th.- liberty WI. If tracee it- progress from Phila?
delphia, ami conda lee p.-, rumertlng that tho
pconlc should recogniar thi* oil crack" 1 emblem
of freedom as all nispirafi t. In feet, even :\
Democratic newapaper oonapieuoualy prc-iMitsi ex
president Harrison as an interpreter ol thu
patriotic goanela. Bat, alter all, there semi to
Pe a -mt of spirit of walting on th- artival of
thos,. who h,ive loaded pockets It is to the dis
cr-lit of Chicago that at this lim? there should
npp-ur so conspicuously that snirit ot avarice
which has previously been -iliad ?l to. The influx
of strangers who shall witnesi tho opening has
not been marked, and yet tin re -<imiis to bc ??%
icaiui's- oa ali hands to grasp th- tir-i raraay.
A slagular ami unpleasant fe-turo of this day
ha- is'en the Benaud scarcity ol certain news
papera. One ,(f the tending dalliee barned tide
morninir a sort of Columbian nouveau-, a cheap
picture, not worth half a c? nt. For some reeaoa
or other its offices were besieeed this morning by
lines ol ncxx.slioih who rcceiwil their Banal or
unusual qaofa and went out on the gteMt to wll
their pa|)crs. At 11 ;gg o'clock not a -gam of
this paper waa obtainable on tn* newatnals, at
hotel* or in the banda of eev/sboya Au applica?
tion at the ollie of publication was ..Tivted lry
the respond: "AU pipers are gold." At that
hour the price demanded on the Mrcet where n.
newsboy could be found to possess a abm wi- ||
eeiit.i. At flu* publication office it waa statist
aiithoritntividy that the usual leone is no ooo
copies for Sunday, and that I lo,OOO had been, ?
printed this morpmg. There were copies obtain?
able in the publication office as lute as > 'to
o'clock. Put only through the favor of thc brisk
ness mann:er.
In another instance the price of a doUv paper
was stated to he, on th* street, in rents a copy
This was a well known Inde|)*ndent, or rather
Democratic, sh.et.
Application at the publication office met with

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