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INV-XLVIN.. KI'l'M PB.BtB.AWB T') B>9 0, 0>.
Albany,' NVV. M -Th8 O* Brien A Clark Croton
Aqueduct casf YriU decided by the Court of Ap
I?:iis to-day. lt mat PO appeal by tho contractors
from a judgment of tho Oeneral Tera, Tirst l>e
partn*. ni; Httlrmiiig with pOStf ajudgment In favor
of piaintif-s for *d,-l*<tj entered ppoa Ike verdict
of a juryrendered by thc .Iii*.tion ... lh- cut at
the request of the defendant Ihe action was
brought QB txWOttt SRSAAXS*, with tn'-r.-s-t. for
work performed ?nd mat.ria! furnished to tho de
f. nd.mt vivier n contract to construct Section 6
of the m-w Croton Aqueduct in tho city of n?-w
York. Thi- defendant !n lt.* answer set up a countor
claim f.r- d images for alleged bad work, and
furth.-r alleged as ;i defence to this action that
under tho provisions of Chapter AW of the Laws
of IM neither Ihe Aqueduct Contmlteloaeri nor
tholr ma\}BRBBfS were authorised to bind tho de- j
fen hitit BofoWA tho express pro-rWoh- of the con- I
tract entered Into between tho parties to thi** j
?edon, ?'" I that rr Baal certificate had been nude
by tho chief eag-aeer of tho new croton Aqueduct
awardtag to plaintiffs the sum Of *''..4.">T>. ru: 1 that
by Ihe exvjooa* Urns ..f the contract plaintiffs
could r-?orrprt np more than said sum. Th. plain?
tiffs allege that th.- work to recover for which this
potion U fi brought v, is nec-s.'arily perYuitaed
in oarrylng Into affect thc provlafona ot tho con?
tract, arti that, tho nlme was ordered by the en
gtaeeea In charge oi the o-nstruetlon of the aque?
The General Term bold that nil liability upon
the patt of Um city la respect t.> plaintiffs' claim
must be founded upon BaM COaUaCtej that tho
Aqueduct ComllllSll nor* \v; r* n ?: the I -rvrints of
tho cltv iu any proper sense, bu; an Independent
body of mon >\ ith certain well-defined powers and
duties, and that the liability of thi city of New*
York for any work performed or materials fur?
nished by any contractor by thc direction of said
commission must be limit ??! by tho sci creating
?aid commission and th" contracts entered into by
such coatractor and said commission?
Judge Peckham writes th.- opinion, which ls con?
curred itv l.y all th- Judges except Judges Kari,
CT Brien --and Maynard, who dissent Tho opinion
is aa exhaustive oae, Ihe Judge saying th.it it ls
apparent from whir ha*, been said In the .-ours.- of
this case that the plaintiffs hav.* ial:. i lo prove
facts sufficient to constitute u eau*., of action
against ih. defendant ror any greater sum than
ls acknowledged to be due in the Anal certificate.
Thfre can be no pretext that th.- work was. In
fact, ordered by tin* Aqueduot C-n-.mi*s*oners un?
der Ike provis..in of ibe contract, or that it waa
regarded oy them as extra worh or was so certi?
fied. Thc Judge says thal the contractors, O'Brien
&. Clarie thould han asked for tho final certifi?
cate before performing what they claim.-! was
extra work, and then If the certificate bad b en
?withheld the courts could h-te been called up n
to determine whether or not the work was called
for by tho contract.. _
In the leglslatlv* nealon of UN John O'l'.rien,
senior ni mb*r of tho fina of contractors and a
former chairman Of tht Democratic State Com
mittee, backed by a powerful lobby, secured tho
pas. .*??' of a bill giving the aqueduct eor.trat tors
preferenn. in all tho court- of the State in which
any action of special proceeding lo reCov. r th. it
claims mig')' be p.m'.ing. I'nder such an act they
could begin ault hi any county of the Stat-*. Cor?
poration Counsel Clark -ind th.- city authorities
fought the bili in Its various stages In th.* Legisla?
ture, but th. lobby, with its expectations ol untold
millions before it. triumphed. Senator HUI, th. n
Governor, had a tender side f.r O'Brien, and eras
disposed to give him what ht aske .
Mr. Clark, on behalf of the city authorities,
filed a strong pr.-test against the bill With the
Oovernor on May '2>k 1890, lmm dlately after it- pas?
sage. Subsequently a compromise wan effected, thc
Oovernor agreeing to let the btu die if tho Corpora?
tion Counsel stipulate ! :> prefer these cat ? lr this
county and th- apr- Ila te .arts. '?"his- compelled tho
contract r.t to try th>!r case In this county, which
wa; the ??iain point ..'. i--s_.. ai. I on June 5, UM,
tho Corporation Counsel made thc stipulation -.iir
gettt-d by the G vernor, and thc .?'!:r'?n bill was
allowed to expire.
The selected cay- was firs! tried in July, Itt.
l-efore Judge Icurahaso, and decided in favor of
thc- city. .Th.- counsel f-ir the plaintiffs were Joseph
ll. Cboate, Treadwell Cleveland, ex-Attomcy-Oen
aral Charles F. Tabor and Colonel Roberl C.. Inger
soil." Kor tile citv appeared James C. Carter, Klihu
Koot and Austen O. Pox. Tht city won. The
plaintiffs carried the cast- to tlie Oeneral Term,
which affirmed tht decision of Ju i to Ingraham.
The plaintiff-* ai*nir: appealed, and In May laat the
ease was argued before the <'.>>.irt of Appeals, the
argument on tht plaintiffs' part being conducted tty
*:x-Attorney-General Tabor and Colonel Ingersoll,
and on the part of the defence by Mersrs. Carter
and Kort
The rixteen suits against the city, of which the
one Just decided ls a test case, Involved from
?te.coo.uoo to $s,ooo.oui'.
llVSli IN TUE I "tr.TitOOM.
Alb-ny, Xv. ML- -Among the other cases decided
by the Court of Appeals to-day were th.- following:
Mary I.. Trippe, as administrator of Frederick
W, Trip;*-, recovered Judgment for tt\SW against
thc I'l*;**. IdeM i-'rlend Society, being thu amount of
a $5,(flo Insurance ix-licy and cor ts. Tripj-e wal ' BC
of (bl- victims In tho Park dace 1'ffittfT In August,
MMi ar.d tii<- eonapany refined te pay Ike policy on
th* ground that he Chang*, d his occuputl. n with?
out informing it.
Agace Eolr*rw_M tecured a Judgment of UAW
against the New-York Central Railroad for the
dtrfth of ber husband at th-.- Moatgomery-et cro_s
lmr hi I'lrfTato in November, )**'"i.
Levi i*. .Morion .*? trod a Jadgment "f $3V?>.
against New-York City. This case was an appeal
from r. Judgment of Ibe Oeneral T< ;rn. First Ds
tii-rtmcat, reversing a Judgment oj the Trial.Tera
dldbfiaolng Mr. Morton's complaint Thc suit aras
to'reef-ver from the city tB\WA for t'an.ages to
Mr. Morton's property at Nos. 116. 118 and 120
Weat .N'iio ty-oighth-st., by th** opt ration of the
Croton water high service pumping station, which
adjoins his property, and which, he availed, caused
stH-cial injury t<> him. In th., trial In the Circuit
Court. Octt.ber _., IM. b.-fore Judge Truax, the
I'liilntiff was nonsuit! d, Tke (bri ral T-rtn re
-'?eaad tke decision. Th.- Court of Appeals f-duy
?.~..<*mcd tho decision >-f tke Oeaeral Term.
The Court affirmed Ihe judgment of the lower
munt which revoked Ihe conviction of Leonardo
l.aiubia for tho iniirtl.-r of Vlncenso Rlverto in
New-Vork City In November, Ititi. Larubia BOW
goes fi ? .-.
Amor.-,' the other decisions handed down arere
tbe following: John O'Brien and another, appellant
agnlnst the Mayor, etc., of New York City; ti.-org.
H. Qyett, appellant, against Central Trui Cora*
paOy, <>f New-York, as trust.-.-s; Henry H. Skin?
ner, a^ administrator, against Prospect Park arel
Coa.y l.siani iiallroad Company, appellant; same
?galn>t sam.-; Jennie 1. Meek against r*.ew-York
Central and Hu.Is-,ri Uiver Railroad Company, ..j.p* .
lani; Atinb- J. Par-hall against New-Tork, Lake
Erle and Western Railroad Company, appellant;
WHllam II. Scot; agalnsi Metropolitan ki-. ted
Kelway Company and another, appellant ludcincnt
ultlrmt.l -aiib cos's; the People agalnat George Al
b?w. appellant Judgment of conviction reversed
Franklin i >. Locke and others, executors, against
the P*.inr..;ra' Loan and Trust Company, ??!<-., and
Magda)*na Rlng_, Impleaded, appellant?Judgment
ret**efked and Judgment entered, declaring dlsposl
tiohs of declaration of trust executed by testator
In hli* lifetime to be valid.
Cincinnati National Bank, appellant against My?
ron ll. Tlld.-n, Jr., Thomas Brown; Thomas Brown
sgalnst _i.ron ll. Tilden, jr.. cincinnati National
Bank, npiellant?order affirmed with co
The dr: v calendar for to-morrow ls Nos 70 7. ir,
H'lefWB. H7. US.
FOR Tin: TVXEBAL of chaki,!:* .;. loud
The funer.'l eervlcos of Charlo- I*. I.oid, i'.-.i
young clubman, who comnilttH sulclb- in his
roopis. at No. li East Twenty-nlnth-st, on Sun
day alght will be held th;s morning, at IO o'clock,
In'the b'alvers-ty Place Prekhyterian church. Tbe
baiUl will b- in ti..- family plot In Oreeawood
C?-reter>'. Tin* r?ivi. s will be private.
No cause for Ott /? ung man's act has yet been
assigned. At the Calumet Ciao >-.-*-terday it wan
saitl that he was always ta mod spirits anti a
leafier In every amusement, lit- had no bad nab*
Its, und was no; addicted to thc ase of dr*.;c-r
With "his frit nds al the club he was a favorite!
ami-so fir aa known, had nothing to tro*:b!e him'
Hlf. wney ??? safely Invested, and while his in
romo was nol an extravagant ene, lt was rutri
clent to support him, not only in ea.e, but in
. When the trustees of tiie Sy.acn-*e University
utArlhriofa-ly ejected the RuvA.^>r. Janies it. !_,.>.
of Calvafy.*Cr|Uif'*i*. u> the f**alricc|)orshlp, <?r. Day
hesitateitT'^haOe' accepkng <h?< tiojios,* for. ?s he
thep 9ni^,*he <ll'*lik?-<l. torver the p!en.?ant con
ne-ttons wM-n he mnle ' *lt:rtn-r his* five years'
poatorate here. Since then he h_s ma.le a trip to
8yraa**usa. inspected the Institution, became ac
qt-iftnted teith Hr. faculty, and yesterday forwarded
his acceptance to the board of trustees. The Doc?
tor wl'l not be obllKed to leave here at once, the
truaWses having agreed to oxcuso him from tu.
active duties of the office until the beginning of
the-*-_.-'nir term, as he cou) 1 not rollm-ulsh his
wofk rier<*- until the close of the Conference year,
which (HiLHtro;??.t that time.
Dr Day ho? be<*n r.n energetic and a highly nuc
_*__!.__. worker In lils calling, and lils many friends,
while they regret his departure, rejoice at his oro
motion and fe* I that tv-.-: Kyrooir-e rniv.r-lty
should be eongratulat l.
The trial of th.- suit brought by Annette T. Batea (
tu prove that sin- ls tho com tn..n law v Ife of Charl, s
W. Hates, and Incidentally lo scour.* a legal BCpara*
tion from him, came to a.i end la tba Buperior
Court yesterday, and if Mr. Batea poss-ss es v.i any
degree the ordinary sensibilities with which humrdi
beluga art- endowed he aili have extremely uncom?
fortable ft .-lings until Judge Freedman announces
his ded-toa in ike caa*. Indeed, it i* tbe opinion of
many who followed tho tours.- of the trial carefully
that Mr. Hates may have more uncomfortable feel
lri.s aft'-r the verdict ls pronounced than be has
now. The trial attracted a great deal of attention,
and the general opinion which prevailed In the cor?
ridors of the courthouse an.l upon the streets yes
tciday was that the plaintiff had fairly proved 1>< r
ease. It was freely said that an element of unecr
talnt#wa_ added i.y die feellnga lo whi.-h Judge
Freedman had frequently given expreadon during
the trial, which were la ev. ry instance against ike
In case of a decision in favor of Mrs. Hates. Mr-.
Hates may Ond hims.-If in the hotest kind of hot
water. Ile has (-worn ????ait-wly that he did not
write or siini the alleged marriage agreement which
tbe plaintiff Offered tn court, and ul*., that be did
not write tbe word.-, "wife" and "huvban.:" which
occurred frequently ta the lettera which were put
In evidence. Against bis word was .-at ap that ol
Urn Bates, the Judgment of Ike '..auk cashier who
n.is accustomed to Iran.He Mr. Bates'a nobs, and
UM opinion of David N. Carvr.li.a, an expert in
handwriting, lt is significant that ao member of
Mr Hates's- fan: Hy waa called upon by the defence
to aay whether In his opinion tho signature of
Charles T, Batea to the marriage agreement was
genuine or forged.
Judge l'r.admai will reserve lils decision on the
case until he can carefully -go BOOt tbe teetimony.
The Upm in thc case WM sharply defined, and If the
Judge decide.! for Bira Hat.'.* thew can be only one
Inference to be drawn, and that ls thut Mr. Hates
in denying Om geaulnenaaa of the marriage
agreeaMat commuted wilful and flagrant per?
jure. 1'nd.r tbeae circumstances it would
not be improbable, indeed, that Judie-- would
tl. mani that Hates should be prosecute I in
the criminal courts. Perhaps then he would
realize son-thing of the r - ri. u.m.-ss ..f thees
j.i.,. irng* and drop the light .-ind Blppaat manner
in which he baa conducted himself throughout thc
trial which has just doped.
The case tot each side lr.rry bc summed up briefly
as foUea i lira Hat'-.* alleged that abe met Ur.
Hates on October lo. Iv*'.': that they became en?
gaged th.- following January, and that they were
married on July lt>. I**1. In her hom-. The mar?
riage waa performed without ceremony, and was
kept Beere! on Mr. _tat_a*a re presentations thut
lil:; familv wold be oppose-u lt and that if would
prejudice his iatereeta In place of a ceremony
Mr. Hiter, and Miss McGrath signed an agreement
in which Mr. Bates acknowledged her ru- his law?
ful nrlfe. This agreement, tofatker with many
lettera written by M* Kates U the plaintiff, lr-.
which he addressed her as "My darling wife" and
subscribed hlmsoll "Your loving husband." wera
put in evidence. Mrs, Hales swore that thev v-r
?ri:t.-n ami signed by Mr- Bates, and two excellent
judges, one a professional expert of bandwrittlng.
mid that they believed th*t tiie documents were
genuine, tin the ..th.-r hand, th.- onlj attempt
tint was made to disprove the grnulnenes i . the
writing was the statement of Batea himself. No
exp-r's or other w!tn?---s>- vero called to show
that tho lustrum'nts were forged >>.- tampered
with In any waa.
The t rt-. i ead sd with a conspicuous abscbce of
dramatic eff.-ct. Mra. Batea appear*, i ir- a blue
?own, the 11-th tailor-male "creation," which -<h?
fla.-hed upon th-- public. Mr. Batea waa al
thor., and it was perfectly apparent that he had
not los; tildi during the trial The lawyers Otto
Horwita f r Mrs. Bates and Wheeler H. Peckham
for Mr Har.* each with assistants, were on band
promptly. Etui lt was appa raul thu* the battle
had b.en al read) fought Mr. Carvalho, the hand?
writing expert, wai - ro i _ limned for a f<-w min?
ute*- ny Mr. Peckham In a Hatleaa way. Then
t.-.rh iiwyers sail thai their cases wera cioeed
Mr. peckham said that he Lad no wish to sum
up., and Mr. Horwitz waived bia privilege, lt waa
ag..1 that 1-oth attorneys should hand in brl'-fs.
lt may bc- ii month or more before Mr Ir.iles
finds out whether be i* a badi. Ipr or a benedli t.
and whether or :*.<>t be la to _?? threatened with
th.- prospect ot a '?rn In State prison.
'harlen Norlander, the witness for the defenee.
.Hexed, h.id t>*x*n convicted ol swin
Who, it W ._ Blinctli il.l'l ?.?.-.L-l. -...j,..;,.., ... n-iiii
dllng In Hrooklyn, visited the eourthoii-o and vigor*
ously denied the charge.
Supreme O-Wt?Oeasnl Term?U**ccsa continu'd.
Supreme Court ttuunberi Bel Bei .. J-_f.?tioe
ea), nil ii- i jil-, at ll .'< ka k.
gtipraaae Court?Spacial Term?Part I?Before Barrett, J.
?El vated r.ili.a* .-a......
Uuprema-rtturi s-v-eii.i T.rm-r.-irt U Dafera tngrahaaa,
y?Cases en?O'Uai ** S. V. Bleval-d H. ll Co., ar. 1
f-mthlnrtiatn vs. stili-r-dl
''.-? ju Court?Part 111?Before Patterson, J.-No*, uso,
]_:- uta, noa tug, hms hoi, '-"?? looa.
Circuit Court?Part I?Belora Andrewe, j.?Can**! from
Part ill
ctreull Oeurt?Part II?Delora I aaiaoi i. J.?N'o cal?
en lar.
Circuit <">urt ? Part IV--Delora Truax, T Cases from
Part 111.
Surrogate'! i''ur?? Chambers*- Itcfore Pltsgerald, B.?
i. ?.??? ef John Heliaan, in ... m.; Pr?d?-iic_ I*. Smttii
)..;;:?? .-i ni i-i probate: v. ill* ..f Uanlei M l*h.r?.a..
tiiintiing ri. Bedford, John P. L'aataOt Burgtiardt lloli
Praas Faiiti. J..hr, a KaJaer, Joha Meyer Helena Mern
John McClain, Albert :.'??.. Bagel ? Posey, William N.
l'liii'..-1. k. C. s. atraaeh, lu M a. m.
''???.: i.-rr Pleas- Special Term?Delora Bookstaver, J.?
N.i. Ill 2<
C-caiaoa Plasi Trial Tern Part I?Delora Olegertch,
J.?Ckae oa: Kilbtrth va 1.11....-1
Coman n lit T lal Term Parts II ar. I ni?Adjourned
foi- the ? ,
:? pener Court?Pp* ._t Tern -ir-f.r.- Preedmsn. J.?
M..t: nt*.
Ruperto* Court? Eau tty T.-rm-n*-?or?- MeAdsn J.?Nos
:.!.". OTl. BD3, BUB, WM, BOB. 60S, PUT, >>.*
Superior Court?Trial Tern Parts I, ll and Ul?Ad?
journ a f.-r Um tern
City tuart .-j. iai Tana?Dafera .'itz'im'.n*. j.-Mo
City Onirt?Trial Tam -Parts r. II, ni and IV?Ad*
Jogi ned (or ths term.
.'curt of <!?neri.i M.aslOBS?Part I?Before Smyth, lt..
and Aaalatanl Dtstrlet-Attoraey Ostorae?Noa l lu I in
rtuab e.
i. ni ..r Oeaeral SeeMoas?Part II? Dsfore Martin.*, j.,
and Asslstaal Dtatrtct-AUoraeya widu aad Battle -N..?.
1 to 27. itl.lllMV*.
COun of Oeneral Sessions Part III?Before Pltsgsrald,
j. abd A?sirtu.it District-Attorney Tosraaend?Noa l u>
W, ir.-;_?iv-.
Tho Now-York Catholic I'rot.'-tory. in \\'<***t
ch'-st.-r. ls about lo make an Important addition
to its bnlldtaga Thia will coaatai of tba comple?
tion of tba joni...- section of Ibe boys' depart*
rirt-nt Tbe vAuk of the building now constituting
thi.--. department wa- erected about ten years uk >.
Ona sloe waa Mt boarded ap, v.-.th ike view of
completing the original design lat.-r When the
improvement is n.:i<!-.- the rnpacltv of th<- Junior
dt-partaieBt will i?- Lrtptad. The work of excava?
tion fer Um foundation baa begun, und the plana
.!..-nm.'i iv tba architect, L. J. O*0odnor, have
beea approved. About >yi,i??i will be expended.
The additions will be made to Ute side of tbe wing
now Mending toward Um main, or aenlor depart?
ment Another iring of th<- ttrun* dimensions as
ti;.* present aaa aamaly Ul feel long by M feet
wide, wi:: i.e put up. Between Um iwo winga a
third BectlOU I* IO be eon-lr ort, I, ll', fn t lon;:
.-md n feet wide. Uke ti..- presedl wing, ike
completed building win bi lour stories high, lt
nd; be built of brick, with the escaruiop of tb.
flrat story, which will be ?r stone, rae thlid and
fourth stories will be used ;. dormitories. <;..-?
roon-a, ten In number, .lil occupy the second
story. The rtrat story, or bejwnt-mt, will be de?
voted to dining-rooms, playballa and waahroom
All the modern and most approved ni".h.. is f,?
heating and lighting will b- used. Brother Ueon
I're, Iii speaking to a Tuba:,, reporter, expre *e |
the bellel that with the new building completed
tim Institution would be admirably equipped. He
added; "Worh \* lit begin ;.t once, and if Ute
A.a.iir is favorable everything will be m running
by spring. The nsw bunding will be Cu.
BOM snd the st hool for ocr younger boy_."
edward TABOOS WRBttHTS AM lin los.
Edward Pajraon ETeaton, wi-, was Uta ..ruinator
of long-dUtaace walking in thi.-, country, la now
fifty-four yean tdd. H.- bas walked no l.ss than
WAKA mil.- in public jilt.-g. th. r. H.- never used
alcohol or any othtr stimulant, and bia diet bas
??iwaya been oi tp,- Mmpleaj sort. Mr. Weston be
that. ? ren at thi age of fifty-four, he can
? ' "'npiish tests ... walking equal to those which
ir ,'*'<-'<t":il"l,1-*-'*'l when uss than thirty y.-urs old.
,,,i;i",'i;,-s ruin, r.-nt encouragement from the
'?i-r,.,?., ?'?' " "'1'i"'*''"' to i-ep-at wme of llb. Bool
un- i*;0 ?f m0tM t,l:,n a WBBKtPt of a cen
Tho athletic games of the 221 Regk-MBt. which
?? be held at tho armory to-night, will ba MON
han usually Intcrestin,-. BtoeWI totareM will be
tnken In the "relay race" because of th.- fact that
Sea o?.-V_MriE_?mmti ??? ??- ?*?.? P*?t The
Ky S-mp-tftom SgnMLSC i"^"!i'M'' ' *>*** t0
*'are those of the 7ln Po^rM "( tM. "-"V':"'
neither regiment sSf*_^-f lhu r"-"")n '' ""H from
Those of to-niKi. wu I,. ,n',"!1 tl "!h":' P"***
.-peet. In the "n-Uv ,- -ein,;.'^:""" mJ*u ""
teiei) from the TtE/Wand mS'iIwv' b''''. fT
1st Naval battalion. M regiments mid the
Tho last BoUd Silver Match Box ever made
for 12.00. ..ur store i-r full of similar novetuen.
s- nd for C italogu ??
J. H, Johnston & Co.,
17 Union Square, N. Y.
If there I-* nny one question on Wkkh the ofllcen
of tho tHk Regiment hav. decided vleu i ll J* Omi
the new colonel skall be cfc?* n from ibe preeenl of*
keera of Ute regiment Main- of tnem are aol en?
tirely consistent however, because they admit that
if eltWer of tba preaenl candidatea !-? elected to the
place tbe bickering which Maa caused so much
trouble within the last two year:* will be continued.
As the time for the .bollon draws mar l.ieuton
rint-Col-.n. 1 Moran and Maj ir ImisY.v sad th.-ir
friends ar.- putting forth tkcir beat e-torta each lo
"down" th.* ..th.-r. Tin- rivalry between th..*.- two
officers ls bitter. The friends of Major Ouffy de?
clare thal if Lieutenant-Colonel a:..ran ls elected to
th.- higher Office h.- will irs-- the r-.-itri-'H lo ad
verile* hi- Thlrd-ave. business. Moran's friends say
thut If Major Duff) la - lected I.mman '. the regi?
ment he will uae it to further his polltl. il umbi
tion With a few exceptions, Indeed, tv officers
of the regiment are Tammani Hall nen. and a*... ral
of thtm hold political places under tbe municipal
government Moran's frienda deelare thal imffv
want** to strengthen the political party lu the i gt*
mont and make tke board of ofllcers a coter* ol
Tammany odie* -holders.
In consequence ol the Intense rivalry between
these ra-o m*.. many p- rsom .uti Ide of n ?? rejrlment
have thoo;.ht li,ii it would be a ir.I thing f-.r the
organiautlon for an outside maa t. lake the reina
for a timi rrom pn ent upi ii ices, ho?-i ver,
such a course leemi Improbable. Several ol the of?
ficer*, aa before suggested, are Influential In local
jK.litlr.*-. and nu doubt they would resent any such
Tl!.'. .?.!"?.*?<'**. RIVES FOR MARIKA AN TX
"YOB are u. good nr.in: I han fe* fault to lind
with you. But lhere bi great pressure f-.r your
piaf, and i mual have n. 1 all] allow you to re?
sign; I bare removt I the other men In'your po*
s.r...ii throughout tbe country-" These were the
words used by "Headsman" .'dux-..::, tt. Fourth
Assistant Poetmaater General, io C fr Jami
Poatoffice Inspector-ln-fharge ..f the Me-w-Vorh di?
vision. Mr. James entered thc p....tal service a** a
clerk al MS a m"nrii In i*.:1 Hi aras promoted
t.. bc asslstanl superintendent ol the Iteglatr) DI
vision of the Kew*York Postofflce, and In IM be
eume t'nlted states foetal Nott Agent. In IM
was placed in the position from which bi baa
jual b--. ii forced to resign.
john !?:. Ashe, t;.. ia v man. has no previous >\
perience ...*? ? posion*! .- ileteetlve Of course, to
be succesaful at thi* business, one mual knou .?
?-real d*al about postal method! Mr Jami ha
no complaint lo nii!<--. but says ru wai
with great courteay Iy Mr MaxwelL
a kOTOPiom ii mali; thu ; asb \ i*i.-i_< '?
?001; 11- i \.. ' ?. i ? . ? ? no
POUTAk OPERA H'M -i; m \; a\ m..ur
Inspect. ? MetaughUn and oar - i ?:??? ctlv i ,.t
the C Btra OBI ?? arere al the M-u ?: -rn lipers
House on M >nday evening to proti ? I ?
agslsal plckpicketa ? ??: ll ? n.. li twa an
Before Ike curtain . rn In pector M Laughlin sent
Detective Armatrong to . ... ? u
woman about thirty ;. ? in Old Who I i i
ona si ti..- al lea Bbl ked i man "t
wealth al. I I I I | ?- ll . < tl* fur I look
which ska wor ? had be n tht -un l, .rU from a
handsome ?:ik gown, snd there arere diamonds in
h.-r car*, on ber Angers and ??' hr thi ..' Tke
detective walked up t>.. aisle, al th*
woman's shoulder and ahlapered la ber eal
"A (t- uti.man in ino lobby wants lo -peak to
you "
The woman gathered tke cloak al kl ber -.houi
? i.r*., rose wnh a -mile, and walked with m. ?
grace out t>. tbs lobby, whet.- laspei to* I
im ? ni to ber;
"Thara i* a ooack sralUag for you ot Um door,
t*'he bowed Ulgktly, sa ska daru i gu . -
ut the suave Inspector, Tkei be walked to tke
co... h in i slung. ?>> ? og paab I bj i ? cuva .
stroag, wko i -.k ker to tka ? ???ntr..i <nti .- i. -..
l>"t . live Bun rn lie wa ? treked by th- pop..
matron loiter :.-? a i lt ked up f.r the night at
tb.- Mern t-*t police stati -n At thi J* fl
Market Police < o.irt yeaterdsy morning
t. mended
Inspector Mclaughlin ld yesterday thai ike
woman waa Aloe Coady, alias Dolly Reynolds,
ullin Anni- Bmlth, rv notorious thiel nae t .- n
rested ii October, Imo in landon, Kngland, ror
aiding .;- ????? u llllams, "th. -b iHiomJ swall
dim a dian m*l br.n /slued u Ittu (mm
tht shop of a i wt Uer In i'h< ai dd
sent need lo bard IhIkm foi ? li ? I?-?.?. rn* iths in the
I- nitentlai i ..t c. -i ma.I ? i ihs and ai th*
I nation of her it rm she n tiirm d to
a !?? ???? eh ? previously had - - n kn . ti to
I- li'- i.m lin.* p-Tiuir ot Alons-j Hetin a ki
Tb.- other person ar- led ws Albert McMlllen,
the i.-i m.r bookin -p. i f.,i I. i: I'ady, merchant
tailor, al No SH Plfth-ave li bad i ,. Mi Cady'a
habit to sign cheeki bl blank and lei McMlllen
bil in the luina required for the payment <-r bill
"a April ;. 1--:.. McMlllen rilled ip one of thc
checks p.r *_>'-,i. got the check -?..*..?? : ni th Mn ll
Mon Bquare Hank .,-. I Di I fi im the city v. nu the
raone) Mr. Cady at-pealcd :.. thi police, bat they
could gol no trace c. the rueitiv.-. Mr Cady went
to wittie-** th.- production of "Paint" on .Mon?
day evening, and aaa aatoalshed lo see McMlllen
rittlnx iii the family ctrck and enjoying the per*
formance. Mr. *'iidy waa looking al tne er ard
through a pair of opera-glaeeee al th* time aad
I.arly dropped the glssses wi., n he recognised
hin form.*- clerk, ll- I* ft bl* et ni, went into th>
lobby and told Inspector McLaughlin that the
fugitive from justice wa* In th* family circle
McMlllen wa> arrested quietly, and be mad- no
attempt t" den) either his Iden til- ?? ht* _..in
He ..id he bad been Intending tu gin ? hi mae ll up
to Justice, ss he aaa ur.-.i ol keeping oui >.f th*
way of tba poll ?-. He bad been hiding In New
Orleans most ..f th- Urns since his crime aaa
committed. Al the Jefferson Market Police fourt
yesterday be aaa laid in ROW ball for nial.
BOT ELSI EA IS jfavf.lut.
One of th" mont attractive hoi: lay di plays of
tba latest Meas ls Um jswtlry Um caa be found
al th.- store of Tb.lore A. Koon a Boa, Mo M
Wool Twenty*tklrd*et la ike akow-wlndowi ...i
in Um root ? Inakle can be seen rr large, ba.id una
and vain.il...- ...ji.(tion ,,f precious .-don.*, no,:*,
pins, gold and silver watches, cloaks, llvei knlv*
forks and souvenir poon*. Tiny have a: .. an
extensive sssortmenl ol collen, pins -.f all the
leading collegee, for which there ha been ?? lr ?
cali, dm- to the pren ni <? ..i the student ol lh*
various universities In town al present Thi
tbclKii and workmanship of t li ft- inn,'* st.uk are
the best sod the prlcea moderate. Any ..rn- d<
string a pamphli I about thi i.i. tor* of pradou*
stones will receive the same by sending nam. ai i
ad iiaaa to t.'ii.. firm.
Hagenbeck'a trained animal** at Tattersall's have
bad their ia-' rehearsal and art nov. ready foi*
their Ural public exhibition to-morrow, whi i there
will I*- performances In the sftern ion snd evening.
a ape ial programme ha* been prepared f.-i ant ?
lalnlni childr.i Ihe aft.n. ind In the cen
lng .i u wandi i ful feaU will b ? . .hlhlted The
.i-a.land for ? at la large ind then int. resting
performances will doubtless I*, au exceptionally
MroiiK boil lay attraction.
Au-tin Corbin yasterday declared that be and
his friends had aecort I cootrol of the Blackwells
Island bridge, and that lt waa Intended to beg-in
at ones the construction of s bridge over th?
|-aai River whlcb wUl land passengers from Long
,...,,?, ,,,, , Mew-York City wltkout cnange from
the trains of tbe Long I land FUUroad Tb- propo*
rltion to construct s bridge was before the Lagis
laturc r..r several yeal* A bill pertnltttof Um
constructlon was passed many rears sgo through
tbe efforts of Dr. -tanney. This bill was found to
be Imperfect and attempt*, arere mad.- to amend lt.
lt seemed to be almost ? hopeless task ror Dr. Ran*
nev. but he persevered. David B. lim. aa Oovernor.
had th.* bm before him several times, and each
tbne vetoed it. snd it was no! until the measure
reached Oovernor riower lhal tnjrtnlng oould ba
d me under it.
Aftei nu nv rears of effort lt ls not ; ll le that
Dr. lianne^ will - ?? s bridge connecting Ibis city
..ii i Long Island <'lty.
Friends of a tunnel scheme to conned th- two
Islands some lime ru.btalned from the Board
of Aldermen the right lo begin work in thia elty
on a tunnel. The same company also porcha ed
the rbrlt of v...y under waler for S small sum.
This company bas doae comparatively little work
on the proposed tunnel. Mr. Corbin haa nol mad
,,-:: i ? ike ,,:n- i of those who are a ?? lated with
him In tbe enterprise, bul yesterday tbe fi Ik wing
gm given on* si Ms olBce ss being an official
? lenten! regarding the rumor thal h>- waa con*
tempbttlag the construction ol a bridge:
Tb.- charter of thal company provides for the
eon traction of s bride.- ror rhe passage of teams,
vehicles au I fool pe ng* rs, with piers i
on Blackwell's Island, and under thc provisions
,,f ,,ii .,. ? psi aed by th l.< ri-:.mir.- ai Iti laat
svsslon the bridge company tia-* also the right to
lav ira. ks and op* rate a ratlr ind over Its strut lure,
ll i- int* n le I. whi a thi bi idi el coi tructed, to
provide facllltl. * to run the tram- of il.
(aland Kallroad Company over u Into New-Vork
City wlthoui chai.I cars. In order to make
comfortable grades, the termini ol the bridge
ur.* will be somewhere In tU"- r-'Uhhorhood
of -Forty-fourth-sl on lh* -??uih and Klghtj first
at on Ihe ni rth; and it | also Inti nd I to com
with ihe Second and Third ave leveled railroads
at Rlxty-fourtb-st The plana tor ibis bridge have
already ts >n approved l>> an act oi fongresj and
by th. Secreter- of War and lt ls Intended to pro?
ceed Immi liaiel; with it* i onstructl >n I he < .M..r
t. r apparently contalna valuable privileges t-> the
corporation In Ihe way of approaches, which, it ls
thought, v 111 afr-.td Imm . ad\ iniagi t to thc pub
lie in n. tuturi al ?uld lh* business ol the mw
pam i ? t ulre > Um ri nstn lion.
;i'.*?<> KT or Tiir. COMMISSIONER'- OP \ IVER
i.N TDEIR IMI . *'ll ? vu N ol' T. II.
The Commlssloni rs of Accounts' report upon
their Investigate n of the case ..r Thomas li. Terry.
toi if Iii klyt Bi ge rente, and tbe bual*
nt to the
.\l .;. . I ' ; .'.?-.?
v. iru of s) - p m manil :? : both b) Mr. Terr) ri nd
the itu*t. .-. The < oners write that they
? . ? ondemn
-.. ? . . i of < olh ? ting i- nt The blind conti
di ni ?? a hi* h seems ta lei - the relation >>f
tba Bridge Trurteea and Thomas ll Terry, who
? . i ? ? . : aol to conduct
t . .. pro| r .: Imi ilstrai ? r. ? ; . Tha
:. w In tl. .1
.ur... ? i they can i
. ; ? na nts
for rent. 1 ? rmatlon thal tht data th ?>?
n la th** al v. hi. h
turns lo tl i, but not thi amount
Mr T.-rry baa collected The
r an i .\!i Ti
I found
i .' .r time roi turning
- i ir. i that the a
of tbe tl ., ? ... leasees were
ls moi ? i nt whi ? ?
r , ? ? liing B) this lo- arr* the tl
r -t . I. >: ? mom % '
tatton i* mads that hereafter a
the ?-'tk ol
: Uni id that thi ?) ?'? m ot tolls
.arrla*. .- .. ? changed - tr. 11 I '-? i* sold ..t
i Dd of lh~ ori!_- ...ii bo collei I -1 ul thi?
el r
A't-r the report I id been sen! to lbs Mayor
yesterday Commissioner Owens dtacovered in i nor
' ll - -.? ,.i h io- owea tba
ried Mr
was Ihfoi mi ll, and h.- pion;: - ! [ i n, ...
. ' :
TUB! ask yon pi -, in: i ?.. r UTI ES TO OUT A ID
Bl RI ll. Pl RMI i* I \i_*i. RUMOR
ai:'.' i rm it* mi msc
Tw- sty I I dre. k, Ih-ir fa.-. * * "1
as i ? I eerh sa and their thou ? aub?
in al No. IK i . '
Pifty-elghth-st. yesterday afters in The) were
? ih rt, an I lt had I ried t t th
were lo gal hei In ma ? m. ? Un | I pi it ..rarest
the r* .:. . il of ih. ofl ? the Board ot Health
from the Pollc* ii* ' i. n ? rs bull ling to the bi a
Crlmin ii ''-..irt ip... m i-. nu
Tai* did i -i The twenty un
laker. ? members of the
.'-; ar-Vork i
? ii" I men slr i icetlng
an I to discuss thi t of i a Ith i .-?
pt.p'. "for bette] bunal facllll
They hi ld their meeting In a -lenin secrecy and
i-r ifoun I allem lleportei re sol ill wi 1 In
Hi- room. They i i for two boura and
..i the end of thal time ii. . nt mnced that the
result of th.-ir u:.oi waa ihe following resolution:
''Resolved, That a committee ..f Ave be appointed
ti consult tbe proper authorities to obtain better
facilities for obtaining burial permlta and thal a
request be made I i aube! itlon of tbe Board of
Health lo be located n >; above One-hundred-and
tw* nty-nfth *t. and no la ?- Ri thty -.-.'ii rn "
.1 U I.; on, Ihe a. ret-try, li formed .. Tribune
reporter lhal the .-... mon did n I - ire . . ? -.,. ,
oi ii .i the offici * or the ll sr \ of lb altb were
move I ? Ihe ???. ? Viminal Court llousi . U'hal
?In . he ? lld, was thal tho
burial .ml lepar'menl should bc kept open all
night, ..ii i lhal several other refi i m houl I b
-.. i li b would greatly f ii llltate thc undcr
.'i -ipi" ii was ? i.n i. . ntl) i.
Un ' ' I* ri ik* rs' A*- i -I..!:.ni ui ||ng tl e m i
to make every effort toward securing belter burial
I ICllltll .'.
Samuel 'I Wilson, an biaurance agent, twenty
seven rem old, killed himself early yesterday
? ? ls rm m in Peter C. Baton's boarding*
house. No. I.M1 Madtaon-ave. N b aly In tl I
would ti ll, if be Kn. v.. ul-, it wa tl i
o. il ? br the mi.-id.-, lt waa said that u llaon
had been falrl sfui in buslneaa us au Insur?
ance agent working ?.n commission* although he
. office lu thbl elly, aird h. had Wi ilthy la-la
Uv. n ia Plttsbut -r. i'- nn. He shan d his r.i In Ihe
I....,i.lim house with John !t McKee, a brokei al
No ''? Ilroadway. < rn Monia- evening he was In
i H.- room, bul a-ent out saying that he might not
.'??' 'I". n. rly midnight. McKee was arl au
whi-n WI Ison returned. About 5 a. m yestcnla: Mc?
Kee was aroused by a pl lol hot and I iuntl \( ll un
di .1 on tho H or. \\ llson had undn - -d bb iself
am i . hiivi . n lr, h -.? |. ,.?,. .,?,,,.,?. ,,,?? Jf
he bullet t... . ? nt red hli bi Un and i tuse I |
Coroner Schulta waa ? ill i arter the police bad
been informed ..f the suicide, and he gave . .emili
V the removal of thc .ly ,,. .,? undertaker's
? hop, . I< Kee, when seen b) ri -,..,*. rs r?*fu ted lo
t.uk ab ut ihe suicide, but said Ihat Wilson'* .tither
bad been Informed by telegraph and h ii -i m*
wi-.- io tbi; elly lo ol.um the young man's h dy "
?__*_.?-__? 0WK-**TT7-_1*T_H f
One do/en butti" -i give a* lunch strewjtli and lioiiri.bmr.it us :-. ta .li of a'.e
v.ilhoot liPlug liito-lcu'lng.
It .lilt* MM Saargise, stimulate* nutrition anti nhl* dlge*t!on, nir-.l ls In
a true tome a ?? KI.KHII AM) III.ODI) *t.\?,i;K,"
Hi v.-.irn nf Imitations. Tho
hst tho Mgaa
on tht- neck label
tlons. Tho "Genuine" /?*""*_/' _e-#**_ti A
turo or "Johnnn Hoff" (^fifi#?r ffrflx J
.bel of cvory bottle. \SW Xv/j f
Youn nave to insist,
sometimes, upon getting Pearline. Other?
wise, grocers may give you some poor
imitation of it, whicn pays them a
larder profit, but which it will not pay
you to use. It isn't enough to order
Pearline. See that you get it.
lt has grown into favor so rapid?
ly that it has not only brought out
a host of imitations, but it has led
people to call any powdered soap,
washing-powder, or so-called wash?
ing compound?anything in the way
purposes?Pearline. This is all very
of a powder for cleansing purposes?Pearline. I his is all very
flattering to Pearline, but if it's these imitations that you've used,
(latteri _, ^^^^^^
you can't be enthusiastic
MMES ?Y-_E..__** Y__sk.
Tin; GKAKD jrny to nrvr. tiif. coUTLAltrt of
John Y. UcKane, Bupertlsar of Gravesend, and
Um half dosen of bis townamen charged with con
tt-mi.t of the Buprems Court, for whom >udgs
Barnard Issued attachmenta, sppasrsd st th" otllce
of Sheriff Courtney yesterday, nnd gav* bonds to
appear to answer on Friday. McKans's sssodatca
in ths sets for which they win bs called to answer
were u. v. it. Newton, Justles of the Peace;
Nicholas J. Johnaoa, James H. Cropsey, Harlan
Crandall, James Murphy, Sergeant of Police, and
.loim Doe, Policeman No. ll. The ball in the ease
of ? ich hud b.-n fixed by Judge Barnard at $-.ouo.
Th.- bond* srere given by william ri.-ison, s.
Btryker Williamson and II. Henderson, all of th.-rn
wealthy property-owners, ir McKane and th<*
? th i are f und guilty, they can be Imprisoned f-.r
.. month ani tined MM. Judge Barnard will no to
Brooklyn to hear the ca ???????.
The drawing of the fifty Grand Jurors for th?
Rxtraonllnnry Term of the Court of Ojrer and
Termini :\ to be . worn In on I.mber IS, will tak.'
place at the 'dike of the Commissioner of Jurors on
Bal .; lay.
The November Grand Jury will hear the evidence
of witnesses to-day in th- matter <>f Colonel A. s.
Bi.i's complaint attain I John v. McKane, for se
sault oo (election Dav, and in th.- charge of .Mr*
Kan.- against Colonel bacon and other- for dis?
turbing the peace.
luant ti
1 ? call, as the regular date for tn.- monthly
ng lu Decembei i'll:* on tbs da) after Christ
The steaauhlp Ailsa, of Um Aila** Uae, which sr*
rived here yesterday fran Ceatral Am.ri. an sad
rVsal indian ports, lia i among h. i passengers Prod*
ti-ch j. iirani, Butted Btatcs Mlalstar to Bolivia.
'irati. * ii. .1. Ta:. 'i. ..r KsnansL who has sasa sp*
?plntiHl to succ . i Mr. Grant, bad not arrived at
Ha pps.of duty when Mr, Grant lefl ...livia. Tuc
?>. Mtnurler said that everything waa quiet in Boll
ria when be i. rt there, and thara wera no signs of
my Impending in.lltlciil disturbance Air. Gram waa
h..-oiiiii.iii:-.,i by lair ,vi{?.
The work which the ChBdren'i Aid Society has
?: ne for humanity In the laat year araa reviewed
yesterday aft rn on at the forty-first annual meet
Ing of the society beld in the Americas Exchange
\ ? mal Bann, No. 121 Broadway. D. willis Jame*
the pn si li nt, ... rupled the i
The annual r- *. rt makea one of the most biter*
? n the con litton of the poor in New
Tork. The work of tt>- society In rescuing fr .m
* n ar.-! mlaerj the v ? ??? ted and starving street
;.,-. i t ? . ? ? . "? al one; tl ? training
pen to b useful eelf-supp. rtini raes
n I** *ur--!.v greater Tl*.-* decn i.f
luvenlle crime li also an evidence of th.- society's
The ? ty i v maintains twenty-one Industrial
tl Irti ? ooli .md six lodging*
hou i In thia cit Pi ? ? i i Ung r i una ir .vt b n
.st all the lodgtng-bouaea Ths Indus?
trial schools have a marked effect on th-* aeighhor*
hood In which thi y si Itual I. Ths trusts a,
realising tin ni ? lt] of kersh work among the
l'o!i li. I;??!-. rir.tr. i.l Itus'lan Immigrants, have,
lu th.- last year, established a new school lu Riv*
lngton*el Th* sch ol, w!.:.-h if knowa a.** the I- ri
Memorial. - af Wo 171 Rlvington-et.; the a.*i*?ity
..f this school ls shown by Ute fact that of th<*
l> rhlldr.-u now enrolled nine-i.-nths never be?
fore attended anjr school A great bapravesaeat i*>
visible in '.h. -ondit! rn of the children of ths new
.- in lust. .. Behool.
The evening lasses an a valuable adjunct to the
i.i. The object li to carr) on, through th.*
Mid duntary s irki ra. .-v. ntng eui mb,
ictlon ind i ? ition for girls wh t
have b . l ? ??? -iii In ?ho| - u fa I ii ??? These
i certain amount of rei reatton In ths
aloud, singing snd seneral eon
\ . Hon, I les bel ni I i ? ht ea lng, (-oohing,
?li,., c- -i ?? i-i irtment rontlnu ? to remove
orphans ami nbandoned children from the debasing
- ? iiiim-llfe '. permanent homes in
thc West an I Ho 'th.
Through the generosity of Mrs, Joseph M. Whit*
a fa? hool - Kenslco, In Westchester County,
haa i, a* fn-owed, and to thia the -or-,, tv looks aa
lull ,:i ,; thc i oy-vagrant probli m. The
T'.r-i ih Shop for . rippled Boya bis al**., been sue*
ci ? ; J In ll ? it j sr
In treating ot thi i lglng*house feature the r?
? ,. ? ,- The flv* ?? ??-' lodging-houses and the
|.ll_ab ih Home foi Girls have sheltered during tba
last year 6.-77 homelr-s boys and girls, arith s
nightly average of Ki I'omfortablo beds .nd good
are i i-. ld* I ? charge of sis cents f-.r a
j-xlgli : cents for * ich me ii Thi* charge
m i thi ladi to elf-i upport, and during the
\,-ii i.io- ht In *'.."?' iwai ' thi mali ! nance of
th. bon ?? In the boys' saving* bank* \. ?.-. de
? | during the year .*_..':.. .".i. The auperin
l.-.id.-nl tarting In business or trades
.?Ti boys, while employment In other ways waa
found foi GUI ur., r
The I'liui-Mi'. Hom.- at r. nth Beach and the
I ,i: ne al >' mi > * lian'.. the latter for
. ,. ith Bick ? hlldr >n, h ve bi en well lilied
during ihe mummer eaaon, ami many a little Ufa
saved by this grand branch .f humanitarian
w irk.
The society haa receive.! In the !a?t year HM.H 13D,
nnd iit.-r paying nil expenses baa a balance of
136.07. otllcer: wet* re-elected as follows: D. Willis
Janies, [-resident; Charles IS. Whitehead, vice-presi?
dent; th.ul. ? taring Brace, secreiary; Georgs B,
i '..?-, ti- a ri.-r.
The Brooks Alumnae t.f the kladergartea -'..-imrt
mern of the Teachers' College, No. 9 L'Siversit)
Place, -rave bo afternoon tea yesterday in the
spacious kindergarten '.oom of the coll ge, :> raise
funds towan! the nippon ol Kindergarten No l
or the Nea Vork Kindergarten Association This
... at No. IM Blei cker*stH was
established un March i". IMS, lt t* known aa "The
Bryson," and the Brooks alumnae have pledged
then.n .its*. ??". toward lu iiupporl during
iv i ..li i.i;.-.-ii. in war. honor the kindergarten
wa* nani. I, han contributed BOO loward the a moe c. t
so |.i--l-,. ? The i a continued from Irk) lo AWI
o'clock, and be Ides I ia refreshments sold lhere
v. t varlet" lt n I nv fan > artlch s made
?ntl lb l*i ?! !;" ' -o' ? i ? if the abm.ria ? Th r ?
t. . ? : ?. ? rai.ino.- of vtsltors, who wera re*
relv* ' by n.:h era ..: ths Alanine* Association
id il ?.??:. nen) Htaff, con isling of mi-.** Ange*
Un ? Bi ? ??? . dlr* ctol . lb ? Ml ne Marj l-ester
lilrkford, .'loni Kmlly Minn ind l-uc.tta Daniell,
rants, and Miss Mei I w . - ler Wlllanl, sec
i. i ii ? i ? ii in ? tbt an-1na m !::?:? were IOCal and
mental music and kin rgurten exercis i by
the forty young women students composing th-*
junior und *t*nlor dat., Previous to ihe tea the
ubininse held their annual election of ofllcera
which n sulti l in ii. ? choir. Ml - Angelina
i'.i-., .'?. , im Wi i" . .-I.- alard la I. Gibba, trice
,.i<- >.lui;, Miss rieoralsna llrlnkerhofl, recording
secretiry; Miss Marj Katherine You:.-,, correspond
t a ry._
cir ll Lin: l'. ol' ST. 'OHS TBE DIVIXB,
The regular monthly meeting of the trustees of
? lhi i-al of sr. John tl ?? Divine waa held
\.-au-ia- afternoon at th>- Bee House In Lafay?
ette rio- pre rut wera the lt.-v. Dm
Morgun Dis snd W, H. Huntington, Dean Hoff?
man, Stephen P. Nash, Cornelius Vanderbilt and
George Macculloch Miller. Il wss expected that
a definite reporl wouM be submitted respecting
the borings for the foundations of the towera, but
ii ??:.un. waa forthcoming. The arorb of the ea
1(1.w ls ;,,!l being p.o. -cuted wini a view to
a-certalnlng the character .-i 't..- strata and sub*
*t i-i i-i or the ro .. underlying the nit.-, but the
results will not be announced until th-- entire blot
bas been explored and intelligent conclusions
reached, lt i* probable that ihe ali.-* originally
chosen foi the toundatlona >>f the towera will be
changed, and .ri tbs mean time all construction
work I* suspended. Only routine rn ut-rs wen
considered at the meeting. Bishop Potter la lu
hurope, and will nol return until ab.ut the middi?
ni .lanna
William Bayard Cutting was elected :: member
'"" w ii i t<J uc eed tb. late Colonel Ulchard
. The n.'*t meeting will be held pur
ll East 19th St.,
bet. .th Ave. A Broadway.
(Received the
at Ibe
r 14-* Street
**r*Wn\ New YORK.
The Ctti koo f'loeks aa Imt.ort have buji"! lor carving
ri ri I gdoS BMreSBBSSMS. We al*., imi-ort ihe b^*t <|uallty ot
Fr.-n.-h TravsUtog Ctoeka, f?n>x, Marble, om? sal Hull
i'1-.k*; niuo tie* beal BMBBfrkOMB made. Our prlc-- csa
Bot be reached by ..fy "'ii' r hosea
A stiT BEOCOIIT AGAlsm ms ITEM nv an e*-I0*
I j -ll COMPAXY I'* KBCOVhB oSIMl -----
MB i I i .;*!** EX PLA naTI.-n.
Albert F. Fu.-rst, of the firm of Fuerxt nrothers
& i\t., of Koa. - and 1 Hons St, sad IT and 1*
D ridge St.. was arrest.-d by Deputy Sht-riff Wal
gcrtag yesterday In two rmit* bSgBB b<-for.- .Iudi*o
Miles Hench, of the Court of Common Fleas, to
reeover $27.all 'SJ, by I'owm_n, Tbonpnoa & Co.
(limit.??_?, an lOni-lish firm SSgSVSd in the manu
facture of c-hi-nileiils. Fuerxt Brattan Ac *'?'? were
th.* BgeatS In this country for the BMIIIlfSI llltBlg
t-.-mpany, selling lt*, ifoods on a _ par cent BOSS*1
mission. Between May l. IMS. sad November i.
ISM tht* consignment amounted to over fSS,i ??. <.f
which sum the plaintUfa allege thc ai;.'tit.* have
failed to account for the amount ???: I -r in ad?
dition to their perceetagee. Judge B sch Used the
i .ni in tht* two caa es at ?ii.."w. wblcfc tke defead
aat save.
Faersi Brothers <<? Co. seat s letter to Th- Trib?
une yesterday regarding the arrest, saying that
their agreement arith the Bowman-Thompeoa
Company appointing them sots sgsnta in N.w-x/ork
dose not t-xplre until December ti, seat, ind that
dtfferencea save ati-**-ii t*-'tw*--*n the two brm..
Ki; -rt Uroth.rs .*_ I'o. r_ss.Tt that tho Ki.i-Mr-ll
linn ow-.-m them over $50.<WJ for < omni lt..I ni*, out?
lays gad dimatfe*. ???'! that they have dee!ln?sl
to pay any iironi--- over to Howman. Thompson 4b
Co. tllmlto.il until their own claims are properly
settled and determined by the Court.
William I.. Tatton, of the ilrm of William U
I'attoti A.- Co., brok.:-; sad bank.-rs, who wa.** ar?
ia -?? i receatly on the coraplalnt of the trastsas
or the estate of ltob?-rt Craig, charged with the
wrongful conversion of raUrot** atocka aad bon.a
worth over 180.000, aad wno gave bari in that pto*
i.- lu*..', was rearrested yesterday uni seat tn Lud?
low Street .lull. At the present lerra of court the
plaintiffs obtained a Judgment of MLMStt against
Paitoa & co.. upon walch an executtos sgalast ths
I-rson wa* Issued aird Pattin Seat to jail.
C-i'voocdii ^Viiucrtiermtnts.
tiiai\s ni* U xi: ami Mff-Ui
St:.. MIN IX!'.!-I.
Mr.i)iTi:itit\\i*..v\ BXTBBSfl even batcbda!
?.; lt i..-1 ?.V _ I., the lbw r>, ??on ni ii ??lie.- un ->>?*'.
)r*'h. i'liruiisli Oleentai SUS iHlll-S tn*. Wirti
LOVa'KKU INiKil tiMMi. Nu V. l"N irLTW'ti-S
.in-, i .vila, i'lut-e other Bally ? rvt - u Ul iu*
The ?'*',-?a'iy'-llivil-:il.%- l-ALACB IIOIT-I.. BUM
it bater),
I'l.MNSl I.AK WBrWBtBB vr ll'.IDAV. 8 16
i> in , LaaSsa ti i;ntiii?i. Te ( aire aaser nv. u_ys
tris 1'- "'itt 0. MSSBWrs. Tl-ri-ut-li I ar* from ' .V:i.?.
I h. lompsny'a (.KAMI BAST INDIA HOTKL,
SID i:\rHKSIlt.-UONH.xYs XYF.DNKsn.Ws _tid
-A'J L'KUA i's to fan. Ular.it', _l_i.:i .mu Lisbon,
?me ?:..ii.i-:ui.-* areas nori:i. i\ti.hvatio.\al
ni'iiMIM si. LISBON.
OBIBHT UXTWBIBBj? Patty lo X'lI-'.NN'A. three times
-.,-?.. tu t'O."*J_TAXTiff0?*I.K di-.i.
ia ?.?''tai!* nr- rowpo-'d e\rlii?t\ Iv ot Sleeping Ba.
mir. Mill Ullin.i: ??>'*? '..ni.'-rra1;.' .rora', ir.l rlior*
oURhlV vnti'ut-l. Hu- sll 'lr la t* ami ?ul l>. tad* ;.f
ia m. ami liol i* apply *-. ti'- Uindsn pst*-.. >' 0?ss>
? |,u. ..?. lissie. > xv.; nv. M. BSQW, *#__*
"NICE iCimiez)
(Uieneil for Iteslilenfs nnd Visitors on tho
lat net:. USS.
Tea s-Usstes trina glee strum -tt-.i-it** es Sm CjsSSJ
Hil 'ia..- Slrectl* teer*. lu ? wini Li -ti lteri-4 fiom sit
die 'cout sluSs ..".I ros.nd* a ino ' ia...mil- nt view
,.\ r ia- lews >.r glee, iee Dais i < An--*, and ttl ? -Jga
Tbe llolel -.tmitln lu Hm niv ii fiirk. Teiinla
l.r.Minti-.. ?-.?> ii-iiiimIuiii. and -.nile tte Hains
mill IX.nolie* for Hie i-xt'lnnl*--- use of Ilia
\ l-.iK.r-. nini BasMaata al Mm UotoA.
ITIiat-- ACartSMBSS fer I'..m.ll.'* niakiru .. I SI Lui- d
..... it.m ** r\i. >'- tr in- Li.n|.iii}- 1...1 ? ? ...I
I.;,-., i,.t?..-M in...-/. Klee ant M?ife. ? ail' , A ?2:
.. , ,i M.ii.bot-K-s LaaSaai v.. lot lb.- nt ... >--!;r*
. n-r. Liane. Ct let* rouuin only chale*'**, wines.
,. ."lu. aal 'vH..,.,r,.-at,.. M..:il.; M.... l.oad...-a.,4
MUttin Ail-rill--M. I-t- '?>> ''-1 ll''-*'*"' Amt. bl HOS
l.lkUt. I. u. MoS-ts* T-*'11
I i - I.ill (Kirtl.H1..I-, l".:vi- *?'1*1 foUS ot | i !!??'?:. ri|>|-ly W
Iii-* Iiil-Tiiiitloiuil SlSSgf I :,r *?*-?? l+>
CWtMBWtm ?*??? W**aeWM, s. W..
?i, ,,. itimaiainSsIlT- aa! ss r-serxed, apeeial Ti.kea
??. ,?.. itailwai -i"' -'.uar Jeurae- l*?uei. ssl mr
,.?, ..n,fiil. - U?r -i J-Ji'iii j air.a er bj toay NB ma.
My. M On et, \ ott,
- Ca.ro.
rf .Tl,, i.i -. a*?.a (or Visitors tnt lb *i i m*. -lids
i, ....ii_i bulliUai t- tat i- li the fal*. >? ol tn- Isle Kii-.n.s
s .ii na* .'o ii.ii.-i- rema .,:.. ts - s?_t umiuiubla
n, ,,,, hotel ts i?- "-''-I- WlaateJ sn the HeBtt
Sr ul- Nil" - loauiii-i by a. inti.ie IMr\. liol and
Um- ',,,,,,...1-. and *? rSeas ... onestjl Maetr sn4
ii.i.-mi'Ii- ie.- t-.it.v- l-l' -ailltarjr ";: ti. ?_???:? -i.t-. Oil.-., i i.-.
? ri.? I'luht. ?|vm_.H;..l Til..-tia ..I la . ;? |-.-ri,..ri, I*.
i^ir-.. -umber ot ?-i.-hor-.-.1 nnrlas-*s tor .onx*--i ari ?>r
'unor* -iil'i r. -.1 i?t* at ti> heteL lei llliiaroi tariif
mai rnrther InforaiaUiiB, at? pi?- ;;t Sm I_Mta_a entres sf
n... It.UrHStlOIISl >b-o|'t- - lar I , iii|an,\. ll i ?>.-. p*lf
ht Lesses rs. XX'., wl.i- *nlr?:i?? ii.a. -" ' I .'i
*liia-tal 11>n>nul. Kailwaj -uki Ktoaawhlp Ttcknti* sMB-WC
aim ?U- t- a uii-.-t j....... --v or on '.v >-ii-*v ?ta:e* I a'l OS
?irunseO. lix' M. sNiAx-, Agast
SM, Ku>* St. HsttStSb I'arK
J^-lwec-t UM iuileries Oardess, 1 luce V-mlomennd
.Now Opera. Advantageous grtaBttSgaatS for fami
ii.-s, llenutiful HAIL l.ur?e Dnunne-RsasrA. &i,,&
tnc Ltght, ft?. Telegrams, " Ullalbion " Part*
17 ft Itt, Hil- UAL'NOC,
lk'txrcen tho Hue di> la l'uix ami Doulox-ari
des Capucin.'M, Paris.
kl. H. IIULZSCIIL'CH. ruoi'lUWOfc

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