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Oberlin, Ohio. Nov. 26 especial).?A remarkable
Instrument has been built this fall for the Con?
servatory of Music, under the direction of Pro?
fessor Pennington. It ls a large concert vocallon,
with pneumatic action to all the mechanism, In?
cluding keys, pedals, stops and couplers. Wind ls
supplied by an electric motor. The Instrument ls
two-manual, and has twenty-eight itops, fifteen
combination pistons, and the usual couplers, lt
was built at an expense of $2,(mi.
Hamilton, N. T.. Nov. 26 (Special).-An Advisory
Committee, consisting of Professor J. F. Mac
Gregory, Samuel Colgate. Yale, '91; I., c. H. Biggs,
?92; R. I. Mael.ellan, "9";: F. R. Morris. '91; H. S.
Molyaeaux, '95; Charles Runyon, '96, frames all
the rules and regulations that shall govern the
mrtnagement of athletics; nominates the managers
of the different athletic teams, which are elected
by the Athletic Association, and controls thc
linances, and thu* bas full charge of all ath?
letics. The 1-dlowing nominations of the Advisory
Committee have Just been ratified: Manager ..f Um
Las. ball nine, c.. \\. Cobb, '91; assistant manager,
Y. M. Williams. 'i<5; manager of truck athletics,
V.*. li. Stelle. 'M.
On last Thursday Dr. Lyman Abbott delivered
a lecture on "The Democracy of Learning." The
firot of the annual course <d recapttaoi to tht senior
class was recently given by the Lean of tho
faculty. The committee for the junior exhibition is
na follows: Clare, Davis, Molyneaux, Walker, Ches?
ter, Bogart.
Philadelphia, Nov. 26 (Special).?No less than ten
awards have been made the university for Its ex?
hibits st the Columbian Exposition. The general
exhibit of the university, under the direction of
E. W. Mumford, assistant secretary of the uni?
versity, received a diploma and a medal.
The Dean has announced the prizes awarded
for the best entrance examination to the courses
. a,*, -2n<1 aclence to the memb-rs of th<- freshman
cass. The George W. I'hllus prize ,,f Mi -n t.,,.
arts course was awarded to Alexander King nick?
lin, of Merion. Penn., and the fsculty prize of IX
?''?,,'??<? "econ.I l"st examination to Isaac Huslk, ni
Philadelphia. Th.- Anthony J. Drexel prize of J.'-0.
lu the H'.-lcntlfle School was present, d to John Irvin
Marchuree Milligan, of Wilmington. De!., and the
faculty prize of vu fur second best examination to
>\ lliiam Nelson Goodwin. Jr.. of Jenkintowri, penn.
At a meeting of th<" students of the department
of philosophy to form a "Graduates' Club." the
following officers were elected: President, ex-offlclo.
Dr. William P. pper; tirst vice-president, .I.e lah
Ii. Penneman; second vP-e-prcsident, |.. st. Howe;
secretary, K. A. Singer; treasurer. M. O. Brum?
baugh. The ttrst meeting of the club will pa un
December 15, when lt will be addressed by Provost
Middletown. Conn., Nov. 2<: (Special). -On Monday
night last a meeting was held of all the professors
snd Instructors in chemistry, together with those
of the undergraduates who are pursuing' elective
work In chemistry, for the purpose of organizing
a Chemical Club. Mr. Gibson was elected president,
and Tower, 'tl, secretary and treasurer. Meeting!
Will be held on alternate Mondays, beginning with
December 1.
Professor Von Benschoten has been nbsent re?
cently at the twenty-fourth annual meeting of the
Managing Committee of the American School at
Athens. Twenty colleges. Including Wesleyan, ar<*
carrying on the work of excavation In Argos. Pro?
fessor Stevenson will lecture to the students on
Monday evening on the subject, ''Duties of CHI
A Gun Club has been founded, of which Van
Denhurg, 'P6, has been elect wi temnorarv chairman
Arrangements are to be made for an Interclass
?hoot, to take place next month. Probably a
challenge to some other college gun club will be
Williamstown, Mass., Nov. 2G (Special).?The foot?
ball season ls over for Williams nnd the champion
ship of the Intercollegiate league of New-Kngland
has jone to Dartmouth. But Williams defeated
Amherst fer the tenth time out of tbe eleven gamea
played In the last eleven years. Thc team suffered
only three defeats during the seaaon. which were by
Princeton. N. J.. Nev. M (Speclal).-The Princeton
College Gvmnastie Club, under th" direction Of ,
Mr Goldie, is rat idly gatling into good form. Cap- j
tain Mccoll is practising with his men every ev-n- I
lng in *??" gvmnaslimi. The club will give (
exhibitions In N.w-Yo.k ar.d Philadelphia dar- |
lng this winter. The football team has been ,
indulging in hard practice during the week.
lt kat been secret. Princeton feels that ?????
hat a winning tann* this -rear, and win go to j
New-Vork on Thur, day fully expecting to return
home victorious. Vale's victory over Harvard yes?
terday salted princ ton. if th. result had been
Otherwise the interest in Thursday's battle would
hi.v.- been greatly decrtneed. If Yale defests
princeton, Princeton will still be 00 I level with
Harvard. If Prlneeton wins. Harvard ..innot
another year Ignore Princeton's claim for recogni?
The Itinerary of the Glee Club has been decided
u,.,n. The tour will begin at Baltlmort on De
ininhtr i\ unbracing Washington, Richmond, At
],?-,. Montgomery, Mobile, New-Orleans, v*lcks
parg, Messp-ts. Nashville, Cincinnati, O-v-land.
limi i!o und Pittsburg.
\r a recent meeting of 'he Pennsylvania^Charter
c the following o-lcen were elected: PresWi it,
-.' D Relcbner, M; vice-president, ti. U Whitney,
?91; treasurer, \V. (rbaii. '!?'?: secretary, V- )
The handicap cbeaa tournament of the Princeton
College Chess Association has resulted In a tie i*e
tween Roberts, -. sad Gwlng. H rho tatercolle.
gut. chess tournament will open <-n i>- .???nu.'. ...
at the rooms ol tae Harvard Behool. Nsw-xorn.
Ithaca, N. Y.. KOV. M tBl ?'< tal) ??Th" ??'''-?'-. hi
taken another siep toward Incorporating as sn In
lagral part Of the ualverilty the summer school
originally started by Individual members <?.' tut .n
tiructing staff. Their lat-st adi-n provldei for
the counting, to a limit--., talent, ?>- boort in the
summer School as regular university WOTfe
The Woodford Debating Cl'* hat boen consider
In^ a proposition from the Utera ry ao.ietlei ,f tn?
Vnivcrslty of Michigan for ta iiitet-'inlversltjr de?
biting contest. The club fn-aliy decided agalnat the
1 .rep -sci debut-*.
Tne Classical Association gave un entertainment
last week with a programme on Euripides a "Iphi?
genia in Taurls." The recognition scene was i,n
deicd by students,
The third of the atM-ti: contests between the
sophomores and f"\>-hmer 10 dvide the under?
class supremacv was the f'.oth ill game which tot k
place last Tuesday. Thc Brat contest, lbs Beld
Lames, had hen won t*j tbe sophomores; the
p.eond, a football Time, by th" freshmen by Ihe
score 9 to 1 The deciding contest was won by the
freshmen; score, 12 to 4.
Providence, R. L. Nov. 26 (Special).?The conclud?
ing football game of the season, played with Tufts
College, was well contested, full of spirit through?
out and an SI IPI -l?_1jl satisfactory end to the foot?
ball season at Brown. The visitors played a good
game, but could not make a touchdown against
Frown's full defensive work. No feature of the
team hat more noticeably improved since the early
part of the season than its defensive play.
Work hus been begun on the running track on
Lincoln Field, it wUl be nearly klte-sbape, and will
be placed around the extreme limit of the Held, so
as not to Interfere with footoall or baseball. The
track ls to be nin,- feet wide and live- laps to the
mlle. There will be no board sides, but the track
will be level with the surrounding field. The bot?
tom layers will be of crushed stone and coke, with
Suitable tile drainage. The upper layers will con?
sist of finely sifted ashes and loam thoroughly wet
down and rolled hard.
"The Brown D.-iily Herald" Issued a special edi?
tion Saturday evening with full account of the Har?
vard-Yale game at Sprlngtield.
Boston. Nov. 26 (Special).-The Philological As?
sociation has elected the following officers: Presi?
dent. Professor J R. Taylor; executive committee.
Professor T. B. Lindsay. Miss M. E. Dam*, MJss
S. M. Fisher, G. M. Churchill; secretary. Miss H.
L. Batchr-ider; treasure:-, W. G. Aurelio; librarian.
Miss F. L.. I'ayes. An important recent action Of
the society was the establishing of a fellowship,
with an Income ot WW, tot the present year. Tins
fellowship was awarded to Miss Emily L. Clark, a
Boston University graduate Miss clark win pur?
sue advanced studies in Semitic philology at Har?
vard during the next year.
EU Chapter of Alpha Phi celebrated the tenth an?
niversary of its founding in Boston University on
Friday evening at the Parker House. Alpha Chap?
ter of Trl-Delta held Its initiation last Friday even?
ing at the hom? of Margaret F. l'.erton in Beach
mont. Professor ('ames, of Tufts College, will ad?
dress the Philological Association on Monday after?
noon on "Attic Poetry."
Baltimore. Md.. Nov. 26 (Speclal).-Presldent Gu?
nnan. Dean Griffin and several of the faculty will at?
tend the r)fth annual convention of the Association
of Colleges and Preparatory Schools in the Middle
States, which meets in Columbia, New-Vork, next
Friday. Several former Hopkins tn<-n will take part
in the discussions, among them being Professor H.
C. G. Brand., of H.-.milion College, and Professor
C. H. Lev--.-more, principal of the Adelphi Academy,
B roe) k lyn.
Yale, Harvard and Dartmouth ?">'?? ,f,f, 'welve
games played. Williams WOO seven, tltfl IWO and
lost three. .
The freshmen won the freshman-sophomore foot?
ball gams last Wednesday t>: a score ol I to p.
Among some old papers evidence lias De n lound
pointing to th.- existence of s Linnean wot'iety.
found-.! Iii Williams in ICM, for the study of bi?
ological sn).leets. As the Lyceum of Natural his.
tory, which has been considered the Oldest institu?
tion of the kind In th,- country, was founded in
IMS, Williams, bv virtue pf thi** dlSCO?_IT. hat the
honor of being the birthplace of the fliyt instil i
tlon of this kind founded in th- ' n-tfJ?_,?,ate":
At a meeting of th.* Andover Club. FrWsj, the
following officers were elected: President. Cession
G. Smith; vice-president. Harry ?? Spalding; Bec
retary. Winfred ll. Babbitt; treasurer, Horace o.
New-Haven, conn, Nov. M t8pectal).?The Yale
Ol-.- and Banjo I'iul. of ihirty-.-lx persons will make
a three weeks' trip during tht Chrlttinnt vacation,
giving thirteen concerts altogether; on.- each at
th" dtie:. of New-Vork. Philadelphia, Pittsburg,
cincinn.u:. st. Louis. Bl. Joseph, Omaha, Minni
tot, st. paul, Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit and
Cleveland. The following members of Ihe aced -.,
Junior class wera initiated bil - i ere! societies lust
evening: Delta Kappa Epsilon, 8. T. High, H. N.
Hyde, T. i:. Lockwood, J. B. Good, J. <" Mitchel,
R. A. Peet, B. Tyler, H. Pamam, B. C. Allen and
H. Witherspoon Pel Upsilon, W. K. TomY r, I..
Denison, C. A. Kimball, A. T, Osgood, A, E.
Bcbsrmerborn, R. T. I owndss, I. M Jordan, Jr.,
P. Ives, <;. c. Bryan! srd M. H. Kerthow.
Ti-e report of Waller Camp, ireasurer of the Tale
Fina- lal L'nloi - - ntalnt many Iti ma of Interest to
graduates, as weil as undcrgreduatea The re?
ceipts from til- Football Association anion.,'.,I ?.
r*f>,n6l?; the Baseball Anoclalion, IM.S7I?; Boal
Club, >",.'.;-, v?; Athletic Vssocl tl n. M-JH-.18. The
aura of 116778 w..<- received .-? Interest. Tbe exi a
dlturea of the Football Association am runted to
j 6.G52 13; of th- Baseball Associatl m, $10.".9069: Boat
Club, *ri0.2**8W; Athletic Association. &.AT, At. The
total am-,um of subscriptions wo CS. makin-;
a total of expenditure!, M5.20.lM, and leaving i
id t balam.i 16,0-178 The amount realised from
the Glee club waa $.'. :iu:?'. and from the '!*! Prom.
Notwithstanding the eacellenl financial showing
for th- l.iball Association, it can be eui
ta lively stated that a targe number of the leading
professors -,t Yale are opp. - d lo football .... al
present played. They consider it altogether too
rough a game for the students to Indulge In.
There are a few of the professors who favor con?
tinuing the gani.* as it is at present played, but
the greater proportion favor either abolishing it
altogether or providing thsl it shall b> played with
i-ss ol the slugging ar.,1 tating of the prize ring.
Amherst, Mas-.,, Nov. M (Spe*|_D.?Amherst
football season closed on November IS witta a defeat
by Williams on Pratt I'i-ld, W to IL'. It was gener?
ally conceded that Wllltami would win from Am?
herst, but a clos.-r same was looked for by every
one. The w.-.-ii pr.-vi .is Dartmouth alto beat
Amherst, 3fi to 0. From the formation of the t ii -
angular league in UM t,> tbe present "rear Amii rsi
had played three gam CS each With Dartmouth and
Williams, winning two. with a tic from the for?
mer. In the games with Williams encl* won one,
the other being a tl". The en sp- .ts for neal year
an- much better than a yeti -go. H. Lt, Pratt, ';...,
has been elected captain.
The freshman class has elected A. H. VI ilde
gymnasium captain and G. <;. Bradley vice-captain.
Prank M. Balden, '?",. of Brooklyn, has been elected
assistant manager of the taseball leam; P.
Schmuck. 'St, of llanover. Penn., is manager.
One of the original books pledging subscriptions
to aid In founding Amherst College, has been lound
recently at Colorado gpringa by lt. W. Q.Iel". '92
lt tontalns the names of thirty-two lubicribers
from the towns of Sunderland, Whately, Deerileld
and Hadley, promising an aggicgale sum of !':< In
am .urns varying from one lo eight doll.irv.
Th.- j. w. Lead prU.es f..r the besl orations de?
livered at the exercises in public speaking, Thurs?
day and Frldav, were awarded bv ? ita of the
class to Hulbert C. Phillips, of Turners Palls.
Mass., who spoke on "Th- Fall ?f Napoleon." and
to Kimball G. Colby, of Mathuen, Mats., whose
subject was "The Power of Reserved Poree."
Ai the meeting of the Faculty Club, which wsi
held at the home of Professor Todd last To
evening, papers were read bj Mra il ll Neill and
Mrs. ii. p. Todd on "Remliusc-e-ces of the Bummer
B-yn Mawr, Penn.. Nov. 26 (Special).?On Tues?
day morning President Rbcadet made on announce?
ment which caused great regret among the students
snd which will carry wp i lt a sen?-of real personal
loss to all of the old Students. Last year, owing ,
to decreasing health ind itr?rgth, the president '
offered hts resignation to the trustees, but they j
were unwilling to accept lt and urged him to a I
recmiidcratlon. Thia fall, however, the* consented j
to take action upon it, and with a few feeling
greeds Dr. RbOOdoa announced that his cr,nn.*ctl,.n I
with the college as Its prc sid. nt would come to an j
end at the close of the present fiscal year. Ali who
hav?* had the good fortune to ki,ow toe president
and those who have sein the prosperity which the
college has enjoyed during his prestaenc) musl
feel that In the* resignation of Its lirst preaident
the college win suffer a great toe* He will, bon -
ev -r. still occupy the chair of ethics. Thc trustees'
choice for the- n-w president ls a peculiarly tittInt?
one, falling as it does upon th.- dean '.f the faculty.
Miss M. Carey Thomas, lt wai received with -Treal
pleasure by lh>* students.
Tuesday afternoon iii" I'ndi riiraduat'? A SJ
tion at a regular meeting elected Miss Ritchie,
'%. to nil the pince on ihe edltcrtel board left va
cant by the resignation of .M;*> Potts, 'pi. The
freshman class gave (heir return play to the
sophomores on Prlday ..-nln_. The pl-iy was g
burlesque of tht "Aeneid."
Schenectady, N. Y., Nov. 20 (Special).? The most
recent lecture In the Butterfield course was thal
delivered on Thursday afternoon by William H.
McElroy on the subject, "Famous Men at Famous
Dinners." The lecture abounded In wit and humor.
The lecturer awardeel the palm for after-dinner
?peakln-r to Americans. Mr. Mc-Klroy ls an alum?
nus of Union College, and for some time hos been
considered one of th.* most entertaining speakers
at Union alumni banquets.
The second In a seri's of league football gamea
was player] with Hcmllton on the I'nlon c.imii ,s
and won by I'nlon by a score of :;i to 0. Univ bnlf
of the game w.s played, as the Hamilton eley, n
withdrew from the Bald.
New-Brunr.wlck, N. .1.. Nov. 2? (Bpecta!). Tht
sophomores and freshmen played th. lr ann.al foot?
ball game on Neilson Field e,n Prlday >?'>
The game was hotly contested, and aral won l.y lbs
freshmen by the score of I to 2. The cm*, ei
lectures on art given annually before the senior
class by Professor J, r. Van Dyke began on Mon?
day. Dr. \ an Dyke will deliver tbs rn me lecture*
at Columbia and Harvard.
A spirited controversy has been carried on In |
"The Targum." the college publication, regard
tag tha Iniliience of college football on studlea.
.lohn c. Loud, ex-captal.-i of Ihe eli.-g.- team,
has an article in the inst taus opposing rb.- nate
ment of an anonymous writer thai the time and
attention given to football render ene less efficient
in mastering the rsqulrementi of the curriculum
Th- board of editors of "Th.- Hearlet Letter." ihe
college annual, ls considering whether to substi?
tute pictures of the different fraternity groups foi
tbe usual steel engraved cute
?. <-.
Elmira, N. Y , Nov. It (Special) -The first number
of the new volume of "The Sibyl," edited by the
senior cla?s, has Just appeared. ]-<- dainty cover
of lavender and whit"-, the colors of 'SM. the bounti?
ful half-toi e views of Ihe cottage, the finality of
paper and press work, the manie... t editorial care
and the literary excellence of the contributed arti?
cles combine to make the issue ? notable one,
The seniors are having practical experience with
th- telrscove on- evening each week. Aside from
the ordinary das- routine. Prof,.,or Poid ba.
assigned lo them for original worli the mapping
of Jupiter, willi a sp-clal vi.-w to the study of .mi?
red spots which may h.* observed.
Rochester. M. Y., Nov. 2'". IBpailgl) Thi closing
game of tht New-York Slate Intercollegiate P,..'
i/ill LengUt '".as played her- yesterday afternoon.
I'nlon defeated Hoclu-st'-r by a score of ?,4 to 0,
thus winning the championship, ip to this time
both t.-ams had won all their games.
Rochester and SyraCUtl played an exciting BUM
at ByracUM on Saturday of lust week. The game
was called on account of darkness, with the score
standing ii to io for Rochester.
Baltimore, Md., Nov. 26 (Speelal).-The Thanks?
giving holiday will be a short one, lusting only from
Wcdn-sdny evening until Monday morning. Many
of the students, therefore, will spend thc eacuttOfl
at the College homes, where gix.nl cheer will be
provided for such unfortunates as are obliged to
be absent from their own homes. President and
All improvements in lamps to date are in
our new lamp?The ?? Killer."
Perl'rcl ia* every rr.pt ri il baa ao equal.
l-'.vcl Wilily should bille "Miller" lanipa; belier iii in
na foi- n re .-ulina stahl. w*' ? '"'"'i r-'iei lui,,"
W>- luna-, liii.p* :.ii|t.sl fol rvriy n?r, and Inn?iii,,<
riV-ima ape. billy lor slllm alie full n,,,. u, ,""'
'1 ill, -. inn- new oil h.-al.r. U.Mllbe," I- ?i,llV
uni wi val as-alnMon. Wo are Iks larauM ?nnoract-in ',
.if i;.inps In iii- t'nited Mule**. Write for lUttaOated .-iti
l.N. ? lesial on Inn inu The "Mlllr-r" fun,,, |r#,?
10 ind 1.' (illr-f.- Dart, bet. Birrlir i"d Tirk Pl.. V- fork.
Kaclorlca lu MeiMea, Ct. BUttt, Iii iloatou, C8 l*o_rI?t.
lip ni rnirai bnranlna
xrr boon Sa Tbnl la lha
c-iii'tneiit of peoela wha
lime b "ghi i" oBrstare.
Tbi-i nppll'B to Cnrprta
tfotOrt kind from atOgnl
Willora lo Ins "Jne.
A inn,- bsportatlae ta ORIENTAL KCOB, lan than
"?i*r-.? i!l fi.
lo l.'v IS ||.
$8.40 - S35.
2 East 14 th Street
Mra Goucher lm*.-,. Issued eat?a f.>r a reception cn
M mday evening. Beveral ... Inc pi of nason have set
the example of giving I ? on Friday and Satur?
day evening to rh. ,h-i. nts. a dlffennl set of
girls bein? entertained ,.;; each occasion. On Satur
day evening last Prorei or Charil ; blsckshear as?
sist ed bli mother, Mrs. i.. v tUacksbear, In re
reivina the stu lenti in il.hemlcal department.
? ui Prlda- evening .. tea araa given alto by Lr.
.-ml Mrs. Hans Proellcher.
Cambridge- Mass. v..v. M (gpeciaD.?Tba Yale
game over, ail eyes nre turned toward th.atttl
with Pennsylvania <>n Saturday. Thc plucky stand
made by the Quakers stains! tah has mads Har*
mi i a bit anni tis about tba outcome. Cr all that
she la looking forward lo tbe meeting with conatde*
ii,;,- ntiafactlon In one nay. There is a friendly
spirit toward Pennsylvania smong the stud"-nta
b,i,-. They feel that the Quakers ha ie abowa
themselves fully thc equal ol Princeton, In spit.*
of the fad thal th.y were beaten by them.
i ,;i Tuesday evening of last week tht Inter?
national Law club organised for the year and
elected the following oificei ?? Pn iklent, .1. T. KU
breth, 'IM; vice-president, I.. Davis, tt; ? l'-rk. O. M.
W. Bpraguc, ':M. The Brsl Beven from sm are as
follows: i. I ..ivis. T. 8. Billot, M. B. Hyman;
.i. T. Kllbreth, i:. B, Page, li. I* Preeeotl and
o. M. W . Bprague
The third -? ven "I ihe '96 Sun-t have been chos'-r
ai i il ... K. .i. Holmes, K B. Winslow, J. Purilon,
\. s. Pier, H, Prosier, R. Wolcott and C. ll. Mills,
The annual graduate dinner of the soctat) was held
at the University Club, Boston, on Wedne dsy
a call for candldatn for the 'varsity crew brought
..ut the following sspirants: B. W. B. Thompson,
U H., weight, Itu pounds; W. I.. Webb. I. S.. IM;
l.. T. Damon, :<i. IC; P. A. Crap?, I* B.. ICM4; W.
ll. Mace, iif.-y. 'ts, 1..,; J. I.. Thompson. ".<?'.. it-..
T. Weston, ':*.'.. 16; A. C. Potter. '..',. 17:., A. \V.
T..ri,, ll. Bp., Itt: W. s. v,,m.kui.m. ''.<',. 16; J. Bhea.
':??;. 166; I.. T. rltldreth, 16, itt; T. Abbe, '!'?",. ISO;
A, I: Sh-riff. I. B.. 1 52; lt. B. Cook, ''??'-. Itt; W. P.
Dutton, ':?',. i.',-\ K. C. Dudley, '.'>',. ll.',; W. ll. Stafr.ir.i.
?;<:, ir,. I'. 8. Eddy, 'H Iti; coxwaln, J. Btaab, tb,
li", i;. ?;-.!.ir (raining will i- gin about two weeks
aft.-r tbe Pennsylvania cam,-.
<? m
0000 Ri:.-r-r.TS OP PHYMCAt- rRAIMIKQ
Wellesley, Masa, N,.v. M (Special). Mr-. Pnnllne
A. I",.rant, treasurer Of tht OOllegO, who ha*. r? ?
cently been so aertoosly ni, returned fr?-m Atianti
City Wedna to her hom- In WeUsstay, much
Inproved ta health. Tht tentoi etan hat eon
pletely reorganised irs ,i v Tba menbsn of th"
n---.v crew are; Marlon Cai kl captain; Orate
Edwards, Bflta MacMillan, Helen MacMillan, Rda*
?... Mabel Dodge, Laura Mattoon, Th-,.,i,,r.i
-Utldmon- Helen Btabr, Alica Wood, BAoam ?
Chase, Artsmeata Stone, laaboRe Campbell and
Mabel Laaroyd. Tba regntat gynaaal-n practice
anion-,* tba frcabnwo begun this greek, Pip<-? ar*
b.-mr i.i-i ihroogk Un toltagt gnoada ta brina
water from the vdlaK" waterworki Into Colleg-r
ll .li.
ii-.sldent Shafer's annual report, re.ently lsiurd.
? ins many Interesting facts ind itatuH-i bi
r- ??arl to the oollege
<?f parti, ular Intei.-st and siKr.luci.nre ire the
? tablas placed nt tue end of the re?
port, showing the results of p-i-.il al traininK
In tbs caaei of certain itudents The ni-siur
n : ? taken and arranged by Miss M Anna
\\ I, the | lysl u ixamlner of the <..li-gi-. and
Include rei eda of etan crewi receiving training
In the gymnasium aril on th?* luke, and of twent)
stui.-nts receiving na training. Tba gain In
strength mai- bj (hon itudenti under trainir.,;
Bppreclabie as t,. give particular emphaiia
to th.* ie ? illy snd value ol physical training
as .. part nf iii- collei.iirrlculum. The measure
re-nis wen ?isde tn Kovember, IM, und M-iy.
md in the esse ol Hie iiutenti ?h>? received
tr.iinln.; lhere ls a meng Kimi ll strength, depth,
ai-1 uirth of chest; lung capacity, breadth ol
?houluTi -.i.i itrength oj back, which offers a
n li. i ? mtrasl lo the avi i ,i dei re ise In
itrength shown by the measurements tak?n ol
those students who received no training.
-?? -??
Northampton, Mas*., Nov. M (Special) -The preai?
dent and faculty have made som* dei Ide,1 elwin*--*
in de turtle ilium, pail to take effect during th
presenl year, part not until n-xt. The chani**-*.
have bttO Blade In ord?*T to lnere-isi> the number
of altCtlVtt, and to ramon the wMe distinction
between the three aatebHthtd courses-the eJataltnl,
adentlflt and literary. The classical, mnthem?tlc!>
and lanK'iai;.. offered for entranc?f muit be con?
tinued durlnir th.- first year, but are not r?iu!r>*<i
aft.-r that. The literary students must continue for
ona yeal tha modern language offered for entrance.
and 'he *...,-,,n i year staci th- one n..t taken before
The ctai teals must alao elect one modern tanguaga
during the second year No tanguag rs are required
in any coins- ,u-r tie aecoad rear. Tht grrate-.!
.!.;,n!.'e hal I.n mad- In the junior year. Thr-f
groups ?( pow ii,i- eiectlvei are ,,ff-re.i tu _|| r,,iirs-.s
nin<- i .ni- group con '- ,f the adences. one ,,t
rhetoric and logic, and the third history mei
eronomlca Tw.r - must be elected, and from
different groups. The required studies ?.r tue aenloi
-/ear are psychology, t-thtca and Biblical literature.
Titi MTY.
Hartford. Cnn , Nov M (fpscial).?The reading
room, thanes to the hearty eo-operattoe of Hm
students, ls sgaln in running order, and ls proving
furn ever useful and entertaining Thi
Uhr .rv baa received a valuable gift frorn Jame*
.i Goodwin, of Hartford, constating of a full set or
th- "New-England Oenoalogtcal and Htotortcal
u-.-i-ier," forty-eight volumes bandsomelj bound
in half mer...-,... Tba stat.- <.f Connecticut ha?
uls, sent g bound cpy of the new topographical
attaa oi tii?* State, and copiea of all tlie official
Si, I- fell, TIS.
i.ast Ti.lay evening the Rev. Mr. Forrester
delivered a lecture before ihe Missionary Bocletj
on "Mexican I.ire." Luring the last week i>
Cbarles C. Beacb, of Hartford, has delivered
ci ii ? of six lectures <>n "Hygiene" to the mei
ben of the Incoming clam Tbs lectures prove
so popular thal they wen attended by tbe great
majority of ti..- indents in ali the rtaana
on Tuesday the first gam- fee the interclass
football championship was played and result -d In
,i vi. t,,ry for the lophomores ,.v.-r tbe freshmen
with a ".ol- ,,f IS io .,.
The flrst college german of th- aaaaoa wns heM
In Alumni Hill last evening. The cotillon was
led by I'. ?'. Edgerton, 'M, and R. ii. Macaulay,'K.
Chlca?-o. Nov. M (8peetal).-Tba Thanksgiving'
gnoM will be played at n H, 1I} i?.lw,.,.n ti,,
universities of Mi. liu..,ii .md Chicago, Tb.* chances
are with Michigan for victory. -*ti!j*K ls ? liing hi
in-n d-iil,le arork In runnlni? and peacttae. Tht
author of th- recent b,,.,k m football baa invent.-,!
s-v-ral MW l-lays. wnl. 1, will |?. first broiixht to
light in this gama. In order ie gai u!(. .,?,.,, ,,f h[?
material th- halves .ml ends will l?. fr.- men ta
defensive play.
It ls tb.* uinblilon of Senor Tomas,, to oraanlz
m the university tba largest banjo club ta the
world. Hfty mtmbera m.- practising. Tht .-horus,
composed of seventy singers, is rebearstng s group
of greal oratorios un.l-r the .llr.-etlot, nf Warriner
William.-;, rea,!,., tamuste. Tba Ohs, Sub under the
leadership or 1-. \\. Eastman, of the irniversltv ..r
Rochester contalna t^follow-n men: Pirsi
tenors. l'"rn"- L_JrtfJ: ^\''?ds. Wesson; second
tenors. i'i.s.-.:t. Hobbs. Abell. Hewtttj -rsl bass,
v,sr,,...n. Sh.rn,:,,,. Low Baron; second bass.
Behan. Nlcnols, pierce, HI soon
Aj ,he inlordiiii.election the following officers
w-.-re clio?n. I r.-s|,|.nt. Henry <? Uurnhv- vlce
prealdent, Arthur ?'. Wilkinson aecreilkrv' \ i
|.;Itil ... Hulbert; treasurer. Henry PWlTllT
A quintet of fraternities |? pe?f____r ts ??nt.i
th,, university si three-year B-cletlesT^v are
B?U Th-ta I'l. Psi ITpsllon. L-l... ^ ,?.,..' ,:,K||"n
Phi Kapi-' Pt3 tad wSSt <-hi. ? 0,"u K'",|lon
Ann Arbor. M,-h., Nov. 26 <8p**eia|i.-A movement
has been st..ri.d by th- non-Pal|.-,,llum fraternity
men of th" Junior class to have the Junior hop open
t., nil ?:.', ri,-... recardtan ..f fraternity gj-Mtaa Tba
Hoard of Reg" 'ts held their monthly meeting on
November ... Beginning with the co||t.Kc year 1S94-.'..
all candidat-s Studying In absentio for advanced
iagron must pay a line of $10 wr ye.r Hmry H.
Bwan was appointed lecturer on admiralty law in
place of Henry Brown, reilgned.
The appolntmenta in tha h?moe#p_th!c department
Include thc f iiiowinn: L. -T. ">nf<-?*try, houso sur
f_On* Iv A. Clark, assistant to chair of SUI gel y J
Dr. Frank Rich, asstatant to chair of ophthalmolo.iy
and otology; Lr. P. F. Hoffman, assistant to chair
of theory and practice and materta medica; Lr.
Nora M. Lukin, asslstanl in obstetrtes and gyne?
cology. Th.- r,,ii,.win-,' degreee were conferred: J. A.
Wood, LL. H.; ll. A. Mann. L. I). H.
Tile faculty of th" law department has forbid?
den th- us- of printed lectures. An enterprising
student was publishing 1,000 COptes dally, to be sol,I
anion-,' the law students and throughout the country.
The faculty was afraid this won.u injure th.- de?
Th?- Btudenta are hlshlv Indignant over B
r*|,..rt from Purdue ITntvernty, after Michlgans
defeat of the purdue football team, to the effect
that four of Michigan- m>-n wen profesastoaata. Tue
report is v.-irhout the least foundation. Arrange?
ments have been completed for a gena with rhi
OBgO University at chicago 'on Thanksgiving Lay.
lr. t,-.i,| of the Cornell game, which Cornell c-mx
The Thanksgiving number of "The Wrinkle" ls
printed In colon and contains sixteen pages, with
t I ruble pag* cartoon illns'ratlng the effects of
co-education at th- university. Th- Editorial Hoard
lt: Managing Editor, W. I". Holies; assistant, J.
L Lorie; business manager. H. H. Htnlth; lt. I..
Wagner, Howe Williams, O. W. Harris. W. C.
Campau and H. c. Hyan.
The f.-u-ulty has voted to pul athletics under Its
?upervtslon. Th- new I'.fard of Control will con?
sist of five members of the faculty, chosen from
the senate, an,I lour students, to be chosen by
the Cnlverstty Athletic Association.
Syracuse. \. v.. Nov. M (Speciali.-On Tuesday
morning th- students learned that Dr. Lay, the
chancellor sleet, was to coan up from New-York
OH ih<- train that reaches here at 7'*, p. m., and
so arrangements were made to give him a wel?
come. When the train pulled Into the station 400
Bttldenta beaded by l'een & Lee's band, were there
to gr- -t th,- nw chat < "Uor and his wife. At
the station the chane dior md his wife were
placed in a carriage and the procession then moved
io Denn French's house, where Dr. Day was to be
entertained. Thc young woiner, of the Institution
ind gathered iben and swelled the number of
?tudenti to about 7'" \ s| *erh was called for and
Lr. La- stepped out on the veranda, thanked them
for thi ir enthusiastic reception tad begged to be
? >n Wednesday morning the chapel of the Hall
... Language! was t ll?-ci in anticipation thal the
ch iu -llor-. li-t would ipi ak. After tit-- religious
exercise! be was Introduced by Lean French and
?poke briefly, among other tilings laying: "You
will appreciate th.- fact that lt would not be in
g.1 taste for me to address you as your chancel?
lor, Inssmuch os i have neither communicated my
,i-cisi,,:i to the trustees nor been formally released
from i.*y eli,inti I hal purposed to -onie here in
a qulei way. I ilk with Dean French about some
matters, lr...lt at you and then slip away quietly
to New-York. Thi trouble waa In my getting Into
the city. I had forgotten the way students have
..f somehow finding out and doing things. Bul
this morning I took upon }'<>u as your fri.-nd and
not as your rhone, liol."
Hanover. V H.. Nov. M (Special!-The week has
been of Interest Beera] only t-> the commencement
Week, bee.iu-e of th- annual graduation of th" med?
ical department. Th.- Dartmouth Medical College ls
th.- fourth. In iH.lnt of age. In the country, having
been founded by Dr. Nathan Smith In 179-;. this
being th.- ninety-sixth graduating .-lass, it baa gi
pi s.nt -l fur,- >.f twenty Instructors, Ul students,
and, including tbs hospital, property t.> ti-..- vain.- of
1350.090 President William Jowett Tucker presided
at the graduation, delivering a congratulatory ad?
dles, t,. th-- clam. Lr s L. .>,!.ms. of th,- New
Hampshire Medical Bo -i-tv. delivered the annual
i-i di. ,.i .il Iress The valedictoi >? iddnn wi.s given
i,v th- ctans lesder, Clifton s. Abbott, of Laeonta,
N. Y . Krnesi L Heil, ol Pittsfield, N. H.. was tha
ela** rtrator. Dr. W. T Hmlth, of the college, pre
aentel dlptomaa Thi* ls tba tirst class in m.- n.-w
era, and ls one .-f the largest, the whole number in
ii,e department being the largest In the history of
the college
Oeonr* A Huff. ':?',. lu,". l,<en chosen captain of the
baseball team for ''?<'?. snd will put the candidates in
? : iii iii. ,*ag. soon.
louth Radley. Man. Nov. ? (Special).?Tnt
botanical department la rejoicing over added fa
ciiitiei in the apace bequntbed ihem by it? pbysln
taper! tent Yoe latter ls now instaii.-i in nen
?iuartfrs In Sci- n ?<? Hull. The Thank.<givlng re?
cess ?.iii estend from Wednesday noon to Friday
noon Tbs 1-1 ? -11r._,?- of th? .Ww-York uni Brooklyn
Alumna* Association occurred on November Mi sin
th_t of Amherst snd vicinity. The latter moto
entertained bj Mis Morse, s former graduate.
\t the recent meeting ,.f the Kprlngfleld Alumna*
twent) nine rlassn aren repmenl i
Mrs. Ailee "arter Cook. 'tl, I- on B*t way to the
Cansriei Professor ?'??..k is under ?pf...intment of
ihe African Colonization Hoelety, and they plaa
to mik* egcuraloni into Liberia later, Mis cook
will d?v.it* h*rs*lf to svst.-m.itlc work on Ox*
fl r.-i of Aft together with methods >,f pollenhu
m.,n ,,f whi, ,i *u.e ins for Boase yean i.n ?
i'oughk**!.nie. N. ^ . Nov. L'ti (Speclull.-Oii tl-,,
*v*nlng of November IS Ihe lirst hall play of tba
?aaeon w..s given la Phttaletheoa Halt The play
was h. j. Byron'a thr-e-.ict ronedy, "Our Boyi
Tba ports aron areli tak--r. by Mabel L Hastings,
si. Sue Koagland, W; Mary ft, -anders, tt; Mari*
M Champney, >'.; Qertrude B. MacArthur. ".*>;.
Bltaabetb Olllmer. ?-?:. May childs, tt, and Edith
Lapham, ?', s The en,mitt ? in charge consisted
,,f Mis?, i. a Pitch, C, l UUboprlck, O. Car?
penter, K. Hartridge snd tl C Watton a num?
ber of th- members ,.i the class ,,f ':.:i visited th*
.-..liege st this time.
Th* reception of th* I'l,il.il,-th-tn Society will be
h*ld this y-Hf in th.- Art Gallery and Hill of
Casts The .id lr. ss given in the chapel before th
reception will be by Robert -rant A cast ,,r .
of th.- cu-. at! I-- a stun- oi th.* Minerva of th
Naples Museum, a.-i a number of architectural
rasla have been added t>> the collection in the
Hall of Caata Among tha architectural modell
ir* the column from the monument >>f Lyalcrati i
tad th* Moral -inanit-nt from the top of tue rame.
collboi worn,
On Mb-day .vening th* Philosophy Club of the
Harvard Annes nut al Miss Clapp*! and dtacusosd
psychological ul..;, , ts. < ni Friday afternoon the
ldier Club h*!l a meeting, and plctur.-s from "Life"
were glv.-n, followed by the dialogue, "When
Angry. Cunt a Hundred." The date of the Idler
reception han h.-en tix.-,i for December k A' tbs
las: rr.ting of the Music Club Miss ll-istis
played an,l Mh*. CoolMae s,..ig. T_e ,f"l?n- or
thi club ar, Mis* Chandler, president; Miss Heus
tis, musical dlr-.tor. Miss Coolidge, secretary.
Professor L. ? ?. Lyon, of Harvard, has begun s
lertei of ie-tiir-m to Tufts stub nts, on "Assyrian
Monuments and Their Valuo." Tba Ural l.-ct-iro
?ma given on M.tay evening in Ooddard Chapel.
The football game at provid-n..- ,,n Wednesday, ta
whi.-h Tufts was defeated bj Brown with a non
of N to ". nea a miserable ending to an otherwise
?ucreasful Benson. Although the prospects for a
good leam neat year are promising, it ls recog?
nised thal to secure bssl result* Tufts must be in
a league Dartmouth baa alreadj objected to si
lowlng Tuf: ? to I..- admitted to the league with
Amherst and Williams, ir entrance then is Im?
possible, a league is miked of between Brown,
Wesleyan and Tufts The Alumni Field will ba
nady for us.- by the next football season,
The regular work In the gymnasium for the un?
der classes at Dickinson College baa begun Sny?
der. Til. and 11-11. and Karp, V.. hay been ap?
pointed assistants t,. Professor Stephens, At the
last meeting of the I'nlon Philosophical Society the
f,,i],,-\,iiK offlcen mott elected: President Tulleys;
vi.president, Armacost: recording secntary, Bell;
,-rliic. Connolly: ensor, lt. di; executive committee.
snyder, uiiroy and channell. The American Bun?
da) Hchool i'nlon baa swarded the prize ,?f Mot for
th.- best essay on "Christian Education" to Lr.
Dunll, profess,,r of mathematica The Belles-Let
tr.-s Society bsa elected the following otu..-rs: I'r.-s
well worth the attention of
at prices seemingly impossible for
goods so excellent, each piece being
plainly marked at cost as it comes
from the factory, and then remarked
lower and lower if it proves slow of
??Btv OK TIIK .1IAI4KK."
1*4 1C6 1108 West 14th Street
1 Wilhelm Afiiizt
t|f, TmtEkM Title'Sets'6e(kTm!&/3pSet
? fdrl9Sfffen*Ser ?
W f*% m Vttt* Cwt Qt. Decanter-,
T J, Y4 Vi wusib ?.oo, l.aa cu.
. ii ii -L* ?? ?' Claret Decaamrs,
werih-.110, LAO ea,
~ ?- " " Waierearafee,
J W wartba.Mil.9-ea.
______ Jl r- Jil.A ? wr.?_#.
tit orren ness unusual'carcains /m
m ~BR0ADWAYS2?!!.S"r.- -
Ident, Ashley; vice-president, Tait; recording sec?
retary, ZelKlor: treasurer. Huckc; critic. Hlchard*;
dork. Price; llhrarlan, Porter; assistant librarian,
Willis Fletcher Johnson, of New-York, lectured
on Friday evening at Pennington Seminary, on
"American Cltlnnshlp" Its rights and privileges
were treated In eloquent, forceful language. The
W-sieyan lnr>*r?emlnary cup contest is still unde?
cided, Pennington declining to play the deciding
(?ame at Wilkcsbarr<\ which ls not neutral terri?
tory, as called for hy the Advisory Committee. The
cup trill in all probability be returned to Wesleyan
and the championship for this year held In abey
Much enthusiasm prevails over the regaining of
the championship of Maryland by the football team
of St. John's College. Annapolis, from Johns Hop?
kins Cnlvernity, which had been lost last year.
The Alumni Association of New-York held Its an?
nual meeting on Friday last. This was followed
by a banquet, to which Lr. Fell, president of St.
John'! College, was invited lo be present as the
principal gu??t. Speech'*? were rn ide hy Phillp lt.
VoorheeB, president of the association; thc Kev.
Dr. .1. A. Ii. Wilson, Herbert Noble and President
A reception was given Saturday at noon at Castle
r.lnt. Hoboken, by Mrs. Cnroline Stevens Alex
aii-i-r for thu Woman'.-. Advisory Committee of the
I'nlvcr8lty of th.' City of N'-w-York. Addresses
were made by Mrs. Benjamin F. Williamson, of
-lisabeth, who spoke of the encouragement re?
ceived l.y the Womans Committee in their work;
hy Lr. ll. Il, Ma. Cia ken, th- Chancellor of the
University, who presented the nature of the field
occupied by the Ncw-Y.rk I'niverslty, and par?
ticularly ot tho three fa'mitta* which rec-ive women
students, viz.. th-* faculty of the Graduate Semi?
nary, which receives women graduates of other
colleen; the faculty "f law and the faculty of peda
-,,.(?>?. by Professor Allen, who spoke of th- es?
pecial n.I -I our country for the highest order of
Inching talent snd devotlor, and by Professor
Bbau? who made a report of sn Important character
respecting th- education?I suggestions obtained by
him while it thc great pedagogic conferences held
rrus summer and by Inspection of the exhibits of
the various countrin it the w. rid's Fair.
The university e-hibtl at t-i - Chicago Exposition
hus received an award. Thin entltln the univer?
sity to a me lal and also to s diploma, which wi'l
mention tn- ipectnc points of excellence mr whi,-!i
tr*.- award ls made.
-? . ?.
Three prlr.es of "?>*,'?. UM and SIM. respectively,
ar.- swarded to the members of the graduating law
class at the close of cudi acu.i-mle yenr for the
best esesys upon "n<- or more lepa! tOptoU. The c.cn
pottttoa for such prim is open only to students
who have pursued the whole coons of study r>
? piire i for th- degno of Itafbetor of Lawa and who
?ball n.rtiltad hy the faculty to have been dili?
gent in H'tenlan.e and to have maintained a high
degne Of BCbOtanhlp throughout The subject of
the f.rat of thes?> essays this year ls announced ai
"The Naton and Effect of the Changes in the I .aw
Arising from the Iri'emtnte Commerce Act." The
subject of the Second ls ??Influence of Codes of Pro?
cedure iti the Administration and Development of
Equity"; that of the third. "The Law of Trusts as
; AlV'-t,.l bi l^egiBtatlon In th- State of New-York."
The essa!"* must i>,- presented before May 1. 'i m** -
1 following nie-i have th.- right t,> comp to: Dewitt
| Balley, La\ld Bandier, Robert C. Beatty, Cortlan-.lt
C Bishop, Charles \ Brodek, ("herman B. Jowett, '
' l. Iwsrd C. Moen, li Stanwood Menken, Harry
! N-ca:Milliner and Urenvllle B. Winthrop. Seniors
In t>..* Scho.,1 , f Art.- for graduating nonon In Eiik- ;
ll-li must uiii- sn essay of .;t least i-otn words on I
n .: ?? assigned aubject, in addition to the regular
work, lt was announced last week that this year
they must write ,,n on- <>f the following tboinn:
"A Historical study ..r the Principal English and I
American Treatise* on Rhetoric from Blair and
Campbell lo the Present Lay' ; "A study of tho
Sf vie a.:d Strm tut- Of Piter's Rennins nco"; Com- j
parlf-on between the Dnmatii Works >.f Lord r-.i
nyson nnd of Mr, Browning"; "Development of the ,
s.tit:\ of the Orallo Obllqua In Anglo-Bason and ,
English tn the close of the "fourteenth Century";
"1?mltatlon of Aristotle's Theory Consequent upon i
His Kn wledge oi the Oreel- Drams Only": "Tbs
Common Element In Shell.-y's, Sidney's and Aris?
totle's Theory of Poetry"; "Chaucerb Method of
Narrative Poetry; Its Excellencies and Defects";
"Americanism In Literature." For honors In philos?
ophy seniors must In addition to the regular work
pass a special examination on John Stuart Mill's
?Theory of th<- Inductive Method."
? in Monday the New-Yore; Academy of Bctences
held sn important meeting. F. s Sea spoke on the
"Scpe of Modern Physiology"; P. T. Cox, on "1U*
centiy Discovered Deposits of Dtalomaceous Earth
lu the Adirondacks. and .1. A. Allen, on "Pro?
tective Coloring and Sexual Selection In Hirds." On
Hun?ay night the same academy gave thc second
lecture of ih- course. Theo?ore Roosevelt delivered
the Lst of his course of lectures on "ine West?
ward OfOWth ol' the Cnlted States during the Rev?
olution " Saturday morning th- subject was .the
"Cor..Uti,?!! Of th- West at HM CtOOO of tile K.-volu
The library statistic* for october show that l*i,500
volumn were circulated from the main library
and LV'im from the Astral and two other branch.--..
About MOO persons made un of the main reading
room ..nd 1,000 of th' Astral.
On last Wednesday au evening gymnasium class
fir the men teach.-is was organised, under the
charge of J, T. Klnly, Instructor. A course of
dumbbell drills, vaulting, awlnging, rings and lad?
der work ha? been planned, faa class is open to
all teachers who now are or who may become
memben of the Athletic Association.
The tirst of a course of fourteen lectures on n-.et
alurrfy was given last Week hy 1. Frederich Hop?
kins to the cia-.s in mechanical dnwtng.
In view of the steady and rapid Increase In the
numbers of those who are Inter, sted In the college
to the extent of bein-; willing to co-operate wltii
the trustees, there has arisen a need of some
m-ans of disseminating Information regarding ihe
j aim and work of the collegs other than the pub?
lication, from time to lima, Of the reports of the
president und the treasurer. The faculty, there?
for-, plan to Issue at Intervals during tile college
y.-.u a bulletin, the purpose of which shall be to
i.reseiit such Information regarding the current
history of the collet;.- as may j.rove Interesting
and Instructive to the trustees and their frlenify
This publication will bs called "The Teachers' Col?
lege Hullctln."
An examination of the requests for Information
| regarding ths college which wen received In the
summer, has brought out the interesting f_,t that
thesf calls came from forty-four of the Stales and
Territories of the linton, and from fourteen foreign
The second annual smoking concert of the Olee,
Banjo and Mandolin club*, at which the Mandolin
club wa* first presented to the public, given on
Friday night, was ix great success. All expenses
were cleured an.l a handsome balance secured.
A largs number of alumni were present and the
faculty was well represented. A number of men
met on Thursday and formed th- stevens Dramatic
Association, with the Intention of (jiving a play
In April ot Jun.-. The following temporary officer's
were elected: President, C. W. MaoOord lr '14
vice-president A. A. Dal Molin: BaflstBIJ H l'
P-ridenburg; treasurer, A. de la M. f nglsi Th?
Sketch Club held Its first meeting for the' m__!
on Tuesday mid elected the following offlee-.
Presldent. H. D. Lawton. "M; vice-president il
L. S. Verley; secretary, W. H. Corbett, Wk.
The Rev. Lawrence Kavanagh, ft j? profe-,,,0.
of rh.-torlc -nnd oratory, moderator of the debating
soci.-ty. was called away suddenly last w??k ,**
Woodstock. Md. His place is tu,.,, 1)V JTlJJ
John F. Quirk, ft J. "The Fordham i_L*_i .. .
tho coming year will be under^ the h.'.y f,>r
Erancls De s. How.-, g. j "SE* _n dtaoctfan of
Hoard of Editors ure: <\A. \YMin.?'??**'?, ?* the
n A. Ferguson,
S. Howe,
.. Editors uri
e<.llor-ln-ihler; M. II
and J '
S. J.
,'?;?? "tm , ^
_ol>,Jn- John B.
lohn J. Harrington" 'Sf James J -h"Minson
-y, Edward Lamb and __^_ifT_^r' ?'--"ls
-ols O'Neil and A. Boylan??&*, t*uyes: X
lalne. J. Mitchel and Phillp Paulrift J,?*hn T- D*:
D. McCarthy, '86, B_?_S*tJ__gj'-? "rant; John
T^TXTT-? Imported and Domestic
Sa -L-Ln -Ci Lsraeat and JIM Coaaplece
Ct II J\| IS ripi.es. revolvers, am.
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The most complete change will be made in tho
Board of Aldermen on January 1 that has ever
been known ta Hrooklyn. All save two of the pros
em incumbents will retire, and the political control
of thc Board will be reversed. Instead of four Re?
publicans, ai at present, there will be fifteen, and
Instead of fifteen D.-mocrats there will be only
four. Those whl hold over are Peter Hess (Rep.)
and William H. Jordan (Dem.) Ever since tho
present system of electing the Aldermen went
into effect ten years ago tho majority of tho
members have been re-elected biennially, and bo
fore that time, under the ward system of repre?
sentation, only one-half of the members wera
annually elected.
The groat Republican majority In the Board
ls somewhat of an embarrassment In the matter
of the choice of the president, who by virtue of hts
otho* ls Actim- Mayor lu -the absence of the Mayor.
President Pick-ring will retire from office In tho
Hoard at the lirst meeting in January, and his
suce. ssor will then be chosen. The n..mes of two
of the new Aldermen-at-Large are mentioned for
the place?Jackson Wallace, of the Sixth Ward,
and Joseph lt. Clark, of the Twenty-sixth Ward.
Whether a caucus will be held to settle the matter
la a.-. yet undecided. The prominence of Mr. Wal?
lace in the community and his ability as a public
man are urge,] as reasons ror his election. The vote
for Ald.-rmen-at-l.nrge rhows that they ran consid?
erably behind the candidate for Mayor. Mr.
Bchleren recelTcd wm vote.;. The vote for tho
seven Aldermen-at-Large-elect ls as follows:
laeaoH It. dari;.Kl.tOB
. 'hariet .i. -taubert.W.kO
NI. holaa I >r,.ge.Ri.**is
.lu,k*..,n Unlive.SW.MO
Elnar .l.ihn.SW.7IS
('harlen A. Karat/..SO, il?
laara* H. ''arv.SW...14
on- of the important places to be Ailed by tho
board ls that of City Clerk. M. J. Cummings, the
ort -'-nt incumbent. ha*? held the ofhee for four
rears, and for six years before that was Deputy
City Clerk. Mis salary was recently Increased to
$.".,000. There are several aspirants for the office,
and also for the minor places In the gift of tho
board. __ ? ,, ,.
The long-promised statement by John \. McKane,
setting forth hts sid- of the election difficulties tn
Gravesend, ls to be made public to-day. It has been
drawn up bv his counsel No more papers In tho
promised libel **ult.' have yet been served.
The fund for the prosecution of McKane and
other perpetrators of election frauds now amounts
to $n911-" as r-ported by the treasurer. Mr. Chrls
tensen The Brooklyn Young Republican Club has
raised about fcOO. which has not yet been turned
over to the treasurer of the fund.
Kansas City, Kan.. Nov. 2C.-An evening paper
here printed a story yesterday of the Populist
Itteotl-g held Friday in this city. The story ls
substantiated, and the following details printed:
"Jerry" Simpson ls charged by the faction that
ls loyal to I.ewelllng With being the father of tho
Btovefntut against the Governor. W. A. Harris,
Senator ivffcr and some of the other members of
COngre is were represented by friends. It ls tho
oil nor} in Kansas of a .State House "ring"
and a '?" rderal "ring." 'Che n-w party, according
to those who were present, ls io make Its stand
on lbs single Issue, the free coinage of silver.
Ali thc socialistic or semi-aocialtatta theories, which
plav, i ? i important a pan in the formation of tho
Populist party, are to be thrown aside, snd ths
new partv. which Is to arise suddenly in an un?
expected place, ls to be tx silver party, nothing
more and nothing less. "The Idea.' says a well
known Populist, "is to form a party that will carry
the silver States from the tirst and unite all tho
friends of silver, regardless of their views on any
other subject."
? rn rn
Chlc;.go. Nov. 2<*.?It ls probable the Republican
managers will settle down steudlly to work this
w.-ek. They did not do much during the last week,
an.l th" Democrats, though torn up by factions,
have made much more progress In the campaign pre?
liminaries. Though nothing has been definitely
settled as yet. lt is probable the special day of
registration will stand without formal protest on
the part of the Republican Committee. There wau
a full meeting of the city Council Committee yes?
terday, lt was agreed to make a thorough canvaso
of every precinct, to ascertain who are not reg
tstered, but entitled to register; who are on tho
registers that should no' be there; also to ascertain
the choice of the voters tor Mavor. The can?
vassing books, whl.-h lt took a week to prepara,
w.-t.* handed out. The canvass will begin to?
morrow. Notwithstanding some drawbac-s, tho
prospects for Swift's election are bright.
The revelations mad- at th- City Hall during tho
lust two .lays cannot fall to have a demoralUInu
effect on the Democrats. One of the leaders has
been charged with irrave offences, such as stuffing
the payrolls and appointing utterly Incompetent
men to Inspect public works. The charge ls made
by u fellow-Democrat, who has held the office ot
Lied lon Commissioner.
? ? ??-??-.?
Smarting under the sound thrashing administered
ta them by the Republicans and Citizens' league
on Kl,,Mun Hay. th.* Inion County Democracy, lu
the hope of being able to retrieve Its fallen fort?
unes, made an effurt on Friday night lo reor
ganlze the parly, letters were quietly sent to
the leading Democrats of the county to attend
Iimm'YT1.0'' ,}? ,'" h:'M ??< Om Sheridan Housa
BaturdBy to discuss the subject ?f reorganisation
and also to lake measures to establish a Demo*
catie newspaper to help the scheme along To
he utter disgust of the promoters of the und-?
taking only a small number of the leaden r?
soond-d to the call, and the whole thins[Droved
a wretched Basie, .wither ex-GovernorG?len 9e_!
slur Marsh. Judge McCormick, nor any of the %*i
fhaTuL#_____ ( ??n1?",?"?n?ii Dunn, appeared a?
he conference and nothing could be done Th.
Democrats In Fnlon are In a bad wav and Th!
warring factions Into which they are stdft un _h?!!
no Inclination of burying the hatchet. ' P "h?W
_ ?? * - - ?-?
_?nro|ifan Qlburrtiecmrnu.
d_. _____! ?u* ?_? Honore., Paris.
Kw 0? _" Ad K? ""^ *?* Vendome anti
He, _??t'ifuM .n^0'''' a"ttn?.*??>te 'or f?m|.
trio' Ir,Xt a e Itl r* }*'** Drowlng-Roo-iii, El*?,
trio Light, cV. relo-irams, " Mlall-ion," Psrla,
BM-, ai! fcVg ?* _} aaotaat
M. U. HOLZSCHUCH, Fwnuixw.

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