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<? "Ce- -?v
v?i-.t,tii v?. 17,001
ns accuses general kizgebald.
A M8AOKX1 .mv.nt wuk n may BXO in a corr.T
Maiuial-tiii: ITTBSmoa of GfftlSHAL
Ntrowiotin siihordinato efloera have had their
quarrels and been ordered before ce wu Martial
and courts of monti? in tin- National Guard <>f
this citv within tho tani ye?v or two, hut lt begiM
tn look now as if there would ho it i>"l-hnt fi *lit
betesaea Rrtgediei Geneaal Loaia Fitaterald, thc
commander ot the First Rrlgnde, and ' olonel He
man Dowd, of tho 12th Regiment Thargo- have
not Ml hoon preferred by Colonel Dowd against
(ionorHl FittgeraSd, i>ut i lotter baa been reeeiTed
at Albany by Adyotant-General Josiah Porter from
Colonel Dowd <?? ?inplniniHt; of certain utterances
of General Fltsgeral l and callina attention to a
paragraph of the regulation- which these ?Iter?
ances aro said to viol ito.
What tba next etea wi! be is not known, Bnt
thoso who aro BOQaalnted with Colonel Dowd he
liove that if the Stat-- aotboritlea do not take ap
bk letter af complaint, formal charge* will he mud?
against Genera] ntrgeraldgajrhich will makenecea
aary a court martup or ? court ol Inquiry at
Tlio trotible all an>*> OTOt an or lor foi an 'lo?
tion of major In the inh Regiment ? few weeks
ago. Colonel Dowd wanted t<> have thc election
held at hi* office in the National Bank of North
Amerie.i on one Saturday afternoon, hut General
Fhsgeiald refusH to allow it t<. take phvJC there
and ordered that it be Ind l nt tlie 13th Regiavml
armdry an Ike following Monday. Accounts were
anhUahed in the newspapers ol tina disagreement,
and General FitrgeioM wa* directly i|UOted in
nonie, of the norning newapapen aa having aa! I,
in aabotanee, that Colon*! Dowd had exceeded
his authority. The tenor ot tbear rematka did not
pleoae Colonel Dowd, as is shown by hi- letter to
General Porter, lie eat the article* ont and gent
them with bbl complaint.
In this lotter be called attention to a paragraph
of tho Regnlatlona which prohibits on? of cor froni
goring ar pnbliahing anythino. detrimental to an
other officer. Colonel Dowd declares tint (tom-rai
Fltagerald'a remarks were In violation ol thia rep- j
ulation, anil that lils action t??!i?1< <1 to fiefs"? 1.1 ?
order and military dlaoinline in the Nat anal Hoard.
Be says farther thal no one ia the r.'th Regiment
know of the eontroTeray between General Pitzjter
nld anaTnimsrlf and thal consequently news of the
uffuir must have leaehed the aetrapapers In tho
lirst Inatnnce from some "leek" at tlie other end
of the line. Further, be. ntka for :i Ivie and in?
struction* aa te whit course be shall narau ./
This letter eanaed eonsblerable r-t ir among the
State officials at Albany, ss it was known tba
Colonel Dowd was a Sghter, anil that he did not
?a into an effaii ot thia kind blindly and with?
out considering the result of any ste,> which he
?right tako. Ho is a, West Painter and so bf un
Qjaahhndlj anderstands the enotoni and law la caeca
of this kind. Iiocaiise coen tilings um- taught thor
oushly t-r the eadeto. Besides thia training, he
aarved bi the Army from Jane 15, 18??, antil ,
June I, iss.<, when he resigned, Ile waa aecond
lieutenant In tb?' sd Artillery, end waa mode
first lieutenant la the arne organisation, (hil
April 29, 1SS.">, i.e wa- elected lieu ten int- 'olon< 1
of tho |gth Readiaent, ; ad he in col< i I
October it, ih>?!i. At preseal ne i tlie aaslata n
casLior of the National Bank of North America,
in the Equitable Rnildlng. De lives in Orange |
\v:ion aeon ;;t bia office by a Wbwne repoitor '
yesterday Colonel Dowd refused alawlutoly to <
discuss the .iifair in any way. Ile would neither
admit ncr deny the story.
Bthjadate Ucirral fltsgeral i is also an old j
?oldier, with a long and honorable record ta both .
tho Inion Army and tie Nation .' Guard. His
?tat military BCr*ice WOO as a private in tlio
"th Regiment, la winch be enlisted on December
30. ls.Vi He soi vul with th" regiment in lin?
early .lays ot the ReheUioa a.- a sergeant in
Company C. On .June ?.*. !-'.i, be waa con
?awlewd a first lleatonant In the nth New
\urk Volanteers, and be aerved during the war
llo was promoted until, when he wi- lUaoharged,
in FebruaiTi IbfiS, be wa- lb>uteuant-oolonel of
the 1st Regiment of militia, District ol Vicks?
burg. Mi**. On October il following he again
entered the tth RoKimont a* a firs! lieutenant,
and became lieutenant-colonel ut th-- orcanizi
tion om Koremher ", i-;.. Thia pnaitloo In
held until ie- homme 1 >i- j --?: i ? i i ? ? -ioio i i', com?
manding the Kir-t litiua''", un March -'-. :-v^.
llo has retained this position up to the pr > nt
x co pt ion of a few day*, \\'i\,-<\
mpernnmerary list.
with th
preskhtit of the .Mi cant ii" truat Comp my, in
the EnaltaMe Building, and ia an ufticer in other
i rn-,i the ri ominouce of tlio two ofllcera it i<
thoii|ht that lliero will he i llri?1v time il Colonel
lauwa should 'I'ci'i.- ..? pi? ti.ompluiut.
Those who hnve 'nari of ri:" diaaareemonl aa)
that they do aol ae* how he can 'irk out now.
having lone thua rar. ?
A Trionne rep??rior no ide aev ra] attempta to
st General r'itxtforald yesterday, bul withoet
aneeeaa. Ho was not at his office in the after?
noon, and when tlio roportei called at his hon-",
>o. '-'.v; Lexington-rive., laat erening, he was
told that General Fitrgorald wa* not af hom.-.
OM KILLI?.;> am> iivi: IKJL'RK: nv \ CAVE
iv lg 0/ILLIAM5BCKG.
six cknaren acre buriel 'w an embankment csvli .?
in last avealaa in wintaaaabarg. One of th children
va- laban nat dead and itu- ether* ar?<re i'l more ot
hm aajared. lae dead chill ama Frederick K'.^llii?.
four reata aid, or Ko, T:> McKlbbeo-ai. Tin Injufd
ur Chrlattaa llopp ive roan old, ol No, Hg k.vi.
?!.: Angii-t Koo,if. aerea yearn oht, al So. Tn Mc
Kfaban-at.; Georgi it.wa, nti,a years old, of s>'. 70
M<-Killin 11--1.: Jehu Paaaler, ctgtil rear* old. ol Mo.
77 HeKlbben-ti., uni j;., !,- golsltng, Bva var- oin,
a -Inter of lae (h-.:u boy,
i.,r aareral <!a-,^ ? ping ,,i kiaorera bav< been <ii^
g*"K at No-. 7:< am; m Bwea-at. Aft?-r the mn
?nii?l>-<l woj-k aaa! rvealag, iii" abtlarea la the nelaii
bnrhaaa aagagH lu haaaftng from the bank n> the
aarptl ..f Um aacavaitaa, abom mm f,-,i. auddruly
tn asea ol lae taabaalaaent pavi tray, baryma iba
ll'':.- ann beneath lt. la ? Baa econoa willing
ha -is aura ut work reacnlai tba ehildren. A call
lor lin Truck No. r ?ra? sent out, jual a lew Biiuaiea
gfter iba nreaaaa arrrred hu thu rhlldren bad been
bu i. out. Tba l'-i ta h. removed wm m<- hof
Kr.'ldy Kn -.Illili. Toe bed] Wi , ri-BWVed i i Ibo
bono of lil- parents, Th., other chlMrer wore al
tended by ambulanaa anrgaaaa (roo -t. catbrrlael
ai. i Iba 1^.-1. mi DUtrtot kaaaatak. Their lujarte*
mere not of a aartwaa naiure, nd the* wera taken
to tli-lr aoaaaa hastaad oi t-> tba baapttal
UrOfQ o.v i:.i\y usu 4yu BISVVITH.
Tin: sti:ami:u gfKLU I nv kinds tho itum ii
nsHKa.Mix anuri in an q**eji ooai
Two French gaheaaaaa, who i,ad nV(..| f?r tiiree
days in an ajaaa basg, with raw n-ii had a law his
cult* *- thah haag, waea hwagat hore reatardaj bi
the lirlsnd ?"lty hine aaaggaat w-ii- t ny. Tnetr
n?un* w|ji- Vitter Drleoal and Jaaepfa lenoir, on
May ^0 the Item 1. ftaalag baa eb Ann- .-t Maria, fi um
Ut. 8cn-alns, Inune, lanie io i!1(- Dagua) of Xewfaa aj
hnd and sent oni fhrea dorha. Tan t?-. fi-ir-na'-n
were In one of Iheae small kOBH, a fog leaar-jteJ
th?m from the ii-hing aaaacfc, and wi,, u the raw*
Hftist the mon coull see ni raaaal hi dgh'. lo
three days fae don drirted nh M, Tba mn hui :,
little watti ?'""l " ci''*' Uxul - beaMea t:..- iki, whick '
they eaugat. ? u lae eeentag bf Juno 1 u,.y ,,??
the steamer Wells (itv bearing flown u]?.n Uiom.
*b*y atood in the dory und wttaod th.-lr coots. They
were seen by the second offflcer of th? stotimor, ama
^a* on the bridge- A boat w?s launrhed and thoy
waee taken on ho;inl tlio Mourner.
**PUtn ??vaco, oaaaaaaader of ike Wells m>. win
Uta the mon to the French < 'aa sn I to-day, and l.e
?B arovlde for their tnui.p nation buck to France.
London, .Tune 8.?Tho Radical memhffl of the
Rouse of Commons met in conference this even?
ing to discuss the wearisome and latia* protraction
ni the Homo Rale debate in committee. Henry
Labouchere spoke in favor of immediate and sum?
mary action to force the hill through the eommit
lee stajjo. The obstructionists, ho said, had wasted
weeks already in discussing and dividing an ut?
terly aseleaa and bopelesa amendments. The time
had come for ending the spectacle. Tho Unionist
amendments were nut intended fe be taker, seri?
ously, and it was ridiculous to treat them as if
they were offered ht good faith, when everybody
knew the contrary to he the cane.
Several other menihers spoke in support of y,r.
Labouchere? position, some of them expressing
oven more strongly then diaopproval of the Gov
ernment'a hesitation to shut off at once the ob?
struction of the Opposition.
Samuel Storey, member for Sunderland, who
prcidded at the conference, defended the Govern
merit's coorie Those on the outside, he said, must
realize thal they did not have all the moans of
knowing Mr. Gladstone's motives, and that they
would do bette! to let those beal acquainted with
the situation select tlnji own methods of push?
ing forwai I th.- bill Precipitate action on the
part of th.- Radicals would result, probably, only
in embarrassing the Premier.
Mr. Storey".- advil..- had the effect ol delaying
Bnal action until Friday, when the Radicals will
meet again Meantime pressure will be exerted
in private to move Mr Gladstone to decisive Mops
against the Unionist Bllibustcre.
In the House of Commons to-day a* G. Huteher.
L'onservative member for York, moved to amend
the Home Huh" bill so ns to preveni the Irish
Legislature Hom enacting lawn in reference to
tin- crimea ol conspiracy, combination, unlawful
isaeuil ty. rioting and cuni.- against the person.
(hi.f Soontar. Mer lo; san) that nothing
aron ld be surer to promote friction between Great
britain end Itolanu than tin- adoption ol such un
imendno'ir Ali Butcher's amendment wa- re
jo, te.i by a vote ol ,1; to 2lC
Sn Henry .lam.-, IJheral-L'nionist, then offered
i motion to tin- elfeni that anion., the powers
reserved from th- liish Ijcgialaturc should be the
i-ow.-; of thnling with seilition.
Ilome Secretary Asquith opposed the motion, on
the ground that there might ls? sedition against
the Irish (lovernment, and, tlierefore, the Irish
Li'gislature ought to have power to deal with
? -ii sedition The amendment waa rejected by
a vote of Jd! lo 255.
sm: is CONSIDERED RXGLARO'fl M BT im'.Mirv
Loudon, .inn, H.?Tlie cont,-mut- in yetterday'a
mc- ih- Valkyrie, iv. nm. lirltaanla, Calluna and
Sotonltn ?sl.irt.-d at ll o'clock lal* momlag Ul race
?gain ov,-r the same coane ns thai aalM yesterday.
n.i> tour'-'' Iv In tl,e Worth Sen. :,mi extends from
llarwlc.i tn ? ? :?_? ? p st ibi aortborn extremity of
? ,i;pv.--i Sands, tlienc. . wari lo ib< light
- u mn rial j Ute cut mutts t. the Klnsx snd -ana
ciianiiel-, ti.riio- aorlbward le Iba hulpwaata Ugbl
ship, or from HartrtOb to th" Mink Ltgbtablp, Un nco
io the aaagsaaaa Iftftitrtahy. and langra, aa ab) wind
and li.le limy soj.
i in- Valkyrie agata proved herself tho best beat,
?rlaning the nco uni banting Ibe Prlaee 'if Ufalos'a
ratter, lb* Brltaanls, wblct ero ned Iba line aeeond,
ny un minute* sad twcnty-sli arconda. Yeatetalay
aver the aami conni tho Valkyrie beal the Brltanaia
bj mi ? minute.
The Yiiikvn. boa ed pearleM f rm la MiUtag br the
wimi. Lu Britannia waa laster on ike roark and
when raanlag -ni ai l\ i? fore the wlad,
'! ? Valkyrie kd Ihroughoat the race, she ama
rloseb pr.-I bl the Britannia, win. I. feUed, boa
I'VT. to OVl ns J'-nt WOrk it- i ll Moiii|.-,v.
Yesterday'* victory of Lord Danraven'a yacht ba*
added murta lo Um Interest taken in lier performance*,
and in spurting circles lt |s hiller. | thal -li- will
prov, tin- nei-1 formidable competitor Rnalaisl ban
rel teni lo Aneri, i lo -"k bi regain the America*
bap. ic- vind \.-t-niiiv van ll/.ii. as ii wa* on
the lll-t econ lon ?.Mon tile Wilvil- Wo|l. ;ill<l lt I
no-.v evident Hint -li- I- able In -ill ..niljin -itlv. I
well lu Ugbl and iHinine; lu?/..-. How abe will
... I i-i .i -M!f usu,I rn ? Cale | .-i I- ni iii- li i-.- -.?:.
bal ll i- assertel iii-it -a- all' aboa bera if .i I ll
h.-f.er salli r In hw v weathei.
- ??
11: i: I-.XM IXACF.lt m lill. ItvN'K rn NA I* Ll..
ami OTHERS I NIH :i.;i lui. i vi.,v/.i.i ?ir.NT.
Rome, Jane a.- In deference lo the rbi.r of
public .ijii'-iiiii and Un- rtalttg demand aaaong the
Depone* iin.i Justice -:..iil U done lo Ibo peraona
prill; of . vt. ii iv- plunder ol Italian hana*, lb*
BUthnrlUc* ba vi bogan <?i pru ?? eui.- willi some,
.-' ci?-..f rigor. Signor L*nrlnle||r, and uthera bare
boon Indicted In Hil 'it.' for lb* alleged embow!
linn' of u.l.'.o.n si in- from inc Bank "f Nap*
? i. ?.!? ll i. who wat manager ol ii- Bank ol Xai-'o*.
and who wa <li-:nii ? ??? ;?- .1 j,j-l -* Wheh nrr.'-i"! bj
the pilho m th- latter pun ol January on th-i
charge on whit!: bc bas Ju-t been Indicted, baa ron
j. ?-.st lim! av alistracled the entlrt -un, wall be
Iv aocoaed of i 'ni" ztMng In January hist. Ngimr
CurlnteUo exculpated the eaabler iron- i -inn- lu
tin- ahatraellun ..f fonds, li- taut thal be bad green
370,000 lin; lu ibr ra bier lo par a debt dae lo thc
Banco Ri miana. The remainder ol the amour*" em
Ih/'.,.i 'j. bn/1 banded lo a peraon wm.rn be did aol
?l-:i io name, and wbo undertook In return the amouni
within four days. Ureal curiosity l- fell ;i- to thc
Identity of lae peraon who- sam I- altafceld,
? ? ?
l-l i\ \ STILL MianxG.
New Orban . June ?'..? Th- Rreakwalnr arrtvid ai
10 ..'<h.ck hut night from Honduras and brtaga the
news thai the revelation li al an .na ami everything
I- quiet. Al] ibo rebel ieaderi except obi kare ged
into N'learag*ia and Baa salvador. There bj much
-nil laelloii along the ooaal and baidlieaa bj resuming
Ila 'normal atalna. Ooaeral VaaosMH, ii,- Minister
of War, I- -nil aettag Prealdenl
Tba greatest mystery aareoandi Hie President,
?.4ii.-r.il Lerra, who baa not Been beard from -bu
be abandoned Hi* Uovernmeni in th- mlUal of ino
revolt iiml tied te puerto Cortes.
mk ni n\nii wi noTER'a tRoriiEKTcontixui i
Parla, Jim- ?'... slr Uh tm ni \v,.i^t,r m-day eon
iliuieii bia argument lu behalf of ii,.- Hrlllah cns- be
fore th.- Behring gea Trlbanal af Arbitration, lie
i-los-iy foUowed lae lines of lae Brltmfa pHated uren
mont, clalinl if to reba) tho Aasertcaa conleolloa thal
th.- -online indaatiji apart from t:,.- ri:<;,i af property
claimed by Ike Fnlted Btatea ta Ike berg, entitled tba
American Qovernaaenl lo enforee regalailona bs ito
toot the aeal herd agatnal forrlgncn. .sn- Blcbard
praeetdad lo oasab rrom the Brui h aapfdeeseatary
report in support of his argameat,
B, j. Phelan, <?r ike Ann ric.ia roaaael, protaated,
and reminded sir Bfchard thai Ike Tribaaal hud ii
rlded not io iidnilt th- Brllatk Hi|iji|-in-ni,-iry report.
sir Blcbard Ikea a eased ala ajaattftloaa Iron ike ro
port, ami wont i.:icii io in- xniijoii of ti, ? Rewfeaadland
Flsblni Baars, Ile Bald ual -line 17-:; u, m, gahlog
banka bad been fi..|i.. nted by all natl ns. ir i:uh
;n-d ol.h. ted iii iii- lerata nblrb hfeaara, PhHss and
. attar ba I a] ; lied lo the pelagic aaal kant r-, lu com
parlue 'h lr basilio** ,0 parser, and in calling the
o hij:,i ? a .or ?? b i-tls liiiniani g-n-rls.''
Wii-n slr Bbrhard It'ebaler referred to 1;, ? court
Whlcb bsd ooinlomto-d l!i. ci.;li:-(l HcaleTa i>- |irl/.es
his Blteraneea provoked n remark from Mr. PtVlpa to
ihc cff.it lhat tho validity of tho aehmrea made or i<>
be mad.- was not mtanrilted lo Hw Trfbttaal ender Ibe
Arhltrntlon Tr-uty. ^ '
London. Juno ?.?In tho Mouse nf Commons today
T. QgaaaO flowlos. Cnnsorvallve, of Kioa'- Lynn.
a^kod wbelbor roparatlon lind BOaa oMnln.-d for the
bciiL.ro by thc Kubtlana ol bli. lirllUU vmcU lu
Behriag asa in July, lsr.j. sir Edward crey ropii.-d
thnt Itu--i;i ilart referred Ike claim- la question le n
comariaatoa, whtek hud a t yet aaade a report. Th"
pre-cut provlalonsl agreomenl between Brest Britain
and Russia hud been entered Into expreaaly without
prelndlee la Um rights al those Teasels.
Tails, .inn- f..-\ howteroas eteeHag af lbs gaea
CUnal sfcarekaMeri ama held in ibis etty bvday.
r>nricr. Begboax, walann, Lamb and Ferdinand nod
Charles d.- L***epa, ih< retiring dlrectm aere re
ehctoii. No egor) wa- m.ul- ta procure tho r-m-vil
of Chorlea de Lemons, M. Wnddlrgton, .-nlly
Ambaaaador to Great Britain; Prince Aronberg, the
Ckevatter des Brierea, mid Votson Hoy wen- eJeeted io
fill tho pincos of director* who bad resigned. The
mnln -onrro af trouble al the nicotine wsa the op
poaliton lo M. Waddington, whose vote tell BOO below
[hal of cm h of the other Hu?.
1\ Ills ROOM.
(Viiiinl "ffi.o detectives v.-t.rd.iv found the fur
nl-lco" room In win,'! Frank Davis, the burglar, hi?l
hoon liviiiL- before he waa eaptared. Inspector Me<
Laughlin said Issi night thal for reaaani af hU < wn
he did not nish tn t-n ii,- address of thc burghrr'a
landlady, who waa in 1,0 amy t.. ho blamed f?t gretal
?beltci i-i D.vl . bul thc r nm araa not fur tram
Chatham Bunare, In lae room tho detecHvea ft nnd
? mimbil of cribb- whick I>i\l- hud alolen. nnd
among them were two watches nnd leveral other
iriii'.et- vhhh were taken from tho boase <>f lindley
Harlin al Ko. '-.'J Weal Twciitloth-at., on th- Dish! of
April SO. One of ti,- aratrbe* waa rained br Mr.
Martin al 1500. in a drawei in the room araa a a*ws>
paper containing n mm Ucl nc omit of ihi robbery at
Mi. Martin's bouse. Th* burglar il ok? aatebea and
>ilvcr worth 15,000 from ih" boase nfto-- Mr. Marttn'a
daaghter wai married t<> the Bari of (riv.-.. n<?
luol?e up some Of Hie watches :,rid -liver nnd aseheg
; th.in In order to iel! them wltboal danger af d-t<?< Hon.
; other article* fonnd In the room represented burglar*
? lea al aeveral other boase* In lb* elly.
Inspeclor Mclaughlin .-..ll Mst nlghl thal tb< rob
berlea were comesltted al the hou-.s ?f t ?
grhlesstnger. No. 90 Baal blxtr-flfth-?t., April M;
A. T. Sullivan, No. Mt lift h.iv.-., Ii.,,ml, ft; \V.
.1. Dssnaresl, No. Ji E il Fifi J aevenll M . March
S3; Cbarlei I.nb r. Ito 30 1. t J iirtj ? - ? t
January it. and J. Pierpont Morgan, Madlsn iv .
and Tiiriv dxthat., .\prii 1:1. From Ibo*
rJlverwarr wai itoten, nnd irinketa and clotblai were
Uki n from nome ot them. Onlj ii lea of Ila Ibtaga
it olen from an) one house were found in the ream,
| They were tulon lo ibe DetectIvr Bureau tor Monti
?cation, a prayer boob la wblrb was ibe In rrtp
Hon, -is.ir.ii K. l.niii-i. Baster, i4--." ?,. Monti
li-sl eaidly sa one of the Ihlaga which Davis had
taken from Mr. l.iiiii-ro boase in Tblrty-aeveatb-et.
a piece .it paper, covered with addreasea al rich
watson, araa fouad la Daaaa'i room, and Inspector
McLaagbla aM ll doubtk Indicated tba" thu barglar
hud Intended lo vi it tba bonae* of tn. women ti
tho addia a isa were iso*e of Mrs. Rhlnelanaan and
Mis. h. v. Alexander, ol tin- etty : Mr trsaoar, of
rhlcago; Mra. Mary brant, -f BalUman : M l.
? burch, o' Hartfmd Mr*. Hmm. , -o-i ? u Mn
' J. I . :;.(/ ni M Ibid lp ila : Mr?. - ' Hi
k > - ? i ly . 'l, .. Ju ? pb v ? i . -? lie-in I
- Rai la i '.'?''. Mi - "nv r perrit ? and Mt lb
I Stevena, ul Cincinnati; Mrs. reorkei and Mra. Man
; (md, of -.ni Frand co, and Mi . Mont, uf Rt, Iamis.
: BMTJS G. msn \ vi "i ri;i o\n nv smoke.
BB IS T" t'NIi I.YIN'. L'NCORSCIOVfi "N lill.
I.I.-i uv! i;: Ii LATE LAST M'.liT.
Fire araa discovered a little after i : n
: mat nlghl in the oellai "i tho ti?.. ? i..i> liou I
stone building. No ."I" Rroadwaj Tho nr?
-tirtcl umler the sim- store owned liv Bryan ' >
McSwyny, well- known in many way*. Kdward
c. McDonald happened lo pana Mi McSwynx'a
afore, and is-m- ii friend ol lila, looked in
through tho glass door ll- aaw
that the More araa rapidly Ullina with
-uio'ic Tum alanna v. re ieni out. Tho fireman,
who broke down tiwi dooi aftet then arriva in
gaining an entrance, stumbled over i man lying
on til- llooi jest beyond Ila 'l""i li" man waa
carried out and ImmcHstel; t .".ni/-i ,- r.i. m
U. Me-Swyny. Ile bad on an 'oat, but a.
rubber shoe- His lac*' wa oxtromoh i??I uni
eat hi several pian* hy the glass, whicli w.i
iink'M tn forcing the d?o i Ovei th-l.it linuple
Hi i- was .. deep bole
M' I) i bl th.,., .ii ti, if pi il Bpi M Swjay I. il
illili luni-elt Aa I.ii aa could is- learned tl.:,
wu- not -o. Tlio phys!iiain al the Chandlers
Stree' Hospital have miine hopes foi MeSw.vny'a
Mr. MiSw.vnv i- well known to New-Yorkers.
Many years azo, when af\-*t?y walkini cont?*ta
vol- cumin.ni In tl.lil Mallison S]. uardon,
McSwyny made tlie -I.- fm thc pcdcetriniia ami
started them on their loop Sjainpa Ile abm mule
shoes for prire Hghlers anti ucl tn exhibit, thom
in the windon ol lila atope
The store i- one-hall the width of the build?
ing 'ibo ot'i.-i half contained :i lii|Uor-store
o;il|oi| tie "Council ? hambor,' which was also
owned by him si that lime Foi the last row
year be Ima l.ad'nonaidord'lo ilmn?t- trouble.
How the tire st:.rt.il is md known, uiul what was
j,, th- ci lim could not he Vai i ed. I be lil ' waa
ronllneil to the room wliere it started Mo?1 "i
the damage wna caused l?y smoko. Piiosi who
suffered t!u- greatest low were .1 1". Herta, the
proprietot of the "Council < handier," and Ibo
? ll,lunn.uni Typewrite! ?.pt n
Others, v.lm-e property -ii1'.-!--! anme damner
from woke, wore *;.-<-i j? ? \ Cust??r, th" omthlor;
.1 Sett Maloney, clntlii. - nt So. I l-l V rk
ll.ic-. ,i:nl John W Slsaoi gr <'"., dlroramlilis
??Tho Home I'liiiniil" occupied Ibe upper purl ol
the building', Hie b i-i-m-nt of which wus ucen
pie I by McSwj ny.
! M\NY ADDRRSSRS i v, FAVOR OP Kl ? l'.'i:< >' ITV
Kt. Paul, Jane n. Tba Inteinallonal Reelproclty
Convention oas ealled t<> order un- awrnlng al mao
I hv Chairman Ra u~. ? .Tet.irv Magtnnla read letter
I ot re.-M fi mi lioveraor w. R Ra ? B. nf Massarha
: (.etta; Wllfrted laurier, rsaadlaa Liberal
I leader; Thoaaa w. nreenway, premier ol tn- Province
I o' Manitoba, and tu ptain Ak-xaader Mellsmsull, of
I Duluth uni Superior, the lavente* of tne-wbatebeeb"
vi - ? ls, _, v. -nmii. y nnd Ibo report of Ibe
, Comnrittea aa Reaolatloaa and ?pake brieg) ii' it- aap
| por?.
Winiam M. Springer, of RBnela, chalrmoB of Hm
Win- and Meaaa Committee of Ike Kalkan] ii a -
,,f ReprosenUflvea, ana introduced, and exnreaael mm
s.-if in farer vi rot ipi... itv arith ail ti"' mates aa tba
American Conllneni.
Wh.-n Chairman Fisher culled the convention n,
order al 'i o'clork, -ii..'? H'R- pre*w>?' "' ,l"
lir.-.it North, i ii Railroad ans luinal.I and mada
lan address. Dr. Ori n. former BM-mher ol th- Ca nu
dian I'lilliiiu-ii'; J. A. linne, of Mit.spills, and
Mi. lull, -f Brandon, Manitoba. ?p?ke mt Ibe put.
torm. nuii B. A. Thomiaton, ol DumlB, ipofee nt lei.um
mi deep walerwa) - lo Ibe ca.
I in ihr evening i nm -.Hog " 'a heM tn tba
Audltoriam, able! waa Bearii ri Il? -1 by drt'Ciitsi and
others, attracted bj Ihr pro-eBce ..f Ullltaia M.
bptloger, who dohvered thi rbi f oddresa of lha .*?,! n.
rinclnii.iil, .lune ... -Ooverwor M? Rial v niel- Ibe
; iiddie-- In-1 nl;'hl ul lae PtV? OfeTS Haaae to lin,
I Amara! Asaorjallaa of iinrlaaail rnivei-siiv. After
. nm niidr>'-s n reeaptloa waa bads rad to ibe Uorernor
i nt ina M. NKIiol.is Hotel. Ml- nddte*s wm, odilia
; ilotinl.
CornlnR, N. Y? Jnno n,-<'barl's K. Wnlkor. state
Senator from tho XXVIIth pi-trlct. Iles nt his baanj
in this town araSuaas iii ..f a apiaart uflxtiuu. Orara
.'t_i? arc viiteruiiKd for Ul* recovery. |
DU. ST. CLAIR smith WM'iM RD lill'. IND nv
1>'IW -Ul). STORK >>K Ills ril'll.OM.KD
HTKI '.'.M. willi HIM MK.
Edwin Booth died nt the Pinyera' Club, whore
be baa been ill for many week-, at I :1I o'clock
tins morning. Ile had not reeovered coaaeious
rinoe Sunday night.
At Mr. Booth's bedside when lie died were Mr.
and Mrs. Grossman, John Henry atagonigle,
William Bisphan, Charles EL Carry! and
Dr. St. Clair Smith. I>r. Smith went to tho club?
house nt iojl.1 a'eloek last night, and Issued a
bulletin aaylng thal Mr. Booth araa slowly sink
Ing. Nothing further occurred until kl
I :lfl o'( lo, K thia morning all tbs el?
ectric lights in tho clubhouse nnd
street were wddeuly extinguished, prohnbly
hy n freak ol the eloetric cnrrent. Two minutes
Inter Ibe li lit- .-hone again, and, while this
Incideak arni bring diwuescd, nt I rt7 o'clock
I?r. Smith appeared at a window ol thc clubhouse
?nd gave ;i aignal arith his#handkerchief, which
nanonncH to those in walting timi tba greal
tragedian bad pnsaod away
? \ m ' 'i\ i i i nt- ILLNESS.
Tie i.ttiick which waa tho beginning of Mr.
Booth's Igaf aJokhees, ot o irred on Wednesday morn
inc. April IR. He had tone lo bed at his usual
time on tbs prov ms nlghl uni apparently in his
usual health. Ko ono wont into his room fill his
usur.1 time for ordering breakfast the next
l i'V. IN fl lOTII.
morning, and then it ama funnel thal I.'ll
ti rn spong Iii- ph) Irian, Dr, Sf. I Inn Smith, waa
- sent for. .i::.i f. in 'I when i.u ? ? . aa h.- afferwird
n ported, thal ibo patient had recovered hi
-.? .li lt waa oflleiall.t ?nnounoe?l that tim
attach a .- n t- torrence ol the ol I trouble of lose
of si.iii, bul it h.i- -un- Been admitted thal un
. elim-' w.i- m.ii- nt tii-t to Mispress th- f:icr of tic
extreme aei i ni uv - -f th- i ase
i e next dat In Smith ovcud :i bulletin sav?
ing thal Mi llooth hui 11-n ?? ii'ii-k'-.l hy partial
aphasia .ucl -? tn- paralysis of his ii ht .nm and
ila hi side ol his face, in all probability duo to a
-liiht h-tn-rii:i ??? iii lim hrnin " Tim doctor ni
nutt. .| th.it n a .- Impossible t-. pi dh t .it thal
timi- wi,nt th.if niuo would Ito 'tn Friday
Mr. Mi i,,0 i ; , Mi. I loni h's brothordndaw and
the -up imf. i.il, i I ..| ;;,. flub, s;ii.| flint hi- coi
dillon "ii- al'..'., tl- i .--nous, iiml flint th- worst
tiru in the ii- mi hf occur nt any tune.
I?r Smith -till lii'M mit :i faint hopi*, it Ional as
fur .1- .,1- ittcrau - t ii pith!{cation were con?
cerned, 'mt th- folhiwiitB Iny, with numorona
cunt: nh ..)', i-oi.it, t'h.if Mr llooth was laster
ami v..i- worse, ile iul.i settled eon. i-ti iii aeemod
'" he c,;i: ot,,, ,'.i - ?-- t, i - apprchende l
uni thal th.-I- was ni-?"? il!v no hopi' ni Die
patient's titnvi ry
I V .IV HAY I!! i: i*MR IIKI'OnTS.
Prom thai limo, however, it was constantly ro
port-.i :it die clubhouse, on th- authority "t Dr.
St. t lim Smil i, timi Mr. Booth's condition was
uncbani ?? I, di ? an tidna I little better. livers
doy it was the -mi- Krom other miaree* illaro
wei- rarying reports, bul l>r. Smith alwuys made
his official announcement thal li- patient'- ease
wu.-u little moro hopeful. When Mr llooth hi
been suk tor u fen days Dr. Promonl Smith took
np his abode af fh< club, in ordoi tint he mi-dil
I.- constantly near tin- potion! and read} nt anj
j time lo 1- nt hii. de af i nunn.-tit's notld*. Ile
I i- th- ramil) physician ol Mrs. Orosnrnan, Mi
limit h's daughter, .uni tin- arrangement was ntado
ut li.-r request. Al tim? be spent th.- whole
night with thc patient, bul "hen hi- danger
aeei.I to in- ursa imminent tin- was not regarded
ns noe.--.-irv. Then wow asm two tram-il nurses,
one rn thc otlwr ot whom waa alwaya with the
patient. Mrs Grossman visited hoi father every
day, mil was often with Inn tor ;i Lil-- p -it mn
I of th.- mi,. I--,!'- th- persons lei- mention?'!
-I'ln-i !\ an) one was allowed tocntoi In- room.
<>n Sammy night, April 90, there .toed to lie
,tu absolute crisis, anil the patient appeared to n ?
sinking rafiidly Ile ank limn , semi-coma loso
-tit- into absolute on "u?i'in-n.---, au,I th- phy
I sieians, who 'A-i' hastily called, wen" unable
j to il., anything which seetaed t.i bare the least
beneficial efl>et. Kvon Dr. st. clair Smith lost
confidence, ami declared tbnl there waa na hope,
Mr Booth, it waa thought, mlghl liv.' for two
' dn\>. hut !:-,- il,-i*h wa- expected at ;:n.\ hom
lt wi- thea reported that beaidoa Ibe clot of
blood "it th.- ii-aiu. whi-h ama the aoaree al -?
much -lan mr, Mr Roath hod Interstletal nephritis,
paraiyahi a/sj Url rht's disea ?-?.
w i'mixit.! ii H i: ILLY.
Hut .-. ntiarv to expei latmii, th- patieol rallied
th- ii-.t il iv from thia sinking spell, and Dr St.
(lair Smith a jam made his lum li ir st .foment
that Mr llooth wai gnjothj bnnroved, and kid
,.?? !,,! a i?.-i,., nay -! ??? his Ont attack Ile
could speak, .kl lake and retain mrurwhment,
.mihi ase in- er-us, ind waa resting comfortaNy.
In short, iii" r.poit abowl t'ts unfavorable tarn
rn tanda) night had been exaggerated. Sfnee the
r.-.ort aros that Int >""u[ "", llv<> ,w" *V"i i""1
bim-o he (lid l^e t..' than two days, the report
no doubt was exaggerated. Judge Joseph F. Duly
was allowed to \ i-it flic actor at that time, *nd
he continued the statement in re.ard to his im?
provement, ftes- thia time the old auuv-Utto
.tenta werp resumed that Le was better each day
and always latter.
lt baa 'cou at all times since the case first
attracted attention extremely difficult to get
trustworthy information in regard to it. There
lins been an ehvtana effort whenever it was
possible lo ?ivo all nows of the patient's condition
a cl.rful turn at tho expense of absolute candor.
Not only have tim statements made Ivy different
persons leen constantly and systematically con
t ran ic tory, bot the same ajtiajaaj have practically
sontr-dleted themselves, fog instance, on a cer?
tain day it might in- announced that Mr. Bhoth
had recovered the uso of his arms, and throe days
lat.-r anxious inquiries about him would Ix* met
arith Hie reply that he was bettor to-day, and hal [
recovered the nce of his arms, implying, of course,
that be had not done so previous to thia day.
lhere were also occasional alternations aggaagasj
statements that ho had I COO Tared consciousness
and that ho bad never hoon unconsoious at all.
The firct unoflicial account of Mr. Booth's sick
nesa which was aprend on tho day of the attack
wis that he mad had a stroke of paralysis. In
tho evening it was oin'eially announced that he
had merely exnertamoed ? return of his old trouble
of temporary loss of speech. The n?M day the I
seriousness of the OBOS ha I to ho admitted. From
every muree except Dr. St, Hair Smith reports
of danger have been constant. If wa- d'claro 1
that the actor waa gradually sinkinsr, that be
"ns fT .1 great part of the Baas \n n comatose
.-t;ifo, and that ho had boen at time* unconscious.
Pr. Smith said that, he slept well, and not foo
much, and that his condition was crrowin'.' more
hopeful, and be advised those arno made ini|ulric_
of him ti pay no attention to what they Blight
near from other aourees. The danger from tho
clot of blood on tim brain was never denied,
however, by anybody, and nobody daaded that
another hemorrhage in tho brain, like that arhleh
was thc cause of tho first attack, would be fatal, j
Open complaint was finally mid.'' thal the reports
given out by l>r. St. (lair Smith and Dr. Fre?
mont Smith disagreed, and thou they Issued a
joint statement to the effect thal th-w had agreed
limul th.- ease from the beginning.
\N vl'l'\ i'.i.nt IMPROVEMENT.
Sim ? this outward aembmnce ol agreement be?
tween the doctors was brought about the reports
Issued in regard fa Mr. Uootb's condition have
? -?"i-. .wii.it better, thal la, aomewbat mots
trustworthy. For a time there appeared to be
an actual and decided improvement. Some of
thc n.e., ut.- .,( precaution against tho l:,st crisis.
Here relaxed, .ml ,!f Ital Mr lluoth was thought
t,. li ? bo much heller that it was hoped that
I it might I'c possible in a few w.^-ks to remove
him tn \,,ir i- iii-.-tf 1'ii'i 'I'liis was i -urprise to
! all Mi. I loo th'a Friends who had aol been admit-,
I tod io Ins I,.,,iii, foi scarcely oro ol them had
? .-upi--.si ih.it h.- could ever B_nln recover suf
? (icientty to leave th- hon-*-. Not he did continue
I to improve atm further, and a day ama set fat
I In- journey to Xarrngunaett. Roonm were engaged
| I. l him it one of the hotels flnie, and the detnils
i ot ||bj removal wen- arranged Di. St. Clair
Smith wi- to accompany him, hut did not intend
to st iv lonaor limn should ''i' n.?s;uy f i see
lum comfortably estahllslied. Hut a few days
lu foi- that fixed lui lu- departure he hceaine
again worse, and it yraa * en nt once that it would
lu impossible to -.-t him nway from th.- Players'.
since th-,i hi- condition has atoadily declined, ami
ie: the lasl fwo or three daya ilaire has been no
hope of oven a partial recovery.
Hlh LAM l>.\\ .
Mr. Booth'* pbyatrlan, Or. st. Clair smith, was
villi lil- p.iii-iu nt midnight on Moml.iv, nn.l wh.-n
I.- I. ii ti,- ctnbboaso noon Bfter timi time he <twi not
expect to cnn- luck lill morning. Within nu hoar,
however, be was --nt for again ami shea he reached
thc bouse ;iini ?au Mr. Kooli:', condition h.- drcktrd
io r-miiii mi morning, ll.' noni ts heil nt aban!
1 ::i<i n. m. Mr. Booth wu- nea sleeping. He ,11,1
not I-, p long ai ii Hm-, mil in lil- p-rlo.1- of wnk-ful
ness ii- wu- -elbert with tn, of eoaghlsg that irrmrd
to exhaaaf him greatly. Ill- daughter. Mrs. lire--,
muli. "Hil liol spend the nlghl "lill him. hm rita Wa
pr--, nt ail day yesterday.
I'..r tn.-t of tl.e lime \ir. Booth lay aa bia back,
ulm on- lum I mid arm crook.tl above his head nn.l
tin- other Mretched tilt hy lil- ride, li- had araated
sway great I) and hi- fae- waa arneb -nuken, ll
breathed al thu? li, gasps, u- If -iniggling for air.
nmi ag lin hi- exhalations ind Inbalattona were so
-ligiit ns in illino >iis attendants, aad until r
ii--nre:l l.y hearing Un- faint beal of Hie heart Uley
?ometlmea tboaghl thal he waa dost. Mr. Bass?'a
natural rltstttj atone kepi ulm allre. No hand of
-oll-l food had paaaed hla lip- for naya, and a smnll
quantity of beef tea, kuinvss nun' dlattUed wntor wore
tin- ooh nourishment he eoald take ai all.
Hie iii-i bulletin ix.-t.-'i .it tho ciuohim-e |eulartay
w.i, :it li a.m., ami lt araa n- follow-. -There lins
i.-ii no change lu Mr. Uootn*a eaasiUos rtaea aaai
nlgbt. Mr. Booth ha- been .amaetaaa riaes ana
mn. st. flair sniltn." Aimth r ama I- aed by Dr.
Stallh al _:.T0 p.m. '..hlr'i -nhl: " About tin' -nine;
nu cliuiii;-." lt waa tl'- in \' "ne which caused
perhaps more apaaclnmrioa af laaaiedlaia rt.nwr than
snj of lanae preciously i--u>'ii. Thia wa- nt 7:"ii
;-. in., ac t lt aald : - Mr. roath I* -lowly iMri-Up, ajaf
it , itoiiiiitni ii ho anrvlva ike night, m. iletr
-nlih. M. n." ai? i r lu- had p>.-tert lam buiicii.t
Dr. -mini area -on ks Joaa U. Arary, n ?easber af
tba club. Or. ? mitti brid Mi. Aron thal ike patient's
pah* waa in ti'- netgbbtgkoog af i???. and kai t ra
neram* bad reacaed aver MW degree a, Vkg sudden
chang' for the amiss look pages nt ?i'4j o'clock.
Dr. Smith hurt left Uh* Chm a short time, previously
niirl USW burrlcilly summoned to return. I'e left
tho kaajae nguiu aftee kaaatag the bulletin and did not
return till late In thc evening.
/'or rn aBaftO ?/ SahaaS BSBSMril rnrrtr. written ?* ll'iliio m
Hmttr, i?? >uur(A J*??
In thunder. lightning and in rain tho elemental
met yesterday in a carnlvul of deduction. Ai
heavy rainstorm, accompanied hy thunder, and
lightning, descended upon the city in tho after?
noon and loft in its trail roofless buildings, dam
axed piers, devastated parks and burning ware?
houses. An immense warehouse filled with thou?
sands of halos of cotton was struck by lightning,
and the occupants of several buildings in Broad?
way narrowly escaped death hy tko bolte. The
foundations of Castle Garden were shaken, and
the roof of the old struafure was broken by tho
fall of coi Holding and bricks, which were ka_M
down upon it hy the stroke of the lightning.
The electric flames hovered about tho spam of
raaaeaa, and brilliant flashes of lightning darted
across tho darkened sky. On the ferryboats
whi.h were in the stream when tho storm waa at
ifs height, there was almost a panic, and on
Several of the trains of the elevated railway
women scroniu-d and hid their lad's (rom tho
blinding glare of thc lightning.
Har day had Ishmi intensely hot and sultry and
the air was stifling and humid. When the first
few dr ps of rain began to fall at .1:0S p. m. it
looked as il a brief shower had eoRW to cool the air.
The shower became a rain and the rain became
a thunderstorm. Thc water seemed to fall in
sheens, rho gutten and sewers erato flooded in less
flinn half an hour and tho streets looked like run
Rlng rivers. Sowers in Brooklyn and New-York
wore choked until they burst aad sent up muddy
The rain pounsl down at irregular intervals un?
til .'. :30 p. in. The total rainfall was l.O.'l inches.
Before the naaning af tho rain the temperature waa
K8 degrees. While the storm was ut its height
the thermometer fell to 08 decrees, nnd last even?
ing the temperature was 71 degrees. The moot?
ing of a cold wave with the intense heat of yes?
terday produced the storm. The wind blew for
tho greater part of the time from thc southwest
and sctirriid along at the rate of forty miles in
hour when tho storm was in possession of tho
Old Castle Garden was one of tim first marks
of the element*. Tho building is being fitted up
as an v inariuni, and 100 workmen were busy there
yesterday. A tall chimney is building. It ia
now fifty-two feet high, mid the pkms call for a
height of seventy-two foot. The great circular
chimney was yesterday surrounded hf stout scaf?
folding. Tho lightning struck tlie scaffolding
yesterday and stripped U fi oin the chimney. Tha
wind hurled the mass of timbers upon thc root of
the (inrden and broke scores of windows and sky?
lights. Tlio chimney was crackid clear around
twelve foot from tho top. A larne part of it must
be removed and rebuilt.
'I he masons who w.to working oo fha chimney
had inst stopped in-ile the entrance of th- Ua_r l<-n
when the cush came. (hm mun arno was star.d
lnc under a skylight was badly cut upon Hag arma
bf splintered wood and bits of llyimr xlass. Tho
tall flagpole upon tho top of the building was
split in two and the roof was strewn with splinters
of thc pole several feet in length.
Several of thc tenants of the Washington Build
ins aaw tho lightning flashes darting over tits
old <Jnrdon like forked tnfguos of flame. Thef
Hld that they never witnessed such a weird
electrical display. Nour hy, Pier A, of the Dock*
Danni lineal, was badly damaged, and the cor?
rugated iron doors at the ede were lieut and
twiged like cardboard.
i Tho buildimr No. 7! BroodWOf and its oo
I cupania hui a Barrow escape from a lightning
flash. The storm arne at it? height when there
j was ii fln*h of lightning which blinded every
one tn that part af the eily. An instant hitor
it was followed hf ?'? terrific thunder clap that
sounded ii? if it came Hom immediately ahem
I the building Tho aound of tho thunder Iud
' .scarcely died nwav when the occupants of thia
. building found that the hallwafe wore full of
! moke and fulling soot. An examination waa
mud.' by Hm Janitor, nnd ho found that tho elec?
tric bolt had gone down tho chimney and dis
appoared i.?t>> the earth. It atlrred ag 'he soot
iiiui arni it pouring uni ol every oneniag No
mm was hurt, but everg ORO in the building /
, f. lt that he had Ind a narrow eacono.
Ons of tho oif.cts of tho storm w.is the partial
eui lying awry of the bri.lue which oouiioet.s tlc*
I Custom House building arith tho ban__taag opposite
it in Exchange Pteee, in which are thc qtnrtors
of the Naval Oilier. It toro away the western
aide of tho bridge and smashed most of thc glass
in it.
It was ? wild prank which tim wind plafOd with
the roof of the be?gag*>-reom of the Staten Island
Ferry. The room kl a strmtum about 100 feet
long and IS feet in heights It is at tho mar
of the Staten Island ferry benet. It is d building
consisting ?t ? framework of iron covered hf
I rotragated iron. The rout projected far over tho
I sulo ol the building. The wind caught the pro?
jecting Bange of nattai and peted and aaaggoi at it
until a section of tiic roof lorty feet long wan
lifted up anil earrted over upon tho house Of tho
| Hamilton-ore. ferry and upon the South Ferry
Station of the Manhattan Flevuted Hallway.
I The big sheet was in its flight through the air,
divided Into f?ur pieces. The sheets of metal
loll With a, crash, and narrowly mt.sxd fulling
j upon persons hurrying to tho ferries jt*
A part of thc tower on the Thuty-nlnth-at. ?*?
ferry wis blown off and tho heavy front of a
freight house of the Now.-York Central and Hudson
River Bailrsad was hurled down upc a the -round.
Along South and Vtfest eta. horses attached to ?
heavily loaded trucks were maddened with fright*
tine team ran into the South Ferry lions;', and
others narrowly missed rushing Into tlie rivr.
The nubile parks eecro nt the merci of the wind
iind lightning. Si\ ol tho liucst trees in lottery
I'nrk were ruined by the lightning or torn up by
the nols by the force'of the winds. Tho gras*
in tie park-* was strewn with tho branches torn
from the tr.vs.
j LHillTN'lNQ STItlKES A >1'1 UK.
In the h.'L'ht af the storm the cross on tho
spire of St. Mary's Uoiuau Catholic Church at
timmi and Badge sts. was struck by the lightning.
A part ol the cross was broken oil and lol! upon
tho pavement Mow.
Tho rainstorm took advantage of every open
window, and many nooses and apartments wera
flooded. The windows of the Produce Exehajajjg
were all up when the storm cunio, and before tho
attendants could clow them the floor of tho Ex
ahongaj wus flooded. As it wan covered with flour
titre roaulteu a sticky mixture which the san*
ployes could not remove wit lunn much trouble.
On the water Ycsteidoy afternoon waa u period
of Ht omi. r in ami fog. The wi leis of tho Unpeg
I-;tv w. io dirk and sullen ami down beyond tho
Narrows thc *>a bubble.I an I seethed like a loightf
.?mil..ion. lue vessels lying at Quarantine. w?wo
ol?sc.ui il in misty vapor. 'Hie water pounsl upon
the decks; of steamers and ships faster than tho
acumen could carry lt oft.
There were several narrow escapes from col?
lision. Itel ween F.1 li*. Island and tho Bargo
Oflieo there plies a boat mimed tho Shackaaaokoa.
She c.nme over when the storm was thickest
yesterday afternoon. She avoided collisions until
she had nearly roached her pier. Then, with a>
resounding: bump, oho struck the Liberty Island
boat landing, and rtove in her port ahas far
, a distance of twenty fest. Several ot the window*

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