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tm: explosion.
i IN TI1F. ALDB'lKOb'flll B MillAl'KS-TIIK IU1YM
Dublin, Nov. U7.?An explosion, supposed to hav
been of dynamite, occurred this morning In Tyrone
at. No damage was done. A compositor named Sheri
dan waa arrested for being drunk. A bulky ebjec
was feen protruding from one of his pockets, ani
upon examination it was found that he had in hi
possession a case containing six detonators of th
thickness of a quill. Kach was an inch long, am
had a screw attached for Ignition purposes. Th
case also contained a quantity of fulminate o
mercury. Sheridan, WBSB Arraigned before a iiikkIs
trate, said he was taking out a patent to be use.
by MW rrlnfing trade. He had purchased th<> de
ton.-itnrs from a man In a public house, lie wai
questioned regarding his alleged patent, but hi
could give no de?erlptlon of lt.
A tin box. Ailed with some sort of saturated ma
terlal resembling gunpowder, waa found yeeterdaj
morning inside the Aldborough barracks. A fusi
attached to a cap was connected with the powder
This fuse hail the appearance of having been light*!
and extinguished. The box weighed a pound. I
could have been droiiped over the .even-foot wal
surrounding ths place where lt was found. Thi
police say that the analvsls of the contents of thi
box has not been completed. It has been reportei
that the material In the box was harmless, bu'
the poMce doubt this.
The police have received warning; that attempti
will be made to blow up public buildings In Dubllr
and Belfast, lt ls apparent that the authorities an
uneasy. They have taken every precaution to pre
vent anv outrage of the kinil being perpetrated
All the guards at the public buildings have beer
Increased, and many plain-clothes men are doini
extra dtitv.
It is thought that the Phvslcal Force ptvrty int-ni
to resume operations, now that the final eafopuoi
of the Home Rule bill ls said to have been In
definitely postponed. A majority or the people uri
bitter In tnelr denunciation of such a policy.
Three men fought this evening In ii lonely stree)
ne3r Slr John Hogerson's que* on the Liffey. Om
of them drew a revolver and tired. His companion
afterward Identified as Patrick Held, fell dead wit!
a bullet In his heart. The other two men ran away
The one who used the revolver was caught am
was r<>cognlr.ed as the man who had ben arrestet
on suspicion of being connected with '.h.- recent
dynamite rxplrntnns her-, but was relented owlm
to lacie -if posiilv? evidence. His name la nat
known. The third ana escaped. The three an
believed io have had niue!: to do with the dynamlti
explodions. The .Itv has been excited greatly bv
the reports of tl-..- murder and Its supposed bestial
upon the dynamite plots.
London. Nov. IS.- "The I>aily News" correspond
ent In Dublin *uys that Patrick Held, who was mur?
dered last night, was arrested with Sheridan rester.
dav morning, but was discharger because nothing tc
justify his detention em-Id be learned. "The gen?
eral belief here K" .Kids the correspondent, "that
the geng answerable for the explosions feared thal
Reid might divulge their Beere ts."
Diam luina received carly rbi* morning from
Dur-bri .--av ths: the police guards have been
doubled throughout ihe city. Orders have i.n
telegraphed to the police of ail Irish and English
purts to watch for auapeote.
IXF.T-M SltrUaVS MAY HF Cll.l.ni ON*
London. Nov. 27.?A dispatch to the Central
News from Paris says that President Carnot
asked M. Polnenrre again to press M. Casiinlr
Ferler. President of the Chamber of Deputies,
to form a Cabinet. Tho dispatch edda that M.
Casimir-Perier dennstively declined lo undertake
the task.
Parts, Nov. 27.?After St Caslmlr-Perler ab?
solutely refused to attempt to form a Cabinet
President Carnot made an appeal to M. Bor>
deau to undertake the formation of a Ministry.
M. Burdeau pleaded that his health forbids him
to attempt the task.
President Carnot, at another Interview with
M. Polncarre, told him of the various opinions
gathered from the politician* who have been
called to the Elysee to give advice on the situ?
ation. Later, the President summoned Felix
Faure and Francois de Mahy, vice-Presidents
of the Chamber, and Charles Merlin and M.
Bardour, vice-Presidents of the Senate. He
asked them for their views of the situation and
their recommendations for the Premiership.
Eugene Spulier, Mlnlater of Foreign Affairs in
1889, ie mentioned thia evening as a possible
successor to Dupuy, although the gen. rai belief
still ls that either Dupuy himself or Caslmlr
Perler will form the new Cabinet.
Kmile. Vicomte dr Kermenguy, one of the
Deputies for Ftnlsterre. died yesterday. In the
Chamber of Deputies to-day M. Carlinlr-Perler
made an official announcement of his death
and paid a tribute to his memory. At the
close of BL Caelmir-P'-rter'a remarks the cham?
ber proceeded to revise contested elections, but
adjourned In a short time.
The Senate met to-day, and decided that lt
would be unconstitutional to legislate in th? ab?
sence of a Ministry. An adjournment was taken
until Thursday.
? -'
?, Some, Nov. Tl.? It is stated on excellent authority
that the Vatican has received precise Information
that during the recent visit of Count Kalnoky,
, Austrian-Hungarian Prime Minister to King Hum?
bert at Monza, the former complained of the Pope's
"Franco-HusFiun policy, and declared that the pope
i ought not to abandon Catholic Austria and Italy,
'lt ls Bald that Count Kalnoky also declared that
? an understanding should be arrived at with the
Vatican. Serenity prevails at the Vatican. The
Pope ls Aria and will make no change tn his coarse.
, The same authority confirms the report that a
' reduction will be made In the Italian Army.
Rome. Nov. ft.?The Parliamentary Commission
. which Investigated the bank scandals reported that
the National Bank had lent the Banca Itomana
9.000,000 lire for a few hours on a day of Govern?
ment Inspection, In order that the deficit in the lat?
ter institution might be concealed from the ex?
aminers. In view of thia statement Felice Caval
lettl. Extreme Radical, will move upon the reae
aembllng of the Chamber that the investigation
Of the hank Brandais be now transferred to the
' courts of Justice, on the ground that the director of
the National Hank has been guilty pf a mlsde
. tneanor. In pressing his motion he will also crit?
icise the Parliamentary Commission for withholding
documents which apparently compromised Glollttl.
The Extremists will present a motion virtually fix?
ing the resronsibility upon Signor Ratar.al. This
certainly will rouse a storm of bitter personalities.
Signor Ratszxi has been dismissed from his of?
fice of Controller of the Royal Household. He ls ac?
cused of being one of the chief authors of the bank
Brussels, Nov. 17.?Much comment and some un?
easiness nave been csused here by an article which
M. Flourens, ex-Minlster of Foreign Affairs In
France, has published in the Paris "Eclair." The
subject of the article ls the Intrenched comp which
Germany ls constructing at Malmedy, near Aachen.
M. Flourens accu?ea Belgium of conspiring with
Germany agaSMB France, and of preparing to help
the German army Indirectly in thc next war. IIH
glum had no sooner erected fortresses near Liege
ne Bays, than an agitation against the military
service was started throughout the country Bel?
gium evidently did not care to have soldier* enough
to repel a. German invasion of France throughout
her territory. In other words, the fortresses near
Liege had been intended for Germany's benefit.
Melllla. Nov. 27.?The truce between the Span
lards and Rlfflana continues. The construction of
the Spanlah forts advance.. Muley .Araaf, the
Sultan's brother snd envoy, frequently writes to
General Macias, the Spanish commander. The lat?
ter communicates with Madrid. The belief grows
thst Muley Araaf is unable to Induce the Rlfflans
to become peaceful. He will soon retire to Fes
Madrid, Nov. 27.?The Government has sent to
?lultan Muley Hassan a strong note again recki?
ng th* articles of the Wadras treaty, which ths
Riffs are violating. The Government hes consented
to shelter Muley Araaf at Melllla If he be at?
tacked by the Riffs, on the condition that he go
afterward on a Spanish warship to Tangier.
London, Nov. 17.?A. J. Balfour, the Conservative
leader In the House of Commons. Intimated thia
afternoon that the attack of Influenza from which
he ls suffering would prevent his taking part In the
unveiling to-morrow of the memorial to James
Russell Lowell In Westminster Abbey. Leslie.
Stephen, the well-known author, haa consented to
take tbe place of Mr. Balfour and make an address
at the unveiling. _ _
Moville, Nov. 17.?The State Line steamer State
af Nebraska. Captain Brown, from New-York No?
vember 14 far Glasgow, {ps brought to thia port
Ike <"*~- erew of tbe new four-masted British
bark Pahuma. which sailed on her first voyage
from Greenock on November !i for New-York, Hon*
K"ng or Japan. The Haham.i v.hr abatarBanaa at
Berlin. Nov. 27.-It ls reported In the diplomatic
circle r^re that M'lan, BM sTBag Of S-rvli. ls pre?
paring a coup to overthrow his son. Kim; Alexan?
der, apnln ascend the throne and fill Ids own ex?
hausted puree._
Rome. Nov. 27.-The Pope's encyclical enjoining
upon catholics the study of the Scriptures appeared
London, Nov. JR.?Fire vesterday at Dunraven
Castle. Brtdgend, Glamorganshire, did slight dam?
age. The flame. wer(- quickly overcome. Lady
Dunraven and her two daughters were nt Ihe
castle, Dunraven Caetle ls one of tba seats of the
Earl of Dunrnven, owner of Ihe yacht Valkyrie.
London. Nov. Z7.?A stir has l>een mused In so?
ciety liv the conversion to Humanism of the niece
of John Morley, Chief Secretary for Ireland. She
kept house for her uncle at the Secretary's Lodge,
Dublin. She will enter a convent within thr-e
Toronto, Nov. 27.? Chancellor Royd to-day set
aside the Judgment for $68.00" recently obtained by
A. CharlebolM against the Greet Northwest Cen?
tral Railroad. The caN bas Leen In litigation fur
rive years, and thc costs so far noted ISMBa.
Rome. Nov. 27.?The Pope to-day presided at a
discussion as to the beatification of three propof?d
RO\r> COMMISSION promptly rii.r.r.D
His TiMEIileioME bcscsles.
Albany, Nov. 27 (Spocfal).-Wllllam C. Huds.m,
the secretary of tba Hoard of Railroad Commis?
sioners, was forced to offer his resignation to-day
by his official superiors, and the resignation wus at
once accepted ?nd the vacant place filled. The man
who kicked Mr. Hudson out of office was Edward
Murphy. Jr., of Troy, the chairman of the Demo?
cratic State Committee. Mr. Hudson was told last
summer to ask campaign contributions for the
Democratic Slate I'ommlttee from the chiefs of
Various raliway corpora lions which ari- under the
rule of the Hoard of Railroad Cor.tml?.lo!i?r? ll
are. Indeed, all the railroads In the State. This
ama disrepute baa work, savoring strongly of black- l
mall, and Mr. Hudson, ns an honorable mun. fell
he could not (K> lt. He refused llrmly to be the
Instrument of any such demand upon the cop?
pin- attona Such moral scruple i. of .-.lurs", were
off.'n=!ve to the mnn who control the Democratic
Stats committee, and they at ones reabtved that
Hudson's official head must be taken. Mr. Rudson,
therefore, loses his place.
With the coming Into office In 1*<2 of the present
Railroad Commisioners?Samuel a. Beardsley, of
Utica, a member of the Democratic St,tte Com
mlttee: Alfred C. Chapln. ex-Mayor of Brooklyn
and ex-State Controller, and Michael Kick:rd. of
Albany, professional "lalxir man"?th- board Bl*
trcguced "politics" for the first time into the con?
duct of Its affairs. Men were appointed clerks
solely because they hHd political pulls, and "poli?
tics" apiwirer.tly swayed some Of tne decisions and
opinions of the board. Now. with the dlanilasal
ol' William C. Hudson and the putting In bis
place mis afternoon of .lames D. McMahon, of
Utica, a political henchman of Senator Murphy,
the Railroad Commission takes another long atop
Into the Held of politics.
McMahon's place was first offered to Charles :
R. DeFreeet the clerk of the Democratic state
committee. If Depress I had accepted tbe poet, lt
would. Indeed, have i?-en a wornbia to corporations '
that the Democratic state Committee expects them i
yearly to pay tribute to tbe present "rohber
barona" of the Democratic party. Hut DeFietal
declined the office, hnvlng received an offer from
Senator Murphy of the place of superintendent of
the street railways of Troy. Hut the dismissal ot
Hudson and selection of McMahon will undoubtedly I
be a sufficient warning to the corporations. The I
Kallroad Commissioners did. Indeed, elect DeFlCSBI 1
as accountant, dismissing an honorable and capable
public servant. In the person of Eugene H. Hunt?
ing; but DeFreest sa vs he will not accept the
YOl'Xii RElM'nLlr.vXS HAVE ,\ HF/'Fl'TlON'.
The m.-mbers "f the Vonna Mon's BegaMfceai Clab nf
the Seventeenth \Var\l of Brooklyn h*t even Ins paw ;i
reception o'd dinner for the retentlv el("-t,(rt r.ridld.te.
of Hie BspobBcea party. Tfie absbesesaa, al Milton K,
and M.uliattiui-ave., were eUhnratelv- decnmi-ed willi hunt.
lng an4 Anita Iran flag*, and a mon enjoyable evealin; wa-,
spent. An entertainment preceded t-ie dinney. Ma.rdf.
elect Kcblcren occupied the. aeat of honor, uni be?lde Mai
?ot Pre.ldaot Kl:i*. of tho teeSt aisle ?aaater>eBBg Owen-,
sat at hl? right and Bassit slBM BettB0| at Iii- left
Toa?U were re?pondel Bj Bf Mr. StHsraa, Mr. BttttBag
Mr. un. ii- and other*.
Hill* Kail.. N' Y.. Kev. 27.? Amn-mWcmnn Pr<-<.o/.M.
win hud Leen mentioned as B candidate foe BgaSkeT .f
the Aaeemlilv by Warner Miller mon. anni.-ince* ?hp nih
"Thc Times" to-day that he will v?te fur Malle- f..i
8pen ker.
pr. wooimrLL'sr.T.ovr.R commit? ItTICtM SSAS
sssr-ssmrswicB, s. j.
The little hamlet of Rhode Hall, neur Waa BlIIBB
wick, la excited over the suicide of Dr. Woodhull
Selover, sixty years old, a lift lons leaMkml of the
place. Tile doctor placed the muzzle nf a gun in his
mouth, and by pressing the trigger with his foot
Maw his brains out. Domestic troubles ari; aaM
to have caused the act.
Waltham, Mass., Nov. 27.?The local police found
Kate Mckenna, Insane through starvation, lucked
In her room to-day. Hhe ha. *'.?0u In bank.
El Paso. Tex.. Nov. 27.?Mrs. .1. Hampton Hone,
wife of the late Consul to Amoy, urrlved In Kl
Paso Saturday morning: und departed In the after
noon with her husband for lh'lr horne ut Boan*
oke Va. Mr. Hoge had been quite ill, but rood
medical care has restored him to a condition that
enabled him to travel.
Camden, Ark., Nov. 27.?At the present term of
the Circuit Court the Grand Jury returned Indict?
ments against the Mayor and Hoard of Aldermen
for licensing disreputable houses. The defendants
had been in the habit of collecting P' a month from
each house.
Greenfield. Mass.. Nov. 27.?In the Superior Court
this morning, tn the test case of Mary A. Fisher.
of South Deerneld. against the reKlslrars of voters
of Deerfleid for failure to put her name on De?
voting list last March, plaintiff recovered $10 dam?
ages against Registrars Aldenbrlggs and Edward
C. Cowle*. Twenty-flve women may now recover
under this decision.
Port Townsend. Wash.. Nov. 27.?Mall ndvlres
from Alaska yesterday by the ateamcr City of
Topeka arr to the effect that the "grip" la taking
off a large number of natives on Douglas Island
and about Runes. There have been over thirty
deaths from this cruise within the last month,
and the epidemic han not yet subsided. Ths bodies
of all the victims were cremated.
Troy, M. Y., Nov. 27.?The monastery of the Qood
Shepherd here haa received from the Chicago in?
hibition Commissioners a gold medal for being a
model reformatory. Sketches and plans of the dif?
ferent departments of the monastery were sent by
Sister Ht. John Chrysostom to the Chicago Fair,
showing the girls at work In their workroom, cook?
ing and baking, and the juniors at study.
Pompton. N. J., Nov. 27.?Mrs. Emma I'arks, the
young wife of George Tasks, last night arose from
bed. and In her nightclothes Jumped from a sec?
ond-story window. She lh<n ran nearly hall a mlle
over the rough, frozen ground and threw herself
Into tho Pompton Lake, which ls only three feet
deep at that point. Her body was found this morn?
ing, frozen In the Ice. Mrs. Parks was only nine
teen yenrs old, and had only recently given birth
to a child.
New-London. Conn.. Nov. 27.?The famous old
Howard House, at Niantle, was destroyed by Mre
early this morning. There wen- few guests in tbs
hou>:e, and they managed to escape, taking only
what clothing they wore. The house was owned
by Charles Hancock, treasurer of End Lyme, un?
saved (he town's books. The Howard was a favor*
lie resort during the encampments of the Connecti?
cut National Guard. The loss ls llfl.ucn, v.lth little
Insurance. The house wus built In 18(W.
Krle. penn.. Nov. 27 iSpeclal).-The will of George
Selden was flied for probate to-day. lt gives
120.00") to tbe Harriot Hospital, conditionally, and
tlO.UHI to each of five Bl BOBBI j the rest of the
testator's fortune of neurly $500,OW, Is to be divided
among his nephews and nieces.
Poughkeepsie. Nov. 27 (Speclal).-Thousands of
dressed turkeys and chickens are on their way to
New-York on to-night's boats. The steamer Daniel
8. Miller took 3,000 turkeys to New-York last night.
Dutchess County farmers have suffered severely
from poultry thieves this fall.
Youngstown. Ohk>, Nov. 27 (Special).-?Hurglars
chloroformed the family of L. V. Schurrenbercer
rreasurer of Green Township, and stole 11.200 of
township funds, which he had secreted In the bed
A crowded home welcomed Mr. %<A Mr*. Kendi I BJ the
Columbia Theatre, ]i, Iirooklyii, where they begin a week',
engagement last evening. The play nt< "The Saaaad
Mr.. Tanquerar," waiell will Lc repeats Sag and Friday
evening., and af ths matinee* to-morrow and Satur* ir.
Mr. and Mm. Ceral.I wer.. BseSnal nt Hie (Ieee of the
?econ* act. To-morrow an I Thur-daf eveail H Uley will
il'U-ar In 'WVs Silver Shell." At in- BMSMl matin-.,
on Thaohjglvlot Day Mg Wh?4. ,,,?, ?,? ,,,, ,,,?.?_
Next weakJoha grew will ap!.,?,r in "Tho Masked Ball."
. ? Pfrtennenee ., ?.Aaieriean. lAbrosd." at tho
Amphion Thestre BM er-nts,, was wimped by a crowd* I
boase. The pl.y -III be rcpe**, M ^ ??,?, ?,th a
Mil. V??nilli!'.!.S PH0MOTE0 tO OESKRAL MAS
BES, AM) vi w si ni.i.it PBCBlDBSt WU.MIK
?A Qtll.T HAY .VI.'.M. THE MX!'.
Hir TfttftBirn TO TIIK TSinrv '
Philadelphia, Nuv. H. -from th-- standpoint
UM COmpaajr, UM condition Of IBS Lehigh Vail
strike COBtmoea steadily ta imprnve. Every d:
the movement of trains grOWS heavier, anti t
Interruption to trafllc MM gSfgBM, On S.iturdi
and rmnaar HM Urta! BBrremenl af trama amount
to rn both freight and coal, averaging ever si
t>.it (.irs ii train. The lenders of the sulk.- 1
main "conl!di-iit." bot their coaSdenoo must
more apparent than real. The ofllclals of th.- cor
pany even now profeea to see the beginning of tl
Voorhees is no longer .ictlne; general miniger
the lehigh Valley. He BOW beale the title
general manager, Wbleb WU beatowed upon hi
this aaornlng by President wilbur. This appota
meat, ?r promotion, is in the nature of a reeoga
tlon of the great services rendered by Mr. Von
hees during thc strike, and of th- umisml abfSl
as a railway manager lilsplnv - 1 by him. lt ls u
deratOOd that Mr. Poorness v\ill continue to ho
the pince of vlce-preeldenl af th-' Readlaf c,,n
pany. Mr. Poorbeea departed for DetbfaSem i
an early hour this morning, and shortly after h
arrival he sent a telegram to Vite PreaMeat Hart
horne, of wbfcb the following ls n copy:
With the ..*.-. piton Bf kith- BBftH ill*?url-:iri. M Bet
Wllkeabam Issi erealag sar ivneral eeeaBlee ronibm
qui-t sn4 v. ry rsroraMe. Wa moved, on BataraJajr ..r
Banasy, :tso frsisgl sad enal tratas, a total et e\8U ea*
Oeaaral Saaerlateedeal Pennell lives notice M a cnn
pict.- reeasas*|ao of fretgM tmfSe :?' BeffiaM and Mes
Pies on Northern Pl vlsi on. We hare alli Mod ab our bm
BBCtlmil that we ure trudy tn receive na1 baadla frelgl
a. usual.
At the general offices In this city nothing WI
known of the intended visit or the Mew-Jeree
Slate Hoard of Arbitration for tin- purpose of coi
firring with PreeMml wm.ur and tba leaders i
the strike. Presldenl Wilbur was in i:. i;.i"h?m a
dav. Mr. Vow rb soars promotion i? believed t
? hi-: elevation ta the preaMeney at ihe ai
nual meeting of the Hoard .>r Dtrectora on .ia,
uarjr lg ns it is general!) aceeptai th.:t Mr. wi
bur will reston.
?ayre, Peen., Kev. ST.?There is nothing mw I
the ?.trike sttuatkMi berm Hiapeilntewdenl Penna
says bo n.-w man win be discharged to maha rom
for lorine:- employee, ll old men come imck I
must Ix- as now tuen. Superintendent McOttln
ol the Erie, came down from Kindra to-day an
personally y ipertniended ths ?getting of als.u
thirty bra cara owl of the Lehigh swlteg, nu
:.t We-t thi ifternoon. A few bad fn-igii
foi Bbntre; others wen empty. Ha said thai i"i
was the Urat freight I.-high bed offered them sin
?h? strike began. They wera reed) te handM al
tbat was Offered) and did not anticipate troubl
by so doing.
Th-re was n arrack iii th- yard bera al 12;4
o'clock this attora., resulting in thc dl-.ililini
af three engine* No one was killed or injured
Tba aaeiaeni was caused i>\ tba demllmenl of En
gtne No. M in from af tba stattoa a rreigh
train from the Bein . .- ? na Mo. RI
noii-unhm er-w. came Mering toto ibe yard, lb
engineer hnv.i. | loM control ??? it. Ko. M wh
compietefy demolished, and ?;i? ahoved toto tb
sile af a pa ssa ni' i engine disabling ll badly. ?'
N. Kine, iretomastei. Hm Seneca MvMtOB. ??!
working arith a switch engine endeavoring to ge
No. gg on (he track wiall th- crash COB* Hi
sprang from his engine, ead ll mn sway, te-irim
down th- track* ni. .'it Bve tulles lo Milan, whin
it run lalo fha rear af i fr.-ight trait-., doing Bligh
dn mi,ge.
Harrisburg, Penn., Nov. :: ? Oovernor PnttMot
to-day appointed twenty-one additional i ii aa
lion police i ,t the Lehlgfl Valley Railroad Compan)
on the ropiest of the corporation. Nothing ha
been received at the Executive l)et?artment lo In
dtente any change In the Lehigh valley ?ltunt!?.?
sin? last nigin to narran! th* interferei.f tis
State. Oovernor Pattison will not order 'int tm
troups until it becomes absolutelj necessary lo d'
so. He hopes th- strike ui:i end within the Na
tlonul Guard being called to arms.
Auburn. N. Y.. Nov. _*7. lui! I Hutch. ..f ti,1.
city, one rn the -triking l<ehig-h ? -ngn.i- and *
pember >t tbe Brotherhood. ?? i back t; nor!
last night and looa Die regular (rain south |<
Barre, working v.itn a non-union Brenan. Ej'-;
said: "Uentlernen. 1 nm sorry, nut there un- lot
many men oul of work, i've got a inti I mil)
here and a nie boin-, an! ir i lose ibis Joli 1'.
probably have lo vmrk else Bl lien for SJ c.nfs n
day if I could gel it i dare not risk it any I mgi ?
Three more striking engineers r ported for dutj
thi? morning, and tn- strike ms) be con ldere.| ii
? atal.. ,,r coltapee.
Wllkesbarre. .No-, tl Plva angtoeers reported a
th- Lehigh office to-day and asaed for their time.
They .tated that th-? w.-.e wtutng io work, ben
?Jill not wish tu rtak then ii,-c. on nie run ba i ar etti
i 'oil ir. an 1 Mau. I. Chunk
A mob of idii-rr ead small boys snrrou
train nt Pittston Junction this afternoon i.nd
threatened tba crew, Tba engineer <:rew a revolver
and held the croud al ba> until tba train pulled
A big crowd gathered nt the I.e'drh Valley sta?
tion here th!.* afterno >n. Bs vera 1 policemen endeav?
ored to disperse them, but tailed, whereupon one
of tbe atrlkers atepped o'fi and asked the crowd ti
stay away from the company s property, a- their
presence there worked injury to the Urutherbo da
Tba mob dlaparsrd at once, nnd in i few mlnuti-H
scarcely a docea people could I ? .-'-n.
I? i? reported ai Ihe Ntiperiniendent'a office that
Iftees collieries had resumed work to-day, bul h *.v
iong ih?ir supply of < j:s will last is not known lt
area ali i reported thal a i Ilk Ira! I ?! ? r* Kayre
this afternoon, but th- agent telegraphed for a nsw
rew to take it down th* road from Wllkesbarre,
the crew from Sayre refusing to ko bri further
.h.in this point. An appeal na made bj the
ltrlk?'S to-nb-.ht. to the public, deni catina violence.
Four strlk-is v.-r- arrested t Pori Bowkley late
:his evr-ning for atoning un operator al ala home
md intimidating th- non-union tn-ii on trains il
:ha? puce. Ti-v were each I dd to bail in th.- sum
vf SSS
potiHvllle, penn., Nov. ?1 ? John E. Slea, chief
if the Locomotive Brotherhood "f the Lehigh eye?
less, arrived here to-day. ll" was attended on io*
rtstt te th.- yards by a cosi ami Iron policeman and
sras not permitted te board any nf th? engines.
Ile express-d the belief thu! Hie mi n would win.
jot h- sall thul If Un- company would m.ike an
idvance one-ejearter way th- Orterunce Commutes
.vouid go Ute other tr.r.quarters toward a settle
fhiimokln. Penn., Nov. 27.?A number of coal and
Talgai trains are moving between here and I ?e
ano to-day. Most of the old men have returned
o work. The paossngor trains ors tinning on time.
A rumor wu* current in Jersey .'itv lust night
hat the Btjika bad ???n j-, ul".I lu favor 'if ihe
nen, at ii meetma of arbitration boat is and the
?fliers of ihe road at Philadelphia yesterday after
loon. This rumor, which wa-? generally believed by
?aiiroad men, was brought io Jersey city b> un
?nghteer who attended the meeting held at Le
hyette last night. Up fo a late hour >hu morntog
be eaghaeer, who put m> bta angtoe and areal
ioma could not be found, and the rumor could
mt be verllicd.
There was som-thin'; like g rio! al the grain Sse
,-ator af Hm Ncw-Yir!< Central and HbSbob uiver
Railroad at B!xtMtb?et and the North River yea
erday morning. A number of Hoh.-mlnns em
Soped as grain BbOVClMra Weal on sfiilte there
m Saturday morning because Superintendent Phe
an refssMd to pay th.-ni for BB hour during which
hey w.-re kept walling for a boat which was to
ie unloaded. Other men wen- employed in thr-lr
daces. They went bink to UM (levntor yesterday
norning nnd two af th-rn faaaaaHad Antonio
rUbara, the foreman. He was knocked down, but
mi% not burt aerlouely. Ha run io the offtoe, took
i revolver from hla ctosei and iiri-i two simts over
hi bends of (he strikers, win. Immediately lied
Another employe telephoned to Police Head?
masters thai a riot was in program al tba ato
niur. and tba res?rvea srere sen! from tin- police
itntlon in West Btoty-etghtb-et te quell th- dis
Letters from Mothers
g peak i n
warm terms
of w li a t
has done
fortheir del?
icate, sickly
It's use has
thousands back to rosy health.
Scott's Emulsion
of cod-liver oil with Hypophos
phites is employed with great
success in all aliments that re?
duce flesh and strength. Little
ones take it with relish.
^fjepaesd br Scott A Bews*. M. T. AlldntyUBa,
turbnnoe. Meanwhile J*R**&J?P?lm&
was ea duty near the *>?v?lor. srw?mtm "^ar.
a ebarge or shooting at l,hVr.!er "nrlclc for :is
rtste.i Andrew Unit nnd ^oreVlbv he arrests
mullins Tuhera, Quiet was rw^e.1 by inc arr i
and 35 work ?J*?g^^o&n(* Police
Tin- prisoners were tenon ?
l-'ourt, where they were held.
a CAMSafTA TOwr.KMAN l'ltr.vixrs two cor,
uaioxa BBAB xr.wvnK-FKr.i-JUT COMSS
ix rsos IMS srsssj.
The OSSSMM of UM Lehigh road yesterday de
Ctared that the sirlke on their road wss at an end.
and that four brakemen nnd ten switchmen who
had asked to be reinstated were put to work; In
some ..aa. brakemen Were promoted to (*?*"?
of conductors. It was mid yesterday thal the men
have been token baeS ns union men. in spite of the
atatemaBl of PriMdent wilbur that all employs
Who had aol returned by MM Wedm?ny would
be forever debarred from the company's employ.
Among railroad men the taking beek of the mer.
ls rea-ird'.l as a virtual backdown for the road und
a bag etotery for the men. It is generally believe.)
th.it BM road will graduaSy take buck as many of
the men as are willing to work, even if they are
union men. ,,
Mr I gmt the vnrlmnster nf I'ornmunlp.iw. told
a reporter yesterday that the Lehigh Valley road
was In full operation, nnd that the coal traftlc was
running along as usual. As against this positive
assertion, only two trains, both empty, left the
CommanlpaW yards yesterday.
The passenger trains came In about as inte ns
usual since the strike. The 2:20 p. m. train from
clinton arrived nt ISg without the customary
q.ni polMe guard on the locomotive. The en?
gineer said he saw nothing -melting or annoying.
The Lehigh Valley passenger trulns we;-.- running
as usual out of the Joter* Central Kallroad station
yesterday, nnd were switched by .lersey Central
switchmen. The employes of the latter road will
take no part In flu- Lehigh Valley strike unless they
are gaged to handle Lehigh freight.
Several cases of alarming carelessness yesterday
on th* part of "green" Lehigh employes may do
much toward ending the strike. In two Instances
serious disasters were narrowly averted.
Aa east-bound passenger train. No. COO, was due
ut Bael Brill's, about two miles east of Newark
ut 7 24 a m. A Central passenger train was due
two rnlnnt-s lat-r. The engineer on the Lehigh
disregarded tin- signals, ana ir it had rm t.n
for the lowerman. who switched th* l.'-hteh train
orr on a sid- track, n lerlotia accident would have
occurred. . ,
i'hne pours later lose of life was averted by the
sum.- awltebman. Ko. mo. a Central passenger
local fit' Newark, stopped at Hast Ifrlll'a al lf*M
to transfer passengers. The Lehigh en
, in i . ti,ed to be running amuck yesterday,
foi no aoonei had tbe Central train "topped tl-.un
a l.eiilah 'rain rame Ihnnderlng around the curve.
bocid tor Jersey city. The awn in charge of the
lehigh engine, lt ls said pal i no attention to 'be
.??? ii. ic i came on al roll speed. The conductor
pulled ihe bell-rope, mir the engineer dip.irently
mlsund-istood the signal und k-pt on. Tba switch?
man v.i- watchful, however, and h? repeated the
?bunting movement, and switched th-- lehigh train
on lo a aiding. The Lehigh train was composed of
three n,pt- cars, white the New-Jersey t'entra;
train was crowded with passengers.
a meeting of committees of th>- road, held yes?
terday morning, in Ibe I'nlon Trust Cotnpan)
ltuiiding. ren.mrred th,, company, and there ama
talk of an Injunction being secured to prevent th*
Lehigh road from using <'-ntr.il Railroad tracks
Mr. vvuitoms, second rlce-presldenl of the Central,
?aid thal the reports eera exaggerated and th?*.
there eras no danger.
At I:t7 p. rn the third freight train Out from .ler
?>.-. City darin;- the day u.-:u dispatched. The enr*
were ernst) Al :? o'clock officials at the fr-lght
oSlce mU ni mon' tr.iin< would be gani out during
tl..- r.'.unr.
Freight trains arrived al !?*>. r,:i*. and fi p. m..
With freight fr uti :?!. points west, BS far as r-nll.
fornln The creep !l ' ".' 'lal poller mci reporti i
thal they were stone 1 nt mnnv places, particularly
In Bergen Point, i"it no ona waa hurt.
V Till-; I'li.i.iNi: OF sir m;:.\ DE?
Wllk-bun. . Psm \,(V. I'T.?The report thnt six
gat ' we;- killel on UM lehigh Val kv Railroad ut
Saar Creek Junction, as *** stoled MM niMit. ls
t.ot true.
Hallston. Sj. Y . Nov. 27 Oeorgg ?. Weed, Cnl
i? tor af Ceetesna at Ptottabneg was g pasaeMger
aa tbe Iieir.ware and HaSMOB fruin that left that
station ut 8 o'clock Inst evening nnd arrived here
ur midnight He obeervaal f^ir i>uss<-ngers in or
db.arv civlflun's clothe, gel aboard the train a-< il
was leaving Ptotteburg, and nolle-d that they were
pesaruead ?,f Cbtaeaa features ile surmise i that
nrere baSkg Mnagsded into this eouatry from
Cnnnds. and rhen thev paM their fan- to Alban)
in f'vna'iiuii eerreney to the conductor M Sea of
I tickets ii,, became < mvteeed thal Ihey were heine
I sinuggled In .ind telegraphs from the next Stopping*
place ti Dee itv OoBector Dorea af ibM pia'-, to
i ni-?! 'dta on the nrrival of tin- train ut midnight.
| foBevtor STeed then endeavored te engage tbe men
j in converaarlon and found that one conto talk Bag*
j Huh fluently until saned where tbe] rame from.
The f.-iioiv remained silent and the i'o.lector l:i
; formed Um conductor iiiat be Biased the ? ilnese
uuartet under ,rre:it. and requested him t i see that
they did not aerapo. Deputy Collector Dorea tock
: Hie party In charge hen- on the an hal af the trmn
and left here for Plattsburg v, Ith them on the north
| bound sleeper at :' a. m.. wh?rc h? will arraign them
: before a railed States Comml.sioner. Collector
1 Wi-* 1 thinks that the i'hine-e were driven lo I'latt?
burg from th. Canada Un" In wagons, nnd then,
disguised as Americana, they took the night train
south, i-nidinrr United ("tate. CuetoBM officers.
sm rn sn v\sti-r .\\h OAPTAIB rt hit.
Th. flr?r overt act In regard to the ipi.stlon that
ls now Bgttattog 'hipping circle, a. to who shall
hive the pefvSege if shanpgig aaSara occurred
an Saturday night In STblteball-ei. when Robert
.f. Pointer, a ablpgtog msstee, who. it it aSeged,
baa keen ircttira contrncta for BMpptng sailors on
British ships in this poit. met captain Reeton, of
the iiritisii bark Waimea. A heut.-d argument oe
curred between the shipping-master and th* cap
tain, which resulted in a fl?hf. in which the cap?
tain got much the worst ol lt. and yesterday he gel
oul ii warrant for Uta arre.t of Pointer. I'olnter
and i'apt lin Renton hud met before ea th- rtoor
of the Maritime Rxrbange, nnd Captain Heston had
been threatened by i'olnter with arrest for defama?
tion of character. The matter will be brought be?
fore the Tombe court Ibis morning. In the m.-an
time the sailor ls absolutely indifferent as to who
nets :!ih money for shipping him.
a fair fur the tvni-rw nf ihe MaoaMk Ream for ChSdrea
wt* ..|wne<l yesterday In BM fifth Avenue Arl 0.tl|?.rlM.
in :..i.iit,..r? t>. ths anal features "f a MB, a meeka] e..
int..-I- n .o.a setraM iaK af palatine. ???? aeM TS i
sthlMttoa Iwrluaeg eaavaaaa ky neB-fcaona BrtMM in
''? ale .r a Metnre Iks Seam l? i?-nrtiie,i by a rom
! aU^SI 'i li- f.ilr I* iin.br Iks gaUMBSaBBM H Mr.. .1.
Wella I'liauipiHv. Mm QBama OoUaaBsra, Mm Sgwarg
Bulbmok and Bliss Bann, Otbers eenaeetsd with a .re
Mm (i racker, Nra .1. s. ni,it,-, Mr.. 0, ii. Sagtassa,
Bra i. .v. Berton Mr.. a. m. humer, Mani May Muns,
Rm ??? i: Beareaaaa, HBa Tbaatpaw, mi., pago, Mr-.,
ii. i.. Massa, Mra (Marge t .shra.iy.
Tba An 1'ommui.- a aBSjaaaed nf mik< onrak Caeam
It.wltl, Mra BawsM Bot ans Bloboils, Mrs. Theodore
Beare, Mr.. CkntieB Sf Haw., Mm mis eenete ijimt>,
Miss Margarei BMIasg and Mra J, freSs Ckempaey.
Tba bin nfll i?- apaa Bus aftsrnooa sad
Jo?-i* Merral, Hmm mmm Md, HvM| ?itii hi* pareaM
ia SlekMietl Seat, SkBgagsa, g i., r**mnrtrt la carry
Ma biby taster Leay arresa thc kBgbm M baa beaeg
ygsMtaay. Mn- ??n too ina\> for him, and aban lami?
na' tn.- Mate lu.- aiiuweti lui M fall. Sf thc bM\? teaed
g l.i.il. r of bM ??tcr. The Utile one lell MM UM lieder.
gfksa BM mother .aw what iud beggBned aha gtaaged
brr halide MM thc bolllnir wat-r sad lifted BM MB '"it?
iti dollie Jhl mIic nba Iwdl.r buri.cl. she and thc cliM-l
were Maea t? UH ^nith tofUWaWy for treatment. The
IBU.iiuii't live. The u.,?:?.r'i lamil and UrMM
sere oImi li-jilly ..aided, and lier BagteBagl ate latrBBBi
Th- thlrty-tifth .mniial r.-|-irt nf Ht. bain's HoBgNal
was BreseaiBd yesiimlsy t<> the Board M Ma nap rs lt
I. dated (ico.lK-i is. Al BM RBMttoe hMl evrnins "f th.
nii.ii u:--i?( nieie bjwtb srassai Oeeega BMgasa, BTaMrea
r. Brown, Oeorga a. Cimbsi, Th.lera k. OOAm, An^nn
Sf. Hard, Benoni bechnood, Qearga BtoeCBBaeb RBIer,
J. l-MmuM Mors.n, Jr., the gav. Pr. Henry Motet,
(i.1.1..a RorrM, Heary .\. Oatoey, Henry *ntejk, wbSbm
Aiexan.iir sniiih, CarasBm vanaerMB and PMBp n.
Weaver. Tke ragaei lum .-iir?.i,i> sam peMtBkad.
a apaeMI m. tin;.- M rhe Alaaml AasBeMBan sf Coiuin
bfg flsSsgi Bbs MM RR sveaSM in BM lintel Breasulek.
The gBJgBai BBI i:ill'-d to ll-i.-u Bj a tnIK liv Stanton (alt,
one of MM \ li'-d re.Iii. ol. mi.I I ui'i.t BSatSBaMerli "orker
rm tin- loiicr-ltv Sctti.ii.i.iit karla*] M Bda 'r. Rr,
cit 'allel for bM lu f'u ? v.orX ur the *(?'!;.-inc il fm
lervMm M isllegs gam gai aimer. r>eeMsau SMk IVra
mab- t fuitbiT fgajeal. Rsesl Rmi ams prBsed btoigMg
the BjeMMBm nf Ms SaMMy nil mtasMSM ti rn nm fe*
of five to neil,- a ,n'i\a?i of the ;i|-ii..iU.
Montreal. Nov. 'i~. Tln-re I. BOO I strung probability
thal the are-it rli'm content Ix-iwern Mtetnlti and I.a.li-r
will take pla.' >n Montreal. More than 11.000 ha. been
subscrllied by the Ioctl players, tad If aattafaciorv- ar
rangem.ms can I* made, al least a portion of the match
?iii be glared in this etty, gtstalts taren this pisa.
The residents of St. George, Staten Island, ha*
lonn felt that lin Imposition was being put upc
them by th? Staten Island Rapid Transit Rallroi
Company, which has control of the Terry servli
between Staten Island and New-York City. Thi
say that they are charged 10 cents for a 8-cei
ride, and a petition ls now In circulation amor
them, addressed to the Sinking Fund Commlssionei
of New-York, asking that the Tar-* be reduced I
I cents.
The Injustice- of the ferry fare between 8t. Oeorf
and New-York Iles In the fact that St. QeaBJ
people are (SpUrged for the ratiwr.y part of tl
Journey, which they do not take, l'asv-rurrrs wt
live at the extrrme end of the island pay no mm
to travel back and forth between thejr homis an
the city than St. George residents. The Injustli
of the system of charge ls further shown In thi
pais?n?ers travelling !-<-tween stitlons on th
Hapld Transit Hallway who do not take the fur
trip also r?c?lve a rebate of 5 cents.
The agitation ls bein? vigorously pushed b
Georg* M Finney, Jr.. H. G. Sr. Benjamin, e>
Minister to Persia; .lames H. Rodgers, Jacob I
Telfalr. Louis Henslnger, K. C. Bridgeman. Qaan
M. Whitehouse. Anson Phelps Stokes, lt. I,lde?
burg. Howard R. Uayne, E. Thiele. Alexander I
Shaw. A. Prentice. G. G. Frellnghuysen. F. Iledi
minn. Louis T, Jame*. Charles Hagedom. Monte
Eckstein, Peter MeQuade. Edwin M. reit, (leora
Fd ward Harding. John H. Pendleton and others
Miss Olivia Edmonds Norton, a daughter of Fran
H. Norton, of Nu. 142 Fist Forty-flfth-st., was mm
ried at 8:110 o'clock last evening In St. Oeorge's Prol
estant Episcopal Church, Stuyvesant Square, t
nuncan MacGregor, Jr. The Kev. Hr. William I
Kalnsford, rector of th- church, officiated. That
were neitli. r bridesmaids nor mah] of honor. Th
bride was given away by her father. Frederic* <
Heaney, of brooklyn, was beit man. The usher
Wara Tyler W. Lseasjbxy, Henry li. Lewis and Henr
W. Lazelle, of Brooklyn; Carlton Montgomery an
G. Ellsworth Hunseomb, of this city, and Dunca
lt Stewart, of Toronto. Because of a recent d?at:
in the family of the bride there was no receptlor
Among the guests at the church were Judge an
Mrs. Edward Patterson, the Misses Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Norton, Mr. and Mrs. Dun
cnn BlaCflrogor, parents of the bridegroom; Mr
nnd Mr? R. E. Parraga, Mrs. i. McMartin, Mal
culm McMartin Professor and Mrs. Themas Egtes
ton and Mr. and Mrs i?. M Btlmeoa. Mr. am
Mrs. MacOregor will make their horne tbll Wtota
with th.- i.ride-: rather.
The wedding of Miss Aurora Sala and W'llllan
c?. Kottnan took place at 8 o'clock Inst evening, a
tbe boase of the bride's parents. Mr. nnd Mrs. Jual
Sala. No. ll West Seventy-fonrfh-st. The Rev
Pether lambert, one of the arniston! priests a
tbe i'.'.ireh of the Blessed Sacrament, perform*
the ceremony. The bride, who ls only Hf teen yean
ol-.. wore a iif!i gown af white aSS and a mik
veil fastened witta a wreath ot orange blossoms
Sh? also arete a diamond nc-klare. a present fron
the bridegroom, und diamond sunburst, & gift frou
her motlu-r, aim carried a DOBquet of Hiles of th<
valley. There was an absence of bridesmaids eal
maid of honor. Harry Lyon was best man, one
Samoa Font wis the only usher. Among the guest?
at ih>- ceremony and reception were Mr. and Mrs
tl. liohet. Ur. ind Mrs. D'Aievldo, Mr. and Mrs
s pereira, ur. omi Mrs, J. ?!. lieuna. Dr. am.
Mrs H. P. LoOmto. Mt. and Mrs. Perez. Jose Hal?
lie, Hr. and Mrs F. H. Dixon, .Mr. and Mrs. Vat
Koa, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hird. Mr. and Mrs. C. "'lark.
Mr. arni Mra, George Dod worth, Mr. and .Mrs Join
Dongon, Mr. ami Mr*. William L. Sands. Allsf
tends. Mr. nnd Mrs. H. W. Benedict, Mr. and Mrs,
Morse w. Sayer, Harold Benedict and wilbert
Benedict Mr. and Mrs. Holman will visit Mealed
.n their honeymoon trip.
Mr .ind Mrs. Himan Carver Dexter celebrated the
lifteei ii; analversary of their wedding by giving s
i.ri;- reception last evening from s tin n o'clock,
ii rh-ir residence, No, i.'7 Wes! Rtoety-fourth-st
Mr. and Mrs. ,'iexter wen assisted in receiving bv
Mrs, I.. 8, Shaw, mother "f Mr? Iiext.-r; Mr. and
Mr-, .io1-.". C, West, and the Missel Bessie J. and
Lulu k. Bbaw.
The marriage of Mbu Fiori m-e Bands, daughter
Bf Mi. and Sn .lames Woodville Sands, io Will
ism llaiiolt .ti Russell will take place at noon to
lay lu S.\ Thomas's Church. Then- will be no re
?eptti a.
.. rn ??
ElljHh I.e.- Hequa, a descendant of the old Requa
Rattly of Huguenot., who came from New-Rcchelle,
Prance, and settled In Westchester Counfv In early
Meatta! times, died suddenly from pneumonia at
tta home. No. G.1 West Flfty-second-st., yesterday.
tte was born nt Peeksklll on May U. IW. His
'nther vvss Dnnlei H-i|u:t. a farmer, ar.l his mother,
jefore her maning", was Miss I.e., a daughter of
fudge Klljah I.e.., ,,f Wedchester County. He was
slucofe.1 gi Pe-'ksklll. and his ilrst business es
i-rb-nc mum arith John N. Gerrin, a hatter In this
Itv Hs had be.-n prominently connected with C.
kxlfrey Ountber'a Bona for thirty yean In the fur
? usmc-oi. In which h" was actively engaged until a
>w days before his death.
About thr-e week-* ago be caught cold while at
ending the funeral of one of his stoters. H.- was
iver six feet toll and had always bren strong and
icalthy, nnd no serious result from ihe cold wal
.ppreh'-nded. He returned home from business last
ftiursday and lu the night acute pneumonia set
n HM wife, three ions und thre? daughters stir
Ive him
The funeral will be hell ot his home, at 11:30 a.
n., tomorrow. Th. Rev. Abbott E Klttredge will
illlclate. assisted by Mr. Rana's two nephew's?thu
lev. Pnnlei ReO.ua Foster, pastor of Bethany Pres
ryterton church. Trenton, pf. J., and the Rev. Ar
htir Reoua, pastor of the Presbyterian Church at
boroston. Cona. The burial will be at Woodlawn
Roebester, N. Y.. Nov. 27.?Mme. Patti bas csn
ri:?d her engagement ,,, .inp h(,rf, to-morrow nlsht
n account of Illness. Mr. Furlong, the local manu
er. says that "he ls really HI. A story ls cur
BBI thal the sale of sears was not large enough to
/arrant a concert.
The historic ..ii leeton hashlinlaa Chanda, Fourteenth
t Bjaai MStk Bee?, h.. been transformed into Metropoll
in Hall. In ll the Hiv, I*. II. Ystmnn. Ihe evnnsellst,
he ha. been Bemeaeag in the Aaademy at Masai Be
fn -uv., laadaya, win hui.i meeiings at noaa .ry
e>-k .liv. nnd Bl ll a. m. and 7SO p. m. un Sundays.
crvl.es will ..Iso Ix- held In thc Academy nf Musi- every
?asap. The church B lensed for .Ix months flrBk
ie prl\lli-a? nf renewal f?r a longer time, an.l Ita. been
The e?|>ense. nf the work an- su.irnnte.-d by a rom
lillee of twenty-seven well-known men, of which .f. M.
ornell I. chairman. J. I>. Xlayback, vtce-chnlrman;
lowie* Cotn.-ite, treasurer, an.l William HaMwIn. BBB*
?tiu f,
Oix.nlriK MfVMSB were liebl In (lie new pince Inst even
ur. wln-n un audience of nbo.it I,uni prison, wa. pre?
nt. The Hist unnlvrrsnry BBrYtSBB will BB held In the
aaSaaay "f Music nt ll ... m. nnd 4 and |gg p. m. nest
At an adjourned animal meeting "f lh. I'ounly Me<l|ca|
BStHy held at th. Academy of Medicine last night. I lr.
. A. Ayers, .-l.-.lrni.-.n of tl... ('omnilttee on the PfeeSBO
f Midwifery, nindi- a re|x,rt NeeaBBBBSdbBg BM .ubinia
on to BM Legislature af a bill reipilrlns mldwlve. to
spear before tl... Htate Me.ll.nl Kxatnln-r. and pass an
. uni:.altai Irf-fore rSeMvtag llc-nses. The bill waa re
?rr>-.| tn th.- Slut.- Medical Hocleiv. Tile nd.lr.-M of the
tarty eie.-t,.(i BtaafaMati i>r. beaem ft Rawatt, who i.
I. was r.ai ly hr. Henry l>. t'hnidn. the first vice
resident. Tcrhnlciii pa|ier. were read by Drs. I'hapin,
enry (I. Tiffani mid W. V. HprnMlng.
lyclupy Smith, tlio Famous Wit
and Dh hus Haid,
" Pats cannot harm mr to-day ; I have
ined." TfcttS is real philnsopny in that.
Ivi-ry OUS who enjoys his dinner is at his
est. lt is impaired diges'ion that makes 1
ian morose and irritable. A nasty way to
To banish dyspepsia is to become cheerful
There is nn easy way to do it?an enjoy
Err way?use Johann Hon's Malt Ex?
it act.
So palatable there is real pleasure talcing it
ith every meal.
tye'* br Bil desist.. He* tlial tbe signature of
IOI1A.NN no Kif" u on the neck label of ovnry n..ni.>.
Hail., upon B. NOSE OTU KU IB URN in Xl-; or in
y nay "aa good."
?WltWst'tt* "** m ** m ftaaUta
(From 'ike Phialelptua Xunm.)
The dlitrosine aggbt af the verran wno bm len aa
inn ur le.- in the ditch uuOci some gory lampait, ot ai
y | the open Held, appeals to our .ynipicnjr whenever mg
wherever wa or.aw e to am him. Tiiero li oas elias at
reaesans, howovo\ ot whom .-uti. u beare ana aaBagg
written, thone who lo?t beslUi and vigor on the tun.
rronhiti plain, or Nnnh ciroUna, or were leseakBeg
with the ai rai. nf disease in the mtia aiuth-aMta aB
mos|>herc of She fest Mn,? .saiips aloig the Mutauppt.
Ki.n.e nt the." aggea are peculiarly ainrsutng. Beg a
reanMmaSea ai-i ehesrvsttsa ot bbm renews and ie?aiM
Uie l'ori-or-. of the vv.tr \>< rivi.
faBWR I), mundill, of IlulnMvllle,, Pl.,-how p,,
r.'.nadin?I. on-- of Mi' stfd-H cs-S' O'l the risotd. 1U
was %:th Oeaaamf < , '.'sis. Pennsylvania Volunteer*, aaa
iwMvei beoambM dl-diar.e in MRS Thou enterea uia
jcircis... btoMral Oal-wa or Phil.deli kia, graduating ia
l-l is. Soon alter gndualiu;;. and while living at Man*
mik. he became suddenly io a'yr.ed rom o, walu down,
.-? a result of exposure during toe war. Jhe best ot
IMilladclitila's faculty, including Dr.. Win. C. Todd -%t
Mnoicliuuse, Oro** snd Pancoast. of Jefferson Mraic%t
Geusgn, *?l(l Uvt M>" pai lysis wa. d'ti ti Inflammn.oa
tl tie spinal enid, and tt.su.-1 lum v.-ithout lae sligateat
success or relief. Bat three year* (,? Couia not ggC
nu b'sliiT pilns Bam soverr?m. pain or mind fur bis
licptl"H* i ondltlon moro sa. lietug * phyalelan lill ia>
-cn (km and mvi'-tieatioti into hi. own ca*. wer? aa.
<ioi ned, mid that which neither tn,, (^^ Phils*
del;.bin physicians nor fie ablest ?p?r!j||?u ot
.I'-ili-rson < ol logo coull do, ha. hern done by a (.iftedlaa
physician, and Dr. Lewis lt. liluadin li now walking
al nut a. easily as he maicbext in lm'.i. Hu marrlajrs
ua? hut recently eniebratej.
This c.... hrlnc. up tho question again whick of Bag
Ins been st ort'u as'ted. "Will .dence eventually give
us Bm Fllvir of I.lie? ls there in natur- mea a nerve
c'.iNlr as Mm for uBMB th/1 BbBBbBS <t the Rn.- hart
sa Rag issgtol win lao yeirs bo BM limit if miu'i
life Instead of MBM Bram uni Mi 1" However thia mae
ls\ t*-ii ream no such a case of BMBBsB as BM abort
nea' 1 Mara been hopeless. Now, however, tho it.svu
ute li t'iat-d wit'.i lomp:.*" .ucce-s. au tho patient.
?ith the lar.-e nerve cont.fl. of tacit md legs d?ia ogg
dring, bas new Ufo In)use1 Into thom, and ii igafn walk,
lng about and active a. before.
Tbe medicine which produret the above restilSi hi Mm
case of D . Binni.n w-n the pre.erttrt.ion ol a it ebrited
OBuMMl BapaBtoB, which ls nw ad mevi by BkBgagggj
flf fie fO'l::o-t laBHSj p'y-li'lius fn neive ort Meet
Rasa cs. be ii- kop i,y ii-, o I.*- u- a -r MM wnue of De,
"Viniiiti <? i'la:. r,n* rnr Pate I'eople.
-?- '....-a
MIRM-ITSR almanac.
S:-i-!.e TStoiaen w-t* 4:34 Moen rl.e? lo ti.-, M.-m's ???
j A.M?Kandy Raab IISMlSe*. Island ll ?'rf 11.11 (late 1
I'M-Kandy II -ok 11:43 Gov. 1 fbi ad .Itel! Uk'.
Vessel. From. Lina
IMueiii.ind.Antwerp, Nov 1?.Rag Star
IUU0 of ''allfornla.Ulaagow. Nov 17.Allan-Stata
CUfB.Liverpool, Nov 17.White Star
Ku-n*.sln.Olsssnw. Nov Pi.Anchor
Wesiernlnnd.Antwerp, Nov 18.Red Star
Hamps.Lindon. Nov ld.National
Aflaa.Klntston. Nov Xl.Atlas
Pnnl*.H.imbur*, Nov 17.Hamb-AnaaV
Matestic.Llverp.s.1, Nov 22.White Star
Hire-.tti-ne-n, Nov 22.N O Lloyd
cuy of Waak'toa.Bavaaa, Nov s).N r a cuba
Italia.Stettin. Nov 15.Scandte
Vessel. Line. For Mall. dose. Vessel salli.
Aller. N O I.IomI, Bremen. Wmi a qi
BbialaaH. ned Stsr. Antwerp. von a min 00 ?m
rarls, Amerton. Southampton. 0:00 a m 10.00 a bi
(itv of 'ar.. < .1 i:i...iaii. ..'olen.l<l:i"i a m 12:i?l m
Oanaaale, White Star, Liverpool.Sis! am ? SO a B
Nncwhee. Savanna!:. K.-iy,inn>ii-.. S:ilipm
Karabura, Ward, Havana. 1:00 pm 3:00 psi
nnnggOAT, november jo.
Mexico. Kpan-Trsn*. Ksntiago. f.-m i ni 0:00 a ai
i'. lum 11. Itamh-Amer. Nauie.. s in a rn lo:A0 a m
Dllam, N'lii-Atner, l; .ii.i-diim.;? mi a rn ll uo a sb
Steamer Ilrllllnnt <<i?r>. Keller. Swlnemun.le NovemNa
7. Shield* ll. In h-i!l.i.t In Ou.t Hey. Arrived at the
liar at s a. m.
Steamer Soale fOer), Rinsk. Rremer. Nov IS, Southamp?
ton to with mdse, i: nnit. .17 second cabin and Ht
Kte.-r.se piltenge. ? to O.lrlrliB A Co. Arrived St Ihe Bar
at VI.*, p. m.
Strumer Caracas, Wood nen. Porto rfenego November 18,
Curacoa 20. Lasunyra ^1 with md., and IN passenger, to
Iteult. n. Illls. * Dallett Anlvr I at the |^r at S:*5 a. m.
St.r.nvr Athc. (Hu. Kavanilla Novrmtier I. Carthasena
1!. r rt I.lm.in lg KavaBBB ill. Komine Island il. with
mdHc and 1 fiissenRer to rim. 1-Mrivo.xl ti Co. Arrived
at the Uar al 7:??<? a. m.
stcumer Ariaaearraeb dir). He.j. Clenfuages Novembor
ls. willi mdse to Wi)Jell at io. Arrived at the Bar al
'i p. m.
Meamer Seneca. Stevens. Havana November M. wita
mdse and 17 i?:i- n??rs to Junes E Ward B Co. Arrlvog
ut the Har at 4 a m.
?t?amer Circassian Prince (Bri. Simpson, Cardenas No
v.-mber 19, w.tii molasses In bulk to V li Munson. Af*
rived at the Uar at V p. m.. 2tit*.
steamer Aisonauln, Platt, Jackson ville and Charteitoa,
with nv!?e and puiaenf.rs to William P Clyd. a Co.
Ship Emily Heed, .stnimcna. Liverpool *7 dsjr.. to
ballast to Yate, and Porterflel.l.
linn civile (of Luner.burgi. Strum, Ponce October 3g
Nassau Novemlier l-'l with *uanr lo ll. Atnalnck a CU|
rassB to Miller * iioiighmn.
Mund) H'"-k. '? :*" P m.?Wind aoutheaat, atroag SMBBR
rK.ildy and hazy.
Strimer Nom.irttc (Dil. Clarke, Llvrrpool?lt Maitland
Belsar- _ _
Steamer Elihu Thomeon. Ilano-n, Jacksonville?W B
(Vat rs.
steamer ChrMkee. Hearse. I'liarl.'.ton and JacksonvUM
Wm I' Civile A Co.
Strumer Tanita. Simmon.. Phllndelphla-Wm P Clyde gi
Steamer Me.lrun Prince (Br), Durrhars. Dover for
orb rs O'.mt Here.
gteaaser ?OBy of Rtrmlnghum. Burt, Savannah?R L
Steiirner Aller (Ocr). Clirlotoflfers. Brrmrn via Soutk
ampton?Oelrleha A co.
Meam'r t;m|ire?M .bri. Hufhr., Ilaracoa. Cap* lUytlrm.
cte Wm 1' I'lyde a Co.
Sl.amer Ensley (Itr), Plnkham, Lisbon?Barber A Ca
fmasser Prance inn, Hadley. landon?P W J Hurst
iihlP Jame. Drummond, Curt!., Hwatow, China?James
W Elwell &- Co.
Lark Ansola i"r). leVkhart. Portland, Me?J P Whitney
a i'"
Urta VA" Il Hut. Ulna.. Armstrong (leora. !..wn, Dem?A
I) Strauss A i'o.
Bfbeeaee carrie p i^x-k. gteveaa St Vincent, eto?
I.caMratt B <"o.
a.lio.mrr Alice Maud, linux. St John. R R?J W ParkOT
A Co
Schooner Annie H Kemp. I'ort-au-Prince? T C Elliott.
s.-h.-ia.-r Deer Hill (I'-n. Cleavotoad, Bahia?Flint A Ca.
rtchismer (Hendon (Bri, St John, N B? 8camro.ll Bros
H'-hoonsi Mar-. E Lynch. Merry, Calbarlen?Adams M
gtommrs Nomadic (Br), for Liverpool: Elihu Thompson,
J.i-ksonvill,-; M'-xlciin Prince (Bri. l.ner. for ordrroi
Massasoit din. .Vvonnmuth; Aricnaut (Bri, Montego Bay.
Steamer Siberian (Lr). Park, willed from Glasgow for
New-York Nm..mtier SS. _
steamer Ob-nwood (Bri Mehagan. (from Bremen sad
Hamtmrf), sailed fiorn Swansea for New-York Novim
Straiiier Croma (Br), Lord, sailed from Dundee for Now
fork N.ivetnlie!- 27. ? m. ? ?
Steamer Hails (Orr), Och.lmann. from New-Tork Wov?
ember lo for -. passed Dover November 27.
Steamer Heligoland (Orr), Donklage. from Attona fer
New-York, passed Imnseness November 87.
steamer Northern Ught (Br), Partos, from New-York
November 1', for Dover, passed the Iola of Wight Nov*
ember Bk
si.-amrr Dora iBr). Fork... (from Stettini. allied from
Dantxlc for Nrw-York November M.
St.-iiittrr VVandiahm (Oer). 1'oruth. from New-York RB*
vomiter 0, arrlvrU at Hamburtt Novrmher 'M.
Steamer Htngsrla (Oer), Kuhn, from N.w-Tork Novem?
ber tl, arrived at Hamburg Nov.mber 27.
Steamer .Lui.-' Bnind (BO. Hardinc. .alied from Blay*
for New-York November 12.
Steamer Egile.tone Abbey (Rr). Barnett, from Nan
York Nov ember ll, strived at Lisbon Nev ember 2fl.
Steamer Elysia Oin. Laird, sall-l from Naples fur N.w.
York NoTembrr bs.
Stearne:- Furr.t BinnariJc (Oer). Allier., New-York for
o.m.a, arrived at Naples RovaMber 27.
Steamer Kubla (Orri. Thnlenhorst. frnm (lenoa for New
York, sailed from Olbrallai' November Jd.
steamer Inlshowrn Head (Br). Thompnon. from New
York October as, via Port Sold for Bombay, passed Perta
N"V.mb?r ML
Steamer Werra (Or), Petite, New-York, arrived at
GMbraltar November 27. and proeeede.1 for Oenns.
Steamer Empress nf Julian (Bri Lee. from Vancouver.
B C. arrive,' nt Yokohama November 27.
Steamer Klrlu. (Bri. Ford, sailed from Rio Janeiro fee
N.w-Tork November ba
Mieatner Wordsworth (Bela), Barbie, from NtwTorB
Nu emt .-r lu, for Ballia, rte, arrived at Pcrnambuco No?
vember lf7.
. ii qi _ ?i?m
European ^bofrti-fmcnts.
IIRKAKFA?Tt-HlipP?R. , , ..^
"By a thonmgh knowledge of the natural laws whlcB
govern the operations of digestion snd hutrllloa. and br?
it careful application of the fine propertlM of wrll-seleetM
('ocoa. Mr. Kpp. ha. pmvld?d ont breakfast tables wnh
a delicately rtavnrml beverage which may Mva u. many
heavy dociora' bins, lt I. by the judicious ase of Bart
article, of diet thal a costitution may br ?r?dually Built
up until .tmus .nonah to re.l.t ev.ry tradeney lo SM
.use. Hundr.-ds of .ubtle miladies are floating around
u. ready to attack whersvor there la a weak point, wo
muy e?-ap? muny a fatal shaft by Moping ourselves wo!
forttasd with pure Mood and a properly aourtahsS Weane.
-"Civil Service Oasetto." , ? ,_ _^.
Made limply with bolling waler or milk. (MM onig
In half-pound Un., by drovers, labelled thuo
rcaera. labeiie.i inus:

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