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The fourth annual Congress of Cooks has Just
been held at Paris, under the auspices of the syn
dloste of the Cooks' Corporation. The slttlnKS of
the congress lasted for three days, and amoriK the
resolutions adopted, or wishes expressed Ly a ma?
jority vote, were some In favor of a day's res:
every fortnight; of the bi-monthly payment of sal?
aries, and the determination of the latter at a
minimum of 75 francs ($1.*.) per month for a cook
just out from apprenticeship, and lVi francs ($30; for
cooks with an experience of some years.
The new arrangement ganges id by the Government
of Paraguay for the extinguishment of the external
debt does not seem to work satisfactorily, sine- lt
seems that no payment has be. n effected since
January, 18P2. The Republic had contracted in Lon?
don, through Its Minister there. Senor Don Qregork)
Renttes, two luann In 1S71 and 1S7^, amounting te
fl5.000,000. The Minister, whose personal honor was
pledged, saw to it that the interests of the loans
should be paid regularly, which was don.- until 1874.
Since that timi- political troubles In Paraguay pre*
vented the Government from fulfilling; thc obliga?
tions entered into by Ihe Minister, whose party was
persecuted ami himself Imprisoned and exiled. New
combinations have been trlnl since 1SR ttl con?
vert the old debt Into new bonds and pay tin at -
nual inter-st. I'nfortunately tins- honest ut
t"mi'ts could be miidc successful only through tho
Department of Paraguayan Commerce, and con?
sequently an increase in the Custom House receipts,
but there ls BO prospect of this so lona as the liseal
exigencies of the Argentine Republic, through which
Paraguay is compelled lo communicate with the
world, remain as exacting as tiny are now.
The vintage season in the Rordeaux district has i
bein favored this year with dry, hot weather,
which caused the grape-gathering to be begun in
US last days of August, an extraordinarily early
date. The wine has fermented, and Its exact yield
can be known ;;s to quality and quantity- The for?
mer ls excellent, and though the latter ls larger
than usual, its figures will surprise those drinkers
who Imagiii" that all high wines they swallow really
come from the famous vineyards printed on the
label. For Instance, there were produced this year
only 300 barrels of Chateau Margaux and Chateau |
Lafitte respectively. MO barreta of Brane-Cantenac, .
INO of Leeville, Ito Chateau u'lssan. 1M OtSCOUTS and
325 of Portet Cam t. _ J
Coal from Tonkin for California railroads may |
look somewhat like the prov, rb "coals to Nevvcas- I
tie." but it is one of the latest news items received
from the distant Indo-Chinese French colony. The
good quality of the Tonkinese coal has been dem?
onstrated by the use made of it on the steamers !
of the Maana gi his Maritime*, plying between Mar
seUles and thc Southern and Eastern Asiatic p.Tts '
of Saigon, Hapbong, Shanghai, etc. A San Fran- I
tisco firm has just ordered S.000 tons of Tonkinese I
coallfor the us,- of California railroads. The French
Navy has ordered also 12,000 tons from tbe coal
mines of Hon (lal, in which a Hong Kong, Ameri?
can and n Parses merchsnt invested quite recently
more than $1,.100.000._ * |
New combinatlon-i and schemes to begin again the |
cutting of the "'anama Canal are fairly raining i
just at pres-nt In the I'aris and other European
papers. Moreover, interpellations to the Govern
nient will be made ta the Chamber relative to the '
stupendous fiasco. The latest scheme ls that of
M. BarttosoL who nroposes the creation or a society
with a capital of IlL'.OOO.uOO. whose plan would be to
utilize for traffic the Panama Railroad until the
canal could be cut. _
The attention of American photographers?profes?
sional and amateur-was called in these columns
on July 23 to the International photographic exhi?
bitions to be held al Hamburg in october and at
Caris in December. Now the programme of the
committee ,,f (he photographic section n the Milan
Universal Exposition of IBM has just been pub?
lished. Photographers am warmly '1nvl,,",11 "y .??
Italian committee, which informs them that this
special s.ction of Um exposition wi ll De a tvMed
into three classes professional, amateur ana teen
nlco-lndiistri.tl photography.
A regular service for passengers and freight has
been established, at hut. through the Uapeltota
Pass, under which is dug the Immense tunnel
which will unite the Argentine atid lh.- Chilian rail?
road lines, and afford direct and unbroken com?
munication across the Cor lill-ias. between Val?
paraiso on the pacific and Buenos Ayres on the
Atlantic. It will take some years yet before the
tunnel ls cut. end np to the present time very few
people have tried to use thc I'spallaia Pass. Which
is m the region of thc eternal snows ol the Andes.
Bul th- "iieraldo" of Valparaiso recently con?
firmed the new- already given by M oei ftmtember
B, i? the effect thal travellers snd caravans of
loniei m?ies are bow passing frcnien, > through
Uapallate, since the roads oa both sb lei of ths
dreaded pass have I.n unproved b) the. i hil lan
and Aruintinc- Governments. I hes,- roa; a must
have i,e..? tried successfully in Au-ust nnd Sep?
tember, since that la th- beginning of the sum
iii. r s.-ason in the Southern hemisphere.
An Interesting and useful feature of the Inter?
national F.xhlbltion to h.- opened nt Antwerp on
May .1. 1891. will be the exposition and "concours."
or competition for prises, of "emballage." or the
packing of goods in cases. American goods pack?
ers ought not to fail to Bend some of their ablest
representatives to learn th.- methods Of Kuropean
packers, and compete with them fOT prizes at
Antwerp |_
The steamship Nacoochee. of the Savannah T.lne,
which arrived here yesterday, reported that she was
In collision with the British steamer strathallan
while proceeding out of the Savannah Uiver. The
Nacoochee had her Mern badly twisted, but suffered
no serious Injun'. TBS Strathallan returned to
Savannah for a survey. The Story of the collision
was published ta the "I'nitci Pram reports th.- day
after it took place
The French Line steamer La l'retagne came Into
port yesterday after a rough voyage across the
North Atlantic Ocean. She caught tbe lam of the
gale which recently BWepI ova r thc Lritish Isl.-s,
and ta getting out of tbe Channel had a hard time
(if it She left Havre la*: Saturday nl.rlit. and on
sumlav afternoon she gol the full fury of the mile,
i rn Sunday afternoon sh- was boarded by n
huge wave which broke In cabin d jors, swamped
ventilators and then smasned down the companion?
way ard flooded the saloon. This WaVC vv,.s UM
only reallv severe one which she encountered, and
her officers were s.itis.le.l with lt and .mated no
more. Th- uagaangirB wem confined below for
two days and most of them were seasick.
_ SS>-*
Politics In the SSS Rcgimrnt are rapidly reiichlnR
fever heat. Numerous wires ar- being pulled and
all kinds of influences ar- being brought to bear
on tho ..filers by BM tWO candidates for the
.?I..:,.1,v. As a matter of fact, lhere R no va?
clav aa vet. Although Colonel Ctovauag-na resig?
nation ls to take effect on next Friday, nothing
has vet been heard from Albany as to whether or
not it has I.n accepted. Mo election can be or?
dered until tlier- is a vacancy, and naturally there
win be m. vacancy ants colonel Cavanagh's resig?
nation ls accepted.
'.'his ls one or the times, however, when the two
candidates for the place think th.-y are justified In
counting their chickens before th.-y aro hutched.
I| l-t a foregone conclusion, they say, that the
present commanding officer's resignation will_Be
accepted or he w mid nut have sent li n. "jon
sequent)/, they are going ahead and depending upon
aa election being ordered heat week.
Holli Lieutenant-Colonel Moran and Major Duffy
seen,, fi.,-, their talk, to be confident of election
Their actions, however, do not bear out their
declarations. Lieutenant-Colonel Murun was at the
armory every night last w.-.-k. and Major Duffy
ls report.,i to have been Boaroely leas active, al
though h.- was not at the armor)-. Major Duffy's fol?
lowers hare (Inure.l out the result to a practical cer?
tain! v. Thev declare thal Duffy will have fifteen
votes and Moran fourteen among the lin.- offi?
cers. Add to these tiirures the votes of each candi?
date for himself, and it would make the vote Bland
Sixteen to fifteen ta favor of Duffy. Hut Duffys
followers declare that two votes credited to Moran
frun Company 1 are extremely doubtful, while
tti.re is univ one doubtful vote credited for their
candidate one from Company E. It M within
th.- probabilities, they think, thut they will get
ail Hire.-. This would' grvs their candidate a ma?
jority Of fiV'e.
Moran's followers do not concede, by any means,
thai 'his estimate gives the true standing of the
officers. Th.-v declare that several votes credited
lo Duffy Brill be found in the other column when
thev ar.anted.
Everybody in th-- redmont seems to take it for
granted thal some one in the organization will be
chosen to command it. although there arc tumors
that som.- outside oilier will be put In control for
fl time, at least, until Ihe factions can be har
Camden. RT, J.. Nov. 27. ?RXCtae Inspector I.ee, of
this city, weal before the Oread Jury and mada
complaint against forty-nine -aloof beepers, arho
continua to sell liquor andee the license granted
them iv Um County Rxetoe Board, which has been
declared an Illegal and inn-institutional body. These
men were arrested on Friday last and held for
further examination. Immediately after their re?
lease they reopened their saloons, It Mon the con?
tinued selling tli.it the second complaints ar.- based
Tb- in-ii will be examined on Wednesday and may
be lined. To-day they were all indicted The* ar.
alarmed, and most "f the places are closed to?
ijoretB and Carnugcc.
ILandrai: &. co..
4,2, 374. 37i. HKOO-ME-J>T..
TOK1AS. 2-WllKl.LI.li>. I l'A.v PIIAI
evin's. WAliONS ispI urns,
t-i.Axim.vu & co.
A 1'All! (H HACKNEY COBS were
knocked down l?. inc ?'. BM Her- Sh'...
isle and 1 don't know whit io do with
tii.-in ; win ..-ii them low. BROKER, Trib?
une OSsee.
DOCTOK'S BUGGY: aln.f?-t new; cost
to order 0480; tow price u-kd. STOK
AGE, 32 West jad-st. _
J. M. QI INDY * CO.,
WANTED. ? Horne* to board for the
winter. Box 2. Mlll.t/ine. N. J.
Bnsincss Chances.
"a RESTAURANT, adjacent to Cir,
Hall, only fTOO: til" is a geaalne bargain :
owner snu?t -ll; full Investigation. Mc?
donald i WM * il NS, 110 Nn-saU-St.
' A REBTAIRVNT." vIcTiu-.v ""Walf-st. :
re. el| ts over ifjO daily: Inn'.' and - klasbhl
lea*.-: in, ni l tit er Sunday bunin -.-;
liri.e. *i,00ti. MeDOXAXD a. WIOOINB,
140 Na.BBH 'Si_
ATTENTION? il yin "have a .-tore or
business nf anv kind you alah aoM quit-lt
U. without publicity. Apply ll dona Lu
i vvk.i.inn. no Kaosu.l._
v PA STY "-BTIBHER to Vila- acti\e uart
in a basgaasa which ?m nt ala -io.ooo
BB year n|ion a reasonable Investment;
t...-:ii.- ri iiin-t lc e-tnliii-ln .1 ai.'I bc alie
to show ? ? ri 11 ll SB : .tate Batar. Ot Lu -.
arS alic in-.rlii ulai!-. M. I)- 0., Tribune.
IIKOKI'.I'.- to sell Colif.irnla mums.
Nans n.iT.s J callee*. GROWER, ".(VI
West 182d?t._
~ COM PEETE .team pearl button fictory
?t % gnat aaeiMee. Applv ii aaa li
.. av or I and 4 p. m., M Sasrafgnt.,
i-d floor. _
iso rilke; S3 80, retailed feneraU) MM;
reducing mock ; buv direct from manufact?
urer.. GILT (HAIR COMPANY, :r,0
?Ui-"\e. nr?. 'J-.'d-Kt.
T INVESTMENT.-The'rontn.1 ol llaeMe
Ililli. _'.i- In .il. i.'Kl Holey railroad coin
pan h-a, yielding 8 per cent on tin- Invert
un nt. iii a gloving town ian be hal fnr
Sol). OOO; a '-ii itiii-t seeking i place foi
hK son will lind this I '-'<?'d opportunity.
Addr-as or ca'l on ELECTRIC, at Ronni
12. 31 floor. ISO Broadway.
WANTED?Active partner with gS.&OO
in e*tjMI*h.-(i pood j>:v\ tuif hardware icmI
ne*.; village I,SOO people; good Hirrl-ulturd
disir rt .".i n. i? fruin Ncw-Yhk. Ad.
di. ?-.? -nrsiM.ss.-' Box a Tribune one-.-.
WANTED-+2 *i00 fer new company tn
pr Mi work: log jer cei.t flgeCt Hrs! var,
nllaMo part leo: will Var Investigation.
Address \V.. Pox 7. Tiibune Ofllce._
WANTED.silent partier (lady or gen
Banana)) ei.ooo; department issie; sae
\ear Kor li'-r\l.w addrer-l (LARK, P.
O. Hov 1.700. New.Vork._
e^oTfNOW and e.VOOO a. rquircd to
eniarw- s|*elalty avanstaeturlus plant. Nil]
a'gulr- Int rcs*. Bettina Investment yearly;
no d'hts ; inv-am'nt ncciirc. SPECIAL
TV. minne (nine.
_for Sole.
ATTENTION.-Sewing machine, of all
kind.; new, I25; (rood ne, mid-hand. $1).
V!*f.. or ersdlt; sxchaagsd, i.-nied. aj
RAUaCH'g. 2.151 .Id-nye, listh-nt.
v mai.nI i- ii i \ i ci So ? upright, el20V
almost iu-vv ; 8 pedal.: assuipas'od tone,
elegance, dural.llnj. I.',.", w.-t 23d-?t.
V (il.NI 1.I..M \N will aacrllli-*? Ins
jprlsrhl piano l.n *K-<.>; live in.iiill.s lu uim:
Bin years' guarantee Iron, make:: co^t
?**??_I-ill at r-i-ld-nee 741 Loisagton-avc-.
A LADY WILL SE1.I. In r VJsgaiaccnt"
tyiMBht plan... laney vw. iiicluliiu: kwioI
?nd ?carl for #l?.*i: orlplnal Mat *h:a), four
iimiitlin a^... Inquire at Ita pnvatu real,
dence. 1-'.* E.ist IITMi-at.
band wood and Iron working laamblaii:
fully raarsiit-i-d; n.schlnt-rv Ixna-iit si.d
exchanged. OEoltQE B. EUiDV. ava Madi
* kWY Yol'lS_iThrTsViiaB ir.-.nts nw;"
beautiful SOM (Lairs ,,i,|y ??.? iii ? regacee
fropi *7.i0; great BBcrlfice; dosing out ?
come esrly ; av id the rUSh. 300 im.-ave. '
red'.ced Irom iii: also other odd chair.
leaner bskcs. tai. e. ea?"i?. FTtrwi.
Tl RE Rl.i.lLDIN ' COMPANY, 272 (Ith
ave.; lrth-.t. .tallon.
ELEGANT iipilglit piano, tandard
rnske, in uso three mniilh., S175. sci
Wr.' 182d-?-t.; no agent*.
>'IVE !ll'NWtED~i:crd. of hard wood"
In 4-foot length*, ready for dellven- on
Harlem lt. ll. mun be sold within 30
isy.. JOHN L. MERRITT. Purdy Su?
tton, N. Y.
FOR gALE.?% very flne"^randftthVr
clock: wl'l pMy a tune every hour: also
an Enxll'h clock and a fine m-ihogan.v
tabla, with claw fest, and *t*cl snirravlii'g
George Washliutoo. Adores* L., 152
Nona Pro?pect-?t. Burlington, Vt.
KOR s'aleT^A nt:wlv" fltt<d~up liquor
store- 4 yisrs' lease: full license; price
04,000: half cash. 227 South rt.
GOLD MIXES.?Tali? a flyer In Colo."
redo fold mining nock: now U the time
bebwe, tbe price advances; aa Eautern
a?<?tt st several ("olorsdo compaiile. wo
eas offer ttoine great bargain.. Addn-.s
ytmaoAC mixino co.. ia 7th-av.
HAXaVf-XlMR' i?dT~*? wmp; "bIho Vri^erT
C'ctn areas: two clock*, with bronze ii...
area: ions* pictures; no aaak-M. ll Writ
fect, lit tUB*.. with sitter .tt*< him-nt.:
BfHBI; ftaely Inlaid ease; cost SIOO: s*ll
SJfB); aced sschst. 2gt> Broadway, Room 20.
. aAgJaUWs gave 'nsiee ap lof hr*C
ebssa asoss salas. jmtmimI flreprooi;
J-nrnishcb Bourne.
HALL BOOM; newly furnished; two
Hentlon.en; CC SO weekly; *l 7"> lor one;
lights Included. SHIELDS, 852 Sd-evu.
" LARGE. SM 5 j.i ti""i front bail
ronni, adjwaing; .ni eoaventonc??; band
BOBseqr furolabed, 7 Weat IBth.st. _
NICE ' imfortabli Furnished hack 1 ir
lor and extension for two ,,i tin-'-: beard
it w iat?d ; roferunre. IO irving I'l ic ?.
ju BENT, farnUbsd, tn a ^-iitl.-nii-i.
j^i-lor. b dtoom and bath, iii strictly pii
vate dsrelllng, between .".th and fiiii ives.,
and n.sr onth-st. L station, ft. H., Bea g
rn bane Office,___
'i'd LET? A MUffe fraat liall beurvoia;
Beatty furnished; reference, B1IEA, gil
ia ju'., seat 1 Ita et.
51 HA Vi:.. Mg BMnette wla iaoT
liol l?A lew rle^-int fnrslshed ro.n.- tot
t'elltle'liell J s|lr..-|. "I BU slllte; all |-|lll\.-||.
[enc -: pel vela family. _
ICTH-ST.." 20 WEST Superb larso
l.c-it.-'I a I ki rt men ts ; #10. SIS. SIS; Bf III.
fast :f de-|red; jirlvnt-- family.
i~? west "J7TH---I I-.! natty fur"
sjabrg I.nm s everything entirely asa ft
siriblc location -. handsome pariel Ieee
M.ltahl- i?r phylclsn. ^^^^
ZOTH-ST., lb EAST , between Sta and
Madison ave..-Beams. Miitflv or cn satta
with or without, private baths; convenient
to prlncljial hotels, club.; r.<iuced nuts;
gaatti incn. _
4(1111 ?ST.. VA WEST. near~Brn-id w ? v .
Handsomely- fnmBhed r.w.nis ; ce'itleii.c. ;
batt., bot and cid w-iUr; nil cenvenlencca.
7.V1TI-ST.. :i9"WE>T.-E|..trai.fy tin'
nl-iieil rMim*; ?u)ierlor board a'd att'i.d
bbbb; location unsurpassed; ivbssiaaaa re?
4.17 WEST ClST-ST.?Liree furnished
room In private hou-e; ir-iitlernen ; refer?
.fnrnislieb Room* tflantcb.
Inc. for t!ire<i adults; btlwaea IStb ..nd
"6th s's., west of Gtliave.: private linus.- ,n ;
Cii^iUi. i?-u|..'- preferred, Address WIL?
SON, Bex (i, Tnt un.- Onto,
Boaxb ano Booms.
A LARGE, ninny fourth ll or front
ro'i.n ; hut and 'old water on same ri.... r :
with i. i.rd. at !!? Wast BMsVst; ref?rence?
l'i vga ai.d requires.
aT-I-'.W MEN WANTED. ftnfortabte
home, wth beard; private family. *ud
Biri 73ii-n.
GKAMERl V iv. uk. North, known bb"
no. tan i-ist -.'ist-si ; 11. tam isssas, baaed
ami BUBB (lance ; nu- .voil d.
HANDSOMELY furnUhad rooms, with
lenci: Ntsnnrea exchangee, .ii West
THliiD I LOOR-1-rtvate imus,.. noi.iH
'.:?' riiokinif Hudson Uiver; Wiri if u -
-md private dining-room. MODERATE,
sis West ret ii st.
'.I WEST 1.-.TII VT. -l-'ln.-ly [in,.
nnd door; la!".- ronan; private, bath
perlor tabla arni agpeutassata; refei nc
~~ I'lsT-sT.. ti WEST. Desirable roouvi;
southern exposure; .-. eii.nl i..a?l ami at?
tendance; select aurroniidliigs; table board;
2tri'H-sT~ tig EAST. 5.iud st,,ry front
tooan, all conveniences; newlj renovated;
?taila a rvi i la mh.hi- if Beetree.
~ 411 HST. 'JJI WI si. lani lc ?r gea.
Benara erairing pleasent rooaai aiu-r
ThsakxglviBR, can ba BecesBSBoesase; ax.
caliea! board._
sTsT-si'., V> WEST.?Large sunny
maa, i Bb BnBrieae cassels; eena ctlag hal
room; other roon.s, i X'.cllenl 'able; pi?
ct mete.
I Kl I..WP 21ST*T. Su|*rini r'H.ins,
with leard, oppo?l!i- Orarm rey Park ; rcf
iM MAlJTsOX.AVE .-Fourth" AW fr mt
han ckjii. with bearii; references._
upiowN okkke. No. 1.2I-* Broadway
?JA door north of Thirtv-flr?t-*t. ; und AD
V ERTIKKMEXTS at thc foll,Wing Branch
(illi.-.s: o.">i F,i?nth-a?e. ; 7M Thlrd-aie.
corner lorty-scy nth-st. ; Ijg East Erny.
sevenih?st.. corset Ti.iri-ave.; imo Ki.it
I'joth-.t.. near Thlid-.v.-.; LOM ThlrtVara..
near MU.-llr-t -st. 1,70m Km tove.; lei,
West Shew leeeaa st; 102 Cahnnbnnava
firooklrm (.eal (Estate Zo Cst
TART of a thret-story, new brown?
stone house (second door and part of third):
cm elicia n.odern llni-li ; very desirable
licit,dmr .ood : light and cheerful rOOBatj
resldeii.e ol tlie owner', uuall family of
three adults; two lr.lnul. s from Albany.
aye station Kliif?? Cn. BsBfatSd; 18 min?
utes from Rridce; v\ill let to ? scntleman
? nd wife or Mimi! family of adults, tiot ex?
ceeding thre.. persons: rent If2n. Apply
to CHARLES E. HOTALIXG. 411 Sumner,
ave., cor. McDonouth-at.. Brook.yu.
(Tonntrn Real (Estate Sox Sale
dence propcrt.es ot all duacripilous for ula
brid to let; furnish'^ hcu-is.
_ftJ RRS sj TAYJiOll. li B^fauan-it.
A CHOICE location at Orsnec K. J.,
convenient to rallrual dcjKit; a new resi?
dence, half brick: ample grounds; el" Ooo.
EDW. P. HA MILTON* A- CO.. t>0 B'way.
EAST OR.vXGE. X. J.-D Mrahle prop
erw 'or Mle; furnished ar.d unfurnlkhed
houses to rent. 6- D. COXDIT. oj-po.ite
Hrlek Church Ptatloo. _
FLORIDA BOTBL-?70 wmc anne,
tlve, healthy loaticn: rallroid and Mesas.
lost centre ? g'JO.OOO; will exchange. AT
WATER, 07 Uberty-st.
Advert is menu received st iBgular oBJce
mot until 8 p. ni., vlt.:
2a* ethave., s. e. cor. of '.'aj-si.
152 eui-svc, cor. 12th-st.
1S2 Co'.umbus-a\e., near West (loth-st.
JOH West 4'.J-st., near bth-jvo.
20 Wost 14th-st., near Sth-a\c.
267 West I2d-.t., bet. 7th ard Stb ares.
187 4th.av\, cor. l4Ui?t.
I,SSS ?d-avc, between 70lh and 77th-sts.
1,3.8 S-l-sve., betwifn 7?th cid 70th St*.
1,020 Sd-avc. near Ulst-st.
1 "nw l.t-avc., ncr suth-st.
700 3(l-s\c., corner 47th-.t.
i64 Sl-Ave., near East "ITth-st.
62 Avenue A. between 3d snd 4th aves.
17 (j.nsl-st. and 157 Dlvisloo.st.
14? Church-?t. bet. Warren and Cham?
bers st?. _
S3-1 Blaecker-st.. near Chrlstopher-st.
160 East 47lh-?t.. corner Sd*ve.
??7 Fulton-?t.. OS Court-st. SOU De Kalb
are.. 1.800 iiedfori-ove. 15K) B'nav.
On Rent (Jrstutc do Let.
~ To LET I.l IMF. ..; I ?'.". >ali c.
"l.-i"'. price .iiMiO; m\ neat IS -
koa* :i storks*, .. rooms deep; -?'?'? West
ir..--: . Inn eui .(? p ?lon . i.I orl -r
ihei,.-.-! lo ats n la rlty; di aoi Hon (??
;?!;?: and Inn tl tte tenant. Apply lo
MOKIUti si ERXI id ni ll I'...-: I I'.,
? .j ii idie - !? i > li t.ij i i._s_vv in- -t
Citn Heal (Totate fox Gale.
A THANKSGIVING prevent foi ri r
wife; v\.-t >ia,- private hi u*es, -i
t, B?3,OOO several ii.-t't-'i bargain*
si I vi S.s. :i i..;l\. , ?!?,. r n.t.!.-!
K1VERSIDI i-Kivi oner louth-h.?
1 Sub-taut il. artl-t . detached hou*e
. ptlee; road tar - Ireulvr. ATLAS IX
i ROVEMEX1' ( O . la Btoadway.
aa wi-sf -.;>?! .vr. :ii=x.v*,xino i -
ll -.'? ?iil leam for tl\. ?, ,> vv 11.1..
j I AMS k GREENE. !Uh-as .. itt. Inth-st.
ADVEKTI-EMENIs AND >?" Itsri'.ip."
TldNs FOR THE MF.W.VOKK lltlli
l.'NE WILL 111. KI i I". IV ED AT Till. I|'.
I TOWS OFFICE No 1.849 Broadway, 'Jd
dow north of Tl.ir'o-llrst st and VHVI ll
I Tisj'.MF.NTs nt th- following Branch "if
flee.. 2.M Blh-ave. s. <-. . or. Std -t iv.'
i (ith-avc. : I">7 I mirth-axc . roms? I' ur
, '-cnth-st. ; 7i.O Third-av- ISP Bbs! Eoiti
I sneath-st., corner Sd-ovc ; Imo List l.'.tii
st. ?nt ThJrd-av.
Heal goldie tDantcfc.
?t M,,d Bower;-, solicit, property lo rent,
insnssc-. sell or tr., ll
.fiirniGlicb ijonoco Zo Let.
A ll'M.y li RX1SHED i -t n haul
on finest j.?rl si M;i'In,:i.?\.
for fan,liv or l.oarii? hoard bundy. Ad?
di's,. KAY. 1,0-e ; daw-.
AT M VMI'.Vi TIKI l's' Wllnl.l VI R
I ,;i -i s ; ? .j ;,m i I ill ni b'suiliul
Pocketbook s.-,-. i..|... t., in ?-? ll ? -.
Tunks Dr. ?lu: . ?-'-. Wuj t'h.i-i-. .is
noes, aos at CHARLES >i HM v i;'iv..
eld stand, 52 Ith-avo._
i [asswa once.
1.2CI B'oadwsy. 21 door north ot glSt-Ot.
Ad-'-itlsen.ents and subarriptfons
leeched there aaSI u l-Nsacg p. fla
AaYerBaatneal* received ai reguuu onie*
rates until P p. m.. tis. I
2f,i SUi-ave., s. e. ? o-. of L'Udst.
I'; Bib SN'-, cn ? ''-" ?' *;
ly, i olun.b'is-avc. mar Wet i^th-st.
lu., vv-.i I'M it., neat Stavavs.
20 Wes', litl.-st.. mai .'.t..-a\'
e67 W.st -C'd--!., bet. 7th . i.d 8th aves.
j 57 lUi-ave., cor. Itth-st.
? USS Pd-a VC, between 7eth and 77th BB,
i fsa idave., beta ?-.?? "Ssh uni '.om sis.
1021 ;>d ax.-., aear Glst-st.
170s ist-BVe . lear C'ti st.
'7(10 M<eve , inner ITU. ?t.
BM Pd-a ve., neai Faa* 3,toot._
A AKTIhTiC DR) h-MAM.Vi; lt steel
anice; lallor-oaidc dresses jarkoi. ind
1 . - modi i it l-l r?. Ml ? M I.LI'.'iV.
47 I.i-i Mtv*:.. I IS '???'. H? ad way and
rtivr-it. Plie*.
AHTISTli DKl.'-M VK IV. fr- - . ,'
Uilo.'-BiBdr, IB; ;.|so i,iii evening, recop
Bon, v...m.I,.- and stigi dresses Iii i i
'"?'I al-., dr ss.na k- i -'Ut "ut Iv th" dav.
CO., i;i I.,ist ZCIb-ot., Ran-Vorh: also .".
D'Kdlleave.. iiiookl.vii.
DI'.I.--M VK I R wishes ii f.w ,,
li.i- ' i the dav. Address ' v-l.v. nu
West Dist. t.
Dill ?M ak ER, Expert) m. i dressmakei
i \ il..- day I1 .'.o rood eutti r ? vi Dttei .
s. T. Taylor's .j -i -m ; r. n< dels ls sutf
fullr. ' i l ii ll i'..i i i-i I7th-.t._
DKIssM.vi.l M. i ii-I'I..-- dr s-n alt?
er, i.crfe. t euttei and Biter, desire. v..,rk .
K i-i day. .vu-- BEABXEY, m>~, West
DR1 -SM AK ER. I-retch 'lr -ni'ler, lui.
from Paris; \ i, eoropctcnl IO year*' ex.
I ? ri? -.? ? In th, lea Ung I....... - ol I'.ii- j
(juli k worK; iiicdy 'I.i br*t city refel
eui.-: br ths dav. L'12 vv.-i ;i.'i-.i s-Ht
Dl;l.?.s.V|.\KI-.R. ? Preach .lr -mi.iI.i-i,
from Mil and Donret, catting and Duli g,
want- ii ?.,. ,.|,,.:, ., I,,, m. |,v dav ill families;
first., lass ref. lei,.,-. Ail'lr? I'KI.V ll
BJlESBMAKF.il. I'.,' Wrsi ;i:?l--t.
DRKksm VKEIt by the <tn\ , undi > '-n <i
Ih-i hUsllicM tl.on,e.-hiv ; itu Ik- i.,
mended; t.-inis *I t'.". jut day. Mi-s
KAKrtXS, pftt M-ave. _
DREKSMAKEK l-'ieiich dressmaker
mak, ? all kinds of ludh??' suits (?r *7 ami
upward; br-i ,i.,-- ni suaranleed; baot set.
ci'ii.-i,. Ki;, West SiOtb-.t._
IiUESsVI AK l-'.R wlsires mei-'- customer.
by th. ii ,v Asatre*. I 'I vv,-i !H ii -i.
DKI-.v-M AK Eli want- a Div more ru..
trimer* at hon:- cit- le.- S T Taylor
system. ll. EUA, ;U- West SOth-st... n.-.r
Riverside Drive,
LADIEV TAILORS. -?? J'-" ' exper..
encc; p-rf-'M Sttlsg; gsnnents, elli Mp;
coau, rldlnir hat'lt. ? speclaltj j flrst-clssa
work wsrrantod. B. '- V. kai.lvi.;.,
0 Ejist ntii.-t., Mme. Buppert's Building^
INDIES' TAILOR! SO. Ladies' own
irate lal- mad" up Int. iseket. rost*
ulsters aud Cavnos; cloaks, all kinds, altered
sud rcinodill d. GREIU, UH W. 22d-?t.
Ma-LTxER.-HiiiToInn:. l.^HJ cents:
arl \(i\ci and (? it ii"' ? sauli np in tba
latest .trie: feathi-i* curled. MILL1XER.
'li 'ia*- *'?"'? __^___
mme. r. ANroixTrrTi-:. 22:1 Wm
l-?4th--t.. co"lurei.- fran al se, petrea
lltri;.? rowns lu newest linen fashion;
inodeiate price.; ju. delay._
JII'.S. COOK, private dressmaker.?todies' j
own material BBS up In the litest fashion I
at moderste prlcss; ovoolng dresses
sjieclalty. 202 Weit 2?dst.
? SEAL BASMEXTsJ r d-.-d. ri-i.r d. re
lined, alto, ed and reniod I -d iv new ahapsa.
"lid latent Kyle ,ap"s: < -ilmst'-s of cost
Klv-n. OICElli lal West 22d-?t._
seal MHsUQUBn todyeC. repeired. or
made Into HtaMonsble rape*. Mr"
BARKER, lin Wosl .I3tli-.t ; 17 rcafrl
with (..h.. Smith, Ljadoa. and Centner's
Sons, Bth-ave.
THOiiiiL'UH DIU.ss.Vl VKI'.ll de-Ires
enngemonta by day or week, in or out of
city; highest references. AshtfSSI Ml??
h., Loy W>, Tribune Uptown Oin e. I 212
L NE Wlf.l, p.j. 1U (LIVID AT THE
u fi own okkkk. No. l.ji.' Broadway.
2* <l'?,r north nt Thirtv-;ir.t-t. ; and^vD
VKIlTI>KME>rTs st th" lol!.win' llraVich
Oftlces: SM Isghth-ave. ; 7?o Thiid-av".,
corner rorty-K*venu>-?t. : I.Vi v*?'. Forty
?eVeoth-rt.. comer Thlrd^?e. ; HM E-.?t
J55W""S's'."1sL.Th.l,*-"v"- : 1'05? Thlre-ive^.
HS*'. yx*I:--m'*-?' l7(m Flr-t-ave.; 10i
Wast Forty-second^t; 182 ColutnLus-ive
-flats iIo-L'ct, .fniii!sl)cb.
.-.TH A VI 217.
f.arpe. eb ism a|urtm?iii, Ill?-t floor, wi;.'.
:.- ? i ;.-1. ?? mi avenue, kn! . ?
;inii ST., .'-I vv i si ...,, i,. ,,r . u)kir,.
meit. ;i i door; turnlshed 01 unfuraUht't;
inuie private; permanent, desires.
[osb-iTi i hi v\ i -s i Ivi-n do. i ?'
new I) furnished Hsls; four and Iva rosaa*
ui <i i iiii st- am heated -out c rn eipaanfS.
- . mthij. 1:1,:: Bartlet s b' ...
flats Zo Let. Unfnrniol'cb.
??i Di. NEW. lj|s| El!DAM,"
;.,ITI and 7orll si s.
Urst-cla's I \|?.--d Bl.Mng.
si, j.,, i.. ,? Parasol lear.
i ii i i | ? .? elev itt n
:: . . i . -
-. ??
(u, j.r. n,. -s. ... I ll M V V III IV. MT
VV.-f '.'.l-l _
AN I I.l.i. V.N r roi er '' .
erij ? iji ? ? *?. .i ? sonaj . in-ill rs na.
.,.. c.- ..nd bath; st- tm le ntcii ; all
in pi .\. i.?- i -? . t *l :i>" li.- vu.i i..
.i-i.-t. ant Broadway; A. MORRISON,
ii-i.-t an i Ui oed.
?Jd \\ I - 1 i .TIl -> 1" ncr llroadwsy.
s ? ni! Poor, unfurnished or rSralsaeJ;
large inruiahrd rooas, Bl *0 usably j i"ord
*'? 11 tata boase; tail ail svaeB; i.oi*?e
ijclp CDautrd.
Mn Ips.
AOEXTS l lt;-|.. J.\ss m.I.NTS IO
REPIU sen i i s iv exium.LINii vu vi
III ID i ob idi vririr vi lox Lill.
I'vln Iii THK III .11 I MEN, l-l KM v
N i N r V. D PRO! I r viii.i. POM! 1'iNs
N \l IOS VI. I Ni;. 'I.l. vu. v; , nMI'AN V,
WI s| | |;\ I NI'i.N ID ll.DIM.
AHENTaV. aalsri or .o-j.ii.issio,. '.rr,
?st lavaattea af Bm aaa. Bea Patent
.Cheralcsl Ins Erasing I'.n.-n B*BM ..
-Ijikt. vv,: k. like nacl. a-cole miss
?Ss i.. tl-.'.'? i*\ weah. Wr.ti- MoNK'iK
ERASER JIU.. CO., X 700. La Oralia.
vi.I ni-. IVANTKB en .ala > or .Vue
n,ls-|.,n to h.mille Ute ne? l r) ?Uil .-,..?:
Polish ' RTlTTAL polish co.. wm
? ?ol,
SALESMAN A iiuottlng seller"; one'
fan ill ir with lo il c.'rv sud llnur trade
.-.?..l --i 111 v anl rnamilssloo ti right mon.
). ti. i- roofld utlal. A I'.'r.-s fi.i\ 18
Tribune) Omen.
VV VN ri li I.'I l.i'- engineers Mr.
men frelgbl train conduct-ins and brakemen
(or Work '":l al n i. ? \..r- ? ny. vii
nfl r '.i i. in Bl lt.illari R/muii I'-.irl-si.
, uri m. i mt. ii stit ?? Hotel, Patton und
I .ir. -t . 'My.
wanted, (..ri f..r rooking, wa-hiag
?it i| innlna. Bim* save ll referea e.
.i !i i. m.. li; Bren ri-' ??
U)ork IXIontcD.
A KIM Vi'.I.E MAN .|e?lr-? work al
ahl kind ?:.'<!?!.(!? sages; bss h.vi rn
p i,ci.' e as ? bookbinder. Ad*
grew vv. s ,;,r,. Tribune. _
a som r. asd i.?-? Baas, nanaaa,
wishes 'ligation tn du any kind of aara
and mabu himself sacral. ... s.. Tribune
AN vi i ul v, WT nnd oin.- in mai." r
nf natural sptilude, Inherent Industry,
tr;imi(i Intelllieare, year* of experience,
i.i.ni- :. i lim,, o la hustle lu a congenial
ni. pl.cre, uinie < :?-ii ut ihe reward of
rtttw and ability; he i? pot weh-fnotoi.
rea u-e i .ih Matias, eperatea :i blacb or ree
ml, BBS Wltb 'MUil I l.lill). klu.Ws fl t|i
brlb-i de n h.- see* ..in- aii-i ran run ?
I .icr.-.-iiii .I.-,.?-. vddrrs* oRioi
NA I.. BBS P, Tribune (Ifllce.
A 1'nsl llu.N sought by young Amcrl.-a:!
.ts, iii i inklns "r oilier commercial baal.
in--- highes! reference*, '.. .".'?* ,,th ita
~.M ( i.INi ANT, of ...j,, runic jud ability
desires permanent pmitasn ii- ..ii.. .? mm
...;. I ur i relit man: thoroughly capable
of rahing ? h.i???? ,,f larg* later* i- er
. r'lgl l 'eui.' si-. i.mt- un v . ntl.. aMe ..f
.i-i,... tarnished. Addro - ACCOUNTANT,
I'e. v ll. I Climie I lillee.
vi.l N( V to represent New-York house
for grocers' specialties; refer*., aol *e.
.ti Bivi n. R, ( . BETTS, 1,011 li it/
Bve., Philadelphia
III.li: ID si.NI.ss. Vi.tiu r leiin, "I
education Bud good .chi-.-- .;. riuan. Sp,
want* position; li i..,rs' rsperienee in
beer buln--- ;?, ii petnaan; correct bi
figures; tit?.-?:-. ? nlcman; eompefnt for
inn position; imo.tlonshle reference*.
willies, i . I... Trlbiin- lliaii'-h. 102 I '
BARER. I ir.t-??;:, .. | rend and .1 ?
raker wishes situation. ROBERT
SHIV I S. MJ i;..esne||.,t
lilli'.III. ?Ililli, vonlli, JO seek* "li?
ll.\u nt highest riferrnrs fruin N'.-w.
Yuri, ir-|s mn:/ la>use. Addrrsa AMERI?
CAN, i nt. I un ai,i t? Employmcnl Ht>
rlety, WI kihi II,,,,,,..
"' ? ni r. Hy jj rating I'ernisu; .iuj
yean In Issi ppce. j,; 213 l a?t *<U?.?t.
C'l'ibK I.l l-l i; y lung lld] : ?'? veals"
experienced books i per ann csahlor, de?
rrel, w.,r!i to du ,..,. ii).. |,. t reierence.
v- \.. Boi in Tribune Ofnce._
nOOKKEEPEB, i. iii ll.-ay'd ; SM lo
anv one BNnriap me oin -.. worli that will
pay not |.?s t.l.an $12 wc kl . I'll. JOLES.
7_Ee?t ll'tl.- t.
.potent) seeks tern anent or temporary
H.-itni.-i; 10 raitt1 exnerleice; excellent
r- .ni. \\. II. I.. 400 ?)'.;.jit.. n-nl-l'ii
PARER wants slteitlnn a? I'-renm mi
New.Km.land l-r.-ad. Vienna. Ere uh roi!.,
ct-. Adir.s. c. |j._ ;<,7 cumb.-rljiid-st ,
??cv ir,, wish,* a~sTiiiiiion ?t aaytnlng:
willliiL- and ObUatBg; csa glVS BM l--t of
r- lei nee. Ill ni;\ him., iii i;. Pd-ot.
BOI . 17. WI,||| | |. j . ;,,.,., ,? uhl, ..""
?ale bouse; reata*, wu, parsiiBi; can fur
ni-ii h ?t of r, f,.r. ,,,.,.? ' Acl:i, ,, M iX
shun. ;;i Avenue D.
::<>\ 18, wi,;,!,i I,,,,, posltloa where he
can a-lvuin-e hin^iif gal refereneo'. Ad
dr.-- A. IK ISM ?.| Eu, ;,(-; s^at sl.t?t.
liny. 15, Intelligent In oin.,- or ah.-1",
al.- hius. ,.,- pulillsbUm house. Mr*. A.
i nU ( ? Decs Point, I, |.
" J vi i . ,s| i,, it twsvtti]riler. Job. wlSea
;S;,rl!';;!': ? rm*' .rlene*, am
mi nols. li..-. ,-,. fri bane tHSce._
CAKI'l Ts.-Yotng ssao. w|lh~| years'
rspenence. desire,, ro,itlon bert ol r f-r
OSCAR fi.' UULXX. 2^i WaM
(Dork IBitntfO.
("iMI'iiSITOIL-Positlun nt foreman,
or al ni-- un wi-tklv newspaper; .badi
an| reliable. Address I'HLN'iER, ssJO-j
nih- i., Brooklyn. _
( ollki tor deetr-a sBisrSsn: baa a
knowledge of Uokuecnlut.': u-irrl d, 2*>
rears oki; where i.mi.-.t ami sobrletj wUI
if appreciate;. a dd re.. '., Bea IS,
ITU un.- om,c.
CA RPEXTER.?B> ooiiiT! aU aTouiiil
man, with IS years* esptneacaj al-x. uri
vate jot bine pronmtlye done. AXDEK
s'>x, DU3 I'uiuii-st., jir.'vi.i" ii, ascend
' i I ABM AR ER.~4roreMn wlshe* po
tinea; practical in all lt* braaabea, ?.r
winil I arecpt ri,r"iiiai..hlp in small fae
""v .ucl do lacking, Address FORE?
MAN, I"..' 'lt',.;,n.
L'LEHK.?fl jr a young n-an ; expert
eaeedi Bmt.clas. Beaton leforraeee; posi?
tion In L-eiit-' furnishing store lu elly.
lt., 20 ( oltimbus.ave., Ilostoii. Ml.?.
CASHIER anil CLERK ({SB wishes po?|.
Hon : hotel preferred ; g. od rccoiium n ls*
th i from last emi.ior.-. IlolTMvN, IM
DRIVER, Ac?For wagon or single
tr:cx , ur as uaMiinini, ur IB kimi of
Work, te elene,.. j. D., iaVJ VV,-i iotas
Dill V El;.--Uv n voiii't married mau a?
driver, part r or work of nnv kind. 1IER
MAN STERN, li.*, Lew l?-,t_
DRIVER. Bl an American; one who
thoroughly uitfirsiaaes driving mbJ ears
of hor.es. ai refereec ?. Address O A BTU
wait, amt weat intn-*t._
DRJVFR.-By a colored" Foy as driver
Tor j .liv t?i ; ...i.art nlsiu: horses. Coll ur
aedres* l.sso st. Mark'****., n*t. Bashes
ter and Rultalo ave*., BrooBlra._
i M \-\ Mill RUNNRR, *c.-Pi..|tion
want.,, n. .lester I illili, r or Waterman;
li y ar- lu last in.itioii. (ll.VKLI.S
SKIPER, gap Hovd-lt., Brooklyn._
IjXl'Elll rigger, rO|s< and win; .piker;
testy, reliable; lo join experience;
nobe* position. Addie-. PAUL, le:i
Bast xiii..?t.
I I.iv ATOH Rt'SKEB 'iir^PORTEIt. ?
Five i;u-,' experience on ."night and pa*.
-.-ni-, i elevator.; good refcraace, M. i av
an vi.li. -.?.(' |.j.t Ttth-st.
RXOIXEEIL i'i-,t., las. ' e* lille vie;'
.n.ii-l. mn I,lui t ; ..isles <ltuatlon as
hoad engineer ,,, \,n.A,. establishment ur
elis trie plant. D. CARRI K, '.M hutton
I'la. c.
FARMER? "single*; good milker, careful
amer; sages ?an modetate. .uir-s.
il. rare Mr*. MoOreth, Ho East
I r.i'.iii'.i: Ri cylinder ind Borton
leedei ll. EtNALF, 410 Weal Slst-et.
I I REMAN*. By ? li.-rmali j um|. rstands'
!'!:? lilllie, purnta eimile- ? ls-.I rf. r.
mt'.? j. v . ^ iii ist-:i\B. but-o'r tore.
II! l-l ii PAINTKB nrst-i c.s., wist c.
to nord in private boas*, cit. or roan
trj ll r .-.mile wipe*. FillTZ DAHL
:t.. vv.st I7th.se.
i IR1 MAX. -HltusBoa wimt-d bv young
li in, SS . ar- ol a--.-. :.? tli-mau B rears
rxperlenee. li . Blbte House, Astor P *.-?-,
in/r. dept, _ ____._
I VN ||.i|; |',;. nun and ivlfr ie jiiiIkii
f Bau: speak OerasM uiid Enelish; un
'!? ? hind all furnacoi sad pumps; m. base
ment; r1.-: -..-.-. KIEaEL, .*..'!.' Eaal
|-J!!,-t. _____
.iv nt Ti ii: vue ii< au family; mttn.
wife. tw.. giris, 13 sad ii resrsj assra
Ilk. -itu..icu, a- janitor fer Ila'-- ii...ll
i i-i-. nt. r. IIAM.'.N :'.- i Ea t !' ltd .(.
.IA Ni roil ilj ii |'nut r BS 1 !'??;? ' ?
iii-.-- tiist.i.i-s reference*. AO)lrv?i
-l.i ,/ii \ . IVs Rivington-**. _
I \ n ir, ii; iiy . alor, | h. in rn I w? ~
El WOE WILSON, KU Wv.t .Vd -t.
janitor ny ii atrtrtiw sobei lor
??lui a* jaiilbu. is.rt.ir or Belper, or Work
?nythlng: ham!, luau; w.iges mudera'-.
il v" HANSEN MS llcrgen-at.. R'klyn.
i. KnmTtii Herman, abo eau work
: and Brr want. work. A ld ??-?
LO I.'',;' ll. M', An,..; . VV-.l ||,I, kel.
MAN. x'lfVhAlln, ui-t 111 l-hd s.\,.,al
. .. - . \;.. .-..ii e as I... MS ant in men's
: liga hun i lj~. retail BI*B .-'?
foi H I".i.ie v r .'- hats ; is gesirou . af
peollioa in whole ssl.' bouse, sJSsei cSotAiag,
bau " fnriiUBlng g.s.d.: reference, from
Ne? .Vi. r. |, nulli, m business men. AS.
dress i.nt.; I", mts r lu. *.. B. RALPH,
10 '?: IR ? rrj l.ra
mii.i.vv iii'.irr Tooan rasa desiro*'
|ii.n ronda luSltrright. D.niSi n .1, bell.
. id carpenter work. vv. BOilR|>,
' ii r.i i :.??*.. . vv.?i Hiibakea. B. ?'
\1 vs-i l K with "ima- Murrien ? . .!
? ,.. .. few ii...r ? hjgagi ii isis. . t-'rin- igrj
moderate. \<l>ir ?. M (J.. l.'.'i: rTway.
N Vi IIIN|s|- Bj ;? llldag IllSII. ss
I'tl.. ,r lian,, liamf or at aiivthilnr; .-Itv
ur miintll . I Iel lee Addi ?, H. K.
11 Al'.l'.ls-N. .,.(.( lui,.?ve. _
VIVRI'.IED VI.-.n' woi.ld ;ikT (,*,"..ori;lit
:nMl,ln: allllns t. work; wau--s is, nh
j ct is a gai I drli.-i ll. MELLON,
ItS V\>.t l'ltt,.,t.
M v 111 N I - I . I'.y ? gen. rsl h ind ; *?
?u?i,e, ?t t.< factory r?.|.?lr.. A. LIX
DH s PH Ttl, -t Jersey I'Hr, N. J.
Modeller.- nrs.t-.-i*--.: clay, pia.tr
.iel I i\ -.1. tr ind large mMli-fii; ?.?.,.-,
i po.itloa Addie** MODELLER, Wal
Igt, WJ '.'d av.
M.. UT VV I fi UM VN g; '. n ;.|lle.
ajxl "sn; sir,. Uv lon.peri'i'. ref ci enc*
ii i mptoyei. i all or a.li!r.-s
lit TI.I".i: 2.11 lill '.'utli.-t _
l-ATTi ii.NMvKi K- v prarllral pattern
iiighknaan a ,si.. s itw ito,,,
In . 11} ..; . *t i??" . ?-?""{ ,./.ec . A I
?!,. ? i u ?_??;?. Hthsave., Newark. N .1
li'III Elli ti lly i xe Hs' mau, -.'.( a
:<s. !??: ri orapi -i win
? , inrthlns ''. > ears' refi r. u . V\ .
IIIU.NT ".-' I .-' li hot,
PORTER want-, sltuntl ii t" Hf ? ';,.? -.
h tools un ler-t..ni|s .,-i,s eaglM*
a:.il funis. ? -. and be fi n*rallj un ful I ??.
. t. reine. II. Hov Hw, TBbfl M I B
Pawn (Hine. |,'_|g Mr ol";.-.
i ,i. .'i i i i I.-.il; I 'U.i-.ii lt.?
Kl: si ii*?s. v.ani- s ...ii psba, clean ag,
Bosdworh. furaiiure,
? I best rf. r.-n..-. Afl-ln ??? I'ni.i-ili- ill,
|(-.\ I, I Ubllll Hillie.
rt.. iniTit u.cii na i? < ? ?
? -t.il i h vs ,- \. || it ? lVe?l '.i'l ,t
i-vi.viii; bj ? Br?t%la*\ i-xperi
cared ((?-ce i .i 11, r ? -r for all wmk "i-!.es
-?? a !j sRostluo painting oa sits, tapi-str*
and raavas sp" la.'i 'Md gtu-ati?
ti t l.i _
I Ai SI I lt l.i ? |,.. ..,, J ,." li-- will
1. work rei ,...i!.lv . i ? i ;? in ? s fr I n ..sit
? rs; n.sk' i t ?? ii ? . i'vl.N ii;k, Box
I. l-l- I ?
usn. I '. esrte ifa-r i ?? lr- i.. i . BELL,
:.l'. M..nie- -I lle.s.,. n, .'. .1.
s'IT.Nik.i; vi'ili.,; a",l TYFEWUllrji.
ni, all leading ii. a- hun- Bj a youag
..au. in; also ii-- -i fit bookkeeper: rapid",
cspcri'sred; mi rail ie irr. JOhErll
il vsii.i il li; .(|c last TM- I.
sTi.Niu.i: VP lt KR aiid 'I Vl'l .vv Kl I BK.
with -!\ month*' cxi'-ii. n,e. siahei situi
i ..n rt',.?'? lhere i? rbmre sf advaaee.
neut: iii-t-i la-s references ind reeaei
mrsidallon ; -alsr. mod orate. v.liire-s a.
-IMiiSsuN loir, in ni. . V. Y.
?".vi.O'.lAN'.-Ai drygooas BBioaman
snats Indialla i.nt.ui In -on;'- li.sui ..I.
b'na or lin|sir'.liiL hoi-'; fi.rni.il> ot.
IB* ieadlSB *ali -nen ol New-Ynra ; cnn ifirn
assad a Mg tr* lo. Addtea* Bea o.. i.r ens.
i.ure Ind.
SI I'l.lil.N i I N1H..N I tit I-OIU..V1A.N.
II. .num.- mai. gi, lirsi-.la-s SriUghUaMB
machinist au I pit'eiu-inakn . atiderstiod.
In, Jill lull.'. . Ill |>- cit t> ll ll le mell.
deV.|. IIIVi lltlol - BSd elle, t col...lilies III
mi.t.. term, i ?Liiiii?iiii.i-'it?; ii'.t-ia-s
record ..ci refere.<?. Addrn*. No. IO.
Tr.billie UptOWn Hill. e. 1,2Ri ID,ia-|w ..
If I BONO .viVN vsal.s i<ellli.t. .- j! ir.
let In wli..|.-.ii,, hon-. hui. I : v tr ?
en.es. j. ? vuitAi.ui.i: lat averil IV
KTROXO vi w -:,, aisne. a aRaatlon at
inythlna; not BfraM tn work night ai da\.
i si ?iii.im.i-; i-i. i i-i iith-st._
I INSMITH IM , III I ? fi- . fm-milli
in-ile w.uk: noler.it" -..lari: (toady and
...iH-r Address a. ni.ndI'.l. ;h.T Ave
\w.'- ?'.
IT'ID'I sn Kl.li -Mattress naker for
private unties; fun Ban aphoiiti r.d; ir.it
tr- ?-? s n *.le over , work done m. premise. .
,-Im ,.r country. TlU'lUNi.. -J".' tVe.l
WATIHIM.VX r, a").(.-'swed--: ls
asher and stu,ii'.-: I., si n-ii rein- *. tall
JIM MP Ea-t :;.'?! -t
wi mi", rn i-'.ii. ii a u in ?ho h..
leen In bot I und wUi' .ellar fur 17 years.
Address i-.. i.l.iu K, SSS '.'il st..
WANTED lly i in in-ill. iimrricd. *0,
w.rk of witt kind: I n-n ti in-h lu aced
ii lt. REII'I'. ."..'. I'uti.l.e lanil-s'., llr.ik
WANTED Uy I jenni' m.niel mai
i Jk.sii on in some nu rcnntlle husliu-s
wavar* ''.'-igy nod integ.lty would cause
?dvBQoeanent; evpeVlencedi tnnder-ito stl
tty nt besinalng: l-Csi. of referenee*. vd
?n .- II I'.. L.N Tih-nve, Brooklyn._
WORK wv NIT.D -Weil ctlucitc'l young
non. rei.-iith aithmi In this rohutrr Snd
without trlecd* or iminu. would be rieaarl
'., obtain rmnlormsSI at int klad of "erk
he coull iwrform: cltv or ? enntrv. Addr-.
D. X- Trli une p.ryih, LW I/have._
vv7.Tn-HY. ltKLIAHLE FPtltsii.^s to
hil p..vit|(vn. of a'l grades, can be secured
by apolvlng In advance st ITIRlsTIAN
lt I I - limul. _
?Ol'X?~MAN. ?! yeo rs /lld, wish'-* a
rlti'itlon of riv kltfd; wI!IIti? uml oliiUlne
f.dt is I nw ll;, ipi Wet did->t_
" Vni'Nii MAN, single, Berirnib *?""i
Ilk'- lo talk ? tare of | riv ate pl*-' in ioun
Irv dunne tie winfr; N-st rCtiwtace; !??
i uni.. Ait'lt ?( A. lt. I I lH-.t.
V.IN.. MIN .M. ? -, .t. w.ir.' Ojf B''J
kind: hon,-' alli In |n,tr!uu-. J. It.vFTEI.i.
,11 I U-l llnll-l.,,l.?t. |
I'oi'NO MAN washes po*rt,*r*1 -',1,'",|,'
ping oi ior.er; two vi.rs' e\|ierienn.
1 RA X K V 11 v M . '.'a i EidrliR'ejst;_
* Viii Mi mar.e.! BSIfl ii iii'aa. |B lieol.
ml..- and lii'lustiiu'is leslies ctnl'1'i.V"'1.'
at an>thin.'. JusEI'.'l l-LE'-A^1' ?',f,
Weat )vti...t. ^
MIN. MAN ,iA,, well" r^S^ldH
lr fnrni.r ea-ploJiT wBBs* .OSS^lJk
ll'.it lort.-r or aO'lsUnl ?l'l|>l'l''*; '' 'r;
Addr.sw ALI IUD J? ,-,;.S lllli't.. 1 nos
TOf"NO' NAlV wTshe*"^-?>r"s V??*
tlon la sp,...: nr*4WeksM tefS-renc**. A"
drs* EDNEV, 7^1 fai'l liaJ"1'
{Dork IDauteo.
TOUXfl MAX, wama with tool*, vviints
study job as a- isl uni janitor or oth r
wisc Address E. WALlEltS, 9S2 Otu
Vi.-t'M, MVX (lhi d.-?)re. situation in
sn arehltoct's onlce; wining t.. letra the
buslaoss. A. SI Alli'.. 21 Wlllett-.t.
YOUNO MAX i'-I) d.-.lrc.-. pe BIBS at
anything; sir.mg mid willina: os*k*e "eera
1 .-.lei red: un objectl.vi t>. warehouse w-ork :
uon-*noker ami teetotaler; gool etty refer
i-in, .. VV. 11, E., MT W.-si ?. ,Ui--:
^muni. man (ID) aeataee i situation
wiii-r.- ie .an advaaco; w.lui g and oblig?
ing; reference. Address C. F. L., Tribune.
YOUNO MAN. strong, active and am
I Itiou-, would like .-Itintloii at anything:
nne where he cali aiDsi.ee [referred;
best of reference, JusKFll kavaxaoH,
1CS East (Kith-st.
TO UNO MAN desire. rituaBoa a. as
?:*taal janitor of beardlBg-oehool ge eoBegi:
experienced; best raferenees, K. M.
Di-.VoK. 1.021 B'rgeii-.t.. Ilruoklvn.
V'H NO MAN. Zl, wishes to 1 pru th
undertaker", business; can furnish, Al re'
em. Adders PT., I7 St. Charl-s-st.,
Horton, Mass.
Fr ma les.
A WOMAN ta woik in tcljiiruit or
clean auto) ? | would beip cooa ; bf the
ween; ls mii:.s' i"lef. i.c . Min. I)., I .xl
VVe-f l'.ith'-rt.
CASHIER or' s.vI.k'sI.ADV _r.-l'y
honest, rSflf*ttttl*e girl; gool rapi.i writer,
expert at Uguie*. ..Mice work, or enabler ur
-a;.-lady lu Laker's: security; references.
Pia RaJpe-ave., Bfeahiva._
DAY'S Wiitin.?Two .vonni! girls wlsli
(.flic,- work ot- hoiiH-'cleaiilii,' by the day.
I ill li'J I'.lltu. l-.st.
Ry a young lady; experience!; rna fur.
nisli machine. Addn-aw' "STKXooRA
I'll ER," Hourn :>2. .stewart Rulldlng.
Vol.Ni; O-lBX would Ilk.- iH.sliion In
-tn. ADVERTISER, 2,'A~'J Hth-iive..,
fourth HiM>r.
yi.i'm; WOMAN, experienced la new..
|?ri. r and publishing ul.Ice work, d-slres
! rmaneni poaltins; expert typewriter; far
-t. no..ra;,her: |.e,r. references. Adjie*.
ADVElii l.sER. Tribune udli-e. _
YOU XII LADY desi ??? |.isICIiiii a* rom
panton, aareery psverasas ot mo ?-r's a-.
-i-tant; Beal ur referent B*. Andes* 17(1
W.-t .V.ltli.-t.
Domestic Situations IDantcb
Ri'TLEi; citapli besdrS) HT a capable
Rogllahmaa af poad habit*; ls a reliable
servant : mid Ile j ged and single : prefer.
a (inlet Mn.Iii : .itv and llrooai.vn refer?
ence*. Aili.,- HENRY HARRISON, 311
Baot r.nh-t. _
lil ii.EK or \ ai.IT.-ny youn:; Swede
win. understands bl* Iruslneso In all par?
ticulars; .ny or country; rcfeien.es
Agency, IT". Bttvave,
Si Tl.I lt. liv a voling I-rn ch man who
unaersund* his banana*; is willing and
o'Hiing; city or countiy- 31-*. 4tli--.\e,
lear -.'.tlii-st.
in Ti.ri; ii*, an EnglUhnan: eon le
i il. i.h ie,-,,n -n,. .nd. d bv pr* sent eni|iluyoi.
I ' . I 'itll-live. _
Bl l Iii:. By s Srst-clao* Baa In I | ri?
val.- family; .*> rears' i--t city rrferooeej
last impkiyrr , au i-e s.s-n. j. lt., R,.\ TC
ir.I.nm- l*| t-. \s ii min . 1,51J Uria D'av.
IT TI.lil.- liv a llr-t-ia.s Barbs; .1 -
? ir- peraament p>ice lu ?'mail private
lamilv Whela .rirlorn.iid oe second
uni ls kept Vol N'i MKN's .HIMS
1IVN A-s(i('|ATI(iN. hi West -lst-lt.
pi "l l.i'.ll l-lr-t da-- -i" ills - i. tuan,
i-r-rn I. and I'm-ll-h best reference*, lt.
H.. Dov '.?, Till (ll,.- Uptown Ollie", 1,2-IJ
Urondw ly.
!'.'i i.l'i;. Kv a single B.lgiati; long
egpeBenco; willing and obllilug; under
stand- I ls duties city i ? fe mik-. A. X.,
122 Wes! -JUth-t.
Bl TTjF.H Competent In all hi- dutli -:
lia- first-class reference* (iou. I."st lamllim
In New York. D. li. H'.\ St, iilbuno
I plown nib. . 1.2*2 Troadw iv.
I"REF or COOK.?By ? Frenchman;
-i?ak- Koallah; wife can toa eh Preach Bf
belli otherwMo; strictly leaps* tubi ?; jut
ir rt v. il finn Paris. hTEWEBT, Hoi 1)7,
I 242 Ur. ad way.
i.^.K.-i'.' ii tir-tii.ss French cook
(chef, with 'Illili,ms : :i vars in tins coan
in ; would ilk.- 1,, , ians ? in.ni present
pia ? ia aster * grot elsa* elah or nuulij
i t .earea ironi prciettl emplover. Ad
Ur. -. V P., Bo! -?">'-'. Tribune Uptown
(Hiice. I,tl 3 Bi sad nay.
I'.-Vi ll MAN.-ll) married n.an ; An'-ri
? an ; Ihoruughlv under-ian I- th'" ere of lille
horse* herne** and c*rrlaiies; most careful
(irn.-r ld liars' b'-t itv and cou.try
retereacos from Mst eaiphiim who can tm
?BM. Plea ?? .all or artlr.-s 1*. K. I,.,
Lew Atiauti'-vve Brooklyn._
ins.ill.MAN. lly flrst-clsss, steady.
-uh-1 roBabte bbui; div driver; thor.
ought/ upcri eared"; perteetty competent;
tintiv learprrate; generally useful, highly
re. mi inc nd. <1 . i,ol afraid of work; single;
mila, en-.; city or country. ru.Vt I1M.V.V,
'.it..', gth.ve.
(??vi ii vi tx. swede; ige, BS: rober,
stiling, ..billing; take good 'ar,- of avery.
thing; nf, rene. - last rauttoyer vun bo
.-..;i Iii etty. _i;i Fist ;.-Jd-i.
.. VC HM AN (.K.m.M -WanrV (I tua
ti?i. inglbh: lately landed; country pr?
f.-insi: e\)).i(i-ni-'d; |.i references. A.
i;. i is _s*t list-t. _
~ ~i ii vi hm vn .,- DriOOM.- i ":i -i-' '"
wants sltaatlon; Rsgboh; Bngie: ' reen
in New-Torh ? i\\ ul i lunlrr; he*t ref :?
. ,..- v.ilr-y. .1. II. 1,?J7 flth-ava.
mung Fngllshman: ti.r.s- years' coachnian'.
r.-f. r.n.e; .lt. ..r eouatrv. Aldi.-.s VV . I..
si.n o I'n. Din Mace, iiitii-st. and Bth-ayr.
L'OAI HM ''N- V sunii I'l t. -tint. I'l "~
Baan no s.inm <ar mi driver; bial ot i f
errnce*. Af n \. l.-'? t'.th-av -.
('(?Vi IIVIAN Youn,' mai ried na., un
iDr-tand. thc Cl.f horse* arrla..- *.
wants sRuatlott .,- roerbann or driver; beat
,ef ri ? ? s. ' ll Kl- I I'il.ll, ,10 \V-st
I'uiC'IIJtAM ...I. -inn. WiahO* SltUBs
Hon fur his , ,?? ninan; ran hichl. leroa*.
nend him ll.eiu iglil.-, . cn.br,tami- lu. li; si?
le.- . honesty sol ir, marr.ed; .Itv or coun?
ter. I'l.vLs ipi i. onorJ'Bi
'd Vi HM A N AND GROOM. M' i -l"-'i
;, in w,s,, i situation w Ila a pil\ ll ? lani
ll] Rill |' Iowna willi,,-.- and "lill-., i: :
Ibo ou.'li horosBjan and I ir lui drlv r llr-t
Iso. ? ir% r f r ti ?? s last employ'r .au tn
-rn 'Aiplr -s ? IAI HM V.N, 100 iV.-t
' ii V HM \\ AND i.tdioM |.. a *UJ ;U
can tl,or, ti 'ul. ii|h 'le and ? Uiel-nt ' jm*
dlseng | .! t"i \ ii-' li- -I elli r fenn "s
frnii on fainiD cn -fill, st.\lis|, d.l\,i:
sttitiv tcm|(-rstc. civil ami obliging; elly
ol i.ci,irv. I ll.. I.. FCast Ssth.st.
COAi HM VN. Thoroughly midi rstiiKl-'
lil- hu?lm-s; s, iiii'hm.i" ainu'le; , "ireful
,| Ivtl ilt 'nd fur ii'-' mi!; g*Jn n'l\ u-. ?
fill coiinfrv |iufe,ril: _'o?.,l i ?-l.-'eii.,-..
Adlros, TIPW| as. Rov !' Tribune I Bice,
civ BM VN, (.!!(!.>M and Isl il I.."
MAN.-l:iiCllsh, single, ("ill. .,.., hue
? mr.-. n.ir .c.s. ci;ri.-ig'-. the same keis
In baot sealer end nc it- ?.i"-i stylish
(iriv.i: wnun'; nhilglng and polite: rare
barnie* rte.; BBaderat' wase%: i> st rf
ere wees; reentry no object. \v. a. i \
'..i. Tribune ofln-c.
iiiachvi \\ \\D il;(i'iM liv a rans '
milli (alarie); i- thopiugh horsriaaa; aa>
il.'rotund, thi |iie,."r .ar- of rmi .mi t,ot
t'li'.' horses e:,i| nkr full char'." nf fl ?. li?
ll man'- Mtobtlshnynt: have pt-raei i ami
wililen leferen. '. fr.,m furm r aid Past
employer*: l* -tiie'ii temp rite, whbh
r k ..mn nu latlms will , .rilli. Addreea B.
.' Baa 'H. irlbune I'plo wa Oates, I,2t3
ll road way.
li 'Ai TIM AN ami i .IK ii iM.-iiv","-!.- |?'. ?
Mlie. Iiidiislriuu- yonnf nan: slni,le ; ni
demands rare horse*, haraeag ami rae
rlages; host references; cpnairr preferred.
I. C.. Tribune Uptown Balee, \J2K li way.
'ii.vi hm av ii} 'I Bingle aim: nilling
an.l (.bilging. i,r. U-st elly ref r no-.
J. vv. i:. in; Baal iist.,t.
~~v\ PER I f. N"( i. D I'.nir I Ish bailer aadT
wader s,.,.ks engagement; tln-rouuhlv caps*
lie: hi-.-he-t rateronro*. Addreoa CAPA.
HLE. I'hrirtisn Aid to Esiploymoatrio leiy,
50 r-ii.i" linus,.. NnwTVork.
ITIVST-II.ASS dinner ...ok .arxir uni'
butcher wants st-ndv rii.sitloii. L.
Wiil.i . , 152 \Ve?l I0:li.st.
OROOM. Iii a Hist., lam *****"" ^n
rhorougblr uiidentand* his huainc**, Ad
iin-s |.:; In-t '."jii-si
(ROOM or SETON B-M a N .?Ry a"
voling umii ; thoroughly Braire**-*!! his
ii"ii'-, 'lo or caaatrv; hest ..i re er?
nie-. Ad lu-?s (i. li., .'IQ Wet i;H.?t
i..vi:iii;.NTI(.-l|tv H umir.ci mau. .. . |
g. ntl. nans t^lac : wife g,?,| hutu-t-nuikir;
i. ter ri..- boo I'.-ati-st.
.i.VllDI hilt. My fl .swede with th o
rn. .1 sad i r.Tj.-tl- ->i knowUslae; comp i. nt
in arclilteituie and jilminiug; tlr?t-.i:is.i
,. f.e ,?. cui| ?r r,.|,|ro,s K- ,{ KAIIL
MKOM. rare yf fe xyktlonl i07 n0.,.
lt., il (i,.: lyn.
Nri'.sj'. I\... ri. ii. -<i a,,,! 'hlrhh rON
nmm-iil i man would like ciicagenicnt to
tese careel imaiid gintli-mon. nnntalh
'.',r "/.'"'T" .1' """''ted: und-rstanrts massa?".
Il D , i rlbcn ? | ||'UVI| omce, |,o?2 Uv. y.
NITlsr..-Trained, ct.7!, by mteTlig^TT
mau. open ht *n engagement; kai tr.v.
ailed exntailvely; understands ms<-?i>.c;
L'.'.?ro,iT.nL'->r''!*_: ''avolliug or lo.a.ed.
LlTRIUltK, SM Co uaibj*Bve.
SECOND or l"J?KHL..MAX.-lly a r?
veciilie young si-rti,. |? |,n>ap. family;
waaia aa oUatl; referaaeasv. Call KR
LAND, r? Ka,'. 3lth-..t.
fSiBFl'L-MAV ? PT j-r'th* Kweda 20.
In DriVBIe tim IK : w flin! aili .ob. r. Ad
di.s. "SVVKDK." Il,\ 2 Trlbum oin.-.
I'si.i-i i vt ? jf, |-(V ., ,?tJ?.^ -aa. ?-?;<.
lu a private family ; be*| of iefcr-n -.
AiHn-s. .Ii isl pu I'ossoM. JIL. oiT
VVest 4flt'l-*t.
I'SKiiLM v\. int. tli_.iir an.l camble
young man as geaeril servant: exeelleai
tef.-i-t-ti- ? noderate wage*; div or roan.
lr.. Ail;!rc.s A. i;. A., |,-,> Cth-.O".
is'k.lman mid" vvaitiii Young
1" T.nau ; lefcr-iies; iiiiderstinds iMrna.-.-s ;
willing nnd oHlal'ig; private famllv or
I uruing.hnu* ?; midei'lb' salary. Atiin-->.
IIIICHI.K. .'0 West Mth.'t._
I'slKI'l, M \N.-liv vi.uiii- nmi, 1h. as
ge ..-r11 ii cf l.-ian; understand* 'itt'e ab/iiit
walting on table; (itv sr_0OUBtry. Ai?
dless K I'. Dux 7."?. Tribune L'ptown
oiii.-e, 1,212 Broadwajf. .
.Domestic Sitnaiions CDanteb
I'SKFl'L-MAX.-By Englishman, sge
27, to do aaytalng; iimicr-tiiid* honre
work and cnn car- for noises; 2 years'
lest reference- IL, Hoi 71, Tribune l'p?
town oflk-e, ima Broadway,
I -si! I L-MAN.?By a steady, sn.a't.
sober, loior.-d man; han ly ot anything:
gii.Ni carpenter; understand* sara of any
kind of stock; 14 reno with one gent'?
man ; situation bv "in>.nth on gi-ntleniin ?
place tu keep fences and nutbulld.iig* In
tepalr; good milker; enact of tiwi.; ago
'.*. J. ll. Rom lt, Eitoii.ovvii, Monmouth
enanty, tl, j. ___??_
CM'.r'lT,.M.vX.?Iiyt 11 young man In a
-.rlvate fatullv; city or country; h*ndy
with t(Kii. and a aaei wa rt: re Btaaaaa,
JOE OOCKDIKB, SU Bast aith-rt.
l*8KFUL-MANe-Ia private family;
will be found willing and obliging: strictly
sober; Mike care lurline-* : b'lt reference.
ai iic.s m. a. CORBJOAN, BM benia.
I'SKU'L-MAN wishes position in prl
vat,, ami ly. 4 Vi West aoth-st., janitor.
~~ I'M" I 1 LMA.V-K.v'.'llentTook, handy,
ne.it. raajralat. i-oii.^ furniture, ac; gan
ho is.., |, ami : home in preference to high
wages, Allpss "HANDY MAN," RoX
161, Tribune Agency, ->"A Hd-uvc.
inifrrr tut lliiataa. wi?bc* to ?*ko
(are of tuna*** aid sidewalks aid mike
lliii.silf g.rallv us rul. \V .Holli, 210
East .Vitu-st.
I'MT-I'L^MAX. COOK-LAl.'Xl)Itl-?S>.
Ry n brother ami sister; Americans; girl
good cook and laundress; mau understands
can- of Baree*; nilling to ba- generally
useful; no nbje 'ti.m to coiintry. 223
FlTt ff *t . top HiK.r. rear._
"~"l -I.l l I. Man. liv younT KftolUlffS*!
In wmail p-tvato fanni v * doctor's preferred;
i.ood reference-. A. H.. KIO Ka*t -t'.lth.st.
VAT.KT, WAlTEIti *e. .-Ilcspectable
colored man desires jH.sltlon aa valets or
watt'-r In private faeillv, or as port-r for
club, olttce, not. 1 or store ; S year* a* por
trr lu drugstore strictly temperate: best
reference*. Address KDWARD MONT
uoMr.i'.Y. 110 West lTth-st: rear._
WAIiT'.l! or rsKI'IT.-MAN.-lly col
ored mau In private feidh or hotel; good
situation for winter, o. IL. Box 12, Trib?
une I'ptovvn (iui">. 1.215 llrnadwar._
WAITER" Colnroi man un waiter or
porter: ftr?t-rU?* private reference; la-t
cu pinier can bo -ec-i. ll. WAU-AC E. 2*)
?Test dlstsot._
WA ITF.I17-rTr?t das* EngUoh walter
v.onts situation ai pg n wee!;, wavers ho
nm barn th.- English language. Addr-ss
I, KN'ALIOltAXX, SW Uth'rt._
WAITER, he?By a color.-d man ; or to
mind bar: personal r'ference. MARRY
CARROLL, 1,227 Brand way._
""WAITER.?By i-i.tibli- colored man;
city rf. rene's:' no objection to country.
Address WAITER, Tribuno l'ptown Olllce,
1,242 llroadivay.
Domcatit Situation. COomeb
A Woman trishes to do any kind of
housework: i's yean' retae-enee. Mr..
BOXOUOU, 211 'lJ>t Tbth-t.
AN KXI'ERIEN Eli nilli, a- :iuis:;
canal.l" t> toSO full "har,-.; ..r bib-, ii-xid
ruferenre*. INFANTS NCtfisB, i?l
Wost 3;;d--t.. .'.th bell._
wl-a s -ltiiatui'. as tialneu nins, lu Un.uv
or ii"-;ntal; experienced in R*ae*ega and
water cui'c Addles J., ll.. Ila Ivist
t;tu -.t. __
A YOI NU Ol Hf. Who has never liv'il
ont wishes ? situation as Barso, or wi.uid
do light hou-woru. l ali for two diy^,
BB Last, inth-st._
7vX I-XIM lill Ni ll) WOMAN os nurse
with excellent r licences, or wooli do light
Inns.-wink ami .are tor chlld.cn. Addi- ...
M. A., lol West l-d-'t._
vs M'1'v.-i'. to Invalid or bolUe baby;
highly rtim at.-d; excellent r feteaeaa. .st.uo.
2,000 :iii-ave._ _
"Ti. 177 "I.NIKS of liermali li lp liwara on
bund for city or country. MiNXF.N
si REIN'S, 13 ;td-.i\e, ii ar Sth-t.; .-stab
lubed I fig.'-_
COMPANION.?By a young lady; would
?estel ilcht housework; Protestant. Ad?
dress E. O., ly7 Washington-aye.. Ilk'lyn.
COMPANION.?Youni English lady,
klghll educated; nlanl-t. vocalist: speak?
ing French tluentlv ; a. uni nil Paris,, de
-ii". pooiUon; amanuensis, reader: accus?
tomed to r-fliu-d -milty; iinder.-taitds
household management; excellent refer
..ne-. wm- DOME, Tribuno l'ptown
OOMI'AXIOX^A young lady as In?
valid's attendant, lady's companion, ..r
similar position; amiable disposition, md
willina: references given nnd re^ulr^-d.
i l.. BOO >iadi?oii-Ht.. Broablra._
COMPANION. Hy a .u-il-rvcomim.-i.aea
young English woman : or anv position of
trust; references exchanged. Addrysa
JEAN ETTI-: Ii, 3 Ad Huon -st., Gloveio
ville. N. V._'
COOK.- liv l'r.'t. taut woman; thorough
llr-t-.ia? ? .Nik In all branches; mest*.
-(.-ut?, hsh. Jelly, bral-e; can cook for ail
nations : .itv or country wages no object
for winter. 1.017 ilth-av.: call two day*.
Milli WAi I III- s-. -lly two Bl Bl Bli; city
or country ; irtefOBOCS. BOS 14.1, 1.242
I'n \ l'.\ a swedish L-irl: good family
? onk; good i.feren.e. l.i:. East aTta-ei,
COOB WAITRESS.?Bj a~ i -emptjtent"
cook who unil'-i .finds soaps, m.sits. de*.
s> rta, nie dis ps; elty reference*; Bl?e
ilrsi.iiass waitress; seed references, mis.
Keudder*! Itureau. 113 otavave.
COOK Of L A I NTlRT^s. |7y a respect
able wein in li lue (lav. refer-.s. Mrs.
MAI.MIN'. J20 Went I Ith.st,
COOK- I. vf NUKI ss a?d (MA MBKIl
MAio-w.viTm.ss._iu uro lister*; aaa
rowpriMl cook and la undies-. the other
chun.I rn al'l and Maitres-: be t references.
173 I i-t '.Hlth-st.. Harnett bell.
(di i|< and WAITRKSB*.?By two eos*
pt. ut swi.ii.h glrte; b'si rete rt aee. Call
sirs. M.limier::'s SoeAish Lur uu. 138 4tb>
Bte upstairs.
COOK. I'v an excellant c.s.k. under
?landing 1'i.inh (iermaa and American
.-...klug In a -mall private family. in
iiulre III I as: l'"th-t . -.d Moor._
iiiOK V r.'.iM'itjl le viiuii'.- woman;
pool city refer.".. BS. L>. P., :t!'3 We'.
COOK, be. v respectable young woman
Bl cook: small irliat- iimllv; witling
to .I.. ...ne i ishiog: .itv- reference. --U
i.u-t .".-.'il-t br-t Hour rear.
Ci .nie ?e, By : -]i ci in,.. voling
wom-in j ti st., ia-s cook; coarse washing;
boot elty reference. PBS Bast -.'Kh-.t.._
COOK situation a. a good English
.?..o', in |iri\nfe family. Address Mis.
w hiiiii i\ BlyUwi bourne, L. I.
COOK.- Voling sw,,ie in I'tst-i.i-- prl<
vate bmlly; nsw*, pto, kitch"iin:ald
kept, a-.' n.v. -it*, etb-ave.
imiK Vc suede: excellent baker:
entres, ash, .'(Hies: i itv or cnuntry: no
objection t-> plain washing. $43 itii-jve.,
n tr I'.'ith-st._
ToriK, gc.?l-rstestant; sining girl?
piala ci'Mk, B i.-h jud non ; City or co'in
tn MS Itii-.ue.. near ?J.'.th--t.
( .dis. l-io-i s: mt w.m.aii: tirst-cli-s
rook; city or eountrv; go.si div refeeeuce.
Iii vv,-? l.'.th.?t., first floor, rear.
COOK' v. v rec pee table Proteatnal
Bonan ai .be? a BituaB ii uh ema md
Isuudre ? or to do general house cork,
v.idi.ss E. Ci 'NKLIN, .M1H Ist-ave.,
Hoon. 13, top floor.
I (ink. l-'iist-diss; l'r iti-stant, havliiR
ben (itv refeiencea, aeotros position m
i ri vate i'S.lly; ?:.'.'. #.'.",. Call or ad
iir.-s < OOK, 2,180 Bthnve,
COOK.?Bys Scotch I'roii-taut. woman
ia tir-t-iio-s fun,liv ami taney cook; refer'
?mes. fJOa (Ith-axo.. J Al QC I X'S lliireau.
COOK.?By ii Protestant a* eomiietcut
?ook uni bak.r. sou|is. (Stree, mid d"s?,rts;
i.-lst ivasliug: cltv nc coll nt rv : .-itv ref
cresco. JENNIE, 1,343 Broadway.
""ii,uk. wasm "nud" U'.(iN\-i'v Ben?7
li.li L-l ri . PlSVVcbUM rf. renee. : gool br, ail,
biscuits, BOUns, dc?.ri-: nK.ler.it' nagBj;
,ili er country. Call 12t Rant llst-su
Mi am ri r. .viTi l>. *e?By a r-ar.et
ati '? girt; will iii plain sewing: 18 years'
id r.ajiiun last place. 4 17 Bas; VSth
st.. thn.1 ben
IAI AM 111". HM All), A'-.-Hv ii young girl
ns chambermaid and do plain wa lag ,.'.?
Ba*t 28th-*t., i resent acmployeFs, Tacodaj
;.f|.i'.Mm or Wiil-n -1Tv li urning.
I'HAMI'.KIl.M AID .--Rv a young Kcandl
ionia; girl Ul do upstairs work or light
housework la saiall private fun.iiv, iji
VV, st '.ll'.tll-'f.. I .l-ell.i-nl.
a re pet-table gili a< chan.bern aid ant wilt.
ic*s. ..r vvtuilil go si nurse; best (itv ref.
creates, ill w, -t mth-st.
(HA >lTcjl"NLvTl).~~?7c.-Ry a" rcsiii-cT
table girl to du . bainl-.erwork oni wilting
or chambervvnrk and sewing- 412 \?e?t
tTlAMr.l'RMAlD, &c.-|'v a vuung~g77l
to do (h.unla-rwork and iviltlng or general
boaeeworb; bet city reference*, os catu
CHAMI'l-.ltMAID, XCItSK.-lly noF"
ixperieoredl girl: good chambirnwld i piaiQ'
wywer: kind with children; reference*
1ACI-CIX's. 60S Cth-ave "??ercui.M.
" t'ilAMBKRMAlD^iiTWArfHhtiS-Rr
i lief, tidv. thoroughly competent arlrl ?
list-cuus city referc'iees; m d-rate waco.'
Ry ar caenBT._ Call C?i Baal iist-s* '
DA V S WbltK?A "TS rrnaT-?7oiiuTn"
w;.hes oil Cleaning an I vvaaft.nff. *"(?iTt1'1
LiVVSlvV. ,o, 1:,M .^..j l!^M '-HA.
hays work._n.- . iuiu .vrirn:???
?o g.. .mt. b?tba "av ??*?!!:;"
iv:. ^"^Stt^j-rtS
I rlvat.. hatJl"' L, I,1 V ln ? oniall
-;v. vv,., ViKii'-sf '''" wconinioiBed.
,'"?: n M ailinn. U."'?,'00--J"? '">?'?
?Sea fion. um , Hr ' ?* a"00"1 r"f"'
"ll st !!10 Vtla.il ;.."? etfi> ,"'',,?'
rleooaiya; a^gr*"****' ",ar Nmlth-st.,
!?5?^el%Wn^ ???*. ?''?" *Vn
~ Females.
(formerly Ml** L. OampbsU),
ut) W*?T 2i'0-?r.,
MALE ANU fi-MALiE __?._,
Servant* breaking engagement* will
bo dismissed from olllco and lorfett au
claim to fee paid. .__
N. Il-NOBRAXCR ornosv
ah WEST 22D-8T.
dod litii-ave., :
Mn. Dewitt Wilson, Prupr.'etroos, I
rormerly with Mrs. I. beolj. :
Foreign and Domestic Help t
of all Kind*. I
AU orders aro promptly Ulled; I
special attention to country order*: I
references are strictly investigated I
and un Ola i
DAV'S WORK.-Str.nji woman wants
vva?hlng, Ironing and cleaning hy the day.
tiitiM.il, as. West iaui-st? u>|i Sat._
?i-r.Ai'.K.vL lloLSEWOrtK.-Ry a per-'
eon lu i.rilat.- family; city or country j
good, wa.-imr and ironer. i,',4 West ls.h
st., top Moor.
<'?OVKlt?VF.s_.?Resident or visiting, by"
youn.' English lady; advanced English
nniuches, mathematic*; gool mimic, fluent
en-nch (Bowral year* in Eram.- ; draw
ins., Illili , siiceessful method; .\i ellen*
references. Addles* LONDON, Tribune
Butene Franch.
MliC.SEKEE.PKK.-By a canobie 3
rel lanie yonm. American woman as work?
ing housekeeper; ls an excellent seamstress!
etty or country: Ilr-t-.iifs city refernceo.
AOdre-* "il? East Titn-st., Mrs. CAM".
IIOl'siiKEEl'ER.-lly widow fri, as
housekeejier for widower or bachelor; full/
conua-teiit: no trifler . Adare** AMERI?
CA.,, 12.) Hl.ecker.*t.
llOl'lSEKEEl'ER or MAID.-Rv aa
Aii'-rii-aii to an old lady; city or country;
a good home preferred to "high waite*;
leferences from last employer, ti., Dot)
iioi'sr.woitK.^Tiy gin -".i :.m*ii pn"
vate family for fleiieial houiwork. Ad?
dress for Iva days. E.. Il East ?.'itk-?t.
ROC SK WORK.?By young tteoBch Prut
esf.iu! ; nice COBS ; tnorougu .auuar.-.-s. and
mat and wiitin-; to wait on table; city or
country. With Mrs. TYLER, 3KI Oth-ave.
hiiLsEW'oRK.?Ry u Hweds; unod
cook and laundress; (itv or country; refer?
ences. A Heney. -I7.*i llth-sve.
ll>ji.at'.WORK.?Ry o young girl lately
landed: ?illli? to a- >(. in any kind ol'
work. BM Moril-ave.
liol SEWORK. - Ry a res^-cuhls
young woman In a small private family;
I y.-ars' dtv loft lane**, rall 321 vvv*t
lltn-st.. 1st Moor.
Ry a neat. Krong, jouul- Mcutra 1-rot
.-stint lat.-li landed); willing, rstpoctfel
and anxious to pleas.- employer; wagea,
??. Address lt. H., l.*>2 Uth-avc, Ad voe*
Using Agency._
ROl'BEWOBN_By S neat, smart North
of Ireland girl (lately landed): willing and
anxious to plea..,.; wag'-s, *if>; city or
country. I tali asl kV. V-, Ul Othavo.,
Advertising Agency.
lu.i BF WO RX.?By voling girl st geo.
eral ho'i-eworX ; ls a Hood cook, washer and
Ironer: h*< two years' la-st of ref'renee
fruin last PSSTS, i all at 10* East 33d.
st.. ofter f o'el.s-k.
IKil'SEKEEI'ER.?By a re^nocubls
woman ; r.-feie ice. :' m Bsa! fiilth-st.
HOCM'.WDRK.-lly a mat, adv young
elrl ; nrst-iia?s ref. ranees: good piala
cook ,wa-her and ironer: modente wage*;
dtv oi country, rall 121 E**t tl*t-?t.
~ BO L'BEWORK .?By aa American Frou
.?stain girl: excellent hread and his.-ult
maker: unod worker: country preferred;
Bases, $10. Kl.i.VD. 138 (i-h-ave.
IKil'sKKMi Kit-By s younc l*dv.
Miss (iltEl .V. 233 Cast "tjth-st. ; basemeal
HoCSEKEEI-ER.-lly" a capable', well
.<lu.-ut.sl vouic American ladv where uer
i ants are kept: understand* care ot
children; best of references. ii. B.,
Yonkers. '?
I.ADV s'maID.-H.v a Parisian, speaking
I'.n.iisli and P>Meh ; ur as nursery govt-r*
ness. (ali Monday. 4Ss ?iih-*ve.. "Room 3.
LACNDREMS de-ires situation lu a pri?
vate family: willing to a-sist with other
work. SSS East li?th-?t.. top floor.
LAl'NDREBB.-By o Rsacetnbla wonna
to co mi, washing by the aay. '.'03 East '
Seth et.. 31 floor._
EA CN DRESS.-Washing wanted dy tho
week or dozen : also flrst-cl*** ?h|rt Ironer;
good reference-. Mrs. JAMES BROWN*.
na Fast .V'th-st.. Room 8._?
MAID.?Br au experienced woman a*
house or parlormaid. Call for two days
at |-resent employer'*, 33 West lOth-st.;
no cards._
MAID. Jtc.-Br a relined North Ocr
man as maid and seamstress or child's
nurse: bert references. I. H., 159 East
ITth-st._ _
spo.-tihle woman. ADVERTISER, 2,37l?
8th-*ve.. 4th floor._
MAID and hKAMsTBJJSBB?By a com?
petent girl as maid and seaic'ros or nurse
aid assist with chainlxrwork; city ref
ereacee. 228 Ea-t BOth-et., O'Connor'*
MIBDL-E-AOED WOMAN will do light
housework : competent to take ibargo, Ap?
ply to pre-, nt employer, Herrick, lflS
Wc-t n3d-sf.._
MAID ?Very capable, wiil-r.-conimenu'ee'
"-renell maid: uiideistand.- cutting, fliting,
halidrcssiiig. J.VCgl'IN'S Riireau, IRI2 dina
ara. *_
MAID.?Parisian ; thonmirlily competent;
*> fear*' r lerenrsH; undeistunds di? .?<nuk
ills'. Cell or addri.'-s 2't'S, Wes) 12 th-st.,
Xl ItsE and I ll A M PERM AID.-Rr a
mat. Ildv young girl: can s-w ; llrst-cUno
r.tern.e. wiling a'ld obliging; modeless*'
Wafts; City or country. Call 121 East
NCR*'?'..- i;i a casapetenl Infant's nurse;
ranabbi "f tik:n: entire rhtre* fr un hirth
ur poaag ebBdrm; best rnMesnae, SOB
Pta ewe., in store.
XCUSE. i.-rnain nur?<- and govern.-**
with hast "f relereti'is, either lu elly or
?oiintrv. Address or apply aft'-r li), HO
vvHsiington place. Raes,
NF BS E. i i st, la-s to cnn- for Invalid
Ia1v or gentleman : Hue COOS ; willing to
linke herself n-cful : terms moderate; city
r terence*. Nl'R-sE, 753 Cth-uvc., fat*
te.'- I ell._
\"l RsE and SKAMsTRESS.-CapihleT
tr istw-ertliv child'* nurse and gh.wn . hili'B
iinrs.. md" BBanartreae; .-ut- and ksaana
fricks mid dreSM-s; ,i beautiful seamstre.*.
:. Weal iCd-st._|_m
N'l'l'.si; -Copable Infant's our-*': trust
worthy, reliable and liluhly rc ..mniend.-d;
city or country. N'?n ot -'i Wiwt -CJd-st.
Sl^>^i^r_COMT?ANlOX to elderly lady
jr invalid. Mrs. ADELLA YOCN.', Oran.
lille. N.r._f
Ry a comp tent Proti-stont >ouug ?onu:i;
0 yeir>' r< terence Iron, last employer.
Care W. Boga. IK Ei-t Vkl-st.
~"s|T|MS'"s SELIA T Ali l-.'xi V. No. 101
West _BBl St.. ne ir nth av -. has a number
of eSBIBStent and rilnliie (ole cd co>k?,
ceneral woik.-ie. laundiess..*, criaud hoya,
but'er*. coachmen. grtaBBBI, f.rm han la;
nadj for thc com,try and city. Call, easy
t-niis. _ _
sEA.MNTRF'-S.-Cnini.el-nt: wlllln? ?/
as-1st with other dutl-s: first-class refer
races; etty or ...untri. Adlr.-ss caro of
Mrs, cant Ml, 217 East ;uh-st. _
MF.AWsTRESS who nial rstanis some.'
thlna ol dressmaking wants moro engage?
ments I y the day : can he highly r- com
mei-.deg. Apply *t pie*'nt .'iiiplovcr'a,
112 ^st Kith-st._
il -.A.M!sTRI->S.-Bv a Scot.-h l?ro:??*
tant In a private foinlly : will as?l<t rrlub
lither light wi rk ; '.'. years' .itv ref. r me.
bPAMSlKESB, Bbl tiihave. ; ting ita
SEAMSTRESS con.| u-nt. wishes fam?
ily se wi nv, miiidlnir mid BUklac-over; ts
neat worker. SHAW. IOC East 120 h-st,
8EAM.STRF.S8.?Br respectable giTruT
private family; naa reB*renee. pieias
call I..". West ."i.'.t..--t., armin I floor, lets,
HI AMVTHE.s.s ai..1 MAUI |<i u "llr^T
class dri-.-iiinki-r - woul.l care for luvilid;
good traveller; references, g., icm last
12th-st. _
WASH I Nf i.-lie-p.. tihl.. woman .....iii
like ladles or family wa-hlni:: terms ri*.
sonable; la>st (,f ,are taken of lino deHics;
oia-n-alr drying, li in 'id-ave.. 31 fl?s.r.
W.VSIIlNli.?A young wonan would irko"
ta take home a w?.h. PleaM ral) or ad.
dress toa Cnloii.st.. :d v,n.ir. llrooklyn.
WAsHlNii. fte?Resp .table wuniari^
wishes to go out tn lli.-t-iia-s f.imllv wisbv
lng, cleaning ur nanine : first-class refer,
enies. Mr. WILLIAMS. 3-J2 St. Nh h.
WABHIhTlj taken hom.. |.i ns|.ecti>.lp
iniorid woman, or go out bv the div Call
cr addles-. 1 280 sr. Majrh .(.ave. betwe*
Roche*ter and Buffalo aves., Brooklyn.
WaXTFIL-Wishing by dozen or lump!"
reference; M and CSc. per dozen, b. aa!
100 Wen 30th-st. '
WASBlXli.?Py colored worran to take
home washing, or go out bv the dav: a
yiais* reference, a. M., 330 We?t artb
lt, 2d Boor.
... W.iSHINi,.?Ev u woman ts go out bv
the dav or Uke hone ?a?hlng; best of ref.
er-nce*. "Qi Ka-t iTth.st.
V ' KK u ' N ' V.U lu the d iv. waohln't
itt elea"P's: ri-fen-nioi froai |a?t pltre. ld!
Fast il'.'d-st.
WASH INO, A-;~r6r_w"T^*Trt !:,,,. .ar- af
lodi.*' room*. F. J., _;?) West lTthut-i
lloum IV, rear.
~ WAITR??B sad >nAMFXBMaJB^*
Rt a eaiMbl-i ant rllahlc Faicllsh girl;
Brathelaai city rvfermee*; dtv or counirr.
Adlress 217 Fa?t 7ith.st.; ciro of Mra
t cmpri li.
W A ITIU>is~o7^>VR^^61LMAID.-ColB.,
nfl-'nt; In print" f'nillv: gr?i--la** city
relerenee*. Addr.>ss C. IL, 'Irlbuno L>
jana Otsee, i.'_m-_ Broadway._
WFf.XCRSF.~Ry~"~l voung Oerawa
wonian ; her biby ls one month oil; gooa
r-terence. Oall for one week 410 Faot
jtHat-M.. I th bell, west ?lde._
WET.NURSB.-Bv youn v. healthy ererT
maa woman; aa cards. US J_tot ftj**vaf>

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