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T_. o. 17 MIS.
ur. a ix i ia ur. n.
A rah with two BM *lrnv?> np to the Thirtieth
It police* . ration late* last niidit. On-* of thr oc?
cupants wu.** covered with blood ansi banda gea
He and Ml companion, a phyfician, excitedly a.l.ed
Captain O'Connor to send an oSleer Immediately
to arrest Frank Kl! ison, a well-known man about
Theinjured man.who could scarcely .peak above a
whisper, was W. II. Jli-nri.nio., stockliroker. He
said that be had been BareMy assaulted hy Ellison
only a Brm minti**-* before. in answer to Captain
O'Connor quee tiona he .a\d that he bad alertet]
toward Fifth-ave. through Thirly-ninth-st. Just
after gaaMng .M.nlison-ave. he Incl MOD Ellison
ippffoeehing him. Henrique, hud he.*n prepared
for seme kind of attack from Ellison and WM
therefore not wry ked. he said, when the latter
planted bllMOll in the middle ..f the sidewalk und
with a meMCiag Resture had said: "Stop for a
moment. I want to s|*eak to you."
"f dont want to talk to you," replied Mr. Hen?
ri.wes, "let ni." jia-s " Hilson, reply to thiB Mr.
Henri-, ie. says, was a hlow between the eye. tint
knocke 1 bim tn tbe sidewalk. .Mr. Henrie)oe*
drew his revolver, accordini to bis story, and as
Ellison rushed at bim again fired to attract it
tention. Then with all his strength Ellison had
kicked him. Mr. Henri.mes gaye. In the head and
body. Suddenly Ellison alt(-r?*d his tacti,s, _<*.
rTding tts the story ol Mr. Henti'iue., and ma le
two or three jan*, at his head with the ferrule of
a Walking rnn? as if to guage out the eves
Th>? nbot rind the shouts hnd been heard by
Ihi men employed In Willis's stables nearby and
aa th**y roached the ppot Elliooa aimed a ki?-k
at Hoaifqaee'i bend, atriklng bin In the temple.
Then he turned, ran off and was lost.
Captain OH oimor said he could not make El?
lison a prisoner, hut tliat Heaii.net weald have to
?jo to court and procure a warrant. Henri.pies
and the doctor tln-n left the Nineteenth Precinct
Police. Station and ifturnins to their cab were
driven to Mr. Heariqeeo'a home at No. Pt Park
ave. Mr. Henri .u*-. was placed in bed and soon
became unconscious.
An atteimpt to find Ellison in his usual haunts
last Might failed. It was nail that he had left
tho city. Fer some time Ellison hun beta a
eonrce of trouble to Mr. Henrique.. Not long |
a*.*o he ereateil ooaoMeiable scandal hy pereeeuting
the latte-** daughter.
Om <*f bia int,-st escapades wai the knocking
down of Hngh **!"Vin. a liquor dealer and a Tam- !
many Hall politician. With his cane as Slevin ;
wai leaving r t 'lauioon Ssiuare Roof i. si len. j
For this n**_^'f Ellison was fined $.'00, which he j
ins id. A sh,\ time before the Slevin Incident i
dllson niiari.-ile.l with two clubmen in Martin's
wetaeraat, Broadway and F-rtT-flmt-et. There I
li-* overturned t *l*l'*s and was arrested for dih
orwerly ooadact
."wo physicians wf*re in attendance on Mr. Hen?
ri,iuee all through the night At 1 o'clock this
morning he had not recovered OooarioaaneM. and
it was (-"ired that concussion of the brain mi.-lit
A rivspo.aiTio.v to iuvi: a Mii.n kimi or oxe
CIETY for THE prevention oKd'.rr.T..
Refeirlnc to n poopoaeO exliHItCn of hulls and bull
pgbtan at the Marti*-,.! Square Garden, .lobn P.
J Ul ne**, president of the Society for th?> Prevention
Of Cruelty to Animals, telephoned to A.-dstant Malin?
ger V. V. feitts-cliHlk of the (.nielon. yesterday after?
noon, saying: "Wo cannot tolerate lt for an
Instant, even In th"* form you have |S]gge____4. I
advise you not to bo al., nrt ir lt li your oirangenienta,
lierau.-e ti" oaly rawli win i>e Moobie." Atc icing
t.i Mr. Qottflcnalk, wh" wa- s<*cn i.t the garden laal
Dight, thc pr< | > seel exhibition was ln'.-ntl'-d to !??
given n".\t .*?<*.temii?t', and "MM-Mied rimpl) ol a
ttH al lmiti'den batlgght in which Ike lighten per
iTine-d destrooa iTnaaatlc eaerrtaea, bal in n> way
tortured Hm hull-.
It aecnt*. that Felix I!ob(*rt. rl.i.-f of th? *'eurie
iTaaOHnu, was" .-ngnped hy a Chicago ayoSloate to
plve his Indi*,lon bttRgghtl In that .Tte during the
World's fair The syndicate- falllnz lo pmvHe a
nittnhi'- nr"iii In Hm*' tn ? nahl. Mr. Robert tt, gin
hU ??iit-'Tt dnni'-nt - and aabaeqtteally lo ft titi I lil -
F. irope*a:i e'lisngcrncnts h.- wrote to tl,.- "Wreelor
l.rneral" el Ibo Mad!-on gqaara '.arden, pr-'p.-iiit
o ,<rl.-. ol exiiililtl.in- in Heel Voe*. Mr Robert*!
letter wa* r.-'clv.-d aU.ut six wotDa ago, hv Mr.
.VIC hs tn F. W arion. "Thu Wkt tn.-n pt*ri0e.nl of iii
Uai*stca __*oilatina. who tan**. H ?,v.r t, Mr. '??"
".diRlk for Inv.jTlcniiiui. Mr. Rober! caine to Kew
V'.ik. nnd ("?snfe-rred wlUi Mr. Cou .chalk,
explaining to him Ibl natur-- ol lha enteitala
tm'-nt. He *aid Mm hull- aiwro icfsee aa. wHst,
l.u' th'* m"*t moostty weopoa usesl was a diori. Mani
?ili'k. ?n the end of whi'h mi* ? rodie -nicand
pitt nile Th'- toreador *rao_M awatl the oaalanghl
eif a bull, and u-lllR the attCg ll 1li<- phi'*- "f a
aw,,rd <>r -pe-.ir woul lu,plant on oOheolv_ rooelte on
th** inilmal'a hond <>r rie-.k, mid linn Jump mit "f
barru'- wm without Injury lu cltler mai "r bent.
01h?-r hiillflghl.-rs would ?Tti:.. * lh(* bull hv w.iv|],_r
r?*d datha and thoa with or without th- aaatitance
Of a situliiTir pol. |f>rip or -eni'T-iull over him.
lieU.T.d. K Otargla, bavlng mreeetet Mr. Wharton
a- pr.-idii'. Mr. s .mi-, lu,ls. rv|??rt**- '?. hun mid be
ap|.r"*.**rt of th. pi,,J..?|i|..n. Mr. Ho,..n. wh... lt
?PjH_r-. it* now gt-vitig Rim I tar exlslMHona In Ihe
j,iii?,|...l .in. - ni iir.n.e. te-legraphed lo Mr (Joli
chalk lo loam what d-ld"li had been r-ai led, one*
tb** l?t'*?r tel. phot,, d '? Mr. Hain
bv rrfaMnf to penni! the prop
U ll
-d exhtUHonss.
The sioHotf 'er "'" sTtrerehUon "f Crneliy lo Animals
has ,.!?.', prohlrd'ed h pn.|?.".| nowlioj ni'- li"in
i im.ir m fi.I'bkago, wiiih hus beea aaooaneei
tn start on IBM IS.
gara om rmcoro pRoarRATioxa grroRTim
Ihi built** slay |1,*,| ||,.* in,,i,l|| cf June bri- hud
for iiuinv \?(r> dn**|...-d OgOO UM <i'v "?' ?**''* Vorl
yaaleegair, The an wa>. hm ant haaMst, 'sud di<
_"S_ng baal eaaaat poeral di i ,mi.,ri. Hm teao.
|ari'ure vernal ftnm Tl, t.. !cj tegomea. Uk- Ibar
nt ii^terr re-a'-l'-l Hi?* lilKlest |?.ini ni ri ri', p. aa.
>e,i..,.,y. -| M |. | <t. ??,,.,.-, i,iL-t,.-r I baa Hm tem
paoatON <>n anv d.iv In .hm.- a. sh.wo ll UM I'tord*.
of the I. o. Weaih.r gaMOO IN ii ntimla-r gt yeoto,
lim etlect*. til Sh(" M'ltc ,f -Timm, r heit sjnto f*H all
?v. .. Ugmkmm fmri ut tba Inned Mall
Tis** Int.-i,-. il-. *n'..|i .,' yoMefSai s^a- tommi by
th< Kre-?t au,.nilli (sf InnnldliY lu Ile- air. \< lil. I* Joined
fer, ?- rn Uh ll... Mgb t.-iuperuinie. Ai - g, nv \'-."r
gav tie- hunnilit. un- -.* pr .r. Md the ave*?rage
for ti"- emir.- dav aaa -" per aeal Tba inrs-oal
amo'i'it o' tissniidiiy I- 72 ne- ,,?\. |.,,i evenllg
there ?iis koine re-ll-f when n few ruin drop '? "
aid ? -'led I- "iHrv ..ir Par lo-tej ibe WeallMsr
r.,,r?- a "IT. lal p-.-lii i -!i-f?... gag |M*rluip- a IbtUKtrff
a-,,,?,. 'Vl.iU* New Yon. Uh- -w.ii.rli,.- rsnd sijiin,i
jreafid.*. UM WMta MaM M ?OjOflag d.-.ir. OoM
waoabi i
ii,.- poMoi ??? *? > i.\ -m I.. baagMaM Ibraa gM
omi- wh-. w.-r>- pi ".ii latest kg tba baal m Hi. Mn ria
Tl.e -sufferers "i"*' li'-tlna s.cllo. .? I'hIUis MhillM
of King*!.""-!.: ? JaaapM * arion. ..f N . |g0 (. rn, -.-,.. .ri
at, and PaaMI inoener, "I No, i,*,is ?,-,n i m -.
rh-* l. n,|?ranir.- lu Witnhljrii _?_ i...,r.l.tt lei ha*.
? ... ,| ga (pan, telihoim'' Ba ?I.-Rr..'. wa* -.nd I"
hew Im*. ii niailcd IM Ht lirldc. Mgbl ran.f
rlUe.a fr'.ni th. !i.-.it Were r.|s..il,?l n, I li, poltoe,
ni non.- of diem |.r..M-l fatal.
.i a.i/.vjg EBRtm APPitt.sr Ttl 1
Topeka. Kan.. Jun* 5- fh-re ^sn. a light fall of
rain at Mrsde til. uie>rtiln_t between _ nil 4 o', h. le
Isalr.mak< r "e?e*ll r-porU Ilsa! ll ll raining haorgf
aonsh of lhere, the ?lnd carrglBI RtS t.>rni In that
dlieai.in is wa* Amil Mi Hin-nte-nlnc all Drnf nt
M?*ade. The first fall of rain lhal Mnade has had
attic* i.,.t *m pt'Hil*e*r Isis* mme -In**" Jew.-ll N-Brm
kia raliimakliK* .?xpe*rtme*til. il,, r- lad 11, .rd o. and
the. I.hago and Ri. k ld..id ll.llro.nl olti. I..1*. glva
aaa) credit for .un-lng ll*
BIM. I"0RR_1>_.1_._1 THAT HODY TO AT*
REJECTED, -HU lu -inf,.
London, June .". ?Immediately after the lions.*
?1 Commong had gone into r.o'i!m!tt.v to-day to
?onsider ClaUM 'a ut the Home Role bill, Mi
?ladatone aoeepted the amendment propoaed by
sir Henry dames. Liberal I'nionist, that the Dub
in l_eejsiature iv* forbidden to interfere in pro
-> clings for the extradition of criminals.
(Jerald Balfonr, Conacrratlve membei for Cen?
tral I-fds, movetl that the Irish Government be
lorludden to appoint jodgeo lind magiltrates.
Mr. Chamberlain, leader of tho Libera] L'nion
ffta, said that th** acceptance of this amendment.
leonid tend to satisfy those opposing the bUl hut.
favoring local aelf-goTerniaent. ilrenkal cheer*.
Mr. Morley. Chief Secretary for Ireland, opposed
the amendment. Mr. Gladstone said the Govern*
mont intended that the appointment of Judge* lu
Ireland should remain in the bandi "1 the
sovcroism, hut tVie Irish Government could not
be prevented fruin 11.al.in_, rs'comincndations.
John .!. Clancy, PamHUte, member foi North
Dublin County, protested thnt his party would not
binti themselves to accept Mr. Gladstone's aug
irestion. This was a QUeetton for Ireland to
The amendment was reiected by a vote of _.',
to 255.
Mr. Chamberlain brought up the question of the
(Haeovery of grave e Tors in the excise account*,
which alir,(,st obliterate !he ?500,000 with which
Ireland, Recording to Mr. Gladatone, was t<, brgin
her lion,.- l.u .- care<*r. He asked whether the
Government had completed tbe inquiries bein,.
made upon tin* sublet
Mr. Gladstone answered that the estimates anon
which the linan,-iai clause-* of the Home Rule hill
were baaed were being revised and would soon
lie preseiii.'l to Parliament,
Mr. Morley -stated In responae tB questions that
th'* Royal Iriah Constabulary poseeiw-.l I7,fs00
stand of anns and a corresponding quantity of
\l*Ti:i" MiNV HOURS' WORK.
Henna. .Inn** ."..-Tlie gccMeot to Ibe North s.ermn*.
l.hsyd iteoiaer Kaiser Wilhelm II. lurua oul to have
Isecn snrlo::-. and wi]] emili ? heavy l"*-s. Aa an*
noiinced In yesterday*! dispatch**"-, a valve -eal of the
rircutoUng pump broke while reprsln ogrn bel -* masle
io tin- pump, altos-ring Ibe r . water '" rosb Into
the engine r?om. which grut -0..1 flooded. The don
liey pump*, were unril-le lo f:'-'- tte ship; tbe waler
rained, and In a c niparatlvelv short (Tine the Kaiser
Wilhelm went down alongptde Ji?*r wharf, fan of tte
ii.M on boni-d of her w]ii bs -nv-,i, ttough Ifl a much
l.imnp'd condition.
As soon u it wm .cen that Ibe steamer wn
piln; to ?lnk. preparation*; were made lo gc! lo n r..
it once anti rii.se her. A Olver stopped np Ihe pipe
'ont.-iiiiing the defective valve sen. while other bal
toned down ihe batches md closed ss fight.* ns
possible all the openings lon-llng to ile- -alon and
hold. Powerful pumps wcie then piseed at work, sad
nd- afternoon tiie steamer ama once more afloat.
It win v.e p*veral daya, boawver, before sba will h.
Ible ti, -ni). _
Messrs. Oelrlcbi k r_ yesterday resrrlved the fal
lowing dispatch fran the Rortt German Lloyd, Genoa
'After steamship Kaiser Wilhelm ll was hauled oul
of dock m Q?OOa ye.'.-rdav. While re
pairie*" the centrifugal pg spa on board.
'.nc of th,* ar* rocka wu fla asa _rd. 'll
I -orrs- 'linnea of whi'h il-,- engine nnd holler room
of steamer filled with water, We hip- to di pall
ths Kal^.-r's riihln ;>n?*<?:,er- by stesRiahtp -pr .-. \m
Southampton, sglRng Wedaeaday, June 7, and th**
Steerage paSSenOFTS hv Ile We.cr. en'l of lld- Weeh."
The Ka.-T Wilhelm ll strived si (.ono. on Mit
85, from New y ri., md was abra! read] tn all oti
her reiurn when th" accident tlus> I'd '? her lint ns
occurred. The Kaiser Wilhelm wn i smsnanded uv
f'Hptaln Stormer, ard "a*- holli al Stettin in I" i
Her dimensions are: Length, 440 feet, SI feet I, ?run
and .'ir. f. d.-pth of hold. Mle i- ol teel, with four
masts, and bas triple expansion engines, ih>- cylinder
merisiirlntr 41 hy i'd. r.7 by 03, and 10*1 l,v fl. in h.s.
she has four d'. Us and ls of 6,900 gross ton- borden.
-?. _
LESA TH A J* a i.i;nt.tii AHEAD Og 'I Ht. BRITAR
LOOdOO, June a. -The Prince of Wiles'! e-utf.-p
lult.ninia, ]/.rd Dunraven'i Valkyrie, the 6 ? ?
syndicates Callana, Mr. Clarke's Baunlta md Mr.
.tam.-on'. Iv.-rna tO-day -ail ri rm >? In.ni ll indi 'i
round diiptiian'.. sunk BgbtsMps. There was u Ughl
northerly wind, nnd _.??? Brllaanla wai leading .it Ibe
.tart. Tbe Valkyrie aam tie- race, beating I ie
Britannia by one. minnie and twenty-five second*, ac
cording t" lime ali,.wan,.. Tho other rutters*?the
Iverna and Callans wera nowhere In Ibe r.."-. ami
the Battalia dropjid out, obie! j* minutes after th
start, owing to an aertdenl tri in.- head pur-.
Tba Britannia u-d tnroogboal ihe outward wU,
hoih abe and tte Valkyrie -ailing a wanderfnl rat-e.
After ibe torn tte Valkyri*1 mined steadily snd gol
the lend Boally a- ibey Ji'-'i rm,id u,.. (,,*?,? Hui,'
ship, and iben gradually widened t .?? stretch i.ci-.t..-n
h.-r alid lor opponent In ihe run lo Ibe |? ll l,u,? .
'Ih.r.. they Jibed again ami tte Britannia, running
astern, gained a Attie, ->> lhat al tte nni-n their- ..ns
not a length between tte tv, boats. A- lbs \\11.? t
wa- Hchi from tbe siari to hu!*!,, tte race was nol
especially exdllng.
p.eiiin, .inn,- :.. At a -_agf**-sa *,f ihe Hilliary
tin lori"- of Baden ihe. Grand Duke frederic, who ls
ni-'. ., thid marshal In the German Armv. spoke in
recommendation of an agree meal with tte Oovernmool
on the (|iiestion of tin- Armv hill, faging: "We
mu,t gather all our farces for Ibe possibility of war.
in Brice to secure a qui* ii "rtclory." The Grand
Dake projl.-'d that a telegram be forwarded i, ii,.
Kai ? r declaring the senttaienl >>f tt* - aaaembled. and.
at lu- In iai."-. -nd, ii til lim. h v.,- ient, declaring
il,'- Joyful readiness of the ?Ular) anions ol Baden
to aaawor fer lha safety and security ol tte Father
Und. If Iba Killer should cali them io anna.
Tba '.rand linke advised bia bearers io rote for
candia?les tor tha Reichstag --ho wlmld place tho
itnsagtt "f tl"- Kani'lre ibove porty Interests, and
recognise She Army hill un a _oe*ana of aavlng Hm
Empire from humiliation.
lu in.- nie.iinir ol tte dln-imatic circle *"div.
lu p. pt Wllllain remarked that undei no che umstnni *
mutt he lonni na noe pr*ipo*_H to limit n.,- -mirage
f..r tba purpose ot strengthening the Government in
ih- Retciutag. __ _
Vienna, Jana Be In isidreaatag the Delegations to
<in\. Count Katooky, Minto*-* ol Foreign Altair*, nil
cak- tba id.-a ihii u gci.ci.il dlaanuamenl of Kuropeai
puwen was poasibte. AB Ooattaaata] tuweta woaM
h.. mn. h roMaved, however, lm mM, eoaM the preoaal
j.r... ?--s ot lacraaalni mlRlary and naval lonee N
I rough! gradually tee a -land-nil. COOUl Kilnnliy
,|k.U'? "i th'* Kaatem .BaHtton a* bavins, outetot
?,,,,! ri p. iud ol iiiiiiil-'ill.shl- iran .nilli\. Th.
-.-is. -ral |n.-|M*<Ts of |a-.'(ie In Rorope, he thought,
bad s*"-l i"** u rbaaged ll Ibe la-r year.
Rom.-. June '.. Th.- I'o|m- ha- in-lrii, i.<| Moiiluuor
late-sill lo ' sprees t" Caidloal Gibbous lha Iheaka "I
rh. 1'Tns.et HT th.- di-.1 H re(( lilly <|, ||V. r-A hv
i . *T,i'.in,iii in fi"'" 'I Iba r.'siorr.tioi, of lha umpotal
|.o**"er of MM Pop'.-, and to lnf<srm th?- t .rdlnul that
ttl tuft l" pr.-.-Hlv mRstitod willi the langua?c and
urgumetit of the fltooaag ?
The Joiirn.ilie re. ..gnlnd aa orjrans of the Vatican
ronrur In denying Hunt tba Tope has modified UM
-.hohi-ih polhv heretofore enundnl. tl In regard t"
Um catted imtea. ^^_
r,,K COURT MM o\ii; ins tkai.nkii.
Viet*O'. -Iisiie 5.?Dlicus-lon hiss tieen uroused lr
arlsioersth *otl ?ye.rtlng circle* her- hv the action*
of Count Ideiitso Kln?ky at !h<- rniecourae v. -t.-rdiv
morning The- s"ounl. who ns. ns levers 1 raeehomea
Ix-cuoie Involved In tt dUputa with Un trainer. lt.*
nobleman, wi,., wai on horseback, brcama mlarfated
at th" trainer and drove th? ani,mil al him. the horne
knocking the man down and trampling upon him.
Tip- conni wheeled abeu! and again ride over the
trainer, who wan seriousdy injured. The Coon! has
not yet h.*en arrested.
Tin: PEOPLE IiYiM. ny tm- iM.NP.--r IMO WHOLE
VI i.i g .ES DEKF.RTF.D.
Constnnfinople, June .*,.- Reports from inverai
citr-s ,,f Asiatic Turkey say dat th,- cholera has
appeared in nnny districts md i>- spreading rap?
idly. Along th" Lower Tigris bnd the Sliat-.-l
Arab River people rm- dying hy thousands. Whole
villa_.es have been deeerted lu- those _.-cin_ from
the pest. 'lh,-. panic ha** lier*, mc so great that
lew- familiea wait to Miry their dead or even foi
nur-e tlieir sick, bat (lee to the n"\t towns to |
escape the infection. Tue fugitives, fiom' stricken |
towns ar** spreading tl..- epidemic with appalling
rapidity. Letters from Kirxsora City lay th-*t
ro.nnri persons hav,* Hed from Baaaora province
Landon, .inn.. ,*,.?in the Rouse ,,f Commona to?
day dr William Vernon Harcourt. Cbancellor "f tte
Exchequer, stated that trie Attorney-General. Bte
Charles Russell, received __c.nnu for si\ weeks'
aw rices a- counsel for Greal Britain before the Bob
ri ti pr Seo Tribunal of Arbitration. 1. Powell willis*.ir.
Liberal i Monist, Memh'-r for Booth Birmingham,
g.,v.- notice ,.f a m..Ton io reduce the gmounl paid.
I '..run. .lum- g.?Baron Ton Baorma-JeRscb, tte
newly appoint.d German Ambassssador lo ihe I'nlted
(.lalee, v..i- tor ..(.in jrears German 0-*nsul-G**ueral
ai \|e.\an,lila, hi- t itu of s.-rvl.avering the
critical period ni .Vrahi Pacha'? rebellion sgstnst the
Khtdivc. At thal lui:.-, wh.-n ability and ttlll "f Ihe
? character w.t.- i-eqnMte in the protection f
German Inters la ender ike ni"-*: menacing and di*'
ral! drcumsiances. Barun Von Bau_*nia-JeU*eh earned
a high repuiatlon t"r prudence, t,.<t and energy, lh*
was afterward appointed Envoy Bxtraonllnary ind
Minister llenlnoientlory to Rumania. TiVnce be
wi- transferred a- Minister lo tbe Hague, snd fl
a ird hm mulder tn Wurtemburg, where he I, *> servs*d
Montr, il. Jane 'i I ?? pr* pectin <>f the Inter
natl,mil Navlgallon Company, which prop--, lo run
a line ol -learn-1* bel neel Toronto, Rochester and
Mo:.in.d. In ,>,.p -ilion lo the Riche!!*! aud Ontario
Navigation Company, ba been leaned. The
ilptta] SlOCk l> .1 isa,lusts. (".arie- S. I'ptori.
,.( l;. i 'i. -t-i. i- president; and at,, nc Hu- directors
are Ce-lonel K. Ii raison- and Cornelian Van Colt, of
N.-w York The Bne "DI )*. run in rannertton with
th.- N'-\e Yrh i . iiir.il. the Rome, Wai.-ri..wu r.iid
j Ogden.burg, ihe Rochester and Pittsburg, the Erie,
.- Delaware, I . .md Western mid other
ong r., h "id > .up rations.
CHEM M\T*'?l IN l.'NP'N.
London, .lune 5.?Tbe chess mileb between Purl
a ,1 Jariuagrodsky, now In progress ai Simpson's,
Stand* now I to .'. In favor ol Um Pole. Tun gamea
were dr.. \r-.
Copenhagen, .lune ie?The Rorweglan explorer.
Astrup. soUcd on tn,* itoamsbtp America toa! Kridav
i..r Sea Ni>ri;. where be and the i.-*, men accamp
him will Join Mr. I'-irv. AstlUp took Witt lin, i
Urg,- amount of baggage containing scientific Inriru
menu md u'en-ii- for Mm ell ind Mi party dnnnc
their Ar-'I- exploration* under Peary's augers.
Perlin. .inn.. .'..?Tiie sui.jed- of conversation be
tween Ihe Emperor ?n-l I'nlted -'ii- Mil -t r Run?
yon -,. .i.nl.iv, alter th,- lit'.-r bad pr Bl I I d bia
, ..??:. ntl il , ?'!?? ih- Civil War In I I led Hil
Parin, June ". Th* British members of ti.e Behring
geo Tribunal of IrMtratlon r'zard lb* i talon nt
il. Ai-glo-Ku ir,n agreement a- te selling dnriug
1-r,:, .. a -ii..iig srgumenl sgalnat in American
claim of c.'. i-im- tights lr t*e sea .,* to die ...
du lon of 1!,,- Iritis'.. Orerit Britain's rapt
li\., arc d. r< 'i H.. ?! io al.Ide Irv Ihdr int. rei I I
cf Iii- :irhliir.'!..ri 1r> jiv. I;. .1. I':,dp . ..! COUOssel
for the * r1i1.1i State*, adll not -'in un the American
, n..- uiitl. after iht argument on :..-* question of
regulations .-h.di have t,,'-n concluded.
PRAISE I ? ?ft M. ( 'Ns|.\\ss -l-l IV ll.
Vari*. J'liif "' t'm ip.Ti ol M. Con lana, In Toa
louisa h,-t .Cenlng, t- M.-*.Iv praised by I s ? ?:?
Ri j ut,ll-.hi pi I ?? ' Debil " ij lt ?n* 'h.
seech of I -I of the Mite, lt I r* p sited lhal
M ' on "ni- Kill . ni. i a - a' in lb* I . ni I.- al the
neat election, as among tte Deputies be would b
better sbte io control the nea party whlcb he pian
ir. f.rrn.
ow MAH "I.UN IMP s| vi N Mtv RtTRT BY AN
EXPI-OHinn cs"; TIM. I.A' r's.'.vanna VJ)\Ti
a ir,in mi Uk- Delawire, Lacbiwiima ind We lerB
road wi Idi intVed a' lld. Ul, Inst lilgtil had on
board righi r;,ilr".-?i fattoren who had been Injured
In a dynamite explorion on tin- lh.f tte rend near
sm.edd.un.*, I'.-tin. Michael Fitzgibbon lm yeggs
old. who wis ihe un,-! lerlously bart, died alter being
removed from Hie train '" it" wUltlng-mom nf tte
station. Ill- body waa taken lo tte Hoboken morgue.
'Imo of the Injured men tsrere lakon lo W. Mar
ll,. |.t:,i lu Hoboken. l-bey Hr- -arte lng fr rn d,o lt
j anti will probably
wer,- brough! io New .erk
Thc other Injured urn
HF STU F< If OAF. Al TITO Ililli AS A Xl'..
Tin s* A POIiCl man and k cr.n\vr* CHASED RIM
THE Omi ER RVRT wu MARTI RK rdl-vr.
Salvatore Gorafetle, an lillian, Hs dying In Cham
her- Birre! ll" pllal with nts. hi.- gashes.fl lil
foe pod 'li,- other on il,.- ishouMer, Inflicted bj Iran
ce CO Mailer-, Who '? nile lc h.-ul dol-ii. lor rn-ul.
seven years., lt I. Mild, ..ural. Ho. who keeps a fruit
-land, hud liv.rel With Mr'. Marl.-re. wi,mu lc- hui
tir-i mei In Italy, long hefner ber marriage io Marl ere
Tin- latter's resentment led lo n ' practical re*_Ull
ic,iii yesterday when, mi leaving hi- carpenter*!
bench, he sd/, d an a\,. and mad- for the leu ? ?
No. ibo Hiter i., were Oarafello an! tn., woman
lived, Aa Mari.T,- Hepped Int., Ihe Indi Garafello
.run- oul of li; there w.'. i ;i sharp -vt hinge nf
ali, .- nnd then Mart"*!** brought down Ibe uta with
nil his force on < .ar.ifdl"'- face, A.'.ilu Ihe axe Sdi
ral-.-d, and Sgltn i' rame down, lld- lim- on Uara
f.lh.-- ?boulder, liarafrilo dropped In Hie floor.
Mortem turned mid ran for ld- Bf**down Hester Into
Mott -i., Billowed hy a arreamlng croud ,,f men .sui
women. Hie mob were righi at Rirtere's heels aa
he turned Int.. Canal-at., vier' Policeman George
Beek, of tte RUaabel i i. m.-,-iou, prtned in tin- chase.
In leas than a (lo/., n yatta h hud caugbl Muriel-.,
hut a- his hand touched th.- greasy t"llnr, Mattera
wheeled .mil aimed a Mow ni dm. Tbe ave fdi
on tl.- potteeman'a arm; ihe Mood sported out, and
Mi,rt.-re tnmed agsln and ran. hui nol Inr. Two
hallets (rom th- poUremin's ree*~~**or atretcbed lum
on ihe sMewaJk. 'rt,.ti Reek dragged Mi prtoooer
io tn.* Blaabett-st. itatloa, whet* nn smbulsnce
surgeon dressed ihe wounds, one bullet had itruok
lum on inc ide or th- bead; H.Ihee on tte inp.
bm net I tun ol iii- wu,md- I- sertoil . Marten* was
token lo tfiamhem t-Un*et Haspllal, whllber Garafello
had preced d Mm. lin- a .-.niau! will recover, hut
Uirafello i. a I mod certain t" die
Kl< har! irk'-;, ga , hklriiiiui "' th' 'IsuniiLinr *-<>cictj
i'i-r,iii.e i,, i#eart agna* ii lat Bot minmi Paortt ri
J,i.v , '-iel.rmi,., ,,| ii,, i ,,11111,1,1:1,, tinier, ia la n ak- a pu.
glUMgl t', SV:i?liliu.l..N r?, (I- liv.-r n SJgoett p. r-'.iinl ln\|.
t?ti?n la PresMeot t lesrelaid t<> h' ft**m\ wit* ti,, ron.
?nay omiIms m laaspcadaom Bay "cd niiio- tin- nam
??lona talk" on that r..(?*ion. Ragas IMlMf, W. Baarin
(O'Siran. t ori^iratlon IMOOSSI (Url*. I ti?a,li-?rlaiii (i'Ii.iii,,.
boa i'"H'r iiaoM-SBlsam Murun an'i nthT urigwaaotet
pmaMasai a n,e tug gmtmmtmi w,h- B i? mia, aaron.
play **-nl,.,,, ' r, ..r u. the .\_Ucli~l *'?l'llal ??'"! -sid him
in irylns Ls "afloat She (,r,*i latrer to .du them in u?
celebration. ll la Imo t|iat ||. IS ?? nld-tiu,'- t,oa-i ,.t Mr.
laovatoad tatt ti** in. aevct -n BU flamaanm oimaeir aa io
?.-t foot in iii.- Tiihiimnv wi.-aam. lint th" n'vl auto
ver*arr nf American ladtpaaOfOCe. Uie ,-ii,a,moe win t,y
to eeiiiMu. (? um., etould i* a pr'ip.i'""* t'-'"' I" bury Usc
HF", wilt, grMMOM COXGRESfl TO mitt BETUE-JJ
s.l-.l'11-..MIll.K 1 AND I.",. I'M....v. i"N.?n;__.
t*i-ir.N 11 in i-M-Tx.Ni I.- mike an
Washington, dune 5.?Tbe President mid thia
evening, In reply to 1 direr, queotion by a repre
aentative of "The Cnlted Prem," that h- Intends-*!
to e- iii aa extra aemion ol Congrem not earlier
than the !?t nor later thai the 15th of September,
unleoa unexpected eontingenciea ahould make aa
earlier meeting aeeemary.
The President further raid: "While there haw
heen no myde>ry nor geeieey in regard to my In?
tention in this matter. 1 think it not amis** tint
our people .hould be informed authoritatively tba!
the time is bl hgnd when then representative! in
Congram will I..* railed upon tn d'-a! with 1
financial condition which j* ti,.- only menace to
tbe country's welfare and prosperity. Il hi well
tot tlie people tn tal..* up the subject inr theta
?elvei and ai rive at their own conclusions us
to thr* merits of ? financial policy which obligee
us to purchase idle silver bullion with j.'"..
t:._.? 11 from our raeervt. in,- does not need tbe
eve of 11 linan, i. r to see that this fold tim-* Mlb
Iraeted from the Government'! itock is ..i_->-r!y
seized bj oth.r nations for tim purpose of
strengthening their credit at our expense.
" li 1l1.es nol i:?-il tin* art or sta*"smnr,-hti> to
detect the dangci ti.at awilta upon tlie cont in
nance of thia operation. Alreodi tli- timidity "f
capital is painfully B|?parent, ind non.- ol us can
f.,,I io mc thal '"if ani a, pi'-h.-iM ,11 In mon?
etary ,ir, !-s will ultimately bring suffering to
every humble lunn-- ui our land.
? I think thai between now md the meeting of
Congi - -.. depends upon the action of those
engage**] In Hnanciil operations and Isusiness en
t> ipi.---.. I)UI \ rr.' V'ltio! ll I--oill co- and credit
m.- uhundnntl* sufficient lo uistif) them In iii"
utmosl I.nih and , onii-l.-iu'.'. Ii Instead ol bein-j
iiT-iii'-ned. t!i'-v are conservative, .md if Instead
.-I ? r: . intieirating immediate disaster tii-y
.-.in111: .t?? ti.-n snare ul liope nnd sii-i.lio.-r_,
they will perform a patriotic duty a . I at tlie sumo
tims* prot'-i-t ti cn ..wu interest. Tlie thinis just
o..w n.??-. I.-I ar.nd,ic--- mit calmness in fin in?
di] circles, and study and reflection among our
nv. a vl ui p ' uti ts LATE i.-.*--. kio HT TO BE
s[NKIN. Ill MW ME IN X ITV. Ri rs
1 i- death o' ld- In I.Ih wai believed bite las!
nigh) lobe :i question "f onlv n f-w bonn. Hi, con?
dition *vas on .-s'lid iv ni tht thal ph;
n, l?r. ot. Clair Bmltb, though! lt neceaaarji lo
sp. mi ibe whole nip I lm, Before taring
? Players*' flab yesterday morning ire is.u-d the
following hTlh-riiir "There li* l.n no lm]
meni In Mr. Booth's rondtlfnn during th. nigh!.
st. ci,?r 81 |< ? Mr. -trtioi iii :- ip- rtntend
-in of ihe club, .md Mr. iict .'- Itrotberln-law, alisa
? i-i ali tn Mm through Ibe Dight, ai "".-ll as one
- r gular iriis. *. Mr. Booth --eu.-! t, - irt r
.rilli f.-orn tran) ol mr. Ile breathed i" na-p
md I ?? ? ? ? oars tn ht* i oom were op ned al
? - -ep and bottom, ind Hie mrtalnn drssrn .1-1 !?*
to ,c juli ii inn... ..it .1 possible. \* aboul 2 .1.
tu . lc fell tn ?" .1 t rois Wed lleep. Doctor Bmttt then
' ? , ? . r -? but was prep ired to be summoned al a
?i-'. noll, 1 '.??.-?? mi- no ...a-i.ni to di-turh
?1 be did nut awake until - a, m..
,.* went directly lo Mr. Booth'ss rotmi and re
1 for more than ai, hour. Then be
I I tb* a and left the ? mb.
Mr. : ? . (ter. Mr. and Mr*.
t.r.> ? , a , ? 1 the day with him. Dr.
.mitt u.i I ? pr, -i' for a large part of the time
I- ibe afternoon Joseph Jefferson, sccMnpinled by
hi ,.,n and Mr. Dlapham, railed. Mr. Jegetaon was
Hied to Mr. Boestb and itood at tb* bedalde
t..r td' - - n ml Uti ll I ''cn If ul, however, ll Ml
Boen r- ...r-.d bim. d' wa* lying un his back,
hi right hind alu.v.- bli ie id. Hi* eyes were ctol l
tor Ihe greater part ..' ti:'- lime. Ill breath rame li
., ;i . and sltll*,.ugh ail thc window* lu ibe room wen
d still i" ituffer greatlj for Mani
? f air. lTi*-r.- wen man] other callers, bul n-ne
w.-re allowed to see Mr. Booth.
Al 1 :???*? p. ie ? ?: eira 1 med the following
hull'tin: "Then hs beea tm change In Mr. Booth's
condilli morning. Prom pr-- ? ni indi, itlon*.
ii li Improbable Ibal lu ran rally."1 Or. -m. .,
r. t iht House -.imi .lid not return lUI n arij midnight.
II- remains d wiih hi pritlt ni f??r 01 ? lime nu
i un anon r bnUetln .,. follows: -While
? er li been nu wa erlal illangi lu Mr. Booth'* cssn
dlMon, 11 cannot he denied Hui he I* lowlj sinking."
i-r -mr.. uld, on bel , i< ' e. ?". ? 1 hi houghl
Mr. Booti. Would , rr.inK Uv* Ibrou"*". Ihe med.
I M I)' .Vs/' Fl ll.D 1 OMPOSlTE Gl'NBO I TS.
. si I'Mm.iN ?.p.f.'i. Tv in Tin: ww OP THKIR
Waablngton. Juno .'? (Spe-clal).?There is a strong
probablllt) un', de plte th* rccotnmendHtlons of thc
1 -ni ..r Bureau Chtttt ind tte direction "f '.
sc rd.ny of tte Navy thereon, Ihe Mu?- now gun
will not 1.1 ih- composite lype, bul aili
1.n nu, t.-d entlrel) ? ' steel, lt sppe.tr* thai ihe
provisions "f lia reliUng to tte miteriol "f which
tbe tilpa ..I the K .\ ? '.ill be ronstructed may pre
rent tte esecutton sri ibe Department's wish thal
un- n**w vessel* .hall has- steel frames and wooden
bottoms and sales. a- ih- gunboate arc Intended
nc re iK.iiiini.nl. for river tervlee In t'hlna aisd South
Atnerini. 11 was thought lhal f-i the -?!.?? of economy
In 'nil-ills' and on nrcounl "f the health ami comfort
ot their iT'.-.t . Mo.'ici mu- with ' spper bottoms
weis- ibe best. Plans t"r composite ships naturally,
1 hen-fore, recommended themselves to th- natal
aumoritles. lh.- btw oilier of the Department have
called a hali on progtvss lu 1 lil- direction, how
ver, bj pointing mn the rael that the appropria?
tion hui v.iiuii mn!i"i'i/.' the construction *'f tho
ihr" gunboats prescribes ihiii "in tte construction of
nil ve .J- ai] me provisions ,.1 ile ad ,-i tagus! fl,
I--,., a- io tin- material ol said v.--s.*| . t',-ir
,'iigtnea md i.iii-r-. u.,11 lc- observed aid followed."
?.t tn- tenn, of Ho- io i referred t<> lUpulat* - lhal
h.- vessels lo le hunt under li- provisions '?shall
ia* t illistrin ted "t steel of looiosllc mn,ufa,nu-.'' etc.,
and mis general (moriston teems io be tha ttumbUng
bb i I; al Ihe jin?in inn.-.
The a.i pis.m.im.- h.r tte new inp, aays lhal
m. i-i.-ni.-rn i- aiiihoii/cd "tn have conrirurted by
i -I,Ira. I Hire- light-draught protected 1,'iiiih.lal-, of
aboul I .goo tons displacement." eic. lt does no! stipu?
late of a Lai mni..rial Ibe bool eb ,11 I.mposed, ex
.-i'i b) reference to in-ad of Attgnsl -. v--n. Aa thia
arl related lo iperltti vessel*, n j, hoped thin it
-peinii provisions will not apply lo th* act ,.f the
present year. *?-,!? tarj Herbert entertains serious
doubts ii- io hi- linn'rlty under tte law, J In
i|ui*siion ha. i-'-'-u Ki-iic'i lo Art.iinc.v -o-nerni Olney
i,.r a ruling. Ytvii etti--rs indulge tin* ii -p.. ihai
tn v;,w i.| ihe Importincn of hat Ins' composite ships,
nie At lorne) General win soe hi- way clear io giving
an opinion tim iii Ibe roust ruell*hi "1 Hil- i-p* ol
vessels th.- lau of i-s,r win nol be evaded, li Ins
leen eustomarj to regard the iel of l_wu as cv.
boa ever, and lt ls feared lhal Mr. Olney win be
I..,,e,i io in,- rcnclusloii lhal -hips construct* i |sin-*iv
ot w....(i and i.i!rH> ol d' d will riot meei legal to
qutrementa. *
fltosblngton, -lune ?'?? Tbe Rivy Department hus
ordered ihe .M.-n from Shanghai bach to Chemulpo.
ii appears thai lhere is -nil need of a United -"tates
war ve--ci in (.min waters, aud Hm Alert still
probably be kept il Chemulpo tor some Haw. Iba
Honorary irrived at HaoBow from Shanghai to-flay.
Ntiiiiii Ureabam mid this ifternoon Hist h.* bid
Sio Information of ll,real, ucl trouhh- in Corea w I il. I*
would indillgll Am.dean Interest ., mid he 1-ell.uvil
Uml lhere was no cans,* for apprehension. This
leave:, .HI anparenl div. r-lt. of opinion Let Ween the
slate and Navy Department! on the matter.
Qrtlettsbarg- Kv.. June ?"??-The marcel excU*>
iii' is' i xi-1- in Breattriti County o*rer rn- blowing og
of -T!i,? llii-Hir" ollie*- hy stiiktiovrii pomona WA
ni?hi allom ii o-ohMk. "'iv HuMhr" is n weekly
paper, idlted to Um flor. I. J. nickey. Dyagnflti
wa plied nader tba door of the biillilin-j, and wr.tKed
tba entire il im leia "Tia llu-tier" aaa thc sole
eau,-. ,,r tho local option law wlUch wu_ reccutiy
pa..ed In noel couuU''
VT Tm; old" ACADEME.
Wr.t point-, June :? (Special)-*?Once more the
revolving acaooaa have brought the la-t weeh of
tho m-itdiintiou exer'Tsc.s gt West Point, and from
tin* rimdoarg ol tho glenn mouataina nnd the shel?
ter ol tbe dd gray walli ? dam ol cadets, lied
all with martial ardor and high ideai*., are* pre?
paring to to forth to continue the sn. taine I reoord
of the Nation'** military hi. tory. Ono class of
cadets is 50 like another: there ar** the same -.leam
lng unilorins of oflicers and he!m? .cd orderlies
Nulling on the goa flooded plain and nloag the
?haded walha, the tide nf military lite flows at the
ancient post so exactly as it hat Isefore, that it
seems Impoaafble that so many yearn have v.in
Libed since lirst the writer heard tho bagtea greet !
the morning, saw fro' Nest oatoh the glory ot the
riling sloy. All around institutions change or |
perish, administrations and dynasties ris* aud fall, |
and behind tho onward rush of mankind are thiiiRS
forgot, but West Point continues on in the linea
laid doun for it by ifs founder-*. I rock of con?
servatism where the slorious memories of tho past
ire active, living principle! in the present.
The number of visitors to tin* post this year
is rather smaller than usual, but Ihe plasrai of
tbe Ii it-'l are m_dr? beautiful in the regulation
nurdier of blooming rjirl.s and by the boundary
hedge which ho may not pam the slim cadet
waits as Banal f(,r the one be loves 11 go and
stroll with hun on tip* plain. They drink of the
magi, waters of KooeiUBko'i spring; h** gives her
? bell button from his unil-.ri:.: the graduate
gaea f a Western poet and marries the colonel's
daughter, wlul" ihe on tis thc rich banker and
life goes mi just the san,.* nnd tim river flows on
to the s-a. Now ,,li pronto thinga are e_mi*
nated irom the lifo Of the cadet. II" is Bile,
with high ideas of "that honor which iV-\s a
.tain like i wound," and lu kele the r. tl- tel
glory 'if ri hundred well-fought battlefields of
wh is ? fame he ia the heir.
The examinations proceeded to-day in the order
laid down. In thc examinations In law Co-let
.1,.illiston _rj\ * a recitation od the "Llberty of
tl..* Pren." Mi Johnston was very oomplimea
taty to tho prcH and evidently consider., it a
good and useful institution. Arnon- th-' benefit-"
of tlie press be enumerated Ita i* *wet In keeping
offlceseeken in check. Cadet Johneton evidently
does nol look With favor 'ii]?>n politicians, but
he i-e young y*M and baa never had Oceanian to
?pply tor a much desired dotail.
i ,doncl Ernst went Iret.sr.- te Hoard of Visitors
to-day and gave them rs general diaconiae on the
academy. Me told them thal be had never seen
tim discipline of tji<- academy so good a? it- is now.
A- Iv- has only recently taken command this was
noi self-praiae. but _r<>nd expert testimony. Tins
teitimony ol tbe Colonel art tim officer* to talking
m a i.-inini-ceiit amy dnwu nt tl.e ?'mcefl" aft- rward.
.md heavy tune*, through which the ac:i hour had
l :i ?el in other days wore called up. It seems
that at one tun*, m tho tours.- ot the Civil War,
ihe liovernmeni forgot to pay the cideta. and
onlv halt the cor ps could go to dinner for want
of shoes on- day.
I h.- work oa the new academic building is get?
ting alon., slowly, and the Board of Visitor, is
trying to dev_m sonni way af barrgiaa aa tha con?
tractor* Hie south Maa wai to have been fin?
ished last l)ocojn!v*r. but ali -"\tensioti war-; grant*
e,|. and there ap* fears that another will N* asked
for. Th,* board is apposed to granting any mob
extension, so the building is urgently needed.
sine reason of the> delay i** the unexpected trouble
which the contra,'tors had in tearing down th.*
old building, Tue. bulli well In the divs when
thuf *>!d building was put Up, an I when thc C sn
tractors eame to tear if down they lound walls
ihr-"- i.et thick, with mortal as har I as the stones
it held to.o-ii.er. Finally it bad to he bia.td
doa ,r vt .th dynamite.
At ". i ', lo-k tills afternoon def ti's from the
iir-t .-'nil _a*cond clam undi*r command of Cadet
('aptain Kuti threw a pontoon bridge across
ihe little bay back of th* hotel. Two trestles
sud eleven pontoons wer- used aol the complete-i
bridge was i~,^ feet long. If waa ? good strong
br>dge and was rapidly constructed. *'ai>-.,r did
not evponoiT-o tinire- satisfaction arbon lie saw Ids
celebrated i.ridu" across the Rhino completed than
did Cadet Captain Kuti when hi* was succeosfnlly
tin di.-,] under the eyes of the Board of Visitors
Tho day bete waa lnt'-ns-h hot, bnl cool breezes
blew at '-v'-nincr and while Ihe bond plive.l i"
front of tire hotel, its sweet strain- straying lip
tin* mountain -ides anti mingling with th,- cries
,,t the night birds ir- the dark lor?ts. officers.
,,,|.-ts and fair maidens sat or wilded about ju
il., starlight and civilians look**d on and sighed
To-morrow ? li.ht battery drill on the plain will
be on>* ot the features sst thc div.
Ills CAC.V., CAPTURED OB * linlMrR'-i'SK
Ju t why Mike went out for u mid.slit sipell on
tte Kn-* -lit- of the elly, ansi winn h.* lld goring
d. brief period of liberty cannot ceriitnly be |mown.
Ile I- rm nb ra np outing vin!) lng this country la a
stirring 'our among the mu-emus. Three mouth
.iro he ian.lr,l 'ii these -hon-.- from Singapore In
ih.- care of J. B. Haylorfl, in igeri tor Barnum's
Clrcu-. ||c stands anon! four f-.-i Ugh, weighs -toil
pounds, ind possesses the strength ol several Ben.
"?ni... with Paley. ? lesarr light, aaa locked up In ?
itlble al No 2H0 Kron! si. lb* decided to see lome*
thingof-Xew-York, however, snd first brok., theiartng
lar of hi- rice its a .step in dint direction. Then.
seizing the har. In* deftly Inserted lt und^r the bott..nt
, r the icm caging ind prye- the iron holts ont
of pnaition. Once the cogs w*s broken, tbe real -ns
easy. Mike had simply to walk oul "f the J" ir.
rio Mile strolled dow,, Bout h.t. seeing strings lights
and listen!"* IB atrange sounds until ii o'clock V-*
torflsy norning. Batty, Mike's fellow-prisoner, had
parted company attn his tutor -cou .-ifrrr their
erteape, bul ih*- Brat sigh! ,,f Bouth-st, Mars,! all th?
. on, I.-- out of him.
Mr. burn*, who now own- Mike, Ihoughl that li
would .--oo i come hoine nenin, and wilted eonflflently
for his return. Il- arm no! ,!l-ipp-lnt-,1. .**,sme
,,r the nen employed around Proot-at. ]i,sr before1
-ix o'clock yesterday, s,.\. % sttange erratum crowded
(n a corner of iLe i,? f of No, 2flO, nn,i ca/.i -.
earnestly at the Mg bridge, ii ans Mike, Ito was
witching tba gilding can "v.-r his he-id with an
appearance of placid Interest- Armed with a lari-_i,
Mr. lind's mounted io ti,. ro,,f. nm Mike was
watching kins, aiul for aiiotn ten minutes the two
dodged iiroui.,] ,-.nh other. Mr. Burns finally n?t thc
lariat over the beast's bead, and Mike's excursion was
Washington, .lune ;..- rh- .-stale Deportment win
prd ul ly uni Interfere In the cam of the aleaaaahlp
Danube at Portland, ere., where me captain appealed
to tba British Logittoo for relief from un ,,r.i*?r **f
tl.e court will, ti requlrefl ulm to bring "_?<> Chlmae
passengers before the court to gua om writ*, of hnhtr
corpus. Th,- capt-iin was wlIBag thal the C?teeas
-hould ans-er, hut he fenr.d to as.'-nine the heavy
reaponatbOlty ol peeveattag thc escape of tba * Manana
when they worn oaoa ashore, sn- JaHaa _*waedato,
ihe lirlilsii Anibassador. was nt the hint- Department
to tiny, probably to state the case io Secretary i;resh
nm. lt ls believed at the Departinent thnt there
will be no illJltculfy In complying technically with the
outer of tbe court while avoiding anv possibility of th?
en ape of the Chines.'. This could be done If the
Marabal aervefl his writs on hoard the vessel, and
left a deputy iboufl In charge of the Chinese until
tile Coull passed upon the cases.
Lynn, Nam. ?'l|l),? "*??A Lynn man, who |g _
friend of Hie missing ex-colonel of the 8th Uegl
inent, J. Albert Mills, of Newburyport, who was
I short In his accounts as agent of the Victoria Mills,
\ slates flint he has received information that tho Da*
' tkiHUUi < I'luiu-I to now lu Mexico. I
gCAU **t__tf_d ny GROUND?
Chicago. June .'..?Wild and unfounded rumora
of impending limtnci-tl disaster cau_e*el a _st.ns**l**ao
run on many of the banks in Chicago to-day.
I hose chiefly aftecteil were the Prairie- State NV
tiona! Hank, the State Rank ol Commerce, tho
Hibernian Savin?,. Bank, the Dime Savings Bink,
the inion Trust ('.mi-atty'-. Bank and th** Illinoli
Trust and Saving* Bank. Iladef the cir*iimsranfle*e
it is no small tribute to the sagaci.ty, soundness
and foresight of Chicago hankers to pay that th*"""
all withstood the strain. Where the rumors
sprang from is a mystery. It is no mystery how
the-y . pre.d, for wildfire is no galeker in its fli-ht
than rumor when she takes a fling at the banks.
Whether malice or ignorance inspire! the rumora
is unknown, but whichever it was the effect waa
laotaataaeoaa and widespmod. FhHaaaaely tho
effect arni coaflaed to uncomfortable crowding in
the banking rooms, to puihing nnd hanlin, among
excited derositors wiring t<* wdhdraw their money,
and to the gathertag of curious crowds upon tho
sidewalks outside the honka
One of the eadie** and apparently the moat
n-alieinus Timor of she dav was to tiie efTi*cf that
John "if. Smyth, tho largo furniture deai?r on
W,--t Madison-***., had failed. There was no
'ruth in the repoit and the nu.nager* nf UM ?*nn
Oern assign no reason for its having started.
Other similar rumors of lilian'ini troubles wre
foiin I to be without hails when traced down,
but they had spread fur and wile before th**jr
could h.* sueasmsfnlly em tradicted, and the miva,
pent on the city bank- hegttn. It was the stntll
depoeitori of mvinga?tho people arith fr un ?.*??.
to *.".ii,i to th.-ir credit?wim soon rt 11****, many of
tin* bankin'; rem* an I began f,> clam >r f"r their
money. In every eas,* they found, greatly to
their eomfort, the easMers ame prepared for
them .md ready te lund out dollar for dollar*
ami it tli-'ti became a question mrely of standing
in line to await turns nt the pavinc- te-Uers
wickets. All woo came up to H o'clock, tho
regular hour fur clcs'ng the bunks, were ran**'*d
in lin -. ind when the doors were ghat the pay?
ments proceeded just the sam*** until the hst de-?
poeitor within the bank walls bari received tho
amount due him.
Karly in the afternoon the Illinois Trust and
Savirics Bank pooled a notice savins that th"" hanki
would remain opea until is o'clock to-ninht to pay
depositors, and that the commercial branch of tho
institution would romain open until the .ame time
tn pay checks. Later it was announced that tho
Lani, weald np'*n its door* at fl o'clock to-morrow
or an hour earlier than usual to accommodate those
who wished to withdraw their money. Ti.ote
noti.es had no effect, however, in allaying tho
panic, and the bank continued to pay oil depositors
as rapidly a* th-* wven toiw-e could count out
the money, resident Mitchell siid this evening:
- We will keep open until '* o'clock af night for the
I a m-'".t of d-*ii dt rs ns lon . a. tim run c<n;intie_.
I! ei" ar.- si n.i (in,-on .leo,sit* in this d<*pa-t
mcrir of tin* hank, and seven men are paying do
posit, rs. Workup twelve hours a day it will take
teoven men 100 days to pay out the Si'ljiOO.-i'iii."
AB midnight the doore of the Illino..*. Trust and
savinr." Bank are still open, and nearly ion de*
po.sito.s are in the bank -jetting their money M
fast as possible. Tho bank officials say they do
not prnposo to close* up at all: that they alli
remain open until fhe people cease coming for
their money. " I don't know what- it means,"
said (ashier (dbl,., "but I do know it is largely
du.* to the newspaper reports and sensational
rumors that have come to the people. As for
the Ulm, ie Trust and Saviagl Bank, nfl "an stand
an.v kurd of a run. We aro asking nothing of
anybody ind are not alarmed. As yet there ia
m. oennion for alarm, but if the people keep on
drawini theil money out of the bankf* there will
I,, ti-oubl.-. All of this cash will lie taken ont
ot circulation and there will be a big crash."
'Ibe (.lol*.* Ravings Bank post.*- a notice thia
ifternooa tint it would tak" advantage of tho
lavv requiring from thirty to sixty days' notice
:,,i tin* withdrawal of savin.** deposits. Thora
was no terian! um on thc hank to-day, but ira
? th.-T-i derided to protect themselves as far aa
possible Tn,- concerti il contioU.-d by New
Kn. and people.
There wis abm ? heavy run on the Prairfe
stat.* Saviagi and Trust Cempsay, owned by the
sam" caoitalists ae tl,,*.* managing th" Prairie
State National Dank. I'nlike the latter institu?
tion, tin* savniLrs beak r**q"flied si.ty days' notice
Of withdrawal ol tl- posits. Tl c timing of people
which surj.V'1 about tin* dom** of the savings
bank was composed ot Inhering people who had
planed their all iii the institution.
An bMMBM auiount ol money was paid out
daring the day without any perceptible diminu?
tion of th" crowd, but the officials of the bank
appeared *<* take the matter easily ind met all
demands made upon them.
Hw others of the llilierniiin Banking Assoeiar
Mon IR net in !ho Wst alarmed over tho run on
th"ir institution. lt is regarded as one' ot tho
itronaaH mvlaaa bank- in the oonntty. The d?
positors arc mostly Irish, and it is the depository
of large nmounts of the funds of the .arises Ro?
man ?*'atholi,' parishes. Its last report showed
deposits ,,i two lad thi'iv'-.'iiartor million?; indi?
vidual deposits of t li iee-* i u alters of it million, and
undivided profits of n third ot a million. The cap
it il stock la S.'.-'.Ooii. Vic -Tn--dent Charleo P.
Clark, who i> ms nain of the savings d?*pi rt mont,
said at 1 o'eloek! "We have been paying on* all
the mernina at the rate of three a minute. AU
the applicants aro those who have money in tho
savings department. They m?* poor people who
have every dollar in th" world they poseess a-ith
us, and naturally with th" existing conditions they
have got nervous. We do not binnie them.
Under our rules we can compel notice of sixty
to ninety days, bat wt* are nor doi/ig this yea.
Utera ls bo need tor .inr slam so far as we aro
concern xl, and we do not propose to enforce tho
usual notice unless we have |o< It is significant
that our commercial customers, those whose, de.
posits are subject fo cheek in the regular way,
aro not troubling us at all."
The crowd outside of the Dime Savings Bank
had don isled by 1 o'.loclt, lint President Smaiile
ii Bailey expressed no uneasiness, nor would he
say whether tha hank would enforce its thirty
day rule. "We have lauds sufficient on hand,"*
he said. " for all regular purposes and even for
an emergency. No occasion exists for this alarm,
in progress on these institutions also. Invest ku?
bank does solely a savings business, itu laat re?
port showing deposits or t&OO.OOO, and a surplus
ol ?51,000. Tin* loans a* tho time of the same
report amounted to Si.*..,ooo, while United Statos
beads and cash on huud aggregated $225,000.**
ihe* fact that several National hanks are lo?
cated in the same '.suiMing with the State Bank
of Congress gave rise to reports that a run waa
in progress on these institutions also. Investiga?
tion, however, developed tbe fact that the rumor
was without foundation and at the Metropolitan
National Bank it was stated that the deposits of
tho day were very largely in excess of trie wit li
dru wau*. Not the least Hurry was isercoptible at
any of the various National banks, and several
prominent beakers, whom opinions were asked ooo
(ctning the panicky tevllng in tbe air referred to
it as simply a gassing spasm due entirely to tho
uiieai.i-"e..s prevailing among depositors identified
with the savings hmks under State jurisdiction
Aa the day wore on tbe runs on the saviours
banka moued to become contagious. Thg last, iq

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