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Th* remainder nt* the l-?-.il sm* el laotfcall <-IbaslaBta
who went lo BprtagfltM '.n Saturday sad kelped i" make
up the remarkable as-.ei*-.?.iaf-.- al Ike rale-Harvard Bama
at Hampden Part returned t-. th,- atty jreeter-sy prrttj
well tired out. hut still full ,,| enthusiasm over Ik* BC*-M
they had witnessed. The crowd its.-lf WM w. ll dreeaed,
well bchav."', sad Iheeeaj-ly l*pr*B*1ativ* "r "ie l?-*t
class of Americas ktJS_M*S and social life. Th,ie was
no dltorder. dowd.ni; r>r pushing, nnd the only c,.ni|.lalnt*
heard -sere ?vcr inslgnili.-ant details. Ike BlInelpal one
being on tue sut'j.-rt of Beere eards.
Now that lha nani- is seer tnt Vale kat again over?
come what appeared ls ka keary edd . Ike ssestlea arlsaa
why Yale should prove 111ISH|BaiaMB in football. Har?
vard has wen only (Sta nani.- from Yah- in SeV?_t*ea
years, and yet tba ("rirn.-.rn has BBSS Ike favorite in
inany of thc kettla* Tko Harvard BaOtM* fairly
swamped Springl'i-ld OS Sar,ii,la., and ketB on Harvard
In the open street* and at llarni-d.-n Park arere offered
at material od-* >'-". n-, Val-- Btes ts BTSS forth, "OSBtag
to cover them.
The Harvard sympathisers are naturally .lulalont at
savina* their ina BJ. lt doa* look a* if BBCk enthusiast ie
aupport and .-..nt'nli r, a wert lltBirVlBS "f B BetUe re?
ward. Tha rtfaoal t-, accepl sack uta is proof thal the
Yale team and eeachea arere sol oo-ndeml thal they
would win. Yale Miowera aaqoestloakably BB-sed Ike
chance of their lift- In a ketring srsy.
To those well versed in pliysii al culture the rc.ult Will
not b* a surprise, fur Ikeee were Ike i.pie ethe, afte*
the first half had BBSS Stayed, Wera ,-.,nhd-nt ilia' Yule
would win. The two IM-Bfl srere of slmoel exactly the
aame weight, yet the Harvard ne-ii appeared to arersge
several pnunds heavier than their SMTS roathfal rival*..
That Ushtaeea el skin, deer <?>??? and ka-sry look whick
characterize Beery perfeitiy limbMd sthlete srere missing
In the Harvnrd alair ta. H?ke*r"a men might kars bees
compaie.l to a pack of li'innry srolreBa and Mat.rs aili
hit mm to ov.-rf-i Irian setlen. There was not thal
"?lap hanc." "j-et there, KU." f-pirit in the Harvard
force* which la Bearir Blwajra a coaaptcaoiia trail m
Ta!*'s pl ty.
There mu9t be something radically wronp In Harvard'a
training, or In her system of play. A change of IralSIIS
anlaht do Harvard's athletic interests a World of -rood.
and could certainly Se so kana. D*lan-*a ebeaabeard
trick*. Ilk* theorie*. siwart mart off well, hut they BOOS
loae effectiveness and \..nish Inro ihin air. Deland ls
on enthusiast on ancien. battlefield manoeuvres, hut to
date he has not been pele I i adept his tl.ries Ki foot?
ball with sap astonishini* disrss el sbeeesa Had Harvard
worked strategic team work store and chest trick* met
the result ?Sghl have been di?ereat.
-till. Yale's victory vhs n,l,lv w,.n. and Hlnkey nnd
hi* m?n deserve all the plaudits Im>siow.-U upon Ihem,
Butterworth, particularly, again osveeed himself' Wllk
glory, as he did In the l'.-nn --ylvuma naru,-, ll- allowed
himself ro I*. ?BBS as a battering-ram winn Tale made
ker frightful rushes up the field whir.- she acored her
only touchdown in the second half. The line work of
Blinman, Mcl'rea and Hickok wan also far akora gen
aral expectations, lt looks now ns If Frinreion would
have a hard time even scoring against Yale on Th??luH
glvlng Doy at Manhattan Fl.-l.i.
The army of speculators who infested the streets in
the vicinity of Hampden Park caused much eminent.
Most of these speculators were from New-York, and
ovary one of them was well supplied with choice seal*.
for which they demanded exorbitant rates. It might he
Interesting to know how these men m*n*ge,l to secure
?o many ticket*, while the management was unable to
supply the public demand.
Th* Astoria and Columbus football elevens played an
laureating game at Astoria yesterday, th* Astoria team
winning by 30 to H.
The Hamilton Institute ?nd Conlon School elevens will
play at Morris Park to-day. Both teams have done
good work this season.
Harvard'a leather ault* ar* not likely to be extensively
Copied. The leather I* too heavy, and In mud and w*t*r
th* suits would not do at all.
The aale of that portion of th? Palo Alto trotting stock
Which the executors of the estate of Leland Stanfor..'
have decided to offer In New-York will begin to-day ai
tho American Institute Huildlng. Thlrd-ave. and .**ixtr
thlrd-at. This consignment, ninan inn head, in, lu vs
Stallion*, mares, colt* and fllliea kp Electioneer. Pied?
mont. Norval. Axmeor, Whips, and others of the Palo
?Ito air**. Although not an absolute clearing out sale.
only a amall stud will in future be kept at Palo Alto to
oarry out the breeding theories of "ta founder, and thi*
mean* th* disposal of manr anim? * which the lat*
owner would not have parted arch except at a very
largo price.
i ? ?
Lexington. Nov. SM (Spe-ialh-f-ngene Leigh ha* bought
'Bf Milton Young the weanling Strathmea ??-Spinaway oojl
.for 14,000. The youngster la a half-brother to I.axxarone.
Weat Point. N. T.. Nov. J*._A gam. of foorbsll here
yesterday afternoon hetn?et? Company E. Kattslion of
"Engineers, and ine A-mj Service Carpa, under the
?ueploea of the O-tetra* .Ithletic Association, enlisted
more interest than most ol the crack gamea in which
the cadets partlOBjatld Nr.rlr all of Ibo officers, to?
gether with the ladies of tba post, were present, aad
greatly enjoyed the gam?. Phtrt was ala., a lan-.* crowd
present from adjacent villages. The game* took pl..-..
near the Boldlets' new h.jipltal. and. aa it I* off cadet
limit*, they were suppose! to in- debarred from wltn
lng their favorite sport, rut nearly heir th* eorpa viewe.i
lt from under ahuiter, atf of si*... of tho ollleera. 'i h..
game was the most inte itn.g of any played kare ti,is
season, barring that of prln<et,,n and Yale. The score
wa* 4 t-> 0 in favor of tba Armv Belt let men.
NORTH BBROfeN ENTi-.iES foh to-day.
lirst tar N-llin<.: Sra f-rissga. ""-'li C.. 107; Mn|.
lett, i"". Berwyn, i(,:i l-olydors, I0S; Sss Jcaquln, io_
i i mein. 102: Peralto IO-; hrikla-, '??'?'? Oladlator, uti;
i" ?ill.,, un; .1. McLaughlin, B?; Aantel. '.'.; Costed
srate, kl; ilibera-, ?7. Black Hswk, ???
*-,.,mi ii, Bellina: Ma fsriosgs. Itokls Rood, lin:
i;.nt ..a n's ii,-: \.,ii.-. nw: (.ian---, loo: Florinda.
H'-: i...nt,ii,. 105; llraaar. 100; irrorge Dixon, :.i
i:..i . . im ih ? oi-orin i'i . In P" '?? I ?? ": Ml"'' Osrter,
U i .,? Jinn} . :.| . Donne, Pl Bkiasast, Wt.
Third un-.-- Il-indicap live fttriorr*. Derlar'Hti. ll,-:
oi..nu, ll. HO; I. ru. nor. III. I'?:?*?? 111'; LllzelPi,
US; V -til.nh. TOW: Wanije-'o, i"'-: iwrelslne, lol;
I'.lval. I(,t): Ma' ? 1 UlCBJ , PD.
1'oU'tii ra -e -Handicap: os Bille sad a dxteenth.
('omanrbe in: Pe**--. 114: i oiivrlsht, ni. Plcka . ?
I0i: som iii, ,??... ir. Kllk nov. |.H.: Mtowawa- 101
KJldeer, Bu ii, In-rraaaier, 07; l>oakle Cmos, *j-,.
I ,'ii ,, - Ulna -is "Brion-"*. CoprHeht, I5_;
L-id Har i- 110; Ker.y 'Atm, Ho: Bel Detnonlo. IU.
Arab, 100; *4<-lbi IOU; Ur-ilsnt, ld: Pieniy. ICKi; Mst
Win, io:.: Mii.i,-. lei Uil?vrlen Iflfi; Tsitirlsa. Hit.
Hal- vim. 'i, . j,, ,lr<|?, -is; Iti.!. V.. 100
? vth mee?Selling: aerea firlon.--. Ranutaaox, 142;
Chief Juatlce 142 ,air hurt,n ISO; frankie ll. IBS;
Stonington ISO: Detroit, ISP; lots-asad. ISP; Relief,
189; Marcos i:''.i One, Li7: Woiircer, Lt: i. or.
i'. -iNith. 114; Jakie Jeeepha, ill; lakes, Itl j Mlaa
? ililli... m.
- m ?
ByraCUBe, Nov. % (Special!.--The Thin! National
Hank of this (Hy ha-, nn! paid dividends In live
y.-ars an.l an action ha's been hroncht against the
.?(Hers and directors to compel them to nive an
accounting'. Among Ot* plalntlffa ar.- ra-8enator
Hlseock, Prank ll. Hlseock nnd Albert K. His
<-ock. Som.- curious work ll alleged in Hie nun
plaint, in 1887 Lucius Gleason sained control ,.r
the bank by clever purchases of stock, an.l at the
neal election excluded th<- Hiscocks from the Board
Of Directors. Soon after the capita! stock was in?
crease,1 from MUMBO t,, M0O.O0B, but --till no dlvi
.leti.ls. Tbe plaintiffs want to know where tha
mon.-y has gone, though lt is said Hie earnings
srere pul inio I'nited States bon.ls.
Louis Marshall, attorney for the defendants, sail
to-day: "Th.* substance of the whole thing i* this:
Mr. (;l.-nv,,n and Mr. HlSCOCk ivete oM 'ri"n,ls. Mr.
Qleason had helped Mr. Hlseock In nu ri* ways, bul
the lime came when the latter though! he did nol
n.1 him anv Ioniser an.l taking advantage of
proxies turned Mr. Oleaaon out ..; th.- presidency
Of ih.- Third National Hank. Mut h.* .lld not act
with his ordinary forethought, leaving the bars
down no thal at the next election -lesson acquired
eno.njh stock to control, and Mr. Hi-nock and his
friend* lound themselves oul of th.- Board of
i.ir. .-t,,rs. Mr. Qleason never egprcssed himself as
Intending lo run th.- bank for his own int.
nor has that been thc policy of Mr Lacy. Thej
sousht to atrengthen the bank, and inst.-ad ,,f
paying ,Mid.nds al stated periods. th"in-ljt beti
to wail a reisonoble time until the bank should
in, lease its tveets. i iiav.- personal knowledge ol
th.- circumsbneet under which the st...-k of th.
bank was Increased from 8300,000 to $4.?..i?m. and I
.leny thal Mr. Gleason ever agreed al thal nine
that he wo.ll or would not pay dividends at any
particular Brae."
\t: \l if nv EXPECTS YO RE choses.
Water list?. W. v.. Nov. Ml Oeorge lt. Matby
In an in ervlew here on his chance* for election
as Spealer of Ihe Assembly said: "I expert to
be elected, fine might Infer from th.- recently
pubHstMd Interview with Mr. Fish that lhere
had leen a consultation between Congressmen
Belden and Sherman, Mr. Hackett. Senator Staple.
ton in-i dhus for the purpose of advising Mr.
Flsh'i Candidacy; bul I notice that Mr. Hackett
promptly denied that there had been any confer?
ence Congressman -herman denied that lu*
favo-.-d Mr. Kiah, and Congressman lleld.-n and
Senilor Stapleton hav- he. n for BBS from the be?
guiling. 1 am Miithorlted to state from Mr. Atas
wo'lh hims.-If that he wi'l do all lie cnn toward
my nomination and election."
teing asked how he accounted for the statement
h' Mr Flak that the latter has thirty-eight i'd.--.
>r. Malby said he .lld not accunt for lt, and
? either does Mr. Fish unless there be s,,m-- truth
.n the pubiishe-l st.item.-nt that the Democrats
will vote for him.
In conclusion Mr. Malby said: "I hnve receive,
personal pledges from a s-ifTlclent number of the
members-elect to satisfy m.- that I Will be elected "
Baltimore, Nov. 20 (Special).?Th- hard times
have affected even fha terrapin market Th
Maryland terrapin ls the favorite of iplcnr.-s.
l>aat winter the demand from New-York. Huston
and Philadelphia was so great that the lat-.-,
dealers her.* w.re afraid the supply WO?M run
short. So far this season th" demand hns been
light and the supply has als,, been limited. The
expected holiday market may i-thiiiist it. The
choice diamondbacks ar.- scarcer than ev.-r.
Baltimore "counts," terrap?it mat measure -i\
Inches or over, which brought (Bf a dosen last
year are now seilina for $.'s.. The largest apecl
mens ai.* highly prized f.,r their flesti ani have
brought, even Iliin year, as Mg- as t7'2 a dosen
Th.- mor.* common varieties, which have not
rhange.i mater lally In price, sall for jr, to j-jo
Terrapln farming has proved a lucrative business
on the Chesapeake marshes of late years.
Haltlrnr.ro. Nov. 26 'Special).-In pursuance of the
Catii,die Church'*! policy on ihe sch,io] question, BS
outlined In thc circular Inaued yesterday by author
it v of Cardinal Olbbons, the Rev. .). ll. Slattery,
head of the .loaephlte order of priesthood, In
chare* of colored missions, pre-ached \? -., Inr**e con?
gregation of colored people to-night in advocacy
of State aid IO denominational schools. He said tli.it
religion and education went hnn-i in hand, that the
colored people needed two things education and r
llKlon?the one n* much as the other; and that, from
a polios point of vi>w .-.lone, ns th. state was Inter?
ested in having its children educated and br ugh! up
in a moral w; v. the Colored Catholic schools were
entitled to receive State sid.
cardinal Gibbon* declines to discuss the circular
sh,mid a bili ie- introduced in th- Legislature thi*.
winter for a division of th.- school fund, ll Would no
doubt 1?- defeated. Th-re is a possibility that lt
mii*lit pam .m.. hun-.-, but it c.-rtninl> would li.
killed in th.- other.
Tie- plans for th- lavin-,' ..ni ..f Cotumhua-ave., a
mw sn-,?t io mn from I'lm-st. t" Garden-st., In
Yonkers, received a temporary net-bach Baturdaj
l.y th.* refusal of Judge IJykman to gran) an ordei
t" ap|>olrit commissioners. This refusal iras the
result ..f Injunction pro-.dines begun bj? -lohn Cop
cntt, the owner >.f tbe premises through which
the proponed street would run. Ctolumhtm-avg, was
planned t<> arr..rd a new, more .Hr.-1 and convenient
r""%. f.,r il..- heavy traffic which non goes through
Nepperhan-nvs.There wa- ? dinner ai the
Cltj Club on sum,lav nigh) a' whi.-h a number
of city officials f.-asted on the tai ot the land snd
sfterward told Btorlea until nearl) midnight. There
was no politic*, in it. though there were a cool
many politicians present, 'it"- dinner was given bj
Police Commissioner Bilkman t" the Water Com?
missioners, and other city ofllcers were Invited.
lt happened this way. commissioner Bilkman own*
a it,..id many huns,-, and bia irater bin ls pretty
bi--. A while ago Mr. Bffkman got tho l-lei that.
as li.- paid fur so min-h water, tv uuiihl to 17, | .,
low rat. ga wore given lo factories and other
big consumers. The W .t.-r- Board decided thai Mr.
Bilkman must pay regular rates, He refused, and
Un* case got into conn. Then Mr. SH knut n, who
was sure be wis right mads an offer that if he
los! ti:,, suit h.- would pay for a dinner to Um
Water Commissioners, provided the*-- would egree
t,> pay for the dlniu-r If h.- won. Th,- oT-r wa
taken. Mr. Bilkman los) the case, and Baturda)
night li" gave th- dinner.The Fourth Sep?
arate Company will give the see,,nd ,,f the --erie-. ,,t
"??mokers" In tl:.- arni',ry In VVsvrrly-at, t..-;:i:-.hr.
Til- special feature "i the programme v. iii i?
wine lire boxing .ont.nts.The Bunday preced
Ins 'I'lia"i. Biting was marked by .. large ttend
lee a, .,)1 t!!e el|!|r il'S Tile . ? \ 1 |1 i ll K ?lill,,ll
at tin- Westminster I'r.-i.vr. 1 ian i*hurrh was
preached bj th., Rev Alexander Allson . The slim?
ing at ihe afternoon aervlce at st John's River?
side Hospital was led by the King's Ps ugh tera
"? ii ? Kepperhsn Avenue Baptist Chut-eh . . . .
To-ilay ls ti.,- ii-t dav for Ihe ming w.n. the
Supeii ls ,is ,,f clslmi against the county.
Th$ Cbrlstlsn BSndcavor Society of tne y. ?
Presbyterian Church, Hsckenaack. will bold its
second anniversary to-night at 7 M Tie- Rev, Or.
li k. Fraser, of Newark, will deliver sn sddrt
Louis r. Qflnaenbeck, ? wen-known druggl t al
Elisabeth, bas left t,,wn. ieavlng a number <>f
creditors to mourn lils departure. His liabilities
ar.* said lo foot up thousands of dollars.. The
stock In his store has been attached bv lh>* llrni
of c. I: Smith, >f N.-wark. .m.* of th<- chief cred?
itors who pul a man in chara-'* Of tl:- i .
Satin l.v. Mr. tiri ?*-. ribeck waa in business h'
r.liT.ii,. ih ul.,,ut eleven vars
For th.- tirst dav -in.e the outbreak of --mall-pox
In th.* i-itv lei new .-.1S.-S w.-re reported vemer.fiiv.
and iii.* ie..nd ,,f Health thinks th.* scare ts ab ut
the 0-DROB TWOeTT, OF *to(*Ki,onT, mk. db
BTROTKD-tdwkh hi.a/im; oct
r-aptnln Forbes, of the BrlU-h *.i-nn?r Amlir'w*
which arrived here yesterdnv fem Para. Lils
thrilling storv of the hurnrn-,' of the American
schooner Oeora.* Twohv. In the hat le,r nf pam.
on the evening of Nov.-tiihet lg Th.* Amhrose
brought no news nf the BrnsUlaa revolution; th?
natives of iiorth'-rn Ht.mil b$t_| d$p$ndsnt PM
news on New-V..rk newapapers. as all their tele
gntph wires have been ent
Thee Ambros.* Lr night six nf the Twohy'* crew
to this city. They ure Mm POtdfOOn, ?>,*(inil
niate; Norman Munroe. .1 H. lohanne?en. August
Ijihnk.-. Boderwyk Kok. and <le,,rge (|ti->uke s.-n
men. Captain < ieorge T-.ihv uni I.ls first nfflcer
are stilt at Parn,
Th.* fir", which totally destroyed th* Twohv.
broke out In the fornrard part ?.f th*- vessel shortly
i ? fore midnight on Nore other i" Th.- crew were
oil nsle.-p at the time, and wlen tln-v Were aroused
iiii attempts to s.n.- ih- rossel sw re futile. Th.
dancer to other yessela in m.* harbor demanded
the beaching >.f tb- \.i. and .ti: wu made
fast to her. Tb-* Wising schoooei towsd
to the tmil fiati across tin* harbor, Befora dawn
approached, however, ni.- rising lida carrtad her
do*vn the harbor, among tha shipping Bhe nu le
a pretty sight, bul the crewe <-f vessels w.,r? rim
biisv- KeirniK ...ir nf h.-r w.,-. lo |-,v much attention
t,. th-- aesthetic si i- ,,f th,- bia/.. Tug* were neal
our and made fast to 'i"* Twohy, uni she was
towed outside ti,-- harbor, where abe burned until
the .-tubers floated aboul 'le* harbor.
The George Twohy Balled fr,.m Haltlmore early
last m.,nth, with a creu "f righi men, and she
araa laden wirti lumber, lard ant flout Bhi waa
built ai Rockport, Me., ir, ISSI, bj Ca rle to ,. Norwood
?v iat She wa.- .. ilu?????-masted schooner. IBS feel
lon*, .nd ?"??*, feel wide, c.,ptain Twoh) 1*. quot) i
;.K Baying mat ihe was .,n>- ,,f ih>- tines, schooners
afloat. Her- fittings w.-r>- said t?, have been aa fl re
bs those of a flrst-cl leam yacht The prin?
cipal owner was i.'aptaln Timby, whose thara In
her was worth ?<'. "*'
florets and Carnagec.
"Hesta ima sn ? d i m.
J. M. Ul 1NU 4. CO.,
CARRI AUK . *..K1_..
COACH-*., BRUI .' I .-'ri, KHI.KA
MAKER-. AM, IN I ' '?rrr ORDER.
BUT. BKOAD-Bi'. ST. li V, D.. I.. A W.
WANTED.?ll.usu. ? ' jard fur The"
winter, llox 2, -Mills .e. V. J.
Staginess ' h-inree.
A FINE comer Slgl best ).,, .tluii
downtown, ei.ofs.: rei ? e. $20 d^lh
M'DONALl* A WV. ' B, 140 Nii-n-in-M.
ATT-NlloN. il .. ",. '.. ?? 7tore ,,7
bualiies* of anv kind j. Mah soM aulca
, wlUioiit publicity. t~ ' M DOXA?D
ly, without iiublli-lty.
_ -.vi.i.-i** *.. ii,, n*
Al _RPE ' M.l.Y
fdr *ai" Int* r- ll >-, \?. .^|_ .
607; j. or n .. Kolan ..nelli.-, .,07 .
7KH '. "l"'i - . *? Ug-bed alllt -.lu;
B07.-.M: '.aimil's I-:. 4 .tie Madlin. , Jul
_n bl< 1 1. Kuli pat ,, Uar*, i ai, ,?. ???<*,;.,.,,
vii . . _ co.. -*?-_*, Bou?lk*r* .-ii
.; ejjMay.
*~? uiakT^mi-.,' TT; ciiiiVirvTrs .*.
iBbli-iiied tun Ve.I- (ff -A^nt.-U Will
froni SSS.000 le HEB -, Inealt* _r_.->
7 p. m., O. H. LAVE -OL, 1.131 Uxl-g.
ton-ave... new 'J.ki-?t or I, nail 4 '1
Broad ? av.
Equities io *_i i*~i^Trio7?~af
W-VHili* ; for ca?*li or m|(. I'lii" loal-, a I
di**-.* E. OPPEMI E1.UK41. l'uMolll.-e Hos
S5, ly*?ur lMaml City. I* I.
ll A VDSOMTT~r-O!.0*~(-IfTlTl-r^rTreTT
aacrince; 4. SO. reta.l-U J.',, V.'-v'? -
reduclne stock : tv:* ,.' .*? *,,?? niwiuh)l.t*
ur,,-.. <iii.T tiiA.'i* Company :c.o
0*.'-ave. near- 2-d-st.
.. I** yoi-R wi.LBcrItxa m^hi
thei.i :n thc haid* uf lv.ii.-, .?,.,,' .
Villon Squire, soul*. \y,. , ln ,'? , ,
tbatn *.*.h?n ih,1mi1v .l?a ,VI.
~_TBEEAT.CHAROCiil<--? ?,.,v l?,?
Ini- ?3,000. on lirst BioNgBfr, valuable nu.
liu-lriii l-'t*., secured l?y 'lr..t.i u., Imuui
Particular* of ATWItS-Y, ?*,. , r, ?
soe Ottice. _ -_
"j-ARTY, "''h'.yrii- j-, 5i_rihl|i and"
towing line. IIOHA.X'v |i*i42 Broad.
W ANTED.-Silent partier (lads ?i v.-n
tlfisuii. el.OOOi d.i-arli,,.,,. .,-,.. ,??.
tear Ker ?n??*P**,w,n9tr'* n.AltK V.
o. pox 1.700. Nirw.YerR
WASTED. I" ma-mi**--*.!. . toola -.-,'1'
Sion ol eierv il. ililli.*! l?r t.? t,rjv),
_nd paper novelties: Mir*, %..rv ?_,.??
?ft. OOO.-I CAN USE thin -nm In pe.'
ore*nt 11111. b ir*- ioi.i|*ony : mp ?vwrn
three tlne-s the amount In ls month.,. \d.
dross EXPEIIU'.M I- Tr Ilium, uni.-,
/nrnish^ Booms.
J"~ t-lROE! SNUO 34 f1i*,r frbro mu
room. adjoinb'S*: ell war.>-ibhih**. ; !?,,a.
mattniy furalehed. 7 Wr-i i?th-?t.
""NICKEY funil-ihid roms; bret k fi7C if
$e?lr?l._25 Kss$ S-s**-**._
TO i-ET.?"i~lerge -uiii ball hilroooi;
mit1 j fiiriiished; rel' -me. SHEA, ji:,
ailie,, near 1 Illi-st. ___________
ITII-AVE, "?(!?. dpiBisite Ti'lnilaor
lloH.?A 1. ? eleg.int ftmlaiM-d roonis for
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-f-rnislirb Rooms.
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niaie-ni laity. \N -ll; ii. '
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nislicu un,iii*. : superior l-oard a:.d itt-nd
aset. lo.-auou BiaMupsaaeS; reBneacr* r?.
gul I od.
13onr_ ano Booms.
UHAMERi v park. Xuiti. tootra ?<
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and ull.iid.iiii.'-; nie x.elHd.
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Moa I tl ; r. I n Ile . .1, Weal .'.l-l nt.'
T7\K<;E ARD BMAL- *.. r-MoaT
?ii|iei-ioi fettle table boarder,, accoa?.-.,.
dated: reference* .\, ..-ii.--.-d. uu \\,.M
I limn I -OOH I'rlvat,
overkoklng il?.i-.,ri River; twarj ,r u
?ind: -ir-i-.it. dlnln-r.ruoui. MODKICATE
SIS We -I "Ol* *'.
ti WEST 451 ll ..NT. lr -Iv furnished ie .'
ead Baot; Isrg* rue?wi; private i...n, -,.
i,ii,,i rn!,', nini appoliita-ent*; ;? r.-r. n ai
eV'1,,111' eil.
?".ii- ?? . i iti WEfvF ' iitrsi, 'i'i-.,"
liomeliN, .-iiiiM ii'.-ni Un ? ? i . ,? ' ? ?!-. ...
perlOJ table; tia.,-I,-nt u |?n.,-ul l-Oard
ai moSi rale petrea.
4IS 1 -Si .. '." WI S I . : MW
l-ouin. ..uii (parkina rle?et* oohs etina r,a
iin.rn : oller ttK.li.', excellent 'ill- r :
ir huh.
Itt EA NT SMM'-T N ir r ?i roon -
wlfli lou i tl, o|i|?)s|." fl.aiii. t*. v I'.irli ; ,.i
' rel, -ev
~ V.I4 M.lDI-OV. \\ K I ..nilli" tl ?.i li ii'
hal, mom with beard; rel reine*
Brookton Ural (Pstotc Zo tel
PAR? uf a Uirci-stol .. ne" br,ivie
-tone ii,uk.- (aeeoiid Hool and purl of lliirJi;
eattUent ?sam Snlshi ret] Beatrabl*
'??-i-.iiif.ff-teed: light uni .i.e.rf.i team*
ie*>ideit''e ?t tin* o'.viier'-. ?-*ial, lanniv of
riiree a.latta: t?*o ii.iiiuteH r.-oin Al?tay.
eve. Station. Kings Co. Ilevated; ls Win.
::tis from Url,I'-.-; will Iel t-> a gBntlSniM
ntC v.Ife or f-niall family af -jd,lt-, nut e\
eedl.i" tiire.- iier-uns: rent fi-'. arplj
t, ( IlAltl.i.s* E. HOTAT-IRO. ill Sumner.
av".. <<r. Mi-D"Poui.-ii-~t , I'.rouk,),,.
tTonntrn Beal (Jstate fox Sale
Awl MY" FOR .Mi>NlC/.AlK-Kesl.
deuce pnipertigk nf Bil J.-nirtluns for sj!*
jlid tn Iel, Ii!rtil*>li*-<t Iiiimi-n.
I". HI'S K T.\M/)i:. S fi'??'iman.it.
A CHOU I l...;.ti,,ii ul ur* ?.-?-. N J.,
couMiileiit lo rsllresd depol ? nea real.
(lem e. hall l.rl'l; .iiiil'l.' .:??.,., 1-: H'.IK").
i.i.w c HAM I ETON i <" ??'' R'way.
TOR MM'. ?? KI'.N'T ll"!\?''i. ?'r*' ii
?i, ,i .ml .*? lae,furl, geo-t-mait'* .-oi.ntry
N-l.t. il. M. I.. lille,le .Hine._
POR BALE OT ""iSENT.-l'iaitli man's
., lunn ...it .-.iii ?ll' Hudson Uiver.
ll. II. E.. Tlll.tili" OBIcc.
fonnirn tirol if slate <f o tet
"io'ltT-.N'K at Aiken.'.Smith I in'lil.a.
brllk 1-otUfte. COllHlletelV fllllli?llel. tat
Nbsb*; imiii by .N'.M-Yurk gentleman fr
his fimlly u,c. AlM.lv to oi.HEN -
PEEK MAN, lil Broadway.
Citn Real (.state for Sale.
_ RIVERSIDE DltlVE. corner lOStb-U.?
?_a*?an?lal. artistic. di*tached hou-e; low
Price; iwiui tm circular. ATLAS IB
PROVK-.M K.\ r CO.. IB Ui oed way
_?? WRMT 61ST-4T.-21>??ftSxlD0. A 5.
? _,!*?: *tll lea*" tor live yeera. WIL'.*
'AMS _ GREENE, ?th.?ive., cor. 40tt-?t.
/lats to Let J nrui9i)'b.
10.ll>* I lin \VfVr.?Wiv nesiri.'.l-,
nev.lv fiiriilsli.-d flan temi tnt Bl mom*
u.''d lath, stesri: keeled suutnern .-*i|io?.ii >?;
*'J"> ii.uiithiv. Kuli* Bartlet ? bsll.
.fnrntsl-tb /lula tDantro.
..'ii 'liildi.ii. BBVfctg * Banal om o town
?OUld Ilk, ., Ii.,:i..||,, flal fol ..li ta .',, *
iiiiuitiis, M-inte ma pieei id e enpMt* u ?i ?
t., h ? :i*> a | . BS>I foi ll , ir,- I ifceS "ill
real itt a nominal BgUI ref* IS - e.
iliaiiv.-d. Ail lc -.-. iv i tri ur,,,- A, \. A.,
Trll.'lli. OBlie.
Real Cetiite tUantcb.
CYI1II.I.I. ( Al'.l'.I'AI. As. assad.
?t. and ii.,w.-r-. soliriu property v, bom,
ii toage, *"'ll er li?lc
! '
Jfnrnisl'cb Donors ?o tet.
a I i i.i.\ i i i:vi -in i? I atorj hooae
', un H.,??--. i ..I et Madl BBf-Ve. Mill ii.:
j ??. ra-ill] ni- i' ,.n r- l-ard lamlly, A$>
?ns RAI , l.ii-i, Sd*ve
A -AKTISTII IlilieVMAIilM. st short
lei i.,n.,i ?>.:..- iii.-. - t* kel .'mi
kw, - moderate ?el'.-. Mr*. M I.E.."'.
I. Ea?t III, al. I. l.v-*r. Ilr-uli-ai and
i uiv raitt rn
M'.il.M'li Dl'.l .--MAI. IN'- IrJin ?|
ii,io. mme ? $H -'I- ? te-ll ' rental! . r ?? ? ,.
Bins ai,I ?t-ge Breast- in v.a. .r>
i""l .,1 ,, .;. M ,.,ik i- seiil .".r I.i Um dev.
I...NI.I.N AMI I'AI'.I- l)i:i.-*-M.lM.S I
' ?< ll :;a-.i :?( ii. i.. Bm* < ?rfc Bia ? .'.
t*eKalb_\e., ill.,.I.Imi.
I>l;i.*-SM.\K I i; 'I r?inki, bl ike Bat r-r
a' home; iel r.-. t, lit B' ar.int* ? "I ??"'??.
HOIIBl KlfPK 201 Weat -.-'?? -I
lii;i-.-.*-M Al. ;.K Tliortmg-I" exiail In
her hindu,--, ?.'mirani''' p I ' ' Bl I'l Boa!
"I'll o\. i| uiellM.il- Jii.l l?t.-t *-l>l.-: hr
rharglM nm |? .-ri moderate li, all .-???-.
M'-l III. 'Ml Weet B-th-?l, llr-r I'ai._
I'I'.l.ssM \|< I lt Ia I" iln . iiii.l. i -lin (li
'"?i h.iMii -,- thur.."1.-1,11 : ? ... '? i" '"I.,
?veoded: tem,. $1 ?". pe* dav. Waa
h.ll K\S. Q*M .':d.l\e. _
URI vMAKKIt ?i-i.,- more ruat-mer*
by i;,,. a*-. ,\i in- - 101 Wet til si r.
li'. I.-.-.I \ I-.; I-*. ic oana* a tee ".uro eua.
kenna ai ki,-.-?? rut* m s. 'I Taylor
ll vox, 812 Weet stNk-eS., Ibm
Riveralda Drlvs.
I.Al.ll'.v TAILOHM, 20 rrara' expel ?
enc.-; ii if,i Ullins: ;.'irinei't-. tin Bpi
?and*, riding ii.ii.it- . i' :'lu,u,.l^:,r
?..rk warranted. E. i. r. ,k a i.i. h.i..
8 Kan HOi-.l., Mme I'...; |- rf- Building.
LADIES- TMI.oltlMi. ,'"1"'"' "''?'
ri'ot.-ilal- mad, up Into j."'I I* root*
ii'stet-N ami bmm; eleake, jil kinda, alt,-ii-d
and i- mo><. i ,i UKI-.H.. IMI *? _ - ''-?_'_
Miss M. BROOK Private .1" --maker:
strl, Uv n>4t..i,,., i, uri. Bl moil-ii1'' prier*;
iBt-wt style*; klgkeat etti r.-f-?ran,.- mu*
fa.ti.fi, KuaraiiUrd 2.1 Woo -1*' m.,
Hill* HboO-*. Ml_
MME. l; \ v loi *s i Tl I --"' ,v' 5
Illili -t. .u'ltiirieie fr.il- il**--. "Mieel
flttlnif L'oi-ns lu iiewc-t ir ri'-h IBaakniB;
Biodentte prices; ao delay._
Mia*. COOK. nr!*?te ilre.*m*ker-ladles'
tent inaVMol i^j,. np iii Ole Ute-' fB*"B"OS
at iiiodttate i rii-es: evening Breaaro ?
sl-eclr.it.. n-r. w?t ?.?.af.
? M.1I, liAi'.MiATs r-dTed, repaird ? ??
lined, alier^ aII(1 ,,.???-, | ,,| , , ?..? ahsp a.
and latest -.t.-ie rape*: .-iii._i<-*- "' ,""t
Kivn. okfao j;ii Weet ttA-t-_
SUIT- styiiMiiv m.vle ut ?hort*?t nutt"- :
moderate prlre*; U,t*nt *-_rl*Un st) le?;
**_5 *^_?pM?? PoraoVi by day; *mlt*? rj
niodrlljd and rfdrsped cu nat to n"?- ?Ad_
jgj^R?xc_r_rR___j_"R?ii, aa eb*
??.KAI. SAI yl'liA i-dT.-d. repaired ur
mei.- Into fa*.!,.,n.al,lr rSfMM. Mr-.
HARK Ell 11. Wast .cr.,-. 17 *,<.i?
nilli. Smith, Leads-, and OUBtBet**
Sun*. filh-a'o
'I li, .,..11 '.ll "liltl-. ? NlAKIilK ~ili-*lr~
MNiagBSBB-ia i.y dig ..i sask, li. ur out ,.f
it-, . iii.hast referoaeee. ,\,idr?--?> Mi ?
l ll... B03 Trlh,in,- Uptown OSkS, MRS
III ?.?!??.?
fox Sale.
\ ri KNTIOR. Bewt-i mai hine*
kin li. near, BS; too,' mat .n,i-i,,,, I, sin,
'iii. esvhaosed, refiled. At
ll-.', -i
A OEM il., tl \ '>. nit"
upi tttX |..j.e. I I - , li| . ,,..?,li - in "tee
li ' val-,' -i-iiilanl.- ll.m. make! . u*l
.' ',;a. -ul nee 711 I , sim-'.,n-ai?-.
\ I. MM ll I J.l. *-i I.l. ,?-, ,, j
upright plano i in ?. cm lm lu i ss ?l ,,i
Bill - -ll Ol 1 ? . original ?
mon Iii agu. luquli-. a io. ,, , ,, i. .,.
' . I ,- ii;i.,,.-i.
\ I I ? Cl!.I \>. Vii i j
le-ii bulk* foi -ii. , h. ui i? -i i. .le i i.
A. "i UIKm 21 . ii,. ,? . Huildln
a i-n;i: mi UROit, ii ri i ? le. iii
ai - i-" a I .ru. uti j,.nillir.' at PU
I I'll. e. UriMlkl ll
. i ; i;-. . i. v-s s I di,Tn roi sal-i
.| in I reen ,.i;. i j, i ark .. I
AT P.RD1 . I.I) PRU ]?-. SOO - UM
tia.- W*Od aiKl iron aratalng ma, Inti ?- .
lui'V vu irani, ed . mat!,lu,in bouebt BBB
? x- hen;, d. OEol'.OE l*. EDDY. 89B Mad.
stn at.
iii:m.1.1 an jp ...,i.ii . ii mi:- - ? SO?
''<i'".i iram -,; ai~. Liken omi riiulr-*,
?orr. i ... - bible* .-.,-. I-. I I UNI.
I I III Cl i.II.I.IV . i .i.MI'A NV, -.'Tl' inh?
ale. ; l.-ii,. ,|. -i.il...ii.
I" 'li YOI'll . in in,,. .ire* ni. n ,m .
-'.Li , bal.I fl ?'," i (lui-'i
I."in t< ... greal -e > io. ?? . ,..i.i ?? eui.
.j. 'iii : ii 'ld tbe n.-ii. Jil Murra* ?t.
? " ii. <" i.ci 11; Foil -* w.i '.? ??'.
nrlehlforbood , !, urina from hu-nn ?. 780
ill! IH Ninth.|i ., .,1 ?: I,a,il uo.hT
lu i-toni leeeUto, read) foi deio.-n an
;i.?rien, _, it. n,ii-t be ?,iii ?lunn un
SS] ?. JORI*, i,. .micki rr. Purdj .*--...
ll"... N. V.
1 "I* v M. - \ "n, ..iv litr ,i uji liquor I
"sro I .-. ? ii -' :,.,., ',,|| p.,??., i,-j ...
timm: bau ,.lv|. ._,..- N,??h .,,
I "ll **A I.l Ven I.i ,,??? ur. Vein
Usn pier mirror; aim -....- .--.,,-ile... funil
toie, mill i lab!* un. rotation lM-d 19 lin
ra? -' . Deai ci- ,. r-i. _
? OH *..- ci ,?, , ,,.,,,? ,,f ,|, nh m< nh
*?*" W.I rlj.1,1 |, an,,- -:e nie it - li, ?
"" " ' Ol Bl le oil. I | lii-eil llie-l -ell Hes
: irgaln. RALL, -i< West KM I.
i. lii'.r. mi mi xt, r.ii\. H.,., |, i
f.il U' lillie* hu;, ,,||| -i IttBl Iilnetil- :
sh,? : Patty miaul i u-.-: > ?*>l $100; - ll
$30; ie,.1 money. - ;i:i Braed?-ay, lloom ?-'-'>.
M A..N i. ii i n-|- (;ra"-l '.I '"* |.I'U" :'
.-.I.-i,rat.-d make; n, ,\ natentoi -iv. .1 tone;
lii-t- I..-, in ,..,.n ,,?, . ,??., ?.|| a| ;?,|.
Bee. < all or a.Ilr h 1.771 l.'\ " r..n , ?
i' \ i i.ni i.ii \iivi jj \"r.,. ~.i,
,,i :,.,'.i royaU) , mt. ri... uni. key ring.
i\.-i- j.ut on and aeaaovrd aril?nail Bpesii.B
rmi-. Bight seller. I'heaplj msasfBi "ii- d
rn.I.d _ in Patent Solicitor-, ii:,
?'? -adway._n,Hlk ,,,.,._
**M.s?.Ve has* mad'- un I'm rtr?t.
il*** hon*., naf,,, enar-int.-ed flrr|iroof;
eur Sltoa, Sib, worth s.n. Call and e\
amine tfcem.^ p. ?? imuSS. 40" li"war.
TWO DILI s"\ri- l I.if." MsrTIB
safe, hui alar . ???e.t n,llt-,|, de-I*-, and l*iir
titioti i-ki-aii. 22Q leiitn-st
i'MMALLV atiKA-TIVK rsrsai.
ai end* I Investment, e.i ooo t? SSjOOS *?aJiu*d
to de*eio;i ahroat e\, e.duigl. mentor lou*
inveiiui ri |n aU|ili industry earning MK) per
neut more than pre...nt nroBU. Inve?tl*.-a
tlon Miltcltad KIKI7D - CO., Ea tent
bolleltor*. .4* -tJao?a/.
Dclji (Jjuiuco.
HER- i <?:? iiii.v; ii ic \ 1 lox; un.
i-.KAI. i oM.MI-.sl.>N \M> KEXEWAL
I'AID; li nu ci HIT MEX, PERM A
SENT AND I'lioi ir wii.i; i i.sitii.**,*..
aui:.n i s.-.sui...*\ or reau?leaton, osbbb,
??'. Imerition nf lha aire New PatOBl
ken ii Ink Enslng renell, Belli (,,
I'.l.t. Works like mach-. ARpnt- make
?r.'-. to i= 1 ?_-.". pot areas. Write HON HO?
RK AXER BKll, co.. X 700, Ea L'ro*.e.
"::>. wizens w -.XTED.?Experl.ki
?rgi-.nl>*, i. -anted .Hi lr member* roi
Ike Imperlil oiler ll, pta-, ph.. This oH.-r
par* promptly, at. d.-ith. from 11,000 io
a**.OOO. Liberal term* ,,ir, I, Apt Ij lo
JOHN W. ERECT I No lpg Weal I4lk-st.
WANTED I.,-.tn,, engineera. Br*>
m. n. freiui.- nulli , -<iii?rn tor- ond brake.
iii.-ii for arork oat of Xew-Yerk City, ,\p.
ply utter tr a. m. ut lillll.itil-r,?,m. Pearl.
mUSSee, t'nlted Slut's Hotel, lull,?|
and Pearl, 'itv.
tilork UJantc-.
a RELIABLE .Max d.-itv-i work of
an] kind; moder*/* osages; i,,.- had io
? .-irs- experlenee as ? hookl.irid.r. Ad
tra*, W, . rare Tribune._
tirol NTAXCY. \i, experienced tZ
mn.um: open* i..-. pesta periodically,
prepare* halanre sheet*, accounting* etc.,
ii', len I, ? rate*. Address REl'ERT,
Tribune OIBee.
A vni'Vi, MARRIED max trlahe* any
lilli,! of uno ; lu -food ref, renie. FRED
,., IIZOO, A2\ l.a-t ill.st-st.
Al (Ot.NTANT. ?.f experience and ahlllty
n. - res issi' anent position as onie* Bun
?'?'I ni ? ie lu luau; thoroughly rauabi*
,,: tn!.inc charge ,,f Isrgn li fei ls
r un .int* : lines 'eptlo able i, f.
'?renee* .nrni-li-d. Addle-- Al 'i'. ll' N TA XT
Ito*, 1 I. fri billie nil,.e.
WSEXC1 t, represent .Ww.York lions..
f,,r L-rrx,!-- *neeialtii-* reference* ar.d ?e.
' "i ,H i/lo i, ll ' Bl Tl'"*. 1.018 I.mt7.
c id ii,iii.-i.
Itv Kl i Xiii it or PORTER In Blore.
i.v ? yoong ma!,- is kandy "ith tools ind
.'?-dei stand-, | ia In tl ne: i."t and r diable.
C i' ii. ix* . 701 :.ti,.:i\e . Urooklvn.
BAR Ell i i -r- la - bri .1 -.ml .-nie"
1 -.nini,n i;r>Bi'.Ki
?ll I >. t s .-?. |(.,e!t.-t.
cition i rn routh. 16. seeki em.
[.loyiwni ? ferme-! from (few.
i irk n i? "m.- hon-** iddree* AMERI.
IN I 1,1 -I .,ii lil |o I luhluVllVIlt Si.
?i"t)_V. cir,- ii,_
i ? . . Ci i'i.i;. ,utdt~e-ai*ed 1 *fi" *<"
Bill one ?e.urlng me ',lli-*j norn that will
?tay not leas than tV2 weekly. I'll. .lol.ES.
; ' -.-. I i Ul ??
lin KKKEPKR in i ? i-iWT -Kt
* >-,..,.I,' ,, Ul : .X|...,|,e,e?|"
?',\l,,,i- Ui :,!.,: .? : .mi boeill***; et?
ti ?? ,? ? ?? ii ,.!. - c. alar-. m
'!?? -. ,\ S I.li;-.iN. .(I Weal 1 un -i
uOOKK cc.l-l lt ai ?? - l i N....K tPHER
".,.| ?? ? ' ? ? I ? ... - f i: llienl ol temi*,,lal f
-?oaltion; IO i"ii- e\|ieiie n ?? : etrellenl
'? ei'l M ll I c.- 'it'i-r . li
ROI , 1<- strait, "i r ??*?* ? ? n '. ,
? li ii - ?>? li -, . o trad. . a . ASPER,
\ .-? i
I'.il, i'.'',i ll. **i-l.,- :?. mon ir own
trade pocketbook ,,r travelling haas ; in.
r t ?" \| ? ?-. itr.xRY k rn-iii ks nm k.
i , ? .' ? ??,-.. ii eoid-ru.
HOI i i, ?,..ii'l like to let rn a trift
trade in Brooklyn, ci.i I> OIMI.WF.
.;, Xi..tr-ui't-*v?'.. Brooklyn.
iii'\, IA, Dring .urti parents, rrlobe*
situation aa ofSee nt errsind hoy; r.-fr
JOHN MILLER 2 tl 1-' ? .
HOY, IS, ireild like pnaillnn where In
ros alvanee hlsnelf; i,?> rel . \,|
Ireaa a. rosma iee. .'n'T c.?st Blafcel
nov. IA, Intelligent iii ort,.i whole.
?ale h'niar ,,? puhllthlni boote. Mra. A.
. .-cf., i ->ii??* Point, i. i
oMPirtSlTofi T-.io.rh'*.!-- . .i?~wl<lieir
i airlo , B yi a: >? pert,-ii A M
III I IOCS Oat i. Thi BB* "fli, .-.
> UtPeTTS roi "nf . ,an leith i yeo rs"
Utpeilenei de.ir*.-. -..<..non f'*?t al ft-'
?,. ? - i.m \v. ii lucks. ?:;: w**t
? oi I.ci Toll ie*1i_ii -itijifoi, ,. .
BBoisl.dge ..r haakkerntaa mirri >i Sf
rai - ??? i a be ?? bom i< :.?. I aobriety nill
' "ll res ir-r*' 8 Address i k,,\ 11,
I rf urie onne
' I.l KK Iii a young i, i., ? \\y H
sneed Bmx-toa* Beeton reference* i-o-i
Uofl In pesta1 furnish'iig ita ' a ' ItJ
H., 90 Cal Balboa, ve., Salton. Ma*.-.
~i ..Ml'oslTOR Y,.;.ci* nar, BaaTres .|T
anti ii j? i"" n -t. ii. .-?' ? rei. ??
,r ;?h.,| if ief. r III III It I.M \ N'X .III
1 a-- Xn'i-r _
. \sll I I B ?> I - Cl UK CW >Sli" |. ??!-'
?fsa l h.,t*i preferred cn,i reconmi-nda
IMS t'o.n J-t ? -bi . i -1 ? ?!?? II"! I.MIN, Ittl
UKI \' l.V. - Cv a ? ,i.t, h,,n .' uri I r,"
liable mee aa driver or kelp-rr; anderataod*
sr-, af i.or.e- arqualitee in ifr,n, Itl -
..tliKIl I Ilk) No th I'otilni.il ate, Hr <k
.1- _
URIVEII . ? ? ? ?
mini ; or as pur'-r or ire thin/. HER?
MAN -I'l CN I I'i I.- .u?-r _
I CIV I roil Kt X NI lt, I C.-t'ier,"
wanted ?. rletrator ronnel "r w .h. hm ai i ;
, in la?l poallloli > HARLI N
sci ncc .- H i . .- ?: r . Brooklyn,
i .N'.J N ; l.i-. i ii .. ,-t,, .milne h..d j;t
ye?r- ex|*erleaes a* ? m-t totte
d>*,.g|.Um?ri at twa Of tb"- I ir-.-esl sfeflli,
rnnr milla soi la tin- -Bat ?,ir, tiiii.-d Miler"
? nd burrs, .,<?ki. p^?it.|iei In the al.
,-?|,si*ttr ?niialnteo ii tb marl.in.-i,.e.
Mtentisl*. C W lr.'UsoV. 4td
u..i istn tt
i N..I Ni ? i; and M \" ll I N I-. I
situation; d.---- hi* ,,i.n Urine: plumber,
pipefitter: c-t elly referei - ,, \,ar
?\|.-i.i,. . ? ,!,. ..I: i*i<eirini' with bia own
tool*. c, wt. tl.
cn,,ini I i; ii, .,- ?? ,-t,i, s- merit,
f?>-t..n . bott I ol Bal Op ?"'?
-leiu llltliu'; first-.-la-. c f -r.-n ? ll
lOo-T. ""Il lilli .ve.
"l.M.I.Nl.l K "ant. .iii. uiideloUlTds
?leam Biting, steam h. iting un'i ind?iud.
eletston l-...h1 refereeee* fiou. i?sr egj.
l.N,.l.N. CK. '. . Mel M. _
"" i.v I'l c r ri fl 'ei' lr* ?pllee .
ateaiy, ,. inc in ioor? evnerlem<?
,.. .i,.., position tildi-? PaUL, IPS
lu-- BlUi-j-t.
I l.i A 1TOR . ?? ' K ol PORI RR
liv.- i ar* i'\| e.' ,u r.-n.'lit ant pas.
-. ?e. ," eli-vatoi - ,k| t .,1,-u,,-. M. i AV
AN VOH, .'I ' I ,-r ;;i , -l
" . Mtvir i: i - -:- thi ".uii' -i igl<
rood mil kel . . ire ,i hoi - ?? ,i,.iltn und
fl BB< oort ,? H< es I,l-l:,--- .1 I, ,
, ire "f Mr*, MtilraHi <4" Bast -Mtb-?t
I-Kl. ?*.'.. I* \ I N i CK .'irst-. las., ?l.,,i.
la wnrii in prtrat ? bow*' rltj .,. i ?.i ,
irv ar r-a-.tiiM- osge*. .'Kif?. DAHL
H.i l\.-l ITU .1_
"" KIRE.MAN .-i. ? ..'? po?ltlon: utuler
?ur,, l. nu mit* uni ii, a hlii- ri c..*t refer
\ ' . - \i iC.TlN -.:: inline
i i c m i n iltuatloo san) I bj yeiin ?
ri..rn Vt feer* of age, ?? Br mian . B .-ills'
r-tperleUCe ll lill,ie ll',',-. I.ru, P ri-,
, iiu'i. dept.
iioirsEowxEit4*.?a atronrnaranas .ar
peou-l i,.i-liu' all loel-. <l-' im Se ,11
i.utK hillie, lt a - ? ' C"" B? bouae
rogolrer. WILLIAM lo, HEM, 4 t5 Weat
i in . ; ?'?:; ll. ii, ni md "lr,- M jj,nie:
.,. gat* -|,..i. .. .1 eui iii"l Rngllah; un
dei tint all funiii .*s md i.uniiH.: Bo ba a
..Milt i.-rei.-u .... hil'-. Kl.. Vi.' I aol
i.- i *? _
.1 VK1T0II liv . -''I' t'n aub i Sm
?-.-I.in ?? lan,le, . :?.rr. i oi helpei el Work
al aiiytl.lng; hand* ii .i'i nages moJerai .
ll a, itv n -i N ;n; Here u H li lyu
LAWYER, <: ? Hnin - i ra. I ? Beidrea
paaitl .li "Uh -' >' Hil .1 ." pr.MtlOH oi'
linn ' I inli' ? Mtv -i"i ,. :.' , ". I troUu.
?ta BB* il'.l.Clonal wm' , -alar;, rea
. ii i. |. iii .? i-r ?. KI.X, Tribune
oili. -.
I.l i K*?>i lill I,, l-i all, "hi, , III iiolil
,?, ral ii "il Bre, ?..',i- weil.. A Wh'**
I .oi K -'_?'rn. ?,!". ti --' Wi-al ll b k.'.
Mis .,11 IK*-. |Usl I.m-t. 'I - feral
, IM ,.. n ,? B' . "si" I" men '
|- ln| ?,!,??- Illfll - I.I-, le'.U. ul-" Hf,', i" V
tin ll. li.mi .i \ . cu*. I* deal-run* af
I,..,'. -i ,n un,.|,-ai- ii,,...- -.In ..
lint, o Ci ill llln ? ",l- : rel.-.. :,, ?- riom
\ ??-A ,,r.i pto diem hii-im ? nun. td
ui-,. iii, .1 H.. h. if. r m. ??? IC KAI.I'll.
IO lil tri. ii > C.?! C.
nll.l.w Kl .11 l Voling n,in d -it -
? in da mllloriglii. !.'?" h B -.. i" il
ii ikiu and . >.|" ni -i soi I Mi IS ililli **
l;,i i ?:? ii - .M. ave W ?? ' lloboki n. N I
.M.-.s-l I K x. ill. lou- expel. 'I lire*
a toe '. ' lu'ii-'? 'iiiei't- I rm lei-, mod
.,.,*.- tdd mw il IK. Iln\ IHO, Tribune
i pta wa olio.-, i.'ij lt rood way. _
MoDI l.l.l- l|. I ii i , li. - ? I.', |.h.*t r
au,l Sn small umi l.o '?? nodels; wishes
. i? Hon. tildi ne sloOKLLBR, s\;?l
li r, nu -''I ave,
NI'.HT \\ \Ti'ilMA.N. in a middle
je.-u mun: -tr,,'h teuiperaie; refetenee
in ni la-r , uii.lo. ? . . , all *l BO_rt*M
III . CCU .-111 lai.-l -J.itl -t. _ _
r.t.\1_TkeiT i ' '
n/iki'i .,:,,! di iU'.-li'-iu,-,i .'"l-l.ii'i it: 'i,
111 ? li* i.l ,'?,'ililli ; li'O.I I- fer> IU ?? ? x i
die. C. I> -.'I'.*. .s;h ai, .. Nev.aik. N I
PORTER i>:.in? -ituiii ii tu Ul ..'i'i* :
iia-?ii , Ith toola; understand* ga* imgimo
ain' inman- .. ami he li rn i 'Hi i--'-lilli best
left i, ure*. J. C, Rot " i 'I htonw i l<*
tomi oin.--, l.'.'u lli*..1,1 nay. _______
PA1U|I El l Ci," il cocisill-.lt.
l-i.-t rises; .(ants Minali jun-, rloan ng,
,.-|,i,ll-hin - n,.,.i- uimIhii,,, iiiiniliile,
it.. 1,,-t r fei.-ine. a kirana i-oi.isiii.K.
Hot I. Hil,,|||e Oil,ie. _______
I't.i Mlil.it mn lal. "i-.nv of bu.*.-* and
keel' then, li r, irili fur uui.er or ai'.nc
lil lth-st. _
"I'AIN'U.K. Ul "a III-I-Ins*. ' N|..*rl
i-ri..I rreeco BStolee r,.r all arorSI ?lahes
Ni adj situation; iialuniiif on alU, f*?i><-*-r i >
mid canvas ,.??' laity. -'????" Stnnivi'.,
M ki '_
TOWX OKI'lr E. N.. l,S4i B*J*s?S?By. M
igor tuirtn of Tlilrtyllr-t-t,: and _2?ER.
riRKMFJITs at the folloeins Branch pf.
me: 254 Hth-avo.. s. e for. JWd*t.; 1.12
?to-ave.; 187 Pourth-B%-e.. roi-er Poor
g"*V?ji 7U0 Thlrd-ava.: ?? _-* _8__
-"-enth-at;. comer 84-sve.. !*? ?*???? *-?'??
n* naas tkird^v*.
(Doxa iVameo. _
PORTER or URI VI.lt.-bj s young man;
? an furnlsn m.* heat of reference, oeo.
ci nni.ni.iiam, 257 Weal BSMtonet._
PORi'EK. -r.?By yoong man ai porter,
packer, or K.-n-mllv tuetel. Joit.N liol.ur,
SSU Ea?t :ctd-et. ^___
PA1XTER umi Kai.sm.miNER. In?lde
ut out. BsnU -cm ly work ; elly or ...un
nv ri ... a day. Addie** J. LIND. H7
i ii?>iii. ey-si.. Brooklyn, -.'.i door.
~~1'Al.VII K. in*' etoBS, nil bran.hes. will
d? Hork iia-.e.aMi . re.en?ce* frost oom.
,ii, make iMtliiviles. PAINTER, Bot
;-.47. V-242 Brood way. _
?irh si\ monia-,' experience, ariefcoa sicia
ti,.n n-keie Iben i- rkisicn of Bdvsnee.
Biest; iii-t-'hi-- reference* und rarest.
u.,.incition ; salary moderate. Address A.
elMON-OX, rotten\11te, X. Y.
-ALC3M AN - 11 dry^oo-i -alesnia i
want* Indiana territory ni s,,nie Rood joh
liing, or lin|s>rtliiL lum- ; funnel ly omi or
the l.-adlriK sal'-'ue'i of New-York ; can com?
mand a bli; trsle. Add.es- Ros 0*>. or cn*.
Iwrg, Ind._ _ _ _
si Cl.i;i>Tt-.N;"lH'..NT"ur "roiU.MA.V
in- lonni.' mun, SI, Brat-elest draugBUman,
ma, tini-t nnl pittem-makei- j unil'-r-tJiitl.?
forging; fuCi cort pe toot t- hana.,, limn,
develop inventions and elie, t erooomlej Iii
miiiiula, tnrli'i: eHSDMBBSHBtSt llral-cla**
record amt referenci*. Ador.ss n... -io.
Tribune i'ptown <riii..-. I,:.'!-' Brander*/.
KTROXO M.W SS, vlabeaa alt?Btloa Bl
aiivthlng: nut afraid fo work night oi day.
.1. 80 ll KIRI-E, KM Eust llth-.t.
Ta ! I.oli.?Danish yoong men: Hied 7
von- nilli De II,, ry me: rim nail"' lill'
COBt, inuits and lest: wishes u at*B$** J1'1'
r.,r the ivlinle mu round: will Hulk hv
oeek or piece. SORENSON, IM'.' Bsa!
H-.I-I. ______
TINSMITH.-Ry a Int-etoae tlnsmltb;
Ins! le Hork: moderate 'salatry; sb-adv and
???i,-i .nhl.,- a. NEN DEL, :'.i~ Ale
C.* I'.I'C l.-.MA.V want-, another furnace
r,, attend in M, in.r. : reference. RoitKKT
OREEN, U' U'e-t e'tll-M.
VVANI'l ll -i ii".liars. pamphlet* *>n.i
ptcB, et,-., tu dlstrlltiife Itt New.Haven and
ld kilning eooBtlesi reference. Address
? UM-TUONO'S Memy, h9 Clmrch-st..
Nen -.Haven. Conn.
H \n UMAX Situation Hunted as
hotel watchman in .New.York or Brooklyn;
mid. -nini- boilers end elevators; lien.
emily ii?.-ful : -e. erin arid testlmonl-ls.
Josi i'll i tl'ROLL, P. 0. llo\ '2.V2H.
WANTED, iii i, ei mali, married, 40.
? , rk el .<"i kimi i i.-ii ii it.-ii in ins-d
of lt. RF.IKE 5.1 Cumberland.*-, Brook.
\\ vN'icn ic. m young inarried mau
a is,-ii,en in -oiue m. reaotll* bualaee
..'.. ,.. en. itv H|,:| integrity would renae
?!.!? ant.'.,,',r etpeeieoaed; BatSersto rsl.
arv ai beginning; is'st of r,f,-i>?!,?,-. td.
Jr.- ll lt. 228 Trh-aie. Brooklyn.
IC! ,. litton* nf a't wis,l.-s. nan be -e ut :il
c. apnlylng m advance ai cums 11 a.n
AID Tn I Mi-l.ii* MI-'AT HOEftWV, SO
Ku:!- Roars
YOl'.VII MW* -lti"|e f?"ir,in itfiMlii"
,?? el ? ni ?.,. )'!a'-e lr, .omi
I, ? c.- unit r |.?*f reference; na
'..??I- Addi ? A. C.. 1 l 1-t-st.
I .l No MAN. IP, ?|sh?*i situation
wleie he eas advance: nilling mid i.h'le
|li_; reference. A,I,Ires. C, V. I... '-'illunie
? '
.o' No MAN. L'l, Kig$ea to Him th
iiil'teitak. i's hu: .iii,-.. . .an InrilC !i Al IV
-I.ree- \ildr'-- N, 17 SI, l'iSrl"*-?t ,
Co-ten Ma--.
YOI'NO MA.N. SI; Intelligent, reliable
d***;:-. st, tv |.oelt. or ativ klnl; tirst
(IBM -Mell, ,- J. ,\. i:. n,x lift,
I 212 in ed tray.
Yo. No MA.N-~'n~^irs7%l>erikT.T??"i'-T
iii., ii..',! I like position at anrtklBC with
, hsnc . f ,r adorn.ni beal reference* and
security, v. v.. 1 227 Broadw iv
IDork IXlanteo.
A r. \DY of exp ROSCO wintw tn hsndl ?
ir,*. , ? si -?? : ? u lani -' ap-l<Itr. 1 ,,-iv - uir
,.*n one. \,lili.s- Mr-. "\Vr.sr. 177
ICa-l ?? i'. Kooli! SS.
LABELLER a tut ""WRAPPER.--By a"
led* in irkole*Ble grocery is experienced
I'-.-ter sod I*belier nf <? ic.-. sirups
homy and ?lad oil. E. E.. lin Ru-ton-al.
I'l.-siM. TABLE, koors~"~sirZ ""-o-fJ.
rapid writer. e\p.*rt ?t BgWeS, Hm...- Bit.
nnilu.i iu ? ir.e oi ...shier. ,,r MilealoSy In
Inkery : se, ni Itv references. :M.l Rolph
ne Brooklyn.
-Young iidi ,,f .\i i- len, ?? desire* -it ii
lion ruifd-rite -aim t, N-.'i , gao*J ref
> rem,. iv \V , MX Warr-n-st.. Ul.. iKIvn.
IIH'M. CA ll I desi ' |, .-Ul , I a.. ' un,
pantoo ii,! erl -,"1* ??' nes. ,i iiion r'e ???
sUtant l.'-t i' r.-i. rei., c. A, ,1 .-? 17d
NS... VJ'',-t.
Domcatic Situations IDantrb
ern.i.i:.-Bj * --omprteni yeoagesssreS
'nail in privet* tanlly; h.-si city rsfsr*
encea; la-t employer eas Iw s.-ia I HAP
Man, Sift ue-r iitli--t
111 Tl,CK , -Int-1, hand,.I ?By a ...j.itik
I'.-.'., -hinaii el -isi1 lui!.I'- 1-. ., I- ilal.le
tenant; middle ard ant -ii... prefer*
a u.i. imiii rltt mid Brooklyn refer
.-1,.... a.I'Ii-.-. . Il KN RY IIARItlr-ON, .11
I a-i 19th -'
Ci I'l.I lt l*i . li an of I.si ii eal i rleq i
Hiid ??*... Il-nl procure ka* IC-' Bilk ?ur
, : tki ! esl (BB Hie* lu l-l- ill- tl li-e?
\C li rrtbOOi' I ptowii OSlie I -I- Hn^d
l-l i i.i ri li. , ii , | hinan in i
l? , ai. ran i I ? .ti "i i on.iii | -rr, li
place l ?? si .iti ref-i-t-n?s or pereoss1. Ad
r ?'-.'..O'
ri ll,I ll Hi ,i .m.ur EiiL'll-hiii*..
H..-. .,.. lust . mt-loyei ? :m be - BB
lit;TEER rare "f Hr. Btewo, :il? ebbI
.t l.r- st.
i 111 .1' ol COOK - Ki J ft li'liin ui
speaks i n-.'ii-h: nit- ran tears Preoch ?.
heb olhererl*. ?tili til lespeetsbl ! J'l I
anil, j c ?.i Paris, -ii w BRI. Bob BT,
1,-142 lirusBwoy,_
i',"'l*. Bj a lieu, I.k. win. 1- :il*o
a '.'oed ii.i-Ii, ook. in pru it>* famlli he.t
,-f-i.u... and i. ?hillie tim- itl'..
i I.. Tribune l'ptown iMBee I 212 R*oay.
I o, ij.' in ,i p. ? : ' i ....... I Cr ii I.
. hei hu 11 iii,- fimiii . best ? r reft i ?>? i -
c..., . , .? L-mployei nsges BfodelSt'. -i.o
\\ -i _ i tn - -1. .*- i
COACHMAN l'l", iiainil lol lil?
li inf, r lor oa''man. WM. I). UAR
HOI K, ls Will--! _
I'OAEIEMAN .,.d \ il.l l Iii ju Eng
llakman iboruugblt cupern-n,-*. : r\. rRent
cit* reference*. Addresa V. u_Hi>K.V
, ai o.s- '.'7'. Btk-SI ?
i ?? \. iimaN.- it. married mau a.i-i.
-au . ihorou.nl' ni ib ratanda Hie ar.- ,.r ttuu
h,,ls-. I.a!. - .,:'t Ji.l.i'.e- ii.,,.', . ar-ful
dii\ir: lc rest heel ,iti and eotwtry
references frem last employer who si be
- . I-|.?.. , all el -ti li- -s I' ll. I. .
I.iii'.i vt, ihip ?',,- Brooklyn.
i 11 li UM AN, Kuli n !?!'? - tu r e. om?
ni ml I.,.|, .,.',.... reu.s.lll to, |.irtln:.',
living n| karee* VppU IS lost 'Uh-st.
.' H ll'll\ .md (,iv..OM. Ki a i iung
ms... S4, ..I." ri,....rn :i,l) n.a.-i.'aii.i- In.
Iv/m *; ni- i,?-'-? ii** references ft.
I ill.ct i u. w?i ...u, -
v. ll M \\ ~ ld , .,.i . rcliabli;
?logie mau; -.*-..-.-? ? -1?_i?.i_. uudemtan?*? ho
I on,, . ? \? : : . I .liner ,-U.i ,?
.(tl l milk, iitt-nd lo riiiua .- nu.I l?
-ef.il es -ell,-III ,-fe|eli. ,...
Iame* k .j. ii, J', ii,m.- otu, ,,_
, ., \. hm i.N. ni a compete 'i ? ll ibli
luau : ,i|,ii,? ? 'I dniei ; iii iii ol
. , mt, ? ? . ipi ill* u-.lul ; ii,,! .r...!'. >'f
nail Hork ran altoM luina.-, aol milk:'
:l :. l-l, i ? ?? . .', _i ,.,n . nen, one'
Keilli. ,,,a.i in HM ,-in. M. ic IL.
Itu i" Tritium untie.
i o ii ti il \.N lt) iii-i . i,.. idj
s.,i?-i reliable mali: elly artier; thor
u"'hu .-vp. r.ein-, d . perfect!) rompeteiil:
, I C> le.CH" ie ? lill' U-. 11,1 III M.
re ii'i.inelfd.d; lug nfialil nf work: single;
inllK, en*.: rlty or country, con UMAX,
IM ? Bili??*.??.
inf HM V.N C-.tnl.ua:,. I ??-< ll -Ii. single
SS; i. in ...ch I;, ci,, ,',,; it,,, h.,,.,,. bsrne*B.
terna ?- Ike -.un ? kepi In beal ordei m.t
nfiBl.l ut wore -,,i? ? -HH.h dour;
irlilh.u and poi Ile; .me rum.ne Sr.;
m de, it.- wagra beal i 'ei ?,,.??- i-ounrry
>,, oljeellou. W. A., Hiv J.-| Tiiliiuie
to\; IIMAN ani l-sl.l l I.M l.N III a
?ingle .1 ali li.-oiiin: beal references i i lt)
,,i country. Addr.a* ii. uREJ ic ?'>-. l-<-t
lOAill.MA.N. Bj a sin-i,. -n, ,1.-. Bge_
Pl; - c-r. n mine ami in,ur.i ,iii ,.. coun?
try: ; uue v,, ,.i care of ev.-ntliiiiL'; excellent
man III ei.-r< poaltfc ri : l?-i i-fereii, ???- : la-t
employer >an be stsm in iiti. Call -.'-U
!.:.-! :t-''l--l.
lotillMA.N mid oilooM. Itv a abigla
protest?ni lourie man (Hwede); iluiruuKliiv
iiii,i,i-cn,.is iii. hu.,,,,..., careful driver)
?i,ii ii IB lng ind ol, lu. ig: o-lll -.' I Rood
?ailata. lion; a hui -eli. i.-i cit) ... ...un
ii, et ,"i >ui i p.,, I,., ii ,,,, ia.i employer.
I'llAKLKi, 104 Ea?( .Mh-t.. carriage fa*.
I'OAi UMAX, liv single Prot^otonl in
pritate lamlly; ean Billk, Utosd fnniaci's;
useful Indoor*; t. r refen-ece* fruin last
?ii pb-vei ? ;?, , i ? Hunt' v. Address
. ll VKI.I s. -Jll'l l.a-t ?.'Ht ii st.
IOU ll Ml N I * ! . on?[> MAN. -Bj :?
ii.um/ Knglltliuiafl : throe veur-' cosrkmsB'a
tefl rem ??; , lu ?r loimrii. lld. Wile
son Q I*.it t.ii. Cn, ,. Huh..;, a ul llfh-aye.
I'OAI ICM l.N amt OROOM.-By B Mepec.
lui,le. I,,dii-1 ru.ii- laoag .: MOgie; BB.
dei-tiind- on,- hoi.,-, halli -s unit car?
lia-,-.: is'.t ref.-ieii,-e. : country preferred.
I. c.. Tribune rptotrn Otter, I 243 ? ?uv.
I'OAl'IIMAN, OROOM, g*?*rsM*f u*e
fill: th.uah 1.1 nn.1, . ian,I- hoi?-. , .-li?
ll il'-, and hirosSBa; e\, elli lil i-'f-re'ices;
elty or ...ullin salary ajuiderate. Addi*.-*.
HELLER, Jd Weat I itb-t.
I kai IIMAN. (.Kooli er l.iHn,.
MW ll, a I.u .,e,?,aii .ln(fle: timi.
uiigbli 'ompeie'ii iii care a <l manBgekarbt
is* burses, harm-., i arrluites : good Irli,-,
lin..!i ii Ul. I rioul Ibe hii'i-e' Hil I,- fount
.oher honest, in,in.til.rn ? mill mt a fri I I ,,f
um Hoik beet c fereini-s : pll) or eonnlry,
Aldrc s t'OAf'II.M AX. 2''3 \l'antlc4iM'.,
rOJAOHM KS.-in rn Benth man-. n-Bl|y;
a sirona, wTTRii-;. ?Ingie mon : has good
reference for chBro<-ter and ability-. Ad
Brm* WILLIAM, care ot Trinity Pariah
Ain-niaynient Bureau, Nets-Rachelle, M. y.
Domestic Sitnations CDanteb
COACH MAN .?By a alngle nmn: willing
and obliging; rolf best city references.
J. W. E.. IIB Emit ll?t*?t._ |
COACHMAN and GKOOM.-By a single
man In o privet.- Ieoi|lv us coachman ana
?.entre! mw; thoroughly lOBipotent; Uk.
'hai a- of a gentleman ?? lUble : .Brat-cla**
city rufereuce*. Addie** JAME-, IOU
Wen 42d-*t._,_,
COAtHMAS.-.Meriled. no children;
ttrli-tly temperate: ha* be*l of testimonial*.
sis., personal; thoroughly .-oni|ieteiit to take
chime of lame pla.-.-; city or country. .M.,
140 West U'.Hh-st. _
i "AIRMAN.-Just disengaged on. ac
count of faintly giving as instr bora**-,
?ingle; laat anu finner employer* can bo
seen. M.. 140 Weat 58d<t._
EXPERIENCED English butler and
walter Reek* eiigageniex.t; tkorougkl)-, capa?
ble: hlgheit reference*. Addrea* ?____?
MLE, i.'hrlitlai, Aid to Employment .Society,
of) Bible Monte. New-York._
""1555 Mot SSOOsTP'M AN. -By a roting
moil; thoroughly under*! tn il. kl* dulle* :
illy or country; beat of reference*. Ad
Ure-w a. H.. L'lO Wost Old lt._
OARDE.NER.-liy a gard-net, flori*! and
landscape gardener: win vr*i-.l li- all worn
applvlii)* to a .-.'entlemali'* place; refer?
ences, w. R. LINDEN. Old Lyme. Cou ti. _
M'ltMK. .tc?situation moiled as nurae
or companion fur invalid K'-i'l'enien by
rnld'lle-aged ii.iiii iii Mowen; competent, ie
Hubie, i-.fiii|sin!.Niabl-, with beet refer
etuis, from physicians and others ? term*
rea enos Ide; se objection to traveiiinir or
going lu country. Addresa KREEMaX.
IBS KoowaBd-ave., Bieoklys._
NP1ME.?Trained, etc., by intelligest
mari, open for au engageBMM : has Hiv
.?'Ixl extensively; understands nuuuuge;
tenn, moderate; travelUm.' or located.
ETTRIOOE, SSS QolusilsiS4ive._
.TrUM-VlT^ OOKor LL* NC HM AM il
slr-. Hork. Ituihei- Shop. 4f? si-iiituno-t.
MKCOND MAX.- \ ladi wi.he* J situa?
tion for -a strl.llv ...her, reit able s. ot. li?
llian :,. aecens rsm to hesse; ran be sees
at 101 Po*! Hfth-st.. hetv.-eii ll und 1
o'clock, Mondav.
il.. OM)..MAN oi VALET.?Bv cumin
P'nt man Knglish : d!*.wgage1 December
I. A ld ress VALUE IOU West A'il'l.,
Tribune branch. _
UEERUUmfEW. - By a middle-aged
S?'e"-. American. ie?pe.table and honest,
h isii.-s -te.uv i-oxinii in hotel a* bandy
.is-f.il-man; ' carpentering, itlarlng. fm
ni-..ii ? shades. Italaomlnlug and all kind*
if painting; Il rsi-c lase : low wa-.*,-.. id
dres. .1. If. AMIEI'Sl'N*, HeSJSStBB- VII*
'"""? 1'J:_
I hci CL-.MA.N.-O'imuu, ulalie* to take
,n.e nf fnma e* Bud sul-.-xalks and ni'ite
iiIbmoU geierallv utsfiil. WUK, ll l, IMO
l.t.'. VJtl,.?t._
I'nKPl'l-XAIf.?Sty rn Swede".*?! ; trill.
li,ir and obliging: quick anil smart; good
references: -.-nod worker. Call or ?ddr.-*
AKKH-TRnM. S12 West 3lllii-?t._
CsEKl'L-.M AN.?Bv a single Scandi
nomi: 7 year* In th- dtv ; position as
iiaafal lass niH.'it ksoasi ali a~**r?d ref.
eroBeea can B* had. Address I.. M Vt"III
>ON. i'i Idtli-st.. Br-okl.vii._
I'MRPI'IcMAN en I W Alt Mt.?M) a
reoai '"ieru.*u: r-f.-r- iee; urid.-r-ta.-.d* lui
ua.'.-t: willing and ittilitflng: prlvat- mn.ni
Bl hf* dliiK-li"""- ii mt,-rate *iilnry. lill,.
UKK. SB vxesi Htn-kt._
i "KFrh-M.lN- -J vouiig Euell e-*-**",
,n ena l private ramil v' do'tor's profetlod;
i.,.ui reteresce*. A. _.. ISO East I'.mwt.
VAL--, WAITEk! "~t/cT .-Keep.?*tebl ?
rekired niau Beal re* position as xrii.-r or
?alt-r in private family, or as porter for
.-iritj, ortlce, hot*! or store; 8 -.ear* a* por
'.-r In drui/stor-; atrl.-tlv temperate: beal
references. Addreoe EDWARD MONT
oom I UV. 110 West I7ili-*t: rear.
WAITEH Colored min wants a posl.
Cn as trailer in private family: not. afraid
of work. I'r,*s,-i-t employer, SSS W-st
" u a rn-'ii.- Hy an txp-rieoced yoong eoL
grad ii a i In lm:irdliig-nou*e. private f*n.il
or hotel : reference*. Address WILLIAMS
'.?.'il Wost 40thst._ _
"WlrTEIl.'-Bv a re-?p*-'.table youne -ol
orel min In privet- ramil); -an be thai
eiighlv .-c. im.,, i-eVrt. tn i.-- neut and Sa'th
rul . rsa also alvi< Br*V?lBaa refer.nee* Iruin
last iiiaplimiM Vd-lr?s W. W.. Trlhiuie
L'ptswa oOce. IJIS liMadway _
Somsitu eitnanons <Donte5
A -A.- A -SWEDISH cook*. ibsii.U-r
i,?.,it argRrr-isss, laondreaaoo, naraoe, hons-.
arorkers. Mr* MALMBKilO- aStiasn,
: .Vi Uh au-.. ii|fstair-.
A. - - AT- Hi i XI Ot.. NI >'S7 .*TWe?r 4 "d-st T
Kernot ,i ir*,in -'.ii. ax.-.- Hati aake* pei e.
pBverneeaea, asMde, knraea and cook*
I rem h. SHcetsn. I'nrllsh, Scot, li : i ii la,
M* ol Empr.-* Ilit-ne's eked*, kit-len
oi- ?s^es -tiAi t<> >!;.'> taoadreaora, $10 t.,
? ;?' . 11.il.unit-, iisiir aaea, nnl I :..??
[lek lutlers aol rapt*, and Prcneb eeoeral
i oi. . ? ri r. oas * ell' ''""' '* htoiuli a.,
na^.-s tis; cook SSS.
ALI. KINO"", of j 111 ISMS I. I|. alnav. on
Kemi ror cltr or country. NON NEN
s. III N-i, 1", ^d-*i,-. i>--hi ,Sth..t. ; ,-stah
lisla-U lng.'._
AT lARPE.N'TER'.s liilernallontl Em
liloin.ont Anon.-y. L. Sntclltf silo- >asor.
i Lh. illb-ave.. near :<7th-*.t.? Thi* aifi-ru r I*
nored for rellahle help, keefe ii.ale and
r-nail*, (or .ur .ind country. Establish.*d.
1?47._ _ _
x LAICS ?Ish.'^ to lind a -food pl*, tf
fit a ilmi-clii"** Infant BOTSai uni island,
all '.'Tl. ur feed big I hl/hli r> -oliiiiieiiled.
i ,11 Mondav from 10 lo 4. \27 Wi-t
"*>tl.-*i _
A VOCNo LAO? oi exp- Morie- sr lake*
;o luke .Large ..f household; also instruct
reUOg ihlldreii trilling to >fu out of the
Itt. Addn?s E. E. W., Box l, Trie,ii
untie _
foMI'AXToN By s yoons lady: aroold
."st ,igat housework; PlQlottaBt, vd
:r-?- E. m., IS" Wathln-ttoii-ave.. Mli'lm.
i'CiMP.VNIoV.-By a .ieil.ri"coinnici.di*d
fOUBg I ii'Muli tt oman : or am pvslrlon of
ni-r,. i.ferenc.* asekBSgSd. Addryss
li -tM'TTl: B. 0 Addls.,i,.sl., i.loifis.
.Mle. N. T.
. r-Mi'\VioN"i.r SPAMSTHI'.-sS nitl"
iive BTVlee* for ph-nant hom.-. Addi...
Mrs. LAMAR, at pnsteoi i_gi|eyer'a, 4
sutton I'la*-.
COMPAJflOJt.?Toong En gi lab ladi'.'
i..ci-.', adsestsd pian.si. tut-?lat; apeab
lim kreiich BoeoUj aesoired Paris), de
-he* posliion . BBiBBnenola, i,.mei Boron
loiin-d to i-iiie.l soil, iv Bads island*
aouaehold ai?iBgOBiont; excellent refer*
-roes Writ- ROMP., Tribune I |.i
" i "OK l..ll'Nbi:i>S -I UAMBI: lt*
vt a 11>. iv.unu's.s rv tn., loinpitiiit
.in,nil m servants ; nould Bspsratei lu.U"
...il.: . itv or .mini rv . r.-'eicuni. RyE's.
UKI .Ith^ie.
cook - li>- i Brattrla** ..riT-r ,-ook. lu"
ot i ,i irma'.rani. I all oi address Mr,
DOYLE, 7-1 Woo Ckasibera.at
' ie i ix- md LAf N PREJ-S?C HAM BRR.'
Milli amt WAiritRkN -liv twa kIUs to
K-the- or separate, s- rook ?rul laundfiss:
i-bambi MisSd .cd oaltio** <>i heo*?*?.*rk;
i""i lefer-n-.. ss;! tan .'7th.-t . Kier.
nu's bell.
ii'iiK. Hi au ,\ ell.-iit tamlli rOB-T
mt i-tai.a. uii kinds ut reol-Bg; ls -.-oo,!
'aJl. r: ul; l,ln_. de... it., '..ilr.-.s elly
.f.relice. -22'J We.t :(.Hh--t. Jil Hool.
COOK. B.t j Brets ho. roon in ? prl.
tut.- :,,,iiii. : p., t ,-iu references, .lillie-*
ll". W-st -.'7th-st.
COOK.* Bl a iii'i- l*>. cunli; iind.i-.
-ru .,1 - rooking tketvughl- ; bea. titi refer.
fOCea. Seen at 144 Letlugtoo^ve.
COOK. By a yoong giri as lirst-,la^-"
..uk; in. Hashing, aerrisl >-ai- i r-i
-ie,- rn,.ii ine.. iii employer, .ul Weet
r.n.l u\.-.. ror. S7th-.t.
i "OK and LAI XDfti:-<s ii- lliM sr.."
loltK -I'v a o,ui,*,-./ji tunny h oma ii: .-\.
??H.*. t muk: first-, lass araakor ami Ir.nei ;
10 oi , uiinti-i : reference. Cull I ol7 oin
ive., bet. '.7..I. and '.*<th stn.
COOK. Uv l'isle iain non i-i : ti~oii.ii.eh
11 el Uss , IfUK III 'all I,I.II, he. Btenta,
.up. Bah, j.-iiy. beebe; isa .-..ok ioi all
lalioca: , 111 ol conntli . nag,-. i,u uhj.it
qi- muter. 1.017 $th"SVC.; ? ull tno days.
cook.-Uv a 0i?i.ila*? cook iu a pi i~
rale tamlli ; best of rrfereoroo: last rm.
? lol-I cali I.e *Q0O, I Oil IB West S-tb-ot^
' o, ix l,Al'M<KE"s.s unit llol.M .
tVoKK. I'y ? j..,mu Kiri; k??i referauee*
BJ Ca.t lObth-et . Iti-kiil, s bell.
i'i ok. L'n?r-raCaad* ail i,ini?~or~M>u7i?r
n,-ai- eaireo* ti'iit Se*aerto; ?iiui,i do
lOllseaeepme 1 tfo.sl .OoklllJ*. td.ll... I.
I. ICix CO. I'llliUlie I pto na Olhce, I 242"
tiru*?oar, _
i.'iib. Ci * Prote taut i.ii* ii on.au/
is ll ml .1 la.s rook 1 und. isl uni. ali luau he.
,i i'mii.Ii ami Kngltak rooking: loot resra'
,.st i itv ribrrenrea: city or country, lol
rih-u\e. : ring tillie.
~ixion jud I.AT"-.?"uTtiTs>"-i? 11.\Mii|.*7i7
'IA I ll und WAlTR-.-EJ4._Bj a mother and
laugkb-r; ran du eutlu. work of family
ni tl rely i.-s|t.-ctuble and Mri. liv teuiuei it..
in ,.r -ouutrv: mod. cit. ?????, f?, ll?lll^
0';^",*'.?..J';?"',",' '"'" '?"'??? ??? '-lli*?ve..
lellllx lill; .1. '
KU Ix HlJT fsiolcl, Tl'ule- in.r MUIIKIH
i? llr.t.ili.M fiimll.vai.il fan, i rook' i,r.i.
**??_*?'??? "?"*l-e.. *'AtQl'lN\S Hureau.
cook. -By eu "xpi'Meiiied SiartkTierT
linn cook in a small priiaie fm,ii, ? ..i..
.r .oiiiitii. MEIKIt.'l.VK last ^tiiiHt
.." K lu | .toadv aoioai, a; i,,,,,,,."
.Mik: (.est or l.lerences. _7,x West 4** I.
lt . Jil ll,.or. havk. >,Ht ^"U
i.iok. -OsSttong yoiiiiT iTermaiTJiTr
oed co,* and l-..,,,.,,,-- ,? to iKworki
nt friend a. n-.fnl maid: nae,,., a-i:
"ig;!,hg;r';";'": '??>.-? ' 8
< ooK. Klrst-cli*-! i.erniaiT cook 'wlsju
r-tne'e. "'^SlTt r"^'^^
mgmooa. .,8? Mat 8iti,.?t.. -,r.H*f,d
'J00*1:'-*?" b Proteaunrit* S$$__ST
?h.t*l_S-,'r' rr- ******* --no b^ss?;,.
??Ut w?*hltiu; elly or country dtv r,'t.
renee. JJ-ZlflE. l^SJiS-SWy
tiHih. wash a?d ffibJi.-ar"'-557
Wv vlrl: ii,st.,-less r-f-ron.-ea: good bread'
?Ucuii*. soup., ieoaerta: moiieraf.' rn*_M'
IU or cotiiitry. Call t?4 P.tat jlaST'
cook By good rook"; witt di wa?o*n_"
d Iro'ilng: le-st .Rv reference. |i_
fsst moat., b.tvre..M_flttt_B..d_7tfl aves.
'OOK.-a Brat .lana nwedleh cook~_eT
_SL__ ?? out ?? ,,0ok I*' ?B_e? and
^?rBeon partlea; Ereuch and AmrlcM I
J_W?'S; btrtn* reaaonsble; exrettent rat
A.-A.-A. Mwj - gBE_y
(torrserfy Mia* L. Campbell).
Servant- breaking eagases^ents wu
bo dl*mls?ed from eBlcc sud forfeit au
claim io tao Bard. ____?_*
?.? $)
AM) oth-ave.. I
: Mr*. Dewitt Wllaon, Proprlstreas, I
formerly with Mra. L. -eel*;. I
Foreign and Domestlo Help '
of all Kind*. . >
All orders aro promptly Ailed; I
i special attention to country orders; I
: reference* aro atrlctly iii vestl-jeted I
: and on Ble. '
i oiik.-A lady toing' abroad detlrro $
situation for her Kood .swedish cook, whom
sin- can io omni.-nd. Applv Monday and
'i nedai, Sesames io and 12 a. m., st SB
tatt, uni st. _^^^^
COOK.-A 1-55 SS ond pa'try rook
ulalu ? to cuter cy tin- dav lor tne holidays
In private fanilly. ll. ANSEL, flhl OtJi;BV*
"~ CHA M BERM a"M> and WAlfltESS.-Rif
a yoiiiix Kiri lu in hui.- family; city or
country; reference-,. Call -Jilli Ea*t tBAB.
Kt.. 4tb tell.
a r,--|>", lahle tutored girl. Adilr. s. X. Bi,
'JOH EBOt I7fli-st.
CHAMBERMAID,-A lady desiree a *l_
nation foi a reliable "lil es chambermaid}
o, rli.-iuiht-ri-Mi.-t and seamstress. Can bo
Merri it un Ei*t etSth-st., bs$V$an ll an4
I o'clock. Monday.
A l ni. .i.|i-. l?. -I .?ute a place for a re
Dahli u-i 11 I'* < Iiaiiile-rmalri and seamstress
Ot selllu.ll.s-. I an IM S''..|| at 101 Ea-t
.mi..st. between ll -?<1 2 o'clock, Mon?
day. _.
, IIAMCI i:\IAII'and WAlTRr>S.--njf
a roi'-g ein with beal loftiines. Andres*
I .' lt.. -2U7 Ei.t 7lith-sl. I
i ll-.Ml I.KM A Iii. Sc?By a r-*|-'ct
ali'e -.-Irl : Brill do plain swing; 18 years"
il r. 11,'s.l-iiiu la>t Sine- 4 17 Eas-, Afrtk-'
st. . lu, J tun_
I I IA MCr,ICM VII). Ac-liv a Br-4-cRM
chun hernial.! : ;i--i.' traoMngi do .e*sluc.
0 Kant 7llh-st., iiiii Moreen ll end 12
By an experienced Weetet I'roteatant: city
ni country, weronee. < all or addreaa
A. M'CAW, 51 ScWttAOB,_
CIIAMREKMAID, M TtsE.-lly neat,
ex p.-. I. "iced nhl: geed ch.-iinhermald : plain
sewer: Mud Hird cfclldeea; leSsssiSS?.
JAIQCINS. 0V2 drhav.!_
(Ham ii i: KB ai i> mtvi "Waitress. -Ry"
a Beal tidv. tiiiirouehly competent trlrlj
llr?'-'las. .itv references: nad'-rate wa?e*;
?lt] or country. Call lit Ea*t_*l?t**t._
li W'S WoRK.--Vou.ig .SoedOti womnB
ii.iiild like toft ??rk of auv Kind: timi
cUsa laundre-.* 'ind hon*.* cleaner. AdOres*
HANNAH Tribune Ortho.
DAVN WoRU.-Br u respectable women
to ff,, out bv rho dav -ewiig; or would
cine sick 1 idles; Kood reference*. CoU
?.di Weet .I5th-st. _
" ua\'i "vi ni:'- -".iTT-iipectabi" .oman
Misii.-s to mo eel bv th- dav deaning op
waMili'g; city i.-i inc.-.. 7'l Weet V th-?t
DAV'S W(7R'K.---sSirmg?eoman naiiaT
w?ehin-f, Ironing and cleanliig hy the day.
liRIMM, l*;i West Ig.'d-st., top door.
IIOC.sEWOKK.~-By ii neat, tldv young
giri: ni-t-'ia.. reSrfonoee; good plain
? oolt. ,?a her aral Ironer; modente ?m(,'t;
, Itv oi country, r al! 124 Eaet 41st-?t._
HoC<KKi:KI*Elt -BJ ? mld.il.-aa-d"
won,mi as iio-i*eh..-|,er lui mau and fife
or widow, .'liri 7th-*t., Jersey Cltr.
Iti?i>Ei":i-:i:per.-7Ty~? PSfnssTjSssR
ol i,-linen ut and sf.lilltv. over pt, ta
laclielor. oi widower with or ?sttbnut chll?
ui, ii. rossi* li nt in uki- -mire a?asp ot*
hons, md devote bi chill.-en a ww Barra
tai.-. .1. H., .ar Crombie, 222 Weak.
ifni M-'WoRK > r ( OoK.-llv a Ocrman
gill' .-Itv o- lOBBIiy. liM) West -J.',rh-st.
ll... -sc.iio.iK Kl uri American Prot
ueruiu i-lrl : excellent I,re ul and biscuit
irn.ei : v,? I oorfcer; ouutry preferred;
wis... oin. Pl.oyo. ISd Oth-ave.
Hoi sKWuRK. Ky a u-specuble Biri
to do Until hoiineii.,rk and .i?-l?t esk
:blldieii tai. -ew ilielv eal! Sunday
end Monday. O'BRIEN, tl* Tnt Slst-st.
iln 'KKwTtRK. COOK and LAEN.
DRESS. Bi dem. .edipetetit. Pr-te-Hant
?eilT.t; i-jly or collum : g.sid nTetero.
t ll Manley ;in<! Tnerdoj n;T VoJtettV|
Brooklyn : n? letter*. ^
HOI ?l i\l.|IK Cvle.lell d IVOIII3II a*.
-ie. sKastloo, r,, do 1 i --n t .I-, .turk: my
Beckie**; I ??--. i i" irlcl Bte*, l'l We*S
_. <i--1.
lim si iv.iiin V.nmit W.-ish Prece**
ant : ir ol cool,, laundress; willfn-* ;.. wail
MMe aol wear cip; dtv te cointey.
TVEERS. SUI Oth-ave. _
HutrJEWi)RK. ge.?By a young girl
i assist wMfe lum learork and tike car,"
childi.-!). IM East nwth.?t._
HOt'HFAVORK?A neat O-mian giif
wishes pla. ? in a prisms fanni*. S'S
lost ih'.il! rt._
in i -i-.u' li cc. liv a youne hd*.
Ml.. OREEN, Jil*' rom) ::*>lh.st.: baseicaS
... nr KEEPER.?tty Oetsasn ?asj-ani
refer.:... e.. M. SCHMIDT, M BS. Mark'a
Paten *?: -?-,. ground Moor roon, 2.
ROI "iCKIKl'l- lt. -Hy a callable, weil.
educated reOMg tineil-aii lath Uu-re see
?aiil? are Cepl '? iiiid.*r*fai.ds .ave -if
rBlldron is-st of i-efen-nt.-.. o. B.,
foo kee*. __
Kl iviiVn.ii wo t im, _,,iT,..' abroad
.1,.lr- i .ii,ian,,ii r,,r li, i ri*re.lsk kliviien
ii,aid uii.'.,. .ne u . i.nu. nd. Apply
I> Mauobi or lu.'siiai Batrstng, le tw.H'ii IS
? nd IJ ..'.lo. k. at *JM l?*t I'.rt'i-sr_
_ ITA Fx"ullEss" - liva" iir'*tTlT?e lausT
<lr.-..s oorl l,i Un- daj. week rn- inontkl
iii do all Muds or title ca-hj?e-: ??ood ref.
lenee. Addles. I.Al NUKI -vs. 1.107 let?
tie., 'ii -I I.-.
I.Al \ltKK.>s._.|-|isi.il i?. v.i,i,e? family
n#rk aeeltl] st per lessn. at tbe iowe?$
puces. Mr.. h., --ii Watt Jiitii-s:.
LAI xinti?.??-. -klroi .lass, deoiroa BS
tion: ,1'st-elai ,ity ;.<|, leiicei: guirt wagao
l.eji.li.ii. .lilllie? K'S |,i. 7 It.l.st.
I.ai Miltl'*-*. deli ? simatio,, ii, ? pn.'
Mit.- fwnilly: it lilllie ;0 as.l.t wltli . ll,cf.
Bork; etty tai.ste. -.'.j liust iiTm-at.'
IS|| llotii
I.Al NlrRESH.-\ ladi TnTiiiT-abroad'
il.s,r.-s a ?Huetloii for- pet laundress whom
.lie .i-i rorooMoond. Appu viundtv or
Tuesday morning. Bot ween 10 and ?I
oYlu u ii KaO I St Bj Bl.
~ I. HIV -i MAID.-By a i'..ri.Iau~ s|ie_klng
i.iriii.ii and ii iich: in io snteerj --iii.-r
Bi tm, I al. Mondav. cv, tuh-ave . 'Room A
i.aui** MAID. "-By*nn_n_?En_l oraT
nerklug hon.-ke-p.-i nod home c, prefer
.lo kigk a ige* r'T'iemi from last aa*.
pion i : .-Hy or o-uiiiry. Address c. lot
i\,si c;.'ti,-"t.
MllllU.I. - x< - l-l le W-iM VX'wTll do hgkT.
Iiiiii-ewoik : i-OWpet ur tu take char-fe. Ap
ply lo pi-es.-iit enipio.er, ilirrick. lng
Wi >t '..lu-si.
M til).?Parisian : thoroughl) coiupeteotT*
y.-ars' r.'leremes uiidi'i*ton,|. di ..ma.
V. Call or address SSS W.-.I 1" .th-%1
M.\l|i \ ,-r\ ra pa bte, well r.s*nn.m.sided!
??r.u.,1 nmlrt: uuilei.fao.U i-OtM-g. litMu.',
kalrdreaoisg. J.\i hi iwn Hnnau. whoo*
M lt"s|.RV (.'.VKIi-VKN**.. -Well edu.
fed Uerman I'rureatonf, -corking h'-r lao*
ifuavi.. and plano: would make herself aen>
nally u*rfM refereocr*. tail SSS otli
ii.'? ls. ftifor.
VERSE.-:i _ venr.' experience: 1* n'
la'iltarlan; moderaie salary; i,-.r doctopa
'f-'"'". Mi* ll A:".) HJ.a-.e.
Ni i;s| v.. Bj a i.% Frenrit ssC
lately lii'diil: u?uirt a?.|st with |mu*,.
?roritl itlllinv am, o'lr.in-.. Ad'lr*ss vf.
o. rrttnne llmnii Oil,,.. | xix Sd.-tvp.
NPRSR.?By a yoong Kwedlsk la-ly ni*
lok.- ram al nu miall I: uu-l- r -t ind. maa
-a-.-.- liciitiiieiii . ot nu v ui-cfi-rf-d. Vi?
ii i.s. ..liss A IBERO, 41 We.( 3|th.st.
N? It-E and ? ll A M IIIRM \! I>. (Iv eT
rein, lull yoong virl : , an sw: lli.t..-'?..,
rciern,...: wi lim an! obllvlnv; BM_*rs$B
wa-.-es: .-ltx- oi eoontry. Call IS| l_e?
" VI KV I IO i7uVI-.i:NI-:.ssT:_By a ladvT
Invisli '-.rent-ire: . x, .lieut rMoil-iBB
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