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rnorr.uT bv thc. jaEOEB (omi'sny.
JudKo Oildorsleovi I-rtaiaed lo tho Superior Cour
yesterday, after nn llliic-s nf several Weeka, and too
np the case of the .Taoger ?aaltary Woollen Systei
Company against r.eorge Lo Boatllllet for un nil. K?"
Ulogal usc of tho name " Jaeger."
Tbe first wltncs cnll.il was Mlsi Hooper, who I
on th" ita** of -The Dry Hood- ( hr..ul. V " She to*
of having gone to Le Be*atflller*a alon Bid of Intel
viewing the clerks there on tl.e rahjecl "f aeBlng th
Jaeger goods. Tho ono to whom abe -poke told be
that the reason they sold them aa "Jaeger" waa lha
they would not .?ll as w.ll under any other nome.
'?Why should not we u-* it " she dedared the thr
said to her, nnd then lidded: -We Know n goo.! U In
when we have it.' I lils arltnesa m.- cross-examlnc
by John DcUkantj, who appeared for Ihe defendant
but ber testimony given on the dlr.-ci examlnatlu
WM ti"! shaken.
Vhs next wltaeaa examined by w. .t. curtis, who 1
asstxiuted with A. H. Btrdher aa counsel f..r ih
plaintiff, wis Mr. l'otrl, tim wood engraver. Iii
testimony made the defendant squirm. Borne Hm
apo a copy of the catalogue Issued hy t:,.- plaintiff an
tho ono di.strU.fite.] by thc defendant wen introduce
to evidence, (m thc back of each of then nu- a etti
The cuts on Loll, were alino-t exactly alike. Mt
Delahunty osateoded tin! tl.is toferencc which ii.
cnuniel tried to hive the Court draw from th" .-Imi
larity of tl"* cuts wu- unfair, for tl,., reason thu! ih
cut on thc back of the catalogue l--u.il Ly Le Roi;
tlllior was an exact repr-oductlou of an actual pboti
graph of Hie place where ibo goods -old by hi, ellen
wore Ul'ide.
Mr. Petri BWon that he made tho woodcut fm
which tuc picton on the tunk of th- I.e liotitllli
catiiloguo waa printed, ile said further thal Mi
Loeb, tho manufacturer of Ihe underwear sold by 1.
Houtllller, had brought ono of Jaeger's cstaloguei t
bim nnd ordcrd him to produce a cut BXBl tli Ilk
thc picture on lt. With thc exception tia! some .,
Ihe workpeople in tho place -hoi'.I.I have a -fight]
different appearance when Ihe mt waa examine
<;..-.e.y. Th- withe-- declared ti:..' he followed Un
Baitrartiona Mr. Delahunty did nol think it wori
while to rm,--, .vimlnc this witness.
Dr. H. Baderman wa- Bgaln caUed, snd r eh rr<
once moro to the hup.' araonnl ol cotton which I ?? ha
found In the good, -Md bv 1." BOBtBUer. He tcstlfle
concerning the contciuloti that a small quantity ol lo?
ton mixed with wool would prevent g.la so Imtet
from shrinking. This BSBeittOa wa- made by Ml
Delahunty when thc case was up before, and th
do("hi-atlou wus made by him thal Le Houtillbr-- foo.!
were made In this way. nnd wer-. conaequenlly bette
than those sold Ly th.. Jaeger Company. Dr. Endei
mun told how ho hud taken "dean ..f exa. Hy tin aaai
size from gsrments which wen mad., of nil wool
those containing 83 l - i"*r eeal eottaa and tim,
which had 551-9 per cent of cotton. All three o
tho-..' ch.sseg shruiik almost the same amount whei
Immersed in water ut b lempenlrm of skoal 50 .!<
grees, which eont.il md u small amounl oi ammonia
H?- also mude tests in water at ii temperature of lihou
BO degrees, lu Ulta the material containing 231-:
per cent cotton shrunk in length and Increased i
width a kout tho santo nt omit, BO that thc area !??
fore and ofter tho lmmcr.-inr. was abort! the sami
Tho action of thi- waler on th" all-wool garment wa
Bise nhoiit th" Mate that lt wu- na tm.! which con
talara1 *-"iuo cotton. Some of ihe genuine Jseger gar
mont, were then Introduced, and Ih. plaintiffs reste,
their case.
Mr. Delahunty negoa his case ly introducing tn
sftidnvlt made by .1. ll. Lomb, of '!.?* stotlstlral .1.
partnient of the iv-toni Mon-'. H. declared Iba
this testimony wai Introduced for c." pnrpose ??' ron
tradl.iliig th-- testimony ..( Mr. Schaeffer, the presl
dent of Hie Jaeger Company, concerning ihe enioun
of bu-ine-s which 'hat company iel done. Mr. !?? 11
hunty ear-Hied that lt waa shown by these italian,
lhere wa- not s.. mu. h woollen g.....!-. Imported in th
yerin 1801 and leda a- Mr. Bckavffei had aworn hi
linn had -..M.
Mr. Cuni- objected to this testimony, not mt ti;
ground ihat li.i- was un Improper way to put !? !.?'...
tho (our!, u- thal wa; conceded bv Ibe defendant'
OBemsei, if tha plaintiff objected io it. bal on th
-"round that it wa- inc.mp-ten*, ami Immaterial.
Jude GUdenleava said that lt was. cf r-onrse, rn,
at all conclusive, but he would aecepl it lor wbot I
?noe worth, as lt might hu\e a tendency nita otho
IntlBSAna wlili-l. mliy'it be Introduced later to -rn
lourl, after wfiicii uti adjournment waa taken unti
i-i- m..rilli.--.
decisions is* rai; SUPREME COURT.
Wa-hlnpTon, May 1.?The Supremo CotXtt of tb.
United Mat.--, Moriaty, May l. 1003: Present?Tb.
Chief JtisUce, Mr. Ju-tl.o n- ld. Mr. Justice Dray
Mr. Justice Ulatcbford, Mr. .lu-tb a Brewer, Mr. Ju?
nco I'rowii, Mr. Justice shims aad Mr. Justice Jack
No. l.lf.o. Tho Mexican f. -iir.,1 Ballway Company
Limited, plaint!', it, error, agf. Alexander I'inkii.y ; ii
error to the circuit Court of the United States for tb.
?Beaten District af Texas; lodgment reversed wi*.'
(..?ts, .nd case remanded with dtrectloaa le ari astdi
Ho* verdict and Judgment, and io overrule tke il.
nuiiTer to dc- plea in abatement; opinion hy Mr,
Justice Jackson.
No. 101, Murgaret L. Duer, exeou'rlx, etc., ap?
pellant, agt. the corbin Cabinet Lock Company; up
pe.*:l from the Circuit Court of the United States I?r
the matriel of Connecticut; d... re., affirmed with nata'
opinion by Mr. Justice Drown.
N... 1'ju. 'tiif Bk iinond .md Dui.ville "railroad Com
pany, plHlntiff In error, act. Henry Elliott; In error to
th/ circuit Court of Hie United States for the Northern
Di-tri( t of Qeorgto; )ndgment reversed with costs,
and cause nrasnded with dlrecUoni to grant a new
trial; opinion by Mr. Jaatlce Brewer.
N',.. *?:.. TheUaltlmonand ohio Bailroad Company,
philtitlrt in error, um John Haugh; in error to ihe
circuit Court of the United Btatea for tl... Southern
Matriel ol Ohio; Judgment iever-.i v.iih co
eau-" remanded nub dlnetloria to grant a now m.ii;
nantes* by Mr. Jaattoa Brewer; dlssenUng: Mr. Jnstlce
Held and Mr. Chief JusUcc Fuller.
N... *tt. join, t. Underwood, et .*.!, appellants,
sgt Henry Uerker, ct ni; appeal from tbe .inuit
C'un of t:,o United .-t-.te.s p,r tbe Eastern Hi (rici
of Ncw-Vork; oe.-i.-o afllrmed witb cosU; opinion
by Mr. Ju.-iice iiliiti Ilford.
N... IBO. Thomas k. Fnnall, ni kgn<?, etc., sp
pedant, agt Land M. Smith, p| ai; appeal from
tho ? iu un court of tho I'nit.Ki Mite- for Ute Eastern
District of Kew*York; decree affirmed a1tb costs;
opinion by Mr. Justtca bbttckford.
No. I7e. .samuel C. Sckaeffer, appellant, agt John
I. Muir; appeal from Uss Circuit Conn ol tbe Culled
Mute, f.r the W.-tern District of Mls-ourl; deere,.
revers<-d with c-ts nnd cause reimiiid.d for further
proie.dlhgs, to bc hud then In In ;io-,,nl;i:?i, with tbe
cpiniou of thi, court; opinion by Mr. Justin* Uny;
disseniiug: Mr. Jostles Brewer. (Mr. Justin Field
was not pre-cut ut the ur-'unient and took no part
lu the dc l-l .u.i
No. 1,17ft. Th** hrterctate commission, appellant,
apt. tho Atc'.lson. Topeka nnd Bania Pe Railroad
Compaay, it al.; appeal from the circuit Court of
tho United States for the Southera Iilstrtcl ol c.,n
loitiia; dismissed for Hu nant .,f Jurisdiction;
opir.lon by Mr. f hlef .lustier* luib r.
No. i,u--i. The Cineiniiiii, Haralltoa and Dayton
Bailroad Coapaay, appellant, ant. William B. Me
Keen; on a corliliial" from the United .-tates Cir?
cuit Court of Appeal* f..r the Seventh Circuit; dis
rafaasd ; optatoa by Mr. ci.ief Jositre Unller.
Nc l.m-2. Tho Urang nnd i-., itic Railway Com.
puny, plaintiff in error, agt Ida May And, r-mi and
hosken*, Oeofl Aadenon; oa a oertlffcote from Ike
United Mate- Circuit Court of Appeal* for the
Flfili Circuit; lt ls th,, opinion ol thia court thal Ihe
said Circuit Court of Appeals cannot review by writ
..f atna thia Judgment ..! the Ureul| r.,,i,-t in execu?
tion of ihe maadata of this conn; oplnlofa bi Hr
Chief Ju-tko Fuller.
No. 778-J..bn li,,, v. et ai. appellaats, agt. Michael
Coleman et al., commissioner-, etc.; appeal from tbe
Circuit Court of tho United gtatn for Ihe Southern
District of New York: .I!-.,,!--..,i pot ttipalatlofl on
motion of Mr. J. Hubby Ashton In behalf of roon***]
No. i.:i:;:?-Th- eaw-*er Mann ki.-, tri. Company
appellant. ..gt. the Edi..,.. Bectric Llghi Company
.-t .1.; petttloa for a writ .., emtiofari in tin- rnlted
.-tates circuit court of Appeal- f?r the Second (inuit
submitted l.y Edmund Wetmore, BMha Hoot. ?,;.,,',. |
A. Duncan and leonard E. Carlia f.?r ike appellant ra
aupport of thc petition, and by Jonpb ll. Choate
F. 1*. Fish and lt. N. Dv.r for the appcBeoa, Indi,'
|)Os|tlon thereto, willi tbe leave to Mr ( h.,ate t.. m..
additional brief. '" '"'
No. l,3;>*-John il. Beana et ;,i., aaaetlanta am
tue I armers' Lunn and Trust Company el al ' nd'
va need and assigned for argument on tho second Mon
day of the next term after eas.- already set dow,', f?r
iu ' ?" "*"""" "f *-*? A* Colfcerson tar Ike sp
Chief. -Uistlce Fuller took occasion to day to Inform '
members of the lwr thal Ihe preseal term of the Ba
j.remo Court Mould terminate on iii" ISth Inst.
rosTPONnra the abc>ume*<t.
Washington, Mai I.?In lh?* Supi- in- ( onr! ol tb
United Stoic-! to-day .!? jepb ll. ( boote, of Nen Yoi!
who will iip,'?i.r lu behalf ..f Ibe ' hlnese Covernmeo
and Ita subject- in this country In the argument apo
Ike constitutionality ,,f the Chinese Ex. lesion Ari
Baked that the dat.- f..r hearing Ibe argumenl be post
poned from May 8 to May io. The reason for makin
thu request, lo- said, nus that Hie law did not hecom
operative until Hi.- nth Instant, umi ilia! io get
case before thi- court on iii'1 date origtnaffy toe.
noe)! mc?-:!,,!., inch rapidity ..( action BB mig*
easily bail to error otherwise avoidable. SoUcttoi
ion ral Aldin!, j..in..1 Mr. Choote In making tke n
i|u.-st, and c.hi.f Justice Fuller announced thal i
ivouid Le granted, assuring ...ons l that "iu
lon of the lime
:i .-Kb- -ii. till I -
alloted bu* urgniuenl Iwo hour- o
In ih-- Surrogate's c.un yesterday a don. wa
mado by Euirogab Ransom admitting to pi bale tb
will of Dr. Bdwln ??? Frellgfa, Bfler an unsnrcessfr,
effort to defeat it mad.- by Dr. lc. li -I.'- nncl*. Di
Christopher Klerstcd. Dr. Rlerst<d'i Bttorney wHl
drew his objectlona to probate When ii"' case wa
called. A lumber .f l.mi.r- wen present f pl"-":,'
lng -!l--iiti-!i"<! h.lr-, all of ul,om hail been I*'Kin
on the objection! Died on behalf of Dr. Kj.-r-*. *:
Ihese having been withdrawn the altoraeya tenn
tbems-lves witheut -tan.ling In court, and after Bl
exam I itHm ??.' Ihe subscribing -sltnes*.** tba srlH ws
admitted to probate wlthonl oppuslUon. Bx-Judg
William pill,-ri..;, and Alfred L. M-ini**!t-- appear**
in support of the will. Dr. Pr-'Ugh lefl a comfortabl
rotate, tonslsti'.f. in par! ,1 .te valuable mcdlriu
contracts and u gcld-lieurina property, nenr Bhlnebecl
In this mi.- Dr. Piellgb's stepmother. Mrs. Louts
(.. Frvllgh, will receive nearly Ike entire Income o
the .-state during her life, nnd b! lier dcalh lits* prop
ei -ty v. iii i .? distributed to th.
as j., f asea of Int. slai y.
lionise <*. Freligii, I.
M mlerre.
lu ii - and next of Mu
niora are Mr*
,v.ima ami Charles B
Justice Andrews in Ike Supreme Court yesterds;
banded down a deririon refit-tog I i uphold the de
murrcr of Colonel Rober! '?? Ingersoll to lb* anawe
ol tbe Bev. A. C. Dixon In thc -nit brouitbl again
:.i ,, for iii."! by colon i Ingersoll In lice Andrew
naya In Ihe derision Iknl Ike only libel charged li
ii,.. . implslnt I- sn nlleged itstemeni ol tbedefendan
while speaking ol colonel Ingersoll tim! ne wouk
!?? hsppy lo rpi.?'iii Ike purl!* of Ike country n
a-.-i.ii,-! ike defender! and propagators of obsccn
III l-.itlire.
The leeond defenn in tke answer arti bp tkal li
1-7- Ingersoll wai engaged In Ike agitation le pro
cnn tke rep al of Ike so-called -Comsto. li Po la
Lan'' ,,m. .initig Ike BM of Ike malla for Bondini
,!,..-.? literature and raitt. !?-: that be defend."
i? the court! !'? M. Bennett, who waa ronvlrle.
under timi hm-, and endnvorvd to pi... ure hi- perdot
by the lVi-l.biit; thal be wan Identified with lb
National Liberal League ami lectured In Its Intereria
rbis Judge Andrews holds li ;i "food dtdence, taklni
Ibe fact. :i- admitted as they mu-t be on n demurrer
Tb" cleiuvinai.'- third defen - alleged lhat Inger
-,.ll wrote ;. liuii' .rv Inlroductlon to a certain Isiol
Ihe nalurJl effect ol which waa lo p Hu'- ' ? "? "??"
..- H.. young. In Hi ubsei.: un all 'gatton lim
?I,,, book ic-- obscene, ll i- lu ld t el n b -?
u id no r. levant** i,. il" . haive ol !?? lng ihe ?: mi.
of Ihe prop, gatoi ? ul ob (vue literatim.
PI ii i; DE LAI V l."-)> 111- SUIT.
T:.,. Rel .ri T< "'i. ol I -ul" rlor Cu iri yi
handed doun a dcclrJon refrtslna lo prai I
Ito asked f< ; bj I'.*- r De !.?? y ton slr- 1 rt I
Adam- f: rn continuing lo coi dm I a pnotroorn In lb.
house owned by l>- Lacy, a! No. 4.1 w.-t ra-.-ni*
ninth t. Th ? ' our! -a! Hi it from anylblna
- .,1 in : ? complsli 1 ll ls i
plata! *: l:. i ????'. Injured n Hie least by t
lhat Ibe defendant l sa cond ? led
pl: |i d of, ind lhat, in "act, i." tn i : ive i e. . greatl;
i eiiefited by lt. lu th' ?' ilrcnn dan. - tot I our
? : ? thal the def.-imdanl mlahl have bad a di mlssa
of ile amplslnt, or ibe plaintiff mig '? auder th.
contention.. In ll.>m| taint, b ive b gu i 11
proceeding . Tbe tact ll al Bore ol Un - -' ;
tuU.n glvw Ihe nae an extnmely suspicions mob
Th-- constitutional Qnestion raised, the (.yurt says
ll an exceeding!.! nice one six) ought not to bc p.. ?*?<
upon nii'il the fact- are cl sri* and fully l*t..n. lt
rZ thal Hie Court mat l- fully Informed. Pot ' >?-?
reasons among other* the . ouri refuses the Injanctlon
Mlng Lok, ? ' Inaman, has bro- . for llb.
against I ba Sue Bruin, and be wants ,..;..<??>(? foi
iii., damages done by the alleged libel, i. ?
came np before Justice 1-attei ?.: , In Hie Kuprem
Conn, Cbaml-crs, yesterday <>:i a m..'ion f..r .i MU
..f partlcuLsra Toade by tis defendant. !>?,
lbal motion wai reserved. Thc pl&tallfl i in ba u.
I:, thi- city and be alleges thal Ih. defends I v. it.
biter- to i tina, v hi tt Induced bu In. - j.j.:., th.*
to believe in.ii his linn va I i in< lally i urn
and c.* !?? --..it na- thai :,.- credit nas impair- i. i .,??
IS the baals . 1 '!?? lib. 1 KUlt.
Albany, May 1.- These ta ra wi ?? irgaid In Ihe
Conn f.f Appeals to-day :
A. J. lls-ilng*-, sppcltant, ag! ? ?? Brooklyn Ufa
Insurance Company. Argued nv Frank Kunu-e) foi
appel la nt; William ll. Cog* well for i *-??.; .1.nt.
Funny Hyman, appellant, ag! Hettie friedman.
Argued by c. XS. Brooke for appellant; Morris i.ood
i.uii b.r respondent.
Central Nations] Bank of tbe CHI f.f New-York
ugt -. j. bellgmun ui.d others, appellaut*. ,\i ied
hy X. Hyem und A. J. Dlttenhoeier fur appeUunta;
A. Moon., ul hal for !??-I.ond'-ril.
Sarah can, si guardian, (???., ?jj' Bo a Flood, an
pellant. Argued by C. A. Brooke lor appellant;
jam.*! i .'Neill for respondent.
The Hungerford Company agt Clara Bosenaleln,
appellant, trimed by li. ApUiigton for appellant;
ii ulam lt. Ellison for respondent.
Jenn A. laii/i.si" and ol ler .- asl P. 1. Ju mel nnd
other*. Argued by David Thoroton for appel lu ni
i.e-n r; K. \i. I'.iIl*.. for re po mien t.
i ? du) <al":.uar for to m..hom I- N . ::;:i, djt,
404, -12-, dan, 'i:'.j, dUl, 138.
Supr.-ii..! i u'litv-iej; lal '1. i-: ?Before Van Brunt, P, L,
I iud ..J!.. U, J. J.?Nu.. Kl, -il. !.'. HI, ii, U.I
', -. -
Supreme Court- Chamber. Bc! re, Patterson, J. ll I
. .1 ?., I at 11 o', lu, B.
fsupi ii.:' special i-i Part I?Before O'Brien,
J .\.,- :."> 17 ju.,. 23i"i, gino, -j.is'.-, lusa ::t no*
- >. ??"'? . - a :?'??>, ipso _\v,i. -j,'.,, ji,- 2314, , ..
**.).... WIS, 2032 -"I!. i'.At, .,71. 17J..
tv.pren.,- . ,. ut sj. .... i m Part 11 M. f ??? B. . I,
J MS, I ".30, ?*?..?, 2277, Mi's le.,;,. 1010 inn.
?, Un,
1012, 1.113, 1014, ld'.. Iflifl, Hil'7, 1 .1- lill
lo.i, I.,jj. I-j., l.ji i.,j.v lean, i j;, i.
? .!? ni ? .... :- l*ai* III liefer. ll.Kill .ni,, .1 Stn
:i *0 ? J-", .(. 7! .'I077. d07h .(.-.'. .(.,-. "I'..., ;<-?-.
IN!,., tim, .o-o, ,;:j:.. a.,:., | _?,:,. r,;.. . .ji-..r, i.n i
J'.:.'.. 22' i. 2t(72, l.l... 1770 . 81S-V
? : ait Coull* l'art i Iii*fort Audre***', J.?Case* fioia
Pan m.
' . nt Court Pan II?Before ITusx, J- a ? - from
Pan ni
...* ult Court Part l V- im i Lbwi nee. J.?Case* from
l'ail III.
sui ..t.-- ou*i 'inni i ? r ti. lief.,-, lian som, s ?
W il I i,. tx th .1 Hui :.:,!. I,, -iii, Ko |. ni, n lo a,, a ,,,
Surrogate'-. Court Chan, ho is?.Moil.sl**ndar 10 80
:i ni Rotate ..! Hi -tiniijiiti j ;io i, m. Kui umba te -
wm. td Tborosi Walsh. Patrick I ..;,,?. s. K nistei
Jacob Alunil. ,1-a, Amelia Milbank, II.lld ,| Bot/ort
ihil'l"- M. Fry, Ilaiunli C. rsiu.nt**, I,,. .- ii I luiur
-t .11. IO IO ... m. '
, ( '".a Iva- <o-ii. ral Term liefer,. DOiBstaVBT I*
?I BU. i. tr and 111 >r, JJ - s - i- .. .,-, ,,? '
Otr-aoioa Pleas special Terai-liefore toily,'rj. J
1 .. noa Pleas Equity T.nu a.i.n,nm.j roi the ians
. (..lin."'! Iva- Uni Tern, l*:nt I lief OM llleeerirh
J.?? ii*.- nf, yimn i -. I'i.I,. N , . .| ,
? mnun, pi,*. .Trial I.,,,. i';,;-. jj Bnd m \c ,, ? . ,.
fer the O lui.
- ip m.i t ..int-,., rn r.i T'-ri'. \djourtiel Im ?
>.:,?:?, ,,,?i; -.,,".,,| ?,.,,? H.,.. >.-,,.,. ., ,;_ .,
N"-' '?" '? ?-'. ?-'. "A2. 7-1. 7.17, 7.-,s -?., -,,,,* * ,
702, "og 7.ii 7,.:. Ti;,. 707, 70S :-,- ? ' '?
Superloi Court ''. ."'?? Tera lifo ir,.,.|,r,? i
toT'im: ISl! ;im "* MT' flX '""? 7"' ,J1' ,r-H *'"'??
SH "i. . .1 ( . .- on. v, ? ab :,.! .r.
Sopot ,,: , ,?r, hls Lt', ia I I! n-r?r- MrAitan
207o!?1757 l-JW* ' 2Wl 1"';:< l8W ,i ''? ' "?
-"il-ri-r' Coori TM-i I I. rm- Patt 111-.||. *, r? ??.,?
i ? .- .h. \. calendar. i"i*.r*>,
> itv Court Special J.-im?Befors Van w.,k i m
timi-. K- ' ' '
. iti* ? .mt Trial Tem p." i nefen RhrHei, , i
n-o Vk.: Wk ?.;S: RS- SS Si ,"r, fe"'
i^: SS: .**.; kU: ,wi' "* ,,:": ^'- ?>
City .rt Trial i rm l'art ii p. ?,,... .. , , ,., ,
:.-""; )::.-,, ;i":;,.,*1I24:.:'.1V?(,:'.*JJ:,:,'>.-???'?. r.'-'-. ?.-. t
-''-. - '??' '.'.il. .-lo, 'MT, 2.4i ??,,'! ..-,-,,
?j...... as?*. ?.???..-.. 2.VJH, o-...... 2570 ~'i' .".-'-?
?.''?si. ?j'*-i. sss", o'-.. : vc. ??-,???' '.?',?.' ."-'.',-'
j','.;. ; -.? :. "Soo -...oi ?.?...*? 200a' r..;,,v .-.'..'
?jo? 2O0H 20051 2012, 201?, ?.'lilli
( Hy i ..mt l Hal Terni I'arl III Ucl ,,.. \,. ,,,,,. ,
\, - ISO! -.?.."; 1-7'', "i"*-'! IfsVl |7*> |7s o ,-,,, -.'.j,
j-,:i JM '.-, .?'," 0 7 i/..- USO 2181 mi mn
iva*, -ji-c. j..... JHiS *hw ju.. ~8i ,,,"...' .,,.
:?'?' lo".. 2117 'Jo-I !-s- **f"*w |.-,oi ",, .
2411, '.'.'.. S101, 70S, '..lo 21110, 2704, 771 -oi . i.*-i
<l|, I '.-'.1-11,1
. ty c mt Trial T. -?? Pu-i iv u,.... , , .
:-o:' :.,':'-; ',, ^'?),.,V''' Ui*' :;;,?, :,!-' :'"?. M0
'oort of drer and Termlner?tnarahsn. .1 aad i
Blstaal Blstrtrt-Attoniers Mrlntvre md Batt'. Xo i
,n"'' "' "teneral s. ..;. r*sil 1 Cowine I '?,..'
A-.l-tont ristrl.t-.Itt r.,.1- Msedons nn 1 |;r .*i'.i".' .'
i io bu in. .-H.- i-i sdlng No. i t i ,?',,
' ??''? u ??'-?-.' - Part fi ii irtln, i *,, t .
Blstaal Dtstrlrt*Attorney Davli- \?- t t*. ?" ii"|?rtve
'. .' -? -i-f.- Part Ml PltroeraJd l uni
Asttsterrl Dtstr ?-?*? rn-i w.*.;.- \ ... i ,,, ,:7 ,.,, u\*'\'
BEPORTISO ON li l sheri; a ht es wore
Tim committee M Kindergarten! of Ihe ffew-Yorft
Ktodorgarten A-iiati,.,, m.t -esterdsy al B.
West TlJrt* lifto st. After a report of too wOt% tor.
April had been r.ad hf Mrs. Kale D. Darla, addreaee
nore made bv Mr- Kate l)..tl*'l.is. Biggin, ll'imllto
XS. Mabie ami Mis- AJt#eUne Brooks.
ill): U*fU*(a snow JO BE dM-EXEO at Minis >
Ti,, lover- of lowen -win intend the opening o
tbe spring flower Show, al the Madison dernare Harden
thia alt.moon. Botwltbstandlng the reoenl colt
weather, a lat*** and Interesting exhibition ol palms
rhododendrons. noes, by:.. In!'..-, tulips, Darch Bs.
assies*, ferns, cycads, Bowering plants and orchid
uiii be found hy ibe atroBer Ibroogh the oindtni
paths of tie- artlticlal garden. The .entre ot Ihe loo
ls occupied by ? torfe loni bower, moroni wit!
cverp ena nnd leatooned with toot*, where jronni
noni, ii v.ili s.il lowen of various Kind-. A green
l,..n-., ?:', by SS i.-.-i. containing a larg, i llectloi
..! rai" Uoiiiou-" plant-, attracts much .1 allon
Am.vj the principal eablldtors ar. Pilcher .1 Benda
of Short inn-. M. J*, -."lu'-'!.' d Wadley, --i Ken
Rochelle; lieorje Bennet! snd DsUledorue Bntbers
ot ll.ill.'it-h. J. M. K-lbr. ?-! Hay Bldg**; JulIU
Kndi Ipi
o' I...Ul
storm ?
,1. Hool
lb..1,r.s. oi Carlton UBI, n. J.: Bonn *?
Ol WeebaWhen; Jaine- Dean, Of Hay Ridge
Asmus, of New-Durham, K. J.; w. ?.. Ki-i
Branch; P. V. Melsner. ol 1 latbnsh; F. A
,,f i.,,y Side; w. ll. Yoong, ol clifton:
Wright, ol i ort Washington; J. Henderaon ?! Co., <?
Flushing; (.*. T. Nhniieinaii, nf Bme Pedi ? w. ??
Sell ford, .J Pwighk?*epale, and tl.-' folios lng prirnt.
non.is: w. Havan! Catting, oi Oakdale, L. 1.
m. T. Peters, ol dip. and B. colgate, ..f Vonkera.
ii,,, -hoi! mil i" "i" t. dniiy fro" I' a. m. K
n ,,. -j, .!. biasa band trill tarnish music, an.
,.; organ recital "rill be given ut noon on each daj
.... ,,ti?,r- ol tue Mew-York Florist*' Linn, wt*
dlreci ti,.- -aanagement of Ihe .show. har. oB*m
90,000 in premiums. The oflb-en ol the e-d?H4ll(?i
?,,e Adolph Ladenburg, chairman; Henry MeCrow.
nwnager; J. V. Uottsc-balk, -< i.'ary; w. A. Bsnda
ll,,,,,,.,, ?.mer-oii. J. ll. 1 iil.-r. J. Morrl-.. B. Bayar.
, ,?.,:," john I.. 1 adv.-ii.oi. 1. Fnnk rhomaeo, Join
joni,j. II. -hhr.cl.t, ... w. Hillman, lr., F. T. Ind-*r
bill, Slanford Wl.i;-. c. OMver laeBn, Phillip Icbuvler
J. Hood WrU'ht, C. II. Weat:., red umi I. 1 Ol ll TBBan.
li,, patrons bi .1 pat rou. - - sre Hrs. Astor. Bra
! j, .1. Astor, Mis. ... 11. Bend, Mr-. ??? ?-? Howden
Mr . 1. Bronson, Mr-. J. Crus!*y Brown, Mrs. It?*nn
i lews, Mi-. Anstln Corbin, Bi - ?-? Vsn Bel dael
Cruger, Mi-. VV. Bsysrd ? nttli ?? Bra. ? bsrles P. Daly
Mi . William a. Dncr, Mr . II. B* Duval, Jobi' ...?<?
niau. Mrs. W. A. Hallie . Mrs liena H. Hy* * >'"
;. irvin. Mw. Adrian ImIIii. Jr.. Mn., F. B. J --.*
Mr,. .1..- K.m... hali. Mr- toward King. Bra. A
I,Id . burn Mrs. L. Lori lard. Mrs. J. n-ip-" ??.i
Mr Hermann c-lri, :,-. Mrs. J. K. Van Ben*
UV,, Mrs. J. B. Hoo-.!.l.. Mr- W. H. H-..I*'. M.
? ' ib-ri Heveiis. Mr-. IMran Stevens Bra. ft Mian
1 Mron. Mr. F. K. BtU-gK Mr-. Jsmes V ic -r
UUrt Mn WlBLambeWard Web!.. Mrs.JV. F. W ?>
Mr- -stan!.-..! While, Mr.. L, K \! lin ? r.llu.-. Mri
Pliiar.l Winslow, Mrs. Human w.I Bod Urn. J ll.
M :._
BO, 1 1.I..N TO I!I ' HOHI v
Chauncey ll Depew, for * la l? ? >? ? P
dent of Ibe Vale Alumni As ucl Bon of Sf. 1 .0 .
mil r.-tlr- Hom hi oflb U ' *?. '
.-ting ..f Lbal organlntton '?? be held al -
on Fridaj ev, Uti gh trenurm I] ? -
, ,. ,m ! , :, re nominal., n. Mr. Hepea ?! cl
. ,,..,' ie, and ie rn Hen .. letter ? I
- ng ol Art - :?
:, ,?,,, r. Itaiiturd. 'v.. John XS. < ->rtl .
ii c 11 phlns, '-i. ""' wu:.id Parker, y .
iihi.i, he said ? ?' bad I 1
i r a long lime, and noa leli that a cl
,:. ? ? wot 11 pro! iW) ls s beneiit
Hie . iiini".". !? : .:?? ?:? :? ' r* ?? "?'?- Mr* "? i? ??
... riled to yield tu
|... reported fhe f .11 Ult g Ueket
, Henry 1
: residents,. A. ,We?, '07, 1 '
I . lt*. 1!-. "?: N ' ?PP< '' '
1 ,:?.. Harri M. Colt, 'M 1 ? ?' ' ?
II . .r.l k lilli l.l. ll. '. ?-.' . I . I ? - "71 . 1
ll..r.l K. .-!.?!'!- n
. . '-( .
Miu.ir.i Parker, |i
Winthrop ll might, lb
I Ix : .1. !?
i-i. .li.' I
Olio..loy 1*. .*".". ....
Dwight, and B. B. BTadn, b- V. of "B3.
lu ring the d ' "PP r 'l!
ditf.-t.'i.. ra !?? tween th. of Delta I
Kp.ll, 11 end Pl 1 r Hon -sill be ami I > ? lUed I.
. ? . ?* .? -? .." ,--. ..*? prVTefs ? "
'., .. .--.-ii
. : ? ? 'enter!
j TIM". TOTAL IM Till. STATE 1.000 4 BO VT THI
NORM il. " Kl -pl nv
fORt Bl hi !*-! H
Afbai j, May I. Tb bulletin of the * 1 | . |
Health tor ihe month ul Mart ..
l-J "" d< Btht 1. port. ?! In X ??' ii. 1 ; . ?: ly, u 1 t
ls l.ftv *l.r., ri...;.- Il :.:, in 1 ebrnory, .-. ?!
j lhan ' - di . range for Man n, 1 ri, n,. r.* ap
peon lo have been not less thsn 8 fiuo d ith bi
' orana! f'.r Ibe m. nth. rhe r**. ,,1 niortallt, |
In-r.;,.d In nil |..: ol ? -h.!-. and Iti Ci" turill li?
nell a- lu the url.un portions, Mu.' 11 1 1 gi |n
ereoae 1-. mowtwot, Hi lha marttlm. Htfrict, arhere,
altowlng for Ibe greater length if ti..- m..nth. thor?
ner.' 1,300 more dentin than In fVbruary. Of Ibis
Incresse 1.200 are eredlted le Ben-York (Kv. .;,7.,<i
ul Ibe 19,000 deaths occurring in (fen *?... u and
1 n alyn.
There la a retatlre dlmlnuUon In Hie rymoti.
mortality, from 1943 per ron! of the total n ??
iii February to 19.13, :<:.d then i. ii'ti
irom ibe reeenl f-t-eiralenre ol Ihe rncs-s laiportant
?ii-' ??' ?? ol Hil .-in 1, Cerebi ; I ll i 1, wh Kiping
and dlai-rho-n bsve ii.v.a.i c.-h mort.iii'-..
Ihe number of d ia uta rt tdrator) di
ess. ? : itu I .??.?. lu I . uni .1*. '..
:-.""". 1 i.i* h been en rnontha In
iv... li grip ? pldi mit v ? re si ll eh h. lg I, rh. re
?'?1.1 mu+i deaths from lb! cause than In
Msr.li, i-'.cj, when nn eptd.-mlc, then waning, caused
l.'.'s. death . ( on m.j.Mon also bad 1, larg, death
rate, Ibe aumber being lbs lame bi lhat .,f Jantuiry,
19W. 1 bis in- n ti ?? in moHaUt) from di
tl,.- re plmtorj organi appears in sll th. anltan j
'll 'il' ' , lui' 1- 11.11. h th.- mo 1 1.1... led I
Um.. llall oi the tun In mortallt] 1... ?
above th- normal I- due io lung .11 ?. , and ' '
rest i-. ..I Iribnled through lbs ol ber local .ll-. , ?
'?'.ol Ibe n.-rioii-. dlge I 1 -. mi. ar) and 1 to u alor*
organ . Tha In. rea . 11 due io epid. mk Inlu. nm,
ii.-- m.,i-i.im iii.ui shlch m.. pruhsbl] al.I 1. 1 1
A single com- .,f ii phill fever oe. mci dur ll.
-"" ... Pl ? i. Ill, ,,11 'llUllltIg 111 .'.e.'. iori! Ihe'l,
wa ? -il o on" death from li 11, Long ; hm 1 1 Itt
Ibi re .? ere Bevon d. atli from 1 iri. t lever in Mu
?I-, -v Lawience County, in Jamestown Uteri'
i!? ie si si ecu deaths I. ?m .1,phil,"ni,.
The p,,..tour,ph- which Profe-sor Barnard mn di
plaj in bli lc. lure lu im,. Carnegie Recital ll,11 tull
evening, as per adrertlsemant in another column, are
-poi'.ii of by (titus as rate!! beautiful umi Impressive
revelation-, of asironunlcal wonders. Comets um
spots, Hie itrangn marking on Man and J11 pitw
mi.i.l.i" libbi, thaw rasl worlds in prac. - , 1 .,?,,,,'
Il 11. snd patch. 1 In thc Milky Wo! which r, nfilu
milli ms ol lr in. n ?? un . ni. in, hated ill III - ? I
lections, lin 1 nus ky sea rr ber, who haa ato-adi
asionlabed ibe *clcnUtle world bj Bte number bim!
Importance ..1 lu til-, overt. -. and 1- looked npon a
a i.-iiiu- without n Bring is|u.,i, 1- lecturing io ecure
mean-, i?r a tom ?i the arorid's B*tro*a->mlral ob
-.?.v..toms; but ibo CsBclnatlons of bis topic and ihe
. icr-ptkinal chance aBorded for hearing om bo expert
a- lie lu bia branch of -mdi are inrlrleni reasons for
bearing bim. Tie Uek Crbaeiratory, more he dlarov
ered Jupiter's lifo, tatellta, baa the gncsi refrsctlns
i-i- cop.- in toe world; and Professor Barnard' ea*lv
il p.'.oPvrai.li.r ha--ll e|, |,|,,1 ,, 1 \
sdvantages m rcurlug grapnlc lllustrato
Mr. Bot-ert W. lim hanan win be enleneed to death
"" nnxl Monda) at 11 .,. ra.'ln Tun 1 of ibe court el
1.. ioral .-.--bm. hi l;,.,,?,br -vi'h. 1 karie* W
Brooke, bia r-oun el, derlarea bli belief Umi Ihe ver?
ile! mil not -land becaaae h. !i. Pandlru*, one ,,f
Ihe lunn . wa deilrioru for leveral bonn while the
uny tia dellliersllag. IMstriot Ittorney m,,,n ,,?
...11 I....Min.* up ll,- i.,w M ,,?. ,?,!?,. .,?? u ,.?Mr..,
it Bed that toll ground 1- ci. ih untenable 3
Mr. m.-inn;, ul ii,,, .a-i,,r House, baa ms.
ifldavll for Br. Brooke sbou! Ibe j?r.,r*. In,,. - ""
Fifteen men have hen nf w, rs |or a weeh count
'-' ''? l;'","> ta UM .-ut. Treasary |g Waii-i., ,,,
e.- linn Kin- 11. Boterts, Um Beffwhlina -uh Tie.,-',,,.,.,!
mder I'r.-i.iont Harrison, ?IH n.,i earn bwbj 1 hal!
1 '' /"" l""- Ot Bmw bullion. :. bair or tu,, ?r
IP-r .P.liar-, or three or four pm Ku;.-.- of SlOfiOO
nil-. About *.>7,WM,wu -ss. buppo-ed to bc lu the
:::!z?Z:i^ ?- <>< ??? ****"
.?!.,' coln to Ihe an,.".... ol ..'..vhi.sh. sra. aH
i uit.si la-t wo-U. The rihrer dollar. ..rc to imp
*"'?'??? . ?. ?.,..H? bau-- io be counted, I-*
??_? "''I'"' "",,,"':'.:!!, .-.mi bullion. The count will
.nt' sVoul "bree wr-eka more_
N ,T r-o Mt - I! M 'VIN-: As FORMERLY.
.i.. .._ . ...... ttl. rn
pass i-i. lu
ii?i ,.,| . v, re rn p ? --i.f ,!"' -own.
The rbUdron no longer remain sway from school
ot, Mal' Dav. Wle". *h"'< ?l:l Hi" day na- gloriled
in pro ? and rrtoe by th" budding lit.rary genius ami
the -prim; peet* Vcsterdoy cooM nol hnve Inspired
the rn ,.* pnetl. -"iii. lt ii.is a ml-ora bb-, murky uni
. . ... ... ?..<< ,. -,*. *..... ? .1,..-.. ni., \,"|.>.
.inbiri ai,I- day I'' '"*'"? v*'1'"" ,,l"~'' "'" **J
going I ? move au ike, and looked om Bpon lue world
tiiei ii.-i" trilling to bel dollais to doughnnta lhat
(heir lioit-ehi.M good1" v""!l ?-"' -toencbed. The rain
held off, however.
Tint" ere -ei.r.l r.'.i-.ms why rn .vinu on Mav 1 a
c., longer ti." ***uenl ibtaf. Among the taboring
da - - Mav Dav ll I.ow looked BOC* as bein*.' "OOM
,.,. |,.., od a In.Ulai. It I- B dav OU vilileli -SOOf
onrnntziiHotis meet, and on wbieh mate >.r them parade,
If b rrorklsg msn has to attend a meeting "r ga tm
parada in* don nol f.-*l roach Uko -novtag. Then
a? ibu- at" mn. I. Ibe .-um.-, H lc don mow
P is h.iidu worth while raaktag thechanfe. The rent
b, tb., pea lal maj !???' i dollar or two rheaper a
,. i |, bu anal I- sand In Ihe rent I- los! In the
moving. IVhlle many families moved ynterdsy the
..umi.. r sra few in comparison to thal of .son,., yearn
,i . \. mani families move on Hctober i non li?
on May I. "? "'"-" ihat stoved a lara* p-*ceota**i
wi m iii Brooklyn.
A- ii." rai.- lhal a truckman can charge '"r
moving .ir- limn.-d by tow, the head <.r . tamil) 'i -
mu have io pay bill- :- targe i lu former years.
'Prttrkmeli e : .-lill', i-.-Il.-t !. -Malay fur UM M >>'
Ii.n- ituil are passed.
gl'l . i vi i vi. i st r.v i:\is iiiw.r.-s Tin ii:
i: ll i-,. v.. STRIKE*, fl -Tl RDAY.
i - triking "alter- and th.ir sympathetic fellow
wallen ?? n dlssppolnted yestordny bjf the action ?>.
-up- rm', nd. nt innie- lu changing Ibe rente for theil
parade. Tbe wallen bad planned to amt* I. np F.road
stay from Twenty-Of th t, to Foi ty secood-at., Ihenc
10 Fifth nve., to Twentylfth-at., and bock to theda
beadquartera al Ttreat I I. and Etxth-ave. Tl...
p:,md.- started al ?' p. m. from tl... headquarters,
At Ibe la-t minute lh?> rou*" waa changed by th.
order ??' - . ' i '? ?. A "'' ?***- n"'r
. ... ||, un . "hoy were I.*d by a brm hand and
one ol Ihe walter who truck al Deta\w*-t*jo,i last
. .i in front of Ihe band
i... !? n man bid ot ? r 'ii" ra iti told on! by Inp r
11 |, dolli Iii rn. . u lilt I I I down Myth a- -. t(
I ..,'-. ? io Ts t., to Kool
to --vent., i lb st., t" Irving Ila ??, to Tw. ntl
iii an lurk to L< xlngton ave., lo rhlrtleth
? , i.: advraj, lo _ d n 'roi
ll.. h.ad,;!!..!*? i In ' ?? v lmm > .' >rner, al I
illili i. and .? : ? ?-? In "':''" Wil'
made to avoid hind the tra*. In Brosdaray ont
piftnaj I.- i'i v il t i watten fn?m
making i ij dei.i itlon In fi >i I I "? hot. '*
uh,i h boyroKing 111 along the route I ??
,,,, ?,?.'.:? of chi Bbermal 11, pantry
ait.r. lu i nd even Boot
Interest In ration
,: ? ? ? . Holland Hot ? ind Del
d Mend ilm's-D ad Man h.'
I ,. md Jeer-.
salters "
I -i ?-:.. r . i. - nmn ind
,i,t,... .d lo Ihe people to 1 :
I i , ? .. Broad
Ken ra wm. ? iip'b ii- on Ha
' In tbs p inda i
I, . , ?k duck sod pay.
? - Utera 60 and d a da
? .
d derided ta . their tight,
i.-'i r.n.i , I.ugh
;???-.' i ?
.:?-.. ind several ot ber
were exp. ? :? d , .:,.;?:
? - ,
Two ; . - ' were
r .*? I 'i. :.-..; , ? ? board of I
i e fbose of I ? Phil ?!?
di llenrj \: fr- .1 rodd
pp ?'? led ??? ibe f.,: m. r snd tieorge Bk a ' ar
penler to th. ?? lei ''lt. . -'.1 -. I from
I'M.on Co|k*gs in i-;,j, and fr*,tn .!,.? H ;?
1 ?? i" !? i--'.. i i fellow and tutor of
modern I ... ? ??? . ..li. ge fr an is:.-, ? ,
I--". ..nd fr,...i I (-PO to I-*". :.?? m..- .. '.: :.
Berlin, Part- i. md Madrid, il" waa aa b
lot ind >? - late iu ronni,..- langusgea al Johna
ii v-.i: i n rei itj from i--.i lo i-.u. and waa pro.
leSSOr Of folium-.* bingil.i|-". Ifl toland Miih.i.pl I'lil
i-i- .tv from l-'.'i i-f l-i'.i.
Mr Carpenter waa gradaated from li .nani in
i--o Uo.i iiudted .a i.??.lin Irom I.--7 i., i---, and
' -r ?' vi ir he S l ..:i i*. .tn: ' . ? ll ir
' ' '? - ?? prof.r o' English la
Ibe B '?' I" '?--.:., I .1
il" ?. .ii m-re Men! lecturer In
? l . WeBesley Col
l I-'.'J lo i
The arid Prol - g Newberry g
-tai ' '???-" '?? hu liand' library, wbl. li ls a valuable
?f books i r. ii aili h. .
'?"' N' Libral ; . ? ,i , |ded to t iv.
? >? ' Pp* Mein li .rn mi u nie au i riv. ii
?" ""' ' nlversllj of Mb ls |pp|, ..f which !.. .
''"' Icngllu id,, M,. ip-,,! ,
from tl i.-ar*. Tis- n.-s i ,. u ||
' ''"? '. bow. v.-r. until "." -ber 1. mot.
SOSS OP Till: un.hu \s REVOLUTION.
rta *?*nn 'I Congr. ul tbe Nan.,' ;,i -.|- ,,r \u(,
V'' "I ll \n ? .1. iii i;, volution m. I yest, rday I I
1"J -- -s"- ' . Broad si , ...mm Horace hirter, th.
'?'?' g?ii"ral, In ih- chair. A pr. vlon ly nr
"a"g?"-l, Ibis r.a. a pro-forms meellng, held t.mply
*?'?? ""? taW of lb. ri. ?!. nhl. h Ix. i (he annual
-' "" -M-nl aw or Maj I. rhe only bi
ii ted r..,- (be reception -r ametidmonta lo t ?
""i Htotlon. \ number were pre outed irom rartoui
"' ??? '-1' ''' .' ?'""' referred la I i. Commute, on
R. 11 I >n ..f Ibe t'uiistltutlon, and will be reported ba. k
al Ih. neal meeting ;,,, | . ,? ,,,,? ,,f ,.?. , ,,.V|
A few highly sall.fa. lory official I*, ports Were re
f.iv.d, but ibei wen- ail btld ..lu until Ibe next
Oiottlus. Charles w. Haskins, Irrosurer-general
?" tod bs se. r. 'an- general iii lbs absence ..r Mr
Hark, wno had engsgementi In Chicago, au ii,.
*"""'*' I' |,;" "' -be Congress, in, I Kiln** Hie , bc
'IOU "I OffiCer . Wi- po -pimed. p. ;i,,,,
prevloa arrangement, nulli Jim., ic, >n ? i.i..-.?- t,
??blrh .i.t.ai poo the congn-sa adjomn.*d. The
'""'?'in-' in i .,l....o I- expected lo be . \.dil-,-|> in
'' "' 'l!ng' Mo- Lil live and luluei|||||| Kl it. -,,
ciel) In .hi,,,,., viii (five Hie .,-, . , ,|?u,., and
? ?ti Hie iv.h. Bunker Hill day. ii,.,,, mu il ^M,".!.'
gathering of buns and Daughters of u,,. w i ,
I'.iol,,,,.,,, ,? ,.,,. World's lair ".'.....ul. ,'?. .,':,.,;.'.'
'.' Ihe da] ind a brilllanl revepllou with .
and all the honor, Of war. ' W"'' ,""~1'
Alban**, Mav 1. ..oiernor limier |?i, Kv,. I iv.
f.?'l"*.*''ouiu,l-ion-: ?.late .,.og**, .,?,, ,,,,.|o||)
gist, James Hall: Stole Ilotsnlst, Cttailes ll |-,, |
-?*'?? Km. mob."! t. J,.-. | I. A. I.IniM.-r. *| ?,.,,.'.,,,. ,.'.'
iPtodntmenta, snd srere made In accordi. inti, ,
lan idgrusd ii im- ttovernoi to-day, providing I! ii ti,"
?"!. it,..r instead of th Begem . ?r n,,. . -... v , ,
toall sppotoi ti,-" ,.m. lal.. '" ' >"v''r?!lJ
thistles OF Tin: BABBLE CEMEtBRt
Th- iiiiiiu.il meeting of th., vault-owners ,,r ii,,.
''?', VoP" L-'J n "?'??' ,v.???'V wa h.id resto-da*
' the . ooper t Mon, and the toBowtng wera r.
!"'''(l "?" ;. Al.xander M..ii|.,,?i, ja,,,,., |-r.ls?,.,
"'? K. (iiierii-.i Bsnkln umi Kr,-it,,,, ftlerllng' I. ul
*. "-forwood Wa. elect.si lo Ihe pl,,,.,, um ...',,' ,
tlBtom K. TreadweU. V:Ui"" ''*
Tlir... I,,,,r,. jurj_-iii.tr-. atgregBlIng 9SASS wttm
totonmy entered a.aln-l Un- Toledo, >t |?ui, .,,?!
;,;';,;; ",v ***** *****v. "? rave, ?f ,,i\,.r
J?2__T. Bayard pntertto* .r...,, immoMml J
? SBABM), ia (.ni of Oeergj. D. iiM*u,d, xor J Ai
money loaned between December 1, 1837, and April
*.-0, IIP*"*. ,
(;.s>n:e Tl. Ashley has boon appointed IWMVW in
?ranateraentary pr....dingi for OewrfM W. Curr, tot
,,,,.,-lv presldenl of Ita .Miinlmttun Ailil.-Uc flub, tn
ii,., -nit iii Bice A. liroivn. . . j,.
""ll ?Sherill bsa reclved nn ..x.-ctillon for e-i B6
an|^t the III. ollie Life A-socbltloll OtAOWtitO, at
si-- urosdwsy, ta favor of Li-./Je t.oldberg.
N'..thin, nen- could be learned yeatraday ulsmt UM
offer of -<?_..,i sus si -aid to have been made by i
-vtidirate of Nen*-Yoriten for the property of the
m. l.uli"1.- Hospital, Fifty fourth -t. una ITfth-ave.
George BaeenHuch MIOer, pr.-Went of the hospital
a-s.?'*.:!iion, told ii Tribune reporter that tha offen of
p'J,S"iO,OUB, *2,4O0fiO0, and the one -lightly In nd
vince of the las! amount had been made thnt*.fh
broken. Mr. MIBr-r added thal he nas tgnona! is
to the Identity of H..- persona wishing to make the
purchase. Mr. MBler laid "No thal a meeting of
the Board ot Managers of Um hospital would he hell
s.s n. The question of the salo of Ute old prop*rty
uould b. considered at lbal Hmo.
The ceremony of Ihe toying of tho cornerstone of
the neW ho-'.l'al mil tulle pia,., on Saturday next
at :'. o'elork. Tin r*of"**-ntone wUl be laid by
Bishop roit.r, und tim r-ddr.se will be delivered Ly
Bishop littlejohn, of liing Island. Il ls expected that
th.- cer.-moiiv Min, in impresslveru-aa and t-**m**leteneaa
..f .bi .ii, rally .'iu.ai that attending tbe toying of tba
form-r-iotte of the Protestant Episcopal Oithedrul Of
M. John th" Hliii". Tb.- Rev. Dr. tl.-or.- I. Bolter,
pastor and superintendent of st. Lillie's Hospital, is
lo be master ol i - moonies. He baa appointed Tboraaa
I*. Browne, lexton of lt. Agnes'a Chapel, Trinity
Parish, who bad antin charge ..f the arrangements
Bl Ibe (.ti,.dial in December mat, chlo! old. The
temporary structure In which the set vina ure to be
held mil bo patt lally coveted by B puvllloli tent,
-bellerine- ti..- bishops, etergy, ettntr and Hurtled
guests. The Blillnga for Ike laity and general public
aili br arr. i,.-rd m emphltheatn fora and he an
..if.-.!. Tlie 1,niih (..ral -oclety. HI, I,ard Henry
Warren, conductor, with full orchestra, mn furnish
Ibe music itt tbs sonic-.
Th- proc.s.-ioii, con-i-'i'ij ,.f Hie band, cbertsten,
-? ieiit\ tiie women and Ben lu vestnwnt?tba clergy,
He- tm 'e.- of tim hospital, and tim officiating bishops,
mi: f .rm i'i th- old Leake and Watts Orphan Asylum,
One hiii.lr.si and tenth st. nti.i MornlngaMs i-.irk. and
pr......i through mc Cathedral growada to the -it'* af
the new ho-pitai, marshaled by Beaton Browne. A,
Ibe procession pas-", the band mil j.lay an appro?
priate mar. h. lt hen Ibe proceilloo arrives nt th"
temporary thapel the Church Chonl soddy villi be?
gin ti." pr....-si.,ii?i hi mn. Following tl." address
iv Bishop Littbj,.im. and during lae offertory, an
? ? ni composed expressly [or H.'' occuidon, mil i*>
given by ihe dniren and mmdetona under the direc?
tion of >lr. Warien. I'covi-ion lins bean mud" for
'i.MO i*..plc sud sdmlsston t., the Inctosnre mn i*.
-'ii.ilv bv ticket. Tin* programmes for tu- ceramnnv
"Ul be .bib rite. A -oiii.nlr edition "' Hie " IU>t.?ry
of >t. Luke's Hospital" ls to bo terned.
un. sn:: i; ni WANDS rossi:ssios.
SIlERinr CROSS Bl y< i-* TO IHTEBFB8E iv
?? Jill. ALUINv ll*."i -" I A-''
Al'.at,v. M.v 1.-?William MrX. Speer and Colonel
? :?.. two of the Boord ..f Directors ..f -Tba Argus"
pony, m.i' H ?'u lice i irker ?;: Ida order Saturday
declared to b.- tho legal one, caBed upon -h.-i.tt
. . i, ?? thi- cut,'!-, mis afternoon, nmi requested
., put tte m Iti posse -bm of ?? Th- Argos" prop*
accordance mt1, lha! order. H." Iheril
.' if inch action on hi- par! would ned be a rio
.. ... | ...i , ?. .i i?t|ee Herri, k ou Ihe
day. Mr. -p.*: replied thal io* and hi- Me ?
. ? in I-.--ion ?f "The Argus" property natur
day, before Justice Herrick's order had been Issued,
I., . ? iiad ? ? ? "" upon thal Bor?
don ol 'h.. pr ?..-m.--. Kheri! Cw - then a -:.
dela; unUI i."id ronsuli Hamilton lian.-. Ma
i. The totter advised the bberil not t>> lo?
in the matti i ? b - ertd th.:. Informed Mr.
(.poer thal be would do nothing to help bim. Mr.
!,..r ?? !.d a notice upon Di-tm t.Attorney James
w. Baton, Belting f .ctt that on UM nsnlng "f April
ll bl- agenta bad been ejected by the poll"; Irom
Th... Autis" bulldlm.. and dem-ii lins Hun he lake
. . pri-cocdlng* a- toe duties of lils office re.|u!ro to
? hui.
winie these legal -???!-. were going on rumors aero
. ..* t ?!? .j,', to h. m.i..i;- by...Mr,,j?.i-"r.,mjvl
erty, ind a targe rrowd gathered about the bulldluir.
r.\ pei tl HU i-i Ultu. a lr.,..,-. I'm-i Mere dl*llp
p..mt.si. hoi.ev.-:, ii.nly change noticeable bein.*
eve il additional poleeiuen were -'rion.si in
i'" counting-room. Kew people sere allowed to
? ? ?? ? 'he building until after it *?? !? mtd lhat the
I deel -.1 io luierfere.
:nr. ellis island Ali sun. cBOPPINO.
The ulm: j i :|. N.nio ll..!, -atti araa
pBtced In t ... official guillotine resterda) ind Dr.
i' . ?! if ? in gear. Mr.
Buboirita rraa a Republican rag! irj it. ...*:?? ? i
with the Immtgntton Bowen at Kin- Island, ile
handed in a resignation a few <!avs inn whleh waa
to tali., afreet ..-. Jui ?? i. Dr. lem er tedd i.im t).:.! ..
reslgiwUoa which would !.i-*.*i the ptonaon of a
fir. m. ii u m,.nth ur m, wouM b" tm-t thankfully
? -l-'rv . l.-rli. abo ls kn twa ot. Kills
>'. u- '.Nemo," enid not bear Um Uh-, of inch a
busty departure. H.. baa BM been r.*'lim Iv at ?,..*
l-liitnl fr "\t il days. Yesterday Dr. Beaner dis
rhorgrd bira. Hie nas ..f ApotBnaria l- lalahed
and a moat Hi'er. -tin- im bb nt i. dosed. ApolMnarl*
Karwowskl known aloa. ?Apollinaris Andwtsk."
?"'? " rho light! f I* I-.* left tbe lervlce ..f i *?
i.ovornmeiit a* a tontraci L.itM.r h,-p.-, t-r ynterdsy.
*' i* l*f.ii-.ii revolailon snd i ??
ls tue maa :,, un M several
ut u letter purporting to i*.
^^^^^^^^Tnl tnat
_??;? ?
.ontili,.., |
IU- waa a soldier lu tlc
I i.r .: van B ir. lb
Lin- Island li sp. vt ors ...
fr eil tbe Tr- isury Deportment, nhl.ii_
resignation nf Mr. Karwnwskl would nol be
..-?I- letter Hil- -lipp'...| (.I III
tl." ia-.- of Inspector Karn >Wt.kl "a - u loll dl-i
?* sh ?-.' j rend -f Demo ratlc rlvtl servtt
p.ilf (./* thi: BJKMDir.tr cum: ".v/.w
i third sud bi-i pu* of i.." Broadway cable 11
?\p.. ? ,1 ??> ar.li -li t ;. .i'i .lim 'tine ?...im. li
mil h.- drawn 11 llb* Houston ??. p..uer h sis** us nrly
posalble an.l Ubi in p.-l'i..., Immediately. 'I -
li pu' forms the mop from I rWUng ..reen to
ll i lon ' It lits mad., in "Teuton, N. J
i. Rorbllng'a Kona.
?iii.- upper pa t of ihe coble line rannln
i ? t. to t if'i ninth si : een I
: . I all j
of lin I;:..i.lum lui" b.r I i:ti i,imh ?t
to : ?? . Il Ide . ol at lifllell I, .No
ig of thc road.
by John
fr .ni
ii the horse rars
.. ure iransferre I
definite ibu.. I*
THE TRIM, ol' l'flt' .''.Ll. Emt Iff ROES BROUN,
Justit I:., iali.mi. In ll." Court of oycr :U 1 Terni:in r
y. Lil.ii. t....i. up th., trial of tim rase >.f Billtom
Purcell, "ho na- Itali, ted for murder Iti Hie lll'-t
.1- pee, for causing th.- dentil of Join. I', farrell, on
la-t New-Year's night. tareen keeps a barroom at
Incut! liist -t. ami First ave. On New Your's nlfhl
?ome im ii m. re in hi- pine drinking, nu.I a l**hl
i.nih pla..' in which ula-.es wen thrown ut I'urcell.
When ''I-' noil went out he i Miked tho door, a unto
liner Farren knocked on the door of th.- place mil
? I io ls i.t in t.. g. t a drink. 1*111-1-* ll declared
thal he I bough! the mell who had tlir.uti Hie glasses
nt him ...ol returned, .'i'l he rarefully opened tho
door .uni pulling :. pistol ..ul nf t:.w 1. Ili'.il. ' ??
bullet blt Farrell lu the eye sud tm died soon sfte**
iiai.I. I nicoli ii.,- it;iii. r,-ti for murder In the iii-i
degree, bul In pile of this fscl be wea adaatttrd to
hull tu Hie -um i.r .-l.i.oo. bi lb ? .taler -.nulli.
When his raae was put on Ow rolendar "f Hm Coori
,f dyer umi Termlner he un- again locked up.
A Jun na- secured at '?';?' ? '.joell la-t nigh! snd
linn au adjournment Ml lal..Ut until Hil- morning.
Assistant Di-nb i Aitorm y McIntyre appean for tho
pr..-.', ittion. ami iii.- nruoncr is represented Ly ev
lud*.''' Ueorge M. Curtis.
Michael nattery, n tailor, Ifty-alne wtrs ..l.t. dis
ippeared from bia boite, nt No. .'.l Bayard-at., on
\l*i-ll 'JI. lour .li.y- Liter hi- mfr revived a postal
ard ..ii iviii.it somebody liol written tho foBoartBf:
??A:, i.eir husband di..I on tost Friday, if iou mn
i.t .all t'.l- nil"! noon h.- mil l?> burled ibis after
m..n (Monday.I"
Hie p..inls nt Ih" Iltireaii of Vital -IlUstln .III Hot
hon ihat -Battery bad dud amii lure pi,,, police
nive u,,i tii'i-ii directed lo aw-ch for him. ii wag
ubi taut in- h ife fiiu-.d !ii> aires! a year ago, because
,- nu- dnillh I. "I th" time, ami failed lo .-.ipport
.r ami the children.
Kdiviird .1. W?olseV. ,;?. ?(.||Un,>!!? club ,?u?. was
Blended i.y ibm., a ||UaMart i? ,|?. sll? ?uuu Ml.s
'ool-e! brous'bt iiLttl,,,, |,..r |??,,:l?? f?r ? d(v ?.,,,/
ho bill of (ha lull! ors amounted |? <J.;J(M, ?(,,,.,,
iHilsey refused lo pay, lin/| ,|?. ?,..? ___ Urx>Hi,hi
s"" '" ''"' ( "J 0-N*ri 10 reeler i:?. amount. TV
lae cam., up before Jodfls Van Wick yesterday.
'?"Nei lu.* not |,,.f |? ?,, tBiW#r ,? t| , '
Tho mnrket at tho .-tock Bxohenge yes*/*rday *?-_,
feveri-h atid excited to a dei-ree that would have oe*
tsalenrd mut ii remark Ind not Wall titroct is-come
so acous-tomed to rapid fluctuations of lute xmt%
nothing loss (lian a genuine convulsion can shake
Its equanimity. A number of Ulinga combined res.
.onlay to Bead prices doun, and lu tba nae of a
majority of Hie atocka the rr-sponae was qakt aug
derisive, .rational Co-dogs tod the n-t with a dr*
cline al Its low-eel pola! of 113-1 per cent froni tbs
Mgftest quotation of .-aumin.!'. 'Mw: net lora far Hm
dav was Q ll 1 per Cent. rho opening was at ;*?;
btrf-f olden trhlch wen Immedlaiely pured on the
market forced the lgai**s dun steadily antll tu *^
mis leached; a -Ugh! reaction which followed lifted
the cioatag price to BS.
.lUi-T Btocfra kapi C*r*rdage rion company in ita
lowawaid tours.-, though without so much iipp-irn-a
I pa BOO, for the uiyiouiicetiieiit of un tocroaa** of sj,.
.-.....(SK) In the prefer..st Stock Of the Nati' mil ( a-d,
BfB Company save un excase, ir not a motive, for
Un ar-Ung of that leearity. Of Hie other "Industrial's
??whiskey wu* Um tinrtgeat, opening al *.'*. and
eloatag at -?'ii ?? wBh Btti-raredlats loctaattoaa from
'.?.'; 'A 8 to L'l J ?). Anuri, u, Hagar lold toora (di i-j
down to 1,(1:14, rural thea rersjvored *iilii< i-ti'ly ta
close nt 0-ld. (."ii. ral KlecHic bvofca fr* tn f?7 Td
to PS3-d, and ilo-.*d Bl Hld. Nallonnl Lead wild
Bl .17, :i7 l -, .h. ;j i. inni :i?j; United .-tates Bubbal
... 07 3-4, M and '." ; Westeru I 'norn at OH IA
?6*1-8 :uid IT, and Ani'Tieno Ingar at M 1-3, Dd Bi
ul M 1 I.
Aaaong the rallroada Blsaoari i.ulric was the *"*****?
sat, Ipi Bag donn from 4<> I 4 lo -I*. 1 J, and ol...lu,
al 4.'l Iii with ii net ton from .-..tm.lav ,,f ]M pe*
cent. Atddaoa dos.-d al .'('.1-4 wHh a net b.-.s of
1 l-l per cont: ... B. und Q. lo-t I l ?. p.f cent
rioting at ol after loachlag BO 3*3, Brie neat ai low
a-s IP3-1, ci?-in?.' only ? shade higher; .few-York ung
.N"V. i'ji*-l.'.n(l dropped lo 131-d, and Beading to
-I 1-3. The total -al's ff.r tl.e day iver.- .v,l,*_:*o.
-har--, the beefiest deattagi bein*; in Am-ri rn tOBB)
Benning, 73,087 shares; Chinga Has, 90,3-30 rfurre*
C., H. and *i.. 33400 sbar-cs; DbtOUlng um! Cattlg
1'ecdmg, M,7dl abaros; Mi--..uti Emetic, 3-t,fM|
I shana; National Cordage 4.;.?_'.?, thara; Beranga
.-,1,7.-.' .-Ii.ire-, and B'eotera I tuon, S3,vu .-har.-.
'rm* conan *?f th.- wishaosi Bad heavy tndtog
mu-t be found In B BUraber of cir. un,?.tani"., tru.
portsat among whleh aaa the harnasa la Uordagi
StOcB before noted. Thia BUNN would doibt.'.s- ha.?
.tarted a decline In Indu-trlal lham, Bad li wai aided
yesterday by HM ron I Inned aaeertalaty la tba tinan
dal eitiiution, rcporta rd ? haney ngar billin lg
Uverpool sad IM dtotrasl growtag oat of n." laubaB
heavy bank billin In Au-rt rulla.
No gold uss outraged for ? ld potent resterday, .md
sll thal will go out today will be tiitt.OOO nlUV
drawn last week by Ladenburg, Tbslmsnn .v. c..
IB TI1K (HY'S BOW -itvi.ity.
T,,o aaggestlon bm been mud., lhat, tl.o bono and
sinew* of Ute fonlgn fleet wituln our waler-, to wit,
Jack Tar, and Bevernl thoi.-itid of bini al lhat, Isa
i.:\.si no recognilloB it: the profaae boapitallty ea.
leaded to ti,- guesta "f the city. -Thia te Hie
country of tl.e pl.ib: people," - .ld nn enthudastlc yoong
New-Yorker yesterday. "From the potnl <.f view of
our laws every ono of tho common seamen oa tua
greal Irooctod is as good sa Hw i.ilmlriil commsad*
Inp. Th- burden of the yarbu, psgeanli wi... ban
amused as .'..r Ure las! wsek or iw.. bsa BaBen on
Hiern. They sunned tbe yarda and ddea of Um -lin
In I old and damp to lu.:.or our Resident. T..-y
tramped ila or - i-i.t mBes in the aaa to .- tiu-" hut
cBUens, and didn't get even a aundvrich or a glam ti
wui.T io sustain our boasted boapttallty. i vi
scraped and tinned and poltob**d ap their losthag
f..rt^ for tb" bwpecttofl of rtsBon. Onghtn'l ibey
to rceetw a little ktndlj cournsy, to ny r-othl % ff
ibo noire an! -'nut! .1 leans and i
af hospitality, in ncognltloa of the U t Uiat
ire ur,- glad to lune toem ben, and that la
Ibis coin,'ry they ure rappoaed to Ince
-..un nnd manhood aa areli us t:,. mea wiio war .'id
lace and abardder itnpe. Then la IOCmOOO af tha
*.-u,r-.-. ??-.? i ??? ---.-??? *??????? ni-, tn.it
ifould pay lor a pound of tobacco apiece, nt least, ors
ilmpto little s. uy.tiir of -s..n." kimi tijt weald pr**
lerve to them and their chOdrvn lha raenory of
ti," .lay m..ii they wen Ihe guesta of a o.unt-y
where, tbe gi bl brald'a but tbs gnlaea'a atna***, too
niiih'.s t:... m.iu f,,r u' that."
r.-> the Editor "f ibe Trlbane,
Hr -. How I- lt thal wi il" iii ih prrrvlatea baa r?v>?
for the entertalnm. it of th. city's guests, .likci,
general and blgh ofltotola of Arm! abd .n..i-. . bj
Uiongbl has been given lo tb. Jack fora, whotorHk*
lunn-uieiit of our cttlsens, psroded nob. of ..tar
itreets, iramplng over ...ij.|.-t. n. - ;..,d i; :_,;,-. ;*i*
manta (to abicfa niton ure aol ?censtoracdj toot -or-,
v:-r! inni bnngryl Ow people Br*> m-t niggardly,
mid while lt kt m..I. i-:.....! thal a oi.-i.i. ruble Mim re.
mains of ihe appropriation, nnnot tba coramltt af
| tl..- i iiiinibir of Commerce arnnge to give i i rn
i al Madison .-ip lure .??.rd> n to tho Jink Toto, sad -....w
that this ls not only lu asais a Democntk :>
public. A FR?KND Ul JAi K iAl'.
New-York, .Mav l. iago.
. iicai'o. May 1.?United m.,*.- Kanhal Hi'. *k
?cis leerrhiBg ell over town Issi Bight for .'. , ?e
Vireo Adutt, the yoong .v,-t:i..n nh., i. irsntcd in
. f..r forgery amounting to 030,000, Ile es -4
- lurday nigh! from ?.f Mar-'.al 11 ltd i
deputies by jumping from th. - ? 1-story alnd n I i
ho .-?? !:: > ll . lt. No tra ? . ( ( ??]
Austrian," ai ha la ? aB< ti. co ld .,?? round.
. i Hun de i.ft ti,., .rn in f.-nab. altin, .v: nt
.- ? ly tu*i nt) ?? m old, bu! la mid to be one . ?
ii...-? skilful forgen In Kurope. A lew dayi to
I'r.-l.t. in Cleveland Beni ,i warrant from Waal
ro-ndrmtag the extradition papen for Adnu, bul tbs
; li-onef-- attorners appealed Ibe case to tbe I i
-ip-, i ?? Court.
Furn t t Boston HenML
" r,. tragedy of life," mys ITim-non, "Bes in fte
pOVortJ of bu i rn ;,*." Ve-, |tl ? f
?ii.iii endowment, In r t sadly self-con I
milty thal men and women In the - ? ?
iu , puny bodies, mch Bram affect lons *
?'?.'? ihoocht. such torpid Iniagtn nloti I I ? ? .*
h -dring I- beg ??(??ti . ' : .a. here Iles Un . ? t
ol li : ii ni life. And i, t lhere so. - ?
sclouan. -? In ? mintie*, minds an un ; ?
i . ntng for a richer snd .lui^-r expert ?-. \T
if they could tove mun ardently, tolnk wore ria-r*
mi-lv. see moro glorious rlstoaa ..f faith ?'..?>! i r
la'ii ol tho... emir dally round ls -,, largely a .: r
treadmill lo them. In rad drpresatou ti.- v respond
to Tunnys,m's word-.:
'Ti. i fe, of nhlrh nr nerve, ir. met,
' fis life, i t truth foi a hh I. ? i*,nt.
More 1MB, and t'tllr. thl- wt wont.
Then in some happy boor these n.'rv. - rinl nun
md women Ind themselves brought Into I
ii 1'i't.TV of I:f.- like th it wbieh waa rolled swaj In
I! ip llrook., The sat,,;'. '..-.Iv. With -i i lilies "f
ruddy blood rirculaflm Ibrongli ??vu r< n.
th ? treal iu ito, teeming inch freight.**! w Irih
f toefl ?,.:?.. :.-* . rn .(lon il p. i..i- it Inf etti
Ilks i tieri- lava Bood. th ? splendid .piritii il In
Hon Rlorirjlng ?i"i a celestial **i .ht that never ?*??*
?'. --i or land* the rommonesl details nf life, *'*s
rapacity f..r brea thl.london s ,i ?'-. a !<? - '-'?
ii-, "ie ..r u.-i or (- ti i-i -i c.-taite passion to hint
hero is the iivitti*. breatblna Image .f abai every
pour, hi.itiii^. hnir itta.i" shred of humanity ynro* tot
'I, 1.1. own beor! of heart. And Hie grund i ??
s.J.ins man. wholly leal In l.l* divine m --.uv I-*
Neves lu lt for them nil. however narre*! a. a in
Intelh'cl or erainia,(I In spirit. II.alf and vlp-c!
Whole Benni Of lt ure In (..ul. In stan foi all ?**?
-( |. it. Hangs ..f iiiimi: Bot the blah lenph*!
atlgbtv Ihouchr, ate ronnftoaa v,... .j. ami j
iou slit, ran ' '.'.'li Imagi forth wnsl ll. - re ran
s,.-;i mid.' bi iii,, image of the sterns! reason. Ixarel
lt hui good In, tide on nd", a- rei el.'bu aBef ?' "*
laiiun of tim Divine PStherti.1 bria ka Ihrougk risa*.
ult! np-.1. .-not; passions'* heart
No wonder lbs auditors i.r inch a man ire i*"**B
niitv. Ile I- doini.' f..r thein whit ti.-i ran not tt
. ,,?,,..,!? i, rm .-. ll ? Un iii I* itl. the '. m. ? al "ls
na l re, opening on! In Ibem bis own rjnrlou' vi-'i"1*
iftlng theil, np on |he slngi of his oo-n -. irtnag
maglnalton, Amt. t?* i af ?.'!. be I- dring it by ?
*nlng tn"* action Hnir own lalenl rvHiricai. poswevs
?v Isinring Into r-otisrdoitsne - their own hidden ?*"-?'?';
mi endowment. Aneri from Ibe ruaiaatoa ?? '?"
Teni atowiae maa of l'-ius*. th i i * he ame io
:. "P up ol thetn-eli-es tl,I- -en-- of esallstb-a. OJ"
iou great a toing do Ibey f.-.l lr, wbnl i Bnllnae
ult lo he Ibrgotten, to have brea prto tot ,,n,'?,
n a '.ir-titre ii't-d toto aa h . blaber realai afraa*
rtousneao, and -,, nt.ute illve to wiuil tloire reillv I*
.fin their bring, whleh, nnder man hvortng __*_
Itlotis than hero on earth. Hod m iv lift to BP*
......li.-' ,
Thia, thea, and this alone, ei-datni lbs aeaae^ag
ersnnal los*, of genuine private grief sith w1'. i
',,,u-ii!,t- r.e. lied the lateBtgence sf Ihe death Jj
il-i'.p I.rook-, ii mis ii..- L'l-'t.-rut, rinseln-.il frtbotd
t th,, eon ,.i..ti-iv hall enid malmid and blind t" ..n**
leif..! -.. niu.-'i more fiilrv ami grandly Ihsfl lb. ??
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