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The article in yuntorday'o Tribune regarding t!
proposed erection of a larpe business building t
the St. Luke's Hospital site, Fifth-ave. and FtftJ
foi.rth and Fifty-fifth sta., has aroused a great ii
r r.-st Pinong real estate men and property ownei
ii. Kifth-ave.. and in adjoining streets. Several (
these saan were seen by a Tribune reporter ycsiei
day, and although they differed In opinion as t
the kind of building which should be put up on tl
site, they SHOO- in the main that the site of 1
Duke'.-. Il tapltal ns S place for private houses :
Robert Mactay, thc president of thc Knlckei
hocker Ice Company, who owns several hous<
and lotr on Firty-seventh-st., just off Fifth-ave
and large pieces of real estate in other parts of th
City, said to the reporter: "The erection of a lara
business block in Fi:th-ave. and Fifty-fourth an
Fifty-fifth sta., would only be taking time by th
forelock. I do not Cir!;, however, that bustnei
eneroaebmenta in Fifth-ave. will extend abov
Fifty-lifth-st. I have been a careful observer c
real estate in this city for forty years, and I bay
found that butane i always seeks -lens.- population
and. as nrOCh as possible, avoids parks and ope
places. This will be seen in the case of Washing
ton Square. You would naturally suppose that th
tide of business would follow the tide of weult
atong Waverley Place or some of those side street!
to Wnshlngtoa Square from broadway. Hut thi
square has been toft untouched, and ihe cast side
even of I'nlon and Madison Squares, if they can b
called parks at all, |OOg withstood the encroach
ments of business willie the tide swept far bc
yond them.
"I fully believe that business houses will not b
built above Fifty-fifth-st.. in Fifth-ave., to an
great extent, because Central Putt* bein?; on th
west side, the population ls necessarily sornewha
small along Flfih-avc, between Fifty-ninth t
One-hundred-and-Tenth sts. Of course, the erec
Hon of great hotels around Fifty-nlnth-st. an
Flfth-ave. centres a larne population In a "fur,
small space. East of these hotels is a small tow
In itself so far as thc amount of money spent ever;
day ls concerned. Tiler? ls, therefore, great In
documents to business men to be near to them."
Another well-known real estate man. In ?POUktai
of thc proposed changes, said. "Money, nol sentl
ment, governs Ibo COUTM of business tendencies ii
this city. Ol' course, many people will throw ii]
their hands In horror at the mere suggestion o
having a business block on the site of -Old st
Luke's' and will loudly deprecate the sacrilege o
allowing bu-'lness houses in this sacred part o
Flfth-ave. Hut these same people are most Hkel]
to be the ones to jump tirst at the offer of thre.
or four limes the present value of the houses the*
aro now living in, if made to them. Sentiment I.
all right enough in Its place, but winn it gets lt
the way of money, it ls knocked out In the Hrs
round?at least, that ls generally the case in New
"There ls no question In my mind that a busl
ness block on the site of St. Lake's Hospital wonk
be one of the best paying pieces of property ol
that kind In the city. It certainly would pay fat
better than If improved with residences. My r.-a
sons for saying this are these: a first-class sion
herc would catch the cream of the out-of-town re?
tail trade which all business men know ls the trn.h
Which gives the best profits. People coming inti
town to make their annual purchases haw not
time- to run around day after nay to lind where th.
best bargains are. They are dazzled with the splen?
dor of metropolitan stores, and buy at thc lirst
prices. The best of this out-of-town trade is mai
these great hotels. A business block at Fifty
Hfth and Fifty-fourth sts. would have a practical
monopoly of this trade for many years, becausi
this site ls surrounded l.y private houses and ii
would take a long time for a store of equal Fiz.j
to get a footing in this part of Fifth-ave. Again,
chopping In this part of the city would bu far m-.r
dellghtful than down town, especially tu those who
go in carriages."
Charles A. Seymour, who has charge of the site
of St. Luke's Host-It*.', was seen by the reporter,
but declined to give any definite information or
the subject. He merely said that lt was an admir?
able place for a business house.
Wholesale removals of experienced officials hav-?
been made by Postmaster Dayton since his acces?
sion to office. In every department of the main
office and In nearly. If not all, the branch stations
the chiefs snd subordinates have been changed.
The Union veterans, who had become experts In
postal affairs from long and faithful service, have
been especially singled out for decapitation. Joseph
tv. Kay, chairman of the Executive Committee of
the Veterans' Rights Union, e. lifelong Democrat,
is authority for the statement, marie by him to
President Cleveland, that more Union veteran
have been thus far removed from the postofflce in
New-York City under Mr. Dayton than were re?
moved by his predecessors since the war ended.
Especially in the money-order department of the
Postofflce have changes been noted. In The Trib?
une of July 28 lt was prophesied that Joseph El?
liott, jr., the new superintendent, would within a
month trump up charges against his former as?
sociates to cause their removal. The result has
Justified tha assumption. Within the last three or
four months all of the experienced directors of the
department have been removed, Including Superin?
tendent William Pllrnk-y. lirst Assistant Superin?
tendent Charles W. Cowton, Second Assistant
James P. Ballard and Chief Clerk Richard EL Mott.
Assistant Cashier KugSM F. Hayes soo.-, followed
lils superiors, and within the last ten days Assist?
ant -Bookkeeper James R. Mount has als-j been re?
moved. In the last-named case an appeal har; bom
made to Washington, and, if the case ls rightly
Judged, Mr. Mount will be reinstated and the su?
perintendent should be rebuked. Unfortunately for
the latter, Mr. Mount was protected by the Civil
Service rules, and should have bern allowed a full
hearing and defence. Majors Film ley and Cowton,
as well as Lieutenant Hayes, are veterans of the
war, and had each risen from places as assorter*
step by step to the offices held by them when re?
The money-order department ls particularly near
snd valuable to the general public, and the present
feeling of discontent and uncertainty among Its
large force of clerks, owing to thc summary re?
moval of their late superintendent and asso.-iat"...
will naturnlly tend to looseness In the transaction
of the office details. The attention of the Post
master-General Is certainly needed. If lt be his
wish that thc great Department of which he ls the
head, and to which the postofflce at New-York con?
tributes so much for good or for evil, is to reflect
credit on his administration.
From The Pittsburg Dispatch.
The expression of free trade desires of the ma?
jority of the Ways and Means Committee to the ex?
tent shown in this bill need occasion no disquiet,
snd posses mainly the significance of what the
most radical element proposes as a basis on whlcn
they may make compromises In the future.
From The Indianapolis Journal.
Any one who has given the least attention to
tariff matters, unless he ls a mere doctrinaire,
knows that the bill which ls foreshadowed, If lt
should become a law, will either compel a heavy
cut on American wages or a suspension of compet?
ing industries. It, therefore. Involves the needless
sacrifice of American Industries and Interests to
foreigners. But there ls hope that this measure,
fraught with bo much disaster to the American
people, will be defeated In the Senate.
From The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Some brave threats to bolt the Wilson bill are
now being made by Democrats In the House and
Senate, but the vital words of these gentlemen will
not be uttered until they reach the forks of the
road where tariff and the pie-counter separate.
From The Pitttsburg Dispatch.
There are storms ahead for thc Wilson bill
Leaving out of consideration the great lnduftrlii
and manufacturing centres of the North, lt is cer?
tain that the measure will meet with vigorous
opposition from several sections of the bono
eratic 8outh. Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia and
West Virginia are not prepared to see their leading
Interests prostrated, and will make a vigorous fight
to preserve them from the theorists and fanatics
who hare this legislation In charge.
From The Utica Herald.
The door of the sub-cellar room in which the
tariff-for-revenue-only bill has been prepared has
been opened wide enough to permit sight, by aid or
the committee's dark lantern, of a few of the Rems
of the measure which has "passed the A'hlte House."
From the samples displayed tho hill will give great
satisfaction abroad. The American market, which
tbe foreign manufacturer has coveted so long, ii
unlocked to him and the key thrown away.
j_bm? Hart, ? laborer, thirty-one year* old, who boarda
arith Mrs. Oiliest"'.*. <"> th* fourth floor of No. 10 Dov-nlng
41, want tu bed drunk on Saturday night. In the small
hoary of the -norning be awoke thirsty, -nd made a
WUd torch '?r th* water pitcher. Tue nwt thing ba
Vnetr he waa lying at the bottom of the alrshaft. He
had missed his aim, struck the open window of the Air
shaft and tippled ov.-r. An pour later hia groan* were
heard, -ind he waa taken to the Chambers Street ll-Hpltul,
wh.-re he la likely to die.
Albany, Nov. 20.- Bishop William Croswcll Doane,
of the Protestant Episcopal Diocese of Albany,
was asked to-day for his views In regari to the
proposed poSSOgS by the next State Legislature of a
l.lli providing for State aid for parochial sch,ids.
Such a bill has already been drafted l.y I>.-nis A.
Bpelllssy, a member ef the New-York City huT,
and ll likr-ly to be vigorously pushed at thc conting
?0solon Bishop Deane's vtaWfl will be of Interest
in connection with the opinions expretoed in a
circular said to have the approval of Cardinal Otb*
hons, which appeared ta Um mooning pupen.
The Bishop said. In part:
"As to the bill, lt is specious In its title and In Its
provisions. The American way to promote rdu
cation ls to Increase the number of common schools,
and, not to BUbeMtoe private .nterpris, ? foi .">?
education. It is Idle to pretend that the bil! does
not ask legislation in favor of any om society
or church, because lt must be Interpreted by tho
language of Ino petition, and by the source from
which lt originates, l 'im abondantty satisti.il
that such a proposal would be resisted to Ihe death,
and rejected. Then li not the slightest interference
in any common school In America with any pecu?
liar religious views or with any religious teaching.
My ovm sense ,.f the Importance of religious win
cation is shown by ihe establishment ar,.; mainten
ance of the diocesan girl's school. Hut the churches
must do ll.is for themselves, or it BlUSt be done
by Individual liberality, state money cannot bc
used to support any denomlnatiorvil school, Ix
cause it cannot be used t>> further the Interest
of any religious body.
"I am quite sure that If I were a Roman Catho?
lic, I would oppose this scheme with all my might
The Roman Church ls really on trial in America.
She is claiming to be adapting herself to Ameri?
can principles and habits. Such a proposal SS
this fata?les Ibe claim. Already sin- Ia suspected
of Interfering with political elections. li she make-i
, open avowal of ai. attempt lo Interfere with pub
l lie education, she .lill receive, and In my Judg
I ment deserve, the -.mlmous verdict of the more
e I than fifty million- of people In America, who,
t being divided Into .ii sorts of religions sssocla
I | lions, and som. having no religious position ai I.
are united In their determination that no rellgloui
body shall control either the .lections or th,- rdu
cation of the country."
The Society of the Daughters of the Revolution '
manifestel their patriotic spirit by assembling on
Saturday In the hall of the Hotel 1'runswlck. when?
an Interesting sessiin of two hours' duration waa
held. A i,ray er was offered by the Rev. Dr.
George R. Van de Water, Chaplain General of the
society. Then the Rev. Dr. Charles L. Robin-,n
delivered a pleasing and inspiring address. Tbs
two hundred and fifty female voices then joined j
In Binging "America" and "My Country. "Tia of
Thee," with Ano effect. Mrs. William Lee. thc .
Regent of the Society for the Commonwealth of '
Massachusetts, and th.- wife of the soi?or member
ot the book publishing firm of Lee ti Shepard,
of Boston, then delivered on address entitled "A
Retrospect." It trac-d condition; as they existed
more than a century ago, through the many phases
of women's advancement down to the present time.
H.r remarks contained much thal was interesting.
Then "The star Spangled Banner" w.is sung, wita
George W. s. Huton as soloist, and the members i
Joining In the chorus, after which the Benediction i
was pronounced by Dr. Van de Water.
An exposition representing the adennee of ti-.- ? rta
race hus been h,-id foe several flays si i'1" Bethel Airless
Methodist -plsospal Cbarch, Na Ul MMvaa-st. i
men and women of .liltnre, ,,r .Ww-York and ethel
St.-it.". cnirll ui.*,l apeciOMM of their work In p?lattas,
?tawing, textga sreek, ?n,i artlrlae ,,f fleaMsfle temoiny.
The purpose (,f the esposltlo?, seeordlsg IO rh,- R. \ I-,
j. ii. btsasberrjr iht poster ,,r the .1.111,1. aad ?
Abeetor ta the t-rhlMt**--. was ie flenM-strate thai Ihe
men and Bressen oi African daoeeol had meda ari I
prosraaa in art and lui-- Oreel lateral kai
BToused Bfltoog Boland people by n.i< ex-iositi.,n. tni u
is |,.,!>mIi|,. nut tind.-h nnd arl - boola t,,i colored . :,ii- 1
dr-n may be Um rastal ta Uila se* departure
Tba painting! eaeeuted by lbs bslf-dosen member* of
the Mani.hu.in Ainnt.ur Arl ?BSCIM bare r.. ? ii.- : .
praise. Mlaa Ida Tor lor* 1 exblM of pspei Bewers wa*
Kreatly fidmlr.-l Am ms lha rm.nv rrV-ltal le thlnaa ..n
view was the hue.- celle. Uar. 1 I *k.-t.?!..-* m -il uni water '
color l.y Ells D. Spencer, ,,f rimdiing. L. I., thea* bora
ont-.- recently l.n returned from the World'* Pair.
Mr-.. Orlflln. ,-t Nvv-Hama, .!,..?? t,.,n. prMtlly
palmed {.lush piaeasaa ?sd wall-plecea, i.n.j ihe coller
ti<>n of uazy quUia waa be-a-ildering, both aa lo . ,.|..r
Hnd numiwr, tha erasy-quHi of Mrs, Johnson, vi Sam.
pun, lt. L. re. ei\ lin* _M*or_Ma rninlloo
The twenty-first anniversary of th.MabHsbmoni
of the McAuley Waler Street Mtaston, No. "t;<
Woter-st., near Franklin Square, wus celebrated
yesterday afternoon and ev-nlng by upai lal ser?
vices. The mission was CfOWdofl at both m>-.-t
lngs. It was an Inspiring sight to see tho old, nt.t\
headed men pot up and testify to what the M. -
Auley Mission had done for them. There WOTS
short talks, in which nearly ev.ry p.-rson In t li?
laree gathering took part. Among tl,.-, who nude I
addresses were the Rev. I>r. A. EL Kittie k-e, the
Rev. Dr. David J. Burrell, John B. lluvler. R.
Fulton Putting. W. T. Wardw.-ll and Colonel Alix
V. Ketchum. A beautiful stand of flowers, rio k!ft '?
ot Miss C. E. Coffin, decorated the plat from.
Among those present were Morris K. J stain, c. H.
Bernard, Mrs. Oeorge Wool. W. T. Hadley, Tu
Franklin, the Rev. K. O. Howell, Horatio H. Stew
art, A. P. ?trout, S. P. Howard and A. B. Hatch, r
Thc tcml-annvml BMSHag and dinner of .ihe Mount
Holyoke Alnmnae Association of N.-w-Vork and lu tri
rlnlty waa held at the Kllth Avenue Hotel on Satur lay. j \
iii..- meeting wat calpa to ord-r at ll o'clock bv tbs ,
prcsid-nt, Mis* Ellen C. l*arsoris. Tier,- w-re \i% ?
women prCM-nt. The u,ost. Inf r.-stliie j.ail of th? BSBf !
cla.a catnu under the head '-A Itouisl of Mm lair.'' | I
Every member who trWtta the ExpoeMtM WM espertta '
to tell, In on-s rr.ln-t -, *-mc')ilii?- hhe ia* In ChiMfa. \
Ahout twciitv Won. a -.poke. A memo, iii of I.n,Hy I
J. *-i |. l.y M's* Morrill was real. Wailly fOMSrp wv; |
lerner.v BBaaSSBM j,i in<i[-:,| at H.. Merit Jloi.ok! ."-? m
lnary, ai'U was mui-H b'-ioved hy ail Un BlaaBOSB
'ih-.- PMfetaM aft-r tl.i- dliuu-r wcr-! open-i Iv a rlslla
*o;o by Mi*-. Qom Ktabneg. Sha maaJeat, Nial I'a.
i-ous, followed arith a WOtt addi".-. Bhe hojel that to
worn, tagon hy Mlsa Jessup, to nuki: Mount Holyoke a
aotBtrt, solid, t*vang.-iiaa*, thamnaroa-das taattfatlea,
noni I b) tai ried on. .She uniioiiii.-.-l tint a till of
alO.OOO had hu a nude to tin- seminar, by J'll/aleii
Jew. tt, Sf Newton, Mass. , ?"_'.000 to be usc! for lux-lis
and W.000 for m-holaralilph ; also, lb.it. Wt Rev. Ur Beary
A. Mj.nhoa, ol the Jlro;id?ay ia! .-ilia. 1 -, Uti-, elty. and j .N
lieorgo s. Kn.- ll, ?eru to be Mata BOuAors Bf the j ?'
i'.oaid ot Tr.^t.o.. j
'"hi papen rad were "Xewepapai LRerststi " ^ir-.
e. a. Dannea; "Kciation el tai BaihaUe ls asa Metal,"
MI-? tllzat-ctti L. Ely; -H-ici..-, in /Jt.ratur-," Mr-.
E. A. Ativell. Mt*. Eilr-ibclh Al', rn Allen Ie_l fro,,,
her unpublished mikh. una .inc.- 1). lillie.- ie,lt..d. Thu ?
were two \oeii solc-i, by two (.-honst-.-r? from tin: (liri u
llty Cetticdral; one, "'I'huto Aro Th.-y," wa* totmp after
toe n-aairif* or the m-murial to Ml*. Jens,;],.
'Jhe MaSUneO?MM was n.ade af lha d atti nf Mr?. KtaUy
V.. ford, of Brooklyn. Mrs. Kr.rd waa to hore rial ? "J
pap.-r on "iha -.scarcity of Old Man iii littlatsra" at ' v
the dinner. Hr fun. ral tor.k pla, e yeat^rd.-iy.
Anon-; tlio.e peBBBIit arere Mrs. J. I*. WllaOO, Mra. p,
W, llonoyati. .Mts. E. V. Want. Mri. T. W. ("lev lu, 1,
Mr?. Kercuaon. ilr>. 1'hir.ipa, Mis. lloole, Ml?a bally
V. l-lnc. Alina Blink, Ml>*> in-mnreat. Miss Muziy,
Miss Marlon W?rt, Mies Ihailntte Morrill, Miss Hafen
M. i'ratt.
Supreme Court?General Term-Recesa continued.
Supreme Court?I'liambers?Hefore I'.each, J.?Motion
ealeadar culled at ll o*otock.
?agfO?M <.'ourt-flpOCtal Venn- Part I?Defore llarn-tt, J.
-??teratefl esses.
JaptWa Cearl Bpacial Term?fart II?P.efore Ingiuhiini,
J.?l-'rotliin-iham ra. Mills BIL
Circuit Court?Part Ill-IW.-re Im-rnham, J.?Noa. Z420,
IAMB, Ult, ia UBT, u.'iT'i, i?.Ta. MS, low:, nm, lum,
ion.-,, loos, _.i7. lian Uio, UOd- i.t-vj, isl", u.'.a'i, hoi.
UM lasd. '27*2. 'M7.
Ctrevll Court?Pail I?Before Andrew*, J.?Cann from I ' '
Part III.
.'Ircult Court?Part II?Before Lawrence, J.?Canes from
Part HI.
Circuit Court-Part IV?Before Trua*-. I QBBBB from
Tait III.
Hurrogate'-t Court-Trial Term-Before Ransom, H.?Willa
of I-:ilen l-UK-k.-, William II. Walters, Mary Kiernan, 10:;tO
Hurroaate's OOttlt?Chambers?Before Fitzgerald, S.?
Eatnie of lgnatz Newman. 10:3" a. in. Pw probate:
Willa of Ann Reynolds, Samuel I^wln. Marlo U. Klefir,
.Nathan Arnat.-ln, I/>ul?e I*. M. Sm jeni, Catharine Youn-r,
Jiem.h p. Horteoua. Marsarel Coughlln. Prlacella. J.
Jfia.-tilm-ten, at lu.Jo a. m.
Common Pleas?Oeneral Term?Adjoursed until Decem?
ber fe
Common naas?Special Term?Before Bookatarer. J.?
Common Pleat?Trial Term?Part I-3*fore Ole-rerieh,
iS ... Vim, IO*'.. 1311. J.'-UI, IMO. **. 11*70. 1330. U?2.
1315. 14H3. 15.10, 1K10 1174, 2200.
Common Plea*?Trial Tenn?P-rte II and HI?Adjourned
for the tenn.
Superior Court?Spe< Isl Term?Before Freedman. J.?
Case on -Bataa va. Bates.
Superior Court?Bqulty Term?Before McAdam. J.?
No. lai.
Superior Court-Trial Term-Parta I. II and Ill-Ad
Journed for the tenn.
City Co-.rt-tlan.ral Term-Before Blirlicb. C. J.. New
buraer and McCarthy, .IJ.-Api-enls from orders and taflg
Clty Court-_aer|_i Term?Before riti.'lmons, J.-Mo?
City Court-Trial Term?Parts I. II, III and IV-Ad
],urned for the terni.
Court of (>nerHl fle-ialona-Part I-Before Smvth. R..
cluain*"" t*nt I>t**r*ot-A"'-*ney Bradley?Noa I to 9, in
__2r_____2r__j '**^?>*???-Part H-Befora Mnrtlne, J..
TtO W\ ajffltaBQ ?JBa-Pi Weak, and Hallie No,
JC_?i Af_^Ti?n?*r.^J!U,*?--,,?rt m-Before Fltar-mld,
35'. SSatava -^"rtel-Altome-, To*vna*nd Noe. 1 to
Hew-Ye *. Xe**e-nker -?'> IMS.
Asl ? . pkg*. jo I Hi, - hale-. t?
ii a..-. batt.. ' lOJ L ni . ?*. - Bea. d ..'
I ,? t. i : de ;.,?" ? M :.- bl i* ,. -.1
Cotten?ee-l oil, b'-l- '?? ? >>'??? atlee. l<
C f ma-.' -i :,.,.,1 1,.. 1 so - * Irita lerp., oh
Copf* - Du ?., Ml Oil sk. . pt: *. 1 -<
lc. <l fi -i-t. nagi "'?'?'' "'' I'lbt.. bbl.. I
I.-.- 1.11- ' p-l I I'eatniU, ines.
1 .?.?-? . ias?a .. ! .va <'???... akr*. kt
1 . 1 |..:> ::'. KU ?' iiOi.i bm pkss ... 1 '
' I'.tckwb&u, i,-.. . i'.' 1 r -"i heaa, Ne....
1 B. W i|,?i . pfc-p, 1. Lo ,! pl 1- ......... ',
I or 1 mea I bbl* I 13 Lal I. he a. 1 *'.
1.ro,en bara. "MCI j Butt"r, pkg*. -.ii:
oa ir sal, i.-,i... nfl > ,?- oat*. *.0I
Wheat b-ah.. . ItO.M-O ... ?? pkfa . IJ
, , in I -.1 I'..; w ti . Kl. ?? rliaif, bag* JJ
Oat-*, 1.n-ii. .il,,30 ftaWna, Cal., pkg*. i:i,.i
Malt, 1,1-1. . ...". -lugar, has* ........ :
Uiriry 1. -'1. ;ii ',., > -'i a . 1' 1-. a.
I'l .,-. bu.ll.,., > -I.-.:,ie pl .-.
ila- lau* . 1,001 Tallow, 1-' -. * . 71
HI nv. 'nun. -.'( Te! :i ,.. I ; "? ?? ? I
M;.\-, 1, baa*. . .. 17.io. w hi* - - .?'
II aaa ai el ban* 'JO Wool, ? 1 ? ?
til a-.,-, pk - .. ..-.--J ,, il. " Be. pa -
ll \ . ;i,. 1. 1 .:. 1 mu dy, :>?--? ll
Hid s, hale*.. 1,1 -'1 !
rora, 1,;-! g Ssa '..i1 ri< *'? at oil*, rsl* 58 B
I'.:,-. ! -l-l' I - ? I ?'? ?>. ' I'l* . *
1 lou -. bbl*. . .27 IO?-f. bl I ? .
i-,.ii -1 - . v: in ' !'e-i. le*._1<
Ha-. Lalee.. - ; , r, ? " , -
. ii; 1 ik, r 2: n lian - . '-'- ? '
Bi ina, bnah. 1 I I " . '?'?'?- J
h.,1 -. bale*. 1 io I I . '-'"?'M
? I oil, -ral 1 ? ? - . _
? il*. 1 ? .I'1- et
Kif. pct., ral* 11,1001
(JA--II Ul ":A!l".\*i.
J'tn, No. 1 ;.,;n:ilry I M. V -? priSN Baw .'!">
Pinn . PH PD I pe lil al
No. nr-v l-Yr-.- ll ?'*<> I l.nrl IH-Ime \\,--i... PO 00
..ii--, la ? ls ? IO * I Pl aiiil ? un* '?'
1 oil.-.-. N., 7. ,;'*i " '''" ' ' '"
Kier] r.illi . -J 1 er- J Fallow, j,Hue rity.. ?
Lead :< < > | - led... A
fin, spot. I..?*. li et. fan Uv . :i ??<?
r<,ui>-i. nilli,nu- .. s's I :'--r ham* Io83
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nun ta-.- and ahx k. 120.000.
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i,i ? eat, t : > h.d
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i..i n :, 750 I-'- '?-.'.,.r..7". H'.ir.
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lav . ..I ? . 15.40 1. i" IS 33*16.43 lfl.20
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reeker, lom
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lack. Xew.York . i1 '".' 122 <"t l .? i I
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lek, i i,,i ' Mab - Isl Hi i ,'? .,:.i 211,517
Boat tor I'nItel Mate* .. 270n"0 HIS Ono :u--.'i
able aoppiy. ?' -":?"! 103 SIM 5f.SK
; . *. v .i ?. 'i 7 lot Holiday
?;.,, house del -..r i Hallo 1 "I I -.-'. li..; ,i..
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? t.i w.tr,.-,?.-? dellverlee 6.071 fts.ni 4-ji
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lite. bags, pl 16*01 -."? nx<i MF.AI.-Qulet.
n.tatlo-s: I- In-* Hillie fl 0??S1 I , fin* ndlow DO, ,r-l :
?rse. WOOOc rf-.I.I)-..Iark.-t steadv. QnnUition* of
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no.-: rr* feed T3?fM*r; l.'.-nlnv riion. S3r; cottonseed
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tlnc analr Hie opening ??- firm nt i.r adraora sta
hes. rose :-."' I" '-' ""*"? -r'*k -1 h.i.d rat li a.-t \i<
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stun and 2.000 burk (Ma eic-vaier. flat; Ks I MU-no.
, ^^ (i.,. e.-i I).-..-,..'..-.- n.-Ilv. r cl fm 0,000 tm-h ; No
3 North-rn. * OOO Ins... I'ae ever d Uv-r.-d.. ???? l";^,
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<'?) 3 nat- 88"! nominal; No 1 rrtin S?.00> fcajak. ?<? *?-.
I | N? .1 While. Sl_c ri....,I,..I tra k white, t l.tSki hush, lv
10 :..1*Mte; ir. k tels 'I. :ti '?-:??'?'.? MM.I Market
' I H/adr- Weatiitn, '-7,/-.?>? : Canali '?''<.->??? . -i\.r,,w-"i.
li IRLE1 Vr. qul'l. No 2 MJlwaua e,
.. . ,,?;.. ?|.,| Weal, ta, ill-OOf Ul h ^''r-'1
,?.?, ,, . ? - $0. . i?-ii;?,.I- v,..-,-< BEI i'
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,r ?- ..... i ?> :?:? r>,. IO0 ?, ?- t, quality; N> 1 Xuv-in >? ,
-or*, ?, ,i, ii ti- ember, - ? S I January, ito. rtu.ot.ir
Jd ,! ., : -r i u : rarlots q-inl 'I ? I ?"?? 'I ,' r '""' "'?
Flawed ni ' , on kiah rw fra mirke'a at Ol 3.
I'l C'KWNEAT?Market valet, i mn Un la bund quot ???
ii Bflatr<et-a e-rpc-rte from 1h.hi eoe** f?. Hm ?;ek rwdel
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2,014,2.10 hn-li I'i. prevloU* Wi
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av.ilii-r H78.700 I,'i-l. the pre-.? week, and ...I. ?''?'? buah
ir. Tl.s-port" "t -rheal from Jul] lo dal have
i.'.,.-, :?>-, i;.:i buah ru'iin-t 7i :'!' I'l bu** la*4 tear,
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1- :t-i ? .;--. hu?h horn- lui vi 47.', bu. '?. Tl.-- i'--.ii'
ai interlo point* from Jule 1 until to-d-j have been
.. - ,, |. r> i, ab. airilnn 10S (120 000 bnah foi the co
. , ,< nc Hm li r rear Ke**e|pt* al Xe v-Vori t -i
in Wr.it. l .-,:i.-,|.?-.> i,,,*, i .om B60.800 I us'i:
mi- ,.."'? i lush ' ul.. J*, i'.?*.:. hu-I. r,, O.eBV) beak:
norn :??*??...'i bbl* Biri 107.217 *n*k?. Knall*h (an
ii-liv. r-- la-t week. .V.'.l.-.': <ir-> ur an averaae I".*
"7. tl. I -tlu.it.-1 ri,-IU, ti-, ur all points. Oil-.. J'.H li nih
ll it lot. le |, .bil - i ,i ? ??? !, han' I ? on w he?t
2,07fl , oe le ah oat* - "'? i '?'
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h. eb i ? fr e. f"Ui AtJantl nnrti ? Klour, 20 ?,700
1.1,1- - wheal l.-.l ll ? > b'l.h ; eorn, DC8.000 I I h.
(jUot*t .1- follow. Wc five r-i ? - :, inri -i'i .losing
price* of ki t nlrit-i rofl rorroapoofllns date lao yea
i.|,.ii- lll-jh- Ixiir- Cloa- lJi-t I.a*t
i- ?-'. n:j.",t. jaar.
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January .
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March .
May .
tor nu h.-r ...
li,, mb r ...
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Kovember ...
D rember ..
While >.ars
Ne-,, nd, r
n . mi brr . .
\ ? -Tork -'uii. Vi rn t'. i p in Wh. ?* ii- . ii i. ? ?
i/07V, ,,,..-. 07**b; May. TBSP78 --. ri *e, 7:tV'. Oort
:.rnlH-r. 4 I -si-.' H 'l> . ' I..-- ll.',. M.... . l'.~
|,t>j dals- |>e,-.-,,..,. | . |-,... ji Wp,
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,i.i tn-s-e tlpkera lOUOj i-miti,--. Hom bbla, a-rala tm-h, a*
f;d.0?? .
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78 '-.
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i lu apo 1**
Milwaukee . .1^
i als i
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ri ,
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H. lat i
nasas* iity . -?<;
Total- :.:. ,'if.
SI.I;.n,. nu ttf.i t'losc pnuif.
I < Men.',, i'l IS
M -,.,? . '?<
I -t I.. '? tvi
I loiado 1
I p.ir,.lr .
ll . i
?I:..'...; ls
I"'- Hui.,*'
il PM
i . o
Total- .1 111
th . pla al I tie perl
V << \ ra .'> ISO
Iii 11 a i , I .
14 s
1...-..H .... 5 u
Total" i> ssa .i
... ? i ti, parla
: , 11 :. l 2 '?
I -. .. ?- *? '.'V
lt..I..:, ll '.'? 01
vi"i.A-si.- a sn.-ii.i i*-. Tho martel
. hasse i ? ,i .h. ???
jp : i.,, ?? ,i, n .
Wi ai ? i- S'e?-0 kana, nea irwp, fair ilPOSl. ; ?:>?,,(!.
-.'. :.. ? -. ?..-.! ...
lull , ..e.m.,e. I.", a i ... r i i l .
Ilarbado* job
hu .- lot* JJ-.v.v . Perte Mk ? tSOBoe, byiupa remained
I2-I4< .
11,ii,non. i.".o)7e. fji lee ipr; ?,'"?? priau
XAVAI. M"i; - ' - l| . et hilt
.- || , Rte Ov
? , ? f.r fl* i o, I i,i . phi rei. pta .-t.?'k
lln?ia Si,isa i-'.- spirit* lurpuiUae. l.pio l.i.is. ur.
I OAA rote w. quel* >;ints tar pi ads*, soc in ..
I bi a* .'- el- io - R . ?, Com.
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fair nllntni* a' IS*. I'-. I Weak BM only sn,all
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liv WU ("TRAM -Supply ample for all want* a
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pi, Ble-POe: d', Xo :i t? Xe l iio.isi*-. shipping. 5.V
State da:ric*, firkin* and tuba, extra. -5c; do Oral
lUMrstte; do second*, 2la-.2c; state dalry firkin*, e\tra
2lc; do Hist-. lefaOriBn: do sw-oiid-, 21322
Western, In.iratlnn rreom-rv. flr.ta, 2"*2:b-: do ?e>-oad
!S<a?_0e; do tl.lrds, KVirloc; Wet'oni dalry, first
?J0.,2.v; do aaeeej-*, lSorlu-;; do fourth* to thfrdu, 17
17_.-, Weetara fiactory, nrkiiis. Join-. ie*aal?c; do tub
June, lMi/l?, : do fredi, small tuo*. llmts, SOCSle J I
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foul th. to third., IO_fl17v.
. Itlil-.sL So f,at.ire? of sjus'lal Intercut to-day. Mov
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lor tho iie-K. a.3'?7 lioxe*. Liverpool cable, AA*
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II la-1 IV; do October, fancy, ll-t-ll^c; il
? lm , ? I07afl>11.': do -food lo pru,... IO'i-i m-,,-. u,> con
mon to fair. '.nillir, do small ?lr.?, fancy, 12l?c; do fbi
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Seed t.) nrlms. B*Bv7_ti do conmi'-u to fair. Aitllr; tu
skims, SgSc.
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i?ny. ol price* thev ik. material ciiai ire. OfTciing* ?
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extreme. Ry fur Ike Inri/.-st part of the supply of fros
I nil,'lions mu rnide SO better than flrste sud i* trott
offered at Sf-S-Se. H-'d 'reek an- dull and entreme'
i.:,--.'.il.u average qualities an- freely offered mn
barely steady. Limed nii.vinir very slowly. Btu!
and i'?: ti., iiaiila. irs), (rath r>d. jut dotes, SSA 27c
tveetern, ir.*1, paiberea, extra SS.vSOe; w.-aiem, rn-s
cai red, Bret*, HWJOt, i ans?Isa, fr-sh gather.d, Oreti
2i_?23c: Icehouse, October-parked, Sae, tt-sOJSM; d,
\i -n-t .-md September, cbolee, SltrSSe; do, earlv-pnrk.c
prime, 20>?_2"c; da, second* pee eas* *4-.*M; Wat
egg* nrlme, pat doten, 2O?30_c
I IHiTs-l lllisll--Apple* ar- In moderate supple an
In-Id nm-ha'o.'-d Imf tr ide is dull. Fresh tobie -trape
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desirable count* reaching our top quotation. Kan-';
lenton* ar- scare* and "mild w-ll veil, hut there i. n
demand for .imon grade*. Mandarin* and tmmt
Ines very quiet. Annie*, King |ht bbl. fit 50'.
Pl 50; ii. Snow 55 2.1804; do suv. B2 SfHN' 7.',: <!
Baldwin, 82 ..(>a-.3 75 : do Greening, 02 .V>"jt*3 50; flo Vint*
i-arieliea, eomn. .tJa$-'->. ivan, ltoiton, is?
le:. I, hov, kS_00; de nior-bv. Winter sorts, pirr bb!
*f:.,'-,/ 4. i. Grape*. Weatern Xow-Terk, Catawba, pi
miall haaket, ll,/Ll*; do -enesri. pet Msall basket
11013c; .in per largo basket, l.s./.Or; vine mtier,
in hulk, as :? loud. Der tn, l'.ifrlV. Cranb<-rrle,
fattie rofl, oaual \arletles, ns lo condition, per bb
?il -1 7.'.- fla taney, lure.- varieties, per bbl, **.?*-?(! ,V
il,nilla orange*, per box, 011*08. il-wne fruit, per box
?t'.'.ri'i 7.. Lenen>, per b.>\, er-."*:' BO: taafarlass, p<
box. fi Hone* .10: mandarlna, per t,ov. SI 75402SO.
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hm- evaporated ?i?pi*-** arrlrefl from this stat.
Movement -till Ilga! in most, kinds, but th.-r
is no quotable eh?aga In values. Apples evapor
at, d. IStiil. fin.*-, p.r TT,. l_fl*ll_e; do choice. ]o<
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(?..runion to prime i? t V ; amie*, theomd. l-a-l-V;; d<
coree nd -kins. 1_.IV* Teatkee, Delaware, evaporated
peeled, l.iulM,.; do North Otr-ilina. sun-dried, perle*!
7./'.i. : d-> California, unpeeled, B_l?10c. Kaspb-rrlei
eianor-Jt'-d, I7'..,;i?.*. Cherrlae, OOTlOe, ilu.-kiebcrne*
li-ll-gc. Dbckberrles, 7e. Aprleets, Callfonii*, ll.
ii., prune*, California, an to eire, or/>.
Il"l'*s Ii\|ierts C r th" vee_ were 5.SSS hales, o
vi, i, i MO arere Parin. Coa?1 hops. Trade for the da:
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th* moment that -mggesta much change In tho nea
future, lt is anreuraslng to sc.- an amok st"'k ?oin:
uhr-al and if th- liiigllth markets held up under thea
ahlpmenta tl.r* futin*.* of our mark-t I* insured
Xev-York BlSte, ISOJj -r.ol.r-. per ttl, ?3c; dr
.(vim,,n r... nrlme, IStfSSe; do INS*,, rhoic* 21 <r21 "->e
prime, 20-320'ac; common tn gcod, 18_10*-jc; Paclfli
rimal ison 1-/.'?:, flo 1*?'.''2. choice, 21c; connnoii t*
prime. IS,,"!!,-; eld old*, Si Ut.
mixed, '.o-rO'h'; rye -uaw, nv, *, to ita l pe:
n '.' .i.Vi.-; do short, p-r 100 Th, 4UH47^; oat straw
10,1 IV.
i "i t.ir.v- \livi*-Oalr Beast* exoros* ?tock in to
Itr, ,\ fra baron vere looklns for rantee heavy fowl:
arri lar.', . fat <*lllrkS?B, and th.-*'" Biers ste-idy, but poo
slack of nil kinds muk -.erv dull, and bad an uncert-ii
vilue. Prime lurkers dome a little hett'r. Duck* ant
--.., ,. f|,|'. t. Pl coon * i>, ?-?'<?, t.si. r*.j.*i inc- rhl.-k.-n-.. loral
pei ?, 7>/7*-.-e: d-> WeMrm, pet Ol. O-i-w'^c; fowl*, local
pei B", S08_e; do West,-ri,. T.CS-e; old r?o?t"rs. 5c
?-'?v-. 971 Itr. Daekr, loral. |e-r potr, on,?;-,,, ; fl>
Wi*aterB, .->'.,/*?.ic. i... e VV.-t,m, |mt mir SI ZSI
-: Pirron* per |*alr. 2<*'i30?' DPwI-'.SSLP-.Mar
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i'l. of t-rio'. ? , :', rim.* but tli-c ar- n??tlv of ordlnnn
!?? medium grade, mid buyer* rufus.- to tok- thc uvertMf
.?..|,- a* ,a?v |ii"-?. say 111*2,11ic f,r leaf
ind o,-,..t ll..11 ? for flry; teat th- fen* lot. of r-alM
am* BS :n- Brm nt nnt-dd" quot itlona. and
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la pl ntv. dui: lind ".in. rate flasks finner
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are n. rii I fl. Wa quote for ii---.p-i<-Kel turkara
In I..'W.-t pei " . H.; C.", ? d>, s,-ald,-.l. |.-ln..v IfnU
'. i'.". Chicken* Weat rn, dr.-p.'lied, B.4I
i. , ., We,..m. .,-aldis! .? S.. !?.?'?, Weet*-*, drv
iili-ked .,*<.?? do scalded, Bc old .-'"'kv StiSe
ln,'k>' \\ *r. i , : ii ,, ?-. W*terni nl\ed vnu'in
,,, ? aid, ??.-?. We quote f'.r ilry-pa. k-d: Turkeys
.. i ? | Stat* I'."ii s. 'milla and f'hlo
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, 11.11, ,i, Ii r*ej ' 12c chi kana, -Hate
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i ...-. lO-iii : fowl*, >tit-and Penaarlraala, Da
|? Wswterfl Billie. Inick- lotta l*.iand |4i
i, ii, i :. Ii, . flo J,--.v. 12014c; ducks
,\.-mu -.c.', .ie, Mirylaod, per ta, |l#Uk; dt
A per Tl 7,. io--.
i,.\\;i pi ?? i m i- t ani linn, i.ronse |n n ^dcr
lt.. il ii a- d ui'd n "ie picot] ; nuUfle lUur - :. I r- ? \l- BBB
ii.a \ arm Rns-afc ?flJW and rolden piov-r s, .ir,-.- ani
.?i.i ?! -,\ I ' du.-*, .r-.rtv. K?M4I-* arm. Ci-uim*., oror
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|f. ;,-,,. . ]. ;? ? dark nr pair. 0(V,7i.t IO; ds oin
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C 25. W.I ? - pei p*'r faOetHl. Rugllsk snipe p?r
ten, -I Mi ?? ? ' I" r floien, ".1 50, 3:s:ss
dover perflutfTi ?'' ' r I -j*., siiiii "-n'.-e per daren. S?>o*iO.'
A'lid d"'k. r.-dbi-ad |-er nair ."nie "rel ; d.. malbrl ?nd
soi da teal. SOffflOi : da eaaras, i*or i?iir,
H.re.50 -a'h't- per nair. S0*J40>
l-i.l \|i irs AM) V! (.l-l '\ Ll.l-'.s. -Pomcs-I, |,ol ito.'s
u mode ile supply bal tralt-t. i reign ttiek etrltaa
rn k-.i i.i.'i I'."'- Bra . rJv?H pata teat -tiwaatli iaii.
minna i pilet but .t.ndv. Uaw ll Sever* a -.h-ul' h xh<r
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,!i.-'i, i-i-.-v tire. other voe*tahleB uri,-, .nit' I.
?,,-.arnes Ons Wtsfl DST bbl. 02 15??t S7: d> Stlte ;.-:
mi rr ?' :?..?-?:?. do Jersey pet iso ?? ai ,-,0ff*l S7; dn
scotch Mam um j*.'*- hie *' BS 'Ol *?' -" ? BO
ito ?? Vir,- n I pe? Md BIZ. SI 51; do Vncland. clir.|-e
per bM, 02 5080*1: u i eeker Jts-v
. >.-? .-i 750?**S so. onhnis . ...fe*- red perbU Bl l*B?
lian; do ..'I-.* jv r ?'d *t ".'-.frei 5->: dr. I.-t-r
:n .(.-o d' -tater, rel il KOMI 75; d'.
Miers yollev imr bbl S1S0C01TS: do stau a*id
A.,., .,.]',,- 01 il7.."?l .',(> Cat bices. N-'w Jersey
ind lei'i; I ?*is',.t. per 1(V>. SSMS t do Plate
,r 100 ?*-'.i ?*.'' *.n. Cii'illltoircrs nat bb! Ol 8
Hqaash ll'ibba-1 i-rr bbl ala.; Ss tr.arrO'i',
o'; *\ Turnip* Can*dt"i*i. RtttB?I per
bl, 70S "".' !? Lona Islsjid and Jer?ey. "V . ri Cele--,
fx.n? ls',,:, I ?..- " i-H| hunches #1 25 .'?I 75: dn Western.
\tr? larc* ?nd snund dor.-n root*. 40C50T: do Sure and
".'?.?tern |?,er to Bead pet do?en roots SOiiS-1 Ih-ons.
Chariest,* ne* t ? >, basket. OliO*.T.i! do """lerida ncr
:-.-? SSfl-08 80. 1'arsnln. n,,r bbl g!#M SS. cBrrnts.
r?shi-<l i-r Ltd. SI. Lettuce, Long Island and tottoy,
iee bht. ptSOt.
rrr.opiiw PKODVOK Mvrj'FT*".
Mv-'ii- ,1 \\>v ?_>-i 0 p " n,*^f .The .'im,lr I? *r*or:
'tri India me*- I'm nt IIHs fsl : prime i-e<a stendc at
7* nt i'."k. iiei.'-rs o'-"- freely; prlnv- me*e, Weatera
, ,.-, .- h-,- ,|, 'e.-dluni -ase at C7- Sd, Dam*
loldi - offer ii e.'.-nt*.'. short rat, about 14 to li t),
..el. al Ids P. i,-,,ii- Helder., offer Kimrin -,|^": lon? cl.-ar
?id'l-s nhoiit I", ii ttasflr at 4'??: lonp and short rlear
iii -. ihoui :,, _ ttesdr nr is? rid. shn--ldcr? at"o;t
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,.,, rican Oneal white and colored dull tx' Ms. T ii|o? _
a .. supply I* i.eer. nrim-> ritv dall af -*>-. Spl-lt? of
Holders ofter mo.hi it-lv ? ?r.,,^,- Tt tt, ;\,\
nttinaoed oil illeroo: r-rin-i weedy ar 2J'. Ilcspi .
i '. et r m (lerutei- : commoa ll-" at 3- Ol. Loed
rot Tbe sm,,,iv |. |sior: fut ires? il ,|-'ers ar,, noi otT,<
ik: prln.e \V??t-rn aajnt, st.?aidv at 4r?s (ld. Whees?
? '.rr Biodentely: \n 2 rel wlntc- stead' nt
. -.'' d : \'? * red apr'nir -t-.dv at Bi BsjO. K'onr-TTnld
-. offer ti,.?i..-it-lv . si Loni*, fancv *s-|iit."' dull af (la M
,,'n S|,,,t ll di r- ..' - spar n-jly : fail HOS hal 1*1 s BB)er
,,|-iiiil- : mixed Wefe-n ..^.t Bt*aflr If 4x |**fli Bo,
,.., i ,.r ste-.lv nt ls ?.'.,d- Beef ber st-adv nt I* IVIi
v .rv -r.-elv a' :t. ll ',-t for nev. ll ,j>? ot London ?
aeifla c a.t IMI,'-* otter tptnttSy.
m? .m.-_?
Kev-Terk, Ketravibo* f1 1;o.i
pi.ivv.s.it.ip'. 22 ran, at 115 bead-Sb -in
r . lushter r* and -.' .-..rs for th- market. No trad*
.?link' wau ' ir- dies, d ba f lu lluhr d-inuiJ at aa
i.?i, ---il lil,--. **hl| "eilis a . r I" ? ? r -<|.
i kLVBr* ::??" pu, ll" li. 11 ..r vUeh st a* 00-uel
? ?nil.- on a IlL'ht .ii|,|lv. ulth sale* of p..ir t, gaad
a*-ers und Blixrd calve* at if.'?-l |i r 100 ?,. in
ideratn rerelnt* flretaed ciiviw h-id sn t, vcrterdar't
ietar ion* nnd aboul orerrthl is vaa so'i.
Hal - ??: |.:r,."l. U: Ol -.?ms-'-r- -jos w BTSIBVa
per loo j
ll i':,a'? I. I Hollis 17 cra-si"* nnd f,-d .a'vei 10;l ti
*.' ?- ur- inn -. ..,- ot,
nil KF.P AND l..\Mls U.,i-I|,is |i ears ar 2.700 head
ll ear. foi I " i.,r ?" nu-! ' ra** f'.'1 but.'.'"!'.. Fu |*
' r,.r- fo .al - i -i -1'iiln-; .(. .-ii h ld ove- T"rlt|.iv. N,,
iprovement In th,- ten- ,,i t,n.i,, umi prices mra* If
\ fiiiiic. ix shad- lovei rnau vetterdar. Commoa' le
lm* sheen sold -.r et 7.-,..?.<:,- per 100 Pl: <,-di:..rv tu
? I.e I'mb- at *:i I >,/*?! 7,". nii\"il stol; af ti-'L/sS 12*
o- dnsd mai ?; .-ontini.ed duli an-l d pe., tm' 1 i '?
r amt >' malton, nnd f'rT'ae f-r ir---e"d iambs- f iv Se
S I-- HallBSbeek fl lloills: 171 Norrie c OaaflB limbs
rh a-rrrape nt sion pr loo ih; <* N'erthe-n canadi
p. 107 Sb nt if2 ^o.
Il lliirrln-.-t.il: Biri "anada lamb* 82 lt. at Oi 7.'i' "O'.
,-t rn do, Oil Uv _r. ii 70; 21-1 NV. stern *ho,-|i O.'i Th.'nt
Hume * Kallea: si State lnm- s, 75 ir., *t MM
Wimeiaon I SlertiMii : ! 802 lidlann Mi-en lon OL. at
-,(>; ifl'l K.-iturhv do .17 It, nt v-2 .!'*>* ; ill do Od tb' nt
'.0: '.'ill Keatueky she-p and Umba. OS ff, at Bf)
.. Kenineky lani.s hi rr,, ut *>, Vi ?
.1 I-'. Pldcock Oio Indiana lam',*, fl*. ?i ?t *.^ in ? fsj
I fear areep), ?2 lh nt *.| H_; -?J0 Indiati-i ?h.'*ep. 74 ir.
*l 7-*.
M Collina- 2(Vi state rstibt. 73 rn nt $1 H
ll,M-s R.IpU. '. ' at ? or BvtSS head, eqtinllr
,id,l l*-->?e,-n tb.* van's. No sales r-to-fe! 01 11m>
Islit. .>omlnally stead. ?t MMMili per 100 Th.
Hutlolo. Nov. H. -Cattle- Koce'.pts li-it '.'I hours. 2.140
ad: Mal for tb- u.ek thus far. 15.K40 head: for eamo
ne la-i iieek 100411 h-ad; c n?rgueu throuab. 2,000
id; ti nev-Tork, l.llaO brod; on sale. 140 bead; mar
1 opa-efl .inlet but Heady, w th a iivbt d?m*nd: cios-d
?adv ; fair to poad, I.UO to 1,150 m ateert 08OO4SO4 -JO;
VI and heifers, ri SMMS SS I old ...ws, tSmWt BA ll ga?
le Mp ta lat! 54 hours 1..000 head: t .tal f-*r i\e*k thu*.
-. 102.050; fur the same time last ??*(?*.. tiCOu'i head ?
Mined thiough. it,4.10 bead, ui Mev-Tsra, L600 bead;
sulc, i,5()<i h?id; market pened tteeagrr; closed ca?r ?
nut all Mild: Yorkcia, (jood tn cb -Ice. *>", 7,"1 .nf t, 70
\>d, e.". .VmOAOO; ir.eJluin and hcevy, ?"> Ol)u**i ii.'.
i.d he?vy .ad. 0S-IO-9-.4S; plga. OSretTOSSS. Sheen
1 lambs-li-i-iuts last .4 hours, 2 2iH) head; total fur
ck thu* far -U.-jtH) head j for -_nie time last w?.\k, an -
1) head: conalgnitl thr uirh. ikk) head: te New-York OOO
id : on ?al.-. H.NIH) bead : nurkut opened ateady, but alow;
.s.-d ateafly; fair to eo..d thees 02 -27>af. S5- choice
?*(*e j'"' ''?'?r te 8>.od lambs, tn 75<iS4 Hi; Canada lambs,
Ka*l Libertc Nov, 25.-Cuttle-Kuppir llrht; demand
lr: iiiurket linn. Prlnie. MSMHSSj aocd st E9
?ii eood batekert 03 754rO4 16i roagk fat. SSSOtSI.
r light steer*, *Am>i ki. Hoga-Reeelpte Uglit; d?.
tad pod; i.iirk-t linn oud all gradaa B*Thw ?., 00*
nu. illili gradaa *.? Ulnar bert. Ohe^p?Sapply u^ht ? de.
SLio1 ?aS-T* ",'"h '.'; ,".'."^ : N-SSB to extra,
<?<?*.? 10. \-ii ,-uIie. a."i 5',i*> 75.
tulon Stark Varfla, Chicago, Nov. fff f?flla ?ete'sBa
IK"1, heiil; limiter mi?v ; .on.irani to -Mri ateer* S3 "Ml
. tv ncr. and leed.r. OJa-MiU: sew* and bill's
SO 40: raJvaa e1 :?.'.?-. ,. Ho-;- RecataS* jsoo>
>d. Mnrkei 1'rn.i . le.lnc .(.-ad-. Heavy .-ts-.>5*?i .1:1
".I t> cllolc. 11,Ked *, . I..,i-f*.t,., ; ch.,Ue a-a. r.'-d
' ", I.diam s-urliia and e\i?.rr ji 25-e-i r.n ?
'"?|, lloeclpt*. in (Kai heal. Mruket dull find wr-ik'
o_r_ io thetas, SIMS SO. Lamb* |)ooi- to exti_. Oi 7J?c
Hi fjonl*, Kov. "5.?Csitie? Kocaipt*, 40(? hend. Fol
lowing lt range af value* for native cattle ? ?___. __*_?
i-V? *4_**".:w Koocl w*-ll-"Blsked coriifcd ?ji,In.
medium buu-hers, $3 ao?$3!W; fair butt_tee^?-SJ
M good enougb^^sell SUWiiftS fft_n
Uio tali; rem-ea from fi 75 to $3_5. ""*
T#_. -T_T_: Of H-JUI
Ol,OOO bush?
?*?_&_{? i?^-^?'^
Western 84 __35c; No "' nZ'^lo Jiwu, * **1l-k
BM ,40d W Rye duU; No ^i8<T'maStwPAt 3
I ay ateady; good to choice timothy iii.C**w '&
(rraln f eights -pifct; urn-hanged Cotton ii.-*M,*15 **
SS; &?_fe a-~ ??'X*SK-^
S-V't-fftS: *"?*e<i uu"; u"> csi-gues. I-,., _fi?
^', 18c. Other am.les unchanged. '
Boston. Nov. .5.-.Markets quiet.
lluifalo. Nov. 25.-Srirlui* wheat-No offerlna- excent _
small amount of spot Mo 1 hard at 71c and Xi! l \,.?K;_J
at 7oc; 3.000 bush No 1 LS?o.a atL7le. WlLV wi, 2
dull: No | red. Wac; Xo 1 white uo^c aaa_X *_S
dull and easier; No 2 vellor.. _RS> atarii _SmSb_- P-!
I Tallow, 41-sc track; No tf Sta* Sat'liTsfl
?OV. oat* dull but Brm; .Vo 2 vhit^rft^e .toi^uJ
track: Soi white, SS?; Ra 2 mixed.' sac** SSLT
fair demand and steady; fau.-y Western. (J0a07<T^cLoicl
MHSUe ; j^iple, 4?_-.,lc ; -State, towoi. Ki e auli N_
1 o.m* a*ked. Flour linn; best sprue, ?4??i ici Li.,? I
mouton, ea HON a:,; asa flour, R aJ-Jg so. U__t
steady and unchanged. *"*'u 'ee<|?
rhlcago, Nov. 20.-The loading futurea ranged aa fal.
Wheat No. 2: Opening. Highest. Lowes:. Closlnt
Noiember . Ol. (gi, i)i? *"m.f
December . 02 ????, (52
May . 08"t (iU'a tfip
Corn No. 2:
November . SS1* 85V, aj-^ ac,
December . 35U 85** 35*, S?V
Jtnuaxy . Sj1* 3j*i 35'a b.ul
May ., S??? 40 W)4 WK*
Oeta No. 2:
November . 27_ 27. 27. 27>a
December . 27*-. 27 ?4 27*? 27.
May . 30*? 30*s 30\ 30V
Mets iiork, per bbl:
January . 012 55 $12 60 $12 85 S12 57>*
Moy . 12 07. 12 70 12 67. 12 70
Lard, per 100 Si:
January . 7 82"a 7 85 7 80 7 85
May . 7 05 7 72. 7 05 7 7-;*,
Short ribs, per 100 Th:
January . 6 02. 0 721a 0 02*9 6 07.
May . 0 70 0 77. 6 70 0 72.
Cash quotation* were as follows: "Hour extremely dull.
Prices ensr. N? o .pring wheat. i.2c; No 3 sprint
whoat. BBMSV ; No 2 red. Oihe ; No 2 com. SS^c; Xo 2
oats, 28c ; No 2 rye. 45>-*c ; Xo 2 barley, 53<t54c ; Xo 1
f-ax-ioed. ?l 12u0113: prime timothy s.-ed. W30: _e?s
pork", per bbl, $12 75-$13: lard, per 1<)0 th. ***j 50.78 |j;
short rib* side* rlonsoi. $7_*)7 ? : drv.-ait.-d shoulders
(boxed/, 07*972$; short clear aides (loxed, $7 75*tf*i.
Whiskey, dl-tllle,..' finished ci?.K, p.-r eal, fl U,
-ugars?cut loaf, 5"ac; granulated, 5c; standard A, 4"?e.
On rho ""rodu.-o _""crfcafa to-dar the butter carnet waa
steadv. Fanev crminerv. 25.i2.-i---,-: rholcc 22_23c
tweet but lacking flavor, aWZte. F.pg* Arm, 2Sc.
Cincinnati. Nov. 25?Flour?Sprlnjr patents. $3 7S-$$4;
fancy at fi'JJtuts 20; family, $2 70-02 85. Whtat
Market quiet but 'tesdy. Xo re.-p|pts repartefli sties.
200 busk sample red. 55e. Cora?The receipts are ?:r.?L
but tho market ls steadv. Xo 2 mixed at ."Wac. "its
Market steady; tendeni-y to get hlnhcr; Xo 2 whit* at
33c: No 2 mixed HW. Rye Re-^lpts are very light;
market steadv at BOwflle. Pork?"salon mes* pork at 013$
$13 25; famifr. $14; .-lear farr.iir. $!.>; ce ar mes-. $16 50
K.-ttl'i lard?Sales steam leaf at ts'.-.r: leaf lard, i-'-c*?
baker*' lard. 8**c; kettle dried, w^c. Hvou steady.
Shoulder* at 7*3? ; short rib* side* sell at 8*-*c ; ahora clear
aide* sell at Oe. Whiskey-Market remains steady ; tale*
of distillers' goo-ls on ba*!* of ?1 15 were 630 barrel*.
M.lvaukee. Wis., Nov. 25.-May wheat ?pened stronirer
at 04*sc, under tbe influence of limier cables, and ad?
vanced to 05**c, but declined *?c on freer affcrin:.-. on
a. ii,ont of "Kiiue ru.il/iiii:. but again i-.-:?. *.->! %iid close!
at 6-".**c; DeeeBtbet cl<?vd iSSs. ?Bfl tomi, BBSag, _?/.
lev falrlv BeUre.i Xo 2. 50-; extra No 3, ABStSc. Oau
alow ; X'o 2 white, 3(k ; Xo 3 do, 2***ic bid. ilye plod
acir*nd; Xo 1, 4il*9tt4Mc; No 2, 45-salik-. Com slow:
Xo 3. 3I./3.V-; Xo 4. 3J.i3.l*2<*. MPlrTtlir* faVked __B
on new frelehta, ail 75; saeked middlings, ABS tte] ftnty
middlings, *rii; ruorket quiet.
Mlnri'-apolls, Xov. SS ? Tiie wheat bulls had a tlirht srrla
on tue iiMiket ond held lt hrmly. fHiceinbei wis stroa.-.
tb- opeiilni* being ai the cioa.- of yesti-idav. -.???,.?, and
the clo-'- to-dav ?u< 7,'jitc. M.iy oj*- n> <1 Wt\0, closed
SBB?e. Ike kta-eat point sw 04c lhere was a Ir-tter
BeateoA tot co*h ivu^t and We p~lc* advanced about a
,ent. Mon of the No 1 NorCiem so.,) aj| flSMSJaC.
ihe buvli.fr ?*as laraelv by Ui" n.i'.'ers. Tbv-re were 8? car*
of Xo 1 X'ortiiern sold to arrive it 00'.-. and there nen; mer
ion cars oold on traek at Ol>? ani above. \o | Xorrhci?
?s.M ai f.'jvt.'.O'jc. Coarse grains ven in small iuj,, ly
and price* iver- stendy. llecelpta wh'tu were 33' cnr?.
nour?First pr,tei;t?,--**f3 4(',l5iH 78 bakers. $1 Cfi-ri.
low crtde*. $1 80 t*i 4.*.. I ran sad alior.t?.Mirkt steady,
ur;, h\nacd. loni?Market st.-adv. Ko 3 n*-.r Bt*fSl*aa;
No il veiiow, Bl/i32c. UiU-Xo 3 white. 2oJ-.*0-.-: ; Ne
3, BM-Se.
co?1 li illa. Xov. 25.?Flour?Trsdo continued duil. hut
To, L-. nernl pr.*--ir? to e. ii, and prices assa? lir "oa:o*-itr*ea
ea esalisbla brain's, fiu.-knheat flour In very ?ma_ aup.
p'v and want.-d on firm pr.*; ii TO**"" PO p-r 100 lh for
h,\v. Wheat?Market sttoiu- and advanced lc, but offer,
inc* light and little disposition to trad.}. CableB dna
but dull, snd export den.and .ontlnued v>-ry ltsht. No 2
r*.l Korember rt.*.*?.<..Ki1,,?: Dis-emb-tr. ca\ifort.*: January.
07m-i67'-c ; >Vbruary, 0'.i*?/.'i'J'-;c. Com?Market ruled
st- id with nioi?-niio oc'erlncs. but loc*J trade demand
liirht.' and fon-isn braulrles e.-n'*-?lly limited too low f.ir
business. Xo 2 n:l\,d Novembf-T, l4V44>?r; December.
January and Februarv, tS*IS'at. Oat,*?Re.-*lpie litht
and mark.*t for carlota' rul.*d dim. tbouirh lo.-al toot tn
timid vere mod-rate. Future* nlso tlrm and lav Ue
liierle* V-V klsker. Xo 2 white No-aaiber. SS^iMrt
Iiec-mber, 3.".?,':3C,4'': Januury, 30*s_37c; >', hruary SH-a
*!'I714C. Suears?Rc fined Matt$-fBi and quiet. Otht
article! ucch?uccd.
bt. Ixiiil*. Xov. 2o.?Flour dull but steady; nat-nt.
BetKiffOSOO; extra fancy, *2 do<7*2 7" ? far_jr, *r2-**i*
t'2 ii-'-: ,-he' '. (2"102 10; fin,lie, isl 70-S1 SO: rve flour,
?410*4*$*25- Bras tteadr _i..t $aiet, Wkeal hlgh-r:
No*, ruhr. Ctihr : December. .-.S's.r.'i'.K: ; Januarv. 60c;
?i:iv. .;.'i'.e. Corn b'cl.r: Xov.n.l er. Xlr -, Ds-eml>*r,
12>e; year. 3*.'-(iC , January 3*."(, : M iv 8.V'. <??**>V. Osts
hlrb'-r. Xovcnit-er, 29hr ; D'ember. 2S*sc; Ma}', 30',. .
I'.rs?standard ni> sa s-ninir st ?I4 75 dn orders, $15 Sn.
Lard?Prime st am, b'sC, nominal. Dre tall meats?>r.oul.
dTs C-.o : ;onws and el 'ar ribs. 7>ac : sl.errs, 7L.*c, Da-nn?
lioxcd iltaiflti* 7V: loti^s. -*%-; leal rite, _$$!
sh..r-?? ?i*iic. nick Kine* Mts dy at +1 IS U*ad nrm
Mitti sales of f.ur curs at a*3 '.0. SfOWm BCSISS ami
s-lllns hl-jher at $3 55.
Chlcasro, Nov. 26 (Special).?Sentiment made a bull
wheat market yesterday. The news waa pretty
evenly divide,! and out very little flg-ure. May
opene-1 at i'.S'jC, rold Ktween 6*.',-.c and BAAO, and
closed at '?>'?.>?. Prlvate?arlr$ houf?-.s wore buyer-s.
Indicating that New-York had boom bull news.
There was a int of buying to protect calla sol.1 for
the week Si WC The local bull crow.I probably
pressed Its luck a little. The seaboard clearances
for the week. VIW.WA bush, were inrner than ex?
pected. On the other hand, clearances for yesterday
were not lar-rc, lens than 2">u.OOO bush, includlns; the
fl..ni*, lt waa -cared th.-.t th,* visible supply would
Increase l.r-on.ooo bush, and that the local stock would
Increase 4<?',i*?> bas-, lt la aenenlly asaumed that
the market ls advanrln-r on sentiment. It ls felt,
though, that the rangs is a -rsrjr tow ..ne. and that
anv accident might make a big market of lt.
("om opened nnd closed nt the same price for M If,
SleV*. The dnv's r.uiKe was \c. The corn trai-'r*
kept their wes nn v\ .-.ent nnd moved corn up ?:id
down SS wheat advanced nn,i declined. The receipts
wore 43fi cars, the estimate for Monday. 48. Th*
caiiots for the week were nlniut il.tk-n, against SM
for th* sam* week last y?ar. "its wer* literal!;.'
without feature. May sold between WB*t ?"'',1 *f0:sr*
an.l closed at S0Hs-rS0%c. Iteoeipts were 167 cars, the
estimate for Monday. 190.
The provision market kept within ridiculously
sr:..ill limits. At the wind-up January pork, lard
and ribs showed un advance over Friday of 24c.
The week's hog rocelpts. li_,00n. were H^OSB leta than
the prediction. Tin* estimate for next week was
-..,,, Talkers BseBBOd to be anxious to bring
around something of a rally before they do any more
short silling.
Tuts on May wheat on the curb were 6S"*?C' calli,
70<\ PutR on May corn were 39\c sellers; calls,
BffcS bid. _
New-York. November 25, 1S93.
There were no dealings in crude certi-cates through
the week at the Consolidated Stock and Petroleum
Kxchange, and stagnation prevailed at the Stock
Exchange. There was little Interest In the Watt in
the speculation, and the narrow fluctuatlona la
prlcea ended with the basie of values practically
unchanged from last week. The statistical aitus
tion remains with, ut change, and lt still carrlee
features encouragln," to the built. There were no
dan-rerouti developments In the newer districts, and
the couroe of consumption continues In excess of
production. The refined markets are unable to
rise, owing to the necessity of maintaining the
position of the American refiner In the foreign
trade, and yet the curtailment of crude production
at home ls rendering lt nv ire and more difficult
to prevent an appreciation of values In crude oil.
Doubtless the tendency of the International mar?
kets lt toward some understanding which will avert
a Kilkenny contest between the Russian bear and
the American eagle.
The partial pipe line returns from November 1 ta
23 (chirters to the 21th) are as folio we:
1.1. liv- Excess Char
Runs, eries. dels. tera.
Total barrels.1.174.299 1,931.Dr- Aol.AMA 1,S?.54S
Av. per day. 64.098 W.990 19.880 77,771
i'.etlned petroleum was unchanged st 5.16 cents a
gallon In barrels and 2.65 cents In bulk in New
York, nnd 5.10 cents In barrels and 2.60 cente In
bulk In Philadelphia. Cases in New-York advanced
lo points to 6.06 centB a gallon. Washington crude
was unchanged at 6.60 cents In barrels and 3.10
cents in bulk. Naphtha was unchanged at 6.75
cents a gallon. , ?, ,,?,
Foreign quotations remained the same at UNVU'sj
francs per 100 kilos in Antwerp. 4.50 marks per
50 kilos In Bremen, and 3**? per Imperial gallon
in London.
Oalvcaton. Nov. 'ii.?Cotton quiet: mlddllBg, 7 11-1 Be?
low mUtt-lna*. 7 ?*?c; good ordinary, 7Um; nat and
m,?i- receipt*, 8,187 bale*: expert* to *?_?! Brttela,
13,887 bnlea: sales. LIPS bale*: *t->.k. 18H.0I8 balee.
Norfolk. Nov. Jo.?Couon ateady; m'd'lllnf. 7 O-lOo;
low middling, 7'*c; good ordlnarv, $-$$; net receipts.
5.487 bales; grnv, 5,018 hales: export* coa*t-vl?e, i:,00l
bales-. *n Oi. 80S bales; stock, 8*>,9?M bale*.
rievanui-t. Nov. 'ii.?I'ottou eaav; middling, 7_e; low
mirtlllnir, TV; good ordinary. OV; net and grot* re?
cetpt-i. 7.S2S hales; e\i?-rt*. .0*. tulse. 1,060 bala*; aslea,
HM hale*.: etock. l-"8,U7il bale*.
New.orlc-w, Xov. 'J.V-l'elton Quiet; good middlloc,
7 15-1'lc; mlCdHng. 7 ??<*; loir middling, 7Se: good ordi.
nary. 7c ; net nceljits. ia,S,l7 bale*; gro*?, 19,016 b-les;
cxiKirt* to lire-t BilUiln. 4.055 bales; to -_,? Cootlaoaa,
MB balsa; aale*. 1,000 bale*; atock, S9S7.7M kales.

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