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A: ADIMV OP MIMI-'J?8?The Black Crook.
BUi'T Till.Mill S s || s yesas St cr.
Bl'.i'AH'.V v V rill, v 111!.?ij-l'aiija-idruiii. ?
t taiNO?g 1">? AUonta.
< i.it Min .s, nu.vu:: % | ii,, ip tater.
DALY - ITU A i III, - Ike f.,.?. .
aJfl'IBP TIIKATKK '-' 13-i amil. --S :l".-TI:e (.ii! 1
1 .fl ll.llllld M".
Pl fm WT MT Tlll..tl|;l _? |g s |3 -he -r. op, t.
C >r.(ju I
liAi'.Di \ tiii viki s ?:!? The Peet and I^rppet*.
i.llvMi (INIKai. PALAt'K I' ??-- i lui. lan.
UM i\n 'i'll', v Hoi -: : s ii, ? spirt-atsa.
il xiiiiii. vs - mii.a ii:;. .' -.i;.!.:. and ti,,- Pew
Hu ul" I
li lt BLI ni i" ti v hoi BK - i". v Pa :,. Mai i.
MOiTl MADlkOX gai'AJUi TIILA'im.-s :.))-* Tilp
to t'Mh.toMli.
Kli-M.l. 1. UiAl, -s- I .tn- g Vu,d.vllle.
I..' Kl M . iii. \i Ul ? :; ?? ia.- '.obi iHaBB.
>!\:>1- N ti i \i;i ,,\i;i>;.s it?? r >iio?
sl.v.Mi.i; i \\ .TiiLv IK ,-i. ft?Xk* ii.i- Geards.
n," ?
Ml -i ii Al I. v-t: -r,,ii ? i.e tare.
CA I l(>.\Al. Ai AU!..?1Y Ol Di-M'.N tin.." sad Dedg*
i'?./e i\.|-.:.--,.
l'Al.Ml- Tl - I ?: i v l lil - I i >..- .il Bags,
role) URO I > i>- i Ba abai
KT AR '111 KAT Bl - 13 I M id Baig ita,
I'XltiM -gr vin III KATHI - Ku M.- three.
lt l ll -ITU ' l Ml KATHI - I" lr ill HI ?' - ...
.'nfcci to Aui'ntiocnicnis.
Tam '". Rage, lol.
An useti.eui. i I '? II-.: .- , , ?
Aaa* -..- ? . ? nt- '? ,t I. -? ,. I,,, s i
Auction .-*,? I., j - \ M ? in,,, t | ||
Katti- S 4 I.- -? ? | 1 ,1 I)
Hai,)-,:- \ i r.s. i? lu >, Marriage* v Do-aiii. ..
li * i \ t: wm. ii ... :. :i
|.u-i,i .. . ,,i,i ? - ?> .,T-. inru.ii l j ;: ,
1 . .- Note e* ..ll | Musical ll.Sl lill' ut- ll ii
I .,| Mt , r-l V Not .11 I \."> Cahill ^1 .. ? h I
i ......tr, l*?.?ri ll 3 .ii su-amer ii 12
Dm lem. S.ii ea in il I'..1,l r Notice . li .*.
PKeMtaAIng ii 2 K.*sl I ?Uli . a lt
|JaaB*s| ? Billi .Hon- i; \,.i . - 7 li
vt mic I .. '.i | - Hallro la il . Li
|)i, "... 'ls -, i ppet lal .Noll. ? - 7 .'?
I I - -"..- ll 2 -|...r ii.i li I
. i. IO 1 Bl laitMnt. ll I
rina a- ni I ... i.m.i 11 i -,,, I;. -..-? .,-,'- u t
lilli.,, i>i Meelina* lu ii ?-'iiiiei Ile. it- li ;?'.
Pk* ha ?? v i.-i. i.- I l .
Ue||, IV,?| I | ? The Turf 11
lier--- ?, , uris*** ii l \\,. i, vv.i.t.-.! 'J li
DiiGinroo iNctirre.
Keep's Dree*. Murts lim;. Stook, fl 50 Each.
gut* tK'-.t'I at ?n> pr!''*. All stv.v? nf LuHiiii!. B*d?l**V*
i*i.(tba. BOM and Oil ll.'-*.
i iii. i kum vi 11 '. ti. WOM4YH kaik
Till TRI gr BR ,4ii be l**ad tanti lolly aa sale ut the
folloo?;,,? -dare* iii , Blesgo
All \ewastBtMia st thc vv.ti.l- la'.:
lid lietel.
i*S lier l|....?e
farand. I'a-ll!'- Ilm?l
?.'.erinn. Horse
1- ,-t Ml,, \ ?s l ,.
i >;,t>.. um vi,. 33 Woahtngt-oe -t.
ruiiii'M. Xttatl it- .vail brBstniBF.ns.
1 rear r, mn* a mos. 1 mo C*py.
Rile. 7 dar* a week . 01)00 *3 00 02 V0 SI HO .. . .
Uv kimom burdar . e. 00 ii' 2 cu 00 3 ct*.
gui dat lr . , . 2 '" 1 UM 30 6 >'*.
w.*aTi Titbone .... l on .3 cu.
b*t, I tV e < |. Intone 2'Hi . Ott*.
frOSsax* Mii.tMy '.00 .Hats.
I'"*****-*! prepaid bf Toe Jr.t'iua *MlgO s* BBBttaafter
CITY POgTAOl - Th. ia? require* tr-at s 1 cent po?t*;e
?ta?-p le iftited tc fu-tr . ,i| ?? af the Dallv. guntar,
or sec i W.ekly Trtl.tiae fulled for loci deliver! 'n
Kew-Terk i itv Tnt- pneiags nun i.e i*id by tab
??ri ber Bradar* ? '?? better selie* by bunna til'-.r
Trit.tie fr rn u aearadealei.
l-oi-.i.l'.V T-()?.TAiiF.-1 '?? al! fordsn ceuntr!?s rexrep*,
.antila and Mexlr* S eenti iv ropy en The Smidav
Trtbane -.: ..nts a rope ,,n Dalli Pesst-WeeklT amt
xveei.iy. ihi- acaaaa* nus: t,e ?,?-! by euhs,r|i-er
li: MITTAM r* i.'ni' tv I.-'ii Order, Kspres* <>rd*r.
Oe^it p-nft o? lt-ri.i. r.sl latter Otsb sr l*t*t*l
Hat* if aeut kl ai, aurrglstered k-ttsr, vviii '* at tee
????? r-. rlak.
K'is.11 V, Brsorli fa? sdvertlaeweaas, tag Rrii"n,--*t.,
|,n,,,lo-i \V 1',1'ud
\V!.l>N..-l>\Y. M \Y ::. 18t3,
fsasgigB. I C. Curter Osaasxldtled Iii* nronnient
I efi.r" 'li'* i**JilltBj r**g 'Iii'.iumI al ApbHimtkiB.
Hu* F..-ii. li Miiii-iiv was (l.f.ate.l by the
Ptssjittt im b ni'.tinti fm nrge-ney fur gbvlitiooi of
ali*- nrtraf tNttra; it- it'tiun ba ai real lng M Bandin
vtas e. t -.1:1111. 'I. - Boa pt lilt William aii'l Usg
Kin| pegg >.f tu-rtiiuii' w.t.- vvel.-uineil hg Lucerne
on llieti w iv tu Berlin tr .in Kine llumbert't
silv.-i w.-l.litiK Nm.-ie.-n tlite^anl j.it?t
?Aurk.-t- went mi strike il Dandee, l.tnie-rur
Kraii. ,? .I.,-.'i'll al Aii-t'iLi eturfeil on a vi-it t.j
I>.iiie?ti.' ?'Hi.? Wml.i's Fall *.vi,ll prtjl?iil>1y not
!).? in i ninpN-te ur.ler belore .I'liu- i ; the wi.rlt
of IbxJobvIbm 'lie building* un.i Itaatalliag Ibo ag
lili.its i- ga-|g*j un rapi'llv : lit* Nea Jetaej; BuUd
Hiir trasi .ie Heated. The MlaBBttippi anil many
tril'Tlarv rtxrOBg ale -till Httagt ami greut OstVaagfO
lilts BSSea iluie l.V BSttMlf ll) several Staten. -
(.??iel?! r Mooree, tsgarsJ o nnBtbeg ni lagartant
Bills relatni'/ to N.*v.-Voik i itv. - MeoBBtial
c\ci,- ?.- fnr Jaatet '? Blaine wera lielti in
II..?t .i. ; .-'.iLitot li--, of Minne, tMivetesj tia*
< i'v mill Uahnrhtos ?Tba rlrthlBg finn of A.
II K1112 rn I " iuJ'1. = Two BpaBiah sl)i|*s
l.-lt ti,.- war M.i-t lin- t.iants defeat.-J tba
ltiiltiii:..!.- t. uni ;it li:i,-el.itl - -- lt was saut
that Ibm Ma'iliattuii penple would tint kMegit the
aaagd 1 Tmaaiit CoBtBBl*?k?ae*a' ga*apxssition. ?
( -tptam Itr.-lmld r.: nl"'d tn N'-w -Vork with tin*
lsi.1v nf Li* .ln"j,'lit.r .lulm J. *-"? iiMtifll was
rleeted pr.*i.Ulit of OOM 1 'ito <',,imiiis-ioii-r?. -
Mock- VVCI.' S.llll.-wl.Ht l.-*i iteflVU tllltll .V'M'T
day. Imf uft.r B atttJOa] onflOal los* 1I0".ntvuSil
iiinveineiit trat i.Tuiin.si, and ilnal variations trew
nen.-rally decliiies TsM olotOBg wn* Ojvlrt, bal de
pr<?M<1 Htul lacking ni ennfideocia. Muiu-y on cull
rule.1 nt ?: utnl 7 p?-r c.'iit.
Tlie Weatliet ?1 .,ie.-a-t fog to-lnv I fieiicraKv
fu ir with -c'ttcritiu' s-linwer-: caoler. Tempera
Hire v.'-tenl.i.v : Higbeag, 07 tttsjeaea; lowe-t, 44;
average. '.1 .1-4.
Kary visitors to t!ie WOil.r* Fair ?rill, as ;t
matt r of coinso, lind Mot) tinny;- lmfifii-licd
-jttil nt a few -.'jus Lan in-; theil DtOfregt nilli
ih" iioi'inpt r.v lojjeinl. "So Admittaiitt." liv
Juno 1. howfVfT, it is e-qiocH-d f,hat tho ]'.<
j.ositi.n will be in a state- of ottapleteiieog.
Niitwithstaiidiii'.' tin- jnfx nt condition ol tliiims.
2.*..ooo or .'to.OOO \istoi-s passed tkfoagh thc
OBjgjgg v.st.rday? a nnicli bgrgejy atfciidaiK??? than
that at tbe tVntenniat on any ol tho divs im
mediately fnllowinjr the ofkenlBg. Tho ntunber
on iht* cm'.nids nu Monday wgg exajfKtT itfd in
the fir*t repoits: instead of SOo),OOt it Mas
stboitt 5100,000. Th-ise Bav*iB| admissions num?
bered tijtward of 1111,000?ahoiit twice as
Biany a* the paid admissions on tho litst day
at Philadelphia. Fairer weather smiled on
Jack-tm I'a'k yesterday, and Hie ?.?cneral emt -
look is highly gJb?)0sT0jgillg.
.Mr. James C. Carter .M-tenlav linishid his
BrgiiBlfiit before the Btttriai Sea 'iiilninal,
ligvinc spoken in all ahoiit foi ty hours, lt has
bcea a notald" address from every point of
view, and will add ta Mr. Carter's gi Hails gretal
reputation. His knowledge of the gubjed is
exhati-tive. and he has pros?nti d the caoitol the
1'nlt'd Skates tvilh all the eloquence, oop>n<y
aad sii.staine 1 |)>wer of close reasoninji which
bgve placed him in the foremost rank of lin
!??*. iirnfe**ioB of the counti./ '-o ahle and
brilliant was his plea that it won a word of
cordial coiiip'iBvnt from the president of thc
Governor Flower has signed th" hill auth'H
l/.ini! lbs) dext met ion of the New-York- ('itv
Hall, and ghkO the bill pi ovid in-: that it may
be rt* - erect i d on the site of thc Fortv -*.ecutid---t.
nterroir and turned over to the Tild'-n I.ihran
TrtiBte-**. This would le more grorUfritaj| if
kat) removal of thu venerable buildiiiK lroin (ti
pre-ent -ile were Tnntggrj TlIB TaUBTNK
tl ies no! believe thal it i- necessary. We think
Ihe deni lition of tho Tweed Court Houac in
Hnite'y pi ferable to the d ,-t mci in of the Cit?
Hall, slut vic recognize tho fact that Tam
many i- resolved upon what man* of our citi?
zens regatd as a pice- of vandalism, god of
coarse if has the power lo carr* out its will.
As it will utidoulit dly do so, it raBnol 'mt b"
a satisfaction to Kew-Yorkcn generally thal thc
building is io Ik- used for such a ", <h| purpose
;.- that pie-' i 'Hm d in tbe oecond of iii ? mcaturcs
ie;, rr d t i.
Mayor t i iii- v male an impoitanl di*COVerj
yest -day ;s thc reatiH of Ins examination of
the hills affecting, this cit* which are "ii thc
Uovcrnoi's lil . Ile found thal a nrasiiic had
be n im--. d authorizing, thc pm'"!.a." .'I gorae
rock*; land ie a: Peri (icorge lt ad for o park.
The Mavin- sgys thal the land would i wt
92,000,000, a d thal ii hi not needed, nnd -"
lie has advised Ih" Governor lo reto thc bill.
-.);ucl)"i.\'s leal little j..li is thi- l,in-lii lo
p,ri f. Thc bill in question was s-' i ? ititi a- a
Spredwa* bill i?n Mr. Flower a list, bul nohod*
ni New-York appear*1 In have heard "I it be?
fore thc Mayor's fortunate " rind."
li In- ij>.i taken two mouths nf Dcm *crat*c
::>lin n stratton to elicit certain interesting ad
nd -I n . I.'t i h th he peet in Td for future in
strncti >n. and compared with thc charge* mad.'
dy thc Democm'ie put) when it waa out ami
want d t<> Ri l in.
i. Il* tho Administiafion, its variout tariff
expert*, and Demticratic leaders generally?
Thai thc revenues af the Uovernmcnl cannot
lie "in atly nd need wiihont borrowing nioner, or
p]gc leaving (rorernment without meant for
-cine nc o-sary expenditure*. At Mr. Morrison
put- it, Billion Congresses have come t > -ta.v.
g. l'.y Secretar* Herbert and other official*
of the n-'w Administration, each aller his kind
?'Flint ile public oervice undei the ronner Ke
|.ul.li aa Administration was creditablj cfli
rient, faithful and honest. One new officer
alter another, when bowing otu" his predcccoooi
or chief Mibordinate, has honored himself In
bonoiing the go d work which has been done
for thc country.
;t. By all thc tariff experts who have been
trying i<? help the new Administration?Thal
extendive reduction of dutieo cannot bo made
without imposing new duties on articles now
free, or leaving the Government with.mt neceo
-an fund-, .-..m.' take one wa* of putting
this and gome another. Megan. Wells and Al
kinaon a.Iniii the deficiency by proposing to
make a forced loan from ihe pensioncn. Colo?
nel MorriaoB admits it In proposing i" put Lack
dnt;es on sugar.
4. liv Cokine] Mollison, who knows Congress
better than any of thc ic-t ?That a propoaed
new diifv on giigar will probably fail. In ilia:
cage the Prc-n]eiit ma* have to veto a lull for
inadequacy or oise sign it knowing 'hat it
ii,.-ms bankruptcy.
... By substantially all thc Democrats who
have any sens'-That tin- McKinley tn iff i- a
harder hill t-> repeal or alter than they ever
imagined. To frame any revision of it which
tin* majority of th" people can he expected to
support is a pingle for Democratic statesmen
whi.h rivals squaring the circle.
e.. By President Cleveland?That tho sher?
man Silver law of 1890 ma.lo it thc law ?,f
thc land, as it was otherwise a plain duty, to
maintain gold payments of ali legal tenden
alike, li- time he will probably goo that ? re?
peal of that pa'it of the mea-ure would be most
7. Hy the President and his Secretary of the
Treasury?Thal the Democratle Congress can?
not be expected, in i's present temper, to re?
peal the Sherman act without enacting some?
thing woree. Both admit that Ihe people must
lils* lie brought to feel the consequences of un
wis.- silver legislation. It may occur to them
in time that, as the "-herman act is better than
uny the* can jj, * passed now, it wa- probably
Letter than any other which could have been
pa?ed in 1800. lt slopped coinage, and made
gold redemption the Law of ihe land, and tho
cost, laijs'e as it wa-, the country could pay
without difficulty so lone* as there was no Dem?
ocratic Congress, to threaten something worse,
>. By the Secretary of the Treasury?Thal it
is not necessarily dishonest in motive, hoi
traacherooa to the people, nor "truckling lo
Wall Street," when tbe Secretary of Ihe Treal
my meets and confers with hankers of this city
about Usances. The Adminittration would have
avoided tome discredit if it had conferred a
little sooner.
ii. I>y mo-! of the people who voted for a
change?Thal they do not know now what
change they voted for,
The reports received from Key Wist of the
outbreak of o rebellion in Cuba are evidently
gro-s'y exaggcrgl d. That thc movement is a
local disturbance and m nu oen.se general ls
gpparent from the action of the Autonomist
h ad ts in Havana. Their Kxecutive Commit?
tee, composed of representative Cubans of the
bighrsl standing, has adopted resolution* con?
demning the outbreak and offering moral sup?
port io thc anthoiiti"s in the prompt suppression
of the revolt. Tbe Autonomist leaden nave
tho best facilities f r obtaining information of
the stat ? of public feeling in the i-iand. They
would not have gegtS out of their way tu di
countenance the outbreak if it hui not been an
insignificant and premature movement* So fai
aa ii- origin can be traced) it is a revolt beaded
hy two bruthen named Sartorius in an obscure
town in thc province of Santiago. The insur
icitioiiary force is estimated all the way finn
IOU to 1,600 armed men. The Cuban flan is
said to have I., en raited, and enthusiasts at Kej
West atc predicting that tbe population 'if the
e.'i-tein province will lie in full revolt within :i
week: but Vaporing "f tilts, sort does liol de?
si rvo soi inns att mi n.
What is aignificanl i- the panic canted iii ofli
cial ciic'es in Havana hy a petty disturbance
described as headed hy notorious bandits. Mar?
tial law has been proclaimed in the province
of Santiago* thc army has received not only
its ariears of pay. hut also its wage* for three
months in advance; r.-itif iiccinents fur the gar?
risons have been hurried ei-fwaid. and i"wards
have been offered to all who may aid in quelling
the in-urncioii. The CaptaU'-Genera] and his
Council, while ridiculing the rebellion as an
in ignifieant rn rressent, aie evidently uboting
under great -tess of excitcm nt. ani arc mag?
nifying its importance hy their bombastic 01*00
lamaii'ins and elaborate preparations for war.
They are proloably influenced by their know I -
edge of thc peg] state of public opinion in thc
island and of their own iiiahilit.v to force a
really formidable popular revolution. [fa.
cts-ivo taxation has created groeral dis-aiis
fait on with ex'gtiag conditions. Th,, spanish
iran ison does not ettc^d in,Ono men, if that
lo nit a larjio egtlnuste. Thc volunteer fore",
lecruit'd mainly from Spaniards living in the
i-Iai d las a nominal strength of r>(i.<ioo : hut
the t'aptui'i-'tcncral and his Council an- aware
that very lit:I- dependence ian he placd upon
this f ne in a g riout einergency. Thc day of
nico aul..e;"ni.sii..s ha- i u-s. d in the it-laud. The
?vpun-'! born and Cuban residents have ceased
to hate each other. Tho pr ?me "f hal I limes
and the evil- of misgovernment have brought
the various element- ol population together
and created sympathetic feeling. If an up?
rising of a hundred nen in an obscuro village
un*, s something like a panic in the Captain
U encl a '? palace, it i- because the officials know
how helpless they would be if the revolution
were to become a p ipular movement,
If the Spanish (iovernmenl had been wise
and prudent it would long ago have forestalled
outbreaks in the interior bj Ihe extension "t
the rai I wai svstcm from Cicnfuegoa to Puerto
I rincipo ani Santiago. It was in the wilder?
ness thal Ihe patriot war vi.is fought, and if
seven yean were -pent in the suppression of
iii" rebellion il nat becaiwe ii wa- nccessar*
io lunn down the ln**irrectionary forces like
wolves to their lair- anil fixes t,. their hole-.
With a illilwa;, pi icing lae i?lind fruin end io
??nil the Ltjivernnient, aided b* spica and in?
formen, ivonbi always be able t" mast it
f. ic - at any ilingcrout puinl anti to prcvrnl
the outbieak ol an* serious revolutionar* move?
ment. I''i military i * * i ? i? - s such a railway I*
iudi-p'Ti-al I . ' -I'?>"a l.v its -pain ran cal* af
I ni io keep a -mail standing ann., iii I ulm.
lt hrs n i been c B*trueted for tho simple rea
-,,T iiiai the Government lack- thc energy and
fun IhoUghl lo | ion (I ii-.'l| lu mud. in ap
I li ince*. Thc imly i'ha which a Spanish ofli
. i.l in the Antilles seems capable of eui rla'n
ing i- tba! a colony was made to bc taxed.
i nba i- thc Spaniard's orange, and fr. in ;.* n
i i.it:. n to gi notation ii has i..>- n squeezed.
The All.an;, correspondent of "Tho Sew
York Sun" in an interesting letter in Sunday's
issue "I thal piper calli attention to one bencfl
.int effect of Democratic control of the Wat ?
officio and both branchet of thc Legislature in
the practical disappearance of the ?'lobby"
whicli Im -i many years lurked in all the ap?
proaches ta tho Capitol, "striking" and taking
toll of ail com r-. Th.- theory of the writer is
thal the abuse grew up under Republican ad?
ministration as the legitimate result of tho or?
ganixation and m ih.als ol the party, and that
in like manner ii has been pul <! 'wu by the
Manual operation of the methods and thc policy
nf the Democraticorganixation. Briefly staled,
the growth of the lobby i- attributed Ij the
fed that the Republican member?ofthe legis?
lature, being chiefly from the farming districts
and by the loone constitution of the Repub?
lican organixation without, discipline or sys?
tem or recognixed bea I, have been, if not inure
venal than the Democrats, who represent tbe
.ities and laroo towns, at least mme exposed
to corrupt approaches and freer from restraint
in entertaining them than thc representatives
nf the Democratic machine, who, under the
rule "I selection, are ambitious young men,
who-e hopes of profit and preferment are based
uni on ihe chances "f a singh* legislative set*
-1..ti, Imt mi retaining the confidence and good
will of the machine leaden, Much credil for
ihis is given lo Governors; Hill and Plower, and
to Mi. Croker, who " ha- -> I up a standard for
lina. -;y in New \ irk up io which ih" Tammany
Hall repio-entativet ni th au exception or two
have tried to live."
Wi' -hall not lah'' isaue with Ihe xxiif- r a- to
Ibe cause and origin of Ibo lobby, or ii- reason
for being, ll ia not impossible that it i- all
duo to the looseness of organization of the !.'?
publican party, the ab-eiua of discipline or n
atraint, and Ihe rack of " I.es" or b " boag."
Vi..I it may bo. too, thal the disappearance "f
the lobby?for we believe ii wa- generally re?
marked ia Albany uti nintertbat if it had not
cut rely disappeared it via- lhere only in great I*
diminished propjrtions?is due to the fact that
ile Demociatic part* is more perfect'* organ*
Iged, loller disciplined and moic f.'idilv i ou?
tr.. Hod. Al any rale, we believe it i- true thal
tho Urge corporations and moneyed interest*
in this city and Man* have tot felt compelled
io keep retained altorneyg In the lobby from
beginning to end of tbe session to scrutinize
every bill, keep a constant pye on the com?
mittees and wai. h every movement in and out
of both hons s. lt is not io be denied thal this
is in some respects, apparenth if not actual?
ly, an improvement on Ihe old ctmditions, li
.-\|o-.-s ihe rmal legislator?for whose moral
and spiritual welfare the Tammany men are to
solicitous?ta fewer temptations; and ii -av...
the corporations from the bother and vexation
of maintaining lobbies .md tbe uncertainties
atti ndiag legislation wherea hundred men have
lo li" dealt with ca< h ..ii his min individual ac?
count instead of being disposed ol in a bunch
i,n a contract w ith the " Im-."
Thal tho "Im--" system bas advantages i
tin" enough. So ha- th-- contract labor hts
lem. lint they are such advantages as BBB liol
received with favor by the general public.
Sooner or later the public rises up ami protests
against the concentration of power in -iii"!.
hand-, and il i's protest i- n .t regarded revolt
follows. The mine smooth I* the machine works
the more swift and certain iis overthrow. In
the present instance it may be granted that Ibe
ma< hine s,, nell perfected b* (iovernor Hill and
so smoothly run by Mr, Croker and hi- coad?
jutors ha- io a c msiderable extent diminished
the power and the numbers of Ihe lobby, lt
will not be pretended, though, thal tbe liegia
latuie whose odor -lill lingera at Albany was
more moral, wa- freer from the taint of cor?
ruption and venality, than any of ii- predeces?
sors, or that less moue* wat used to rarrv
through <>r stave off legislation by the ?.Teat
corporal ion-. The difference was limp]* thal
undi r thc machine nile the trading was ail .lune
willi one man. Nothing is mon. notorious 'han
thai thc lan- Legists!. belonged complete!*
and absolutely in its disposition, its a,ts. p*
oflie.-s and all its fun. ii,ns to Mr. Richard
Croker. Not, perhaps, to him in au individual
and personal tense, bul t . him as the manager,
overseer, dictator, on behalf of thc great po
lill al machine of which he j> the lead. The
great c ip rations have had no lobbies at .\|
bany, perhaps, bul only Ix cause Mr. Croker
has taken the place of the lobby, and even if
ju-t as expensive il is much easier to i|e;,l with
one man than with a hundred. What is in
their view vastly more important, lhere is nu
uncertainty in their dealing with him. With
sm-h a Legislature ai Albany a- tbe la>t, g deal
wi:h Mi. Croker for or against any proposed
legislation was final; the bargain, whatever ii
was, nag -.ne to he (Tiried out. I'm- whatever
else may be -aid of Mr. Croker, he fulfils his
conn acts. The rignificanl fact about the late
Legislature is thal ii did not pass a single bill
),r resolution thal Mr. Croker opposed nor re?
fuse fi pi-s anything thal le- desired.
And this is the precise measure, thc fMn
scope of the reform which has been effected.
It is ni our purpose to disveusa tbe question
wh'thcr. Upon the whole, it js g genuine and
win l-oiiic rf rm. Wv only call attention to
the facts and tlc ir precise meaning. To be
lid of the lobby i- undoubtedly a good thing.
The quotion is whether ii is g good thing to
esl,i .iish ii contract or "lo--" a tat at in place
of it ; to set up a dictatorship, and turn over to
ono man. a private ritisen, holding no public
office aiid having po rrgponsibility to the pub?
lic, the cjuU'oI of legislation and all the power
, f the -tate The reform consists in reducing
the lobby to one man and -tun'; bini up over
the vvlio'e State. ^^^____^
During thc last two years, eve .ince he
.Vied th" t<enate I.der on the first ruesday
of lin "nv 1892, Lleutonant-boverno* Shee
han obviously lia- precceded on the assumption
,,,.? ,,? ,,,,, :1M Integral Dirt of the lawmak
ii,, i, ,s worked a* earnestly and
\\\<1 poW.T. Ie I' '
i ,. ti.,, nns-iacc ni' thc defeat of meas
o|' lily I i ni' I1-1 ?'- .
urtI a- any !-cnat<jr aboul the circle, lin- .s
. ; ,, i. nu ? Sou this interesting nuet
notoiitiu iv nu - -^ .. ..
,-?? ,lll.rs; lu thus conducting himself wa
,;i(, Llcutenanl l.orcrn??r merely asserting or
was be dst nelly transgressing hi- right* as
Lietitcnant Govern ir.
Th" State <' institution provides thal the
Lieutenant Governor " shall be President of the
?', na* ., hut shall have only a easting rote
|||(1'i'in'" n i, t .leiably dear from Ibis thal
,]?, f ;,,., ra of th ? c .'istiiutii.il did not intend
,,, |?.-i ,u up ii the Lieutenant-Governor Ihe
fun,-Mm- of a legislator, li wa. mean) thal be
should pro id", bul should rt I have anything
,,', ,|,, nj,j, | j-jslalion exe pr in the extraordl
li:ll, ,-:,?. of a tie v.iic. Th.* Constitution fur?
ther provides thal tho Senate shall consitt of
Ih it, t io monti* ra?nol thtity-thrcc. Som
v.ars ago a Lieotenant-Govcrnor occupied th
thiir of thc -.iiaie who wa- given to meddling
with legislation pending before thal body. Ont
day he calh d a Senator t> preside, and then
lukin" the seal of """ 'f,,|(' members began t<?
urge Thc lawmaker who -al nevi to him to vote
fm- or against a bill which wa- -shortly to tn
gare Ih* atte.:tion of ,!'' t-kmntc. Whereupon
,'.,;,. ,,f thc Senators, who lo" ame aware what
he was doing, rotc and said substantially:
?? Mr. Chairman, I direel tbe arfentii n ol the
Senate to Ibe rad thal n person who is not a
member of thi-s body i- doing whal be ha- no
righi to do: h" is .sittiii;: in this circle and
endeavoring t" Influence, legislation. I give
notice that 'f !l|i< per- ii persists in -? doing
I shall call for thc enforcement of the nile
which excludes outsiders." Tho Lieutenant
lim.m.ir tonk til" hint aii'l retired to his own
room in 'I"' ";"' "f t!"' Senate Chamber.
We have too good an opinion of .Mr. Mic?
hail'- intelligence to imagine thal he usurped
il,,, functions of a Senator through ignorance.
ll,, wa- perfectly well aware tin: in assuming
il,,, role nf lawmaker he was going beyond bis
constitutional rights Kn: what does a boss of
his s .lt (TIC for th" Cells!,int:..ll '.' ll I- to lo?
ll.,]) .I thal t'n'e convention v hicli is short I* to
address itself to th" revision of the organie law
wi I insert a provision in the instrumcBl which
uill render impossible such an abu.i the
Lieutenant-Governorship a- Sheehan ha- I.'?
guilty "I. _
?jVjpj i un I'll FICVLTIES.
li js not tin-'' f"1' ;> panic. There has I- en
nome depression in speculative market*, and
the shrinkage in some branch i nf business i
irying, .md th. i" have been -um.- heavj fail
?,',... lint tlc ...iidHi.ni- ai- by un lie in?
ti,,,-,, xx lu. li can- oi presage a i .mm. nial
panic T!i" lad i- thal th" Imsine-.- ,,| the
country I- unusually sound, and tlc re would he
?., danger ul financial disturbance, greal or
numil, if n were nol lor th ? i han-.- .,f mon?
etary and industrial policy u-iii-h the last elec?
tion ' ii ''' -
Wall stre i h is been mm h troubled by the
decline in st ck*, an I partii ularty in tbe so
,..,11 ii m.lu-tii il 1 -f. 'I hi" i- n thing aston
isbing in this, and il ma* be doubted whether
ii ia gnything I i be regretted. The fa. t is that
altogether ii.th-.h- priers have been pla ??!
up..u -..ni' stocks bj speculative combiiutioiit,
JUst a, there h.r." len fictitious prices placed
l,v , ch c in' mat., ns nj. >ii C t: n. and vile ai,
.,',,,| pori) an I '? ?ffee. Th-- gmashiag of these
(..mi.man >:?-? and tho decline in prices of the
commodities which thej controlled, has not been
a bad thing for the country, ami possibl* a fall
ni prices ol stocks which h;iv" been artificially
valued would ad be iu auy icspecl more
True, it ls bad for Ihe c wintry 11 have itu h
;i state "i things thal ron ign capital is not
,,,. .--, invested iu oin industries. Hui Ihe bad
state ..f things begins with such unwarranted
valuations thal sensible foreign investors sec
reas >irfor selling rather than for buying. When
.lent ei-op- last year -nu edel the greal crops
ol 11191, when Albano Legislatures clo ted last
tear sa. .cde.i the nc io sensible Legislatures
previously elect d, there was reason for shorter
prices whi.h the Street resitted. When a Dem
ocratic Congre*g and a Democratic President
neve elected sholl puces were io lu* expected,
but the Street twisted as long as it could.
li is getting to be understood among businett
i,,, a ol all parties thal the nea Administration
del not g > lo Washington with an unlimited
supply "t prosperity in its personal baggage
Its theories, *0 far as tiley are sound and Hood,
are n u'ralized by tho l.semocretic Congie**.
*ili" -am" Democratic Congress sustains and
is vet expected lo carry ool tho theories of thc
Administration, *.. fsr as they are bad and dan?
gerous. Th" situation is such that all the dis
;is'. r bringing lendenciea aro either al Ihe fronl
or -o near the front lhal nobod* eau tell how
Boon they may get there. Then, aro promised
I,, the country by the election of la-t fall
trouble in money and trouble in industries, ami
there i- no use in trying lo disguise thc fact.
Mm advertised pani.- never take place, a- a
waiih-d p 't bovoi boil*. When ovcrybodt, i
lulii wailed thal trouble is lu bo expectid
evervbody gets Ins businegg ready ito that he
can stand almo i anything. Ai such limes ile
only peopl" who ara likely t<> suffer much arc
thc speculator* who have ?.'amide.I .>n sunshine
wh ii thl ra was a -tomi vi-hlv coming, \ i nt
uiesoiiic nh/'ns of lin- cla-s mc having just
now an oncomfortable time. Hui the legit!
mate businesg of the Nation is gteadily getting
itself Into sha])'- fm some vears nf diflicultj and
trial, and it will probably -how that "fore?
warned is forearmed."
The attempt to prove thal the last Ogbdature
was <?,.,||,.mi,vii is iis idl" a- an attempt VVIllllll 111
t? prove thal it was s champion ol home rule.
? _?
Andrew 1 Whit" has nol niven up an $8,000
Police J tut (reship for a I*'..eat" Dock CommlssloB
erahlp fer nothing. Oh, aol Andrew i- not that
kimi of maa. The people will io well to keep
ilu-ir ci-.-n na the Doeh Departtneat inr the next
few peera, and In psnjtlealar ea Commiasmner
While. _
A,, rv. ti ne.*.' repeats lhal """ Retmbltran party
im- ii minni hist orr." "asl ->>. bat history c a storjf
nf tho |iis>. A lia BIB patinIii nih Ifmarks 1
? M.i.iiiino, I ii.iv.' seen better daps." - in.t.-.-.i. poor
mini.? r>-.|i.,ii,i- nu..Lu..?'. ? .von couldn't have Bern
verse." (Tn* Alissa* Argus.
"'Hi.- Argus" bj referrlBg 11 thal asefnl bbbusI,
"'ri).- Arians Altnauao," will dhtsover lhal tba H
BuhUeanfl nf Albany carried three ol Um four di
trii'ts ..r thal ciiiiity last fall,although a- a rule the
I'.-iii.irrat- carry thr-e mit al lour, lu view ol' thi.
rlreiiBSBtBB'e which evblently had Blipped Its
mind-"Th,. Argus*1 mav feel like withdrawing Its
st..rv for rep;,ir- 9
"Ih'- Mini and Kxpiegg," clad iii a nn*st I.e
i-.iiiiiii.' dress, greeted Mav ii.v moving into Its new
and hiiiidsoiiic hume lt ciel.rited the event hy
i*..suiiin a bb*s ial untiihcr. ?.livci'-ilii>il Ly u. varistf
of appropriate and eredltable features. We
tender oar contemporary hearty wishes for ita
eontinned pj^rsperity._
Geography this year may l*> eocsaengea into a
single i-x pre* iou?all roads l.-ad to Chicano.
The action of Warden Connim-liton, of Sing
Sim,' PritoB, in discharglng ci\ of the under
keepera almost as soon ns he ggeeggded to th"
place made vacant l,y Warden Browa'g di.snii-ssal,
is significant. Mr. Connaughton has been the
h.ad keeper for twenty years, and it is to hg
presumed that he knows thc merits and demerits
of tin* prison Btuff thoroughly. The fart that
he (hemed six of them unworthy is a striking
lomtnentar? na fie Brown adminittration, in which
polities nf a low type predominated, Iirown, un?
doubtedly, had richly earned his dismissal, even
th' uo.li it cam" only u lew* days previous to tho
.?nd of hi- term. The new warden, Mr. Dnrston,
has hal valuable experience, and lum a ehagtm
..i making a ilaniBgubthed name lor himself.
? ?
'lhere jj an encouraging note jn the latest report
ah..ut .h.den iu Europe. If is that tim etty
i-f Lorlent, io Western Farnce, has been declared
entirely lice from the disease, although a few
weeks ago a burge number of cases was reported
there. Hamburg and -..nie other cities might
w.ll make a. careful study nf thc methods adopted
in tartan! in stamping mit the (mosers. If
tins caa I." don.* effectively in ene place, it
certainly is Boatible to do it wi other
"Th.- pt.nix" is the nam.* of a Derroeratlo
i.H.i published m Kkhmondvillc, Scholiarie
County, rresimiiiiily it is devoted to the gd
vam-, iiicni iii th.- best Interests "I Ita psurty, hut
then it ilcea not believe timi fidelity t" the l>eUl o
racy ti-maud- tint it shall coBdone the nagraat
n,i-l.-(l- ni th- last 1/ gialature. Accordingly it
speaks iis mind vigoroutiy and pbtinly In ateva
rondemnatiofl of the record oosale by the Demo
.uttie majority. It saya that the good hills wi,ii h
have become laws ara few; thal the good Wibi
defeated are numerous j that ti"' bad hills passed
can !*?? numbered by teorea; t'.,at tbe I .--isla ti v.
body was mi" of "tin- weakest aud hsosl Ignorant"
that ever aaaembled ii tin- State, rho pick
.md .'.nid-ir ol "The llioenh" are to be admiied,
but it remain- ta l>- (-.-"ii whether or not it will
righi the corrupt Democratic borse* next lull as
valiantly a* it repudiates their handiwork thia
spring ____________
When tb* survivor- <>f toe srar Btraaaboat Pol
tana, whick Mew np In Ibu Ml-mlsslppl River Bear
Ui tnplil in I -'.,, willi the Um ? of over l-SOO fires, j
held iii.lr annual reunion al MaryrUle, Tenn., a few
days )-'?. Jame* Lawton, who was atippoaeu lo lu,v..
; drowned in the disaster, appear**!, nm'li t" Iii*
-inpris- ,f . -v. it Ij..!' . Ile h.ul been In Mexico for
???bi . md ? ..nt. up i . -Low Ult l....- t>, lu- companion*
in nil fortune.
,\i|.;. B** Louis I'i.-rr,- Pyramul ?! C ml Ile. the
ignBi.-ni botaiil I who rerenUj <ii--<i In Ht neva,
switzerland, was horn In l"urlt In I BOO, i, lng ,,t .,n
..ia H.i,. 1,-ul-, .,; it v? ',?, and th* son ut Augu.s
Hi .!? < nini..ii", a botan! I gt n (owned a.* himself.
Tb* -"ti was educated In Ueneva, where the father
was |n..f. -..r. ami Ta.li-,l lat'. TB* la'.', however,
ns.- on-ii abandoned for botany, ani on il la
death In lives, Alp ons* look .1- rualr. Ile was ,i
i ,,rr>-1-.ioI-lil Of Hi" French Institute, Wa* drCO
I, a arith Um Legton ol Honor and wat the *uc
. tr.rul Prof. ur v-i-i/. tn .,-," ,,f r... ? itclil for
.-."I ,:..-|i'. l- ot I ,- lli-'il:lt,-. Ut* rather vii'.. T -.,
i,l-n 1,1- !,.i I,mum of mole Ulan 7O.IMI0 s|o,i>- nf
: un , i.udltl'in th.: ie I mid 1. *p li op n lu
Billilli*. II. alway* dil I .i- u.id large-V: ad '?? I
, ol..-. Mon.
ih- i.-im.in Km pre* mad* her Br*l vi-.: i, Rome
,n il... ,? . a-l-.ii ,,f ni" -ilv,-r Wedding "1 th'! Kiiu
bim! ",'i)''. n of lt.ilx-. Fm three weeks before ber
... part ir* from BerUn -'??? ll**** ned lo daUj I ?
ii|?,n iii- .ut treasures and Int en-sting ult- "f the
Southern rltj from a prolhtsor >-f Ih* unlver.-lty.
I,, let-lure* w*r* given In Hw palace, lier Maj. itt
na- grt-aUy lnter**t*-d In them. Th* Kmprrs*. unltki
io- iiii-tsimt. i,.i- --.-ii little "f ihf world, eba
rm.-Iv .. ?... -ii i> 11 >i- vt tb* Rmpemi on lil- evur-loii-,
aud before her iuurrlu",e -in- na- i,*. pour to tl. much
?I ii 'liing.
professor Ptrkerlag, of Harvard, wiled last stiver
,1m ii. \i.iparn!-.. f..r Rnrope. Il* goes to confer
oil rlentlflr m?n In regard io I ?? result* obtained
from tl ? uh **n mimi of i .,?? reeeni ?*Sar ecllj -? .
Amtlrare Cipriani, the Italian revuliitlonltl who
luis paosed nott ol his Hf* In eglle er prison, I* paj
,: ?? ,i \ i-.i ?,. bl* fi lend* iii ! nini..m. ami ng Un iu L< ai
Ulih. I. _
lill. TALE Ol THE l> IV.
Aft. r th* linUe ,,f Veragua has ..n Ihe '
i... a ,,f ii. ni. ? he will roue Iud* thal lb* hull light*
ul in. natlv.ititi ar* ? iin-dingly lama affairs.
Xo i'oi'.'H,,.ii.-lii. Mr. Wayback *-t*me folks ain't
ir,,. -.1, ?? enough i. In wla-n il ruin*. I'll v..i
lt |,, I, _' ll op ,1 Ol...|> '.v 11 i Ills il Ul- [lill O' I 'Hine-- '
Mr-, \i.iii,., i. Sm uh .
Mr. Wu) li a K Don't i,ii -V ' bul he 11 down Uk rt' ai
Ihe old |."i:.l iKilnllu' .. ia liire >.i I bul liimhleditwu
mill. il. nilgai knot thai mid wasu'l Nilli rlgtil,
? r n ii.,ul.In': . bern allotted lo gt) :>> ill I. slid nun
s ? i -'j-. .? he'll go off sin' pul np uni- )u?l ll tte lt,
ind I.v.-ii ..-ni ba's gut. iNen York Weekly,
The i..i" Mr. Ilrou Iwnter ol Monti ita, 111 th*
Iii! |. illino- te le Lou legged, Willi . .-?? l- nn .ni1'.'
doti told f Benator ls.u-i- r-. of '',..- Muli , Hi
Senator lia* always been opposed lo Majui Maglnul*,
,.f Mi i.i ina, anti li ?- h. en lu ilia Imbil ot rrltl
his non-,- with i en -ul' : .i le IV '? ni ir ed in. "The
trouble with Maj jr Magtimts," he laid on on* octa
-ion, --i- thal ,"? i- all Ullin*** lo ail men. With *
ll, pul,ll-on b* i- .' ll t-.i a. .,n . with .i |i. in... r.n lo?
is a Demur rut; with a Presbyterian he I* a Prt-slej
i,-ii in; and, hy Jove, sith broadwater hr i- bo*
The '?''W|S' lhal look natl In s btu marriage .o
Neitii.nl.-.^FiifL-iKl, bad a iiiutlieiu.iu. .1 formula I-i
guide li. i. Vi sixteen lo- Ui.orl.tl a iiiloi ul Ihlrt)
um, ai iiilnj -I-- in ur...i .t^ i-i nnd rtoiM! a man ,.;
illly, i.url ode Hu scries, she now, ,.i |ort| rn...
marries a mau <?! dgl.tj four. ll. r iii-i hiuUiud iv i
a yum., r. Hie .-? ? ..mi a I ut hulk, am! the prrwlll our
a lr,I- I.oil. Il -lie live nm.., lunger, n:nl li il
i-inilii,.,! t?> i-.i eli nilli lor m.,t ? m.,11, .il niiitiilUullt.il
V,Illili', , lie lilli , iv, lu mil.a Us,, in tb,, vi..ni
,-ihimiis for a i -i.i' wi il in or two, lim,i -|M-,ni a new
!? I iou a .'ii- of l-l' pu.vi lulls, i Vi'iuil i ( ,,n li' ut e mi .
lu a i.-rinlii oregou ti-!i .'..lilli'.. ? bibil luiuiit there
waa ie. .nil) a ni-tin.ei,a, ni, mi,, m,it be rulled
Smith, whose loud prob don* ?.f religion were not
rxuill) In .e . or.i.ni. ?? tuiii iii. in.-. .-.I,, rltlaeua "(
th- town were talking ol Idm one day, and one >.f
tn.-ni remarked: -w. n, anyhow, ii .-i i?- admittsj
ll,,-t -until ha* l-O' ll in ? fill In ,ailinn.: " ? M.,\
|,-." retorted the ot bar, "bul ha baa been. Blurb more
,.-, ? (ul In runt lug."
How lo Pronounce Iowa, VVbj .hi effete rutloui*
pi-.i.Ul in mi - p.-oi,i.iiiu In- Ibe nain.) of tui- State li
i ,, tmii, aci-etiilng the sx-ond >y Ila hie ,\,. i?ni-ni
of the -lalo pron,.un,-s li til.it li,.nilelil Ti tt.,v, hut
i-orrertly, l-o-way, Hw tn-i syllable luiontau. in
fart, Un- name wa* itoiuellnu - aBellrd ? loway" ?n old
m.ip-. i,..iii'e:iiiii .m.- .io.p.milli,' a report of U-wi*
uni I I.Ole's i-xpe. Ill rm, pul,il.li.,l IM l-l |. |,, [|l0
bud) ..f IhO op ni, the lunn.' I* als,. .|<-|l,.,l Av.nm u) ,
ii I ri in I. tprulllg of the -im- soimiis. in ..riler n,
aerure s Brm e*tabUshmeul ,,i uur right* as to tito
pinnum I,iiloii of th.- nairn- ,.f lae llawkrye mu-,
prrhaps the Leglshiture vuii have lo .!.. ns mis done
iu Arkansaa pass ,t biw Bxlug lt. (Dubuque llerald.
TBS p-ople of gt. I...ills >iiy that Uley will have
ii World's lair in 1003 thal villi Blake the present
Chicago fair seem a -h lily iil-liinniire. lt will tsUsV
memorate the hundredth anniversary of tbs parrhasa
o( Louisiana, which liam Inrluded kU-tsourl.
Another story wa- told rn the rlub the other Bight
I.al a pl..I.ni -pr. ul. i^l- -p. alor lu ||?. I,,.,.,
rampalgn. ll mx.ru thal he weal down t,. hum to
nm I? nu nillir..., in favor ot Cleveland. During the
-p... I, ii., gol warmed up ami began lo saw the air
vuiii (liam til. force. Midd, nit from Ibe fruin ..( in,
ball . .un- a lent:, Infautiln sall. Iii- speaker oii
ilnucd apeaklng sin.i tb* baby Kepi on trying. The
nun her iii.ii in vain lo stop the Bot**, bul la no par.
i?,se. Tu.-i, ii,,, sp.-;,'.,,, looked down upon tu., mother
niui i nilli and gave a pand Sourish.
?Mi dear madam." be saul, vuih his hand upon
hi- breast, "vinv m.i Iel Ibu dear bab} .rv He'll
-o. n slop, ll.- i-nT annoying pne in the least."
Tho mother gave a glance upward, thru looked ?t
th- walling .ini.i.
-Oh, il Isn't ll: it. -lr. Ifs you thal'.-; BBBOylUg thc
I.ahy."-illusion Utsdgei
"Il srsiiis t.hi mm li |? h,,|H.," kaya >?Xb*J pur
lin-.-t'ii (Vt.) Proa Press," "thal ..ur BngBuh rouslaa
villi ever get An,erin, itraig^teacd out iu their Blinds
g-eognptUraUy. a bbbII package reacasaj this oaks
I le.-eiiiiy linn) hon,I.ni aiirraard t-. gdltor, Pre*
] la? . Bartlagton, Veratont, Texas, Uta trrltec tating
evideiniv assumed thu ncihioni was bxate* tome
vilnre in Hie I., in star BtSte."
.lin HNiiui'.o'; oiV'V, Ml- W,,Uwlr" ' '.'"ler-OiiM
? ll Win <o-l nior,. than a limn and doll ir- lo gre
:M,!h?-!:.'"'"*"" ",""1 ?"??'?> **** ul ii,..di1;
Mis. WI, killie. Viv; |, u,,ni,i i ...
uv re ssTtXa Miara iv tue madison son a un
Tho spring gtJSXBf show opened yesterday In Matu*
Bag Square durden, and that kaleidoscopic) hall ap*
peared in one of Its most beautiful combluaUons,
Hie large bulUlli.K does not belle Its name of garden
today, for every spring flower, and many that ara.
not spring flowers, with palms and ferns, and strange
ilaatg from tag tropics have found a temporary horns
then-. As one looks down from above, the floor ap*
pears like a richly-colored I'eridan carpet, and tbs
ii ir 1-j radiant wilh tho .scent of roses, azaleas, bye*
Tullis, violets and other sweet smelling flowers,
lacing the fiiinmcc is u largo bed of rhododendron^
ria- plants are ia an elliptical bed rising toward tba
Matre, and is, probably, the finest collection ot
rhododendrons ever seen In this city. They art tog
property Bf ?/, Bayard Cutting.
flunking this l-ed on each side are two large beda,
lu tbe shape of parallelograms, absolutely bewUderlng
In color. The herders are 3i.x deep In hyacinths of
? ll colors and rrdoleut with the sweet odor of tula
?oarer. Tbs Inside ot these bods aro tilled with toa
?Oat iiiiilU.olore.il collodion of tulips that tba
ordinary kunian Ulns hus ever gazed on. bunding
sentry at las entrance are two fir trees and Jtut
before tho buff of rhododendrons un Australian tret
f.-ru mises Its ibli-tt, dark brown spongy stem, crowned
willi Its coronet Of pSSgi plumes.
As on.- milks further np the great room leathery
palau bang their graceful fronds, Just nour palely
green, over the sjBSt delicately tinted azaleas, and
two largs -,?!}.? palma stand on guard on each tia*
Bf this exhibit. Two creal, triangular beds of more
azaleas, wondrous in th-ir colors, from tho purest
while to a deep blood rag, are a source of muck
Interest to the inuny visitors. Jun beyond these to
tbs weat H a clump af tropical plants, a "monkey.
pastier,*1 a BP Stitt Bf aurararbt, with such sharp.
petaled leaves that no monkey ever attempts to
mount tts thorny limbs; tba Barataria Itattf, spr-ad
lng out its arms with iiiaiheinatlcal precision; dra*
(.-nias, willi their beautifully colored last****, and
Ibefl all sorts of ferns, form a most Interesting group.
A -pl. mild Bot of Hst gold fern d>-.-.-rvi-dly rtSStTSg
i tiri prize, iind n-ur by it ara ins grand afaafJaaSB*1
of Ailiaiituin F.iiblen-i-, the most, l-ouutlful malden*
hair f'rn tba! crows.
In tl,- r-titre of the amphitheatre ls a kiosk, sur?
rounded viitb -t.iuds f.,r cut flower-, lb-re ure vases
of roses which make men nnd women IgataTt the ela
of covetousness bsnetsst of the American Baaagy,
lon-rai Jacqueminot, generally known as las "Jack;"
Paul Nev ron, Brigs La liam , Keratst flpssjlss.
UasSaaa CaroUas Tcatoat, Papa Uoatler, rule Dca
.J.irdln, mid nw nv atbera.
on tbe .h.i -id- ,,f the ktosft ls i bed Bf BaSfaa
.nolli-. an atoost new *peet*s of tala gower, loeadag
ir. like suiliII lilies tinted with tbe palesi .-ha.!-*
.a pink sud looking almost too fragile i, haag ..a
the terns. Pho -.1- i ihe | irdeo from lb* tirst
lier of seal, np ar.- draped with red gauze, aug tue
bil..,.,I.--, festooned willi i:r and laurel wreaths, ^ive
place a mo-I sylvan app aran-'e. Tba following
ara ? f.-'.v of the prise* awarded by lb* cooailUe* of
judi.. :
I).. - i-.i 11 - - pleat*, i ? -? group ?.f Mian* g-sato,
ur.ti...I I .r effect, covering J'-> -|:i:ii'.> bel, .1. BL
Keller; pulm . b -' Hvr -|,. u-. B. Colgate; twists,
!? ? ip. elmen, (ttebrechl ?'. IVadley; Crotons, beat
liv., di**. 1.?: vartetb-ti, B. Colgate; Cycad, b:al -aasal*
m. 11. ?ilrbri-chl a Wadi ?? : u us, best t. u ipex-i /ui,
II. t Igtlte; fern-, be>| liv- -p--. lu > 11-. 1 il-..-r -b
VIlii.!.,, Hr* fi.. b> 1 ? ?.-? ,::i ll, I.', r ,v Vi.nula;
fem . beni Ingl -;>?? i Ben, B. Calga ta'
Xi ).. tithes, ts ' ;.,'i'm B, -? ti W'affley J
i.-v li.il in- lolls |a plant-. i'i:.Ti-r .v Manila;
brat group ol flowering il.rn-, arran.-d for ?- ir-.-1.
cov>-ring -oi -.omi.- feet, Huber .-. Manga; A/, lu,
li ii 1. 1,.-1 group arrana i fir effect, . verluf 100
-?ii.ai- feet, Pltcbri .. Manda; (Urdj .Ualeos, u-rt
group iirrnnged for effect, i-ovrrtng IUO M|iiar* f.-t,
l'licl,,-.' & Manda: At lu ludtc*, brat tell varieties.
1 . ??? ? 1.,. \/. i--. l,i 1 lt a, !,??? in-- vari* I >.
Pltrbrr .. Mm.du: Atulea Indira, br*! .-;..-. i:-,.-n. B.
I t.lgate; .ni..-. 1 ...H.-. I. .- len puts, J. Ito.*! Wright;
calceolarias, 1. - 1 ,:?.- p.' . .1. Hood a'rigbl;
canna*, best t. n pots, s.-li-., bi .v Wasley; hardy
lo-ri io.,,.:- pl* ut* una shrub* arrsttigeil i-r ..-!?,;,
COVermg lon -'Hare feet, 'ai. .v r 4 Marnia; hy
drangi 1, br*! five apetimens, vv. is, KM-; hydrangea,
best *r>iluien, ll. C. Willi-; orchids, U-t ten plums,
Illili..:- A Munda l beti liv- plant*, MU*bef g Masai* |
1.-.( apt. ia. 11. Pitcher -v Manga; r ododendroa*, bent
-i-..i.p arranged ul ? fret, ruvrrtng 1 "?" ?t|iiare fe. t,
?a 1 lyiird tutting; bulbun* puru-, best grcua, ar
. ujrd for I'lfiHl, roverlng -J.10 ntjuiin feet, w. -I
. bia. Ililli ? Illgle . I --I i-'o - Bill -'1 ? !?? of
i.-l|..,i. h. .\-.nii- . lil i- -0 . ! ? -1 tefl I-,,',*.
ui \ .... .r. 1 ii brr i Man lu ; hiu Intb - kai ile*. 11 tl
1. a poi -, ..?:-. - iad - "? - lt*. 11 ii ei .v M ii i.i ;
: inbiri, bett i<-t, pol -. mi. s lad* "f r> 1.
1 11, in -. M
I-. :...-. u|xurd ni li ;:. m., and throughout the
daj I- wis .1 lu ?- mi minn.r tb* best-known
prople lu town. Ill i.i- I'Vrlllllg 'i,- li""- ' '.a--*
1 I.,,nt.-.1. ii,- l.t.." lu: bating 1..1.. 11 uv -. iiooiy of
tl , 'll I,.--lr. 1 I--, nt :
vir-. aiiartiHi, M. . lt. C. Livingston, Mr-. Pana
?steven*. Mr-. 11.1,iv i |.-i.-. Mr.. Cuni -. Mr*. Ogdea
Mills. Mr-. Buchanan lUnthrop, Mr*. Jay, Mi-, a. v.
K. I'nigrr, Mr*. J. I*. Krrnarbun. Mr-. K. il .toms,
th . M iv .1.ullin. Mrs. n Ulam Douglas -b,.ui-. Mrs.
.|,.-r 11, vi il 1. Mis. Burlie, Mi-. I., n . ..nt. Mr*. BroS
?in Mr-, li, il. I'..-ml. Mr* Bowd lu. Mrs. B- Irvin,
Mi-, vv. I*, li.i.l,-. vi,.. Kuiidolph. Mis. .1. p. M,,r.
gan, A. Newt-Id v;, rr!*. Mr*. I'. K. -nugi-. Mr-. .1. a.
Van i;- ii-s.-i ,r. Mr-. C. iv Haly, Mit.
Livingston, Mr*. Borrowe, Mrs. w. K. Strung,
1 r. VViMsSwarl. ll. II. ib-ni-t. r. Mr-, h. 1. Michola*.
vu-. KU wa rd K Ug. v,i-t,n r-iM-i, Mr-. J. (.. K. Durr,
vii-, vv. \. 11.u1, -. Mi-. .I'iin 1 r a -v Itrown, B. llow?
1 nol Hobbins, >;;.- 1:1.. s.-. lbs. t.. Knit .11 t lining,
vi-. .1. H. I ?',!. Mrs. Mani ri Vi.ii-e. v;,-.. li. ll.
klug. jr.. Mr*, ri'.ni \v.:i-i..ii. vii-, 11 r.i. Mrs.
'io.- ll. Mr-. I'lieoil-is- V. ilatcriueior. J.
ii. .1 Wright. Mr*. II. \. lt. Krnnedy, Mr. and Mrs.
,1 ii. lian. au. Mr. ; 'ul Mrs. w. U. stuart. Mr. and
Mrs. Hdwtrd UMiprr. Ml** PrevUnghuya it, Mr-, vv. A.
1 .or Vhs. \. J. Liuitmrgi-r. Mr . >\. Bavard < aninc.
Mrs. L. K \\ i'm. rilli..'. Mr-, ll. lt. du Val, Mts. l|.
; ii.'iis Mr* ?? ,iul-" im - m. vii-s. Bradlsh John.
-h. Mrs. 11. linnean vv...hI, Mr*, vv. g. Vanderbilt,
Mr* .1. II. i;.1 li. Mr-, a. li ward latham. Mis,
)? 1,, Ui.,1,1 ir.. Mrs, ni.Hill- Ivi'i.. Mr-. William
K.m. Mrs, llrrlierl IVU, 1 ? Ml- r.ib.o.K. vir*.
a 1 t ililli vrr. m pl --ii ll. Olin, Mr-. Astor, Mm.
i,.',u .1 v lor John Ryermaii, Mrs. lb un H. llvde,
John eloane, samuel T. L.-t-r-. |?l:Ulp sicliuyler, John
1.. t a.ii.alaii-r. ' . (div r Im-Uii, m.n..r t.llroy, Prank
lion. K. I'. IT.br ill. VU. a'.I vii . Arthur M.
Dodge Mr. ." .1 v., . \,Irian 1-lin. Jr.. Mr. and Mr*.
I-'. (. putter. Mr nnd Mt-. J. ll. Ilsrrinuin, Mr, and
Mrs. Jame* 1). ? beever. Mr. sud Mi-. J. R, (hiodwla.
Mr mid Mrs, ll. IV. liny, Mr. and Mrs. v.. Alban
ii,- hot v,iii remain open till ikinday ntgkg.
WusiiiiiL-: ii. May -'. M 1 o'clora tbe Banna! int
tartan Conferenea of the Middle states and t.uiada
imt in vu -..ii!-* 1 liurrh. The sea*toaa ure to roa>
tinue until lo morrow evening. Tnta aft -rnass a
mrrtlng .f ihe Woman's AUIanrr was hell al arhtctt
vt,-, tirorge I.. Chaney, ..f Ailuiiia, Os., was ex pe. ted
1 read a pap ron Ihe "-southern Aili.-in,--.. .-1- waa
iiiiai.|.- tn attend, and Mi-, i.tlln. .,f Bi.!>ln\ X. V.,
read the paper. Mrs. Uavls, of Xew-Vork, . rreg.
|KNidlng -,-? s-.-'.iry of ihe Alliance, -po-kc on -Cu*
1.ri.mil ,.! I'niiiirbinlso,, ? m ia,, atisriu-r of Mrs. 1).
WT. hind, of I'lainllel.l, N. J., vv1, was 1,, have read
ii paper on the -other Liberal Christian Women."
vhs. ni\ apotu lui. Uv suitl after prayer Ike meeting
ITIAI'S AsKIM. Ino Milli OF lill'. (OIXTKV.
From Til- Milli.lillee ?llllnel.
IK-moriat* should not let lb* aMetn laka np all
Ho lr attention nnd thought, There are the t;irl:T and
Stiver, imp,ulam ,pi,-lion-. In t- .!i-iK.se.| ,,f 1,,-fer*
loni.*, iii., (si,mirv evi><-,is pvrrj Democrat logo hla
duly, and will try io Blake him.
TUB < lli'.-iNtis auk. OUT OF TUE l'lllB.
l'rotn Hie Booton Journal.
The Dem,urals are now loudly protesting that
th- Administration ought aol lo recognize thc l',,;*u
li-is with 1 single appointment. In view >>f the
ardor xx ti ti which the llemoerattr Nail..mil i oininiitee
W0....1 tin- Pnpulbita in the la-t tsmpaign, this kl
raak Ingratitude.
l'rotn Tb* Denver Ueptibll. an.
Mr. William g. Moial-oii, of lllliu.i-. I- ltfts*tt|
to nave said in 1 recent Interview that ibe tarli
could mn be red need without replacing 1 duty en
sii-iir. At pres.-ui raw sugar I- free, mid lh*f* ls
but a small .liny .ni retiii.it saktar. if Mr. Morrison
ls rlirht tbe Democrat* will tax ..ie ..r ihe nei*e*s*rl*g
of life in order to replace the revenue which ti.-y
would rails* the touii'rv to lose |.t cullilla down th*
duly on articles which are now protected. ThU
-.?.?ins to be Hie Deniocrailc bte* of tarli retorts, lt
ls, bow-ever, not a reform which would I- Very
satisfactory lo the puMlr. li noak] cripple aSSSf
Industries and place a lax on on- of the ii-c.-sarbs
Bf Hf-.
IToin The prov Idelle.' Journal.
'Hie wide BopatSr Int" r. t wi.bb has b. eli StSSs*aj
Iii naval mattrra bv the events of Ute paat wtefl
will at least mal..' li autssfe for Oangr*** ," **
niggardly hereafter lu appropriations (Of tl"' ?*,'?T
navy unit Its c<iulpmcnt.
- ?? ?
Kiimi The I'ruvTd.nce Journul.
if any city (a lae couinrv .* anxious ls aVetty th*
.? mplctton of proper railway accoamwdaitoas, vr*
can commend to them the present committee .in
leriuinal fncllliles in I'rovTileni-e. 1.raven linages of
iinti wi 1 iht hove accomplished inoiu liuu thej- bart
lUcuuil ol a lui.

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