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MAY 2, 1893.
?jfarsca--*-*- .
part n.
PACES 11 TO 14.
SIMPLE BUT i riii.TlYi'.
Chlca*". Ma* l--,;''"-'i Clevetand, i't--id'tit ni Ike
Vnit*fl Stott*, M.rr.Mitifl'.l by U>? number- Of ln
CmmmtUoy Ma* oRStrnh nf Ike vurto-M Stales, ky a
numerous and dtsUB-falaked r-e-rresentatlon from hinds
scrt.-s Iks otot and ky ?? Brea! throng .if American
(ii/..i:-. to-day pressed Ike electric hatton *rhl*h ie!
in nioiioti iho mil''-* 1,1 stuffing, ike Innaraersble > ti
/.?lues and raecksntama and Ike labyrinth .-t betting
mid paring *hlch rooks ui> ike raacblnery .>f tli
World's columbian Exposition, ii bsd keon Intended
to preface the apeeekmaklng arltk a grand du.ms of
1,000 voices bm tearing to nu oversight in drawing
(he plans of Hu* pla form Hit.-, feature wus eliminate*.,
mid In Ma piara) mus rendered a Columbian mar. ii
saaflrpebed for iii.* oeeoaloa hy Professor Jokn K. Paine.
naodare Tkomaa wielded tko kati n, ind '.txi in
strunients rosiKind.il to Ike wand Of authority. A<
Ike ?uk died anny tko blind ekspktln .f lha I'nitoii
hate, .-??nato, the Kev. Dr. W. H. Milburn, -rna led
f .rwi.nl tn Um front nf tho platform ky kia adopted
daagkter, Miss Can Gemley, srko h*s been kia con
stan' and faithful uttondant for ninnr >? at-.. Tho
-roans worooa ls a daagkter of tke late Rev. Jokn
Geurie?, for ninny year-. ..ne of Ike foremost clergy
men of ontario. The following ls tko irrayer offered
ly tito blind chaplain :
All -dory !*? to Thee, Lord God of Hoots, Ina! Thou
inisi moved the hearts ,,* ;,n Unrhred tongues, people
snd nations IO keep a least id tabernacle* In mis
place, in commemoration of thal mos! momenloui ..i
;.)1 voyages, by which Columbus lifted Ibe eil thal
Ind Ibe non world Hom the old and opened tbe gate?
way of m.* future for mankind I Thy servants have
build.si these inure than Imperial palaces, nunn dam
l.eied nnd many galleried, In nhill, lo store and hon
mott's vic torie* over air, earth, lite and tl.mi. engines
of use, tresa ure i of beauty and promise ol the years
that ur.- to h.-, in illustration ,>f the world's advance
within these four bnndred years. Woman, t... th.
mackie* railing irom hil bauds and estate, thmlitilng
nith tbe pulse of Kio new lime. j.....u-lv treading the
paths of larger freedo-n, resiHUi-.lblllty and sell-help
<>j..-Ding before her; woman, nearer lo Hod bv Hi. in
tuitions ol tlit* heart .ind Ibe grandeur ol her self
Barndee, bringa the Inspiration ol ber genius, th
produet of her hsiid. bram and sensibility lo shed ii
pace and loveliness inion Ihe place, thus making th
house beautiful, t.i 'iii-*. l:.ii.-i among Ure might v
mightiest atnone th.- linly, whose hand liss lifted t .
gates oi greal empires in*iu tl --ti- hinge* and turned
tho stream of history Ino new channels; i.? Thee
our rtasn and ascended Lewd, w> dedicate the*-*
trophies of the. pui-t. ac:,leven, 'tit- of Ihe present and
??ri'pberlo. of the future, lavinC Ihem r-vcrenilj and
?vc I th 'Humility, and vet With lapture ..( thailhl and
panta*, ai the foot of Th* in -. for Thou has! re
dorene*" us l>y Thy blood and made us Units and
priests tint., our tiffi.
i 'hui 'illino h oi i or.-d nt vania, Ike Presldenl of t Ix*
I'nlt.-d Stoles, tho memben of his Cabinet, th.* Judges
of iii.- Baprease Court, the Senators and Represents
fives of the people, and nil other magistrates through
o:;t our Brood land; upon I hal moa! Illustrious
B0~*ar**Ja ol the worn, our kinswoman, revered, and
beloved In this land ?. tn ker own, Ihe gracious lady
yileen Victoria; upon all presidents, emperors, l<ltii*>,
tjuooiis ntul oilier rolers ol whatever name or degree,
nnd upon all tue people or nation- over which lhej
may awn**, wo pray that the benediction of Ike King
of Kings and Lord of Lords may descend and libido.
hastening the time when nation- shall learn war no
more, nl.eti Hie sn ord shall be (eaten Into Ike
ploughs''srv, and the spear Into the pru nins-book:
limn, stone, oh Load, knosrest tke well-nigh m.-ip-i*
?>.> ob-taclos surmounted, the envies. Jealousies and
bickerings allayed, tke open hSktlUtlea and ln-ldb>u
oppoMtlons uiii-tored hy dauntless roornge snd ln?*x
nsnsttMe pollonee, the unexampled fertility ol r source
nn.l resistless energy by nhl li the men engaged In
tilts i..i-.hty undertaking have brough! ii lo a
triumphant eonsonunatlon. crown tie ir labor and
Victory with T!iv era M.. is words, "Well done, good
nnd faithful servant-:- and make lb* world to ecko
Thy plaudits. Send Tliy blessing upon t iii-. Thy city.
it-elf one of the wonders of the world, whose -lt.
Within tlie niejnory Of livinp men was a posture f >r
wild bea-ts, the lair of tl.e wolf nnd neal of Ike rattl ?
of th* ei.'rtii'.'Tuid throws iride its gales ol ..-pi-l*o|.'
vole.>mo lo di" people of all hutgnagra and climes;
.nut to those that dwell within Its borden the Meas
Inc which maketh rich and bringetn no sorrow!
VatiK-r Supreme, b<* Thou the gnardlan of oar
land; defending ns fr m whirlwinds, flood.*, ball otto
blight; keeping fir fn.ui our shores Ihe plague Ol
. Indera and every Diner pestilence, and --tit' np our
whole pei.pl.* to Le working with Tfcee by sanity and
unttstton, temper-ance In mea! snd drink, chastity
and *?ll methods of rigki living t.> insure ikem?elves
aid their children "nea lt h. length of dais and p ce.
Mal;* (lils World's Kulr a fsbhsth yeal f.r the whole
liumati rac*, a year of Jubilee lu which Ihe heavy and
prindin.- yoke "of 111 paid labor shall !?? exchanged
for rhe yoke of Him wko i- meek and lowlj In lie-art.
1" which love ?o God nnd love to man shall beeome
the r ile of nil men's live-. SO that wllh one v dee
the whole world mav ring out nitli the anthem which
nnt-els simp ever the sheepfolds ol Bethlehem' "Glan
ia ...Kl rn the highest! <m earth peace, good win
to -Ben!" Lord nod "f Rohhaoth. .....pt onr praise
and li'-ar our pitsyers, (hr..net. Him who hum tanah!
OS to sa!', -'..ur t'other who art In heaven, hallowed
i<- Thy name. Tl.v kingdom come. Thy will be
rion" on earth na 1* 1- In leaven. (.Ive n-, thia day
otu dally bread, and forgive ih .,ur trespe****"! ss we
forgive tbos* who tre>p.i-= against ns. And lead as
rot into temptation, hut deliver na from evil. Amen !**
Kow unto Him Hint is aide tn do exoei-dinu sktuidantly
above all Ina! we ask or tl Ink lernrdlng I i ihe power
thal worketb ttl us, nnlo Him be glory. In the church
of Christ Jeana through all age , world without end.
Am. n!
Many of those Bkool kim Joined ir. tke ?? *.meo" with
*ri:i'!i the n:an of God roneluded i'l- Invocation. Kn h*
ie-|*l to h's ian! M'.-.s Jessie Coat hool a''h i ago reader
and e]oeuti<>tii-t, was rseorted '. the speaker*! stand
t'A toot Ui" opetstn;-' stanaai ol Ike poem ol th.* day.
TU waa entitled ?? rhe ft-opbecy,' a'si bi the pr..
dnctlon tri Tt. -\- Clroffnl, ti member <?i lbs Journalbtlc
pr(.fe--i(jii nt the National eapltnl. lt land bi
(-..div C ?lii-iil.na watched i enascenl moon
l>ro.iii rn tu-' pl.*.mi ocean's Wistern deepa.
Btmnge birds thal dsy bad Sutler. I In Ihe Milln
And -train** flowers Boated ronni tin wsnderini
l..-. i.
And yet no land. And non. when through the dark
The santa Maila lt opt, before t..- gale,
And angrv kO-j-wu f>s*.-d tne taraveli
a- tn destruetioDi Uomea Boacon came
\M'U Captain l'.u/.f.ii .brough t .<? frenzied bobs.
And T,, ike Adastra] brought a parchment scroll.
Stying: ?G.Jod Master, read this willing hera ?
Ab earne*! praver lt 1* from all ob board.
'1 ic crew would lain lani hack In utter lear.
>'.. longer lo the pole the compass points;
Into the senlth drop-, the northern slur;
You saw but yeoter eve an als bat ross
Drop dead on "de. n beneath t ie flying Bcud:
The d vll's wind tiov.s madly from ike East
Into the l.nd of nowhere, and lb* len
heaps sucking us down Ihe maelstrom i maw.
I'ranctsco layn the edge . i enrth I- wat,
And off to Erebus we *llde un hoi med.
Ia*t -undi.! night Diego saw .*. mt. li
bragging tbe Nina by her fiovclialni weat,
And wildly dam inp on a dolpliln's back;
And Bl she duned, the brightest slur in Heaven
Siipl-d from lt- leash *'id -3?.-.?? ntu Into tli" sea
Like Lucifer, and lett a trail rd blood.
1 pea* Thee, Master, turn aptln 1 , .-pam, obedient
the omi tis. 1 r pen banco,
Tin- terror-stricken cres*, to .-cup': 1 l.'-it doom,
May mutiny bo.
???..m./. ita-..m. peace!*- exclnlmed the Adad***!'
?? thou 1. is! -aid > 11 >*.ipl.
Now, piitli.-e. lian, me, 1 would be aline."
Then, tap.riv, (ot.mil.. 1, sough! a, sign
In -.?::. Bl -hy ind In til- lonely heart!
I im.mp. Instead ol p.-e-a..- ni hope,
?j i.e 1 u.iiii and omi nous portent- .,1 de pair.
Aa Hm* he mused be paced lite after-do k
And gascd upon Ike luminous naves astern.
mp ti.;., life na. in th<* phOsphore*ceii! foam.
And thriuph Ibe goblin **l< s there tame nnd trent,
i t," .ititi shadows on an opal bea,
l'l-opii.tic pi. tina., or the land ne -ought.
Ile -aw the end of kia victorious ?p.'---',,
Ile suv nblaac In !- ib. Ila' bu-asl
A itring of Antill.at. j. n, i- ia t
The Island* of the West.
H? Baw Invading plent) dispossess
? nd pov. riv the land with bo int, bless,
And through the wretch.d cavern.-, of distress
Walk star .'jed tapplneaa.
He saw ihe Bourbon and Rmgansa prone,
Kf.r un. lent error lardy 1 . aiom.,
1.Ivinp the plundered people b'cl' their own,
And tty ir.'- from Ure throne,
Ho -aw an K.tnpit". radiant as tl,.- dav,
lli,rli'-sid lo law, but nod. r fic-doi i\ -v. :iv.
Proudly arise, rwnlei-deni it: array,
To slum' tl.e VOrld Ihe wa/.
Ma saw cele-Uni pearn la raortal g1>lse,
And, iiii-d wiih nope ml tii.ilbd with blgb emprise,
lifting li- triiiKpill forehead to the liu
A Vast Kepuhllc Hs.-.
Ho -aw beyond lbs lilli - of golden corn,
Beyond th* curve of nulnmn'a opulrnl :. un.
Ceres nnd Kiora lnilphius-ly ad.uti
Tl,.- m,s.,m of Um mom
He hw a cloth of poid arraaa Ike gloom,
An arakeoqae from Bvolullon'a loom.
And from the barten prslrios' driven >i niue?
ll"perla 1 dibs UOOTB.
I!'- saw sn Iron drapon dashing foil li
Aloiip an iron tliomiiKlifai'c South.
North. Hast. West uniting lu beii'hceiit girth
--*aaBi?u?l ends of eu rt lu
Ile saw ihe lightning ran an elfin rare
Wh.re tra.I... love, grief and pleasure Interlace,
Ind ab-nt ..ne, annihilate lime und ipace,
i 'ommnnlng face lo fa. e.
Ile saw relief through .lea.liv dun-'...n- grope;
Foes turn.-.! t.> bm hera, black despair t i h< i" .
And r.iiiiion ru-? upon Hie grass-grown slope,
And rot tlie pallon- rope.
Ile saw thc bab.- on Lalsir'a collage floor;
The brlfthl walls Jump with luxury, mop- arni more,
And comfort, ra.Mani nith abounding store,
U ave neb. :n<- lu Ihe door
ll" saw ti.e myriad spindles nutter round:
Tbe un ria.I burnes where Jocund Joy i- found,
\n.l love ls tiiroii'fl ami crowned.
Ile -au exalted Isnornnoo nuder ban.
Though ponoplled in force since Time began,
\'id science, (on-...t-at.si, led tlie Van.
I Be I'm! ni. nee ..1 man.
Tiie picture (.itu., and paled and passed away,
And then h.- -aid to tinton in the gloom!
-Now. Martin, io thy walling helm again.
Haste t.. fie Pinta: Westward heep !:.?;? prow,
For I have had a -.Inion full of light.
Keep (ni- j.r'oiv ii.-tv, ard in Hie -un- l'- wake
I rom thi- hour hence, and Iel m. man loo! bock."
Hearty applause rewarded tie* reader a- abc rellnsl,
and lt wa- renewed winn, after th., orchestra had
rendered Ibo -lyu:/)" overture, hy Wagner, IBisctor
Honers] Davis arose (rom his -cat, and after bowing
to Hie <:,iel Magi-na ie timi ihose surrounding him,
faced Hm Bssemblsge. 'rime and again wai Ike
applause renewed, and the mat- win. had done ->. much
toward bringing shoal tho successful consummation
of the prent enterprise was for Ike moment eml-tir
roused by iii,, heartiness of hi- -"-cering. Flrolly,
nile:. t..e cheering began lo di., away, h.. turned again
to the Cr?abut snd began bia address, un, ?-,
nll.it be Mid !
The dedication of these gi..mids and buUdlnga for
lll<- purpo.f an int. rna!,.mai exhibition look phi ??
.1, October _'i la-t, ai wklch Hmo they were .iccepted
i.u the objects to which Uley wei- destined b* Ihe I
..Hon ..f congress. This i- nol ibe tit." nor tho
|.lai-. n.lth.r will it be . Ape, i..| ,.t ,?.. t,, mvc .. M.
in-eh.-iislv.* resume of Hi. ptrell'lOU- efforts which
.ave been pm ion., t,, complete im- wort to which
ne Invite your ii,-j ellon to .lui. I mitv bo per
rnltted, however, t.. -nv ;i word n: praise ,,f and m
-ti. it,m.. io nu .....tli..1- and official -tad. ni... form
Ihe areal orgnnliallon ntn.!. made thi- consummation
This Exposition 1- not lin- coiireptlon of anv single
mind; lt I- not ti..- restili ol uni single effort, bul
lt I, the grandest .:pt|nn ...' all tuc mmd- aud
Uie b.st obtainable result (,f all tl,- oif..rts put form
by al! the people who inn.- in any mininer contrib?
uted t.i n- consideration. The --Teat cu.nnn'ing
igenclori through which the (tovernmeiit ha- audi ir
on'-ist'llig oC'lir*- iTieit arm "..<? ,>-..-..?. wi ?.>?i . i
trom ihe .-ev.r.l Stoles nmi Territorle pn-sided over
?v the Hon. Thomas IV. Palmer, ..f Michigan; Hie
urporatlon ol the Slate ot Illinois kilo' ii bs th*
World'* Columblnn Exposition, contdsilng r.l forty-live
Hr-. 1..1-. prc-lded over b) Mr. II. N. Ifiglulaitliain,
!>f Chicago: ami th. Board id Lsd*, liana; . cia
listing of ". 1". not,? >?!. lind liielr alt. runt* - sole, ted
li.in ihe severnl .tale* i>:.-m o ovei b-< Mrs. I*..u.r
I'ulmcr. ..f Chleago; lo llw-se gn*al
rte*, wisely selected ii Congress. ? ich pcrf-'rmto' Hs
special funciloiis, Hie gmt lt tide ol the pe plo ..[
ibis count ry und Hie cordial recognition .?! all Hies*
fri.h.liv foreign rejn-esenlath'c-. ari' due. To p rf.-cl
fl tim 'i. agencies an efficient organlratlon s
tir-t ?!>ii. and it na- - nc >?- -[.ill! in ? oiupli-h. d at Hie
uni-, t through commit tees, -nh-. ? i u.-m ly by goat
executive department, and through Hie ? departments
? lu- systematic, vlgnruu* and effective work wa* pm
grossed. Through the De]rartmeiil ol Administration,
the Department of Una nee, Ike Department ol Works
and Hie gr.:.; exhH.lt* departments, il., pian and
sc.p.- of a grand liitemsll'msl e*tpo?|t|on have l**en
worked out. Tlie Department ol I in nice, romposed ol
meitiif. r- ..f th.. Illinois corporation, has. Kith di lu
td.---. >ii;e. remarkable, n|ih courage utidauiited, -..<
..--(?illy financed tl:- Exposition and has pr vid.-d for
Hi- prent ? ,rk npward ol pjii.isio.faio, rhe Depart
lu.-m of Work- and it- many bureau* ??! arti ?-. an hi
leela, ?ti'-ii.r* and builders have transformed th. .
grounds, which lwenly*one month, ago were un nn
sit-in iv. uninviting and unoccupied streich of land
scape, hilo th., beauty and splendor ol iii-dsy, The?
ns ve eon pl. umi-iv perform**! their fm.n . ind lin
grand avenues, tho** Venetian materways, Hie m.isled
landscape, Ihe fountains and -.nip ur*- and i ibm
nnd.- and i ? ? grand pb.land nul a monument
in th.lr genius and (loir skill, supplement**! bj th.
lal, I of th it great .trill! Of -killed artisans and Hork
men. all citizens ol the RepnhSc.
'Iii.- ch.-i- ol thc greal depart men I wbo have ?-\
plolt id n,i- mighty enterprise and pat'..tl h. -. ? lin
, U.IMt i, lui nib - rn ? j.. lure that i- -?' In this
magnificent frump.*, have confirmed Ihe wisdom of
iii.lr selection. No Mate ur Teriltorj of Of Inion
has escaped their vole**; no land on the globe I hs I
im- n language bul h.- I.n vl-lted. and Hie Invlia
Hon of Ibe I'i. Idell! ..I Hi. I nit. -| Hales |*?? i-?.:i.i 11-.
pie-ented. fortunately, ul Hie Inception ol lld
.-ute; pi'i ... .mr Hoveiiimeiil was. and -lill i-. al
pence niih ihe whole world. (omuil-s'oticrr, w.r..
-.nt to Europe, lu Asia, to Australia, British North
Ann ri. a and lu the I-lands of th" -.-a-: so i lint
lo-day Hie whole w..iUi know- and i- familiar with
tlc** viv uiii, un, ?? of ibe gr nt peace festival we
are about to Inaugurate upm tm- rsmpus, snd oil
the nati n jolt, iii celebrating il,.' event which ii
rom' ctn..rete-.
This iml..-tin-, eontstntog nesrlv 700 .'i<r.-, I ov
eli.I nv note Ulan K>> sile itu -, Irom tn.- -niall
late pavilion occupying an ordinary bii'lUna idle.
to Hi., roloasul -ii-iii-tiii.. ,,f tin- Manufactures and
Liberal Arts Building, covering over tl.(riv acres,
i- tilled nnd minded with i di-play of Hie achieve
mellis alni products ot Hie mind and hand <?( man
-neb a-, na- never before been pr.-.nt .1 io mortal
vision. The habits, ciistorm and !!!?? of Ihe i.pl?
ot our own ami foreign land- are -bown lu Ibo
variegated Plal-aiire; ihose -tat.lv buildings on H."
north at.- filled with Ihe historical ip-a-un-- nnd
i.alural product- ol our several Kt at es, Th.- artl-Hc,
. hann '.?: i.-tlc ami heautlfnl cflilic--. 11n- head plait ?!?
iii forilgu commissions, surrounding the (iall-ry ol
line Art*. Which in lt-*lf nlll be ,-m agreeable -ur
prise lo the American beholder, -.institute lin* fraud
central lone of social snd frtendlj a menin,-* among
Hie different peop. ? ol ii.nrth.
-uri'iiiiidliig lilli grand plata where we stand
and reaching from Hie north pond to the extreme
south ls Hie greal mechanical, scientific, Industrial
and agricultural exhibition of Hie resources and
prudiirt* ol th., world. These have been secured
fr. the four qnsrtcrs ol Ihe glole and placed lu
systematic order under Ihe supervision of Hie i< gnsil
departments, and while all Hie material ii|.,n Ihe
grounds i- m.! vt In place I nm "ratified io lt* able
lo pr.seiit lo th.- l'r.--i(l.-nt of Ike I tnt.il Males al
11,l- Hm., th.- official catalogue, tontnlnlng n il. -? rip
Hon and Hie location of Ihe exhibit* ol 40.000 jrar
Hrlpanis In Ihe exblliltlrm. The nnml*>r of ex
iiibiior-. will exceed L*0,000 when everything I- In
The cit tiena of our country are proud and always
Mill I." proud of the a. lion of Ibo Congress of Hm*
i nlled Mates of America in anlhorlslng nnd dlrccllng
Hil- <?? lebratlot. Iii lah" pl" '. lor Ihe ;;|nr 'Ll iailotis
of more than -fi iVni.io.. lt, n, -pt, nnd
tor Ih* nnsw-rvlng tnppnrt and encouragement of
the i.liber- of th.- Government. To the Mai"- ..f
Hie I nlon ne are largely indebted for active .'lilli
-iii.-tanial support. A sut.i In exes- ,,f (Bl.OOO,
ion im- Im-.ii raided and expended to Ihe
Mutes and I .-niton*- for their official nse in pro
moling their own tot?-re*l? .sitijointii uiiii th,, gen
eril -mc--, ol tbe exhlldtlim. To Hie foreign
nations who have a n*r**e?entattoii upon n,.-?? ground.
uiver before wllne-wed al any Expo-sit Win, Hs shown
I,, the grand exhibits they have brought \i-r-. and
Ihe hundreds of olli'i'll represenlatlves of forelgri
i.ove.inn. n's who are present on ihi occas!. we
bow iii grateful thanks. More lhan ***.,( xs..ooo has
I.,.,, otu. 1 <llv appropriated tor the** nmimlsskui. In
th. further.''i'?? "f their participation In Ihe K..\
mmIHoii. The great nations of Europe and Ihelr
dependencies aro all represented upon Ikea* ground*,
The liovenimenls ot Asia and ol Africa and Ike re
m.i.lii - of li"* W.stern lb tiil-pher. . ulth but few
,',,' ,i??. ar- hem r. pr.--, m. .1. To the citl/.n
.,,,,1 (sarpornlton of Ibe rlly of Chicago, wbo have
r.ii-i.l Iks' fll.000.000 :t- a ? ont r'.lfiilion. ami .11 nd
.iitiot, hiv los ned Ihe manaccment "tt.t*?),oi*l m.,. ???.
',!,.?.? the grateful a. Iitiowb-.lp.tnent ..f our own
'.,'. ,,,.1 of all Ike honored guests who -har- with
, ii,.! ?dvantages iff H'l- Kc-ut International fell
ral To Ihe women ol Chicago .*,.,.I our Brest laud,
u'ho-e nromi.t. spontsneons snd enthusiastic.pera
Hon in om norh Barned the ev.- ..r the world toward
""ir Bxtsstltton BS toward B nen -tar if Hie Ki-.
?hi Insntratton for womanh.l evenrwhere?we ex
tend our .ordif.i snd ruistlrrted rwommon.
lt i- our bene loo! Hil- great Exposition mav In
nm-unite ii now '*r:. ?f moral and -asteria! progrena,
tMour fervent MPlrstloa Hmt the liinilstlSi of ih*
nations here may secure ii"' u I) warmer and slr uger
friendships, but lasting penn ital *ui*h*ml lc well.
Th.- grand r.'cried Illustration "r modern progress
which i- h. re pr.ntod ??.rag-'m'-nl of art, -cl-nee,
?i Industry, ,,f conni ? -. ?? i t.??? es.*lla ed an ex
i endltnre, Including th ? mill h "? 'air i-xhll - .
ho _'?!?. in ? ?'...?-. ,,| .*|in. .ct..*'". We hal.- BlVell ll
our constant thought our ni*-?I dev:.'ed .ervlce, .air
i.e-t energy.
\ii*i now, in ibis rent ral rltj r 1 iii gn Bl lb'
public ort I he .oiiini,.Ilt nj covered lu Columba-. ?!.
dl.tliigulsbed dcseerKtants ure t.?------1.r ns Hie ...
of Hie Nation, it only romain f .r *oU. Mr. Pt. -iii nt. If
In your ..pinion ihe Expo-It ion hen1 pr. mi I ls
commensurate in dignity nilli wini llb' worri .haili!
expect nf our pteai ronntrv. I ? 'I re I 'hoi il shrill !??
opened !?? the public, ami u),. i, yon hinch thin map;.
he. the p.nd.-rou- niaehlneri alli ?.tart in i - revo
liillon- and Hie activities off Ibo Exposit! di will begin.
lt was now the turu of the Preaktenl of Ihe I'nlted
-in.-- I" present himself. Foreigners and no:Ive
alike joln.d in ii., a,, lain, I,, Ibe highes! r. pr.-? lila
live of Ibe toverrtgn people ?>.' Ibe Republic. There
na- a ut.- ii ilntter ,,f ni,j-, hnndke-n I h '- s!so. A la I,
nie ii throats and ann- illke were Bred, and n wm
blain-., or .jul. 1 had once more come ..!.-:? ibo throng,
the Pre*ldenl began hi* nd ir- ? , il- '- Whal h i ld
I am here lo (oin mj felton t liliana In Ihe coi..
gralulnll ns wlilch belli ihis ima-lnn. ("in ion lided bj
Ihe - -upend ai- re-ult- ,,f American eiitorpri ,e and
activity, and in ibu .,f magnlllceiil evidences ol
American skill and Intelligence, we need not tear Hull
ihe-e i-ougrntiil'itloiia uni ii., exaggemted, We aland
today in Hie presence .,f ti,, old.-i nations of ihe
n .rid and polnl to Ihe great achievements we bere
cxhlbtt, asking m. all,Haine on Ihe .ore Ol louth.
Tl.nthti-i:i-tn with which we contemplate mir work
Intensities ibe warmth ..f ihe greet lng we extended to
ni i? _^--?
^k*''^^"'**-*5^^^ ' '
*^*fi3,l*i*tb" - ' a'T ? -s-it ? *--^-^ *
^hSsl ^4^ ri? ^ ?! 'Ira
BlRnSETE VfTW ny- TUT. rtfrt
h. o wi,,, 'm-o rom* from foreign Undi ht lllnstratr
with ii* the growth and progr. ol human end. 11..1
in t':?' 'lit;'"lon "f a hlghei ?:. . ration.
t,.,,,','i , ... *'' "'" l"l'"l'>- -lu.alb. Il ?! Il ?
-1"1"1-1""" "I the I,.., imp.il*,* of ,?,r rill-ens i....:
ine way t.. a real! tai lon ..f Hu nai ? .1 .'.. -um which
"'ir lair proml-e*. gladly Welcome I ,.? ,.;,,?.. tun 111
??;,"? "'??'-???i ?" ' ? ?? -he fi mi* .mph- bed bi
l""ris,*w,'Lr* ,l"" '???' * *'""? I ' ?" than .1.1- Iii
"!>? held ..f man - improvement., while In sp pre , ,? ,?.
Wonderful' " Vr'-" rcuient .Hld
i-.n.br,.! a,.,,11,pl, hmelM t,| , ?*,,?, , ,,,., ,,. , .,
PC elli the triumph- ..| ii vip nins, -If 1. ll,. . md ll
''V ;? "'???"., I.I"- -V- l-IVe l.l.ll ,.,..- S|
.lillie.-, bin we have al. 1 bulli th- magniflcetii fabrli
ni .. popular tiovernment, wh - :i 11 1 pr
-?11 Ihiroughoul the u, rid. W. have mad- .nd her*
?filberts! < *--???... Object ? .. |.,,,,?., ,,,.. ,,,,,
?lu.- of An..rl.-i,!i skill and .* vciul.m w. hav.
made men srho rahs I hi ni*. Ive*.
It I- an .Milt..I ml -don in whit li we I d.r -
irom other lind- are engaged, , fl.penile it, ll,,
in.iugurati n of an Snlerpri devot.d t.. hum*.
Ilghtenmi tit ; and In ibo uni. rinking-, 1.
up..n ii- exemplify in th.- ti i,!.... -,,..,. t|?. brother
b md of nations, i.-t u- i?,n f.,,t |? ihe me-..nb . ibm
i;:,;!,;?-;,,M;.:-f^'-^,-.^/:i ha. >, .???. ?
lion et In 11."ll 11. -.< si the - :?,.. III.taut lot
hop. - and ..-pir .Hons as ik. 11 fore, which In .
1.me shall Influence Hie welfare, lin Integrity, ih?
fr. ??.!?mi of nm 11 kl nd,
As t. .- Pr* bli nt wa 1 om lodli g Hi* flt I ?*.-..
lil- .?!? ? wandered to Ibe lab!, lhat v 1 lu ?? al I 1
tefl han I. I pot lill I I Hie butti , lb* pi I re
upon whb 1 wa to I irt lb* n rhlnerj nd mak.
,,|? nlng f.f 1 ???? Rap Hon 1 a< un ll ed fart ll
na- an ordinary i..rm ol Vtetnr lek rraph *>? 1. a. 1
a- I- In u-e In most i.b.nap., office . except I il ll
wa- ol gold Instead ol *??? 1. and a button ol li,
???ad of rubber It rested upon a pede lal apbol
-ter.-d In 1 nv I'lm- bim! golden \'ii..w plush, sudon
,'. of I..,- |.,i',,r ll. r iii liver l< (lei -. ?.
-Igniti. biiI dat. 1 Ifni bi 'i 1 ?:?'?;. A Hie last ??
f.ll fr,un il e I'l el' tit's lip ? ? pl". ? 'I ..i i.i.i'* r
upon t.e button.
M.-.-, j m. 1 hum \fj ( ERENOX1 OTHER
li.vi 1 ni- '.l THE PR -I. RAM ll
Cktcsgo, May l. Ike mos! Btlsfsctory fesinre ol
ti., day's pr.dings, "rom s femltrine polni ol view,
ma the forms! deaHcotlon ul Ibe IVomsn Italldlng.
Women oho .loud tn the greal thning si lb* Ad
mini I ration llulldlng, Indifferent lu Ihe elo?|.ieiice ol
Hie ? ..L-l Magistrate, l-rvathl. li fimgbl Ihelr ?..!
Ibrougb Ibe greal ma ? lo reach their own Mi*c< .
Women Irom every cornet ol the laud crowded toto
it,.- building, ende.iioring to adjn t ih.-.r lorn tr* ?
and crushed I.tiela While nailing foT the core.I?
ni y au ,,'. p.. 1. io i" g.11. Wi.. 11 th.- band ol il*
cluck began to point t.. 2 li t:,.-i began to grus hu
pnti.mt. -!,.,itli ali. i- U.I Ihe ('er-mollie Committee
I,, -..ii ,0 galla-r on Hie platform, and book Iishb i?
I,Ind the curtain ni palms and Bow* r 1 awi
oi mu-i. .no .-. The grand march bj Jean liip'lmr"
Von Kron-ir'. W-liuar. < .i-fui.i ny, na- followed bj
prayer by Miss Ida llnllln. Miss liane BWroii,
1,1 1.on,ion. England, favored ibe 1 euiM?*d aomen
wini b dramatic ..%. rtm.-. after ablcb Mrs. Potter
Palmer aro --? and dl-Hvered an addre M. ? Pslniel
?aid :
'I h.. m..m. nt of [ralHon iii- an iv,-1, il >p
for more H. 11. I wu yt ot have gradualh .'?.,, Italn
lng sirengta and doflnitono - liave nos i.um fi
aliib -. lo dm Hie Ex |*o Il loll ..p. 11 11 gat' "n
i,l- 1 mci. mn ..I the formal opening ul Hie Woman's
llul'.dlng Hm l:...nd ot bm . VI iii g. i- 1 in- 'I irh
I.nlima .? In ll .Vlllg lb* li. lo W< I HOM* distill
gulslied oih.1.il i-.|.,..--ulallie- .iain of Hu'
ai,,, lop Ign ? isnn.l 1. e. and ..1 the Mate lb ar 1 .
nhl. have -.. eil.-. n!.-li .p.r.,t. 1 sith it b. ar
compllshlng ihe n ult nos dwclu ? 1 l? '?'?* s'irl I.
Experle. I,..- br it,.* 1' main mrpri ? ? ""'< Hie |,, !
..I whic I- an liiipr..-i!. r. all ia Hon "i ibo .1
hui.1 Interests, liofsltb-tlinillllg dllfcrel.o" ul ru ??.
goveriim nt, lungua ?-. temp mmeni an-! extern:.! .
dill HS. 1 he people ..I all . in li/.. I lull 1 ure III ll
lug m.. t imo pr .lilian-:. K... u sui i es un I each
lailure In I. in.' and developing mi' I henri. '
1,Hu.il,I. t , t,. sh ,[,. ? ,i l.l -lui-:.!-. I"..ill-al
. ii. Isis, .ron mi ni., ti -. employer*! an I " "l-l '?' 1.
(H al existing lorin, of Inlt.-llce lhere I- le.
cm. I and In, un I li nt a I lilt position iii i
women are placed with re ar I ';"? "
. .im Ignoring nf Ihelr rig i- aiir! fi i""1 ' " ?"?
a ai. , I,.- gum* on for rcitiurir-.. >' ??"' " "'" ""
rondltlon ar.- hard f..r nc ni I . "'? * '? "?'I ' ;"'? ?"
tli.-i ar.- lo lb ? ...n lani w. ??din* ?'?. '?? ? ?'?
pen and steady hands iwhu nn- Ibero!" munged Into
an ..I.-.- ol misery?, it i evident Ucl ??""" n. llims'ii
up rn their omi r.-oni'. r . ave a rrigliHul -ni *.*..
lo endure. .--1, -. I-i Itv si- llo-i Ino ??ll'*-'!- '.'"I
again*) a public sonllmoiil ?? Ul h di i aunt n. .**
their seehlllg Industrial i*iup!ovme.ll :|- a mean ul
lil. lill.?..!.
The Ihoorj which exists bi.'?-*' ""1"'v::'a,'l'.,,r'i'I
pie thal Ihe sphere of W.I.I ll I *?*"?? '"',""?'? ,"
.fe.nm . even monstnnis, u?r ort io ni n t i
lake :. place Inside or I.np*''' * h '?"", ,. ?
various lucrallvv Industrie . leif h**a*.ii> n-.m-i ber
fi i i.aMil.turr. ami prrsluo. r- ??' "' ""' '"' ".'* "
ir. i1!s|wrage brr norh and uhlaln her -rv."- hw ,
,--,.,...,ai puce, nm-, prout ill- I".-"''' ??> Hi" 'I'"
.nb, and la-lpl.*, uri. ?l ih-lr v^llam. lhat .
nunn -b mid elli.- in ....p-'..i..- ??-B|*s lon- vi,, ?
i?rvIni In lolbiwlng them, and -'""" ?'" J '" -''.''
,,, di iimragem.nl and de-pilr. I'," ? ? hlgli unalHy
Ol -l.a.lla-iii.-- anl principle. Th"** ai" th. ,
i,,r. in- ? ol ll!.-, wh.ro. Iiatidlworti ??? ai ? proud a
In-tall In lb* Expo ll bm, i?-:-"?' " M'w ?''," I" '
dmed iii ii.i ul.-, ti ?u op- anl *'"?"'*? '"' .,;',' '
nm i adver-e ronHltlims an i alto l!l" " * _"].'
nat lenee :ui .ni.ni. ti," a'-'.' :l J."*1 and
genera! appreciation of Ihe Irull.u-ernliHi il,.
noalllon and -tain- ol ic min ha- <"'-' ''?'"/?'"I
Bpectsl Bttr-ntton to lt. and !?? *?*'' ??I"'"'* :|'
ti'enptlli.' IO cr.ate. bj m.atis Of "'?' /*v I--H loll, a
v..11 ?!? Bned public -.titliueiit in rc-'.ri ta m. ir rlgbH
'"we hopi ike statlsUea wklck ll" Board of Lady
Maaiacen koa baan m* wnp'*U) Bt*t**ar**UBB to aeenrs
mai give fl ...ti", i Ides ol the numl-rr of women,
ie.'! f.l tin,se wittt.iiit natural |r-oti*rtim oi Ibose
il, ron ii -uddeiilj upon ihelr own t -.ur..-, bul tl..
t, ii ni lier .1 nive, ol mechanics, lauu-ers. artists, arti
-ai,- ..nil iv. rliiii-n of ev.-ri degree, o-ho n-ro \,,,, i
, work sbonld.i t.i -h.mi Lt willi ihelr busbands
in ordei !? maintain Ihe family, without noting lb"
tonnie i forced t.. ...pport their husbands In ln.-ii.
.??1:1 ii.. Ilraliilng that woman ran never hope i.
? ihe pi .|-i recirmpen-je for her M-rvire* until
fnlni *s and -:i.'f at are ii"1 onlj .1 m. n-'r.itci.
,,ih uii'l.-r-i..ii i and arknowk-dgt-fl, we Imvo
i a ken sdvniitage of th.- uppiiiuultj presented by ibo
l.ip, mon u> bring together such e?*ldene*s >.f uer
loll ut ile- various Indll-tries, arts aili ptof'--! ii
:.- maj < ii!im ? Ibo world Iba! ablllij i- nol a mal
leroi ???!. I'rged hi ii... --Hi. she bas <b [ii'.listrat d
that I r power*, ari. ihe -aim- as hci brother . and
I hal lilt" ciici.un.geinciii and fonierlng csri1 may <l>
Velojl le r lo all ional |. . nt of ll-eflll||. -.
Tho i ?;.ni does m.) nl-h io be undi r-tood a- pine
inp mi extravagant oi sentimental value upon ih<
mu i, ..I am woman because of ber sex. I' wllllnjdj
acl.liou led.. - thal th" Iii.lu-ifl.-. art- and Minimere"
..I Ihe World have l-.eii h.r eeullilies lu Hie bands
,.f i.n-li ulm lui!" carefully traill.-.1 themselves far
Hie if i'on ii-Mme- d.-i..titi.c upon them, and who
lia!.- ".ii-. i|'ieiiMy. uiii.i question, contributed
lilli n. than n,aiuii i, i|,e valuable thought, rc
,. i. Invention, science, an and literature willoh
'..Ile I,.-. ..'Ile the rilli helling" of |||e Ililli!:!!! ,;,,..
'.. inlth-ianding their disadvantages, boa*ever, a feu
gifted women nave made their iain.- (eli ami luive
? i. i o\cep!Ional -.?!!!.?? to ii,. ...|... ..: iiiim.-inlti
winn ..ut Invitation, asking co-operation, wa- sent
.. :.,|..'i. land- Hi- commissioners already appol..t<*d
generally smiled doubt hilly, and explained mai Ihelr
?un.u were di-lng nothing, thal they would not feel
un lim.1 to help n-. and rn many cases slated that it
na- not ti... custom of their country for women io
lithe pail lt. a.i! public effort; that ll."V oil! at
'""?"?' '.'i drrll. . drove in fi* part etc Ral
1 , . " ? " Indh - received our tu. ,g, ..nt lu
.'. ,';'.".' ;'"' lom.ml.'c'''r*J1"' '''"'""? ? : among
?Cd, ''? I", IUI h (hat fh-v n-.s1.-d ...
lhej undenlood al ..i,^-. the ,, m \\\
"'? ' -' .???mmlit.s . u.i.. lfnnn-dlat.lv :
' . ''"";" bavlni iir-. ,,a,.. ?,,d
*';m.*n *hi ,-.,,?,... ,.: ?
nwt, in.- nit,,,.it ghing a ,hou;:hi
and wretched -l-t,-;.. i.?r ,,,,
lillis ar- .lue to the .Milt.al iltld |t,tlUe?
''' ' '?'?.? I" their ,..-,*-,-,|i.umrien.
,'V ''" ' , "?'? ''("lor. ..I il.vernen! li ., igur.Hcl
' *IibI '? Mn.', ar- doing ii,el
I sith .ipprerlatlon Into ran * .rhff.." the M I
!',' "'u'"i '??;-1''-' 'ii ! -ni bii ..pporlunity, nhl li '
..'??...^'.'.'V^ .'"?' ?!?'"???'? vflle.hind the ,
r?rniliiH ibo , ntrai object* Ii, rI. -Ir
.,-!. collectl m. ,? .,,, tMr ,,??,.? ,,v .,?,
n a nark..., tnt their won . This *?. ,ho ,!.,-?..,
I I"'-- ? 'h.-lr Maj. iles th- Empress ?f Itu -i,
nd th- vu-i, of Itali, both -? i.I ',,r H,e or.
?'--ve .il pl.ie i ::, p,,?.ng Hm
- !'* "11.11 ut,-br ihelr bindii rule I ,
- .'OH.-rtli.ns ol Ihe ii.,!; ,.f ,,,,, .?.,
',-??'.I'..'ho.- whbh .xl ? under heir
iii . thion 'd .i .rii ii-,. ...i ., ?
. :.. - anl . ?. (bu.ni of !!."i ? .
ri tl at ti..ll,-, tin2 of
Hot III Europe . popdlul a- nilli ll-. I'
i .upi. le fi |i-.i ' . Lil a tra. "i "h pre
'??;:u <f monograph, au: rita ri*. ji.Ii.
I.- . li e. uri d ..nil bv great n -r
.-,[?.- hil!" >l"!.-r 1 efl.le 1 "'I
.: .?. thal . ..i. i'i i. itui ? ,?? rommlttrv lt ?'!
?ni.ed at the gi ,? am...ii.t of novel Informal! m
? .fl. i in pt . - ?'?..?. lier Ma|i Ht lb
?'ile- tl of Kllglntld ha- bindii lill ;,', ell. Lit ?f the
I .ind-, with tho message t!i il lilllie
*? ? ' III. lilt T"-f Itl eXpO?ttl ?'! . -he
i ? * |? ! il t .ken "I iinp-ithv ulth ti,,- ii r\
??' Ih. Hoard ?' l.tdi Managers. I.m.f lt.
n. in.ti. Cat- th.- English . ??niuitleo
I. i? lt.. lu-h. 1 In Its . s:|! 't and lu ii- ..at ?! .pie ?.
pl a for th,- . |_ ? r ,,; ., .,t|.,t, ,,f Momen I p, |- I.
, Igllill. :i* 'o' Ibu Ha].-'!, th" Qlleell ll gell!
??! Sp III, .- Klndll pi.ml-..I lo gratify our d.lr.
hi - nd I Hg elie- i ?.t "," gresl I al.- Ha I ? ??
rial -I With thill of Iii" -ll
nf our Coltlltieiil. Tlie 'Mont tut- t, .1 !???? u
li effort, lo i ?? np. rale with ii . alli Mich
.led III do .ly on a Inni'' ?! --:.'".
.td In in:.! ? . in .tl,, I div. .lap:.n. under Hie
ildnn. ol I' llt-eral and totrtllgenl Empress, has
lirotllptly .Iel . .I'llall'. l>! .moled our pl.in-. lier
M .j. i lilt I' ? ? ti lil -I on Ila- -etit a special
d.legate ii ? i .'i.i'i. i thal -!.>? nul h-'i-.-lf under
ii leadership and learn whnl Industrial ai I "In
ilIonal .-i'l ? re opi ll '.. W.n In
i ..Hill rt. . ii Hull -Inn mav adopt -ma lina lin**,
? ? nlll . Vi;.-.- I',.- condition o' her noimn.
V ? t. |,.|, ?? in Ih- p. ..-iou of t'.l- b.-nitlfui
building In "li. li ne m. i lodav: lu lt- delicacy,
? ? th, The . !? *'|? ? ? ? 11' too ld< ul ??'
.- ? : . ; ? . ?, *, . dedie Hod Ibo T -ll
I \|,, itlon I, nib titi ? to hutu;.!.Iti : ii,- ii ii- (! di. .te
?,,.? Woman's Itulldlng t,. an elevate! womunb.ssl.
Inoniim Hint bi .. doing we hall b?t serve the
.- ii .- , r hum
A ju'nat- bv Mn. H. ll. A. Best h. o' Bo ton, was
cl r. iiur* on Hie programme. Addresses were
?i.n dellv.-nd hi ''?? following repn-sentatlv.f
.,,,., i..,, nilton : -pain, ti.- im, h.-- .,! Versgus:
Hilly, i nanto .il Urania ; England, Mr-. Ib*lf..rd
i. ,?.., - -. ..?! ,i and In I ind. ll ?? Dm !;? - ul Iber
Rn la, 1'iin. ? Hchachoffshy. Ike addis
,,f (be loutit. of Aberdeen V. a. ll- folio!!-:
lt i- ii greal honor lo be allowed to toke purl In
tie- opening .. i. moule of au .?nt.-rprl-?? toward
. , m. ,\, . ,,| ;,|| uh., lake an Interest III the
work >.r women and Hu* position ol women ihr.in.h
,,ul il," world ..." inned "Uh to-p." in I rontldellce.
Mr . i ulm. r I., lob! u- >.t srliol ,"' and her . ol
jl , -in . di il" III altai.. through Ibis ur, al eui r
Inking, Ih" l.l.'iS'l Which 1." ha- put before Us
are .iii. ulai. (I to BP ll ?? our ulm.. I eiiUiu-la-iu. I
an, ..re Hint the Women nf oller countries re|IIV
outed h.re will n.v.r lorgcl Hie de. p debt ul a all
d, nuder which she nnd her fellow workers have
ul,.I ii-: and ii .? can :i--ir. lei that .lie Will ever
receive the most beyal Support Hut We .an render Iii
mir m.ii ni" ibmugiionl ino course of ibis Exp ibm.
I take it thai the one ...pr*. subject ..( rrt.-it.dl!
iii alu and i mutation ??xl-llng l**t?ei*n ns hen* mil
i?- t., -h,nv bon much ibo women of 'ml. ' .....try
hov.red lbs! rnnnlrv, and hive Hun. i h-.i ll
high ii, m.- civilization of 'im work! ii IMr devotion.
their -1,111. their Intents, their Intluence for g.I.
ami. inking mi- a- lb.* tandan! li which we ar.
in te t om- elves, I nm proud lo think His! I am
here as .h.. representative ol the two rountrtes li.
nhl.li i ran rlalm ii -nap- "f nalbiiulllj -icotland
and Ireland.
i'.ii ii.ne counted for much In Ihe histories of
If.tli ii.m. ii.-, and ! thu,U we can -le.iv lu
.mr exhll lt . mat our pi. -ont women il i much for our
nail..uni Instil trial reputation In Loth Instances. We
hope lo how In Ihe lrlt.ll lilla-'-* In th" ground
? iii i. hi, I, Mi-. Pol',,. Palmer tales -., 1,1ml aii in
i.-i.-i ami which I'r.-I.biit ( lev.?lani bus honored
bi a vl-ln the work of Irish pensanls lu ihe pis. i
.f being Hilde, and hue lu Hie lilli kt lng. ne -hon
I.ii- nt tlnir finished work, Hms bringing hume
.,, ile mimi- ul Hie il-llor. Hie fad lhat all Ihe ?
I . :i.i!ifni bau.lu.ade Ince, and elllbnitderle* \\ 1,1.1.
nd. Hie garments nnd lb* unlaces of th* wealth!
ar. ie.:i,ulm tm..I iii Irish cabin . ss sell ss th.?
lillian linens ami Woollens nhill, ar- Heeded. We
? \|....t min-h t* ...il to c. fr. Hil- splendid nppnr
t'fiiit! of exhibiting our good- which i.... lu tho M"W
w. rid imve afforded to ii . and we anon nm nili
rejoice lt, Ibo thought ol whatever pro-P'rlt. you
mn rm- bring Into bull homes snd live* full ..f
h. Huh,, ol p..."tn. bul to whom lu-' ii len IHai??
Kiillsbllie will mon! |i"r!..i happiness a.ubi il" lilli -
mt Ihe val., libbi. Ih.v b.i ? so ""ll. Hut mir
. .... talion, bv m. means r?*s( here ?i* are I.Kiklui
with eager < .p.. c.ti.it- to Ihe result, whleh nlll
tioiv ..ut t i ali nation, of Hie world from Hie arran***.'
?i. ni you are making (or Hie meeting of rep>?>->?>itu
??, || mb I. i In b-ed I- -o if in- ii .'in ii of ihe
world -tiiniilaiel bl nh'" Ibey will here se* Of wllsl
hs. i'i. .... ...ipi:-ml bj Heir s\ iinlei Imperfect
, nnd lt tntl* and l r. ? ii in ' Ik" grandeur if their voes
linn and Hie splendor of meir optiortunliles, go for
u ,1 united in - i-i * i* and flrr-l sith a ? ??tun: n I"
voiloii iind faith. "J Bom tSmtt d.y and mmwtOBOQ
nith :. si rvieo willi nhl. li pa-t B0M have never yet
been Messed .'
Ihe hymn "America*1 and a. heasiltlloa brought
tho oxen I,es to a Cloee.
(hen.*". May i.?.\rt.r ii..* opening eaerdaea tin*
nmr !i;:tit> of the disiingu shed) guest- detnainl.sl the
consideration of th.- Committee of Arrangements, and
with Presldenl Cleveland ai their load, ann lu arm
vi li Presldenl rainier, ih-y iv. re -oOOTted to tile
ihbd Boor of the AdmlnlstrnUon Hiilldlng. Herc
rovers nail been laid for seventy goests, comprialng
ta- Presidential, Vlct-Prestd.ntlal and Ducal Berries,
i.en. ral- *>?-h.?li> l.l and Mil,-. Admiral (.llerurdi, liov
ernur AltgcH ..ml Mayor Harrison, tke ofnOora of the
? oii.inis-b.n ami Exp -iilon. Mi-. Potter Palmer and
the members of tin- Council ,,f Administration. Tho
party >at at a rout.il ta!.:.', th- **r*-*lru-n< having Mia.
lal.r al hi- righi lind Ike lim lo-- of Ver.igun Bl his
left. The lum li,.,,n, which waa a simple one. was
-onad by f.rty four wallers, one f .r each -tale. Tho
table was art with specially imparted cl.lii;i and cut
gums and n silver wrvlce designed "or Ike oceaskM
ifier an old English pattern. Tfcere were no foist-,
nd th.- luncheon occupied a little more Hinii un hour.
Nu nine except champ:.uno was served, and rigors,
ming to the presence of women, w.-re dispensed with.
Al Ihe c inclusion of io luncheon Presldenl Clevo
i.in! wai .-c-.rt.ti to thc foreign cum of Manu
fa. tilters- Hall, where h.. received the ( .minl-sionors
fr in foreign countries,
At the close of tm PresMent*a recoption to tho
foreign commissioners Mi. ? loveland, accompanied by
-?. i.tarv (.re. iain, drove to lb* Iil-li illlau" ot: th
Midway I'lal-aiiie. ii,.!,. I,.. ?as entertained by Ihe
i uiintesa of Aberdeen, who wai a-slst.st bv Lady Arnot
.md her daugl ter, Ml- . Ina Arnot, and Hie Ml--es
brown, Kmn.et ami Wal.-li. I? K,lsh nr,?,k. H."
-I..-, mi ,.ittsga ..r me c.mit.-, ,,f Aberdeen, the i*r.--i
'i'm sccrs-ded a cup ..f ten, which he drunk ultu eil
dent relish, nhlle the hiirpl-t of t'?. village. 1H
l lora .-uiiivan. -rendered th- ?? Harp Thal unca Through
l.ir.-r- Halls'' ami other Irish s.-l.s Hons. The -"resi?
dent WSB liiirodii.isl io Archlnald John Mnjorlkanks,
-"ol "i "f ti,.. Countess, und several other natlvea of
In land.
AI_JL.U1 oVJta.l.* .Vf*; ./.?.'..??.'.--?....,. *.,,.(,,,-..,..
of t;,e Directory, icit me Administration ItoHdlng
.1 la rt id on ;i drive around ibe l'alr Hroonds. A
.Iago cntalnlng (.,.*.. tn .r Altjpbl, Mayor Harri
-m. and th*- imlie of Vera gun followed. Afterward]
? .- .linen to ti,.. Women's RiilMIng .uni witnessed
a p, itlon ,f th., exercise*. Incident io it- formal d.sii
catlon. Prom herc i.e sos driven directly back t..
m.. terminal stall. Ibe World" fair proun.i-.
I ? ii.-i.but .tarted for Washington on a special
Hain at. ?> ii loci.
li (ATS SOM KWH IT N I .1.1 III).
Chicago, May l. Today tte transportation faclH
tb- to and from tho Exposition grounds receive their
tir t trial. At tho time ..f the dedication ex-wises
hist ">.t,,b. r none of them were in complete operation.
ihe iii,iml- ('.ntrai nm a large number of extra
suburban traine, mal the ruble Un- dui their nttnost,
hut ikey were not .-ulte -nil.J. ni t i meei tho demand
up..ii them. To-day ikey were prepared, uni 'ho
tl.-anl- of p.oplo win. started for tlie Fair between
a ami 1:30 ..M... U rea. Ind Heir destination
l*rompt|y and in comfort. The greater pan ..f mo
.ionnt'm. trade euine apon ike Illinois Central Rall
! .u.i. nhl, li ran train- of elgbl Can co -h. at Intervals
of Ihr.s. minute-. Till- na- lUfttrtenl to lundie the
:,..?. p op .- who rois from tie Van Buren -t. itotlon
.v.,;. hour. At tills point the Illinois Central bas
ile.'"ll lllelle til liOt lillico* ell tWO 1'Ulg J?lllt fol* lit-.
I cm co. li platform trains arc IO run .lining thc Expo
silten on three minute Intervals, mal,in.* ..no train
everj mt:"!! u*conda. This schedule wHl be Increased
whenever.i-lon demands. To-dsy Ihe rash was ail
ni*-.ii one pisiform, Ihe ..thor aol bring romplcte.
in.- excellent Bmnnat in which the road h..miltfi
7...io people BB boar imbi, with only half lt- iee
mina! system In operation, i- strong evidence that I'
uiii. ii h. ii tbingi aro ooce - it'.ai into a regular rou
line, be aide io bondi* with .?;.-.- slmos) three limes ...
ninny passengers si lt did to-day,
'the i ottai*.-..roi. ai. . , aid" Hue curried til,,nt
,,.hmi an hour, jud lbal arith as- n..i ion badi*
? rondel, l: ??! were full, ami thus* who ...t seats
uere lucky. Bul Ihefe ll::., 11.1 - ll Ito. ut lue cril-ll or
iii. : r. skins jam. ...ip ran, with toro ami throe
traibr-. ran to Jarksmt Park everj two minn.-.
Hie elevated road ams not so lortunate, lt- t.r
ttiinit -i-t. ni nt Congnss-Bt. ls nol yel ready, and lt
was swamped to-day, lt ran nain- even throe
minutes, bul lhej srere powerless t. diminish tbe
cr..nd al the station. Al the fool of the stairs lead
lng io the station a -p.. i.n detail ,.f poUcemen nus
-tail.meit, uni -.v..ral limes the ru-h of tbe crowd
: i.n -..me of the oil.c.r.s down. They could not ase
their flubs, for tim people were gulel an I order!v.
hut Ih-' trouble lay lu that fearful pi'-.-uro of a
tremendous crowd which I.f Ihe ni.?t power?
ful force- on earth, snd on* of Ihe mos! dURcuM t,,
nnli-iaii.l. The stair- anl pisiform nore don.eli
packed, and mali! people n ... ind -Mased the ticket
hopper were unable to reach I ?? trains for Bearii
an hour. The mad carried shout 4.0UO people au
hour, and could hive .allied three Ibm-*, thal lunn
her if ih.-!' could hive found room in the trains.
im? boats ran al about I ree minute Intervals,
Iml tin- day na, loo cold and th* -Sk* too rough for
,' route to i.e popular, li ranted several I hou?
rn nd people, however. * In allin.m bi these Biesna
of r.a.- in,' itu- pork, tb* It-toots Central's regular
suburban service carried fully i?>. ?o i.i>'"* during
the dai. Tn., electric road and Stste and -IU!
tbird -i-. .able line, look aiio.it half that number.
Taking a dav hi-ui ier than the aversge will l*e aa a
rlterlon lt ls rafe to -av tm Ike Iran portaUoB to
the park from .ton ti ton ii nil: be ampi" for Bil de
m.nuI- made upon H.
t ni.-ago. May 1.- The Iona Mate building ''?'s
r..rm.illy dedicated this sfternoon In Ihe presence of
II bilge ll-.-ellll.luge of the -otis lind daughters of the
Haivlieye state. The principal address** wore made
bj i.oi..?.? ii..!,- ami Secretory Of state W. M.
M<?Pi.rbilid. The Iona State band of tifty pieces
The Missouri stale biilhllnP was <b dlrat.sl at :i
o'clock mis afi,r. The pro*{ramaae comprised
prayer by Ibe Bet/, samuel J. B. Nichol-*, ol the ?econd
presbyterian I luii.Tt ?r ?-'? Uarls; a dedlcstton speech
by Nallian I raiili. of Hi" Ml-ourl World's lair ? "li.
mission, and abort addi" ? by Uow-roor (Rone and
lue im. l?r. Rober! A. Ilollsnd, ..f St. tteorgi-'s
I pl-opal (hurd, ol si. I.la. Vocal iuu-lc WOa
rendered by tho Hatton Quintet ol St. Lom- Olid a
.irui.ieiiii.lsele.tb.ii-, by tlc' MbscuI Mandolin Ot
ch.-ira of kau-a- ('Itv. ?
rill-. VIKING: BHIP aVULk nu: NKwy.iltk'.
i rffea, May l.-Tka Vlklag skip t? ke exhibited
nt ike < aieapo WotWn Pott aa a Basie* Bf Ute -hips
in niibii the Norsemen are Mppc*s*d to boag dis
covered Araerioa Ballad le-iaj Km Hear-Yet*.
Kit. r.t-.n >f.,oo.ooo.
The creditor, of Erastus Wiinan are still uncertain
as to what Betlan Ikey will take. Tiny aili hold a
(neellng some Batt this week to confer about tbe
Wisest course, ti. pursue regarding th.* salo of the
Staten Mani! property which hus boen transferred to
David Bennett King for their beneft According to
?statements made by the lawyers for the crediton
empts time will be -riven to Mr. Wlmati to straighten
out his uffiilrs.
Yesterday afternoon Mr. Wiman had a long Inter?
view with Austin li. Fletcher, of No. "ll Broadway,
who represents tho largest number of creditors. Mtiny
of his clients, it |a understood, uro Beean banks.
Mr. Willum told Mr. Hotelier that ho was willing to
do anything thut Mr. Fletcher would suggest, and
that If his cr.-dltor, would give ],|m time bo woti'd bo
able t0 moot .,|| ,|,.m.in,|s Mr rioteaa-f informed a.
Tribune reporter that h.. represented creditors tbs
whole amount of who,,, claim., against Mr. Wiman
nas about .tTO.OOl.. He .said that they would pro?
ceed sion ly mid give Mr. Wliium all Hie Hmo he
Mr. Wlmnn said to a Tribune reporter yesterday
lhat there were no new dsVsl'WJBanU In tho trustee?
ship mid that h.- was making out a list of creditors
to give to Mr. King. He thought that tXiOO.ooo waa
(midi toe large a sun. to name as th.- amount of
his liabilities. Mr. tt Ininti was not at all depressed1
by his misfortune and said that ha would come out
all right In tin* end.
At the office of R. <-. Dun & Co. lt was said that
Mr. Wltnaii-., Ind.bt.stu..,s to that lirm was about
1300,000. The inein!.. r, ?.f the linn have no fear
that they win not recover the money.
As fur as c aid be karrara! reefer-fa**, tho principal
creditors of Mr. Wiman ar- the chemical National
lam!-, tie Central Nullen.il Bank, the lirm of Laden
burg, Thain,un a (. ... th- Iron -steamboat Company
lind several lu sion banks,
Th.- fra* deed in which Mr. Wiman joined with
lils wife in the masfer of the real estate on staten
I-land to D. B. King, us tnastea for th- benefit of
his etedltora, wu, dimmed tn legal elKlea -featetdBf,
and ninny btwyeta said ihat the*, had grave doubt-,
as to Hs validity. <?ne Inn yee asM thal Hie deed
nas made under one of Hie four special RattrtM
provided for -pe. lal tru-t-. It eovo-.il i.ll the prop?
el ty on .-tat.n I-land putvlin-.sl by Mr. Wluiiiii's
money, and nas In favor of all cieditor-. The
property, however, by f**Ot?BB of |n?', would have
I., on available for eredtton, rat Kr. Klan was the
lanhaaar, Blthoagb it had kan bongin lu rhe tams
nt his wife. Th.- deed of tru-t. therefore, while an
honorable, notion on the part of Mr-. ttlnian, was
not aoeesae*** to seenra the tndltem.
Tho homestead, valmd at |00<000, Wlib li I, now
occupied by Mr. Wlmnn and hi, family, was nn in?
cluded In the d'*ed of tru-t. It belonged to Mrs.
Wlmnn. baring been given io ber twenty yean ugo by
her lather, lt carrie* a mortgage for tlfojooti.
Mr. King. Ihe tru-iee, said ye-terdny that the
staten i-land property would mat b* -obi ni pneeet.
..nd thal undei* lue term- .,f the deed b* .oul.t bold
lt f(,r a sear lt be -? desired. Mr. King addi d that as
yet, ho Tuid -received bo ll-t of the crediton, and
ihat lt was Impossible t" give th., exact amount of
the lliiblirie.s. He thought, however, Hut they would
be about f.VlO.000.
A meeting of tho Executive Committee of the
Nuibnnl J.o.igiie for Co,sl Hoads ems hold yestorday
in tho ..trice of Oeoeral Roy stono. general vioo-prosi
dont and Beting iee ret* rr nf the leaton, st No. 4*
Broadway. Oeoeral Blane presMeB. Tho- utha-tt
members of th.- comitiiiteo were Chauncey H. Ripley,
of Now Jersey : i xl.ov.inor (.corge P. uboly Wot*
MM. af BhetfC I land: August Belmont an! Aiujuit
Of the Di-bur-oiu.nt Andldne Committee. The fol?
lowing appointments of the N-w-Y.-rk Hate Baaaf
of th.* national Learner wen aaaBraaed: 0?a*nl
Benjamin F. -nary, prwddi-at: Yart-*teta VrataemifB.
,,f tlenrsro: m. B. Ilowlaiid. Mt. Morris: Thoms* II.
Proctor, nie-: Wari am Whitney. Rochester: Jieaaea
lt. Rooee*-*tt. I?iit< lo- County: John C. chun-hill,
? l-weigo: william (nry sanger. Saiigorile.d; Join A.
c. wricht. .so.r-tarv. Bocheatcr.
Tho sum of H.000 w*' appropriated for ns isling
the \priruiiiirai Depart meat la the eoaatracttaa. of
,;.. r. al .xl,ibu al th- B'orM's Pair. tkU apprafrlre
,??, win be ladened to BtfiOQ if aeeeaaaiy. ?
resolution wa- adopted appropriating -f..o for do
fnying Ihe puBralnarj expense- ..t orgnalalag eacfe
n?W Mate laacuo. It wa, derided thal -.m.* steps
Bhonbl be takea f"i bwartai a tor-p attendoan of
farmers and all other* Interested in | *"d road- at
the varb.ii- good roi.'l conveiitioi;,. The Banal n .y
of Insuring a good attondaace at Ihese ...u wm ions
would bo to -.-. ure ra..- oi tnaapurtatloB. lt nas
therefore decided !<? appoint a committee to confer
v.itu the Trunk Line At-*odatloa wtth toe object of
securing special rotes '" rood conventions. This
committee will also ndnvor I.ran ape ctol ratee
f..r ti..* transportation af wad roastraetlon raatariala.
The lomtuiti'o la eoaap ned or ex ?...vernor WtSommw,
Covernor Fuller, of Vermont. OeBCfal ttoof, the
president of ike Maryland Bead Leagae, P. u. oieott;
i;. H. Hsrrtraoa aad Ootreraor Brown, of Rhod
Island. Tl..- following rlwalar from .bony K. Al*
v. ni. chiilrtiiiin of tim Executive CommUl.f tit
Association of Aroerina Agrlcattanl cii.-g. s uud
Bxperlareal Malkai**, "ns read .
?Tho A,t of Ihe I.I Iel Coagress, makin * B|*"n**ri*
ilona for the !?.ptiiimctit of Agricaltan for the
fiscal year ending .ii.n.- 30, 1804, eoataiaa the pura
praph rolb.nInp:
?? -To mah!?? ibo secretary ?.f Agricattan to ma'ce
Inquiries iu regard io Hie system* of road -sanaCS
meal tlirouphoiit the t'nlt.-d -tat"*, to tnalio inver..
llgsUons in n-pai.i to ihe bert method ..f raaa**sakta*b
IO pfparo pi. tl tell inti- N 'his subject suitable for
ill-ttlbiilloli. and to enable him to Boats" tho .-tcrbul
tani college* mid experiraeal stotteaa in di?einina*
Ing Inforim.tlon on thi- subject, ten theaaaal
dollar- ti?K'.(So.'
?It ls experted thal In thia work the Department
Will seek tile ?'" operation ol 'he National League for
i...od Booda (temporary besd.ir*arten. No. *.-. iinu'd
iiiiy N. w York City, G?*neral Boy Stone, manager)
a- ii "ll ii- that of tho college* Mid ?tattoos.'
Ihe latest c.intributtol.s IO the National LesgOO for
...ssl Hoad- n.re ii'.tioiiiieed BS foll..!.-: rilrmill
Bogers gan; Rugene Kelly and J. it. Baooevett, irion;
KHutielh tt. Aldilch. Willi.ni R. Once, Hamlin dt
li.inlands, chsries A. Hoyt and Seth Lear, BM.
Tin; MT.iv <'K Tin: BLBVATI B lb'!".
There ls little hope among the Rapid TransH Coat*
mlssloima that ti.ov will receive any i.n-ivor from
(lie Manhattan Railway's Committee on F.\tenM<ma
before Friday. Lari Tm-iiay ike CorarolsstaBen ia*
ceived a letter from Geer**** J. (ionic! -aiing thal the
Manhattan committee waa abott! ready to send ita
aaswer lo Ike ramarisiloa. Mr. ...mid elaasd lia
letter by ray kag: "i bops wttkla a Bot div* to bo
lible to nitntnniilcate full! with the ('ivnliii'i-ioll.'' .
Tho ** few .luis" c..piii.il bv Mr. Goold, Hm COmmm*
sii.ners think, ought liol to I,al. been a f:.!I Weeks
and it ama "understood hy Hm Commissioners ?hut Mr.
.,oiil.l tnoatil lo mate the linp.e,sion thal he would,
lune his ai:,w.r ready ...fore a week had paaooa,
Eogene L Basks, Brenton of the Oamaalsslaa, when
soon yesterday Li a Tribune reporter, said: ?? I bava
received :i letter from the Manhattan p. pie. Tney
,;iy thal I1'!' nill lune an an SWOT lV';dy for HlB
Kapl.l Iran-It C.? muli-,iou not toter tkaa Friday.
jokn it. Starla -ubi i ?? I .burt know inn thing
ai., it what the Manhattan p opie an dados. I
hine lecciv.-d ru nuilee from i ie *??<-retary ann wiring
tho re. ipi >.f aay fommanlrailoa hom the MaahattaB
Committee on Exteaileai. l kaaw thal ibero ls a
great dwi <>f Impatience over thia toag delay un th*
sari af ll"' Va.'.allan p t p'e. Bul Hie blame for
ll:l- ibliiy io,I, nilli them anl Iml nilli tho Com
tni--i..|i. We oagfcl io lui!'.-nn ati-ner by toiuorrow,
bal i h:.vn't tie slgfctrsl Idn when m mil ^.*t un
llll-W" I."
Willi.itn -I, inn.iv, pr, sd. nt of theCumud-si-.n. sal-1:
?i ban not recoil.d uni cornmeal cati :i from Mr.
i. ou ld uud d.d md km.iv that he had mitten to th*
commission until yon lold m- ju-t bow. i don't like
this (bli.! tat all. If Mr. (1- till hus millhill'.' to ,ay
io the (..(omi--bm io -morna n will pi bebty i*e a
reipio-t thin ve wall nulli Iii lav. and I mppoee w*
cm do nottilu. bul iiult If be ls io.I real;, ultu blt
aaatBer*. *

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