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a c_jua*t cami avwtko ar imnMinn u
Madrid, Nov 3S.--At a BSSStlng yesterday th
Ministers BglBlfl tn patch up their differences fo
the araaanl sad work hsraonlosaty until the Coi
emment's dltiiciity with Morocco sbosM be ? "ttl.-.
The Ministers decided that wh, n preparsttona a
Mellila should bB eompteta and all the M.S00 troop
should ha\e bees landed there, they wooli Hiv
the chi'-f command to denara! Martin, z da Campo."
General Martin.z de Campo:-, has ben hurrle
off to .Melina In much greater haste than was en
Setsd at first. Il- started for Malaga to-night
an.l to-rr.o.n-w will sail for Melllla. ile IB Messs
Stied bv several generals, and ..ooo troops wi
Jail ai tlie name lime with bli i. _ . .
"f_iii Nov M.?The Madrid correepondenl of th
??Temr?" telesraphs: "Premier Sasasu's llrmnes
?ivr-ivd B crisis at the meet Inp of the ( (Und
oosterday even.uk. The trouble arose from a vw
iV-it dispute between Oeneral Cjomtagues, ,v
Mlnlster. and Senor Qamazo, Finance Minis.' '
ii was bushed up, however, because ll wai fenn
tiru if the win-en learned of it abe would reesJ
? Conserva t iv-. to power, in arcoitJance wit,
the wishes of his colleagues, General I'omim.u
will not command st Melllla. Oeneral Marlines <i
cami""-' haa been gasetted for th.* command
He arrive,, hen- to-day and will start almost lm
inedlatelr for Melllla. The people praise tba ap
?-?ointment unanimously." ,, ??,i.?
Umdon. Nov. tl.?' Tne -uindard's" corri rpondcu
In Madrid lind an Interview yesterday wita seno
Morei. Mlnlstei of Foreign Affairs. Senor Mtfn
aa id he would not remain In ortlce if th.* apunni
ttttil of campos to the command In Melllls ttnan
a warlike departure from Spain's friendly attituai
toward ths Bullan Spain hoped that her eordla
reiation** to the Sultan would not be altered oj tn.
Mora her mnernlB might be compelled to toke it
?Wiging tne tribesmen t.. respect thc terrlton
oroaaA Melllla. spain proposed to act strictly with
in her ti-eatv right*. , ,,
On Saturday Muley Araaf. Muley Hassan i
brother, sought another int- rn lew withid ners
Macias, now in command at Melllla. ne maa<
the familiar requests for a truce and received th,
Same r<*fusEl aa previously. Th- work on tin
forts nt Merni- in proceeding rapwly. Genera
Made* telegraph* that all the garrisons ha\'
orator, food nnd ammunition for ten days. 1
w.,a l-cport'-ti I-. Madrid ia.*>t evening thnt Mum
Araaf would return to Tangier by sea. as in
feared the ruffians would massacre his party
General Campos proposes to form two corps o
-a OOO men each, one of them to be commando
br Oeneral Chinchilla. Macias will be second lt
eommnnd at Melllla. From a native source Oeners
Maclss had learned that tbe nunans areatrpngi)
intrenched between Cape Ties Koreas and tht
Algerian frontier.
Bii.oi r and pstnrca PEStD-SAMD.
(.Copyright: IS'.l'i; 7*V flit United Jta-t)
Berlin, Nov. 26.?The 0*4 Interest in I'isuiarck'
fall wOl be revived by the statement of his semi?
official organ, the Leipsic "Neueste Nachrlchten,'
that he demands the publication of his memorial
to thi -BSpsiOf in which he contended that he
SbSSM and would not resign, except at the Em?
peror's command. "This memorial," says the
wr:-':-, 'belongs to the German Nation. Othet
?input.';she4 papen prove that it was an intrigue,
lou by Herr von Eoettieher, who owes all he wa."
to Ptassarek, that caused the Prince's retirement
Boettlcher ls the man* who originally fannel thr
difference between thc Emperor and Bismarck tc
the white heat of anger. Eoetticher knew the
young Emperor's enthu.'i.ism for the Grand Duke
of Baden's and Dr. Hluzpetcr's social-political
ideas, and he worked upon the Emperor's min.l
-gainst (he Prisca, Eoetticher also trimmed his
salis in good time, and voted In the Cabinet Council
against the Prince on the Labor Reform proposals
"Oeneral Verdy du Vornola, War Minister, voted
with Blssnarck, but afterward ran after the Em?
peror, and on th?- staircase gave him the false
ssas ra nts that Bismarck had pledged every Min?
ister on his honor to vote against the Emperor.
Th;? erroneous statement at once roused the Em?
peror's wi-th. and gave Boetttcher thc lirst victory
over bis chief. Dr. Hlnspcter, Count Douglas uni
H'rr v< n liny.len. the arti*.'., ail clone friends or
th- Emperor. Joined thc plot to overthrow the
Chancellor. Ludwig Wladtherst'a memorable visit
to Bismarck was a Cap laid for the i'rlnce. lt
?was Intended to make thc Emperor bellera thal
the Cnancellor was negotiating for uuppon in re?
sisting, the Imperial plans. Tne prince's enemies
kept the Emperor well informed of his every move
men:. Hence the Emperor's early visit to the
Pr.nco on the morning following the evening on
whicn W'lnd'.horst made his call.
"Count Botho zu Eul-mburg also was a specla:
foe of the I'rlnce. He. with Lohmann and Minister
Thleien, Joined the conspirators In preparing the
final coup. TM' was arranged at the house of
Mme. dc Ixd.hlcn. There Caprivl and Herr
"schwal-achcr, BIelchroeder*fl partner in th? hanking
business, met in conference several times. It was
soon after the las*, conference that the Emperor
violently ruptured his relations to the Prince."
Thee revelations are stamped with the seal of
genuine Informition, which could have come only
from Bismarck's most intimate friends. They are
certain to cause a stir throughout the Empire, and
to evoke envenomed explanations from the persons
The following remarkable story was started from
St. Petersburg yesterday: The Kusslan Foreign
Office has received an offer fr.,rn Premier Stambu
loft. of Bulgaria, to arr.-st Prince Ferdinand and
aend him to Kussla or Austria. For this service
_tamUu!off deslre3 a guarantee of ?130,0*3 and a
hlfh official position In the new Mulgaria. M. de
Glers. Russes a Minister of Foreign Affairs, replied
that Russia could afford to await the natural de?
cay of Bulgaria's pr?*s.-nt Institutions.
Although this story ls being sent nil over Europe,
it ls such a palpable Ile that its onlv significance
is to be found In the proof it gives of Russia's
desire to curtail the Influence of the Bulgarian
Athens, Nov. 26.?In the parliamentary debate
on the speech from the throne Premier Tricouplr.
said yesterday that Greece was no longer In a
position to fulfil her financial engagements with
foreign Powers. She was anxious to make an
honorable compromise with the 'creditors, and
would offer such terms as the stiite of the country
would permit.
m ?
Dublin, Nov. 26.?John E. Re "mond, leader of the
Parnel'.ltes, speaking in Wexford this evening, said
he knew that the Government had not merely
postponed the further consideration of Home Rule
until WM, but had determined. Justin McCarthy con?
senting, not to revive the subject la the present
Parliament. The prospects of autonomy for ire?
land. Mr. Redmond added, were darker now than
at any previous time In the last ten years.
-?- ?
Rome. Nov. 20.?Signor Veech!, a prominent writer
on maritime subjects, has published a notable
pamphlet entitled: "The I-an-*er Is 1'pon the .--'ca."
In lt he declares that Italy cannot r. ly upon Eng?
lands Intervention for her In a European war.
England realizes too w. ll, he thinks, the disaster
which a naval war would bring to her commercial
Interests to give up the advantages of neutrality
and cioee the markets of Continental Powers io
her steel and coal. Veech! believes that in the
event of war between italy end Fiance, the c,?,.
man neel would remain lu tht- Baltic Tbe italian
2# *!.u.*,r.'an fleets, however, would not sufflce to
acrenrl Italy s shores. Therefore, lt would be better
to reduce expenditure for the armv and Increase
the navy, at the same time BStabUahlng a great
naval station at Trapanl, on thc west coast of
Veechl's pamphlet has made a stir, as it ls 1-e
lle-ed tc. have been Inspired from high quarters!
fi "Sti. ve 5on:-?' Influence upon the Battlement of
the Cabinet crisis.
Borne. Nov. 26.-The Pope celebrated moss this
morning before fifty members of his entourage and
afterward held a reception of Cardinals and Bish?
ops. He was apparently In good health.
Pilgrimages to the Vatican which hnd been ar?
ranged to take place in January, have been ,-ost
__f!___f-i ?_**____? -J-*,1 xh*y 5? "ST mark
we cioee of the Pope's Episcopal Jubilee.
-Chinese" Gordon's letters. Journal and other
relics have now been placed on public view in the
London*"11* *-epartment of th?* British Museum in
Forbidden to Trade.-The French Government
has under consideration a petition for the repeal
of the strict regulation which debars the wives of
the subordinate functionaries of the civil service
from embarkins in trade, with the object "TO
creasing their husbands' small stipends, which In
many cases do not exceed 800 per annum.
Completing St. Paul's Cathedral--Although nearly
three centuries have elapsed since Ht. Paul's
Cathedral was opened to public worship, yet work?
men are still engaged in putting the finishing
touches to the sacred edifice, und it ls only now
r_?iLi.he ,C0L0SlM,L Bt?tue? of the saints arid the
tethers of the Church are being hoisted into te
m^^A^xV^I^ 'or..them ^ Slr Christopher Wren
F-m,!*^' <-rui? -?' the *reat dom'- ln ?'?<? Interior
nf^i_,i!Jf,u? _r<,'Khs over three tons, and thc work
-titS^-'iii-;-*- V* ?uc5 an enormous height con?
stitutes a labor of much peril and dlttlculty.
Defrayed by the Pope.-Leo XIII ls reported to
se greatly affected by the death of his most trusted
?Wlewsr asd friend. Cardinal Lorens!, who was In
his service at Perruggia and who actc 1 as his private
secretary during the early years of his pontificate.
As usual, lt ls the Pope who will have to pay the
cost of his funeral, this bein;- th.- rale l? Ott case
,'f all merni,ors ,,f the Sacred College wno nappen
to .Me in Italy. So great ls tbe expense or tnese
obsequies that the Pope al on- time at'"1*1 '?'','' j
provide for lt by withholding r cirrUin sum ?""???
ally from the stipend ot the cardinals, rae stier,
however. Objected to this kind Of ai-t.-mort' ni in?
vestment for post-mortem benefit i1'1,11-;","";'
that the Holy Father v. as obliged to ahanuon the
llama's Trees Dla-flgui-ed.?So greal iM ???e nunn
cial stringency In Italy thal OlB munlcipallt. - '
Monza, which occupies the Hms r.iati,.n toward
I King Humbert's summer residence thal lha town
' of windsor does to Queen Vietoria'a castle there,
has sold to the manufacturers <?[ ii ie ?' s"'-s '"?"?'
, the right to "corkscrew" their advertisemcnis
round thc trunks of tho line plane trees! wnicn line
? the avenue Inedlng from Monza to Milan.
[selections from the mail.
<i!-:r.MAN A.-KKl'AN ]:KI'> H'M r.VM,','.
- To ihe Editor of Tbe Tribune.
!' Sir: I QbSSITS in your i.rue of til B date an arti
, ci ? entitled "To Fight Ti mtn.tr.y Misrule," bl which,
i ref-trrtag to ? certain meeting of tbe German
An.erican Reform Union cn Wednesday hurt, it was
said that lt la BBderstood bi German circles lhal
G*:man Demo-rats mein to have Mmethlng to say
when tho ant; Tai ' rganbi itlon
select ha cs-dldst*-*, and to aee to ii thal tbe
; tieket nhall not be devoid of Qensas nsm
? thu a ceriain asstlemaii Hum- i l.y rou bi spoil n
[ [ ot as ,i possible candidate for the ofnee ol Ms; ir
t Permit me lo say. as chaim: ". of the Execu
I ' tive Committee of thc Ch rm.in-Ar.i-. rican H.-form
1 [ inion, in the first place, that it is not a party or
[ i gantsatlon; in tho Becond piece, that lt la not an or
? ; g.mization for pushing Qermaaa or t!i aa of German
? descent to any office, and. in thc third place, that it
, j doe9 i.ot intend to further any specific Ofl man In
l tci-.--.ts. its s.,i? ohjr-t at th" approaching cam
' pslga, BS far as the mttitJotpsl government of the
; j city of New-York is concerned, aili ix' to assist la
I j subduing the power of T.immar.y Kail; for ths par
I j pose of assisting In giving to the city a pure gov
; ernment. and for the further purpose of eradicating
in the mos- thorough possible munn.-:- corruption
1 wherever it may bare found a foothold.
Our German-American dtlaena are not self-seek
! ers. They propose to be, as they heretofore hare
been, Intent only on th.* obtainment of good and
1 honest public servants, without regard to race,
1 nation tlitv, religion or < olor. They prop .si* to join
; the best citizen? of other extraction in those efl -rta
? I Their earnest, and. i believe, effective campaign
agalrst Maynard's election to the Court ol Ap
1 peals show- not only wnai stuff they nre ma le of,
i but also th<* character of their aims. Al the ni Bl
municipal campaign they will vot- for thor,, gen.
ilemen who may be selected to represent the prin?
ciples of pure government as contrast! i with thi ???
thus far unfortunaflv maintain.-1 under the !? ad
ershlp of Tammanv Hall. Thc programme of tho
German-American Heform Union ia "Down With
Tammany Hall." This ls their only programme
on that Issue. A. V. BRIBSBN.
New-York, Nov. 21, 1S:*3.
? _?.
The flavor of rp-g-i depends very much on the
kind of food given to the poultry. When hens
are fed largely or almost exclusively on milk
the yolk ls lighter In color, the whit.* has a milky
look, and the whole egg ls watery .ind kso firm
in texture than those laid by grain-fed hens.
The taste of the f-crg ls SlSO affected, being- in?
sipid and unsatisfactory when boiled or peachs 1,
ami less flue for ordinary cooking purposes even.
There is no use in saying that the Ides of th
Quality of the eggs being influenced by tbs fo -l
of the hens is a mere whim, since lt is fl well
known fact that tho eggs of fowls kept in the
nei-rhborhooil of the sea and fed slmost entirely
on fish?taken as they come, embracing t.i'
strong and olly as well as the more delicate
s rts?have "an ancient and flsh-like" taste.
If not "-"mell," and eggs coming fi cm those re?
gions sell for less in the inarket In some in?
stances than those coming from distill ts further
Inland. The lessons why hens fed "n "slops" >,f
milk, etc., are ebie to give no better eggs l ?
their owners ls because the "old, old sr .rv" ls
repeated in their r rise. y(,u demand the "ta!-- ut
brick" of your servants, but yin give them ii"
straw to rnak*? them with. Curd hardly rn*
under the head of milk, and there ls little dan?
ger of having lt in large quantities to offer to
your fowls. It contains all the best and most
nutritious portions of the milk, without Its ob?
jectionable, watery qualities. Hut th" true fi ed
for laying fowls ls one-third or one-querter in?
dian c.irn. around ..r Otherwise, and oats or
Wheat, together with milk and whatever scraps
from the ho.jBe are obtainable, and as much
green vegetable food as they will eal; and wit Ii
thei-e. combined and fed property, your eggs will
be of the true g.,ld and silver Htamp when th"
cook's Are has refined th<:n and prepared them
as a relish for your breakfast table.--(Town und
Country Journal.
To the Editor of The Tribune.
Sir: I took The Dally Tribune when I was at VI,
University, ns my father did before m>\ and as I
have done ever since, and do now. "The New-York
World" says th" tobacco cr,,p In this Housstosta
Valley ls *a.00.\000 this year. Hut lt ls said here. In
New-Mllford, the centre of tin- trade, that not a
slut:!.- sale of this, year's crop baa bet n made rel
owing to fear of repeal of tne duty on Sumatra.
If our tobacco-raisers had taken more of Tin
Tribune and less of "The World" and s.-nt a pro?
tectionist instead of De Forrest, thc Democrat mid
free trader, to Congress, they would hsve had I BS
fear nnd more market. HENRY B. SANFORD.
New-Mllford, Conn., Nov. 17, MM.
To the Editor of The Tribune.
Slr: In 1863, In the midst of the war. t:,e Den -
crats nominated Vallundlgham for Governor >,f
Ohio. He was burled under an adverse majority of
100,000. Mnynard, thirty yenrs later, WSS defeated by
a similar majority.
Vallandlgham waB a traitor to his country?a cop?
perhead of the vilest sort. It became necessary le
put him under arrest, but then* wus haStlBlatSl as le
the best way to dispose of him. Abraham Lincoln
said: "Give him to his own; send him through the
line..." Accordingly, he was sent as a present to
the rebel government.
Maynard stood morally just about ns Vallandlg?
ham stood politically. He des. rved i.'.s Pate, and lt
should be a warning to future generations, i'i*
hop.-sty in polities, as elsewhere, does not pay.
Orange, N. J., Nov. ti UK. OBSERVER
A Qi estion OF DKFINmOX
To the Editor of The Tribune.
Slr: The truth of Lr. Eaton's reported dictum
that "indifference to roUglon" la tlie real reason
why men do not go to church <!>,,? nda largely
upon what la understood by lha term "religion."
if the word is tshes to mean, simply snd i
BSsUsUy. an adherence to formulated creeds and
dogmas and the repetition and Ohs*l?Blita of cer?
tain set phrases and methods of worship, then tin
great body ut absentees of whom complaint is
marie must surely stand convicted of Ibe charge
of indifference. If. however, ih<- application <>f the
word should be rightfully extended to Include tl"
substantial recognition of and reliance upon the
unse.-n power, under whatever name, and the ac?
ceptance of its manifestations it. tt. spiritual ele?
ment Of human nature as ti real and (Ital force,
then 'i,,.-s not tlie dictum work inj-i lice to a liri,'.
and Increasing number of consistent, albeit non
professlng, BUpportSTS of true religion? II. H.
New-Vork, Nov. Mk. UM.
The fifth gsm- of the rhe*s mutch between J. *"?'
Sh',waiter an,l .1. Halpern was *.liy.--i r.t the City (.'liens
Cl il. ,,n Hatur.luy *>?BlaB. -ad won l,y Hii.-w.-ilter In a
brilliant manner. Halpern *,)ayrd tli? Fun.h Ssfeasa
und resigned aMer fliest"* IITBB mole*. The ecore:
Halpern, 3; Shewalter, 2.
Deming, N. M., Nov. ML?While no absolutely
authentic Inf. rmatlon hus yet been received from th ?
scene of 'I* irs.lay's battle, all reports agree tli.it
there was a retiel victory- The Hght occurred sear
f'asa de Jalose, twenty-five miles northwest ut
Casas Grandes. The rebels circled around the
troops and at a given signal closed In. After the of?
ficers had been killed by the first fire, the soldiers
attempted to take refuge In some adobe hOSSSS
The rebels pursued them, and the soldiers, huddled
together and frenzied with terror, were slaughtered
without mercy.
Despite tht published reports that no armed bands
are crossing; the border, details of three and four
nun are going down every day with the avowed In?
tention of Joining the r>*beis. The Mexican ?f
llclals have adopted severe measures to raise nn
army. Senor Dominguez, tue Mexican Consul here,
does not credit the rumored battle, inn ueclares lt
ls simply a ruse to revive the courage of the rev?
The Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern Limited.
leaving New-York at 9 a. m.. und the fust Express,
leaving at 7:30 p. m. for Cincinnati and St. Louis,
are now c-ulpped with a complete dining-car ser?
vice. Pullman dlnlnK-eRr-' *rp al*? sttuched to
Royal Blue Line trains lesvlng New-Vork at ?. tut)
a. m. and 6 p. m. for Baltimore and Washln*;
John Straiton. familiar for many years t
New-Yorkers as head of the cigar sad t
baceo house of Straiton & Storm, 'ii"1 PSI
isrda) Btomlng, sfter s wsek*a OlBBas, fr,.:
pneumonia, In his room at the Murray HI
Hotel Mr. Btralton'fl .bath iras dse Indlrectl
te his neglect to wear an overcoat in uncertain sa
inclement weather. On the night of Sunday. Ni
' ber i'1. he made a call os ene ff his fnmil*
aad disdained to wear fl heavy outer-coat, ll-.:
bs was ia hui sixty-fourth year, and srbas h
returned to bia rooms ba had s severe Bhtvertfl
? cold grew heavier and heavier, but, lr
Bloting thal bia Illness was only a slight one. h
decllni i to call a phyatdan until Tuesday. l?r'
Qulntard and Smith were then summon.al by bl
family, but pneumonia had set bl. and from thi
attack he never rallied.
Mr. Stretton WSS S Scotsman, and lt ls as
Scotsman that bs will b<- chiefly remembered los
after all else la connection with him is forgottei
His burgs heart was ever responsive to the erie
of the distressed, and to sons so mach as his ow
countrymen wno bad tried their fortunes in Amerk
snd fallen ly th,- way. -No i.' Bool-??????? wh
appealed t" him ever went away empty-handei
Mr. straiton was born, a little more than itsti
.. in Dato mi. Midlothian, the strong
hold of the j.,ike of Buccleuchi His rather,
. man of the little I ism, di aigned him fo
ilstry, and up t? bis twentieth >? ir be wa
a ? lent to a Presbyterian College of Bdlnbun
Nature hal Messed hhs with s tenor ?
? 'ceptloasl eweetnesa and purity, nnd it ls sat
thai tha Duha of Buccleuch, 09a day by accMen
bearing Mr. straiton singing, promptly invit. 1 bin
lo Dalkeith House, where his voice wai for
inna cultivated. But the death of th fatbe
obliged him t,. -.ive np all thought of tbe mlnlstr
or of music, abd when barely more than twenty-ow
yeara old b? came to this country, and .<"? a .ev
years was BBBOCBBtSd With Janies Symington, .
.. ... . ill tobacco.
in un esme into sxlstencs the ho.i
which existed nulli s few years see. A
first. three partners-_tralton, Schmidt an
Storm carried it on, but Mr. Schmldl aooi
retired, and lot lbs greater part of the last thirty
two \' ira the house ins borne thc title famine
to al] New-York. Although the lirra dealt gen?-r
ally In tobacco, tin- bulk ol their trade !a> In elgar*.
In ISSi, after twenty-five \e.ns ,1 active busine*
life, .,1". strati,.11 retired. Thc Brm then beean.'
the Owl Cigar Company. Bul bis buoy.
Ish disposition I- ii a.i- him to 1 a Idle, an I mo
than . rer le- Interested hlmte'.f In ba.mit 1
with which be had always been more or lesa asso
dated lb- waa a director In tha Lincoln Nation:.
Rank of which bli old friend. Thomas L. lt ? ? .
president; of th< BL Nicholas Hank, the German
American Title and Guarantee Company and th.
Lons island Kallroad He bad abm devoted mud
time t" the Improvement "f Arver-ae, u I . aw
v.-.id heil of Ibe Arverne Improvement Company
willi.- never forgetting th.- land In which h*- wai
born, he was always min.ifni <>f his duties >,f etti
Benahlp In th* country which he had made hi.
own. He was on the Committee of Seventy Wbld
smashed lha Tweed Rind, and h*1 was. too, foi
many year*, connected with the Hoard ct Bduca
tion Among the Freemasons be was a prominem
figure, nnd to addition to ids membership of th*
St. Nicholas Lo icc. No. :t?i, wa* grand treasure)
of the ' irder of veiled rrophets.
His wife -li""! three yeara .mn and h.- leaves thre
chlldren-a son, Wallace, and two .lnicht-rs. Mlsr
Emma V. Straiton and Mrs. Bradley A. Hard
The funeral frill take place to-morrow mcrnlnc. ai
?:S0 o'.-iori-, in th.* Protestant Eplac pal church ol
tiie Heavenly Ree- The n v Dra D. ParkerMor
faa and ''e^rse R. Van De water will con.luci th'
lervtce. Th- pallbearers will include: Alfred Van
saatvoord, William 1: Grace, AusUa Corbin, es
fudge Noah Davis, Hani 8, Hammond, Arthur i'
Braves Georas Storm, Edward A. Qulntard, ?corgi
M. Hard, Thomas L. James and probably _ irgi
Aifr, d Towns n 1.
New-Haven, Conn., Nov. M. -Dr. Henry Bronsos
Uad st his borne bi thi city thhi afternoon, after
I ion-- inness. The doctor bsd bees a confirmed
Invalid for twenty-five yeara Hr. Bronson wai
br,rn in Waterbury in Jami.uv. ISM, aril 1 ISM tt
ihi* city in ISA, Ha was ? graduate of tba Yale
Medical BchOOl, an I later h* ld a pr,if
The doctor, however, ifter l-l retirement from
the Medical Sch. il. devoted himself ti Btud- md
literature, il" wrote a history ot Waterbury ani
II number ol pamphlet! on political economy. He
li:.-..- fl fortune of about J!,,- ? -.
Dr. William Henry Jackson, who died suddenly
'rom heart failure .,11 Siiuriay mornln-.-, at bia
-.onie. No. -*V1 Madl*.uni ? , was Iforn In N< ? >Y0a*f*
n !?'..?. He iras th.- s..n of the lat" Rev. 1 4 I
11 Jladi ;.. Afr.r iiadsalliifl from th"
'ol,,--,. ,,f I'hysl'inns and guigOOBS In ISM he trav
?lied abroad in pompsny erith it. ValeatiSM Mott
KTblle abroad ba visited th- different hospitals in
he lari:- . iti-s .ml wnt ns far ns Egypt, wher
,-? made ti.,- m. ii,-ii IsatltsUosfl "f that country
..j,-its .,f 11 ? dal study. < ni bis return to this cuun
ry he was male ! -i of 'V New-York
losplt.d. His does BppllcsUOS t'? study and th
?....r and t..ir of hN lnl|?,rtint place so Injured h: >
i' .Ith tint be waa oblised !?. givi up ucnve pru,-.
ice ,,f ne inin.? and ?!, vote lilinr if altnoat en
Irely to the lightei care >.f managing his large
Dr. Jackson was th.- ..Mest member of th-* Col
rge of Physicians and Bun-eons, th" Historical .*"
irv and tba Bt. Nicholas Society. Th<- le.st he
olned in 1-1'. ll." ai*", belonged to th.- conntv
ledlcal Society, the Academy nf Medicine, tha Pa?
rla Club .ii.i tte Ac 1.. 1. Museum ?,f Natural
list.ry. Tt:-- f.in. ral v.i,, tx* bald in Calvary I'r.t
-r.mr Episcopal Church this afternoon r.t I o', loca
nd iii" members of ih>- Acsdemy of Medicine wi.i
.ttead it.
'revi-.usij, acknowladgi 1. $.'?; RH si
tanti K. Jrs ip. ir*".*..
'? ?,-.<. MS BS
t HlarS l-arsaai. IIS SB
ratal Noveeaser 2'.. ISM.WO.eaoTs
The Methodist KplaCOpal Church, of Middle VII
ifTe. L. I. celebrated ih one hui. ire 1 and twenty
,fth anniversary yesterday, with elaborate sssr
toes, betlanlsc asrty rn the morning; Aa
al account of the church wsfl rend, and a vercion
,as preached b>- the Rot. j. h. gtanaburg, of
his city, in the ertarnoon the nrrclaas wen
resided over by Mi. Harper, ind consisted nf
ni ?? boc add re bs bi by tb" older members <?'
he church. A chapter ot tb- Bible ? ,s read bi
rr. Harper, who ai.*., related many anecdotes of
1- p: ? li*" in conni h.,n u:rh til., history ,,f
lie church, in th-- evening the exercise* were
ofitlnuesl mid a numb r of cloqu. nt addresses
.ere made.
Charleston, w. Va., Nor. 2. Proasloy Jones, of
Icrcer County, ibis State, .!; d in j.,ii bets to-day
rom typhoid pneumonia, ii.- wa arrested by
??ira! Marshal Hannon, brought bera rich snd
ot in jail. i;e fliopi ,,n ii.,- iron ,i- r?r with no 1 over
al coat* thrown over 'Am by the other prisoners
ir Barbour ordered tie marshal a number of nines
, move th,, man, bit no at:, ntlofl Waa paid to him
ones leaves six motberiesa children. He was ar
?iter for Belling whiskey (while drunk witnesses
?yi. Dr. Barbour ls Indignant ond t.? 1 :< * of re?
JOHS WANAMAMBBfS visit to sew york.
?e-PestsBMter Oeneral .lorin trasnsaabsr, of PSSadel
hln, ha* l><*en a kui it nt th- PTWAOM U,t-1 In Hmm , ny
?sa I.," ti ion lay. Mr, tVasaswhat inn been ssg< lng
rn, ii..- -nip, ".?? rason ',.' arhlch has bass ? dlaagrss
Ma tarsal trosMe, un,i it i* to receive medical treat
i?nt for tm* that his v.-.i i., New-Yers. u m..,i.-. '11?
OSMa ia in no way aerl.ua.
Mr. uranabsbIiw .mi oat eora t. dic.ua p .uti.-i qu.*a
aas of b-rtereet inst evealas, He mag t?. a Trtbsaa re?
nter: "I don't tal-ik lt best to erltlctae til-" Admlnlslra
i,n. Work* apeak f,,r tli-mr, Hen."
Mr. ^Vanum.?lk'*r l-l fleOQSiPBBlad ly bin wife and two
MBjhtera laey win prafeabty reiurn to rhlMdslphia tn
rora 'Hie Huston Tratiwerlpt.
A.i near to recreation as anvthlnc of the kind ever
ntfaKen the ever-earnest atleiitlun of ??rofosor
iibn Thomson la tha Interest which he abowa in
ie aliened application* of BUrcirlcity partlciil.ii ly
1 regard to the devices by which the itiiHcrupuloii-j
lav upon the credulous un I the Buffering While
t the Chicano 1'alr he examined at a Bellina; uland
?0-COJled electrical appliance lo be WOrn In thc
loes for the cure of various allmerita from cold
?et upward. The young woman voluhiy described
ie npp-ir.itu* in political phraae "ciahnlng every
iln-?." and th'-n proceeded to explain the "sclen
flc rr'nclplcM by which the electric current
oulrl pass up one limb to the heart nnd then
iwn by the other one and much mon* of the like
k. Th, professor mildly stated that electricity
d not oper_te In the mariner steted when lb.
,11m- woman iii.llRi-.antly swept the ssodS back
ito the ?bowease, esclaimtog: "W.-n, -vh.it do you
now alsrut electricity, anyway?"
Nev.-i:.-,lf"rd. Mass. Nov. M.-The non-nrrlvnl
tlie New-Uedfonl steam whaler Nnvarch nt
in Francisco from the Arctic Ocean ls caualnK
Kron! deal Of anxiety in ti,iH c\x.. w-,rr<* h?-r
immunder. (aptuln XX <'. Whlte-dd,'. \\vem. The
Tbe I.air?l I a-hlon !??
Cl Hanna* g*"*^, _.___W?Wli tram y_o. c. FI-IWT
)., liui-at- tn) eth-sve. -*-*
I Na va nh hud tak-n eleven whales, nnd should
nave arrived a month asp had sh" come direct
?rom tba ocean, ind as nil the other whalin-r ves?
sels have arru..!, faorB nf an accident or disaster
are entertain -<i.
oou-BCTnra pt-km to nntCBASB a bom-beet
,. I A 1'I.ACi:.
-, j When ProflflflUl llerter, the German sculr.tor,
t i Projected his beautiful monument the central fif-ure
e , ?f which ls the l.or.I.i. he hoped that the city of
ir | Doaaaoldorf wouM purchase it when complete, and
- j Rive lt a conspicuous idace In that city, to the
u I memory of Heinrich Heine, the poet. Heine was
. | born in Doona Idorf, and there ls no doubt the
I flrtiofa hopis would have been reallied If Heine
i : bsd not bean unfortunate in the s.-ieetion of his
j pa rent.r who happened to i?> Hebrews Then it
, j wan learne-l thu' Reina bad bees received Into the
. Chrtstiss fan), before h,- died, but thal made no
' difference; bi forfeited his claim to reeoj-nition at
s ' the ha:'.,!:, of bbl townspeople, chiefly becSuss of
, bi parent faith. Objection was als. mail,, by
4 J some of tho 'ill-tens to his political opinions, for
, \ getting his poetry and his genhm, tba city of bis
. j birth said: "No, VS Will hSVS ROM Of lt." And
. j then tba etty of Msyenea \\..s loohed to, but it
. ' also found tbe Due teldorf peaaons good and sum
, elem, ond dosed IU gstao against the H too
,- I i mn
i vi bil ? i'i ' mot il ," r waa iv, nd ring arhat
' would b come ol bia arork >>f arl tha Arlen club,
r ; of ti.;.; .it . omi to the rescue and mad.- arrange
i ' menu for t ihl ia tba monument oil the han.!.; of
? ' ''i" -ii:, ' . ., i placi ll .11 New-Tork, where Hetae'a
works ai- n well known es anywhere in tiermany.
1 llefoii the sroup i- linlshod and ready to erect
, : H1..1.11 win hm, :,!,:? ..ni, ani a committee having
1 matter in r-h-ira-e haa already interested about
Vt) Q -to. ii- organisations. The matter aili be vig?
orously pushen, anr) when the group is Anally put
in pl.i>- ::i ih! cit] the (i*>rmi na hope to point to
. . lr ic.i only ai ., i ? . itll .1 monument to a sweet
singer, bul , i- -.rnini.il to tne liberality and
* pr. >dth ... i<- '-i... i-. people. Tba committee
navIns the matter In ? h.-.r-.-.* consists of William
na' ..i. Lfoula VYlndmuller, Qallua Tbomann. .'. r.
?'?'. ??. h. ' itolr, '. De Grimm. Joseph Winter.
i Dr. Weyland, Wimp Prank, Louis Elslg and ... .
. VV. Skul.
Tl*... ?'?rre.: ?? ; I.fl, of No. I.tll."". s'.-e
ond-ava .om liema I lira-', of Ko, SB Bast Sixty
aevanih. rh rei arrived In nus country, ci i
lha : ,:.- -.-I ir ... rtaii liraoklrn. They srere be
wiM.Tei : ? ? . numemua trolley .-.ir- and dodged among
iieiii i:n',1 ii., i reached Tillar], and Adams *rs. t?i-!.
tiiey amlted '? r i ?? i ran lo pe by and Snail a?der
t'?,,k ? ? 'Us i-i front of ? Seventh-ave.
- ir. I aon atop; i : - . i, ? -: .t folly in fr,.nt ,.f t;.,.
,.ir ani tareptA arith b na knocked down ond hav?
ing hi-. el tues lol?, Uray v -t fairly in front ..f th*
car ar. 1 was Btrocfe by lr nnd thrown B coaatdcrabl*
dlaianre. I' oat ??. his teeth WBT* knocked 001 uni
bis riuht s. ?? eras to badly bru is* il lhal if la feen
will low uta -is-;., et h. He w.-i badly bralsse ...-.it
Um l ly ni-e.
"Shara and th* devil himself could sot kape out of
UM "-av 'f tllm Bi?T?MTMM ??BOB," sail Ir?":.n when
b<* hn.i asea r ad ap, "Wa were 6odstn' the Barned
Ihrolleya wr .very eoroer, nnd couldn't r-t clear of ihlm.
We arin Beret .- > n-*.*r Braoktyo ajtain. It waa the iir?t
time I tret toefl .. IhreOey, and 1 don't Braal !?> bm
tiilrn another roi-."." 'Iray refused lt go t,< al. ,'..:.
bat hi* frlr-il k ?! B cab and took lum to lila lodgings.
Th.- Chlldren'fl AM Boetoty, of this city, has
i- ! ?..*, sppeal to the farmers and Bacchantes of
' tbiH and near-by States, asking them to provide
I homes, for rome of the many poor children who
have applied to the society for help, it u to be
boped that tho sppeai will call forth many
! responses. lt re-vis as follow.-*:
I Te Ike Paimari and Btiehaolns of New-York, Oeaaecucot
j ne 1 N's-.*- !??-. ?
1 You ar? awar? tv.pt th* ChlMrea*fl ah Seatsty ii Brad
B eoatmaall* beeaaleM h">'? from our dry to plscea
[and bosses in the essstry. The wir.iT is j.\,\ i aching,
1 and Bl rae dy me tee lt* melancholy s.jr.s in th.. ,
1 ragged. tlestltiiri bora who 1-ejln to throng cu.- ctBoa.
j Th**-* ia.t?. fran twelve M isveaieen ? iii ,-f -.si*, bar*
r.o kama or p-i-cnts. ac hleudB. Thar ara i ? bb*1
r. Bdy aad lin r.,m. lt warr,,
? fr !>,-ru thia winter, they most i rita bttterly
? fr..ni cold ani buagsr, and th?y may even be driven int-,
run* fir a llvlrr And Vet, in batter cir, urr.Man. ?*.
' thsy may ba ... I .'. uuef.il men You ul; know what
tin* rinta <f I.-vn s.rs We cannot anir.er for them? )?t
mn have nlrea.lv *?"-n hundreds of th?m r?rde?m--,l Iv
k'ndnes* nnd patiaosa <in farm* they may be particular
ly useful.
Wba *? ' nr. far I h-rlty'* Bah*, n ..p^n hi* h-ri
tr.'i ar tatar to me .-f thee* hem I ??? beyef
ah ippltraUssa rr..- i "ChUdren'a Ail
twirly. L*Slted Ca?rltlaa SsWdlas Wt Eon Twenty
Bscead-sL, aeraet at r.urth-av*.. Kew-Tork."
A MON) 'IlO_J '?|'!"I.TI1'1.'ATI..N'.
From Tba New-Torh World.
| ti-.'" reeteratlon of the ex-Queen by our Govern
m<-nt would not only be a monstrous Htuititic.ition
1 of Democracy, but it would h.- on u.-t beyond tin*
' erni-ititii'loiiHi liriiit* of Ksecutive utithoritv ana
a violation of International comity. The i'nit?-.t
I -"tate.-i ..innot etidaire In lb-' bualnesa Of S'ttliik' up
thron??. DO matter how ih.-y caine to be topple.!
I ovr. Tin- President baa no ri<ht to direct what
would h.- an net ol war, of hi*, own ne,tl in. The
Provisional Oovernment in Maw.ut is .. de facto
dovernment ir I.I for nearly a year. It
lias b?eti recognised by Kuropean lewers ll iri
been iwt''% recognised by our oom Oovernment li.
the n-vre'litlt'.* ->f .. Minister to lt. Nothing can
b?* clearer man th I the American people will
nevrr sustain lb restoration of tbs monarchy.
If Bay/body al Washington bas entertSSSed a con
trary notion, he must i.e duli Indeed if so ls so.
nndeci ive.j by tt.is tims
Krom The Bt Psul I'l.ncr Press.
The otilv "people** then ure in the Sandwich
Isl.-ui.ls. in the sense In whl'h that term la iseti
In the t'nlted Pistes, are th-, f -reicrier.i engage-*
there in business, with a cmparatively few native
li,lillians \\ ? Will not contend that there ai'
; ii "anula" for tba missionary to work upon
Dui "people." In the only sens.- Imposed en the
word In political means Indlvtduala who
h.ive views shorn the c.reluct ,f government, un-i
are Interested in carrying them mts effect.
Fr. tn The New-Tork Advertiser.
The Admmistrstl n ls evidently very much wor?
ri- 1 Bl tl" sweeping coii'l'-mnntlon which its lla
i- ,'-? :, nolle; ' . received, and lt is u<ini-; aver)
means t.. brina aboul a revulsion "f feeling. Hut
lt won't do, Thai policy is doomed.
Prom The Mew-York Sun.
ir there I- t,. )?? a "restoration." how ls it t,,
|. ,: ne? What prevents the Administration from
pubti bing lu ,,, trurtlons, all sets, If there be
mon iii,i' one, to Minister Willis? What foreign
complication or poaalblllty could demand Bccrecy?
Surely nothing In Hawaii could thwart the power of
the I'nited si.-!? applied under the order of the
Pn al t' m. bached by kia CSMaet
i-'r.,m Th.* Il-.rtf.-rd <'mirant.
Thu- f,,r the Pre Ides! sud hi*, geer tts ry of state
hay.* gone ahead "on their own hook" In the Ha
wallan business, iual as though the Constitution
1..,-.. them the bom my about theos little mattera
ii will ba different after ina Brat Monday in De?
From The N'rw-Voi k PfBBS.
ii:-,,i.r Cleveland recslled the aanesatlon treaty
nnd hauled down tbe Amerlcsn Huk in H..nail
However unpatriotic bia courae in bo doing, he
'I within and np to the limit of lils constitu?
tional power, ii- has no righi to mlaa hla hund
and strike down the Independent -.'"vernment
whose i rb tully proffer bas been rejected. With th.
rejection hla constitutional power ends Beyond
that limit be ia a usurper.
I-..,m Tb ? Albany BSpress.
Nu steamer will ni-rlie from Hav.nll for nearly
three weeks. During that time are the American
people to remain in Ignorance of what has been
done on tho kalanda? The Administration BhouM
publish lt* Instructions to Mr. Willis und publish
th.-m With UlS tessi delay.
not tiii: mas- poe an* adviser.
From The I'rovi.lenee Journal.
Perhaps before the Hawaiian busine*.* ls ended
President Cleveland will become convinced that
those who od Vis* I bim a-ralnst taking .Iuds:.* Gres?
ham Into hla Cabinet knew what they were talk
i ri ir about. Mr (ire-tbam's erratlclsiri has all
through his Hf.- freouently led him by hasty Btepe
Into untenable positions, and be has seldom, if ever,
been al.lc to work harmoniously with anybody
With whom he has been associated.
From The Bootes Journal.
Now lt lu In order for "Paramount" Mount nnd
hi* orjcanlc ,.|? i,,l-i .?? t? ,-hnrpe that the cruiser
Beeton a log booh is ? base mrgery.
From Ths Lend rn Star.
One of the best .-.torlen told of the late Slr An?
drew Clan* is the foliowim-: At a dinner party ona
nt-tht he noticed that thc la.lv Bitting next to him
at table paam-d :, ,-|"h ,,, wn\rb be heltied hlmseir
plentifuilv. He il ki i If she did BOt like lt. a. lt
oms excellent. She replied: "Oh. yea ! like lt, but
my physician forbid* me t" r'-i1 "?" "?"'' '"' and
ooaseaaer miui air Andrew, "lt coull r..u imrt
any one Who is y-,ur physician'*" To which ti,,,
leny, whom the medicnl niiiKi'i'" h!"* '-"sotteii,
answered with a demure twinkle In her tye, "_lr
Andrew Clark."
< n"NT.r*r* mozoomdaii, a SESEMnr, speaks A'
ai.i. sori.s' cm-u.'ii.
BsbU Trotap C'.iunder Mozoomdar, head of th
' Brahmo SomnJ, In India, who came to this countr;
to attend the Rellifious OSBgrass at ("hieasro, spoU
l.ist night at a special service at AU Souls' Cfcsret
Ile spoke to some len-rth of the Drahmlnlcal rite
! nnd ceremonies, nn.i said:
! "Humanity." said he, arnon-r other remarks
, "tinda Its centre In the Son of Gjd. We do no
' repudiate any Scripture or any prophet. They ar
' not all of the B-BM orb r. We ell work for th
j one object of BSVtBg mankind, Ceremonious deco
, rations and rites are but different means to th
, same end. It matters not how these forms dlff-i
so long as ths outward part has not a tendenc
to obscure the end. But ell r-dip-lous followers ar
prone to pay such attention to outward form that th
inner truth ls lost This was so when Buddha aros;
and with him the spirit of India arose high nb.iv
controversy and rite, and Buddhism was supreme
And then the tim*- cam" when the principles tha
Buddha taught were for-rotten -n tin outWBT
i show, and after UBO years Buddhism was no moir
Just so shall :t be with all reltoions?lt is thesplrl
? that shall live and the forma shall die. lt in there
fore the duty ,,f followers of all religions lo exam
Ins themselves lo se- if the mediums "f their cree
..re carrying out thc ob'ects originally intrude.!
j If they do not, and if y cfaSSge of forms th
I spirit may be perpetuated, let not the forms be i
stumbling block."
Pittsburg, Nov. 26.?Th" entire Bstsbllahmsnt o
i the ii ene Dressed Mest company, with the exeap
Uon Of on- Bmoil COM Storage warehouse, was de
stroped by ure this sfteraoos. it was located et
Smth Twenty-flrst-st The loss on htilldlni; am
macnlnery will amount to about BBB-000, on whlcl
tl:- ra la MAW insurance.
A recent cable dispatch about the constructs
by the German Government of a larse lntrenche.
camp at M;i!ino,Iv, on Germany's Belgian frontier
reported that tbe whola prom "f Parla proteatei
Against the construction of that camp. The Frond
papers Mid that If Belgium refused tn protest also
sb,- shr.u!.1 be "regarded and treated BS an enemy o
Prases sad B secret ally nf Germany." The dis
patch added .tba! the "situation contained severn
' !? meets of trouble." Portunatety th.? <i
monta "f trouble whb h would threaten thi
maintenance ?f peace to Europa do not exist ii
reality, at least to the eatent stated by the Parti
newspapers Their pstrlotiam, or ctauvtobUle Jin
goism, SS lt ls called ly I tn- p.-opl.-. WU BSCttOI
by the recent vlstl of ths Russlaa ?set, .-nd lt be
came embittered when lt was teen that no fornui
silianes sn; conchtded sith Ruesls, and wher
runion wen Bpnad recently about the probabb
algnatun of s commercial convention betsresa th.
.Mus,..vlt'j and Gcrm_*i Governments. F.-enchmer
won lad then to look with pemlnilallc aym at anj
military inovement mada by neljrhliorln-- nations
They firwrot that tb-v were mistaken when thej
accuse i King Leopold of having concluded n secret
treaty with Emperor William of Germanv In Au
fBSt, lSWi, on tho occasion of thc visit paid by him
ot Ostend to ths Belgian Kin,-. Prtoce de Chlraay.
the Belgian .Minister, declared then in ths Cham?
ber that the determination >>f th? Government am
tbe people aroa as strong sa ever to (.'impel oni
Power to respect the neutrality of Belgium, whlci
bas been guaranteed alnce ICU by the great Powen
ol' Kurope.
The tr. Igloos, moreover, have understood, like
the SwiSS, that the bent way to protect the In?
violability of their territory U to relv on theil
own force.*", rather than on the international
treaties: ant they have built a BCriefl of fortress.?
along the River Meuse and an Intrenched cami
at Antwerp, It ls true that the French have ex
pressed the fear that tho.-..- fortresses aron i
danger rather than a safeguard, because they
could not be successfully defended by the Belgian
arni;,*, which is too .small numerically, and thev
would easily fall Into the han In of the Germans,
thus opening to them a tre<t road to ihe French
frontier. IJ-it the im'.OOO m?n now ccimposing the.
war affective of Belgium's army could not be
aosily driven by the German troop.- from ihe
fi rtlned plH-.es which they would defend with the
courare snd tenacity reco-oiir.'-d by i*-iesar in
their ancestors, ileaides this. General i'.rlalmont,
the Belgian Moltke, has pr.-ipof-d to the chambers
nnd the Oovernment th" adoption of a plan which
would Incnaae the military forces of Belgium
from the 190,000 soldiers actually enrolled to M..
OBS. The Germans, who have thought of con
Jtructlnir the Intrenched camp of Maimed*.- mainly
.." en offset to ti-.- construction of a similar camp
i I'i ii. ? r.. ir Alas .--Lorraine, will not dare to
violate the Belgian territory, through which they
wo di Till an ertbler and shorter road to approach
tb* French frontier.
Iloston, Nov. ?-,.- The mate of the steamer Mark
omannlH, BOW at this port, declares true the story
print..) in ri Halites piper regarding tbe throwing
overboard ??( cattle from the ateamahlp I-omlnlon
in mldoci i'i Ii- says th.- Markomaiuila passed ths
Domini ci November M. that the Utter was then on
ll ? oft flnd that cattle and (.(her freight were
thrown overboard in ord.-r t" Kel ut tho lire.
An Opportune Friend will bo Bound In Dr. D.
Jane's Expectorant, when recited by a Severe
I',,I I. and tlie many Lsag or Throat affections
Which sometimes follow. This1 old remedy has met
it" approval "f two general ion.-., and ls to-day aa
popular, safe and effective as aver.
Jim-.clous Fuel, ""estnllr. the enlv one of ita kind
in tba market .**en,i for catalogue io inned .stat**
. . . .-,. dimitri!-, in pork Place, rt. v.
Vt bru haly was alfie, we nave her fastorla.
\. i.-n lb* ?ai a > I,iii. .-"li.- crud for .'astoria.
\ han ????- bi arnie Mlaa, sin- elma lo .'.int,.ria.
\\.... a sba bad ilillbcii. sin; -.'a;..- them C.?iturla.
DAHKEJfBUKCr?In Hoboken, on SatflldflT, November
titk, HMS, 1. ''ia )>nii.jji_.::-_, Bgad atRmnOB )inti,
?l\ ;:,,.:.'.iii. lour day*.
Relative* md Meade an- Inv'ted lo BtKad funeral acr
vito ja HeotOy, November '271k, lavi, ut, 8 p. m., ai
realdmrc, Mo. ?38 Stk-et.
ri'ii.,..ut at eenvenlBsee of family.
.I.- vL'l.oOD On Fridsy BBWOtOg, November -Ith,
i .niy All'?", ii m-rlif..- ol' thv lat- -Ibmoii He Witt anti
Kll*B \'ii S.-lial.-k lllo-Mlnoud. of mi, .itv.
I! liva* and frleoda .?( t a fanilly me Invited to attend
tbe funeral eervieaa, at Urara Church i bantry, on Mon
.:?. i., :?.,In.. N neild', r 37th, at. 10 o'clock.
CALKINS *r m.m,?-.?. I', nn.. November 23,1, Winiam
Raokln, >..-.?riK^i-i BOO ef Kev. 1.. li. and Mary II.
Calkins, c..' Far Rockaway, L. 1., ased 13 years.
CAMP ?Snddaalr. ai Morrl* nei^iits, riMsy, Nm amber
nilli, in t e SN real nt bis aga Willum Hoary, i-ou ut
Unca ,\\ and i'll-ui-ctii n. Camp.
P-iBeral -? nrl ? .. tit fsth*r*a reaideaca on Monday, _7t!i
in-t . ai 3 ,.' leek p. m.
mm fn.ai lumad Caatml iiopot h. B. ll. lt.. at 2.,.'0
p. m.
(oiiiii.iiiT ??tv" Seventh Reolmaat, v. o p. h. y.
N'ew-v..iic, november 2.V ISBS.
The Members of this BO?IB hiv BTB Invited to Be pres
??:.. al rhe funeral ,,. our comrade, W. lt. <-mp. m hi*
lat* i-.--l.leno*. Morris UeiKlu*. '"? Mai,lay, Knvflfllbar
":-.. ,i :; o'clock p. m. Tr.un win taara Orana csu
nal I tool at it:S0 o'clock t>. m.
BUOENB T. KIItKI.AND. ("nptaln.
ROPIT?Al Benth Nerwalk. i eon., Keveabor 2Mn, Ltf3,
Anil- ii j, . -iif.it. un,.! co year*.
Xoiie.* nf f.ii..-r-i boraalter.
lit eCTlN-liTOM -At tl..- 1-:iii.l of Martinique. West
Indln* ". l ci *.iav. Sovsmbrr SS, Austin Hunt'in-tou,
ol h.la city, in the SS-i year <-f ?Ie ??.-.
n ... ., al fsoersl bermfter.
1ACKBON Ruddonly. on Bsturday. Kovesaber Mth at bl*
rmidenc*,, .r..">ii Uadlaon ava., In tha "*.!.l year of iii* ng?*.
William Henry Jackson, M. i'. son of the late H.-v.
John Kr.-llnth.ivn^n Jnekson.
Relatives and frirn.'n ,.f tba family -mil member* of the
Academy ,,f Medicine ar,- Invited t" at'r-.vi th.* funeral
aervii ai ur Calvary Church, tth-av* n'i'1 Hat-at., on
Monday afternoon. Kovember ffth, .t 4:"o o'clock.
Thc 1lcili.nl sioeieiy <f the 1'oiinty of New York ?
Mer-.-.l'.es BPS !? >? '.I ??> urtrr.,1 the funeral of their
mr- nsio.-late. Wllllnm Henry J-u-kgon. M. 1)., at
-Salvor* Outran, ith-me. aad "jut-st., Headap ufter
?i.:, Kovember -jtim. ai I?80.
HEN KC A P. POWBLU rresld.nt.
CHARUBB H. AVKBT. Saeretary.
KEMP.?Da ThareSar. Sovearher -b ot M* reiidcnce,
fao i mil ave., Oeetga Kemp, ia the catii year of iii,
:i >'
yunera] serii.-.* at sr. n.-ir-ii?l"'<?'<'< fh.ir. h Mamlsso.
ave. nn.i Kurty-fourth-sr., t!iS doy, November 27, at
ll o'clock.
Kindly omit Bewers.
KIM ism HY --At He.llari'ls. Cid., November 2lth. 1S93.
Rev. chartee A. Klngshury.
toetOfl ml Mar n lHsas.1 .rn' West WlnJlleld (N. Y.)
rapers |>Iea.-i? copy.
l.owKitlti: -..il.l ly. Ne.'.'.i. r S4BB, Willum lt. I^iv
'?rr.', la Hie .'.Ttti lear of bli BgO.
I'.m. ral si i-> ices al his raaldcnoe, AMA jRfrrr-'oii.ave.,
Hrooklyn, L. I., on M-uiUay, Nov. inb-r _7tli. at 12
lui 11,, ut nt tonveaknee of family.
I'litlitUeiphia, p.iper*. pleas.- cepv.
ti \ -.ni.ii- Ob Prlday, Wevewbee sith, Matilda,
dasi '.I r af tiie lite uaecga k-"-s ond na of Syi\?n.i?
v. KeysakU,
?'iineral (tal,.,* will be held at her residence. 18 Eaat
731-st., Msndoy. SfeveesbaB 171k, at ii o'.-iock.
"TrltTtjIf gsddanlr. en No-rember 2.1th. st his late re?i
deaee, ih? Murray HBI Betel, John straiton. in hi*
llll'l year
telntlve* ?ml frlfn-ls. ni*. ? member* of St. Vlehola*
Lodge, SfT F. an.l A. M., are Invlte.l to Btten.l the
f.in.-r.ii herviees al i'1'- <'hurch of th" Heavenly Re?t
l.'-ih-oi. und Bth-ave.. Tuesday. NnvenilH-r 2Sth, at l>:30
n. m.
ntermetit nt I'luahlmr, L. I.
IIOMl-MlN-At her home, on Frhliy, November 2Alh
USS, Minuaret Anlolii.-Ue. ilu-i8liUr of the late Wllllani
lt. and .lan-tr.. Ve*?*eB TboBipaos,
-narai aerrlre* v.Til iw hell at 112 Mniita-rue.st., Uiix.k
lyn, MsSSS/i N'lM'inli'-r 27th. at 1 p m.
w.K.nr.vwN- OBMXTB-rr,
iMlI.e, No. 20 B. 23.1 -t.
WCaBlsws '-rat. ni (*-lt!i Wonl), Hart, in r.nllroad.
?jri'fin! Xcticco.
Tlierranlnr monthly meelina; of thr Ninth i'Mx\'a^2^'
li imnn.-t IUr.ubll.-n Aaaociatlon will I, h,l |,? M,' "
u .,.,.... -ovambar 27, lom, ., N,, , v,,,M1n*
''".re. __A. ... [IaJE* ^{2^?
TU*, linrrlnor I'lnc leeitl,. K111I11........1 ~
bia ls the l*"i Unlinoia offers u. Uie 1,H f r J* U!.-."u
i.ti*in. iJo.it. Ifumbano. I'm,,!,,! __t*___f,_f? Jy.BheO;
tuacular Palu*. KS 4 "riUont. Agaou. **u" U uai
Special Xoturt.
Thanksglvlns Appeal
153 WOKTlt-ST..
For Funds to enahlo it to Provide for tte Large Family
of lloDiele-H Children.
Ai no Cell." t .r I* cmpirocd our contributors am neg
called lu ,. i-.-u: ib.v, jj:j tb!, ir.e.hod a adoptod
?o us to nasa tin- laml annoyance.
class of children In tlie i itv i*. under It* roof, and IS
lus cared fut moro thuu 2**.0U0 Inna oi alane ll* organ I is
ll' IS A HOME.
Md a family of about 100 are living In tho bulldlao*.
They are .lotlied, ted a.i.t t-irjht lu ih.: ordinary aciioel
brmehm and ?'**o trained lu iiuu.-ciioiu work, typo**.-Hlng
Bog -.-arift-iiteriiiR.
fur am- rhll.iron in th" vicinity, ia mib.ulned, and att
who are too poor to bo supported at, home caa have food
and eMMag hem anil bBbbbB thi- st heat
with a di.'i-ci'sarv nttac'ied, p*-ov.d- a medical cere fer aha
t al.'k ?f the Institution, and oilers ii'.-'.l'ii.u and medical
l aSteadBacc to ma poor of the pive r.unw. ?
are the ells for a-ststaii.e, and the In.-tltntlon appshla
v.-iv eariiftly for f.ii.'l*. tn coudie lt to m.et tho omer*
er:., y ,.f fie paeaent hard tines for thc poor.
oro in tlie Institution at the Mean* Mam and for their
*upport the Beeac ia vastly Second al up.ui voluntary
Mei.ls pixel. 184,010
-OBI |n ;? irie.il.3 1-10 Cte.
Avenge attendance iii Behool. SOS ,
wi ,,ie number lu scIkk.i slam argaahnsim. 44.B31
'lhere are BOW CVBt 100 children "ii'li day at
dlnn.rtoH.. The pintle a.-o at all ttSsS welcome
%ie;t an.l inspect the besee. -^
AT I O'CLOCK, THAXMsntVlNO .?__ ?__ !
piNNEi*. ton ocrtira poor.'
An affe'tlr,'* ?'?.-iit. CeSM and s.-e. List rCBI about l.SOSj
i.e.ils Mere pi ci.
IN XEStnTlSa sf'.'tVI'T.s
ivIII I-e held lr. tl"- , Imii-1 Bl 2 0*C_OCS*. Ths children 1
mn alu?, fte. |, rf,i ai . anttl-...-in-: exercise*, etc. I
public ciirolally iniiud. _.__.'
n,, narivi mod* .-r 1-1, Itt-irc- l- bv ehsefc to the orderh
of 111 "ill H. CAMI', ii-., i.r, IM SfarsvcS. j
MORRIS K. JESUP, ITf-'deiit j
lltdlf IC. CAMP, Treaaure*. oro. K. BETTS, Sc^SV
OWmoE II. MOKOAN, 1 <''!\jy-?A?-V_'?ixi%
DAVlli S. Ki.1.1 vi.in, OTJVEK KARMMAJL 1
WM. I. IJ.MlNAKn. S-ip'-ll'iteadent. (
ol- THE l
22*. F.n,.t lltli-l. lin.>r Thl.-l-ive.", N. Y. City. >
ESTABLISHED in ISSI. IX" OKl'uKATljI* |n -**?? ,'
Is a Il.'.ei'.iiiit e.ur".hie and lhri-tii:i Insttutn?|/
and for Til I ll IV ? I Wi I V .. IRS baa sided Weedy. HehScOl J
ind il"ii,"l,-- I'liliirn. and r-nrthy KsmUM cf the poor. .
TM* tm --il nf the "IIOWARO MIS-ION" i""*r 'ctfully I
.,,ii, tu roi Kn., -i-i Aid Ui Carry on lt* ^?_y?S"_f
Chant il.'.- and < luls'-lan wrri IBMMIC ?e mm.Iles ol ene ,
p , r and their Clill-lr.-ii. lar-ce numher-. of whom hain oetB I
?laced In kind i hristi..nu-, or hei pea to houoraoic I
liv's cf industry and usefulaeas. ?
Thia M - -i-.ii solely SepiSda epon voluntary eontrion. ?
tl rs for lt-, tupport. _ I
Number of Psmllle* known to Ihe MISSIOS and re- I
rlnlenta cf beneflte rr?i? tun- to time aurinu the
Vl..,r. 'taD
Niinii. r of Children, B-i-raabers of shove Families.LSSS .
Vi.lt.- am Bf the l-umllie. Buring the \,-iir.-,*W .
Placed in Homes aad ii.i-n-- tltaatlona .
Ker?ive-i iii >ti-sion Hon.- duHog the year.-.
Enrolled aa M-'ini.. ;?? of nandsy arhcoi lamas BS"
Enrolled a* 'MoBbers et -unssjmm iio-.i-infe.-.-.i, dish!
For ll.'1 a< Mesibera of Vonna Si,-i's BUM* ("ls**....
Knrnlled a* Memhera or Y'.uiii- Wo.n-ii'- pu*',.- cicea..
Enrolled a*. Member* >,f Motbers* BIMe Claa<.
Number ,f Si.-k visited ani relieved .turin*; th- year..
M.,thor-' Conf. renee arni l'ny?. Meet n-r Thursday ?
ev, riiic ~ itu. Children'* Uonfere-ice and l*ral?.* Meet.ne. \
Frldar afternoon. 3:30, st the MUStON BOMB, Bi j
Money or Cheeks imt he ?ent to "THr. HOWARJK '
MISSION P. O. Box 3,32:i." or to A. S. Hat-It, Pren- ,
dent. I". (ortln:irtt-r.. Bew-roek City. ,
Dundie".. h.,\,s. barrels or ?uppl'e? ef ntiv kind mBT DC 1
sent to the Ml ?ion Hon.-'- Ko. ?.'-''. Baal Uth-st. Now? "
?fork 1 'itv. or will he sent for on receipt if notice.
Very r-spectfullv your*,
v * ^ A. S. HATCH. Prestdeat.
.1 F WYCKOKF, Kerrfsrv.
KEV. A. P. MOCK Wi: I.E, Oem ra! Superliitendea- j
A !?!>!* at ?
. CI:"
mnke* Ita nr-poal to ihe public earlier than usual IMO
yaar, because Hu* cimini- winter threatens t.i he one of
?straordlnary demand upon the hospital* from the *lck
nes? ani need for charitable care which will Inevitably
be the result of ? great lnerea?e In th-* number of people
out nf employment, and lt 1* of th* fir*t Importance,
whether ns regard* charity to the poor, or me prevention
of the f.pren.1 of disease, that provision* ba mada for
this esMTB"ii.ry. , ... ?
The Anrmi-iaiion recolonizes that, bealdea lt* object ot
ot,t:iinln?c relief for tho ?lrk p.>*r. and the smill expena*
BttendlOC Its collection, the method for dlstributlno the**
am ?S th* hoopltala on the fair basis of the free OOtB of
ea. h, by a c.iumlttee comprising the Mayor nf NBW-TBBR,
the r.e. i'm of the Chamber of Commerce, the Poet?
master of NeeMfCrk, nnd Messrs. Morrl.. K. Jesup. Jess*
Hellfman, Crndlu* Vaiiderbiit and Edward C-oper. and
- Int, h- uiis-etarlan character of thi* work and
organization, have combined In obtaining the coatnbuUoOS
,,f n.nrlv ?T.?i.(SSl which lt ha* received and dlvldea
during the thirteen yean of ll* existence, and there ta
ao reaeoo lo believe that any of these characterlatlca will
be loot ?r Infringed upon. .__.__?
The regular collections will be taken as u*ual the last
Saturday md Sunday ,-f Hie ve.tr. liecember 30th and
31st. but contributions may be sent at any time to Ut.
Charlea Lunler. Treasurer. 17 NSBSM BttSCt
01:0. H. BAKER,
J.'UN S. UCSoi.sQ.
Executive Commutes
New-Tork. November 2, ISBS,
391 '
Mona of ibo R?**olu!lon.-"?itnie of Mew York Society, 1
Notice ls hereby given that the annual meeline of ,
.his Boetoty will be held at FUACNl'ES' TAVERN,'
MUSH Bread und Pearl sis., In the city of New-Tork.
on Monday, Hecembor 4th, IMO. at 3 o'clock p. m. for
the elution of offlrers ar.J niana#e.K for the ensuing year,
and the 1 ran-ii rion of suoh other buslnea* aa may
pn/iieily come before the Sviclety.
Th*} polls will be open from 3 until 4:30 o'clock.
New-York City. Nov. U".. 15-M.
Po fl lorilee Notice.
?reck ending Dee. 2 will du
Fo-elgn malls for the week ending Dee. 2 will ClOSS '
fpromptly In all cusesi at this oftVa nm follow*:
Owlas io certala roqalrements of Postal valen Regula?
tion.-., no Supplementary Mails will h.- made up on the
pier* of the White Star. Cunard or ll urn mall steamers
betweon tba 1st und BSth of November.
KOKuAT?At 1 I', m. for lnagua. Cape Haytl. and Mont*
Christy, per *. ?. Empress; at M p. m. for Belize,
Puerto Cortes linl Guatemala, per a. a. Stillwater,
C..,e. \" ..,_, I '...,: -
from N-".\-< .il.'.-iri",
TCKSDAY?At 3 a. m. for Eirope. per a. a. Aiier,
vi.i Southampton and lin nun; at '3 p. m. for lilueflelda,
per a, s. Ouaal*. from New-Orleans.
M'KDNRSOAY?At li a. tn. for Europe, nar ?. a. Ger?
manic, via yueenstown .letter* must be
- for Europe, per -
a. Aller,
?afree ted "per
Pan*, via
uerman.I: a' " a. m. ror europe, per a. ?. rans, via
Southampton; at "* a. m. for IVlglum direct, per a a
Hli'iilan'l, via Antwerp iletter* iiiu?t PB direeteii "per
Rhynl?nd ); al lo a. m. .supplemental ll a- m.) for
Central America lexeept Coata Hlcal and South 1'aclflo
potts, per >.. ?. <'lty ot Para, via Colon iletter* for Oaute
mala most be directed "per City of i'ara"l; at 1 p. m.
f,,r Cuba, per *. s. SatateJBB, via Havara; at 2 p. m. for
i.\ piata .?,,-illirie* Street, ear a *. Krona, at vi p. n.. tor
Puerto Crtez. per h. s. Wanderer, from New-Orleana.
THURSDAY?Al 7 a. m. f,r Santiago, per ?. a. Mexico
(i.it.is (or Vroasoala aad BavoalikL Bte., mu-t be di
reetad "per Mexico"); at *M a. m. fa- Italy and Hrlttah
India, per s. s. Columbia, via Naples; at 9 B. m. tar
Netherlands direct, p.-r *. s. Iildam. via Rotterdam list
tera must be dire, ted "pi-r Ol,lem").
FRIDAY At s n. m. fr Itmzll and Ia Plata Countrtos.
p. ?;? s. s. Ll lhal ta via Pernambueo, llahla, Rio Janeiro
i.:il Santos linter* f.r Para and Ceara must be directed
"per Llebnits"); at I p. m. (supplementary 1:30 p. m.)
for Kaaaau, N. P., per s. a. Antllia.
_SATURDAY?At li:-'kl fl. m. for Germany, per a. a.
Seale, via menes (tetters for other nana of Eun.po.
vi.i .-.ulliaiui,!.,n und Hi. i.i.-n. must be dlreete.1 "par
Baal* i; ut i:30 a. m. isupiilementary BtSB a. m.l for
,',:!"i"' iti ST'".*"?;,,,,,d- ""Iv. ?:I>?ln. Poriugal. Turkey
and l.iitlsh ln.lla. per a ?. Kt lltetasne. via llavra;
at 'Ji.w fl. fla (BUBpUmantary 11:3?? a. ut.) for Europe.
per B. a I mbrla, via gueenstown; nt 10 a. m. for Nor
?a% direct per ... a. Thlngvulla Helter* must be ,11
lo-tl.n I'-i' 'll.ln<vall,'.".. at lo :l. ?,. (supplementary i
ll .10 nm.) for Fortune Itf*Bd Bn,, jamaica per ?. a.
Alisa l.tters fur Ja.-mel and Aux-Cayea must he dlrectad
par Ailsa i. at ll a. tu. for Campeche. Chiapas. Tal*ae
,,' anl "'.??"''?ta*'. Per s. a. Seneca ilettera for other
Mexu-an Stttoa and Caa* must bo Slreeted "r*r ?eno
Se_ . l..n!'--v,\, f,"..'.Iav.U- Coajana and .arupano.
____? ft ? rlns ?1!l,*m I"- (letters for other Venesuelas
h-*_b- i""?0'*'-' Tr,,n,;1?,,1? 1,r,,",h nna ?"?"'a Guiana mu"
be illreoted "per Prlns Willem III."); at ll n tn for
Belgium direct, per k. a. Helgenlan.t via Antwern ileltawm.
vi'.hhe^ '!'re<;!"- "?** ??"In-nland", at 7 7 mmVtBt
Oil^Zt^T'ii ,'r.1.s'..s ?V'-asdan,. via RMtersS
"t;'" I"- d rectsil "per Ma.iBdam"); at ll a. m.
Orb-an*. ulu"?"'--'. P^r ,. .. j. wilson from NaW?
Malls for China nnd Japan, per n. ? IVru >(-_ ?._
S_ "fas sr,-,. 5_t*W._^_*?
up to nip *m ato__ n J?"^*,'*-. rto" h?r' -laur
close at th*Yeflice ,iiv ?,!,:?_- m1 ihen<* b* steamer.
''.v rall lo^__2__ Ch -ni o P "I Ma,,? ror <"uh^
M ii'^iU Tkorators m i "1 ,,Vr,,,''i by, "teamer (Muin?
dilllv n.?i?, ?, Malla ET^'- C*?** "* thi* "m??
specially S4J?'f*r .1-,, eh . ^' ov'r'?*"*. "nle?
ollie UailyTtTa in ,,"I'a,rh by ?t-*Bmer. cloao at thia
_CHAKLBBW, ,UYTON. Poatmaatar.
fsdigionn Xotic?
, ATTBNTION.. llt'SI.NK.iS men
In Ihe John fttreat
ilallerlea ipen to ladle*
'*'-^lBa7to-_Erro?P a ? *l --lt ??'"'rteentb-at. noonday
aiWa MaBro_r?l7?;. il n.V M'tr'.nolltan Hall, oppo.it*
-**wo. aenropoiitan meetinga Mr. YATMAN. Leader.
? /

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