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Department-Commander Joseph P. Cleary has
announce! In general orders the names of the
comrades feleoted for the Important duty of making
the annual Inspection of the posts of the depart?
ment. Those appointed for New-Vork. Kings,
Queens and Richmond countiea are as follows:
New-York County-H. F. Derr, Post No. 44, in?
spector for Posts Nos. 259 and 264; J. B. Lord,
Post No. 68. for Posts Nos. g and 21; J. Schmell
11ns, Poet No. ?*2. for Posts Nos. 192. MO and Mi
Charles E. Baldwin, Post No. "7, for Posts Nos.
136, 2?,3 and 402; \V. .1. Klnnard, Post No. ~o, tot
Posts Nos. 1K2 and 6*17; George RT. Browsr, Post
No. 98. for Posts Nos. 143. 80 and 57S; James P.
Horner. Post No. 100, for Posts Nos. lt. IU and 43'".;
H. F. Herkner. Post No. lin, for Posti Nos. 103. 330
and 307; Oscar Alexander, Post No. IU, for Posts
Nos. 100, 186 and G3S; Georgi F, Barrett, Post No.
1S2, for Posts Nos. '.*., 96 and 600; J. Alexander,
Post Nt). 192, for Posts Nos. tt, 42 and 79; J. M.
Exsteln, Post No. 2"3. Cr Posts Nos. fi" and KS;
William Johnson. Post No. Ht, for Posts Nos.
234 and 2"m; M. F. Hatch. Post No. oV. ter Posts
Nos. 29, 140 and 44; J. J. Humphreys. Post No.
402. for Posts Nos. 58 and A"S; Patrick Dooly, Post
No. 127, for Posts Nos. Gt r,9 mh| 510: Louis P.lch
ards. Post No. SW, fur Posts Noa. lil, E'S and 313;
Jacob E. Clark, Post No. 520. for Posts Nos. 35.
459 and 652; Samiel Ettlngtr, Post No. 552. for
Posts Nos. 77 and .",7; Warren C. Bennett, Tost
No. 557. for Tosts Nos. r>fl, 427 and 520.
Kings County?Charil's A. Shaw, Post No. in, in?
spector for Posts Nos. 3 and 327; John O. Noonan,
Post No. 327, for Posts Nos, *0 mid 4:;5; Patrick
Daly, Post No. 16, for Posts Nos. ll and 21; Daniel
Simmons, Post No. ir,, fur Posts Nos. 16 and 2S;
William H. Hodge, post No*399. for Posts Nos.
35 and 84: Janes A. Rooney. Foal Na 888, for Posts
Nos. 89 and 122; 1). V. Quick, Post No. 21. for Posts
Noa. 148 and 149; Charles N. Wheeler, Post No. 85,
for Posts Nos. Ul and ld; Theodore Mlchaefcider,
Post No. ll. for Posts Nos. 185 and 187; William T.
Handy. Post No. 1ST. tor Posts Nos. )!I7 and 206:
Charles Ridgway, Post No. M, for Posti Nos 207
and 231; John Foley, Post No. CA for Posts Nos
286 and 355; Josiah C. Dixon, Pool No. 3. for Posts,
Nos. 362 and 399; Clarence .-Linley. Post No fi.".,
for Posts Nos. 413 and 4'V>; Charlea E. Aaba, Post
No. 620, for Posts Nos. 5iX> and IM; P. W. Ol- mes,
Post No. 122, for Post No. 611; Henry A. Poster.
Post No. 286. for Posts Nos. 620 and 623. and G. S.
Little, Post No. 443. f>r Post No. ML
Queens County?L. A. Finney. Post No. 50. In?
spector for Post No. 628; Edward H. Weber, Post
No. 6G0. for Post No. 636; Clark E. Smith, Post No.
283. for Posts Nos. IM nnd 451; A. I >. Lelnburger.
Post No. 368, for Tosts Nos. ZO, ".CO and E0; A. B.
Parsons, Post No. 544. for Posts Nos. .'-27 and Me;
C H. Lewie, Post No. 365. for Posts Nos. 654 and
Richmond County?David C. Johnson. Post No.
163. for Post No. 524; David Storkcr. Post No. 524,
for Posts Nos. Ml ani lit
For a number of years it has been the desire of
the Women's Pellet Corps to establish a home in this
department, and at several department conventions
auma have been set apart aa a nucleus for a fund
for the purpooe. To co-operate with the Home Com?
mutes of Fire, appointed by the Women's Relief
Corps, an advisory committee from the Grand
Army of the Republic was requested. The com?
mittee, composed of Department Commander Joseph
r. Cleary, Past Department Commander Theodore
L. Poole and General Nicholas W. Day. of this
city, has Issued an appeal asking the posts to sive
uenerous aid and to further the "speedy realization
of this long-cherished dream." The Women'* Re?
lief Corps has already received encouraging re?
sponses, and the Grand Army cf the Republic Com?
mittee hope that comrades will take hold and push
the work to an early consummation.
Grand Marshal george M. Parry was the recip?
ient of a pleasant compliment In the shape of a
handsomely engraved set of resolutions on Wednes?
day evening, pr. sen te 4 by William C.. Mitchell I'ost,
No. 559, of which he is a member. Past Commander
William Atkinson made the speech of presentation,
in which he alluded to the grand marshal I ser?
vices to the post and to the order. Comrade Barry
replied in hts usual happy style. The post made the
following nominations, most of them, Including the
commander, bt-lny nominations for re-election: Com?
mander, John w. Crawford: senior vice-commander,
James Friel; junior vice-commander, 8. T. Kiri;;
surseon, s. ll. Hetmendrl?ger; chaplain, M. H.
Hatter; Officer of the Day, .1. W. Huested' <>f
l.-er of the Guard. C. Kal.ranlsky; defecate
to Department Encampment, George M. Barry;
alternate. William Atkinson; delegate and al?
ternate to the New-York Memorial Oom
mittee. Comrades Barry and Atkinson, lt is under?
stood that the ethel-nt porn adjutant, Comrade
Abram L. Webber, will oe reappointed by Com?
mander Crawford for another ts rm.
At a recent meeting of county ofllcers, held at
the Army HuildinK". a movement wan set on foot
for pi eat i lilli the records and achievements of the
<'uvalry Corps of the Army of the Potomac during
the Gettysburg campaign, and at the same time
doing justice to tba memory of Major-General John
Buford. United states Volunteers, the eorpa com?
mander, lt ls proposed t,. > reel a monument to mark
the spot where tne Brat gun was hr.-.I in that mo
mentous battle. An Executive Committee to take
tho movement in charge eras appointed, of which
tlie following are Ihe ofllcers: Chairman, Major
General David M. Grtgg. U. 8. V.J vice-chairman.
Brevet Major-Genera; wesley Merritt, r. s. a ;
eocretary. Brevet Brigadier-General Th.-odor" i\
Rodeabaugh, L". ft -*?; treasurer. Colonel Charles
McKnight Leoser, I", ft V.
A circular letter was iissue] last week l.y 'lurid
Arny men who ia\.or the election or Senior Vice
Commander Edward J. Atkinson lo the hither
post of Department Commander. Comrade .\tkin
i-on's fri. nls wnl. next weela, formally present
him as ;i candidate, with the backing, lt ls as?
serted, of the commanders and delegates of forty
seven poota of tbe city.
The funeral of Major Theodore \V. Greig, for many
y, sra adjutant of Lafayette Post, Na ii", beld in
st. Andrew's Protestant Episcopal <'hinch, I'li-th
ave. and One-hundred-and-twenty-fifth-a?,, was at
tetidtd by comrades from ali parta of the State.
Th,.- church building waa .rou :,... Lafayette and
Alexander Hamilton posti and ibe Me,lal of Honor
Legion being present In S body. Major Grete won
his Congressional medal by capturing the nag of
in.* ith Alabama at tbs battle of Anti, tam, Bepteni
>r 17. 1888.
Witching Post, No. tt, of bonkers, will Rive a
reception to Department-Commander Cleary ano
staff on Saturday evening. December '??. at Teutonia
Hall, ltu'*na Vlsi.i-u\ ?-.. in tli.it city. Commander
John C. Shotts of Kltchlng Post, whose friends
wish him to be Commander*! deary's sue.
will prealds al the exercises.
General James McQuade Po* . No. ,V,7. will hold
its ninth annual entertainment and reception ball
to-morrow evening, .ii Turn li.iii, N.,s. fl and M
East Foi-nh--:. Past-Commander laaaci is chair
nmri of tbe Committee of Arrangements.
Naval Pus:. N ,. ..!?.. ,y, a contest tl.,- yen- for
commander, Senior V'lce-Commander T. J. 1
and Past-Adjutant George W. Boetwick are the
c-andldates. They an- both faithful members, and
th.- post will be sure to thrive ur. j., either of
Two Brooklyn comrade--, William A. Wilson, of
Mansfield Post. No. 36, and Henry B. Himmons, <>r
George c. strong Post, No. 584, bavi been an?
nounced as aides-de-camp on the m..ff of Depart?
ment-Commander I lear)
Comrades will regret to learn that Past Com?
mander Richard* of Parr-gut r,,>r. Ko. 76, in ill
at St. Lake's Hospital Buffertns from an especially
severe attack of his .,11 enemy, thc aatbma.
Friends of Commander Abraham >',. Milla of La?
fayette post have been trying t>. induce bim to stand
as u candidate for department , 'mm.i:. ll i lil?
lias peremptorily refused, however, end urges ins
friends to aid Comrade Atkinson.
Post eosamanders sra urged i , are that their an?
nual election return* ..r.- forwarded promptly after
election nigh: to department h adquartera bo that
thr- roll oi th (1 pi :: nenl may be made up without
Comrade Qeorge B. f-airheaU, Editor of "The
Grand Anny Journal," of Utica, will receive the
solid support of bia many frienda for department
chaplain at the next d ipartmeiu election.
The newly organised Voaburg Veteran Aasoela
tlon. for perpetua rm* ihe metm.rv of Colonel I
Abram ft Vosburg, th. nrst colonel of the Tist
Itegimei.t, ls prom,.meed _ success.
Anniversary services in celebration of the eighth
year of the consecration and the luSth year of the
founding of . t Peter's church were held yester?
day. St. Peters ls UM oldest Catholic church in this
t-ltv. The Kev. Father Farmer. In 17K. founded
st. Peter's Church oa ns present site, at Barclay
and Church sts. inti! that time the spiritual wants
of the colony had been administer-*.! by the Kev.
Father Dalamatte. chaplain of ti... j-rench fleet
The edifice was then on the outskirts of the city.
For many years lt was the only Catholic church.
For nearly % century lt was the principal church in
th.* diocese, and among its parishioners were many
of the leading m. n of the growing city. In UM the
early church was replaced by the present stone ,,li?
llee. At I'i o'clock yesterday morning high mass
was celebrated by the Hov. Jame* H. Mci lean the
pastor, assisted by the Kev. J. H. llriody bb deacon,
and the Rev. Thomas H. -Myham as subdeacon.
The church was crowded and many of the old
parishioners who years ago moved uptown were
The Hcv. Thomas J. Campbell, S. J., president
of St. Francla Xaviera College, delivered an elo?
quent sermon-_
Ulsixt A. Daniku.. M. D?
90 WEST 89TH.6T.
?f the Nerv--* Bruna, <i*rrUl*.Urta-ry O
aad Sterllit/. nona*, a S I. ? te ft
A dinner will be -riven by members of thr
Brooklyn Democratic Club nnd others to Rt. clair
McKelway, Editor of "The Brooklyn Eade." at
the Pouch Mansion, in ("lln'on-ave.. to-morrow
evening;. Dr. Truman .1 Backus, of the lacker
Institute, will prrslde nnl ?t Bl ,"3'""'".' ,r?
I The speakers, besides Mr. McKelsray. Will w
! ex-Mayor Hewitt of New-York, Dr. lt. ?*??;*" ""7. ;
j Mavor-elect Bchleren, Jodge-elect Gaynor, wnerai
Stewart L. Woodford. E. I- GodklB and Edward
M. Shepard. _
Word was sent to the Hrooklyn Health Depart?
ment yesterday that th? three-year old child of
Julia Cestera had died on Saturday without medi?
cal attendance at No. "W North Peventh-st. *'pon
investigation it was found that death was due to
smallpox. The mother of the child nnd a ten
year-old son have since then been stricken with the
disease. A quarantine was ni once placed on the
house, which la a four-story double tenement occu?
pied by aeventy people, it Ia feared that the dis?
ease will spread through the building.
Dn Saturday the quarantine was raised from tue
tenement house No. ".ll North Seventh-st.. where
there were several cases of smallpox some weeks
Dr. Robert O. Eccles lectured before the Hrook?
lyn Ethical Association In the Second Unitarian
Church Inst evening on "The Atmosphere as Re?
lated to Life and Survival." The lecture was the
third in the course on "Life and the Conditions of
Survival," to be niven under the auspices of the
association this lecture season. The topic was dis?
cussed by MISS Ellen E. Kenyon, Ph. P.. and
Union services will be held In a number of
churches on Thanksgiving Pay.
Henry M. Varley, the well-known Encllsh evan?
gelist, spoke to men only in Association Hall yes?
terday afternoon on "The Power of a Christian
Frederick Jansen, .1 Norwegian, of No. Iff Ninth
Bl., was a patient In the Loni; Island ColMfS Hos?
pital yesterday Buffering from a fractured skull.
Ho pot Into "i dispute in Hie li.pior shop of John
Moran, at Pearl and York sts.. lats Saturday nifiht,
and Hugh Muir.nh. the bartender, struck him on
the head with some blunt Instrument, felling him
to the floor. He made his way to the Pulton-at
police station, where it was found that he was
suffering not only from lacerated wounds of Ihe
scalp, but from B fracture of the skull. McGrath
was arrested and held on a Charge of assault la
the second degree.
The proceeds of the fair for the benefit of the
Brooklyn Orphan Asylum, which closed bi the
Academy of Music on Saturday nlKht. amounted
to nbout J.*,,000.
The IdK heap of ravine: stones near Sands and
Fulton sts. Indicates that the iv,-rk of paving ISM
Bridge Plaza is soon to begin.
The city authoritie- ought to put forth a special
effort to make the --topping streets clean in readi?
ness for the shopping season, and to keep Hiern so,
at least until after thr holidays.
When the Kinirs County Elevated Railroad bcf-.-n
runninc. a man si the Bedford-ave. crosslnp; of
Fulton-st. pave w.irnlnr of approaching trains bv
waving a red Bag. and trouble f ,r driver*' of .-kw
tish horses was avoided. It baa been Suggested
that where the favorite driveway ie crossed by a
trolley line a similar precaution would be a meas
ure of safe'y.
EVERET"r-r.ofe?sor l>ter I. Ml. hie and rrnf?!i?er I*.
Hr. Hass. of \\'f>st l'olnt. and C?ri I.umhoiti. Bf Sweden.
FIFTH AVENt'E?William A. Sutherland, of R-iehester.
and Henry C. Payne, ... Wiser.nsln. ST. Da-OS -Ill?hnp
John H. Vm, ent, (rf Topeka. Kan. WALDORF?ttwai 1
S. Willard, of London.
Meeting ct the mnnn**?r* of St. Luke'* Hospital, 8:15
p. m.
Regular meeting of the Twenty-fourth tV?rd Repub?
lican Organization, Tremont, S p. m.
Opening entertainment of the Vaudeville Club.
Special meeting of the Association nt Alumni cf I'olura
bia College. Hotel Brunswick, | p. ni.
Monthly meeting of th* National Christian League
for tl." l'romotlon of So. Ul runty. No. ;*3 West Twi.-.-y
sec.nd-st., *J p. m.
Annual meellnir >,f th* New-York A.a.l.-my of Medicine,
No. 17 West Fottythlr.l-st., r-::;0 p. m.
Nonas! College alumnae 1 ri, ei 1, CB:n-gle Music Hall,
H p, m.
Lecture by eh Perkins, Association linn, 8 p. m.
Inaugural Ml (le* MetSBpelltaB Hall. H p. iii.
Fan- f,,r the txnetlt of tba il ?{??.uah Horne for Children,
Ne. arxi F_tb-ara. ,
llaiing ai .North B?rg-*n, 1:13 p. m.
A real, live turkey is an "attraction ' in the win?
dow of a downtown elothin-r store. The connec?
tion between the Thanksgiving bud and Um gooda
for sale in-dri* is ol,sc.ire.
It is Interesting to recall at thl.i time that the
first Presidential Thanks-riving prochunatlon was
Issued by Mr. Lincoln In 18.i1-ju.st thirty rears ago
The shop windows are already filled with at?
tractions peculiar to thP holidays, aril the streets
on Saturday afternoon were thronged with holiday
Tha iksglving nnd Christmas ar" as near to
1 gether this y-ar as they cm ever be.
I One of the pleasantest entertainments yet given
at the Tenderloin duli trot that of Saturday night
I .Much of ihe programme waa gotten up by '?l>or
othy." who .seems to know Jost what Will please
( the Tenrlertotners. Th.- swedish La-I-** Quartet
1 .sang aeveral numbers. Signor Borelli, froni thc
nessie Benehill ci noan..-, g^ve a plano and maarj ,
?lin performance. Lllth Ulai Dals Bang and re?
cited In Haled and gave a tambourine dance. Sig?
nor Dei Oro, from th<* Imperial Music Hali ,-,?,.
1 tributed his novel mus: 1! peclalty. "Little Willie"
?ave eoine readInga an-i Miss Oraee Cavendish re
cited "Archie Dean" and other selections.
A full-length portrait of Mrs. Benjamin Harrison
' has just been painted for the Daughters of the
American Revolution, lo be placed in the u?),,,.
Mouse. Mie painr.-r la Daniel Huntington, formerly
pre'viem ?r the National Academy of Design, and
the portrait will bang near the full-length painting
Of Mrs. Huth. rfo.-d li. Hay.-, al.-j |,y the Mmt
arti-.:. It is ralued at about 11,000.
The rehearsals of the animal, with the Bagel
beck Show, which will Open Bl Tatters, I:'" Broad.
way and K)fly-lifth--i- , will begin this moinin "
' after un Idleness since tha World's Tait closing
The large arena al Tattersalls will be completed
. -ind everything in readiness for the Opening on
Thanksgiving Day at a matinee.
Workmen were busy during the early hours ,,f
? -estei-ag laying new Bleepers sad tracks on the
south side of th.- New-Vork approach to the Bridge
The British steamer Blach Prince, which arrived
i her- yesterday from Tilt Cove, S. v.. met strong
; southwest winds and heavy ress, during whi.-h
I portions of her donkey engine and steam piping
' were Canted away.
DIASA'S SCAMP TH Ti,') 1 \ri;r
Dl.in.-i nt M-inli-ili-.n; DIM-, ??? ,.,i,|. a - Mm*,. who
Maadi tiptoe sad -inns her *.-.,! i.-> i..,?- ,?,? ,h? f. .
n?. winds Mowing skoal th* tow?r of Madlaon S-ruar*
.inrd.n. has n-t yet attains! ll.,- Utle of r.,.,na thr
patton. Ever rtnee tat m.,- i_ t.?. ,,,, ,,, n0m Uf
me lUrtef) of ths Barden towoi ihe bsa bern Hewed
t,y thoueanda of eritteal e-- rr,.,,, ,,?. ,.,.,.
streets betoW. l'?r another, r. MgS<Br Dlwu bad I
the place to which tm*, non godd. ? bsd rlaaa, um ?', '
pie lookeii uji i? the n* wt owe- 1.amara h.-. aria ',,
lirst figure, in Boners!, the oompartooo hu boan \n fa.,''r
et OM new siam... I,,, that |, might I*. N,w
i,.-r inver ..rei M.... the preooBl Diana migM ba Diana.
the perfect, AuKustus st. Clandona her mahn
sm.li- I I.ls work with uti extremely ? ,,.; ,| , v? ,.,.'
te ti..- ,,,n<iiisi.-ii Baturday thal ber srarf. Bcanty
ls, n,.nte.i t?,i freely tn the triad, lr mme 1.,,, 1. _ '
lhere *?_? too mu,h of lt?eren r,r artnter mathea--__
To-dny, we shall commence a
snit? ol's<';il>kin Bacqnes, Jackets.
Capos, Collarettes and Muli'*, and
shall offer ?<> buyers an unusual
opportunity for the selection of the
highest grade Fur Garments, at
most reasonable prices.
Choice Pfovelties in Russian and
Hudson Kay Babies Mink, Persian
Lamil, Enuine. Chinchilla, Skunk
anti every other variety of Pur
Trimmings, cut in ail widths.
Gentlemen's Fnr-llned Over?
coats, trimmed willi Persian
Lamb, from $85.00 to $118.00.
Mink-lined Overcoats, trimmed
with best quality natural Oiler,
$180.00 to $220.00. Sizes, 38 to
?1(1; length, ."?<> to 52 Inches.
Broadway and 11th st.
What's hotter than our S3 derby ?
Our $5 patent-leather shoes.
Why I
You can soo Vin while they're Oil,
ami there ave tiro of Vin.
Gel two of your friends to wear the
!?.'! derby.
?hail aa m:: i yiu r,,-,r Boekl l*rc*.
TH lt KU (Prise*
BROADWAY w.n.. i,.
.-Iiil'.l - I ..2,1 Kl
nvi. h of lt I bb a fold er tire of I
? M?a drapai y, wi ... ...
sud twirl Ike i Mesa os her 1 ? ?? i lee sal I
arrow petali tal ; ? n etL
Mr. Ht. deaden* said feel et Bar llMl Pinna weald aol
ha* a ls hs lakes
?I.* atesi, ani ha thoogbi her ai ??'?: bo li
peered br "*** ehaag* Bo ikat la what "in i
doini uboUt th.- Kiil-i i. I :? < aa lh. I *?: -u-Ja>.
GOOD W<>l:lC "t- .1 /.7.""//.'./' IV (Ll R
The Relnhii: ?? Bcttunpf ! Bl Club, of
Morrie.ini.i. has ? ' le Re
publics- Club At a mee!
evening Um : ;: ming ol E
Holtoi ll ita \.
Bertram, *-? rrtsry; Wall
tai | Jan ? ? i a, tr.aaurri \. ,
a-oant-at-ai mi The club i
the fire! in 1 ihlnl Mond i
, lui ?? ? ? ndrt
and ?Uty-slxth-st, Tb*
w?>rk f"i the Itrpubli ..-. i ,tlt lt 1b li
condition ani ia rapidly gaining In bu i
SERIOUSLY ST Mil: Iii l\ I .'.v.;. TIQMT
Mba ut Hf.* win probably ?? ult from a general
Hi-ht anion); .1 lol of Italians In tl ? -ri ia tba i
ot N... 113 BuIUraa-ei . I -? night In th*- n?et.t
wara Josef i! ?rdlnalll, i I ht ye ir*, ol
IIS 8ulll*ran-st.; I
old, of ih>? same
Antonio Pu - ,,s bat tl i
trouble um- ' ? ole la U..;
for the jwI -"ii- rs ani I aero
municative Louis <
brr tat, and I
Ihlsh. Iiolh !'
I...ui? l, ?::;? ?! ,i. ? p ?? ?? lund. Kl
called t , take ni ..;..
Cardinelli sn I Ani il were sra I .
? - ??
Sunrls* 7:01 .-'un s?' ? .-?,-.
HI-H '
\ M Snn.lv llnek 101*1 fl . I 10-38 Hall 0 ? i. ?-,
i-.M i u. lr ii -oh i" ?'-'- i ?.: .. i. If.., ?? it. i "i
VeseeL tx rn Uno
iland.Anni,--,.. ??.? ,v in. !!?
>.i ,!?? . > ? ? ? ? v 1* .N 'i Lloyd
I California .' ? '? .Ml i
.I.r..ll??? J. N ' IT.
Mho*.rn L-lmoD, Nov 1- .
Bencca.Havana . N '. .. i
.Olaaaow, Nor 1">. la hot
W,-i. ml.in,I.v
-umi-. i- :
A . , .i*
' '
Dania.li 17.llamrt-Amer
id. I.lvrrpo ?? 23 .wi, ?
S,.:... Il .-. M ll I.!??.,I
Cliy r Weak'ton. Havana, Bot SI .\ ^ .-. ?
Vassal I.in- i ?'. M
.'ny ,.f Bira ? innah, Bat. 1*00 pia
Allsr, SC, I i. 0 60 a tu
I' ? ' I ll ld ' ? . *?.?..;, lil to ? . ?
Perta, Am-ri' ..... Houthamptun. 8:00 a in 10:00 in
?f i
Hi mu.nil,-. U'liii- .*-??'. I. ? :. B.OOam n
? ....
Baraloga. Ward, Harana. l..*?.*,tu IMO pa
.SH ll'l'l SO SEWS.
VOIXT OP Mi'A . ' ' I'NPAT, HOT. SB, 1*M
Bless er rn ,.?!, ,1; ? Uni ri ... ? ; I and Q
i..n.i N.ni., r r.". willi md .i'i m;; rabin nnd I'M
..!??! *s? p..lu Vim ii ' i ii .- ? ?. .ii -
ii'...i al lh* H ii ? :'-'"?'?
Rtrarm ? v ? H 'ni,nu- Nor.n t
Khlrlda 1". '? , 1 . ' Si nv. I
al ni- Bar al - *??
: |. ?ir . r /. ,.oe. m Il*ul I ' " Mil ? I
ll. arni) in', ol''' , un h, Edy*
Ac Co, Ai riv, it A ., :.,
..... Mas i.,i i ii,.!, 1 Holli ...
lo, ni .on.; nd til
au, nu I Co. .m.
ti,.- ii,i mi 8:1.1 |, m
Si, i . ' l , .? :.
B, with md***. ?i
I ? A ' i ?
Mal.ixti ll. Billi ii i knlvi-d
,,i I'.. Dai ?' 5:18 i
??..... ?: I ' llt-l I'.,- ||
November 2. I. I ? ? , , , , , ,, i'llM,?;il
|l, ii i.,1.1: 1" I. ,- '? ? ? ? ' :: ? I I Ja. nu . l-l
... . ? '?' ? ? I
. is io Kunha ll * i
12:30 i>. ni.
.?i..;,:ii,t iii lian l'rln I iv. Pi marnbi), i '
.. ?m I - -1 * i - ? : - in 'i-i' i. >'? i i .
i , ? . lam
I rn I i'i h.i Noveml I
Muranh im ? I ' ' l
, ... Arri-- '
- ,1 ,">, sul. roda. ?
.1 T Van Wcklr
' ii Hil nnl a
to .1 T Vsn ? '
tu ,.n, r Ni lah, wrllh md
nl , ii, ard< ? nt V.t, with mdai
t,,' old Dominion
*... un.r tluy-nd .1 ? ' i., v.nii m.i aad
r,:,' ? uk, ? I tn OM I Corni
.-i,.,,, , ,i ' ..i. arith in.:-,- t"
William I' ' .' '
Bread and cake raised with
keep their freshness and flavor.
6th Ave., 20th to 21st St.
Special Sale
5,000 Pairs
At Less than Cost of
Quarter, Bl were 3.25
Eleven gt 75
Quarter, 4a 0 were 3.98
Ten 0 50;
Quarter, Vi were 4.35
Eleven Q 98;
Quarter, Wi were 5.16
Eleven A 25;
Quarter, T"i were 5.98
Eleven E 50;
Quarter, U. were 7.25
Twelve /J 50',
Quarter, Ol were 8.35
5 Cases Full size Crochet Spreads,
Marseilles Patterns, formerly 98c.,
5 Cases same- as above, better
quality, reduced from 1.10 to
5 Cases Best quality, reduced from
I.35 to
Positively the Best Value in
Blankets ever offered.
H. O'Neill &Co..
6th Ave., 20th to 21st St.
Special Reduction
California Bartlett Pears,
IQ " Can.
Case, 2 doz., 3.79.
California Yellow Peaches,
I {J Can.
Case, 2 doz., 4.35.
California Apricots,
|5 ' Can.
Case, 2 doz., 3.52.
Log Cabin Corn,
IO " Can.
Case, 2 doz., 2.85.
Log Cabin Succotash,
|3 ' Can.
Case, 2 doz., 2.85.
Early June Peas,
12 " Can
Case, 2 doz., 2.65.
French Peas,
17 ' Can
Case, 2 doz., 3.85.
Stringless Beans,
1|C* Can
Case, 2 doz., 2.45.
French Olives,
1 J " and Zfc " Bottlc
French Capers,
?? " Bottle
Oolong. English Breakfast, Young
Hyson and Mixed.
45c .
Regular Price, 70c\
H. O'Neill-Co.,
6th Ave., 20th to 21st St.
Fur Garments
" Princess May" Skirt Jackets*
braided on " Worth " collar, sleeves*
and waist, edged with dark furs,
Regular Price, 14.98.
Fine Patent Beaver Long Skir\
Jackets, elaborately braided, "Teck"
over collars, edged with furs,
Regular Price, 17.98.
200 odd sample Jackets, consisting
of some of the best, tight fitting!
styles, full skirts, elaborate braiding,*
fur trimmed, silk lined and faced,
Regular Prices, 19.98 to 40.00*
Elegant Plush Sweep Capes, cut
very full, double " Worth collar
forming cape, edged with American
seal, lined with heavy satin,
Regular Price, 22.50*
Circular Capes of American seal,
cape seal and wool seal. Plain and
trimmed with Alaska sable,
Q 98 to (jg 00*
Regular Prices, 14.98 to 85.00.
H. O'Naif-Co.,
6th Ave., 20th to 21st St
To-day. we shall oller exceptional
Milnes in I hie California Blankets:
lo-1 nt $3.75 per pair.
Il-1 ** 1.75 "
12-1 " 5.75 M
500 pain of our own special bram!
"Santa Clara** are offered al the
follow in); reduced ratea:
10-4 ai $4*ffO per pair.
ll-1 ?? 5.50 -?
12-4 *? 0.50 **
Al (lie same lime, we shall also
place on sui-- thc following bar?
gains in Fringed Huck Towels:
Sizes ami Prices are:
lsx:;i $1.25 per dozen*
i.sx:;<; 1.50 ??
18x118 1.75 M "
20x40 2.00 " "
21x44 2.25 u *
'fix 15 2J50 --
22x45 2.75 " ??
22x45 3.00 M ?'
Broadway ami lilli St.
mei i.i.,. Prior, mr), Welch, Till Cbva Moir IT.
arith . -\..-. ora, in Bowering _ Archibald. Amw-.l ;.t
? ? -e..' | .
Hhlp lol l.ii ll . km. hiv I.- thc It.ir thia i.e.min-;
: - -.c.i?-? . .. ..i iLen |,i..... ,i,.,i for si John, N U.
n ,, ni win i wi at, Ugh) brw.-.--. i loot.
Man. ''-.'.. roi bondon; l-? ?<-ii Mare, inn,
??ii. hi...ii.ie m (llri Liverpool; Othello iHn,
n; \ un... ..n illri, Liverpool; Delambre dlr), I'.-r
. . rill.* din i.eiii.. Itoaa* .lin, Liverpool; i-'Um
i .i.. i. i. ;i, ton
Ri ? killel lil..,ls ..Miler Light
li given that, on rn Bboul Decetaber .*>. Mt,
a im,i rel I. n.. i.nil.in light* un Rockland Break*
wal i. north .Ide ? ?? ii..tranci to Rockland Harbor.
"lim-. Brill in .., | i,, ii,, new I.,h.n ..ii H.- end
ol Ihe noiahed wort ot lh* breakwater, annul 300 f.-.-i
roulhwnr.l >r the preerol poaitlon of iii. light. Th*
en-tol ire, !?? . khlblted, one vertically
ii.- oth r, twent) in .-? and twent) three lett, ro?
ly,..- mean nigh wnter, Th* new li.-ii.-nii
i bulli >i dlmen.lon atone, I., th* form a pyra?lld. lt
. .. .ie boee, <i feel aquara nt tba top, and
ll l-.-l :
\ ii,- partial niling ? ?' the breakwater .-xi.-n.!*. boom
ic. i.->,.ni Um- i...,,.,ii. \,-..-.-is ahould nut approach
i,, ? h. ..i ii.
Hy order -.r iii. Llghtboua. Board
l.\MI:S A. (iUKKIl
Real Admiral. I'nited Btatea Navy, I'liuinimn.
v, ...iuii,:i h. November, -.">, IMS.
MovmtKMTi or sii:ami:us.
i OH-ION I-..Kis.
SUam.*r I.i.-unla (Br). M<*K.iy. fr<>m Liverpool. **llf.l
lin i Queenatown al i..m i. m, Novembsr Mt *?r Mew*
(Reamer Trev .<;.-r), Sinnler, from Ur. men, ?/*ll--.| (mm
Southampton ur Men I otk N.mber tt
(Reamer Buffalo ill... -.let, Mull for Ww-York. pBBBBd
:' - 1*1. >,t HikI ? Novemh ' SH
-teamei i.i tieri Relml taten, Mow fort, Movember
l? ti Bremen 1.1 tn .| Ihe Belli, leland* November M
Steamer \\ .-ri., ii,l,,ni i'.ul, lu. l;.-ikk.-i Rotterdam, for
N--.. york, imhu- i h..i< h. ii-ni November -tl.
-Reamer La Toura In* IKr), rran-piel, from New-Y,.rk
Novunbar Is, arrtvad ..t Havr* Nnv.mbar -ii.
mis. i:i.i..\Ni:ui's.
St.-Hm-r Hrrmi-rbax.-n (I iiit.-h >. Hui/., from AmKtrr.l--.in .
f,,r .Ww-York l.t.*. Ml Into t-.lmuuih with ona of har 1
i-uim-ui bUut. brukva. ^^>1H
Royal Wiltons and Wilton Velvets
Al ii ho ut mid BOOM even lt*?*< than
i. Im Loll Bingle iii-* and Pattern* wa do not
ii-'.-riii duplicating; boom wa hu\e mada him
..f varloua lixaa, la all the dUteranl gradaa, suitable '.jt
.til kinda if .
Tmiilioiirc.l nii-l LUI. Point v
A ni.ir.iif.ii-tiir.-r'*. rmire p\ ?lii--ti,,n al leaa ttian th*
00*1 '-. Impol ? ttl -ii
ai?o an (lagani aaaortaatnl ot sash CURTAINS.
Upholstered Furniture
I*.. Paiiora, Mbrartea, nc, la Bulla m! .-lil pi**. ??*>.
vu ii.-!., our owa ii|.ivi*.t.-inm. bi prlcaa tot below ti.**
nanni lot Bi ?>!?< laaa noi,..
M|ni avi:.._irni_a\i> i itu sis. j
ALI, ITltS MAM'l'AiTI'llKli HY C. <*.
BHAYN- tart Hi" linn nun- In, tbtrobjr earring
ih.* r-Baraab.f rallabUltv. ii and 190 w.-.i AmtrOt.
Gorham Solid Silver
Thc collection of successful pat?
terns in Spoons and Forks, shown
hy thc (iouham M'f'g Co. bears
witness to the superiority of the
designs of this Company.
Attention is directed to thc vari?
ous chest combinations, which vary
from 27 to 303 01* more pieces.
Gorham MVg Co.
Broadway and iotu Street.
TOM)9*! O-Y-OH
rilRl'AllED BT
EW-YNK u,^..,
of ruell of ihe roora of puai >eara, well told
nud profuaely illuatruted. ***> centa.
PAIR?I'li?- only riiI.Ii* In existence which
dlaenaaea the plcturea mid buildings Of tho
* air. Illustrated. _r. reula.
mUOl IMPRO\r.MK\T.-T-ro .hirm|at
article* by R. li. Northrop, the prime mover
In titi* work. *?*w-\ .irk City men who want
to help beautify their native towna In tho
country ahuuld rend thia. S vesta a copy.
TRUTS.?Arwnment* In their favor by 8. C.
T. Dudd. Solicitor of the Mu mia ru Oil Com*.
-laay, und arwumrm uwulnst by T. V. Pow.
drrly, -rund Mnalrr \\ orkiuun ot tho Kulghta
of Labur. S cents.
MU.I,IOV<-.IRES.?A complete Hat of the 4,.
1.47 millionaire* of the I'nited "Stn tea, natal
how they mail.* their money. Only Hat eve*
compiled. \nlunble to students, economiata
aud promoter* of new enterprises, 'ii centa
a copy. In Heil-lr cloth, gi.
WAR STOniKS.?Over forty tnlea of th*
Civil War, by Inion Soldiers. Inspiring,thrill.
Inn nnd pu theil**. Moat of them written fo*
Tribune caa? prlsea. 'JU ernie.
RIO ISSI KS.?The brat of Roswell G. Horr'a
arllele* In The Weekly Tribune on tho Tar*.
Iff, linaine und Silver. An education tn IU
self, mi cen la.
ALMA VIC, 1NO.T.?Third Edition, revised to
thr first of April. A really splendid number.
Kirai of the i*rent Almanacs on the market.
ar." pases. Sow ready. Karta nbout tho
World's Kulr. -5 cents a copy.
I MOS.?A new collection (April. I ????."? > of
atorlea written by actual participants.
Thrilling-, putlirllc nnd true. 'Ai cents n
A Scene from the American Revolota
"Washington's Farewell
He. emiter 4, I 7 VI.
A litho-rnphlc picture. In colora, 14 by IS
liichc, ?uitnl?lc for f rn ml nw. representing;
nccui-utcly the famous scene In KrHonccs'B
Tnt rm. ."Sew. York CM. l?e?enibcr 4, UttS.
Palmed by II. A. Owdeu. un authority ???
scenes of the tinerlcnn Hrvolntlon. expressly
for The .New-Vork Tribune, copyrighted, and
obtnlnuble only from The Trlbnno. Por?
traits nre _lven of Wnshlnsvlon, Knox, Put?
nam, Steuben, Lincoln. Clinton. Greene, .an.
t ..mundt, l.itmb. nnd Huiuplirejra. Thia pic?
ture ls historically cv.net. aud the only ono
of this scene which ls so. The Boom und
Ihe circumstances are represented lust aa
they were, und the uniforms nr* correct to
u billion und u rosette. In rolls, poatagn
prepaid, hy wall, SO cala a copy. Addreaa
Tko Tri bun*,

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