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j? |(>.97l.
Paris. May 5?The Rrhring Sot Tribunal of
Arbitration returned it- session to .lay, Lord Han?
non, tho Brit lull ArMtmtoi Who ha* boon ill,
hoing tuaTeJently recovered to ho preterit.
.1 c c iirt.T. of counsel for th? United States,
mainttiined thal lb* nell's ot th* I'mt'd States
in Banting See were aheolute and unqualified lie
argued over again that tho Government of the
Initcd State* wa- .institi.nl in protecting its
rights in thom watara In time of peaee m weU
a* af any other tinta, and he claimed that tho
I nited State* had a right to telar reeeli caught
in aela?ic -e..|'in_.
Assuming, argued Mr. Carter, thaf the rights
of property ol the I'mt'd State* were admitted nt
claimed, wu the Oovernn-ent ol the United snt.-s
to follow tho vi- ??.??!?. found engaged in pelagic
sealing Imiii.- in otder t.> rlaim redrea* fer trespn>?s
against the municipal law ' 'lin-, he continued,
wouid not only h? ineffectual, int eould not com?
port with Ui" dignity ol the I'mtod Staten No
nation ever deigned t<, reaorl to ?nother nation
lot tho enforcement ol ir* municipal Iowa Tho
only method open for the proper enforcement of
mich law wa- th.' mctliod of rorer, and that was
justifiable in th" mar ..f Behring Sen mi the mom
(Mound* a* in the caaei of revenue and quaran?
tine laws.
Mr. Cart.T proceeded to argue on the subject
of regulations, hut va- interrupted by Sir
Charita Russell, ot counsel for iii.at Britain,who
paid tl.at Great Britain would ;: .t recede front
the position that the question ol lights
aboaM be argued apart fron thc queattott of
regulation*. Sn Charlo ?tated, however, that
lie would not ohjost to Mr. Carter's presenting a
?taleaaonl of !:*> mow- or. the mbjeet.
An aniinateo discussion followed, in which
J'-aroti de (ourocl, preaident of tho Tribunal,
Judge Harlan. Lord Han nen, Sir Cbarlea Russell
nnd K J. l'liclne toole part. Tt wat tinnily de
cided that the counte] lot Great Britain shanld
iiruue thc question of rghte and tho .-nrstion
of regulations separately, but that the Tribunal
would no? give separate dex'ttknta. Mr. Tarter
then proceeded wltl hit arrument. In hit perora?
tion he detcrlbed the sliujhtet of fetnft]c seals
with their unborn young, and other horton of
pela^ie teallng. To prevent theos herron and
|? protect the -ral lord- the United States had
taken the potltion whian he bad explained t?. tho
l<eet of his ability. The United States had taken
this position at the ri-'c of war with Great
Britain, and they lind been ready to maintain
tin? potltion, and thus discharge the duties to
humanity, even if they ha I heen ohHsjed to
face half th-- world in arm-, History would recog
ni70 their rights ;i:id the justice ..I t'uoir route.
Tho i)v.'\ of the United State- had nor been ex?
tinguished hy tlie reference of tho dispute to thc
Tribunal, int had >>o"n merely transferred. Th"
T'nitPd Staten had withdrawn and left to tho Arbi
tiators the s.(, red duty ol forbidding pelagic pod?
ing, and confining -al killing to the inland* If
tho Tribunal should decline ?.. assume this duty, it
would only l?ave fur poMerity a new tourcc of
From beginnine to cud Mr. (arter had sp^v;. n
fatty hours. Aa he sat down Uaron dc I ourcel,
President oi the'Court, said: "I cannot refrain
fr-mi thanking you. sn. f..r this magnificent
p|ecrh, which has 1-con characterised by a lolti
ness ol view well worthy of this high COUrk
SET'S ATTtTinr.. ,
London, May 2.?A corre*pondent has hail an In
tervtew with Lady Biddulph and Mtss Lv.rl;?-r. Who
aro lenders of tho T'.riM-h Women** Tonn'rar.re A
?oetaUon, In regard to thc visit to t',1^ country af
Mr*. Ellen Foster, the American temperance advo?
cate. Lndv Biddulph <abl tnat -hf Wa* Dot ?wm? of
Mrs. Four's iBtentlOBI In lomlng to Grout Britain,
lint declared fiat Mrs I'.,ster would not bo tJtOWed
to speak lr. the convention of Ifce British Women's
TemiKiaaro AttOCtatloi tomorniw.
Miss I>orker shirt that she wai likewise unaware
of the oSJoct of Jgrt. I^Mor'i Journoy. she bad re?
cently received a letter, sho said, from Mr-. Foster.
written In Am'ri.u. 'I!:' convention tomorrow, hQu
lv.ckor add?d, would he privat,-. Th* OOlel .piostlon
befort lt would 1^ whether lady Som'-r-et would !??
nllowoo to tatratfure pobtlrn into Um work of th*
aaeeabrtta*, and the quettlon would alto bo eon
?-ldored aiwtaai tba Mtoclatkw would retttllatc wlt^i
tte br.iur^ ti'-aded bj MtM tra no- E. Willard. It
ws> existed Uiat dot.ate would last all dsiv, and
that a votr \xouid ba Itkra late at Right, lt was
Intended to oppose tip re-election of Lady *y.mor-ot
ns praaMeat of th- tttoclatloa. Ta* momnors of
the assorlntlon aro tatt to h?- *selted over tho j.ros
pe<t ot th* appearance of Mia. Fetter'* delegation M
the ion\enttoo.
Lady sv.ni..r-et ^.irs In an interview regaroing
Mw attitude of her-oir ar,d bet lapportoral -While
abiding loyally by the old programme ..r total ab
ninene.-, \?.- adopt objecu .-.pially vital io tb* In
tere-t- of women. Tb* purity question i* one with
temperance, aral iii., unffrage for women l- e?t*ntlal
to tin- tttampb of both. Hie enlargemeul of tho
platform will give to '!,.? a ??. BttOII a political
aapeel OKtaateful to mnriv. hat nowadayi li ls the
merell -tiililti. allon to -and outtdde of |><.ll!l<-. lt
1- true ii,at j i av., lound u- fal precedent* ia America,
Lat lhere I- no -ham. in taming from America,
Our body owe* ii. origin to ila- Womnn't Chrlailnn
Temperance L'nbm, I rt.. not dlctati the change which
] have refi'ired to; I am only lt- tpoheaman. lliou
tandi of energetic women are determined to mab*
the atom latloa a Hgbllng body."
Vteaaa, May 2.- Haran Richard Poecke, pretldenl of
Hi.- tateo?lv*l} circulated loMriatt' {ouraal .ailed the
"Pftadenbbitt." ha- committed -ul. bb- by (amping
frm a f.? Brill -tory windoo of a building. Ile yva
Bllled by tho fail. Th.- I;.m,n w..- eighty yearn of
?go, atid wu known m vienna, ile na- prompted
to 1:11 himself by fear that be was loxing his eyesight.
London. May SL-sJohn ? I.via h. t|,o convict who
neaped (ron th* State prison In Mir achoaettH i>v
ri. ir.ir;_? his way IDfOagh a -ew.-r In company willi
eljrbt other* hist July, and wu- recently arrested
bore, -tarted io dav In charge of Officer* Rhodes mid
ToiMi-ond, of Boston, who were .-..-nt to brlnp bim
btek. on Ms return lourney. Tbej win frail on
the Majestic for Nut Virk.
Earl-. Ma] j Dtapalclie* from A Mea slate that
King Bebaaala, of Dahomey, who. .ince thc capture
of Abaaaoy, hi- eaptlal, baa bee* carrying on n
desultory waifar* uualn-t tho I rench, bas made bis
mi,mission io Preach aataorlty, Aeearilng to ta*
lerni- ?trattfoi Km? Behtasrt tgreet io aadtoate
tho ii,rone of i).ii,oine\ : ti,.- Preach Ooreraateot i<?
give bim a pfiiioii .-md to rix bl- place of rcittdincr
^ ? -
si. Joha's, n P., Ma> -j (Hpectai).?The lacratary
of state for the c.Ionic iniimates lo OovOraot O'Brien
that t:..- Imperial Gevernaseoi win not latrodac* a
bin into I'ai-iiaiiient to - niorce preach Inatlfi .md
arbttraUoa, and are wHuag to negotiate a. rnggetted
In ta* rejiort of mr Kronen siioir Vowmlttae. They
ask 'lu: local Le^i-iaiuie to rglead the temporary act
pas-"d In |gP1 loi t|,i- puipo-o of tnyliig time to
a*getlat*. 'This I- ngamal as u vi.'orv tor the
colony. Mr. Uladttooe'a Ooveraateat win not
{.unction coercion.
lt ls expert..,! that s|r James Winter will Micfood
ta* late slr Eob.-rt Platen! on the bench.
Lindon, May -.-In tin lluate <f Commons to
day Slr Edward Qfty, I'aiilana-ntary I'iuI.-iSm
letary of the I orrirn OaVe, Mated In reply lo
Colonel Howard Vtaeeat, the neted advocate or fair
trade and MeniNr for Central Slcflnld, that no cor?
respondence had boen carried on with the Gov?
ernment of the rlilted btates In relation to thc
Mt Kinley law. elli,er bv the pr.-Mit 01 Ihe lat
British Mlr,l-trv. sir Edvard Gi ey added i: at be
was i,?t aware whether am diplomatic remo*.
-train,- ,,t, ti,,, ntbjeci hud been presented to Ihe
t nii.d stale, Government by other natl..; I,
Parts, Mav ?_? t.... Ministers received a rebuS" in
'the Chamber of Deputies to-day, M. Yves Unyot,
Deputy of tho Seine, moved urgency fr i motion in
1 favor of th.' abolition of th* olin,I dntlet, collected
j Oil arti, los of (nod, etc. that ,\\- brOUghl Hilo Hie
town- Notwithstanding the feel tat) M Dupuy,
. ti:o Premier, oppose* t',e motion 'or amener on the
; ground that the proposal bad no! been maturely i m
sldend tie motion wa- carried by a rote ,f 252 io
i 240.
Before lb* Depntlei istembled lt was known that
' tue Government would h.. interpellated a- io tu
arrest o- Deputy Rugene Baudin at Hie Place de la
i{, puib,pie ye terday. Th- galleries were , rowded, u l
'her,, wt:,, few vacant teats ami ag th.- members.
Tho debate which Hollowed ihe Interpellation was
esc p io du- animated Arnon- ii,,, principal spent
en wen Jean Hm,av. Alexandre Millerin.t. Paul
Granter d<- Csssagnac and Deputy Baudin. M.
Dupuy said that th" Government accepted fall re
-!",-i-1l,ll!tv for Hi- arrest, and that the Ministers were
dei ermined to mnlntaln order and punish Inciters ?f
disorder, whoever the* might !>??. lb- demanded the
oisler of til., dav, which wa- , arri.,I l,y a vol.- ,.f
;ii:i to ino.
Among the Rpectaton In ta.- galleries wai James
ti. Basils. United States Ambassador io Prance.
The vote on the octroi duties is tho preat.-t bid
that Preach Deputies cuild mali.- to Rerun '.heir
reelection. The daile- ixTV ? U\\ Just a.s abominable
In Hie eyes ol the poupjo a- wn- the fa mon* ugabelle*1
or silt tiix, thc abolition of walch was one of the
m..'toes inscribed on the banner ol Hi- Revolutionists
lu I7SS. wm, th? esoepttoo ol small villages, erery
etty or town in riane- I- provtied at all its pies
or ether ontraacet with ? baUaJag occupied bi
uniformed custom hons,. officers, whose fun, Hon 1
to colject duties upon all articles declared 1.. be
rtutluMe bv low. Wupor*. carts and even private
| corrlagea or cit.- arc Mopped at tho elty't octroi
barrier snd visited by the oncers, unlesi they ire
rattened willi the declaration of the driver- thai they
larry nothing subject to duty. Sometimes though
not often, mon and women are stopped while walking,
unri compelled to pay for tb* win,-, liquor, oil or
other articles sv^-,. q they try to pass fraudulently
In a larger quantity than tho small one permitted
by law-. In v illair*-s the octroi barriers O nhl not
work practically, ard they ur,- replaced by the i I
nf Government agents, ia tho cellar- tor Instance,
and by the neeettltj la pay a certain duty for ?
transportation ,>f wine nska from on.- place to another
outside Ot tile villa** pl ><i'ct-.
it is easy to andtrstaad how popular Cs* atlempti
to nholis.'i such a vexatkmii taxation have always
boen, still, they have never mi.ii,<i, because no
i practical lobstltute ha- ever been proposed for that
I Imp si, the larp-st portion of which constitute* the
| municipal budget ol the communes or townships.
i What is -ifmlti.Hiit now is that tai- abolition I- pro
j posed by a former Minister of Public Works, M. Vve*
i i.uyoi. no wa- known tl Brat, when a rlerit in a
chocolate factory, a- an ultra revolutionist, then ho
i became a Radical, mid la'.-r on tn i ?? Ministry as a
I rn <i.-rab- Had).ol, verging on Opportunism, tun M,
i.uv.it known bow i<.iri popular favor, and many
l>"i ,t!.-. who. Ilk" him, are uncertain ah.,at th. ir
! re-election, .<n a,,-, ant ,-f their all g?d cont ?
j with me Panama scandals, have thought that
political chances would hi i I d.lf they advocated
ta. abolition of the octroi duties. rhl> i- a rather
unacrupuknu mani.rn, Innsmucl ai U. Deputies
know perfectly well that Uiej pffer ? nii????? dmdow
to popular credulity, since ihe Senate would never
vote the abolition of Ihe octroi ti lt nhouM pusi ( -
I Chamber. This manoeuvre is dtngeniUA, . : >. i
it might brina; another Mmlsterlsl cristi Jut ti the
moment when France badi) needs r>?-'. before piting
Inc into the anxieties of a general election, whim
will orcnr next fall at Ike lab -1.
London. May 2 ?A fire was ttarted _*arly U I
evening In thc timber-yard of ike M.-s-rC Simpson,
Hendon Road, Mull. Ti ?? Saaiea spread rapidly
thlWUgh tho yard and -a -<?-s th* streets to Ul*
dwcRtng house- opposite. Elp'.t bowies Wen Loco?
ing dmnltaneonsly, many mon wen in danger, and
-ov?ral Mocks of basin.-- buihtlngi were threatened.
Tie people mu partly dressed from their bouses,
drsRcinp with them what little they could < !/?? In
their fight.
Tho whole district was in a panic which 1' re
quired the united efforts of two -.pia.I- of police
and a compeer ot mBilary io subdue. The marin, i
from the gunboats in the Hoad.. wr<- landed, .and
they ho|p?d the greaten. After three hour- the
fire wa- brooghl arider control. Most of Hie limier
yard Wat dcMroyed, four hon-, s Wen burned io iii"
ground, and several other lon-.', w-. re partly de.
ttroyed. A few <anle alto ware burned.
Thor,- i? uti;., doubt that ihe lire amt Incendlnry.
The Simpsons relu-.-u recently to Ot*tribute lo Hie
? trike fund of tho uni. nisi do< k.-rs, and w.t.- warned
by letter that they would !?? mad.- to suffer for H.. lr
lt, th.- House of Commons today Mr.
Gladstone stated, In reply lo Keir Hardie,
Labor member for Weal liam, that he ngntted that j
ho warna bo anakie to devote an evening to tie
,11-cusklon of proposell for lin- elib nant of the
strike or dock laborer* at Hull. Mr. Gladstone added
that h.- did not think it desirable Hat thc Hon ?
of Commons should Interpose lu the matter nnb
In support of a definite plan. lb- also stated that
he wa* hopeful ah ta n,.- pro pea t
being arrived nt.
of a -.-Ul.m. nt
?nil's ENGAGED.
Havana, May 9.?Th* latest news in regard to
th,- Insurrection ls that Bm nts I- tn now between
Pnerio del Padn, a harbor on Bm northeast const
of Coba, and Macau. Seven cc.lur.ni "f troops
ar.' In pur-ult, tuppttied '?>' two '-paull, -lip "f
war oir the (oat. lp to dat.- m, encounter his
tak.-n place between the Government troops and Hie
n-h.-ls. li ls rumored thal the nbels propose to
surrender if lt i< gaaranteed that Heir Urea will be
Washington, Mav 2.- The State Department is
Ignorant oflktlally of the rt ported ma*rnwllonary
movement in Cul*. Nothing tearing cn Hie -ol.
(eel kai been received by h.- Depart men I from ibo
Spanish Legation in Washington for several month*
and m. iceni coann.unlcatloi.s concerning Hie mal
,,,- haye come from I tiled Stall ? dip oa,.,'l
or consnlai ..ince,. Assailant Sw-r?Lury Ad, ? be
Moves Ibal the movement I- noU-Ing more than a
renewal of the banditti system, which unVn many
onuortunlllea In Ihe slid and unsettled portion of
landon. May 'J- A murder and suicide arc reported
from ti,,- town of Gresford, in DeaMghtaln, wales.
Mr. whittle, ii rtaldeat di that place, bad rn her
urvlce a croom named Khelhrd. The pr,,om lind been
?ajoylag n holiday and returned to th,- taos* vestal
dav evening.' After lils return he follawed hts mi
tress lats her room. Miss Taylor, a companion of
Mr-. Whittle, heard a pistol IBOt, rall to tb" loom,
and found Mrs. Whltile dying. Sh.llurd bad
a revolver. Hs rtnboi upon mk- Taylor,
pressed ihe pistol to her head, and threatened lo hill
lier. While she stood paru ly/.cd with Par. Shollaid
ti,rned awnv. and kneeling down, off, red a prayer.
Then he turned thc revolver upon bin s. If and tired.
Mi-- Taylor ran out to summon help. Winn the re
turned with tsslstaaot, lt was found thal SheUard bad
,ut the throat "f his dyinp mistress, ami lilied lui
body on the l,,d. He bad (hen lain down beside her,
and heh were d<-ad.
The hii-haiiu ot Mrs. whittle is ,-i town councillor,
reaidlng st Cbarltoo, a suburb of Manchester bhciinrd
i ad born In 'he servlre of tho parent-" of Mr-. Whittle,
.?md an attachment bopan between ihe pair, whick
end'-d Iii Ike truPCl.v. At the lisp,est of his wife Mr
Whittle tool SbefJtrd Into his terrie* ts groom, but
ot, ace amt of the relation* between them Mr w hi it ie
som bli wife io Gresford. (-bollard wai loiiV yean
of ape. and bli vb nm wai twenty-eight.
Melbourne, May 2.?The depositors and shareholders j
Of ta* Standard Hank of Australia, wi,Uh suspended '
payment on April -j-*, bare adopted ? pian af neon
The Legislative Assembly In Sydney, New South
Wales, i.,,- passed ihe MU introdueid ky tho Govern?
ment to make ? hunk'- note- ike lir-i ehargi ea Itt
capital ami reserve luiil. and io ye-t In the Govern
n nt i!,<- power In >a-.- ,,f emergency, lo make i,m,k
not.., legal lender for i ipeclfled period.
norlin. Mav 3, j,,- A mj Ml! will b? brough! np
ind debated In lbs plenary slitting ,,f the Reichstag
to morrow,
rh* Aran hill compromise arranged between Cuan
cellor ron Caprivt and Fnlhcn von lluene, tho l lett
. al I. a.i.-r. rootalni n.detain :
The peace effective -hall be Increased hv SO.000
men al once, and In the course of Ike nest ll.
" 'rs Khali he ral-.-.i gradually anti) 70,000 men, or
| practically Ihe full number demanded recently by
j the i hancellor, iball bare been added lo tho present
1 Handing army. The -imv new batteries ,,f ii. ht
arllll,av -lal! have tour In lead of ida pun- each.
Ry t,1.,- concessions Him Indicated the expenditure*
contemplated bj ike Army bill will be reduced by
some 0,000,000 marks.
Von Caprlvl'! snppnaed ultimatum some three
'?.ks iga called for the addition al "toe of &0.000
mon io t'o peaee effective, Wlifle now ihatlng tali
drinan l part tall; '.- obtalni i an eventuaNty more
ilisti be was believed lo hare tho sjjgbtexl cbtnee ,,f
a.-. Just what Te re?ili nf Ihe ?rrtngrmenl
between him and Pretherr von Hnene win be i- still
in doubt. The Government na* not jot -eared a
majority, 'Hie eventual tucc**? of lt. .>(!..r'.s le do
?o depend* upon the following which fret orr von
lluene ran obtain union; the darice!* "ni upoa Ihe
:,.:i, )...r of Radical tilling tn rat loose fr?*n Eamon
i. ' er an-l rapport Ihe IIienel-Rlrkert-Btmberger
group in roting for th,< hill, both aro -un aacer
tain qimnttUe*.
The I'.n.ip.-ror'- arrival 1- awaited wita nnxb-te. a*
all ls believed lo gepeod up-.n the lalaence which
ho can oTert upon the party I sadr ri
Rmpernr William bas 'elo^raphed bal approval of
Ike compromise The tei-giam win be UM on tho
table tn tb* Reichstag to-morrow. The clerical
member* nf the Reichstag are mooline this evenlnp to
decide upoa their attitude toward Preteen von Haon**!
mincemeat with Hie ChanceUor, it I- nported thal
tho Conservatives, Imperialists, many National Liber
al-, twenty Radicals, tho ?ixteen Poles and icveral
Indepeadenti will rotc f.,r tho attended MB. ll
i-.i. ir v,,n Mu.no ctn rarry with him i fairly taree
number ,,f rb ri, al, ti,,- , tmpromtaa wlli gel t major?
The Radicals are In ? ijol domestic qnarrel over
Ike bill and the proposed cha gi I a-t evening the)
!,c|.i a c.m. n- which fr,un beginning lo end was et
ceedtngly itormy, Eugen Richter -poko vehemently
agalnsl Ihe lull, either a- lt i- or ai li "ill be nuder
the Caprtvt-Huene arrangement, and edel -?! nnit.^i
opposition '" ' ?? Government. Ile dre* up *n
amendment which virtually negaUve* tile whole bill.
but -.carol t!:o algnaturei I I |( of only forty .
nf Ihe drty-seveu Radical Deputies. tmonx the
iwenu di who did not iigu ti ? Ht score of v,.t,-s
sir.-..iv counted for tho Government, ind per ip two
01 three more,
No rep rt can yet'he obtained of th,- resat! of tho
ci. r,.al-' csneo*. It i- calculated thai tf but iw* ty
.1 member* follow prriherr von lin.-,.,-. ? maj *
Itt for Ihe comp i? a*<ured, ?* only fortj
'rr'\ flve vide* sre now reqnlnd Dy the Govet
finn I (erl. ?b and Radical*.
The g. mri i erin) lit the raak* ef the Opposition
l? highly lavoca Ne to t!,,- Government, -i- it will
rause mani membei who wen coot ted a ilUe bj
tb* Opposltton lo ttmttln fnm voting
A mo i j.j,ular feature "f lb* rompnmstt* I*
?i at the redui Hon < f lb* inenej den ind lej
lclinn,ii,.ii mt r' I .I1 .-How ,.f the :. I of I I
proposed ? v 1 ?? ? iii.il, - on fo-er :.t.,l spirit If 'i...
the whole question <?' says and means would
poned .-?:!.. ? ? ? t ??? ? ' '! I
nvi the expenditure ol I ?? Bi | ali month ba di
fi , .. ,: :.:? . I I COtltllbUtlol from Ul*
Pederal Wale*.
i mp! ROB w i i.i.i \ v WI I.. .iMi'i. in ami Bl BLAND
Hi-- RI PLY TO M ?. ni MC- -rn 'll
I.ac> mo. Maj S. 'I' o German Emperor and Bm
pi bad i cordial welcome to-day on t slr arrival
at Lucerne on their wnj bach t., Berlin fr.,m atti d
Ind Ki:p Humbert'* oliver wedding. The city I- en
J,.vile- a holiday, and I',.- -'root* aro brightly ,1.
rat ,i lu boner of ti," imperial vi-it,.r-. while crowd*
fnm all paris of Rwttrcrland hay.- ihroiip.il to the
-, el ...
I ,- Bmperor Md Rmpnw arrived on t iteamer
h, - li h ll ? v ;. ,,< < rossed the Lake of Lucerne,
They were greeted bj mlvoes ol artillery and the
b. arti cher- ol the issembled multitude. The Min
i ?? of the Repnblli welcomed the Imperial traveUen
at Ihe landing, ind they partook ?.f a dejeuner tl
-...:,bi, the President ol i ie ' onfcderat|on, K.ui .
made a ipeecb. President *eh*nh -aid thal be r>
jolced at ibe excellent concord maintained between
liermany and Swltseriand. The latter count rj wai
deeply int.-r. -.-.i ia ..li .,. i ? lending >,? preserve Ihe
peace ,.l Europe, which be wa conffdenl would con
mu- while t .. German Rmpi-ror remained Hie power
lui .ai irdlan and defender ol pe.ii...
Klllpcrnr William Iii r, ply thanked tl," sm, Na
Hon for Ihe cordi .1 recepUoti which Hn-j had given
lo Im and exprc isl a Imp, ll il Hu- > \, i ll. nt i- I i
t bi-tween hwiiM-rlaiid and e.rm.mi would con
ill ie, l lie imp.-rial pal". then n uin.-il Heir
Journey, pi". ? .dm.' lo Ila le,
i:. rim. Maj ?_'. i:.- I ? ; i?r' ii parti arrived In
Carlsruhe from Lucerne thl nftcmoon. They were
received bj th* l?rand Duke ol Haden ind lils -nib'.
Vb rina, May ?_' Kmpcror Pram Joseph left h, r,'
for linda I'.-Hi today, a lart-.- crowd cheered bim
at tin- station. The Bmperor ls expected to nmaln
s.-v.ral weeks in Radi Pestb. rill Will ba bl* lir-t
\i ii io iv .rv since Ibe freedom of lt wa- granted
to I.mn- Km uth,
? ? ?
lili'.lNM.Mi A BIG ajTRIKM AT Dt'XDEB,
Dundee, May -j Nineteen Hum and working people
employ.si in the jin,, ii,in ai thi. pince kare gone
ma ,,n .-ink,.
rm; ohio mixers? STRIKE.
RIVALRY in ru ll \ lill. OPERATORS CA L'S KS
Colambos, Ohio, May S (Special). The situation lu
the miners' strike i becoming more complicated and
both Ibe operalori and union men give evidence al
weaknes*, ri,, ie l* rtralrj and ? .n i i--i-.it,i<- t.-.-i
lng between the large and ,m,n operators, tb* bitter
claiming ibat Ihey bare been treated nnfalrlj in Ibe
-ai,, ol ti,.- product of their mine*. Several ..T Ibe
-ni.ili'-r operator* have signed lb* advaaeed aeals
and oilers have >lpi,lli,s| ti,, lr Int-iiHon ol rleMIng
to tho demands al ihe minor-. The harper grass are
hoMlag out agttasi the tdraoee. ai benair,, lb*
inlm ls held I meeting and derided lo accept the
proposition of ibe operators lo*go lo work ai th*
adlai,ced tctle pending a settlement of Ihe difficulties,
bu! they were ordered Ml bv lb* union. I me thou
-and min,-rs at Shawnee at t maai inseting voted t-,
return to work at the old teal* and s.-nt a delegate
lo Ho- lo adipiarl. r- of lb* nliioti III this . 11\ to tn
form tho oin, er- of the action. Al several of Ihe
min's in th* Hocking Valley meeting* were h-ld lula
afternoon and resolution* w.r>- adopted bi -land by
the action of the eater* in ordering Ibe strike.
Ilaillinor.-. May -J (gavciall -TU* HU-" es nf tho
John- Hopkins Calrerattj *e*t completed all ar
ranpeai.-nl.s for lb* cMahllihmoiit of tho medical
school neat tall. Tb* foUowtng ipyadeaateati t<> the
facultj are anaoonced'. Dr. .i":" ?'? Abel, al the
CMveratty of MIcMgaa, it-f.--or of Pbsrmacology; Dr.
Kian:.iii, P. willi, of tho Cnirersltj ol Cbtatze Pn
festor of Aattomy; Dr. will mi H. HaweB. af lae
Harvard Medical arl.I. I'mbs-r >1 PbytHalegJ
Dr .1 Whltridge wi'iiam-. ol BaRlamn. Associate
Professor of Obstetrics: Dr. Ilanu Kobi.... of tte
.1..:,u- ib.p, lu- Hospital, A-", late PHrfmoi of
?.vca.,..-I : iir J. M. I. Finney, af (be John*
Hopkin- Hospital, Attadale l>"le-sor of aorgery
lour of thc Beefeater! axe eraduutcs ol Ul- Hookina.
Praaci* ll Weeks, tb* lawyer, ol So. 82 WalLst.,
whose deposition (r,.m thc presidency nf the West
I Superior Land ind Improvement Company, tad Un
| tnnonncement ti,.,' .., bad m de ? person il i ilga
j mein, hon, were nude publti on Mond,-, ofter.n.
could not be found yesterday. HU friends
taM thal he had been 111 for som*
tim-. In fact so ill tnit he had not been ible to il
lend properly lo bl* i-u-im--. ind thal he anally
had talon the advice of 1,1- physician* and had gone
lui., the country, lt wa* said that be went to bis
summer home al r<>M Spring, L. I.
i n.- of the m.-ii '.v.,,, j- laking ttl a.-tlvr part In the
essmlntttc* of ike book- of tar , impany i- tuthorily
foi- tn- itatemenl Tl,at Mr. Week* ha- not 1.u In
a in condition to transact business for
a long Um". Mr. Weelu went away
without niaklnp n statement to hi- ns.
tig. B. w. i,. Welling, ..f bl* condition, and Mr.
Welling -aid yesterday thal ii" had received more
lnforma*|on fr,,in the newspaper* tad thc new paper
m. n than ho had leeured from Mr. Weeks. All Mr.
Week* turned orer to him wa* i ll-i of the properties
? hlch be I- -aid to own iii Weal Superior.
uno of Ihe nason* why thc itockhoMen ni the
Wesl .-ap, nar Land Com pa nj withed i,, depose Mr.
Weeks fr mu lb* presldeiirj .,f the rompanj wa*
thal t ,-v i:, i not !,? .11 .1'.; ? ?., ie ure from him, lu
lb* I.i-t nu", yean, a statement a- io the con
dltioni of the company.
Tal- company na- organised len yean aga un.lei?
th., hm- of .v.v. .i. ,-.??,. with a raphal tock of
?700,000, .-.'.-.ral Ka-b rn i ,p lab-:-, who hil
travelled tt th,- lietd af Lake superior, iw then a
lar,-e fortune in I,ni ip-eula Hon. Wesl Superior
then hud a population of I--- Hi,a 500, I ? ron
pam- Marted in to "boom" the to-.m. but lt hod lit?
tle ascot-** un il Mi. Weeks sod tome of bl* friends
troi, aoM of b and pushed lt, Plve jreara apo he
bought .n?i than* of Hw Land and Improvement
Compaaj itach and in-, arith bb friend*, ie<-ared
control nf the company. Mr. Week* wi el ried
president, iccrettry tod maturer, t'nder ike a.a
of incorporuiloii th,to were gve dlrecten ind mei
,'on-i-1eii ,,f Mr. W*ek* lad f.,ar of lil- Immediate
friend-. Mr Weeba poshed affairs +> inceeasfully
that if he hud .-limp to the hud wham* alon- he
would bare I,ecu to .lay ? rich man, at thou ab ppm
em itt We.st guperior ba* I.n ,,,i the decline f,.r i
year or two, T * company laid out the town site
aa li na-* itands, laid oat streets, balli tewera ttid
marked ,,|t th- land la bUttdlng 1,'-. Th( Wesl
- ipertor barb** I- t good ene, much finer than Ihe
harbor a' Duluth, t * neat bi rival, 'ii, -. con
?tanti? I* h-ins dr-dsed out for H.,- lake boat*. The
company offend excellent Indn ementi tn manufi
tur.-r- io po t , Weal Superior, ind i.'"' i number ,,f
large msnutj turing purnta established lhere,
a.'ht i .e bind company ventun arti -a.-,??? ?fui
Mr. Weelu secured gnan lal backing an I went Into
butlnet* on bl "'in sccouut, ll organised I ??
V e-t Superior Iron and glcel ' lupin, bought .an!,
bulli ' mei at -i |, .: s' ?) ?'. ?; i ? - ., n i ..T .a
enterprise*, To larry on ,,|i <t t.: ...- -.i,, .,,:,,
peDed '.. borrnt money right an i i-f:, and ll wa*
?nd ywterdSj I asl I lere w** it letti ?. ul
bl paper m and iround WSI1 street. The r.at tlgbi
c.- ..i t ?? mon*) market sud fte falHn* "ir in
vaia,- ,,f aome ,,f ike |: ip*rtl, a li i be waa in
lng to . .ur- ne ? .? ?? ei ind on i ut Satur! it h.
r, * .<si point -.. rould not p t m ?re i
rklch to Hd< ? time*
rame. Ile di Ided to maxi
RoCentlV, loo, ' ? di 111 fl ' nu nf ih" ll ?' i
: ? Mi r ,.' Ih 1 in I n I lm| i ? em n C ? ,; an. i a li ?!
- , ? ? Hiing tu
tecun control of lt. They employed the law linn
nf Sui Ivan d Cromwell, of Mo. i . Wall it., to In >k
out for Mi, lr Inti r* ? -. Mr, Promt ? H Hr : -'??;? t as
? , e. Intern io tl , ter by
nf dil. , I'.r ? OUld I." Im ri a. id fi "ii
gve to six. I be innual meet g was held oi Monday
noon, and Uh- net ' art ,,f directors was
elected ii:in.r . ' president ?-: Ihe Bank
,.f Non:, Am. rica; -. K Kilner. William Rel ?
i cornwell, ll, ll. william*, '.. - Baxter, C. A. sp.,r
ford. W, J. < url!-, ll. L. lielklmp. lillian Dowd,
Henry W. De 1 r ll bi ?! R. ll. ll ill,
i.ie* dins-tor* Immediately chi ? Mr. Van N"r
<;? n, pr -i nt, i nd Mt Kilner iecn-1 ii j and tr-- ,
.rer. A -hort time previous lol - hy the new
Board of Direetori Mr. Weehi sent In his resigna?
tion fn.'a ihe Ihne offlce which he ,-l.i. Ai nnipn
%.:v Hie letter of resignation wa an announ ene-nt
thai be li "i nude i i?r... ii :, Ignment. The i.-t
information caused more iiirpri*e than the noltre >,f
,- gt lllon. dome ..' Hie -t-,ckh,ih|,-|-- Were "\
tremelj nervoui after ti "i learned thal Mr. Weeks
uad made i personal n Ignment,
Br. Welling, the .-,.i..|,e,. i,| yeiterdaj 'hu* Mr.
Week* had turned orer to bira i Mst ol excellent
properties, and be thought thej uonlil more Hi.ni
meei all .,f bli obttasUou* ii" -ant be had not had
lime to examine Into the vaia,- ol the pi ipertlea, bul
be knew that they represented flrstclas* holdings.
Some of Mr. Weeks'! Mend* declared thal be did not
need to make on isalgnment, ind thnl the prop rtt
be h. ld in Wesl superior wu in.,r.- than ample
I,, pay every dollar thal be owed III liabilities are
placed al betweei 1*0 ."?"> and fl.oai.OUO, but thu
yapo- ,.f ld- astell eaanol i?- known for some time,
a meeting of th" new director ot the West -u
perior Land und Improvement ('onionnj was held ye
terda] st ii,,- olin.- af -. I-'.. Kilner, the new ->?, rotary
and ir,a nfl-, and an examination <>f the i,,?,,], wa*
begun Mr. CremweB, who i- the tttorney for Ibe
net board, ind ls n's.. m.* ,.t the director , wa
by i I iiiaiue reporter tn -1 night after Hie dty'a meei
III,' WI o\,'l.
?We did nothing lo dav.'- he -aid. '?except io l?
.?in aii txandnallon of the book* m a hn-m,-- like sort
ni ray."
- i>i,| y.m lind inythlt I wrong In Ham . '
" ,\o . nit BM far a< W? have gone. '
?? Do inn expei i io
"Thai I ran not answer."
Mr, Weeks was not al the meeting. Mr. Cromwell
? I really <!'? md knot where lie I . I have nu
-.-??ii him for -,,1,ral dui-." Mr. I i,linnell reldled in
nil wei In the i|m lloil. hie lou Itoard ,,f <tii ? < i <o |
will ai,-.a dally until th* booka lisve had. ',
,,\ i rim uti iik
Hi WH ll ne did not know i.--i,iin w ... w?-re Ri
Weeks'* creditors. Ile 'ld Ibat .ne lind yet Collie
lorn.h.I. li sn* leaned In i night, however, llial
ino-i of ii,,, in ,|,. >j i,o owe* I- due io bank and I ru i
, ompahi, ..
? *> ?
I.I KIHI.Ill I - OP \ ll RI SH I i ". A\'l> ITS
bkiM'in.s abui i ri.o.
The liri larc- failure In Ihe clothing trade due
io ti,.- lal.- ipring weather came y. tterdsj when four
retail clothing .-tal,III,mont-, two ,.f which nr? In
this cttg and two tu Pittsburg, closed Ibelr doon,
ll,, tiru, nam.-- tn Hil- elly iii" A. Il Kin,- A Cu.,
of N" . ikJ7 ami 020 Broadway, and I obu, Itali A <'o..
of Ibe ?nine address The PHI burg h,.u-- ire tile |
ntt*titirg lom!.iiiatlon Llnthlng ' ompaoj and Solomon
COhfl A Cn, Hu four e-l.ihl! hm,ail- belong io tlu-e
in,ii. Adolph ll Kiln;, l-uloi loin, and I ador Ball.
They me brother* In-law. (.'ooo. Ball * Ko, wai tb*
original atm, lt waa ? clothing manufacturing con
, ,-rn and tl,.- retail ptsce* sold tin good* manu
nurtured by lt, The retail iirm wa> estaWlsbed al.t
twenty years ago. The credit of the linn alway* bal
boen btgb, and ininti syn,palin l- expressed na ill
ablet for tin- member* al ll The lalluie I- du* lo
tho cold weather, whlrh left unsold haw Boen ot
?arly spring gouda. The bal.illili- ol the arm sn
ahoiit gti7&.O0O, ami th,- nominal u--et- trill com* ap
IO this amount. The assignee I- I.p 'ld W.-ll.
When it wai kerned that ibe linn wa* in iroui.l
many offers nt assistance wen made lo lt, but th*
member- dbl Bul an their wt] clear lo keep out -,f
trouble ev, n willi tbll assistance. Thej Ihenfore de
lermtaod lo mah,- tt taslgnment without preference*
for the bsnefft of ih.'lr crediton. The Indebtedn a
is (hi, fly for borrowed maaey and maleriali .<i In
the maaafaetan af etetatag. The brm ilwaj bi
beta rated Illili In trade i lui.-.
Alszaadet i.binien-nci, of Blaae*a*tt< i ,v Hinch,
lawyers for lb* dchiors and the assignee, whet
?en at hh home. No. IO* Baal Beventy
Illili |j si . bj I ri,I,inp. -aid Iii I lil' an: '
icpoii.r: "A. II. King -\ Co.. Cohn, lb?U ?'
Co., of ihi> nTi, and Sol. Cohn a Co. and ihe riii
Lorg Comblnaibm Chit hint f'ompnuy, ol llttsburg,
failed lou.r, i..i ..hom -j:.,..am without prelennt-e*.
Hi. failure wta du.- ii, had weather and th* close
monet market. Work wat begun thia afternoon on
laking an inventor) of stock li aili be Impossible
tor teven] days to lonni bm canal tattuat ol the
assets, although lt ls supposed they arc about gSTii,
The last report of Edwin Booth'! phy-lclans. given
i oat at midnight last night, waa ? fsvsrsbt* ?.
During the day yesterday conflicting itories thant
Mr. Booth'a condition were clrcaUted and published,
lu. St, i lair Sinlih, Mr. booth's regular physician,
wa* quoted :i- laying tba! Mr. Booth was hotter, and
Dr. I Fremont Smith, who I- abm In attendance, was
made authority for the itatemenl that Mr. Booth was
: gradually linking. Dr. St. Clair Smith was greatly
; annoyed al Ihe conflicting itories, and expressed In
di ena Hon tn the reporter* when be arrived at the
Players' i lah to si Mt hu patient last evening. After
j a consultation of about hair an boor boin doctors
rtmc io (he door and requested that tho following
' bull,-Un be published :
Ai there kan been *o nany misleading ttateawtbi at
? tho rtmh nper* ?.min:: mir aplnlBat. Wt Ulsb to
' -Ut" that fr.ua the lli-t ii,,,rn,-nt. sf Mr. B***b'l lilia"-.-.
wu have beet In p if ct Beeoid a* lt ih>- dlaga**li ind
pros lava of ia* caa*. \t. aa Uaw have on atatemeata
Mr. Booth'a i -.,i,diti,,n hi* bara bettor sinoe gpa day,
lad particularly il .ran; me laat n-eaty-four hours.
Hr. St, Clair Smith said thal Mr. Koeth was retting
easily, thai be had - itt, hui atrength to move about
In ld- bed and io apeak to ihn-e In hi- room. The
only nouriahnieiil be could tik.- wis u.piid food, bul
be wai aide to take enough ,,f Ibu lo sustain Bf* and
Strength, Dr. Smb., -aid that Mr. Booth was an eg
Homely -ick 'nan. bat thal there wa- a potslbtUty
'hat be might recover. Tin- latest lymptoms, h.
- ni. were 'le mo-t fBVorable,
Notn ith-tniiiilru ta,' statement! of the pby stein ns,
members ,f ih" .lui. yesterday expressed Hr- belief
that Mr, Booth coubi not gel Well, .-md th it ht- family
uni pliv-l< ian- Wen' boping again*! hope- Mr. and
Mr-. I. K iii'.,- ian. Mr. Booth'* son-in-law and
daughter, were wit! him most of th,- da>*.
isufTuio. May - f?p*ri*l).?Whee .lam,-* Hanrahan,
> prctideni of the Common council, and ono ofSheehae'i
\ lieut.nant-, bore, was lUspended .md the sheehan
"Sneak" hill wn* U\n Mocked, ho protested that he
; wan n a guilty, a- charg'-d nf tmttetstBce lu
j office. Mayor Bishop has rome to ih,- ssas* eooetu
I .-ion. and decided nceordtagty to-day. Tba dc. l-l.m
waa above polttica for the Mayer I- a Cbweltad Dem
ocrat, hi.I imo member* >>f 'be Cleveland Democracy
brought tia- charges agalnit ffbeehaa'i min.
But th* di-mi--il ,,f th,, charges against Hanrahan
i-j liol to b* t:il..-ii a< :i -Iga Ihnl th" two Wlagl of
, ihe Democratic pim- In Krio County un- about lo
ii.ip together. The Mtgror'i name i- Hm grst of thoa*
gned to Ihe circubir catting f..r t meeting to organ
; Ize tb* ind.-pendent Democrat! lo-monow nisriu. Tb*
.. irge* bruugbl in revenge by lb* siu?inm m.-n
a gol nat lom- boU-M.oin CoancMaatn were tia* dbi
. mn-,si io day by lbj' Mayor.
I'.-r- may be aa Interesting scene In Albany to>
murro* night when a delegation ..f Buffalo m.-n is to
apt--ii before tiovernor Plower io protest against the.
i. ii-'n in ;,.,. ,'i.,i,, willed ihe Leglsbtan pawaed
ai .-h.-eiian's behest. Th* delegation will bo beaded
Iv I N. Adam. Who, as chairman of ile- I'ltl/en-'
< oinmift e, waa Hie hr-t to -den lil- mme in tn.. ,.tn
phatb and pointed letter --in ;.. Governor Plower hy
representatives ?f i|?. better > lcm. ul of Buffalo n
gardle*. ..f party, felling hun what tbev thought >f
lam foi- breaking in- -mrd and doing sheehan s bal?
ding. I' i- ibought that th- wrath which tai- let
nous,-! in liovortior Ptowrr'i bosom will lead
: bim io free h.- mind lo .Mr. Adam. I':.- latter ls
ai.!.- t-, tiii,,. ,,.t himself, however.
rhe in.j'll" before Mayor Bishop Into the chgrge*
? t'onirollei (tsvin f,,r permitting tax-rolia to
I remalli ill lil- olin.' heiohd (lie till, ly day- .-pei 'Hied
In th. .V irt? ? r. which wat tel down for t i-da.v. was
lid Jon med f,,r i week, owing t? the unavoidable
Butene* .,f i.intel for the complainants.
Port Worth, Tex., Mai -j v. iterday the deed was
recorded '.'ai brSnafomd to Q, W. PtmntOU, for a
-in.ii. .1.. composed of tim Hammondi, ,.? Chicago and
Ho*ton, and rtpittRstl of i his , itv and Omah*, all
m.. prop,nv known as th,- Port Worth PSoMng and
l-l i Worth I chu stock Yards. Th" farm-rs and
M mles' bank transfer* tblrty-one ores of land
aial il," [co lum; Ti,.ii ? -' plant for gSldgOOO, Tho
Board ..f Hir.-.t.rs ,f ihe I nt, n Mock Vardi Com?
pany by resolution trantfen J00 a.-res of Intid and all
improvementi for i?i;ia.oih>. m. c. kim- sad wife
fr.in-r.r ?J,.'.'l aero* foi 1*7,000, and other por-,,ns
land saaTegatlng ti rt > sere* for si-j..'.no.
II. ?'. IllUngbast, of Chic a po, now- on lils way hero,
I- t., be general lupertati nd,.nt of tho new concern.
The planl "Ul be enlarged until lt equali lu -l/.e any
Kan ? i lty <on, ern. Tho ro up-iny ba- cont nu as
willi 1'exa* cattlemen ownlr.g 2,000,000 cattle for ?
supply, Sheep and hoc- will be slaughtered
ni .. nu .yndlcite, in iddlllon t> property bought
y, i. i-.i h. ba* option* on laud oonttgtiJMti to the
pa, I.,-i-\.Hinting to BIM, KM.
Baltlm re, Maj S.?Governor Brown h:i* appointed
John Mitchell i;..i.p on Chtef Juatle* of tho L'turt of
Appeals, vice Rlcluird ll. Airey, appointed hy Pteel
deni ' I.-v. land < lilef Justin of the new supreme
Conrl nf ih-- [Matriel of Columbia. A. Hunter boyd
ni- made bj il,, tiovernor Associate Justice of the
lour of A pp, iii ind I'hlef Justice of the Fourth
.lii.il.. il DUI rid.
two of rm: ro.vt ffTff WERE or tiif. raroric.
Boston, May 2, A ipcctal rable dtar*tcu to "Tho
Herold" from Lindon say- thal Lynch, the convict,
lu au Interview dated that two of bl- companions
in hi- escape through Ihe -.nor from Um Charlestown
(Mnss.i Mat., prison, Daniel Mullen ind John
t'onuors, were lest with the Men mei Karonie.
I.imli -ai- thal alter their ? ?-. ap" Ibey made re
pi it.-.i pnsaagi* buck and tori li across lb* ocean as
rattle m.ii on ^teenier* plying between Liverpool
and london and Bew-York and Beaten. Mullen and
Connors took passage cn the Nannie, .and per
auaded Lynch to Join Hem. lb- yielded lo Heir
pei na I. ii-, thinking thai lils personal appearance
lind -'? clanged that ill dnr.ger of recognition lu bi
native laud was pt -..I. mid hooked him-,If with
ih, in for th- trip no,,.. ||..-un. Mallen and
i oi a, .I... i.incii --ii-., got aboard Hie Menmer lust ,-is
Hi,. I, a hawser na, IhroWII from lb* phrlnuil, bul
be arrived loo lat*, os Ihe Maranie waa aimer tow
d,nii Ho river. Vnl!"ti and Connor- Were Hi*
only men ol the puru ol nine who escaped from tb*
t'harte town prison who ii.nt not boen recaptured.
Lynch i> a\. ?? I.lon ,m ii,,- Majestic on Wednesday, In
i lunge ol Detective Btu ates, of Boata*.
Mtrs gil ARR TAKER TO .ia 11.
rilli, .-lon. N'. L. Mav '.! (.Special). Mr-, .-hann wai
arrested la i night bj Coroner ('authur, al Trenton,
,n Hie -ii ph ion ol pols,-nilli; her mn, John P.
rhaiili. A iioud of fully :t"<? liet-ons siirroiindi'd
the h,,u-., and hcoted Mi- shaun as she uti brought I
DUI. the na. calm and aelf-possettsed, however. '
She va- driven directly to Trenton and placed In
|*|| Before Ibe sereu look piece. Pt.color stock?
ton i,,ok ibe wan-.an to Harvey Uohinson, the fore?
man of Hi. jury, to alga. Mr, Kohl,ison roland lo
do -o. however. This heil,,; the c:i>o, Mr-. "diann
cai be gdmllted to hail ir she secure* the approval
ol ex-Governor Abbett, now Justice of the Supreme
Court. Th- body of her husband. Pndertch shaun.
mn lie ,-Xlnimi-d, probable lo n,orroiv. lie died b.st
NovemlH'l mid, i c\c<-cio.|,glv -n-pl, Inn- eli, iiin-lan.e-.
and ll I- cnlid, nib < -pelted to lind traces of potion
lu 1,1s body._
Mit rr rm: \isrm iv forger. ARMMRTRD.
I'lniinnati, Mn C.? ba gar* Blest Adntt, the
Austrian forger who stole aoojMM Item bis country?
men, trna an,-iel al - p. m. today nt tho Cteetaaatl.
llamilloii and Dallon Kail road di pot. .Ile wa- lake*
to Ibe Central Pollc* WaUaa and when Manbed
s,-y,-ral pawn Ikketi for diamonds, rings and ollo-r
j. w, ii j uer* f,u nd. bul ne numejr. Ile had heavy
bracelets itv,led on his wrists, ami War* line
gurtan with gold bm kies
reriialidlna. Kia.. May -J lipeclul) ?-The KnglMi
iramp steamship siorra Lee, Captain Halley, bound
from I bli pori fer Hamburg withs cargo of pbssmoote
rock, n.-ni isbore hud night on the south letttat ut
Cumberland Sound, about Iv* miles from this place.
The -hip lb- In a dan^-mus position ui.d may gb lo
piece*, sh. ls con-Ubiably stralu,-d aa lt ls. BaTortt
will be made with lugs la gd ber off. Th- pilot tart
tiiiit io- could not at* thc buoy. It was a bright
moonlight ulfUt.
it may BE .UNI-: i BEPOBE EVEBTTHI sr. xx
Bl ynv-sr.vi.UM. OP Tin-: gUILDfXOa sn Lb ?
[nv Tt liomin to tim-: triiunk.]
Chicago, .May g.?After the (amiens* en erda and,
tb,- general air ol narrah itt ,!a<-k ,,n Park \o.ter
day. tin- World's Fair teemed to-day to reta***
by comparison Into ? painfully dall and anahaatasal
state. With the s-iim' of relaxation natoml after
so earnest gu effort lo put thal great Fair into
presentable condition tor the opening eeremtoii**,
the hseompleteneaa ol the exhibition became even
mme strongly marked, and thc sign* af pimpara
tloo and inatallntioa on every hand wey* ap?
parently as pronounced as they have brou at any
time In tho nooks i* b re the groun lt tee opened
to flic public. So far as the work ol building tho
Fair is concerned, yest rday was, in tact, simply
? brie! breathing apetl. Karly this morning an
I army of workmen took np lim tanjrlrd rna* whet*
I they were left on Saturday, and department chiefs
, mumed their occupation of haat-mlng thal <lel?ot
tb|e day, probably about Jinn l, a/ken tl." Ex
potltion will ix- entirely completed.
The employes who swanned through the pass
safes this morning would have BUade a r.-pectable
afc ,laii,e for most show*. Ii:-ult- th* gie*jm4g
they teattered everywhere Iron the banks of tho
] lagoon to the huge roof af the Manufactures
Building, igainst which they made g half-dozen
little clusters 'ike Hies. Indee th* sam" roof
the -.sue resembled t mir suddenly cmverted into
the freight-house of t pruaperout railway line.
In the Minos and Mining department ono or two
Western States have their forks, highly interesting
to tho mineralogist, aa doubt, bat other exhibitg
aro hardly beyond tho plans and >pecitieations
Tho Art Building and Horticultural Hall were
cloted entirely, au 1 most of the other gnni de?
partments wore pracftoally Impateable hr na mw of
the w,,rk being done In unloading and artaagaag
tim exhibit*
The fair weather nf thc ntjornint had dried the
wilks end carriage-* ayi so that paaaare frmi one
part of 'ho groundt to an,,tier was made raaf and
practicable, and boote ol tho ties and plant*
along the aveline had taken "nitrate to htaaaaaaV
But altogether, notwithstanding the Improved con?
ditions overhead and underfoot, the Exhibition
looked bater and cruder, perhaps, than it did
yesterday, when the interest nt the fri I anthill
of the opening ami th. vast and crowding toonga
of sjghtseen gave to the aeeneg in Jaekgoa Park
aa animation and excitement winch more than
made np f,,r th., defectt ot incompleteness and tho
miseries of locnrat ti,-n. The reaction from yes*
terday showed it?..-)f eonspieuonly in tb* at?
tendance at tho Fair, which could not have ex
(roded 25,000 or .'io,ooo.
There is still some dilute about tho size of
the crowd which visited Jackton I'ark on tba
opening dav. Many ot Ilse morning newspapers
estimated yesterday's crowd at fr.-m 300,00* to
400,000, Th|g afternoon, <m a doter count at
tho Exposition grounds, tho total of paid ad?
missions was reduced to about 140,ono. Perhaps
in.niin or oii.OOO persons wore admiftwl on
passes, hot the oNaot number Ins not yet hoon
ascertained. According te those Igor**, thc paiil
attendance yesterday w is nearly twice as groat
as that at the Philadelphia Centennial Exhi
I bit ion on the opening day. There were at Fair
? mount park Ti'.,iT'.' paid admit*!ona aa aba; io,
lsrr., and the total, paid and fr>-e, asa* l00,dTS.
On the following day. which wa* fair, the paid
admission* dropped to i 1,722. The t'sures lor
the four sin-..ding i'a vs were 10,25*, ll,eSn,
10,804 and T.O.Iti.
Only a few time* during the Exhibition did
the figure* exceed those of ihe Chicago opening
day. On l'ennsihaniii l?.-y they mushed :2dT,
100; aa Delaware, Maryland ami Di-triot of
i Columbia Day, 101,355, and on tho dav of tho
international pyrotechnic contest. 170,204. Thorn
will 'a- many rfaya at thia Fair, m> doubt, on
I which the total attendance will equal, if aol ea>
i teed, the highest fignres retched al Philadelphia.
', Even'with the backward "tate ol the ExhiMthM
! to discourage visitors, it i- not likely thal tho
I daily admissions, for this week rna fall anything
like a* low at they did at Fairm .mit I'ark fruin
1 Mav 10 to May 15.
The wind was blow in,.' ttrongiy from tho west
tliit morning, tho tirst time In ? week thal it
1 has Mown Hom that quarter. It wai nut until
noon, however, that the blue -ky actually mad.*
its appearance, and then it wat only 'or ? short
'? tune While th.- clouds wen rolling hoivih ro
; waul the lake, tho wind waa growing freaber, and
by tho middle ol the afternoon the uti.phera
was chilling. There were no large crowd*, af
pei pl.-. tt was ihe cate yesterday, preesin*. toward
the railway termini m ll, many ttMngent wore
in the ttreeti til rh.- ruorniiia*, and arriving al
the grounds one encountered a goodly number of
visiton. ono ot tim attendsnta, however. r
marked that il.rowd was reilly only about thu
number at the lott Sunday opening.
The around* were In much better condition than
yesterday : in fact, mott of the roads wore per?
let. ami even tn better thane than they would
have bren if the sun had Im'.-ii thfagfatg. Thc sand
and gravel, owing to the wetnett yest..play, have
become pack,s| under the weight of the crushers
and rollen that aro constantly moving upon their
turfuce, and the terapen have carried oil mitch
of the acciimu'ated mud. About the WOlSt spot*
won- kn the northern end- af the tTounda, arouml
the Art Building and along the avenm * aa whicli
front the St.no building* and the edlfteeg of fags
cign countriea; and the south inuit al the Manu
factutea Building and the Munn: Buildiag, whore
long lim s of loaded box-Can BK still standing.
All day ]n\\n teams aero hauling the contents of
these ciirs over the plank-muds into thc aTtnl
structun them-,.hos. especially in tho building
of ihe Liberal Arts and Electrical Kali. whlVi tn
th,- Mining Hui! lin- iiinl the Transportation
Building movable derricks wen al work thlitsajj
the beary material which gue* to make np the g*>
hibita ami the frames tor thc construction of the
not ai,i. Tim mt i.m\ s OPERF.D.
Some irritation was caused on account of re?
fusal io admit people to certain parts of tho build?
ings whore w irk araj bb**! actively. |*taf "n.
'Ibo north uni the aauth end" ol Horticultural
Hall are practically closed. The line Arts build?
ing will continue its "no admittance'' alga* until
everything i* put in plac,-. 'ibo Hall ol Klee>
lrielly i. extremely Isarkward, ami there it
nothing from day to day indicative of pte*rebj in
the installation ol exhibit*. There are loni;
stretches of blank s|?aces and long Bil** of nia
ohinery and boxes, but tlierr- are vi-iblo lew
si-iiie of labor tn e,.f them into shape. M icliiner.e
Hall is making tine progress toward a htate of
There bas been mai ked improvement In th*
condition of thingi in Agricultural Hall, but still
the appearances bore aro ii it what were prom'aod
or what they should be in \ i*W of th" fact that
the loni li: a has leen ready ard the exhibita
liave h<>en well in hand. There is no doubt, at
previously expressed in these dispnt-hcs, that much
of thia delay hus lioen duo to tho foolish jealousy
en thc part of exhibitors kat there should be aoiuo

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