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Calun-t'l**. ?*?? r- Nov- *?*-T1,e Legislature of
-a,,*, ('...'.lina met at noon to-day. The
v^-^e ,,f Qovcraee BsbJbbMb lt. Tillman wee
\^ He (li.sciiss.-s In vigorous lani-nage and
., Jrreut length the .1. ci-ions of the l*nlt.-.l
inlet S.itr.-ii.' Curt and tho Circuit Court
.? the. conflict ..f Jurisdiction in regard to a setsura
made by a stat.- conatsble upofl a railroad which
Wv* iti th.- hail.ls of a I'nited States receiver sp*
point-! by the Court. In Ihe course of his remarks
.-Th... I* no law for this unwarranted Interfer
' rn thc part of the I'nited Statee Court: there
unotMn,' in the I'nited -States reinstitution to war?
iin- tt on- iv .m.- the ranerved rights of the
Site- ni- l-l"-* at.s.iri.-i by the Federal judiciary.
.nd lt ls hlirh time fur Congrena to tik- th.* niatt-r
In han*I and by express limitations restrain the un
li,,-i*-1 anT ini'iulti.us lowers i-xercls**.! l.y the
milts in the ni alter of receivership..
"There ls talk In som- quartern and a Browing
de-r-r-n'. f?.r Oovernment ownership of railroads;
fur th-- ? .'i'l" i.itions, whether In the hands of re
Ltyre- ..r nf '.li- own-is themselves, have found
?o'rh I'ri iv arri Willing t..ol- umotlK th.* Federal
Indee** who rire ever r.-ady to stand netwe-n th.-in
and Um* l-.T'1'' !n their efl ort?? to restrain th.m
within reasonsble bound, that no other mode
of relief appears t> be possible. Tlie mere
it a i* repugnant lo s republican form of gov*
',.',,?,,.. i nv. md ol 3..000 miles of railroad-.
i.nc-iifth of ih- total mileage of th? I r.it.-d
?tate* and representing a capital of mor- than
?1 'i.s..??).!-?? ;.t" to-day ii. the hands of the receiver-*,
who are bul the servants >>r partners of the fudge*.
\\. have here Oovernmenl ownerahtp or conti-..I, nt
Imus in effect, the rn mi ebnolute and lireeponalble
that l* poealWe t" exist. The unholy marriage be*
iween ih>' ?iiirnity' of the Federal Court and tbene
harlot corp' rations munt be annulled and th- owners
i lhe (ion ls made t.. understand that there is a
?v>!r.t bi "': '? which tl:-' patience of tia- State will
not permit lhi m to go. '
West luperlor, WM., Nov. 2-?.?contrary lo ex?
pectation, the aale of the steel idant has awain l..-.-ri
adjourn. 1 for (Tie month, and is now ssl fur Janu?
ary 2. Th- deal has nol fallen through, aocordtns
lo'the statement of a Lind company ofllclnl. Tbe
postponement ls thought to have laen mad ? lo i-ive
ti..- Rockei Uer syndicate an opportunit;. to In*
rest Iga te th. working*) of th.* Adams pr-sceea ..f
air* - el making, which will probably be latro
?jn?.? i In ihe plant here. Another reason for the
post-."? ii ni' I't is that the syndicate will, with the
ate-l plant purchaac, consummate s plan to build
oth--r planti snd Mast furnaces and compete with
ruin-Ki- and other .'astern sled ambers. The
}l ith Rall Jolnl plant, bi connection with the mill,
has already been put in operation. Milne a largo
ordtr from the New*Tork Central Railroad.
.1. .V. SCUBA'S HoitY PlIOToriRAPltED.
San Francisco, Nov. BL?Word has been received
berc by the United st.it-? Marabal from Ute Ws*
Irlet-Attorney of _*> w-York City, askinf- for a
mina'' description and s photograph of thc body
?oe i'i lhe ..'.-.I tr ii", supposed to l>< that of Augustus
M. Bertha, -xl anh i x iminer. Th- rc.is m green for
ti.e request was thal Scriba was wanted in New*
York ir* un Important case in tbe l'nit.1 Staten
Court. Tbs body wa* examined aad s photograph
taken, bill the only mark of nott found was a
torn;.-, dark mole aboul .>n<- Inch in diameter, on tlie
ri-ht arm Junt below th-- elbow. The body is be?
in- smbalmed, lu nccordance with telegraphic in?
structions received last night from Montrose, N. Y.,
and Mill probably be sent Baal for burial.
(Detail intamtTt.
(,,m.mic, Nev. tt ?' M ri ja. I ' Adriatic. ..D-c. 27, . a. m.
?Mnjc-lic. Bet. C, BM j).m. I Oern-on'e.. .Lui. 3, -
RWMiisli..JIBe. ML e a. av. I Britannic, Jan. lo, -
?ii .i.a.a. I.--"'. S :S0 p.m. | Teutonic. Jan. IT. -
From Willie Star Bock, fi ot of We-t lOtli-st.
Baioou ra!***, soo iipivura. aocordtns ti swami i ona
jcrstion cf beith. *8_conS enMn on viie-u stainers tf-n.
arid Wi. Steerage lc ot fr o;u the OM Counirv, tri.',.
b... 9 Rrsaeway, N?-\\.Yorli. l'bilad.Ti'lil- lillico, ton
Wslenvea. *
(_>cran Steamers.
m\?\tm^ LDC3E
Ejlllng .rom Hew-Yerk Ci. Itel Kl. N rill River,
bii.rvsi and most ccovealeui renes p. Leaton,
Re traiisiei by leader. Nu '-aial oVInye .
Close reaaeeUoa at B*-athampi n fur Hair*. *"a *?"?**
br -ii"' rai ta*>t i"- 'town rn i hei i'l sienanaw. __??-,
l*erls..Nov. --'D, io a. m. i Rrw.Yotk.Oee.lR 8-JO a.m.
Berlin Dee. (1, ri a. rn I Paris ... .OeC. SO, BJ* ' ?
lirst enMa paanago t.. _oui-amptoo. Lowan or "?'[Jv
ero .-ul no-rant; h.-omi resin. BBS sal sinraM. ? t-ur''
lng to steamer. Baseness tt le" rate
Pron*, pl.-r ttl.oltim* Pear.a. ll H.. Jersey (IV
P.MVM.A.M-.\V'i_n ?-_?_)-. .Nc .'.I. ICI" ?? ?
i:i.l.i.i..M.A.\.... r-.jU.dac Ore. -? I I"'"''
l-lrst cabl... W'.l min ..pusrj. -ea-nd tubln to Ai"-*
atip, S3**. BtO'tagu al i..? ra-.-*. .v
_no iv u ni, m:i;::x._
suonr hoi ii: io lusuus.
NEW-V.iliK. AOITllAMfTON, ?ll>"MMX,
I'AiT EXPlll __) BTEAMKI',-*. .-?
First Cabin. e.'O sud apwart. Seeond Cabin -M. an.l ?>v.
S?ile. sat.. Dee. 2. lu ?. ,? | Aller. Tues* Di e. SB. "*-?-'??
iSuree. Tues., Dec. i, 7 m. m. i Elbe. Tu. ? iee '-??',}' '
?j i.v. hst., !>???. :i. h a. mi. I Weimar. T. .i.n?.*? -? -?"?
Uta, Tues.. U-c l-\ . a.m. Trev., I*****.. ?'?'"?,. l'-"u,'
Hain, lui-., li c i'.i 0 B.m. Isaole Tn-*., -lan. SB, .1 SJB.
Rew-Yurk .. i-ibrallar, .ma, Rapl"*
Fnida.li-. '..I'?I1?.lan. -'< '<.' .-,,ar,' .V,
Werra.Dee. Ml Ka *_i i- ld .Vern ...March -t
l.ai-.r.las. _l_.pre< ... Keb. IT Inala .\|iill<
.--I-i"'-.lan. IO|-*ol ; ..Vlareh :'
Ihg fast e\|,re-. ?t> ln .-,??-,'.,. ??'?? ",,'f tlie Xnrth C.r-.ir.nn
I.lavi s s. Co., mos. Jan. Ill ind Bat., Feb. li. fm in
Nev-Vik le i.-naa. trill stop st san Miguel, Aiorea, to
land pasartfers foi these Islands. ,, _ __
oi.r.iaCH.s * to., c Bowlinr: Lyen.
CHARLESTON'. S. c.. Um .suum and MMRBSM
-AU.mi.MIi.I.i-, ei.u-u.l li rna pointe.
Im am i'i r .'.i. I., ll. (to t ol i; ...*e.' i -i ? *> f. m.
IM.nMinN. i li.nl.-: hi _? .*....-<> iv- vKet., BOX, so
yl.MA'-r-l-.K. lui-. V .l-l: I -alic ,e lil liv. ?
Kl di.NOLI . Charleston ai.d Ja*(.son. . MOO., wac. a
AU Wc.ii- i- ?ai. iir-l-ir.-, ,,,..? a ." : a ( namaKiatioUs.
WM. P. GLEDE B ? " . ;l A1" "'.*'? v
.-. Bowling .<?.' u. N. jr.
l-LA.CF.JCr I PKRR. FAST V. I I'. ***V>mVri . vi J*
.,ui. BU. MIT. B RABS'B LINK, via i ll \ 1...1-1 ">?
T. ... 1...tit, <enT Agt.. Si* m wey. -*? s.
iin.na.il batunga Ironi Vaaeouvi*.
-VV^iNi.... :--Js_f: i'i.^iv-Vrt""'
IB^ttJJ*?*. _,,v.';^,^,^ .... t.
Uenetal Eastern Ac-Vit, -**u*'T'':,-".,l's.!,*"f' \C<
_AS Bro_4w_r X. V. O'-' Wa-l Mu-C. A.
a.. BreaSwsj, x. v.
CUNARD I.i ni:.
_.?. TO LIVERPOOL VIA Ul 1:1.;.-Towv.
1 miirla.Dee. 2. 1 p. m. 1 Annuls l***e. vt, A P- Bk
Lucan la ... Dc '.?. 0 a. m. I'n bria.... i.?cc i<0, ll a. sa.
-Ardis.B.C. 10, 10 a. Bi.
i-'rotn Tnt -0. Morts Rl\-er, fool el < lar-non-ei.
Cabin 1'is-a^e, Sa'.o aad upward. Boeend cabin, *.'i-< ond
u).?ai.i. aerordlug le steamer ond lo**at!on.
BUe-s-ae tteketa t.. and rrom uii i*rt- .?; Kurope ot
very low late... Fag frrifbl arni ja.-i-- spply ui tba
ioin|siiiv's ottice. Nc A Bowline i.ieen, Rew-iork.
Vl-RROR H. BROWN A CO., Meerai Agents.
!? U K (* L A S . i (l W V 1 A 1. (i N li 11 X 1' I i R II Y.
trout Wet AA, X. ll.. I .??. ..r West iTtn-.t.
F-rnc*si_. ..nee. '.', 1 j., m. 1 Kit-lt-Tlr .Dee. 10. ll a. m.
(ai.iti, -rta and upward; **? i-u 1*1 vau, t" >?
Mte*e*ra_r. imlw_i , - : . t 1 : ? : -. *
l-'or riraH-s. lours end othei Iniormatlon, apply te
HERDF-RSOR BROTRE-RB, 7 Bealing ..nea, Xov.-Tors.
OMPAONIK GKNERAI.-. TraBCfltlttDtlqne.
ITU.Ni ii lint: Ttl HAVRE
I.A BRETAQXK. Collier. -at De*. _. 11 a. m.
I.A iiiiiTt..(ii;NF. i .ei, eur sat. Der. R na. n,
LA UAHCOtiXE, Santelll Sal . Dec. 10, IO a. nv
Hew.Torh lo Alesamlrla, Kgypi vii Paris, t n j* iraiM
00ila\* iir*t-c|ns? .-i;-,o ?.id-rlass BUS.
A. JOKUKT. ('eiieral Agtsat, Ro. .1 liomin. Preta.
COOK'S MU jjjf"
?nRBMra fMr.i CAIRO Cw the
every few day* duiini,' thc mina. ii:*', -epaitara, Xo
vtiuber 14.
leave Rew-Terk lan. .. IS. le'., lo. iv. __, Mir. 8 an_
V4 (tot Oroek r.n*t"r In Jeruselem]
Bertha, preereiMi ?? rmrl Infnrrratlon from
TIIOS. cook _. son. _.: and LXZ Breataar, S. Y.
(Derna Gt ca mero.
-*?? Leav,. Bew-Yetk Jan. IB nnd ?'<. 17. }SOA.
ll. MARR t- BOXS lia ii...dar. R. *? (*-*t ISSI.J
__ Om.*lal Ti.-ij.-t A.-nts r.,; ( m-'f Trunk lm.*-._
X*/ _ JA TAX AMI CHINA. -_.?
_. Int.-iii--: tall nz* fi. ysamnver:
*"Vl'i:i>s in . hi Ra UesonibOT ll.
I'.MlTU.Ss OP INDIA. la.i.i.rv 3.
I.Mi-i.i.- , ,,,. ,i\i",s . i-i,marv 5.
t-sjn'l Rafa Agt. CMr.a md Jnpaa RMgai Aft.
_SM Urou-ii-V x. i\ iii* Wall-t.. X. V.
xi;w Y'ip.k-i or.ox.
Panama, Booth Peel Se. ('.nt.al Amerce, *
M"*;lia si 1 ('Vlfar-'l-i.
?,-,-, Sailings fr.ni J. iel PA, rae* <f Canal-**.
CITY OF I'Alt . .W-lin-diT, Xor. _?. n-on.
M^inirr. Mndii' i.,, ii. saoa.
COLOMRIA .w-d-i.edav. Dee. SO. seen
Kor fr-:_i,t. pairogt tnt general Information oiibly to
thc Pens al Agent*.
STaMFO!'.**. PARRY. lfFP.P.'iX * CO..
8.'. BroadwMr. or Pl. r foot i sti.l--' X. K.
Rteamers leave ban Fmnclseo:
PKP.U....-:,.D?e. ft. -p.m.
"' i ami;." .'. ii,,-, ie, rt p. ni
Cl I V ni KIO Ul. JAM THO . Orr. J*, il |> <"?
''Al I.ic .. .. . .lan ti K p. m.
Cl i v oi- i-i ki xo .Isa. IS, Sp. aa.
i-'or tr.-i-jiit, peeeaes Bsd Genera! MJeeswMes apply to
Ul Ress arnot, or i Baitcry i'lacs, Waabinyion Ret Ming.
and _.Y Uroudiviy.
Stael Raw-Task, WcBaeeSAy, KHOar and Saturday.
Tlin.uffh ticket* tu all points In Texas. I ol.irsdo, (Jt.*b,
Arleena, Cailternla, Mexice, *'-.. (>e..ig'.s, Florida, and
llaM.na. Cuba. KxreUrat pM'senaei eccon-stoeatlone.
Write lot mir IH-ua&e lt-..- Manual |n.nlln free).
C. U. MALLORY Ai l'0.,licn. Agt*.. PP t -U, J-.IL. H.T.
' ..i .nit.ia. Kov.SO.10-Am a.m. I ( lumbla -Irii:. A, I p *r
Xon__anla Dee. 12, y a. m. | Rernaanta .ian 18.2.SO p.m.
Kutra -i.-ariar llell.rt, December 21, 8 -? m.
?Collin,!.!!*, .Jan. I. TO ALkAAXDIllA LU VII. VIA
r.iiAND ORIENT !'..\(Tt:-|(.v.
Pu. *M Hl-riiar' ii fiuin Rew-York Feb. I, TH. to (!lbr_V
lar, Algiers, Uenoo, \)_rr|o, AIM ? ?I'la (I'dlro snd
Pyramids), .lal.. (.(? ra?al****t). Kmrrna. Ceo_t.?nilr plo,
Athen-, Mait_. Messina Palermo, Rssias, Usaee, tttm
Ver.. Illira-..v. 0.1 dais.
Bet I tot i.i'.-'-'t 1 Pamnblei -, ii Trr,"i>r.' narnia.
Steamers leave from llsmimrj h.-t- ii ?.n, R. .1.
UAMBI'Ri .-AM I IlICAN PA( Kl-.i ( n. :i; B'wsr. E. Y.
POINT COMI'uKT nnd RRWPOI11 KKWB e.. noe. tn.
for VIRniRIA p.i..mu. 1*1.r i: usn i in i mri ri cu.
MORD. VA.. tPt WA'-HIXUTOX. D. C_J il.**.. Wc'.
Ihurs, ami <,_t. fi Itichmond ila Tam:-* kivf.u
W-.r. end Sat. Fer west PO I XT. VA.-Toes.. Tear*.
ar.d Rat. Krera ri-r 2n. nen Re.. R. n.. tool Bench-*
at - p. m. Tlir-'ii.ii ti.k.-ts -uni fr-iL-r.t lat*** te ii'l la* i ia
h.iilh and Wet. W . L. ii l.'l I.l.A 1. Bl.0. **>-__? Manager.
POR i.a '?' AYRA. Pl Killi. CABRLLO. CORA.
CAU, I A Kl; i I.Ni. NI.Sn M A I I -* AMD I'.VHBR.NURlUi
lull MAKAI HU", vii Cl'P.ai'au.
P/i.i;i;ii'uN ??' .*,:'<.i:rs. BR"OBI.YK.
S. B. OAllACA-*) ? I ':?*'! iv li .. S. 1 p. m,
B. R. VERFJ5CF.LA . t t. ired vj. Be li I n u.
.**. S I'llII.AIH 1-1*111 \ Nat.mia. Ir- Jil. 1 |i. m.
rheas mi.' . rs ? -t'". -.ij. . in rs|iis>al| f.n tn*
trade, bare vrn ?nprrloi irromnrndation* foi sneseugurs.
POR M v ll .CAICO-1 I'.!.il. il I HM.V.
R, r*. MAKAI .Min) . W. iln... lac Dee. 0
A S'-am-r. .Wdn.-s.. ,v De 20
Oeaeral Managers iii.-, 1 runt-si.
ll WT
i.ki.v Iron Nd lier M n IL. font el Kprlac-*A,
H. is. TALI.AIlAVsK.I W ? 'i ai N.i. -.??... .1 |.. ia.
- - < I i \ ni Al >.l -I \ lia,, Her. I, S p. m.
*.. *s ? nv i : \ii...? ni i sat . i. -.?. n ,. n .
?*. - KANSAS (111 Mun la. . 1. , 4 I |>. ?,.
Cora.ling with Cen irs I Rallronrl nt naorgt* nml "savsn
nari. Ponda iii .Vesw*rn Ital .a. for ul: aolnt* in
is . r."t'!s| i v v Cns. ri*.*.. ? , : mons i ir ?
i '.a-* la bl d'hote. Foi fielshl and i i?saee innli to
J. n HASIIAOF.X, I NV. ll RIIKTI* (..??. Atrt.
Fa't. A.t s V. .n.i W. r.T. Sa van. ah F_?t l.r t,
... ,i itmsd-rs' :n: Rmadwar.
Il L WAI.RRR, A-ent O-esn St-am*- y Co, Nsw
Per M, X rh R ver.
gorses ant) Camagrc.
130. l.t. EAST 1-1TI-ST.:
1:3 1.5. 127, 1_. __AST i.TH-ST.:
Bi ? *i <. Il am- : Biioi oiIAMS;
LSI i;.*r
nvn?,"NKTT!>. PHAET0R8.
A KINK l'Alll ll until, t'.i.irn lay mare*.
10 haul-; s, veli rears; ?vi-rv-tit, ii-w
?MBSil e.Ti, leas ir rims red trill*: half
aist- r.: '.-" ir traveller-.; -mind, kind, f-ar
I m | ? ? -?>..? ala scat ii rkawaj : bn it
It ii..arv Hooke, v Co.: nen lani March:
Tlt-iorl i, bj Btewatei vi: doable ana
Ungle lum *-: all at hall to-day's aetaal
"37 and 2.7J Sirlicri:.. :li'-ri.-*t., mar lica.d.
' a PAiu OP ilA< km n cobs were
knni)i*l dunn to BM at tin* Unr-' Show
mit and 1 d n't know vnia* t.. do *?-.th
Caa, alli -ell tln-m 1 O. BRO-_l.lt, Trib
um "iii c._
iiSTAMlTlSllKD i-S-.
J. M. (JC IN HY _? CO.,
PAItRlAi'.K-. I> WI) Ni*- B F.r. LIX
SITE ni'.ri VD ST. STN ITIIN. I).. L. * NV.
Cf AV nit ( nitI-.TOPH-.K-ST. FERRY.
"~T."l'Tr*ii:*s, i',C..i-Vr rilli,-i-t ia ? neat
lo nrr*. i -'-ai | ,..- |,!|c.' a-k.-d. STOK*
AOE. ft. nv.-j ia: si..
fox Sale.
ATTENTION. Bearing Machines of all
k.n.?. ii. v.. HR; goc-d hec.nd-tiun'l, $1'),
cash "i i..Jit: ??_.-..ntted. i-**nt>*d. At
RAt'SCH'S, 2.1-1 :?].... . HMli-s(. _
V MAI.XII li ' .s . M.CO I upright. ei2S;
?!r-asi in a 3 insI il- ii'i-:'|ia. >-d lone,
i ?:-.. ni j I'.'. West -SS-at.
a 1.1. .*. i i.r ..Via n .-.ii sarriBis nts
Orient plano fm StttA ti- months ia so**I
lr.i \ tr*' -.".-ii c: -? Ironi ___*-*? : rosl
VoO. ( ill at r.-*!d-ii.-.- 74 1 I ... .iii-.-'nn-.i 11 .
A l" \ 1" i i\ ILL .-il.I. I.'I aa I.Itl Hil'
Sll.'Cit |.-a'i ' lain ia*- 1-iiTnTlr* s* ol
Sad atari roi sib.. ;'originsI ?-. ?t IW-O, f..t*r
mil.:.is -.-?.?. i.iiji:ii. at Ute p.. vat. r>sr
deine. 1., ;,,.* U7i..._i.
De-, rlj-l-ie .ir a.ii- ami j.arrl. ular.- on
SHBtatlon. ..I". VV. Mhl.N/.ll'.. 1,"
Bsturrymari-h-st., Boston. Mss?. _
band **.k.<i and irr.ri **or.;l..t* Backlit***'
Imiy cn. rant, cd machinery bansM acd
-xhriued. UEOl'.OE B. Ei)I)Y. SJ. M?dl
son st.
Iii '.' TOCK ('hr-tn '* l.i-esenis now;
1 ' ' ' -.'..ll . hair- ..niv +_-'..': Hi' -.1
f-..in AT "." . -a i rill " : .'..-I: '-? ont;
toot toto: av id tn ? raab, -.v.) uo.-av -.
Pl" ITT.-.Ni' i.'-I.') <ll Mi;-.. -J-C. SOT
..-d .?? d lima I I ilsa . i:. -, mid rhali-s,
rora r fitters, lab'es . ?.-. I- IT'K.M.
Ti Ki: III a.il.I.in , COMPANY, '272 litli*
aie. -. IWb-al Halloa.
K.l.: (SANT' Q-Mlrht |iia:io, -t-isl'ird
ma'..- . in ii*.- tm - BMMKha, -r.7."-. 164
We* : _? ?'. I ? ni, Ur-. m.
PUR - n.i k ?? iv ens ?oUtalre urn
tno-.d ring al i sacrBki ? neal i- told be
fur.- s.in.iii a- swart taila tat Kurope.
M. QC!XX, 807 i ssl ina.-..
MNT. MIN Dili ii reids ?: herd wood.
ta '-:-h.i l.t.ith-. i.-i.;-, fi,i deHvrrr on
Il.iiei,, K. ll. cai-t 1^. Mirt within no
da.-. JOHN I, MERRITT, Pnrdj sr.,.
v V.
ll wu- .\. : '- wrap; ala. i a
,h d' -*: two .1" is. with | ron/e li.T
ares tn Ami r*. ii w.-t
Jn -
Sfr-li-st.. *d rro-r.
ll a Mii| i: ., n.t. ciia'.'.s
' ' : S_ SO, i tall -I Cm ri.V - .
Muring -;???; t>-i .1 ,- . t from manufict
" ' -.1 LT ( ll NIK COMPART, SM
Utli-ai" ., a- ?'?'d-.V
Lakji: i11'.-.i. kl~ Tuix~. new. ]~i~r7
f* I 12 innes r V, ',ii,r sKaeh n ? -.
S?Ts?; fliie'v ial-.ld . r.?: c.-t S100: * ll
BK; rr ul ur net. l:i ? Broadway, Iloom _.",.
si I ..* _-,Ve i.l*.- IliSde Ul. I'S) llrat
Csts hons'- ,mti'*. saatranleen llr?proof:
Am* pre* -IS, -.-. rth tM>. Call and ev
?**-t'* ih.?*r. p. 'I. <;ii>ms jnr. n'n-.tr.
Brooklnn Real Notate -for Snlc'
JBroctklrjn Rr al estate Ho Crt.
^Pa;;t of a thi ce-story, new brown
*?_? hoaso (aeeoud Moor and i*art of Uiird.;
eareiJi-jii modirn iiuish: rerr saairabia
'??'sU.ir ond : light umi rh--, rf ul room- i
(Hf'-e ul tb* os lier's ?.-,"ll fa.nll.v of
\r*m adults: two ti.iuirt->s from Albany*
nm. sun..:. Ringi. Co Elevated; IK min?
jin from Lrldge; will let U> a geutlaman
met*.,tn or email family of ad alf. not ox
runing th^.e IH.r.,,,,s. ,,,?. tn,. Ara's
.**CMARLl->i i;. HOTALIXO. 441 Sumner
f. McDonouj:h-st.. Crook.yu.
Connlrn Rral (Juta.* for Galt
AUEXOY POR Mon rei.ai li?ll
dence pmp.Tt.c* ,4 nil dotcrlpUone for sala
and to let; furnished booses
rUBBB a ta vi/.ii. ;. TPntmni *t
A CHOU E la ..;. rn .1 OrTuf . X. .1 ".
convenient t.> railroad t\ pot; ? nea tesl
d-:. e t.air brick: ami.!, ground*; - 2
ROW. P HAMILTON v ('?- ?? :
mk.Ki cr..I'l ;:i v Lsrge . n ? ?
directly on the Round: rfc-dee location f.,r
-ii' -divi.mn willi ei.it h-seltlng proOt;
easy teran, J. W. ATWATI li. o. Lb
Citn Rral <_*statf Sot Salr.
lavFr.sirii: drive, town lo-ti.-t ?
Substantial, artistic, detached h..u*e; luw
i.rl.e; .-end fur circular. ATLAS IM
PROvRMRNT CO.. irs BtesSwsjr.
Rral Cotatc UJantcb.
st. and Bowery, t-ltetts ptonetW to fen'.
liiana_e, seU oi tra'? .
-fnrnisljrb Qonsco Cd Crt.
A li I.l.v Kl RNISHED i *t n house
..ti lia.-i. (art ci MaSiana-ave.; suitable
fur fan.ilv ur (nari rs : Ix.aid laniily. Ad?
di, s* KAY. 1.0... ida-..'
the sister, at a lisisslll. nev**--, l . r'.-'n-.
all lu.pr..i.'ii? nt-* ; .-ii..i. ? loesllon ; bore**,
. t .. ".al i alan l?* bsd ri drsltabl r , int
illili** fc TAYLOtl ". ll. - -k.i. hi- -t. X, V
i M-. Nvn.i. in: I'.ECP.lVED nt iiir:
CI'iiinv.N OFFICE. Sn. l_i_ broad war,
Vd '.isr not to of Tn I nv llr-t-?t.; ai.d ID
nt.kt l>l'.MENT-' at the followIni Un??.. h
urti'.- BAA F__iiti.-.iN_.; 700 TMrd-ave.,
rorner F> r-ty ?? v Uth-st ; lVi r.a?t Forty
aeventh-st., sornee TTi-d-nc . 18' Vast
ISMb-st., near Ti Ird sie. ; 1 ,(rjn Th.rd.aie.
near *-ivt*. -tir-t--t. ; 1.70S PiMt-sv.*., in
West Knrtr-Hiond *t. r IBS l*ol*nubn<--are
Bneinrss (Ehancro.
A LEST A CK ANT ala mt to CitJ
Hall, onlv #700 . t a- 1- ti iri'iiiiili' Int rain
".'ir must sell; lui: i>,\ -tr-itum. MC?
DONALD _ nn '....iv.*-, im Naasn-st.
A liAin.Ai*. ll BOLO THIN WEEK?
?SUtlotiery. blank henka t-c ?. SeBs and
nov Itu*-; a full lia. taUttaemtny na-..'i
f..r ssUlajg; la.estlgatr: no agent*, uko.
T. kanvLi..., i_.i Market-st., Patersou,
x. J.
a eTinPTiusT moktoaok" <? per
cent; lai'.iai.ii nearby lot* fur sal ? Im
(MKIO; advertise* m-.lni-- tn n.i. Andr.--.
MIKS J KN KS, Box l.i iiiimii' ci
leeaOen downtown: ian*" selllug own i
Iikiauiv Um .-nv : tertian ui'-i r.c dally.
M'DONALD v wu.i,l.\-. ini v.- a.i-r
A PA .EN imi. .M-lll \ I it: i his -
with..ni exception the very beni thiiii* in
Oil. h.\>r Introduced, aim iv M'DON?
ALD v WlicUl.NS, MU Naaaau-st.
A Kl.-T .niknni "il.-Tii-, Wall-at.:'
receipta oret *l'-0 dally; lotnr and valuable
lease; ne ni ht ta Bunda) b*j?ln --
nell 11,(KY). MCDONALD _. WK.(.TN.**.
140 Kasaau-at.
lui - ir - - |i..r|ins s In ,. s! -is a | ,
out (bare.*' ?r iloslrible opportunll .-- li .Ti
e.t commercial I -fer-nc. - i.l'.li.'.-* V
CAULETON, i".i !<? r-. L'"_ Br :il?-i.
N', I I Nil ('N ! BA IK I VIN- F.AMY
TEKMs: in can (ir '.e. N. .1.. fir*t-s:lasa
bosrdlng-hooac, SS moms fern "rn : ? *.
.-.'llent location; good li.tn.c i. Partlcu
lar-. Iicii..I.** 170 Br adwar, Ri m r.\
\ l iT-.N . I''N ii ...i' hal ? a si ne ..r
i.e.,i -s i.f an. kimi von wish sold quick*
ly. nlRiotit publicity. Api.lv U l.'iN.'.i.i
V N< | ...INS IM \0s-l i rt,
BROK RU la mil Calli Yan- -
heans ii"'-; carlota. ORO.VP.fl Ml
nv. st lPSd-st.
|>sr:.'r : est >t'l.sl,. d i'*.r<: hsvs an the
in-..ev tool* bu manufacturing engine,
. lc. : eS.AOO WU laiv ii : .n arlll ?
? nt -ie- laois :-.r Iras :-.inls thal ?r'nt*
t> niaK" nu Itu I'-nl. i living; tlc- i- ?
ini- rhanre, 1,1*1 Broadway, Brooklyn.
com it.i-.ti: .'eas* j. ni I. m.. i I orj
nt t ",v'*lt saerMi-*. A;|.;v li sad IJ
a. m. or 2 tnt a ... h... S3 UowarJ-st.,
: <\ Moor. _
... " 'I.TTl NNi'K far f.irn .-; having some
Meena, vim* B \ SI. Wea* rVm.mit,
X. j. _p
~TxvF>TMrNT--T!ie control >.f els ti
itahi -as. ii .t ami trolley railroad "-n
i anira ylrMlns r* i> -r seal ott th 1m -t
Mani in a '.tn in- tun n can he h. I for
* .'I iHHi ; ii .-*| It-i'i-t H.'ekiir.' i. Discs* fer
i.l. -nu arlll ti", (hr* '< '-" "I oppnH in tr.
?mi - qi rall on I li'*' rilli . :??' H * m
'.'. ;? i ii. er, 190 Broads a*.
NVn.nTT.1i. I'' wli>.i. sile i.r Hud lai-.aiil ?
C'n.rii aeonl; snsi In rea ese: somelhlng
n.-w ni stove: i.il'lirlllir .ine-hn f n-t'ii
pta, 1:1 ELL, aj Reste 'th-st.. Phlindsi
|lhls. _ _ .
WaXTkD.?A rellsble man wfli. rea
tlioiis.sinl dnlhrs to UH" > lia rv." ul the
tiaaaiiii department >>t a ptottlabi* manu
factoring bu?1nesa: -ituat.'i in a heslthjr
Southern 'itv- >.i" -ut'd univ dtiriiii' Win
i<r ii c. xi. . ' Ail rr -- ll N Xl .' Al 1 I Kl.lt,
Bes T Tribnne "Hi e. ___
* 00 CA-li lu.N- hi'i - f?niuiiT ' P ol
matine seder; ehcap seal. J. ?'-. ?'?:?-'
nen Vi Bh*et.
eSlSOO RORI a'.d **-'..(v,f) M ra-|i.ir?*1 ta
? -vin
S_..HI.I .>..*> am. n-.?.,-?"' ???- . -I- ?? ? ? ?
m.. rsi ?i".!sltv msnnfsetoring plsnt will
a.yii^' Int r*at n.-ttlii. Investi.nt v.-arl* ,
ro del.t-: la-.- sirn-irt SOcure. M'.'.ITAI..
TV, TTiUm- OW*.
TOWR iii-'Ki. i; No. i.2i- ll ..adein '.>,i
dimr north et TlilWy-Orst-st. : anJ MlVF.Il
TlSEMRRTh nt the followin_ Branch of
Atm*: SSI Kthnve.. s. e. .ot. 2.1(1 ?-t.. i.-.j
SBs-eve.; i_: PenrtB-tre., eeruei i-o'ir
t.Tti|l'-t.. (00 Thiid-ave.; 150 B_M Fe tv.
sei-eiith-st.. cornrr Sd-ave.; 1-0 East l_Mb
st.. scar ThTd-eNO.
Houri) ano Rooms.
"..: .Ml Bl V l".Kk Ri ri 1,,-c, :..
? ! ?-? -I ' si , im, (...arl
and attendance nn \ >?-. d.
ll SN Iii ?j i I.V f : :..-:,.. , .
.'.. N\ lt '
MAN,.-. >v ; i.*, inrti.-i,. : ,
lesli i."??: r.f' r.-ic - - . *? ha .a. 28 '-'. ? st
II.NM>**(.Nll.|,Y furnish-*, rooms, With
board; rcfuret* * ? >.- h uigid. .11 Wael
-lst-st. _
" i. nv. - . isfli Sf! Pl nely furnished * ?"
ond Hool large teams: j.r.int- oath; su?
perior tai.:- mid appointment*; refer n ea
SLSJ.'sT -'-.. NV I.sr. -1,:, ri.nr.T
ti, specious tinerta conn 'ting i>si
n-uiii athel koks, esoslleni tahle; rf
.-r nee*
SS WERT 71-T nT.-Rooni. in
nlsbed: .-a . ll.-nt. beard; r>a-oiiat>a-. rear
7.M ?i L -tatlot..
ns last :':*i-.*i. Mii-riet rooms,
with loard, upiioslti- (irani'rr Par?; ref*
t '.' MADISON-AVE TIiIH Hool front
-"?rt r MS i-iin lar^'e closets; rrfrT
i-llr -.
1:11 "Mlhir-iiX-AVi: Fourth Soot 't si
hal.lill fi!, a .I . I' f tl fl ? ?.
iioaxb IDantfD.
WARTED. Board bl a stacie gentleman
In a refined -Nn. i laiul -sn. ii) |.ri
iate: a.i con venice cs. sith hon i ont
1. 1;. give t--. bis <? "I uartiealai . Ad
- B.\i HIT/.P.. B is P. I rlbnne One
i"urnis!)f5 Rooms.
li IINIHIIEII RUO.tl iint-d near City
IlilT. h., Il 1.'Ile- < !'.' '. _
LEM EX ' il hrlKin ind home
I ki. re ... . ?, ? r .in.li ? ni I-- a. cum.
rs late! at 02 _s,?ln_ton.svi , reasonable
LAKtiE, .nm (. ai Bum irani hell
r .oin, adjoining; oil coavenlenens; Iwud
M.uaai furnished. 7 West llnh si. _
'".MU: . m 1 .uni.1. rurnlshi ?: ba - ,-????
L.r and extension tai two .?! three; i-.aid
I i. 1 1 ted ?" !? 1 a. ? . -lull ..11" I'l ll .
1,Ai...I. 1. mi. nuiii ai alcove, "I'll
beth; reasonable, prices. 777 *?;h-aie.,
Ooyle's 1.11._
I Itl VATE I A.NIll.V will I. . lee ro 11
steam host; running noter: near L. rans;
rt*--on*die u-m.s; rrfereuces. 117 l-'i-l
: -th-st, _
To REXT, ;? . ? 1,.a. i.. .. ri ntb*n . 7,
j .lim. li-.li.cm nnil Lath, li ?tri i>'*
'.alc du. lan' I.l'. .'.ll- and Uth sven.,
and 11.-ai 60th. I I. station. li. H., P. \ 'i.
Tri Lune iiein
TO LET N large Ip.'lt 1-ail ll
neatly furnished; rvferem . HllEA, ill
- i .1 (? 'i-irl .. si
S'l il WT?.., JOS. d|.| a*:!'- WlnUaor
liol? 1. \ lea .)<?-in- fnrnlaned r<-..ms f?r
??? nilen 'a -a, .1 .im, , ail eouvsn
- |irlvat. family.
??I ll- wi. .-,.., I,-,*. ??- i\ mr- .1
llOtell. Ila: ?: -, , . f,,,,,, |,..| door, "Uh
Lilli Slsil t-'. -.liL'le I ,.,11 - ? a". Ile ?
7 N\ 1 -,. .-.|s; si M il -Hillie"
handsomely furnished suite; j*rlv?t<
Still 1 ? .,,,, ,. 1 . , ,, ;,,, 1.inti,it . I.le il ?
fa-' r-li-l.:,-.
-- Ni !.sj- j, 1 H.-.C. 1.1 milt mr
ni shed rooina: ? Nervlblnu entirely '"?', '?"?
slrsble location: 1. ind-oim: perloi floor;
sulla, le :..i- |.i.,-,, 1,,,
S " - C. 12 I 1ST m. ir IC- i
Fl.-gaui siNirtmeni of large, suuny roon*
. nd i it'i : I... it,i i-t- 1 .fi r. 11.. -
? ??? 1 j il *\ 1. !. Xii cl) f:
r nu - ? utlu ?, - , -ui ilse i.-i '? pal
lui . t. 11 ' il j ;. 1. 1. I
'.VI'll KT., 77 wis. |>rlvats ramil) :
Iwi 11 ?? r.e.ii - 01 toil floor; mention . *?
1'i' il ST., l.i \N I -T. Teal Itr nd* .. -
M -ml-'.ii .-'c f mil ;,.i. root * ? ntletnm ;
1 uta hoi and 1 ld s >:? 1 ill n ?
7 Til sT , Uh NVI.s'l'. 1 ie . a 1 roon *
for ??? nilen in snd s if.- .1 ha -liri >?? mar
Colo 1 il Hu ? prlvsl fm.iii r f. r. 11
7 ."TH ST., :i'i W;:- ? .- -ail v fir
ni -ii.-1 1 '-ii-- : .i- hoard and att ?''
a.|c ?; a. at."''I '"-Ia -.-<|- rf-r-ri.'- r ??
1,1111' ti.
1 .7 Wi *T jl -1-s-r Lat - Furnished
leets 11 private hov ? , 1 ntlumen; refer"
-TuriiiGljcb Kooma tUantcb.
TWO Ft' KN LS ll r.D ROOMS, idjoin.
Ins. It Cues adults; between IBUi ind
: 6tli -t- . ."??!? .f ..ri-jie. ; j.ili at. h"ii* ind
Christian people preferred. .'..lilies*. WIL
S.)N, lt.. V (I, Jlililllle lilllie.
flats iTo-Cct, /nmisljcb*.
flat. ( , n 11*. iv rumlsh-d; seres
ro.IH- Snd 'li: :i|! .,'it-i le WllWOWS,
Jrmlt-.r. 107 I-i-i Oth-st._
'.TILAVK. _I7.
I.rTj--. aleinnl ujur'nienr, lirst floor, iilrh
1.? ? ? an arcane. Knit kerb ?ki 1
Handing. _
;tl'l ll.si . .tr! WT s|'. [lacie I.>r'- -|si--t
nient. ?'?''? it' "i i furnished si nnfornlaartl;
kease Bfirstuj pers_enoota deal red. *
flats *?c. Crt, llaftirni-bco.
AX I.I.ITiANT crier ;,|arl:i.en! ... ii>
n.i .*|.i-u:e. ail slim,, tiSSI roan,*;
1 m.- 1 nts nnd beth steeni ie ited; all
lti'pr-.N ?ti..iit? ? rant ^i.'.iiii. rv- A lb mr,
.m-i-i an 1 Brand ear; a ni .kui.si i.v.
,,,.? -t. ani Bi oed way.
7TH-AVK. -J.'-tn. near U-th-st.- linn I
?onie singh mp i'i:. -'veil ughi ranni 1 a.i
l*:h : st.am healed , all in pmv 1 outs; d ci>
-jud; low r.uit- A'.i'y picu.i c-.
AT M nNIT'ni I l i;l.K*' V, IIOLI \i I
I ,:i - - ? ? I a -i r .tailing i .antKui
--. ' ? , 1. ? ilea' Ki.-*.
Trunks V " '-? - u l Christo i
'?-,.is ma al i'll A RLE.. Kt'llWAKTA,
, ! | .t.!..l .'.' Ith-3N0.
rxXi '?.:? " ll i' IT. Billi.aIN*
Hun Nii.-d. IUot.es, tm\ . IMarrltl
./. i'..' i-s Bo huttons .Ita '. ?<
i ? ii ., ? i'n i
rx. J.KallAl - nt li. il- *
NDVI.i'TTsI Ml NTS ..M. St'iis. ni).."
l'XI iNTI.I. BR Bl EIVRD Al Till. VT
T"\N N OF I ll "E. N l -'-' Bk -I- si. '.'.I
OoOi norie "* Tl.lrt- tlr-t -t sml MiVflt
TlBF.MFX'ls ?t thc (ollotrlag lltsln li Of.
0?W ".4 .Thai-- -. . "t -Sd ?l. 1.2
Ota ai ; 1.17 Feu th ??.*., 'orner r?ur
i?enta st : Tu. Thi*. ii* . i.'.a l-'a?t our
a-reath st eornei id ive . i-o i.*-.t i.'.ib
ss., nsnr Third-air_
lr.il' ? ; t.'lliu in . ?? il. - ? ? , i i .?' - ? i]
rlooi . medi rsl price-. Mr- M I LIIOV.
4: V*-i lil. s' I. tween Bi sdwsj jiu)
1 1 Ii -r- t I'll'
ARI l?TI( DRE- -MAKIN . fr. 1, >.T
tl ll I.. ? I ? I I I ? ? ,..
i. ? .-11 ic end -11 ?? ii isj ? - ii
- ? i ai 1, di -? - ..I. 1 - ni oul 1 ) in dat
LONDON AND PA Kl J* lli;i.**MlMX.
' " i . .1 . ?? . Sea 1...!. ul*, :,
UeKalb-aN... iii-,-ii,..
DKI s-M nil 1; 1 ,.",, 1, di
fr..m Feils, and I. ? ? ? ml ??? in 1 flltln
nant* rmi .-. In da. I" fan,ill- -
lir-r la.s 1 ?!..? - v. In - Fill Xl ll
UKI ssM \ KKK l>. NN s| a.! I -?
DKESMMAKEK.?A g'.-i ni'-iiinr
wants t. c., .ut bj lhi .1 ..1 or ll luau ;
IS -lui. .. ll. Hi. ./.I.MAN. .ar- J.
,_ Iel l-IUt-st.
In.i s.-, \| \,, 1 |{ , :. j ,. >., ,, .
terners ht th rn ..1 \ 1 \. un
l\. -1 Ulsl '
lilli IA 1
Bl I. lu peril ? ' .'ir. sill,' ol
sloth -a r- 1 , id. 11 beautiful;. 1 1 >n< ii -is
lom. .lll.NlUN * .|H I el 1.I.l.1
lillis* VI A I* 1 ll 111 U'l ul al h n .
lr -: - 1 . - , :i ; md il.'n i , kalli r-n.a !??
. ..at s, genns; lass .?? . pt 1 n toilets
it-.. 1.1 Ito .Mee i-.ai.ei-' ant Hedi r.i.
Andr. -- 1.. u . 1 (*?. Hrsndws]
UKI *sN| |K IT! WOUM ilk. I fen una "
customer* Iii iii ''it children ? . i-.th.-, a
spoclalty. Addresa lt.. re.f FLYNN,
:?:??, nv.-i .vui.i ._
uki>-.\| si, 11: 1, ihe ii ii , und' 1 ' ? d*
lie. hil si I, .- tlMII I .'Ml . ' an Ile le i li
I, eic.'. 'I !-lt: - -ll ?-, y... POI ? Ml I
Iv A Kl IN -, .'.-I r'.l
ui.i s>.m iKi.it .-ant*, n len more eua
t.ii: ts a! bun ?? ? -it- bj s T. nylor
,1.1 ,. II. I".., ill- Wael tOtl.-st.. near
Kit.?side Drive.
l.'.U'i - TAU. Mil NT*. I.-...
ti arc lal* gtade up lt . Jae. i? .?it
ul-i -is ai il rapns ' loni ? I 1 .ml-, at 11 - ? 1 * - *J
and 1 mod. ie.1 UKI u. 1.11 \\ ? :--i
.NIH.I.IN 1 lt ll ?'? ll i- ?: ? I. SO " al" "
,.: I ? ' .? ? .il fell all. IllSde ||B iii Ike
latest -ti.- f.ai.- . . ni.nl. MILLINER,
r; ? i ? ? sd m._
it. r.. a*-. ? -~ 1.-7 1 Fl 53! v>~
1 'Uh ?? ... mr.. ?? fi 111 ? ilse, pet f- 1
hf.I-- ? . awns In newest lin' h f ? u 1
n 1 dei ib prl. ? -. nu d< laj
Mils COOK rr isu ir- sms-i-r ladies'
., > n material cade n| lu Um I .i.-i fashion
at. ninds rete 1 '.????: evenlne dresses s
?perl-It]. SOS West ? a.: st.
sm. -. in 11 \ ' - 1 ri .,. r 1 . rd. 1 ??
lin. d, u.I ami i. a . ? I .lr. ? ?-,. ?iiaji *
..-.(I lal.ts) I, i a,, - 1 -li.1.al". 0: . ..si
git ll UKI.I". l-l NV, I '.ll -t.
si.Al, sn ..I is redyed, repaired. >.r
made int.. fashionable repos. Mr*.
HA UK Ell, lld NV.-t iOtb-.t : 17 \. irs
i. ?-11,Til, I. nd.iii. and (.'lilli.r's
s?i,s .'.iii ai
'1 11 >.'.(.. 11 uki. **..m \h vt; ?:?? fl ??
.-..? 1 .-a..-i.t- I,v da* ol Weat, In ur ent ..f
1 a -.*. r.-f.-i.-i.?*. Andre-- Nils*
J.. Il"\ .'?!).- Tr.l.iirie Uptown UH"e. 1 ?I2
in. nd "a 1
~ ADVKKTIS1 Ml N :- AND Bl ir-. KM
lI'l.iNV*. ..ITU! He I '.Ai Itfnadit .1
?itl It'H.r nerth cf ITiTliTlr-t.-t. ; nnil A il
VI'.UTI si MENTS st i'i foliowlnt Jir-.m li
n'a--. _.-.! F.iri.T. a'c 700 Third-ate.
...ruc Feiij - ni 1 -' 1 '1 Ra?i inri
a v.-i-t.i.-t.. comet Thlrd-sve IBO I..*t
|-.',fi,--r. 1....ir T .r.i.a .- I <t ? ; Tic rd-ai.-..
Car Wal m-t st. : 1,700 I u-t-aie. lid
West I 1 ty.,. ? -..n-I-t I9_ I '.lanilnrs-lVO.
tjel'J tUiiiuri..
Mri les.
1.1.l.s for iui N rn ic ?. 1 ion 'lui
I'Nl li. lu Till- Kl-.Il I Ml N IT'UMA
NATIONAL 1 NTH >l.I..Nil.-. , 1 OM I'A NY,
\N I MT.KN I IS r.i.S 1:1 I I.HIM,.
A>.1 ..'?- IS.?.salary or coaiinlsitlon. llreat
est Invention of tie ail". Nev i'aient ,
Chemical Ink Ri .-lue Ruo ill. . .-i;. a 1
? l.ht. Wuk* PK- anflc .\ ,r,t, ina: '
?:?.". r.< eiSS pei week. Writs MON'KoEl
KU AMER MFO. CO., \ too, f^? Crss-S,
' A ' LEVEK, .*>.ahle, bn*liw_a mari h-"i
quip 1 In lake ...H. r- 1,1 -ai. ;,|,- , ,i Mgh I
das* -.'.-ii *.*-<>r. ? -i.-a.ii |i..iti 11 io .1 ? sa*
-.:. ? : s iti asian . cns m'ssion ami 1 ??
.,,?*,-. N lt TER RROKCK, l< 1 Bivi i
... 1 11
SN WIT ii sal. .nan -alar-! from st-t.lt,
, sin. 11. .-nt pl. BROWN RHOS. CO..
.Mu-*-!.' "en. :;.'? ii.rn .-I, R, y.
- "vDVr.P.TIM'-'MI-.NIS A\n BU Rsi |;i p.
i-Nf. WII.I. BR HRTRIVKD NT Till'. i'P
TOWN OFFU I.. No 1,515 Hrr.a.li<ai. M
im*t imrtli or Tlilrty-lirst-.t. : un,| auvF.i.
TlsI'.M''-*<"rs st the r_ll-?|i,v itraiieh O*
?,.,* ?.'.-.I flUi-sve.. v e .or. 2:t<l-_t r Ufi
Oth-a ve. ; 1*1 rmirtn-nve.. .-orynr Wi Ott*
U-SMf****-! ~w Third ave. ; I-.d TM,t r?'tv
?,.M'iith-st. ...met- nd-ave. ; iso Fist 12>th
st.. nott Tb'rl-eve.
i-Jork UJcintrO.
A UKI.I AMU'. MAN de-lr's work of
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try ii ..?- I HIT". DAHL
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i*..H.-I ? es Hm! rule
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ll.:. . ! .111 hill 1 r- I ? 1. e ii
d ,,'-. i i: i I -I 1: ' .- .le- ..M ?'.
I \ S I "lilt lil a painter Sli 1 |..|--i
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lathe .r 1 inii'T iiaiui: ar at anything; elty
,,.ntl. : I I. 1 -nco. Addi ?** lt. K.
iiai:i:is "in. 1.1:1 mh-aye._
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.ml har . sn,ill and lir'-e e*?>:.?? : Hashes
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ler, '.e.. Jd a\.
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j." . 11. J1". Sth-avo.. Newark. N. J.
I'i iKITiK. \ "'ii.'.' ri an (Sm r le , wT'h.-S
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.1, , , , afr '? cf hard - i . mi luog
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1 , 1 :; N> 1 DUI c 1 1. ' ii. i- ? .? ?
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1 rofl -.-'- . hi* 1 > 1
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PORTER] '?? '? ? mu h.- 11 ,:i, -j:i .1
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L Ul,. a-,- lal ?- I' I. ir- I fcle.'l. e. N\ .
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m.,,.-'.111^* ail -ia *. * railroad woru. a-*k.
I, ,,,, ,|,d "ad." -rtiic.-. tilt ., ? '?'?
lrx- DARRY I.VI'.'-.r -T. i.iu.r 1 ll .
jj. V. . _?___,
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ki-i .i-i-s: nant, small lobs, iiesnsf.
renoll lune Born . iwul lot-, lu- ul i".
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\WtO A, llU-iillc OIIICC.
_UJork IDanteo. ^^
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i*rs; mak' is-tln-nle*. I'AINTKK, Bog
i.t*. l.-l_ Itroadw.iy. _ _
i'OKTKR ? r W.VTt'IlMAN.-Rjf an Amt.
n .a. SA; re roset, i bj t.. t-. v. BELL,
?l . M on ros .... Hoboken. N. J._
>xf~l NOOKA i'll EK sad TYFKWHITRK
("ii all hading n. ia. u- a ranag
ll an. ls ,.,? assisi i - hookki ' ' el ! rat.ll,
experienced; cd-ri!-- u arv. JOShil'll
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* ' N'-..r.AiTii k. iti o young manT
P., !? iii'-i.,i! or Hammond typewrlt-r. K.
KEILLY. 3S1 I..,-t i.f,-st._
-NV I li: "I, |,t,.h- r_tnied"._^ol.-l. hull
esl aid ?lllln.'. wanbi siMSSWS ?> ali.-".!
fumar* "r sn.vtblug. Ad lr- * AXIL,
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si ri.Kin . i,v7iJc.N I ot FOUKMAN.?'
itv roana mtan. Bl, iir?t-ia** tir.u.-ui* .. m.
machinist ani pattern-mak? : muter sta mia
foti li : full* CO i ??? eal t , li li lo Ii.en,
1 .:??*. -Kij. lin.uti.,n* and effect .', un.miles lu
u anni n-firm- rstaSBsBa ent* : Stat-rlseS
teeord and r.*frrencis. .\dare~ta No. 40.
Tribune L'ptown 'iiiu ??. 1,2*2 Bresdavy.
TKAN-SL-ATIOXs. Freiich." Uern-wT
?-linn ii .I liiui li rntu English In ex.
Iirlenred translator, ll. SALVEBER, lil
\.'-,i ;t:i.|-;
NV I N IT-, .nfl ll. I'v ii li III who I...
.n in hotel .md uii). ?ella* for 17 yeate.
Audre-, i.. iii.mik, jr,; yt -t.
WANTED. l*--iii.nn.-iit" |?.-i:icn l.y
first-class .utter and cot maker i la'-li
ia lci-it,,. 1,,: himself. Addles- FRED
A. KTHOIIMANN, Waitan, Dell wire
C mnty, s N .
WI .K I il V "iri-T.l"AliLF."TFT;.SONS io
Hil i-e-iln.il.- nf ail '.Trutes, cnn lie Secured
i.i ipr-lylng lu advance at I'll ll I MT I AN
? ill. TO F.Ml'LOVMENT Sin II.i'V, ,V.
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tol St, .MN N. -.1. iv.ni. iiork ~.7iY~v~
kind: heneat uni Industrious. J. Kai TT.r.Y,
.(> I (l-l Unll-l..a--t.
roi no mnrrled man, orman, lu neel,
*..!'! ami lu In-ill,,a- li-.s-n-. emnlnnui-ut
af anything. JOSEPH M.Ku All-', :ii
NV. si .(--Ui.-t.
Vol N'. M NN (I.s. desire* slti.iitT.iu in
an architect's ,.tti , ? willing to learn the
N. si ARR -Jl NVUIett-'.t.
N .. i N ll ll AN, 10. hn-"i|7.^"s i'..lh",e
graduate sp?uklng norman, wishe i?a.
tl-,h. wholosile or Importing liuuse ir-1
t .cl : I.' -i i r- I.-I---.-S furn-sbed. NV. ;i .
'Tn I.:.- in- ai.. Brooklyn.
Vol'NH .ni \.\. 28. i. ming umi oblig?
ing, ..-."ll like ncaltlon st anything; best
reference. II RX KY STERN. .'.-0 Kant
?rn cn.". Kl No LE, reliable mea, who
iiriUel lands the :;, ,-rv mid I ufcher busi?
ness thoroughly, wishes a g..si stonie |r*>
sltlon; 'itv or eountr-r; i..-?t reference: .">
i.ar- In ' Ij-t | i.e.-. ll M.. ? atv
v. m. Htammenran, cu Mlddleton-at., UTTva.
Vol TU. l.i. ti,,:..-, willing, not 'ifiald
f ii'id work, wanti ?Itu-ttlon; Hr*'-- i-i *
r.-fer.-nres. ..IM. F. <.ll\.Ni ll TL Ul West
~ I'.. Ni, M n"N r.'l i ile.lr.* ?>.. I tim al
sn- thing - ii il 'i Hiing offloe work
I ? .-i... ?? .1: n,, ,.'.-,, ra.u t i ? ar*hou*e wot it:
non-smoker and teetotaler: unod .t-.v isfer*
em ? - NV. |L i-' . li: NV. -i 'iii, t.
"""YOI NO MN\. '.T.'vls'i - t,i I ru-a th"
>,n lei taker's bu Ines*; ran furnish Al r> ?'?
er.-,,,-... Address H., 17 Rt, Charl??*?-' ,
De*ton, Mi ?-.
A TOrxtl LADY (171 nant* sRnsth ii
iii ..ih- ?? 'ar small roeomp t. ? ?; good is ??
. ia English sn I .. rmau. Addri -* ol...a
in;;.- in ll ti ** Mark's Pr. ??
- ABlTlER 01 - U.ESLADT. v iy
honest, resneetable girl; -?.'! rapid writer,
expert ai figure. . ni!i.*e sork bi cashlei or
saieslidj In baker's: security; leferences.
;u:t KaTph-nve., Brooklyn._
lit V's NN.H'.K. I Wi. > ..?? tl- -'.ll- ?? I -!l
? :.> ol hnua h nnin : hy Ui ? day.
I ill (..' UUtg. r-.-t.
jANii.ii ** lil a !.?? ."luiiie truman:
1 yes ? ?? ... Alt*. POWERS. siO
Wost 'i'tli-.t._
MATRi S. Hy a Indi of n.uldle sge ...
mi ii ho ? hospital, ..r in-tl.
milo ' i !? >? ' in-' l.i. ?' r\ li ? gr Hill
!". teal ?' expi lien e. A. !'.. NV.,
..ll- M i I'.-.n-.S.
-IT N"... ::.\ I'll I P. and X.'. I'KWP.I I i'll",
r.-. ? ? mg lil-, exp >rli n . 1 ran fur.
mali e....i.he Addr._* -mi vm.i'.i
i ui i; ' Room '.U. Slettart Dull li
hi l.N' '.I: NI'll. I T". Pi.NVKIT ER.
,i .k fur ii.o.'erit. salary
sith a chan ? ?' alvan esient; anxious [ur
, , , ...i I i | ta;;, ;. _^_
N-.. ",; nv in I I- !:? -I*- tibia young
L-lrl wishes V-. ot an) kind; ulUlm*
uu-1 ol litlng : r.f.r- .'?- 41il . I -ave.
lim Si. '.WA. would in*1' position In
"tin. ADVERTISER, '-..!7'' Mli-nve..
fuarth Boor. _
\ ,,: ni, \N i 'N| \ n e\;..-r.eu. .- I iu n.-w *?
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rn rtnaneat poaltloo : expen ft pow ut. rr fair
?t? ii..fr aj,h.r : li- ?t referenres, Alli**
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Domrotic Gi'tuitioua lOantcb
A TOlINO MAN would like tn R.-t w..ri?
al anything; uiideratsiuhi housework lu
..illy, i fei,.u.?.*. BARDRER-V,
Pl ??'! lie._
'lu H. k SJ a -rsii-lass BwUs; d--"
-t-. | ? rn,an. ni pl tee In -ini'l |ir,ia!-.
I un.ii H bel ? ISU a.mi >"! ": *" ""'I
mm is kopt. Vol No mi.vs .tikis.
ilN.N A--O.TA ITON. Ill NV. .1 -.M-.I *t.
jil I ITU liv a mit tali Noun-.' ll Ul,
-.1. a- ia.c. r iii-t-' i-i** i.-f. icm ? - sen '-.
-.Arr and ..I llgmg. V \\ . SSI Ttti-H'-.
I'.I ITT K I ml a
v. nt r in privet. faa.Hr; understsnds ita
I,-isllll s ? i,,.; ju.i- | -,| w,al> . I .-I .-in; loy.
. r ran c. sen. Ki i I.l Tl. KOO NN ??-: -' n
lu ; i.i k By ? >"'.n. i ti ii bm in ..in.
? ? - Itu - is a lllins and
.??ll.la., illy or oai.ty AAA iii.-..?-,
ll ? -!. _^_
I'." TIT ". I . B ll an: tong
? | er ? I ?. . ? 111 Ins Hill a!'-' Bu I , und I
'. dull - ? il i I ,-rell" . A. .V,
va West --'ial. si
f.i I I.l lt a...1 V.Nl.KT. Ill-Til., r ,-K. ?
mended: ? -i ? tt i I. i ?.. ??: will gu to
am part. Keon ". West 42d-st,_
Ul T 1.'- ?: r.,n,|. t nt in all his dull *:
ha- nrst-elsss un in* I rom I ? sr lamlll -
rn ... s Ni.i. u i'.. it.N ?Ji. lilburn!
I;1i,hii oil., , l,2"2 Kraadw..)
i'll I'.I-'- Uv u I en. I. i h f and kill li ii
boy; ?,,,'ik- English; rel.nsice frem !'. n
treat Eugenia ft-mn Lund.ii over thi ce
ie ll-. .'. NV'*.!- l-'d-f.. _
('? ,.M li.NI AN Itt . I I. an Au-'-: i
ion: tborutigiil' u derstani* Uta .-sr-- ol Uno
,...*.. i..ii .?? aud carriages; .t isrrful
liri..rr Kl war ' best in and country
, ; .- ,- fr mi l i-t employer * li.i be
- , l-i . ? rall m sui??- P- K. i. .
1 .'. n- mil. ave., I.kl* n.
. . ? ll ll il N N - ? ?? -re sge, ri ' : Sober,
villi.i-, i-bllilng , tsk>- .i ian., i ??.-1 ?
i. ref.ron es i..*i empli i??: ran be
en in ? i ? -.lil i-.si :?. ; I
COAl UNI AN i si.i OND MAN. Bj I
coting I n_li.lii. vi : thr.*' years' roach nan ?
fi i -ie , ; Itt ,,r ??...'.ittv. A l'l. nv 11.
soN, <; Pat- bin !' ?- I'"'1 "j ?nd Olh* ive
i i, v. ii i . n ioiin r ma il-i ii < i, nu
,..r.;.ia,l. ih- .i.e of li-u-c. rurrlaa -
nants -luir.tl'ii. a* .i-nctmin di dri< abs
? Il KIM. PM TU. al. NN. *
i ? i vi ir M a N I- a mau u ho lh. i ?
oitshlv u idi i urn o Hi ? care ??< hoia *.
i ail two -I... -. 7-'- Fn .-. ? . Itt ooklyn.
"i uti IIMAN. u iiil'-niin wishes s.i'i.i
llon t.r iiis 'om 'i-i in ran hlahl* i.-.cn
ic nd lilli, th. lo uri li i'l :--a'* . I: i ? lc Mi?
ce.- honest, -ol, i. inuir.-.l ' ii or . .un
tl t\y.AU*, 181 I.-ur :;:?! ?:._
i.iN' IIMAN lit' idngls l'r,.t.-t..iil;
i-,..?..'? -ii j mid.rs'aida his laria.-.-,. -ober;
. -..! iii- lr...a ll. *t-.T ss . In ni, r-.
>.,.:? ..i. i . I', ix |M, nilma.' I pt v. a
i 'i.' llroadwajf.
I Vi UTAN, i I*- .1 - l| ? ll --lies
situation i ic il.'ist.ui,I- the business In a'l
lt* i r.bi i; ms r.. i . ci'.;.' i -- rsferonre ;
, !>? , i , untrt. Nii-ii-,- - j. u., ears U,
NN . I anni . ill-" Ms Us I.- .\ ??.
i. .li UNI \N. Kv liri.la**, -*.. -j.| v,"
- i . reliable n. iu ; .iii dri ret: thor.
, ni .;'? . xporlen isl iierfeetl/ - ain|ieteni :
- mpeiute; generally useful; highly
i. >,n. nd. i: ii ' nra. i ,,r worh . lill !?? .
milk... etc. ni', ur country. COACHMAN,
1,227 Broadway.
i ii vi ;i u nv i:i an :.n ,i ninan, with
life e\i'.-r.elie in .-no ,,,- hurst* a:n _r,\.
'i ii lUdl. .-cu ; in ...,-in.rei-.
en,... i . IL, Box I".'" 1 212 Pr Kids n.
I l - NI ll ll'< IK I'.':-.-ll III-.I
ni ii ,-.. . .. Ishos t.. Hu.: _K_a.T?ii i,,r his
ion.nunn; uairled: hlsbli recoiuii.ci.u-d
foi ISSI ' Von }<al*. Adlre* I ll.i.l) \s.
I, 1 ? . -I I
i ,, v um nn. Dy a -.in ri.- nan lu u
prl vs te l.' thorough.,) i-omp.-le.il and
a.' ii .lr i. i : r.- ei-ac , An: . .
NV. TE KN Ell, n-'- I'ortlend av. .
li > ...i.N.'-. LOOK' Kv Ji.img Fieii.-ii'
rouple; elli >.r i mu i s . ,- .n
ii.au lIlrstH ia*. : ?? Ifs .-il conk; r, f
,.?,.,,,. \nm. uni**, isa napkin????..
Bismklyil. _
, \i IIMAN mid (. IKOKNKK. Bi a
., .?? ...'lu..:.: u-ufil. obliging, Inn,Iv
good r.'l.r.o.: ,-,.y ?- .,?.
iu - im nn n ,u_; nn t :?:.- ?
i IIMAN. lt; n : ,.. n . ii dir....
i. ni : tingle :.'. i : ...I'firl .Ir.s.- ; m ill,., ;
. nd ?? 'i-. '.il- useful . i.l- I.,- I
a. 'I'.. I ox I... I..'(?_? |:,-, ,;,.. ,
. nu ilaiAii or Ul Illili. ? , i -s... ,.u,. '
,,,,, | ..-elli I.l Sll I ri ll lie. ?f l... |,? ,,,. . -
rltj or rennin: iii .t-.-i.i-. i nnuneiid tlsis
IT' a ll-' and I l*-. IOU. eei'ilov.".. Ml.,-,
,, |, .'..' .'.rl-ui.'.
ll..ll. Al AN. \ ion: e .-.mil,. 11 I i
,-..-, t ir noalUoti a ? rn-irhn >n i ? ..; ai ]
? ?J '" "?" 'tr* ? .r- ? ,'.| ief.'
.-. SORENSEN, ion |.'.n*t ,*,itli--t.
, ,. , tIM NN oi NV NI I lill, ,,r ia ii
,, \? mi ralond i i i in -i -ad i imii* .
i._ - ".old r.-f.-i--.--,-.: will work for med
.- a >? a i . ?*. i -i.:r-- O.W.WILLIAMS,
.: i :.aij_- i Prooklyn. _
li ll MAR] i-lni-e h.ut,si lr I".'
llt'itcr T'r in-nh,: ,.|. \vM. H. HU.
DOVE, ia Wai;-_t.
Domestic Situations COanteb
lean: thor.ti.hlv tspe'le ?i,J clliclci.tr ju*',
di*.ng gd: ton -rewiv b->t clo refereneea
fr.iii one family; ni fm ntilNli driver;
stil-tly !eiii|S'._tc. ciiil and o-iHi-Tn-'i tttj
r touatrr, .1 h. r, i.,.t _.sm.st.
IO.N. Il M A .N ANUOKiimM. -QrTsdsS
min: nmsu i -itu.tion with g pin il" tam
ny; e. iii p lound willing and obliging;
tho ou T. hoin.msn and car fm drlv r. I'.r-t
rises nv r r r Brea: ia*t canplet-r ran b'
sena. Addr,-*- CO AC HM AS loo Wo-t
(1IVITIM.VN.-Hi a hIii_|m ??? : iillliiiK
and ol.!lvin_: vere ls-t city ref r u,-.-*.
.1. W. I .. 140 Rani 'l*t-?t. "
liX l'1-.i'.ll'..V 1.0 r.iii-ll-h^^butl.'i* o7id~
-rall seeks .?iiiriL'.-mei t; thorS-Shlv enna
ll,- hi.l?t reference*. Address CAVA
liI.K dir.-lian Aid to F.miilurme:it .So lily,
M "'l'l" linns.' NelLlork.
PARKER a'd OAKDEN F.lCTltiThlr--'
re" rf rn-.- as ??? the lacier and habits.
U.-sii,-. plato; I. :,|,ie io do wen..ni work
neatly ami srstomaticaKy: moder,,*. ? wsses
Will I*- i.e. e|.t.-_. Aour?>s NV. .M. |(?x
1.M4 Tilliune l'ptown Onie.., 1,!_I2 Bros.*
tia.r. _
I'AKM'll. Kingle: SiasssUy "aieful;
-rood milker; caiefil driver: reference;
Nagel iitv mud. rate. Add.et* ,1. L..
an: Mi* M-t:rath. HQ Rust -.th-**.
riK.srci.Nss dinner rook. . ttvit ami
i.ut Lu "ants steadjr ixisltlon. L.
WOLFF, 432 NV-*t -Kl-.h-st.
1ROOM ..i BRI OND-MAN.?By a"
'nuiir nan: ItMSOBfRly tr inl--r*tan 1~ his
duli.-, .-uv or couutrV : best of leer
en.-i'. Address li. II. -.10 Wei 131*1,
MALE NI' KS. I?Oraasat- mal nure r
i..ives patients st hi* hom-; locution destr
alu- mil healthy; hon ti'..rut *c-ncrv and
drlv-s; hone comforts ?nd triad treatment
r-iiderod: ter rn- moderate, ti hli h I rn ludo
weSlsai ar russets and till Kfeeaaa-** eg.
|s'ii*?s; mania, eiillejitl.-. IvrgkJNa and nsr
nous dlsoat s n spc-laltv. B<>\ 13.J, W'sp
pinger (fella, s. v.
N i r.-l I \. ? r.si sud hi.hiv r>* -
omnteni-d mun would lire cncagf-tieni to
tal;.* rare of Invalid t'< ntl.-iirui. mn'riliv
>,|? oMierw I* ? Mllo-t-il : _n.|. r-tan-l. BaSHaee.
I: ll . Trll.-i. ? Cpu v. n Ollie l..'l_ B'S '.v.
SEt-OND-MAN or MROOM.-Rf o-i-~
uni. IO years; speaks Meemsn and s?-.-d
ish : only u??-d ti bereen. Addie** WAL
TKO, li l-t-t.
-ri ..NU.MAN. A ladv nish.ima
lie*| 'ill a strelly Sober und ic'liuhle
scotchman ii* *.<" ond man tn lions,'. Can
lo se?a at lol Kti-t :f**rh--t.. te-tm-eii ll
cul l ("clock, Wednesday. | _
si anm>..man? As srms4 men fer siuT
- ..' oal.-i lu -n,:,!i itu.iii ; I.l .'lies! ,i| v
ref.reams, P. lonvino U_ Wea. lSSd-.t
I MT ! I,-MAN- Kv a youri-: lian. '..I,"
In a prlvute family; be.'t of sefer*?n ?".
Adl..'.s JosfTUJ. ROt-BOM, JIU, _*7
NN.--t 48th.st.
"FsVtCL'M.VN ami WAITI-'.K.-V'nnilg
ii'-ririau-, rerer*r_"es: iinderstinas fun:..-??-:
v.iilrutr and obliging; prftate fan,Uv or
h. ai-diuu-li'ius.'; .rn delate salary. Addross
KKK'II RR .'u NN.-l lit!- *t._
' SKI ?" I.MAN. Ki a -t'-ad'--. sii.n.t,
-'.li ulor-l nmn: hastily ot anything;
v.Hid carpenter; andi"mauds ai" el snf
lund of .st...ik ; M var- ultii ano genii***
inan. situation hv month sn geatlem.n'a
blore te k""ii fences and ..ul.l.uildiic- Ul
repair good milker; chest nt taste; toe
if. I. II. KOslU. P.i:iai'o?n. Matins.uta
' .e.nty N. J. _
r SI-'|T I.M N N. i .nilli, ttiolio* to toil."
?i.- ..' fra .-- au.! - 1 ms k- and rn he
himself (re-ieiillv us"lul, WiUUirr, HID
Raul .v.it..-*^_____
i si i i cmaN. -Uv u young tetoteA
man In priV-te famllv or b'ard;ns-liou*.-.
I'. R., -Mil NV?t lam_
.'sTTTT.NIAN. I'v ii vo.ili'f"Swed-' IS
iirlvit*' fnnillv or bnin'ii'g-hoii.*": r fer
anea. IO NT'Tm'X. tai'- ol Knutson. iliO
'"cst -"i'll-!. _
'l -ITT I, M V.N 'nt .' liter. Call oi ad*
,1 , pi* en) in| I..v r. t-'i NV.-st 87t--**l._
I -'M i.MaN ? in'- l.r more fur*
nnr.-i ti attend: a .im' gardener: Iher.
o.isli lu the rare ol hoMon md driving;
.?Nd il.-at u-feuiice. j. H.. i'i:i Boat :tt*Ui
i I i c..M NX.?Kv ii yonnu F.ti-ill-h
,- 2 v.-ar*' HrSt-rtsss ?*?!' r<*n'.-* ; nn
der'tands fun a I <: '"i il sh ta"' r. ll-.
Ko\ :t iTi'iur." I'l.toivn OsVe, l.-CJ
p.roeds .v.
i s] i i L.MAN.. Fngllsh: wot 5 iii
triads of iud. ..r work, furnace*, hrri*.*.
ett : pood r-f.-ren.o-. P. ?'?, l!'-0 J'.a-t
I -ITT l.-MNN l.v v..nny I lc.'ll-'**"**"*i
ii e i ? i p-1 vale family -tseter's prehnrd;
- ferencei. A. U. 100 {*___-__---!*
VA LET.- Voang nam, Prst-rltas shtves
and l.ai"li.*-ei. uoiiid lilte to li'sol
? ii t i.r more ..sitl.-m.-n. Addi.
VALET 100 Ire! T-'l--t._
WAITER. Color-I man ns walter or
porter: llr-t-.-l i-- private referencer_ l*j-t
.:? ploter rm b- ?"".- H.WAI.LACI. _:i9
W.-t 41?t--t._J
WAITER.- Tenog man -'<). _ehse,
-peeking FJigllsh oorman ItBanlas, Telim.
ll el row, [--lowish and R-iesa, wuull Uko
i.i-itlon at anv lilnl Nvork. I. I'-. IBO
I'ark Row. Ic'l.T._,
WAITER.- By a toling e?lor.-d ina ii a*
a ll-Wlass ?.ilt..r. dil or address C. _
Me.. 110 nv?i tlst-'t. _
WAITER^ First-eiasa Fn.llsh ?alt.r
van'* situation rn i*:t i ???*'-. wli.-r** h
i l.arn th- Fti"H*h lalitr'iak'. . Ador'S*
Domcotic Sitnanont <DanU&
a MME. .lAiOi.TN. BOM '??h-av*'. tup
.lair-,, mar .Cith-t.. French Eotploym.sit
I'.ur.-.iu. supplies I'uiiil'."* arith ssdsci ser
N-jiiu-uf ail nationalities; paitormeMs, laun
0r. - ? waltm-u*a, klUh-iit-Slds, ImiTi,
Ustrntaa, Hwc-dMh wsMa, aurses, reeks et. .^
v WOMAN t. ge eui sj Hm dav a* ?
Kood cook ul t*. dav's nock. Add: * K..
SI2 nv,-t itfth'St.. I Uos-tit. front._
AN I.XiT.KIC.N I.li Ul KL SI n *
i-ai; ld lake fnil <har;e uf bib', K?"il
ii.-... IRFANTN Nl'RSE, 1.1*
N\,-.t Sad-st., .'.th bell._
a Vol NO Ol KL ii ? has c. v.r lix ? -rt
sui s shoe ri -Tunion a- Hui*,', sf wssJO
d. livia liiiiiKciiorii. Cali lot- tnu div*.
SS last SOCi.-t._
COM!" v NToN. A young ...Ty ss In?
valid's attendant, lady's -ompnslyu, ?t
* uniar pssirlon; amlsbl.. dlsposltiuh ind
.-?lin,': r- : : ? 11. - ??li"n and iCH'rir 1
I. E.. ?'>?>'. .M.iii;..jn-r . B-oohlyn.
(.'Ml'NNT.iN Py a leil-r .ommeidod
young Kngllah -.?.niau: el gav p.-*ltli>ti of
? ru*!; rifsreners i*srhanged. Addi****
.11 N N I "ITTC, ll., 8 Ad li* -ii-t., l.Ioiers
Vllle. N. V. _ _ _
CO 'li III Irate lani il'lilian : ta.ll.illg.t
fii-t-'i:i.- cook ls sii bleaches m-m..
-ini-. Uah, Jelly, braise; rsa cook for al!
nut.os cit" or .-onnfri USguS no ohj.s t
lur sinter, la IT Oth-ave.; .all ino dai*.
I OOK Iti a liier..a-.'liii l!r i-.:a- . gat,
solier. I'Spsble youug mannus: rnn prepsr*
ai, I -?.rs >!' n. i pei -uial refer.
lure . i T.l.i I u 100 NV--t 2 r-i.
i " iK . Ki a corni el. ul Su -dish - - ??:.,
nilli uik>I r-fi-n-ru..- I ai i-m.I _,.|-*
"oi iB Kl hui nm ni u. Wai.i i .
I -'i|jet,e: . ib,:i and .s.i.ejl.h UteheuUiSid
ami laundress: -il! Uweiher; best per*uual
.. nn.?-; ;j|.-t.
i DOH -Hi S loirn^ .s?eills|| woman a*
cook li ll,- dav ol m.-li. A ll NV"*t
I i 11|\ By a in I ' i '-* ' "ol. ill a (jil
vate tamils nr lie ii liiii.-li.iiii*.-. TT7 btu
.?e. Boyle's I,, ll._
C -. K tCll n ni . '.HM til).?Two r * ??? ??
hill" glrlS " l-O I l-l' ?? Le- Illel : I.IIO to , mk.
iia-n iel Iron: oilier to do upMalls u,.rk.
Mr*. .* ill, N '-Cl NN. -' -.I't'i.-i.
? ... and i.a i N uki ss. Bv ;1 .:,,,/, ."
woman, ht dat or ? ck. 133 West .i:il*t.
i'iiok Pi. i '.i -..nt : ii-- Ut with wi-hiiir:
youug; i?i.mi?-iei.i ali kind* of rouklii .
'.-uv fstereun . last emuloyer run be son.
Fell i.oi: iit'.i-riM'.. beCsresH S*fth nnd
:".-tn its._
"i'ooK lill r.Tvl NUUKsTs I'llAMUEIt*
M vin md nn NiiKKs*-.iu- two bunt, rv
liai.ie girl* '"i afraid ,f i>..i_ -.,-. i .-t
nr.-n.-es: . itv ur > nuuirv. Col.1.1 IK, Itu)
Wi .;? l-*t ,_._
i i-'T. Bi ii.-, e\|*-iie:ic.-d rook iii ten.
faur-iiii '- lunch-room; understands miss*.
lug and taking 'nil rbarge of kitchen. ' all
?r .lin -. two .In-. Mrs. THEIHK, ti.l
.-..uiii i-i-i.. Hiooklvn i.. U.
ia'ni,, ll. .i Mi-:--lass ...,k iii u pri
vute fiiuuh : iindci ta els onus sh Sta, l.?.T,
l.aillr.'. taine ..|ltl''*e?, Jellies, .-.e;!!!*,
pasir* 'in u fm. un-, iii NNe-.-.'J irti-st..
nn.- b*U A. .._,_{_
ri.i'K. By a young women ni prlvito
famllv: food ptain cook: m. washing: ituod
.lil l'''l-.-c?; WSgSS S-'ll. '-.' Itil-Sle..
Sd ''?::?_
IOOB sn I nn n I ITU ?*** in lao emi?
li 'toni -u'di '. glr - bc-; r*'f i n i i iii
..li-. Mn 1Kb ."'-? SsreSlali llur au, :r.j it i
SVe., un-tiilr .
i.e ii kc. *?..li'; exrellant hiker;
,-ti'r e* It'll MU***I i itv ul . outitrv ; no
....j.', r ,ei io ptain waahlng, :n.'. <!-;..|X...
li al- J.'.'h.sf.
CO..U. &ty-l'l-ut*>tat<t; .tnuT_ .ir! 7
iiain ..-i't. wash .mil Iron; .-itv sr roan*
in. ill-'. Ilk ii.'., n. ai StMhsat,
cook ?'? i'i,,-, as i geed English
i-.-o:, in prlNnf.- fatnllc. Addles, Rrs
m illTilliN. Illytliel.ui.rne. I.. I.
I LOK. W NSII -ad IKoN lr, ,, ,
Mdt ciri: iii-.'., 11?. r'f(retiresr i*.,,| brrsd
hi*, nit-. "U|>., desserts: mvdnrat'. wagM*
ii or ,-..inuc. lull 124 l-i*r 41 .t."*i '
ll'-r?.KWOKK. Iii .i.'.-t-iliie \voina,
I ,"-Ci .AJ,lr'"'" K- <*AMlti:ir'K. i"i
rflAM liFl-.y ijfl) eslRRAM?laRR.iM._.
;:,;? - ' vv"? -^R**.; .r^SK
ciiamV.FUMaid ma Waitsi--__?
ai.s't. Wi nif :.'.-| ?|,l|,.i.,... A"';c-**-s. -
CU NMUi-.UMAIIi :, | sv UTRE|- -
|g? mBWaWtkt SKJSBrt,
BSBWftk. tun wu;,'^ "?
TOoBitsnc 6itnatipn? *****5_4
MILS.^_.. tAAH.Y
(tomeHy Miss L. ISs'-pbell),
tW WivtT 2-D.?r.,
MALE AND"kfc-MALE _**..,
Servant* hruS-Jug tOBOBAmemm will
be dismissed from oflic; a'.d lurftll Ml
claim to lee paid. _
Oil Wl_ST KD-ST.
.?o (Rh-eve.. :
Mrs. Dc NV itt Wfisou, Froprietress. I
l oi m. riv Kith Mrs. L. bee./. I
Fon'.'sn and Unite-ti. Help I
of all Kiwi-. 1
AU orders are promptly filled; I
special attention M country order*: I
rof.-rouce* aro strictly iuiesti.atod :
and on Ole. i
I HHS. E. o. STROM'S ?,
.sii.s_l->h l-aiijiloym. nf, linroau, I
I .".lt lith-ai... near .l.t-et.
! All kinds of renal*!.- HartSlah isl I aa SI |
SiMdi-.li Kiri; -Mod eily r-fo-cii.e. ?-_
l-iast i',Ui-?:., car.- Btreu-en.
( IIAMBI'.IlNVllllK.- Uv art Ameri-aa
Kiri (IB" to assist nit.T ehsasssrvers '.nd
waitlSd?; m. object--- to a bo.ii Jln-j-house.
<ull or_inllr>-s lits W.st, .,.,_.?:.
;TI.NMi:illM.Nlu':?,d W.NlIKKsS.-i*;
a sc-s-fiahie ya sag tiri; bb shjsitl-s io
a private ttlordlng-noUM?. Clea ? call li-tl
Cast 4."ith-st.
I IIAMBRKMAID. tc.-By a i..u:i?r .ri ri
to do chaiiib-rnom und naltini* or gtcu-ral
hoiiscu'ork : _e-t city references, lie lath*
. MA .Nilli .KM.Mi; anti WAITKRBb.-R/
a neit, tidy. ti.oii.iiutily competent ir il;
Bm-ehNn city refer.no. s'; md-il- ??;'??:
(Tty ur country, tall lil Ea>l I l--i-..t.
( lill,III.I.N s MAID. Bl ? re ),.*?! IIUo"
young kiri; iupjl.1.- of teaching n.-i I, -..
ssas, lan. of ilulcroft, -.'-7 Reel I-.'(*-i.
oooD LAI NDIlls.s nun!.. Burk at
b_SM >.r will gu out ly the day: i. ni u_
siiy kind of n.-rk. Ap; ly t, HOUSE*
Ki.l.i .lt. 2V.I I-il-t i.M',.si.
(.oN j.liNKss. im ,, ... ,;., |?, ,-,_ NT.rlh
o.-i-mot.. nf ir.M-d family, a nursery govet
lu-ss or lady's . onj anion ; Iir..- ie muns
hers. If "resets!*/ 4-fm: be aalarj- ex.
tweest!; teat rt-rasenees. li. <-.. it ,\ bj
ITTUuuo I |.toi>n nm, ,-, 1,-j.a liroaii ,.av.
? ion ii...M-._ss. resident or ViSttina. do-"
sires a Momi-ion ? Eosltsh brandea,
tomah, plum., pjintln.; oom references.
?M.** Walton, i*_a km-t fMt-et.
l.OVKllNKS.S.-l'v u \"3".m_"Tioic i IrviyT
(nrMranel, lau*!-, land d. a- ?...,,,-...,... toff
smell ? l.ilcfi.-n Iii a small lamili : uni, r
stands dre sawn lt ins. ai ire** by letter,
FIU-NCU FA.NIil.V, _?>,' JJ!ooiiin.ld-*t
llobohen. X. 7.
norTs.".iNoilK.-Uy t_iil Tu sinai; jr."
lat*- r.in-liy for g<>i-.-._i bousetrerk. Ad?
dress f.,r |1Ve ;||V?. tm, I| *._,,?. |.*,U,.s*..
ii. . *i.nvoiik.-iiv renns Scotch l-mi
natani; alec coo.; tooi-.u-n immure.-* and
nea out wiiliu*< to e._it .rn labia; illy or
country. With Mi-. IVL.ilt. 3Ul Cthaic.
ROCHF. WiM'.K.-Fv a~n<*al. tldtTjaTajTig*
Pi ri : hr-V.Tas- ref- rene..*; _oikI |>laio
cook .wa-h.-r arid Ironer: moderate un;"i|
Uty oi country. Call 1.1 lia-t tut-t.
Iloi'SKMAiD ?i FAR LO RM AID! lly
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or add',.' * 731 OtS-evt?., i:t*ai- IW st.
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Fat 4'Jtl-c, :td floor. _
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housework; "-tain rook; poet ..a-i.md
iron r; la-t eaipioyer oaa le- seen. i.tuB
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landed, to ll ?;. iii-ra! liou-.-iiiak. 101
i.d-aie., tin'.' Muit.u <?'*? hell
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.ir. xl cook and Uund ...? ; cit.- or corm try {
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for .-d t? hl-.'h liane-. -*i- i-a"i -Sth Hs,
1-t, rtoor left. _
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I* i.-r.sic.-s. M. MCllMIBT, 90 M. Mam's
Msee ISC-st', ?.-,,und fleur. Kophi 2.
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HOITSEREEI'EK.- Position as house*
teeprt In hotel ar i lubhonss ; . Itv .,r Soutn ;
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UPUkUr'.RFJCPEK. l.:7 West Jiltl.-:.
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as beoeokeeper; oxrelU-nl tfstlnioiiials.
Address Mr*. IIOV.'AKD. _4 Baal Lull--.-.
IIOL'SEKEEPKR?"tespectsM. !.? ruait
MOruiii ulsh's pla*.- ru* housekeeper. 10
Fast l-tr.-*t.. 1 riirht.
Koi.sKKi'KlTTi, ic. An Amerieos
itTshes iH.*-iU'.n _.s ?rorking housok.op-S
or mad r-. an cid ladv; a gSSd home Ir?
i refer..? to hluh "ir.-*: l-ferem "??m
las; estnto-rvr. Address Maid, ioi STeel
llOl't-F.RKFJ'EK, ftc.-Ry au Am. rh ia
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.itv or 11.1.in i ; gi od hom'1 prefi rnsi to lii-'b
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i...o Oth-atre._m
HOUSEWORK. SS ead -flo: calline only
Ssedlsh Bureau ' '?? ?'*at . near wtn.st^
iIOfSF.KEEPER.-Hy a capable. m-\L
odu.at.-d vonni.' Am. i un Indi ?i..-:,- set
i ants see -opt; understaude -are ?>f
ciildre.t; Ix.'St of references. o. ll.?
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i.a i v~s maid. ie. 5) a cotored _irl
as ladv'* maul, pi do general honaeworR
or Ht.'e'nd to genilomsn's aparttsenU. Mi^i
JOHNSON. 'JUS West IT;li-?-._
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? :.tikis iioman. A UV i r'.TTM.U. iXnti
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middlV-ai.kd woman "in I. lishl
hoH-s-srork: .?om|s>t. nt ru laki . ;.-?<? aij
|Mv to present emp'oier, IbetrleS, IO*
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nest tidy young '.rr:, ran noa : tir-t-lisa
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I.-.:. I ?-s -Oth-st. __
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cat.'d. iii.ddl.-o-.-d PtUh'StsBt nu.- ir
crowing .Tilldr.-n: _ *,i- with llghl hou-o>
?ork ptain -???sin-'; le-son*. Call nota
ll) lo I. 7.1 hth-SVe. j BS cards
Nl'RNE Ol A 'IT KN" UV NT t. "old. rlf
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knon hilve of icedl.Tne, uosltion in In-tii-u
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ol Illili: Cl. ""|illl|! : Silting io llUk" her-, if
?isofiri. KURRK, 7.".:i Stk-gfire., l'otter's
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land,st, BJ nm-,- or lu *-*fl*-t "i'l. clnml er.
tvork or ivulfl-g. SIMS .">7 Stliive
M.i *l-..rIJy a ,s-.i: - t.'.-ii-i-i -ts nurso
? i, tntaut ..r mail child: 7 reers' r,: r
.?ttrr' el-y or .itr". 'M'.i Bait MRS r.
Kl "KS E.?''a pi hie li.r.-.t s iutrs- tr:i-tr
"o't'ii. r.-ilalil" rU'il iiit-l.lv- I' -. a.i.in. oi-l- d ;
eity or countrv. Seen at '. nn , ? ^j.i-.t.
'NI'KsK or COM PA N ION* to.).liv i a 1*7
or iiinsIH. Mr*. ADliLlA YOCN ., l.rau*
ville. N. T^_
sinim,v.s a ELK- i"A(ii(;M;\. Ko. iuT
Wost 2MB S'., it.* ir- ni i sn . lei- a number
nf ron:pst.lit and rliali.i- rob 1 retkSb
geaetai aoikr-s, laundiea**s, orland nova,
biters, coachmen ;,ost? rn, hSsUj
i.a.lv fo: tli"'?u:itr- ual.ltv. Cali, .-i-y
t r.us.
M'.AMsiTt.ss _ Alernan Pi.,' cit
siamstn-s iv,,upi Ilk. ...... engac-snon * -*e
do fan Iii s'lilu'.' ai, | .,.,.,, t . i Itt t -r.-p.
en*'-. Address .1. M.. Rsi ll, Tribaas
C|to?T| Ollice. 1.24J llr.ruli' .1 .
sl'.AV.sTRI ss. MAIR -I'ci.-'.'iit ?:-ii
e. -lin ni,ci in Fm iiiii t. : uneerslanda all
kinds 'am ir sewlne, Iresitws|ilni ? wouM
a*?l-t nthetalse; .lu-or cousin : ii?v?i .-i'.r
r.-reren-e. nini.- Kerry*a bell, iii nn-,?
SI-' INM'hl SS. .nr|*.tc.il s-fihei f-irrTT"
il- esrlng. mendtne and s*akln*i mee: !s
H--I*. e.r'.er SHAW, lui nant l.nh..t,
*" SI N.MsTT'l'.' S* rjrc r-s;-,.-f:.l,l.- ? ,'] 'rx"
private fau.llr: '-ntl if. reine. I'i.mo
.all 4.."? West Mii i -r;.. "ncirtl fl'sir. .,-'
NVNSIIIN.:. |-..-.? ,( ,? ' ,, .. j , ??.,1i*
ilk- ladles ..? fae.liv washing: t-irt.. r.<i.
Mitlll-I- Lest of l-srr> tl'leu o' fin.' cl ' a.- *
>.|*??.-...i- drvl lg. 1 dc Cd-ave St tin
NV NslllXi, ta*i.si 1 ,,m |n ??..;?? tVt.tB
. o|..r d roman. ?.r co ..-ii by th.- div < ut
ry -..Kl "* 1 Mn Rt. M.ir'.s.;,.,-.. |?-'-,-. .a
floeho.stcr and lliiffuln ave-.. )i|i.-.;,|> u.
nvi.siiint; K- ro'onril i' ii i* i .'.r
hume -:.?)iln_. or gu nm l.y, the d;o _
yen,' ic', r-nce. i,. M.. aw Wust '.V.h
st. -ll il. .g.
WAlTllCsV .a vOVisMeah. ?MlM_B|
Ucrnruii. 931 \VC?t i-d-.L

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